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22248: KEAR, JANET (ED.) - Wildfowl 47. 50th Anniversary
40065: HUGH KEARNEY - Scholars and Gentlemen: Universities and Society in Pre-Industrial Britain 1500-1700
62013: KEARNEY, MICHAEL - A Place of Healing: Working with Suffering in Living and Dying
56544: KEARNS, GERARD - Urban Epidemics and Historical Geography: Cholera in London, 1848-9
56526: KEARTON, RICHARD - Keartons' Nature Pictures - Two Volumes
43277: KEARTON, RICHARD - Keartons Nature Pictures in 2 Volumes
36443: E KEARY (EDITOR) - Friendly Leaves - 1887, 1888, 1889 and 1890
58447: KEATING, SEAN - Contemporary Contexts
59747: KEATS, JOHN - Endymion I and II
61172: KEATS, JOHN - Sonnets
33196: EDWARD KEBLE, VICAR - St. Mary's Church, Fairford
44490: KEBLE, REV. JOHN - On the Mysticism Attributed to the Early Fathers of the Church.
37030: JOANNE KEBLE - De Poeticae Vi Medica. Praelectiones Academicae Oxonii Habitae, Annis MDCCCXXXII....MDCCCXLI
72797: KEBLE, JOHN R. - Poems
57603: KEDAR, BENJAMIN Z. - The Changing Land Between the Jordan and the Sea: Aerial Photographs from 1917 to the Present
40301: RODERICK KEDWARD - The Anarchists; The Men Who Shocked an Era
59524: KEE, ALISTAIR; LONG, EUGENE T. - Being and Truth: Essays in Honour of John MacQuarrie
66319: JOHN O'KEEFE - Shimmer and Other Texts
62507: PAUL O'KEEFFE - Gaudier-Brzeska: An Absolute Case of Genius
44469: KEELER, JOHN T.S - The Polotics of Neocorporatism in France
22626: E MICHAEL KEEN - The Banner of Truth: Thirty Year Cumulative Index to Issues 1 to 263 September 1955 Tp August 1985; and Supplement Issues 265 to 315, October 1985 Tp December 1989
50447: KEENE, PETER - Strawberry Water to Marsland Mouth
67453: KEENE, CHARLES; LEECH, JOHN; DU MAURIER, GEORGE; TENNIEL, SIR JOHN; ET AL - Punch Library of Humour - 25 Volumes
58466: KEEPING, CHARLES - Railway Passage
65115: KEETON, G. W. (ED.) - All Right on the Night - the Book of the Sheffield Central Secondary School Boys' Shakespeare Society
58257: KEEVIL, GRAHAM; ET AL (CAROE & PARTNERS) - Lanercost Priory, Cumbria - a Conservation Plan Prepared for the Lanercost Priory Community Partnership
43054: KEIGHTLEY, THOMAS - The Fairy Mythology
52428: KEIGWIN, R P - Four Tales from Hans Anderson
63055: KEILLER, ALEXANDER - Windmill Hill and Avebury: Excavations By Alexander Keiller 1925-1939
54716: KEIR, DAVID E. & KENNEDY, WALTER P. (EDITORS) - Our Tounis College
36064: KEITH, CHRISTINA - The Castle of Mey. The Romance of Barrogill Castle, the Queen Mother's New Home.
001165: KEITH, ELMER - Big Game Rifles and Cartridges
002249: KEITH, ARTHUR BERRIEDALE - The British Cabinet System, 1830-1938
63085: KEITH, ELIZABETH: SCOTT, ELSPET KEITH ROBERTSON - Old Korea: The Land of Morning Calm
43419: KEITH, MELVILLE C - The Marriage Bed
43127: KEITH, E.C - Gun for Company
000766: KEITH, LESLIE - Nobody's Lad.
24102: URHO KEKKONEN - Brobygge. Tal 1943-1968.
56832: KEKULE, L. BRUCE - Wildlife in the Kingdom of Thailand: a Photographic Portfolio of the Kingdom's Natural Heritage
58604: KELEMEN, PAL - Medieval American Art: Masterpieces of the New World Before Columbus - One-Volume Edition.
