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96353: PUNSHON, WILLIAM MORLEY. (1824-1881). ENGLISH NONCONFORMIST MINISTER. - Slip of Paper Signed by English Nonconformist Minister William Morley Punshon.
339: PUPIN, MICHAEL - The New Reformation: From Physical to Spiritual Realities
96159: PURDY, JAMES. - Malcolm.
405: PURDY, JAMES - Color of Darkness: Eleven Stories and a Novella
2942: PURDY, KEN - 1904 Handbook of Gasoline Automobiles. Introduction by Ken Purdy
3301: PURDY, JAMES; AND ALBEE, EDWARD - Malcolm. Adapted by Edward Albee from the Novel by James Purdy
7654: PURDY, JAMES - Mourners Below
15138: PUSHKIN, ALEKSANDR SERGEEVICH - Dubrovsky / Dubrovskii. Adapted and Edited by Ludwig Kruhe
96886: PUTNAM, GEORGE HAVEN. - Memories of My Youth 1844-1865. By George Haven Putnam, Litt. D. Late Brevet Major, 176th Regt. , N.Y. S. Vols.
6125: (PYLE, HOWARD). (ELZEA, ROWLAND) - Howard Pyle: Works in the Collection of the Delaware Art Museum
21208: (PYLE, HOWARD). MORSE, WILLARD R.; BRINCKLE, GERTRUDE; COMPILERS - Howard Pyle: A Record of His Illustrations and Writings
95812: (PYLE, HOWARD). HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. - The One-Hoss Shay. With Its Companion Poems.
34907: ZHU QIZHAN. - Enduring As the Heavens: Paintings by Zhu Qizhan. Eleventh Annual Exhibition / October 8, 1996.
34106: (QUARITCH, BERNARD). WRENTMORE, CHARLOTTE QUARITCH. - A Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts Issued to Commemorate the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Firm of Bernard Quaritch 1847-1947. With a Portrait-Study of the Founder by His Daughter Charlotte Quaritch Wrentmore. (Catalogue).
26717: (QUARLES, FRANCIS.; 1592-1644. ENGLISH POET) - Engraved Portrait Entitled "Effigies Francisci Quarles / Aetatis Suae 52" by William Marshall, with a Verse by Alexander Ross
6071: QUAYLE, ERIC - The Collector's Book of Children's Books
6345: QUAYLE, ERIC - The Collector's Book of Books
35783: QUEEN, ELLERY; EDITOR. - Sporting Blood: The Great Sports Detective Stories.
6092: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Detective Short Story: A Bibliography
31990: QUENEAU, RAYMOND - The Blue Flowers
36488: QUIE, ALBERT H. (B. 1923). 35TH GOVERNOR OF MINNESOTA FROM 1979-1983. - Typed Letter Signed by Albert H. Quie, Later 35th Governor of Minnesota, Seeking Congressman Seymour Halpern's Support for Quie's Candidacy As Chairman of the House Republican Conference.
2371: QUIGLEY, MARTIN, JR.; AND GERTNER, RICHARD - Films in America 1929-1969
5305: QUIMBY, MYRON J - The Devil's Emissaries
27047: QUINCY, JOSIAH PHILLIPS - Dreams As Factors in History
15020: QUINCY, JOSIAH - Speech of the Hon. Josiah Quincy in the House of Representatives of the United States / Delivered the 5th January, 1813, on the Bill in Addition to the Act Entitled "an Act to Raise an Additional Military Force," and for Other Purposes
6836: QUINNAM, BARBARA; COMPILER - Fables from Icunabula to Modern Picture Books: A Selective Bibliography
35726: QUINTERO, JOSE A. (BABBY). - Quien Es Quien: Un Directorio Biografico Y de Referencias de Y Para la Comunidad de Habla Espanola de Nueva York. 1964.
35727: QUINTERO, JOSE A. (BABBY). - Quien Es Quien: Un Directorio Biografico Y de Referencias de Y Para la Comunidad de Habla Espanola de Nueva York. 1964.
20736: (QUIRK, SUSAN). (SOOS, JACK) - America the Beautiful
33955: VAN RAAY, JAN; NIGGL, THOMAS. - Coping and Hoping: Against Terrorism But No Real Solution Ye... .
