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003678: LESLIE, JOAN - Red Roof Farm
48825: LESLIE, SIR JOHN - Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Regions: With Illustrations of Their Climate, Geology, and Natural History; and an Account of the Whale-Fishery
48819: LESSING, F. D.; WAYMAN, ALEX - Introduction to the Buddhist Tantric Systems
41843: LESSING, DORIS - The Summer Before the Dark
72941: LESSING, DORIS - In Pursuit of the English: a Documentary
56528: LESTER, ALAN - Colonial Discourse and the Colonisation of Queen Adelaide Province, South Africa
59418: LETHABY, W. R. - Mediaeval Art from the Peace of the Church to the Eve of the Renaissance 312-1350
42551: LETTS, MALCOLM - Mandeville's Travels. Texts and Translations in 2 Volumes
39646: LEUÉ, ADOLPH - Fifth Annual Report of the Forestry Bureau to the State of Ohio for the Year 1889
54920: LEVENSON, JAY A. - Circa 1492: Art in the Age of Exploration
002626: LEVER, J. W. (ED) - Measure for Measure - the Arden Edition of the Works of William Shakespeare
47865: LEVER, CHARLES - Barrington
49458: LEVERITT, NORMAN; ELSDEN, MICHAEL J. - Aspects of Spalding People & Places in Words and Photographs
5216: LEVERTOFF, DENISE - The Double Image
40196: MICHAEL LEVEY - Painting in Eighteenth Century Venice
63902: LEVI, PETER S.J. - Ruined Abbeys
67380: LEVI, JAN - And Nobody Woke Up Dead The Life and Times of Mable Barker - Climber & Educational Pioneer
57682: LEVI, PETER - Horace: A Life
57773: LEVI, CARLO - Words are Stones Impressions of Sicily
41509: LEVI, PETER - Private Ground
47485: LEVI, PETER - Five Ages
65624: LEVIEN, JOHN MEWBURN; MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER C. - Beethoven and the Royal Philharmonic Society
65913: LEVIN, HARRY - The Waste Land from Ur to Echt
63772: LEVIN, SAMUEL R. - Metaphoric Worlds: Conceptions of a Romantic Nature
000325: LEVIN, HARRY - Why Literary Criticism is Not an Exact Science - Churchill College Overseas Fellowship Lecture Number Two
41624: LEVINE, JOSEPH M. - Between the Ancients and the Moderns: Baroque Culture in Restoration England
59175: LEVINE, DONALD N. - Wax & Gold Tradition and Innovation in Ethiopian Culture
52499: LEVISTON, FRANCES - Public Dream
45590: LEVITSKY, DAVID A. - Malnutrition, Environment, and Behavior - New Perspectives
52776: LEVITT, JEFFREY S. - The World of Antique Toys
46713: LEVIZAC, PAR M DE - Oeuvres De Jean Racine Avec Les Jugemens De La Harpe
48014: LEVSTIK, VLADIMIR - An Adder's Nest
54508: LEVY, MURIEL - The Adventures of Wonk
50685: LEVY, ANDREA - Small Island
54509: LEVY, MURIEL - The Adventures of Wonk
39660: LEVY, LEONARD A. AND WILLIS, HERBERT G. - Radium and other Radio-Active Elements. A Popular Account treated Experimentally
42404: LEVY, BERNARD S & SZARMACH, PAUL E - The Alliterative Tradition in the Fourteenth Century
003496: LEVY, OSCAR; RUSSELL, BERTRAND; ET AL - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Philosopher
22651: LEWENHAUPT, TONY; LEWENHAUPT, CLAES - Crosscurrents: Art, Fashion, Design, 1890-1989
67383: LEWENSTEIN, EILEEN AND COOPER, EMMANUEL (EDITORS) - Ceramic Review (18 issues)
44885: LEWER, S. H. - Wright's Book of Poultry Revised and Edited in Accordance with the Latest Poultry Club Standards
58612: LEWER, S. H. - Wright's Book of Poultry
58181: LEWERY, A.J. - Signwritten Art
36276: F M M LEWES AND S R PARKER & L J LICKORISH - Reviews of United Kingdom Statistical Sources. Volume IV - Leisure and Tourism
2328: LEWIN, W. HENRY - Climbs
36355: LEWIN, J. - The Yorkshire Wolds. A Study in Geomorphology
62168: LEWIS, H.P. - A Sandstone with Fluorspar Cement and Other Sandstones from West Cumberland
63212: LEWIS, C. S. - Miracles: a Preliminary Study
24611: HYWEL D. LEWIS - The Elusive Self
59623: LEWIS, C. S.; HOOPER, WALTER - Collected Letters Volume One: Family Letters 1905-1931
003369: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Monstre Gai
43905: LEWIS, CECIL - Pathfinders - A Novel
50691: LEWIS, NIGEL - Exercise Tiger
55031: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Lion and The Fox: The Role of the Hero in the Plays of Shakespeare
53158: LEWIS, PETER - British Aircraft 1809-1914
57677: LEWIS, W. J. - Hanes Darluniadol o Geredigion: An Illustrated History of Cardiganshire
72496: LEWIS, DR. Y. S. - Spices and Herbs for the Food Industry
53445: LEWIS, C.S. - The Magician's Nephew
59201: LEWIS, NORMAN - Flight from a Dark Equator
65880: LEWIS, C. S. - The Four Loves
44193: LEWIS, ELISHA J. - The American Sportsman: Containing Hints to Sportsmen, Notes on Shooting, and the Habits of the Game Birds and Wild Fowl of America.
