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25642: BUCKLEY, KEN; WHEELWRIGHT, TED. - False Paradise: Australian Capitalism Revisited, 1915 - 1955.
24582: BUCKLEY, KEN. - Buckley's! Ken Buckley: Historian, Author and CIVIL Libertarian: An Autobiography.
26352: BUCKNER, ROBIN. - Art and Design: Book Two.
4366: BUFFETT, MARY; CLARK, DAVID. - Buffettology.
16823: BULFIN, WILLIAM. - Rambles in Eirinn.
20271: BULKELEY, KELLY. - Visions of the Night: Dreams, Religion and Psychology [Suny Series in Dream Studies].
20191: BULLEN, DAVID. - Fake: My Life As a Rogue Trader.
27407: BULLETIN. - The Bulletin Story Book: A Selection of Stories and Literary Sketches from the Bulletin 1881 - 1901 [the Old Bulletin Reader: The Best Stories from the Bulletin, 1881 - 1901].
13305: BULLIVANT, B. M. - The Way of Tradition: Life in an Orthodox Jewish School [Acer Research Series].
29136: BULMER, MARTIN (EDITOR); SOLOMOS, JOHN (EDITOR). - Researching Race and Racism.
16514: BUNBURY, PRISCILLA; BOSTON, JOHN L. (SELECTED); COOKE, MAX (EDITOR). - Birch and Green Holly: No 9 from Priscilla Bunbury's Virginal Book (Piano Solo) [Plate B9354].
26519: BUNBURY, BILL. - Reading Labels on Jam Tins: Living Through Difficult Times.
12981: BUNCE, WENDY. - Gilly the Galah.
23361: BUNDAY, HELEN. - From Farmer to Fiddler: The Story of Donald Hazelwood, Concertmaster Emeritus [Eminent Musicians of Australia].
23891: BUNDY, ALAN (EDITOR). - James Bennett: Supplier to the Nation's Libraries.
26241: BUNGAY, STEPHEN. - Alamein.
28356: BUNK, BRIAN D. - Ghosts of Passion: Martyrdom, Gender, and the Origins of the Spanish CIVIL War.
13371: BUNN, ANNA MARIA (ANON); WEBBY, ELIZABETH (INTRODUCTION). - The Guardian: A Tale [Australian Books on Demand, No. 10].
24049: BUNNY, RUPERT; EAGLE, MARY. - The Art of Rupert Bunny.
12746: BUNROKU, SHISHI (PSEUDO.); IWATA, TOYOO. - School of Freedom [Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies].
27946: BUNUG; MARALNGURA, N.; JAMES, L. J.; GENTIAN, D. - Djugurba: Tales from the Spirit Time.
12979: BURCHELL, DAVID. - Western Horizon: Sydney's Heartland and the Future of Australian Politics [Scribe Short Books].
28453: BURDEN, HILARY. - A Story of Seven Summers: Life in the Nuns' House.
20742: BURDICK, JACQNES. - Theater [World of Culture].
27001: BURDON, ERIC; MARSHALL CRAIG, J. (WITH). - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.
15692: BURDON, JILL. - Australian Book Auction Records 1983 - 1985 [New Series: Volume 1].
16349: BURFORD, ROBERT. - Description of a View of the Town of Sydney, New South Wales: The Harbour of Port Jackson, and Surrounding Country, Now Exhibiting the Panorama, Leicester-Square.
17158: BURGMANN, MEREDITH (EDITOR). - Dirty Secrets: Our Asio Files.
14701: BURGMULLER, FRIEDRICH. - Twenty-Five Easy and Progressive Studies for Pianoforte Op. 100 [25 Progressive Studies: Imperial Edition No. 3: Plate B691].
29556: BURGO, DR JOSEPH. - The Narcissist You Know: Defending Yourself Against Extreme Narcissists in an All-About-Me Age.
6426: BURKE, DAVID. - Juggernaut! a Story of Sydney in the Wild Days of the Steam Trams.
28858: BURKE, KEAST. - Gold and Silver: Photographs of Australian Goldfields from the Holtermann Collection.
21650: BURKE, DAVID. - Voyage to the End of the World: With Tales from the Great Ice Barrier.
