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55046: NEWEY, VINCENT - The Pilgrim's Progress: Critical and Historical Views (Liverpool English Texts & Studies)
54749: NEWGASS, EDGAR - Collected Poems
65552: NEWHAM, A. T. - The Dublin & Lucan Tramway
46522: NEWHOUSE, EDWARD - The Temptation of Roger Heriott
26436: NEWICK, JOHN - Clay and Terracotta in Education
RN121: NEWLING, JOHN - Stamping Uncertainty : An Installation Project for the Chapter House. Canterbury Cathedral
50571: NEWMAN, C.J - A Russian Novel
55611: NEWMAN, F. W. - The Odes of Horace Translated Into Unrhymed Metres, with Introductions and Notes.
77294: NEWMAN, R - Excavations in Egremont Town Centre, 1983
64550: NEWMAN, GEORGE - Bacteria
27923: ERNEST NEWMAN - Wagner as Man and Artist
72957: NEWMAN, BERNARD - The Flying Saucer
10914: NEWMAN, BERTRAM - Edmund Burke
40490: NEWMAN, GEORGE - The Progressive Science Series
36884: W L NEWMAN - The Politics of Aristotle with an Introduction, Two Prefatory Essays and Notes Critical and Explanatory
42171: NEWMAN, BERNARD - The Flying Saucer
49400: NEWMAN, R. - Excavations in Egremont Town Centre, 1983
47758: NEWMAN, GEORGE - Bacteria
18446: NEWMAN, PETER C. - Empire of the Bay. An Illustrated History of the Hudson's Bay Company
001589: NEWMAN, ERNEST - Wagner as Man and Artist
8929: NEWMAN, ERNEST - Essays from the World of Music (Vol. 1 and 2)
57073: NEWMAN, KENNETH - Newman's Birds of Botswana
003744: NEWMAN, DANIEL - Rudolf Baranik Napalm Elegy
54781: NEWNES, GEORGE - The Strand Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly - Vol. XVI. July to December.
44130: NEWNES, GEORGE - The Strnad Magazine an Illustrated Monthly VolV
48534: NEWNES, GEORGE (ED.) - The Strand Magazine an Illustrated Monthly - Vol. XX. July to December 1900.
54782: NEWNES, GEORGE - The Strand Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly - Vol. XIX. January to June.
48417: NEWNES, GEORGE (ED.) - The Strand Magazine - an Illustrated Monthly - Vol. VI. July to December
57474: "DALLAS MORNING NEWS - November 22: The Day Remembered as Reported By Dallas Morning News
57765: NEWSOM, VERA - Midnight Snow
40557: NEWSOM, JOHN - Willingly to School
65792: NEWSOME, DAVID - On the Edge of Paradise - A. C. Benson: The Diarist
69661: NEWSTEAD, ROBERT - Supplement to The Journal of the Board of Agriculture Vol.XV No. 9 December 1908 The Food of Some British Birds
23323: NEWTH, SAMUEL - A First Book of Natural Philosophy: An Introduction to the Study of Statics, Dynamics, Hydrostatics, Optics and Acoustics
40502: NEWTH, J.S - Chemical Lecture Experiments
66281: NEWTON, JUDITH; ROSENFELT, DEBORAH - Feminist Criticism and Social Change: Sex, Class and Race in Literature and Culture
71305: NEWTON, HELMUT; SQUIERS, CAROL - Helmut Newton Portraits - Photographs from Europe and America
37086: IAN NEWTON - The Sparrowhawk
56049: NEWTON, STEPHEN - Stephen Newton - Paintings and Drawings 1997-2000
69708: NEWTON, JANE (COMPILED BY) - Political Cartoons of 1998
37651: RICHARD NEWTON - The Five Giants and Other Tales
42173: NEWTON, JOHN/ THE REV. JOSIAH BULL - John Newton of Olney and St. Mary Wolnoth
48307: NEWTON, STEPHEN - Stephen Newton - Paintings and Drawings 1997-2000
10405: NEWTON, LILY - Plant Distributio in Thw Aberystwyth District Including Cader Idris & Plynlimon
69364: NEWTON, IAN - Bird Populations
72987: NEWTON, REV. D. - Rhoda; or, a Gipsy Girl's Mission of Love.
