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28392: Carnegie, Margaret; Boldrewood, Rolf. - Pacific Gold: California 1848 Australia 1851 [Including the Genesis of Gold-Fields Law in Australia].
22574: Carnley, Archbishop Peter. - Reflections in Glass: Trends and Tensions in the Contemporary Anglican Church.
23490: Carnwell, Ros (editor); Buchanan, Julian (editor). - Effective Practice in Health and Social Care: A Partnership Approach.
16779: Caro, Jane (editor). - Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World.
40448: Carr, Nicholas. - The Shallows: How the Internet Is Changing the Way We Think, Read and Remember.
13709: Carr, Anna. - Grass Roots and Green Tape: Principles and Practices of Environmental Stewardship.
26899: Carr, Harry; Pullen, Noelene; McCluskey, Lorna. - Transport in the Hills District 1805 - 1990.
3165: Carr, Roger Vaughan. - Piano Boy.
30218: Carrion, Jorge; Bush, Peter (translator). - Bookshops.
29313: Carrodus, Geraldine. - Gold, Gamblers and Sly Grog: Life on the Goldfields, 1851 - 1900 [Inquiring Into Australian History].
12115: Carroll, John. - Ego and Soul: The Modern West in Search of Meaning.
23659: Carroll, Marg. - Reinventing the Bush: Inspiring Stories of Young Australians.
16628: Carroll, Hilda; Stoneham, Reginald. - My Own Land: Waltz Song.
15304: Carroll, M.; Hughes, P. - Too Much Fandango.
14700: Carroll, Walter. - In Southern Seas: Nine Miniatures for Pianoforte.
30898: Carroll, Lewis; Glue, Donald (illustrator). - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.
30577: Carroll, Lewis ; Tenniel, John (illustrator). - The Nursery Alice Containing Twenty Coloured Enlargements from Tenniel's Illustrations to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" with Text Adapted to Nursery Readers [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library].
13678: Carruthers, Malcolm. - Maximising Manhood: Beating the Male Menopause.
13870: Carruthers, Steven L. - Australia Under Siege: Japanese Submarine Raiders 1942.
21851: Carter, Paul. - Parrot [Animal Series].
29963: Carter, Mr F. J. - Concrete Manual.
28798: Carter Hallward, Maia (editor); Norman, Julie M. (editor). - Understanding Nonviolence: Contours and Contexts.
15426: Carter, Paul. - Ground Truthing: Explorations in a Creative Region.
16584: Carter, Alan. - Carter and Stuff.
23215: Carter, Michael. - Putting a Face on Things: Studies in Imaginary Materials.
24527: Cartwright, Sue; Cooper, Cary. - No Hassle! Taking the Stress out of Work.
26932: Case, Cassandra (editor); Crane, Anita Louise; Franklin, Arden; Hiney, Mary Jo; McCann, Sally; Mickey, Susan; Morris, Mary; O'Sullivan, Joanne. - The Pattern Companion: Sewing.
40424: Case, Jo; Davis, Oslo (illustrator). - Boomer and Me: A Memoir of Motherhood, and Asperger's.
8675: de Casembroot, Judy. - Spaniels.
27950: Casey, R. - Merino Murder.
20285: Casey, Edward S. (editor); Morano, Donald V. (editor). - The Life of the Transcendental Ego: Essays in Honor of William Earle.
1520: Casey, Gavin; Mayman, Ted. - The Mile That Midas Touched: The Story of Kalgoorlie.
12619: Cashman, D. B. - The Life of Michael Davitt, Founder of the National Land League: To Which Is Added, the Secret History of the Land League, by Michael Davitt.
21725: Cashore, Benjamin; Auld, Graeme; Newsom, Deanna. - Governing Through Markets: Forest Certification and the Emergence of Non-State Authority.
29097: Cassab, Judy. - Judy Cassab Diaries.
2657: Cassell, Eric J. - The Healer's Art: A New Approach to the Doctor-Patient Relationship [Pelican Original].