28611: BURKE, ROBERT O'HARA; WILLS, WILLIAM JOHN. - The Burke and Wills Exploring Expedition: An Account of the Crossing the Continent of Australia, from Cooper's Creek to Carpentaria, Reprinted from "the Argus" [Australiana Facsimile Editions, No. 10].
14709: BURKE, WILLIAM. - My Australian Catholic Church: The Struggle for Truth and Fairness.
26462: BURKE, DI; SMALL, MARY; DICANDIA, JOGN (ILLUSTRATOR). - Seek! an Illustrated and Pictorial Tribute to Australia's Tracker Dogs in the Vietnam War.
17309: BURNAND, F. C.; SULLIVAN, ARTHUR S. - Cox and Box or Long-Lost Brothers: Triumviretta in One Act: Adapted to the Lyric Stage from J. Maddison Morton's Farce [Boosey & Co's Savoy Edition of Cox and Box: Plate H. 10416].
24210: BURNARD, PHILIP. - Coping with Stress in the Health Professions [Therapy in Practice].
22499: BURNES, BERNARD. - Managing Change: A Strategic Approach to Organisational Development and Renewal.
26509: BURNETT, ROBERT. - Gold Dust on the Wool.
29216: BURNINGHAM, JOHN. - Come Away from the Water, Shirley.
28793: BURRELL, VICE-ADM. SIR HENRY; SYNNOT, ADM. SIR ANTHONY (FOREWORD). - Mermaids Do Exist: The Autobiography of Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Burrell Royal Australian Navy (Retired).
27372: BURRELL, ANDREW. - Twiggy: The High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest.
17008: BURROW, AILEEN L. - Little Shepherd: The Life Story of a Little Dog Founded on Fact [Whitcombe's Story Books].
21690: BURROWES, ROBERT J. - The Strategy of Nonviolent Defense: A Gandhian Approach.
17350: BURROWS, WILLIAM. - Adventures of a Mounted Trooper [Victoriana Collection].
3521: BURROWS, GRAHAM; NORMAN, TREVOR; STANLEY, ROBB. - Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
24338: BURSTEIN, DAN (EDITOR); DE KEIJZER, ARNE J. (EDITOR). - Secrets of Mary Magdalene: The Untold Story of History's Most Misunderstood Woman [Secrets Series].
28755: BURT, DENISE; RYAN, RON (PHOTOGRAPHER). - I'm Not a Bear.
29186: BURT, DENISE; BISHOP, TOM (ILLUSTRATOR). - Samuel the Stickybeak Anteater.
13542: BURT, CYRIL. - Psychology and Psychical Research [Seventeenth Frederic W.H. Myers Memorial Lecture, 1968].
21261: BURT, CYRIL. - The Young Delinquent [the Sub-Normal School-Child: Volume 1].
28718: BURTON, PAMELA; KIRBY, MICHAEL (FOREWORD). - From Moree to Mabo: The Mary Gaudron Story.
27097: BURTON, PAMELA. - The Waterlow Killings: A Portrait of a Family Tragedy.
28594: BUSH, KAREN. - Everything Dogs Expect You to Know.
29508: BUSHBY, JOHN E. P. - Saltbush Country: History of the Deniliquin District.
15210: BUTCHER, JAMES N.; MINEKA, SUSAN; HOOLEY, JILL M. - Abnormal Psychology: International Edition.
2538: BUTCHER, DAVID. - Pets in Your Garden [Reed Gardening Series].
25601: BUTEL, ELIZABETH; PRESTON, MARGARET. - Margaret Preston: The Art of Constant Rearrangement.
28438: BUTLER, NINA; ASSELN, ROBERTA (ILLUSTRATOR). - Billy in Search of a Tail.
28286: BUTLER, SALLY. - Our Way: Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River.
17300: BUTLER, ROGER. - Printed: Images in Colonial Australia 1801 - 1901.
24748: BUTLER-BOWDON, TOM. - 50 Self-Help Classics: Books to Change Your Life.
7911: BUTLER, RICHARD. - Eureka Stockade.
9276A: BUTLER, GILLIAN; MCMANNS, FREDA. - Psychology: A Very Short Introduction.
23593: BUTLER, IAN; ROBERTS, GWENDA. - Social Work with Children and Families: Getting Into Practice.
23923: BUTLER, GAEL (EDITOR). - Decade of Excellence Cookbook: Central Coast Grammar School, 1985 - 1995.
