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28839: Macintyre, Duncan Ban; Macleod, Angus (editor). - The Songs of Duncan Ban Macintyre [Scottish Gaelic Texts].
3533: Mackaness, George. - The Van Diemen's Land Warriors, with an Essay on Matthew Brady [Australian Historical Monographs (New Series)].
15415: Mackaness, George. - Some Fictitious Voyages to Australia [Australian Historical Monographs (New Series)].
13362: Mackaness, George (editor). - Fourteen Journeys over the Blue Mountains of New South Wales 1813 - 1841 (3 Booklets) [Australian Historical Monographs].
15419: Mackaness, George. - Robert Louis Stevenson: His Association with Australia [Australian Historical Monographs (New Series)].
29831: Mackaness, George; Lenehan, Sidney A. - A Handbook of Intermediate English.
2321: Mackay, Hugh. - Why Don't People Listen? Solving the Communication Problem.
40373: Mackay Brown, George. - Six Lives of Fankle the Cat.
30223: Macken, James J. - Martin Burke: The Father of Pittwater.
27389: Mackenzie, Compton. - Carnival.
27901: Mackenzie, Kenneth; Malouf, David (introduction). - The Young Desire It [Text Classics].
23367: Mackenzie, Norman; Mackenzie, Jeanne. - The Life of H.G. Wells: The Time Traveller (with a New Epilogue) [Lives and Letters].
3194: MacKenzie, Andrew. - Apparitions [Spr Study Guide, No 3].
12312: Macklin, Herbert W. - Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire [Little Guides Series].
40350: MacLean, Ann; Barton, Art (illustrator). - Sinky Boo [Sinkyboo].
22861: Maclean, John; Connolly, Paul (with). - Sucking the Marrow out of Life: The John Maclean Story.
16888: MacLellan, Capt John. - Logan's Complete Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe: And a Selection of Marches, Quicksteps, Laments, Strathspeys, Reels & Country Dances, Followed by Piobaireachd Exercises & the Famous Piobaireachd Cha Till Mccruimein (Mac Crimmon Will Never Return).
17482: Macleod, W. N. - The Geology and Iron Deposits of the Hamersley Range Area, Western Australia (2 Volumes) [Geological Survey of Western Australia Bulletin, No. 117].
17561: Macmillan, David S. - Scotland and Australia 1788 - 1850: Emigration, Commerce and Investment.
13248: Macmillan, W. M. (William Miller). - Warning from the West Indies [Penguin Special].
24121: Macnab, Francis. - The Human Spirit: Inner Strength in Turbulent Times.
14772: Macnab, Francis. - Don't Call Me Grumpy: What Older Men Really Want.
30925: Macoboy, Stirling. - What Tree Is That?
30937: Macquarie, Lachlan. - Lachlan Macquarie Governor of New South Wales: Journals of His Tours in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land 1810 - 1822 [Facsimile Series].
17486: Macquarrie, John. - God-Talk: An Examination of the Language and Logic of Theology.
10626: Macrae, Janet. - Therapeutic Touch: A Practical Guide.
27365: Macris, Anthony. - When Horse Became Saw: A Family's Journey Through Autism.
28826: MacRobert, Virginia. - Gin's Tonic: Ocean Voyage Inner Journey.
23845: Maddern, Eric; Kennaway, Adrienne (illustrator). - Rainbow Bird: An Aboriginal Folk Tale from Northern Australia.
11794: Maddock, Kenneth. - The Australian Aborigines: A Portrait of Their Society.
15068: Maddocks, Morris. - The Christian Healing Ministry.
24996: Maddox, Brenda. - Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of Dna.
26057: Madin, Jon; Munday, Caroline (illustrator). - Make Your Own Wacky Instruments: Illustrated Instructions for Making Musical Instruments for School, Parades and Just for Fun.
13284: Maeroff, Gene I. - Building Blocks: Making Children Successful in the Early Years of School.
17060: Magazanik, Michael. - Silent Shock: The Men Behind the Thalidomide Scandal and an Australian Family's Long Road to Justice.
30332: Magazine, Organic Gardener; Miller, Jerssamy (introduction). - The Contented Bee: Inspiration and Practical Tips to Keep Your Backyard Bees Happy, Healthy and Productive.
27868: Mager, Stefan; McLeish, Julie (illustrator). - Quokka Tale.
