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8328: NASH, OGDEN - Many Long Years Ago
6090: NASSO, CHRISTINE; EDITOR - Contemporary Authors Permanent Series: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Authors and Their Works. Volume II
22960: (NAST, THOMAS) - Harper's Weekly. A Journal of Civilization. Vol. XIX. -- No. 944. New York, Saturday, January 30, 1875
30807: NATAN, ALEX - Prima Donna: Lob Der Stimmen
519: MONTAGU-NATHAN, M - A History of Russian Music: Being an Account of the Rise and Progress of the Russian School of Composers, with a Survey of Their Lives and a Description of Their Works
3801: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN - The World in Falseface
12445: NATHAN, ROBERT - The Sea-Gull Cry
21203: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN - The Theatre Book of the Year 1949-1950: A Record and an Interpretation
31381: (L'AUDITEUR NATIONAL). - L'Auditeur National. Convention Nationale. [Declaration of the Rights of Man]. (60 Consecutive Issues of This Significant Political Journal Consisting of Numbers 222 Through 282, Dated "Du Mercredi 1 Mai 1793" Through "Du Dimanche 30 Juin 1793", "L'an Second de la Republique Francaise", Bound Together in One Volume).
24010: (LEAGUE OF NATIONS) - Essential Facts in Regard to the League of Nations / the World Court / and the International Labor Organization. (Cover Title)
35780: BORLAND, HAL. (1900-1978). AMERICAN JOURNALIST, NATURALIST AND WRITER ON THE OUTDOORS. - Autograph Sentiment Signed on the Occasion of a Book Fair by American Writer on the Outdoors Hal Borland.
34168: KNIGHT, CAPTAIN CHARLES "CHAS" WILLIAM ROBERT (1884-1957). NATURALIST AND FALCONER WHO WAS KNOWN FOR HIS LECTURE TOURS WITH HIS FAMOUS GOLDEN EAGLE, MR. RAMSHAW. - A Correspondence between the Famous Falconer "Chas" Knight and the American Lecture Manager James "Bim" Pond Consisting of Several Letters Together with Original Photographs & Publicity Brochures Advertising His Lectures.
24207: NAUMANN, HANS - Die Minnesinger in Bildern Der Manessischen Handschrift. Mit Einem Geleitwort Von Hans Naumann
21201: NAUMANN, FRANCIS M - New York Dada 1915-23
19952: (DUCHAMP, MARCEL; WARHOL, ANDY; OLDENBURG, CLAES; SHERMAN, CINDY; ET AL). NAUMANN, FRANCIS M.; GIRST, THOMAS - Aftershock: The Legacy of the Readymade in Post-War and Contemporary American Art / with Essays by Francis M. Naumann and Thomas Girst. Exhibition Venue: Dickinson Roundell, Inc, 19 East 66th Street, New York, Ny 10021... . Exhibition Dates: May 5 to June 20, 2003... . (Catalog)
19691: (MAN RAY; 1890-1976). NAUMANN, FRANCIS M - Conversion to Modernism: The Early Work of Man Ray. With an Essay by Gail Stavitsky
35112: NAUMBURG, MARGARET. - Schizophrenic Art: Its Meaning in Psychotherapy.
9515: NEAVE, CHRISTIANE CORTY - L'Etoile. Adapted from the French of Christiane Corty Neave
3911: (TINTORETTO). NEBBIA, UGO - Tintoretto: La Scuola Di San Rocco
22005: NEBENZAHL, KENNETH - A Bibliography of Printed Battle Plans of the American Revolution 1775-1795
17348: NECKER, CLAIRE - Four Centuries of Cat Books: A Bibliography, 1570-1970
10541: NEEDELL, CLAIRE - Not a Balancing Act
22634: (MORRIS, WILLIAM). NEEDHAM, PAUL; DUNLAP, JOSEPH; AND DREYFUS, JOHN - William Morris and the Art of the Book
31781: NEELD, JUDITH. - Sea Fire.
9791: NEFF, RENFREU - The Living Theatre/Usa
6510: NEFT, DAVID S.; JOHNSON, ROLAND T.; COHEN, RICHARD M.; DEUTSCH, JORDAN A - The Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball. David S. Neft, Roland T. Johnson, Richard M. Cohen / Text by: Jordan A. Deutsch
26240: NEGLEY, BROOKE - The World by the Tail
27590: NEGROPONTE, NICHOLAS - Being Digital
31313: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Hughie
31845: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Mourning Becomes Electra: A Trilogy
1485: (O'NEILL, ROSE). CAESAR, IRVING - Irving Caesar's Sing a Song of Safety. Music by Gerald Marks
1863: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Strange Interlude
6738: (O'NEILL, EUGENE). ATKINSON, JENNIFER MCCABE - Eugene O'Neill: A Descriptive Bibliography
28113: (O'NEILL, ROSE). CAESAR, IRVING - Irving Caesar's Sing a Song of Safety. Music by Gerald Marks
18657: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Strange Interlude: A Play
31943: O'NEILL, ROSE - The Master-Mistress: Poems by Rose O'Neill. With Drawings by the Author
29044: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Dynamo
3709: NELKEN, S - Publikum Und Verbrechen: Praktische Ratschlage Fur Den Selbstschutz. Mit Einem Vorwort Von Dr. Weiss, Polizeivizeprasident Von Berlin
27222: (NELSON, CONNIE). SHACOCHIS, BOB - The Next New World
14246: NELSON, GRACE MIX - The Blue of Alaska and Other Poems
14248: NELSON, STANLEY - Ode for Giorgio de Chirico
