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63314: SHARIATI, ALI DR. - Civilisation and Modernisation
63238: SHARK, ALAN R; ET AL - Smart Cities for a Bright Sustainable Future - A Global Perspective
53720: SHARLAND, MIKE - Nervestorm
67138: SHARMA, G. N. - Social Life in Medieval Rajasthan (1500-1800 A.D.)
003433: SHARMA, ARVIND - The Concept of Universal Religion in Modern Hindu Thought (Library of Philosophy and Religion)
37178: SHARP, HENRY - The Gun: Afield and Afloat.
003556: SHARP, EVELYN (WRITTEN BY) & WILLIAMS, R. VAUGHAN (MUSIC BY) - The Poisoned Kiss or The Empress and the Necromancer
53884: SHARP, C MARTIN - D.H
59998: SHARP, CECIL J. - The Country Dance Book Parts I, II and III
55785: SHARP, CECIL J.; MACILWAINE, HERBERT C. - The Morris Book with a Description of Dances as Performed By the Morris Men of England - Four Parts.
22847: TIM AND CHARLOTTE BENTON AND DENNIS SHARP - Form and Function: A Source Book for the History of Architecture and Design !890-1939
000757: SHARP, CECIL J. (ARRANGED BY, WITH PIANOFORTE ACCOMPANIMENT) - Nursery Songs from the Appalachian Mountains - First and Second Series
49133: SHARP, CECIL J. - English Folk Song: Some Conclusions
49136: SHARP, CECIL J. - The Sword Dances of Northern England Together with the Horn Dance of Abbots Bromley
55646: SHARP, ALAN - A Green Tree in Gedde
52201: SHARPE, JOHN - The Workman Brothers: English Pioneers of the American West
63291: SHARPE, JOHN - John Metcalfe Carleton: Georgian Rake of the Eden Valley
59976: SHARPE, TOM - Blott on the Landscape
62664: SHARPLES, NIALL; SHERIDAN, ALISON - Vessels for the Ancestors: Essays on the Neolithic of Britain and Ireland in Honour of Audrey Henshall
36293: FORBES W SHARPLEY - Chemical Engineering in the Coal Industry: An International Conference Organized By the National Coal Board, Great Britain and Held at Its Coal Research Establishment at Stoke Orchard, Cheltenham, England in June 1956
33562: BERNARD SHARRATT - Reading Relations: Structures of Literary Production, A Dialectical text/book
45460: SHARROCK, DR J. T. R. (ED.) - British Birds Volume 92 Numbers 6 , 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. (June, July, August, September, October, November 1999)
43210: SHAVER, RICHARD - Amazing stories- Gods of Venus
43218: SHAVER, RICHARD - Amazing stories- Titan's Daughter
72782: SHAW, J. BEREND - Glasgow Battalion the Boys' Brigade 1883-1983
16577: SHAW, BERNARD - Shaw's Books: Bibliography Constable
1056: SHAW, BERNARD - The Common Sense of Municipal Trading
2353: SHAW, BERNARD - The Sanity of Art: An Exposure of the Current Nonsense about Artists being Degenerate
26437: SHAW, BERNARD - Ruskin's Politics
46678: SHAW, FLORA L. (LADY LUGARD) - A Tropical Dependency - An Outline of the Ancient History of the Western Soudan with an Account Of the Modern Settlement of Northern Nigeria
47577: SHAW, CATHARINE - The Strange House; or, a Moment's Mistake.
55310: SHAW, WILLIAM ARTHUR - Manchester Old and New - Three Volumes.
47721: SHAW, J.T - Sunderalnd Ware the Potteries of Wearside
53332: SHAW, DON - The Golden Key
63755: SHAW, PHILIP - Waterloo and the Romantic Imagination
62148: SHAW, CHARLES G. - Nightlife - Vanity Fair's Intimate Guide to New York After Dark
15776: SHAW, WILLIAM - Gretna Green and The Nether Border
56539: SHAW, GARETH - British Directories as Sources in Historical Geography
54126: SHAW, ROBERT - Visits to High Tartary, Yarkand and Kashgar
59758: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Pygmalion
54292: SHAW, B. - Plays pleasant and Unpleasant
56511: SHAW, JANE - Susan Pulls the Strings
53375: SHAW, THURSTAN - The Archaeology of Africa
65258: SHAWYER, COLIN R.; ET AL - First National Barn Owl Conservation Network Symposium - the Future of Barn Owl Conservation in Britain - 4th November 1989, the Meeting Rooms, Bristol Zoo
10084: SHAY, ARTHUR WITH LEVE, CHUCK - Winning Racquetball
72973: SALTYKOV-SHCHEDRIN, M - The Golovlyovs
57266: SHEAD, HERBERT A. - Anatomy of the Piano
46225: SHEBBEARE, THE REV. C. J.; MCCABE, JOSEPH - The Design Argument Reconsidered
64534: SHEELER, JESSIE; LAWSON, ANDREW - Little Sparta: The Garden of Ian Hamilton Finlay
39525: SHEILDS, GRAHAM - Madrid World Bibliographical Series Volume 193
64936: THE OLD SHEKARRY, H. A. L. - The Hunting Grounds of the Old World. First Series.