22551: Magnus, Philip. - Kitchener: Portrait of an Imperialist.
2564: Magnusson, David. - Test Theory.
30393: Magoffin, Richard. - The Swagman's Story of Waltzing Matilda: A Centenary Tribute.
21581: Maguire, Marie. - Where Sheep Once Grazed: A Town Emerging on Land Where Sheep Once Grazed [Leeton, Nsw].
23343: Mahan, Jean. - Doll Furniture 1950s - 1980s Identification & Price Guide: Featuring Furniture for Alexander Ginny Betsy Mccall Barbie and More!
30840: El Mahdy, Christine. - Tutankhamen: The Life and Death of a Boy King.
22008: Maher, John; Groves, Judith (illustrator). - Chomsky for Beginners / Introducing Chomsky.
22742: Mahoney, Michael J. - Schizophrenia: The Bearded Lady Disease.
40621: Mahony, Juan (editor). - The Diggers View: World War 1 in Colour.
29250: Mai, Mukhtar; Cuny, Marie-Therese (with); Coverdale, Linda (translation); Kristof, Nicholas D. (foreword). - In the Name of Honour: A Memoir.
22634: Maier, Norman R. F.; Solem, Allen R.; Maier, Ayesha A. - The Role-Play Technique: A Handbook for Management and Leadership Practice.
13457: Main, Andrew. - Other People's Money (the Complete Story of the Extraordinary Collapse of Hih).
29391: Main, Alison; Platten, Newell; Moir Messervy, Julie (foreword). - The Lure of the Japanese Garden.
29918: Mainwaring, Bob. - Escape to Van Diemen's Land.
25920: Mairou, Naomi. - Brindlebat.
29968: Maisch, Ingrid; Maloney, Linda M. (translator). - Between Contempt and Veneration: Mary Magdalene: The Image of a Woman Through the Centuries.
15246: Maisto, Stephen A.; Galizio, Mark; Connors, Gerard J. - Drug Use and Abuse.
40989: Maitland, A. Gibb. - The Gold Deposits of Western Australia: Extract from the Mining Handbook. Geological Survey Memoir No. 1.
29413: Maitland, Hokaku Jeffrey. - Mind Body Zen: Waking Up to Your Life.
15455: Majerova, Marie; Svolinsky, Karel. - O Slepicce a Kohoutkovi [the Hen and the Cockerel].
13161: Major, John. - The Oppenheimer Hearing [Historic Trials Series].
24120: Majupuria, Indra. - Enjoy Nepalese Cuisine: Traditional Food and Drinks with Some Global Insights.
30609: Malbunka, Mary. - When I Was Little, Like You.
14614: Malcolm, Penelope. - A Holiday at the Seaside.
30197: Malless, Stanley; McQuain, Jeffrey. - Coined by God: Words and Phrases That First Appear in the English Translations of the Bible.
24725: Mallet, Victor. - The Trouble with Tigers: The Rise and Fall of South-East Asia.
17057: Mallett, Ashley. - The Diggers' Doctor: The Fortunate Life of Col. Donald Beard Am, Rfd, Ed (Retd).
16128: Mallinson, Albert. - Snowflakes (Schneeflocken) [Albert Mallinson: Leider - Songs: Plate F.H. 145].
15816: Mallinson, Albert; Westwood, Thomas (poet). - Slow, Horses, Slow [Albert Mallinson: Leider - Songs: Plate F.H. 143].
30346: Mallinson, Julie. - A Pearl from Ashes: Abandoned, Unloved and Left for Dead: This Remarkable Story Will Inspire You to Believe That Miracles Do Come True.
11692: Malone, Judy A. (editor). - Schizophrenia: Handbook for Clinical Care [Journal of Psychosocial Nursing Book Club].
30762: Malone, Lily. - The Cafe by the Bridge [Chalk Hill Series].
30559: Malone, Debbie. - Always with You: Messages from Beyond.
26127: Malone, Peter. - Myth and Meaning: Australian Film Directors in Their Own Words.
27206: Maloney, Alison. - The Forties: Good Times Just Around the Corner.
24149: Maloney, Shane. - Something Fishy: A Murray Whelan Mystery.
14741: Malotte, Albert Hay. - The Lord's Prayer: Voice and Piano.
10400: Malouf, David. - Dream Stuff.
