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58015: STERNE, LAURENCE; SHANDY, TRISTRAM - The Works of Laurence Sterne; Containing the Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent., a Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, Sermons, Letters, &c.
57596: STERNFELD, F. W. - Music in Shakespearean Tragedy
37458: STERNHOLD, THOMAS (COMPILER) - The Whole Book of Psalmes
65659: STERNHOLD, THOMAS; HOPKINS, JOHN; AND OTHERS - The Whole Book of Psalms, Collected Into English Metre
56456: STERRY, WASEY - Annals of the King's College of Our Lady of Eton Beside Windsor
44012: STEUART, A. FRANCIS - Seigneur Davie A Sketch of Life of David Riccio (Rizzio)
46153: STEVEN, REV W - Yarrow in History, Literature and Romance
45255: STEVENI, W. BARNES - Things Seen in Russia
50320: STEVENI, W. BARNES - Petrograd Past and Present
58598: STEVENS, GARRY - The Favored Circle: The Social Foundations of Architectural Distinction
43340: STEVENS, G.N - Catalogue of Important Pictures and Drawings of the Barbizon School and Works By Modern English Artists
001802: STEVENS, C.E - A Roman Author in North West Britain
50406: STEVENS, FAE HEWSTON - Koronglea Adventures
65761: STEVENS, WALLACE - The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens
5478: STEVENS, THOMAS - Through Russia on A Mustang
63775: STEVENS, LAURA M. - The Poor Indians: British Missionaries, Native Americans, and Colonial Sensibility (Early American Studies)
33628: WALLACE STEVENS - Opus Posthumous Edited, with an Introduction, By Samuel French Morse
002535: STEVENS, C. E. - A Roman Author in North-west Britain.
47197: STEVENS, B.D.R - Northumberland's Non League Cricket Clubs
33288: NORMAN STEVENS - Calalogue of Norman Stevens Work at the Maltzahn Gallery April 1974
003863: STEVENS, BRIAN DAVID - Brighter Later
003505: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Other Fables
56859: STEVENSON, D. E. - The Tall Stranger
62396: STEVENSON, ANDREW - A Nepalese Journey: On Foot Around the Annapurnas
63420: STEVENSON, LESLIE; SQUIRES, ROGER; HALDANE, JOHN - Mind, Causation & Action
45192: STEVENSON, D.E - Summerhills
18507: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Kidnapped
45228: STEVENSON, D. E. - The Tall Stranger
45229: STEVENSON, D. E. - The English Air
59745: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
43480: STEVENSON, ANNE - The French Inheritance
62236: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Story of Treasure Island Told in Pictures
001214: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Treasure Island
48624: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS; STERN, G. B. (ED) - Selected Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson
003719: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Prince Otto
27055: ANNE STEVENSON - Selected Poems
45991: STEVENSON, J. V. - The Dotty
54406: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Master of Ballantrae in One Volume
34309: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Treasure Island
62469: STEVENSON, REV. JOSEPH - The Church Historians of England Vol. V Part I
57021: STEVENSON, HEW SHANNAN - The Stevenson Family, a Record of the Descendants of James Stevenson, Burgess of Paisley in 1753
49618: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verse
62468: STEVENSON, REV. JOSEPH - The Church Historians of England Vol. 1 Part II
9639: STEVENSON, DAVID AND WENDY B. - Scottish Texts and Calendars: An Analytical Guide to Serial Publications
41835: STEVENSON, J.A.R. - More Sonnets
60154: STEVENSON, HERBERT F. (ED) - The Ministry of Keswick. A Selection from the Bible Readings Delivered at the Keswick Convention First Series: 1892-1919
001778: STEVENSON, ANNE - Selected Poems By Frances Bellerby
63644: STEVENSON, SARA AND BENNETT, HELEN - Van Dyck in Check Trousers
45189: D.E STEVENSON - Kate Hardy
13533: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes
37992: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Master of Ballantrae. A Winter's Tale.
