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40043: PHILLIS CUNNINGTON AND ANNE BUCK - Children's Costume in England 1300-1900
69063: CUNNINGTON, WILLIAM & MRS. M. E.; GODDARD, REV. E. H. - Catalogue of Antiquities in the Museum of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society - Parts I & II.
12344: A QUONDAM CURATE - My Rectors
38992: CURL, JAMES STEVENS - A Celebration Of Death An Introduction To Some Of The Buildings, Monuments, And Settings Of Funerary Architecture In The Western European Tradition
55569: CURLEY, CARLO - In the Pipeline: Memoirs of an international concert organist
48483: NEHEMIAH CURNOCK - The Journal of the Rev John Weasley Volume 3
49365: CURNOCK, NEHEMIAH - The Hournal of the Revered John Weasley 8 Volumes
63632: CURNOW, HEATHER - William Strutt
62885: CURRAN, JIM - Here, There and Everywhere: The Autobiography of Jim Curran
42949: CURRAN, CHARLES E. - Politics, Medicine, and Christian Ethics. A Dialogue with Paul Ramsey
001021: CURRAN, FIONA - Old Foes
37711: CURRY, NEIL - The Cumberland Coast
65591: CURRY, MANFRED - Yacht Racing the Aerodynamics of Sails and Racing Tactics
64535: CURRY, NEIL - Ships in Bottles
64538: CURRY, NEIL - Some Letters Never Sent
55117: CURRY, NEIL (EDITOR) - Norman Nicholson Collected Poems
002704: CURRY, D. ADAMS, C.G. BOULTER, M.C. DILLEY, F.C. EAMES, F.E. FUNNELL, B.M. WELLS, M.K. - A Correlation of Tertiary Rocks in the British Isles
40519: CURRY, NEIL - Ships in Bottles
64541: CURRY, NEIL - Other Rooms: Selected Poems
64540: CURRY, NEIL - The Bending of the Bow: a Version of The Closing Books of Homer's Odyssey
64539: CURRY, NEIL - Walking to Santiago
64536: CURRY, NEIL - Ships in Bottles
64537: CURRY, NEIL - The Road to the Gunpowder House
50837: CURTAYNE, ALICE - A Recall to Dante
70421: CURTIS, VESTA SARKHOSH; STEWART, SARAH - The Age of the Parthians (The Idea of Iran Volume 2)
70422: CURTIS, VESTA SARKHOSH; STEWART, SARAH - The Rise of Islam (The Idea of Iran Volume 4)
47996: CURTIS, CHRISTOPHER - Vive Le Sport!
74037: CURTIS, LIZ - The H Blocks An Indictment of British Prison Policy in the North of Ireland
40396: CURTIS, EDWARD S. - The Girl Who Married a Ghost and Other Tales from the North American Indian
39975: CURTIS, W.F - Yorkshire Naturalists Union Bird Report for 1989
74416: CURTIS, VESTA SARKHOSH AND STEWART, SARAH (EDITORS) - Birth of the Persian Empire Volume 1
43288: CURTIS, WILLIAM F & DALE, JOHN E - Ornithological Report for 1985
49725: CURWEN, JOHN F. - The Later Records Relating to North Westmorland or the Barony of Appleby
001804: CURWEN, JOHN F. - Castle How, Peel Wyke
58837: CURWEN, JOHN F.; FARRER, WILLIAM - Records Relating to the Barony of Kendale - Two Volumes
000507: CURWEN, JOHN SPENCER - The Story of Sol-Fa.
54525: CURWEN, J. F. - A Charter of Gilbert, Son of Roger Fitz Reinfrid, Granting Lambrigg to Lambert De Bussey, Circa 1216-1220
49236: CURWEN, JOHN F. - The Art of the English Plasterer as Exemplified in Cumberland and Westmorland.