36911: WISE, STEPHEN SAMUEL (1874-1949). AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE ERA, REFORM RABBI AND ZIONIST LEADER WHO STARTED THE "FREE SYNAGOGUE" MOVEMENT, SERVED AS PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS AND CO-FOUNDED THE NAACP. - Typed Letter Signed by the Progressive Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise, an Early Supporter of Zionism Who Started the "Free Synagogue" Movement, Thanking James B. Pond for Sending Him Passes for Tickets to Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
36908: WISE, STEPHEN SAMUEL (1874-1949). AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE ERA, REFORM RABBI AND ZIONIST LEADER WHO STARTED THE "FREE SYNAGOGUE" MOVEMENT, SERVED AS PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS AND CO-FOUNDED THE NAACP. - Typed Letter Signed by the Progressive Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise, an Early Supporter of Zionism Who Started the "Free Synagogue" Movement, in Reply to James B. Pond's Invitation to Join His Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
35313: RABE, DAVID. - Untitled Play [Hurlyburly].
7143: RABENALT, ARTHUR MARIA - Voluptas Ludens: Erotisches Geheimtheater / Siebzehntes, Achtzehntes Und Neunzehntes Jahrhundert
25065: (RABINOWITCH, DAVID). DAVIS, WHITNEY - The Gravitational Vehicles 1965
34918: SAILER, TONI. (1935-2009). GREAT AUSTRIAN ALPINE SKI RACER AND WINNER OF THREE GOLD MEDALS AT THE 1956 WINTER OLYMPICS. - First Day Cover Signed by Austrian Alpine Ski Racer and Gold Medal-Winner Toni Sailer.
14862: RACHMANINOV, SERGE - Aleko: Opera in One Act. Piano Score and Text
24217: (RACKHAM, ARTHUR). POLLARD, ALFRED W - The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. Abridged from Malory's Morte D'Arthur by Alfred W. Pollard
35508: RACUSEN, DAVID. - A Pocket Guide to Bio-Organic Structures.
26928: RADER, DOTSON - Blood Dues
36586: BRIGHT, JOHN. (1811-1889). BRITISH RADICAL AND LIBERAL STATESMAN, ONE OF THE GREATEST ORATORS OF HIS GENERATION AND A PROMOTER OF FREE TRADE. - An Original Photograph of British Radical and Liberal Statesman John Bright with His Autograph.
96835: RADIN, MAX. - Handbook of Roman Law. By Max Radin, LL. B. , Ph. D. Professor of Law, University of California.
98: RADLEY, KEVIN; EDITOR. - Visual Voices/a Spoken Word Event.
95710: RADOVANOVIC, VLADAN. - Story of "O" / Vocovisual.
28819: (RADZIWILL, FRANZ). VAN DYKE, JAMES A - Franz Radziwill and the Contradictions of German Art History, 1919-45
33326: (PRIVATE PRESSES). RAE, THOMAS; AND HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY; COMPILERS - The Book of the Private Press: A Check-List. With a Foreword by John Ryder
37389: RAFFE, W. G.; - Dictionary of the Dance.
96129: RAGAN, DAVID. - Who's Who in Hollywood 1900-1976.
36037: RAGOZIN, ZENAIDE A. - A History of the World: Early Egypt.
21843: RAHMANI, FARIDA - La Casbah D'Alger: Un Art de Vivre Des Algeriennes. Preface / Mounir Bouchenaki
25561: (SOUTH AFRICAN RAILWAYS AND HARBOURS) - South Africa: Land of the Outdoor Life
22715: RAINER, DACHINE - The Uncomfortable Inn
26086: RAINER, ARNULF. (B. 1929) - Arnulf Rainer. 1
29628: (DARBY, ABRAHAM; ET AL). RAISTRICK, ARTHUR - Dynasty of Ironfounders: The Darbys and Coalbrookdale
15198: RAJAURE, DRONE - The Tharu Women of Sukhrwar. The Status of Women in Nepal. Volume II: Field Studies Part 3
95756: RAJAWAT, DAULAT SINGH. - Astronomical Observatory of Jaipur.
27700: RALEIGH, WALTER - Style
1632: RALPH, JULIAN - Towards Pretoria: A Record of the War between Briton and Boer to the Relief of Kimberley. By Julian Ralph, Special War Correspondent to the "Daily Mail". With a Summary of Subsequent Events to the Hoisting of the British Flag at Bloemfontein. With Historical Foreword, Appendices and Map
23081: KOVEL, RALPH AND TERRY - The Kovels' Collector's Guide to American Art Pottery
11190: RALSTON, ANTHONY; EDITOR; AND MEEK, C. L.; ASSISTANT EDITOR - Encyclopedia of Computer Science
13132: RAMER, LUCAS - Medizinische Beobachtungen Bei Der Eisenbahnkatastrophe Bellinzona-Arbedo Vom 23. April 1924 / Mit Spezieller Berucks. Der Gefahren Brennbare Gase Mitfuhrender Wagen. Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Der Doktorwurde Der Hohen Medizinischen Fakultat Der Universitat Zurich. Vorgelegt Von Lucas Ramer Med. Praft. Von Wallwnstadt. Genehmigt Auf Anfrag Von Herrn Prof. Dr. H. Zangger
37284: RAMO, SIMON. - Introduction to Microwaves.
