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E036411: - A Welsh Welcome
E035420: - The Triumph Herald Workshop Manual Group Two Comprising Clutch, Gearbox and Propellor Shaft Saloon & Coupe
E038556: O.D.E.G.E. - Chefs-D'Oeuvre de L'Art Grands Peintres Poussin No 50
E032725: G.G.S. - Mother Goose Tales
E032917: - Guide to the National Library of Scotland
N028968: A.W.Y & E.Y. - The St Andrew's Lectionary of Bible Lessons for Use in Services of Public Worship
E034845: B.B.C. - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - le Roi L'a Dit
E034844: B.B.C - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - Lakme
E037561: - Flat Holm Island
E036055: - The Congregational Federation Year Book 2011
E0326825: - åoç>yã®ç>¸å?äº?ã''ã'ãã'¸21ä¸-ç´?ã®å>½és>ç'°å¢Fã¨Ae-¥Aeo¬ 1)
E037710: - Ordnance Survey Maps: Haverfordwest No. 56 (Victorian Ordnance Survey)
E035664: - Manual of Firemanship: A Survey of the Science of Fire-Fighting
E031513: - Hommages à la Mémoire de Serge Sauneron 1927-1976: II: égypte Post-Pharaonique
E038815: - Arabian Nights
E034226: - Five Language Business Dict Hb
E034843: B.B.C. - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - Pelleas and Melisande
E034846: B.B.C. - B.B. C. Opera Librettos - Faust
E036125: - Carmarthen County Bowling Association 1926-2001
H039027: - Caneuon Ffydd: Sol-Ffa
E036873: - Passionsspiele Oberammergau 1634-1984
E035501: - New Song Book, Llyfr Canu Newydd,for Schools and General Use. Part I Melody Edition with Companion Melodies
E034379: - ??????? ???????? ? ??????
E031770: EDITOR - Egyptian Museum Cairo
E036488: A.L.O.E. - A Braid of Cords
E032682: ?? ?? - ????? ????????????????? (??21???????&#
E038365: H.M.S.O - Manual of Seamanship 1937, Volume One
E035082: - Cerddi Cynan - Casgliad Cyflawn
E035979: - Map of Wales
E038811: - Y Beibl Cyssegr-Lan Sef Yr Hen Destament a'r Newydd
H037979: - Latin Fake Book: Over 500 Songs (C Edition) (English and Spanish Edition)
E034480: - English Ukrainian Dictionary
E034481: - Narodnoe Hoejaistvo Rsfsr V1987g
N030012: T.L. - Sisidonia: Neu Drem Ar Helynt y Cristionogion
E036720: - Church Voluntaries. Original Compositions for the American Organ or Harmonium Book 3
E033653: A.A. - Town Walks in Britain
E034657: - Kratkij Molitvoslov'
E034658: - The John Ray Celebrations - 1686 Historia Plantarum 1986
E035929: - "Daily Telegraph" International Road Map: Italy
E035772: - Teachers' Notes on Nature Study - Plants and Animals
E038106: - Desirable Outcomes for Children's Learning
E037069: - Kenya Railways Museum - Nairobi
E035727: - Ward Lock's Red Guide Northern Scotland Inverness to John o'Groats
E036810: - Hong Kong Streets & Places Volume 2 Kowloon & the New Terrritories
E035973: - United States Pharmacopoeia: Usp 24-Nf 19 Supplements 1-4
E036670: - L'Oblique Az N°9 Large-Door Filing Cabinet Labels Pack of 10 Sheets Assorted Colours
E034518: - Microbiology Volume XXXVI Book 6
N026404: R.A.C. - R.A. C. Circular Tour in Devon and Cornwall
E038112: - Beginning Mathematics: Shapes
E038000: - 50 Gershwin Classics
E035137: - Basisgrammatika Spaans
E033147: - Cash Advance: The Story of Ncr in Scotland 1946-1996
E036077: - Kenilworth Castle (English Heritage)
E034377: ???????, ? ? - ????? ? ??? ??? 3-4
E037714: - Ordnance Survey Maps: Brecon No. 58 (Victorian Ordnance Survey)
E035260: - The Calderdale Way (Explore Calderdale)
E037957: - Sentimental Songs: Arranged for All Organ, with Full Lyrics (Everybody's Favourite Series : Organ)
E037712: - Ordnance Survey Maps: Pembroke & Milford Haven No. 65 (Victorian Ordnance Survey)
E037713: - Ordnance Survey Maps: Cardiff & Newport No. 67 (Victorian Ordnance Survey)
E036856: - Tiger Tom. Für Den Beginn Ab Klasse 3. My English Book Mit Audio-Cd Und ûbungssoftware 4. Schuljahr
E036212: - L'Indispensable Paris par Arrondissment Nouveau Repertoire Des Rues. - Metro Autobus.
