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H037585: ICAEW - Aca Professional Stage Application Level Financial Management - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2012
H037588: ICAEW - Principles of Taxation Fa2010 - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2011
H037590: ICAEW - Law - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2011
H037586: ICAEW - Aca Professional Stage Application Level Audit and Assurance - Study Manual & Question Bank - for Exams in 2012
N027488: ICELY, H. E. M. - Blockley Through Twelve Centuries : Annals of a Cotswold Parish
N028993: JONES IDWAL - Dirgelwch y Gama
N029821: IFAN, WIL - Y Winllan Las
E039144: IFAN, WIL - Y Winllan Las
E037720: IFANS, DAFYDD - Tyred Drosodd. Gohebiaeth Eluned Morgan a Nantlais
E031518: BAHNSCHULTE-FRIEBE INA - Die Künstlerkolonie Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt 1899-1914: Das Buch Zum Museum. Dt. /Engl.
E033079: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET INC - The Benjamin Sonnenberg Collection. Volume I: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
E032826: NOVO INDUSTRI - Diabetes Index and Anstracts 1972
N029911: INGE, WILLIAM RALPH - Personal Idealism and Mysticism the Paddock Lectures for 1906 Delivered at the General Seminary New York
E036012: INGELOW, JEAN - Poems
N029105: INGERID - Ingerid's Combing Techniques Book 1
N029974: INGRAM, DAVID - The Commonwealth at Work
E031718: HAMMOND INNES - Wreckers Must Breathe
E033386: INNES, HAMMOND - The Strange Land
E035451: INNES, HAMMOND - The Lonely Skier ( White Circle Pocket Novel )
E038185: INNES, MICHAEL - Operation Pax
E037144: INNES, KATHLEEN E. - Life in a Hampshire Village
E033172: INSKEEP, R.R. - Peopling of Southern Africa (the Peoples of Southern Africa)
E038140: BRITISH STANDARDS INSTITUTION - Recommendations for the Presentation of Theses (Bs4821. 1972)
N026135: THE COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL - Blueprint for World Conquest
S026537: INTROINI, ELSIE LAFRANCONI - Know Me by My Memories
E038036: IRONSIDE, ROBIN; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - The Masters 38 Sarto
N028125: IRVINE, WM. FERGUSON - A Collection of Lancashire and Cheshire Wills Not Now to Be Found in Any Probate Registry 1301-1752
E037981: IRWIN, BILL - Simply Irwin Series Featuring Pop Hits
E036596: IRWIN, MARGARET - The Bride
E037967: IRWIN, BILL - The Mini - Magic Sounds of Bill Irwin Volume 2 *** Easier to Play Series All Organ Edition *** P
E037968: IRWIN, BILL - The Mini-Magic Sounds of Bill Irwin Volume 6 Easier to Play Series
E037982: IRWIN, BILL - Simply Irwin Series Featuring Memories
E037964: IRWIN, BILL - Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series: Modern Melody Magic for the Popular Organist
E037969: IRWIN, BILL - Ad Lib Magic !