29605: Malouf, David. - Remembering Babylon.
18559: Malouf, David. - Remembering Babylon.
29588: Malouf, David. - Harland's Half Acre.
16421: Malouf, David. - Remembering Babylon.
24690: Malouf, David. - Harland's Half Acre.
29018: Malouf, David. - The Happy Life: The Search for Contentment in the Modern World.
9837: Malouf, David. - Fly Away Peter.
3892: Malouf, David. - David Malouf: Selected Poems [a&R Modern Poets].
29642: Malouf, David. - Neighbours in a Thicket.
7067: Malouf, David. - Baa Baa Black Sheep: A Jungle Tale [Chatto Playscripts].
25480: Malouf, David. - The Conversations at Curlow Creek.
20763: Malouf, David. - An Imaginary Life.
16177A: Maltby, Peg. - Meet Mr Cobbledick!
16177: Maltby, Peg. - Meet Mr Cobbledick!
16179: Maltby, Peg. - Peg's Fairy Book: Written and Illustrated by Peg Maltby [Pegs Fairy Book].
12509: Maltby, G. B.; Maltby, Peg (illustrator). - Pip and Pepita in Goblinland.
17628: Maltby, Peg. - Pepita's Party.
17463: Maltby, Peg. - Ben and Bella in the Clouds.
10992: Maltby, P. (Peg). - Nutchen of the Forest.
12509A: Maltby, G. B.; Maltby, Peg (illustrator). - Pip and Pepita in Goblinland.
28767: Maltby, P. (Peg). - Nutchen of the Forest.
16187: Maltby, Peg. - Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
16188: Maltby, Peg. - Little Red Riding Hood.
22784: Management, Australian Institute of. - Innovation and Imagination at Work [Management Today Series].
40306: Manager, Results-driven. - Managing Change to Reduce Resistance [the Results-Driven Manager (Rdm)].
40371: Manbulloo, Karen; Angelo, Denise (illustrator); Haysom, Julie (illustrator); Binjari, Buk Mob (illustrator). - Molly the Pig (Moli Det Bigibigi).
30591: Mancini, Donatella (editor). - The Mediterranean Table: Over 150 Sun-Drenched Recipes from the Shores of Southern Europe.
28436: Mandel, Margaret Fox; Mandel, Margot (drawings). - Teddy Bears and Steiff Animals: Full Color Identification and Value Guide.
23898A: Manji, Irshad; Mohammed, prof. Khaleel (foreword). - The Trouble with Islam Today: A Wake-Up Call for Honesty and Change.
23898: Manji, Irshad. - The Trouble with Islam: A Muslim's Call for Reform in Her Faith.
21702: Mann, Ivan. - Breathing, I Pray.
14865: Mann, Scott. - Psychoanalysis and Society: An Introduction.
12604: Mann, Scott. - The Heart of a Heartless World: Religion As Ideology.
30620: Mann, Thomas E.; Ornstein, Norman J. - It's Even Worse Than It Looks (Was): How the American Constitutional System Collided with the New Politics of Extremism
29334: Manna; Evans, Sylvia; Evans, Alan (photographer). - Tail Up: The Story of Manna, Personality Dog.
26604: Manne, Robert. - Making Trouble: Essays Against the New Australian Complacency.
16023: Manning, Paddy. - Boganaire: The Rise and Fall of Nathan Tinkler.
40198: Manning, Paddy. - Born to Rule: The Unauthorised Biography of Malcolm Turnbull.
16539: Manning, Paddy. - What the Frack? Everything You Need to Know About Coal Seam Gas.
3930: Mansfield, Peter. - The Arabs.
4577: Manual. - Fork Lift Operator's Guide [Forklift Operator's Guide].
22042: Manuel, Lynn; Wilson, Janet (illustrator). - Lucy Maud and the Cavendish Cat.
4492: Mapping and Surveying, Department of. - Map: Queensland 1: 250,000 Series Cadastral Maps (2 Maps: Walsh, Hann River).
4484: Mapping and Surveying, Department of. - Map: Town of Chiilagoe, County of Lynd, Land Agents District of Cairns.
14196: Maqsood, Ruqaiyyah. - Islam [World Faiths].
40585: Marchant, Leslie R. (compiler). - A List of French Naval Records and Illustrations Relating to Australian and Tasmanian Aborigines, 1771 to 1828 [Bibliography Series].