E035417: - George III Collector and Patron
E034478: - Rossia Xviib Glaeami Inostrancev
E038443: - Better Homes and Gardens Low-Calorie Desserts
E039022: - Great Sex for Busy Couples
E039029: - Menu Notebook
E036862: - Think Do Learn Natural Sciences, 2 Primary : Class Book Our Bodies and Health
E034800: - Documents of the Egyptian Empire, 1580-1380 B. C: A Collection of Egyptian Sources on Imperialism Under the New Kingdom, from the Wars with the Hyksos to... Near East for Secondary School Studies)
E036753: - Air France Revue, 1953
E035295: - The Early History of Science
E036671: - Oxford Copies Doubles, Grands Carreaux Perforees 17*22cm, 200 Pages
E036745: - All About Faraway Places (Fischer Price)
E035948: - Decision Making in Britain (Course D208)
E034378: ???????? ???? ???? - ??????????
E037977: - Familiar Songs: Arranged for All Organ with Full Lyrics (Everybody's Favourite Series : Organ)
E037742: - Y Testament Newydd Cyfeiriadol
E036746: - All About Where We Live (Fischer Price)
E036747: - All About Animals (Fischer Price)
E039018: - 365 Day Brighteners for Women by Women
E034515: - Iz Russkoi Khudozhestvennoi Prozy: Kniga Dlia Chteniia S Parallelnymi Tekstami Na Russkom I Angliiskom Iazykakh, Kommentariem Na Angliiskom Iazyke =... (Russkaia Literatura V Originale I Perevode)
E036418: - Preparing for Secondary School: Arithmetic, English and General Intelligence
E035695: - Sketches of Two Eminent Men
E037985: - Film Music: Arranged for All Organ, with Full Lyrics (Everybody's Favourite Series : Organ)
E037711: - Ordnance Survey Maps: Carmarthen No. 57 (Victorian Ordnance Survey)
E038091: - Games for Holidays
E039028: - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Marc (the Gospel of Mark in Welsh)
E036062: - Charles Buchan's Soccer Gift Book 1967/1968
E035730: - Wolseley 6/110 Mark II Brochure
E035731: - Wolseley 6/99 Brochure
E035986: - Essential Knowledge for All
E034655: - Voprosy Virusodogii 4
E031052: 180 - Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research
E035683: - Dartmoor and South Devon Coast (Leisure Maps)
E034517: - Microbiology Volume XXXVI Book 4
E035951: - Atlas Routiers : France - Belgique - Luxembourg (Légende en 5 Langues)
H038827: - The Motherhood Book
E038819: - Y Bibl Darluniadol
E038596: - Victory Britain: From War to Peace - Documents, 1942-47
E039042: - The Bible in Welsh. Y Beibl Cysergr-Lan Sef Yr Hen Destament a'r Newydd.
E033180: RICHARD S. O'BRIEN - Color Television: Selections from the Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.
