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16235: BUTTROSE, LARRY. - The King Neptune Day and Night Club.
25663: BUTTROSE, ITA. - A Passionate Life.
17145: BUXTON, DUDLEY. - Postcard: May You Fall in for an Ice Time This Christmas: With Every Good Wish for the Festive Season [Cwf Series 1282].
28056: BYATT, A. S. - The Biographer's Tale.
11119: BYATT, A. S. - Elementals: Stories of Fire and Ice.
27127: BYFIELD, C. C.; HAMMOND, DAVID (ILLUSTRATIONS). - Let's Look at Jenolan Caves [See and Know Australia Series].
27535: BYRNE, JOSH; CUNDALL, PETER (FOREWORD). - The Green Gardener: Sustainable Gardening in Your Own Backyard.
27264: BYRNE, JENNIFER. - A Book to Love: Favourite Guests of ABC Tv's First Tuesday Book Club Share Their Most Loved Books.
8621: BYRNES, PAUL; STRONG, JAMES (FOREWORD). - Qantas by George: The Remarkable Story of George Roberts.
26320: BYRON, JULIE. - Amazing Psychic Experiences of the Famous.
28083: CABOT, SANDRA; TEA, AUDREY (DIET). - Can't Lose Weight? You Could Have Syndrome X: The Chemical Imbalance That Makes Men & Women Fat.
25216: CADBURY, DEBORAH. - Chocolate Wars: From Cadbury to Kraft: 200 Years of Sweet Success and Bitter Rivalries.
30491: CADBURY'S FRY PASCALL, PTY LTD. - Chocolate Cookery with Bournville Cocoa: 60 Delicious Bournville Cocoa Recipes.
23235: CADDY, EILEEN. - Foundations of Findhorn.
30581: CADECOTT, RANDOLPH (ILLUSTRATOR); COWPER, WILLIAM. - The Diverting History of John Gilpin + the Babes in the Woods [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library].
13777: CAESAR, MAX. - How the Sailor Rode the Brumby.
21744: CAIRA, ALMA. - Ceramic and Glassware Style: Paint Your Own Tableware, Glassware, and Decorative Objects.
15642: CALCE, MICHAEL; SILVERMAN, CRAIG (WITH). - Mafiaboy: How I Cracked the Internet and Why It's Still Broken.
30358: CALDER, JAMES; FITZSYMONDS, EUSTACE (EDITOR); BOCK, THOMAS (ARTIST). - Brady: Mccabe, Dunne, Bryan Crawford, Murphy, Bird Mckenney, Goodwin, Pawley, Bryant, Cody, Hodgetts Gregory, Tilley, Ryan Williams and Their Associates: Bushrangers in Van Diemen’S Land 1824 - 1827.
13916: CALDWELL, BRIAN J.; HARRIS, JESSICA. - Why Not the Best Schools?
15167: CALHOUN, LAWRENCE G.; TEDESCHI, RICHARD G. - Facilitating Posttraumatic Growth: A Clinician's Guide [Personality and Clinical Psychology Series].
40675: O'CALLAGHAN, EUGENE. - Busmen in the Firing Line.
23688: O'CALLAGHAN, GARETH. - A Day Called Hope: A Personal Journey Beyond Depression.
16692: CALVINO, ITALO. - If on a Winter's Night a Traveller.
2510: CAMBRIDGE, ADA; MORRISON, ELIZABETH (EDITOR). - A Woman's Friendship [Colonial Texts].
22683: CAMBRIDGE, ADA; BARTON, PATRICIA (NOTES). - Unspoken Thoughts [Occasional Paper].
29098: CAMDEN, STEVEN. - Tape: Rewind, Play, I'm Here, I Always Was.
24753: CAMERON, MARCIA. - S.C. E.G. G.S. : A Centenary History of Sydney Church of England Girls' Grammar School [Scegs].
22026: CAMERON, MARY (EDITOR). - A Guide to Flowers and Plants of Tasmania.
30018: CAMERON, BRUCE W. - A Dog's Purpose.
25329: CAMERON, JENNIFER. - A Dangerous Innovator: Mary Ward (1585 - 1645).
27669: CAMERON, DAVID W. - The Battle for Lone Pine: Four Days of Hell at the Heart of Gallipoli.
15991: CAMERON, LINDY (EDITOR). - Sisters in Crime Newsletter (19 Issues).
