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20391: Patterson, Francine; Cohn, Ronald H. (photographer). - Koko's Kitten.
30497: Patterson, Brian. - Fresh! Seeds from the Past and Food for Tomorrow: Using Plant Food in Your Daily Life.
21847: Patterson, Pam. - Introduction to Enamelling.
14870: Paulos, John Allen. - A Mathematician Plays the Market.
14314: Pauwels, Anne. - Cross-Cultural Communication in the Health Sciences: Communicating with Migrant Patients [Crosscultural Communication].
27000: Paver, Michelle; Taylor, Geoff (illustrations). - Soul Eater [Chronicles of Ancient Darkness].
29431: Pavey, Peter. - I'm Taggarty Toad.
17130: Paviour, Paul. - Make a Note of This: Book 2: Little Pieces for Little Fingers.
2343: Pavlov, I. P.; Koshtoyants, Kh. S. (editor); Belsky, S. (translator); Gibbons, J. (editor). - Selected Works.
3816: Payne, Mark. - How to Beat Hayfever.
26109: Peace, Richard. - Spiritual Journaling: Recording Your Journey Toward God [Spiritual Formation Study Guide].
24169: Peake, Cathy; Crooks, Deborah (illustrator). - The Vietnamese [Hodder Australia Series: Peoples of Australia].
30849: Peake, Andrew G. (editor). - National Register of Shipping Arrivals Australia and New Zealand.
13314: Pearce, R. - Land Tenure and Political Authority: The Processes of Change in Land Relations and Land Attitudes in Vietnamese Villages of the Mekong Delta Since 1945.
27897: Pearce, Robyn. - Getting a Grip on the Paper War: Managing Information in the Modern Office.
20442: Pearce, Fred. - Green Warriors: The People and the Politics Behind the Environmental Revolution.
27311: Pearce, Barry; Kolenberg, Hendrik. - Francis Lymburner 1916 - 1972, with Essays by Barry Humphries, Bernard Smith and Murray Sayle.
27217: Peardon, Bruce. - Teddy's Night Lost in the Bush.
26626: Pearl, Cyril. - The Three Lives of Gavan Duffy.
22939: Pearl, Cyril. - The Girl with the Swansdown Seat.
27747: Pearn, John (editor). - Characters, Coves and Cliffs by Fifteen Authors: Vignettes of Coochiemudlo Island and Moreton Bay.
16419: Pearse, John. - Hold Down a Chord: Folk Guitar for Beginners.
29984: Pearse, Emma. - Sophie: The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dog.
27082: Pearson, Richard. - Driven to Extinction: The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity.
27976: Pearson, Stuart; Sudibjo, An. - Bittersweet: The Memoir of a Chinese Indonesian Family in the Twentieth Century.
30601: Pearson, John. - Citadel of the Heart: Winston and the Churchill Dynasty.
16434: Pearson, Bruce. - Standard of Excellence Enhanced Comprehensive Band Method: Book 1: Bb Trumpet Cornet.
29314: Pearson, Michael; McGowan, Barry. - Mining Heritage Places Assessment Manual.
29039: Pease, Allan; Pease, Barbara. - The Definitive Book of Body Language: How to Read Others' Thoughts by Their Gestures.
29306: Pease, Donald E. - Theodor Seuss Geisel [Lives and Legacies Series].
22610: Peattie, Charles; Taylor, Russell. - The Best of Alex II: The Second Collector's Edition.
24113: Peattie, Charles; Taylor, Russell. - The Best of Alex III.
26376: Peattie, Charles; Taylor, Russell. - Alex Feels the Pinch.
17000: Pedhazur, Elazar J. - Multiple Regression in Behavioral Research: Explanation and Prediction.
24453: Peele, Stanton. - Diseasing of America: Addiction Treatment out of Control.
26465: Pekkanen, Robert. - Japan's Dual CIVIL Society [East-West Center Series on Contemporary Issues in Asia and the Pacific].
29979: Pellegrino, Nicky. - A Year at Hotel Gondola.
14092: Pelletier, Kenneth. - Sound Mind, Sound Body: A New Model for Lifelong Health.
28351: Penalver, David; Penalver, Daphne (notes). - Australia's Historic Stained Glass: The Artisans, the Themes, the Buildings.
4416: Penberthy, James. - Clocks Piano Solo.