E033128: AA - Ordnance Survey Discovery Guide - Scottish Highlands
E035520: AA - Illustrated Guide to Country Towns and Villages of Britain
E039069: JAMES BEARD; SAM AARON - How to Eat Better for Less Money
E036563: ABBOTT, B.H. - Gladstone and Disraeli
E037868: DAVID ABBOTT - Advanced Biology Questions
E037388: ABEL, GEORGE - Wylins Fae My Wallet
E033970: ABERCROMBIE, LASCELLES - Poetry: Its Music and Meaning
E035059: JOHN ABERNETHY - Collins Scottish Place Names
E034780: UNIVERSIRTY OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH - Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Foundation of the College 1872-1947
E039105: ABSALOM, JOHN; WILLIAMS, E. LLWYD - Rhamant Rhydwilym
H037552: ICAEW - ACA - Auditing Standards 2012 - Icaew - Aca
N022749: ROYAL ACADEMY - Royal Academy Pictures 1891-1893
E033379: ILFORD ACHDUT - Simply Scrumptious: A Collection of Treasured Kosher Recipes
N027734: ACKERMAN, MARTIN S. - The Curtis Affair
E031773: CLIFFORD S. ACKLEY - Private Realities: Recent American Photography
E036434: GOLDEN ACORN - Colouring Scotland ( Including 12 Tartans ) (Heritage Series Book2)
E034238: ADAM, ROBERT - Rhymes of a Weary Roadman
E038538: ARLENE ADAMO - The Vine II
E036399: ADAMS, HENRY; GOHEEN, ELLEN R. - Thomas Hart Benton: An American Original
N027764: ADAMS, ANDY - The Log of a Cowboy
N028976: ADAMS, D. - Esboniad Ar Yr Epistol at y Galatiaid
S033540: ADAMS, JILL - Wild Flowers of the Northern Cape; Veldblomme Van Noord-Kaapland
E033207: H.G.ADAMS - Favourite Song Birds
E036433: ADAMS, CAROL - Tower of London Workcards
N028108: ADAMSON, JOY - The Story of Elsa : Containing 'Born Free', 'Living Free', 'Forever Free'
E032080: JOSEPH ADDISON - Addison's Sir Roger de Coverley from the Spectator with Introduction and Notes
N028483: ADER, BERNHARD - Orgelkunde Donderdruck Aus Musik in Gottesdienst Band 2
E034617: ADHEMAR, HELENE; DAYEZ-DISTEL, ANNE - Musee Du Louvre, Musee Du Jeu de Paume
N029206: ADLER, DER - Helmut Wick: Das Leben Eines Fliegerhelden
E031135: ALFRED ADLER - Social Interest: A Challenge to Mankind
H039043: ADLER, MORTIMER J.; HUTCHINS, ROBERT M. - Gateway to the Great Books (Volumes 1-10)
H039040: ADLER, MORTIMER J.; WOLFF, PETER; CAIN, SEYMOUR; MCGILL, V.J. - The Great Ideas Program (10 Vol. Set)
N026392: ADMIRALTY - Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy Volume II Wireless Telegraphy Theory
E030989: HARNACK. DR. ADOLPH - History of Dogma. Volume 5. Translated from the Third German Edition by James Millar.
E038423: ADY, DORIS - Curries from the Sultan's Kitchen
E035160: AESCHYLUS - Aeschylus: : the Oresteia Trilogy (Agamemnon, Choephoroe, Eumenides), Promethus Bound (Laurel Classical Drama)
E038400: THE HOUSEWIVES' LEAGUE OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Housewives' League of South Africa Cookery Book
E030661: MANMOHAN AGARWAL - Paraguay: Economic Memorandum (a World Bank Country Study)
E035005: AGEE, WILLIAM C.; FAXON, SUSAN C. - Coming of Age: American Art, 1850's to 1950's
E030792: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY - Medical Radioisotope Scanning: Volumes I & II
E030778: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY - Nuclear Reactors (Bibliographical Series;No. 2)