14102: BUTT, JAMES. - Music by James Butt for Medium Voice and Organ (or Pianoforte): Psalm 1 and Psalm 150 (2 Pamphlets).
24923: BUTTERFIELD, MOIRA; SPOOR, MIKE. - Guess What, Dad?
26084: BUTTERFIELD, RON. - Woodcarving: A Complete Course.
23596: BUTTERWORTH, KAREN P. - Mind over Muscle: Surviving Polio in New Zealand.
28041: BUTTON, JAMES. - Speechless: A Year in My Father's Business.
29017: BUTTREY, RON. - A Short History of the Life of Gregory Blaxland.
16235: BUTTROSE, LARRY. - The King Neptune Day and Night Club.
25663: BUTTROSE, ITA. - A Passionate Life.
17145: BUXTON, DUDLEY. - [Postcard] May You Fall in for an Ice Time This Christmas: With Every Good Wish for the Festive Season [Cwf Series 1282].
11119: BYATT, A. S. - Elementals: Stories of Fire and Ice.
28056: BYATT, A. S. - The Biographer's Tale.
27127: BYFIELD, C. C.; HAMMOND, DAVID (ILLUSTRATIONS). - Let's Look at Jenolan Caves [See and Know Australia Series].
29124: BYRNE, JOSH; CUNDALL, PETER (FOREWORD). - Small Space Organics: Creating Sustainable, Edible Gardens.
27264: BYRNE, JENNIFER. - A Book to Love: Favourite Guests of ABC Tv's First Tuesday Book Club Share Their Most Loved Books.
22121: O'BYRNE, DENIS. - Telegraph Stations of Central Australia: Historical Photographs.
23200: BYRNE, ANDREW. - Methadone in the Treatment of Narcotic Addiction.
8621: BYRNES, PAUL; STRONG, JAMES (FOREWORD). - Qantas by George: The Remarkable Story of George Roberts.
26320: BYRON, JULIE. - Amazing Psychic Experiences of the Famous.
12538: BYRSKI, LIZ. - Pills, Potions, People: Understanding the Drug Problem.
4128: CABAN, GEOFFREY. - A Fine Line: A History of Australian Commercial Art.
28083: CABOT, SANDRA; TEA, AUDREY (DIET). - Can't Lose Weight? You Could Have Syndrome X: The Chemical Imbalance That Makes Men & Women Fat.
26191: CABOT, SANDRA; BECKHAM, NANCY. - Tired of Not Sleeping? a Complete & Practical Guide to Overcoming Insomnia.
29059: CABOT, SANDRA. - Help for Depression and Anxiety: How to Have a Happy and Healthy Nervous System.
21510: CADBURY, DEBORAH. - Space Race: The Untold Story of Two Rivals and Their Struggle for the Moon.
25216: CADBURY, DEBORAH. - Chocolate Wars: From Cadbury to Kraft: 200 Years of Sweet Success and Bitter Rivalries.
23235: CADDY, EILEEN. - Foundations of Findhorn.
28847: CADDY, GEORGE; DAVIES, ALAN. - Bondi Jitterbug: George Caddy and His Camera.
13777: CAESAR, MAX. - How the Sailor Rode the Brumby.
14750: CAILLARD, ANDREW. - Penfolds: The Rewards of Patience.
21744: CAIRA, ALMA. - Ceramic and Glassware Style: Paint Your Own Tableware, Glassware, and Decorative Objects.
28042: CAIRNS, JOAN; JOHNSTON, W. T. - Early Tableland Days: W.H. Bunker Photographic Collection.
15642: CALCE, MICHAEL; SILVERMAN, CRAIG (WITH). - Mafiaboy: How I Cracked the Internet and Why It's Still Broken.
22146: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH. - Come Lasses and Lads [Randolph Caldecott Series].
11799: CALEY, GEORGE; ANDREWS, ALAN E. J. (EDITOR). - The Devil's Wilderness: George Caley's Journey to Mount Banks 1804.
15167: CALHOUN, LAWRENCE G.; TEDESCHI, RICHARD G. - Facilitating Posttraumatic Growth: A Clinician's Guide [Personality and Clinical Psychology Series].
