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2216: FILER, PATRICIA - The Winemaker
007480: FILER, ROBERT F.; LEINONEN, GEORGE - Programmable Controllers and Designing Sequential Logic
009996: FILER, PATRICIA - The Winemaker
010862: FILER, COLIN - Dilemmas of Development: The Social and Economic Impact of the Porgera Gold Mine 1989-1994
1697: FILEY, MIKE - I Remember Sunnyside : The Rise and Fall of a Magical Era
010028: FILEY, MIKE - I Remember Sunnyside
008237: FILEY, MIKE - A Toronto Album: Glimpses of the City That Was
4061: FILEY, MIKE - Wish You Were Here; Great Postcards of Early Toronto
008794: ANTOINE FILISSIADIS - Surtout N'y Allez Pas
007259: FILLMORE, STANLEY - The Pleasure of the Game: The Story of the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club; 1827-1977
011459: FINDLAY, DOUGLAS J. - White Knees Brown Knees: Suez Canal Zone 1951 - 54 the Forgotten Years
010463: FINK, JOHANNES KARL - The Chemistry of Bio-Based Polymers
304: FINLEY, GERALD - Leonardo/Raphael
5140: FINN, VIOLET (EDITED) - Two Hundred Years of Spirtiual Growth Smithville United Church
010739: FINOTTI, JOSEPH M. - Peter Claver: A Sketch of His Life and Labors in Behalf of the African Slave
4247: FISCHLER, STAN - Make Way for the Leafs Toronto's Comeback
012615: FISHER, PATRICIA: ABRAHAMSON, KAREN - When Working Hurts: Stress, Burnout & Trauma in Human, Emergency and Health Services
012270: PAUL A. FISHER - Behind the Lodge Door
3908: FISHER, CAROLYN, DAVIS - Lotta Dempsey: The Lady Was a Star
006818: FISHER, BERNARD H. - Tight Lines and Tall Tales
74: FITT, WILLIAM C. (EDITOR) - Modeltec Machinist Projects of Beauty and Usefulness
011089: MAUREEN FITZGERALD - Legal Problem Solving: Reasoning, Research and Writing
4017: FITZGERALD, RON - Baseball: Becoming a Great Hitter
2439: FLETCHER, MARGARET ISABEL - The Adult and the Nursery School Child
6086: FLINT, WILLIAM, RUSSELL - Breakfast in Perigord
4914: FLINT, ANNIE, JOHNSON - Poems Volume 2
1018: FLINT, ANNIE - Poems Volume One
4912: FLINT, ANNIE, JOHNSON - Poems Volume 2
6085: FLINT, WILLIAM, RUSSELL - In Pursuit an Autobiography
4915: FLINT, ANNIE, JOHNSON - Poems Volume 2
010659: JANE FLUEGEL (COMPILER), WILLIAM RUBIN (EDITOR) - Pablo Picasso: A Retrospective- the Museum of Modern Art, New York
010683: FLYNN, RODERICK C.; ZUKER, MARVIN A.; HAMMOND, RANDOLPH C. - Children's Law Handbook
009890: FOITZIK, DORIS - Vom Trummerkind Zum Teenager: Kindheit Und Jugend in Der Nachkriegszeit
4345: FOLEY, HELEN - Fort of Silence
012468: FOMENKO, ANATOLY TIMOFEEVICH - History: Fiction of Science? Vol 3
009446: M. G. FONTANA (EDITOR), R. W. STAEHLE (EDITOR) - Advances in Corrosion Science and Technology: Volume 5
009819: FORD, DEREK; MUIR, DALTON - Castleguard
2413: FORD, R. A. D. - Russian Poetry: A Personal Anthology
4447: FORREST, DIANE - The Adventurers
2101: FORSTER, VICTOR - Conning the Canadians Book Two
864: FORSTER, VICTOR - Conning the Canadians
008593: FORSYTH, PAUL - The Eldritch War
009277: FOSS, LAURENCE - The End of Modern Medicine: Biomedical Science Under a Microscope
5288: FOSTER, HAROLD D. - Victoria: Physical Environment and Development
4127: FOSTER, ROBERT JOHN - Social Reproduction and History in Melanesia: Mortuary Ritual, Gift Exchange, and Custom in the Tanga Islands (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)
4423: FOSTER, F. - The Tender Blade and an Early Harvest an Account of Mary Banfield, of Hove
3690: MASUDA FOUNDATION - Japanese Systems: An Alternative Civilization? Research Project Team for Japanese Systems, Masuda Foundation
012775: WILL FOWLER - Latin America Since 1780
012028: FOWLES, JOHN - A Short History of Lyme Regis
6470: FOWLIE, JOHN - The Times, the People, and the Buckie Fishermen's Choir
006629: FOXWELL, CLIVE - Rails to Metro-Land
2875: FRANCIS, JEAN - Doll Collecting Canadian Style
2219: FRANCIS, DIANE - Contrepreneurs
2018: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Thirty Years in the Arctic Regions
012072: FRANTZEN, TROND - Rapid Agile Business System Analysis: How to Complete Business System Requirments Faster Than Ever Before!