30055: CAMERON, A. W. - A Short History of Glen Innes.
2421: CAMERON, PETER. - Heretic (the True Story of an Australian Convicted of Heresy).
30532: CAMERON, BRUCE W. - A Dog's Way Home.
26128: CAMERON, W. J. - Bourke: A Centenary of Local Government.
9162: CAMERON, ROD. - Alcheringa: The Australian Experience of the Sacred.
14009: CAMPBELL, DAVID; PEEL, JOHN; EGAN, JACK (SELECTED BY). - Song for a Wren: Country Poems and Images.
30192: CAMPBELL, ERIC. - Silly Isles: A Riotous Journey Through Weird and Wonderful Places.
29141: CAMPBELL, BOB. - Giants Leap: An Activist Folksinger's Memoir.
3572A: CAMPBELL, PETER. - The Observer's Book of Sailing Craft of Australia and New Zealand [Australian Observer's Series, No A5].
27142: CAMPBELL, JOHN. - Reference and Consciousness [Oxford Cognitive Science].
14297: CAMPBELL, F. H.; WATTERS, W. F.; ALLAN, JAS; GILLMAN, A. J. - Otago Boys' High School: Old Boys' Register.
15112: CAMPBELL, STEPHEN K. - Flaws and Fallacies in Statistical Thinking.
21495: CAMPBELL, ANNE; CARNEY, TERRY (ILLUSTRATOR). - Bridging Cultures.
15961: CAMPBELL, RODERIC. - Fugitive Books: The U Committee's Book Fair 1968 - 2012 & Women's Voluntary Work at Unsw.
29855: CAMPBELL CROWLEY, C. - Around the Year at Alectown: Volume 4.
29837: CAMPBELL, ANNABELLA ALEXANDRINA; GRIFFIN, GWEN (EDITOR). - Annabella of Lake Innes, Port Macquarie.
15410: CANAVAN, BERNARD. - Economists for Beginners.
29452: CANNON, MICHAEL. - That Damned Democrat: John Norton, an Australian Populist, 1858 - 1916.
16276: CANNON, PHILIP. - Jazz and Blues (Easy Graded Piano Pieces) (3 Volumes).
29959: CANNON, JANELL. - Verdi.
24778: CANNON, WALTER B. - Bodily Changes in Pain, Hunger, Fear and Rage: An Account of Researches Into the Function of Emotional Excitement.
30311: CANNON, MICHAEL (EDITOR); OFFICE, PUBLIC RECORD (COMPILER). - Aborigines and Protectors 1838 - 1839 [Historical Records of Victoria: Foundation Series: Volume 2b].
14466: CANT-WALL, E. (EDWARD). - Ireland Under the Land Act: Letters Contributed to the Standard Newspaper, with an Appendix of Leading Cases Under the Act, Giving the Evidence in Full, Judicial Dicta, &C.
21401: CANTOR, SHEILA. - Childhood Schizophrenia.
30786: CANTU, HECTOR; CASTELLANOS, CARLOS. - Comic Syndication Portfolio: Baldo.
27292: CAPALBO, CARLA; HEYWOOD, AMANDA (PHOTOS). - Italian Regional Cooking: A Step-by-Step Culinary Tour of the Best of Italy.
40615: CAPELL, A. - Aboriginal Religious Practice [Mankind: Official Journal of the Anthropological Societies of Australia Occasional Paper No. 1].
40771: CAPITOL TERRITORY, DEPARTMENT OF THE. - Planning Your Canberra Garden.
26068: CAPON, JOANNA. - Plasterwork: A Practical Guide [Plaster Work: Australian Home Renovator Series].
11738: CAPPS, DONALD (EDITOR). - Freud and Freudians on Religion: A Reader.
17087: CAPTAIN, THE. - Inhumanity: Historical Tales of Old Convict Days from Millbank Prison (England) to Norfolk Island, Macquarie Harbour, Port Arthur: The Last of the Tasmanian Aborigines and Other Stories.
22483: CAREW, EDNA. - Westpac: The Bank That Broke the Bank.
28729: CAREW, EDNA. - Keating: A Biography.
27244: CAREY, PETER. - The Chemistry of Tears.
28368: CAREY, PETER. - 30 Days in Sydney: A Wildly Distorted Account.
29561: CARGILL, A.; O'NEILL, S. - The Lithgow Zig Zag Railway.
