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41258: RUPERT-JONES, T. ED.) - The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society. Vol. XLVII Part 1. February 2, 1891. No. 185
40419: JONES, OWEN E.; GREAT BRITAIN - The Welsh Intermediate Education Act of 1889: A Centenary Appraisal
33015: R A Y JONES - Physical and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry
55598: LLLOYD-JONES, DAVID - The Manx Peacocks A Profile of Steam on the Isle of Man Railway
41710: BYFORD-JONES, W. - The Lightning War. The Israeli-Arab Conflict, 1967
39303: HACKFORTH-JONES, GILBERT - Dangerous Trade a Novel of the Submarine Branch
39304: HACKFORTH-JONES, GILBERT - Submarine Flotilla, a Chapter in the Life of an obediant Servant
39305: HACKFORTH-JONES, GILBERT - Death of an Admiral
39423: FESTING JONES, HENRY AND BARTHOLOMEW, A. T. (EDS) - The Works of Samuel Butler in 20 Volumes
44303: JONES, G HOWARD - The Earth Goddess
64322: JONES, SIR CLEMENT - A Tour in Westmorland
68393: LLOYD-JONES, HUGH - Females of the Species
60213: JONES, GWENYTH - The Finger on the Heart
60214: JONES, GWENYTH - Mrs Murphy
63036: PRYCE JONES, CAPT. A. - The Enemy the German Army in Photographs
33230: WHITMORE JONES - Games of Patience for One or More Players
13807: JONES, G. P. - A Short History of the Manor and Parish of Witherslack Ro 1850 (Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society Tract Series No. XVIII)
70930: JONES, BERNARD E. (EDITOR) - Clock Cleaning and Repairing
13860: JONES, HARRY - The Regular Swiss Round in Three Trips
65545: JONES, WHITNEY R. D. - Thomas Rainborowe (c. 1610-1648) Civil War Seaman, Siegemaster and Radical
40742: JONES, B.C - Carlisle Goldsmiths
56637: AMELIA JONES - Performing the Body/Performing the Text
55952: JONES, TERRY; PALIN, MICHAEL - Bert Fegg's Nasty Book for Boys and Girls
5021: JONES, DAVID WYN - Vanhal: Six Quartets
62160: JONES, T.A. - Note on the Presence of Tourmaline in Eskdale (Cumberland) Granite
77268: JONES, M J - Archaeological Work at Brough Under Stainmore II: THe Medieval and Later Settlements (Fieldwork and Excavations)
001674: JONES, B. C. - Whitecross: a Study of Weston-Super-Mare Housing Expansion 1884-1914
33418: M JONES - Biographies of Great Men
68240: JONES, ERNEST - On the Nightmare
47145: JONES, RUFUS M. - The Quakers in the American Colonies
000717: JONES, ROBERT EMMET - The Alienated Hero in Modern French Drama
47059: JONES, WILLIAM - Crowns and Coronations
002807: JONES, W.R. - The Lead-Zinc Mineral Resources of Great Britain
58742: JONES, SIR CLEMENT; CROPPER, MARGARET - A Tour in Westmorland
23216: E. L. JONES - Seasons and Prices. The Role of the Weather in English Agricultural History
72847: JONES, B. C. - Crossing the Itchen - the Itchen Floating Bridge and Roads 1834-1934
56138: JONES, ERNEST - What is Psychoanalysis?
67548: JONES, THOMAS - Brut Y Tywysogyon or The Chronicle of the Princes Peniarth MS. 20 Version
57439: JONES, ELLEN & GRUPP, FRED W. - Modernization, Value Change an Fertility in the Soviet Union
48323: JONES, W.S HANDLEY - The Unveiling and Other Poems
49252: JONES, G. P. - The Deeds of Burblethwaite Hall, 1561-1828
53396: JONES, JOHN IDRIS - Way Back to Ruthin: Stories and Poems
33555: WHITNEY R D JONES - The Tudor Commonwealth 1529-1559: a Study of the Impact of the Social and Economic Developments of mid-Tudor England Upon Contemporary Concepts of the Nature and Duties of the Commonwealth
64968: JONES, PATRICIA P. - Lancashire Lattice
70377: JONES, ROBERT; SHERMAN, S. S. - The League of Nations from Idea to Reality: Its Place in History and in the World of To-day
43542: JONKERS, P & VAN DER VEKEN, J - Whitehead's Legacy
26427: JONS, J G - A Guide to Methods for Estimating Microbial Numbers and Biomass in Fresh Water (FBA 39)
65856: JONSON, BEN; MARES, F. H. - The Alchemist
52895: JONSON, BEN - The Works of Ben. Jonson. Volume the Fourth, Containing the Devil is an Ass. The Staple of News. The New Inn, or the Light Heart. The Magnetic Lady, or Humours Reconciled.