45483: NEWTON, IAN - The Sparrowhawk
22835: CHARLES NEWTON - Photography in Printmaking
67741: NEWTON, R.N. - The Royal Institution of Naval Architects 1960-1980
47129: NIALL, IAN - One Man and His Dogs
47131: NIALL, IAN - Fresh Woods
24267: NIALL, IAN - The New Poacher's Handbook
47130: NIALL, IAN - Around My House
70350: NIAZ, ILHAN - The Culture of Power and Governance in Pakistan 1947-2008
70883: NIBLETT, MATTHEW - Prophecy and the Politics of Salvation in Late Georgian England
41716: STUART NICHOL - MacQueen's Legacy
57117: NICHOLAS, JOHN; REEVE, GEORGE - The Okehampton Line: The Southern Railway Route Between Exeter, Tavistock and Plymouth
62749: NICHOLAS, CYNTHIA - In Them Days: Memories of a Penrith Childhood 1929-1944
52947: NICHOLLS, DAVID (ED) - The Cambridge History of American Music
33959: C.S.NICHOLLS - Dictionary of National Biography Missing Persons
57820: NICHOLLS, R. H. - Great Western Railway - Synopsis of Course of Instruction on the Subject of Safe Working of Railways and the Appliances Used in Connection Therewith for the Use of Students of the Signalling Classes.
43380: NICHOLS, T.L - Forty Years of American Life
58400: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - The Valet as Historian
13436: NICHOLS, T. L. - Forty Years of American Life
53546: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - The Tree That Sat Down
67297: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Provincial Pleasures
52880: NICHOLSON, JULIA - Traditional Indian Arts of Gujarat
57793: NICHOLSON, NORMAN; CURRY, NEIL (EDITOR) - Collected Poems
57794: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - The Old Man of the Mountains
002726: NICHOLSON, H.A. - An Essay on the Geology of Cumberland & Westmorland
74366: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Man & Literature
43995: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Stitch and Stone A Cumbrian Landscape
67299: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - The Green Shore
54675: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Wednesday Early Closing
58037: NICHOLSON, NORMAN & BARKER, KENNETH DOW - Stitch and Stone A Cumbrian Landscape
67268: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Rock Face Poems By Norman Nicholson
13366: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Provincial Pleasures
57760: NICHOLSON, NORMAN (ED) - An Anthology of Religious Verse Designed for the Times
64872: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - William Cowper
66283: NICHOLSON, NORMAN; HUNT, IRVINE - Norman Nicholson's Lakeland: A Prose Anthology
68378: NICHOLSON, NORMAN; CURRY, NEIL - Collected Poems
67300: NICHOLSON, NORMAN (INTRODUCTION AND SELECTION BY) - William Wordsworth 'Poets on the Poets'
68311: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Wednesday Early Closing
70804: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Selected Poems 1940-1982
67339: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - The Pot Geranium and Other Poems
44054: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - A Local Habitation
65407: NICHOLSON, SIR CHARLES & SPOONER, CHARLES - Recent English Ecclesiastical Architecture - A Series of Illustrations of Notable Modern Work with Prefatory Articles
67302: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - William Cowper
57141: NICHOLSON, JOHN - Liners of the Clyde
38960: NICHOLSON, FREDERICK J - Occasional Papers No 6 Thomas Carlyle and Hugh Macdonald
39703: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - The Shadow of Black Combe
39928: NICHOLSON, REV. WILLIAM - The Remains of Edmund Grindal DD
37378: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Prophesy to the Wind
43922: NICHOLSON, WINIFRED; BLACKWOOD, JOHN - Winifred Nicholson
63247: NICHOLSON, M. A. - The Carpenter & Joiner's Companion, in the Geometrical Construction of Working Drawings, Required By Journeymen in the Progress of Building; Comprehending a Complete System of Lines.