22852: FRANK LEWIS - A Dictionary of British Bird Painters
33515: J R LEWIS - The Ecology of Rocky Shores
33516: J R LEWIS - The Ecology of Rocky Shores
000130: LEWIS, WYNDHAM; ROSENTHAL, RAYMOND (ED.) - A Soldier of Humor and Selected Writings
RN80: LEWIS, NAOMI (COMPILER) - The Best Children's Books of 1966
33669: WYNDHAM LEWIS - The Lion and the Fox: The Role of the Hero in the Plays of Shakespeare
58247: LEWIS, TONY - Double Century: The Story of MCC and Cricket
54937: LEWIS, C S - Studies in Words
43347: LEWIS, CHARLTON MINOR - Gawayne and the Green Knight
23063: LEWIS, R.E.; PENN, C. - Language Therapy
71049: LEWIS, W. H. - The Scandalous Regent: A Life of Philippe, Duc d'Orléans 1674-1723 and of His Family
50478: LEWIS, JOHN - Printed Ephemera
3213: CAROLINE LEWIS - Clara In Blunderland
9411: LEWIS, C. S. - Out of the Silent Planet
41447: CYRIL A. LEWIS - Historical Long Island Paintings and Sketches
42158: LEWIS, E.T. - Mynachlod-Ddu. A Historical Survey of the Past Thousand Years.
38503: LEWIS, BERNARD - About "The Old Curiosity shop". A Short Account of the Quaint old Shop Immortalised By Charles Dickens as the Home of Little Nell and Her Grandfather
11984: LEWIS, C. H. - The Judging of Roses
45870: LEWIS, J.NEWEL - Trinidad Carnival- Nobody in His Right Mind
60092: CORNWALL LEWIS, GEORGE (TRANSLATED BY) - History of the Literature of Ancient Greece to the Period of Isocrates
42968: LEWIS, DAVID (TRANSLATED BY) - The Ascent of Mount Carmel By St. John of the Cross
62823: ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS; LEWIS, DAVID; ZIMMERMAN, BENEDICT - The Living Flame of Love By St. John of the Cross with His Letters, Poems, and Minor Writings
RN79: LEWIS, NAOMI (COMPILER) - The Best Children's Books of 1965
55783: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Lion and the Fox: The Role of the Hero in the Plays of Shakespeare
67367: LEWIS, C.S. - That Hideous Strength
55562: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Malign Fiesta
59296: LEWIS, C. S. - The Abolition of Man or Reflections on Education with Special Reference to the Teaching of English in the Upper Forms of Schools - Riddell Memorial Lectures Fifteenth Series, University of Durham
35228: C.S. LEWIS - Allegory of Love a Study in Medieval Tradition
59633: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Tarr
9925: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Writer and the Absolute
003325: LEWIS, C. S. - Out of the Silent Planet
46866: LEWIS, CHARLTON T - A Latin Dictionary Founded on Andrews Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary
48034: LEWIS, WHYNDAM - The Apes of God
26481: LEWIS, C. S. - The Magician's Nephew
003701: LEWIS, HERBERT MRS (COLLECTED BY) - Folk-Songs Collected in Flintshire and the Vale of Clwyd
001383: LEWIS, C. S. - The Literary Impact of the Authorised Version - the Ethel M. Wood Lecture Delivered Before the University of London on 20 March 1950
71137: LEWIS, BILL - The Flight of the Shaman
63804: LEWIS, C.S. - Poetry and Prose in the Sixteenth Century
61127: LEWIS, TONY - Playing Days
002352: LEWIS, C.S. - Voyage to Venus [Perelandra]
54493: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Red Priest
58298: LEWTHWAITE, G.C. (COMPILED BY) - Branch Line Index
50568: LEWY, ZEEV - Geological Survey of Israel Bulletin 76 - Upper Callovian Ammonites and Middle Jurassic Geological History of the Middle East
