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70673: PHILIPSON, GARRY - Aycliffe and Peterlee New Towns 1946-1988
67637: JOHN DICK; DUNCAN THOMSON; NICHOLAS PHILIPSON - Raeburn: The Art of Sir Henry Raeburn 1756-1823
69057: PHILIPSON, ROBERT - Fireside Reading - Old Allendale Town
72188: PHILLIPS, JOCELYN - Walt Disney's Mickey and Minnie at Saint Moritz
74458: PHILLIPS, MAGGIE & FREDERICK, CLAIRE - Healing the Divided Self
33100: D Z PHILLIPS - Through a Darkening Glass: Philosophy, Literature and Cultural Change
62197: PHILLIPS, TIM - Landscapes of the Living, Landscapes of the Dead: The Location of Chambered Cairns of Northern Scotland (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) British Series 328)
72508: PHILLIPS, D. Z. (ED) - Philosophical Investigations - 4 Issues - Volume 5 Nos.1-4
43848: PHILLIPS, ERNEST - Trout in Lakes and Reservoirs - A Practical Guide to Managing, Stocking, and Fishing
36877: T R V PHILLIPS - The Theory, Practice, and Rewards of Virtue in the Novels of Samuel Richardson
63660: PHILLIPS, D. Z. - Death and Immortality
49391: PHILLIPS, COLIN - The Population of the Borough of Kendal in 1576
68758: PHILLIPS, R. RANDAL - The Book of Bungalows
77298: PHILLIPS, COLIN - The Population of the Borough of Kendal in 1576
41653: PHILLIPS, SON AND NEALE - Fine Antique & Modern Jewels, Modern & Collectors' Pocket Watches
65061: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - Marpessa
43077: PHILLIPS, REV T.E.R - Hutchinsons Splendour of the Heavens in Two Volumes
43182: PHILLIPS, TOM - A Humument - A Treated Victorian Novel
67619: PHILLIPS, MICHAEL J. - Edwin Muir A Master of Modern Poetry
39195: PHILLIPS, C. A. AND CANE, R. CLAUDE - The Sporting Spaniel
74115: PHILLIPS, ROGER - Mushrooms
77300: PHILLIPS, COLIN - The Population of the Borough of Kendal in 1576
54681: PHILLIPS, W. W. A. - A 1975 Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
54070: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - A Dish of Apples
6634: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - My Devon Year
9912: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Folly and Fresh Air
002208: PHILP, ROBERT KEMP - The History of Progress in Great Britain
46097: PHOENICE, J. - The Harbour
003327: PIAGET, JEAN - The Child's Conception of Number
003328: PIAGET, JEAN - The Psychology of Intelligence
33684: ERIC R PIANKA - Evolutionary Ecology
40444: ERIC R PIANKA - Evolutionary Ecology
71154: PICARD, RAYMOND - Racine Oeuvres Complètes -Tome II - Prose
000729: PICARD, RAYMOND - Racine Oeuvres Complètes Tome I - Théatre - Poésies
54419: PICCARD, JACQUES - The Sun Beneath the Sea
45718: PICKERING, F. P. - Augustinus Oder Boethius? Geschichtsschreibung Und Epische Dichtung Im Mittelalter - Und in Der Neuzeit - I. Einfuhrender Teil
42643: PICKERING, A.D - Windemere- Restoring the Health of Englands Largest Lake
000100: PICKERING, W. E. - Concentric
36317: PICKERING, F. J. - Christi Leiden in Einer Vision Geschaut ( A German Mystic Text of the Fourteenth century)
57315: KERI PICKETT - Faeries
53071: PICKFORD, STEVEN - Hidden Grosmont
22629: REV JOHN PICKFORD - A Week in the Yorkshire Dales
67064: PICKING, JOHN - Recent Paintings from Earthquake Zones of Sicily