23688: O'CALLAGHAN, GARETH. - A Day Called Hope: A Personal Journey Beyond Depression.
4091: CALLINAN, BERNARD; SHUTE, NEVIL (INTRODUCTION); STURDEL, LT-GEN VERNON (FOREWORD). - Independent Company: The Australian Army in Portuguese Timor 1941 - 43.
27712: CALLISTER, JAMIE; HOWARD, ROD (WITH). - The Man Who Invented Vegemite: The True Story Behind an Australian Icon.
17115: CALVERT, ALBERT F. - The Discovery of Australia: With Maps and Illustrated Appendix.
21796: CALVERT, PETER. - Revolution and Counter-Revolution [Concepts in Social Thought].
16692: CALVINO, ITALO. - If on a Winter's Night a Traveller.
13352: CAMBRIDGE, ADA. - Fidelis [Australian Books on Demand].
22683: CAMBRIDGE, ADA; BARTON, PATRICIA (NOTES). - Unspoken Thoughts [Occasional Paper].
2510: CAMBRIDGE, ADA; MORRISON, ELIZABETH (EDITOR). - A Woman's Friendship [Colonial Texts].
29098: CAMDEN, STEVEN. - Tape: Rewind, Play, I'm Here, I Always Was.
2421: CAMERON, PETER. - Heretic (the True Story of an Australian Convicted of Heresy).
23029: CAMERON, MARGARET. - From the Beginning: A History of Coogee Prep.
24753: CAMERON, MARCIA. - S.C. E.G. G.S. : A Centenary History of Sydney Church of England Girls' Grammar School.
9162: CAMERON, ROD. - Alcheringa: The Australian Experience of the Sacred.
25329: CAMERON, JENNIFER. - A Dangerous Innovator: Mary Ward (1585 - 1645).
15895: CAMERON, EUAN. - The European Reformation.
15991: CAMERON, LINDY (EDITOR). - Sisters in Crime Newsletter (19 Issues).
29275: CAMERON, SHIRLEY. - Captain William Thomson: His Life.
26271: CAMERON, HELEN. - The Counselling Interview: A Guide for the Helping Professions.
22026: CAMERON, MARY (EDITOR). - A Guide to Flowers and Plants of Tasmania.
26128: CAMERON, W. J. - Bourke: A Centenary of Local Government.
16768: CAMILLERI, JENNY. - Some Outstanding Women of Broken Hill and District.
21495: CAMPBELL, ANNE; CARNEY, TERRY (ILLUSTRATOR). - Bridging Cultures.
29141: CAMPBELL, BOB. - Giants Leap: An Activist Folksinger's Memoir.
27892: CAMPBELL, MICHAEL; BLANCHETT, CATE (FOREWORD). - Keith Bain on Movement.
3572A: CAMPBELL, PETER. - The Observer's Book of Sailing Craft of Australia and New Zealand [Australian Observer's Series, No A5].
27142: CAMPBELL, JOHN. - Reference and Consciousness [Oxford Cognitive Science].
14297: CAMPBELL, F. H.; WATTERS, W. F.; ALLAN, JAS; GILLMAN, A. J. - Otago Boys' High School: Old Boys' Register.
25400: CAMPBELL, COLIN T. - The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health.
20330: CAMPBELL, JULIE. - Trixie Belden: The Gatehouse Mystery.
15112: CAMPBELL, STEPHEN K. - Flaws and Fallacies in Statistical Thinking.
21587: CAMPBELL, CHRISTY. - Fenian Fire: The British Government Plot to Assassinate Queen Victoria.
21928: CAMPBELL, DAVID. - The Man in the Honeysuckle.
3572: CAMPBELL, PETER. - The Observer's Book of Sailing Craft of Australia and New Zealand [Australian Observer's Series, No A5].
14009: CAMPBELL, DAVID; PEEL, JOHN; EGAN, JACK (SELECTED BY). - Song for a Wren: Country Poems and Images.
15961: CAMPBELL, RODERIC. - Fugitive Books: The U Committee's Book Fair 1968 - 2012 & Women's Voluntary Work at Unsw.
10867: CAMPION, EDMUND. - Lines of My Life: Journal of a Year.
15410: CANAVAN, BERNARD. - Economists for Beginners.
27709: CANNANE, STEVE. - First Tests: Great Australian Cricketers and the Backyards That Made Them.