001432: LEXHIME, J. F. - H. M. S. Powerful - Overture Caprice for Pianoforte
58941: LEY, D.W. - The Cab Control Manual
55685: LEYLAND, ERIC - The Colorado Kid
42345: LEYLAND, JOHN - Dispatches and Letters Relating to the Blackade of Brest 1803-1805 in Two Volumes
64940: LHUILLIER, ALBERTO RUZ - La Civilisation Des Anciens Mayas
45055: LIBAL, DOBROSLAV - The Towns and Cities of Czechoslovakia
62223: LIBERMAN, ALEXANDER - The Artist in His Studio
55629: JACK LIBERTIES - Jack Liberties
64572: BRIAN BENNISON; NEWCASTLE CITY LIBRARIES & ARTS - Heady Days:a History of Newcastle's Public Houses - Volume 1: The Central Area
24213: WILLIAM ANDREWS CLARK MEMORIAL LIBRARY - Stuart and Georgian Moments: Clark Library Seminar Papers on Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century English Literature
7105: D. M. C. LIBRARY - Assisi Embroideries
9259: WITT LIBRARY - Checklist of British Artists in the Witt Library
34055: THE LONDON PUBLIC LIBRARY AND ART MUSEUM - Surrealism in Canadian Painting
34056: THE LONDON PUBLIC LIBRARY AND ART MUSEUM - Surrealism in Canadian Painting
5354: LICHFIELD, PATRICK AND SHYMANSKY, RICHARD - An Illustrated History of Harrow School
44376: LICHT, ELIZABETH AND SIDNEY - A Translation of Joseph Clement Tissot's "Gymnastique Medicinale et Chirurgicale
5330: LICHTENBERGS, G. C. - Ausführliche Erklärung der Hogarthischen Kupferstiche
57892: LIDA - Plouf Canard Sauvage. Album Du Pere Castor
62522: LIDDELL, HENRY GEORGE; SCOTT, ROBERT; JONES, HENRY STUART - A Greek-English Lexicon - Two Volumes
44222: LIDDELL, ROBERT - The Morea
72901: LIDDELL, ALIX - The First Fifty Years
22833: JEAN LIDDIARD - Isaac Rosenberg: The Half Used Life
65572: LIDDY, JAMES - Esau My Kingdom for a Drink: Homage to James Joyce on His LXXX Birthday
65259: LIEBAERS, HERMAN; VANDEWOUDE, EMILE; VANDENBREEDEN, JOS; VAN GORP, PAUL - The Royal Glass-Houses at Laeken - Eight Plates By Margot Weemaes with an Historical, Architectural and Botanical Introduction
42435: LIEBERMAN, ARCHIE - Farm Boy
45687: LIEBERT, HERMAN W. - This Harmless Drudge
18403: BARON LIEBIG - Animal Chemistry; or Chemistry in Its Application to Physiology and Pathology. Parts 1 and 2.
63759: LIEBOWITZ, DANIEL - The Physician and the Slave Trade: John Kirk, the Livingstone Expeditions, and the Crusade Against Slavery in East Africa
8060: LIEFDE (DE), J. B. - The Begars (les Gueux); the Founders of the Dutch Republic
47211: LIETZMANN, HANS - A History of the Early Church Volumes One and Two
72158: CLERK TO THE LIEUTENANCY, THE COURTS, CARLISLE - Visit of Their Royal Highnesses Price and Princess Richard of Gloucester to No.14 Maintenance Unit, Royal Air Force, Carlisle and to Bishop Goodwins Infant School, Carlisle - Tuesday, 19th March, 1974 - Programme
72390: CLERK TO THE LIEUTENANCY, THE COURTS, CARLISLE - Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to Cumbria on Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - Programme 1. The Old Crown, Hesket Newmarket 2. Melmerby Village Hall, Melmerby
33677: EDWIN LIEUWEN - Venezuela
40020: LIEVEN, ANATOL - The Baltic Revolution: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Path to Independence
33060: ANATOL LIEVEN - The Baltic Revolution
71153: LIÈVRE, PIERRE - Corneille Théatre Complet - Tome II
002198: BY THE AUTHOR OF "LEAVES FROM A LIFE - Fresh Leaves and Green Pastures