65992: PICKVANCE, T. JOSEPH - George Fox and the Purefeys: a Study of the Puritan Background in Fenny Drayton in the 16th and 17th Centuries
69260: PICOULT, JODI - A Spark of Light
68372: PICOULT, JODI - A Spark of Light
68182: PICTON, LIONEL JAMES - Thoughts on Feeding
47624: PIDSKY, PAUL - Les Ecrivains Contre La Commune
74349: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - Rommel and the Secret War in North Africa 1941-1943
33284: LOUIS PIERARD - Pierre Paulus: Monographieen Over Belgische Kunst
44919: PIERCE, BOB - The Original Michel's Pierce Piano Atlas
68765: PIERCE, S. ROWLAND OUTBUSH, PATRICK AND WILLIAMS, ANTHONY - Planning The Architect's Handbook
36460: DBC PIERRE - Vernon God Little a 21st Century Comedy in Presence of Death
7743: [PIETRANTONI, MARCELLO] RESTANY, PIERRE - Dinastie Segrete La Scultura Di Marcello Pietrantoni
39609: PIETZNER, CORNELIUS - A Candle on the Hill
50669: PIGGOT, JAN - Shackleton the Antarctic and Endurance
7949: PIGGOTT, STUART - Studies in Ancient Europe: Essays Presented to Stuart Piggott
62672: PIGGOTT, STUART - The Neolithic Cultures of the British Isles: a Stuidy of the Stone-Using Agricultural Communities of Britain in the Second Millennium B.C.
33774: MARY PIGGOTT - A Topography of Cataloguing Showing the Most Important Landmarks, Communications and Perilous Places
49739: PIGLI, MARIO - Italian Civilization in Ethiopia
56388: PIGNATTI, TERISIO - Palazzo Ducale Venezia - Der Dogenpalast in Venedig - Le Palais Des Doges De Venise - the Doge's Palace in Venice - El Palacio Ducal De Venecia
50892: PIGOU, FRANCIS - Phases of My Life
001416: PIHL, OVE - Gant in the Kitchen
74596: PETER VAN DER PIJL (COMPOSED AND WRITTEN BY) - 5e Lustrum 1964 - 1989
69498: PIKE, LIONEL (EDITOR) - Robert Simpson on Beethoven
43475: PIKE, J. G. - Early Religion Enforced By Examples And Narratives, Representing Its Importance And Excellence.
33255: L ELGAR PIKE - Borough of Aldeburgh: The Official Guide, Seventh Edition in the Series
58979: PIKE, OLIVER G. - Hillside, Rock and Dale: Bird Life Pictured with Pen and Camera
64295: PIKERYNG, JOHN - The Interlude of Vice (Horestes) 1567
74247: PIKETAH, ROGER - Forness Folk, The'r Sayin's an' Dewin's
74394: PILBEAM, PAMELA - The 1830 Revolution in France
8538: PILDITCH, JAMES - Wining Ways: How Companies Create the Products We All Want to Buy
50886: PILEUR, A LE - Wonders of the Human Body
74163: PILKINGTON, ROGER - Thames Waters
43896: PILLING, CHRISTOPHER - A Splendid Specimen - A Tragedy in 5 Acts
43863: PILLING, CHRISTOPHER - Coming Ready Or Not
33021: M. J. PILLING - Reaction Kinetics
54802: PILLING, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - William Scammell Inside Story Selected Poems
003065: PILLING, CHRISTOPHER - The Lobster Can Wait
003067: PILLING, CHRISTOPHER - Cross Your Legs and Wish
40051: CHAPMAN PINCHER - Sex in Our Time: The Frontiers of Modern Research
65543: PINCHIN, DOUG; TZIMAS, NICK; LEEK, TREVOR - Beatrix Potter and Bunnykins Price Guide
53299: PINDAR - Pindari Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia. Caterorum Octo Lyricorum Carmina, Alcaei, Anacreontis, Sapphus, Bacchylidis, Stesichori, Simonidis, Ibyci, Alcmanis, Nonnulla Etiam Aliorum. Editio V. Graecolatina H. Stepha.