14483: NELSON, STANLEY - Immigrant Book II. (an Epic Poem)
31873: (SIMON, PAUL). NELSON, WILLIE, CAVETT, DICK; ET AL - Back at the Ranch. To Benefit the Nature Conservancy and Other Local Charities. (Concert Program)
24604: NERUDA, PABLO - Songs of Protest
30645: DE NERVAL, GERARD - Poesies Fugitives
6042: NESTLER, HAROLD - A Bibliography of New York State Communities: Counties, Towns, Villages
16078: NETO, JOSE POSSI; MENDOZA, LIWAYWAY; SCHECHNER, RICHARD; SHANK, THEODORE; ET AL. (KIRBY, MICHAEL; EDITOR) - The Drama Review: Annual Performance Issue. Volume 21, Number 3 (T-75) September 1977
15538: NETTING, ROBERT MCC - Smallholders, Householders: Farm Families and the Ecology of Intensive, Sustainable Agriculture
1773: NETTL, BRUNO - Folk and Traditional Music of the Western Continents
22409: NETTL, BRUNO - Music in Primitive Culture
32215: NEU, JOHN; EDITOR - Chemical, Medical and Pharmaceutical Books Printed Before 1800 in the Collection of the University of Wisconsin Libraries. Edited by John Neu. Compiled by Samuel Ives, Reese Jenkins and John Neu
6869: NEUBURG, VICTOR E - The Penny Histories: A Study of Chapbooks for Young Readers over Two Centuries
27510: (UTAMARO; HIROSHIGE; KUNIYOSHI; ET AL). NEUER, RONI; AND LIBERTSON, HERB - Images of the Floating World 1680-1930
20887: (NEUFELD, PHILIP M.). (TANIS, JAMES) - The Philip M. Neufeld Collection: Manuscripts and Printed Books. Part I. Auction / Tuesday, April 25, 1995... . (Auction Catalog)
20818: (NEUFIELD, PHILIP M.; 1905-1990). TANIS, JAMES - The Philip M. Neufeld Collection: Printed Books and Manuscripts. Part II. Auction Wednesday, April 26, 1995. (Catalog)
6217: NEUMAIER, LINDA T.; COMPILER - National Portrait Gallery / Smithsonian Institution / Permanent Collection / Illustrated Checklist
5924: NEUMANN, JAMES R.; EDITOR - The Harper Encyclopedia of Science. 4 Volumes
25863: NEUMANN, HERMAN; AND TAYLOR, FREDERICK, E. L - Neumann and Taylor / Architects
31285: NEUWIRTH, WALTRAUD - Osterreichische Keramik Des Jugendstils: Katalog Der Sammlung Des Osterreichischen Museums Fur Angewandte Kunst, Wien
15104: NEVADOMSKY, JOSEPH; BLIER, SUZANNE PRESTON; NESMITH, FISHER H., JR.; ET AL - African Arts. May 1984 - Volume XVII, Number 3
23022: (NEVELSON, LOUISE). MORGAN, ROBERT C - Louise Nevelson: Sculpture of the '50s and '60s. March 18 - April 27, 2002. (Catalog)
32326: NEVELSON, LOUISE - Nevelson: Sky Gates and Collages
27168: (NEVELSON, LOUISE). ALBEE, EDWARD - Louise Nevelson: Atmospheres and Environments
27187: NEVELSON, LOUISE - Louise Nevelson: Sculpture 1957-1987
6317: NEVILL, RALPH - Old English Sporting Books
21863: NEWBOLT, W. C. E.; ET AL - Cathedrals of England. Second Series
1807: (NEWELL, PETER). BROWNE, PORTER EMERSON - Peace--at Any Price
18104: NEWELL, EDWARD T - Royal Greek Portrait Coins: Being an Illustrated Treatise on the Portrait Coins of the Various Kingdoms, and Containing Historical References to Their Coinages, Mints, and Rulers
6488: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT - The History of Photography from 1839 to the Present Day. Revised and Enlarged Edition
10891: (NEWHALL, BEAUMONT). ADAMS, ANSEL - In Plain Sight: The Photographs of Beaumont Newhall. Foreword by Ansel Adams
27683: NEWLOVE, DONALD - The Drunks
5383: NEWMAN, ERNEST - Fact and Fiction About Wagner
14027: NEWMAN, ERNEST - A Musical Critic's Holiday
35355: (THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS). - Japan's Ancient Sculpture: 50 Selected National Treasures.
2664: NEWTON, A. EDWARD - Doctor Johnson: A Play
4717: NEWTON, ERIC - The Meaning of Beauty
6346: NEWTON, A. EDWARD - The Greatest Book in the World and Other Papers
32209: (NEWTON, RUTH). WINDSOR, MARY - Soap and Bubbles - a Picture Story Book
24245: NEWTON, DOUGLAS - New Guinea Art in the Collection of the Museum of Primitive Art
30177: (NEWTON, ISAAC). NICOLSON, MARJORIE HOPE - Newton Demands the Muse: Newton's Opticks and the Eighteenth Century Poets
33079: NEWTON, RICHARD HEBER. (1840-1914) - Social Studies. By R. Heber Newton, Rector of All Souls' Church, New York
23214: (NEWTON, A. EDWARD) - A. Edward Newton / a Collection of His Works. Catalogue Number Eight
35820: NEZVAL, VITEZSLAV. - Z Meho Zivota.
1703: (NGHIEK, TONG) - Splendors of the Sohites. World Premiere Exhibition at O.K. Harris Gallery, New York City / 13 September-October 1980. (Catalogue)
30802: NICHOLS, ROBERT - Fisbo: Or the Looking-Glass Loaned. (a Satiric Poem in Five Books)
33544: NICHOLS, JOHN (1745-1826) UNDER THE PSEUDONYM OF SYLVANUS URBAN. - [a Significant Article on Plastic Surgery Being the First Report Published in Europe on the Hindu Method of Rhinoplasty]: The Gentleman's Magazine: And Historical Chronicle. For the Year Mdccxciv. Volume LXIV. (2 Volumes, Complete from January Through December 1794).