2266: FRASER, RAYMOND - Rum River
3863: FRASER, MARY L. - Folklore of Nova Scotia
007849: FRASER, GRAHAM - Fighting Back Urban Renewal in Trefann Court
011151: FRAUGHTON, PAUL WATSON - Forward in Football: Individual Soccer Development Textbook
012334: FRAZIER, LINDA M. - Reproductive Hazards of the Workplace
4453: FREDERICK, W ROWE - The Smallwood Era
5934: FREEDBERG, EDMUND - Activation the Core Competency Converting Your Potential Into Optimal Performance
011557: CITY OF FREEMAN - Freeman Facts - Freeman Fiction 1879 -1979 Freeman, Sd Celebrating Our Centennial
009288: FRENCH, DAWN - Newfoundland
007435: PAUL FRÈRE - Das Rennen Vor Dem Rennen - Porsche- Rennwagen Zwischen Versuch Und Einsatz
2861: FRIEDLAND, MARTIN - Detention Before Trial: A Study of Criminal Cases Tried in the Toronto Magistrates' Courts
012920: MARTIN L. FRIEDLAND (AUTHOR) - My Life in Crime and Other Academic Adventures
012903: JAKE S FRIEDMAN - The Art of Blue Sky Studios
010148: FRIESEN, VICTOR CARL - The Windmill Turning: Nursery Rhymes, Maxims, and Other Expressions of Western Canadian Mennonites
1859: FRITH, FRANCIS; FRANCIS FRITH COLLECTION; HAYES, CLIFF - Heart of Lancashire: Photographic Memories
011265: FROST, NORMAN, SEAVER - Frost Genealogy in Five Families
2248: FRUTKIN, MARK - Erratic North: A Vietnam Draft Resister's Life in the Canadian Bush
1898: FRY, JOSEPH: KILLING J. PETER - Strategic Analysis and Action
010306: FRYER, GARDNER, HILL ELLIOTT - Vectors, Matrices and Algebraic Structures
010984: ANGELO KINICKI: VICTORIA DIGBY: MEL FUGATE - Organizational Behaviour: Key Concepts, Skills, and Best Practices
2733: FULLER, R.M. - Windsor Heritage
6583: FUNDIS, GERRY R COX; EDITOR-RONALD J - Spiritual, Ethical and Pastoral Aspects of Death and Bereavement (Death, Value and Meaning)
4524: FURIE, RUTHE - A Deadly Pâté
5937: FURLONG, CARLA - Marketing Money Excelling in Today's Financial Services
009360: MARKOVA G. - Le Grand Palais Du Kremlin à Moscou
008255: GABRE, JOSIP - How I Beat Cancer and How You Can Prevent It!
008284: GABRE, JOSIP - How I Beat Cancer and How You Can Prevent It!
008271: GABRE, JOSIP - How I Beat Cancer and How You Can Prevent It!
6100: GABRIEL, MICHAEL - James Earl Ray: The Last Days of Inmate # 65477
2611: GAERTNER, ERIKA - Harvest without Planting
010283: DENNIS GAFFIN - Running with the Fairies: Towards a Transpersonal Anthropology of Religion
4041: GAGEN, HELEN - Helen Gagen's Summer Foods
2284: HEBERT: TOURIGNY: GAGNON (EDITED BY) - Integrated Service Delivery to Ensure Persons' Functional Autonomy
012511: NANCY GALLAGHER (AUTHOR) - Chinese-English Version: Delta's Key to the Next Generation Toefl Test: Advanced Skill Practice for the Ibt
4308: GALWASH,|AHMED - The Religion of Islam a Standard Book
008743: GARBETT, MIKE - Lancaster
006812: GARCIA, MARTA - Historia Del Cine-Volumen II: La Edad de Oro de Hollywood
3830: GARDNER, ERLE, STANLEY - The Case of the Grinning Gorilla
2739: GARDNER, A.C. - Understanding Navigation Techniques, Instruments and Calculations for Land, Sea and Air
007212: GARNER, BETTY SANDERS - A Pioneer Woman
010369: GARNIER, JULES - Le Tour Du Monde; Voyage a la Nouvelle-Caledonie, 1867-1868
008441: GARSHOWITZ, MARILYN - The Brutal Truth: A Personal Expose of the Corrupt and Abusive Canadian Government and Its Legal System
010639: GART, JASON - 150 Years and Counting: Our Legacy and Our Future
010638: GART, JASON - 150 Years and Counting: Our Legacy and Our Future
5985: GATES, HENRY, LOUIS (EDTOR) - Black Literature and Literary Theory
006919: GATES, ANDREA - A Florentine Four Seasons and a Matteo Rosselli Altarpiece
010647: GAUTHIER, ROBERT - Petite Histoire Illustree de Longueuil: De la Derniere Glaciation a la Grande Ville de Banlieue
009098: GAUTHIER, BENO I. - Recherche Sociale : De la Problematique a la Collecte de Donnees (French Edition)
007656: MICHAEL GAUVREAU (EDITOR), OLLIVIER HUBERT (EDITOR) - The Churches and Social Order in Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century Canada
012834: GAWLER, JIM - Lloyd's Medals, 1836-1989: A History of Medals Awarded by the Corporation of Lloyd's
011173: GAYLOR, HUGH - Geographical Excursions in London
009963: LIAM GEARON (EDITOR) - Human Rights & Religion: A Reader
009030: A. GEBBIA (AUTHOR) - Modern Method of Women's and Children's Garment Design
011687: PATRICK GEDDES - Cities in Evolution: An Introduction to the Town Planning Movement and to the Study of Civics
3045: GEERING, ADRIAN - Secrets of Successful Ceos Insights Into Life, Leadership and Business
012749: RUDOLPH G. T. GEESINK (AUTHOR), MICHAEL T., PH.D. MANLEY (EDITOR) - Hydroxylapatite Coatings in Orthopaedic Surgery
007451: ELI V. GELFAND, CHRISTOPHER CANNON - Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes
012477: GEORGE, KATHLEEN - Playwriting: The First Workshop
007716: HODGINS J. GEORGE (EDITOR) - Aims and Objects of the Toronto Humane Society
012832: ARGUIN GÉRARD - Voyage Autours de Ma Planete Raconte a Mes Deux Fils
012224: GEORGES-HÉBERT GERMAIN (AUTHOR) - Robert Bourassa
010710: URSULA N GESTEFELD - Ursula N. Gestefeld's Statement of Christian Science: "Comprised in Eighteen Lessons and Twelve Sections"
011751: GESTWICKI, CAROL - Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Curriculum Development in Early Education
012936: LANCTOT GHISLAINE - Medical Mafia
012695: MARY GIBBON - Miscou Island: Vulnerability and the Generations
010566: GIBBS, ALISON: CATHERINE WARNE - A Pictorial History Wollongong
4069: GIBBS, SUZANNE: MAYNE, ROBERT - Cooking with Australian Wine
4325: GIBBS, CHRISTOPHER; VAGUEN DAWE T J ; - The Power of Ignorance 14 Steps to Using Your Ignorance
3012: GIBBS, WILLIE - The Cons and the Pros the Tough Job of Helping Offenders
010126: GIBBS, PHILIP - The Riddle of a Changing World
011210: GIBLETT, KARIM (AUTHOR) GIBLETT, PETER (EDITOR) - The Invasion: Saga of the Twelve
012716: JOSEPH SCHULL; J. DOUGLAS GIBSON - The Scotiabank Story: A History of the Bank of Nova Scotia, 1832-1982
5523: GIDLEY, ISOBELLE;SHEARS, RICHARD - We Never Said Goodbye: The Tragedy of Alzheimer's Disease
5859: GILBERT, AL - Gilbert - Al Gilbert Master of Portraiture
2223: GILBOORD, ERIC - Just Tell Me What to Do: Easy Marketing Tips for Small Business
009631: GILCREST, DUNCAN - Successful Big Game Hunting Secrets of a Big Game Hunter/Guide
58: GILES - Giles Sunday Express & Daily Express Cartoons Forty-Fourth
009338: GILL, PAULINE - Le Testament de la Cordonniere: Roman
4284: GILLESPIE, CURTIS - Crown Shyness
011091: GILLHAM, SKIP - The Ships of Port Weller
011502: GILLHAM, SKIP - The Ships of Collingwood
011976: GILLHAM, SKIP - Final Voyage: Lakers Scrapped Far from Home
008310: JOHN GILPIN - The Misericordia Hospital : 85 Years of Service in Edmonton
012064: GIMENEZ, CARMEN - Picasso and the Age of Iron
884: BARASSI, GIORGIO ET LUISA - Fleurs Et Bouquets
2292: GLAAP, ALBERT-REINER;ALTHOF, ROLF;MULLER, KLAUS-PETER;VON ANTROPOFF, RURIK - Inter-Plays: Works and Words of Writers and Critics a Festschrift Published in Honour of Albert-Reiner Glaap
011909: GLANCEY, JONATHAN - The Train a Photographic History
011959: AVIS GLAZE - Breaking Barriers: Excellence and Equity for All
5248: GLEAVE, ALFRED - United We Stand: Prairie Farmers 1905-1975
006892: GLENDINNING, VICTORIA - Leonard Woolf : A Biography
3787: GLOVER, DOUGLAS (EDITOR) - Best Canadian Stories 04
3595: SEW-EURODRIVE GMBH, - Handbuch Der Antriebstechnik
4392: GODARD, JOHN - Industrial Relations: The Economy and Society
008520: MARSHALL GODWIN - The Mark of Time: Today Began a Thousand Years Ago
2159: ZLOMISLIC: GOICOECHEA (EDITED BY) - Jen Agape Tao with Tu Wei-Ming
006638: GOLANI, RIVKA - Birds of Another Feather... My Musical Colleagues
009615: JEFFREY LOUIS GOLDBERG (EDITOR), EPHRAIM F. TRAKHTENBERG (EDITOR) - Axon Growth and Regeneration: Part 2, Volume 106 (International Review of Neurobiology)
2411: GOLDEN, RENNY; COLLINS, SHEILA - Struggle Is a Name for Hope
3983: GOLDIN, HYMAN - Universal History of Israel Volume IV
009242: GOOD, PETE - Bolivia: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
4432: GOODMAN, MORSE - They Couldn't Call Me Mary: Memoirs of Morse L. Goodman
006728: GORDON, STACY, KING - Packaging Makeovers: Graphic Redesign for Market Change
012703: DAVID A GORDON - The Stretcher Bearers
1251: GORDON, DONALD R. - The New Literacy
012863: GORILLAZ - Gorillaz: Rise of the Ogre
010684: O'GORMAN, EMILY - Flood Country: An Environmental History of the Murray-Darling Basin
4448: GORNALL, ALLAN G. - Understanding God and the Ultimate Reality of Love
012349: BERNARD GOROWITZ. (AUTHOR) - The General Electric Story 1876-1986: A Photo History
010995: GOSLETT, HENRY M; CARUSO, BARBARA JO - The 2012 Annotated Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada
4021: GOSLIN, R.J. - Duty Bound. A History of the Bolton Borough Police Force, 1839-1969
006969: GOSLING, SAMUEL D. - Snoop : What Your Stuff Says About You
010852: GOUGH, ALEX; THOMAS, ALISON - Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats
4079: GOUGH, WILLIAM - Maud's House
009899: GOULD, ALLAN - Air Fare: The Entertainers Entertain
204: GOURLEY, MARGARET - Collected Thoughts by Margaret
3962: GOWLAND, J. J. - Confessions of a Sandbagger
4911: GRACEY, MARILYN J - A Story of the Owmc the "Wasted" Years Volume One--the Early Days
012888: MARILYN J GRACEY - A Story of the Owmc the "Wasted" Years Volume One--the Early Days
012645: GRACHOS, LOUIS: SCHNEIDER, CLAIRE - Extreme Abstraction: An Exhibition