53818: CURZON, LOUIS HENRY - The Blue Ribbon of the Turf
50445: CUSACK, THOMAS - Jelly Roll Morton: An Essay in Discography
67163: CUSANUS, NICOLAS - The Idiot
64956: CUST, LIONEL (ED) - The National Portrait Gallery - Two Volumes
64584: CUTTS, REV. EDWARD L. - A Manual for the Study of the Sepulchral Slabs and Crosses of the Middle Ages
10537: CUTYHBERTSON, JOHN - Complete Glossary to the Poetry and Prose of Robert Burns
41819: HERCULES CYCLE AND MOTOR COMPANY - Hercules Corvette Riders Handbook
57715: CYRIAX, JAMES - Deep Massage and Manipulation Illustrated
58375: CYRUS, DIGBY; ROBSON, NIGEL - Bird Atlas of Natal
63364: CYZER, ELAYNE & RICHARD - Sixty Works By Modern Masters
14323: CZECH, J. - The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope: Circuitry and Practical Applications
74382: CZERNICH, PETER W. - Superdolls
26730: CZOK, KARL - Das Alte Leipzig
52390: J. D. - Tell Me a Tale
77054: DACRE, J - An Excavation on the Roman Fort at Stanwix, Carlisle
77055: DACRE, J - An Excavation on the Roman Fort at Stanwix Castle
002056: DACRE, J.A. - An Excavation on the Roman Fort at Stanwix, Carlisle
77238: DACRE, J A - An Excavation on the Roman Fort at Stanwix, Carlisle
24691: DAHL, W.S. - Woodflour
69482: DAHL, FELICITY & ROALD - Memories with Food At Gipsy House
003962: DAHL, ROALD - My Uncle Oswald
64916: DAHLBERG, EDWARD - The Sorrows of Priapus
52231: DAHRENDORF, RALF - Society and Democracy in Germay
40137: RALF DAHRENDORF - Life Changes: Approaches to Social and Political Theory
55943: DAILLIEZ, LAURENT - Les Templiers et Les Regles De L'ordre Du Temple
002359: DAIMLER - Daimler Handbook for the Daimler 2 1/2 Litre
8308: DAIVDSON, JOHN - Sentences and Paragraphs
44542: DAKIN, J. B. - Saint Willibrord's Foundation and Its Successors
58093: DALE, PETER - Earth Light
43519: DALE, DARLEY - Noah's ark- a Tale of the Norfolk Broads
26442: DALE, REV, T. - The Widow of Nain, the Outlaw of Taurus and Other Poems
54584: DALE, GARETH - Bracken Horse
43148: DALET, DAVID & LE BITOUX, CHRISTOPHE - Sur Les Traces De La Legende Jeep
42073: DALEY, MARTIN - The Carlisle Floods: One Story
16398: DALEY, MARTIN - Sherlock Holmes and the Carlisle Adventure of the Spanish Drums
49904: DALGLIESH, ALICE - The Courage of Sarah Noble
53451: DALLADAY, ARTHUR J. (ED.) - The British Journal Photographic Almanac and Photographers' Daily Companion1960
11318: DALLADAY, ARTHUR J. (ED.) - The British Journal Photographic Almanac 1947
58828: DALLAS, DONALD - Purdey Gun & Rifle Makers The Definitive History
50014: PIERRE DALLOZ - La Montagne. Revue Officielle du Club Alpin Francais
40341: DALLY, ANN G. - Inventing Motherhood: The Consequences of an Ideal
67187: DALTON, SYDNEY H. - The Greyhound Stud Book - Volume LXV (65) - 1946
67182: DALTON, SYDNEY H. - The Greyhound Stud Book - Volume LXXIII (73) - 1954
67183: DALTON, SYDNEY H. - The Greyhound Stud Book - Volume LXXXIII (83) - 1964
44039: DALTON, MICHAEL - The Office and Authority of Sherifs
55302: DAMPIER, WILLIAM - A New Voyage Round the World
70376: SMITH-DAMPIER, J. L. - Who's Who in Boswell?
67730: DANA, R. W. (ED) - Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects Volume LXII - 1920
62010: DANA, R.W. (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects Volume LXIV
003846: DANA, R. H.; STERNE, REV. LAURENCE; BLIGH, LIEUT. W., COMMANDER. - Two Years Before the Mast. a Personal Narrative of Life at Sea - & - the Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy - & - Narrative of the Mutiny of the Bounty, on a Voyage to the South Seas
62009: DANA, R.W. (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects LXVI
62011: DANA, R.W. (EDITOR) - Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects Volume LXIX
68195: DANACHAIR, O CAOIMHIN (COMPILED BY) - A Bibliography of Irish Ethnology and Folk Tradition
33244: M W DANBY - : A Report Prepared By the Project Office for the Corbridge Village Trust
44726: DANCE, E. W. & EGLINTON, G. - The Quellyn Area
63500: DANCY, JONATHAN (ED) - Papers on Language and Logic - the Proceedings of the Conference on the Philosophy of Language and Logic Held at the University of Keele in April, 1979.
