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14127: HASSELBACH, INGO; REISS, TOM (WITH). - Fuhrer-Ex: Memoirs of a Former Neo-Nazi.
5658: VAN HASSELT, A.; RONGE, J.-B. - Repertoire de Concerts Ecole Allemande: 30 Airs Pour Basse Ou Baryton [Plate: 2684].
29570: HASSON, GILL. - Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Make a Positive Impact on Your Life and Career.
20320: HATCHER, BRIAN A. - Eclecticism and Modern Hindu Discourse.
27279: HATCHER, LEIGH. - Open House: A New Era with Leigh Hatcher.
23437: HATFIELD, AGNES; LEFLEY, HARRIET. - Surviving Mental Illness: Stress, Coping, and Adaptation.
27813: HATFIELD, MARCIA; GREENHALGH, ROWL; AJAX FILMS, PRODUCER. - Eddie's Alphabet: Based on the Popular Television Series.
27438: HATHORN, LIBBY. - Love Me Tender.
23290: HATHORN, LIBBY. - Georgiana: Woman of Flowers.
20008: HATHORN, LIBBY. - Thunderwith.
13618: HATHORN, LIBBY; VIVAS, JULIE (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Tram to Bondi Beach.
27346: HAUGHTON, HEATHER. - Au Revoir My Darling: An Intimate War Correspondence 1940 - 1945.
27680: HAVERS, ELINORE. - Ponies Across the River [Crown Pony Series].
30570: HAWKE, ROSANNE. - Kerenza: A New Australian [New Australian Series].
30001: HAWKE, STEVE; ROSS, JOE BUNUBA LEADER (FOREWORD). - A Town Is Born: The Fitzroy Crossing Story.
26714: HAWKER, RUTH M. - Heather at Magpie Creek [Leighton Series].
40567: HAWKESBURY, CITY COUNCIL. - Calendar: Hawkesbury Celebrating Macquarie.
26215: HAWKINS, SHEILA. - The Bear Brothers' Holiday.
16804: HAWKINS, TIM. - Fruit That Will Last: 10th Anniversary Edition (How to Develop a Youth Ministry with Lasting Impact).
13103: HAWKINS, FREDA. - Critical Years in Immigration: Canada and Australia Compared.
25888: HAWKINS, C. C.; SMITH, S. P.; NEVILLE, S. - Papers on the Design of Alternating Current Machinery.
22405: HAY, WILLIAM; MUECKE, I. D. (INTRODUCTION). - The Escape of the Notorious Sir William Heans (and the Mystery of Mr. Daunt): A Romance of Tasmania [Seal Australian Fiction].
24445: HAY, DAVID. - Exploring Inner Space: Scientists and Religious Experience [Is God Still Possible in the Twentieth Century?].
26006: HAYDEN, GARY; PICARD, MICHAEL. - This Book Does Not Exist: Adventures in the Paradoxical.
25413: HAYDN, J. (JOSEPH); HUNTER, ANNE. - My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair (Canzonet) [Mayfair Classics: Plate 37954].
28266: HAYES-MCCOY, FELICITY. - The House on an Irish Hillside: A True Story of Rediscovering What Really Matters.
25124: HAYES, MIKE; HAYES, JANET. - Practical Prickle Farming: Hard-Won Advice to Small Area Farmers.
25934: HAYES, MIKE; MCQUILLAN, ERNIE (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Track: The Story of Good Breeding and Bad Behaviour.
23831: HAYES, ALAN; LOVELOCK, PENNY. - Health Scents.
16684: HAYES, NICKY. - Psychology in Perspective.
40590: HAYLEN, LESLIE. - The Brierly Rose [Magpie Series].
40591: HAYLEN, LESLIE. - Brown Boy Singing [Magpie Series].
16046: HAYNES, ANTONY J. - The Insulin Factor: Can't Lose Weight? Can't Concentrate? Can't Resist Sugar? Could Syndrome X Be Your Problem?
25905: HAYNES, AMBROSE. - Greta's Decision.
28331: HAYNES, JIM; DUSTY, SLIM (FOREWORD). - Memories of Weelabarabak: Stories of a Bush Town.
23258: HAYNES, ALISON. - Clean Sweep: The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering, Detoxing and Destressing Your Home.
25248: HAYNES, PAUL. - By Degrees: An Illustrated History of the University of Ballarat.