27603: CARLIN, SCOT; MARTIN, MEGAN; WATTS, PETER (FOREWORD). - Augusto Lorenzini: Italian Artist Decorator in Victorian Sydney.
17124: CARLSON, NICHOLAS. - Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!
26433: CARLSON, NEIL R. - Physiology of Behavior: Pearson International Edition.
27551: CARLYON, PATRICK. - The Gallipoli Story.
26907: CARMENT, DAVID. - History and the Landscape in Central Australia: A Study of the Material Evidence of European Culture and Settlement.
14503: CARMODY, ISOBELLE. - The Farseekers [Obernewtyn Chronicles, Book 2].
29245: CARN, K. G. - Control of Weeds.
28392: CARNEGIE, MARGARET; BOLDREWOOD, ROLF. - Pacific Gold: California 1848 Australia 1851, Including the Genesis of Gold-Fields Law in Australia.
22574: CARNLEY, ARCHBISHOP PETER. - Reflections in Glass: Trends and Tensions in the Contemporary Anglican Church.
23490: CARNWELL, ROS (EDITOR); BUCHANAN, JULIAN (EDITOR). - Effective Practice in Health and Social Care: A Partnership Approach.
16779: CARO, JANE (EDITOR). - Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World.
30743: CARO, JANE. - Plain-Speaking Jane.
3165: CARR, ROGER VAUGHAN. - Piano Boy.
26899: CARR, HARRY; PULLEN, NOELENE; MCCLUSKEY, LORNA. - Transport in the Hills District 1805 - 1990.
40448: CARR, NICHOLAS. - The Shallows: How the Internet Is Changing the Way We Think, Read and Remember.
13709: CARR, ANNA. - Grass Roots and Green Tape: Principles and Practices of Environmental Stewardship.
23203: CARR, CALEB. - The Lessons of Terror: A History of Warfare Against Civilians - Why It Has Always Failed, and Why It Will Fail Again.
29313: CARRODUS, GERALDINE. - Gold, Gamblers and Sly Grog: Life on the Goldfields, 1851 - 1900 [Inquiring Into Australian History].
30577: CARROLL, LEWIS ; TENNIEL, JOHN (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Nursery Alice Containing Twenty Coloured Enlargements from Tenniel's Illustrations to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" with Text Adapted to Nursery Readers [Facsimile Editions, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library].
12115: CARROLL, JOHN. - Ego and Soul: The Modern West in Search of Meaning.
23659: CARROLL, MARG. - Reinventing the Bush: Inspiring Stories of Young Australians.
14700: CARROLL, WALTER. - In Southern Seas: Nine Miniatures for Pianoforte.
15304: CARROLL, M.; HUGHES, P. - Too Much Fandango.
13870: CARRUTHERS, STEVEN L. - Australia Under Siege: Japanese Submarine Raiders 1942.
13678: CARRUTHERS, MALCOLM. - Maximising Manhood: Beating the Male Menopause.
26252: CARSWELL, SIMON. - Anglo Republic: Inside the Bank That Broke Ireland.
29963: CARTER, MR F. J. - Concrete Manual.
23229: CARTER, ALAN. - Carter Bros and Dad.
23215: CARTER, MICHAEL. - Putting a Face on Things: Studies in Imaginary Materials.
15426: CARTER, PAUL. - Ground Truthing: Explorations in a Creative Region.
21851: CARTER, PAUL. - Parrot [Animal Series].
28778: CARTER, MELANIE; ORAM, NICOLA (ILLUSTRATOR). - Possum Goes to School.
16584: CARTER, ALAN. - Carter and Stuff.
28798: CARTER HALLWARD, MAIA (EDITOR); NORMAN, JULIE M. (EDITOR). - Understanding Nonviolence: Contours and Contexts.
26321: CARTER COVEL, JON. - Korea's Cultural Roots.
24527: CARTWRIGHT, SUE; COOPER, CARY. - No Hassle! Taking the Stress out of Work.
40424: CASE, JO; DAVIS, OSLO (ILLUSTRATOR). - Boomer and Me: A Memoir of Motherhood, and Asperger's.
8675: DE CASEMBROOT, JUDY. - Spaniels.
27950: CASEY, R. - Merino Murder.
20285: CASEY, EDWARD S. (EDITOR); MORANO, DONALD V. (EDITOR). - The Life of the Transcendental Ego: Essays in Honor of William Earle.
