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002999: UNCLE HARDY - Notable Shipwrecks: Being Tales of Disaster and Heroism at Sea
66052: HARDY, H. H. - Public School Life - Rugby
55645: HARDY, RONALD - The Savages
54741: HARE, AUGUSTUS J. C. - The Story of My Life Vols. I-VI
43439: O'HARE, JOHN - Poems in Pamphlet X - John O'Hare - The Return
69642: HARE, JOHN - The Dissolution of the Monasteries in Hampshire
54740: HARE, AUGUSTUS J. C. - The Story of Two Noble Lives Vols. I-III
69646: HARFIELD, M.B. & AIDINOFF, C.S. (EDITORS) - The Attorney's Appetite
57495: HARGEST, JAMES - Farewell Campo 12
003903: HARGRAVES, IAN - The Liverpool Connection
68633: HARGREAVES, BARBARA - The Sporting Wife: a Guide to Game and Fish Cooking
54147: HARGREAVES, JOHN A. (ED) - Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society Volume 18 (new series) 2010
46547: HARING, FIRTH - The Best of Intentions
57201: HARINGTON, SIR JOHN; MCNULTY, ROBERT - Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando Furioso Translated Into English Heroical Verse
D00067: HARKAVY, ROBERT E.; NEUMAN, STEPHANIE G. - Warfare and the Third World
003523: HARKER, ALFRED - The Bala Volcanic Series of Caernarvonshire and Associated Rocks; Being the Sedgwick Prize Essay for 1888
000769: HARLAND, MARION - The Hidden Path.
003528: HARLAND, MARION - William Cowper - Literary Hearthstones Series
68417: HARLAND, JOYCE - George Weatherill 1810-1890 - the Pannett Gallery, Whitby
68342: HARLER, C. R. - The Culture and Marketing of Tea
72691: HARLEY, DR. GEORGE - A Treatise on Diseases of the Liver with and Without Jaundice with the Special Application of Physiological Chemistry to Their Diagnosis and Treatment
24300: J. L. HARLEY - The Biology of Mycorrhiza
43246: HARLEY, J B - Ordnance Survey Maps a Descriptive Manual
72406: HARLIO, RAIMO; DI NAPOLI, GENNARO; SANTONEN, PIRJO - Kiehtovat Wanhat Kirjoituskoneet - the Fascinating Old Typewriters - Die Faszinierenden Alten Schreibmaschinen
50554: HARLOE, MICHAEL; ISSACHAROFF, RUTH; MINNS, RICHARD - The Organization of Housing: Public and Private Enterprises in London
56826: HARLOW, VINCENT AND CHILVER, E.M. (EDS.) - History of East Africa Volume II
74204: HARLOW, VINCENT T. - The Founding of the Second British Empire 1763-1793
22323: ALEC HARMAN AND - Man and His Music: The Story of Musical Experience in the West
68174: HARMAN, LINDSAY - A Comic Opera Life
D00054: HARMAN, R. ALEC - A Catalogue of the Printed Music and Books on Music in Durham Cathedral Library
22347: C ROWLAND HARMAN - Handbook for Welding Design Volume I Fundamentals
59419: HARMAN, R. ALEC; MORLEY, THOMAS; DART, THURSTON - A Plain and Easy Introduction to Practical Music
71221: HARNACK, ADOLF; SAUNDERS, THOS. BAILEY - Christianity and History
60091: HARNETT, CYNTHIA - Ring Out Bow Bells
48717: HAROKOPOS, GEORGE - The Fortress Crete 1941-1944
72984: BY THE AUTHOR OF "SOLDIER HAROLD", &C. - Aline. a Gipsy Story.