62025: SINCLAIR-STEVENSON, CHRISTOPHER - The Gordon Highlanders
000243: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Catriona - a Sequel to "Kidnapped" Being Memoirs of the Further Adventures of David Balfour at Home and Abroad
52974: STEVENSON, MR. - The Gentleman Gardener Instructed in Sowing, Planting, Pruning and Grafting Seeds, Plants, Flowers and Trees; Also in the Manner of Making Wines from the Fruits of the Garden; and in the Management of Bees. To Which is Added the Gardener's Kalendar, Etc
64329: STEVENSON, JAMES - The Worst Goes South
72978: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
45717: STEVO, JEAN - Marie Howet
001143: STEWART, REV - A Compendium of Modern Geography
37355: STEWART, REV. ARCHIBALD - History Vindicated in the Case of The Wigtown Martyrs
62623: STEWART, JOHN - A Brief History of the Royal Highland Regiment the Black Watch
24385: STEWART, DOROTHY M. - Gower Handbook of Management Skills
22753: ROBERT B. STEWART - Treaty Relations of the British Commonwealth of Nations
22636: STEWART, RICHARD - Design and British Industry
001230: STEWART, TREVOR (ED.) - The Canonbury Papers Volume 2 - Freemasonry in Music and Literature - Transactions of the Fifth International Conference 1 & 2 November 2003
62769: STEWART, MARY - The Moon-Spinners
72839: STEWART, W. C. - The Practical Angler or the Art of Trout-Fishing More Particularly Applied to Clear Water
47444: STEWART, JACKIE; HENRY, ALAN - Jackie Stewart's Principles of Performance Driving
67232: KATHERINE BRADWAY; LOUIS H. STEWART - Sandplay Studies: Origins, Theory and Practice
40182: GEORGE R STEWART - Names on the Globe
38761: STEWART, MARY - Autobiography
58216: STEWART, BALFOUR - Physics (Science Primers III)
003803: DOUGLAS STEWART, J. - Sir Godfrey Kneller
72475: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Holy Greed the Forming of a Collection
59706: STEWART, ROBERT E. - Breeding Birds of North Dakota
002282: STEWART, SUE; BARNES, BRUCE; HUDSON, LOUISE; KEEGAN, BART - Four Ways (Phoenix Press poetry)
54754: STEWART, COCHRANE - Windslab
65532: STEWART, DONALD OGDEN - The Kidders - a Play
63411: STICH, STEPHEN; WARFIELD, TED A. - Mental Representation: A Reader
43692: STIEL, DR.-ING. WILHELM - Textile Electrification - A Treatise on the Application of Electricity in Textile Factories
65479: STIELER, KARL; PAULUS, EDWARD; KADEN, WOLDEMAR - Italy from the Alps to Mount Etna
36140: STIER, OLGA; SCHULER, J. E. - Continental Interiors for Small Flats
22990: HENRI STIERLIN - Encyclopaedia of World Architecture Volume I
65323: STIERLIN, HENRI - Art of the Aztecs and Its Origins
40896: STIGANT, S. AUSTEN - The J & P Transformer Book
63251: STIGANT, S. AUSTEN AND LACEY, H. MORGAN - The J.& P. Transformer Book
41341: STILL, BAYRD - Mirror for Gotham
60039: STILLWELL, ALEXANDER - Drafting Torchon Patterns
72697: STIRLING, THOS. B. - History of Vale of Leven Co-Operative Society Limited 1862-1912 Together with the Report of Jubilee Celebrations and a Brief Sketch of Bonhill Parish
55810: STIRTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Fifth Series Vol. XL
55814: STIRTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Fifth Series Vol. XXXIII.
55802: STIRTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Fifth Series Vol. L
55803: STIRTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Fifth Series Vol. XXVII
55809: STIRTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Fifth Series Vol. XXX
55815: STIRTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Fifth Series Vol. II.
55813: STIRTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Fifth Series Vol. XXVII.
55812: STIRTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Fifth Series Vol. XLIX.
60042: STITES, D.P, STOBO, J.D, FUDENBERG, H.H & WELLS, J.V - Basic And Clinical Immunology
RN76: JOE STOBART - Wooden Horses and String Gear
56743: STOBART, TOM - Adventurer's Eye the Autobiography of Everest Film-man Tom Stobart
50134: STOCK, EUGENE - The History of the Church Missionary Society - Its Environment, Its Men and Its Work - Vol. III.