59321: KELLEHER, WILLIAM F. - The Troubles in Ballybogoin: Memory and Identity in Northern Ireland
9378: KELLER, HANS - 1975 (1984 Minus 9)
39738: KELLER,EVELYN FOX & LLOYD, ELISABETH A - Keywords in Evolutionary Biology
73001: KELLER, HELEN - The Story of My Life
52459: KELLETT, FRED - A Flower for the Sea a Fish for the Sky
002010: KELLEY, DONALD R. - Faces of History from Herodotus to Herder
53713: KELLNER, DOUGLAS - Herbert Marchse and the Crisis of Marxism
003390: KELLY, MAX - Paddock full of houses: Paddington 1840-1890
53529: KELLY, CANON BILL - Greystoke Pre-Theological College - a Venture of Faith
50580: TALBOT KELLY, R. - Egypt Painted And Described
64815: KELLY, HENRY ANSGAR - Love and Marriage in the Age of Chaucer
54138: TABLOT KELLY, R. - Egypt Painted and Described
56774: KELLY, DAVE - The Red Hills: Iron Mines of West Cumberland
50225: KELLY, H.M - Rock Climbing Guides to the Lake District : Great Gable; Green Gable; Kirkfell; Yewbarrow; Buckbarrow
40284: ALISON KELLY - The Book of English Fireplaces
52256: KELLY, P. - A Practical Introduction to Spherics and Nautical Astronomy
001660: KELLY, H.M - Pillar Rock and Neighbouring Climbs
53616: KELLY, BILL - Bill Bucks A Memoir of a Barrow Priest
36465: A.LINDSAY KELLY - Kelly`s Directory of Cumberland (with Coloured Map) 1925
57496: KELSEY, DARWIN P. - Agricultural History Volume XLVI Number I January 1972 American Agriculture, 1790-1840 a Symposium
67363: KEMAL, YASHAR - The Undying Grass
3145: KEMBLE, FRANCES ANNE - Records Of Later Life
50817: KEMP, JAN - Cheerful Charlie A Biography of C.P. McGahey
54455: KEMP, ROBERT - The King of Scots (A Play About Robert the Bruce)
65601: KEMP, B. - Marjorie and Benny
50632: KEMP, LAURIE - Woodside
59669: KEMP, LAURIE - Woodside
003751: KEMP, P.K. LIEUT.-COMMANDER (RETD.) - The Boy's Book of The Navy
41990: KEMP, S. - Management of Radioactive Waste: The Issues for Local Authorities
33055: KEMP - Kemp's International Film and Television Directory 1963
42077: KEMP, LAURIE - The Ghosts of Cumbria
42547: KEMP, LAURIE - From Carlisle and Old Cumberland
40561: KEMP, HARRY - Collected Poems
43430: KEMPT, ROBERT (COMPILED BY) - The American Joe Miller: A Collection of Yankee Wit And Humour.
34024: JOHN WATSON OF KENDAL - The Confessions of a Poacher
000749: KENDALL, GUY - Charles Kingsley and His Ideas
62166: KENDALL, J.D. - On the Best Locality for Coal Beneath the Permian Rocks of North West Cumberland
58952: KENDALL, J.D. - The Structure of the Cumberland Coal-Field
62162: KENDALL, J.D. - Distribution of Boulders in West Cumberland
40668: KENDALL, REV H.B - The Origin and History of the Primitive Methodist Church in Two Volumes
45919: KENDALL, JOAN - The Development of a Distinctive Form of Quaker Dress
62164: KENDALL, J.D. - The Mineral Veins of the Lake District
62165: KENDALL, J.D. - On a Supposed Glacier-lake in West Cumberland
22535: A. F. KENDRICK - English Decorative Fabrics of the 16th-18th Centuries
49795: KENDRICK, A. F. - Catalogue of Tapestries - Victoria and Albert Museum Department of Textiles
003619: KENNARD, PETER - Dispatches from an Unofficial War Artist
46555: KENNAWAY, JAMES - Household Ghosts
43462: KENNEDY, MAUD - Ring Dove's Call
57640: KENNEDY, DAVID; BEWLEY, ROBERT - Ancient Jordan from the Air
46768: KENNEDY, M.J - John Halton Bishop of Carlisle
52369: KENNEDY, PHILIP - Scheherazade's Children
15782: KENNEDY, DOUGLAS & HELEN - Walking on Air: An Introduction to the Technique of Dancing Country Dances and American Square Dances
8867: ROCK; KENNEDY - Power, Performance and Ethics
41781: KENNEDY, MARGARET - Not in the Calendar. The Story of a Friendship
55260: KENNEDY, DENNIS - Looking At Shakespeare A Visual History of Twentieth-Century Performance
48020: KENNEDY, BENJAMIN HALL - The Works of Virgil Bucolica, Georgica and Aeneis
002365: KENNEDY, REV. JOHN - The Days of the Fathers in Ross-Shire
59413: KENNEDY, LIAM (EDITOR) - Crime and Punishment in West Belfast
59629: KENNEDY, J. M. - Nietzsche
25191: KENNER, HUGH - Paradox in Chesterton
56079: KENNERLEY, EIJA - Thomas Covell of Lancaster, Esquire
58624: KENNET, LADY - Self-Portrait of an Artist from the Diaries and Memoirs of Lady Kennet Kathleen, Lady Scott
002111: KENNETT, BASIL - Rome Antique Notitia: Or, the Antiquities of Rome. In Two Parts.