25496: HAYNES, AMBROSE. - A Holiday with Aunt Jessica [Sunshine Series, No 35].
3383: HAYNES, RENEE. - The Seeing Eye, the Seeing I: Perception, Sensory and Extrasensory.
17903: HAYS, LEE; SEEGER, PETE. - If I Had a Hammer (an Essex Standard).
25286: HAYTER, ADRIAN. - The Year of the Quiet Sun: One Year at Scott Base, Antarctica: A Personal Impression.
40251: HAYWARD, JANET. - Living Proof That Cats Do Have Nine Lives.
28183: HAZELTON, WILLIAM HARRY; DAVEY, RICHARD (EDITOR). - Pieces of Iron: A High Romance of Sailing Ships, the Australian Goldfields and the Islands of Solomon.
23695: HAZLITT, LESLEY. - Just Call Me Jack: The Life of Jack Hazlitt [Fabric of a Nation Series].
11161: HEAD, SHAKESPEARE; LOTT, CHRISTINE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Muregu [Shakespeare Readers].
40697: HEAD, LESLEY. - The (Aboriginal) Face of the (Australian) Earth [Jack Golson Lecture Series].
21823: HEADON, DAVID (EDITOR); HOOTON, JOY (EDITOR); HORNE, DONALD (EDITOR). - The Abundant Culture: Meaning and Significance in Everyday Australia.
15589: HEALY, DAVID. - Let Them Eat Prozac: The Unhealthy Relationship between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Depression.
29880: HEALY, LEONE. - A Country Childhood.
21636: HEALY, DAVID. - Images of Trauma: From Hysteria to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
1463: HEALY, LEONE. - Up! a Mother's Journey to Freedom with Her Deaf Son.
4166: HEARD, ROD. - Wild Colonial Boy: Folk Songs Down Under.
14794: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life.
14515: HEARNE, D. A.; RANCE, S. J. (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Trees for Darwin and Northern Australia.
26709: HEATH, CHAS. E. - The Beginner's Guide to the Microscope: With a Section on Mounting Slides.
14256: HEAZLE, MICHAEL; PILLAR, PAUL R. (FOREWORD). - Uncertainty in Policy Making: Values and Evidence in Complex Decisions [Science in Society Series].
22288: HEENAN, DAVID A.; BENNIS, WARREN. - Co-Leaders: The Power of Great Partnerships.
23649: VAN HEERDEN, IVOR. - Katrina: State of Emergency [Cnn Reports].
30811: HEFFERNAN, JOHN. - Haunted Australia.
16178: HEFFERNAN, THOMAS M. - A Student's Guide to Studying Psychology.
3750: HEFTMANN, ERICA. - Dark Side of the Moonies.
30092: HEGEL, G. W. F.; SIBREE, J. (TRANSLATOR); FRIEDRICH, C. J. (INTRODUCTION). - The Philosophy of History [Dover Philosophical Classics].
28676: HEIN, CATHRYN. - Rocking Horse Hill.
25979: HEINBERG, RICHARD. - Blackout: Coal, Climate and the Last Energy Crisis.
17136: HEINE, TANYA; KRUMINS, GWENDOLINE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Koala Kapers: Keyboard Course for Young Australians: Book 4 [Allans Edition 1234].
29947: HEINZEN, THOMAS E.; LILIENFELD, SCOTT O.; NOLAN, SUSAN A. - The Horse That Won't Go Away: Clever Hans, Facilitated Communication, and the Need for Clear Thinking.
30704: HEISS, ANITA (EDITOR); MINTER, PETER (EDITOR). - Macquarie Pen Anthology of Aboriginal Literature.
27370: HELFER, RALPH. - Zamba: The True Story of the Greatest Lion That Ever Lived.
15746: HELLER, STEPHEN. - Heller: 25 Studies, Op. 47 [Imperial Edition No. 182: Plate B4212].
29537: HELLYER, JILL. - Letters to Huldah.
13779: HELMAN, CECIL G. - Culture, Health and Illness: An Introduction for Health Professionals.
17436: HELPRIN, MARK. - Digital Barbarism: A Writer’S Manifesto.
16165: B, A. A.; HELUMAC; GLAZIER, LOUISE M. (ILLUSTRATOR). - Australian Wonderland: A Fairy Chain.
17231: HELYER, MARJORIE; PHILLIPS, W. FRANCIS (ILLUSTRATOR). - Over the Hills [Plate: 17490].