16276: CANNON, PHILIP. - Jazz and Blues (Easy Graded Piano Pieces) (3 Volumes).
29452: CANNON, MICHAEL. - That Damned Democrat: John Norton, an Australian Populist, 1858 - 1916.
24778: CANNON, WALTER B. - Bodily Changes in Pain, Hunger, Fear and Rage: An Account of Researches Into the Function of Emotional Excitement.
14466: CANT-WALL, E. (EDWARD). - Ireland Under the Land Act: Letters Contributed to the Standard Newspaper, with an Appendix of Leading Cases Under the Act, Giving the Evidence in Full, Judicial Dicta, &C.
21401: CANTOR, SHEILA. - Childhood Schizophrenia.
22352: CANTWELL SMITH, WILFRED; CRACKNELL, KENNETH (EDITOR). - Wilfred Cantwell Smith: A Reader.
27292: CAPALBO, CARLA; HEYWOOD, AMANDA (PHOTOS). - Italian Regional Cooking: A Step-by-Step Culinary Tour of the Best of Italy.
26068: CAPON, JOANNA. - Plasterwork: A Practical Guide [Australian Home Renovator Series].
26917: CAPP, FIONA. - My Blood's Country (a Journey Through the Landscapes That Inspired Judith Wright's Poetry).
11738: CAPPS, DONALD (EDITOR). - Freud and Freudians on Religion: A Reader.
17087: CAPTAIN, THE. - Inhumanity: Historical Tales of Old Convict Days from Millbank Prison (England) to Norfolk Island, Macquarie Harbour, Port Arthur: The Last of the Tasmanian Aborigines and Other Stories.
2192: CARCOPINO, JEROME. - Daily Life in Ancient Rome.
16408: CARDENA, ETZEL (EDITOR); LYNN, STEVEN JAY (EDITOR); KRIPPNER, STANLEY (EDITOR). - Varieties of Anomalous Experience.
28729: CAREW, EDNA. - Keating: A Biography.
29629: CAREY, GABRIELLE. - Moving Among Strangers: Randolph Stow and My Family.
14662: CAREY, PETER. - My Life As a Fake.
27244: CAREY, PETER. - The Chemistry of Tears.
28368: CAREY, PETER. - 30 Days in Sydney: A Wildly Distorted Account.
29561: CARGILL, A.; O'NEILL, S. - The Lithgow Zig Zag Railway.
23132: CARLIN, SCOTT. - Elizabeth Bay House: A History and Guide.
27603: CARLIN, SCOT; MARTIN, MEGAN; WATTS, PETER (FOREWORD). - Augusto Lorenzini: Italian Artist Decorator in Victorian Sydney.
17124: CARLSON, NICHOLAS. - Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!
26433: CARLSON, NEIL R. - Physiology of Behavior: Pearson International Edition.
27551: CARLYON, PATRICK. - The Gallipoli Story.
26907: CARMENT, DAVID. - History and the Landscape in Central Australia: A Study of the Material Evidence of European Culture and Settlement.
14503: CARMODY, ISOBELLE. - The Farseekers [Obernewtyn Chronicles, Book 2].
29644: CARMODY, ISOBELLE. - Obernewtyn [Obernewtyn Chronicles, Book 1].
29245: CARN, K. G. - Control of Weeds.
17162: CARNEGIE, DAVID W. - Spinifex and Sand: A Narrative of Five Years Pioneering and Exploration in Western Australia [Penguin Colonial Facsimiles].
28392: CARNEGIE, MARGARET; BOLDREWOOD, ROLF. - Pacific Gold: California 1848 Australia 1851 Including the Genesis of Gold-Fields Law in Australia.
22574: CARNLEY, ARCHBISHOP PETER. - Reflections in Glass: Trends and Tensions in the Contemporary Anglican Church.
23490: CARNWELL, ROS (EDITOR); BUCHANAN, JULIAN (EDITOR). - Effective Practice in Health and Social Care: A Partnership Approach.
16779: CARO, JANE (EDITOR). - Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World.
3165: CARR, ROGER VAUGHAN. - Piano Boy.
26899: CARR, HARRY; PULLEN, NOELENE; MCCLUSKEY, LORNA. - Transport in the Hills District 1805 - 1990.