E037959: IRWIN, BILL - The Magic Sounds of Bill Irwin Volume 6 (Pop Concert Series)
E037962: IRWIN, BILL - Rhythm Accompaniment Magic for the Popular Organist (Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series) Book 2
E037963: IRWIN, BILL - Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series: Modern Fill Magic for the Popular Organist
E037979: IRWIN, BILL - Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series: Modern Melody Magic for the Advanced Organist
E037980: IRWIN, BILL - Rhythm Accompaniment Magic for the Popular Organist (Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series)
E037965: IRWIN, BILL - Bill Irwin's Magic Study Series: Diminished Chord Magic for the Popular Organist
E037966: IRWIN, BILL - The Mini-Magic Sounds of Bill Irwin Volume 1 Easier to Play Series
E032665: IRWIN, SALLY - Raising the Sun
E037960: IRWIN, BILL - Keyboard Harmony Magic for the Popular Organist
E037961: IRWIN, BILL - Chord Construction Magic
E035577: ISAAC, NORAH - Ifan Ab Owen Edwards, 1895-1970 (St. David's Day)
E037803: ALAN ISAACS - Dictionary of Chemistry
E033917: ISBYAM, I.C. - The Ego and Physical Force
N024021: IVANOVS, MIKELIS; LACE, RASMA - Latviesu Padomju Gleznieciba
E033356: IWASAKI, CHIHIRO - Iwasaki Chihiro - a Book of Collection of Lyrical (Poetic)Paintings/Drawings
N027375: JACCOTTET, PHILIPPE; MERMOD-LAUSANNE, ED - French Drawing of the 19th Century
E033243: THE ROYAL GREEN JACKETS - The Royal Green Jackets Chronicle 1970
E034144: JACKS, L.V. - Xenophon, Soldier of Fortune
E038759: JACKSON, LUCIE E, - Tomboy Daisy
E037863: JACKSON, DENNIS B. - The Exam Secret. How to Shine in Examinations and Life! (Right Way Books. )
E035662: JACKSON, PAUL - Jane's All the Worlds Aircraft, 2003-2004
E034708: JACKSON, HOLBROOK - The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear
E038768: STEVE JACKSON - Appointment with F.E. A.R.
E032900: W.P.U. JACKSON - Calcium Metabolism and Bone Disease: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners
N027701: JACKSON, STANLEY - The Life and Cases of Mr. Justice Humphreys
E032368: WILLIAM JACKSON - A Patron of Art
E038683: JACOB, NAOMI - Wind on the Heath
E035585: JACOB, H.T. - Atgofion
N028078: JACOBS, ARTHUR - British Music Yearbook 1977-78
N027294: JACOBS, W.W. - Salthaven
E034092: JACOBS, ARTHUR; SADIE, STANLEY - The Opera Guide
E038251: JACOBS, ARTHUR - A New Dictionary of Music (Penguin Reference Books. No. R12. )
E037139: JACOBSON, MICHAEL - Windmill Hill
E031231: JACOBUS, JOHN - Matisse
N027728: JACQ, CHRISTIAN - Sous L'Acacia D'Occident
E035323: JACQUES, PAULA - Descente Au Paradis (Folio)
E038020: JAFFE, MICHAEL; ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN - Peter Paul Rubens the Masters 100
E035198: JAGGER, PETER J. - Christian Initiation, 1552-1969: Rites of Baptism and Confirmation Since the Reformation Period (Alcuin Club Collection)
N028957: JAMES, O.WALDO - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Marc
N029173: JAMES, MARQUIS - Mr. Garner of Texas
N029856: JAMES, M. EURONWY - Englynion Beddau Ceredigion
E034240: JAMES, HENRY - Essays in London and Elsewhere
E032393: JAMES ; HARPER, H.A. CLARK - The Pictorial New Testament Pocket Edition with Pictures Specially Drawn in Palestine for the Scripture Gift Mission
E033357: ROB JAMES - It Just So Happened
E038192: GERAINT JAMES - Transport: Historic Scenes of the Merthyr Tydfil Valley
E036929: JAMES, SIAN - Love and War/Two Loves
E032003: HENRY JAMES - The American Scene Together with Three Essays from "Portraits of Places"
S035072: JAMES, BRONWEN - House with Two Windows - Ty a Dwy Ffenestr
E035330: JAMES, G.WYN - Fe a Hi 'Ma': Cofiant y Parchedig a Mrs. T. Tegryn Davies
E034258: JAMES, C. VAUGHAN; RAPP, H. - Russian Composition and Vocabulary
E035404: JAMES, ERICA - Gardens of Delight
E036259: JAMES, T. G. H. - Excavating in Egypt: Egypt Exploration Society, 1882-1982
E031708: ROB JAMES - It Just So Happened