30237: Cassidy, Bonny (editor); Wilkinson, Jessica L. (editor). - Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry.
27147: Cassinelli, Gino Del Sante (editor); Huaman Chang, Daniel (photos); Light, Stephen (translation). - Flowers of Machu Picchu Including Orchids.
30831: Casson, Stanley. - Ancient Greece: A Study.
28320: Castagna, Felicity. - Small Indiscretions: Stories of Travel in Asia.
26950: Castle, Peter. - Collecting and Valuing Old Photographs.
6780: Castles, Stephen; Foster, William; Iredale, Robyn; Withers, Glenn. - Immigration and Australia: Myths and Realities.
29728: Castley, Dora; Fowler, Kathleen; Carstairs, Sheila; Robertson, Edward W. (illustrator). - The Car Race.
30683: La Castra, Bob; Angier, Guy (illustrator). - Inside out Back Down Under.
28906: Castro, Brian. - Shanghai Dancing: A Novel.
15712: Cater, Nick. - The Lucky Culture and the Rise of an Australian Ruling Class.
29113: Catherall, Arthur; Smith, Stanley (illustrator). - Duel in the High Hills.
13495: Catherwood, Christopher. - Christians, Muslims, and Islamic Rage: What Is Going on and Why It Happened.
30868: Cato, Nancy. - All the Rivers Run.
30869: Cato, Nancy. - But Still the Stream: A Novel of the Murray River.
30870: Cato, Nancy. - Forefathers.
14644: Cato, Nancy. - Green Grows the Vine.
30871: Cato, Nancy. - North-West by South: A Novel.
30873: Cato, Nancy. - The Darkened Window.
30882: Cato, Nancy. - The Lady Lost in Time.
22591: Cato, Leigh (editor). - The Business of Ecology: Australian Organisations Tackling Environmental Issues.
9220: Cato, Nancy. - Marigold.
30893: Cato, Nancy. - The Sea Ants and Other Stories.
30894: Cato, Nancy. - The Dancing Bough.
23542: Catterwell, Thelma; Argent, Kerry (illustrator). - Sebastian Lives in a Hat.
25858: Catterwell, Thelma; Stone, Derrick (illustrator). - Aldita and the Forest.
22808: Caulfield, Annie. - Kingdom of the Film Stars: Journey Into Jordan [Lonely Planet Journeys].
1560A: Cawcutt, Linda; Watson, Catherine. - Pesticides: The New Plague (the Victims, the Politics, the Alternatives).
23189: Caws, Peter. - Structuralism: The Art of the Intelligible [Contemporary Studies in Philosophy and the Human Sciences].
13890: Cawsey, Alison. - The Essence of Artificial Intelligence [Essence of Computing Series].
14645: Cawte, John; Lebra, William P. (foreword). - Medicine Is the Law: Studies in Psychiatric Anthropology of Australian Tribal Societies.
40953: Cawthorne, W. A.; McRae, Rodney (illustrator). - Who Killed Cockatoo?
30899: Cawthorne, Nigel. - Sex Lives of the Roman Emperors.
15763: Cayley, Neville W.; Lindsey, Terence R. - What Bird Is That? the Classic Guide to the Birds of Australia.
40800: Cayley, Neville W. (illustrator). - The Solvol Bird Book: 54 Australian Birds.
40999: Cecil, Robert; Scott, Ernest; Gill, S. T. (illustrator). - Lord Robert Cecil's Gold Fields Diary [Goldfields].
30495: Cesari, Jocelyne. - Why the West Fears Islam: An Exploration of Muslims in Liberal Democracies [Culture and Religion in International Relations Series].
25185: Chabon, Michael. - The Final Solution: A Story of Detection.
40994: Chadwick, Dick. - Australian Native Gardening Made Easy.
13562: Chadwick, Peter. - Understanding Paranoia [Thorsons Health Series].
24110: Chalarimeri, Ambrose Mungala. - The Man from the Sunrise Side.