000400: STOCK, SARAH GERALDINA (VERSES BY) - Alphabet of Bible Characters
003467: STOCKDALE, LOUISE - Waiting for Charon
003714: STOCKDALE, JAMES - Annales Caermoelenses, or Annals of Cartmel
64684: STOCKDALE, BEATRICE - Triumph in France 1955
56077: STOCKER, DAVID - Potted Tales Recollections and Views of Morecambe Bay Fishermen
57268: STOCKER, DAVID - The East Midlands: English Heritage Volume 5 (England's Landscape, Book 5)
9160: STOCKLEY, PHILIPPA (ED.) - Images 12: The Association of Illustrators Twelfth Annual
56724: STOCKS, WILLIAM B. - Pennine Journey
44169: STODDART, THOMAS TOD - An Anglers Rambles and Angling Songs
64307: STOECKLEIN, DAVID R. - Saddles of the West: History, Art, Culture, Function (Cowboy Gear Series)
64387: STOECKLEIN, DAVID R. - Dude Ranches of the American West
64393: STOECKLEIN, DAVID R. - The Western Buckle: History, Art, Culture, Function (Cowboy Gear Series)
64392: STOECKLEIN, DAVID R. - Sun Valley Images
64390: STOECKLEIN, DAVID R. - The Western Horse: A Photographic Anthology
64388: STOECKLEIN, DAVID R. - The Cowboy Horse
53469: STOELBURN - The Children's Moral Alphabet
64058: STOKER, BRAM - The Lair of the White Worm
44827: STOKER, MARY BROOKE - The Gilded Lizard
64059: STOKER, BRAM - The Mystery of the Sea
001124: STOKER, BRAM - Dracula
23241: WILLIAM LEE STOKES - Essentials of Earth History. An Introduction to Historical Geology
55386: STOKES, HUGH - French Art in French Life
33298: RALPH STOKOE - The Birds of the Lake Counties: Transactions of the Carlisle Natural History Society Volume X
65687: STOKOE, W. J. - The Observer's Book of British Butterflies
38674: STOKOE, W. J. AND STOVIN, G. H. T. - The Caterpillars of the British Butterflies Including the Eggs, Chrysalids and Food-Plants
58693: STOLTENBERG, DONALD - The Artist and the Built Environment
33468: HENRY STOMMEL - The Gulf Stream: A Physical and Dynamical Description
25016: JEFFREY STONE - Illustrated Maps of Scotland
63566: STONE, PETER B. - The State of the World's Mountains: a Global Report
33984: CHARLES DICKENS EDIT.HARRY STONE - Uncollected Writings from Household Words 1850-1859
55114: BOSWELL-STONE, W.G. - Shakespeare's Holinshed The Chronicle and the Plays Compared
40159: IRVING STONE - Men to Match My Mountains: The Opening of the Far West 1840-1900
72755: STONE, HAMPTON - The Corpse That Refused to Stay Dead
56952: STONE, CHRISTOPHER - Letters to an Eton Boy. a Selection from the Correspondence, Etc., Received By George Beverley Fitz Grannet During His Last Year at School.
63847: STONEHAM, TOM - Berkeley's World: An Examination of the Three Dialogues
53006: STONEHAM, C.T - Hunting Wild Beasts with Rifle and Camera
45222: STONEHAM, C. T. - Knight of the Woods
42182: STONEHENGE - The Dog: In Health And Disease
42568: STONEHENGE - The Dog in Helath and Disease
45395: STONEHENGE - British Rural Sports
49827: STONES, DONALD - Dimsie - Memoirs of a Pilot from Air to Ground - a Trilogy
34021: ALAN STONES - Catalogue of 18 Lithographs
40060: E STONES - Psychopedagogy: Psychological Theory and the Practice of Teaching
55631: STONHAM, CHARLES - The Birds of the British Islands - Vol. V.