E035023: JAMES, HELEN - Thai Reference Grammar
S035078: JAMES, BRONWEN - Dilys at Large: A Picaresque Novel, Tracing the Journey from Ignorance to Maturity
E030428: ELOISA JAMES - Kiss Me Annabel
S033109: JAMES, ERICA - Love and Devotion
E036015: JAMIE, DAVID - John Hope: Philanthropist and Reformer
E033265: JAMIESON, TOM - Unofficial Guide to Scotland
E034155: JAMIESON, W.C.E. - The Lord's Prayer: With Other Sermons
N029843: JANSON, H.W. - How to Appreciate Art - on Truth to Nature
E031640: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1968
E033339: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1956
E031641: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1971
E036256: JANSSEN, ROSALIND; JANSSEN, JAC J. - Getting Old in Ancient Egypt
E031639: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1969
E031642: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1973
E031651: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1967
E031652: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1974
E031645: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1957
E033340: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1955
E033341: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1949
E033342: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1947
E033343: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1952
E031643: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1972
E031644: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1960
E031654: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography Indexes 1947-1956
E031636: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1958
E031653: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1961
E031637: JAC J. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1970
E031646: JOZEF M. A. JANSSEN. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1962
E031635: JOZEF M.A. JANSSEN - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1959
E033344: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1951
E033345: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1950
E033346: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1953
E033347: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1948
E033348: JANSSEN, JOZEF M.A. - Annual Egyptological Bibliography 1954
N028610: JARDINE, DOUGLAS - Cricket
S036920: QUINTIN JARDINE - Dead and Buried (Bob Skinner Mysteries)
E034270: JARDINE, JIM - Nat Phil 'o': Text
E031424: JARROLD, W T F - Our Great Heritage, with Its Responsibilities : How and Where to Find the Title-Deeds
E034702: JARSKI, ROSEMARIE - A Good Old Laugh
E035985: JARVIS, C.S. - Through Crusader Lands
S034399: JARVIS, ROBIN - Deathscent: Intrigues of the Reflected Realm
E034061: MORIN-JEAN - The Palace of Fontainebleau (Public Collections of France; Memoranda)
E033035: HERMANN JEDDING - Manet - Gallery of Art Series
E033034: HERMANN JEDDING - Seurat - Gallery of Art Series
E032711: WACLAW JEDRZEJEWICZ - Poland in the British Parliament 1939-1945, Volume III
E032710: WACLAW JEDRZEJEWICZ - Poland in the British Parliament 1939-1945 Volume I
N026686: JEFFERSON, BEN - Tall As a Gallows
E032149: PETER JEFFERY - Pob Peth Yn Newydd
E035344: JEFFRIES, RON - Scouting '76
E037924: MIRKO JELUSICH - Der Ritter
N028181: JENKINS, GRAHAM; TURNER, BARRY - Richard Burton : My Brother
E037839: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps. British History 1800-1914
E037861: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps: British History 1485-1820 A.D.
E037499: DON DALE-JONES; W.RANDALL JENKINS - Twelve Modern Anglo-Welsh Poets
E032571: JENKINS, JOHN - Llawlyfr Moliant Yr Ysgol Sabothol. (Argraffiad Diwygiedig 1925. ) Dan Olygiaeth J. Jenkins .J. T. Jones .W. C. Evans. [Tonic Sol-Fa Notation. ]
E039071: KATHRYN JENKINS - Anthem Angau Calfari: Myfyrdodau Ar Ddetholiad o Emynau Pantycelyn
E037860: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps: British History 1485-1603 A.D.