41332: PETER PINDAR - The Works of Peter Pindar
10137: PINDER, DAVID - Look! Hear? The Graphic World of New Music
47611: PINERO, ARTHUR - The Playhouse- The 2nd Mrs Tanqueray
52703: PINHEY, ELLIOT - Dragonflies (Odonata) of Central Africa - Number Fourteen (14)
52670: PINHEY, ELLIOT - Hawk Moths of Central and Southern Africa
22716: PINHEY, ELLIOT C. G.; LOE, IAN D. - A Guide to the Butterflies of Central and Southern Africa
42966: PINION, F.B. (ED.) - Thomas Hardy And The Modern World - Papers Presented at the 1973 Summer School
37550: PINK, ALDERTON - If the Blind Lead
55601: PINKNEY, TONY HANLEY, KEITH & BOTTING, FRED - News from Nowhere Theory and Politics of Romanticism
44662: PINNICK, A. W. - Country Planners in Action
35801: W. PINNOCK - Comprehensive Grammar of Modern Geography and History for the Use of Schools and for Private Tuition. With Maps, Views, Costumes, &c.
33771: HAROLD PINTER - Landscape and Silence
59062: PINTO, VIVIAN DE SOLA & ROBERTS, F. WARREN (EDITORS) - The Complete Poems of D.H.Lawrence 2 Volumes
65397: PINTO, EDWARD H. - Treen and Other Wooden Bygones - An Encyclopaedia and Social History
58471: A LADY PIONEER - The Indian Alps and How We Crossed Them, Being a Narrative of Two Years' Residence in the Eastern Himalaya and Two Months' Tour Into the Interior.
23950: T. W. PIPER - Mental Arithmetic
58137: PIPER, MYFANWY (ED) - Sea Poems Chosen By Myfanwy Piper
58746: PIPER, JOHN - Buildings and Prospects
67013: PIPER, JOHN - John Piper Exhibition Booklet
41456: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Shoot!
000466: ERWIN PISCATOR - Political Theatre 1920 - 1966
39629: PISCATOR, ERWIN - The Political Theatre
71274: PISTON, WALTER - Counterpoint
33006: DENNIS PISZKIEWICZ - Kinetics of Chemical and Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions
002298: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, R. - The Peco Platelayer's Manual
74425: PITFIELD, F.P. - The Book of Bere Regis
26248: PITMAN, SIR ISAAC - Pitman's Shorthand Manual
68601: PITTENGER, WILLIAM - The Great Locomotive Chase: a History of the Andrews Railroad Raid Into Georgia in 1862
59971: PITTER, RUTH - First Poems
39994: PITTS, ARTHUR T - The Care of the Teeth
52316: PIXTON, PAUL B - Wrenbury Wills and Inventories 1542-1661
61043: PIZZAMIGLIO, DR LUIGI - Distributing Co-Operative Societies
43464: PLAIDY, JEAN - Castile for Isabella
65647: PLAIDY, JEAN - Spain for the Sovereigns
38155: PLAIDY, JEAN - The King's Secret Matter
46703: PLANCHE, J. R. - Oberon an Opera in Four Acts
3254: PLANCHE, J. R. - British Costume: a complete history of the dress of the inhabitants of the British Islands
58610: VAN DER PLANK, DAVID & ROSEMARIE - The Match Label Collector's Handbook 1972
53746: PLANK, JEFFREY - Aaron Siskind Louis Sullivan : The Institute of Design Photo Section Project
24097: ADRIAN PLASS - Learning to Fly. A Shared Journey.