000915: NICHOLSON, JOHN C. - The Birds of Manitoulin Island and Adjacent Islands Within Manitoulin District
44004: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - The Shadow of Black Combe
67307: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - No Star on the Way Back Ballads and Carols
55009: NICHOLSON, COLIN - Critical Approaches in the Fiction to Margaret Laurence
003178: NICHOLSON, ISA - A History of the Co-operative Movement for Young Co-operators
60293: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - The Old Man of the Mountains
62682: NORMAN NICHOLSON - Wednesday Early Closing
002329: NICHOLSON, MARY - Childhood Hours and Other Verse
57324: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - The Dambuilders - The Destruction of Mardale and the Building of the Haweswater Dam
4910: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Five Rivers
68529: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - A Local Habitation
68530: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - The Pot Geranium
69592: NICHOLSON, CORNELIUS - Mallerstang Forest and the Barony of Westmorland: Local History Founded on Place Names
000790: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Wednesday Early Closing
67298: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Provincial Pleasures
003053: NICHOLSON, NORMAN; DOW BARKER, KENNETH - Stitch and Stone: A Cumbrian Landscape (Poet and artist series) Ceolfrith 53
55867: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Wednesday Early Closing
67305: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Five Rivers
67308: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Birth By Drowning
67309: NICHOLSON, NORMAN - Rock Face
48386: NICKLAUS, JACK - Nicklaus By Design
59676: CHRIS MILLARD; JACK NICKLAUS - Nicklaus by Design: Golf Course Strategy and Architecture
22244: NICOL, W.B. DE BEAR; SEVERS, KENNETH - Northern Review. Vol. 1. No. 6 November 1946
58334: DE BEAR NICOL, BERNARD (EDITOR) - Northern Review October 1947 Vol. II No. 2
65087: NICOLAEFF, A. - Poems 1937
36885: FERNAND NICOLAY - Napoleon at the Boulogne Camp (Based on Numerous Hitherto Unpublished documents)
003857: NICOLL, MAURICE - Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspensky - Volume 5
55172: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE (ED); WELLS, STANLEY (ED) - Shakespeare Survey: An Annual Survey of Shakespearean Study and Production - Various Volumes - Volumes 1-14, 19-24, 31-33, 36, 37
64893: NICOLL, MAURICE - Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspensky - Volume 3
55161: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE (ED) - Shakespeare Survey: An Annual Survey of Shakespearean Study and Production. No. 16
55162: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE (ED) - Shakespeare Survey: An Annual Survey of Shakespearean Study and Production. No. 15
55173: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE (ED) - Shakespeare Survey: An Annual Survey of Shakespearean Study and Production No.2
64894: NICOLL, MAURICE - Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspensky - Volume 3
68492: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON - Sunday Afternoon Verses
000078: NICOLL, MAURICE - Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of G.I Gurdjieff and P.D Ouspensky 5 Volumes
44438: NICOLL, M. J. - Three Voyages of a Naturalist; Being an Account of Many Little-Known Islands in Three Oceans Visited By the "Valhalla" R.Y.S.
55160: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE (ED) - Shakespeare Survey: An Annual Survey of Shakespearean Study and Production. No. 18
003261: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE - Sir Kenelm Digby, Poet, Philosopher, and Pirate of the Restoration
55174: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE (ED) - Shakespeare Survey: An Annual Survey of Shakespearean Study and Production No.11
46141: NICOLLS, MAJOR O.C.C - A Register of the Alumni of Keble College Oxford from 1870-1925
47897: NICOLSON, NIGEL (ED.) - Harold Nicolson Diaries and Letters 1930-1962 - 3 Volumes
62057: NICOLSON, WILLIAM; FERGUSON, R. S. - Miscellany Accounts of the Diocese of Carlile, with the Terriers Delivered in to Me at My Primary Visitation.
43987: NICOLSON, WILLIAM - Miscellany Accounts of the Diocese of Carlile with the Terriers Delivered in to Me at My Primary Visitation
65566: NICOLSON, ROBERT - The Battle of the Goldfish Pond
41712: COLIN NICOLSON - "Infamas Govener", The: Francis Bernard and the Origins of the American Revolution
45719: NICOLSON, HAROLD; ET AL - The Cornhill Magazine - Summer 1953, No. 996
59034: NICOLSON, CAPTAIN NIGEL; FORBES, PATRICK - The Grenadier Guards in the War of 1939-1945 - Two Volumes
36645: NIGEL NICOLSON ( EDITOR) - Harold Nicolson Diaries and Letters 1945 - 1962
59651: NICOLSON, HAROLD - The Development of English Biography
72556: VON NIDA, NORMAN G. - Golf Isn't Hard
41029: NIEKUS, THEO - Pasatiempo
26689: NIELSEN, BARBARA - Farm and Home Ideas Book
70401: ALS-NIELSEN, JENS; MCMORROW, DES - Elements of Modern X-Ray Physics
53210: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH; COMMON, THOMAS (TRANS) - The Case of Wagner - Nietzsche Contra Wagner - the Twilight of the Idols - the Antichrist
71311: MEULENBELT-NIEUWBURG, ALBARTA - Merklapmotieven En Hun Symboliek
10951: TRANTER NIGEL - Robert the Bruce: The Steps to the Empty Throne
47562: G. NIGHTINGALE & CO. - Nightingale's New Map of Northumberland, Durham, Cumberland, Westmorland and Part of Yorkshire.