12619: CASHMAN, D. B. - The Life of Michael Davitt, Founder of the National Land League: To Which Is Added, the Secret History of the Land League, by Michael Davitt.
21725: CASHORE, BENJAMIN; AULD, GRAEME; NEWSOM, DEANNA. - Governing Through Markets: Forest Certification and the Emergence of Non-State Authority.
29097: CASSAB, JUDY. - Judy Cassab Diaries.
15570: CASSEL, ELAINE; BERNSTEIN, DOUGLAS A. - Criminal Behavior.
2657: CASSELL, ERIC J. - The Healer's Art: A New Approach to the Doctor-Patient Relationship [Pelican Original].
30237: CASSIDY, BONNY (EDITOR); WILKINSON, JESSICA L. (EDITOR). - Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry.
30831: CASSON, STANLEY. - Ancient Greece: A Study.
28320: CASTAGNA, FELICITY. - Small Indiscretions: Stories of Travel in Asia.
3551: CASTANEDA, CARLOS. - Tales of Power.
26950: CASTLE, PETER. - Collecting and Valuing Old Photographs.
6780: CASTLES, STEPHEN; FOSTER, WILLIAM; IREDALE, ROBYN; WITHERS, GLENN. - Immigration and Australia: Myths and Realities.
30683: LA CASTRA, BOB; ANGIER, GUY (ILLUSTRATOR). - Inside out Back Down Under.
28906: CASTRO, BRIAN. - Shanghai Dancing: A Novel.
15712: CATER, NICK. - The Lucky Culture and the Rise of an Australian Ruling Class.
29863: CATHCART, STEPHEN; PAVICH, CHRIS. - A Guide to Threatened Fauna of the Northern Central Tablelands.
13495: CATHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER. - Christians, Muslims, and Islamic Rage: What Is Going on and Why It Happened.
9220: CATO, NANCY. - Marigold.
30299: CATO, NANCY; ELLIS, VIVIAN. - Queen Trucanini: A Novel.
22591: CATO, LEIGH (EDITOR). - The Business of Ecology: Australian Organisations Tackling Environmental Issues.
14644: CATO, NANCY. - Green Grows the Vine.
23542: CATTERWELL, THELMA; ARGENT, KERRY (ILLUSTRATOR). - Sebastian Lives in a Hat.
22808: CAULFIELD, ANNIE. - Kingdom of the Film Stars: Journey Into Jordan [Lonely Planet Journeys].
22343: CAVANAGH, MICHELLE. - Margaret Holmes: The Life and Times of an Australian Peace Campaigner.
1560A: CAWCUTT, LINDA; WATSON, CATHERINE. - Pesticides: The New Plague (the Victims, the Politics, the Alternatives).
23189: CAWS, PETER. - Structuralism: The Art of the Intelligible [Contemporary Studies in Philosophy and the Human Sciences].
13890: CAWSEY, ALISON. - The Essence of Artificial Intelligence [Essence of Computing Series].
14645: CAWTE, JOHN; LEBRA, WILLIAM P. (FOREWORD). - Medicine Is the Law: Studies in Psychiatric Anthropology of Australian Tribal Societies.
16911: CAWTHORNE, NIGEL. - Witch Hunt: History of a Persecution.
15763: CAYLEY, NEVILLE W.; LINDSEY, TERENCE R. - What Bird Is That? the Classic Guide to the Birds of Australia.
17259: CENSOR; BELL BRUCE, OLIVER. - Don't, or Directions for Avoiding Improprieties in Conduct and Common Errors of Speech.
30495: CESARI, JOCELYNE. - Why the West Fears Islam: An Exploration of Muslims in Liberal Democracies [Culture and Religion in International Relations Series].
25185: CHABON, MICHAEL. - The Final Solution: A Story of Detection.
13562: CHADWICK, PETER. - Understanding Paranoia [Thorsons Health Series].
24110: CHALARIMERI, AMBROSE MUNGALA. - The Man from the Sunrise Side.
4417: CHALKER, BILL (EDITOR). - Ufo Newsletter / Australian Ufo Newsletter / Australian Ufo Researcher (10 Issues).
16690: CHALLEM, JACK. - The Inflammation Syndrome: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies, and Asthma.
15133: CHALMERS, OLIVER. - The Observer's Book of Rocks and Minerals of Australia [Australian Observer's Series, No A6].