4417: Chalker, Bill (editor). - Ufo Newsletter / Australian Ufo Newsletter / Australian Ufo Researcher (10 Issues).
30877: Chaloupka, George. - Journey in Time: The World's Longest Continuing Art Tradition: The 50,000-Year Story of the Australian Aboriginal Rock Art of Arnhem Land.
13599: Chamberlain, Theodore J.; Hall, Christopher A. - Realized Religion: Research on the Relationship between Religion and Health.
29648: Chambers, Kasey. - Kasey Chambers: A Collection.
24187: Chambers, Iain. - Border Dialogues: Journeys in Postmodernity [Comedia Series].
16777: Chambers, H. A. - Christmas Carols for Four Hands (One Piano) [Imperial Edition No. 784: Plate B6993].
40687: Chan, Gabrielle. - Rusted Off: Why Country Australia Is Fed Up.
19961: Chandler, Michael; Gunaratna, Rohan. - Countering Terrorism: Can We Meet the Threat of Global Violence?
25363: Chandler, Jo. - Feeling the Heat.
40029: Chandler, Bertram A. - Matilda's Stepchildren [Hale Sf Series].
14554: Chandler, David. - Bosnia: Faking Democracy After Dayton.
15213: Chandrasekaran, Rajiv. - Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Baghdad's Green Zone.
17590: Chandris. - Menu: Chandris Lines - S.S. Australis: Hellenic Night.
30352: Chang, Jenevieve - The Good Girl of Chinatown.
29006: Chanin, Eileen; Miller, Steven. - Awakening Four Lives in Art.
13054: Chaousis, Linda. - Organisational Behaviour.
25174: Chapelle, Francis H.; Brown, Kathy Flynn (illustrator). - Wellsprings: A Natural History of Bottled Spring Waters.
23282: Chapman, Guy. - The Dreyfus Trials.
15414: Chapman, Sir Frederick; Mackaness, George (editor). - Governor Phillip in Retirement [Australian Historical Monographs (New Series)].
27278: Chapman, Eva Maria. - Sasha and Olga: A True Tale of Survival.
8261: Chapman, Simon. - Over Our Dead Bodies: Port Arthur and Australia's Fight for Gun Control.
17034: Chappell. - Chappell Song Hits - Radio and Dance! [Chappell Album Series, No 46].
13828: Chappell. - Songs of Memory: Radio and Community Favourites: Complete Words & Music with Ukulele Accompaniment [Plate: S1240-2].
40750: Chappell. - Hit Parade Songster No. 16.
40749: Chappell. - Hit Parade Songster No. 15.
14848: Chappell. - Songs of the War [Plate: 34284].
17026: Chappell. - Famous Hits of Famous Stars: A Souvenir Album: Complete Words and Music with Ukulele Accompaniment.
24029: Chappell. - Chappell Song and Dance Album No. 50 with Complete Words and Music.
16190: Chappell. - 32nd Chappell Song and Dance Album: Contains Complete Words and Music with Ukulele Accompaniment.
13934: Chappell. - Chappell's Album of Community Song-Dance and Talkie Hits No. 2.
40689: Charles, Ian (maps); Howard, Alastair (concept). - Royal National Park.
40945: Charles, Michael. - Pictorial Memories: Old Parramatta.
23860: Charters, Samuel. - The Roots of the Blues: An African Search.
41004: Chaseling, Rev. W. S. - Children of Arnhem Land (North Australia) [the Children Series].
13257: CHAST. - Piperonyl Butoxide [Chast Publication, No 3].
13258: CHAST. - General Health Hazard Information Regarding the Use of Pesticides [Chast Publication, No 2].
30187: Chatterjee, Arup K. - The Purveyors of Destiny: A Cultural Biography of the Indian Railways.
15657: Chaucer, Geoffrey; Binder, Paul (artist). - Wyf of Bathe.
1787: Chauvin, Remy. - Parapsychology: When the Irrational Rejoins Science.