3122: Pendergrast, Mark. - Victims of Memory: Incest Accusations and Shattered Lives.
16358: Pendlebury, Charles; Beard, W. S. - A Shilling Arithmetic.
12201: Penfold, A. R.; Morrison, F. R. - Tung Oil (Chinese Wood Oil) from Australian Grown Trees of Aleurites Fordii (Hemsley), with a Note on A. Montana [Technological Museum Bulletin].
40770: Pennay, Bruce. - Placing Federation: A Checklist for Local Studies of Federation and Surveys of Federation Places in New South Wales.
28737: Penney, Ian (illustrator); Trust, National. - The National Trust ABC.
26784: Pennington, Richard; Wilkes, professor G. A. (foreword). - Christopher Brennan: Some Recollections.
40702: Penny, H. H. (Hubert Harry). - Tribal Aborigines: An Educated People.
17568: Penzig, Edgar. - Rogues, Vagabonds and Bloody Thieves: An Illustrated History of Colonial Crime 1850 - 1900.
17020A: Penzig, Edgar. - Heroes and Villians: An Illustrated History of Our Bushranging Days.
14125A: Penzig, Edgar F. - The Sandy Creek Bushranger: A Definitive History of Ben Hall, His Gang and Associates.
14125: Penzig, Edgar F. - The Sandy Creek Bushranger: A Definitive History of Ben Hall, His Gang and Associates.
17608: People, Village. - Five of the Best: Y.M. C. A - in the Navy - Can't Stop the Music - Macho Man - Go West [Ymca].
26756: Perchthold, Gordon; Sutton, Jenny. - Extract Value from Consultants: How to Hire, Control, and Fire Them.
40140: Performing Arts Trust, Queensland. - The Spirit of Christmas Concert Program.
23719: Perkins, Anne. - A Very British Strike: 3 May - 12 May 1926.
40617: Perkins, Cathy (editor); Bewley, Paul (exhibition designer). - Unesco Six: State Library of New South Wales Exhibition.
30720: Perkins, Rachel (editor); Langton, Marcia (editor); Atkinson, Wayne (with); Boyce, James (with); Kimber, RG (with); Loos, Noel (with); Kinnane, Steve (with); Pascoe, Bruce (with). - First Australians: An Illustrated History.
12999: Perry, William J. (editor). - The Municipality of Kogarah 1982 Year Book.
28577: Perry, Roland. - Bradman's Best: Sir Donald Bradman's Selection of the Best Team in Cricket History.
27454: Perry, Roland. - Horrie the War Dog: The Story of Australia's Most Famous Dog.
26580: Perry, Gina. - Behind the Shock Machine: The Untold Story of the Notorious Milgram Psychology Experiments.
23933: Perry, Michael. - Gods Within: A Critical Guide to the New Age.
28628: Perry, Ronald. - The Don: A Biography Incorporating Exclusive Interviews with Sir Donald Bradman.
27386: Perry, Peter; Clarke, Rod (foreword). - Ian Armstrong Retrospective 1941 - 1998.
30457: Perry, F. W.; Laxon, W. A. - Nourse Line.
23512: Perry, John (editor). - Doing Fieldwork: Eight Personal Accounts of Social Research.
40897: Perry, Nick. - Peaks and Troughs: In at the Deep End, High in the Hills.
30404: Persico, Joseph. - Roosevelt's Secret War: Fdr and World War II Espionage.
13566: Persson, Sheryl. - Smallpox, Syphilis and Salvation: Medical Breakthroughs That Changed the World.
22462: Pert, Alan. - Red Cactus: The Life of Anna Kingsford.
40883: Peston, Robert. - Wtf: What Have We Done? Why Did It Happen? How Do We Take Back Control?
14236: Pestonjee, D. M. - Stress and Coping: The Indian Experience.
26977: Petch, Simon. - The Art of Philip Larkin [Sydney Studies in Literature].
23949: Peters, Ted. - The Cosmic Self: A Penetrating Look at Today's New Age Movements.
14839: Peters, Nonja. - The Dutch Down Under: 1606 - 2006.
26997: Petersen-Schepelern, Elsa; Treloar, Debi (photos). - Pumpkin Butternut and Squash: 30 Sweet and Savoury Recipes.
27759: Petersen, Diana; Richardson, Rich (illustrator). - Brushtail the Rock Wallaby [Australian Golden Book].