E033397: JENKINS, ELIS - Neath and District a Symposium
E032173: JENKINS, R. T. - Casglu Ffyrdd
History_Helps._British_History_[[18: JENKINS, E.A. - History Helps. British History 1800-1914
E037501: MARTIN N. JENKINSON - Wild Orchids of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
S037137: BASIL JENKYNS - Hot Under the Collar
E036930: KATE JENNINGS - Moral Hazard
E035335: JENNINGS, PAUL - Llygad Drygioni (Cyfres I'r Byw)
E038993: LINDA JENNINGS - Robot Man and Friends the School Concert
E037202: JERMAN, B.R. - The Young Disraeli
E036176: JEROME K. JEROME - Three Men in a Boat
E037304: JIMINEZ, JUAN RAMON - Platero and I
N029304: JOAD, C.E.M. - Thinker's Library - Liberty Today No. 68
E035296: JOBSON, ALLAN - Dunwich Story
E034496: JOHANNET, JOSE; LEPISSIER, JACQUES - Philologie Russe. Textes D'Etude.
E033473: JOHN, DERIC - Notes on Some Place Names in and Around the Bont
N028989: ST. JOHN - Y Newyddion Da Yn Ol Ioan
E036031: H. JOHN HEINZ III CENTER FOR SCIENCE, ECONOMICS - Dam Removal: Science and Decision Making
E037372: GALT JOHN - Annals of the Parish
E034862: JOHN, S.B. - Regeneration and Reconstruction
H037488: JOHN, QC ROWE - Vietnam: The Australian Experience (Australians at War)
E032629: FINLEY JOHN H - The French in the Heart of America
E036419: WILLIAMS-DAVIES. JOHN - The Travelling Cidermaker
E038072: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles and the Leopards of Zinn
E037733: JOHNS, LESLIE - Indoor Plants (Nutshell Books)
E038827: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles' Second Case
E036211: JOHNSON, KEITH A. & SAINTY, MALCOLM R. - Genealogical Research Dictionary, National & International (2003)
E036847: BRANDI JOHNSON - Powder Blu
E038554: STANLEY JOHNSON - The Commissioner
E035435: JOHNSON, A. - Economic Theory (Man and Society Series)
E038725: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - Love Comes to Dr. Starr
E038654: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - Emergency for Dr Starr
E037077: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM - With the Rhodesian Horse
E037259: JOHNSTON, MARGARET - Ninety Wonderful Years, 1869 - 1959: The Biography of Sir Thomas Mitchell, Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 1938 - 1947
N026145: JOHNSTONE, M.A. - Etruria Past and Present
E035600: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 19
E035598: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 7
E035599: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 12
E035601: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 10
E035602: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 13
E035603: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 4
E035604: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 5
E035605: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 1
E035606: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 6
E035607: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 17
E035609: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 20
E035610: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 15
E035611: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR; MCCARTNEY, JULIA - Stitch by Stitch Volume 14