37409: FRENCH SHELDON, M - Salammbô of Gustave Flaubert
48948: SHELDON, CHARLES M - Edward Blake College Student
72602: SHELDRAKE, MARK - Hopping Mad - Tales from a Ground Hopper - 'Stories from 40 Years on the Road'
10578: SHELFORD, VICTOR E. - Animal Communities in Temperate America: As Illustrated in the Chicago Region: a Study in Animal Ecology
64582: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE; FORMAN, H. BUXTON - The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Given from His Own Editions and Other Authentic Sources, Etc. - Two Volumes
10016: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - The Sensitive Plant
49551: SHELLEY, HENRY C. - Gilbert White and Selborne
59766: SHELLEY, MARY - Frankenstein I and II
45085: SHELLEY, BRIAN - 'The Little Waster' Bobby Thompson
23851: SHELLEY, HENRY C. - The Art of the Wallace Collection
59735: SHELLEY, PERCY B. - Prometheus Unbound: A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts
54958: CERVANTES; SHELTON, THOMAS - The History of the Valorous and Witty Knight-Errant Don Quixote of the Mancha. In Four Volumes.
61152: SHENNAN, STEPHEN - Archaeological Approaches to Identity
57895: SHENSTONE, WILLIAM; MALLET, DAVID - The Poems of Shenstone, Vol. II. And Mallet. (the British Poets. Including Translations. Volume XLVIII)
57896: SHENSTONE, WILLIAM - The Poems of William Shenstone, Vol. I. (the British Poets. Including Translations. Volume XLVII)
48839: SHEPHARD, ESTHER - Paul Bunyan
52224: SHEPHERD, ETTRICK - The Queen's Wake and Other Poems
47535: SHEPHERD, MARGARET E. - Across the Oceans: Emigration from Cumberland and Westmorland Before 1914
63626: BROOK-SHEPHERD, GORDON - Dollfuss
7582: SHEPHERD, MICHAEL - Barbara Hepworth
59150: SHEPHERD, WALTER - On the Scent with Sherlock Holmes: Some Old Problems Resolved
44447: SHEPHERD, JOHN A - Spencer Wells
65771: SHEPHERD, RICHARD HERNE; CHAPMAN, GEORGE - The Works of George Chapman
49951: SHEPHERD, EDGAR C. - The Tower and Bells of Solihull Church
000535: SHEPPARD, THOS.; WOODHEAD, THOMAS WILLIAM (EDS.) - The Naturalist: A Monthly Journal of Natural History for the North of England
65596: SHEPPARD, CAPTAIN E. W. - Military History for the Staff College Entrance Examination: a Brief Summary of the Campaigns, with Questions and Answers
56061: SHEPPARD, RICHARD; WRIGHT, HILTON - Building for Daylight
62472: SHEPPARD, DAVID (EDITOR) - They Built the North
63968: SHEPPARD, F. H. W. - Local Government in St. Marylebone 1688-1835: a Study of the Vestry and the Turnpike Trust
57983: SHEPPARD, ROBERT & ROBINSON, PETER - News for the Ear A Homage to Roy Fisher
64795: SHEPPARD, THOMAS; WOODHEAD, THOMAS WILLIAM - The Naturalist: a Monthly Journal of Natural History for the North of England 15 Bound Volumes and 39 Issues Ranging from 1903 - 1943 - Incomplete Run
73026: SHER, ANTONY - Year of the King
50589: BARON CLAUDE-FRANCOIS DE MÉNEVAL; SHERARD, ROBERT H. - Memoirs to Serve for the History of Napoleon I from 1802 to 1815 - 3 Volumes
53678: SHERATON, THOMAS; MONTGOMERY, C. F.; COLE, W. P. - The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-book
41594: SHERBURN, GEORGE - The Restoration and Eighteenth Century (1660-1789)
56219: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY; RHODES, R. CROMPTON - The Plays & Poems of Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Three Volumes
003695: SHERIDAN, NOEL (EDITOR) - Experimental Art Foundation Performance Week, March 1980
002713: SHERLOCK, R.L. - A Correlation of the British Permo-Triassic Rocks
002675: SHERLOCK, R.L. - A Correlation of the British Permo-Triassic Rocks
40888: SHERLOCK, W.D - A Discourse Concerning the Happiness of Good Men, and the Punishment of the Wicked in the Next World Part One
63899: SHERMAN, MARGARET (EDITOR) - Daily Mail Ideal Home Book 1949-50
47940: SHERMAN, MARGARET (ED.) - Daily Mail Ideal Home Book 1951-52
71302: SHERMAN, MARGARET (ED.) - Daily Mail Ideal Home Book 1950-51
44273: SHERPANI, DIANA PENNY & HOWARD, ROBERT (EDS.) - The Everest Marathon - the Highest Marathon in the World
37806: SHERPANI, DIANA PENNY (EDITOR) - Reebok Everest Marathon 1993 the Highest Marathon in the World. An Account of the Fourth Everest Marathon in 1993.