28245: RAMSAY, JOAN - Horns in Velvet
14673: RAND, CHRISTOPHER - Grecian Calendar
35176: RANDALL, DAVID A. - An Exhibition of Books Relating to Medicine and Surgery from the Collection Formed by J.K. Lilly.
6519: RANDEL, DON MICHAEL; COMPILER - Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music
19308: (RANDOLPH, JOHN). ADAMS, HENRY - John Randolph
31035: RANKE, HERMANN - Masterpieces of Egyptian Art
96269: RAO, K. RAMAKRISHNA; EDITOR. - Charles Honorton and the Impoverished State of Skepticism: Essays on a Parapsychological Pioneer.
26144: URROZ-RAPOLD, PATRICIA - Seasonal Living in the Catskill's Windham High Peak and Trails: Art, Essay, and Poetry by Patricia Urroz-Rapold
23616: (RAPOPORT, NATHAN). YAFFE, RICHARD - Nathan Rapoport Sculptures and Monuments
16917: (RASKIN, S.). HERSHKOWITZ, ABE; EDITOR - Convention Stitches. Issued by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Don't Worry Gang. Vol. Xyz, No. 606. New York, May 20,1940. Hotel New Yorker. Entered As First Class Mail with the Permission of Jim Farley
37403: RASKIN, A. H. - Sidney Hillman 1887-1946.
29402: (POLLOCK, JACKSON; ET AL). RATCLIFF, CARTER - The Fate of a Gesture: Jackson Pollock and Postwar American Art
37026: RATHBONE, PERRY T. - Henry Preston Rossiter. (Boston Museum Bulletin. Volume LXV. 1967. Number 341).
36901: ADLER, FELIX (1851-1933). GERMAN-AMERICAN PROFESSOR OF POLITICAL & SOCIAL ETHICS, RATIONALIST AND LECTURER ON EUTHANASIA WHO FOUNDED THE ETHICAL CULTURE MOVEMENT. - Typed Letter Signed by the Influential German-American Philosopher Felix Adler in Reply to an Invitation by James B. Pond to Join His Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
924: RATNER, ROCHELLE - Bobby's Girl
21080: RATTIGAN, TERENCE; HOFFMAN, THEODORE; SCHWARTZ, ARTHUR; COWAN, LESTER; PARKER, TYLER; GASSNER, JOHN; HOTCHNER, A. E.; ET AL - Theatre Arts. Special Issue: Main Street to Broadway. July 1953. Volume XXXVII, No. 7
34323: RATTIGAN, TERENCE MERRYN. - French without Tears: A Comedy in Three Acts.
30911: RATTNER, ABRAHAM - Abraham Rattner
34371: RAU, JOHANN. - Vollstandig Mit Den Betreffenden Gesetzzen Erlautertes, Und in Alphabetische Ordnung Gebrachtes Stempelpatent Vom 30. Janer 1788. [---] Der Justizgesezsammlung 776. Mit Einigen Anmerkungen Von Johann Rau.
27662: RAVENEL, SHANNON; EDITOR - New Stories from the South: The Year's Best 1988
19271: RAVID, JOYCE - Here and There: Photographs / Joyce Ravid
5034: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - The Seventh Great Oriental Monarchy / or the Geography, History, and Antiquities of the Sassanian or New Persan Empire / Collected and Illustrated from Ancient and Modern Sources by George Rawlinson
18131: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - The Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy; or, the Geography, History and Antiquities of Parthia. Collected and Illustrated from Ancient and Modern Sources
1409: RAY, ROBIN; COMPILER - Words on Music
2342: RAY, NICHOLAS - The John Player Lecture Series: Nicholas Ray--Writer, Director
6181: RAY, GORDON N.; AND BARRET, C. WALLER - The American Writer in England: An Exhibition Arranged in Honor of the Sesquicentennial of the University of Virginia. With a Foreword by Gordon N. Ray and an Introduction by C. Waller Barret
7038: RAY, GORDON N.; WEBER, CARL J.; AND CARTER, JOHN - Nineteenth-Century English Books: Some Problems in Bibliography. (Third Annual Windsor Lectures in Librarianship)
29632: (RAY, JOHN). SEWARD, A. C - John Ray: A Biographical Sketch Written for the Centenary of the Cambridge Ray Club and Read, in Part, at the Dinner in the Hall of Trinity College on 16 March 1937. [Together with]: The Menu and Two Copies of the Seating Chart
21396: RAY, MILTON S - The Farallones, the Painted World, and Other Poems of California. With Fifty-Three Illustrations and with a Supplementary History and Description of the Farallones, Including Notes on Their Plant, Bird, and Animal Life. (2 Volumes)
31187: RAY, DAVID - Dragging the Main and Other Poems
15340: RAYBURN, BARBARA; EDITOR - Let's Go! Daytripping in and Around the Palouse
33574: RAYMOND, THOMAS L. - Stephen Crane.