27364: Marcus, Gary. - Guitar Zero: The New Musician and the Science of Learning.
24975: Margolius, Ivan. - Reflections of Prague: Journeys Through the 20th Century.
30271: Maris, Ron. - Little Ginger.
16848: Marks, Kathy. - Faces of Right Wing Extremism.
17111: Marks, E. George. - Napoleon and the War.
28576: Marling, Karal Ann; Hart, Pro; Littlewood, Robert C. (publisher). - A Bookplate by Pro Hart.
15172: Maroon, Joseph C.; Bost, Jeffrey. - Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory.
17149: Marozzi, Justin. - The Man Who Invented History: Travels with Herodotus.
17829: Marr, David. - Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott.
16588: Marr, David. - The High Price of Heaven (a Book About the Enemies of Pleasure and Freedom).
12378: Marr, David; Wilkinson, Marian. - Dark Victory.
26257: Marr, David. - Panic: Terror! Invasion! Disorder! Drugs! Kids! Blacks! Boats!
3976: Marr, David. - Patrick White: A Life.
22533: Marsden, Peter. - The Wreck of the Amsterdam.
28810: Marsden, John. - The Journey.
14500: Marsden, John. - While I Live [the Ellie Chronicles].
30201: Marsh, Henry. - Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery.
4453: Marsh, Ngaio. - The Nursing Home Murder.
25061: Marsh, Ngaio. - Hand in Glove.
24108: Marsh, Nicholas. - How to Begin Studying English Literature [Palgrave Study Guides].
16668: Marsh, M. C.; Valkhoff, Prof. M. - Two Experiments in Paranormal Cognition [Publications of the South African Society for Psychical Research].
26902: Marsh, Ngaio. - When in Rome.
10183: Marshak, Laura E.; Seligman, Milton. - Counseling Persons with Physical Disabilities [Counselling].
17852: Marshall, Montgomery; Piantadosi, Al (music). - Pal of My Cradle: A Beautiful, Mother Waltz Ballad: With Ukulele Accompaniment [Plate: B. 1042].
24052: Marshall, Tim. - Recycle Your Garden: The Essential Guide to Composting.
30086: Marshall, Debi. - The House of Hancock: The Rise and Rise of Gina Rinehart.
26791: Marshman, Hilda. - Better Methods Healthful Recipes.
26829: Martakies, Robin. - The History of the Windermere Steamers with Details of the Coniston, Ullswater and Barrow Pleasure Steamers, the Windermere Steamboat Museum Steam Passenger Launches and the Keswick Launches.
29624: Martel, Yann. - Beatrice and Virgil.
9290: Martin, Peter; Pierce, Robyn. - Practical Statistics for the Health Sciences.
5613: Martin, Garry; Pear, Joseph. - Behavior Modification: What It Is and How to Do It.
40166: Martin, Janet; Treskon, Ivor (illustrator). - Janet the Gannet and the Boy Who Dreamed of Flying.
27387: Martin, Mandy; Sinclair, Paul (text); Haynes, Peter (editor); Fitzhardinge, Guy (environmental context). - Tracts: Back O' Bourke.
29209: Martin, Sarah. - When Is Forever? a Quirky Tale of Family Life.
22380: Martin, J. Rogers; Wallace, Hugh A. - Design and Construction of Asphalt Pavements.
20385: Martin, Carol. - Just Like Us: Parenting Children with Intellectual Disabilities.
40847: Martin, L. W.; Lynravn, N. S. - Murder on Mount Capita.
15209: Martin, Garry; Pear, Joseph. - Behavior Modification: What It Is and How to Do It: International Edition.
24421: Martin, Paul R.; Bateson, Patrick. - Measuring Behaviour: An Introductory Guide.
14227: Martin, Vanessa. - Creating an Islamic State: Khomeini and the Making of a New Iran.
11740: Martin, S. I.; Phillips, Trevor (introduction). - Britain's Slave Trade.
23173: Martin, Mandy; Robin, Libby; Smith, Mike. - Strata: Deserts Past, Present and Future: An Environmental Art Project About a Significant Cultural Place.
12770: Martin, Reg; Temple, Richard. - The Vision and the Struggle: An Account of the Hunter's Hill Trust's First Twenty Years [Hunters Hill Trust's First 20 Years].
16297: Martin, John L. - Vagabond Wind.