64044: HAROLD, ANTHONY; BROWN, CHARLES E. - Camera Above the Clouds - the Aviation Photos of Charles E. Brown - Three Volumes
68084: HAROUTUNIAN, ARTO DER - Middle Eastern Cookery
63923: HARPER, SUSAN BILLINGTON - In the Shadow of the Mahatma
53442: HARPER, JACK - The Flowers of the Forest (Border Booklet 2)
26583: HARPER, GEORGE MCLEAN - Spirit of Delight
77257: HARPER, KENNETH - John Atkinson, 1773-1857: Yeoman Schoolmaster
60149: HARPER, KENNETH - John Atkinson 1773-1857 Yeoman Schoolmaster
42852: HARPER, ROY - Vincent H.R.D Gallery
49366: HARPER, KENNETH; LITT, M. - John Atkinson, 1773-1857: Yeoman Schoolmaster
10489: HARPOLE, JAMES - Leaves from a Surgeon's Case-book
10527: HARPOLE, JAMES - Behind the Surgeon's Mask
46004: HARRER, HEINRICH - The White Spider - The Story of the North Face of the Eiger
58349: HARREX, SYD - Atlantis and Other Islands
53895: HARRIMAN, MARGARET - Bring My Bow
000582: HARRINGTON, F. T. - The Treatment of Asthma
40205: PETER HARRIOT - An Introduction to the Psychology of Language
001011: HARRIS, MARJORIE (ED.) - The Realities of Productivity Bargaining - Industrial Relations Committee Report
70741: HARRIS, JOANNE - The Strawberry Thief
63366: HARRIS, JENNIFER DR. (EDITOR) - Take 4 New Perspectives on the British Art Quilt
63676: HARRIS, JAMES A. - Of Liberty and Necessity
61344: HARRIS, JOHN - A Tale of a Tail
55578: LILLIAN CRAIG HARRIS - Cemeteries and Memories The second World War in Tunisia
62459: HARRIS, MARY DORMER - Some Manors, Churches and Villages of Warwickshire
23115: HARRIS, NIGEL - National Liberation
23969: HARRIS, JOE CHANDLER - On the Plantation
25630: HARRIS, JOHN F. - Samuel Butler, author of Erewhon: The Man and His Work
64363: HARRIS, ROBERT - The Fear Index
42702: HARRIS, TINDALL - Here And There - An Angler's Memories
10359: HARRIS, EDWIN - Gundulf the Good; or Saxn Rochester
48068: HARRIS, CHAPIN A. - The Principles and Practice of Dental Surgery.
64900: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus Old Negro Slave Tales
24209: ZELLIG S. HARRIS - Structural Linguistics
62144: HARRIS, FRANK; GALLAGHER, JOHN F. - My Life and Loves
49968: DORMER HARRIS, MARY - Unknown Warwickshire
74441: HARRIS, A. - Cumberland Iron The Story of Hodbarrow Mine 1855-1968
003686: HARRIS, A.L. SHACKLETON, R.M AND OTHERS - A Correlation of Precambrian Rocks in the British Isles
68747: HARRIS, PAUL L. - The Work of the Imagination (Understanding Children's Worlds)
63578: HARRISON, BERNARD - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Language
37245: HARRISON, E.J. - Wrestling
36252: FREDERICK HARRISON - From Playground to Battlefield
54434: HARRISON, HARRY - War with the Robots
72029: HARRISON, WINIFRED - Day's Awake: Childhood Memories of Bingley
62708: HARRISON, KENNETH - Dark Man White World A Portrait of Tenor Harold Blair
57015: HARRISON, HELGA - The Keepers of the Walls
55329: HARRISON, CLIVE B. - Age of Innocence: Child Photography of Clive B.Harrison, FRPS
44787: HARRISON, G. B. - Willobie His Avisa 1594 - with an Essay on Willobie His Avisa
46556: HARRISON, MICHAEL - The Dividing Stone
64670: HARRISON, CHARLES & ORTON, FRED (EDITORS) - Modernism Criticism Realism Alternative Contexts for Art
63006: HARRISON, JOSEPH - The Floricultural Cabinet, and Florist's Magazine. January to December 1834, Volume II.
58001: HARRISON, MARGARET - Bolton's Royal Infirmary 1883-1996
41790: HARRISON, J. K.; ALMOND, J. K.; CLEVELAND INDUSTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY - Industrial Archaeology in Cleveland: A Guide
39912: HARRISON, SCOTT MICHAEL - The Pilgramige of Grace in the Lake Counties 1536-7
37094: PAUL HARRISON - The Lads in Blue: The Complete History of Carlisle United F.C.