24404: (RAYMONDS) - Raymond's Pectoral Plaster: A Modern Preperation for Whooping Cough, Croup, Tight Cough, Hoarseness, Bronchitis and Spasmodic Asthma, Sciatica, Lumbago, Neuralgia and Rheumatic Pains
21931: SESMA, RAYMUNDO AND CALDERON, ELIGIO - Sesma: Epiphaneia Video-Installation. Aphorismen Eligio Calderon April-Juni 1994 (Catalog)
95864: RAZUMOVSKAIA, SOFIA VASILEVNA. - [Titled in Cyrillic]: S.V. Gerasimov.
26819: READ, HERBERT - Art and Industry: The Principles of Industrial Design
19609: READ, HERBERT - The Innocent Eye. With an Autograph Letter Signed from Herbert Read
25026: READ, HERBERT; BAKER, JOHN - English Stained Glass
349: REBECCA - Tramps in New York
33494: CARPENTER, ALFRED F.B. (1881-1955). BRITISH VICE-ADMIRAL WHO SERVED DURING THE BOXER REBELLION AND WHO WAS AWARDED THE VICTORIA CROSS FOR HIS SERVICE IN THE RAID ON ZEEBRUGGE - An Original Underwood & Underwood Photograph Signed by Captain Alfred F.B. Carpenter, Who Was Awarded the Victoria Cross for His Actions in the Raid on Zeebrugge
94673: CARPENTER, ALFRED F.B. (1881-1955). BRITISH VICE-ADMIRAL WHO SERVED DURING THE BOXER REBELLION AND WHO WAS AWARDED THE VICTORIA CROSS FOR HIS SERVICE IN THE RAID ON ZEEBRUGGE. - Souvenir Program America's Tribute to Capt. Alfred F.B. Carpenter, V.C. Of H.M. S. "Vindictive". In Command of the Naval Raid on Zeebrugge, April 22-23, 1918. Containing an Illustrated Account of the Raid on Zeebrugge.
25397: (ARCHITECTURAL RECORD) - The Architectural Record. Vol. 56, No 2. August, 1924. Serial 311
5072: (VICTOR RECORDS) - The Victrola Book of the Opera: Stories of the Operas with Illustrations and Descriptions of Victor Opera Records
699: REDDING, J. SAUNDERS - Stranger and Alone: A Novel
96906: REDGRAVE, MICHAEL (1908-1985). - A Vintage Publicity Photograph of British Stage & Screen Actor and Director Michael Redgrave Who Is Starring in His First Hollywood Film, Fritz Lang's "Secret Beyond the Door".
733: REDSTONE, LOUIS G - Louis G. Redstone: From Israeli Pioneer to American Architect
23180: (REDWELLS) - The American Frontier from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Volume II: From Lewis and Clark Through the Mexican War. (Catalog)
1873: REED, ISHMAEL - The Last Days of Louisiana Red
3320: REED, MARK - Yes, My Darling Daughter: A Comedy in Three Acts
5537: REED, CARL; TOWNE, BURT - Sculpture from Found Objects
7520: REED, ISHMAEL - Airing Dirty Laundry
95214: REED, L. L.; WRESSELL, H. B.; HAMMOND, G. H.; ET AL. - Seventy-Eighth Annual Report of the Entomological Society of Ontario 1947. (Cover Title).
5063: REESE, GUSTAVE - Music in the Middle Ages. With an Introduction on the Music of Ancient Times
6514: REESE, WILLIAM L - Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion: Eastern and Western Thought
96330: REESER, DR. EDUARD. - A Bird's-Eye History of Music.
35997: REEVE, F. D. - On Some Scientific Concepts in Russian Poetry at the Turn of the Century. Monday Evening Papers: Number 6. (Cover Title).
96369: POTTER, HENRY C. (1835-1908). BISHOP OF THE EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF NEW YORK. NOTABLE FOR HIS INTEREST IN SOCIAL REFORM AND POLITICS. - Autograph Letter Regarding Dividends on an Insurance Policy Signed by Henry C. Potter Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York Known for His Interest in Social Reform and Politics.
27866: BURDETT, SIR FRANCIS (1770-1844). BRITISH REFORMER AND ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIAN. - Autograph Letter Signed by Sir Francis Burdett, on the Verso of the Correspondent's Letter, Regarding George Mainwaring's Petition Accusing Burdett of Voter Fraud.