7008: Chellaney, Brahma. - Asian Juggernaut: The Rise of China, India, and Japan.
30967: Chellingsworth, Marie; Farrand, Paul. - How to Beat Depression One Step at a Time.
30673: Cheng, Christopher; Rogers, Gregory (illustrator). - 30 Amazing Australian Animals.
25868: Cherrie, Dani; McInnes-Smith, Lisa (foreword). - Pursued: An Australian Woman's True Story of Pain, Courage and Victory.
16550: Cheshire, Frank. - Bookseller, Publisher, Friend.
25362: Chester, Quentin. - Tales from the Bush: Footloose Reflections on the Walking Life.
30458: Chesterton, Ridley D.; Fenton, R. S. - Gas and Electricity Colliers: The Sea-Going Ships Owned by the British Gas and Electricity Industries.
14640: Chiarelli, Jack. - In the Mission of St. Augustine [Plate: B. 6402].
16811: Chichester, Francis. - 50th Anniversary of Sir Francis Chichester's Flight Across the Tasman [First-Day Cover & Photo].
17647: Chieh, Wang. - The Diary of Wang Chieh.
14076: Childe, H. L. - An Introduction to Concrete Work.
22094: Childs, Laura. - The Jasmine Moon Murder [Tea Shop Mystery].
25016: Childs, Laura. - Oolong Dead [Tea Shop Mystery].
21800: Childs, Laura. - Chamomile Mourning [Tea Shop Mystery].
24162: Childs, Laura. - The Silver Needle Murder [Tea Shop Mystery].
22976: Childs, Laura. - Dragonwell Dead [Tea Shop Mystery].
27295: Chilton, Glen. - The Last Place You'd Look for a Wallaby: My Obsessive Quest to Seek out Alien Species.
28721: Chinmoy, Sri; Tutu, Desmond (foreword). - The Jewels of Happiness: Inspiration and Wisdom to Guide Your Life-Journey.
13549: Chipley, Don (editor); Neill, Erin (editor). - The Australian Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (2 Issues).
20457: Chipp, Don. - Keep the Bastards Honest.
26622: Chirichigno, Patrizia (editor); Mugnai, Lisa (chef); Hili, John Luke (dietician); Dryburgh, Shona (translator). - Portuguese Cooking.
30948: Chittister, Joan. - The Radical Christian Life: A Year with Saint Benedict.
25050: Chitty, Susan. - Anna Sewell: The Woman Who Wrote Black Beauty.
16850: Choi, C. Y. - Chinese Migration and Settlement in Australia.
29193: Chopra, Deepak. - Muhammad: A Story of God's Messenger and the Revelation That Changed the World.
23318: Choueiri, Youssef (editor). - Breaking the Cycle: CIVIL Wars in Lebanon.
27661: Christensen, Larry B. - Experimental Methodology (Pearson International Edition).
41019: Christian, David. - Origin Story: A Big History of Everything.
40468: Christianson, Dr Gerhard. - Complex Ptsd for Beginners: An Easy Guide.
23965: Christie, Agatha. - Dumb Witness.
23966: Christie, Agatha. - The ABC Murders.
24274: Christie, Kate. - Apparitions: An Autobiographical Study in Parapsychology.
23958: Christie, Agatha. - The Big Four.
23967: Christie, Agatha. - Elephants Can Remember.
12756A: Christie, Agatha. - Dead Man's Folly.
24050: Christie, Agatha. - They Came to Baghdad.
23881: Christie, Agatha. - Third Girl.
25417: Christie, Agatha. - The Clocks.
23097: Christie, Agatha. - Sparkling Cyanide [Signature Series].
24458: Christie-Murray, David. - Voices from the Gods: Speaking with Tongues.
24899: Christie, Agatha. - The Man in the Brown Suit [Agatha Christie Signature Series].
3212: Christie-Murray, David. - Reincarnation [Spr Study Guide, No 5].