56251: HARRISON, MARTIN - Transition: The London Art Scene in the Fifties
59967: HARRISON, ERIC - Lyster O'Mallerstangs
49599: HARRISON, MARGARET - Moving Pictures
70663: HARRISON, MARTIN - Victorian Stained Glass
57676: HARRISON, PAUL - Carlisle United the Complete Record
63159: HARRISON, CHARLES - Addison's ;iterary Criticism - a Dissertation Presented in Candidature for the Degree of Ph.D. In the Department of English, Leeds University, May, 1946
001675: HARRISON, JOHN - The 'Rise' of the White Loaf: Evidence from the North of England Concerning Developments in Milling Technique in the Eighteenth Century
003674: HARRISON, GODFREY - Borthwicks A Century in the Meat Trade, 1863-1963
003652: HARRISON, F. BAYFORD - The Battlefield Treasure
54753: HARRISON, HELGA - Of Cats and Kin
56522: HARRISON, G. B. - The Elizabethan Journals Being a Record of Those Things Most Talked of During the Years 1591-1603
62279: HARRISON, H.J. - Wrestling Catch-AS-Catch-Can, Cumberland & Westmorland, & All-In Styles
68344: HARRISSON, TOM - World Within: a Borneo Story
9697: HARRY, RALPH G. - Modern Cosmeticology: The Principles and Practice of Modern Cosmetics Volume One
44967: SPENCE HARRY, JAMES - Atala By Chateaubriand
65758: HARSENT, DAVID - Marriage
55565: HART, CLIVE - 'The Professor's House': a Shapely Story - Reprinted from the Modern Language Review April 1972 Volume 67 Number 2
49885: HART, LIDDELL - The War in Outline 1914-1918
52353: HART, KIMBERLY - And Then We Work for God
50853: HART, C.R. - The Early Charters of NOrthern England and the North Midlands
67236: HART, IVOR B. - The Great Physicists
36378: CAPTAIN B.H.LIDDELL HART - Tanks the History of the Royal Tank Regiment and Its Predecessors Heavy Branch Machine-gun Corps Tank Corps and Royal Tank Corps 1914-1945 Volume One 1914-1939
002381: HART, B.H. LIDDELL - The Real War 1914-1918
67504: LIDDELL HART, CAPTAIN B. H. - The Tanks: The History of the Royal Tank Regiment and Its Predecessors Heavy Branch Machine-gun Corps Tank Corps and Royal Tank Corps 1914-1945 - Two Volumes
63675: HART, H.L.A. - Law, Liberty and Morality
34075: BRET HARTE - Roaring Camp, and Other Sketches, Stories, and Bohemian Papers.
003899: HARTE, BRET - Poems
59053: HARTER, JIM - World Railways of the Nineteenth Century: A Pictorial History in Victorian Engravings
55304: HARTIGAN, J. A. - Bayes Theory (Springer Series in Statistics)
70951: HARTING, J.E. - A Handbook of British Birds
68449: HARTLEY, JOHN - The Original Clock Almanack 1910
002824: HARTLEY, J.J. - The Geology of Helvellyn and the Southern Part of Thirlmere
54163: HARTLEY, DOROTHY - Food in England
002779: HARTLEY, J.J. - The Succession and Structure of the Borrowdale Volcanic Series as Developed In the Area Lying Between the Lakes of Grasmere, Windermere and Coniston
59120: HARTLEY, JOHN - Grimes' Visit to th' Queen. a Royal Time Amang Royalties.
59643: HARTLEY, C.W.G. - The Shepherd's Dogs
50388: HARTLEY, JOHN - Sammywell Grimes an His Wife Mally
68864: HARTLEY, DOROTHY - Here's England
65434: HARTLEY, C. GASQUOINE (MRS. WALTER GALLICHAN) - A Record of Spanish Painting
39949: HARTLEY, BRIAN & FITTS, LEON - The Brigantes
64127: HARTLEY, KEITH (EDITOR) - Otto Dix 1891-1969
65139: HARTLEY, JOHN - The Original Clock Almanack in the Yorkshire Dialect, to Which is Added, Tales Told i'th' Ingelnook, and th' Poor fowks' Pulpit, for 1905
46478: HARTLEY, L. P. - The Sixth Heaven
68527: HARTLEY, JOHN - The Original Clock Almanack 1898
68988: HARTLEY, JOHN - John Hartley's Original Clock Almanack 1953
37826: JOHN HARTLEY - Hartley's Yorkshire Budget: First Series
54028: HARTLEY, JOHN - Yorkshire Lyrics. Poems Written in the Dialect as Spoken in the West Riding of Yorkshire.