26189: PLATER, WILLIAM M. - The Grim Phoenix: Reconstructing Thomas Pynchon
74407: PLATH, AURELIA SCHOBER (EDITOR) - Sylvia Plath Letter Home Correspondence 1950-1963
55585: PLATH, SYLVIA - Winter Trees
66269: PLATT, JANE - The Diocese of Carlisle, 1814-1855 Chancellor Walter Fletcher's Diocesan Book, with Additional Material from Bishop Percy's Parish Notebooks
68687: PLATT, JANE - Making Their Mark: Learning to Read and Write in 19th-century Cumberland
70490: PLATTS, JOHN - The Gulistan of Shaikh Muslihu 'D Din Sa'Di of Shiraz
63478: PLATTS, MARK - Reference, Truth and Reality: Essays on the Philosophy of Language
8923: PLAYFAIR, JOCELYN - Men Without Armour
40710: PLAYFAIR, MAJOR-GENERAL I.S.O - History of the Second World War, The Mediterranean and the Middle East in Two Volumes
67199: PLAYFAIR, GUY LYON - The Flying Cow: Research Into Paranormal Phenomena in the World's Most Psychic Country
54539: PLAYNE, ARTHUR TWISDEN; LONG, ARTHUR LESLIE - A History of Playne of Longfords Mills
49771: PLENDERLEITH, H. J. - The Preservation of Leather Bookbindings
74199: MANSEL-PLEYDELL, J.C. - The Birds of Dorsetshire
52407: PLOMER, WILLIAM - A Choice of Ballads
52413: PLOMER, WILLIAM - Collected Poems
72332: PLOMER, WILLIAM - A Novel By George Gissing in the Time of the Jubilee
38638: PLOMLEY, ROY - Roy Plomley's Desert Island Book
56529: PLOSZAJSKA, TERESA - Geographical Education, Empire and Citizenship: Geographical Teaching and Learning in English Schools, 1870-1944
53437: PLUMER, W. S. - Psalms: a Critical and Expository Commentary with Doctrinal and Practical Remarks
33171: NICHOLAS PLUMLEY - British Institute of Organ Studies and English Organ Archive: BIOS Journal Volume 3 1979
72756: PLUMMER, T. ARTHUR - The Silent Four
56353: PLUMRIDGE, CHRIS (ED) - The Volvo Tour Yearbook, 1991
65854: POAGUE, LELAND A. - The Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch
000250: POCKLINGTON, GEOFFREY R. (ED.) - The Boy's Own Annual Volume 51 1928-1929
56005: POCKLINGTON, GEOFFREY R. (ED.) - The Boy's Own Annual Volume 54. 1931-1932
42995: POCLET, J.J.B - Dr Ahn's First French Reading Book
49831: POCOCK, DORIS - The Two P's
64529: PODESCHI, JOHN B. - Books on the Horse and Horsemanship: Riding, Hunting, Breeding & racing (Sport in Art and Books - The Paul Mellon collection)
54016: PODHAJSKY, ALOIS & EVA - The Lipizzaners
63641: PODMORE, PETER - A Sense of Place Drawings and Poems
59732: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Stories
53644: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe
65872: POE, EDGAR; RHYS, ERNEST - The Fall of the House of Usher, and Other Tales and Prose Writings of Edgar Poe
D00022: POE, EDGAR ALLAN; LANG, ANDREW - The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
34202: EDGAR ALLAN POE - Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe with Original Memoir
8309: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe
D00014: POE, EDGAR ALLAN; INGRAM, JOHN H. - Poems and Essays
50198: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Collection of British Authors 2212
55621: PETERLOO POETS. - Poems for Christmas: A Peterloo anthology
39209: POGANY, WILLY - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
63005: POGANY, WILLY - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
58328: POGSON, PATRICIA - Before the Road Show
39518: POGSON, PATRICIA - Snakeskin, Belladonna
000089: POGSON, BERYL - Maurice Nicol a Portrait
000079: POGSON, BERYL - The Work Life
65776: POGSON, PATRICIA - Holding