23286: Christie, Agatha. - Taken at the Flood [Agatha Christie Signature Series].
13018: Christopher, Robert C. - The Japanese Mind: The Goliath Explained.
29252: Chryssides, Helen; Grant, Stan (foreword). - Local Heroes.
24638: Chryssides, Helen. - A Different Light: Ways of Being Australian.
17480: Church, Uniting. - Study Document on Deliverance Ministry (2 Pamphlets).
4504: Churchill, D. M.; Muir, T. B.; Sinkora, D. M. - The Published Works of Ferdinand J.H. Mueller (1825 - 1896) [Muelleria, Volume 4, No 1].
30019: Churchland, Patricia. - Touching a Nerve: Our Brains, Our Selves.
16300: Churchward, C. Maxwell. - A New Fijian Grammar.
16216: Cilento, Sir Raphael; Lack, Clem (collaborator). - Triumph in the Tropics - an Historical Sketch of Queensland 1770 - 1959 (Centenary Year 1959).
16422: Circle, Map Collectors; Tooley, R. V. - Early Maps of Australia: The Dutch Period: Being Examples from the Collection of R.V. Tooley with Bibliographical Notes [Map Collectors Series: Third Year, No. 23].
29042: City Council, Willoughby. - There's Something in the Water: A Compilation of Children's Short Stories and Artworks [Wildlife Story Book Series].
4012: Civilian, Bengal; Kinloch, Charles Walter (real name). - Rambles in Java and the Straits in 1852.
28959: Claire, Stephanie; Zofrea, Salvatore. - Three Golden Rainbows.
28632: Clarence, Captain; Payne, Graeme (illustrator). - The Very Cool Cats of Jacamasu.
28151: Clark, Robert; Thomson, Mark. - Transport Fuels from Australia's Gas Resources.
40652: Clark, Gary. - Swamp: Run for Your Lives!
40658: Clark, Gary. - Swamp: Clear for Take-Off: Full Colour Collector's Edition No. 1.
40659: Clark, Gary. - Swamp Tour: Collector's Edition Featuring over 200 Swamp Cartoon Strips.
30504: Clark, Ricky. - Quilted Gardens: Floral Quilts of the Nineteenth Century.
27064: Clark, Manning; Russell, Roslyn (editor). - Ever, Manning: Selected Letters of Manning Clark 1938 - 1991.
30779: Clark, Gary. - Full Power Ding Duck: 128 Pages over 250 Cartoon Strips.
40656: Clark, Gary. - Swamp: Flip Flappity Flippity.
17894: Clark, Jerome (editor). - International Ufo Reporter (6 Issues).
25259: Clark, John; Croker, Leanne (editor). - Nida.
40654: Clark, Gary. - Head High in the Swamp: 80 Pages of Contagious Humor from the Swamp Cartoon Strip.
40655: Clark, Gary. - Swamp at Ease!: Selected Cartoons from Up to the Neck, Head High, and Swamped.
28692: Clark, Mary Shelley. - Ships and Shores and Trading Ports: A Social and Working Life of Coastal Harbours and River Towns in New South Wales.
3895: Clark, Ronald W. - Einstein: The Life and Times.
25302: Clark, Manning. - A Short History of Australia: Illustrated Edition.
40657: Clark, Gary. - Swamp: Home Sweet Home.
40661: Clark, Gary. - Swamp Presents Ding Duck: The Official Biography of the World's Worst Flying Student.
14464: Clark, Manning; Clark, Dymphna (editor); Headon, David (editor); Williams, John (editor). - The Ideal of Alexis de Tocqueville.
3645: Clark, Manning; Cathcart, Michael (editor). - Manning Clark's History of Australia (Abridged from the Six-Volume Classic).
24438: Clark, John H. - A Map of Mental States.
26777: Clark, Jane; McCaughey, Patrick (essay). - Sidney Nolan, Landscapes and Legends: A Retrospective Exhibition: 1937 - 1987.