25728: Martin, Winifred. - The Three Kittens.
22811: Martin, Glenn. - Human Values and Ethics in the Workplace.
27299: Martin, S. R. - The Magic Pudding: The Book of the Film Retold by S.R. Martin.
2737: Martinez-Taboas, Alfonso. - Multiple Personality: An Hispanic Perspective.
16654: Marx, Elisabeth. - Breaking Through Culture Shock: What You Need to Succeed in International Business.
22321: Maslen, Geoffrey; Slattery, Luke. - Why Our Universities Are Failing: Crisis in the Clever Country.
16169: Mason, Olive L.; Bell, Esme E. (illustrator). - Peter Porter [John Sands' Pre-School and Kindergarten Series].
29715: Mason, Allan. - Survival to Success: How to Play the Game of Life and Win.
26799: Mason, Kate; Fuller, Debra. - The Heart of Design: An Emotional Journey Into Scrapbook Creation.
19798: Mason, Gerry. - Say a Little Prayer: Song [Plate: 11725-F].
40331: Masood, Ehsan. - The Great Invention: The Story of Gdp and the Making and Unmaking of the Modern World.
40921: Mass, Nuri; mass, Tess (illustrator). - Don't Kill It - It's Me!
40916: Mass, Nuri; Mass, Celeste (illustrator). - Randy Blair: Written, Hand-Set and Printed by Nuri Mass.
31033: Mass, Nuri; Mass, Celeste (illustrator). - Many Paths, One Heaven.
40374: Mass, Nurino; Mass, Tess (illustrator). - China: The Waking Giant.
40922: Mass, Nuri; Mass, Celeste (illustrator). - Where the Incas Trod.
40923: Mass, Nuri. - Donna Roon.
40918: Mass, Nuri. - Flowers of the Australian Alps.
40917: Mass, Nuri; Mass, Celeste (illustrator). - Australian Wild Flower Fairies.
18076: Mass, Nuri. - The Wonderland of Nature.
40324: Massam, Jane; Gibbs, May; Keys, Caroline (illustrator). - Tales from the Billabong.
40325: Massam, Jane; Gibbs, May; Keys, Caroline (illustrator). - Tales from the Gum Tree.
40326: Massam, Jane; Gibbs, May; Keys, Caroline (illustrator). - Tales from the Camp Fire.
40327: Massam, Jane; Gibbs, May; Keys, Caroline (illustrator). - Tales from the Bush.
26797: Massin, Kain. - A God for the Killing.
28190: Masson, Sophie. - Life, Literature, Legends: Collected Essays 1996 - 2011.
4181: Masters, Olga. - The Home Girls.
30151: Masters, Chris. - Uncommon Soldier: Brave, Compassionate and Tough, the Making of Australia's Modern Diggers.
40478: Mather, Jill. - War Horses: Hoof Prints in Time: Amazing True Stories of Heroic Australian Walers and New Zealand Horses 1914 - 1918.
40477: Mather, Jill. - Forgotten Heroes: The Australian Waler Horse: Lest We Forget.
25428: Mathew, K. M. - Modern Kerala Dishes.
24539: Mathias, Barbara; French, Mary Ann. - 40 Ways to Raise a Nonracist Child.
17836: Mathieu, Carl F.; Baughman, Stanley (music). - The Prisoner's Bride: With Violin Obligato.
40564: Matson, Lines. - Envelopes: S.S. Mariposa First Sailing, October 26, 1956.
30670: Matthews, Tony. - Black Guards and Scoundrels of Colonial Queensland: True Stories of Crime, Passion and Punishment.
30405: Mattimore, Carley; Wolf, Linda Star; Kandemwa, Mandaza Augustine (foreword). - Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa: Teachings from Zep Tepi, the Land of First Time.
28339: Mattingley, Christobel; Mullins, Patricia. - The Magic Saddle.
29089: Mattingley, Christobel; Mullins, Patricia. - Rummage.
27552: Mattingley, Christobel; Stackpool, Walter (illustrator). - Lizard Log.
15923: Mauch, Peter. - Sailor Diplomat: Nomura Kichisaburo and the Japanese-American War.
29937: Mawer, Granville Allen. - The Life and Legend of Jack Doolan: The Wild Colonial Boy.
4000: Mawson, Douglas. - The Home of the Blizzard: The Story of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911 - 1914.