26445: FREDERICK J. POHL - Amerigo Vespucci: Pilot Major
57723: POHL, FREDERIK; KORNBLUTH, C. M. - The Space Merchants
003989: POILANE, LIONEL - Guide de l'amateur de pain
57624: POINTON, MARCIA (ED) - The Image in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds (Art History Special Issues) Volume 17 Number 1 March 1994
48705: POJMAN, LOUIS P. - Ethical Theory
69735: POLAINE, REGGIE - The War Toys Kriegsspielzeuge No. 1 The Story of Hausser-Elastolin
53920: POLAND, MARGARET S. - The Seagulls are Silent: Tales from Old Maryport
64410: POLAND, MARGARET S. - The Seagulls are Silent: Tales from Old Maryport
72293: POLANYI, MICHAEL - Knowing and Being: Essays By Michael Polanyi
41343: POLE, JACK RICHON - Paths to the American Past
36431: POLE, J R - Political Representation in England and the Origins of the American Republic
9469: POLEHAMPTON, REV. H. E. - Gawsworth: Church and Parish
50772: POLIDORI, ROBERT - Libya
22987: NICHOLAS POLITES - The Print Casebooks: First Annual Edition: The Best in Covers
55027: POLLARD, A. W.; REDGRAVE, G. R.; ET AL - A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640
63344: POLLARD, TONY; MORRISON, ALEX - The Early Prehistory of Scotland (Dalrymple Monograph, No. 3)
69749: POLLARD, A.F. - Political Pamphlets
50035: POLLARD, JOHN F. - The Fascist Experience in Italy
39434: POLLARD, A. F. - The History of England from the Accession of Edward VI to the Death of Elizabeth (1547-1603)
43880: POLLARD, HUGH B. C. - Riding and Hunting or Hard-Up on Pegasus
35702: EDITOR: JOHN HUNGERFORD POLLEN - A Letter from Mary Queen of Scots to the Duke of Guise January 1562 Reproduced in Facsimile from the Original Manuscript in the Possession of the Late John Scott, of Halkshill, Esq. C. B.
58197: POLLEN, JOHN HUNGERFORD - Gold and Silver smiths' Work
67632: POLLEN, JOHN HUNGERFORD - Catholic Record Society Unpublished Documents Relating to the English Martyrs Vol. I. 1584-1603 - Publications of the Catholic Record Society Vol. V
37472: JACOB POLLEY - Salvage
26743: POLLEY, R.; WOODMAN, J. - In Search of the Sacred: Selected Photographic Sketches, Commissions and Projects
44963: POLLEY, R.; WOODMAN, J. - In Search of the Sacred : Selected Photographic Sketches, Commissions and Projects
64350: POLLEY, JACOB - Talk of the Town
50233: VON POLLNITZ, KARL LUDWIG - The Amorous Adventures of Augustus of Saxony Containing Several Transactions of His Life, Not Mentioned in Any Other History Together with Diverting Remarks on the Ladies of the Several Countries Thro' Which he Travell'd
72164: POLLOCK, D. R.; PROUD, P.; SMITH, C.; WHITE, D. E. - Locomotive Stock Book 1950
33583: N C POLLOCK AND SWANZIE AGNEW - An Historical Geography of South Africa
8056: POLLOCK, WM. - The Temptation of Our Blassed Lord and Other Minor Poems
8759: POLLOCK, J. C. - The Keswick Story: The Authorised History of the Keswick Convention
9391: POLLOCK, N C - Studies in Emerging Africa
39573: POLLOCK, D.R, PROUD, P, SMITH, C, WHITE, D.E - Locomotive Stock Book 1948
001632: POLLOCK, SIR FREDERICK; MAITLAND, FREDERIC WILLIAM - The History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I. - 2 Volumes
74264: POLMAR, NORMAN AND MOORE, K.J. - Cold War Submarines
46655: DE POLNAY, PETER - A Winter's Promise
44279: POLSON, C. J. & MARSHALL T. K. - The Disposal of the Dead
24391: POLTI, GEORGES - The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
70061: POLVINEN, TUOMO - Between East and West Finland in International Politics 1944-1947
62064: POLWHELE, REVEREND RICHARD - The History of Devonshire. Vol. II.