17230: HELYER, MARJORIE; PHILLIPS, W. FRANCIS (ILLUSTRATOR). - Down a Country Lane [Plate: 17490].
29879: HEMER, SUSAN R. - Tracing the Melanesian Person: Emotions and Relationships in Lihir.
14402: HEMMINGS, ADRIAN (EDITOR); FIELD, ROSALIND (EDITOR). - Counselling and Psychotherapy in Contemporary Private Practice.
17474: HEMPHILL, JOHN; HEMPHILL, ROSEMARY. - Herbs and Spices.
26823: HEMPHILL, JOHN; HEMPHILL, ROSEMARY. - Hemphill's Herbs: Their Cultivation and Usage.
27931: HENDERSON, HEATHER. - A Smile for My Parents.
27384: HENDERSON, ANNE. - Enid Lyons: Leading Lady to a Nation.
13115: HENDERSON, J.; MARSHALL, C. W. - A.C. Protective Systems and Gear [Pitman's Technical Primers].
8452: HENDERSON, ANNE. - Mary Mackillop's Sisters: A Life Unveiled.
2761: HENDERSON, SARA. - Outback Wisdom: Sara Henderson Looks at Life.
28197: HENDRY, DR PETER; STANGER, IAN. - It's in Your Blood: The Recollections of a Doctor and a Medical Scientist in Pathology During 50 Years from 1938 to 1988.
24962: HENIG, RUTH. - The Weimar Republic 1919 - 1933 [Lancaster Pamphlets].
30005: HENKES, KEVIN. - Kitten's First Full Moon.
40092: HENNESSY, B. G.; WHEELER, JODY (ILLUSTRATOR). - Corduroy Lost and Found.
29151: HENRY, KATH. - Sam: A Family's Journey Through a Child's Chronic Illness.
30834: HENRY, MADELEINE. - Prisoner of History: Aspasia of Miletus and Her Biographical Tradition.
29921: HENRY, PETER; HENRY, MANUELA. - Beaches of Merimbula and the Sapphire Coast: A Visual Travel Guide to the Beautiful Beaches of the South Coast of Nsw, Australia.
27483: HENRY, MARGARET. - The Householders.
17250: HENSHAW, SARAH. - The Bookshop That Floated Away.
24621: HENTON, DOUGLAS; MELVILLE, JOHN; WALESH, KIMBERLY. - Grassroots Leaders for a New Economy: How CIVIC Entrepreneurs Are Building Prosperous Communities [Public Administration Series].
17404: HENTY, G. A. (GEORGE ALFRED); PEARSE, ALFRED (ILLUSTRATOR). - Maori and Settler: A Story of the New Zealand War [a Tale of the New Zealand War].
40460: HENWOOD, BELINDA; MARTIN, SHONA (FOREWORD). - Publishing: Book Yourself a Brilliant Career [Career Faqs].
3339: HEPWORTH, T. S. (EDITOR). - A.B. C. Children's Hour Annual, No 1.
2945: HERBERT, XAVIER. - Disturbing Element.
28070: HERBERT, XAVIER. - Larger Than Life: Twenty Short Stories.
3881: HERBERT, XAVIER; MUDROOROO, INTRODUCTION. - Capricornia [A. & R. Classics].
22869: HERBERT, XAVIER. - Soldiers' Women [Soldier's Women].
17603: HERBERT, XAVIER. - Seven Emus.
13912: HERBST, P. G. - Behavioural Worlds: The Study of Single Cases.
17706: HERFURTH, C. PAUL. - A Tune a Day: A Third Book for Violin Instruction by Individual Lessons of Class Tuition: Book Three - Advanced (in Group, Public School Classes or Individual Lessons) [Imperial Edition 929: Plate: B. 8391].
17823: HERFURTH, C. PAUL. - A Tune a Day for String Bass: First Book for String Bass Instruction by Individual Lessons or Class Tuition [Book 1: Plate: Bm. 10162].
30513: HERITAGE, HELEN; BIRD, CARMEL (FOREWORD). - The Messenger: Stories.
15278: HERMAN, JERRY; BYRNE, GAYLEA (ACTOR). - Mame [Plate: 3076].
23572: HERMAN, PATRICK; KUPER, RICHARD. - Food for Thought: Towards a Future for Farming.