23015: KENNINGTON, DONALD; READ, DANNY L. - The Literature of Jazz: A Critical Guide
54922: KENNY, SHIRLEY STRUM; STEELE, RICHARD - The Plays of Richard Steele
65360: KENNY, SIR ANTHONY - The British Library and the St Pancras Building
37390: KENNY, THOMAS - Webb
63541: KENNY, ANTHONY - Action, Emotion and Will
72240: KENT, NORA - Held in Suspense
72238: KENT, NORA - A Charm of Nieces
43395: KENT, NORA - Landscape Under Snow
40542: KENT, NORAH - The Face of the Enemy
40648: KENT, NORAH - The Twilight of Hester Lorimer
40665: KENT, NORAH - The Hour Before Sunset
60145: KENT, NORA - The Sufficient Beauty
49180: KENT, JEFF - The Port Vale Record 1879-1993
72239: KENT, NORA - The Little Immortality
40633: KENT, NORA - A Summer Pilgrimage
003642: KENT, SARAH & GILLEN, ECKHART (EXHIBITION AND CATALOGUE) - Berlin A Critical View Ugly Realism 20s - 70s Exhibition Catalogue
56298: KENT, ROCKWELL - N By E
77049: KENTISH, B. L AND WILSON, EDWARD M - The Later Career of Richard Leake
49419: KENTISH, B. L.; WILSON, EDWARD M. - The Later Career of Richard Leake
77007: KENTISH, B. L AND WILSON, EDWARD M - The Later Career of Richard Leake
77048: KENTISH, B. L AND WILSON, EDWARD M - The Later Career of Richard Leake
77091: KENTISH, B. L AND WILSON, EDWARD M - The Later Career of Richard Leake
39417: KENWORTHY, THE HON. J. M. - Sailors, Statesmen - and Others An Autobiography
654: KENWORTHY, J. D. - A Fisherman's Philosophy.
43365: WILLIAM KENYON & SONS LTD. - Ropes and Rope Driving - 1924 Edition
37249: KENYON, J. - Modern Techniques of Acupuncture. Volume 2
63025: KEOGH, THEODORA - Gemini
67429: PAMELA CLARKE KEOGH - Audrey Style
72092: KEOWN, DAMIEN - Buddhism and Biothics
9187: KEPPLER, HERBERT - The Nikon & Nikkormat Way
54035: KER, A. - Poems By Alan Ker 1904-1967
000363: DE KERBRECH, RICHARD P. - Harland & Wolff's Empire Food Ships 1934 - 1948 - A link with the Southern Dominions
42306: KERCHOVE, M.DE - Aspects and Other Verses
48370: KERÉNYI, KARL; STEIN, MURRAY (TRANS.) - Athene Virgin and Mother in Greek Religion
54952: KERMODE, FRANK - The Discipline of Literature - the Presidential Address of the Modern Humanities Research Association Read at University College London on 9 January 1998
56081: KERMODE, FRANK - Wallace Stevens
56636: KERN, RICHARD - Action
41683: WILLIAM J KERNAN - Accelerators
65958: KEROUAC, JACK - On the Road
55187: KERR, PHILIP - Hitler's Peace
001710: KERR, JAMES SEMPLE - Freemantle Prison
48572: KERR, GEORGE L. - Practical Coal Mining: a Manual for Managers, Under-Managers, Colliery Engineers, and Others.
54710: KERR, GRAHAM J. (EDITOR) - Glasgow Sketches By Various Authors
61006: KERR, CLARENCE G - The Scottish Householder's Everyday Guide
65820: KERRIGAN, WILLIAM - Hamlet's Perfection
63319: KERSHAW, HARVEY - Over My Shoulder!
000622: KERSHAW, S. W. - Protestants from France, in Their English Home.