63304: POLZ, EDI - Fitness for All with the Wonder Ball
000600: POMEAU, RENE - D'Arouet a Voltaire
000721: POMEAU, RENÉ - Voltaire En Son Temps - Tome Premier 1694-1759
46136: POMMIER, JEAN - Aspects De Racine
41191: PONDER, MAJOR S.E.G. -
74687: PONTEFRACT, ELLA AND HARTLEY, MARIE - Yorkshire Cottage
62070: PONTI, CLAUDE - Adèle s'en mêle
54082: PONTING,G . PONTING, M. - The Stones Around Callanish - a Guide to the Megalithic Sites of the Callanish Area (II to XIX)
64762: PONTING, K.G. (EDITOR) - Textile History 1968-70 Volume 1 of the Journal 'Textile History'
53551: POOL, ROBERT - A Few Thoughts on the Natural, Social, and Religious Aspect of the Parish of Caldbeck
49467: POOLE, SCOTT - The New Finnish Architecture
69640: POOLE, BRENDA - John Colson: a Hampshire Architect of the Victorian Age
36831: STANLEY LANE-POOLE - Cairo Sketches of the History, Monuments and Social Life
43495: POOLE, REV. GEO. AYLIFFE & MEDLEY, JOHN & NEALE, REV. J. M. - The Appropriate Character of Church Architecture. Elementary Remarks on Church Architecture. Hierologus: A Church Tour Through England And Wales.
65192: POOLE, ALAN F. - Ospreys: A Natural and Unnatural History
69137: POOLE, R. - An Introduction to Aerodynamics
77184: POOLEY, COLIN G - Contours of Crime in WEstmorland, c 1880-1910
62894: RIEN POORTVLIET - The Ark
D00099: POPE, ALEXANDER; BUCKLEY, REV. THEODORE ALOIS - The Iliad of Homer - in Two Volumes
7748: POPE, ALEXANDER - As Essay on Man
36357: POPE, ALEXANDER - The Dunciad (Poems of Alexander Pope Volume V)
RN66: POPE, JESSIE - Animal Fun and Frolic
14465: POPE, ALEXANDER - The Poems of Alexander Pope Volume VI:Minor Poems
63737: POPOV, OLEG - Russian Clown
000859: POPOV, SERGEI; SREBNITSKY, ALEXEI - Moscow's Red Carpet Welcome for 1980 Olympics
63969: POPPER, KARL; EGGERS HANSEN, TROELS; PICKEL, ANDREAS - The Two Fundamental Problems of the Theory of Knowledge
63976: POPPER, KARL R. - The Poverty of Historicism
57720: BEN-PORATH, YORAM (EDITOR) - Income Distribution and the Family Population and Development Review
49350: PORCEL, BALTASAR - Baleares
36307: PORCHAT, J.J. - Three Months Under the Snow. The Journal of a Young Inhabitant of the Jura.
37327: MARK ANTHONY PORNY - The Elements of Heraldry
57413: ELDER PORPHYRIOS - The Divine Flame Lit in My Heart
003878: DE PORQUET, LOUIS PHILIPPE R. F. - Le Tresor De L'ecolier Francais: Or, Translating English Into French at Sight.
72474: PORRITT, A. - Matthew Young and His Numismatic Correspondents a Century and a Half Ago - with a Limpse at the First London Numismatic Society
002049: PORT, M. H. - Lowther Hall and Castle
49319: PORT, M. H. - Lowther Hall and Castle
77097: PORT, M H - Lowther Hall and Castle Illustrated
77299: PORT, M H - Lowther Hall and Castle Illustrated
72687: PORTE, JOHN F. - Chopin the Composer and His Music: An Analytical Critique of Famous Traditions and Interpretations as Exhibited in the Playing of Great Pianists Past and Present
68578: PORTEOUS, CRICHTON - Teamsman
68927: TEULON-PORTER, N. - The N. Teulon-Porter Collection of Mocha Pottery
55074: PORTER, MISS ANNA MARIA - The Hungarian Brothers.