63992: HARTLEY, DAVID - Observations on Man, His Frame, His Duty, and His Expectations - Two Volumes
54824: HARTMAN, ROBERT - Shut-eye and the Weathercock
74618: HARTMAN, ROBERT - Mr. Buffin's Visitor
74617: HARTMAN, ROBERT - Mr. Buffin's Poultry Farm
RN68: HARTMAN, ROBERT - A Big Buffin Book Book 3
59082: HARTMAN, ROBERT - Mo's Adventure
43624: HARTMAN, NICOLAI - Ethics Volume One
40216: ANTHONY HARTNETT AND MICHAEL NAISH - Theory and the Practice of Education: Vol Two
46489: DE HARTOG, JAN - The Peaceable Kingdom
44123: HARTSHORNE, REV. C. H. - Historical Memorials of Northampton: Taken Chiefly from Unprinted Records.
43538: PRESENTED TO CHARLES HARTSHORNE - Process and Divinity
43539: HARTSHORNE, CHARLES - Beyond Humanism
43544: HARTSHORNE, CHARLES - Louvain Studies
56706: HARVEY, D.W. - Bill Harvey's 60 Years in Steam
48981: HARVEY, DEREK - Famous Airliners: The Britannia (2)
74452: HARVEY, GERALD WILLIAM - The Diary of a Forgotten Battalion
65962: HARVEY, P. D. A.; THORPE, HARRY - The Printed Maps of Warwickshire 1576-1900
63878: HARVEY, R.J. - Yorkshire Dales National Park Initial National Park Plan
54846: HARVEY, CHRIS - Austin Seven
003549: HARVEY, JONATHAN - Variations for Violin and Piano
39562: HARVEY, CHARLES H. - Almanack of Sport
48745: HARVEY, PAUL - The Saxophonist's Bedside Book - Fentone 147
18447: HARVEY, CHRIS - Jaguars in Competition
003650: HARVEY, WILLIAM - Robert Burns as a Freemason
59396: HARVEY, BRIAN KELLY, ASSUMPTA MCGEARTY, SEAN & MURRAY, SONYA - The Emerald Curtain The Social Impact of the Irish Border
23218: JOHN HARVEY - The Plantagenets 1154-1485
59319: HARWOOD, RUSSELL - China's New Socialist Countryside: Modernity Arrives in the Nu River Valley (Studies on Ethnic Groups in China)
58579: HARWOOD, SIR JOHN JAMES - History and Description of the Thirlmere Water Scheme
44705: HARWOOD, MICHAEL - The Student's Guide to Military Service
64293: HARWOOD, LEE - Lee Harwood - Landscapes
63065: HASELDEN, W.K, - Daily Mirror Reflections 100 Cartoons Vol. XIX
48013: HASELL, F. H. EVA - Across the Prairie in a Motor Caravan - a 3,000 Mile Tour By Two Englishwomen on Behalf of Religious Education
002092: HASHMI, SOHAIL H. - Just Wars, Holy Wars, and Jihads: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Encounters and Exchanges
43009: HASKELL, TONY - Caring for Our Built Heritage
64951: HASKELL, FRANCIS - Patrons and Painters: a Study in the Relations Between Italian Art and Society in the Age of the Baroque
74537: HASKELL, FRANCIS & PENNY, NICHOLAS - Taste and the Antique The Lure of Classical Sculpture 1500-1900
001434: HASKINS, JIM; BENSON, KATHLEEN - The Stevie Wonder Scrapbook
72618: HASLIP, JOAN - The Lonely Empress
70318: HASLUCK, PAUL N. - The Woodworker's Handybook of Manual Instruction
41247: HASLUCK, PAUL N. (ED.) - Building Model Boats Including Sailing and Steam Vessels
52293: HASLUCK, PAUL N. - French Polishing
59373: HASMATH, REZA - Managing Ethnic Diversity: Meanings and Practices from an International Perspective (Research in Migration and Ethnic Relations Series)
5348: HASS, HANS - Menschen Und Haie
67438: HASSALL, MARK - Roman Britain: the Frontier Province. Collected Papers
38631: HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER - The Red Leaf
60114: HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER - Poems of Two Years
44139: HASSALL, ARTHUR - Christ Church Oxford and Anthology in Prose and Verse
70430: HASSE, ROLF H. SCHNEIDER, HERMANN AND WEIGELT, KLAUS (EDITORS) - Social Market Economy History, Principles and Implementation from A to Z
43216: HASSE, HENRY - Amazing Stories Trail of the Astrogar
46238: HASSE, ERICH - Einfuhrung in Die Literatur Des Refuge
002961: HASTINGS, R.P. - Poverty and the Poor Law in the North Riding of Yorkshire C1780-1837
43909: HASTINGS, T. - Etchings. Subjects from Hampstead Heath and Its Vicinity.