13599: CHAMBERLAIN, THEODORE J.; HALL, CHRISTOPHER A. - Realized Religion: Research on the Relationship between Religion and Health.
16777: CHAMBERS, H. A. - Christmas Carols for Four Hands (One Piano) [Imperial Edition No. 784: Plate B6993].
29648: CHAMBERS, KASEY. - Kasey Chambers: A Collection.
24187: CHAMBERS, IAIN. - Border Dialogues: Journeys in Postmodernity [Comedia Series].
40687: CHAN, GABRIELLE. - Rusted Off: Why Country Australia Is Fed Up.
14554: CHANDLER, DAVID. - Bosnia: Faking Democracy After Dayton.
40029: CHANDLER, BERTRAM A. - Matilda's Stepchildren [Hale Sf Series].
19961: CHANDLER, MICHAEL; GUNARATNA, ROHAN. - Countering Terrorism: Can We Meet the Threat of Global Violence?
25363: CHANDLER, JO. - Feeling the Heat.
15213: CHANDRASEKARAN, RAJIV. - Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Baghdad's Green Zone.
17590: CHANDRIS. - Menu: Chandris Lines - S.S. Australis: Hellenic Night.
30352: CHANG, JENEVIEVE - The Good Girl of Chinatown.
29006: CHANIN, EILEEN; MILLER, STEVEN. - Awakening Four Lives in Art.
13054: CHAOUSIS, LINDA. - Organisational Behaviour.
25174: CHAPELLE, FRANCIS H.; BROWN, KATHY FLYNN (ILLUSTRATOR). - Wellsprings: A Natural History of Bottled Spring Waters.
15414: CHAPMAN, SIR FREDERICK; MACKANESS, GEORGE (EDITOR). - Governor Phillip in Retirement [Australian Historical Monographs (New Series)].
22931: CHAPMAN, PETER. - Jungle Capitalists: A Story of Globalisation, Greed and Revolution.
8261: CHAPMAN, SIMON. - Over Our Dead Bodies: Port Arthur and Australia's Fight for Gun Control.
27278: CHAPMAN, EVA MARIA. - Sasha and Olga: A True Tale of Survival.
28001: CHAPMAN, JEAN; BECK, ALI (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Bush Jumper.
23282: CHAPMAN, GUY. - The Dreyfus Trials.
14848: CHAPPELL. - Songs of the War [Plate: 34284].
17034: CHAPPELL. - Chappell Song Hits - Radio and Dance! [Chappell Album Series, No 46].
40750: CHAPPELL. - Hit Parade Songster No. 16.
16190: CHAPPELL. - 32nd Chappell Song and Dance Album: Contains Complete Words and Music with Ukulele Accompaniment.
24029: CHAPPELL. - Chappell Song and Dance Album No. 50 with Complete Words and Music.
40749: CHAPPELL. - Hit Parade Songster No. 15.
13828: CHAPPELL. - Songs of Memory: Radio and Community Favourites: Complete Words & Music with Ukulele Accompaniment [Plate: S1240-2].
13934: CHAPPELL. - Chappell's Album of Community Song-Dance and Talkie Hits No. 2.
17026: CHAPPELL. - Famous Hits of Famous Stars: A Souvenir Album: Complete Words and Music with Ukulele Accompaniment.
40689: CHARLES, IAN (MAPS); HOWARD, ALASTAIR (CONCEPT). - Royal National Park.
40455: CHARLESWORTH, JAMES H. - Jesus Within Judaism: New Light from Exciting Archaeological Discoveries.
17895: CHARLESWORTH, MAX (EDITOR); MORPHY, HOWARD (EDITOR); BELL, DIANE (EDITOR); MADDOCK, KENNETH (EDITOR). - Religion in Aboriginal Australia: An Anthology.
23860: CHARTERS, SAMUEL. - The Roots of the Blues: An African Search.
13257: CHAST. - Piperonyl Butoxide [Chast Publication, No 3].
13258: CHAST. - General Health Hazard Information Regarding the Use of Pesticides [Chast Publication, No 2].
29892: CHATER FORTH, LAURIE. - Margaret Catchpole: Her Life and Her Letters: The Story of a Woman Who Became a Legend.
30187: CHATTERJEE, ARUP K. - The Purveyors of Destiny: A Cultural Biography of the Indian Railways.