35423: EDITED BY THE SPORTING LIFE AND SPORTSMEN - British Sports and Sportsmen: Hunting
40237: JOHN LIGGETT AND RAYMOND COCHRANE - Exercises in Social Science
43124: LIGHTBROWN, R.W - Catalogue of Scandinavian and Baltic Silver
24586: LIGHTFOOT, FREDERICK - Migrants
55450: LIGHTFOOT, J. B. - The Apostolic Fathers Clement, Ignatius, and Polycarp - 2 Parts in 5 Volumes
001141: LIGHTFOOT, J.B - Saint Paul's Epistle to the Phillippan's
58083: LIGHTFOOT, DAVID - Last Round
64386: LIGHTNER, CARRIE (EDITOR) - Western Fences
64324: LIGHTNER, CARRIE (EDITOR) - The American Quarter Horse
66367: LILLEY, A. E. V.; MIDGLEY, W. - A Book of Studies in Plant Form with Some Suggestions for Their Application to Design
43749: LILLYS, WILLIAM - Persian Minatures- the Story of Rustam
57687: LIMBERIS, VASILIKI - Divine Heiress: The Virgin Mary and the Creation of Christian Constantinople
39428: LIMBORCH, PHILIP - The History of the Inquisistion, as it Has Subsisted in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Venice, Sicily, Sardinia, Milan, Poland, Flanders Etc Etc. With a Particular Description of Its Secret Prisons, Modes of Torture, Style of Accusation, Trial Etc Etc
52511: LIMBURG, JOANNE - Paraphernalia
50172: THE NORTHERN GENERAL TRANSPORT COMPANY LIMITED - The Northern General Transport Company Limited - Visit of the Omnibus Society Sunday, 24th August, 1958 - Programme of Visit, Details of Garages and Buildings to be Inspected, and Composition of Fleets, Etc.
001583: COOKE'S EXPLOSIVES LIMITED AND THE MINERS SAFETY EXPLOSIVE CO. LTD - Industrial Explosives: a Brief Outline of the History of Explosives in General, With Particular Reference to Their Manufacture in the Factories of Cooke's Explosives Limited and the Miners Safety Explosive Co. Ltd at Penrhyndeudraeth, North Wales.
002214: COLAS PRODUCTS LIMITED - Colas Roads: a Reasoned Treatise Showing What Colas is, Why Its Use is Recommended and How it Should be Used
56647: MARYPORT CO-OPERATIVE INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY LIMITED - Maryport Co-Operative Industrial Society Limited - History of Fifty Years Progress: a Souvenir in Commemoration of the Society's Jubilee 1858-1908
72201: HOWARD & BULLOUGH LIMITED - MacHinery Calculations and Catalogue of Cotton Mixing, Opening, Scutching, Carding, Combing, Drawing, Roving, Spinning, Doubling and Manufacturing MacHinery Made By Howard & Bullough Limited
50948: LIMON, JOHN - Ya Mak Ma Laff!
26314: C. C. LIN AND L. A. SEGEL - Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems In the Natural Sciences
23624: EDMUND E. LINCOLN - Financial Management, 1880-1934. Vol. 6: Problems in Business Finance
63659: LINDEMANN, ALBERT S. - A History of European Socialism
58909: LINDGREN, BO GUNNAR - Three Centuries of Swedish Pottery Rorstrand 1726-1959
62417: LINDLAHR, ANNA & HENRY - The Lindlahr Vegetarian Cook Book and A B C of Natural Dietetics
003423: LINDLEY, JOHN - Screen Fever: Movie Poems
67166: LINDSAY, KATE - The Listening Hills
4800: LINDSAY, J. MAURICE - Perhaps To-morrow: Poems
24695: LINDSAY, NORMAN - Age of Consent
52872: LINDSAY, DAVID - Devil's Tor
63603: LINDSAY, J. O. (ED) - The New Cambridge Modern History - Volume VII - the Old Regime 1713-63
33546: JACK LINDSAY - Byzantium Into Europe the Story of Byzantium as the First Europe (326 - 1204 A.D.) And Its Further Contribution Till 1453 A.D.