48008: HASTINGS, JAMES (ED.) - Dictionary of the Apostolic Church
001614: HASTINGS, ADRIAN - Wiriyamu
69844: HASTINGS, MAX - Chastise: The Dambusters Story 1943
48009: HASTINGS, JAMES (ED.) - A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels
57131: HASTINGS, STEPHEN - The Bjorling Sound: a Recorded Legacy
74021: HASTRUP, KIRSTEN & RUBOW, CECILE (EDITORS) - Living with Environmental Change Waterworlds
5415: HASWELL, FRANCIS - The Registers of St. Andrew's Parish Church, Penrith: Vol I-III: 1556-1713
38702: HASWELL, COLONEL J. F. (TRANSCRIBER) - The Registers of Whicham 1569-1812
69976: HATCH, ALDEN - The Byrds of Virginia
34010: WILLIAM HERBERT HATFIELD - Cast Iron in the Light of Recent Research
70875: HATHAWAY, NANCY - The Unicorn
58822: HATTERSLEY, GEOFF - Port of Entry Poems By Geoff Hattersley
52704: HATTON, THOMAS - Hints for Sketching Trees from Nature in Water Colours
38018: HATTON, JOSEPH - The White King of Manoa
8711: HATTON, RICHARD G. - The Craftsman's Plant-Book: Or Figures of Plants
69330: HATTON, RICHARD G. - Figure Drawing
70072: HAUGHTON, JONATHAN; KHANDKER, SHAHIDUR R. - Handbook on Poverty and Inequality
59407: HAUPT, WERNER - Army Group North The Wehrmacht in Russia 1941-1945
59435: WERNER HAUPT - Army Group South: Wehrmacht in Russia, 1941-1945
59406: HAUPT, WERNER - Army Group Center The Wehrmacht in Russia 1941-1945
54463: HAUPTMANN, GERHART - The Heretic of Soana
43278: HAUS, BROCK - Der Naturwissenschaften Und Der Technik
47030: HAUSER, HENRI - La Pensée et L'action Économiques Du Cardinal De Richelieu
36302: HANNU HAUTALA - MARKKU LAPPALAINEN - To Everything a Season; a Year in the Finnish Wilds
64717: HAVAS, KATO - Stage Fright Its Causes and Cures
74470: HAVELAAR, MARION H. WITH HESS, WILLIAM N. - The Ragged Irregulars of Bassingbourn
33139: JAROSLAV HAVELKA - The Nature of the Creative Process in Art: A Psychological Study
33990: GEORGE B HAVEN AND GEORGE W SWEET - Riveted Joints for Pressure Vessels
47070: HAVENS, GEORGE R. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau Discours Sur Les Sciences et Les Arts
18486: HAVER, RONALD - David O. Selznick's Hollywood
50764: HAVERFIELD, F., M.A., F.S.A., HON, F.S.A. SCOT. - Report of the Cumberland Excavation Committee for 1902
40741: HAVERFIELD, F - Catalogue of the Roman Inscribed and Sculptured Stones in the Carlisle Museum Tullie House
52821: HAVERFIELD, F. - Five Years Excavation on the Roman Wall
33609: WALTER HAVIGHURST - Vein of Iron: The Picklands Mather Story
55350: HAVILAND, VIRGINIA (EDITOR) - The Fairy Tale Treasury
40204: MARTIN J HAVRAN - The Catholics in Caro;line England
52493: HAWES, BARBARA - Tales of the North American Indians, and Adventures of the Early Settlers in America.
58242: HAWKER, LIEUT.-COL. P. - Instructions to Young Sportsmen in All That Relates to Guns and Shooting.
37061: GEORGE HAWKER - A Biographical Sketch of Francis James Blight, F R S E Publisher: Chairman and Managing Director from 1899 to 1927 of Charles Griffin and Company, Ltd., Publishers
42485: HAWKER, COL. P - Guns and Shooting
003190: HAWKES, A.E. - Three Months in Paris, 1915
003189: HAWKES, A.E. - General Practice
003188: HAWKES, A.E. - Sir Christopher Hatton
68534: HAWKES, TERRY (COMPILED BY) - The Lilting House
55064: HAWKESWORTH, JOHN - An Account of a Voyage Round the World: Undertaken By Command of His Majesty, for Observing the Transit of Venus; and for Making New Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere, &c. Performed in the Endeavour, By Captain James Cook, Accompanied By....