50034: KERSHAW, IAN - The Nazi Dictatorship : Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation
33619: JOHN KERSLAKE - Early Georgian Portraits
40215: JOSEPH H KESS - Psycholinguistics: An Introductory Text
58373: KESSEL, BRINA; GIBSON, DANIEL D. - Status and Distribution of Alaska Birds - Studies in Avian Biology No.1
59875: KESSEL, BRINA - Birds of the Seward Peninsula, Alaska: Their Biogeography, Seasonality, and Natural History
36539: MILO S KETCHUM - The Design of Mine Structures
49868: KETLINSKAYA, VERA - Days of Our Life
42825: KETTLE, E.H. - The Pathology of Tumours
57437: KEYES, SIR ROGER - The Naval Memoirs of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes
46666: PARKINSON KEYES, FRANCES - The Restless Lady
57886: KEYES, SIDNEY; MEYER, MICHAEL - The Collected Poems of Sidney Keyes
57887: KEYES, SIDNEY; MEYER, MICHAEL - The Collected Poems of Sidney Keyes
56466: KEYES, THOM - All Night Stand
53701: KEYES, GEORGE - Masters of Dutch Painting
66295: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - The Letters of Sir Thomas Browne
57428: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - A Tract on Monetary Reform
57424: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - The Economic Consequences of the Peace
33282: GEOFFREY KEYNES AND EDWIN WOLF 2ND COMPILERS - William Blake's Illuminated Books; A Census
9305: KEYNES, GEOFFREY (ED.) [BROOKE, RUPERT] - The Letters of Rupert Brooke
57427: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money
63767: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money
43261: KEYNES, MILO - Lydia Lopokova
50131: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - Essays in Biography
58840: KEYNES, JOHN NEVILLE - The Scope and Method of Political Economy
63280: KEYNES, W. MILO; FOWLER, P. B. S. - Clinical Endocrinology (Tutorials in Postgraduate Medicine)
62963: KEYSER, LEANDER S. - Birds of the Rockies
52354: KHALILI, LALEH - Time in the Shadows
58025: KALE KHAN, MOHD. - Guide of Agra and Delhi
54557: KHAN, GABRIELE MANDEL; QUARONI, IVAN. - Ali Hassoun Verso Oriente
52605: KHANBAGHI, APTIN - Interpretations of Law and Ethics in Muslim Contexts
46056: KHARE, BRIJ B - Things of the Mind
002085: KHIARI, FARID - Licite, Illicite? Qui Dit Le Droit En Islam? L'arrivée Du café Dans Le Monde Arabe: Une Affaire D'état En 1511
58205: KHOAMCHAI, SILA - The path of the tiger (Thai modern classics)
36748: N KHRUSHCHOV - On the Communist Programme; Report on the Programme of the C.P.S.U. To the 22nd Congress of the Party October 18, 1961
67409: KHUDAIBERDIYEV, KHELYAM - My People, the Soviet Uighurs
65433: KIBBERMANN, E.; KIROTAR, S.; KOPPEL, P. - Saksa-Eesti Sonaraamat
001063: KICKERBOCKER, DIEDRICH - A History of New York
65551: KIDNER, R. W. - Narrow Gauge Railways of Ireland
003711: KIDNER, R.W. - The London Motor-Bus 1896-1975
40446: FRANK KIDSON - The Beggar's Opera; Its Predecessors and Successors
55716: KIDSON, ALEX (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Romney Society Volume 8 2003
64326: KIEFT, GARY - Beyond the Wild Bunch The Fast-Growing Sport of Cowboy Action Shooting
58362: KIELY, JEROME - Yesterdays of the Heart
63974: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; HONG, HOWARD V. & EDNA H. - Either / Or - Parts I & II
63024: KIERNAN, R.H. - Little Brother Goes Soldiering
40141: CHARLES KIGHTLY - The Perpetual Almanack of Folklore
56336: KIHLBERG, KURT - Lappland The Dream and Yearning of the Mountain Rambler
58937: KIKIEL, GENERAL MARIAN - The Polish-Soviet Campaign of 1920
000857: KIKNADZE, ALEXANDER - Wind from Olympus
66118: KILBURN, J. M. - In Search of Cricket
63272: KILBURN, MIKE - London's Theatres
52608: KILDEA, PAUL (ED) - Selling Britten : Music and the Market Place
52607: KILDEA, PAUL (ED) - Britten on Music
53736: KILEY, DAN - America's Master Landscape Architect
43459: KILLINGER, MANFRED V - Ernftes Und Heiteres Aus Dem Dutchleben
67486: KILLIP, CHRIS - In Flagrante
63577: KILMARTIN, TERENCE (COMPILED BY) - A Guide to Proust
65341: KILTY, JAMES - Self & Peer Assessment
65344: KILTY, JAMES - Self and Peer Assessment and Peer Audit
64840: KIMBALL, THOMAS R.; MAGONIGLE, H. VAN BUREN - Architectural Rendering in Wash
RN85: KIMMINS, C.W. - The Springs of Laughter
26476: KIMURA, MASAMI - A Bibliography of Ruskin Studies in Japan
34046: LOLA KINEL - Under Five Eagles: My Life in Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany and America, 1916 - 1936
23004: KINERT, REED - America's Fighting Planes in Action
59886: KINERT, REED - Racing Planes and Air Races - Volumes V - XII (5-12) - 1969 Annual - 1976 Annual
59885: KINERT, REED - Racing Planes and Air Races: a Complete History - Volumes 1-4
45637: KING, CAROLYN - Weasels and Stoats
1791: KING, PETER - The Development of the English Economy to 1750
001352: KING, JOSEPH - The School Manager
49878: KING, FRANCIS - To the Dark Tower
33580: CHARLES D KING AND MARK VAN DE VALL - Models of Industrial Democracy: Consultation, Co-determination and workers' Management
62167: KING, W.B.R. & WILLIAMS, ALWYN - On the Lower Part of the Ashgillian Series in the North of England
63960: KING, JEFFREY C. - The Nature and Structure of Content
52658: KING, RICHARD - Some Confessions of an Average Man
43402: MOSS KING, MRS ROBERT - The Disry of a Civilians Wife in India 1877-1882 Volume 2 Only
23979: C. H. KING - The Englishman's Poetry
37681: EDMUND KING - Peterborough Abbey 1086-1310
22884: GORDON J KING - Servicing Radio, Hi-fi and TV Equipment
002668: KING, COLONEL E. J. - The Grand Priory of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England. a Short History.