56734: LINDSAY, JACK - Into Action Dieppe A Poem of the Commandos
57875: LINDSAY, JACK - Into Action Dieppe A Poem of the Commandos
54400: LINDSAY, MARTIN - The Epic of Captain Scott
16411: LINDSAY, J.O - The New Cambridge Modern History. Volume VII: The Old Regime 1713-63
47857: LINDSAY, ROBERT BRUCE - The Nature of Physics - a Physicists's Views on the History and Philosophy of His Science
40894: LINDSAY, J. SEYMOUR - Iron and Brass Implements of the English House
60216: LINDSAY, KATE - Cuckoo in Connemara
55738: LINDSAY, JACK; STEPHENSEN, P. R. (EDS) - The London Aphrodite No. 1 August 1928
58643: LINDSAY, JACK - The Origins of Alchemy in Graeco-Roman Egypt
58841: LINDSAY, KATHLEEN - The Splendour Falls: a Cromwellian Romance
63607: LINDSAY, J. O. (ED) - The New Cambridge Modern History - Volume VII - the Old Regime 1713-63
67241: LINDSAY, A. D. - The Good and the Clever
62601: LING, MANNY - Sunderland Glass Connections: 25 Years of Studio Glass Practice at the University of Sunderland
45188: LINGARD, ANN - The Fiddlers Leg
001368: LINGSTROM, FREDA ED.) - BBC Childrens Annual 1956
54485: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Pirates in the Deep Green Sea: a Story for Children
63504: LINSKY, LEONARD - Oblique Contexts
37640: LINSLEY, R.K; KOHLER, M.A; PAULHUS, J.L.H - Applied Hydrology
53364: LINSLEY, LESLIE - Mantucket Style
65374: LINSSEN, E. F. - Beetles of the British Isles - 2 Volumes
38675: LINSSEN, E. F. - Beetles of the British Isles Comprising the Superfamilies Caraboidea, Staphylinoidea and Diversicornia
38676: LINSSEN, E. F. - Beetles of the British Isles Comprising the Superfamilies Caraboidea, Staphylinoidea and Diversicornia
47289: LINTILHAC, E - Beaumarchais et Ses Oeuvres
50323: LINTON, LYNN - The Lake Country
23905: W. J. LINTON - Poetry of America
52273: LINTON, ERICA - Fragments of a Vision: a Journey Through India's Gramdan Villages
64517: LINTON, W.J. - The Ferns of the English Lake Country: With a List of Varieties
38826: LINTON, E. LYNN - The Lake Country
62991: LINTON, E LYNN - The Lake Country
62127: LE LIONNAIS, F. - Les Prix De beauté Aux Échecs: Anthologie De Parties D'échecs Ayant Obtenu Des Prix De beauté Des Origines a Nos Jours
5544: LIPINSKI, J. - Miniature and Precision Cameras
23140: LIPMAN, JEAN - Young America: A Folk-Art History
62644: LIPPARD, LUCY R. - On the Beaten Track: Tourism, Art, and Place
003665: LIPPARD, LUCY R. - The Lure of the Local: Senses of Place in a Multicentered Society
43024: LIPPINCOTT, JOSPEH WARTON - Chiseltooth the Beaver
9991: LIPSET, SEYMOUR MARTIN - The First New Nation: The United States in Historical and Comparative Perspective
57390: LIPSON, E. - The Economic History of England 3 Volumes
48564: LIPSON, E. - The History of the Woollen and Worsted Industries
56111: LISCI, LEONARDO GINORI; GRILLO, JENNIFER (TRANS) - The Palazzi of Florence: Their History and Art - Two Volumes
67271: LISS, PAUL; LLEWELLYN, SACHA - British Paintings & Works On Paper 1880-1980 - Liss Fine Art
002508: AROESTE JEAN LISSETTE - Star Trek Fotonovel #6 All Our Yesterdays
39584: LISSNER, H.R, PERRY, C.C - The Strain Gage Primer
41856: LISTER, RAYMOND - The Paintings of Samuel Palmer
22846: ERIC LISTER AND SHELDON WILLIAMS - Twentieth Century British: Naive and Primitive Artists
8728: LA MARA [LISZT, FRANZ] - Letters of Franz Liszt Vol I and II
65832: LITCHFIELD, FREDERICK - How to Collect Old Furniture
62289: LITCHFIELD, FREDERICK - Illustrated History of Furniture from the Earliest to the Present Time
000048: DOUGLAS LITHGLOW, R. A. - The Life of John Critchley Prince
000495: LITHGOW, R. A. DOUGLAS (ED.) - The Poetical Works of John Critchley Prince - in Two Vols
775: LITT, WILLIAM - Henry and Mary: A Local Tale; Illustrative of the Peculiar Habits, Customs and Diversions of the Inhabitants of the West of Cumberland, During the Greater Part of the Eighteenth and Preceding Century.