25198: Clark, Manning. - A Historian's Apprenticeship.
30578: Clark, Samuel. - The Ocean and Its Inhabitants, with Their Uses to Man [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library].
40660: Clark, Gary. - Swamp Tour No. 2.
12648: Clark, William R. - At War Within: The Double-Edged Sword of Immunity.
25458: Clark, John. - Picturing Australia: National Library of Australia Collection Highlights.
40222: Clark, Gary. - Up to the Neck in the Swamp! Selected Strips from the Swamp Cartoons.
40221: Clark, Gary. - Swamp: Another 80 Pages Oozing with Mirth Deep from the Swamp.
40220: Clark, Gary. - Swamped: 80 More Pages of the Best Humour Swamp Can Serve Up!
40653: Clark, Gary. - Kneedeep in the Swamp: 80 More Pages of Swamp Mania.
40934: Clark, Cate. - The Black Soil Plains and Beyond: Recollections of the 1st Australian Armoured Division.
26330: Clark, Alan. - A River and Its Bridges.
23387: Clark, Colin W. - The Worldwide Crisis in Fisheries: Economic Models and Human Behavior.
28043A: Clark, Jane; Whitelaw, Bridget. - Golden Summers: Heidelberg and Beyond.
3214: Clark-Lowes, Nicholas. - Books on the Paranormal: An Introductory Guide.
28731: Clarke, Dorothy; Studio, McAdam J. & J. (decorations). - The Tale of Terrigal-Bill the Lizard.
20822: Clarke, Patricia. - Tasma: The Life of Jessie Couvreur.
27220: Clarke, Lynne A. - A Place for a Friendly Lion: Living and Learning in Africa.
28444: Clarke, Marcus. - About Gardens and Flowers [Commemoration Series].
28538: Clarke, Pat; Wilson, Lynne (illustrator). - The Magic Forest of Goonoo.
13909: Clarke, J. Christopher; Saunders, John B. (with). - Alcoholism and Problem Drinking: Theories and Treatment.
26926: Clarke, Frank G. - Australia in a Nutshell: A Narrative History.
25254: Clarke, John; Shea, Andy (told to). - Touched by the Devil.
23168: Clarke, Ron. - The Measure of Success: A Personal Perspective.
21656: Clarke, Mollie. - The Four Cats [Little Things Series].
25986: Clarke, Marcus; Wilding, Michael (introduction). - Marcus Clarke Stories.
30085: Clarke, Patricia. - The Governesses: Letters from the Colonies 1862 - 1882.
16979: Clarridge, Duane R.; Diehl, Digby (with). - A Spy for All Seasons: My Life in the Cia.
28734: Clary, David A. - Rocket Man: Robert H. Goddard and the Birth of the Space Age.
22900: Clawson, Patrick; Rubin, Michael. - Eternal Iran: Continuity and Chaos [Middle East in Focus].
17991: Claxton, Guy (editor). - Beyond Therapy: The Impact of Eastern Religions on Psychological Theory and Practice [East-West - Grey Series].
13831: Claydon, David (editor). - Islam: Human Rights and Public Policy.
23824: Claydon, David. - Connecting Across Cultures: Sharing the Gospel Across Cultural and Religious Boundaries.
30196: Clearfield, Chris; Tilcsik, Andras. - Meltdown: Why Our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About It.
27521: Cleary, Jon. - The Long Shadow.
27243: Cleary, Thomas. - Zen and the Art of Insight [Shambhala Dragon Editions].
40354: Cleary, Sheila; Adamson, Bartlett; MacDonald, Harry (illustrator); Shaw, Roderick (book design). - Aussie Animals: Stories of Some Quaint and Wonderful Australian Animals [Aussie Series].
40355: Cleary, Sheila; Grace, Tina (illustrator); Shaw, Roderick (book design). - Aussie Birds: Stories of Some Quaint and Wonderful Australian Birds [Aussie Series].