RN34: NIGHTINGALE, B. - The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmorland - Their Predecessors and Successors - Volume 1
8490: NIGHTINGALE, B. - The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland & Westmorland: Volume I
68153: NIJJAR, G. S. - Fruit Breeding in India
000713: NIKLAUS, ROBERT - Denis Diderot Pensées Philosophiques
70985: NILSSON, LENNART - Life
2979: NIMROD - The Life of John Mytton, Esq.
9528: NIN, ANAIS - A Spy in the House of Love
50377: NINET, MARGUERITE - A First French Primer
64667: 'NIRVANA' - Decorated Cakes and Confectionary
67955: NISBET, WILLIAM; BUCHAN, WILLIAM - The New Domestic Medicine; or, a Treatise on the Prevention and Cure of Diseases, By Regimen and Simple Medicines.... To Which is Now First Added Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Buchan: Etc.
10031: NISBET, J. D.; ENTWISTLE, N. J. - Educational Research Methods
40327: ROBERT NISBET - Twilight of Authority
46841: NISBET, T. S.; MULLETT, G. W. - Rolling Bearings in Service : Interpretation of Types of Damage
56250: NISCEMI, MAITA DI - Manor Houses and Castles of Sweden: A Voyage Through Five Centuries
67698: NIVEN, FREDERICK - Mine Inheritance
37286: NIXON, NEIL - Carlisle United Blueseason 2006/2007
55955: NIXON, BOB - Poems By the Crofter
45166: NIXON, C. B. - Where the Shoe Pinches - A Statement
49614: NIXON, CHRIS - Kings of the Nurburgring
69431: NOALL, CYRIL - Levant: The Mine Beneath the Sea
34091: PETER NOBLE, LUCIE POLAK AND CLAIRE ISOZ EDITORS - The Medieval Alexander Legend and Romance Epic: Essays in Honour of David J A Ross
003797: ALEXANDRA NOBLE - From Art to Archaeology
57924: LE NOBLE, MR. - L'école Du Monde, Nouvelle. Ou Les Promenades De Mr. Le Noble. Premiere - Douzieme Promenade - 2 Tomes as One.
41466: NOBLE, LORAINE (ED.) - Four-Star Scripts
57731: NOCK, O. S. - The LNWR Precursor Family: The Precursors, Experiments, Georges, Princes of the London & North Western Railway
49747: NOEL, JOHN - Figure Skating for Beginners
48777: NOETINGER, JACQUES - Histoire De L'aéronautique Francaise L'épopée 1940-1960
55516: NOLAN, BRIAN - Hero The Falcon of Malta
44304: NOLAN, E.H - The Illustrated History of the the War Against Russia - Two Volumes
000180: NOLAN, FREDERICK - The Mittenwald Syndicate
60230: NOLLEN, BERNARD & VON DER HEIDE, ANNIE - Blumenpoesie
33469: SAM C NOLUTSHUNGU - South Africa in Africa:a Study in Ideology and Foreign Policy
35459: NONE - Carlisle Directory 1961-62
63275: NONE - Carlisle Directory 1961-62
56941: NOON, CHARLES - The Book of Blundell's
26342: JOHN T. NOONAN - Contraception
43445: NOOTT, JOHN - Fine Paintings
67041: NOOTT, JOHN (EDITOR) - John Noott - Fine Paintings - Spring Selection 1990
22304: JILL NORDFORS - Needle Lace and Needleweaving: A New Look at Traditional Stitches
59306: NORDSTROM, CAROLYN - Fieldwork Under Fire: Contemporary Studies of Violence and Survival
5329: NORGARD, LARS - Picnic Anywhere !
68974: NORGATE, MARTIN (EDITOR) - Checklist of Hampshire Maps Early Printed Maps of the County
68985: NORGATE, MARTIN (EDITOR) - Checklist of Hampshire Maps Early Printed Maps of the County (Amendment Copy)
69311: NORGATE, MARTIN - Kitchin's Post Chaise Companion, 1767 (Copy of)
69310: NORGATE, MARTIN - Kitchin's Post Chaise Companion, 1767
69309: NORGATE, MARTIN - Hampshire Basic Gazetteer
68971: NORGATE, MARTIN (EDITOR) - Early Printed Maps of the County Checklist of Hampshire Maps
68972: NORGATE, MARTIN (EDITOR) - Bradshaw's Railway Companion 1841 Facsimile Reproduction
68970: NORGATE, MARTIN (EDITOR) - Hampshire Railways
69306: NORGATE, MARTIN AND JEAN - Morden's Map of Hampshire (Notes from)
69308: NORGATE, MARTIN AND JEAN - Harrison's Map of Hampshire (Notes from)
69307: NORGATE, MARTIN - Kentish's Map of Hampshire (Notes from)
68984: NORGATE, MARTIN AND RUSSELL-JONES, PETER (EDITORS) - Catalogue of the Vokes Collection and General Collection, Firearms
23864: HENRY NORMAL - Does Inflation Affect the Emotions?