E030779: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY - Large Radiation Sources in Industry Volume 1
E035531: AGUTTER, RODNEY - Fearnley and Eger, 1869-1969 (Publications / World Ship Society)
N026561: AHNEBRINK, LARS - The Beginnings of Naturalism in American Fiction. A Study of the Works of Hamlin Garland, Stephen Crane, and Frank Norris with S
E033948: AIRD, CATHERINE - Some Die Eloquent
E034090: AIRD, CATHERINE - His Burial Too (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
E034087: AIRD, CATHERINE - Henrietta Who? (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
E034088: AIRD, CATHERINE - Last Respects (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
N026439: STAFF OF AIREVIEW - General View of Japanese Military Aircraft in the Pacific War
E037811: AIRNE, C.W. - The Story of the Isle of Man Vol 1 the Earliest Time to 1406
E036271: AIRNE, C.W. - The Story of Saxon & Norman Britain Told in Pictures
E036272: AIRNE, C.W. - The Story of Mediaeval Britain Told in Pictures
E038505: HUGH AITKEN - The Continuous Wave: Technology and American Radio, 1900-1932
E033600: AITKEN, JONATHAN; POWELL, CLAIRE; BLASHFORD-SNELL, JOHN; JACKSON, TIM - Today"S Best Nonfiction Selected and Edited by Reader"S Digest : Nixon: A Life, Murder at White House Farm, Something Lost Behind the Ranges, Virgin King
E037133: AKKERMANS, WILL - A One Man Job (If Not, I'm a Dutchman)
E035576: ALAIN, PIERRE - Lyon Et Sa Region
E033475: ALBAN, J.RICHARD - Swansea in Old Picture Postcards
E037832: ALBAN, J.R. - Swansea, 1184-1984
N027441: ALBERT, ADRIEN - Selective Toxicity with Special Reference to Chemotherapy
E030257: DASNOY ALBERT - Les Beaux Jours Du Romantisme Belge
E035167: ALBION, GORDON - Think It over
E035410: ALBRIGHT, HOWARD - A Text-Book of Klever Kard Kodes / by Howard P. Albright. Over 30 Methods and Systems of Transmission. Clearly Explained, and Illustrated with Charts and Diagrams
E038869: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - Jo's Boys
E038868: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY - Little Men
E033847: HARRY HARRISON; BRIAN ALDISS - The Year's Best Science Fiction: No. 2
E032158: THOMAS A. CLINGAN; LEWIS M. ALEXANDER - Hazards of Maritime Transit
N027227: ALFRED, HEDWIG - St Francis in Singapore
E037127: ALI, MUHAMMAD - The Greatest: My Own Story
N027442: ALLAN, IAN - British Railway Diesels Summer 1959
N030002: ALLCROFT, A.H.; MASOM, W.F. - Caesar Gallic War Book VII
N030003: ALLCROFT, A.H.; MASOM, W.F. - Caesar de Bello Gallico Book VII
E034325: ALLEN, LOYD V. - The Art, Science, and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding
E038001: ALLEN, MICHAEL - A Touch of Yesterday, Easy All Organ Solos
E031772: G.FREEMAN ALLEN. - Modern Railways International Review
E036447: ALLEN, PETER - Practice of Exporting (Handbook Series)
E038399: ALLEN, ROBERT; CHATTEN, DAVE; SKITT, CAROLYN - Ultimate Mensa Puzzle Book, the
E036625: ALLINGHAM, MARGERY - The Tiger in the Smoke
E035014: GORDON H. ALLISON - Jumbo English Thai Dictionary
E036942: ALLISON, RONALD - Charles, Prince of Our Time
E035177: ALLMAND, CHRISTOPHER ; ARMSTRONG, C.A.J. - English Suits Before the Parlement of Paris 1420 - 1436.