27929: Cleary, J. C. - Worldly Wisdom: Confucian Teachings of the Ming Dynasty [Shambhala Dragon Editions].
30063: Cleary, Paul. - Mine-Field: The Dark Side of Australia's Resources Rush.
40772: Clegg, John. - Carcoar Historic Village.
27333: Clegg, E. J. - The Study of Man: An Introduction to Human Biology.
30193: Clegg, Brian. - Gravity: Why What Goes Up, Must Come Down.
30690: Clement, Rod. - Olga the Brolga.
29309: Clendinnen, Inga. - Tiger's Eye: A Memoir.
24326: Clergyman, A. - Australia As It Is, or Facts and Features, Sketches and Incidents of Australia and Australian Life with Notices of New Zealand: Thirteen Years Resident in the Interior of New South Wales.
40962: Clifford, Pam (editor). - Northbridge: Building a New Suburb.
24530: Clifford, Ross; Johnson, Philip. - Sacred Quest: A Hard Look at Today's Search for Wholeness, Meaning and Personal Transformation.
11402: Clifford, Geraldine Joncich. - Edward L. Thorndike: The Sane Positivist.
40961: Clifford, Pam (editor). - Northbridge Public School 1923 - 1998.
40728: Clinton-Baddeley, V. C. - Some Pantomime Pedigrees.
15939: Clippinger, D. A. - The Clippinger Class-Method of Voice Culture.
6649B: Cloud, Henry; Townsend, John. - Boundaries: When to Say Yes: When to Say No: To Take Control of Your Life.
22528: Clough, Peter. - Clay in the Classroom.
21867: Clough, David N. - Class 50s in Operation.
17670: Clouzot, M.-R. (Marie-Rose). - Jardin D'Enfants: 19 Easy Pieces for Piano, Chosen and Fingered by M. -R. Clouzot [Collection Alpha].
29164: Club of the ACT, Land Rover. - Going Bush: A Handbook for Four Wheel Driver Users.
20502: Cluff, Leighton E. (editor); Binstock, Robert H. (editor). - The Lost Art of Caring: A Challenge to Health Professionals, Families, Communities, and Society.
29064: Clune, Frank. - Hands Across the Pacific: A Voyage of Discovery from Australia to the Hawaiian Islands and Canada, April to June 1950.
29067: Clune, Frank. - Flight to Formosa: A Holiday and Fact-Finding Tour of Nationalist China's Fortress of Freedom and the Ports of Hong Kong and Macao.
40411: Clyne, Densey. - Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden.
17700: C. B. & Co. Ltd, Publisher. - Panoramic Pictures, New South Wales: Blue Mountains, Bulli Pass, Hawkesbury, Etc. [Graphic Series].
15707: Coakes, Sheridan J.; Steed, Lyndall; Ong, Clara. - Spss Analysis without Anguish: Version 16. 0 for Windows.
25740: Coal Board, Joint. - Diesel Particulate in Coal Mines.
16126: Coates, Eric; Barrie, Royden. - I Heard You Singing: Song [Plate: 28262 (7444 on Front Cover)].
23586: Coates, Irene. - Mind the Gap: A Dynamic Philosophy.
13721: Coben, Diana (editor); O'Donoghue, John (editor); FitzSimons, Gail E. (editor). - Perspectives on Adults Learning Mathematics: Research and Practice.
2513: Cobley, John. - The Crimes of the First Fleet Convicts.
29084: Coen, Kevin. - Monsignor John Leonard and the Catholic Youth Organisation.
40203: Coetzee, J. M. - Disgrace: What Is a Mad Heart?
4046: Cogill; Skelly; Dyson, Hal (arranger); Oakland, Will (sung by). - Stick to Your Mother Tom: The Favorite American Ballad [Dinsdale's Famous World-Wide Series, No 305].
3257: Cogswell, David; Gordon, Paul (illustrator). - Chomsky for Beginners.
16787: Cohan, George M.; Ward, Hugh J. - When June Comes Along with a Song: Fox-Trot Song (from "the Rise of Rosie O'Reilly”).