D00032: JOPLING, CHARLES M. - Sketch of Furness and Cartmel, Comprising the Hundred of Lonsdale North of the Sands
53626: JORAY, MARCEL - Vasarely
53625: JORAY, MARCEL - Vasarely III
53624: JORAY, MARCEL - Victor Vasarely II
001769: JORDAN, ROBERT - The World of Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time
62898: JORDAN, W. M. - Great Britain, France, and the German Problem 1918-1939
54094: JORDAN, REGINALD (EDITOR) - This is the North of England The Story of the BBC in the North Region
44773: JORDAN, EDWARD C. - Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems
22970: M JORDAN - Creative Design and Technology
001616: JORGENSEN, TORSTEIN; SALETNICH, GASTONE - Letters to the Pope - Norwegian Relations to the Holy See in the Late Middle Ages
43382: DE ST. JORRE, JOHN - The Guards
58397: PETER JOSEPH, RICHARD LONG, DAVID TREMLETT - British Mining, No. 79: Cape Cornwall Mine
54704: JOSEPH, MICHAEL - Cat's Company
54738: JOSEPH, MICHAEL - Charles: The Story of a Friendship
18523: JOSEPH, TONY - D'Oyly Carte Opera Company,1875-1982: An Unofficial History
47554: ST JOSEPH, J. K. S. - The Uses of Air Photography - Nature and Man in a New Perspective
70433: JOSEPH, JENNY - Rose in the Afternoon and other Poems
46574: JOSIPOVICI, GABRIEL - The Inventory
53730: JOSLIN, E. C. ; LITHERLAND, A. R.; SIMPKIN, B. T. - British Battles and Medals
10464: JOST, DR. LUDWIG; GIBSON, R. J. HARVEY (TRANS.) - Jost's Lectures on Plant Physiology
33740: LUCIEN JOTTRAND - Leon Fredderic: Monographieen Over Belgische Kunst
39901: JOUBERT, SIR PHILIP - Birds and Fishes: The Story of Coastal Command
37015: LONDON JOURNAL - The London Journal; and Weekly Record of Literature, Science, and Art.
23133: JOWELL, ROGER - British Social Attitudes: The 1984 Report/1 Microfiche in Pocket
50807: JOWETT, B., M.A. - The Dialogues of Plato Volumes I,II,III, IV and V
69902: JOY, NORMAN H. - British Beetles Their Homes and Habits
49049: JOYA, MOCK - Things Japanese
39339: JOYAU, ISABELLE - Investigating Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time
62079: JOYCE, REV. J. - Scientific Dialogues; Intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People: In Which the First Principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy are Fully Explained.
70916: JOYCE, WESTON ST JOHN - The Neighbourhood of Dublin
004116: JOYCE, REV. J. - Scientific Dialogues Intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People in Which the First Principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy are Fully Explained
54425: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist as a young Man
44489: JOYCE, GEORGE HENRY - Some Records of Troutbeck
002577: SISTER JOYCE (EDITOR) - Walking in the Footsteps of Christ
60085: JOYCE, GEORGE HENRY (THE LATE) - Some Records of Troutbeck
58666: JOYCE, JAMES - Finnegans Wake
74143: JOYCE, P.W. - The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places Volumes I and II
57391: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
003894: JOYCE, JAMES; SKOUMAL, ALOYS - Odysseus
46693: JOYCE, JAMES - Anna Livia Plurabelle - Fragment of Work in Progress
39771: JOYNEVILLE, C - Life and Times of Alexander I. Emporerof All the Russians in Three Volumes
72263: JOYNSON, ROWLAND - Join Joynson - a Selection of Articles Published in the "Accrington Observer & Times"
63155: JOZSEF, SARKANY - XV. Orszagos Keramia Biennale Pecs, 1998 (Artistic publications of the Janus Pannonius Museum 84)
70404: JUBBER, KEN - South Africa Industrial Relations and Industrial Sociology
45765: JUDA, H. P. (ED.) - Graham Sutherland
58412: JUDD, HARRIET (EDITORR) - Pallant House Gallery Magazine March-June 2010 Number 20
46618: JUDE, W.H - Music and the Higher Life
36159: JUDE, W.H. (EDITOR AND ARRANGER) - Gipsy Smith's Favourite Solos
52955: JUDGE, ARTHUR W. - Modern Motor Cars and Commercial Vehicles - Their Principles, Construction, Maintenance and Management - 4 Volumes
30020: BUTCHER JUDITH - Copy-editing : Cambridge Handbook
50544: JUIGNET, PIERRE - Annales De Paleontologie
54764: JUKER, WERNER; RUBLI, ELAINE - Berne: Image D'une Ville - Portrait of a Town
43229: JULIA, XAVIER MORENO - La Division Azul Sangre Espanola En Rusia 1941-1945
43560: JULIAN, JOHN (ED.) - A Dictionary Of Hymnology - Setting Forth The Origin and History Of Christian Hymns Of All Ages And Nations.