E038088: ALLNUTT, SIDNEY - Corot... Illustrated with Eight Reproductions in Colour (Masterpieces in Colour. )
N028717: ALMEDINGEN, E.M. - Francis of Assisi
S034549: ALMOND, DAVID - The Fire-Eaters
S037027: DAVID ALMOND - Heaven Eyes
E038131: ALTICK, RICHARD D. - The English Common Reader: A Social History of the Mass Reading Public, 1800-1900
S033330: ALTON, DAVID - Signs of Contradiction: People Who Changed Our World
E031729: T.M. ALUKO - One Man, One Matchet
E036002: ALVAREZ, WALTER C. - Live at Peace with Your Nerves
N022793: AMBRIERE, FRANCIS (PREFACE) - Mediterranee Orientale: Guide de Croisiere Pour Les Escales Et Pour Les Excursions a Partir de Ces Escales
E036065: AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVEL, BRISTOL - Cooking with Star Appeal
E036400: AMES, WINSLOW - Drawings from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Winslow Ames
N028517: LES AMIS DE L'ORGUE - Dix Années Au Service de L'Orgue Français (1927-1937)
N027683: AMOS, ALAN - Panic in Paradise
E031267: AMRINE, MICHAEL - Secret, a Novel
E034407: AMY, WHITE, CHRISTOPHER; PROWN, JULES DAVID ; OTHER CONTRIBUTORS MEYERS - Windows on That World - Essays on British Art Presented to Brian Allen
E036955: ANAHAREO - Grey Owl and I: A New Autobiography
N027047: ANDERSEN, CARL - Real Fun Way Big Note Tunes
E036721: ANDERSON, J.S. - Selected Voluntaries No. 2 : For the Harmonium or American Organ from the Works of the Great Masters
E036719: ANDERSON, J.S. - Famous Transcriptions No 1 from the Works of the Great Masters Gor the American Organ or Harmonium
E036564: ANDERSON, P.C.; CLINGBINE, G. - Advanced Level Biology: Model Answers: London Board, 1983
E031248: R.E.ANDERSON - The Story of Extinct Civilizations of the East
E035752: ANDERSON, JANE - The Co-Op Cookery Collection Volume One
E038547: POUL ANDERSON - Tau Zero
E039134: ANDERSON, PAUL B. - People, Church and State in Modern Russia / by Paul B. Anderson
E032297: ANDO, TAKATURA - Reflections on God, Self and Humanity. Tenri Jihosha. 1968.
N022799: GUIEU ANDRÉ - Les Grandes Croisieres en Méditerranée Occidentale Aux Canaries Et Aux Acores
N030038: ANDREW, SARAH - All Aboard
E033735: ANDREW, SARAH - Wah Hey Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire
E031266: ANDREW, PRUDENCE - A Man with Your Advantages
E038552: ANDREW, J.V. - Bilingual Today French Tomorrow Trudeaus Master Plan & How It Can Be Stopped
N030037: ANDREWS, RICHARD G. - A Guide to Restoring Antique Furniture
E034962: ANDREWS, VAL - Sherlock Holmes and the Brighton Pavilion Mystery
N028280: ANDREWS, KEITH - The Masters 25 Parmigianino
E037562: JACKIE ANDREWS - Hospital Farm Tabby Cat and the Cockerel
E030219: PETER ANDREWS - Les Tsars
E034917: ANDREWS, WILLIAM - England in the Days of Old
S033309: ANG, TOM. - Silver Pixels: An Introduction to the Digital Darkroom.
N022534: O. ANGABE - Slovensko
E031610: AN UKNOWN ANGEL - Just between Us
E037010: ANGUS, JOHN - The Sheltering Pine
E035768: ANNAND, J.K. - Hugh Macdiarmid: Early Lyrics
S032803: JOSEPH S. ANNINO - Clinical Chemistry: Principles and Procedures
N029326: ANON - Bridgend Remembered - an Anthology
E036067: ANON - Psion Series 3 Programming Manual
E036501: ANON - The National Gallery, Illustrated General Catalogue, 1973
E039148: ANON - The Right Honourable Sir Winston Churchill K. G, o. M, C. H, M.P. A Pictorial Record with Extracts from His Immortal Speeches
E033210: ANON - Our Song Birds
E033271: ANON - The Kingdom of Fife in Days Gone by
E030749: ANON. - Soldier Poets: Songs of the Fighting Men
N022732: ANON - Domenico Theotocopuli : El Greco : Esposition Organise par la "Gazette Des Beaux-Arts", 140, Faubourg Saint-Honore, Paris, 1937