15976: HERMELO, RICARDO S.; SOBRAL, JOSE M.; FLIESS, FELIPE; ROSOVE, MICHAEL H. (EDITOR). - When the Corvette Uruguay Was Dismasted: The Return of the Uruguay from the Antarctic in 1903.
14214: HEROESOEKARTO; CARTER, KETHA (TRANSLATOR). - The Mahabharata from Indonesia.
14217: HEROESOEKARTO; CARTER, KETHA (TRANSLATOR). - The Mahabharata from Indonesia: Book Three: The Magic Talisman.
4479: HERON, LAURENCE TUNSTALL; BRO, MARGUERITE HARMON (FOREWORD). - Esp in the Bible: The Psychic Roots of Religion.
24094: HERRMANN, DOUGLAS J. (EDITOR); CHAFFIN, ROGER (EDITOR). - Memory in Historical Perspective: The Literature Before Ebbinghaus [Recent Research in Psychology].
21278: HERSEN, MICHEL; BARLOW, DAVID H. - Single Case Experimental Designs: Strategies for Studying Behavior Change [Pergamon General Psychology Series].
30801: HERSH, STEPHEN; PALEY, NINA. - Comic Syndication Portfolio: The Hots.
14095: HERZSTEIN, ROBERT EDWIN. - When Nazi Dreams Come True.
27919: HESHUSIUS, LOUS; FISHMAN, SCOTT M. (CLINICAL COMMENTARY); MORRIS, DAVID B. (FOREWORD). - Inside Chronic Pain: An Intimate and Critical Account [Culture and Politics of Health Care Work].
25571: HESS, KATHLEEN. - Environmental Sampling for Unknowns.
25599: HESS-KOSA, KATHLEEN. - Indoor Air Quality Sampling Methodologies.
30416: HETHERINGTON, STEPHEN. - Yes, But How Do You Know?: Introducing Philosophy Through Sceptical Ideas [Broadview Guides to Philosophy].
17262: HEWETT, DOROTHY. - Rapunzel in Suburbia.
17332: HEWETT, DOROTHY. - Wild Card: An Autobiography 1923 - 1958.
29612: HEWETT, DOROTHY; BEASLEY, JACK (INTRODUCTION); LILLEY, MERV (NOTE). - This Old Man Comes Rolling Home: A Play About Family Life Among the Sydney Workers of the 1950s [Currency Methuen Modern Plays].
29598: HEWETT, DOROTHY. - The Toucher.
26660A: HEWETT, DOROTHY. - Wild Card: An Autobiography 1923 - 1958.
7309: HEWITSON, JIM. - Far Off in Sunlit Places: Stories of the Scots in Australia and New Zealand.
23718: HEWITT, ROGER. - White Backlash and the Politics of Multiculturalism.
24352: HEWITT, JAMES. - Relaxation East and West: A Manual of Poised Living.
2556: HEWSON, LORNA. - When Half Is Whole: My Recovery from Stroke.
16266: HEWSON, LORNA. - Stroke: A Family Affair.
27968: HEYHOE, DAVE; LEWIS, DAMIEN (WITH). - It's All About Treo: Life and War with the World's Bravest Dog.
23710: HEYMANN, EVA. - The Deeper Centre.
27880: HEYSEN, HANS; HEYSEN, NORA; SPECK, CATHERINE (EDITOR). - Selected Letters of Hans Heysen and Nora Heysen.
29825: HEYWARD, MARK; BOWDEN, TIM (FOREWORD). - Crazy Little Heaven: An Indonesian Journey.
13808: HEYWARD, MICHAEL. - The Ern Malley Affair.
30278: HIATT, STEVEN (EDITOR); PERKINS, JOHN (INTRODUCTION); FRASER, BERNIE (FOREWORD). - A Game As Old As Empire: The Secret World of Economic Hit Men and the Web of Global Corruption.
22318: HIBBERD, JEAN; THRING, MERILYN (ILLUSTRATOR). - Further Adventures of Peter Possum and His Friends.
14439: HICKIE, I. - A Depression Management Program: Incorporating Cognitive-Behavioural Strategies.
25959: HICKIN, NORMAN. - The Conservation of Building Timbers: A Study of the Incidence of Wood-Boring Insects and Wood-Rotting Fungi in Buildings and Other Contributions Towards the Conservation of Building Timbers [Rentokil Library].