58503: STONHAM, CHARLES - The Birds of the British Islands - Five Volumes
48959: STOOKE, ELEANORA - Kitty's Enemy
39577: STOOKES, SACHA - The Art of Robert Casadesus
52473: STOPPARD, TOM - Lord Malquist and Mr Moon
49403: STOREY, R. L. - The Chantries of Cumberland & Westmorland Part II
40250: F C STORK AND J D A WIDDOWSON - Learning About Linguistics
22843: WILLIAM ALLIN STORRER - The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: A Complete Catalogue.
56141: STORY, G.M. (EDITOR) - Lancelot Andrewes Sermons
39237: STORY, ROBERT HERBERT - Health Haunts of the Riviera and South-west of France
72714: STORY, ALFRED THOMAS - The Building of the Empire: The Story of England's Growth from Elizabeth to Victoria
50890: STOTE, DOROTHY - The Bride's Book
40090: DENIS H STOTT - Issues in the Intelligence Debate
45738: STOTT, BOB - Kaimai - The Story of the Kaimai Tunnel and the East Coast Main Trunk Railway.
38736: STOUT, H. B. (TRANSCRIBER) - The Registers of St. Bees, Cumberland Part II Burials 1538-1837
59684: STOUT, G. F. - Studies in Philosophy and Psychology
65796: STOW, RANDOLPH - Act One: Poems
47803: STOW, L.J.A - A History of Bective Lodge Number 1532 1875-1975
002152: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Uncle Tom's Cabin; a Tale of Life Among the Lowly.
64565: BEECHER STOWE, MRS. HARRIET - Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands.
50435: STOYANOW, ALEXANDER - The Geological Society of America Memoir 38 - Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy in Southeastern Arizona
67523: STRACHAN, HEW - British Military Uniforms 1768-1796: The Dress of the British Army from Official Sources
1033: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Portaits in Minature and other essays
64252: STRACHEY, BARBARA - Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.
54052: STRACZYNSKI, MICHAEL J. DAVID, PETER & HUDLIN, REGINALD - Spider-Man: The Other Evolve or Die
003546: STRAEBEL, VOLKER (EDITOR) - Morton Feldman Solo Piano Works 1950-64
57311: VAN DER STRAETEN, E. - The History of the Violin, Its Ancestors and Collateral Instruments from Earliest Times to the Present Day - Two Volumes
50229: STRAFFORD, N - The Determination of Toxic Substances
39721: STRAHAN, RONALD - Finches, Bowerbirds and Passerines of Australia
48961: STRAIN, E.H - A Man's Foes
53900: STRAITON, EDDIE - The TV Vet Book for Stock Farmers: Recognition and Treatment of Common Cattle Ailments
53901: STRAITON, EDDIE - The TV Vet Book for Pig Farmers: How to Recognise and Treat Common Pig Ailments
003071: STRANDES, JUSTUS - The Portuguese Period in East Africa
62097: STRANG, HERBERT (EDITOR) - The Big Book of Trains
52393: STRANG, MRS HERBERT (ED) - Tail-Wagger's Big Book
64542: STRANG, MRS HERBERT (EDITOR) - The Big Book of Bedtime Stories
63225: STRANG, HERBERT (EDITOR) - The Buff Book For Boys
52630: STRANG, HERBERT (ED.) - The Oxford Annual for Scouts
43936: STRANG, ALICE - Consider the Lilies : Scottish Painting 1910-1980: From the Collection of the City of Dundee
58948: STRANG, MRS HERBERT - Schooldays and Holidays
50739: STRANG, HERBERT (ED.) - The Big Book of Adventure Stories
003565: STRANG, HERBERT (EDITOR) - The Oxford Annual for Scouts 1921
48535: STRANG, HERBERT (ED.) - The Great Book for Boys
44560: STRANGE, THOMAS ARTHUR - English Furniture Decoration Woodword and Allied Arts During the 18th Century
001292: STRANGE, EDWARD F. - Victoria & Albert Museum Department of Engraving, Illustration and Design - Tools and Materials Illustrating the Japanese Method of Colour-Printing - a Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection Exhibited in the Museum