22480: NICHOLS, ROBERT - Fantastica: Being the Smile of the Sphinx and Other Tales of Imagination. With a Foreword by John Masefield
32580: NICHOLS, JOHN (1745-1826) UNDER THE PSEUDONYM OF SYLVANUS URBAN - The Gentleman's Magazine: And Historical Chronicle. For the Year Mdccxci. Volume LXI. (2 Volumes, Complete from January Through December 1791)
14470: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - News of England / or, a Country without a Hero
33495: NICHOLS, JOHN (1745-1826) UNDER THE PSEUDONYM OF SYLVANUS URBAN - The Gentleman's Magazine: And Historical Chronicle. For the Year Mdccxcv. Volume LXV. (2 Volumes, Complete from January Through December 1795)
33593: NICHOLS, JOHN (1745-1826) UNDER THE PSEUDONYM OF SYLVANUS URBAN. - An 18th Century Illustration with a Significant Article on Plastic Surgery, It Being the First Report Published in Europe on the Hindu Method of Rhinoplasty. [Published in the October & December 1794 Issues of "the Gentleman's Magazine: And Historical Chronicle. For the Year Mdccxciv. "]
33586: NICHOLS, JOHN (1745-1826) UNDER THE PSEUDONYM OF SYLVANUS URBAN. - An 18th Century Illustration with a Description and Explanation of the French Telegraph [Published in the November 1794 Issue of "the Gentleman's Magazine: And Historical Chronicle. For the Year Mdccxciv. "]
7112: (NICHOLSON, JOHN PAGE) - Catalogue of Library of Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Page Nicholson... Relating to the War of the Rebellion 1861-1866
11073: NICHOLSON, WATSON - The Struggle for a Free Stage in London
29827: NICHOLSON, BEN - Ben Nicholson 1955 - 1965
25044: (NICHOLSON, BEN). LYNTON, NORBERT - Ben Nicholson: New Reliefs
29734: NICHOLSON, BEN - Ben Nicholson: Works on Paper. An Exhibition in Honour of the Artist's 80th Birthday
24602: NICOLETTI, A. M.; MANARA, E.; BOZZO, G - Genova: IL Palazzo Della Nuova Borsa
787: NICOLSON, HAROLD - Kings, Courts and Monarchy
28843: NIDA, EUGENE A.; EDITOR - The Book of a Thousand Tongues
18672: NIELSEN, CARL - Commotio / Komponeret for Orgel
27203: NIEUWENDIJK, KOEN - The Refined Image: Aspects of Dutch New Realist Painting
11976: (NIJINKSKY, VASLAV). NJINSKA, BRONISLAVA - Bronislava Nijinska: Early Memoirs. Translated and Edited by Irina Nijinska and Jean Rawlinson with an Introduction by and in Consultation with Anna Kisselgoff
10082: (NIKOLOV, ANDREI; B. 1878). KATZ, MIKHAIL YAKOVLEVICH - Andrei Nikolov: Life and Work
28976: (MEL'NIKOV, KONSTANTIN S.). FOSSO, MARIO; MACEL, OTAKAR; MERIGGI, MAURIZIO; EDITORS - Konstantin S. Mel'Nikov and the Construction of Moscow
14933: (NIN, ANAIS). CENTING, RICHARD; EDITOR - Under the Sign of Pisces: Anais Nin and Her Circle. Fall, 1978. Volume 9, Number 4
14934: (NIN, ANAIS). CENTING, RICHARD; EDITOR - Under the Sign of Pisces: Anais Nin and Her Circle Summer, 1979. Volume10, Number 3
34043: NISBETT, LOUISA CRANSTOUN. (1812-1858). POPULAR ENGLISH ACTRESS WHO DEBUTED AT AGE 17. - Autograph Letter Signed by Louise Cranstoun Nisbett, the Popular English Actress Who Debuted at Age 17.
23387: NITOBE, INAZO. (1862-1933) - Reminiscences of Childhood / in the Early Days of Modern Japan / by Inazo Nitobe / with Introduction and Comments / by Mary Patterson Elkinton Nitobe
11651: (NIXON, RICHARD M.; HALDEMAN, H. R.; DEAN, JOHN) - Transcripts of Eight Recorded Presidential Conversations. Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Ninety-Third Congress,Second Session. Pursuant to H. Res. 803: A Resolution Authorizing and Directing the Committee on the Judiciary to Investigate Whether Sufficient Grounds Exist for the House of Representatives to Exercise Its Constitutional Power to Impeach Richard M. Nixon, President of the United States of America. May-June 1974
30184: NIZAN, PAUL - Le Cheval de Troie
17938: NOBLE, H. G. S - The New York Stock Exchange in the Crisis of 1914
33521: NOCK, O. S - The Great Western Railway / in the Twentieth Century
5089: NOCK, O. S - The Railways of Britain Past and Present
31794: NOCK, O. S - British Railway Signalling: A Survey of Fifty Years' Progress
19774: NOLAND, KENNETH - Doors and Ghosts: Painted Monotypes. March 6-30, 1985. (Catalog)
24912: (NOLDE, EMIL). REUTHER, MANFRED - Emil Nolde: Naturaleza Y Religion
4756: NORBECK, EDWARD - Changing Japan
7545: NORDAN, LEWIS - Music of the Swamp
10887: NORDERHAUG, MAGNAR. - Svalbard.
22192: NORFLEET, BARBARA - The Illusion of Orderly Progress
10247: NORGAARD, BJORN - Bjorn Norgaard
8388: NORMAN, JAMES - Terry's Guide to Mexico: A Completely Revised Edition of T. Philip Terry's Standard Guidebook to Mexico
30448: NORMAN, GEOFFREY - Two for the Summit: My Daughter, the Mountains and Me
29730: NORMAN, DOROTHY - Encounters: A Memoir
36069: NORMAN, GERTRUDE. - A Brief History of Bavaria. By Gertrude Norman. Second Edition, Revised and Corrected by Reginald Maxse.
10848: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - Austin's Girl
24976: NORRIS, FRANK - Novels and Essays: Vandover and the Brute / Mcteague / the Octopus / Essays
33994: VAN NORSTRAND, FREDERIC. - A 6-Page Typed Letter Signed to the Saturday Evening Post in Defense of Astrology by the American Astrologer Frederic Van Norstrand.
14420: NORTH, JAMES B - The Apollo Eleven and Other Poems
13766: NORTHEND, CHARLES. (1814-1895) - The Common School Book-Keeping; Being a Simple and Practical System of Single Entry; Designed for the Use of Public Schools, and Adapted to the Wants of Mechanics, Farmers, and Retail Merchants; Containing Various Forms of Notes, Receipts, Orders, Bills, and Other Useful Matter
6146: NORTHUP, CLARK SUTHERLAND - A Bibliography of the Phi Beta Kappa Society
2466: NOTH, WINFRIED - Strukturen Des Happenings
12734: NOTLEY, ALICE - Margaret & Dusty: Poems by Alice Notley
35712: NOURSE, ALAN E. (1928-1992). AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION WRITER. - 2 Typed Letters Signed by Science Fiction Writer Alan E. Nourse to Fellow Science Fiction Writer Reginald Bretnor Concerning the Anthony Boucher Memorial Publication.
27117: NOVA, CRAIG - Incandescence
23606: NOVAK, THADDEUS D - Life and Death on the Greenland Patrol, 1942
34767: HAMILTON, COSMO. (1870-1942). ENGLISH NOVELIST AND PLAYWRIGHT. - Autograph Letter Signed by English Novelist and Playwright Cosmo Hamilton.
34108: CAINE, HALL [SIR THOMAS HENRY HALL CAINE]. (1853-1831). LATE VICTORIAN/EDWARDIAN NOVELIST AND SECRETARY TO DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI. - Autograph Letter and Autograph Note to Bookbinder George Sutcliffe Signed by Hall Caine, Novelist and Secretary to Dante Gabriel Rossetti. (2 Items).
35080: BUCHANAN, ROBERT WILLIAMS. (1841-1901). SCOTTISH POET, NOVELIST AND DRAMATIST. - Slip of Paper Inscribed and Signed by Scottish Poet, Novelist and Dramatist Robert Williams Buchanan.