011550: WILLIAM O'GRADY (AUTHOR), JOHN ARCHIBALD (AUTHOR) - Contemporary Linguistic Analysis: An Introduction (7th Edition)
012323: GRAHAM, JANET - Babes on Bay Street: Stories of Wisdom, Courage, and Inspiration
011907: GRAHAM, HILARY - Understanding Health Inequalities
009944: GRAM, HAROLD A.; GRAM, JAMES, P. - The Devil Never Walks Alone
010082: GRANT, JOHN WEBSTER - A Profusion of Spires: Religion in Nineteenth-Century Ontario
2068: GRANT, VIC - Floating Bedroom
4252: GRANT, PATRICK J PAGNI CECILE E - Fire Safety Science: Proceedings of the First International
009839: GRAU, ELOISA - Presencia Y Esencia Cultural, Gurabo
011054: COPLEY-GRAVES, LYNN - Figure Skating History: The Evolution of Dance on Ice (Figure Skating History Series)
012801: GRAVES, DIANNE - In the Midst of Alarms: The Untold Story of Women and the War of 1812
850: GRAY, NANCY: BIRTLES, JASMINE - Completely Stupid Men: An Anthology of Stupid Men Jokes and Other Laughing Matters
1126: GRAY, DOUGLAS - Home Buying Made Easy: The Canadian Guide to Purchasing a Newly Built or Pre-Owned Home
006750: GRAY, DOUGLAS A. - Making Money in Real Estate : The Canadian Guide to Profitable Investment in Residential Property
007248: GRAY, ADRIAN - Lincolnshire Headlines
010257: SARAH NORTON; BRIAN GREEN - Essay Essentials with Readings
011845: JOHN ELDON GREEN - A Mind of One's Own: Memoirs of an Albany Boy
009211: GREEN, THOMAS F. - Voices: The Educational Formation of Conscience
154: GREEN, TIMOTHY - The World of Gold Today
007649: GREENBAUM, ALLAN JACOB; WELLINGTON, ALEX; BAAR, ELLEN - Social Conflict and Environmental Law: Ethics, Economics, and Equity, Vol. 1
38: GREENE, AELLA - John Peters
008503: GREENE, ELIZABETH - Kingston Poets' Gallery
011686: GREENHILL, RALPH - Engineer's Witness
011658: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - Dieppe, Dieppe
4294: RUBERTO, BRUNO; EDS PARKER GREG AND - Saturn Owners Cookbook: A Different Kind of Cookbook from the Owners of a Different Kind of Car
009699: GREIF, MARTIN - The Airport Book: From Landing Field to Modern Terminal
4918: GRIECO, PETER - Supply Management Toolbox How to Manage Your Suppliers
6317: GRIFFIS, BRUCE - Data Communications Network Auditing; How to Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars and Still Improve Network Response Time, Network Performance and Network Availability
007252: GRIGGS, TERRY - Quickening
4957: GROENE, BERTRAM., HOWTHORNE - Pike a Fortress in the Wetlands
008837: KENNETH GROESBECK - The Advertising Agency Business
1278: GROMYKO, ANDREI - Capital Promotes Imperialist Expansion
010356: GROOME, DAVID - An Introduction to Cognitive Psychology, Second Edition: Processes and Disorders
012002: GROSSO, FRANCESCA - The History of Sunnybrook Hospital: Battle to Greatness
012839: KAA DESIGN GROUP - Lifestyles of Southern California: Personal Sanctuaries
3846: HAMILTON MEMOIRS GROUP - Gems from the Jewel Box of Our Minds: Written in the 10 Decades of the 20th Century by Members of the Memoirs Group of Hamilton's Senior Citizen Centre Macnab Street Ywca
012609: BMW GROUP - A Company in Its Time: Edition 2007
006936: GRUBEL, HERBERT - Free Market Zones: Deregulating Candian Enterprise
009075: GRUBEL, HERBERT G. - International Evidence on the Effects of Having No Capital Gains Taxes
012691: MARK GRUBER - Waiting for Dawn: Portents of His Coming
5340: HACKETT: GRUNEAU ET AL - The Missing News: Filters and Blind Spots in Canada's Press
010612: GUBBAY, ALINE - A Street Called the Main: The Story of Montreal's Boulevard Saint-Laurent
010530: GUCMA, FLORA, MCCALLUM - Facets of Life
4277: GUCMA, FLORA, MCCALLUM - Confidentially Yours
011239: UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH - Libranni
008588: PORTUONDO GUERRA, ZOILA - Bichon Havanese
011817: THE POETRY GUILD - Shelter from the Storm
012260: DR ANNIE GUILLET - Alkaline Cook Book - Hard Cover Edition
2786: GULLIVER, LILI - Bangkok, Chaud Et Humide L'Univers Gulliver III
012781: MURUGAR GUNASINGAM - Tamils in Sri Lanka: A Comprehensive History (C. 300 B.C. - 2000 A.D. )
011000: GUNDERSON - Learning Aid: Labour Market Economics
4707: GUNN, JAMES - United States Infantry and Rifle Tactics Volume 1
007493: GUNNING, CUTHBERT - North Bay, the Lean Years : 1929-1939, a Decade of Adversity
1335: GOSSAGE: GUNTON - A Parent's Guide to Streetproofing Children
012352: RUSSELL FLOREN; ANDREA GUTSCHE, BARBARA CHISHOLM - Alone in the Night: Lighthouses of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island, and the North Channel
006667: HAREL; BIEGEL; GUTTMANN (EDITORS) - Jewish Aged in the United States and Israel Diversity, Programs, and Services
011088: THAUVETTE GUY - T'Es Pas Tannée, Jeanne D'Arc?