44941: STRANGER, JOYCE - Rusty
54500: STRANGWAYS, A.H. FOX (EDITOR) - Music & Letters A Quarterly Publication Vol XV No. 3 July 1934
53756: STRANKS, C. J. - St Etheldreda Queen and Abbess
59573: STRASSNER, PETER - Vorwarts, voran, voran!: Das Panzerbuch der Waffen-SS (Zeitgeschichte im Bild)
54410: STRATMANN, FRANCIS HENRY - A Middle-English Dictionary Containing Words Used By English Writers from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century
37372: PETER STRAUB - Floating Dragon
2686: STRAUSS, FRITZ - Schiggi-Schiggi: Adventures of Leo Parcus in the forests of Bolivia
62631: STRAUSS, RICHARD - The Silent Woman
52847: STRAUSS, RICHARD; VON HOFMANNSTHAL, HUGO; BURGESS, ANTHONY - Der Rosenkavalier Comedy for Music in Three Acts
65911: STRAVINSKY, IVOR (MUSIC); AUDEN, W. H.; KALLMAN, CHESTER (LIBRETTO) - The Rake's Progress: Opera in Three Acts
24412: STRAVITZ, DAVID - Chrysler Building, The
47688: STRAWSON, P. F. - Individuals - an Essay in Descriptive Metaphysics
59129: STREAMER, VOLNEY - Book Titles from Shakspere
59097: STREATFIELD, NOEL - The Children's Matinee
003835: STREATFIELD, NOEL - The Grey Family
55861: STREATFIELD, NOEL - Party Frock
67516: STREATFIELD, NOEL - Thursday's Child
11955: STREEP, PEG - Cowgirl Rising : The Art of Donna Howell-Sickles
56096: STREET, SEAN - The Wreck of the Deutschland
23782: STREET, A.G. - Hitler's Whistle
60194: STREET, BRIAN V - Cross Cultural Approaches to Literacy
45335: STREET, A. G. - A Year of My Life
59190: STREISAND, BARBRA - My Passion for Design: a Private Tour
59887: STRENSKI, IVAN - Four Theories of Myth in twentieth Century History: Cassirer, Eliade, Levi-Strauss and Malinowski
22628: E K STRETCH - The Tramways of Wigan
50981: STRETTON, CLEMENT E. - Safe Railway Working
71240: STRICK, PHILIP - Antonioni- a Motion Monograph Number 5
52301: STRICKLAND, MATTHEW - Armies, Chivalry and Warfare in Medieval Britain and France
10319: STRICKLAND, AGNES - Lives of the Queens of England Volume 9 Mary Beatrice
002294: STRICKLAND, D.C. - Locomotive Directory 1890-1982
55466: STRIKER, FRAN - The Lone Ranger on Red Butte Trail
33280: AUGUST STRINDBERG - Plays By August Strindberg: Second Series, There are Crimes and Crimes, Miss Julia, The Stronger, Creditors, Pariah
50998: STRINGER, KEITH - The Reformed Church in Medieval Galloway and Cumbria
41026: STROBEL, HEINRICH - Paul Hindemith. Zeugnis in Bildern
41926: STROBEL, HEINRICH - Paul Hindemith. Zeugnis in Bildern
56347: STROHM, THEODOR - Diakonie an der Schwelle zum neuen Jahrtausend: Ökumenische Beiträge zur weltweiten und interdisziplinären Verständigung
53558: STRONG, ROY - Feast : A History of Grand Eating
37381: STRONG, L(EONARD) A(LFRED) G(EORGE) - The Sacred River an Approach to James Joyce
RN73: STRONG, L.A.G. - English Novelists Today
002140: STRONG, NIGEL - That Exciting Holiday
63669: STRONG, P. N. W. - Out of Great Tribulation
13199: STRONG, ROY - Britannia Triumphs: Inigo Jones Rubens and Whitehall Palace
45804: STRONG, ROY - The Artist and the Garden
002644: STRONG, L. A. G. - Personal Remarks
45226: STRONG, L. A. G. - Deliverance
33289: ROY C STRONG - Holbein's Cartoon for the Barber-Surgeons Group Rediscovered- A Preliminary Report: Reprint from the Burlington Magazine January 1963
63548: STROUD, BARRY - The Significance Of Philosophical Scepticism
54813: STROUD, F. - The Judicial Dictionary, of Words and Phrases Judicially Interpreted, to Which Has Been Added Statutory Definitions.