1787: CHAUVIN, REMY. - Parapsychology: When the Irrational Rejoins Science.
7008: CHELLANEY, BRAHMA. - Asian Juggernaut: The Rise of China, India, and Japan.
30673: CHENG, CHRISTOPHER; ROGERS, GREGORY (ILLUSTRATOR). - Amazing Australian Animals [30 Amazing Australian Animals].
25868: CHERRIE, DANI; MCINNES-SMITH, LISA (FOREWORD). - Pursued: An Australian Woman's True Story of Pain, Courage and Victory.
28552: CHERRY, DERELIE. - Two Dogs and a Garden.
16550: CHESHIRE, FRANK. - Bookseller Publisher Friend.
25362: CHESTER, QUENTIN. - Tales from the Bush: Footloose Reflections on the Walking Life.
30458: CHESTERTON, RIDLEY D.; FENTON, R. S. - Gas and Electricity Colliers: The Sea-Going Ships Owned by the British Gas and Electricity Industries.
14640: CHIARELLI, JACK. - In the Mission of St. Augustine [Plate: B. 6402].
16811: CHICHESTER, FRANCIS. - 50th Anniversary of Sir Francis Chichester's Flight Across the Tasman [First-Day Cover & Photo].
17647: CHIEH, WANG. - The Diary of Wang Chieh.
14076: CHILDE, H. L. - An Introduction to Concrete Work.
25016: CHILDS, LAURA. - Oolong Dead [Tea Shop Mystery].
22976: CHILDS, LAURA. - Dragonwell Dead [Tea Shop Mystery].
22094: CHILDS, LAURA. - The Jasmine Moon Murder [Tea Shop Mystery].
21800: CHILDS, LAURA. - Chamomile Mourning [Tea Shop Mystery].
24162: CHILDS, LAURA. - The Silver Needle Murder [Tea Shop Mystery].
27295: CHILTON, GLEN. - The Last Place You'd Look for a Wallaby: My Obsessive Quest to Seek out Alien Species.
28721: CHINMOY, SRI; TUTU, DESMOND (FOREWORD). - The Jewels of Happiness: Inspiration and Wisdom to Guide Your Life-Journey.
13549: CHIPLEY, DON (EDITOR); NEILL, ERIN (EDITOR). - The Australian Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (2 Issues).
20457: CHIPP, DON. - Keep the Bastards Honest.
30130: CHISHOLM, ALEC H. (EDITOR); MENZIES, R. G. (FOREWORD). - Scots Wha Hae: History of the Royal Caledonian Society of Melbourne.
25050: CHITTY, SUSAN. - Anna Sewell: The Woman Who Wrote Black Beauty.
16850: CHOI, C. Y. - Chinese Migration and Settlement in Australia.
29193: CHOPRA, DEEPAK. - Muhammad: A Story of God's Messenger and the Revelation That Changed the World.
23318: CHOUEIRI, YOUSSEF (EDITOR). - Breaking the Cycle: CIVIL Wars in Lebanon.
27661: CHRISTENSEN, LARRY B. - Experimental Methodology (Pearson International Edition).
40468: CHRISTIANSON, DR GERHARD. - Complex Ptsd for Beginners: An Easy Guide.
25417: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - The Clocks.
3212: CHRISTIE-MURRAY, DAVID. - Reincarnation [Spr Study Guide, No 5].
23967: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Elephants Can Remember.
23286: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Taken at the Flood [Agatha Christie Signature Series].
23958: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - The Big Four.
23097: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Sparkling Cyanide [Signature Series].
24458: CHRISTIE-MURRAY, DAVID. - Voices from the Gods: Speaking with Tongues.
24274: CHRISTIE, KATE. - Apparitions: An Autobiographical Study in Parapsychology.
23881: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Third Girl.
23965: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Dumb Witness.
23966: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - The ABC Murders.
24050: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - They Came to Baghdad.
12756A: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - Dead Man's Folly.
24899: CHRISTIE, AGATHA. - The Man in the Brown Suit [Agatha Christie Signature Series].
13018: CHRISTOPHER, ROBERT C. - The Japanese Mind: The Goliath Explained.
24638: CHRYSSIDES, HELEN. - A Different Light: Ways of Being Australian.
17480: CHURCH, UNITING. - Study Document on Deliverance Ministry (2 Pamphlets).