46816: , JOHN JULIUS - A Christmas Cracker A Commonplace Selection
000315: PETIT DE JULLEVILLE, L. - Histoire De La Langue et De La Littérature Francaise Des Origines a 1900 - Tome VI Dix-Huitième Siècle
68034: JUMP, J.D. - Byron's Don Juan Poem or Hold-All?
71067: JUN, W. H. (COMP.) - The Life and Travels of John Pemberton, a Minister of the Gospel of Christ.
52747: JUNG, C.G. - The Spirit in Man, Art and Literature The Collected Works of C.G. Jung 15
52748: JUNG, C. G. - The Practice of Psycho-Therapy The Collected Works of C.G. Jung 16
69877: JUNG, C.G. - Memories, Dreams, Reflections
62832: C.G. JUNG - Psychological Types - Volume Six of the Collected Works
59376: JUNG, DIETRICH - Shadow Globalization, Ethnic Conflicts and New Wars: A Political Economy of Intra-state War (New International Relations)
62834: JUNG, C. G. - Psychology and Religion: West and East - Volume Eleven of the Collected Works
37791: DEMOCRITUS JUNIOR (ROBERT BURTON) - The Anatomy of Melancholy, What it is, with All the Kinds, Causes Etc.
11284: JUNIUS - The Letters of Junius
50100: JUSCHKA, DARLENE - Feminism in the Study of Religion : A Reader
54763: GUNTHER JUST - Stuka Pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel: His Life Story in Words and photographs (Schiffer Military History)
22595: WILLIAM JUSTEMA - Pattern A Historical Panorama
49967: CATHOLIC COMMISSION FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE - Civil War in Rhodesia - Abduction, Torture and Death in the Counter-Insurgency Campaign. a Report Compiled By the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Rhodesia.
58530: JUX, FRANK (COMPILED BY) - British Narrow Gauge Steam A Current Survey
43847: M. B. K. - Sweet Emma, or, the Cumberland Cottager.
43156: H.H.K - Metephysics Ontology and Epistemology
67651: KABIR, HUMAYUN - Mahatma and Other Poems
54503: KABIR, HUMAYUN - Men and Rivers
001638: KADARÉ, ISMAIL - Il a Fallu Ce Deuil Pour Se Retrouver: Journal De La Guerre Du Kosovo
52355: KADHIM, ABBAS - Reclaiming Iraq
002083: KADHIM, ABBAS - Reclaiming Iraq: The 1920 Revolution and the Founding of the Modern State
69005: KADISH, DORIS Y. (EDITOR) - Slavery in the Caribbean Francophone World
56863: KADISH, SHARMAN - Building Jerusalem: Jewish Architecture in Britain
8818: DE KADT, EMANUEL - Patterns of Foreign Influencce in the Caribbean
36663: KAELAS, ALEKSANDER - Ortsnamen Estlands/ Place Names in Estonia
72077: KAEPPLER, ADRIENNE L. - Polynesian Dance with a Selection for Contemporary Performances
59731: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Metamorphosis
61048: KAFKA, FRANZ - Wedding Preparations
58065: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Castle
22655: KAHANE, MARTINE - Les Artistes Et L'Opera De Paris: Dessins De Costumes, 1920-1950
62723: KAHN, DOUGLAS - John Heartfield Art and Mass Media
56453: KAHN, DEBORAH - The Romanesque Frieze and Its Spectator: The Lincoln Symposium Papers
44831: KAISER, GEORG - The Raft of the Medusa
004070: KAKOSY, L.; HAHN, I.; MAROTI, E. ; SARKADY, J. - Oikumene Studia Ad Historiam Antiquam Classicam et Orientalem Spectantia 1
68018: KALDOR, ANDRAS - Opera Houses of Europe
58276: KALE, PRAMOD - The Theatric Universe (A Study of the Natyasastra)
36181: NIKOLAI KALINICHENKO (ED) - Encyclopaedia Modern Chess Opening
49808: KALISH, MURIEL;BRUSBERG, DIETER;BODE, URSULA - Muriel Kalish: Paradise in Manhattan, Oder, Ein Schloss Am Meer
D00114: KALLAS, HILLAR; NICKELS, SYLVIE - Finland Creation and Construction
72276: KALLAY, KAROL - Memories of the Slavak National Uprising