13709: CARR, ANNA. - Grass Roots and Green Tape: Principles and Practices of Environmental Stewardship.
21244: CARR, BOB; WHITLAM, GOUGH (FOREWORD). - Thoughtlines: Reflections of a Public Man.
23203: CARR, CALEB. - The Lessons of Terror: A History of Warfare Against Civilians - Why It Has Always Failed, and Why It Will Fail Again.
20462: CARR, STEVEN ALAN. - Hollywood and Anti-Semitism: A Cultural History Up to World War II.
24130: CARRICK, SIR ROGER. - Rolleroundoz: Reflections on a Journey Around Australia [Rolleround Oz].
29313: CARRODUS, GERALDINE. - Gold, Gamblers and Sly Grog: Life on the Goldfields, 1851 - 1900 [Inquiring Into Australian History].
29396: CARROLL, ALISON. - Barbara Hanrahan, Printmaker.
15863: CARROLL, ALISON; PREST, WILFRID (FOREWORD). - Graven Images in the Promised Land: A History of Printmaking in South Australia 1836 - 1981.
12115: CARROLL, JOHN. - Ego and Soul: The Modern West in Search of Meaning.
23659: CARROLL, MARG. - Reinventing the Bush: Inspiring Stories of Young Australians.
15236: CARROLL, JOHN. - Ego and Soul: The Modern West in Search of Meaning.
14700: CARROLL, WALTER. - In Southern Seas: Nine Miniatures for Pianoforte.
15304: CARROLL, M.; HUGHES, P. - Too Much Fandango.
28824: CARROLL, STEVEN. - The Art of the Engine Driver [the Glenroy Novels].
2364: CARROLL, MICHAEL P. - The Cult of the Virgin Mary: Psychological Origins.
16788: CARRON, WM [WILLIAM]. - Narrative of an Expedition Undertaken Under the Direction of the Late Mr. Assistant Surveyor E.B. Kennedy, for the Exploration of the Country Lying between Rockingham Bay and Cape York [Etc] [Australiana Facsimile Editions].
13870: CARRUTHERS, STEVEN L. - Australia Under Siege: Japanese Submarine Raiders 1942.
13678: CARRUTHERS, MALCOLM. - Maximising Manhood: Beating the Male Menopause.
26252: CARSWELL, SIMON. - Anglo Republic: Inside the Bank That Broke Ireland.
23229: CARTER, ALAN. - Carter Bros and Dad.
15426: CARTER, PAUL. - Ground Truthing: Explorations in a Creative Region.
13334: CARTER, PAUL; LEWIS, RUARK. - Depth of Translation: The Book of Raft.
27326: CARTER, PATRICIA; GARDNER, ANNE (ARTIST). - Illuminated Calligraphy: Design, Techniques, Gilding, Simple Borders, Borders with Flowers, Banners, Ribbons and Ropework, Stylistic Leaf Borders.
28798: CARTER HALLWARD, MAIA (EDITOR); NORMAN, JULIE M. (EDITOR). - Understanding Nonviolence: Contours and Contexts.
16584: CARTER, ALAN. - Carter and Stuff.
26321: CARTER COVEL, JON. - Korea's Cultural Roots.
21851: CARTER, PAUL. - Parrot [Animal Series].
23215: CARTER, MICHAEL. - Putting a Face on Things: Studies in Imaginary Materials.
24527: CARTWRIGHT, SUE; COOPER, CARY. - No Hassle! Taking the Stress out of Work.
1160: CARTY, WINTHROP P.; LEE, ELIZABETH. - The Rhino Man and Other Uncommon Environmentalists.
14238: CARULLI, FERDINAND; DOMANDL, WILLY. - Ferdinand Carulli: 24 Praludien Zur Bildung Des Anschlags Fur Gitarre [24 Preludes: Guitar Exercises for the Right Hand] [Elite Edition, No. 3005: Plate 13910].
29090: CARUS WILSON, REV. W. - The Children's Friend (3 Volumes).
23598: CARUS-WILSON, E. M. - Medieval Merchant Venturers: Collected Studies.
8675: DE CASEMBROOT, JUDY. - Spaniels.
27950: CASEY, R. - Merino Murder.