70681: HAWKINS, JAMES - James Hawkins 'A Journey in All Weathers'
26360: HAWKINS, D.J.B. - Nature as the Ethical Norm
53854: HAWKINS, EDWARD; FRANKS, AUGUSTUS W.; GRUEBER, HERBERT A. - Medallic Illustrations of the History of Great Britain and Ireland to the Death of George II. Vol. II.
63241: HAWKINS, J. C. - The Mechanical Equipment of Farms
43715: HAWKINS, D J B - The Criticism of Experience
49520: HAWKINS, CHRIS & REEVE, GEORGE - An Historical Survey of Southern Sheds
004032: HAWKRIDGE, AUDREY - Jane Austen and Hampshire
002127: HAWKS, ELLISON - The Book of the Austin 10
50777: HAWLEY, SIR DONALD - Oman
58575: HAWORTH, PETER - From Runswick to Russia: Paintings By Members of the Staithes Group - Exhibition Book - Whitby Museum 9 - 30 April 2005
42721: HAWORTH, FLORENCE - Hydropathy and Windemere
002304: LOUISE HAWORTH - Poems By Louise Haworth
002942: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Quest of the Golden Fleece
66176: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys.
55566: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL; LATHROP, GEORGE PARSONS - The Complete Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, with Introductory Notes By George Parsons Lathrop and Illustrated with Etchings By Blum, Church, Dielman, Gifford, Shirlaw, and Turner - in Twelve Volumes.
59739: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Scarlet Letter I and II
36254: HECTOR HAWTON - The Green Scorpion
63337: HAY, IAN - David & Destiny
RN8: HAY, IAN - Happy-go-Lucky
40087: DENYS HAY - The Italian Renaissance in Its Historical Background
41552: GEOFFREY D HAY AND GEOFFREY P STELL - Monuments of Industry an Illustrated Historical Record
68951: HAY, DAVID AND JOAN - Mardale The Drowned Village
10018: HAY, IAN - Carrying on - After the First Hundred Thousad
43195: HAY, JOAN AND DAVID - Mardale the Drowned Village
50748: HAY, THOMAS - Ullswater Notes
50553: HAY, WILLIAM - Decisions on the Poor Law of Scotland in the Court of Session, and Awards By Arbitration.
52831: HAY, THOMAS - Old Walls and Trackways
33370: JOHN HAY - Pike County Ballads and Other Pieces
66241: HAY, GEORGE CAMPBELL - Wind on Loch Fyne
49306: HAY, THOMAS - Ullswater Notes.
74413: HAY, DANIEL - Whitehaven An Illustrated History
40206: S I HAYAKAWA - Language and Thought in Action
40315: ED. S I HAYAKAWA - Cassell's Modern Guide To Synonyms & Related Words
57937: HAYBRON, DANIEL M. - The Pursuit of Unhappiness: The Elusive Pschology of Well-Being
63268: HAYCOCK, DAVID BOYD & ARCHER, SALLY (EDITORS) - Health & Medicine at Sea 1700-1900
48960: HAYCRAFT, MARGARET - A Little Stray Lamb
70881: HAYDEN, J. MICHAEL & GREENSHIELDS, MALCOLM R. - 600 Years of Reform Bishops and the French Church, 1190-1789
003479: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on Cottage and Farmhouse Furniture
64065: HAYDON, ARTHUR LINCOLN (EDITOR) - The Boy's Own Annual Thirty-Seventh Annual Volume 1914-15
69561: HAYEK, F.A. - The Constitution of Liberty
37521: F A HAYEK - Dr Bernard Mandeville: Lecture on a Master Mind ; British Academy 1966
40854: HAYEK, F.A - A Tiger By the Tail
53243: HAYEK, FRIEDRICH A. - Individualism and Economic Order
63293: HAYENS, HERBERT - Wonders of the World
58387: HAYENS, HERBERT - A Captain of Irregulars
23631: HERBERT HAYENS - 'Midst Shot and Shell in Flanders
64216: HAYES, RAYMOND H. AND WHITLEY, SIR EDWARD - The Roman Pottery at Norton East Yorkshire
57508: HAYES, SIR BERTRAM - Hull Down: Reminiscences of Wind-Jammers, Troops and Travellers
64586: HAYES, M. HORACE - Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners. a Manual of Horse Medicine and Surgery, Wriiten in Popular Language
47759: HAYES, E.S.P - The Decline of Liberty in England
70457: HAYES, BRIAN - Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape
001087: HAYFIELD, MARY ROSE - Country Footsteps - a Farmer's Wife Remembers
69483: HAYLEY, T.T.S. - The Anatomy of Lango Religion and Groups
56346: HAYNES, RENÉE - The Society for Psychical Research 1882-1982: a History
25069: HAYNES, BESSIE DOAK AND HAYNES, EDGAR - The Grizzly Bear. Portraits from Life
57633: HAYNES, JOHN HENRY; OUSTERHOUT, ROBERT G. - John Henry Haynes: a Photographer and Archaeologist in the Otooman Empire 1881-1900
52305: HAYS, RHYS - The History of the Abbey of Aberconway
47561: HAYWARD, CHARLES B.; ET AL - Automobile Engineering - a General Reference Work - Volume III
49125: HAYWARD, LESLIE; ATTERBURY, PAUL - Poole Pottery: Carter & Company and Their Successors 1873-1995
62273: HAYWARD, CHARLES B. - English Rooms & Their Decoration at a Glance Volumes I and II
001064: HAYWARD, I - The Lives of the III Normans, Kings of England: William the First. William the Second. Henrie the First.