27129: Petersen, Gwen. - Everything I Know About Life I Learned from My Horse.
9743: Petersen, Diana; Richardson, Rich (illustrator). - Byamul the Black Swan [New Zealand Golden Book].
14393: Peterson, Christopher; Bossio, Lisa M. - Health and Optimism.
41018: Peterson, Jordan B.; Doidge, Norman (forward); Van Schiver, Ethan (illustrator). - 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.
24867: Peterswald, Rosemary Esmonde. - Bird of Paradise.
12870: Petocz, Dani. - A Well in Rozelle: Report of the Excavation and Analysis of the Well at 63 Nelson Street, Rozelle, N.S. W. [Sydney University Archaeological Society Publication].
18006: Petrie, Asenath. - Individuality in Pain and Suffering.
26955: Petto, Andrew J. (editor); Godfrey, Laurie R. (editor). - Scientists Confront Creationism: Intelligent Design and Beyond.
13278: Pfungst, Oskar; Rosenthal, Robert (editor). - Clever Hans: The Horse of Mr Von Osten [Henry Holt Editions in Psychology].
27656: Phelan, R. S. - Intermediate Chemistry (a Note Book).
29497: Philip, Neil; Underhill, Henry (illustrator). - Drakestail Visits the King: A Magic Lantern Fairy Tale [Magic Lantern Fairy Tale].
40518: Phillips, Jenny; National Trust, diary; Cunningham, Elizabeth (foreword). - Australian Botanical Artists National Trust Desk Diary 2009.
16341: Phillips, Linda. - Bush Lyrics: Four Australian Songs: High Voice [Imperial Edition No. 587: Plate B2074].
30747: Phillips, Valmai. - Romance of Australian Lighthouses.
4298: Phillips, Caryl. - The European Tribe.
41042: Phillips, Valmai. - Able Emigrants.
28908: Phillips, Juanita; Milostic, Mario (with). - A Pressure Cooker Saved My Life: How to Have It All, Do It All and Keep It All Together.
17015: Phillips, H. (Harry). - Views of the Far Famed Blue Mountains N.S. W.
14024: Phillips, Montague F.; Teschemacher, Edward. - The Enchanted Forest [Plate: 25583].
6344: Phippen, Angela; Macarthur, Scott (assistant). - The War Memorials of St Peters Municipality Sydney, New South Wales (Incorporating the Suburbs of St Peters, Sydenham and Tempe).
6344A: Phippen, Angela; Macarthur, Scott (assistant). - The War Memorials of St Peters Municipality Sydney, New South Wales (Incorporating the Suburbs of St Peters, Sydenham and Tempe).
40187: Photo, Globe. - Postcard: Cat and Horse [No Fpc. 199].
40360: Photogravures. - Australian A.B. C.
40349: Photogravures. - Australians.
30785: Piccolo, Rina. - Comic Syndication Portfolio: Tina's Groove.
24236: Pickering, Sam. - Waltzing the Magpies: A Year in Australia.
11577: Pickersgill, M. Gertrude. - Practical Miming.
26026: Picot, James; Christesen, C. B. (foreword, editor). - With a Hawk's Quill.
24913: Pierce, Emma. - Dark Night, White Knight.
25596: De Pierres, Paul (compiler). - Wyalkatchem and Districts War Service 1899 - 1976 (Including Benjaberring, Korrelocking, Minnivale, Nalkain, Nembudding and Yorkrakine).
25595: De Pierres, Paul (compiler). - War Service Personnel of the Yilgarn 1900 - 1972.
14940: Pierson, Melissa Holbrook. - Dark Horses and Black Beauties: Animals, Women, a Passion.
27851: Piesse, Ken. - Our Don Bradman 1908 - 2008: The Greatest Cricket Story Ever Told.
30564: Piesse, Ken; Ferguson, Ian; O’Reilly, Bill (foreword). - Bradman and the Bush: The Legend of Australian Bush Cricket.
30859: Pieters-Hawke, Sue (editor); Swinn, Louise (project manager). - Remembering Bob.
30478: Pike, John R. - Brixham, Torbay: A Bibliographical Guide.
26533: Pink, Kerry. - Through Hells Gates: A History of Strahan and Macquarie Harbour.
40197: Pinker, Susan. - The Village Effect: Why Face-to-Face Contact Matters.
28524: Pinkney, John. - Great Australian Mysteries 2: Unsolved Unexplained Unknown.