23865: HENRY NORMAL - Is Love Science Fiction?
66032: NORMAN, PHILIP - Shout! The True Story of the Beatles
40262: E R NORMAN - Anti-Catholicism in Victorian England
55922: NORMAN, FRANK - The Monkey Pulled His Hair
67425: NORRBACK, MARTHA - A Gentleman's Home: The Museum Of Gustaf Mannerheim, Marshal Of Finland
55622: NORRIS, KEITH - Australia's heritage Sketchbook
24279: NORRIS, W.E. - The Fight for the Crown
49870: NORRIS, W. E. - Miss Wentworth's Idea
001723: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - The Cloister Walk
001724: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - Dakota
50547: NORRIS, REV. HENRY - Baddesley Clinton: Its Manor, Church and Hall with Some Account of the Family of Ferrers from the Norman Conquest To the Present Day.
74190: NORRIS, JAMES B. - The First Century Ecclesia
70771: NORRIS, C.A. - Notes on the Birds of Warwickshire
50184: NORRIS, W. E. - Pauline
004082: NORRIS, BARNEY - Turning for Home
7024: NORTH, F. J. - Finland in Summer
7229: NORTH, GIL - Seargent Cluff & the Day of Reckoning
49282: NORTH, LT.-COL. O. H. - Local Stone and Bronze Implements.
62239: NORTH, COLONEL OLIVER H. NORTH - The Travel of Sir Guilbert De Launoy in the North of England and Elsewhere, 1430
55917: NORTH, F. J. CAMPBELL, BRUCE SCOTT, RICHENDA - The New Naturalist 13 Snowdonia The National Park of North Wales
40441: SYDNEY NORTHCOTE - The Songs of Henri Duparc
43713: NORTHCROFT, GEORGE J. H. (ED.) - The Boy's Own Annual. Volume 57. 1934-1935
56006: NORTHCROFT, GEORGE J. H. (ED.) - The Boy's Own Annual Volume 57. 1934-1935
37685: MARY H. NORTHEND - American Homes and Their Furnishings in Colonial Times
62393: NORTHEY, MAJOR W. BROOK - The Land of the Ghurkas or the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal
68922: GOODWIN NORTON, C. AND BONNER, JUDSON - The Lantern and How to Use it
64597: NORTON, BILL - Air War on the Edge: A History of the Israel Air Force and it's Aircraft Since 1947
53084: NORTON, F. H. - Fine Ceramics: Technology and Applications
70461: NORTON, PETER J.; LAMB, TOM - Tom Lamb: The Biography of a Mining Artist
67979: NORTON, FRANK - Aboriginal Art
RN109: NORTON, LUCY - The Sun King and His Loves
49609: NORTON, PROF PF - New Saint Chad 's and It's Architect
39693: NORVIG, PETER & RUSSELL, STUART - Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach
40088: JOHN JULIUS NORWICH - Venice: The Rise to Empire
68862: NORWOOD, V. G. C. - Man Alone! Adventures in the Jungles of British Guiana and Brazil
38774: NOSSELT, FRIEDRICH; HALL, MRS ANGUS W. - Mythology Greek and Roman
67089: NOSZLOPY, GEORGE T. - Public Sculpture of Birmingham Including Sutton Coldfield
58657: NOTH, MARTIN - The Chronicler's History (JSOT Supplement Series 50)
55511: NOTT, CHARLES STANLEY; GURDJIEFF, G. I. - Teachings of Gurdjieff, The Journal of a Pupil: An Account of Some Years With G. I. Gurdjieff and A. R. Orage in New York and at Fontainebleau-Avon
002079: NOTT, JOHN - Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Recollections of an Errant politician)
42309: NOURISSIER, FRANCOIS - Cartier Bresson's France
58857: NOVE, ALEC - An Economic History of the U.S.S.R.