E030703: ANON - A Banking Centenary : Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas) 1836-1936
E031447: ANON. - Royal School Series Highroads of Geography: Book II: Scouting at Home
E039131: ANON - By an Unknown Disciple
E036261: ANON - Les Grandes Decouvertes Archeologiques de 1954. Numero Special (la Revue Du Caire Vol XXXIII. No. 175)
E033361: ANON - The Work of the Egypt Exploration Fund 1882-1918
E033394: ANON - The Story of Wales
E035001: VARIOUS/ANON - The War in Pictures; [Six Volumes of Six. ]
E036081: ANON - Psion Series 3 User Guide
N029901: ANONYMOUS - Bibliotheque Universelle Des Romans Ouvrage Periodique
E032040: ANONYMOUS - World's Greatest Detective Stories
N022453: ANONYMOUS - Evanston to New Delhi 1954 -1961 : Report of the Central Committee to the Third Assembly of the World Council of Churches
E0344789: ANPILOGOV, G. N - Novye Dokumenty o Rossii Konca XVI - Nacala XVII B
E037381: ANSON, PETER F. - Scots Fisherfolk
E033823: LEBEL; NIMMO; MAROWITZ; DEWEY; OBALDIA; KAPROW; ANTROBUS - New Writers IV Plays and Happenings
E036736: AOYAMA, SHIGERU - Nara
E037064: GLENNUICK STEEPLE APPEAL - The Steeple Book of Recipes
S030660: APPLEYARD, JOSÉ LUIS - IMágenes sin Tierra Colección Cultura Paraguaya
E037239: ARBUCKLE, W.F. - Scotland's Capital
N029392: ARCHARD, CARY - Poetry Wales Volume 19 No 3
E036552: ARCHER, JEFFREY; HIGGINS, JACK; GRISHAM, JOHN; YORKE, MARGARET - Reader's Digest Condensed Books the Eleventh Commandment, Flight of Eagles, the Street Lawyer, False Pretences
N026903: ARCHER - Archer Transistor Substitution Guide
E031906: E. H. H ARCHIBALD - National Maritime Museum: Travellers by Sea
E035359: ARIYOSHI, SAWAKO - De Vrouw Van de Dokter
E031603: ARMSTRONG, JAMES A - Uch Tepe I: Tell Razuk, Tell Ahmed Al-Mughir, Tell Ajamat: 1 (the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago)
E038672: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - Pilling Always Pays
E035845: ARMSTRONG, KATHARINE F. - Aids to Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses
E034015: ARMSTRONG, SYBIL - Clachan Days
E036093: ARMSTRONG, CAMPBELL - Blackout
E030307: HAROLD COURTENAY ARMSTRONG - Grey Steel: J.C. Smuts; a Study in Arrogance
E031000: JESSIE ARMSTRONG - Eve Chaloner's Temptation
N026737: SALVATION ARMY - The Musical Salvationist Twenty-Second Volume 1908
E035224: ARNOLD, DENIS - Monteverdi (Master Musician)
E037125: ARNOLD, ARTHUR - Tramping in the Tracks of George Borrow
E037257: ARNOLD, MATTTHEW; SHARP, WILLIAM - The Strayed Reveller, Empedocles on Etna,and Other Poems, by Matthew Arnold (the Canterbury Poets)
N029663: ARNOUX, GUY - Les Marins de France
E032671: GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART - Come All Ye: An Exhibition of Broadsides, Broadsheets, Chapbooks and Street Literature of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries : Glasgow School of Art, 17th-28th February 1975
N029648: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Current Affairs British Painting and Sculpture in the 1980s
E035713: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART - Master Drawings from the Collection of the National Gallery of Art and Promised Gifts
E036333: WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART - Catalogue of the Collection
E038996: CHRISTIAN ART - On Wings of Love
E038795: ARUP, PAUL A. - Industrial Organic Analysis, for the Use of Technical and Analytical Chemists and Students
E033438: ASHE, T. - The Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 2 Volume Set. Aldine Edition
N027457: ASHMORE, P.G. - Principles of Reaction Kinetics
E034972: ASIMOV, ISAAC; ETC. - Sherlock Holmes Through Time Space