009531: GUYATT, BEN - Racing to Murder
5754: GUYATT, BEN - Racing to Murder
333: GUYATT, JOHN - The American Revolution
012611: GWYNN, R. S.; CAMPBELL, WANDA - Fiction: A Pocket Anthology, Second Canadian Edition with Myliteraturelab (2nd Edition)
011429: GZOWSKI, PETER (EDITOR) - A Sense of Tradition: An Album of Ridley College Memories, 1889-1989
009973: BLUM RUTH H. AND JOHN C. CORBETT (EDITORS) - A History of the Wyckoff Reformed Church, 1806-1992
4959: KAASA WALTER H. & PEACOCK GORDON - Adventures in Acting : A Selection of Plays for Young Players
007251: DIETZ, A. G. H. & SCHAFFER, E. L. & GROMALA, D. S., EDITORS - Wood As a Structural Material Volume II
010522: HAAS, ERNST - La Creation
010239: LUDWIG HAAS - 4500c Neue Wege in Der Metallbildhauerei, New Direction in Metal Scuplting
4240: HABERSETZER, R. - Découvrir le Judo
5621: HACHEY, JEAN M. - The Canadian Guide to Working and Living Overseas
009648: HACKNEY, NOEL C. L. - Cutty Sark--Classic Ships: Their History and How to Model Them (No. 3)
011937: TOM HAIBECK - The Wedding MC : A Complete Guide to Success for the Master of Ceremonies
2916: HAINER, IDA, LINTON - Word Pictures a Book of Verse
008836: RICHARD T. HALL (FOREWORD), EZAT MOSSALLANEJED (AUTHOR) - Religions and the Cruel Return of Gods
011538: JEREMY HALL (AUTHOR) - On Tour with Donny Osmond, Photographs of the U.K. Summer Nights Tour
011748: HALLEY, PATRICE - Sentinels of the St. Lawrence: Along Quebec's Lighthouse Trail
007039: HALLIWELL, GLADYS: PERSSON, M. ZETTA - Three Score and Ten 1886 1956; a Story of the Swedish Settlement of Stockholm and District
6152: HAMBLETON, JACK - Abitibi Adventure
008812: HAMDANI, ABDULLAH - Comprehensive Genealogy of Islamic Societies
012081: HAMILTON, VICKY - Appetite for Dysfunction
5560: HAMILTON, GINA; SHARE, WENDY GOLDSTEIN SUSY; - Ten Marks and a Train Ticket; Benno's Escape to Freedom
4065: HAMMOND, SALLY - Australian Regional Food : The Best Chef's Recepies
4224: HAMMOND, MICHAEL - Redemption Song
012261: DAVE HAMPTON - San Diego's Craft Revolution (from Post-War Modern to California Design)
4595: HANDWERKER, W. PENN - Women's Power and Social Revolution: Fertility Transition in the West Indies
011031: HANNA, ROBERT - A Nebraska Portfolio
006646: HANNANT, LARRY; WHYTE, BERT - Champagne and Meatballs : Adventures of a Canadian Communist
911: HANOVER - Moments from Memory: A Treasury of Hanover Souvenir Book Hanover "Memory Lane" Reunion July 1st to 5th, 1981
555: HANSEN, CHARLES - Fifty 3-Chord Favorites for All Organs
007111: THOMAS BLOM HANSEN - The Saffron Wave - Democracy and Hindu Nationalism in Modern India
2343: HARBRON, JOHN D. - Canada without Quebec
008512: HARDY, JOHN R. - Canadian Rail Travel: A Photographic Record of Passenger Train Journeys, 1964-1991
691: HARDY, D. - Des Masquerade
2410: HARMER, RON - Becoming Aware
4806: HARMIDAROW, WALTER - The Final Solution
1411: HARMON, MAURICE - Modern Irish Literature 1800-1967 a Reader's Guide
5335: HARMS, COLONEL VERNON P - Kick the Tires and Light the Fires
959: HARP, DAVID - Play the Harmonica Today!: A Revolutionary Technique for Learning to Play the Blues, Rock, & Folk Harmonica
2847: HARPER, JAN - Fathers at Home
012944: CHARLAINE HARRIS (AUTHOR) - Disparition à Dallas (la Communauté Du Sud, N° 2)
007417: HARRIS, D. W. - Maritime History of Rhyl and Rhuddlan: Facts and Memories Derived and Recalled from Local Records and Local People
012945: CHARLAINE HARRIS (AUTHOR) - Communauté Du Sud (la) T. 08 : La Mort Et Bien Pire N.E.