E035612: JOINER, SUSAN; VAN ZANDT, ELEANOR - Stitch by Stitch Volume 2
PS031320: STAGGE JONATHAN - Death and the Dear Girls
N028927: JONES, J.E. - Llyfr Garddio
N028942: JONES, W. LLOYD - Llyfr Yr Actau (XIII-XXVIII) Esboniad
N027352: JONES, ARWEL - Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Pennant 1942-2002
N028934: JONES, J. MORGAN - Y Bedwaredd Efengyl Rhagmadrodd Ac Esboniad Byr Ar Benodau XIII-XXI
N028935: JONES, EDWARD - Yr Epistol at y Galatiaid Gyda Rhagarweiniad Ac Esboniad
N028954: JONES, J.J. - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Marc
N028958: JONES, JOSEPH - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Matthew Cyfrol II
N028972: JONES, D. MORRIS - Yr Epistol Cyntaf at y Corinthiaid
N028974: JONES, J. MORGAN - Y Bedwaredd Efengyl Rhagmadrodd Ac Esboniad Byr Ar Benodau I-XIII
N028978: JONES, W. GWYNEDD - Llawyfr Ar 1 a 2 Samuel Ac Efengyl Mathew I-XIII
N028999: JONES, WILLIAM JOHN - Safonau y Ffydd Darlleniadau o'r Ysgrythur Lan
E033670: JONES, LEWIS - Traethodau Duwinyddol
N029116: JONES, DAFYDD - Yr Arloeswr a Cherddi Eraill
N029797: JONES, J. REES - Arweinwyr Yr Annibywyr 1639 1939
N029823: JONES, JOSEPH - Yr Efengyl Yn Ol Matthew Cyfrol II
N029826: JONES, D. LLOYD - Plenydd Hanes Ei Fywyd a Detholiad o'i Weithhiau
N029930: JONES, CAREY - Gyrfa'r Gwr o Dregaron
N029934: JONES, R. GERALLT; JONES, BEDWYR LEWIS - Taliesin Rhagfyr 1988
E033771: JONES, J. MORGAN - Y Bedwaredd Efengyl - Rhagymadrodd Ac Esboniad Byr Ar Benodau I-XII (Undeb Ysgolion Sabothol Yr Annibynwyr Cymreig)
E035411: JONES, DAVEY - Comedy Tricks & Gags
E033425: JONES, GWENALLT - Gwreiddiau Cyfrol Ofarddoniaeth
E035428: JONES, J. R. - Atgof a Cherdd: Hunangofiant J R Jones
E039051: R.TUDUR- JONES - Thomas Charles o'r Bala
S030052: JONES, EIRA CORDEILIA - Time Won't Forget
N029562: JONES, W. LEWIS - King Arthur in History and Legend
N027669: JONES, ARTHUR E. - It Makes You Think
N028961: JONES, D. RHAGFYR - Blodau Rhagfyr
N028994: JONES, E. CEFNI - Esboniad Ar Yr Epistolau at y Thessaloniaid
F070816044: JONES, RHYDDERCH T. - Cofiant Ryan
E036587: JONES, J.R. - The History of Pontardawe R.F. C. (Rugby)
E033669: JONES, H. - Cofiant y Parch. W. Roberts, Amlwch
F070816038: JONES, E. BREEZE - Adarydda
E031193: JONES, ALLEN - Allen Jones Waddington Galleries 1993
E037787: JONES, ELIN M. - The Celts in the Iron Age: An Educational Resource Pack
S070816034: JONES, J.O. - Pleidiol Wyf I'm Gwlad (Welsh Edition)
E039074: JONES, W. - Cofiant y Parch. Evan Thomas Casnewydd
E033428: JONES, D. DAVEN - The Early Cymry and Their Church
E035304: JONES, R. EMRYS - Rheilffyrdd Cymru = the Railways of Wales
E033317: JONES, D.GLYN - Chwilota: Cyfrol 6
E033444: JONES, GWENLLIAN GWYN - Eisteddfod y Teganau, a Straeon Eraill
E030558: PETE JONES - The Black Ranger
E033661: JONES, IORWERTH - David Rees, y Cynhyrfwr
E038770: JONES, DYFED GLYN - Ergyd Yn Eden
E035401: JONES, T. LLEW - Cyfrinach y Lludw (Llyfrau Poced Gomer)
E037698: REGINALD JONES - Birds of the Mountains and Moorlands
E039098: JONES, J.T. - Christmas Evans 1766-1838
E031429: W.P.JONES. - Coleg Trefeca 1842-1942.