E039056: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Environments out There
S036107: ASLET, CLIVE - Landmarks of Britain: The Five Hundred Places That Made Our History
E034060: ASPIOTI - The Enchanted Island of Corfu
N027367: ASQUITH, MARGOT - The Autobiography of Margot Asquith Volume 1
E034802: ASSAM, MARIA HELENA - Arte Egipcia
E033490: GENERAL ASSEMBLY - The History, Constitution, Rules of Discipline, and Confession of Faith of the Calvinistic Methodists or the Presbyterians of Wales
E035478: AMATEUR BASKETBALL ASSN. - Basketball (Know the Game)
N027492: DEVONSHIRE ASSOCIATION - The Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science Literature and Art
E035481: ROYAL YACHTING ASSOCIATION - Sailing (Know the Game)
E030267: THE WESTERN FRONT ASSOCIATION - Luik de Eerste Horde in Het Schlieffenplan
E033819: ROYAL YACHTING ASSOCIATION - Recognized Sailing Schools
E032451: YORKSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND TOPOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION - The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal. Vol. IX. (Issued to Members Only)
E037872: ATHERTON, JOHN - "Midsummer Night's Dream" (Guides to Literature)
E037874: ATKINS, S.H. - Oliver Goldsmith: She Stoops to Conquer, (Guides to English Literature)
E037873: ATKINS, S.H/ - Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" : Guides to English Literature
E035468: ATKINSON, J.H.; BRANSBY, P.L. - Mechanics of Soils: An Introduction to Critical State Soil Mechanics (Mcgraw-Hill University Series in CIVIL Engineering)
E035207: ATKINSON, JAMES - Rome and Reformation a Stubborn Problem Re-Examined
E038534: KATE ATKINSON - Life After Life
E036341: ATKINSON, WILLIAM C, DE TORRES VILLARODELL, DIEGO - The Remarkable Life of Don Diego Being the Autobiography of Diego de Torres Villarrodel
E039218: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID - Zoo Quest in Paraquay
E039193: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID - Quest Under Capricorn
E039191: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID - Quest in Paradise
E038847: ETIENNE AUBIN - Terror of the Seven Crypts (Horror)
E031831: HANS VAN DEN BERG; ERIC AUBOURG - Hieroglyphic Text Processing Volume II
E034445: BONHAMS AUCTIONEERS - Bonhams Marine Sale Tuesday 16 September 2008
E035008: BLOOMSBURY AUCTIONS - Bloomsbury Auctions: Travel and Topography, Natural History, Science and Medicine ( Auction Catalogue 18th October 2006 )
E031622: BLOOMSBURY AUCTIONS - The David Loman Library of Near Eastern and Asiatic Books - June 2005
E036715: PIERRE AUDEMARS - No Tears for the Dead
N029155: WIENER KUNST AUKTIONEN - Wiener Kunst Auktionen 11. Kunstauktion
N027331: AUSTEN, JANE - Northanger Abbey and Persuasion
E039064: AUSTEN, JANE & ANOTHER LADY - Sanditon
E039026: KEN AUSTIN - Contract Joinery (a Building Trades Journal Book)
N029327: NO AUTHOR - Time on Our Side - a Survey of the Archaeological Needs of Greater London
E030949: NO AUTHOR - Favourite Fairy Tales
E034460: NO AUTHOR - The Antijacobin Review and, True Churchman's Magazine April-July 1815
E031401: NO AUTHOR. - 32 Works by John Napper.
E030973: UNKNOWN AUTHOR - Building World an Illustrated Weekly Trade Journal Volume 7 Oct 1898 to April 1899
E034228: AUTHOR - Bolshoy Yuridicheskiy Slovar
E038338: RUSSIAN AUTHOR - Morskoy Almanach 2
E038454: NO AUTHOR - Kenwood Recipe Book - Edition 5
E031445: AUTHOR - Oxford Poetry 1914 - 1916
E035714: NO AUTHOR - Summa Petenda: The Dalziel Experience
E032985: NO AUTHOR - Practical Home Woodworking
H038266: NO AUTHOR. - Good Housekeeping : Cooking for Today.
E032536: NO AUTHOR. - The Concise Dnb Dictionary of National Biography: From Earliest Times to 1985.