12325: LITT, TOBY - Adventures in Capitalism
2046: LITTLE, JAMES - Annan, Ancient and Modern: A lecture, delivered in the Hall of the Mechanics' Institution at Annan on February 9, 1853
59151: LITTLE, ELIZABETH A. - Chronicles of Patterdale
65349: LITTLE, JAMES - Memories of the Fleet Air Arm
43359: LITTLE, RICHARD - A Cumbrian Wildlife Garden
60219: LITTLE, O.H - Handbook on Cyrenaica
67043: LITTLE, ROBERT - Italian Landscapes
16479: LITTLE, G. - The Angler's Complete Guide and Companion: A Practical Treatise on Angling
53258: LITTLEFIELD, DAVID - Architectural Voices
52675: LITTLEWOOD, MICHAEL - Tree Detailing
003168: LITTLEWOOD, JOHN - Planning in Chess
50232: LITVINOFF, EMANUEL - Blood on the Snow
41623: LITWACK, LEON F. - Been in the Storm So Long
52211: LIVINGSTON, PETER - Poems and Songs
000679: LIVINGSTONE, PATRICK - Selections from the Writings of Patrick Livingstone; a Faithful Minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends, and a Patient Sufferer for the Same; Who Was Born at Montrose, in Scotland, in 1634, and Died in 1694.
001430: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID - A Popular Account of Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa.
65464: LLEWELLYN, J. J. (TEXT); HENSON, JIM (BASED ON STORY BY); BROWN, RUPERT (ED.) - The World of the Dark Crystal
65966: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD - But We Didn't Get the Fox
33399: ALUN LLEWELLYN - The Tyrant from Below an Essay in Political Revaluation
56381: LLOMPART, GABRIEL - La pintura gòtica a Mallorca
59960: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - The War of the End of the World
72762: LLOYD, L. - Field Sports of the North of Europe; Comprised in a Personal Narrative of a Residence in Sweden and Norway, in the Years 1827-28 - Volume One Only
67382: LLOYD, SETON - Mesopotamia Excavations on Sumerian Sites
16027: LLOYD, JON - In the Last Stride
41731: LLOYD, JOHN - Looking Back at Chorlton-cum-Hardy
63765: LLOYD, G. E. R. - Polarity and Analogy: Two Types of Argumentation in Early Greek Thought
43132: LLOYD, WILLIAM WATKINS - Philosophy, Theology and Poetry in the Age and the Art
43165: LLOYD, JULIUS - The Life of Sir Philip Sydney
45444: LLOYD, GEOFFREY W. - King Edward's Five Ways School - the Opening of the New School at Bartley Green Friday, November 21st, 1958
002510: LLOYD, J IVESTER - The Royal Rock Beagle Hunt 1952-53
72972: LLOYD, LEO - Two Russian Performers
64046: LOADES, ANN; RUE, LOYAL D. - Contemporary Classics in Philosophy of Religion
56277: LOADES, DAVID - Word and Worship: Essays Presented to Margot Johnson
53747: LOATES, GLEN - Birds of North America
000871: LOBEL, ARNOLD - The Great Blueness and Other Predicaments
62734: LIZ LOCHHEAD - Dreaming Frankenstein & Collected Poems
58185: LOCHHEAD, LIZ - The Grimm Sisters
59598: LOCHMANN, DR. FRANZ-WILHELM FREIHERR VON ROSEN, RICHARD & RUBBEL, ALFRED (EDITORS) - The Combat History of Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503
55247: LOCKE, JOHN - An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding. In Four Books.
63821: LOCKE, ANGELA - Mrs Mullett and the Cloak of Gaia: a Cumbrian Myth
62367: LOCKE, JOHN - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. In Four Books. Two Volumes.
72615: LOCKE, ANGELA - Walls at the World's End
72507: LOCKE, ANGELA - North Face - Poems of the Lake District and Border Country.
44479: LOCKETT, JOHN - Morcambe Bay
62293: LOCKETT, TERENCE A. AND GODDEN GEOFFREY A. - Davenport China, Earthenware & Glass 1794-1887
63400: ANDREW LOCKHART - Glass, Light & Space: New Proposals for the use of Glass in Architecture
53267: LOCKHART, J.G - The Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart
43566: LOCKLEY, R. M. - Travels With A Tent - In Western Europe
71222: LOCKLEY, R. M. - Early Morning Island or a Dish of Sprats
3974: LOCKLEY, R. M. - Shearwaters
47375: LOCKLEY, R.M - The Golden Year
002486: LOCKRIDGE, RICHARD - One Lady, two Cats
24296: LOCKWOOD, THOMAS - Post Augustan Satire: Charles Churchill and Satirical Poetry 1750-1800
56299: LOCKWOOD, DAVID - Annie Matthews My Remarkable Grandmother
58218: LOCKYER, J. NORMAN - Astronomy (Science Primers)
41508: LODER, EILEEN P. - Bibliography of Horse Racing
55632: JOSEPHUS; LODGE, THOMAS - The Famous and Memorable Workes of Josephus, a Man of Much Honour and Learning Among the Jewes. Faithfully Translated Out of the Latin, and French, By Tho. Lodge, Doctor in Physicke.