E039206: DYLAN JONES - Unto the Wicked
E038163: JONES, ROBIN - Railways and the Holocaust: The Trains That Shamed the World
E038161: JONES, JACK - Rhondda Roundabout
E030414: GERALLT JONES - Y Capten Jac Alun: Cyfrol Deyrnged I'r Capten John Alun Jones, Cilfor, Llangrannog, Dyfed
E038236: JONES, JACK - River out of Eden
E035080: JONES, J.O. - Dalfa Deg
E035081: JONES, J.O. - Cam Gwag
S036898: JONES, DR HILARY - A Day in Your Life: 24 Hours Inside the Human Body
E036605: JONES, ABEL - The Story of Glamorgan
E036622: JONES, D. HUW - St David's Church Neath - the First Hundred Years
E030940: JONES, IDWAL - Cerddi Digri a Rhai Pethau
E039128: JONES, SIMON B.; EVANS, E. LEWIS;N STEPHENS, J. OLIVER - Sylfeini Heddwch Pregethau Gweddiau a Barddoniaeth Cyfrol II
E032973: IRA JONES - King of Air Fighters, Biography of Major "Mick" Mannock, V.C. , D.S. O. , M. C
E036182: JONES, THOMAS H. - Heirloom Furniture You Can Build.
E035262: JONES, DAVID - The Perfumed Acres
S037767: PETER DOUGLAS-JONES - Three Corners of Gower
E034777: JONES, RICHARD - History of Owain Glyndwr and His Associations with Machynlleth
E030874: JONES, T. GWYNN - Beirniadaeth a Myfyrdod
S030417: J. TOWYN JONES - Rhag Ofn Ysbrydion: Chwilio Am y Gwir Am Straeon Ysbryd
F070816043: JONES, ROBERT MALDWYN - Chwarae'n Troi'n Chwerw (Llyfrau Poced Gomer)
E033389: JONES, THOMAS - The Native Never Returns
E037722: JONES, D. BRYN - Into All the World- I'r Holl Fyd
N029942: JONES, ALUN R.; TYDEMAN, WILLIAM - Wordsworth : Lyrical Ballads
E034537: JONES, MARGARET & JEREMY - An Extra-Ordinary Guy
E033318: JONES, D.GLYN - Chwilota: Cyfrol 7
E039078: JONES, IEUAN S. - Y Gair Ar Gerdded
S036706: DYLAN JONES - Thicker Than Water
E033662: JONES, IORWERTH - Y Gwin a Cherddi Eraill
E037604: REGINALD JONES - Birds of the Inland Waters and Marshes (Jarrold Bird Series)
E030410: WYN JONES - Hen Lwybrau a Storiau Eraill
E030873: JONES, T. GWYNN - Astudiaethau
E030875: JONES, T. GWYNN. - Dyddgwaith.
H037487: IAN JONES - The Australian Light Horse
E035326: JONES, MEL - Ffisig y Meddyg
E037730: JONES, D. BRYN - Into All the World- I'r Holl Fyd
E036079: JONES, MERLE - Lottie Casanova
E033939: JONSON, BEN - Volpone; or, the Fox. Edited by David Cook
E031628: JORDAN, W. G. (WILLIAM GEORGE) (1854-1939) - Ancient Hebrew Stories and Their Modern Interpretation / by W.B. Jordan
E037155: JORDAN, ROBERT FURNEAUX - Victorian Architecture
E032539: JOUBERT, FABIENNE - La Tapisserie Medievale Au Musee de Cluny
N028260: JOWELL, FRANCES - The Masters 4 Botticelli
E036217: JOY, EDWARD T. - The Country Life Book of Chairs
F070816007: JAMES JOYCE - Dubliners (Dover Thrift Editions)
E038172: JOYCE, J. - Trams of the Past: Photographs from the Whitcombe Collection
N028487: JUDD, ROBERT - Aspects of Keyboard Music Essays in Honour of Susi Jeans
E035691: JUDGE, ARTHUR W. - High Speed Diesel Engines
E031893: JUKES, ANDREW - The Differences of the Four Gospels,Considered As Revealing Various Relations of the Lord Jesus Christ
N027365: JURGENSEN, EMIL - Nyt Lovlexicon VIII 1889-93
E039195: JUSTEL, CESAR - Ronda
SH032858: CHRISTINE H.S. KABUYE - Ethnobiology and Conservation of Cultural and Biological Dicersity