4504: CHURCHILL, D. M.; MUIR, T. B.; SINKORA, D. M. - The Published Works of Ferdinand J.H. Mueller (1825 - 1896) [Muelleria, Volume 4, No 1].
30019: CHURCHLAND, PATRICIA. - Touching a Nerve: Our Brains, Our Selves.
16300: CHURCHWARD, C. MAXWELL. - A New Fijian Grammar.
40695: CILENTO, SIR RAPHAEL; LACK, CLEM. - Wild White Men of Queensland: A Monograph [Royal Historical Society of Queensland Monographs].
16422: CIRCLE, MAP COLLECTORS; TOOLEY, R. V. - Early Maps of Australia: The Dutch Period: Being Examples from the Collection of R.V. Tooley with Bibliographical Notes [Map Collectors Series: Third Year, No. 23].
29042: CITY COUNCIL, WILLOUGHBY. - There's Something in the Water: A Compilation of Children's Short Stories and Artworks [Wildlife Story Book Series].
4012: CIVILIAN, BENGAL; KINLOCH, CHARLES WALTER (REAL NAME). - Rambles in Java and the Straits in 1852.
28959: CLAIRE, STEPHANIE; ZOFREA, SALVATORE. - Three Golden Rainbows.
26892: CLARE, ANNE. - Unlikely Rebels: The Gifford Girls and the Fight for Irish Freedom.
28212: CLAREMONT, YASUKO. - Japanese Prose Poetry [University of Sydney East Asian Series].
28632: CLARENCE, CAPTAIN; PAYNE, GRAEME (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Very Cool Cats of Jacamasu.
3214: CLARK-LOWES, NICHOLAS. - Books on the Paranormal: An Introductory Guide.
28043A: CLARK, JANE; WHITELAW, BRIDGET. - Golden Summers: Heidelberg and Beyond.
28151: CLARK, ROBERT; THOMSON, MARK. - Transport Fuels from Australia's Gas Resources.
25198: CLARK, MANNING. - A Historian's Apprenticeship.
26777: CLARK, JANE; MCCAUGHEY, PATRICK (ESSAY). - Sidney Nolan, Landscapes and Legends: A Retrospective Exhibition: 1937 - 1987.
30779: CLARK, GARY. - Full Power Ding Duck: 128 Pages over 250 Cartoon Strips.
27064: CLARK, MANNING; RUSSELL, ROSLYN (EDITOR). - Ever, Manning: Selected Letters of Manning Clark 1938 - 1991.
3895: CLARK, RONALD W. - Einstein: The Life and Times.
17894: CLARK, JEROME (EDITOR). - International Ufo Reporter (6 Issues).
30504: CLARK, RICKY. - Quilted Gardens: Floral Quilts of the Nineteenth Century.
40222: CLARK, GARY. - Up to the Neck in the Swamp! Selected Strips from the Swamp Cartoons.
26330: CLARK, ALAN. - A River and Its Bridges.
24438: CLARK, JOHN H. - A Map of Mental States.
40653: CLARK, GARY. - Kneedeep in the Swamp: 80 More Pages of Swamp Mania.
12648: CLARK, WILLIAM R. - At War Within: The Double-Edged Sword of Immunity.
40220: CLARK, GARY. - Swamped: 80 More Pages of the Best Humour Swamp Can Serve Up!
40221: CLARK, GARY. - Swamp: Another 80 Pages Oozing with Mirth Deep from the Swamp.
28692: CLARK, MARY SHELLEY. - Ships and Shores and Trading Ports: A Social and Working Life of Coastal Harbours and River Towns in New South Wales.
40661: CLARK, GARY. - Swamp Presents Ding Duck: The Official Biography of the World's Worst Flying Student.
40660: CLARK, GARY. - Swamp Tour No. 2.
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28913: EDWARDS, HUGH. - Port of Pearls: Broome's First 100 Years.
15736: EDWARDS, DEBORAH; MIMMOCHI, DENISE (WITH); BUNNY, RUPERT. - Rupert Bunny: Artist in Paris.
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29074: ELDERSHAW, M. BARNARD. - A House Is Built [Kessinger Legacy Reprints].
25909: ELECTRIC RAILWAY, SOUTH PACIFIC. - The Ryde Tramway: 1910 to 1949.
27647: ELECTRIC RAILWAY, SOUTH PACIFIC. - Sydney & Newcastle "L/P" Class: Bogie Crossbench Car [Tramcar Guides].

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