20285: CASEY, EDWARD S. (EDITOR); MORANO, DONALD V. (EDITOR). - The Life of the Transcendental Ego: Essays in Honor of William Earle.
12619: CASHMAN, D. B. - The Life of Michael Davitt, Founder of the National Land League: To Which Is Added, the Secret History of the Land League, by Michael Davitt.
21725: CASHORE, BENJAMIN; AULD, GRAEME; NEWSOM, DEANNA. - Governing Through Markets: Forest Certification and the Emergence of Non-State Authority.
29097: CASSAB, JUDY. - Judy Cassab Diaries.
15570: CASSEL, ELAINE; BERNSTEIN, DOUGLAS A. - Criminal Behavior.
2657: CASSELL, ERIC J. - The Healer's Art: A New Approach to the Doctor-Patient Relationship [Pelican Original].
27923: CASSIDY, BARRIE. - Private Bill in Love and War.
16933: CASSIDY, BARRIE. - The Party Thieves: The Real Story of the 2010 Election.
28320: CASTAGNA, FELICITY. - Small Indiscretions: Stories of Travel in Asia.
3551: CASTANEDA, CARLOS. - Tales of Power.
15382: CASTANEDA, CARLOS. - The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge.
28861: CASTANEDA, CARLOS. - The Art of Dreaming.
26950: CASTLE, PETER. - Collecting and Valuing Old Photographs.
27855: CASTLE, CHRISTINE; PETERS, LYNDA. - Textiles and Design: Preliminary and Hsc.
27197: CASTLES, BELINDA. - The River Baptists.
6780: CASTLES, STEPHEN; FOSTER, WILLIAM; IREDALE, ROBYN; WITHERS, GLENN. - Immigration and Australia: Myths and Realities.
28906: CASTRO, BRIAN. - Shanghai Dancing: A Novel.
15712: CATER, NICK. - The Lucky Culture and the Rise of an Australian Ruling Class.
13495: CATHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER. - Christians, Muslims, and Islamic Rage: What Is Going on and Why It Happened.
22591: CATO, LEIGH (EDITOR). - The Business of Ecology: Australian Organisations Tackling Environmental Issues.
14644: CATO, NANCY. - Green Grows the Vine.
9220: CATO, NANCY. - Marigold.
22808: CAULFIELD, ANNIE. - Kingdom of the Film Stars: Journey Into Jordan [Lonely Planet Journeys].
15185: CAVALIER, RODNEY. - Power Crisis: The Self-Destruction of a State Labor Party.
22343: CAVANAGH, MICHELLE. - Margaret Holmes: The Life and Times of an Australian Peace Campaigner.
1560A: CAWCUTT, LINDA; WATSON, CATHERINE. - Pesticides: The New Plague (the Victims, the Politics, the Alternatives).
23189: CAWS, PETER. - Structuralism: The Art of the Intelligible [Contemporary Studies in Philosophy and the Human Sciences].
13890: CAWSEY, ALISON. - The Essence of Artificial Intelligence [Essence of Computing Series].
15163: CAWTHORN, RICHARD GRANT (EDITOR). - Layered Intrusions [Developments in Petrology].
16911: CAWTHORNE, NIGEL. - Witch Hunt: History of a Persecution.
1968: CAYCE, EDGAR; SUGRUE, THOMAS (PREFACE). - Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Colours.
15763: CAYLEY, NEVILLE W.; LINDSEY, TERENCE R. - What Bird Is That? the Classic Guide to the Birds of Australia.
28962: CELENZA, CHRISTOPHER S. - Machiavelli: A Portrait.
17259: CENSOR; BELL BRUCE, OLIVER. - Don't, or Directions for Avoiding Improprieties in Conduct and Common Errors of Speech.
25185: CHABON, MICHAEL. - The Final Solution: A Story of Detection.
28164: CHABRIS, CHRISTOPHER; SIMONS, DANIEL. - The Invisible Gorilla and Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us.
13562: CHADWICK, PETER. - Understanding Paranoia [Thorsons Health Series].
24110: CHALARIMERI, AMBROSE MUNGALA. - The Man from the Sunrise Side.
16690: CHALLEM, JACK. - The Inflammation Syndrome: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies, and Asthma.
16459: CHALMERS, JIM. - Glory Daze: How a World-Beating Nation Got So Down on Itself.
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