31214: GLASPELL, SUSAN. (1876-1948). AMERICAN PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING PLAYWRIGHT, ACTRESS, NOVELIST AND JOURNALIST. - Typed Letter Signed by Susan Glaspell Regarding the Premiere of Her Play "the Comic Artist".
34779: DELAND, MARGARET. (1857-1945). AMERICAN NOVELIST AND POET. - Autograph Sentiment Signed by American Novelist and Poet Margaret Deland.
34256: NOVELLO, SABILLA. (1821-1904). SINGER. DAUGHTER OF VICTOR NOVELLO. - Close of a Letter Signed by Singer Sabilla Novello.
796: NOWICKI, ANDRZEJ, ED - Filozofowie 0 Religii. Przeklady. Vol. 2
16943: (TRINITY CHURCH). NOXON, JAMES - Speech of the Hon. James Noxon, of Onondaga, on the Trinity Church Bill. Delivered March 26, 1857
26687: NOYES, ALFRED - If Judgment Comes: A Poem by Alfred Noyes
12121: NUDEL, HARRY - It
23210: (NUDELMAN, EDWARD D.) - High Grade Covers. Catalogue 5
35407: NUNEZ, GABRIELE BETANCOURT. - Karin Szekessy Photography.
15080: NUOFFER, OSKAR - Afrikanische Plastik in Der Gestaltung Von Mutter Und Kind
34571: VAN BUREN, JARVIS (1800-1885). GEORGIA HORTICULTURIST, NURSERYMAN AND BUILDER. - Autograph on a Card, Signed by Georgia Horticulturist, Nurseryman and Builder Jarvis Van Buren with the Date & Place of His Birth.
35435: NUTTALL, MARK. - Patrick Huse: East Greenland Impressions. Photographs from Ammassalik and Ikkateq 1982-2003.
13116: NUTTING, WALLACE - New York Beautiful. Illustrated by the Author with Pictures of Rural New York with Special Reference to Their Authentic Features and Old Life
28256: NUVOLETTI, GIOVANNI - Un Adulterio Mantovano
6938: NYE, RUSSEL B - The Unembarrassed Muse: The Popular Arts in America
12448: NYE, ROBERT - Merlin
24028: (NYEGAARD, CLAES) - 150-Ars Jubileum 1843-1993. Damms Antikvariat (Claes Nyegaard). Katalog 648. (Catalog)
12132: OAKES, GEORGE W - Turn Right at the Fountain. Walking Tours of London, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Munich, Geneva
31544: OAKLEY, THORNTON (1881-1953). AMERICAN ILLUSTRATOR - Autograph Letter Signed with Fine Association, to Fellow Brandywine Artist & Illustrator Frank Schoonover
29696: OATES, JOYCE CAROL. - Small Hymns.
390: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Solstice
6736: (OATES, JOYCE CAROL). DICKINSON, DONALD C - Joyce Carol Oates: A Bibliographical Checklist. Section a--Primary Publications. (in American Book Collector, Volume 2, Number 6, New Series, November/December 1982). Section B--Secondary Publications. (in American Book Collector, Volume 3, Number 1, New Series, January/February 1983)
29505: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - A Sentimental Education. Stories
11808: OBER, FREDERICK A - Crusoe's Island: A Bird-Hunter's Story
32187: OBERFRANC, GRETCHEN M.; EDITOR - Princeton University Library Chronicle. Volume LXVII, Number 1, Autumn 2005
29276: (GERMAN OBERLEUTNANTS) - A Vintage 19th Century Photograph Depicting a Group of 8 German Military Officers in Full Dress Uniform
8983: (OBRANT, SUSAN). AIKEN, JOAN - The Cuckoo Tree
36118: THE NEW YORK OBSERVER. - The New York Observer Year Book 1872. (Cover Title).
29327: MONTES DE OCA, MARCO ANTONIO - The Heart of the Flute. Marco Antonio Montes de Oca. Translated by Laura Villasenor. Introduction by Octavio Paz
5435: OCKERSE, TOM - Post Art: Some Found Poems Originally Published As Limited Edition Serigraphs or As Part of Other Toe Publications
5437: OCKERSE, TOM - Son of Fury: A Documentracing
5438: OCKERSE, TOM - Documentracings: Printed Matter
29072: ODETS, CLIFFORD - The Big Knife
21402: OFFENBACH, JACQUES - Offenbach in America: Notes of a Travelling Musician. With a Biographical Preface by Albert Wolff. Translated from Advance Sheets of the Original Paris Edition
34097: MONTROSE, 6TH DUKE OF. (GRAHAM, JAMES). (1878-1954). SCOTTISH NAVAL OFFICER AND INVENTOR. HE WAS THE FIRST TO FILM A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN (1899). - Typed Letter Signed by Scottish Naval Officer and Inventor the 6th Duke of Montrose About a Possible U.S. Lecture Tour.
35018: PAGET, HENRY, 1ST MARQUESS OF ANGLESEY. (1768-1854). BRITISH ARMY OFFICER AND POLITICIAN. CAVALRY OFFICER IN THE PENINSULA WAR AND AT WATERLOO. - Autograph Letter Signed by British Cavalry Commander Henry Paget, 1st Marquess of Angelsey.
35927: (TITANIA'S PALACE). WILKINSON, SIR NEVILE. (1869-1940). BRITISH AMY OFFICER AND DESIGNER OF THE DOLLHOUSE "TITANIA'S PALACE". - An Utterly Charming Autograph Letter Written to Bookbinders Sangorski & Sutcliffe on Behalf of Titania "Queen of the Fairies" and Signed by Her Palace's Designer Sir Nevile Wilkinson.
29682: OFFICERS AND STAFF OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY - The Record of the Royal Society of London
17538: (VILLAGE OFFICERS) - The Charter, by-Laws and Ordinances of the Village of New Rochelle, Amendments and Revisions, 1891. (Cover Title)
35964: [VARIOUS OFFICIALS]. - Census of Slaves, 1755.
35978: [VARIOUS OFFICIALS]. - Papers Relating to Kings County, L.I. (Includes Census and Names).
22974: OFFSEY, SOL - Edifice, and Other Stories
9813: OGEN, MART. (1939--1998) - Underground Poems
28883: OHLBAUM, ISOLDE - Isolde Ohlbaum / Bilder Des Literarischen Lebens: 352 Portraitphotographien Aus Vier Jahrzehnten Von a - Z
36043: OHLY, DR. J. - Analysis, Detection and Commercial Value of the Rare Metals. A Treatise on the Occurrence and Distribution of the Rare Metals and Earths, the Methods of Determination and Their Commercial Value in the Arts and Industries with a Historical and Statistical Review of Each.