65535: DANE, CLEMENCE - Globe Theatre - Edith Evans in Cousin Muriel By Clemence Dane - Theatre Programme
54288: DANIEL, GLYN - Welcome Death
72044: REV. CANON DANIEL - The Grammar, History, and Derivation of the English Language with Chapters on Parsing, Analysis of Sentences, and Prosody
54798: DANIEL, THE REV. WM. B. - Rural Sports - 3 Volumes Plus Supplement Volume
66144: DANIEL, CATHERINE - Bardsey Gate of Heaven
24613: DANIELS, NORMAN - Thomas Reid's "Inquiry": The Geometry of Visibles and the Case for Realism
41880: DANIELS, W.J. AND H.B. TUCKER - Build Yourself a Model Yacht
39336: DANIELS, ROBIN - Blackpool Football - The Official Club history
26338: DANIELS, DAVID - Orchestral Music: A Source Book
50127: DANIELS, ROGER - Concentration Camps USA: Japanese Americans and World War II
43891: DANSON, LAWRENCE - The Harmonies of the Merchant of Venice
53112: DANTICAT, EDWIDGE - Claire of the Sea Light
15943: DANZ, ERNST - Architecture of Skidmore, Owings & merrill, 1950-1962
46584: DARBY, CATHERINE - Moon in Pisces
59304: DARBY, JOHN; MAC GINTY, ROGER - Contemporary Peacemaking: Conflict, Peace Processes and Post-War Reconstruction
001688: DARCH, WINIFRED - Varvara Comes to England
43379: DARCY, H.L - Luftfahrttechniches Worterbuch
42478: DARE, SIMON - Broken Wing
68653: ALI-BAB; DARENNE, E.; DUVAL, E.; ET AL - L'art Culinaire Francais
33366: R W DARGAVEL - Some Northern Reflections
36048: DARK, SIDNEY - London
54960: DARLEY, GILLIAN - John Soane: An Accidental Romantic
55079: DARLEY, GEORGE; FLETCHER, JOHN; BEAUMONT, FRANCIS - The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher. In Two Volumes.
37339: DARLING, F. FRASER - The Care of Farm Animals
003924: FRASER DARLING, F. - A Naturalist on Rona: Essays of a Biologist in Isolation
003907: DARLINGTON, IDA - The London Commissioners of Sewers and Their Records
003763: DARLINGTON, C. D.; LA COUR, L. F. - The Handling of Chromosomes
68434: DARLINGTON, MIRIAM - Otter Country In Search of the Wild Otter
68573: DARRAH, JUANITA E. (COMPILED BY) - Modern Baking Powder
39890: DARRELL, MARGARET - Once Upon a Time
74356: DARTON, F.J. HARVEY (EDITOR) - A Wonder Book of Beasts
39122: DARWIN, CHARLES, WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Evolution By Natural Selection With A Foreword By Sir Gavin De Beer
53457: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex.
56129: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex.
66134: DARWIN, BERNARD - Second Shots: Casual Talks About Golf
56218: DARWIN, BERNARD AND ELINOR - Mr. Tootleoo and Co.
10039: DARWIN, BERNARD - The World That Fred Made: An Autobiography
40390: ERASMUS DARWIN - A Plan for the Conduct of Female Education in Boarding Schools
33642: CHARLES DARWIN - Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex.
39663: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Various Contrivances By Which Orchids are Fertilised By Insects
55854: DARWIN, CHARLES - A Naturalist's Voyage. Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of H. M. S. 'Beagle' Round the World Under the Command of Capt. Fitz Roy, R. N.
54340: DARWIN, CHARLES; BARRETT, PAUL H. (ED) - The Collected Papers of Charles Darwin
61088: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Formation of Vegetable Mould
49651: DARWIN, CHARLES; BARRETT, PAUL H. (ED); FREEMAN, R. B. (ED) - The Works of Charles Darwin - 29 Volumes
001580: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.
24351: DARWIN, CHARLES - Voyage of a Naturalist. Jourmal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geologyof the Countries Visited during the Voyage of H.M.S. "Beagle" Around the World
14488: DARWIN, CHARLES - Darwin's Coral Reefs; Volcanic Islands and South American Geology
56210: DAS, BHAGAVAN - The Science of the Emotions
59459: DASENT, SIR G. W. - Icelandic Sagas and Other Historical Documents Relating to the Settlements and Descents of the Northmen on the British Isles. Vol. IV. The Saga of Hacon, and a Fragment of the Saga of Magnus. With Appendices.