31902: REFREGIER, ANTON. (1905-1979) - Brief Autograph Note to the Editor of American Artist Signed by Anton Refregier
17726: REGMI, M.P.; COMPILER - Regmi's Anglo-Nepali-Dictionary
490: REHOR, JOHN A - The Nickel Plate Story
7215: (HERBERT REICHNER) - The Renaissance / from Petrarch to Shakespeare. Parts One, Two and Three. (3 Catalogues)
16167: (REIF, KAY) - The Reif Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles. Monday, October 18, 1993... . (Auction Catalog)
32216: REIK, THEODOR - The Haunting Melody: Psychoanalytic Experiences in Life and Music
805: REILINGH, DR. D. DE VRIES - Techniek En Kliniek Der Bloedsdrukmeting: Eeen Leidraad Voor Artsen En Studenten in de Geneeskunst
27801: REINBOLD, P - Des Resultats Lointains Des Blessures de Guerre: Leur Signification Au Point de Vue Economique Et Social
30849: (REINER, FRITZ). DORSEY, PAUL. - Advertising Mock-Up Illustrated with an Original Photograph of the Great Conductor Fritz Reiner, Signed by the Photographer Paul Dorsey.
25352: (REINER, FRITZ). MURAY, NICKOLAS - A Superb Sepia Toned Photograph Portrait of the Great Classical Conductor Fritz Reiner by Nickolas Muray, Dated and Signed by the Photographer
30116: REINHARDT, RICHARD - Out West on the Overland Train. Across-the-Continent Excursion with Leslie's Magazine in 1877 and the Overland Trip in 1967 by Richard Reinhardt
20964: (REINHARDT, AD). (MCCONATHY, DALE) - Ad Reinhardt: A Selection from 1937 to 1952. March 2-23, 1974. Marlborough Gallery... . (Catalog)
96977: REINHART, C.S.; AND FOX, STANLEY. - Baseball - the Match between the "Red Stockings" and the "Atlantics. " - Sketched by C.S. Reinhart: [an Original Wood Engraving from the July 2, 1870 Issue of Harper's Weekly].
36372: REINKENDORFF, EMIL. REGIMENTAL BAND LEADER. - Fragment of an Autograph Letter Signed by Erich Reinkendorff, Director of the Grand Army Republic Band of Canton, Ohio.
13727: REISS, HENRIETTE. - Moods and Melodies.
1618: O'RELL, MAX - A Frenchman in America: Recollections of Men and Things
32639: (HERGE. [REMI, GEORGES]). PEETERS, BENOIT - Tintin and the World of Herge: An Illustrated History
31282: (REMINGTON, FREDERIC). MCCRACKEN, HAROLD - Frederic Remington: Artist of the Old West
25226: RENAN, ERNEST - Vie de Jesus. Par Ernest Renan, Membre de L'Institut
24516: RENDELL, RUTH - An Unkindness of Ravens
9694: (RENDELLS, INC.) - Renaissance Europe 1450-1600. Autograph Letters, Manuscripts, Documents, Rare Books, Bindings, Maps and Prints. Catalogue 149
25993: RENNERT, JACK - Poster Jubilee: Auction Sunday, November 10, 1991. (Sale No. XIII)
17777: RENNERT, JACK; COMPILER - Posters: The Source Book for Collectors 2. (Cover Title). (Catalog)
35273: RENNERT, JACK; COMPILER. - Posters: The Source Book for Collectors 1. (Cover Title). (Catalog).
32418: RENNERT, JACK; ET AL - Sterling Posters Auction: Sunday, November 9, 1997. (Sale No. 25)
32419: RENNERT, JACK - Elegant Posters. Auction: Sunday, May 20, 1990. (Sale No. 10)
95824: RENNIE, JAMES. - Natural History of Birds: Their Architecture, Habits, and Faculties. With Numerous Engravings.
2328: RENOIR, JEAN - Renoir Par Jean Renoir
2330: RENOIR, JEAN - Rules of the Game: A Film by Jean Renoir Translated from the French by John Mcgrath and Maureen Teitelbaum
27765: (HASKINS, SAMUEL; DALAIN, YVAN; HONEGGER, CORNELIA; BENAZZI, RAFFAEL; ET AL). RENOIR, JEAN; ET AL - Du: Kulturelle Monatsschrit. 27. Jahrgang. September 1967
16070: (VAN RENSSELAER, MRS. CORNELIA). VERMILYE, DR. THOMAS E - A Funeral Discourse: Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Cornelia Van Rensselaer, (Relict of Hon. Stephen Van Rensselaer) Delivered in the North Dutch Church, Albany, on Sabbath, the 1st Sept. 1844 by Thomas E. Vermilye, Pastor in the Collegiate Church, New-York
16874: (VAN RENSSELAER, STEPHEN). BARNARD, DANIEL D - A Discourse on the Life, Services and Character of Stephen Van Rensselaer; Delivered Before the Albany Institute, April 15, 1839. With an Historical Sketch of the Colony and Manor of Rensselaerwyck in an Appendix
22369: (COMMITTEE FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH) - Alkohol Situationen I Vestgronland
96879: RESNICK, MIKE. - Voyages: The Chronicles of Lucifer Jones 1938-1941. [Signed Limited Edition].