29679: OHRINGER, FREDERIC - A Portrait of the Theatre. By Frederic Ohringer, with Introduction by Joseph Papp
14493: (OHSER, ERICH). KASTNER, ERICH - Ein Mann Gibt Auskunft
33327: OJA, CAROL J.; EDITOR - American Music Recordings: A Discography of 20th Century U.S. Composers. A Project of the Institute for Studies in American Music for the Koussevitzky Music Foundation, Inc. Carol J. Oja, Editor. Foreword by William Schuman
8258: OKADA, KOYO - Mt. Fuji
27513: OKADA, BARBRA TERI; REYNOLDS, VALRAE - Japan: The Enduring Heritage. Selections from the Newark Museum Collection
23927: (OLBRICH, JOSEPH MARIA). HAIKO, PETER; KRIMMEL, BERND - Joseph Maria Olbrich: Architecture. Complete Reprint of the Original Plates of 1901-1914
23596: (PLETSCH, OSCAR). OLDENBERG, FRIEDRICH; ET AL - Springinsfeld: Dreiundzwanzig Original-Zeichnungen Von Oscar Pletsch
29560: (OLDENBURG, CLAES). MORPHET, RICHARD - Claes Oldenburg: An Exhibition of Recent Erotic Fantasy Drawings
22215: (OLDENBURG, CLAES) - A Bottle of Notes and Some Voyages. Claes Oldenburg: Drawings, Sculptures, and Large-Scale Projects with Coosje Van Bruggen
1743: (OLDENBURG, CLAES) - New Work by Claes Oldenburg Opening Wednesday 4-7 November 4-28 1970 at Sidney Janis 6 West 57. (Catalogue)
35911: OLDENBURG, CLAES. - Oldenburg.
22137: (OLDENBURG, CLAES) - Claes Oldenburg. September 18 - October 17, 1992
15273: OLDFIELD, MARGERY L.; AND ALCORN, JANIS B - Biodiversity: Culture, Conservation and Ecodevelopment. Foreword by E.O. Wilson
31871: OLDKNOW, TINA; EDITOR - The Glass Art Society: 27th Annual Conference "Global Glass" Tucson, Arizona 1997
22322: OLDS, GAMALIEL S - The Substance of Several Sermons, Upon the Subjects of Episcopacy and Presbyterian Parity
30739: OLDS, IRVING S.; PRESIDENT; ET AL - The Grolier Club: Officers, Committees, Constitution and by-Laws, Members. Reports of Officers and Committees for the Year 1953
35094: OLIPHANT, PAT. (B. 1935). AUSTRALIAN EDITORIAL CARTOONIST WHOSE CAREER SPANS MORE THAN FIFTY YEARS. - Glossy Reproduction of One of Pulitzer Prize-Winner Pat Oliphant's Cartoons Inscribed and Signed by Him.
29076: (VASQUEZ). VALENZUELA OLIVA, WILFREDO - Las Dos Goteras Y Otros Cuentos. Prologo de Rafael Zea Ruano
15116: OLIVER, PETER - The Year 1800 in the United States. Notes on the Physical World: Sight, Sound, Shape, Smell & Taste
16988: OLIVER, SMITH HEMPSTONE - Catalog of the Automobile and Motorcycle Collection of the Division of Engineering United States National Museum. Smithsonian Institution / United States National Museum / Bulletin 198
4017: OLLENDORFF, OSCAR - Andacht in Der Malerei: Beitrage Zur Psychologie Der Grossmeister
23164: (LIBRERIA LEO S. OLSCHKI) - Cento Libri Desiderabili. Catalogo N. 128
16168: (OLSEN, MARLOW W.) - Rare Clocks: Liquidating the Collection of Dr. Marlow W. Olsen of Emmetsburg, Iowa. Public Auction / Tuesday May 10, 1988... . (Auction Catalog)
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34315: (PRYCE, LEONTYNE; HUTCHERSON, LEVERN; CALLOWAY, CAB). - August 1953 Production of Porgy and Bess Starring Leontyne Price and Levern Hutcherson. (Program).
35854: PRYNNE, J. H. - The Oval Window.
35856: PRYNNE, J. H. - Not-You.
35866: PRYNNE, J. H. - Aristeas.
35857: PRYNNE, J. H.; DUBOURG, B. - Marzipan / Massepain.
35863: PRYNNE, JEREMY; ET AL. - Prospect / Issue Six / Spring Nineteen-Sixty-Four.
35855: PRYNNE, J. H. - Word Order.
28899: (PRZYBYSZEWSKI, STANISLAS). HERMAN, MAXIME - Stanislas Przybyszewski (de 1868 a 1900)
35679: MENNINGER, KARL. (1893-1990). AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIST AND ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE MENNINGER FOUNDATION. - Typed Letter with Excellent Content Including an Attack on Fredric Wertham Signed by American Psychiatrist Karl Menninger.
28257: (PRESBYTERIAN BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS) - Short Miscellanies for Young People
23182: (VENTE AUX ENCHERES PUBLIQUES) - Collection J.D. : Manuscrits Et Livres Precieux Du Quinzieme Au Vingtieme Siecle / Autographes Historiques Et Litteraires / Lettres de Peintres / Reliures. Vente Aux Encheres Publiques a Paris Les 6 Et 7 Decembre 1961. (Catalogue)
27882: NOVELLO, JOSEPH ALFRED. (1810-1896). COMPOSER, ORGANIST, MUSIC PUBLISHER AND FRIEND OF MENDELSSOHN. - Autograph Letter Signed by Joseph Alfred Novello, Composer, Organist, Music Publisher and Friend of Mendelssohn.
33021: (HENRY HOYT PUBLISHER) - Willie Wilson, the Newsboy
35101: RIDDER, HERMAN. (1851-1915). AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHER AND EDITOR. - Close of a Letter Signed by American Newspaper Publisher and Editor Herman Ridder.
22204: (MANHATTAN POST CARD PUBLISHING) - New York: The Wonder City. (Cover Title)
29882: (EURAP PUBLISHING) - Continental Film Review. Vol. 22 No. 3
23016: (EURAP PUBLISHING) - Continental Film Review. Vol. 22 No. 8
23012: (EURAP PUBLISHING) - Continental Film Review. Vol. 22 No. 4
23008: (EURAP PUBLISHING) - Continental Film Review. Vol. 22 No. 9
22096: [ALEXANDER PUBLISHING] - Tiny Tot's Travels. (Cover Title)
22115: (JAY PUBLISHING) - 75th Anniversary of the National League
26793: PUCCINI, GIACOMO (1858-1924); GREAT ITALIAN OPERA COMPOSER. - A Superb Imperial Cabinet Photograph of Puccini Inscribed, Signed and Dated by the Great Italian Opera Composer.