59460: DASENT, SIR G. W. - Icelandic Sagas and Other Historical Documents Relating to the Settlements and Descents of the Northmen on the British Isles. Vol. III. The Orkneyingers' Saga. With Appendices.
46583: DATE, JOHN H - Escape Route M6
64275: DATHAN, DAVID A. - Malcolm Hughes
52566: DAUBNEY, BRIAN BLYTH - Benjamin Burrows and Some of His Poets
68967: DAUBNEY, BRIAN BLYTH, BARNETT, ROB AND MAXWELL, IAN (EDITORS) - The British Music Society News Nos. 55-140
67727: DAUDAN, MICHEL AND SAUDAN-SKIRA, SYLVIA - From Folly to Follies Discovering the World of Gardens
72063: DAUGHERTY, DR. RICHARD D. - The Yakima People
74337: DAUNTON, MARTIN (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Urban History of Britain Volume III 1840-1950
10908: DAUZAT, ALBERT - Le Rhone Des Alpes a La Mer
56101: DAVENANT, SIR WILLIAM; GIBBS, A. M. (ED) - Sir William Davenant - the Shorter Poems, and Songs from the Plays and Masques
64983: DAVENPORT, PHILIP - About Everything
53328: DAVENPORT, JOHN - Gruppe Aufstieg Und Fall Der Rallye - Monster 198301986
64979: DAVENPORT, PHILIP (EDITOR) - The Bury Poems
64505: DAVEY, PETER; FINLAYSON, DAVID - Mannin Revisited: Twelve Essays on Manx Culture and Environment
69105: DAVEY, NANCY & PERKINS, JOHN - Broughton Ferry Village to Suburb
69420: DAVEY, ALI AND MITCHELL, DAVID S. - Architectural Ironwork in Stornoway
68899: DAVEY, NANCY - The Howff A Guide to the Old Cemetery
003811: DAVEY, BILL - The 1950's: Record of a Decade
53797: DAVEY, DORIS - My Dolly's Home
44754: DAVID, ELIZABETH - A Book of Mediterranean Food
50069: DAVID, FRANCES - Abide with Me. Book One: My Country's Service
54559: BRETT DAVID - David Brett's Nursery Book
000913: DAVID, AUREL - Vie et Mort De Jean Giraudoux - Le Roman D'une Idée
77017: DAVID, R G AND BRAMBLES, G W - The Slate Quarrying Industry in Westmorland: Part Two. A Field Survey of Selected sites in Troutbeck and Longsleddale
77171: DAVID, R G AND BRAMBLES, G W - The Slate Quarrying Industry in Westmorland: Part Two, A Field survey of selected sites in Troutbeck and Longsleddale
23687: DAVIDOFF, R.A. - Migraine: Manifestations, Pathogenesis and Management
23685: DAVIDOFF, R.A. - Migraine: Manifestations, Pathogenesis and Management
23686: DAVIDOFF, R.A. - Migraine: Manifestations, Pathogenesis and Management
D00138: DAVIDSON, GEORGE - Group Theory for Chemists (Macmillan Physical science series)
16776: DAVIDSON, JOHN - Plays: An Unhistorical Pastoral; A Romantic Farce; Bruce; Smith; Scarmouth in Naxos
14103: DAVIDSON, JOHN - Fleet Street Eclogues
8413: DAVIDSON - Zen Gardening
69782: DAVIDSON, W.F AND THOMSON, NORMAN - Minerals of Cumberland and Westmorland
58535: DAVIDSON, JOHN - Working Model Railways
69679: DAVIDSON, ALAN - Seafood of South-East Asia
8580: DAVIDSON, OWEN AND JOENS C. M. - Great Women Tennis Players
39972: DAVIDSON, M. - Free Will or Determinism
40637: DAVIDSON, JOSEPHINE A - An Assesment of the Value of Hypnosis in Pregnancy and Labour
36084: JOAN DAVIDSON AND RICHARD LLOYD - Conservation and Agriculture
66200: DAVIDSON, LIONEL - A Long Way to Shiloh
68371: DAVIDSON, JOHN; TURNBULL, ANDREW - The Poems of John Davidson - Two Volumes
34174: JOSEPHINE A. DAVIDSON - Case Records and Commentaries Submitted For the M.R.C.O.G. Examination Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists 9 May 1947
63865: DAVIE, DONALD; ALPERT, BARRY - The Poet in the Imaginary Museum - Essays of Two Decades
46006: DAVIE, DONALD; ALPERT, BARRY (ED.) - The Poet in the Imaginary Museum - Essays of Two Decades
62583: DAVIE, ALAN - The Quest for the Miraculous
54946: DAVIE, DONALD - Church, Chapel and the Unitarian Conspiracy: Essays in Dissent (Lives & letters)
65785: DAVIE, DONALD - Kenneth Allott and the Thirties - the Kenneth Allott Lectures 2
37529: RHYS DAVIES - The Stars, the World and the Women