008450: HARRIS, EVE - 75 Years of Greyhound Canada
010623: HARRON, DON - My Double Life: Sexty Yeers of Farquharson Around with Don Harn
010145: E.J. TED HART - The Place of Bows: Exploring the Heritage of the Banff-Bow Valley. Part I to 1930
2610: HARTGERINK - Gardner: A Dream Come True
012005: HARTMAN, JEFF - How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems (Motorbooks Workshop)
22: HARTNOLL, PHYLLIS - The Concise History of Theatre
012650: PFLUGK-HARTTUNG, J. VON - Illustrierte Geschichte Der Befreiungskriege 1813 - 1815
012033: HARVEY, CHARLES H. - Ndoki
3857: HARVOR, BETH - Women & Children
3542: HASKELL, PRESTON - Children of Millpond
6316: HASLAM, JASON - Captivating Subjects Writing Confinement, Citizenship, and Nationhood in the Nineteenth Century
011819: HATCH - Hatch: The Art of Innovation Celebrating 50 Years of Service 1955 - 2005
011692: HANS-GEORG HÄUSEL - Emotional Boosting
009159: HAWKINS, WALACE - El Sal Del Rey: Fixing Title to Yo El Rey
007262: HAWKINS, KATE - Butterworths Student Companion: Criminal
4534: HAYDUK, WALTER - Crash Course : 157 Causes of Collisions and How to Prevent Them
012657: REVEREND MICHAEL T HAYES (AUTHOR), KATHLEEN M GROH (EDITOR) - Homilies for the Whole Community, Year C: Wisdom from a Pastor's Heart
012658: REVEREND MICHAEL T. HAYES & KATHLEEN M. GROH; EDITOR - Homilies for the Whole Community: Wisdom from a Pastor's Heart, Year a
009928: HAYEUR, ISABELLE; BÉRARD, SERGE - Inhabiting : The Works of Isabelle Hayeur = Habiter: Les Oeuvres D'Isabelle Hayeur
009113: HAYNES, ALAN LAUFFER - By Grace Co-Workers: Building the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, 1780-1989
010822: HAYNES - Kawasaki Ex500 '87'99 (Haynes Service & Repair Manuals)
010224: HAYNES, JOHN HAROLD - Ford Pinto: All Models Thru 1974 97. 5 Cu in, 122 Cu in, 140 Cu in : Owners Workshop Manual
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012918: ALFREDA (BINGLE) JEFFRIES - From Generation to Generation, Bicentennial Edition: A History of St. Andrew's Anglican Church Grimsby, Ontario 1794 - 1994
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011964: JEROME, JODI - The Evolution of Wescast: People Moulding a Legacy
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012724: JONES, HOOJUNG; SOMERS, TOM - Canadians Our Heroes: 1950-1953 Korean War
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011052: KAZARIAN, SHAHE - Introduction to Psychology for Law Enforcement
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011787: KLOTZ, JAMES M. - Going Global? Power Tools for Negotiating International Business Deals
011786: KLOTZ, JAMES M. - Going Global? Power Tools for Negotiating International Business Deals
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011898: JOHN KUYPERS - Who's the Driver Anyway?: Making the Shift to a Collaborative Team Culture
012521: JOHN KUYPERS - Who's the Driver Anyway?: Making the Shift to a Collaborative Team Culture
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010735: LAI, YUKMAN - Beyond the Clouds; Canada Through the Eyes of Yukman Lai
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5879: LAMPMAN, GREG - Elandera: Coming Darkness
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012710: LAVOIE, EDGAR J. - And the Geraldton Way
012741: LAVOIE, EDGAR J. - And the Geraldton Way
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3856: LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH - A Home on My Hands
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6253: LEICHT, KEVIN: FENNELL, MARY - Professional Work a Sociology Approach
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57: LESLIE, C. E. - The Solitaire
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1921: LEVESQUE, JOHN - Rosseter's Memory
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3897: LINDSEY, R.G. - Royal Spring
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012371: KIN LO (AUTHOR), GEORGE FISHER (AUTHOR) - Intermediate Accounting, Vol. 2 (3rd Edition)
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011074: KITTY LOCKER (AUTHOR), ISOBEL FINDLAY (AUTHOR) - Business Communication Now + Connect W/Etext
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009551: LUCKMAN, HELEN; MORDEN, PAT - Mustang Tales: The Story of Women's Sports at the University of Western Ontario
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010750: R. THEODORE LUTZ, RUSSELL GOODMAN - The Story of the Bible in Stained Glass : Christ Church Windows
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3674: MACDONALD, BILL - Through a Dark Cloud Shining
006652: MACDONALD, MATTHEW - Segredos Do Seu Corpo Tudo O Que Voce Precisa Para Viver Mais E Melhor
006651: MACDONALD, MATTHEW - Mentes Poderosas Desenvolva Toda a Capacidade Do Seu Derebro
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41: MACOY, ROBERT - The Amaranth: A Royal and Exalted Degree in the Rite of Adoption with Appropriate Ceremonies