20203: (STERN. BERNARD). RESTANY, PIERRE - Bernard Stern
30987: RESTANY, PIERRE - Hundertwasser
20632: RESTREPO, JOSE ALEJANDRO. - Psychogeographies and Transhistories.
36815: RETHBERG, ELISABETH; PINZA, EZIO. - Joint Recital by Elizabeth Rethberg Soprano and Ezio Pinza Basso. Unity Concert Course of Unity Institute. (Cover Title).
7257: REULENS, CHARLES - Proposal in 1855 for a Typographic Council to Meet in Brussels to Determine the Facts Regarding the Invention of Printing
95797: VON REUTER, FLORIZEL (1890-1985); AND MARTEAU, HENRI (1874-1934). FRENCH VIOLINIST AND COMPOSER. - Two Autograph Letters Signed by French Violinist & Composer Henri Marteau Referring to the Child Prodigy Violinist Florizel Von Reuter, Together with Three Original Portraits of the 10 Year Old Child Prodigy Violinist Florizel Von Reuter Photographed During the Private Concert Given by the Young Violinist in the Private Hotel Room of the Visiting American Impressario Major James B. Pond.
323: (REUTERSWÄRD, CARL FREDRIK) - Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd: Making Faces
22483: REVERDIN, OLIVIER - Crete and Its Treasures. Text by Professor Olivier Reverdin. Preface by Dr. N. Platon
96712: (BALTHUS). REWALD, SABINE. - Balthus.
23101: REYNAUD, FRANCOISE - Eugene Atget
26268: REYNEAU, P. O.; AND SEELYE, H. P - Economics of Electrical Distribution
94823: REYNOLDS, DAVID. - Rich Relations: The American Occupation of Britain, 1942-1945.
6151: REYNOLDS, CUYLER - Albany Authors / a List of Books Written by Albanians Contained in the Collection of the Albany Institute and Historical and Art Society. With Biographical Data
6750: (REYNOLDS, PRICE). ROBERTS, RAY A - Reynolds Price: A Bibliographical Checklist. (in American Book Collector, Volume 2, Number 3, New Series, July/August 1981)
8467: REYNOLDS, JAMES - Fabulous Spain
11054: REYNOLDS, LIGGETT - Sweet and Low: A Smashing Indictment of the Younger Generation
33448: REYNOLDS, QUENTIN - The Fiction Factory or from Pulp Row to Quality Street. The Story of 100 Years of Publishing at Street & Smith
33038: (W. J. REYNOLDS) - The Book of the Seasons, a Gift for the Young. Summer. [Bound Together with: ] the Book of the Seasons, a Gift for the Young. Winter. (2 Volumes in 1 As Issued)
16148: (RHEAD, LOUIS). HILLIS, NEWELL DWIGHT - David: The Poet and King
97028: RHEIMS, MAURICE. - L'Art 1900, Ou le Style Jules Verne.
92: RHEINSBERG, RAFFAEL. - Transit. Introduction by LILLI Engel.
96945: RHODE, JOHN. - Peril at Cranbury Hall.
34293: RHODES, DANIEL. - Clay and Glazes for the Potter.
10459: RIBEIRO, LEONIDIO; EDITOR. - Arquivos de Medicina Legal E Identificacao. Volume Especialmente Dedicado Aos Centenarios de Portugal. Ano X -- N. 18 Maio -- 1940.