37364: NOVELLO, VINCENT - Kent's Morning and evening Service with 20 Anthems, in Vocal Score with a Seperate Accompanyment for the Organ or Pianoforte Vol. 2 Numbers 13-24
002505: NOWARRA, HEINZ. J. - The Focke-wulf 190 a Famous German Fighter
63496: NOXON, JAMES - Hume's Philosophical Development: A Study of His Methods
52774: NOYES, ALFRED - The Highwayman
52682: NOYES, ALFRED - Shadows on the Down
42523: NOYES, HERBERT - Man and the Termite
63730: NOZICK, ROBERT - Invariances: The Structure of the Objective World
63443: NOZICK, ROBERT - The Nature of Rationality
63412: NOZICK, ROBERT - The Nature of Rationality
55894: NUNLIST, HUGO; COBURN, OLIVER (TRANS) - Spitsbergen: The Story of the 1962 Swiss-Spitsbergen Expedition
40861: NUSSBAUM, PAUL - Handbook of Neuropsychology and Aging
53390: NUTT, ALFRED - Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail with Especial Reference to the Hypothesis of Its Celtic Origin.
40667: NUTTER, M.E - Carlisle in the Olden Time
64777: NUTTING, ANTHONY - I Saw for Myself The Aftermath of Suez
63887: NYE, ROBERT - The English Sermon Volume Three 1750-1850
40984: NYE, ROBERT - The Seven Deadly Sins
12375: NYE, DOUG - Cars in Profile No3 F1 Repco-Brabhams
71241: NYROP, KR - Grammaire Historique De La Langue Francais Volume One
67773: OAKELEY, HERBERT STANLEY - Twenty-six Songs with English, French, German, or Italian Words, Composed By Herbert Stanley Oakeley
69032: OAKES, CLIFFORD - The Birds of Lancashire
72384: OAKES, PETER - The Complete History of the British League
36090: CLIFFORD OAKES - The Birds of Lancashire
65463: OAKESHOTT, WALTER - The Mosaics of Rome - From the Third to the Fourteenth Centuries
33593: MICHAEL OAKESHOTT - Rationalism in Politics and Other Essays
67373: OAKLEY, GRAHAM - The Church Mouse
58162: OAKLEY, JOHN; BAMFORD, ALLAN; ET AL - From an Open Wooded Hilltop
33786: JOYCE CAROL OATES - Last Days: Stories
62034: FERNANDES; OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Poisoned Kiss and Other Stories from the Portuguese
68904: OATTS, COLONEL H. A. - Loch Trout
71037: OBENHAUS, VICTOR - The Responsible Christian
3976: OBERHOLSER, HARRY C. - The Birds Of The Natuna Islands
002608: OBEYESEKERE, GANANATH - The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: European Mythmaking in the Pacific
65530: NOBLESSE OBLIGE. (HOWARD EVANS) - Our Old Nobility - 2 Volumes
59267: OBOLER, SUZANNE (EDITOR) - Latino Studies Volume 7 Issue 1 Spring 2009
38080: EDITED BY DAVID J OBORNE, RENE BRANTON, FERNANDO LEAL, PAT SHIPLEY AND TOM STEWART. - Person-Centred Ergonomics:: A Brantonian View of Human Factors
38387: MASS-OBSERVATION - Meet Yourself on Sunday
45321: MASS-OBSERVATION - Meet Yourself on Sunday
24564: WILLIAM OF OCKHAM - Predestination, God's Foreknowledge and Future Contingents
003458: OCKO, JUDY YOUNG; ROSENBLUM, M. L. - The Specialty Store and Its Advertising - How to Plan it / How to Create it / How to Improve it
64023: ODDIE, GUY - Inspired by Lutyens; A Life in and Out of Architectural Practice at the Centre of the Post-War Modern Movement
45272: ODELL, ROBIN & BARFIELD, TOM (COMPILERS) - A Humanist Glossary
58358: 'KUNLE ODIFA - Fiddling-Rot
33663: HOME OFFICE - Criminal Statistics England and Wales 1977
45350: GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE - General Register Office Census 1951 England and Wales County report - Cumberland and Westmorland
45348: GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE - General Register Office Census 1961 England and Wales Occupation Industry Socio-Economic Groups - Cumberland
45347: GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE - General Register Office Census 1961 England and Wales Occupation Industry Socio-Economic Groups - Westmorland
45349: GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE - General Register Office Census 1961 England and Wales County report - Cumberland
53161: THE WAR OFFICE - Manual of Horsemastership, Equitation and Driving 1929
38642: WAR OFFICE - Games and Sports in the Army 1962-63