43861: LODGE, GEORGE E. - Memoirs of an Artist Naturalist
48646: LODGE, DAVID - The British Museum is Falling Down
48650: LODGE, DAVID - How Far Can You go?
53458: LODGE, GEORGE E. - Memoirs of an Artist Naturalist
39727: LODGE, RICHARD - The History of England from the Restoration to the Death of William II 1660-1702
72798: LODWICK, JOHN - Myrmyda a Novel of the Aegean
63045: LOEWE, WALTER; ET AL - From Swedish matches to Swedish match: The Swedish match industry 1836-1996
72598: LOEWY, RAYMOND - Industrial Design
002349: LOFFREDA, STANISLAO - The Sanctuaries of Tabgha Holy Places of Palestine
53793: LOFTHOUSE, JESSICA - Lancashire Westmorland Highway with Byways and Footways for the Curious Traveller
65869: LOFTHOUSE, JESSICA - The Curious Traveller Lancaster to Lakeland
44769: LOFTIE, REV. W. J. (COMPILED BY) - Views in the English Lake District from Original Drawings By T. L. Rowbotham, Member of the Society of Painters in Water-Colours with Descriptive Notes
740: LOFTIE, REV. W. J. (COMPILED BY) - Views in the English Lake District
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22965: ALBERT PAUL MALVINO - Electronic Principles
001377: MAMET, DAVID - Make-Believe Town - Essays and Remembrances
53313: MAMET, DAVID - Glengarry Glen Ross
64955: MANCHESTER, WILLIAM - The Caged Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill 1932-1940
22661: MANCINI, HENRY - Sounds and Scores
47190: MANDEL, OSCAR - Seven Comedies By Marivaux
63748: MANDEVILLE, BERNARD - By a Society of Ladies Essays in The Female Tatler
43447: MANDINIAN, EDWARD & BEAUMONT, CYRIL W. - The Sleeping Beauty - As Presented By the Sadler's Wells Ballet, 1946
22643: MANG, KARL - The History of Modern Furniture
22962: J A MANGAN - Physical Education and Sport: Sociological and Cultural Perspectives: An Introductory Reader
47429: MANGNALL, RICHMAL - Historical and Miscellaneous Questions, British and General Biography, Etc.
52961: MANGNALL, RICHMAL - Historial and Miscellaneous Questions
56816: MANKELL, HENNING; RABAEUS, JOHAN - Kinesen - Audiobook - 16 Cds.
44019: MANKELL, HENNING - Before the Frost
44020: MANKELL, HENNING - The Pyramid - The Kurt Wallander Stories
002883: MANLEY, GORDON - The Late-Glacial Climate of North-West England
77276: MANLEY, GORDON - Sir Daniel Fleming's Meteorolgical Observations at Rydal, 1689-1693
33559: LAWRENCE MANLEY - Convention 1500-1750
65491: MANLEY, GORDON - Climate and the British Scene
002884: MANLEY, GORDON - George Smith the Geographer and His Ascent of Crossfell
002885: MANLEY, GORDON - The Helm Wind of Crossfell, 1937-1939
52545: MANN, THOMAS - Confessions of Felix Krull
43976: MANN, GOLO - Wallenstein His Life Narrated
45681: MANN, CHARLES - Bailey and Love's Short Practice of Surgery
72857: MANN, THOMAS - La Montana Magica
65714: MANN, FRANCES - Oh Those Cats!
67361: MANN, THOMAS - Buddenbrooks Verfall Einer Familie
54210: MANN, THOMAS; LOWE-PORTER, H. T. (TRANSLATED FROM GERMAN) - Essays of Three Decades
56684: MANNERS, GERALD; KEEBLE, DAVID; ET AL - Regional Development in Britain
24863: MANNERS, DAVID X. - The Great Tool Emporium
53929: MANNES, MARYA - But Will it Sell?
49727: MANNEX, P.J - History of Westmorland
52474: MANNHEIM, L.A - The Olympus OM Way
45434: MANNHEIM, L. A. - Do Your Own Film Processing
50782: MANNIN, ETHEL - Cactus
72982: MANNIN, ETHEL - Practitioners of Love: Some Aspects of the Human Phenomenon
50407: MANNIN, ETHEL - Captain Moonlight
65713: MANNIN, ETHEL - My Cat Sammy
37553: MANNING, ROSEMARY - From Holst to Britten. A Study of Modern Choral Music.