65850: PORTER, PETER - A Porter Selected Poems 1959-1989
000866: PORTER, ELEANOR H. - Pollyanna
40413: PETER PORTER - A Porter Folio
65447: PORTER, PETER - The Animal Programme - Four Poems
64643: PORTER, ALAN - The Sporting Life: Chris Balderstone
50746: PORTER, R.E., M.C. - Two Charters at Rydal Hall
65863: PORTER, PETER - Preaching to the Converted
000085: PORTER, ALAN - The Sporting Life: Chris Balderstone
45106: PORTER, JOYCE - Sour Cream with Everything
68354: PORTER, MRS M.E. - Mrs. Porter's New Southern Cookery Book
55098: PORTER, PETER - The Animal Programme: Four Poems
62808: ELIOT PORTER - Maine (New York Graphic Society Book)
64642: PORTER, ALAN - The Sporting Life: Chris Balderstone
49459: PORTEUS, GEOFF - Dartford Country: The Story of the Hundred of Axstane
57901: FALCONER; DAY; BLAIR; GLYNN; PORTEUS - The Poems of Falconer, Day, Blair, Glynn, and Porteus. (the British Poets. Including Translations. Volume LVIII)
4350: THE DUKE OF PORTLAND - Red Deer of Langwell and Braemore 1880-1934
59772: PORTLOCK, J. E. - Report on the Geology of the County of Londonderry, and of Parts of Tyrone and Fermanagh.
67052: PORTLOCK, J. E. - Report on the Geology of the County of Londonderry, and of Parts of Tyrone and Fermanagh.
70798: PORTOGHESI, PAOLO - Roma Barocca
002096: POSNER, DONALD - Antoine Watteau
46938: POSSENTI, VITTORIO - Philosophy and Revelation
000296: DAVISSON POST, MELVILLE - Uncle Abner
D00050: BRECHTJE MARIA BOWINE POST - Tonal and Phrasal Structures in French Intonation (LOT 34)
41650: BIRMINGHAM POST & MAIL - The Birmingham Post Year Book nd Who's Who 1979 - 80. 31st Annual Issue
53004: POSTER, MARK - Jean Baudrillard Selected Writings
44983: POSTGATE, OLIVER & FIRMIN, PETER - King of the Nogs
4142: POSTLETHWAITE, JOHN - Mines and Mining in the (English) Lake District
49427: POSTLETHWAITE, REV. T. N. - Some Papaers from Bardsea Hall Muniment Chest.