15503: Pinsky, Mark A. - The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Book.
17813: Pinto, Octavio. - Scenas Infantis (Memories of Childhood): Five Pieces for Piano [Imperial Edition 1001: Plate B. 8757].
23603: Piper, Karen. - Left in the Dust: How Race and Politics Created a Human and Environmental Tragedy in L.A. [Los Angeles].
24547: Piper, Watty; Sanderson, Ruth (illustrator). - The Little Engine That Could.
14805: Pirani, Leila. - Little Hans of Holland.
25532: Pirola-Merlo, Siobhan. - Relationship Management in the Primary School Classroom: Strategies in the Legal and Social Context.
2621: Pisano, Beverly. - Siberian Huskies.
3277: Pitcher, George. - The Dogs Who Came to Stay.
30639: Pittock, A. Barrie. - Climate Change: Turning Up the Heat.
28263: Pizer, Marjorie; Clark, Manning (introduction). - Gifts and Remembrances.
28262: Pizer, Marjorie. - The Sixtieth Spring.
28259: Pizer, Marjorie. - Journeys.
21607: Plant, Terry. - Henry the Goat from Beautiful Norway.
26349: Plant, Raymond. - Hegel [Political Thinkers Series].
15315: Plasse, Harvey; Masline, Shelagh Ryan. - Sinusitis Relief.
21763: Platt, James. - East of Varley Head: Stories from Port Isaac, North Cornwall, 1944 - 1950.
17397: Playford, P. E.; Cockbain, A. E.; Low, G. H. - Geology of the Perth Basin, Western Australia [Geological Survey of Western Australia Bulletin, No. 124].
17623: Plimer, Ian. - How to Get Expelled from School: A Guide to Climate Change for Pupils, Parents and Punters
21300: Plotkin, Henry. - Evolution in Mind: An Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology.
26646: Plowman, Peter. - Australian Cruise Ships.
16420: Podger, John. - Oedipus Verse 1949 - 1956.
30832: Podlecki, Anthony J. - Perikles and His Circle.
28165: Poduschka, Walter; Christl, Poduschka; Sworder, Mary (translator). - Dearest Prickles: The Story of a Hedgehog Family.
26523: Poignant, Axel; Poignant, Roslyn. - Mangrove Creek 1951: A Day with the Hawkesbury River Postman.
16328: Poirier, Jean-Paul. - Creep of Crystals: High-Temperature Deformation Processes in Metals, Ceramics and Minerals [Cambridge Earth Science Series].
6239: Polgar, Stephen; Thomas, Shane A. - Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences.
4254: Polkinghorne, John. - Religion and Current Science [Occasional Lecture Series].
26360: Polkinghorne, John. - The Quantum World.
16627: Pollack, Lew; Rapee, Erno. - My Angel (Angela Mia).
13256: Pollak, John K. (editor). - Pulp and Paper Mills: Their Effects on Ecology, Health and Economy [Chast Publication, No 4].
17729: Pollan, Michael. - In Defence of Food: The Myth of Nutrition and the Pleasures of Eating.
25218: Pollard, Jane. - A Mingled Yarn: The Seifert Family and Flaxmilling in New Zealand.
28595: Pollard, Jack; Bradman, Don. - The Bradman Years.
29903: Pollard, Howard. - Origins of Musical Instruments [Musical Instruments: Book a].
40522: Pomegranate, publisher; Murray, Elizabeth (photographer). - Calendar 2000: A Cat in the Garden.
24522: Pontin, John. - The Converging World: How One Community's Path to Zero Waste Is Helping Save Our Planet.
25531: Poole, Millicent E.; Langhan-Fox, Janice. - Australian Women and Careers: Psychological and Contextual Influences over the Life Course.
26942: Poole, Philippa; Gouldthorpe, Peter (illustrator); Turner, Ethel (poem). - Walking to School.
1574: Pope, Nick. - The Uninvited: An Expose of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon.
15635: Pope, Mr [Alexander]. - The Rape of the Lock: An Heroi-Comical Poem in Five Canto's [Haslewood Books Series].
13287: Popenhagen, Ludvika Apinyte. - Nekrosius and Lithuanian Theatre [Artist and Issues in the Theatre].
26664: Popovic, Dr Helena. - In Search of My Father: Dementia Is No Match for a Daughter's Determination.