34086: DADID SHERRARD - Piddletrenthide to East Intercourse Island
43962: SHERRARD, PHILIP - Athos
44038: SHERRARD, PHILIP - The Greek East and the Latin West - A Study in the Christian Tradition
48845: SHERRIFF, R. C. - Another Year
57355: SHERRILL, CHARLES HITCHCOCK - Stained Glass Tours in England
60314: SHERRINGTON, SIR CHARLES - The Integrative Action of the Nervous System
55458: SHERRY, SYLVIA - A Pair of Jesus-Boots
49100: SHERWIN, PAUL S. - Precious Bane : Collins and the Miltonic Legacy
50667: SHETH, KETAKI - Twinspotting
45771: SHETTY, M. R. - Rhyming English Couplets
57513: SHIDELER, JAMES H. (ED) - Agricultural History Volume XLIX Number I January 1975 Agriculture in the Development of the Far West a Symposium
50562: EL-SHIDIAC, FARIS - A Practical Grammar of the Arabic Language. With Interlineal Reading Lessons, Dialogues and Vocabulary.
002062: DAVIES-SHIEL, M. - Note on a Mace and a Hammerstone, Both Found on South Scree, Pike O'Stickle and both Now in the Neolithic Collection at Kendal Town Museum
66114: DAVIES-SHIEL, M. - Wool is My Bread or the Early Woollen Industry of Kendal from C.975 - 1575 AD
40871: SHIELD, MARMADUKE - Diseases of the Ear
24390: SHIELDS, JAMES J. - Japanese Schooling: Patterns of Socialization,Equality and Political Control
000256: SHIKPO, RIGDZIN - Interpretation of the Views - Introduction to the Sravaka View
47161: SHILLETO, RICHARD - Demosthenis De Falsa Legatione
46755: SHILLETO, CARL - The Fighting Fifty-Second Recce
003275: SHILOH, JANA - Homeopathy for Birthing: A Simplified Guide for Mothers, Midwives and Other Professionals
56308: SHIN, TONG-CHOON - Beyond Language
33505: DOROTHY SHINEBERG - They Came for Sandalwood: a Study of the Sandalwood Trade in the South-west Pacific 1830-1865
41014: SHINGLER, AIDAN - Beyond Reason
72414: SHIP, REUBEN - The Investigator: a Narrative in Dialogue
56808: SHIPP, T (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Cumberland Geological Society Volume I 1962 to 1965
56478: SHIPP, T (EDITOR) - The Cumberland Geological Society Proceedings 21 Volumes
63691: SHIPTON, ERIC - Mountains of Tartary
53577: SHIPWAY, GEORGE - Imperial Governor
62427: SHIRAHATA, SHIRO - Nepal Himalaya
47308: SHIRLEY, EDWARD AND VARIOUS - The Chummy Book Third Year
000711: SHIRLEY, THE REV. F. J. - Elizabeth's First Archbishop - a Reply to Mr. J. C. Whitebrook's Consecration of the Most Reverend Matthew Parker (AR Mowbray & Co., 1945)
59375: SHIRLOW, PETER; MCGOVERN, MARK - Who Are the People? Unionism, Protestantism and Loyalism in Northern Ireland (Contemporary Irish Studies)
000595: SHKLAR, JUDITH N - Men and Citizens a Study of Rousseau's Social Theory
63934: SHKLAR, JUDITH N. - Freedom & Independence
60303: SHOBERI, FREDERICK - The World in Miniature- Africa Volume 3
001810: SHOEMAKER, JOHN V - The Medical Bulletin Vol VII Number 11
63924: SHOEMAKER, SYDNEY - Self-knowledge and Self-Identity
53905: SHOEMAKER, JOHN V - The Medical Bulletin Vol VIII Number 5 May 1886
53906: SHOEMAKER, JOHN V - The Medical Bulletin Vol VIII Number 3 March 1886
33475: FRANCIS SHOEMAKER - Aesthetic Experience and the Humanities: Modern Ideas of Aesthetic Experience in the Reading of World Literature
003437: SHOEN, EDWARD L. - Religious Explanations: a Model from the Sciences
52457: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER - Bloody Shambles Volume Two
44105: SHORNEY, DAVID - Protestant Non-Conformity and Roman Catholicism - A Guide to Sources in the Public Record Office
57764: SHORT, EDWARD - I Knew My Place
52480: SHORT, BRIAN - Land and Society in Edwardian Britain
7232: SHORT, THOMAS VOWLER - A Sketch of the History of the Church of England to the Revolution 1688
43476: SHORT, PHILIP - Banda
24745: M. N. SHORT - Geological Survey Bulletin No. 914: Microscopic Determination of the Ore Minerals
56485: SHORT, AGNES - The Crescent and the Cross: a Story of the Great Siege of Malta, 1565.