16225: Cohen, Adam. - The Perfect Store: Inside Ebay.
6176: Cohen, David. - Aftershock: The Psychological and Political Consequences of Disaster.
14661: Cohen, Andrew. - Follow the Other Hand: A Remarkable Fable That Will Energize Your Business, Profits, and Life.
40475: Cohen, J. M.; Phipps, J.-F. - The Common Experience.
15300: Cohen, Bernice. - The Edge of Chaos: Financial Booms, Bubbles, Crashes and Chaos.
12338: Cohen, David. - The Development of Play.
25804: Cohen, David. - J.B. Watson: The Founder of Behaviourism: A Biography.
17044: Cohen, Daniel. - Encyclopedia of Ghosts.
17164: Cohen, David. - The Escape of Sigmund Freud.
23530: Colbert, David. - The Magical Worlds of Narnia: A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts.
8967: Cole, Ida J. L. - Koo the Kookaburra [Whitcombe's Story Books].
8967A: Cole, Ida J. L. - Koo the Kookaburra [Whitcombe's Story Books].
8967B: Cole, Ida J. L. - Koo the Kookaburra [Whitcombe's Story Books].
16323: Cole, E. W. - Cole's Great Girls' Book.
28840: Cole, Frances; Macdonald, Helen; Carus, Catherine; Howden-Leach, Hazel. - Overcoming Chronic Pain: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques [Overcoming Series].
26975: Cole, Catherine (editor). - The Perfumed River: Writings from Vietnam.
23823: Cole, Martin I.; Parston, Greg. - Unlocking Public Value: A New Model for Achieving High Performance in Public Service Organizations.
18506: Cole, Tom. - Hell West and Crooked [Imprint Lives Series].
40367: Cole, Pearl A. (complier). - Novelty Evenings [the Pearl Series].
17396: Cole, E. W. - Lightning Calculator, Ready Reckoner, and Mental Arithmetic: A Book of Rapid Processes, Useful Tables and Mental Rules: For Clerks, Book-Keepers, Accountants, Teachers, Mechanics, Trades-People, Etc.
29936: Cole, E. W. (Edward William) (editor). - Happiness [the Cream of Human Thought Library].
17891: Cole, E. W. (editor). - Home [Cream of Human Thought Library].
17716: Cole, E. W. - The Blessing and the Curse of Tobacco and the Substitution of a Healthy Apple-Eating Habit for an Unhealthy Tobacco-Smoking Habit [Apples and Tobacco, No 1].
40084: Cole, E. W. (Editor). - Advice of Ten Doctors.
22864: Cole, David; Lobel, Jules. - Less Safe Less Free: Why America Is Losing the War on Terror.
40576: Cole, E. W. (Edward William) (editor). - Sleep [Cream of Human Thought Library].
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17454: Evans, Ian. - Restoring Old Houses: A Guide to Authentic Restoration.
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24007: Examinations Board, Australian Music. - Brass E Flat Version - First and Second Grades.
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4203: Express, Armidale. - Thunderbolt! (the Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser, Wednesday, May 25. 1870).
28458: Eyers, Kerrie; Parker, Gordon; Brodaty, Henry. - Managing Depression Growing Older: A Guide for Professionals and Carers.
26607: Eyers, Kerrie; Parker, Gordon. - Tackling Depression at Work: A Practical Guide for Employees and Managers.
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15650: Faber, Rev. F.; Wade, J. A. (arranged). - The Pilgrims of the Night: Sacred Song.
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14098: Al-Fahim, Mohammed. - From Rags to Riches: The Story of Abu Dhabi.
9770A: Fairley, Alan. - The Observer's Book of Wildflowers of Australia [Australian Observer's Series, A8].
40782: Fairley, Alan; Weber, Erwin (illustrator); James, Lynn (flower drawings). - Map: Kurnell Peninsula: Australia's Birthplace.

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