1030: MACPHERSON, GEORGE - All About Deer Hunting
5035: MACPHERSON, JUDY - Angel of Adversity
009340: MACPHERSON, IAN - Matters of Loyalty: The Buells of Brockville, 1830-1850
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2987: MACTAVISH, JOAN - Bravo! Miss Brown a World without Sight and Sound
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6212: MAIDMENT, JAMES - Scotish Ballads and Songs
4792: MAKOLKIN, ANNA - Semiotics of Misogyny Through the Humor of Chekhov and Maugham
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2858: MALIK, FREDMUND - Managing Performing Living Effective Management for a New Era
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4751: MALLOUK, BRENDA - Adders N' Keyes: An Accounting Practice Set
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1802: MALON, HENRY - Fenestrum: Reflections and Ruminations on Life's Crucial Issues
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44: MALVERN, PAUL - Persuaders; Lobbying, Influence Peddling & Political Corruption in Canada
007743: MAMING, MELANIE - Pregnancy, the Workplace and the Law
012573: LMRP MANAGERS (ROGER MARBLE, PHOTGRAPHY) - Lower Mattagami River Project
4025: MANCINI, MARC - Selling Destinations Geography for the Travel Professional
006828: MANCUSO, JAMES A. - Hockey in Syracuse
3921: MANGONE, LUIGI - Heart of the North : A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry
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011644: MARGOLIAN, HOWARD - Conduct Unbecoming: The Story of the Murder of Canadian Prisoners of War in Normandy
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4820: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN - The Phantom Ship
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6194: MARSH, EVA - Black Patent Shoes: Dancing with Ms
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012290: DAVID MARSHALL - Dr. Marshall's History of Haldimand County
5649: MARSTON, DANIEL (EDITOR) - The Pacific War Companion: From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima
4436: MARTENS, JOHN - Making Waves: A Glimpse Into the Intriguing Past
010590: DAVID MARTIN - Communicating Skills Level 9: Student Edition
6264: MARTIN, A. W. - Pycnogenol French Maritime Pine Bark Extract the Bark with the Bite
3967: MARTIN, ALICE - Whispers from the Wings
5458: MARTINEZ, RICARDO ARGUIJO - Hispanic Culture and Health Care: Fact, Fiction, Folklore
011205: PAUL MARTINO - Smww Sports Management Worldwide
5673: MASON, ROGER BURFORD - A Grand Eye for Glory: A Life of Franz Johnston
008185: MASON, JIM: SINGER, PETER - Animal Factories
008186: MASON, JIM: SINGER, PETER - Animal Factories: What Agribusiness Is Doing to the Family Farm, the Environment and Your Health
012115: MASSENET, BÉATRICE; PONSAN-DANTIN, EMMANUELLE; QUERRE, FRANÇOIS - Saint-émilion: The Châteaux, Winemakers, and Landscapes of Bordeaux’S Famed Wine Region
5100: MASSEY, DENTON - The Stuff Men Are Mad of
008858: MASTERS, JEREMY; KOTSAKIS, CHRISTOS - Implementing Employee and Manager Self-Services in Sap Erp Hcm
5726: GRAYSON: MASTERS (EDITED BY) - Theory in Practice: Critical Reflections on Global Policy Selected Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Conference of the Centre for International and Security Studies in Conjunction
006672: MASTERS, JOHN - The Himalayan Concerto
3969: MASTERTON, ELSIE - Off My Toes
009871: MATHER, ROBERT - Brave Warrior
012868: GILLES MATHIEU - Love for Love: Mother Catherine-Aurelie of the Precious Blood -- a Visit in the Cathedral of Her Heart
6599: MATTEAU, MICHELE - Un Doigt de Brandy Dans Un Verre de Lait Chaud
012702: JENNIFER MATTHEWS - A Century of Policing: The Ontario Provincial Police 1909-2009
012856: JENNIFER MATTHEWS - A Century of Policing: The Ontario Provincial Police 1909-2009
011564: JENNIFER MATTHEWS - A Century of Policing: The Ontario Provincial Police 1909-2009
009258: MATTHEWS, TIM - Flavours of Northwestern Ontario
6543: MATTHEWS, TONY - This Dawning Land
011367: MATULAY, LASZLO - Then and Now: A Novel As Told in 112 Original Drawings
006777: MAU, MICHAEL P. - The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies : The Events Leading Up to the Year 2012 and the Reemergence of the Golden Era of Lemuria
4352: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - Constant Wife a Play in Three Acts
6387: WHITE: WINGERT: BEAVON: MAXIM - Aboriginal Policy Research: Moving Forward, Making a Difference Volume 3
008674: MAZER, CANDICE L. - Handbook on Sensitive Practice for Health Care Practitioners: Lessons from Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
011114: MCADAM, DON; WINN, ROGER - Engineering Graphics: A Problem-Solving Approach
2462: MCALLISTER, MARY LOUISE - Governing Ourselves? : The Politics of Canadian Communities
009614: MCAULEY, DON: MOASE, REGINALD - 25 Years of Teacher Education at Brock University
011609: MCBRIDE, STEPHEN - Paradigm Shift: Globalization and the Canadian State