45346: GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE - General Register Office Census 1961 England and Wales County Report - Westmorland
33998: THE WAR OFFICE - Manual of Driving and Maintenance for Mechanical Vehicles (wheeled) 1937
72767: DEPARTMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT WELSH OFFICE - Sunlight and Daylight - Planning Criteria and Design of Buildings
34133: HOME OFFICE - Civil Defence First Aid Manual
34134: HOME OFFICE - Civil Defence First Aid Manual
34135: HOME OFFICE - Civil Defence Rescue Manual
34136: HOME OFFICE - Civil Defence Manual of Basic Training Volume II: Basic Rescue
41374: CHRIS OFILI - The Upper Room
74350: OGILBY, JOHN - Britannia Volume the First or an Illustrations of the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales
69656: OGILVIE, WILL H. - The Border Poems
53402: OGILVIE, WILL H. - A Clean Wind Blowing - Songs of the Outdoors
46907: OGILVIE, FERGUS MENTEITH - Field Observations on British Birds
74213: OGILVIE, MALCOLM (EDITOR) - BWP Update The Journal of the Birds of the Western Palearctic 9 Volumes
47741: OGILVY, JAMES - Many Dimensional Man - Decentralizing Self, Society, and the Sacred
64419: OGILVY, J.D.A. - The Place of Wearmouth and Jarrow in Western Cultural History
57806: ASPINALL-OGLANDER, BR.-GENERAL C. F. - Military Operations - Gallipoli - Vol. II May 1915 to the Evacuation
41507: OGLE, NATHANIEL - Mariamne. The Last of the Asmonean Princesses
67450: OGLESBY, BERNARD - Italian Journeys
33655: G J AFOLABI OJO - Yoruba Culture
53282: OKADA, BARBRA TERI - Netsuke Masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
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45627: PEASCOD, BILL - Journey After Dawn
56208: PEASCOD, BILL - Journey After Dawn
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42770: PENFOLD, JOHN B - The Clockmakers Of Cumberland
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52294: PENN, WILLIAM - Fruits and Solitude in Reflections and Maxims Relating to the Conduct of Human Life.
72481: PENN, ARTHUR - Brampton Church Stained Glass
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44723: PENNELL, JOSEPH - The Adventures of an Illustrator
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55424: PENNEY, STEPHEN H. - Lancaster: The Evolution of Its Townscape to 1800
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77296: PENNEY, STEPHEN, H - Romano-British Iron Extraction In North Lancashire
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58133: PERRIN, JOHN - The Elements of French Conversation, with Familiar and Easy Dialogues, Each Preceded By a Suitable Vocabulary in French and English. Designed Particularly for the Use of Shcools.
52322: PERRIN, JOHN - The Elements of French Conversation
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D00027: PERRIN, M. - Fables Amusantes Suivies D'une Table Générale et Particuliere Des Mots, et De Leur Signification En Anglois
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33313: CANON A PERRYMAN - Caedmon: The Father of English Sacred Poetry
49745: PREPARED BY BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONNEL - Chemical and Biological Warfare Defense - Navy Training Courses Navpers 10098
74338: PERSSON, TIGER HILLARP - The Modern Tiger
003990: PESTALOZZI, JULIA; ET AL - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Institutional Settings (EFPP Monograph Series)
62548: PETERJOHN, BRUCE G. - The Birds of Ohio
22576: PAOLA PETERLONGO - The Violin
4682: PETERLONGO, PAOLO - Strumentio Ad Arco / Les Instruments A Archet
50541: PETERS, CHARLES - Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution
71378: PETERS, ANNE - Rings of Green
22059: HARRY T. PETERS - Currier and Ives, Printmakers to the American people
67871: PETERS, FRITZ - Gurdijieff Remebered
50441: PETERSEN, MORRIS S. - Journal of Palaeontology Volume 49 September 1975 Supplement to No.5 Part II of II Upper Devonian (Famennian) Ammonoids from the Canning Basin, Western Australia
59130: PETERSEN, CHRISTIAN - Lilywhite the Tale of a Horse
71225: PETERSEN, NIS; SPRIGGE, ELIZABETH; NAPIER, CLAUDE (TRANSLATED BY) - The Street of the Sandalmakers: a Tale of Rome in the Time of Marcus Aurelius