44650: POSTLETHWAITE, JOHN - The Geology of the English Lake District with Notes on the Minerals
55926: POSTLETHWAITE, J. - The Geology of the English Lake District
8531: POSTLETHWAITE, JOHN - Mines and Mining in the English Lake District
45141: POSTLETHWAITE, JOHN - The Geology of the English Lake District
45942: POSTON, ELIZABETH - The Children's Song Book
71247: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Two Bad Mice
71248: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher
55380: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Sly Old Cat
69318: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle
69319: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
54519: POTTER, JOHN J. - Robert Burns
74652: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Jemima Puddle-duck
50390: POTTER, DENNIS - Son of a Man a Play
69321: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
10946: POTTER, T. W. - Romans in North-West England: Excavations at the Roman Forts of Ravenglass, Watercrook and Bowness on Solway
65419: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Little Pig Robinson
69320: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
55362: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tailor of Gloucester
67919: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Pie and the Patty-Pan
47800: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Tom Kitten
72331: POTTER, C - Divina Commedia of Dante
47801: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Johnny Town Mouse
49307: POTTER, T. W. - Excavations at Watercrook 1974
63324: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Sly Old Cat
56608: LYDIA POTTS - The World Labour Market: A History of Migration
57005: TIMOTHY POTTS - Civilization: Ancient Treasures from the British Museum
63273: POTTS, G.R. - Partridges: Countryside Barometer - Collins New Naturalist Library - Book 121
70331: POUCHER, W.A. - Journey Into Ireland
4992: POUCHER, W. A. - The Lakeland Peaks
53460: POUCHET, F. A. - The Universe: Or, the Infinitely Great and the Infinitely Little
002006: POULTER, RON AND HINES, BOB - The Project Book
002053: POULTER, ANDREW - Old Penrith: Excavations 1977 and 1979
54703: POULTNEY, C.B. - A Cat and Dog Life
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69839: RENDELL, RUTH - A Sight For Sore Eyes
69838: RENDELL, RUTH - Heartstones (A Hutchinson novella)
38570: RENDER, REV. W. - A Complete Pocket Dictionary of the Englishand German Languages
55575: RENDLE, WILLIAM; NORMAN, PHILIP - The Inns of Old Southwark and Their Associations
30026: LAFARGE RENE - Jean-Paul Sartre: His Philosophy
40755: RENFREW, COLIN - The Prehistory of Orkney
70766: RENGER, KONRAD - Peter Paul Rubens Altare Furr Bayern
14820: RENNERT, JONATHAN - William Crotch (1775-1847) Composer, Artist, Teacher
58868: RENNIE, NEIL - Far-fetched Facts: The Literature of Travel and the Idea of the South Seas
003470: RENNIE, JAMES L. - Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health Carlisle 1969
67630: RENOLD, P. - Letters of William Allen and Richard Barret 1572-1598 - Publications of the Catholic Record Society Vol. 58
33602: P LE PAGE RENOUF - Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion as Illustrated By the Religion of Ancient Egypt. Delivered in May and June, 1879
66078: RENSHAW, PAUL; TWITE, IRENE - The Stones Cry Out
68096: REPIN, ILYA - Ilya Repin Painting Graphic Arts
63520: RESCHER, NICHOLAS (EDITOR) - Studies in Epistemology
63551: RESCHER, NICHOLAS - Leibniz: An introduction to his philosophy ('APQ' library of philosophy)
63516: RESCHER, NICHOLAS (EDITOR) - Studies in the Theory of Knowledge
40351: RESNICK, L.B. - Theory and Practice of Early Reading Vol I
40353: RESNICK, L.B.; WEAVER, PHYLLIS - Theory and Practice of Early Reading Vol III
62030: RETALLACK, JOHN - Welsh Guards (Famous regiments)
38545: DE REUL, PAUL - L'oevre De Swinburne
10530: REVESZ, GEZA - The Human Hand: a Psychological Study
68656: REWALD, JOHN - Edouard Manet Pastels
400012: JOHN REX - Sociology and the De-mystification of the Modern World
71069: REX, WALTER - Essays on Pierre Bayle and Religious Controversy
27199: REY, ROBERT - Gauguin
56206: SAMIVEL; REY, GUIDO - Sous L'oeil Des Choucas Ou Les Plaisirs De L'alpinisme
38075: REY, GUIDO - The Matterhorn
59055: DEL REY, MARIA; CAINE, ERIN; CARTEN, STANLEY - Venus Editions - the Institute; Knights of Pleasure; Stories from Cocktails.
69056: REY, JEAN DOMINIQUE - Berthe Morisot
68345: REYBURN, H. A. - Nietzsche: The Story of a Human Philosopher
60129: REYMOND, EVELYNE - Colette Et La Cote D'Azur
34025: MARCEL REYMOND - Les Della Robbia
22359: RUDY DE REYNA - Magic Realist Oil-Painting
54065: REYNOLDS, GUY (EDITOR) - Willa Cather Critical Assessments Vols I-IV

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