003623: SHORT, LAURIE (EDITOR) - Think Global Cityscape>
38256: SHORTEN, MONICA - Squirrels
39454: SHORTON, WILLIAM - A Complete and Universal English Dictionary; Including Not Only, an Explanation of Difficult Words and Technical Terms, in All Faculties and Professions [.........] But Also, a Pronouncing Dictionary, in Which the Proper Sounds of English Words......
002679: SHOTTON, F.W. - Some Aspects of the New Red Desert in Britain
62961: ZHANG WENGUANG; SHOUDE, XIE - Competition Routines for Four Styles Taijiquan
65618: SHRINER, CHARLES A. - The Birds of New Jersey
43212: SHRMAN, HAROLD - Amazing Stories the Green Man Returns
59977: SHUB, DAVID - Lenin
42403: SHUCKSMITH, MARK - No Homes for Locals
62602: HENRY SHUKMAN - In Doctor No's Garden (Cape Poetry)
62582: SHULMAN, A. (EDITOR) - Vogue Happy 90th Birthday Issue December 2006
49479: SHULTZ, EARLE - Offices in the Sky
57845: SHURE, ROBERT - Monk
62932: SHURTLEFF, ERNEST W. - When I Was a Child
60069: SHUTE, NEVIL - Vinland the Good
52893: SHUTE, NEVIL - A Town Like Alice
54059: SHUTE, NEVIL - Collection of 18 Volumes
40031: JAMES KAY-SHUTTLEWORTH - Four Periods of Public Education as Reviewed in 1832, 1839, 1846, 1862
63301: SUN SHUYUN - Ten Thousand Miles Without a Cloud
000694: SIBERRAD, UNA L - Sampson Rides Out
48844: SIBLEY, PATRICIA - A Far Cry from Clammergoose
42576: SIBLY, E - Culpeper's English Physician Ad Complete Herbal
47483: SIBORNE, WILLIAM - The Waterloo Campaign 1815
001142: SIBSON, FRANCIS - Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans By John Calvin
53875: SIBSON, FLORENCE - West Cumberland Potteries
41069: SICHEL, MARION - Costume Reference 7. The Edwardians
41068: SICHEL, MARION - Costume Reference 8. 1918-1939
41066: SICHEL, MARION - Costume Reference Nine, 1939-1950
41063: SICHEL, MARION - History of Women's Costume
45902: SIDDONS, HENRY - Practical Illustrations of Rhetorical Gesture and Action; Adapted to the English Drama: From a Work on the Subject By M. Engel, Member of the Royal Academy of Berlin.
8816: SIDEY, HUGH - John F. Kennedy, President: A Reporter's Inside Story
33141: FRANK SIDGWICK - The Poetry of George Wither in Two Volumes
9951: SIDGWICK, MRS ALFRED - Home Life in Germany
54996: SIDNEY, SIR PHILIP; FEUILLERAT, ALBERT - The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia
42443: SIDNEY, SAMUEL - The Three Colonies of Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia
56224: SIDNEY, SIR PHILIP - The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia
001985: SIDWELL, KEITH - Reading Medieval Latin
24348: SIEGEL, ABRAHAM J. (ED.) - The Impact of Computers on Collective Bargaining
61016: SIENKIEWICZ, HENRYK - In Desert and Wilderness
66278: SIENKIEWICZ, HENRYK; BINION, DR. S. A.; MALEVSKY, S. - Quo Vadis (whither Goest Thou?) a Tale of the Time of Nero
77116: SIEVEKING, G DE G - Excavation of a Stone Circle at Wilson Scar, Shap North 1952
71152: SIGAUX, GILBERT - Dumas Les Trois Mousquetaires Vingt Ans Après
44377: SIGERIST, HENRY E. - Great Doctors a Biographical History of Medicine
44258: SIGERIST, HENRY E. - A History of Medicine - Volume II: Early Greek, Hindu, and Persian Medicine
58834: SIGMOND, ROBERT - Off at Last: An Illustrated History of the 7th (Galloway) Battalion the King's Own Scottish Borderers 1939-1945
65044: SIGOURNEY, MRS. L. H. - Scenes in My Native Land
56578: SIGRIST, MARTIN - Hot Cheeks
50606: SIGWORTH, OLIVER - William Collins
72591: SIKES, J. G. - Peter Abailard
45011: SILBERRAD, UNA L. - Blackstones
42660: SILBERRAD, U.L - Petronilla Heroven
44695: SILBERRAD, UNA L. - Curayl
49361: SILBERRAD, UNA L. - Ordinary People