65250: KING, JESSIE M. - The Grey City of the North - A Book of Drawings By Jessie M. King
33018: CYNTHIA M. KING AND STEPHEN P. QUIGLEY - Reading and Deafness
41797: KING, FRANCIS - The Man on the Rock
46296: KING, DOROTHY - The Golden Mill and Blue Bonnet
002034: KING, BRIAN - Workshop Practice for Ship Modellers
000436: KING, MARTHA B. - Deer Stories
52326: KING, WALTER J. (ED) - The Court Records of Prescot 1640-1649
55570: KING, MARTIN; SHAW, GILROY - Gilly: Running with a Pack of Wolves
001570: KING, FRANCIS - The Dividing Stream
50485: KING, FRANCIS - Visiting Cards
49935: KING, FRANCIS - A Domestic Animal
58957: KINGSBURY, A.W.G. & HARTLEY, J. - On the Occurrence of the Rare Copper Molybdate, Lindgrenite, at Brandy Gill, Carrock Fell, Cumberland
58954: KINGSBURY, A.W.G. & HARTLEY, J. - Carminite and Beudantite from the Northern Part of the Lake District and from Cornwall
58959: KINGSBURY, A.W.G. & HARTLEY, J. - Serpierite from the Lake District
62126: KINGSBURY, GEO. C. - The Practice of Hypnotic Suggestion: Being an Elementary Handbook for the Use of the Medical Profession.
58960: KINGSBURY, A.W.G. & HARTLEY, J. - Beaverite from the Lake District
58958: KINGSBURY, A.W.G. & HARTLEY, J. - Atacamite from Cumberland and Cornwall
58956: KINGSBURY, A.W.G. & HARTLEY, J. - Cosalite and Other Lead Sulpho-Salts at Grainsgill, Carrock Fell, Caldbeck, Cumberland
58955: KINGSBURY, A.W.G. & HARTLEY, J. - Jarosite and Natrojarosite from the Lake District
58953: KINGSBURY, ARTHUR W.G. & HARTLEY, J. - New Occurrences of Vanadium Minerals (mottramite, Descloizite, and Vanadinite) in the Caldbeck Area of Cumberland
47914: KINGSLAND, KEVIN AND VENIKA - Hathapradipika
48454: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies a Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
60312: KINGSLEY, MARY H - Travels in West Africa
10494: KINGSLEY, MARY H. - Travels in West Africa: Congo Francais, Corsico and Cameroons
65420: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies
45821: KINGSLEY, REV CHARLES - A Reply to a Pamphlet Lately Published By Dr Newman
38639: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Illustrations By H.C. Selous of "Hereward the Wake"
38722: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies - a Fairy Tale for a Land-baby
36797: CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Water Babies
72833: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies
46045: KINGSLEY, CHARLES; MRS. KINGSLEY (ED.) - Charles Kingsley His Letters and Memories of His Life - in Two Volumes.
37341: KINGSTON, WILLIAM H. G. - My Travels in Many Lands.