18008: Popper, Karl R. - The Logic of Scientific Discovery.
15936: Popper, Karl. - Unended Quest: An Intellectual Autobiography.
1288: Porteners, Marianne. - Australian Family Circle: Australian Crafts [Family Circle Treasury Series].
29549: Porter, Dorothy; Goldsmith, Andrea (selector). - The Best 100 Poems of Dorothy Porter.
30248: Porter, Hal. - Elijah's Ravens.
27046: Posse, Victor. - Together Up There: Unit History of 549 Raf / Raaf Fighter Squadron in Northern Australia During World War II.
17931: Postcard. - German Propaganda Postcard World War 1 Upper Silesia (with Military Slogan) + Tipped in Page (with Military Slogan).
24413: Potter-Efron, Ron. - Angry All the Time: An Emergency Guide to Anger Control.
9218: Potter, Stephen. - Supermanship, or How to Continue to Stay Top without Actually Falling Apart.
4383: Potterton, David. - All About Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Its Treatment Withour Drugs.
29013: Potts, H. W. - Pigs and Their Management.
28156: Potts, H. W. - Pigs and Their Management.
30846: Poulier, Lisa. - Queensland State Archives: Pathways Immigration.
17560: Poulton, M. D. - The Story of William and Bridget Poulton and Their Family.
4220: Power, Thomas P. - Invoice: Thomas P. Power, Saddlers Ironmonger & Manufacturer, Melbourne.
30800: Power, Ed; Dejesus, Melissa. - Comic Syndication Portfolio: My Cage.
27155: Power, Pedal. - Forty Bicycle Rides Around Canberra and Southern N.S. W.
30235: Pownall, Eve. - Mary of Maranoa: Tales of Australian Pioneer Women.
30951: Poynting, Scott; Noble, Greg; Tabar, Paul; Collins, Jock. - Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminalising the Arab Other [Sydney Institute of Criminology Series].
17005: Praeger, S. Rosamond (S. R.). - How They Went to School.
40912: Chubb; Praeger. - One Sepia Cabinet Portrait: Gentleman with Short Hair and Small Handlebar Moustache (Head and Shoulders Only).
4570: Prata, Steven. - Emf Handbook: Understanding and Controlling Electromagnetic Fields in Your Life.
40900: Pratchett, Terry. - Thief of Time: A Discworld Novel.
25772: Pratt, Colin. - Killing the Khmer.
31029: Pratten, Chris (compiler). - A Short Walk Through Ashfield's Past.
11952: Prebish, Charles S. - Luminous Passage: The Practice and Study of Buddhism in America.
25475: Prentice, Bob. - The Reconstruction of the Victorian Provincial Tramways.
25989: Prentis, Malcolm. - A Concise Companion to Aboriginal History.
15850: Prenzler, Pippa; Stuart, Emma. - Smiley's Lost Laugh.
40363: Presbyterian Church of New South Wales, Women's Missionary Association (compiler). - Cookery Book of Good and Tried Receipts [Recipes].
16504: Prescott, Susi. - The Poet, the Teacher and the Traveller: Three Women and Three Journeys Coming Together Across Time and Distance.
26810: Prescott, David; Lewis, Colin (consultant editor). - Pocket Bonsai: Care, Shaping, Repotting, Species, Styles.
26413: Preservation Society, Pichi Richi Railway. - The Pichi Richi Railway: Restored and Operated on a Voluntary Basis by Members of the Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society Incorporated.
28637: Press-McKenzie, Carolyn. - Animal Magic: My Journey to Save Thousands of Animals.
16089A: Preston, Margaret; Edwards, Deborah; Peel, Rose; Mimmocchi, Denise (with). - Margaret Preston.
9594: Preston, Noel; Wilson, Ben (cartoonist). - Understanding Ethics.
40152: Prests, Ltd. - Postcard: Prests Postcards: Melrose [and] Flinders Ranges (2 Cards).
2485: Pretyman, E. R. - Some Notes on Maria Island and Its Penal Settlements.
23071: Price, Suzanne J. - The Urban Woodland: A Low-Maintenance Garden for Australian Conditions.
26221: Price, Leslie; Lunn, Wendy (illustrator). - Tales of the Southern Highlands.
30789: Price, Hilary. - Comic Syndication Portfolio: Who Reads Rhymes with Oranges? People Who Are Smart, Witty and Incredibly Good-Looking.