41179: PETERSON, ELMER - Tristan Tzara
38046: PETERSON, WILLIAM S. - Victorian Heretic : Mrs Humphry Ward's 'Robert Elsmere'
003564: PETHERBRIDGE, DEANNA (EDITOR) - Art for Architecture
64158: PETHERBRIDGE, GUY (EDITOR) - The Paper Conservator Volume 2 1977
64801: PETIRE, MARIA - Art and Regeneration
000626: PETIT, LÉON - La Fontaine à La Rencontre De Dieu
63103: PETO, GLADYS - Told in the Gloaming
59765: PETRARCH - The Canzoniere I and II
67388: TURVILLE-PETRE, T. - The Alliterative Revival
41708: PETRIC, VLADA - Constructivism in Film: The Man With the Movie Camera A Cinematic Analysis
59168: PETRIE, W.M. FLINDERS - A History of Egypt Volumes I and II
40011: SIR CHARLES PETRIE - The Drift to World War: 1900-1914
41333: W. M. FLINDERS PETRIE - The Egypt Exploration Fund: Deshaseh, 1897
002525: PETRIE, SIR CHARLES (EDITOR - The Household Brigade Magazine Summer 1957
48130: PETRUCCI, MARIO - Bosco
62055: DAVE BOHN; RODOLFO PETSCHEK - Kinsey, Photographer: Half Century of Negatives by Darius and Tabitha May Kinsey - Volume One: The Family Album & Other Early Work
53738: PETSOPOULOS, YANNI - Tulips, Arabesques and Turbans
55560: PETTER, GUY B. - George Meredith and His German Critics
44506: PETTI, ANTHONY G. (ED.) - Recusant Documents from the Ellesmere Manuscripts
42529: PETTINGILL, OLIN SEWALL AND LANCASTER, DOUGLAS A. - The Living Bird Nintha Nnual of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1970
23417: PETTMAN, I (COMPILER) - List of Publications of the Freshwater Biological Association 1929 - 1978
47556: PETTS, LEONARD (COMP); ANDREWS, FRANK (INTRO) - The Story of 'Nipper' and the 'His Master's Voice' Picture Painted By Francis Barraud
67211: PETTS, LEONARD (COMPILED BY) - The Story of 'Nipper' and the 'His Master's Voice' Picture Painted By Francis Barraud
38034: PETZOLDT, PATRICIA - On Top of the World. My Adventures with My Mountain Climbing Husband
50536: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Yorkshire the West Riding
64771: PEVSNER, N.B.L. (EDITOR) - Birds of La Plata
42916: PEVSNER, N.B.L. - The Planning of the Country House
48021: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Englishness of Engilsh Art
001573: PEYRE, ROGER - Nimes, Arles, Orange, Saint-Remy
47080: PEYREFITTE, ROGER - Voltaire: Sa Jeunesse et Son Temps - 1
001127: PEYREFITTE, ROGER - Voltaire Sa Jeunesse et Son Temps 2
54408: PFANNMULLER, FRIEDRICH & DR. NORBERT - Friedberger Ansichten: Aquarellansichten Der Kreisstadt friedberg/Hessen Und Der Wetterau
57416: PFEIFER, NETTA - A Soul's Safari
67976: PFEIFFER, DR.; WINKWORTH, SUSANNA - Theologia Germanica: Which Letteth Forth Many Fair Lineaments of Divine Truth, and Faith Very Lofty and Lovely Things Touching a Perfect Life
D00010: PFEIFFER, MME IDA; BELIN-DE LAUNAY, J; DE SUCKAU, M. W. - Voyages Autour Du Monde
33262: RUDOLF PFISTER - 130 Eigenheime: Vom Grossen Bis Kleinsten EinFamilienhaus
68833: PHAIR, ANTHONY - In Search Og Inca Gold
39778: PHEASENT, STEPHEN - Ergonomics, Work and Health
62617: PHELAN, PEGGY; RECKITT, HELENA - Art and Feminism (Themes & Movements)
41663: EARL W PHELAN - Radioisotopes in Medicne
63098: PHELAN, ROBERT J. - New Traditions: Thirteen Hispanic Photographers
37552: PHELP, ELIZABETH - How to Sing an English Ballad
65096: PHIBBS, RICHARD - Cockle Button, Cockle Ben and Other Stories
50593: PHILBY, H. ST. J. B. - Sheba's Daughters Being a Record of Travel in Southern Arabia
69217: PHILIBIN, AN - Wild Honey Poems By An Philibin
70805: GEORGE PHILIP & SON - Ordnance Survey Nottinghamshire Street Atlas
44409: PHILIPS, ROLAND E. - Letters to a Patrol Leader The Tenderfoot and Second Class Tests.
39792: PHILIPS, D.C - The Expanded Social Scientists Bestiary
42468: PHILIPS, COMMODORE - An Authentic and Interesting Narrative of the Late Expedition to Botany Bay
60028: PHILIPS, C.B - Lowther Family Estate Books 1617-1675
43207: PHILIPS, ROG - Amamzing stories- Starship from Sirius
72869: PHILIPS, H LAWRENCE - Cap'N Benny

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