E034206: KAEMPFFERT, WALDEMAR - Explorations in Science
E038523: DAVID KAHN - Codebreakers
N029218: KAHNERT, M.E.; SYKES, CLAUD W. - Jagdstaffel 356
N028206: KALTER, JOHANNES; PAVALOI, MARGARETA - Uzbekistan : Heir to the Silk Road
S037132: KANE, MARY G - Highs and Lows
N028195: KARFELD, KURT PETER - Deutschland Glaube Liebe Hoffnung
E030721: KARL, FREDERICK - The Quest
E034174: KASSAM, A.H. - Agro-Ecological Land Resources Assessment for Agricultural Development Planning: A Case Study of Kenya (World Soil Resources Reports)
E035890: MAYO. KATHERINE - Mother India
N026203: KAUFFMAN, HENRY J. - Early American Gunsmiths 1650-1850
N028512: KAUFMANN, WALTER - Der Orgelprospekt in Stilgeschichtlicher Entwicklung
N030054: KAUZENI, A.S.; KIKULA, I.S.; MOHAMED, S.A.; LYIMO, J.G., DALAL-CLAYTON, D.B. - Land Use Planning and Resource Assessment in Tanzania: A Case Study
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E032930: A. STUART MASON - The Thyroid and Its Diseases. Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Royal College of Physicians of London, 1963.
E039010: MASON, A.E.W. - The Four Feathers
E038541: MASON, POLLY; HOURAHANE, SHELAGH; HOOD, HARVEY - Contemporary Sculpture from Finland
E033516: MASON, R.J. - Prehistoric Man at Melville Koppies Johannesburg
S034799: MASON, DAVID - Little Brother
N026419: MASOOD, STEVEN - Story of Steven Masood Captive of Christ
N027393: MASSE, JULES - Botanique Medicale
N029971: MASSEY, ALAN - Trajectories in the Air
E037288: ALLAN MASSIE - ILL Met by Gaslight: Five Edinburgh Murders
N029440: MASSINGHAM, H.J. - The Small Farmer. A Survey by Various Hands. Edited... By H.J. Massingham. With Plates
H038353: MASSON, HENRI LE - Les Flottes de Combat 1964
E037096: MASTERS, JOHN - Bhowani Junction
E038931: MASTERS, JOHN - The Venus of Konpara
E035480: LE MASURIER, JOHN - Hurdling
E035341: MATHER, ANNE - Relative Sins (Thorndike Large Print Harlequin Series)
E033888: RICHARD MATHESON - The Shrinking Man
N029811: MATHIEU, M. L'ABBE - La Lecture Expliquee Au Cours Elementaire
N029420: MATHIEU, M. L'ABBE - La Lecture Expliquée Au Cours Moyen
E032582: CECILE HULSE MATSCHAT - Suwannee River: Strange Green Land
N027379: CHINI MATTEO - Klimt
N029132: MATTHEWS, SHAILER; SMITH, GERALD BIRNEY - A Dictionary of Religion and Ethics
N028231: MATTHEWS, JOHN F. - El Greco
E035241: MATTHEWS, BRINLEY E - A Royal Salute: Welsh Sport, 1952-1977
E035453: MATTHEWS, CAITLIN - The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning Year
N028451: MAUD, CONSTANCE - Wagner's Heroines
E031199: MAUDE, AYLMER - The Authorized Life of Marie C. Stopes
E036317: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Last Encounter
E039046: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - Sadie Thompson
E033442: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENINSON - Christmas Day and Other Sermons
E038649: MAURIER, DAPHNE DU - The Flight of the Falcon
E037170: MAUROIS, ANDRE - La Vie de DisraëLI
E034466: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Les Silences Du Colonel Bramble
E037189: MAUROIS, ANDRE; MILES, HAMISH - Disraeli: A Picture of the Victorian Age
E032797: LESLIE YOUNG; GEORGE A. MAW - The Metabolism of Sulphur Compounds