35513: PUCCINI, GIACOMO. - Letters of Giacomo Puccini Mainly Connected with the Composition and Production of His Operas. Edited by Giuseppe Adami. Translated from the Italian and Edited for the English Edition by Ena Makin.
11859: PUGH, WINFIELD SCOTT, M. D.; EDITOR - War Medicine: A Symposium
26108: PUIG, MANUEL - Kiss of the Spider Woman
35217: PUIG, MANUEL. - Pubis Angelical.
20633: PUJOL, ERNESTO - Notes from the Field: Early Globalism, Museum Residencies, and Artists As Mediators
11275: PULLIN, V. E - Sir Isaac Newton: A Biographical Sketch
339: PUPIN, MICHAEL - The New Reformation: From Physical to Spiritual Realities
405: PURDY, JAMES - Color of Darkness: Eleven Stories and a Novella
2942: PURDY, KEN - 1904 Handbook of Gasoline Automobiles. Introduction by Ken Purdy
3301: PURDY, JAMES; AND ALBEE, EDWARD - Malcolm. Adapted by Edward Albee from the Novel by James Purdy
7654: PURDY, JAMES - Mourners Below
33609: PURDY, JAMES. - Proud Flesh: Four Short Plays.
15138: PUSHKIN, ALEKSANDR SERGEEVICH - Dubrovsky / Dubrovskii. Adapted and Edited by Ludwig Kruhe
6125: (PYLE, HOWARD). (ELZEA, ROWLAND) - Howard Pyle: Works in the Collection of the Delaware Art Museum
21208: (PYLE, HOWARD). MORSE, WILLARD R.; BRINCKLE, GERTRUDE; COMPILERS - Howard Pyle: A Record of His Illustrations and Writings
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34106: (QUARITCH, BERNARD). WRENTMORE, CHARLOTTE QUARITCH. - A Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts Issued to Commemorate the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Firm of Bernard Quaritch 1847-1947. With a Portrait-Study of the Founder by His Daughter Charlotte Quaritch Wrentmore. (Catalogue).
26717: (QUARLES, FRANCIS.; 1592-1644. ENGLISH POET) - Engraved Portrait Entitled "Effigies Francisci Quarles / Aetatis Suae 52" by William Marshall, with a Verse by Alexander Ross
6071: QUAYLE, ERIC - The Collector's Book of Children's Books
6345: QUAYLE, ERIC - The Collector's Book of Books
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6092: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Detective Short Story: A Bibliography
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2371: QUIGLEY, MARTIN, JR.; AND GERTNER, RICHARD - Films in America 1929-1969
5305: QUIMBY, MYRON J - The Devil's Emissaries
27047: QUINCY, JOSIAH PHILLIPS - Dreams As Factors in History
15020: QUINCY, JOSIAH - Speech of the Hon. Josiah Quincy in the House of Representatives of the United States / Delivered the 5th January, 1813, on the Bill in Addition to the Act Entitled "an Act to Raise an Additional Military Force," and for Other Purposes
6190: (QUINN, JOHN) - Complete Catalogue of the Library of John Quinn Sold by Auction in Five Parts. (with Printed Prices). 2 Volumes
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35726: QUINTERO, JOSE A. (BABBY). - Quien Es Quien: Un Directorio Biografico Y de Referencias de Y Para la Comunidad de Habla Espanola de Nueva York. 1964.
35727: QUINTERO, JOSE A. (BABBY). - Quien Es Quien: Un Directorio Biografico Y de Referencias de Y Para la Comunidad de Habla Espanola de Nueva York. 1964.
20736: (QUIRK, SUSAN). (SOOS, JACK) - America the Beautiful
33955: VAN RAAY, JAN; NIGGL, THOMAS. - Coping and Hoping: Against Terrorism But No Real Solution Ye... .
35313: RABE, DAVID. - Untitled Play [Hurlyburly].
7143: RABENALT, ARTHUR MARIA - Voluptas Ludens: Erotisches Geheimtheater / Siebzehntes, Achtzehntes Und Neunzehntes Jahrhundert
28736: M'RABET, FADELA - La Femme Algerienne Suivi de Les Algeriennes
25065: (RABINOWITCH, DAVID). DAVIS, WHITNEY - The Gravitational Vehicles 1965
34918: SAILER, TONI. (1935-2009). GREAT AUSTRIAN ALPINE SKI RACER AND WINNER OF THREE GOLD MEDALS AT THE 1956 WINTER OLYMPICS. - First Day Cover Signed by Austrian Alpine Ski Racer and Gold Medal-Winner Toni Sailer.
14862: RACHMANINOV, SERGE - Aleko: Opera in One Act. Piano Score and Text
24217: (RACKHAM, ARTHUR). POLLARD, ALFRED W - The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. Abridged from Malory's Morte D'Arthur by Alfred W. Pollard
18360: (RACKHAM, ARTHUR). RUSKIN, JOHN - The King of the Golden River. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
35508: RACUSEN, DAVID. - A Pocket Guide to Bio-Organic Structures.
26928: RADER, DOTSON - Blood Dues
33094: RAYBURN, GENE (1917-1999). RADIO AND TELEVISION PERSONALITY WHO HOSTED MATCH GAME FOR OVER 20 YEARS. - Typed Letter Signed by the Hilarious Host of "Match Game" Gene Rayburn Responding to a Request from the Saturday Evening Post for a Contribution.
98: RADLEY, KEVIN; EDITOR - Visual Voices/a Spoken Word Event
18521: RADOVANOVIC, VLADAN - Story of "O" / Vocovisual
28819: (RADZIWILL, FRANZ). VAN DYKE, JAMES A - Franz Radziwill and the Contradictions of German Art History, 1919-45
33326: (PRIVATE PRESSES). RAE, THOMAS; AND HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY; COMPILERS - The Book of the Private Press: A Check-List. With a Foreword by John Ryder
36037: RAGOZIN, ZENAIDE A. - A History of the World: Early Egypt.