11137: RIBMAN, RONALD - The Rug Merchants of Chaos / and Other Plays
9712: RICARDO, DAVID - The Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo. Edited by Piero Sraffa with the Collaboration of M.H. Dobb. Volume IX: Letters July 1821-1823
17160: (RICARDO, DAVID; CAREY, HENRY CHARLES). ADLER, ABRAHAM - Ricardo Und Carey in Ihren Ansichten Uber Die Grundrente. Von Dr. A. Adler
17175: (RICARDO, DAVID; 1772-1823). STEPHINGER, LUDWIG - Der Grundgedanke Der Volkswirtschaftslehre Und Die Rententheorie Ricardos
6184: DE RICCI, SEYMOUR - The Book Collector's Guide / a Practical Handbook of British and American Bibliography
7180: (MARQUESS OF LOTHIAN). (DE RICCI, SEYMOUR) - Illuminated Manuscripts Incunabula and Americana from the Famous Libraries of the Most Hon. The Marquess of Lothian, C.H. Sold by His Order. Removed from Buckling Hall, Norfolk and Newbattle Abbey, Midlothian. Unrestricted Public Sale January 27 and 28, 1932... . Sale Number 3945. (Catalogue)
95941: RICCI, REGOLO. - Original Poster Advertising the Publication of Cary Fagan's Book "Gogol's Coat" Illustrated by Regolo Ricci.
36820: (RICE, WILLIAM GORHAM JR.; REYNOLDS, MARCUS T.). - [Galileo Chandelier in the Cathedral at Pisa 1859]. A Beautifully Hand-Colored Print, Inscribed on the Verso to Architect Marcus T. Reynolds by William Gorham Rice, Jr.
8752: RICE, ALICE HEGAN - Lovey Mary
21455: RICE, ANNE - Vittorio, the Vampire: New Tales of the Vampires
21454: RICE, ANNE - Memnoch the Devil. The Vampire Chronicles
16610: RICE, ANNE - The Tale of the Body Thief. The Vampire Chronicles
16663: RICE, ANNE - Taltos: Lives of the Mayfair Witches
95504: RICE, ALICE HEGAN. (1870-1942). AMERICAN NOVELIST. - Card Signed by American Novelist Alice Hegan Rice.
24507: RICE, ANNE - Pandora: New Tales of the Vampires
28862: RICE, ANNE - Memnoch the Devil. The Vampire Chronicles
33907: RICE, ANNE. - Servant of the Bones.
1361: RICHARDS, EVA ALVEY - Arctic Mood: A Narrative of Arctic Adventures
5595: (RICHARDS, GEORGE). LINDSAY, VACHEL - Johnny Appleseed and Other Poems
11128: RICHARDS, ROSALIND - A Northern Countryside
22655: (RICHARDS, WILLIAM) - The Falls of Niagara. Depicted by Pen and Camera
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14431: (SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD). SHAW, CHARLES MACMAHON - Bernard's Brethren. With Comments by Bernard Shaw
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15454: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza. By Bernard Shaw
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29400: SHAW, IRWIN - The Gentle People: A Brooklyn Fable
30556: SHAW, IRWIN - In the Company of Dolphins
95785: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD; CLYNES, THE RT. HON. J. R. ; LLOYD, J. HENRY; SCOULLER, R. E. - Trade Unionism for Clerks.
32850: SHAW, CHRISTOPHER - Sacred Monkey River: A Canoe Trip with the Gods
30611: SHAW, G. BERNARD - An Essay on Going to Church. From the Savoy
33370: SHAW, IRWIN - Sons and Soldiers: A Play in Three Acts
11477: SHAWE, WILFRED H. SCOTT - Sea of Seas: Cruising the Western Mediterranean. (Edited by Eugene V. Connett)
96587: SHAWLEE, JOAN FULTON (1926-1987). - A Vintage Publicity Photograph of the Hollywood Movie Actress & Showgirl Joan Fulton (Aka Joan Shawlee) with a Line of Chorus Girls in "the Michigan Kid".
32746: (SHAYS, DANIEL). GENEGA, PAUL - Shays' Rebellion
1762: SHEDLETSKY, STUART; EDITOR - Still Working: Underknown Artists of Age in America. Essays by Ann Gibson, Selma Holo, Erika D. Passantino, Harry Rand and Jeffrey Wechsler. (Catalogue)
94916: SHEED, WILFRID. - The Morning After: Selected Essays and Reviews.
14251: SHEEHAN, J. M.; EDITOR - The 1962 Original Baseball Facts
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31461: SHEELER, CHARLES (1883-1965) - The Open Door: A Superb Rich Poster Illustrated with Charles Sheeler's Drawing
249: SHEIN, KEITH. - Pictures Words Threes & Other Numbers.
251: SHEIN, KEITH. - An Intimate Distant.
6760: (SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE). FORMAN, H. BUXTON - The Shelley Library: An Essay in Bibliography. I: Shelley's Own Books, Pamphlets & Broadsides, Posthumous Separate Issues and Posthumous Books Wholly or Mainly by Him
31360: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - The Dramatic Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley
95207: SHENBERG, YITZHAK. - Under the Fig Tree: Palestinian Stories.