7365: HICKLING, VICE-ADMIRAL HAROLD. - Postscript to Voyager: The Melbourne - Voyager Collision.
4226: HICKMER, J. - Invoice: J. Hickmer, Wholesale Manufacturer and Importer of Art Photo, Frames, Mouldings, Overmantels, Picture Frames, Pictures, Mount Boards, and All Trade Accessories, Melbourne.
17082: HICKS, JOHN; WANN, HARRY (ILLUSTRATOR); CAYLEY, NEVILLE W. (FOREWORD). - Girriki, Teller of Tales: A Series of Aboriginal Myths and Legends for Children.
27850: HICKS, RON. - The Unlikely Bushman.
30169: HIDALGO, CARLOS. - Driving Demand: Transforming B2b Marketing to Meet the Needs of the Modern Buyer.
40507: HIDES, J. G.; RENTOUL, ALEX C. (FOREWORD). - Savages in Serge.
29297: HIEN, MINH. - My Heritage: Vietnam Fatherland Motherland.
29485: HIGASHIDA, NAOKI; MITCHELL, DAVID (TRANSLATOR); YOSHIDA, K. A. (TRANSLATOR); KAI & SUNNY, ILLUSTRATORS. - The Reason I Jump: One Boy's Voice from the Silence of Autism.
26982: HIGGINS, FIONA. - Love in the Age of Drought: A Career Girl, a Cotton Farmer and an Unlikely Romance.
29339: HIGGINS CLARK, MARY. - The Shadow of Your Smile.
27660: HIGGINS CLARK, MARY. - The Lost Years: How Long Has the Truth Been Hidden?
29645: HIGGINS, MISSY. - The Sound of White.
29417: HIGHLEY, KERRY. - Dancing in My Dreams: Confronting the Spectre of Polio.
14387: HILBERG, RAUL. - Perpetrators Victims Bystanders: The Jewish Catastrophe 1933 - 1945.
28995: HILDER, SARAH J. - Trace Impressions.
28050: HILL, HARRY. - The Tumut Guidebook.
23271: HILL BYRNE, RICHARD. - Becoming a Master Counselor: Introduction to the Profession.
28912: HILL, GRAHAM L. - Surgeon Scientist: Adventures in Surgical Research.
28639: HILL, SUSAN (EDITOR). - The Shelley Style: A Collectors Guide.
23346: HILL, HARRY. - He Was My Father.
4224: HILL, EDWIN S. - Invoice: Edwin S. Hill & Co. , Court Hair Dressers & Perfumerers, Cutlers & Silversmiths, London.
17402: HILL, DOROTHY; JELL, JOHN S. - Devonian Corals from the Canning Basin, Western Australia [Geological Survey of Western Australia Bulletin, No. 121].
28215: HILL, DAVID ROBERT. - Matters Metaphysical: A Selection of Metaphysical Poems, Paintings and Essays.
17308: HILL, ERNESTINE. - Ports of Sunset [Australian Pocket Library].
22415: HILL, VALERIE; CAMERON, JANE; OLIVER, DAVID; SIMPSON, JUDITH. - Lost Farm of the Seven Hills [One Day in Series].
25213: HILL, HARRY; RUSSELL, LEITH (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Principal Toiletition.
6960: HILL, HERMINIE WARNER. - Pekingese [Foyles Handbooks].
28246: HILL, MARJI; BARLOW, ALEX. - Black Australia: An Annotated Bibliography and Teacher's Guide to Resources on Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders [Bibliography Series No. 7].
27230: HILL, ANTHONY. - Animal Heroes: Thrilling True Stories of Animals Who Have Worked and Played Alongside Australia's Fighting Forces.
13733: HILL, DAVID. - The Forgotten Children: Fairbridge Farm School and Its Betrayal of Australia's Child Migrants.
27356: HILL, DAVID. - The Great Race: The Race between the English and the French to Complete the Map of Australia.
21770: HILLEY, JOHN. - Malaysia: Mahathirism, Hegemony and the New Opposition [Politics in Contemporary Asia].
14038: HILLIARD, BOB; DE LUGG, MILTON; DAY, DORIS. - Why Did I Tell You I Was Going to Shanghai [Plate: B5851].
22589: HILLIER, KEVIN. - Rocket Science: The Biography of Rodney Eade.
23334: HILLIER, KEVIN. - Like Father Like Son: Legends of Afl Football.