21843: RAHMANI, FARIDA - La Casbah D'Alger: Un Art de Vivre Des Algeriennes. Preface / Mounir Bouchenaki
22759: RAHUL, RAM - The Government and Politics of Tibet
25561: (SOUTH AFRICAN RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS) - South Africa: Land of the Outdoor Life
32106: RAINE, CRAIG - The Prophetic Book and Other Poems / Ksiega Proroctw I Inne Wiersze
22715: RAINER, DACHINE - The Uncomfortable Inn
26086: RAINER, ARNULF. (B. 1929) - Arnulf Rainer. 1
29628: (DARBY, ABRAHAM; ET AL). RAISTRICK, ARTHUR - Dynasty of Ironfounders: The Darbys and Coalbrookdale
15198: RAJAURE, DRONE - The Tharu Women of Sukhrwar. The Status of Women in Nepal. Volume II: Field Studies Part 3
27700: RALEIGH, WALTER - Style
1632: RALPH, JULIAN - Towards Pretoria: A Record of the War between Briton and Boer to the Relief of Kimberley. By Julian Ralph, Special War Correspondent to the "Daily Mail". With a Summary of Subsequent Events to the Hoisting of the British Flag at Bloemfontein. With Historical Foreword, Appendices and Map
23081: KOVEL, RALPH AND TERRY - The Kovels' Collector's Guide to American Art Pottery
11190: RALSTON, ANTHONY; EDITOR; AND MEEK, C. L.; ASSISTANT EDITOR - Encyclopedia of Computer Science
13132: RAMER, LUCAS - Medizinische Beobachtungen Bei Der Eisenbahnkatastrophe Bellinzona-Arbedo Vom 23. April 1924 / Mit Spezieller Berucks. Der Gefahren Brennbare Gase Mitfuhrender Wagen. Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Der Doktorwurde Der Hohen Medizinischen Fakultat Der Universitat Zurich. Vorgelegt Von Lucas Ramer Med. Praft. Von Wallwnstadt. Genehmigt Auf Anfrag Von Herrn Prof. Dr. H. Zangger
28245: RAMSAY, JOAN - Horns in Velvet
32794: RAMSEY, PAUL - In an Ordinary Place: Poems by Paul Ramsey
14673: RAND, CHRISTOPHER - Grecian Calendar
32750: RANDALL, JAMES RYDER (1839-1908) - Maryland, My Maryland and Other Poems
35176: RANDALL, DAVID A. - An Exhibition of Books Relating to Medicine and Surgery from the Collection Formed by J.K. Lilly.
6519: RANDEL, DON MICHAEL; COMPILER - Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music
24133: RANDHAWA, M.S - Basohli Painting
19308: (RANDOLPH, JOHN). ADAMS, HENRY - John Randolph
31035: RANKE, HERMANN - Masterpieces of Egyptian Art
26144: URROZ-RAPOLD, PATRICIA - Seasonal Living in the Catskill's Windham High Peak and Trails: Art, Essay, and Poetry by Patricia Urroz-Rapold
23616: (RAPOPORT, NATHAN). YAFFE, RICHARD - Nathan Rapoport Sculptures and Monuments
36124: RASCO, RAFAEL. - De Guacamaya a la Sierra: Leyendas Y Narraciones Cubanas.
16917: (RASKIN, S.). HERSHKOWITZ, ABE; EDITOR - Convention Stitches. Issued by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Don't Worry Gang. Vol. Xyz, No. 606. New York, May 20,1940. Hotel New Yorker. Entered As First Class Mail with the Permission of Jim Farley
35206: RASMUSSEN, KNUD. - Die Gabe Des Adlers: Eskimoische Marchen.
29402: (POLLOCK, JACKSON; ET AL). RATCLIFF, CARTER - The Fate of a Gesture: Jackson Pollock and Postwar American Art
924: RATNER, ROCHELLE - Bobby's Girl
34975: RATTIGAN, TERENCE. (1911-1977). ONE OF ENGLAND'S MOST POPULAR MID TWENTIETH CENTURY PLAYWRIGHTS. - Autograph Letter Signed by Leading British Playwright Terence Rattigan.
32021: RATTIGAN, TERENCE - Who Is Sylvia? a Light Comedy
21080: RATTIGAN, TERENCE; HOFFMAN, THEODORE; SCHWARTZ, ARTHUR; COWAN, LESTER; PARKER, TYLER; GASSNER, JOHN; HOTCHNER, A. E.; ET AL - Theatre Arts. Special Issue: Main Street to Broadway. July 1953. Volume XXXVII, No. 7
34323: RATTIGAN, TERENCE MERRYN. - French without Tears: A Comedy in Three Acts.
30911: RATTNER, ABRAHAM - Abraham Rattner
34371: RAU, JOHANN. - Vollstandig Mit Den Betreffenden Gesetzzen Erlautertes, Und in Alphabetische Ordnung Gebrachtes Stempelpatent Vom 30. Janer 1788. [---] Der Justizgesezsammlung 776. Mit Einigen Anmerkungen Von Johann Rau.
22525: (RAUSCHENBERG, ROBERT). FEINSTEIN, RONI - Robert Rauschenberg: The Silkscreen Paintings 1962-64 / Roni Feinstein / with a Contribution by Calvin Tomkins
23654: RAUSCHENBERG, ROBERT - Robert Rauschenberg: Works
17307: (RAVEL, MAURICE). ORENSTEIN, ARBIE - Ravel: Man and Musician
29782: RAVEN, CHARLES E - English Naturalists from Neckam to Ray: A Study of the Making of the Modern World
27662: RAVENEL, SHANNON; EDITOR - New Stories from the South: The Year's Best 1988
34404: RAVENSCROFT, THOMAS. - Pammelia. Deutromelia. Melismata. (Facsimile).
19271: RAVID, JOYCE - Here and There: Photographs / Joyce Ravid
29675: RAWLINGS, JANE - The Penelopeia. (a Novel in Verse)
5034: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - The Seventh Great Oriental Monarchy / or the Geography, History, and Antiquities of the Sassanian or New Persan Empire / Collected and Illustrated from Ancient and Modern Sources by George Rawlinson
5214: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - The Story of Ancient Egypt by George Rawlinson with the Collaboration of Arthur Gilman
18131: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - The Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy; or, the Geography, History and Antiquities of Parthia. Collected and Illustrated from Ancient and Modern Sources
1409: RAY, ROBIN; COMPILER - Words on Music
2342: RAY, NICHOLAS - The John Player Lecture Series: Nicholas Ray--Writer, Director
2356: (RAY, NICHOLAS) - Nicholas Ray. Mythes, Mythologie / 6e Recontres Art & Cinema / Quimper / 25 Mars 5 Avril 1988
6181: RAY, GORDON N.; AND BARRET, C. WALLER - The American Writer in England: An Exhibition Arranged in Honor of the Sesquicentennial of the University of Virginia. With a Foreword by Gordon N. Ray and an Introduction by C. Waller Barret
7038: RAY, GORDON N.; WEBER, CARL J.; AND CARTER, JOHN - Nineteenth-Century English Books: Some Problems in Bibliography. (Third Annual Windsor Lectures in Librarianship)
35248: MAN RAY - Man Ray: Paintings, Objects, Photographs. Property from the Estate of Juliet Man Ray, the Man Ray Trust and the Family of Juliet Man Ray. Sale Ln5173.