8938: DAVIES, HUNTER - Hurry, Hurry, While Stocks Last
57286: DAVIES, W.J.K. - The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway Handbook
22751: NATALIE ZEMON DAVIES - Society and Culture in Early Modern France
72027: DAVIES, JON (ED.) - God and the Marketplace Essays on the Morality of Wealth Creation - the IEA Health and Welfare Unit Choice in Welfare No.14
33362: J CONWAY DAVIES - The Memoranda Rolls of the Exchequer to 1307
64624: LANGDON-DAVIES, JOHN - The Dream Splendid
52385: BULLOCK-DAVIES, CONSTANCE - Menestrellorum Multitudo
54040: DAVIES, HUNTER (EDITOR) - I Knew Daisy Smuten
53680: DAVIES, DAVID - The Problem of the Twentieth Century: a Study in International Relationships
000919: DAVIES, MARGARET - Apollinaire
004061: DAVIES, W. J. K. - Narrow Gauge Railway Society. Handbook No.2. Parish's Loam Quarries, Erith. (4'0" & 2'0" gauge)
68882: DAVIES, ANTHEA - Sir Orfeo
58785: DAVIES, WILLIAM - Re-Seeding and the Modern Ley Pamphlet No. 14
D00058: DAVIES, PETER - Mozart in Person: His Character and Health (Contributions to the Study of Music & Dance No. 14)
63845: DAVIES, JOHN; GROSART, ALEXANDER B. - John Davies of Hereford - the Complete Works - Volumes I and II
50603: DAVIES, JON GOWER - In Search of the Moderate Muslim
57019: DAVIES, W. H. - The Collected Poems of W. H. Davies 1928
37293: DAVIES, HUNTER - Strong Lad Wanted for Strong Lass. Growing Up in Carlisle
69549: DAVIES, HUNTER - The Rise and Fall of Jake Sullivan
23251: RANDALL DAVIES - Romney
42650: DAVIES, PETER & KNIPE, TONY - A Sense of Place and Sculpture in Landscape
46808: DAVIES, RHYS - Tale
37535: RHYS DAVIES - A Pig in a Poke
37530: RHYS DAVIES - One of Noah's Early Days
37528: RHYS DAVIES - Count Your Blessings
41455: DAVIES, HUNTER - Beatrix Potter's Lakeland
42117: DAVIES, RHYS - The Perishable Quality
42125: RHYS DAVIES - The Withered Root
42130: RHYS DAVIES - Sea Urchin Adventures of Jorgen Jorgensen
42136: RHYS DAVIES - Rings on Her Fingers
42162: DAVIES, RHYS - Rings on Her Fingers
63763: DAVIES, HORTON - Worship and Theology in England: I. From Cranmer to Hooker 1534-1603. II. From Andrewes to Baxter and Fox 1603-1690
45817: DAVIES, ROBERT - Extracts from the Municipal Records of the City of York
42399: DAVIES, STANLEY W - Fine Craftsmanship Hand Made Furniture in Windemere
42566: DAVIES, RHYS - Boy with a Trumpet
40546: DAVIES, HUNTER - The Rise and Fall of Jake Sullivan
40617: DAVIES, HUNTER - West Cumbrian Views
40882: DAVIES, J.H - The Life and Opinions of Robert Roberts, a Wandering Scholar as Told By Himself
40996: DAVIES, RHYS - The Darling of Her Heart
49377: DAVIES, AGNES MAUD - A Book with Seven Seals - a Victorian Childhood
64499: DAVIES, HUNTER - A Life in the Day
64500: DAVIES, HUNTER - A Life in the Day
69001: DAVIES, HUNTER - The Beatles Book
65737: DAVIES, JAMES CONWAY - Medieval Northumberland
67550: DAVIES, H.R. - The Conway and the Menai Ferries
45600: DAVIES, JESSIE - Isadora Duncans Russian Husband
33341: RANDALL DAVIES - Romney: Containing Sixteen Examples in Colour of the Master's Work
68939: DAVIES, W.J.K. - Narrow Gauge Railways of Portugal
53341: DAVIES, JOHN GARFIELD - Manorbier Church and Parish
61119: DAVIES, PETER V - Rewards and Punishments in the Arthurian Romances and Lyric Poetry of Medieval France
68945: DAVIES, W.J.K. - Minor Railways of France
001992: CURIG DAVIES, E. - Y Morwr A'r Merthyr
53427: DAVIES, GWYN - Davy the Welsh Boy
63043: MAXWELL DAVIES, PETER - Resurrection Opera in One Act with Prologue
67570: DAVIES, J. - A Polished Discoidal Flint Knife from Slatepit Moor, Lancashire: A Communication
36344: DAVIESS, MARIA THOMPSON - Rose of Old Harpeth. A New England Village Story
54332: DAVIS, REV. JOHN - Walker's Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, and Expositor of the English Language: Etc.