21494: May, Robert M. - Physicians of the Soul: Psychologies of the World's Great Spiritual Teachers [Houston, Jean (Foreword)].
7188: May, Rollo. - The Cry for Myth.
17576: May, Jean; Loeweke, Eunice. - Fasu (Namo - Me) - English Dictionary.
14900: Maybank, Thomas. - Mirth by Maybank for Young and Old Alike.
27255: Mayhew, James. - Katie Meets the Impressionists.
22079: Mayne, William; Honey, Elizabeth (illustrator). - Salt River Times.
29110: Mayne, William []; Kennedy, Richard (illustrator). - Over the Horizon: Round the World in Fifteen Stories.
40377: Mayne, Alan. - Alternative Interventions: Aboriginal Homelands, Outback Australia and the Centre for Appropriate Technology.
15440: Mayo-Smith, Debbie. - Conquer Your Email Overload: Superb Tips and Tricks for Busy People.
12706: Mayo, Kent. - She'LL Be Right, Mate - Tools That Shaped Australia: An Exhibition by Uralla Historical Society at Mccrossin's MILL, Uralla, Nsw.
28378: Mayo, Oliver. - R. Austin Freeman: The Anthropologist at Large.
16219: McAlary, Frank. - Up and Atom! University Students' Festival Song Book 1946.
27392: McArthur, Margaret; Oliver, Douglas (editor). - The Curbing of Anarchy in Kunimaipa Society [Oceania Monograph].
40183: McBryde, Isabel - Aboriginal Prehistory in New England: An Archaeological Survey of Northeastern New South Wales.
11015: McBurney, Yvonne. - Burrawang and Beyond.
24848: McCaffrey, Anne. - Dragonsinger: Harper of Pern.
40839: McCall Smith, Alexander; McIntosh, Iain (illustrator). - Unusual Uses for Olive Oil [a Professor Dr Von Igelfeld Entertainment].
30050: McCallum, Fiona. - Nowhere Else.
28818: McCallum, Fiona. - Paycheque: Sometimes You Have to Lose Everything to Find Yourself.
40738: McCallum, Prof. Ron. - Born at the Right Time: A Memoir.
30453: McCallum, Fiona. - Finding Hannah.
28802: McCallum, Fiona. - Wattle Creek: A Journey That Will Set Them Both Free.
30315: McCallum, Ian. - The Celtic: Glasgow Irish and the Great War: The Gathering Storms.
3568: McCampbell, James M. - Ufology.
1322: McCann, Marilyn. - Country Brushstrokes [Milner Craft Series].
27306: McCarthy, John (editor); Reynolds, Anthony (editor). - Thomas More: The Saint and the Society.
40983: McCarthy, F. D.; Museum Sydney, The Australian; Elkin, A. P. (foreword). - Australian Aboriginal Decorative Art.
25018: McCarthy, William J.; O'Collins, Gerald (foreword). - The O'Collins Story: A Melbourne Family.
40209: McChesney, Robert W.; Nichols, John. - The Death and Life of American Journalism: The Media Revolution That Will Begin the World Again.
17862: McClenon, James. - Deviant Science: The Case of Parapsychology.
30229: McCloskey, Robert. - Make Way for Ducklings.
4409: McCloy, Peter. - The Survival Dreaming (Enduring Values from Australia's Aboriginal Culture).
22605: McClure, Cynthia Rowland. - The Monster Within: Overcoming Eating Disorders.
17966: McClymont, Kate; Besser, Linton. - He Who Must Be Obeid.
40840: McClymont, Kate. - Dead Man Walking: The Murky World of Michael Mcgurk and Ron Medich.
23057: McConnochie, Keith; Hollinsworth, David; Pettman, Jan. - Race and Racism in Australia.
11283: McCord, Joan (editor). - Coercion and Punishment in Long-Term Perspectives.
23970: McCormack, Gavan (editor); Nelson, Hank (editor). - The Burma-Thailand Railway: Memory and History.
13004: McCormick, W. J. McK. - Christ, the Christian, and Freemasonry.
29929: McCormick, Anne; McDonnell, Derek. - Gold: The Australian Goldrushes.
15660: McCormick, Anne; McDonnell, Derek; Wantrup, Jonathan. - Hordern House: Voyages - Natural History.