22955: EUGENE MARLOW; JANICE SILCO - Winners: Producing Effective Electronic Media
47586: SILK, W. H. - Bantams and Miniature Fowl
001384: SILKIN, JOHN (ED.) - Stand Poetry - First Issue 1952
45284: SILLITOE, ALAN - A Start in Life
49179: SILLITOE, ALAN - The City Adventures of Marmalade Jim
23243: HELEN SILLITOE - A History of the Teaching of Domestic Subjects
22524: TRANSLATED BY DARINA SILONE - The Memoirs of Benjamin Gigli
2206: SILTZER, CAPTAIN FRANK - The Story of British Sporting Prints
003511: SILVER, EVELYN; ROSS, MONICA; CAMERON, SHIRLEY - Triple Transformations - Rochdale Art Gallery 1985
8239: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Challenge of Climate: Man and His Environment
62783: SILVESTER, ELIZABETH - Silvester's Sensible Cookery
002182: FIOR SILVESTRI - Fior Silvestri: Liriche Sacre
49501: SIM, I. G. - Under the Shadow of the Beacon: a Few Penrith and District Memories of the Years 1939-1945
54735: SIM, KATHARINE - These I Have Loved
54736: SIM, KATHARINE - These I Have Loved
55892: SIM, J. A. (ED) - The New Zealand Alpine Journal - Two Issues in One - Vol. VII. June 1937, No.24. & Vol. VII. June 1938 No.25.
001563: SIM, KATHARINE - David Roberts RA 1796-1864
54430: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - why Call Them Back from Heaven?
67154: SIMCOE, LIEUT. COL. J. G. - A Journal of the Operations of the Queen's Rangers
72799: SIMENON, GEORGES; WOODWARD, DAPHNE - Maigret Goes to School
38579: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret's Memoirs
64881: SIMENON, GEORGES - Chit of a Girl
42344: SIMMEL, GEORG - Die Probleme Der Geschichtsphilosophie
5117: SIMMONDS, RALPH - The Outlaws
33448: P.L.SIMMONDS.,F.L.S., F.R.C.I. - Popular Beverages of Various Countries, Natural and Artificial, Fermented, Distilled, Aerated and Infused, Their History, Production and Consumption.
44944: SIMMONDS, THOS. C. - Woodwork, Carpentry and Joinery: An Elementary Course of Manual Instruction, Designed to Meet the Requirements of the Science and Art Department.
59665: SIMMONDS, POSY - Tamara Drewe
67210: SIMMONDS, POSY - Tamara Drewe
1536: SIMMONS, CHARLES H. - A Bibliography of John Masefield
001725: SIMMONS, ADELMA GRENIER - Herbs to Grow Indoors
41453: SIMMONS, CHARLES - Wrinkles
57088: SIMMS, ERIC - The Public Life of the Street Pigeon
41121: SIMMS, KATHARINE L. - Under the Kopje
7013: SIMMS, W. GILMORE - The Wigwam and the Cabin
36504: KATHARINE L SIMMS - Under the Kopje
59125: SIMON, BARRY - The P(0)2 (phi) Euclidean (Quantum) Field Theory
001055: SIMON, ANDRÉ L. - Let Mine be Wine
46977: SIMON, PIERRE-HENRI - Théatre & Destin - La Signification De La Renaissance Dramatique En France Au XXe Siècle
55426: SIMON, ANDRE L. & CRAIG, ELIZABETH - Madeira Wine Cakes & Sauce
40239: W M SIMON - Germany in the Age of Bismarck
42366: SIMON, BRIDGET - Recent Paintings
10295: SIMON, ANDRE L. - How to Enjoy Wine in the Home
000712: SIMON, PIERRE-HENRI - L'homme En Procès - Malraux - Sartre - Camus - Saint-Exupéry
53486: SIMONDS, BARBARA - The Christian Way Through the Centuries
001243: SIMONDS, LOUISA - Aunt Esther and Her Umbrella. An Interesting and Instructive Tale for Youth.
59357: SIMONS, ERIC N. - The Devil of the Vault A Life of Guy Fawkes
54836: SIMONS, RAINER; ZEICHNER, WALTER - BMW Dimensions: From Vision to Success - the Development History of BMW Automobiles 1918-1932
56812: SIMONS, JOHN - A History of Cricket in Hampshire, 1760-1914 (Hampshire Papers No. 4)
65363: SIMPSON, B. S. WIGNALL - "Dale Larnin"
55624: SIMPSON, NAN - Bleaberry Village: Volume II of the Greenwood Elves
55625: SIMPSON, NAN - The Greenwood Elves - Volume I.