67101: KALLBERG, JEFFREY - Chopin at the Boundaries: Sex, History and Musical Genre (Convergences: Inventories of the Present)
43720: KALLINIKOV, JOSEF - Women and Monks
22842: OTTO KALLIR - Grandma Moses
40129: JOSEPHINE KAMM - Hope Deferred: Girls' Education in English History
62819: FIELD-MARSHAL LORD ROBERTS OF KANDAHAR - Forty-one Years in India from Subaltern to Commander-In-chief
53493: KANE, BOB - Batman The Dark Knight Archives Volume 1
62386: KANE, RUSSELL - The Humorist
63839: KANT, IMMANUEL; ZWEIG, ARNULF; HILL, THOMAS E. - Groundwork For The Metaphysics Of Morals (Oxford Philosophical Texts)
63766: KANT, IMMANUEL ; SMITH, M . CAMPBELL; THOMPSON, SAMUEL M. - Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Essay (The Garland library of war and peace)
45871: KAPADIA, HARISH - The Himalayan Club Newsletter 36
53104: KAPLAN, SHELLEY - Chameleon
53103: KAPLAN, SHELLEY - Songs for Scratching Mosquito Bites & Petting the Cat
43574: KAPPLINGER, CLAUS - Hansen and Peterson Systeme Systems
66340: ALLAN KAPROW - Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life (Lannan Series)
57017: KAPUR, DARYAI LAL - Call of the Great Master
56967: KAPUR, DARYAI LAL - Heaven on Earth
44657: KARAVAN, DANI - Makom1
48580: KARL, JOHN C - Scramblings
69499: KARLSTROM, ANNA - Preserving Impermanence
003192: KARO, DR. W. - Rheumatism
58417: KARO, WILHELM DR - Urinary and Prostatic Troubles
003193: KARO, DR. W. - Selected Help in Children's Diseases
62270: KARO, DR W. - Diseases of the Skin
33660: ALAN KARP - The Films of Robert Altman
43621: KARP, ABRAHAM - Jewish Continuity in America
002363: KARP, DAVID - Leave Me Alone
59421: KARPELES, MAUD (ED.) - Folk Songs of Europe (International Folk Song Anthologies)
50372: KARRI, URPO (UPI); LAHDENMAKI, ULLA - Puut Puhuvat - Talking Trees
33183: ROGER E KASPERSON AND JULIAN V MINGHI. EDITORS - The Structure of Political Geography
55574: KASTLE, HERBERT - The Movie Maker
55650: KASTLE, HERBERT - Little Love
46546: KASTLE, HERBERT D. - Camera
55521: KASTLE, HERBERT - Miami Golden Boy
41668: JACOB KASTNER - The Natural Radiation Environment
59445: KATAGIRI, NORIYUKI - Adapting to Win
49863: KATTEN, JUDITH - Movie Posters the Paintings of Batiste Madalena
22888: ED IRWIN KATZ AND PATRICIA GURIN - Race and the Social Sciences
41378: STANLEY NIDER KATZ - Newcastle's New York: Anglo American Politics 1732-1753
34158: JERRY A FODOR JERROLD J KATZ - The Structure of Language
001596: KATZENBACH, MARIA - The Grab
46659: KAUFFMANN, STANLEY - If it be Love
38540: KAUFMAN, LEON; BETTERIDGE, D. JOHN (EDS) - Medicine in the Practice of Anaesthesia
45501: KAUFMAN, PAMELA - Wrights Fibre Systems of the Brain and Spinal Cord
53853: KAUFMANN, EDGAR (ED) - An American Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright
24340: KAUFMANN, PETER - Applications of Chemometrics in the Analysis and Characterization of Lipids
33472: DONALD H KAUSLER - Psychology of Verbal Learning and Memory
58347: KAVANAGH, PAUL (EDITOR) - The Sea's White Edge
70017: KAVANAGH, P. J. - People and Places: A Selection 1975-1987
36646: JULIA KAVANAGH - Queen Mab
10892: KAWAGUCHI, EKAI - Three Years in Tibet
40529: KAY, ERNEST - Men of Achievement
70021: KAY, JACKIE - Wish I Was Here
53345: KAYE, A.R. - Deltic Lament A Pictorial Account of Class 55 Activity, Featuring Their Final Days
52842: KAYE, TOM - David, from Where he Was Lying
49449: KAYE, REGINALD - Hardy Ferns
000839: KAYSER, WOLFGANG - Das Sprachliche Kunstwerk Eine Einfuhrung in Die Literaturwissenschaft