000916: HAZARD, PAUL - La Pensée Européenne Au XVIIIème Siècle De Montesquieu a Lessing - Tome II
23144: HAZELL, QUINTON - Quinton Hazell, The: The Life of an Entrepreneur
47526: HAZELTON, ROGER - Blaise Pascal: The Genius of His Thought
50313: HAZLEHURST, RICHARD - Dreams. Dances Desires
33649: GERALD HOLTHAM ARTHUR HAZLEWOOD - Aid and Inequality in Kenya: British Development Assistance to Kenya
41834: HAZLEWOOD, ARTHUR AND P.D.HENDERSON - Nyasaland. The Economics of Federation
7846: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - A Dictionary of Faiths and Folklore: 2 Volumes
38071: HAZLITT, WILLIAM - Sketches and Essays
43049: HAZLITT, WILLIAM - Sketches and Essays
68100: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine
002141: HEAD, SIR FRANCIS B.; STEFFENS, HENRY - Rough Notes Taken During Some Rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the Andes. AND Adventures on the Road to Paris, During the Campaigns of 1813-14. Extracted from the Autobiography of Henry Steffens.
74217: HEAD, JOHN - Standing in the Shadows Understanding and Overcoming Depression in Black Men
46013: HEADDON, BILL (ED.) - Links - Number 2 Autumn 1997
67342: HEADINGTON, CHRISTOPHER - The Performing World of the Musician
72470: HEADLAM, CECIL - Provence and Languedoc
38637: HEADLAM, CECIL - Oxford and Its Story
70987: HEADLEY, STAN - Trout & Salmon Flies of Scotland
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40527: HETHERINGTON, WILLIAM - A Third and Concluding Canto of the Poem of Brathwaite Hall
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D00087: HICKEY, DONALD R. - Nebraska Moments: Glimpses of Nebraska's Past
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77177: HIGHAM, MARY C - The Mottes of North Lancashire, Lonsdale and South Cumbria
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69865: HILL, CHARLOTTE AND WALLACE, WILLIAM - The Third Illustrated Anthology of Erotica
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64183: HOLST, IMOGEN - Gustav Holst: a Biography
49557: HOLT, GLEN E - Chicago - A Historical Guide to the Neighborhoods the Loop and the South Side
46233: HOLT, VICTORIA - The Secret Woman
44425: HOLT, GEOFFREY (ED.) - The Letter Book of Lewis Sabran, S.J. (Rector of St. Omers College) October 1713 to October 1715
63430: HOLT, YSANNE (GENERAL EDITOR) - Visual Culture in Britain Volume 8 Number 2 2007
50029: HOLT, ROSSER - The Medieval Town : A Reader in English Urban History, 1200-1540
33211: ROSA BELLE HOLT - Oriental and Occidental Rugs Antique and Modern
9502: HOLT, EDGAR - Protest in Arms: The Irish Troubles 1916-1923
49580: HOLTBY, WINIFRED - South Riding
49689: HOLTBY, ROBERT T. - Daniel Waterland 1683-1740 a Study in Eighteenth Century Orthodoxy
56920: TOR HOLTH - Cattlemen of the High Country. The Story of the Mountain Cattlemen of the Bogongs
69993: HOLTZAPFFEL, JOHN JACOB - The Principles & Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning
14374: HOLTZAPFFEL, CHARLES - Turning and Mechanical Manipulation: Vols 1, 2 and 3
11999: HOLTZCLAW, HENRY F. (ED.) - Inorganic Synthesis Volume VIII
77258: HOMAN, ROBERT - The Kendal Union Buildings Societies
77259: HOMAN, ROBERT - The Kendal Union Buildings Societies
49367: HOMAN, ROBERT - The Kendal Union Building Societies
74206: HOMAN, ROGER - The Art of the Sublime
70633: HOMBERGER, ERIC - A Chronological Checklist of the Periodical Publications of Sylvia Plath
68849: HOME, PERCY - The Cathedral Churches of England.