29886: HILLMAN, ROBERT. - Gurrumul: His Life and Music.
40214: HILLS, BEN. - Stop the Presses! How Greed, Incompetence (and the Internet) Wrecked Fairfax.
16782: HILLS, ADELMA. - Foolproof Guide to Statistics Using Pasw: Spss Version 15 for Windows.
26922: HILLS, RUST. - Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular: An Informal Textbook.
27651: HILTON, MARGOT; BLUNDELL, GRAEME. - Whiteley: An Unauthorised Life.
30668: HILTON, NETTE; WHATLEY, BRUCE (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Smallest Bilby and the Midnight Star.
30022: HINCH, DERRYN; RULE, CHRIS (ILLUSTRATOR). - I Beat the Booze and You Can Too.
40261: HINDUJA, SAMEER; PATCHIN, JUSTIN W. - Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying.
29262: HINKSON, MELINDA; HARRIS, ALANA (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Aboriginal Sydney: A Guide to Important Places of the Past and Present.
20773: HINTON, BILL; HINTON, BETTY. - A Wilderness in Bloom: Wildflowers of Tropical Queensland Australia.
25183: HINZ, JUDY; CLARKE, BRIAN (WITH). - Civvy Street: Take the Easy Road to Civvy Street Success.
27575: HIRAI, TOMIO. - Zen Meditation and Psychotherapy.
15387: HIRO, DILIP. - Sharing the Promised Land: An Interwoven Tale of Israelis and Palestinians.
24185: HIRO, DILIP. - Desert Shield to Desert Storm: The Second Gulf War.
24659: HIRO, DILIP. - Iraq in the Eye of the Storm.
29345: HIRSI ALI, AYAAN. - Nomad: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations.
23746: HIRST, J. B. - The World of Albert Facey.
30525: HIRST, WARWICK. - Great Convict Escapes in Colonial Australia.
30571: HIRST, JOHN. - A Republican Manifesto.
29768: HISSEY, JANE. - Ruff.
17271: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, CANTERBURY & DISTRICT. - Canterbury & District Historical Society Journal Series No 2 (4 Issues).
26598: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, DHARUG & LOWER HAWKESBURY. - The Ferry, the Branch, the Creek: Aspects of Hawkesbury History.
26598A: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, DHARUG & LOWER HAWKESBURY. - The Ferry, the Branch, the Creek: Aspects of Hawkesbury History.
28780: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, KU-RING-GAI. - Focus on Ku-Ring-Gai: The Story of Ku-Ring-Gai's Growth and Development.
40077: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, NEPEAN DISTRICT. - Nepean District Historical Society (8 Reports).
17605: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INVERELL AND DISTRICT; O'BRIEN, HAROLD (NOTES). - Time and Tide: Official Publication of the Inverell and District Historical Society, No. 5.
17270: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, CANTERBURY & DISTRICT. - Canterbury & District Historical Society Journal Series No 1: Selected Articles.
25742: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, CLARENCE RIVER. - Early Days on the Clarence: Compiled from Records in the Clarence River Historical Society.
26741: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, RANDWICK & DISTRICT. - A Randwick Ramble: Part 3: La Perouse to Maroubra.
4292: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, HASTINGS DISTRICT. - Hastings District Historical Society Occasional Papers (12 Issues).
26525: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, RANDWICK & DISTRICT. - A Randwick Ramble: Part 1: Coogee and Clovelly.
26740: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, RANDWICK & DISTRICT. - A Randwick Ramble: Part 2: Randwick and Kensington.
17905: HISTORICAL SOCIETY, BANKSTOWN. - Bankstown Historical Society Quarterly Journal (15 Issues).
23989: HITCH, GIL. - The Pacific War 1941 - 1945 and Norfolk Island.
27004: HITCHCOCK, MARIA. - A Celebration of Wattle: Australia's National Emblem.
3192: HITCHING, FRANCIS. - Psi in the Laboratory: 12 Crucial Findings [Spr Study Guide, No 1].
8702: HOBHOUSE, L. T.; GRIMES, ALAN P. (INTRODUCTION). - Liberalism (with New Introduction).
30518: HOBSON, J. ALLEN. - The Chemistry of Conscious States: How the Brain Changes Its Mind.
23656: HOBSON, BARBARA (EDITOR); LEWIS, JANE (EDITOR); SIIM, BIRTE (EDITOR). - Contested Concepts in Gender and Social Politics.