45311: KEANE, BERNADETTE; DIXON, CAROLYN - Caring for People with Problem Behaviours : A Basic, Practical Text for Nurses, Health Workers and others Who are Learning to Manage Difficult Behaviours: A Self-Instructional Learning-Teaching Package
22248: KEAR, JANET (ED.) - Wildfowl 47. 50th Anniversary
40065: HUGH KEARNEY - Scholars and Gentlemen: Universities and Society in Pre-Industrial Britain 1500-1700
62013: KEARNEY, MICHAEL - A Place of Healing: Working with Suffering in Living and Dying
56544: KEARNS, GERARD - Urban Epidemics and Historical Geography: Cholera in London, 1848-9
43277: KEARTON, RICHARD - Keartons Nature Pictures in 2 Volumes
36443: E KEARY (EDITOR) - Friendly Leaves - 1887, 1888, 1889 and 1890
58447: KEATING, SEAN - Contemporary Contexts
59747: KEATS, JOHN - Endymion I and II
61172: KEATS, JOHN - Sonnets
70689: KEAVENEY, E AND BROWN, D.L. - The Ashton Canal
70995: KEAY, ANNA & STANFORD, CAROLINE - Landmark A History of Britain in 50 Buildings
33196: EDWARD KEBLE, VICAR - St. Mary's Church, Fairford
44490: KEBLE, REV. JOHN - On the Mysticism Attributed to the Early Fathers of the Church.
37030: JOANNE KEBLE - De Poeticae Vi Medica. Praelectiones Academicae Oxonii Habitae, Annis MDCCCXXXII....MDCCCXLI
72797: KEBLE, JOHN R. - Poems
57603: KEDAR, BENJAMIN Z. - The Changing Land Between the Jordan and the Sea: Aerial Photographs from 1917 to the Present
40301: RODERICK KEDWARD - The Anarchists; The Men Who Shocked an Era
67620: KEEBLE, BRIAN - Yourself the Finder Found A Preface to the Poetry of Edwin Muir
66319: JOHN O'KEEFE - Shimmer and Other Texts
69350: KEEFE, SIMON P. - Mozart's Requiem: Reception, Work, Completion (Music in Context series)
69362: KEEFE, SIMON P. (EDITOR) - Mozart Studies
62507: PAUL O'KEEFFE - Gaudier-Brzeska: An Absolute Case of Genius
74415: KEEGAN, PAUL (EDITOR) - Ted Hughes Collected Poems
69163: KEEGAN, KEVIN; TAYLOR, DANIEL - My Life in Football: The Autobiography
44469: KEELER, JOHN T.S - The Polotics of Neocorporatism in France
69948: KEELEY, NICHOLAS B.SC. - Studies of Dispersion Relations in Elastic Scattering Near the Coulomb Barrier
22626: E MICHAEL KEEN - The Banner of Truth: Thirty Year Cumulative Index to Issues 1 to 263 September 1955 Tp August 1985; and Supplement Issues 265 to 315, October 1985 Tp December 1989
50447: KEENE, PETER - Strawberry Water to Marsland Mouth
67453: KEENE, CHARLES; LEECH, JOHN; DU MAURIER, GEORGE; TENNIEL, SIR JOHN; ET AL - Punch Library of Humour - 25 Volumes
67793: KEEPING, CHARLES - Joseph's Yard
68257: KEEPING, CHARLES - Charles Keeping's Book of Classic Ghost Stories
58466: KEEPING, CHARLES - Railway Passage
65115: KEETON, G. W. (ED.) - All Right on the Night - the Book of the Sheffield Central Secondary School Boys' Shakespeare Society
58257: KEEVIL, GRAHAM; ET AL (CAROE & PARTNERS) - Lanercost Priory, Cumbria - a Conservation Plan Prepared for the Lanercost Priory Community Partnership
43054: KEIGHTLEY, THOMAS - The Fairy Mythology
54716: KEIR, DAVID E. & KENNEDY, WALTER P. (EDITORS) - Our Tounis College
36064: KEITH, CHRISTINA - The Castle of Mey. The Romance of Barrogill Castle, the Queen Mother's New Home.
001165: KEITH, ELMER - Big Game Rifles and Cartridges
002249: KEITH, ARTHUR BERRIEDALE - The British Cabinet System, 1830-1938
43419: KEITH, MELVILLE C - The Marriage Bed
63085: KEITH, ELIZABETH: SCOTT, ELSPET KEITH ROBERTSON - Old Korea: The Land of Morning Calm
43127: KEITH, E.C - Gun for Company
74151: KEITH, EDWARD - The Keeper of the Rede
000766: KEITH, LESLIE - Nobody's Lad.