25983: Priceman, Marjorie. - My Nine Lives by Clio.
26616: Prichard, Katharine Susannah. - Haxby's Circus [Australian Pocket Library].
40606: Prichard, C. E.; Dimmick, T. D.; Ludbrook, N. H. (illustrator). - Mineral Resources of Australia Summary Report No. 29: Phosphates.
26453: Priest, Tim. - Enemies of the State.
3925: Priest, Tim; Basham, Richard. - To Protect and Serve: The Untold Truth About the New South Wales Police Service.
26786: Priestley, Susan. - Henrietta Augusta Dugdale: An Activist 1827 - 1918.
3753: Primary School, Heathcote. - Heathcote Primary School: Selected Recipes.
20169: Prince, Pamela; Zaid, Barry (designer). - Toyland: Classic Illustrations of Children and Their Toys.
16926: Prince, Walter Franklin. - The Enchanted Boundary: Being a Survey of Negative Reactions to Claims of Psychic Phenomena 1820 - 1930 [Perspectives in Psychical Research].
12616: Prince, Morton; Hale Jr., Nathan G. (editor). - Psychotherapy and Multiple Personality: Selected Essays.
30113: Prince, Arthur; Goldston, Will (introduction); Sterling, Louis (copyright). - The Whole Art of Ventriloquism.
40562: Princess, Cruises. - Sun Princess Pocket Guide.
40139: Prinsep, Mrs A.; Princep, Augustus. - The Journal of a Voyage from Calcutta to Van Diemen's Land: Comprising a Description of That Colony During a Six Months Residence [Prinsep's Journal: Tasmaniana Facsimile Editions].
40091: Printing, Offset. - Mr Bug Goes to Town [Opc Series A147].
12228: Printing, Offset. - The Giant Book of Ships [Opc Series A89].
12227: Printing, Offset. - The Giant Book of Speed [Opc Series A88].
24364: De Prisco, Andrew. - A New Owner's Guide to Training the Perfect Puppy.
31030: Prodromou, Ted. - Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business: Generate Quality Leads Using Only 140 Characters. Instantly Connect with 300 Million Customers in 10 Minutes. Discover 10 Twitter Tools That Can Be Applied Now.
17068: Productions, View. - Early Australian Postcards: Collector's Edition.
26564: Progress Association, Morpeth. - The Morpeth Story 1821 1988.
13703: Project, Literacy; Beck, Jane (drawings). - Gekardo the Gecko.
18085: Prokhovnik, S. J. (Simon). - The Logic of Special Relativity.
3707: Provost, Stephen. - Computers in Psychology: A Student Guide.
16294: Prunster, Ursula; Glad, Helen (contributor); Holden, Robert (contributor). - The Legendary Lindsays.
17418: Prusiner, Stanley B. - Madness and Memory: The Discovery of Prions - a New Biological Principle of Disease.
16137: Psychical Research, Society for. - Hints on Sitting with Mediums.
3217: Psychical Research, Society for. - Notes for Investigators of Spontaneous Cases.
9804: Public School, Annandale North. - Cooking with Class.
40155: Publishers, Lawrence; Reis & Co., Chas L. - Postcard: Irish Themes: Ross Castle, Killarney [and] Blarney Castle, Co. Cork [and] National Library and Museum, Dublin (3 Cards).
15214A: Publishing Company, Commercial. - Old Times: Volume 1, No 1 to Volume 1, No 3 [3 Issues].
23171: Publishing, Thames. - Pathfinder Annual for All Scouts.
29471: Pugh, Clifton (illustrator); Smith, Ivan; Edinburgh, Duke of (foreword); Scott, Sir Peter (foreword). - The Wombat and the Dingo.
30739: Pugh, Derek. - Darwin 1869: The Second Northern Territory Expedition.
24757: Pugh, Peter; Flint, Carl (illustrator). - Thatcher for Beginners.
25073: Pullein-Thompson, Christine; Rowe, Eric (drawings). - Phantom Horse Goes to Scotland [Phantom Horse Series, No 5].
25211: Pullein-Thompson, Christine; Rowe, Eric (drawings). - Phantom Horse Comes Home [Phantom Horse Series, No 2].
29616: Pulman, Felicity; Jenkins, David (photographer). - The Little Penguins of Manly.
27259: Pung, Alice. - Her Father's Daughter.
29996: Punke, Michael. - Fire and Brimstone: The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917.