15663: McCormick, Anne; McDonnell, Derek; Wantrup, Jonathan. - Hordern House: Voyages.
13801: McCormick, Elizabeth Wilde. - Living on the Edge: Breaking Up to Breakdown to Breakthrough.
27920: McCorry, Sheryl. - Diamonds and Dust: The Story of a Million-Acre Cattle Queen.
30965: McCourt, Malachy. - A Monk Swimming.
25665: McCourt, Malachy. - Danny Boy: The Legend of the Beloved Irish Ballad.
27421: McCready, Stuart (editor). - The Discovery of Happiness.
10409: McCreery, Charles; Joy, Sir George (foreword). - Psychical Phenomena and the Physical World [Proceedings of the Institute of Psychophysical Research].
40956: McCrindle, Mark; Fell, Ashley; Buckerfield, Sam (with). - Generation Alpha: Understanding Our Children and Helping Them Thrive.
27935: McCubbin, Wilma; McCubbin, Ken. - Our Place: Curragh, Dunnwell, Glynburn, Pucawan and Quandary.
23979: McCubbin, Charles. - How to Breed Butterflies.
29712: McCullagh Rennie, Anne. - Reach for the Dream.
26377: McCullagh Rennie, Anne. - Ride with the Wind.
3718: McCulloch, Julie. - Ghosts of Port Arthur.
28678: McCulloch, Janelle. - One for the Road: Travelling America in Pursuit of Happiness.
23135: McCulloch, Ann. - Dance of the Nomad: A Study of the Selected Notebooks of A.D. Hope.
8254: McCullough, Dale R.; McCullough, Yvette. - Kangaroos in Outback Australia: Comparative Ecology and Behavior of Three Coexisting Species.
17974: McDaniel, Tim. - The Agony of the Russian Idea.
29610: McDonald, Ross. - On Solid Rock: A History of Christ Church Lavender Bay.
26539: McDonald, W. G. (editor). - Earliest Illawarra by Its Explorers and Pioneers.
28827: McDonald, Hamish. - Demokrasi: Indonesia in the 21st Century.
24260: McDonald, Bob; Steel, Zachary. - Immigrants and Mental Health: An Epidemiological Analysis.
26496: McDonald, Colm (editor); Schulze, Katja (editor); Murray, Robin M. (editor); Tohen, Mauricio (editor). - Bipolar Disorder: The Upswing in Research and Treatment.
26672: McDonald, Charles. - Stories of the Peninsula: Manly-Warringah.
21913: McDonald, Lorna; Neish, Edith (illustrator). - Sketches of Old Rockhampton.
24852: McDonald, Anne; Hall, Susan (editor); Kennedy, Dr Brian (foreword). - Douglas Annand: The Art of Life.
12973: McDougall, William. - The Group Mind [Classics in Psychology].
11784: McEvoy, John (editor). - The Seabiscuit Story: From the Pages of the Nation's Most Prominent Racing Magazine.
25319: McFadyen, Ella; Bell, Edwina (illustrator). - Pegmen Tales.
27139: McFadyen, Kerry; Wran, Neville (foreword). - Pinetrees Lord Howe Island 1842 - 1992: A Brief History of the Andrews-Nichols-Kirby Families.
29516: McFarlane, Brian. - Double-Act: The Remarkable Lives and Careers of Googie Withers and John Mccallum.
40196: McFarlane, Fiona. - The Night Guest.
13384: McFarlane, Annette; McFarlane, Grant. - Pig Keeping on a Small Scale.
17447: McGahan, Andrew. - The White Earth.
14231: McGeough, Paul. - Kill Khalid: Mossad's Failed Hit and the Rise of Hamas.
24117: McGill, Craig; Elliot, Susan. - Footy Dogs: The Dogs of Australian Rules Football.
21993: McGill, Craig. - Do No Harm? Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.
12121: McGinn, Colin. - The Problem of Consciousness: Essays Towards a Resolution.
4518: McGlashan, Andrew. - Postcard: Real Photo of Makeshift Bush Home, with Man and Woman Near Door.
16876: McGrath, Robert E. - Quantitative Models in Psychology.
40729: McGrath, Bernard; Benedictine Union, Australia and New Zealand. - Benedictines in Australia and New Zealand.
4001: McGrath, Alister. - Why Does God Allow Suffering? [Hodder Christian Essentials].
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