59391: SIMPSON, GARY L. - Tiger Ace the Life Story of Panzer Commander Michael Wittmann
002678: SIMPSON, BRIAN - The Petrology of the Eskdale (Cumberland) Granite
64495: SIMPSON, GERTRUDE M. - The Rushbearing in Grasmere & Ambleside
23962: SIMPSON, K. - Jeanie O'Biggersdale and Other Yorkshire Stories
43562: SIMPSON, JOE - The Beckoning Silence
58596: SIMPSON, MATT - Hugging the Shore: Collected Essays
54258: SIMPSON, T.B. - Right Left
48842: SIMPSON, ANNA-MARIE - Herbs, Trees and Traditions of Cephalonia
24855: GEORGE GAYLORD SIMPSON AND ANNE ROE - Quantitative Zoology
64303: SIMPSON, JOE - Touching The Void
67552: SIMPSON, W.DOUGLAS - Brough-under-Stainmore: The Castle and the Church
42950: SIMPSON, R L - Essentials of Symbolic Logic
001069: SIMPSON, W.J SPARROW - A Study of Boussuet
50967: SIMPSON, NAN - Bleaberry Village Volume II of The Greenwood Elves
003515: JOE SIMPSON - Dark Shadows Falling
26456: J. H. SIMPSON AND R. S. RICHARDS - Physical Principles and Applications of Junctions Transistors
47599: SIMS, LOIS LANG - Cantebury Cathedral
43760: SIMSON, ROBERT - The Elements of Euclid
33415: ROBERT SIMSON - The Elements of Euclid: Viz. The First Six Books, Together with the Eleventh and Twelfth: Also the Book of Euclid's Data
26499: THEODORE SPICER SIMSON - A Collection of Characters
000962: SIN, P. C. - Les Barricades Immortelles Du Peuple De Paris: Relation Historique, Militaire et Anecdotique Des Journees à Jamais Mémorables Des 26,27, 28 et 29 Juillet 1830...
50905: 'SINBAD' - Pirates May Fly
59634: SINCLAIR, JOAN - Pink Box Inside Japan's Sex Clubs
41615: SINCLAIR, DAVID - Sir Gregor Macgregor and the Land That Never Was: The Extraordinary Story of the Most Audacious Fraud in History
64824: SINCLAIR, WILLIAM MACDONALD - John MacWhirter (Royal Academician)
72405: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Co-Op: a Novel of Living Together
47649: SINGER, CHARLES; ET AL (EDS.) - A History of Technology - Volume V - The Late Nineteenth Century, c. 1850 to c. 1900
33737: CHARLES SINGER, E J HOLMYARD AND A R HALL - A History of Technology Volume II The Mediterranean Civilisations and the Middle Ages 700 B.C. To A.D. 1500
33736: CHARLES SINGER, E J HOLMYARD AND A R HALL - A History of Technology Volume I from Early Times to Fall of Ancient Empires
001698: SINGER, ANDRE - Lords of the Khyber the Story of the North West Frontier
43626: SINGER, IGNATIUS - The Rival Philosophies of Jesus & of Paul
63970: SINGER, S. JONATHAN - The Splendid Feast of Reason
33213: CHARLES SINGER - Studies in the History and Method of Science Vol.2.
57357: SINGH, MAHARAJ CHARAN - Thus Saith the Master: Maharaj Charan Singh's 1970 Round-The-world Tour
57307: SINGH, HUZUR MAHARAJ SAWAN - Philosophy of the Masters (Gurmat Siddhant)
53115: SINGH, JASPREET - Helium
66079: SINGH, HUZUR MAHARAJ SAWAN - Philosophy of the Masters Volume II
002892: SAWAN SINGH, HUZUR MAHARAJ - The Dawn of Light - Excerpt from Letters 1911 to 1934
002895: SAWAN SINGH, HUZUR MAHARAJ - Discourses on Sant Mat (as Delivered in Satsang)
57361: SINGH, HUZUR MAHARAJ SAWAN - Spiritual Gems: Extracts from Letters to Seekers and Disciples
56963: BABA JAIMAL SINGH JI MAHARAJ; MAHARAJ SAWAN SINGH - Spiritual Letters from Baba Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj (1896-1903) to Maharaj Sawan Singh (1858-1948)
57310: SINGH, MAHARAJ CHARAN - Spiritual Discourses Volume II (Translated from the Original punjabi)
56965: SINGH, MAHARAJ CHARAN - Light on Sant Mat
003620: SINGH, KHUSHWANT POOVAYA-SMITH, NIMA & PONNAPA, KAVERI - Warm and Rich and Fearless A Brief Survey of Sikh Culture
56975: SINGH, MAHARAJ CHARAN - Die to Live
002890: SAWAN SINGH, HUZUR MAHARAJ - Philosophy of the Masters (Gurmat Sidhant) Series V
38738: SINGLETON, CLEMENT (COMPILER) - Diocese of Carlisle Marriage licence/bonds Volume 3 1753-1762
41685: ARTHUR L SINGLETON - Sources of Nuclear Fuel
67572: SINGLETON, F.J. - The Influence of Geographical Factors on the Development of the Common Fields of Lancashire
RN6: SINGLETON, ESTHER - The Shakespeare Garden
36650: ESTHER SINGLETON - Social New York Under the Georges 1714 - 1776; Houses, Streets and Country Homes, with Chapters on Fashions, Furniture, China, Plate and Manners
37531: LEONE SINIGAGLIA - Climbing Reminiscences of the Dolomites
002916: SINKINSON, WALTER NUGENT - Flying Scotsman & Other Railway Poems
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64099: THE ASSOCIATION OF FOOTBALL STATISTICIANS - Read All About it... Record Victories. Volume One.