16534: Punshon, E. R. - The Bath Mysteries.
12299: Purcell, Leigh. - Photos: 50th Anniversary: Sydney Harbour Bridge 1932 - 1982.
28873: Purcell, Lorraine. - The Miners Friend: A Brief Account of the Life of Ludwig Hugo (Louis) Beyers 1840 - 1910 in Hill End, New South Wales and the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.
29604: Purdie, Robert; Fishburn, Matthew (editor). - Narrative of the Wreck of Hms Porpoise.
17477: Puthoff, Harold E. (editor). - The Explorer: Newsletter of the Society for Scientific Exploration.
15484: Putland, Helen. - Duck Keeping for Beginners.
15986: Putnam, Robert D. - Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community.
30336: Putnam, Hilary. - Reason, Truth and History.
4626: Pyne, Lydia. - Bookshelf [Object Lessons Series].
20881: Qantas. - The Spirit of Australia: Qantas Airways.
8649: Qingnan, Zeng. - Methods of Traditional Chinese Health Care [Chinese Health Guide Series].
23610: Queller, Jessica. - Pretty Is What Changes: Impossible Choices, the Breast Cancer Gene, and How I Defied My Destiny.
25470: Quigley, Audrey. - Chinese Landscape Painting for Beginners: A Practical Course [Lothian Australian Craft Series].
22184: de Quincey, Elizabeth. - Ships That Sailed the Gippsland Lakes.
29520: Rabin, Sean. - Wood Green.
15305: Rabins, Peter W.; Lauber, Lynn (with). - Getting Old without Getting Anxious: Conquering Late-Life Anxiety [a Book for Seniors, Loved Ones, and Caregivers].
21422: Rachman, S. J.; Wilson, G. T. - The Effects of Psychological Therapy [International Series in Experimental Psychology].
30664: Rackemann, Neville. - Neville Rackemann's Historical Note Book: Bundaberg.
29550: Radcliffe, Mathew. - Kampong Australia: The Raaf at Butterworth.
26851: Radcliffe, Russ (editor). - Petty's Parallel Worlds.
20699: Rader, Melvin; Laski, Harold J. (preface). - No Compromise: The Conflict between Two Worlds.
24512: Radford, Jonathan. - A Green Existence: Cultivating Dreams from Infancy to Tuscany.
11398: Radford, Elaine; Axelrod, Herbert R. (editor). - Parakeets Yearbook [Budgerigars].
30595: Radiation, Ltd. - Radiation Cookery Book for Use with the Regulo New World Gas Cookers.
26736: Radic, Therese. - A Treasury of Favourite Australian Songs: With Complete Words and Music.
16776: Rae, James. - Blue Trumpet [Ue 19766].
25457: Rahaniotis, Angela (editor). - Campbell's Simply Delicious Recipes.
30125: Rahn, G. V.; Ives, Alan (editor). - Fruit Preserving [Rmihears Pamphlets].
22578: Rail, Genevieve (editor). - Sport and Postmodern Times.
27649A: Rail Transport Museum, New South Wales. - Steam Pictorial: A Photographic Survey of Steam Locomotives at Work on the New South Wales Railways.
4231: Railton, James. - Invoice: Railton Bros, Wholesale and Retail Nurserymen and Seed Merchants, Melbourne.
40038: Railways, Commonwealth; Bartlett, R. H. (photographer). - Menu: Trans-Australian Railway Menu Card.
23407: Ramczyk, Suzanne M. - Delicious Dissembling: A Compleat Guide to Performing Restoration Comedy [a Complete Guide].
28349: Ramzy, Magda; Moneim, Abdul Hanan. - New Bibliotheca Alexandrina: A Beacon of Science, and Cultural Interaction [Alexandria Library].
25966: Randall, Peter. - Bullying in Adulthood: Assessing the Bullies and Their Victims.
22222: Randall, Joyce. - Floral Designs for Ribbon Embroidery.
3203: Randall, John L. - Tests for Extrasensory Perception & Psychokinesis: An Introductory Guide.
3207: Randle, Kevin D. - Scientific Ufology.
40312: Randles, Jenny. - Beyond Explanation? Paranormal Experiences of Famous People.
30644: Rane, Halim (editor); Ewart, Jacqui (editor); Abdalla, Mohamad (editor). - Islam and the Australian News Media [Islamic Studies Series].
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