63502: STROUD, BARRY - Hume
47014: STROWSKI, FORTUNAT - Montaigne
62738: STRUTT, JOSEPH; HONE, WILLIAM - The Sports and Pastimes of the Pople of England; Including the Rural and Domestic Recreations, May Games, Mummeries, Shows, Processions, Pageants, & Pompous Spectacles from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
52548: STRYPE, JOHN - The Life and Acts of the Most Reverend Father in God, John Whitgift, D. D. The Third and Last Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth; Etc
52996: STUART, JAMES; REVETT, NICHOLAS - The Antiquities of Athens; and Other Monuments of Greece; as Measured and Delineated By James Stuart and Nicholas Revett
43855: STUART, VIVIAN - Hazard of "Huntress"
33587: ALAN STUART & MAURICE G KENDALL EDITORS - Statistical Papers of George Udny Yule (Born 1871 - Died 1951)
72357: STUART, GILBERT - The History of the Establishment of the Reformation of Religion in Scotland.
45461: STUBBS, PETER - A Note on Kant's Ethics
53790: STUBBS, WILLIAM - The Constitutional History of England in Its Origin and Development - Vol. III.
1756: STUBBS, WILLIAM - Select Charters and Other Illustrations of English Constitutional History
10626: STUBBS, JAMES - The Four Corners: a Narrative of Official Visits Made Abroad from London During the Years 1958 to 1980
58846: STUBBS, CHARLES WILLIAM - Christ and Economics in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount
47507: STUBBS, CHARLES WILLIAM (ED.) - Charles Kingsley
66194: STUCHBERY, ARTHUR L - Little boxes
58484: STUCKEY, CHARLES F. (EDITOR) - Monet A Retrospective
22513: G. E. STUDDY - Bonzo's Annual
55384: CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY CULTURAL STUDIES - Making Histories: Studies in History-writing and Politics
24286: DAVID DAVIES MEMORIAL INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES - Water Pollution as a World Problem: The Legal, Scientific and Political Aspects Report of a Conference Held at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 11/12 July 1970;
71165: MICHAEL SORKIN STUDIO - Other Plans - University of Chicago Studies - Michael Sorkin Studio - Pamphlet Architecture #22
43004: STUHLMANN, GUNTHER - The Diary of Anais Nin 1934-1939
D00021: STUHLMANN, GUNTHER - Henry Miller - Letters to Anais Nin - Part One: Europe 1931-40
25094: STUKINS, JANET - An Introduction to Downton Lace. Twenty Downton Lace Patterns
62860: STURDZA, MICHEL PRINCE - The Suicide of Europe
56572: STURGEON, MARY C. - Corinth Sculpture The Reliefs from the Theater Volume IX Part II
42926: STURGIS, DANIEL - Daniel Sturgis Abstract Logic
40535: STURKEY, REV. T. OWEN - History of the United Parishes of Kirk-Andrews on Eden with Beaumont
49664: STURLEY, K.R - Sound and Television Broadcasting General Principles
54522: STURMEY, S. G. - British Shipping and World Competition
10676: STURZENEGGER, E. - The Rand Gold Mines: 15th Edition 1945
49489: AVERY-STUTTLE, MRS L.D - Making Home Happy
38941: STYLES, SHOWELL - Shadow Buttress
39558: STYLES, SHOWELL - The Camp in the Hills
62272: STYLES, KITTY - Nicholas Thomas and Timothy No. 6
66350: SUANDI - Style in Performance
46105: SUARES, CARLO - Krishnamurti and the Unity of Man
57112: SUBRAMANIAM, KAMALA - Ramayana
4235: SUBUH, MUHAMMAD - The Growth Of Subud
63285: SUCHET, JOHN - Beethoven: The Man Revealed
52946: SUCHET, JOHN - Passion & Anger the Last Master a Fictional Biography of Ludwig Van Beethoven - 3 Volumes
33608: ERNEST VICTOR SUCKLING - The Examination Of Waters and Water Supplies (Thresh, Beale & Suckling)
36771: JOHN SUCKLING (EDIT.L.A.BEAURLINE) - Works of John Suckling Plays
001083: SUDDABY, ELIZABETH; YARROW, P. J. (EDS.) - Lady Morgan in France
49450: SUDDARDS, ROGER W.; HARGREAVES, JUNE M.; ET AL - Listed Buildings: The Law and Practice of Historic Buildings, Ancient Monuments, and Conservation Areas
003272: SUDHARMA, UPASAKA - Speaking of Silence
57930: SUDJIC, DEYAN - Norman Foster a Life in Architecture
26313: G. M. D. SUFI - Al -Minhaj
001424: SUGDEN, EDWARD HAIGH - A History of the Parish of Arlecdon and Frizington, with Illustrations, Analyses, &c.