29591: HOBSON, JEREMY; LEWIS, CELIA. - Keeping Chickens: Getting the Best from Your Chickens.
28931: HOCKING, GEOFF. - Under the Southern Cross: The Rebels, Martyrs, Exiles and Activists Who Shaped Australia.
23767: HOCKING, GEOFF. - The Australian Flag: The First 100 Years.
27733: HOCKINGS, F. DAVID. - Pests, Diseases and Beneficials: Friends and Foes of Australian Gardens.
28522: HODGE, SUSIE. - How to Draw Animals: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners with 10 Projects.
17067: HODGE, DINO. - Don Dunstan: Intimacy and Liberty.
22092: HODGE, HARRY; HODGE, ERROL (REVISION); HEWLETT, BEVERLEY (REVISION). - Guide to Hill End and the Goldfields [a Guide to Historic Hill End].
28642: HODGE, SUSIE. - How to Draw People: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners with 10 Projects.
28430: HODGE, BRIAN. - Touring Hill End.
15319: HODGE, HARRY. - Historic Hill End and Its Environs.
27557: HODGES, JEFFREY (EDITOR). - The Natural Gardener: A Complete Guide to Organic Gardening.
17131: HODGES, ANDREW; HOFSTADTER, DOUGLAS (FOREWORD). - Alan Turing, the Enigma: The Book That Inspired the Film "the Imitation Game".
27944: HODGINS, PHILIP. - Dispossessed: A Tale of Modern Rural Australia.
25172: HODGSON, BARBARA. - Dreaming of East: Western Women and the Exotic Allure of the Orient.
16009: HODGSON, DAVID. - A Plain Person's Free Will [Journal of Consciousness Studies Special Issue].
13704: HODSON, PEREGRINE. - A Circle Round the Sun: A Foreigner in Japan.
22628: HOGARTH, MURRAY. - Australia Now the 3rd Degree: Frontline in Australia's Climate War.
6638: HOGARTH, ANDREW. - The Great Plains Revisited (Photographic Images of the American West 1981 - 1989).
13187: HOGG, J. WILSON. - Reflections on a Shifting Scene: Selected Addresses, 1949 - 1989.
22248: HOGG, GLADYS. - Peter Waite 1834 - 1922: The Story of His Life and Times.
30291: HOLDEN, ROBERT; POTTER, HEATHER (ILLUSTRATOR). - Verse Ahoy: Early Australian Nursery Rhymes.
23755: HOLDEN, WENDY. - Shell Shock: The Psychological Impact of War.
17485: HOLDEN, ROBERT. - A Golden Age: A Treasury of Children's Fantasy Classics (2 Volumes) [Visions of Fantasy: Australia's Fantasy Illustrators: Their Lives and Works [and] Through the Magic Door: A Collection of Australia's Classic Fantasy Writing].
29424: HOLDEN, ROBERT. - Twinkle, Twinkle, Southern Cross: The Forgotten Folklore of Australian Nursery Rhymes.
29073: HOLDEN, ROBERT. - Crackpots, Ratbags and Rebels: A Swag of Aussie Eccentrics.
17599: HOLDEN, ROBERT. - Koalas, Kangaroos and Kookaburras: 200 Australian Children's Books and Illustrations: 1857 - 1988.
25793: HOLDEN, ROBERT. - Photography in Colonial Australia: The Mechanical Eye and the Illustrated Book.
27143: HOLDERREAD, DAVE; SEARS, ELAYNE (DRAWINGS). - Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks: Breeds, Care, Health [Storey's Guide to Raising Series].
25680: HOLDINGS, SOUTHERN. - The Apple Recipe Book (the Australian Apple Recipe Book).
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16246: KOOPMAN, ALBERT. - Transcultural Management: How to Unlock Global Resources [Developmental Management Series].
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25382: KRECKLER, JOHN F. - From Sydney Cove to Paddington Hill: The Story of Victoria Barracks.
21631A: KREINIK, JACQUELINE FRIEDMAN. - Metallic Thread Embroidery: A Practical Guide to Stitching Creatively with Metallic Threads.
20780: KREMENTSOV, NIKOLAI. - The Cure: A Story of Cancer and Politics from the Annals of the Cold War.
30379: DE KRETSER, MICHELLE. - The Lost Dog.
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11558: KRULL, MARIANNE. - Freud and His Father.