68212: DAVIS, ELLEN LOUISA - Stella's Pathway
43900: AINSWORTH-DAVIS, J. R. - The Pursuit of Natural Knowledge
63026: DAVIS, TOM & LYDIA - Makutu
24860: HART-DAVIS, DUFF - The Gold of St Matthew
52381: DAVIS, LINDSEY - Venus in Copper
59784: DAVIS, WILLIAM E. - Early Tasmanian Ornithology: The Correspondence of Ronald Campbell Gunn and James Grant 1836-1838 (Memoirs of the Nuttall Ornithological Club No.16)
55100: DAVIS, H.C. REES, D.G. HATWELL, J.M. SLOWEY, G.W. - Essays in Honour of John Humphreys Whitfield
70085: DAVIS, PATRICIA TALBOT - A Family Tapestry: Five Generations of the Curwens of Walnut Hill and Their Various Relatives
66180: DAVIS, E. E.; SINNOTT, R. - The Economic and Social Research Institute - Paper No. 97 - Attitudes in the Republic Od Ireland Relevant to the Northern Ireland Problem: Vol. 1 Descriptive Analysis and Some Comparisons with Attitudes in Northern Ireland and Great Britain
46528: DAVIS, OLIVIA - The Last of the Greeks
55258: DAVIS, PHILIP - Memory and Writing From Wordsworth to Lawrence
48851: DAVIS, GEORGE (ED) - Day of Paris
003562: DAVIS, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Remaking Cities Proceedings of the 1988 International Conference in Pittsburgh
77260: HOWARD DAVIS, CHRISTINE - The Tannery, Rusland, South Cumbria
63680: DAVIS, RICHARD BEALE (EDITOR) - Collected Poems of Samuel Davies 1723-1761
69437: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - Stand in the Day of Battle: Volume 2: Of The Imperiled Union : 1861-1865
69438: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - The Deep Waters of the Proud: Volume 1 of The Imperied Union, 1861-65
64249: DAVIS, NORMAN; WRENN, C. L. - English and Medieval Studies Presented to J. R. R. Tolkien on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday
54351: DAVIS, ANTHONY - Stanley Matthews C.B.E.
D00018: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT - The Autobiography of Arthur Ransome
41997: DAVIS, KINGSLEY - Resources, Environment, and Population: Present Knowledge, Future Options Based on a Conference Held at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University
52297: DAVIS, LINDSEY - The Iron Hand of Mars
42973: DAVIS, HERBERT (ED.) - Jonathan Swift The Examiner - And Other Pieces Written in 1710-11
55780: DAVIS, MAJ. GEORGE B.; PERRY, LESLIE J.; KIRKLEY, JOSPEH W.; LAMONT, HON. DANIEL S. - The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies - Series I - Volume XLII Part II - Correspondence Etc.
43657: DAVIS, MIKE - Ballet In Camera
55429: DAVIS, GWEN - The Pretenders
002500: DAVIS, PHILIP. J. - Thomas Gray, Philosopher Cat
7273: DAVIS, LINDSEY - Shadows in Bronze
001986: DAVIS, LINDSAY - The Silver Pigs
61068: DAVIS, RONALD - Opera in Chicago
72459: DAVIS, RUPERT HART - Siegfried Sassoon Diaries 1920 1922
74075: HOWARD-DAVIS, C. AND BUXTON, K. - Roman Forts in the Fylde Excavations at Dowbridge, Kirkham
55594: DAVISON, WILLIAM - Descriptive and Historical View of Alnwick
7239: DAVISON, TOM - Angler and Otter
52792: DAVISON, IAN - Chimes of Cranbrook
62345: DAVISON, J.A. (COUNTY SURVEYOR & BRIDGEMASTER) - Traffic in Watendlath Valley
002903: DAVY, JOHN - The Angler in the Lake District; or, Piscatory Colloquies and Fishing Excursions in Westmoreland and Cumberland.