57479: SUGDEN, EDWARD H. - A Topographical Dictionary to the Works of Shakespeare and His Fellow Dramatists
59449: SUGG, JOE - Username: Regenerated
24003: V. SUKACHEV AND N. DYLIS - Fundamentals of Forest Biogeocoenology
002112: SULLIVAN, EDWARD - Rambles and Scrambles in North and South America.
003407: SULLIVAN, J. - Cumberland & Westmorland, Ancient and Modern: The People, Dialect, Superstitions and Customs.
24125: SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY - Theodore Roethke: The Garden Master
728: SULLIVAN, J. - Cumberland & westmorland, Ancient and Modern: The people, dialect, superstitions and customs.
55779: SULZBERGER, C. L. - A Long Row of Candles: Memoirs and Diaries (1934-1954)
RN71: SUMMERHAYS, R.S. - Thelwell
64814: SUMMERSKILL, EDITH - Letters to My Daughter
45922: SUMMERSON, HENRY & HARRISON, STUART - Lanercost Priory Cumbria
42651: SUMMERSON, HENRY & HARRISON, STUART - Lanercost Priory, Cumbria. A Survey and Documentary History
42548: SUMMERSON, HENRY - 'An Ancient Squires Family': The History of the Aglionbys, c. 1130-2002
52949: SUMNER, WILLIAM - Bach's Organ-Registration - School of Bach-Playing for the Organist Volume Two.
64197: SUMNER, DR W.L. AND WILLIAMS, DR PETER - Four Lectures on Organ Design and Construction
63761: SUNDERLAND, DAVID - Managing the British Empire: The Crown Agents, 1833-1914 (Royal Historical Society Studies in History)
43944: SUNDKLER, BENGT - Nathan Soderblom
36188: R H SUPER - Matthew Arnold; Dissent and Dogma
63485: SUPPE, FREDERICK - The Structure of Scientific Theories
47165: SURER, PAUL - Manuel Des Etudes Litteraires Francais XX Siecle
53632: SURGEY, KEITH & TROTMAN, W - The Parish Churhes in the Ancient Vale of Mowbray
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30005: A.WYATT TILBY - Lord John Russell
46987: TILLETT, MARGARET - Stendhal the Background to the Novels
000806: TILLEY, ARTHUR - Three French Dramatists - Racine - Marivaux - Musset
65747: TILLOTSON, DR. JOHN (LATE LORD ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY) - Sermons on Several Subjects and Occasions - Volume the Second (volume 2)
60034: TILLOTSON, PROF GEOFFREY - Essays and Studies 1951
36172: E.M.W.TILLYARD AND C.S.LEWIS - Personal Heresy a Controversy
67044: TILLYER, WILLIAM - William Tillyer Kachina Paintings
45436: TILNEY, F. C. - Portraiture as Pictures - Being the Sixth of a Series of Tracts for Pictorial Photographers
45437: TILNEY, F. C. - Portraiture as Human Documents - Being the Fifth of a Series of Tracts for Pictorial Photographers
45223: TILSLEY, FRANK - Voice of the Crowd
40399: TILTON, JOHN WIGHTMAN - Cosmic Satire in the Contemporary Novel
46043: TIMBS, JOHN - Curiosities of London Exhibiting the Most Rare and Remarkable Objects of Interest in the Metropolis with Nearly Sixty Years Personal Recollections
49019: TIMEFORM - Racehorses of 1992
65190: THE NEW YORK TIMES - Apollo 11: On the Moon
49064: THE TIMES - The Times House of Commons 1966 with Full Results of the Polling, Biographies of Members and Unsuccessful Candidates, Photographs of All Members, and a Complete Analysis, Statistical Tables and a Map of the General Election October, 1966
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002252: TIMMS, E. V. - Shining Harvest