57977: KINGSTON, H.P. - The Wanderings of Charles II in Staffordshire and Shropshire After Worcester Fight, September 3rd. 1651
71087: KINGSTON, F. TEMPLE - French Existentialism: A Christian Critique
47382: KINGSTON, W.H.G - My First Voyage to Southern Seas
61029: KINGSTON, W.H.G - Ben Burton
64473: KINNAIRD, CLARK (EDITOR) - Encyclopedia of Puzzles and Pastimes
62502: KINNES, I. A.; LONGWORTH, I. H. - Catalogue of the Excavated Prehistoric and Romano-British Material in the Greenwell Collection
54919: KINNEY, F.; SWAIN, DAVID W. - Tudor England: An Encyclopedia
65805: KINNEY, ARTHUR F. (ED) - Hamlet: New Critical Essays
63651: KINRADE, WARWICK; COTTRELL, TONY - Imperial Armour - Volume Four: The Anphelion Project
33847: THOMAS KINSELLA - One and Other Poems
53121: KINSKY, GEORG - Das Werk Beethovens
23121: KINSLEY, JAMES; KINSLEY, HELEN - Dryden the Critical Heritage
57026: KINSMAN, DAVID - Black Sheep of Windermere A History of the St Kilda or Hebridean Sheep
64649: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Abaft the Funnel
003101: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Poems
52477: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book
49740: KIPLING, RUDYARD - A New Dog Poem Entitled "His Apologies" - Pearson's Magazine May, 1932 - No.437 Vol.LXXIII. 29 -
47436: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Kipling's Works
67313: KIPLING, GORDON - The Receyt of the Ladie Kateryne (Early English Text Society No. 296)
52465: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Soldiers Three
002581: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Seven Works from A. H. Wheeler & Co's Indian Railway library Bound as One - Soldiers Three; the Story of the Gadsbys; in Black and White; Under the Deodars; the Phantom 'Rickshaw; Wee Willie Winkie; the City of Dreadful Night.
53303: KIPLING, RUDYARD - A Song of the English
1329: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Many Inventions
9082: KIPLING, RUDYARD - How the Whale Got His Throat: a Just So Story
72524: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Fringes of the Fleet
50851: KIPLING, JOHN LOCKWOOD, C.I.E. - Beast and Man in India A Popular Sketch of Indian Animals in Their relations with the People
67501: KIPLING, ARTHUR L.; KING, HUGH L. - Head-Dress Badges of the British Army - Two Volumes
62928: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Souvenirs of France
37402: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Sea Warfare
4249: KIPPAX, HORACE - Beginners' Aid to easy Fly-Tying: 126 dressings including Low-Water Patterns
40197: RICHARD M PEARL. ED. J F KIRALDY - An Introduction to the Mineral Kingdom
67396: KIRALY, BELA K. - Hungary in the Late Eighteenth Century The Decline of Enlightened Despotism
4088: KIRBY, W. EGMONT - Butterflies & Moths of the United Kingdom
47565: KIRBY, W. F. (TRANSLATED BY) - Kalevala the Land of Heroes
56562: KIRBY, H.L. & WALSH, R.R. - The Four Blackburn V.C.s
37419: KIRBY, CELIA; WHEATER, HOWARD - Hydrology in a Changing Environment Vols I; II; III.
72938: KIRBY, JOHN; BROWN, PHILIP; CONDER, PETER; HAMILTON, FRANK - Minsmere Bird Reserve - the Songs and Sounds of Birds Recorded By John Kirby on the Famous Bird Reserve
56727: KIRBY, A.K. - Heaton Park and Its Transport
56726: KIRBY, A.K. - Manchester's Little Tram
62899: M. W. KIRBY - Men of Business and Politics: The Rise and Fall of the Quaker Pease Dynasty of North-east England, 1700-1943
001629: KIRCHEISEN, F. M. - Napoleon
47760: KIRCHER, RUDOLPH - How They Do it in England
5335: [KIRCHNER] - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 1880-1938
2043: KIRK, G. CARRUTHERS AND (VERSES BY) KIRK, GEO. W. - Dryfesdale: Various Pen Sketches
65842: KIRK, ARCHIE P. - The Lakeland Terrier
50332: KIRK, JAMES - Visitation of the Diocese of Dunblane : And Other Churches 1586-1589
63259: KIRK, WILLIAM - Stories of Second-Sight in a Highland Regiment
66104: KIRK, ELEANOR - Libra: An Astrological Romance.