010807: MCBURNEY, MARGARET; BYERS, MARY - Tavern in the Town: Early Inns and Taverns of Ontario
010796: MCCALLION, HAZEL (WITH ROBERT BREHL) - Hurricane Hazel: A Life with Purpose
008336: MCCALLUM, RACHELLE (EDITOR) - Formation : A Collection of New Canadian Short Stories
012218: MCCARTHY, JOHN (AUTHOR) ELLIOTT, HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Smoke Eaters: A Hamilton Retrospective
010667: MCCORQUODALE, CHARLES - The Renaissance: European Painting, 1400-1600
4159: MCCRACKEN, ELIZABETH R. - Belly of Macau
008772: MCCREDIE, GARY (EDITOR) - American Racing Classics 1994: Volume 3
006663: MCCREERY, CHARLES - Science Philosophy & Esp
009952: MCCREERY, CHRISTOPHER - The Canadian Honours System
006939: MCCULLAGH, SHEILA K - The Fight with the Black Pirates (Griffin Pirate Stories)
4109: MCCULLAGH, SHEILA K - Roderick the Red : Griffin Pirate Stories
4110: MCCULLAGH,SHEILA - Griffin Pirate Stories: Blue Pirate Sails
011666: MCDOUGALL, ROBERT L. - A Narrative of War: From the Beaches of Sicily to the Hitler Line with the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, 1943-1944
012575: MCDOWALL, DUNCAN - Quick to the Frontier: Canada's Royal Bank
007091: MCDOWALL, DUNCAN - Banque Royale Au Coeur de L'Action
5122: MCFALONE, BRIAN - Over the Glass & Into the Crowd! Life After Hockey Profiles of over 200 Former Nhl Players (1933-1994)
012719: MCFARLANE, KEEBLE - Jamaicans in Canada: When Ackee Meets Codfish
4855: MCGOVERN, ANDY - They Laughed at This Man's Funeral
883: MCGOWAN, JOHN: DUBERN, ROGER - Vous Et. La Decoration: Les Techniques de Base, le Materiel Necessaire
5739: MCGREGOR, KAREN - Sculpting the Business Body : Strategies and Stories from Top Entrepreneurs
3365: MCGREGOR, STEPHEN - Two Trails Narrow
012003: MCGUIGAN, PETER - Historic South End Halifax Images Our Past
3890: MCINTYRE, DAVID - Bogey Train
5742: MCKAY, COLIN - Windjammers and Bluenose Sailors: Stories of the Sea
012606: MCKELLAR, DONALD A. - Last of the Rinkrats and Other Stories
012596: MCKNIGHT, LESLIE - Lululemon Athletica Elevate to Greatness
008491: MCLAREN, ANGUS - Our Own Master Race : Eugenics in Canada, 1885-1945
4557: MCLENNAN, ROB - The Ottawa City Project: Poems by Rob Mclennan
557: MCLEOD, ROBERT, COHEN, JAY - Darts Unlimited
012133: ROY RENFRO; JR.; PH.D.; SHERRIE S. MCLEROY - Grape Man of Texas: Thomas Volney Munson and the Origins of American Viticulture
009823: MCMASTER, SUSAN - Learning to Ride
008690: MCMASTER - Marmor
012814: GERALD M. CRAIG; JEFFREY L. MCNAIRN - Upper Canada: The Formative Years, 1784-1841
4299: MCNESBY, EDWARD J - Systematic Control of Factory and Manufacturing Costs
5513: MCQUAIG, JACK - Challenge Yourself and Live
009709: ALISON MCQUEEN - From Renaissance to Rodin: Celebrating the Tanenbaum Gift
904: MCQUEEN, MARGARET - Daring a Dream: The Poems of Margaret Mcqueen
010408: MCQUEEN, HUMPHREY - Social Sketches of Australia
008294: MCRAE, SHIRLEY MCTYRE; MCRAE, NORMAN - Detroit: The First City of the Midwest
010685: MCRITCHIE, KENNETH D. - Environmental Cosmology: Principles and Theory of Natal Astrology
009293: HAROLD S. PINE MD - Pediatric Otolaryngology, an Issue of Pediatric Clinics, 1e (the Clinics: Internal Medicine)
009292: STEPHEN A. PAGET MD - The Use of Imaging in Inflammatory Joint and Vascular Disorders, an Issue of Rheumatic Disease Clinics, 1e (the Clinics: Internal Medicine)
008215: MDC - Dare to Dream; a Day in the Life Celebrating Mdc Partners 30th Anniversary
3301: MEACHAM, STANDISH - Toynbee Hall and Social Reform, 1880-1914 the Search for Community
634: MEADOR, CELINE, WOOD - Dream Big, by Durn!
011097: MEE, JANICE; PURDY, MICHAEL - Modelling on the Dress Stand
4733: VAN MEEKEREN, ERWIN - Starry Starry Night: Life and Psychiatric History of Vincent Van Gogh
008819: MEEUWISSEN, ADRIAN; MEEUWISSEN, JO - For the Love of a New Homeland: The Adrian and Jo Meeuwissen Story
009528: MEIGHEN, ROB - A Portrait of Chester
3552: MEIRONG, TAN - Pintura Chinesa de Tan Meirong Tan Meirong's Chines Paintings
009237: JOHN MEISEL - A Life of Learning and Other Pleasures: John Meisel's Tale
011846: TORD MELANDER - Saving Lakes: How Sweden Restores Acidified Lakes and Streams
010829: MELHUISH, DUGGAN - Wind, Water, Rock and Sky: The Story of Cognashene, Georgian Bay
3583: MELICK, WELDON DOUGLAS - Sexual Appetites on Campus, Vol. II: Men
011477: MELKERAAEN, KAI-INGE:JAN GRAVDAL - Kvit Terror: Et Sekund I Vestnorsk Histoire
4635: LÖHR E.; MELLIN, P.; RODECK, G. ; ROHEN, J. W. - Atlas Der Urologischen Röntgendiagnostik
011315: JOHN MELLOR (AUTHOR) - The Company Store: J.B. Mclachlan and the Cape Breton Miners, 1900-1925
006928: RICHARD A. FALK: SAUL H. MENDLOVITZ - Regional Politics and World Order
008704: MENSAH, JOSEPH - Black Canadians: History, Experience, Social Conditions
011689: STEFAN MERATH - Der Weg Zum Erfolgreichen Unternehmer

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