24102: URHO KEKKONEN - Brobygge. Tal 1943-1968.
58604: KELEMEN, PAL - Medieval American Art: Masterpieces of the New World Before Columbus - One-Volume Edition.
59321: KELLEHER, WILLIAM F. - The Troubles in Ballybogoin: Memory and Identity in Northern Ireland
9378: KELLER, HANS - 1975 (1984 Minus 9)
39738: KELLER,EVELYN FOX & LLOYD, ELISABETH A - Keywords in Evolutionary Biology
73001: KELLER, HELEN - The Story of My Life
52459: KELLETT, FRED - A Flower for the Sea a Fish for the Sky
002010: KELLEY, DONALD R. - Faces of History from Herodotus to Herder
68413: KELLING, FRED - Fisherman of Faroe: William Gibson Sloan
74230: KELLNER, MENACHEM - Dogma in Medieval Jewish Thought From Maimonides to Abravanel
53713: KELLNER, DOUGLAS - Herbert Marchse and the Crisis of Marxism
69517: KELLY, PERCY - Percy Kelly Line of Beauty A Retrospective
74231: KELLY, GEORGE ARMSTRONG - Idealism, Politics and History Sources of Hegelian Thought
003390: KELLY, MAX - Paddock full of houses: Paddington 1840-1890
53529: KELLY, CANON BILL - Greystoke Pre-Theological College - a Venture of Faith
50580: TALBOT KELLY, R. - Egypt Painted And Described
64815: KELLY, HENRY ANSGAR - Love and Marriage in the Age of Chaucer
54138: TABLOT KELLY, R. - Egypt Painted and Described
003887: KELLY, JOHN - National Service 1950s: Lancs, Bucks, Libya
50225: KELLY, H.M - Rock Climbing Guides to the Lake District : Great Gable; Green Gable; Kirkfell; Yewbarrow; Buckbarrow
40284: ALISON KELLY - The Book of English Fireplaces
52256: KELLY, P. - A Practical Introduction to Spherics and Nautical Astronomy
001660: KELLY, H.M - Pillar Rock and Neighbouring Climbs
53616: KELLY, BILL - Bill Bucks A Memoir of a Barrow Priest
74424: KELLY, A. LINDSAY (EDITOR) - Kelly's Directory of Cumberland and Westmorland 1925
57496: KELSEY, DARWIN P. - Agricultural History Volume XLVI Number I January 1972 American Agriculture, 1790-1840 a Symposium
70800: KELSEY, HUGH - Kelsey On Squeeze Play (MASTER BRIDGE)
70801: KELVIN, MARTIN - Collecting Antique Firearms
67363: KEMAL, YASHAR - The Undying Grass
3145: KEMBLE, FRANCES ANNE - Records Of Later Life
50817: KEMP, JAN - Cheerful Charlie A Biography of C.P. McGahey
54455: KEMP, ROBERT - The King of Scots (A Play About Robert the Bruce)
65601: KEMP, B. - Marjorie and Benny
50632: KEMP, LAURIE - Woodside
59669: KEMP, LAURIE - Woodside
003751: KEMP, P.K. LIEUT.-COMMANDER (RETD.) - The Boy's Book of The Navy
41990: KEMP, S. - Management of Radioactive Waste: The Issues for Local Authorities
33055: KEMP - Kemp's International Film and Television Directory 1963
42077: KEMP, LAURIE - The Ghosts of Cumbria
42547: KEMP, LAURIE - From Carlisle and Old Cumberland
40561: KEMP, HARRY - Collected Poems
68349: KEMPE, RUDOLF - Pictures of a Life
43430: KEMPT, ROBERT (COMPILED BY) - The American Joe Miller: A Collection of Yankee Wit And Humour.