46544: KIRKBRIDE, RONALD - Song of the Undersea
46545: KIRKBRIDE, RONALD - David Jordan
46551: KIRKBRIDE, RONALD - The Loved and the Loving
46550: KIRKBRIDE, RONALD - The King of the Via Veneto
46573: KIRKBRIDE, RONALD - The Secret Journey
785: KIRKBY, B. - Granite Chips and Clints: or Westmorland in Words
33869: WATSON KIRKCONNELL - Awake the Courteous Echo: The Themes and Prosody or Comus, Lycidas, and Paradise Regained in World Literature with Translations of the Major Analogues
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50949: KIRST, H.H - A Time for Scandal
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34020: A KOREVAAR - Combustion in the Gas Producer and the Blast Furnace: a New Theory
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003438: KORNITZER, LOUIS - The Jewelled Trail
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57949: KORTELAHTI, EEVA-LIISA - Nyplattya pitsia: Bobbin Lace
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47810: KOSMANN, CLAUDE - The Fire and the Flame
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56263: DAVID KOSSOFF - 'you Have a Minute, Lord?': A Sort of Prayer Book
56614: KOSTENEVICH, ALBERT - French Art Treasures at the Hermitage: Splendid Masterpieces, New Discoveries
33860: JERZY KOSTROWICKI - Poland: Nature - Settlement - Architecture
39625: KOSZARSKI, RICHARD - Hollywood Directors
39777: KOTLER, JEFFREY A & BREW, LEAH - One at a time- Helping Skills and Interventions
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22742: KOVACEVIC, IVANKA (CUKOVIC) - Fact into Fiction
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002879: KRAKAUER, JON - Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster
59698: KRAL, JON - Hotbloods: Beyond the Winner's Circle
59699: KRAL, JON - Hotbloods: Beyond the Winner's Circle
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52558: KRATZENSTEIN, MARILOU - Survey of Organ Literature and Editions
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001222: KRILL, JOHN - English Artists Paper: Renaissance to Regency
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57483: ERIC KROLL - The Transformations of Gwen
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59986: KUA, KIA SOONG - A Critical Analysis of Sociological Studies of Rural Social Stratification
59985: KUA, KIA SOONG - Class Formation and Communalism in Malaysia
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59789: KYD, THOMAS - The Spanish Tragedy
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72671: KYLE, ELISABETH - The Money Cat
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61102: LABROUSSE, ELISABETH - Pierre Bayle Tome 2
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67412: LADINSKY, DANIEL - I Heard God Laughing: Renderings of Hafiz
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52269: BY A LADY - A New System of Domestic Cookery; Formed Upon Principles of Economy: And Adapted to the Use of Private Families.
000572: LADY, A - Modern Domestic Cookery
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66357: LAFFERTY, R. A. - The Devil is Dead (Dobson science fiction)
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57426: LAGERLOF, SELMA; HOWARD, VELMA SWANSTON (TRANS) - Memories of My Childhood: Further Years at Marbacka
15760: LAIDLAW, R. - Practical TV Aerial Manual for Bands I and II
66362: LAING, R. D. - The Politics of the Family and Other Essays
50933: LAING, R.D - The Divided Self
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72242: LAKE, NARA - The Traitor Heart
71303: LAKE, FRANCES (ED.) - Daily Mail Ideal Home Book 1953-54
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52244: LAKEMAN, ALBERT - Concrete Cottages, Bungalows and Garages
22816: MARTIN LAKIN - Interpersonal Encounter: Theory and Practice in Sensitivity TRaining
63120: LAL, PREMILA - Meat Dishes
63121: LAL, PREMILA - Vegetable Dishes
63122: LAL, PREMILA - Indian Recipes
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65437: LALIC, SUSAN - Trends in the King's Indian Attack Vol.2
62970: THE DALAI LAMA - The Dalai Lama - My Spiritual Autobiography
50781: HH THE DALAI LAMA - A Summary of the John Main Seminar 1994 The Good Heart
48865: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
54867: LAMB, CHRISTINA - The Africa House
65877: LAMB, SIR WALTER; HELIODORUS - Ethiopian Story
53435: LAMB, GREGOR - Sky Over Scapa 1939-1945
48303: LAMB, HAROLD - Persian Mosaic - an Imaginative Biography of Omar Khayyam Based Upon Reality, in the Oriental Manner
52468: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
47002: LAMB, CHARLES - Tales from Shakespeare
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26179: LAMB, CHARLES; PARK, ROY - Lamb as Critic
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55863: LAMBERT, RAYMOND; KOGAN, CLAUDE; STYLES, SHOWELL - White Fury: Gaurisankar and Cho Oyu
10186: LAMBERT, FREDERICK - Letter Forms: 150 Complete Alphabets
40885: LAMBERT, ST J & POOLE, A.B - Number 35: Guide to the Moine Schists
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48633: LANDAUER, WALTER - The Hatchability of Chicken Eggs as Influenced By Environment and Heredity
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41958: LAVERY, PETER - Of Humankind
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49229: LAW, SIR ALGERNON - Letters of Dr. William Paley to the Rev. John Law, Afterwards Bishop of Elphin, the Prebendary of Carlisle.