66287: STAUB, FRANCE - Birds of the Mascarenes and Saint Brandon
53610: STAUFFER, S. ANITA - On Baptismal Fonts: Ancient and Modern
47876: STAUNTON, HOWARD - The Chess-Player's Handbook. a Popular and Scientific Introduction to the Game of Chess, Exemplified in Games Actually Played By the Greatest Masters and Illustrated By Numerous Diagrams of Original and Remarkable Positions.
52982: STAVELY, S.W - The New Whole Art of Confectionary
23007: STAWELL, MRS. RODOLPH - Fabre's Book of Insects
64984: STAWINSKI, GREGOR - Retro Fonts
44647: STEAD, H. G. - Modern School Organisation
57153: STEANE, J.B - The Grand Tradition Seventy Years of Singing on Record 1900 to 1970
49655: STEANE, J.B - Voices, Singers and Critics
61123: STEANE, J.B - The Grand Tradition 50 Years of Singing on Record
57130: STEANE, JOHN - Singers of the Century - 3 Volumes - First Series, Volume 2, Volume 3.
000083: STEARN, JESS - Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation
22849: UTE STEBICH - Haitian Art
40189: WOLFGANG STECHOW - Dutch Landscape Painting of The Seventeenth Century
23042: STEEDS, W. - A History of Machine Tools, 1700-1910
10553: STEEGMANN, JOHN - Sir Joshua Reynolds: Great Lives No 5
46718: STEEGMULLER, FRANCAIS - Apollinaire
003728: STEEL, FLORA ANNIE - English Fairy Tales
52314: STEEL, THOMAS - Prescot Churchwardens' Accounts 1635-1663
65889: STEEL, REV. ROBERT - Lives Made Sublime By Faith and Works.
49293: STEEL, FLORA ANNIE - Voices in the Night
45443: STEEL, COLONEL J. P. - Feet of Fines, Cumberland, During the Reigns of Edward VI., Mary, Philip and Mary, and Elizabeth. Extracted from the Public Records
72473: STEEL, FLORA ANNIE - The Mercy of the Lord
49044: STEEL, JOHN W. - Early Friends in the North.
49294: STEEL, FLORA ANNIE - A Prince of Dreamers
72315: STEEL, FLORA ANNIE - The Potter's Thumb
72424: STEEL, FLORA ANNIE - The Hosts of the Lord
65028: STEELE, ELIZABETH - St. Bees Story of a Cumberland Village
65027: STEELE, ELIZABETH - St. Bees Story of a Cumberland Village
44586: STEELE, ELIZABETH - St Bees the Story of a Cumberland Village
44798: STEELE, CATHARINE CASSELS - An Introduction to Plant Biochemistry
45067: STEELE, SIR RICHARD - An Account of the State of the Roman-Catholick Religion Throughout the World.
67528: J. OWEN LEWIS; JOHN GOULDING; THEO STEEMERS - Energy in Architecture: The European Passive Solar Handbook
55053: STEEN, ROB - The Mavericks: English Football When Flair Wore Flares
47590: STEEN, SHIELA - Corner of the Moon
000052: STEEPLE, E. W.; BARLOW, G.; MACROBERT, H. (EDS.) - The Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide - Island of Skye - Vol.III July 1923 Section A.