34024: JOHN WATSON OF KENDAL - The Confessions of a Poacher
000749: KENDALL, GUY - Charles Kingsley and His Ideas
62166: KENDALL, J.D. - On the Best Locality for Coal Beneath the Permian Rocks of North West Cumberland
58952: KENDALL, J.D. - The Structure of the Cumberland Coal-Field
62162: KENDALL, J.D. - Distribution of Boulders in West Cumberland
69402: KENDALL, RICHARD - Degas Landscapes
40668: KENDALL, REV H.B - The Origin and History of the Primitive Methodist Church in Two Volumes
45919: KENDALL, JOAN - The Development of a Distinctive Form of Quaker Dress
62164: KENDALL, J.D. - The Mineral Veins of the Lake District
62165: KENDALL, J.D. - On a Supposed Glacier-lake in West Cumberland
22535: A. F. KENDRICK - English Decorative Fabrics of the 16th-18th Centuries
49795: KENDRICK, A. F. - Catalogue of Tapestries - Victoria and Albert Museum Department of Textiles
003619: KENNARD, PETER - Dispatches from an Unofficial War Artist
46555: KENNAWAY, JAMES - Household Ghosts
43462: KENNEDY, MAUD - Ring Dove's Call
57640: KENNEDY, DAVID; BEWLEY, ROBERT - Ancient Jordan from the Air
46768: KENNEDY, M.J - John Halton Bishop of Carlisle
52369: KENNEDY, PHILIP - Scheherazade's Children
15782: KENNEDY, DOUGLAS & HELEN - Walking on Air: An Introduction to the Technique of Dancing Country Dances and American Square Dances
8867: ROCK; KENNEDY - Power, Performance and Ethics
41781: KENNEDY, MARGARET - Not in the Calendar. The Story of a Friendship
67828: KENNEDY, ROGER - Psychoanalysis, History and Subjectivity: Now of the Past
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46035: KONODY, P. G. - Art & War Canadian War Memorials - A Selection of the Works Executed for the Canadian War Memorials Fund to Form a Record of Canada's Part in the Great War and a Memorial to Those Canadians Who Have Made the Great Sacrifice, with an Article ...
69234: KONRADT, DMITRI - The Other Saint Petersburg
46945: KONSTADT, OSCAR - One Hundred Proverbs
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59699: KRAL, JON - Hotbloods: Beyond the Winner's Circle
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D00109: KRUMMACHER, F. W. - Elisha.
50470: KRUSSMANN, GERD - Manual of Cultivated Conifers
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52269: BY A LADY - A New System of Domestic Cookery; Formed Upon Principles of Economy: And Adapted to the Use of Private Families.
000572: LADY, A - Modern Domestic Cookery
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72242: LAKE, NARA - The Traitor Heart
71303: LAKE, FRANCES (ED.) - Daily Mail Ideal Home Book 1953-54
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22816: MARTIN LAKIN - Interpersonal Encounter: Theory and Practice in Sensitivity TRaining
003965: LAL, PREMILA - Premila Lal's Indian Recipes
63120: LAL, PREMILA - Meat Dishes
63121: LAL, PREMILA - Vegetable Dishes
63122: LAL, PREMILA - Indian Recipes
65437: LALIC, SUSAN - Trends in the King's Indian Attack Vol.2
62970: THE DALAI LAMA - The Dalai Lama - My Spiritual Autobiography
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48865: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
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52468: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
47002: LAMB, CHARLES - Tales from Shakespeare
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57751: LAMBDIN, DEWEY - Jester's Fortune
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69707: LAMONT, NORMAN - In Office
33178: E LAMPERT - Studies in Rebellion
36044: LAMPLUGH, ANNE - My Flower Decoration Notebook. The Weekly Diary of an Ordinary Woman's Flower Arrangements
60223: LAMPO, HUBERT - Jan Vaerten
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48632: LANDAUER, WALTER - The Hatchability of Chicken Eggs as Influenced By Environment and Heredity
48633: LANDAUER, WALTER - The Hatchability of Chicken Eggs as Influenced By Environment and Heredity
48524: LANDAUER, WALTER - The Hatchability of Chicken Eggs as Influenced By Environment and Heredity
48569: LANDAUER, WALTER - The Hatchability of Chicken Eggs as Influenced By Environment and Heredity - Monograph 1
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9861: LANDOR, WALTER SAVAGE - The Pentameron and Other Imaginary Conversations
39359: LANDOR, A. HENRY SAVAGE - Tibet and Nepal
55668: LANDRY, HILTON - Interpretations in Shakespeare's Sonnets
18493: LANDSBOROUGH, REV. DAVID - The Isle of Arran and How to See it
35664: SIR EDWIN LANDSEER - Dog Life Narratives Exhibiting Instinct, intelligence' fidelity' Sympathy, Attachment, and Sorrow
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74539: LANDY, BRIGADIER GERALD - The Military Paintings of Terence Cuneo
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41969: LANE, CHARLES - British Racing Prints, 1700-1940
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64935: LANG, ANDREW - Old Friends Among the Fairies, Puss in Boots and Other Stories Chosen from the Fairy Books Edited By Andrew Lang
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74523: LANGDON, HELEN - Caravaggio: A Life
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001564: LANGTON, JOHN - Geographical Change and Industrial Revolution
65993: LANGUEPIN, J.-J. - To Kiss High Heaven: Nanda Devi
15749: LANGWELL, LYNDESAY G. - The Bassoon and the Double Bassoon: A Short Illustrated History of Their Origin, Development, and Maker
33590: SIDNEY LANIER - Music and Poetry Essays Upon Some Aspects and Inter-Relations of the Two Arts
001746: LANKESTER, E RAY - A Treatise on Zoology Part 5 Mollusca
003312: LANKESTER, E. - On Food. Being Lectures Delivered at the South Kensington Museum.