39482: MANNING, JANE - New Vocal Repertory, An Introduction
56682: MANNING, MICHAEL - Inamorata: The Erotic Art of Michael Manning
24086: MANSBRIDGE, ALBERT - Brick Upon Brick. Co-operative Permanent Building Society 1884-1934. Jubilee Edition
67193: MANSELL, K. G. (ED) - The Railway World - 4 Volumes - XIV, XV, XVI, XVII (14-17)
33510: ANTHONY MANSER - Sartre a Philosophical Study
59808: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - The Garden Party and Other Stories
58672: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE; MURRY, J. MIDDLETON (ED) - Journal of Katherine Mansfield
50073: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE; J. M. M. - The Scrapbook of Katherine Mansfield
40436: MANSHARD, WALTHER - Tropical Agriculture: A Geographical Introduction and Appraisal
63573: MANSON, NEIL A. (EDITOR) - God and Design
26350: JOHN MAYHEW MANSON - Season Words
44331: MANT, REV RICHARD - The Holy Bible According to the Authorized Version with Notes, Explanatory and Practical in 2 volumes
71044: MANT, THE REVEREND RICHARD - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as They are to be ...
58519: MANTEL, HILARY - The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher and Other Stories
46950: MANTZIUS, KARL; PELLISSON, MAURICE (TRADUIT DU DANOIS PAR) - Moliere - Les Théâtres - Le Public & Les Comédiens De Son Temps
59529: MANVELL, ROGER; BAXTER, R. K. NEILSON; WOLLENBERG, H. H. - The Penguin Film Review 1946-1949 - Two Volumes
24680: MANWARING, L.A. - The Observer's Book of Comercial Vehicles
22872: RONALD A MANZER - Teachers and Politics: The Role of the National Union of Teachers in the Making of National Educational Policy in England and Wales Since 1914Teacher
54428: MAPPLE, NELSON - The Carne Cross Mystery
47235: MAPPLETHORPE, ROBERT - Mapplethorpe
65801: MAQUERLOT, JEAN-PIERRE; WILLEMS, MICHELE (EDS) - Travel and Drama in Shakespeare's Time
14838: MAR, NORMAN DEL - Richard Strauss: A Critical Commentary of His Life and Works: 3 Vols
46094: MARAINI, FOSCO; CADELL, JAMES (TRANSLATED FROM THE ITALIAN BY) - Karakoram - the Ascent of Gasherbrum IV
59284: MARAINI, DACIA - The Age of Malaise
10021: MARBLE, ANNIE RUSSELL - Pen Names and Personalities
33797: BARON DE MARBOT - Memoirs of Baron De Marbot Late Lieutenant-General in the Frenc Army
45856: MARCET, W - On the Composition of Food and How it is Adulterated
59995: MARCH, H. COLLEY - Scando-Gothic Art in Wessex
56717: MARCH, IVAN (EDITOR) - Penguin Stereo Record Guide Second Edition
55399: MARCH, BILL - Improvised Techniques in Mountain Rescue
52911: MARCH, IVAN (ED.) - The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs
72970: MARCHANT, BESSIE - A Dangerous Mission
62707: MARCHANT, BESSIE - Millicent Gwent Schoolgirl
000994: MARCHANT, E. C. - A Greek Anthology; Being Passages from the Greek Poets
48952: MARCHANT, BESSIE - Fleckie
46156: MARCHANT, BESSIE - Helen of the Black Mountain
39737: MARCHANT, BESSIE - A V. A. D. In Salonika. A Tale of a Girl's Work in the Great War
42342: MARCHANT, JAMES - Alfred Russel Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences in Two Volumes
72456: MARCHANT, BESSIE - The Girls of Wakenside
002288: MARCHESI, BLANCHE - Singer's Pilgrimage
39873: MARCUS, MARIA - A Taste for pain- on Masochism and Female Sexuality
60117: MARCUS, G.J - The Rebels- A Story of the South Downs
47152: MARDAGA, PIERRE - Le Grand Livre De La Foret Wallonne
22992: ADRIAN MARDEN - Design and Realization
49493: MARDER, ARTHUR - From the Dreadnought to the Scapa Flow - the Royal Navy in the Fisher Era, 1904-191 - Volume 1 - the Road to War 1904-1914
56215: MARDRUS, DR. J. C.; MATHERS, POWYS - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night - Four Volumes
37375: DE LA MARE, WALTER - On the Edge
58432: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Come Hither: a Collection of Rhymes and Poems for the Young of All Ages
59096: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Stories from the Bible
RN16: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Stuff and Nonsense and so on
46596: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Henry Brocken
58745: DE LA MARE, WALTER - The Traveller
003013: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Stuff and Nonsense
36487: WALTER DE LA MARE - Peacock Pie a Book of Rhymes

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