55700: DOUGLAS-HOME, ROBIN - Hot for Certainties
64557: HOME, GORDON - Beautiful Britain The English Lakes
64010: HOME, HENRY AND KAMES, LORD - Anglistica & Americana 3 Volumes Elements of Criticism (1762)
65939: DOUGLAS-HOME, ROBIN - When the Sweet Talking's Done
48490: GORDON-HOME (ED.) - Black's Guide to the English Lakes
2658: HOME, GORDON - The Motor Routes of France: Part I
59761: HOMER - Odyssey I and II
67524: HONDA, ISAO - How to Make Origami: The Japanese Art of Paper Folding
57724: HONE, JOSEPH - W. B. Yeats 1865-1939
58552: HONEY, W.B. - Guide to the Later Chinese Porcelain
45358: HONEYMAN, H. L. - Trefoil Rear-Arches
43010: HONEYMAN, W.M C - Scottish Violin Makers Past and Present
67566: HONIGMANN, E.A.J. - Shakespeare's Mingled Yarn and 'Measure for Measure'
D00059: HONOLKA, KURT - Papageno: Emanuel Schikaneder, Man of the Theater in Mozart's Time
59206: HOOD, THOMAS; ARCHER, THOMAS - Great Fun Stories
37456: HOOD, THOMAS - Poems
42871: HOOD, THOMAS - The Comic Annual
72381: HOOD, THOMAS - Tylney Hall.
74082: VAN DER HOOGHT - Biblia Hebraica
9916: HOOK, F. A. - Merchant Adventurers 1914-1918
57023: HOOK, JUDITH - The Sack of Rome 1527
42558: HOOK, THEODORE - The Choice Humorous Works, Ludicrous Adventures, Bon Mots, pun and Hoaxes
63140: HOOKE, DELLA - Anglo-Saxon Landscapes in the West Midlands: The Charter Evidence - B A R British Series 95
000278: HOOKE, N - The Roman History from the Building of Rome to the Ruin of the Commonwealth Volume 2
70678: YEOH SIEW HOON. - Sarawak on the Island of Borneo/Malaysia
55983: HOOPER, SYDNEY E. (ED) - Philosophy: The Journal of the Institute of Philosophy - Vol. XXIX. No. III. October 1954
71286: PEARSON-HOOPER, R - Present Day Gardening
9900: HOOPER, I. - Nell Gwyn's Diamond
41648: HOOPER, PAUL - Our Island in War and Commonwealth
69207: HOPCROFT, JOHN E. AND ULLMAN, JEFFREY D. - Formal Languages and Their Relation to Automata
49638: HOPCROFT, GEORGE E - Round the Docks
003076: HOPE, PAULINE - Pamela Ventures Abroad
52836: HOPE, NOEL - Keziah in Search of a Friend
54256: HOPE, BOB - The Got Me Covered
37186: HOPE, ANTHONY - The Prisoner of Zenda
000533: HOPE, MRS.; DALGAIRNS, REV. FATHER (PREFACE) - The Life of S. Thomas À Becket, of Canterbury.
18494: HOPE, GEORGE H. - Till the Doctor Comes
46535: HOPE, ANTHONY - The Prisoner of Zenda Being the History of Three Months in the Life of an English Gentleman
74556: HOPE, NICHOLAS - German and Scandinavian Protestantism 1700 to 1918
57500: HOPE, THOMAS SUTHREN - The Winding Road Unfolds
65641: HOPE, RONALD - In Cabined Ships at Sea: Fifty Years of the Seafarers Education Service

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