56348: LESLIE J. FRANCIS; LANKSHEAR, DAVID W. - Christian Perspectives on Church Schools: a Reader
5344: LANLLIER, JEAN ET PINI, MARIE-ANNE - Cinq Siecles de Joaillerie en Occident
70110: LANNON, TOM - The Old Man and the Boy
55494: LANSDELL, J.; MACSELF, A. J. - Grapes, Peaches, Nectarines and Melons
46691: LANSON, GUSTAVE; ROUSSEAU, ANDRÉ M. - Voltaire - Lettres Philosophiques II
14393: LANSPEARY, PHILIP J. - The World of Brids on Stamps
46920: LANUIS, EDWARD W - Cyrano De Bergerac and the Universe of the Imagination
004059: LANYON, ANDREW - The Vanishing Cabinet: a Photographic Illusion - Exhibition Catalogue
64109: LAPIDE, CORNELIUS A - The Great Commentary of Cornelius A Lapide Volume III
64110: LAPIDE, CORNELIUS A - The Great Commentary of Cornelius A Lapide Volume Five
23610: LAPP, JOHN C. - The Esthetics of Negligence: La Fontaine's Contes
9846: LAPP, RALPH E. AND ANDREWS, HOWARD L. - Nuclear Radiation Physics
69053: LAPPALAINEN, MATTI; VUORENMAA, ANSSI - Suomen puolustusvoimat ennen ja nyt (Sotatieteen laitoksen julkaisuja)
41694: HENRY L LAQUER - Cryogenics
56074: LARDAS, KONSTANTINOS - And in Him, Too; in Us - Poems
69748: LARDNER, DIONYSIUS - Hand-book of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy
74189: LARDNER, REV DIONYSIUS - The Cabinet Cyclopaedia History Poland
45065: LARGE, JOHN - Every Hymn Has a Story - Stories of Hymns and Their Authors - In 3 Volumes
53926: LARKIN, MARGARET - Seven Shares in a Gold Mine
70499: LARKIN, PHILIP - The Whitsun Weddings
67351: LARKIN, PETER - Poets Poems No. 19
67350: LARKIN, PETER - Landscape with Figures Afield
55935: LARKIN, PHILIP - The Less Deceived: Poems
69986: PHILIP LARKIN - Philip Larkin - Collected Poems
23136: LARKMAN, BRIAN - Metalwork Designs of Today.
44505: LAROCCA, JOHN J. - Jacobean Recusant Rolls for Middlesex - An Abstract in English
49674: LAROM, BETTY - The Story of Tufty
38649: LAROUSSE, DAVID PAUL - Edible Art - Forty Eight Garnishes for the Professional
003332: LARSEN, EGON - Men Who Fought for Freedom
52565: LARSEN, EGON - Men Who Changed the World: Stories of Invention and Discovery
41228: LARSON, ROBERT E - State Increment Dynamic Programming
47168: LARSON, REBECCA - Daughters of light- Quaker Women 1700-1775
52888: LARSSON, STIEG - Afterword, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, The Gild Who Played with Fire
70476: LASCELLES, VENETIA - Field Names of the Duddon and Lickle Valleys
25636: LASH, NICHOLAS - Change in Focus. A Study of Doctrinal Change and Continuity
59429: LASH, SCOTT; LURY, CELIA - Global Culture Industry: The mediation of Things
65584: LASKI, HAROLD J. - Reflections on the Revolution of Our Time
001775: LASKI, MARGHANITA - Love on the Supertax
53686: LASKO, P - Medieval Art in East Anglia
63051: LAST, JONATHAN - Beyond the Grave: New Perspectives on Barrows
71325: LASZLO, SZELENYI - Mattioni Eszter
8583: LASZLO, ANDRAS E. - Doctors, Drums and Dances
24303: R. G. LATHAM - The Ethnology of Europe
70733: LATHAM, RICHARD - Deadly Beat: Inside the Royal Ulster Constabulary
53093: LATHAM, WALTER REGINALD - Latham's Nonsense Verses
52925: LATHAM, DEREK - Creative Re-Use of Buildings Volumes 1 and 2
53430: LATHAM, ROBERT - The Diary of Samuel Pepys 9 Volumes
42946: LATHOM, FRANCIS - The Midnight Bell
41465: LATHROP, WILLIAM ADDISON - Little Stories from the Screen

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