48528: DAW, ALBERT - Compressed Air Power
D00004: DAWES, MARTIN C. - The End of the Line : The Story of the Railway Service to the Great Northern London Cemetery
70083: DAWKINS, WILLIAM BOYD - Cave Hunting
69890: DAWNAY, JEAN - Model Girl
64812: DAWSON, CAPTAIN LIONEL - Lonsdale: The Authorised Life of Hugh Lowther Fifth Earl of Lonsdale, K.G., G.C.V.O
37029: BARBARA DAWSON - White Work Embroidery
59173: DAWSON, GILES E. & KENNEDY-SKIPTON, LAETITIA - Elizabethan Hadwriting 1500-1650
RB186: DAWSON, KENNETH AND THE WAG - From Major to Minor: Some keys for anglers
002468: DAWSON, CHRISTOPHER - Christianity and Sex - Criterion Miscellany No.13.
70835: DAWSON, CHRISTOPHER - The Spirit of the Oxford Movement
22320: ROBERT DAWSON - Practical Sculpture: Creating with Plastic Media
002638: DAWSON, CARL - His Fine Wit: a Study of Thomas Love Peacock
74622: DAY, CHARLES WILLIAM - Hints on Etiquette and The Usages of Society
43771: DAY, BRYAN - An Exhibition of 22 Painting By Bryan Day
53095: DAY, LEWIS F.; FENN, AMOR - Pattern Design - a Book for Students, Treating in a Practical Way of the Anatomy, Planning and Evolution of Repeated Ornament
003409: DAY, LEWIS F. - Stained Glass
59217: DAY, JOAN - Bristol Brass: A History of the Industry (Industrial History)
64569: DAY, JOAN; TYLECOTE, R. F. - The Industrial Revolution in Metals
45031: DAY, C. D. - British Tachinid Flies Tachinidae (Larvaevoridae & Calliphoridae)
68160: DAY, AVANELLE; STUCKEY, LILLIE - Cooking for Flavour with Spices & Herbs
59591: DAY, DAVID - A Tolkien Bestiary
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67728: DUCKWORTH, A. D. - Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects - 43 Volumes Volume 90 - 130 & 132-134 (1948-1992)
003337: DUCKWORTH, J. - The Carlisle and District Historical Association - Lecture on the Carlisle Parliaments of Edward I.
49952: DUCKWORTH, FRANCIS - The Cotswolds
33460: F HOLMES DUDDEN - Henry Fielding His Life, Works, and Times: Volume I
48059: DUDDEN, F. HOMES - Henry Fielding - His Life, Works, and Times - Volume II
50570: DUDDINGTON, NATALIE A - The Birth of the Gods By Dmitri
42394: DUDGEON, LEONARD - The Bacteriology of Peritonitis
46632: DUDLEY, ERNEST - Dr. Morelle and Destiny
55480: DUFF, P. MCL.; SMITH, A. J. - Geology of England and Wales
49241: DUFF, HAROLD - Remains Near Mawbray
33734: JOHN A DUFFIE AND WILLIAM A BECKMAN - Solar Energy Thermal Processes
62370: DUFFIN, HENRY CHARLES - Walter De La Mare: a Study of His Poetry
001013: DUFFY, EAMON - Peter and Jack: Roman Catholics and Dissent in Eighteenth Century England
64389: DUFFY, CAROL ANN - The Princess' Blankets
69284: DUFTON, THELMA; GRAVES, ROBERT - An Angle on Hungary: An Album of Photographs
40902: DUGDALE, GILES - Should a Corpse Tell
40078: ALFRED DUGGAN - The Story of the Crusades
40266: ALFRED DUGGAN - Thomas Becket of Canterbury
53640: DUGGAN, ALFRED - Knight with Armour
39125: DUGMORE, A. RADCLIFFE - The Romance Of The Beaver Being The History Of The Beaver In the Western Hemisphere
49953: DUIGNAN, W. H. - Worcestershire Place Names
49975: DUIGNAN, W. H. - Warwickshire Place Names
46620: DUKE, MADELAINE - Because of Fear in the Night
43349: DUKE, NEVILLE - Sound Barrier the Story of High Speed Flight
001590: DUKES, ASHLEY - Modern Dramatists
56806: DULAC, EDMUND - Edmund Dulac's Picture-book for the French Red Cross
56008: DULAC, EDMUND - Edmund Dulac's Fairy-book: Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations
40781: DULAC, EDMUND - Edmund Dulacs Picture Book
53335: DULAC, EDMUND - Edmund Dulac's Fairy Book - Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations
61158: DULAURE, J.A - Nouvelle Description Des Environs De Paris 2
39887: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Amaury
42868: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Fencing Master
000172: DUMAS, ALEXANDER - The Story of Denise
57610: DUMEZIL, GEORGES; KRAPP, PHILIP - Archaic Roman Religion with an Appendix on the Religion of the Etruscans - Two Volumes: Volume 1 and Volume 2
70731: DUMINY, ANDREW - Francois Renier Duminy 1747-1811
74480: DUMLER, HELMUT (EDITOR) - The High Mountains of the Alps Volume 1: The Four-Thousand-Metre Peaks
66231: DUMMETT, MICHAEL - Truth and Other Enigmas
33080: LOUIS DUMONT - Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and its Implications
68615: DUNBAR, RUDOLPH - Treatise on the Clarinet (Boehm System)
7618: DUNBAR, JANET - Flora Robson
58095: DUNCAN, ANDREW - Cut Memories and False Commands
52409: DUNCAN, RONALD - Stratton
52408: DUNCAN, RONALD - The Rape of Lucretia
17147: DUNCAN, JOHN - Birds of the British Isles
62111: REV. JOHN DUNCAN, REV. ANDREW BROWN, REV. JAMES WRIGHT & REV. WILLIAM ROBERTSON - The First and Second Statistical Accounts Parish of Alva and Logie (inc. Menstrie)
68842: ELDER-DUNCAN, J. H. - The House Beautiful and Useful Being Practical Suggestions on Furnishing and Decoration
50176: DUNCAN, IRMA; MACDOUGALL, ALLAN ROSS - Isadora Duncan's Russian Days and Her Last Years in France
11903: DUNCAN, ALASTAIR - Technique of Leaded Glass
33010: W MURDOCH DUNCAN - The Blackbird Sings of Murder
45768: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - Picasso's Picassos - the Treasures of La Californie
39878: DUNCAN, DOUGAL - My Sons, My England
60174: DUNCAN, BOWIE - The Critical Reception of Howard Nemerov
52412: DUNCAN, RONALD - Our Lady's Tumbler
47850: DUNCAN, F.MARTIN - Wonders of Insect Life Spiders and Scorpions
67914: DUNCAN, MAJ.-GEN. N.W. - Early Armoured Cars
52406: DUNCAN, RONALD - All Men are Islands: An Autobiography
23613: DUNCAN, ALASTAIR - Art Nouveau and Art Deco Lighting
72623: DUNCAN, EDMONSTOUNE - The Story of the Carol
70702: DUNCAN, PAUL & PROUST, ALAIN - Hidden Cape Town
000175: DUNCAN, THOMAS - Virgo Descending
53696: DUNCAN, STANLEY - The Complete Wildflower
70898: DUNCH, RAY - Fuzhou Protestants and the Making of Modern China 1857-1927
52662: DUNCKLEY, HENRY - The Charter of the Nations; or, Free Trade and Its Results: An Essay on the Recent Commercial Policy of the United Kingdom, to Which the Council of the National Anti-corn Law League Awarded Their First Prize.
39311: DUNDAS, SIR CHARLES - An Admiral's Yarns Stray Memories of 50 Years
39654: DUNDAS, SIR CHARLES - African Crossroads
69435: J. ROSE; M. DUNGLINSON - Aspatria: a Cumbrian Town
58036: DUNHAM, K.C. & DINES, H.G. - Barium Minerals in England and Wales
68805: DUNHILL, ROSEMARY - Lord Denning a Hampshire Man
13508: DUNLOP, ANNIE I. EDITOR - The Royal Burgh of Ayr
59876: DUNMORE, HELEN - The Lonely Sea Dragon
23340: DUNN, JOHN - Political Obligation in Its Historical Knowledge
33203: GINNETTE DUNN - The Fellowship of Song: Popular Singing Traditions in East Suffolk
65875: DUNN, DOUGLAS - The Year's Afternoon
56151: DUNN, DOUGLAS - Northlight
54462: DUNN, TOM AND WYLIE, BRYAN - A Short History of Brookfield 1896-2001

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