47271: STEERE, DOUGLAS V. - God's Irregular: Arthur Shearly Cripps - A Rhodesian Epic
003825: STEERS, J. A. - Scolt Head Island: The Story of Its Origin: The Plant Ad Animal Life of the Dunes and Marshes
56580: STEEVENS, G. W. - From Capetwon to Ladysmith: An Unfinished Record of the South African War
53385: STEFANYK, VASIL - Maple Leaves and Other Stories
66068: STEGER, ULRICH; ACHTERBERG, WOUTER; ET AL - Sustainable Development and Innovation in the Energy Sector
7905: STEICHEN, EDWARD (ED.) - Sandburg: Photographers View Carl Sandburg
66185: STEIGER, BRAD - Sensual Secret Agents
63600: STEIN, GORDON (EDITOR) - An Anthology of Atheism and Rationalism
41714: STEIN, RICK - Rick Stein's Seafood Lovers' Guide
62193: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Pearl
9887: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Short Reign of Pippin IV
41097: JOHN STEINBECK - Of Mice and Men
46728: STEINER, DIETMAR; PIRKER, SASHA; RITTER, KATHARINA - Größere Gegner Gesucht! Stronger Opponents Wanted : Cultural Buildings Caught Between Politics, Media and Architecture
003856: STEINER, WENDY - The Scandal of Pleasure: Art in an Age of Fundamentalism
48367: STEINER, RUDOLF - Earthly and Cosmic Man - Nine Lectures
48326: STEINER, RUDOLF - The Bhagavad Gita and the Epistles of St Paul
48325: STEINER, RUDOLF - The Evolution of the World and of Humanity
48366: STEINER, RUDOLF - The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature - a Course of Ten Lectures Given in Helsingfors 3rd-14th April, 1912
71331: STEINER, RUDOLPH - A Road to Self Knowledge
48318: STEINER, RUDOLF - The Apocalypse
71328: STEINER, RUDOLPH - Knowledge of the Hihre Worlds and It's Attainment
62172: STEINER, ALBERT; MOESCHLIN, FELIX - Schnee / Winter Sonne
002569: STEINTHAL, HELENA (COLLECTED AND ARRANGED BY) - 100 Simple Cookery Recipes
40234: DAVID STENHOUSE - The Evolution of Intelligence: A General Theory and Some of Its Implications
64784: STENO, NICOLAUS (NIELS STENSEN) - The Earliest Geological Treatise (1667)
57604: STENTON, SIR FRANK; ET AL (EDS) - The Bayeux Tapestry: a Comprehensive Survey
000585: STEP, EDWARD; JACKSON, A. B. (REVISED BY) - Wayside and Woodland Blossoms - a Guide to British Wild Flowers
37652: STEP, EDWARD - Wayside and Woodland Blossoms - A Guide to British Wildflowers with Clear Descriptions of 394 Species.
52689: STEPHEN, DAVID - String Lug the Fox
54477: STEPHEN, LESLIE - Some Early Impressions
49828: STEPHENS, FRANCES - Theatre World Annual (London) a Pictorial Review of West End Productions with a Record of Plays and Players - Number 1 - 1st June 1949 - 31st May 1950
49825: STEPHENS, FRANCES - Theatre World Annual (London) - A Pictorial Review of West End Productions with a Record of Plays and Players - Number 2 - 1st June 1950 - 31st May 1951
77047: STEPHENS, G R - G Julius Marcus
46878: STEPHENS, C.A - The Young Moose Hunters
77140: STEPHENS, G R AND JARRET, M G - Two Altars of Cohors IV Gallorum from Castlesteads
58576: STEPHENS, CHRIS (ED) - Ben Nicholson - a Continuous Line: Ben Nicholson in England
59940: STEPHENS, F.E. - An Interlinear Design in the Book of Kells
77065: STEPHENS, G R AND JARRET, M G - Two Altars of Cohors IV Gallorum From Castlesteads
58554: STEPHENS, PIERS H.G. BARRY, JOHN AND DOBSON, ANDREW (EDITORS) - Contemporary Environmental Politics
77087: STEPHENS, G R - G Julius Marcus
72764: STEPHENS, JAMES - Collected Poems
77139: STEPHENS, G R AND JARRET, M G - Two Altars of Cohors IV Gallorum from Castlesteads
77307: STEPHENS, G R & JARRETT, M G - Two Altars of Cohors IV Gallorum from Castlesteads
56243: STEPHENS, HENRY - A Manual of Practical Draining.
77004: STEPHENS, G R & JARRETT, M G - Two Altars of Cohors IV Gallorum from Castlesteads
59840: IAN STEPHENSON - Ian Stephenson 1934 - 2000
39490: STEPHENSON, REGINALD J. - Exploring in Physics. A New Outlook on Problems in Physics
44294: STEPHENSON, IAN - And Our Eyes Scan Time
9817: STEPNAIK - Underground Russia: Revolutionary Profiles and Sketches from Life
24019: ALEX STEPNEY - In Safe Keeping
59446: STERETT, SUSAN - Immigration
39640: STERN, PHIL - Phil Stern's Hollywood Photographs 1940-1979
36196: VIRGINIA F STERN - Gabriel Harvey, His Life, Marginalia and Library
63282: STERN, H. J. - Rubber: Natural and Synthetic
40036: ROBERT J STERNBERG - Intelligence, Information Processing and Analogical Reasoning: The Componential Analysis of Human Abilities
45423: STERNBERG, EUGENE & BARBARA - Community Centers and Student Unions
67170: STERNE, LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through Frace and Italy
59752: STERNE, LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
23221: LAURENCE STERNE - A Sentimental Journey

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