29632: (RAY, JOHN). SEWARD, A. C - John Ray: A Biographical Sketch Written for the Centenary of the Cambridge Ray Club and Read, in Part, at the Dinner in the Hall of Trinity College on 16 March 1937. [Together with]: The Menu and Two Copies of the Seating Chart
35142: RAY, VIOLET. - Advertising the Contradictions.
21396: RAY, MILTON S - The Farallones, the Painted World, and Other Poems of California. With Fifty-Three Illustrations and with a Supplementary History and Description of the Farallones, Including Notes on Their Plant, Bird, and Animal Life. (2 Volumes)
32983: RAY, NICHOLAS; AND WENDERS, WIM - Nick's Film: Lightning over Water. The Original Release German Poster for the Movie by Nicholas Ray & Wim Wenders
31187: RAY, DAVID - Dragging the Main and Other Poems
27523: RAY, DAVID - Elysium in the Halls of Hell: Poems About India
15340: RAYBURN, BARBARA; EDITOR - Let's Go! Daytripping in and Around the Palouse
16463: RAYHER, ED - The Princess and the Pea: A Grim Tale
33574: RAYMOND, THOMAS L. - Stephen Crane.
24404: (RAYMONDS) - Raymond's Pectoral Plaster: A Modern Preperation for Whooping Cough, Croup, Tight Cough, Hoarseness, Bronchitis and Spasmodic Asthma, Sciatica, Lumbago, Neuralgia and Rheumatic Pains
21931: SESMA, RAYMUNDO AND CALDERON, ELIGIO - Sesma: Epiphaneia Video-Installation. Aphorismen Eligio Calderon April-Juni 1994 (Catalog)
35583: READ, JOHN. - The Alchemist in Life, Literature and Art.
30000: READ, HERBERT - The Innocent Eye
26819: READ, HERBERT - Art and Industry: The Principles of Industrial Design
19609: READ, HERBERT - The Innocent Eye. With an Autograph Letter Signed from Herbert Read
32991: READ, JOHN - Humour and Humanism in Chemistry
25026: READ, HERBERT; BAKER, JOHN - English Stained Glass
33352: (READ, F. W.; BLASHFIELD, ALBERT D.). MITCHELL, J. A - The Last American: A Fragment from the Journal of Khan-LI, Prince of Dimph-Yoo-Chur and Admiral in the Persian Navy. Edition de Luxe. Illustrated in Color by F.W. Read / with Decorative Designs by Albert D. Blashfield and Illustrations by the Author
700: READE, CHARLES - Peg Woffington
33276: REAGE, PAULINE - Return to the Chateau / Preceded by a Girl in Love
349: REBECCA - Tramps in New York
33494: CARPENTER, ALFRED F.B. (1881-1955). BRITISH VICE-ADMIRAL WHO SERVED DURING THE BOXER REBELLION AND WHO WAS AWARDED THE VICTORIA CROSS FOR HIS SERVICE IN THE RAID ON ZEEBRUGGE - An Original Underwood & Underwood Photograph Signed by Captain Alfred F.B. Carpenter, Who Was Awarded the Victoria Cross for His Actions in the Raid on Zeebrugge
25397: (ARCHITECTURAL RECORD) - The Architectural Record. Vol. 56, No 2. August, 1924. Serial 311
5072: (VICTOR RECORDS) - The Victrola Book of the Opera: Stories of the Operas with Illustrations and Descriptions of Victor Opera Records
699: REDDING, J. SAUNDERS - Stranger and Alone: A Novel
35841: (REDON, ODILON). (FONDA, EDDA). - Redon.
733: REDSTONE, LOUIS G - Louis G. Redstone: From Israeli Pioneer to American Architect
23180: (REDWELLS) - The American Frontier from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Volume II: From Lewis and Clark Through the Mexican War. (Catalog)
35994: (BEST, SUKY; GAMBOA, HARRY, JR.; ET AL). REED, JANE LEVY; CURATOR. - Sf Camerawork Presents Fotonovela. Ep. No. 1 - Octobre 16 de 1998. Deseo Y Desire. (Cover Title).
1873: REED, ISHMAEL - The Last Days of Louisiana Red
3320: REED, MARK - Yes, My Darling Daughter: A Comedy in Three Acts
5537: REED, CARL; TOWNE, BURT - Sculpture from Found Objects
7520: REED, ISHMAEL - Airing Dirty Laundry
5063: REESE, GUSTAVE - Music in the Middle Ages. With an Introduction on the Music of Ancient Times
6514: REESE, WILLIAM L - Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion: Eastern and Western Thought
33175: REESE, LIZETTE WOODWORTH - A Branch of May
26823: (ORPHEUS CLUB). (REEVE, GEORGE F.) - Annual Meeting and Dinner of the Orpheus Club of Newark, N.J. At Achtel_stetter's, Tuesday Evening, June 13, 1916. President Mr. George F. Reeve
35997: REEVE, F. D. - On Some Scientific Concepts in Russian Poetry at the Turn of the Century. Monday Evening Papers: Number 6. (Cover Title).
31594: REEVES, [JOHN] SIMS. (1818-1900) - Sims Reeves: His Life and Recollections Written by Himself
34208: POTTER, HENRY C. (1835-1908). BISHOP OF THE EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF NEW YORK. NOTABLE FOR HIS INTEREST IN SOCIAL REFORM AND POLITICS. - Autograph Letter Concerning His Personal Finances Signed by Henry C. Potter Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York Known for His Interest in Social Reform and Politics.
27866: BURDETT, SIR FRANCIS (1770-1844). BRITISH REFORMER AND ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIAN. - Autograph Letter Signed by Sir Francis Burdett, on the Verso of the Correspondent's Letter, Regarding George Mainwaring's Petition Accusing Burdett of Voter Fraud.
35640: LANKESTER, EDWIN. (1814-1874). ENGLISH SURGEON, WHOSE WORK HELPED CONTROL CHOLERA. DAWSON, GEORGE. (1821-1876). RADICAL SOCIAL REFORMER AND NONCONFORMIST PREACHER. - Autograph Letter Signed by Edwin Lankester, English Surgeon Who Contributed to the Control of Cholera. Together with: Autograph Note Signed by Nonconformist Preacher and Radical Social Reformer George Dawson [Tipped Onto the Verso of the Lankester Letter].
31902: REFREGIER, ANTON. (1905-1979) - Brief Autograph Note to the Editor of American Artist Signed by Anton Refregier

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