73020: TIMPSON, JOHN - Timpson's Other England
62574: TIMPSON, JOHN - Timpson's Towns of England and Wales Oddities and Curiosities
63265: TINCTORIS, JOHANNES - Dictionary of Musical Terms
62313: TINDALE, NORMAN B. AND LINDSAY, HAROLD A. - Rangatira (The High-born)
56089: TINDALL, FRANK - Memoirs and Confessions of a County Planning Officer
56582: TINNISWOOD, ADRIAN - The Art Deco House
23587: TINTNER, ADELINE R. - Edith Wharton in Context: Essays on Intertextuality
000214: TIPPING, H. AVRAY - English Homes Period III - Vol. I. Late Tudor and Early Stuart 1558 - 1649
39415: TIPPING, H. AVRAY - English Homes Period III - Vol. 1 Late Tudor and Early Stuart 1558-1649
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67312: TISDALL, M. W. - God's Beasts: Identify and Understand Animals in Church Carvings
48813: TISO, GRAHAM; FLEMING, M. - Climber's Guide to Creag Dubh and the Eastern Outcrop
71223: TISSERAND, ERNEST - François De La Mothe Le Vayer (orasius tubero) Deux Dialogues Faits a L'imitation Des Anciens
46763: TISSOT, JAMES - The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ Volume One
47296: TITLEY, U.A - Centenary History of the Rugby Football Union
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10163: TITMARSH, M. A. - The Kickleburys on the Rhine
60173: TITTERTON, W.R - Drinking Songs and Other Songs
40154: ROBERT TITTLER - Nicholas Bacon: The Making of a Tudor Statesman
24215: TIVY, JOY - The Organic Resources of Scotland: Their Nature and Evaluation
5327: TNAGYE, NIGEL - The House on The Seine
40298: J J TOBIAS - Crime and Industrial Society in the 19th Century
40299: J J TOBIAS - Nineteenth Century Crime: Prevention and Punishment
43423: TOBITT, J. W. - Sermons
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001842: TODD, JANET (ED) - Mary Wollstonecraft Mary Maria Mary Shelley Matilda
67161: TODD, JOHN M. - A Window Onto Late Medieval Cumbria
77036: TODD, JOHN M - Civil Engineering, C1250: The St Bees Mill Leat
8942: TODD, BARBARA [MARTINEAU, HARRIET] - Harriet Martineau at Ambleside with 'a Year at Ambleside'
39308: EYRE-TODD, GEORGE - Peeps at the Great Railways. The London Midland and Scottish Railway
38963: TODD, BARBARA EUPHAN - The Box in the Attic
38964: TODD, H.E. - Bobby Brewster's Conker
42729: TODD, JOHN M. - A Window Onto Late Medieval Cumbria
53521: TODD, MARGARET (GRAHAM TRAVERS) - The Life of Sophia Jex-Blake
72753: TODD, H. E. - Bobby Brewster's Camera
002528: TODD, RUTHVEN - Space Cat Visits Venus
77096: TODD, JOHN M - Civil Engineering, c.1250: The St Bees Mill Leat
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50462: TOFT, BRIAN - Learning from Disasters
59252: TOGHILL,PETER - The Geology of Britian An Introduction
59906: TOKLAS, ALICE B. - Aromas & Flavours of Past and Present
48122: TOLKEIN, J R R; TOLKIEN, CHRISTOPHER (ED.) - The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun
56398: TOLKEIN, J R R - The Hobbit or There and Back Again
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33623: J.R.R. TOLKIEN - Lord of the Rings. 3 Vols: Fellowship of the Ring; Two Towers; Return of the King.
35341: TOLKIEN, J R R - Beowulf, The Monsters and the Critics. Sir Israel Gollancz Memorial Lecture. British Academy. 1936.

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