E034459: NO AUTHOR - The Traditions of Edinburgh Chronologically Arranged from the Foundation of the City in the Year 626 to the Union of Scotland & England in 1707
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E035893: CANNING, VICTOR; ARKELL, REGINALD;, DEAL, BORDEN; SEARLS, HANK - Reader's Digest Condensed Books. The Dragon Tree, Trumpets over Merriford, Dunbar's Cove, the Big X
E035720: CANNON, JIM; CLARK, B.; SMUGA, G - The Great Powers (Oliver & Boyd Modern Studies)
E038439: CANNON, POPPY - Unforbidden Sweets;: Delicious Desserts of 100 Calories or Less
E031608: CAREY, CATHERINE - Show Jumping Summer (Crown Ponies S. )
E038220: CAREY, MIKE; GROSS, PETER - The Unwritten (Vol 1) # 9 ( Original American Comic )
E038544: PETER CAREY - Oscar and Lucinda
E034055: CARLI, ENZO - Brunelleschi
E033200: EARL OF CARLISLE - Two Lectures on the Poetry of Pope, and on His Own Travels in America: Delivered to the Leeds Mechanics' Institution & Literary Society, December 5th and 6th, 1850
N026701: VOLPE CARLO - - Simone Martini E la Pittura Senese.
E035865: CARLYLE, THOMAS - On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History (Cassell's National Library)
E032128: THOMAS CARLYLE - Sartor Resartus
E032597: WILLIAM Y. CARMAN - The Military Historical Society Special Number 2000: Full Dress Sabretaches of the British Army.
E035796: CARMAN, W.Y. - British Military Uniforms from Contemporary Pictures, Henry VII to the Present Day
E030601: CARMAN, W. Y - Sabretaches of the Light Cavalry (the Military Historical Society Special Number) 1998
E032587: CARMER, CARL - The Hudson (Rivers of America Series;Vol. 2)
E035400: CARMICHAEL, PRUE - The Windfall
N027310: CARMODY, DENISE L.; CARMODY, JOHN T. - Christianity : An Introduction
E035593: CARNAC, NICHOLAS - Tournament of Shadows
N029172: CARNEGIE, SACHA - Red Dust of Africa
E034034: CARNELL, JOHN - New Writings in S-F 7
E036857: CAROLYN BARRACLOUGH, ET AL - Next Move Spain 2 Students' Book
E037092: CARPENTER, SHIRLEY - Hamlyn's New Relief World Atlas
E031067: S C CARPENTER. - God and the Universe.
E033955: CARPENTER, ANDREW - Eighteenth-Century Ireland Iris an Da Chultur
E038502: PHILIPPE CARPENTIER - Arromanches and the Allied Landings 6 June 1944
E038428: CARR, RACHEL E, - Stepping Stones to Japanese Floral Art
E037433: CARR, EDWARD HALLETT - The Twenty Years' Crisis 1919 - 1939
S036907: ALAN CARR - Look Who It Is! My Story
E038557: JOHN LE CARRE - Our Game
S034550: LE CARRE, JOHN; ET AL. - Sarratt and the Draper of Watford: And Other Unlikely Stories About Sarratt from International Authors
E037776: CARRINGTON, NORMAN T. - An Anthology of Longer Poems (Notes on Chosen English Texts Series)
E037804: NORMAN T. CARRINGTON - Hardy's "Mayor of Casterbridge" (Chosen English Texts Notes)
E038979: CARRINGTON, NORMAN T. - Notes on Ten Twentieth-Century Poets
E036555: CARRINGTON, NORMAN T. - Poet's Tale (Chosen English Texts Notes)
E035116: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice Racontée Aux Petits
E031048: CARROLL, H.C.M. - Absenteeism in South Wales
E035975: CARSON, ANTHONY - The Golden Kiss
E033685: CARSON, JAMES C.L. - Capital Punishment Is Murder Legalized
N029412: CARSON, R.A.G. - The Numismatic Chronicle Seventh Series Volume IX
E038146: CARTER, GEORGE R. ; WOOD, EDWARD ALAN - The Geography of the British Isles
E035099: CARTER, JEFF - Wild Animal Farm

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