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003535: A LAYMAN - Memoir of the Life and Labours of Mr. John Wedgwood, One of the First and Most Successful of the Home Missionaries of the Primitive Methodist Society
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77270: LEECH, R H - Excavations at Dacre, 1982-4: An Interim Report
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38937: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Scratch & Co. The Great Cat Expedition
39538: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Scratch and Co. The Great Cat Expedition
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62610: TANYA LEIGHTON - Vivre sa vie
50252: LEIGHTON, TREVOR - Portraits By Trevor Leighton
64056: LEIGHTON, CLARE - Tempestuous Petticoat
66270: LEISHMAN, J. B. - Translating Horace: Thirty Odes Translated Into the Original Metres with the Latin Text and an Introductory and Critical Essay
41939: LEISTNER, DIETER (PHOTOGRAPHS) - The Water Temple: Grunderzeit and Jugendstil Public Baths
42408: LEITCH, BILL - Hearts of oak- the Story of the Southern Forests
64640: LEIVESLEY, S. G. - Bluebells on My Table
33212: BARON LEJEUNE - Memoirs of Baron Lejeune Aide-De-camp to Marshals Berthier, Davout, and Oudinot
64782: LEJEUNE, C. A. - Chestnuts in Her Lap 1936-1947
RN183: LELAND, CHARLES G. - The Breitmnn Ballads
000163: LEMAIRE, GERARD GEORGES - Arte in Francais 1960-1985
55811: LEMMON, R. M. - Transactions of the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Fifth Series Vol. LXII.
46850: LEMPRIERE, J. - Bibliotheca Classica; or, a Classical Dictionary, Containing a Full Account of All the Proper Names Mentioned in Antient Authors: With Tables of Coins, Weights and Measures in Use Among the Greeks and Romans: To Which is Now Prefixed a Chronological Table
58486: LENIASHIN, VLADIMIR (GENERAL EDITOR) - Soviet Art 1920's-1930's
46288: LENIENT, C - Etude Sur Bayle
72822: LENIHAN, PROFESSOR JOHN - The Hugh MacMillan Memorial Lecture - Paradox and Partnership - the Engineer's Contribution to Medicine
66181: V I LENIN - The State and Revolution. The Marxist Theory of the State and the Tasks of the Proletariat in the Revolution. (Living Marxism Originals)
53606: BARRETT-LENNARD, R.J.S. - The Sacramentary of Sarapion of Thmuis: A Text for Students, with Introduction, Translation, and Commentary
46016: LENNON, JOHN; MCCARTNEY, PAUL - The Third Book of 50 Hit Songs By John Lennon & Paul McCartney
63869: LENNON, JOHN - The Penguin John Lennon
46015: LENNON, JOHN; MCCARTNEY, PAUL - The Second Book of 50 Hit Songs By John Lennon & Paul McCartney
52309: LENNON, COLM - The Dublin City Franchise Roll 1468-1512
43678: LENORMANT, FRANCOIS - Chaldean Magic: Its Origin and Development.
9959: LENOTRE, G. (TRANSLATED BY MRS RODOLPH STAWELL) - Robespierre's Rise and Fall
53196: LENOTRE, G. (TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY HUGH BARNES) - The Tuileries The Glories and Enchantments of a Vanished Palace
72971: LENOTRE, G - A Gascon Royalist in Revolutionary Paris
24175: LENTRICCHIA, FRANK - After the New Criticism
64821: LEONARD, ELMORE - LaBrava
64637: LEONARD, NELLIE M. - The Greymouse Family
48098: LEONARD, ELMORE - Road Dogs
39251: LEONARD, ELMORE - Up in Honey's Room
40960: LEONARD, WARREN H & MARTIN, JOHN H - Cereal Crops
52317: LEPINE, DAVID - Death and Memory in Medieval Exeter
24199: CHARLES LEPLAE - Albert Dasnoy
45513: LEPPARD, BARBARA - Treatment in Dermatology
15323: LERMONTOV, M. Y. - The Novice
43020: LERNER, LAURENCE - A.R.T.H.U.R The Life and Opinions of a Digidal Computer
45827: LEROUX, GASTON - Gaston Leroux's Crime Omnibus Book
45203: LERY, ROBERT - May Wine on Brooklyn Heights
40543: LESLEY, JULIA - Children of Darkness
2613: PROFESSOR LESLIE, PROFESSOR JAMESON, AND HUGH MURRAY - Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Regions
33147: JOHN LESLIE - Value and Existence
57320: LESLIE, C. R.; SHIRLEY, ANDREW - Memoirs of the Life of John Constable
72955: LESLIE, SHANE - Studies in Sublime Failure
48404: LESLIE, EMMA - Through Stress and Strain - a Story of the Huguenot Persecution
46965: LESLIE, SHANE - Lough Derg in Ulster - the Story of St. Patrick's Purgatory
002564: LESLIE, DORIS - The Great Corinthian A Portrait of the Prince Regent

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