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22251: KRYGIER, MARTIN. - CIVIL Passions: Selected Writings.
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4543: KUBLER-ROSS, ELISABETH. - On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss.
10217: KUBLER-ROSS, ELISABETH. - Questions and Answers on Death and Dying.
15678: KUEHN, MANFRED. - Kant: A Biography [Immanuel Kant].
30554: KUGLER, GEORGE. - The Lipizzaners Spanish Riding School: A Guide for Visitors of the Spanish Riding School and the Lipizzan Museum.
3822: KUNE, GABRIEL A. - Reducing the Odds: A Manual for the Prevention of Cancer.
40537: KUPPORD, SKELTON. - A Fortune from the Sky.
40549: KURTI, ALFRED. - Persian Folktales [World Folktales Series].
26313: KWEE, M. G. T. (EDITOR); HOLDSTOCK, T. L. (EDITOR). - Western & Buddhist Psychology: Clinical Perspectives.
28206: KYME, BRIAN; CARROLL, JAN. - Grit and Grace: The Story of the Anglican Board of Mission Australia.
15472: KYRIACOS, NICHOLAS. - Captain Dimitrios.
15120: LACK, CLEM. - A Bookman's Essays.
24197: LAGAN, BERNARD. - Loner: Inside a Labor Tragedy [Mark Latham].
15049: LAKE, DAVID A. (EDITOR); ROTHCHILD, DONALD (EDITOR). - The International Spread of Ethnic Conflict: Fear, Diffusion, and Escalation.
17827: LAKOFF, GEORGE. - Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think.
25684: LAMB, JON. - The Weekend Gardener.
29108A: LAMB, GEORGE; FINDLAY, SHEILA A. M. (ILLUSTRATOR). - Antonio: A Sicilian Boy.
10666: LAMBERT, R. S. (EDITOR). - Art in England.
23734: LAMBERT, H. F. (EDITOR); STAPLES, K. (EDITOR); MONKHOUSE, S. (EDITOR). - The Book for Orchid Lovers.
26308: LAMBERTY, GREG J. - Understanding Somatization in the Practice of Clinical Neuropsychology [Oxford Workshop Series: American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology].
40764: LAMBKIN, BRIAN. - Calming Conflict: Northern Ireland, Metaphor, and Migration.
2465: LAMOND, HENRY G. - Big Red.
17537: LAMONT, STEWART. - Religion Inc. : The Church of Scientology.
28403: LAMPERT, RABBI RICHARD G. - A Very Short History of the Jewish People.
24289: LAMPERT, JUNKO. - The Tofu Cookbook: Recipes for Traditional and Modern Cooking.
11371: LAMSHED, MAX. - Monty: The Biography of C.P. Mountford.
9965: LANCASTER, H. O. - Quantitative Methods in Biological and Medical Sciences: A Historical Essay.
30827: LANDELS, J. G.; HOLLOWAY, EDGAR (DRAWINGS). - Engineering in the Ancient World [Ancient Culture and Society Series].
22851: LANDESMAN, CHARLES. - Discourse and Its Presuppositions.
40694: LANDS NSW, DEPARTMENT OF - Map: Aboriginal New South Wales: A Pictorial Study Guide.
4490: LANDS, DEPARTMENT OF. - Map: Queensland Four Mile Series (3 Maps: Cooktown, Atherton, Mossman).
40403: LANDSBERG, MAX. - The Tao of Coaching: Boost Your Effectiveness at Work by Inspiring and Developing Those Around You.
12959: LANDSBOROUGH, WILLIAM. - Journal of Landsborough's Expedition from Carpentaria, in Search of Burke and Wills [Australiana Facsimile Editions].
28634: LANDSBOROUGH, WILLIAM. - Journal of Landsborough's Expedition from Carpentaria, in Search of Burke & Wills, with a Map Showing His Route [Australiana Facsimile Editions].
28018: LANE, ELIZABETH. - Hal Gye: The Man and His Work.
29850: LANE-MULLINS, ADRIAN. - The Boy from Ashfield.
27174: LANE, PETER. - Contemporary Porcelain: Materials, Techniques and Expressions.
28227: LANE, WILLIAM; MILLER, JOHN (PSEUDONYM). - The Workingman's Paradise: An Australian Labour Novel.
4387: LANE, DONALD J. - Asthma: The Facts.

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