E033845: MAWHINNEY, THOMAS A.H. - The Messenger of the Black Prince
E033202: VALERIE A.MAXFIELD - Hadrian's Wall in Its Imperial Setting
E033944: MAXWELL, HERBERT - Official Guide to the Abbey-Church, Palace, and Environs of Holyrood House
E035930: MAYBURY, ANNE - The Terracotta Palace
E035980: MAYLUNAS, ANDREI; MIRONENKO, SERGEI - A Lifelong Passion - Nicholas and Alexandra, Their Own Story
E035097: MAYNARD, H.B.; TIEFENTHAL, ROLF - Production an International Appraisal of Conemporary Manufacturing Systems and the Changing Role of the Worker
E034361: MAYNE, CORA - Hawkesworth
E036828: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Come, Come to My Corner (Animal Library)
E032938: ALICE MAYNELL - Poems by Robert Herrick
E035702: MAYOR, A. HYATT - Callot and Daumier
E036291: MAYOR, A. HYATT; DAVIS, MARK - American Art at the Century
N027445: MAYOUX, JEAN-JACQUES - La Peinture Anglaise de Hogarth Aux Preraphaelites
E034924: DE MAZIA, VIOLETTE; HOMSEY, ELLEN - Vistas an Educational Publication Vol II No 2 1981-1983
E030534: ALI A. MAZRUI - Violence and Thought (Forum)
N028124: MAZZEO, DONATELLA; ANTONINI, CHIARA SILVI - Monuments of Civilization Ancient Cambodia
S030146: AMEDEO MONTEMAGGI; BILL MCANDREW - The Gothic Line - Lines Gotica - the Canadian Breaching at Tavullia, Key of the Italian Campaign
S033152: MCBAIN, ED - Kiss
E033789: MCCABE, JOSPEH - The Existence of God
E037235: NEIL MCCALLUM. - A Small Country Scotland 1700-1830 Hardcover
E032053: ALEX MCCALLUM - Midlothian Cambridge County Geographies
E038532: DECLAN MCCARTHY - Ashmolean Souvenir Guide
E037122: MCCARTHY, PATRICIA - Agenda . Irish Poetry Double Issue
S033214: MCCARTHY, JOHN - The Ghost Upon Your Path
S033272: CRAIG MCCCABE - The Roadie
E036985: MCCLURE, DAVID - David Mcclure (1926-1998): Memorial Exhibition, 6-29 March 2000
E036836: DAVID MCCLURE - John Maxwell (Modern Scottish Painters ; No. 4)
E035522: MCCLURE, KEN; CHILD, LEE; MEADE, GLENN; HARRISON, STUART - The Sands of Sakkara; the Snow Falcon; Tripwire; Donor
E036118: MCCONNELL, JOHN - Toxopholitis
E038553: RUSSELL MCCORMMACH - Night Thoughts of a Classical Physicist
E033645: MCCOURT, EDWARD - The Ettinger Affair
S033574: MCCREERY, PATRICIA - Tapamveni: The Rock Art Galleries of Petrified Forest and Beyond
E032366: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID G. - Wendell Minor: Art for the Written Word : Twenty-Five Years of Book Cover Art
N028433: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Assignment Death Squad
N029689: MCDONALD, J. - Halton Sketches Revisited Historical Tales People Events in North Halton
E033927: MCDONALD, KENDALL - Food from the Seashore
E033374: MCDONALD, JAN; HILL, LESLIE - Harley Granville Barker: An Edinburgh Retrospective 1992
E038826: MCDOUGALL'S - Mcdougall's Direct Arithmetic and Practical Mathematics Book VI
E036337: MCDOWALL, PAMELA - Pressed Flower Pictures: A Victorian Art Revived
E037377: MCDOWALL, R.J.S. - The Whiskies of Scotland
E037280: MCEWAN, BERT - Your Guide to Dunfermline
E034153: MCEWEN, JOHN - Who Owns Scotland: A Study in Land Ownership

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