30471: SHENGJIE, LIU; NG, FRANCIS; EDITORS-IN-CHIEF - Historical Treasures of China: A Collection of Rare Manuscripts from the Archives of Hebei Province
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31987: (SHEPARD, ERNEST H.). GRAHAME, KENNETH. - Dream Days.
96880: SHEPARD, LUCIUS. - Five Autobiographies and a Fiction.
95983: (SHEPARD, SAM). - Operation Sidewinder. (Program).
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25632: (WHITTET & SHEPPERSON) - Christmas Greeting Card
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956: SHERWOOD, MARGARET - The Upper Slopes
31314: SHERWOOD, ROBERT E - There Shall Be No Night
9923: SHILLABER, CHARLES PATTEN - Photomicrography in Theory and Practice
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31616: (SHOCHAT, ISRAEL). (PERSOFF, NICK) - Narratives by Israel Shochat and Others Involved in the Bar Giora Organization [Later Called Hashomer] from the Early Part of the 20th Century, As Translated by Nick Persoff for the Famed Hollywood Scriptwriter Ben Hecht
96230: (SHOCHET, JEROME). - Signed Historical Photographs from the Jerome Shochet Collection. Public Auction Sale 2202. Thursday, February 11, 2010... .
96283: (SHOENFELD, MAYER). - The Clothing Trade: Industrial Political Views. September, 1919.
26479: SHONE, RICHARD - The Century of Change: British Painting Since 1900
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25411: SHOSTAKOVICH, DMITRI - A Significant Photograph Inscribed & Signed by Dmitri Shostakovich. A Most Famous Photograph of This Important Gathering of Russian Artists, Each of Whom Contributed to the Play "the Bedbug", Inscribed and Signed by the Great Modern Russian Composer
993: SHULEVITZ, URI - Rain Rain Rivers
36130: SHURIN, AARON. - A's Dream.
10843: (SIBELIUS, JEAN). ARNOLD, ELLIOTT - Finlandia: The Story of Sibelius
29198: SIBELIUS, JEAN - Symphonie Nr. 4 / a-Moll a Minor la Mineur / Op. 63
26949: SIDDLE, SHEILA - In My Family Tree: A Life with Chimpanzees
24600: (SHAKESPEARE HEAD PRESS). SIDGWICK, FRANK - Frank Sidgwick's Diary / and Other Material Relating to A.H. Bullen, & the Shakespeare Head Press at Stratford-Upon-Avon
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31015: SIEBERT, ERNA; AND FORMAN, WERNER - L'Art Des Indiens D'Amerique
10383: SIEGMEISTER, ELIE - Invitation to Music. Preface by Virgil Thomson
10445: (MICHALOWSKI, PIOTR; 1800-1855). SIENKIEWICZA, JERZEGO; ET AL - Piotr Michalowski
12228: (SIFTON, HON. CLIFFORD) - Canada
16716: SIGERIST, HENRY E - American Truffles: A Thanksgiving Fantasia. (Reprinted from Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Vol. XVI, No. 4, November, 1944)
35541: (SIGERIST, HENRY E.]. DE KETHAM, JOHANNES. - Ein Gut Artznei Die Hie Nach Steet: Das Frawen Vnnd Mann an Geet: Findest Du VIL Sachen Mit Wenig Worte[N] Ertzalt... . [Facsimile].
22955: SIKORA, TOMEK; BERGEN, ANDREW - Behind the Light
97035: SILBERMAN, DONN M. (CHAIR/EDITOR); AND KATZIR, ABRAHAM (BIOMEDICAL OPTICS SERIES EDITOR). - Proceedings of Ophthalmic Lens Design and Fabrication II, 24-25 January 1994, Los Angeles, California. Progress in Biomedical Optics. Spie (the International Society for Optical Engineering). Volume 2127.
683: SILKIN, JON - A 'Jarapiri' Poem
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5455: SILLIMAN, RON - Two from 2197: I Met Osip Brik; San Francisco Destroyed by Fire. Ron Silliman / Miam 3. August 1977. (Edited by Tom Mandel)
32318: SILLITOE, ALAN - The Storyteller
17360: SILTZER, CAPTAIN FRANK - The Story of British Sporting Prints
31099: SILVA, DANIEL - Moscow Rules
97027: SILVER, NATHAN. - Lost New York.
23175: SILVER, ROLLO G - Printers' Lobby: Model 1802
6306: SILVER, ROLLO G - The American Printer 1787-1825
6384: SILVER, ROLLO G - Typefounding in America, 1787-1825
6399: SILVER, ROLLO G - Aprons Instead of Uniforms: The Practice of Printing, 1776-1787. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society Volume 87, Part 1, April 1977
7211: SILVER, ROLLO G - Government Printing in Massachusetts, 1751-1801
22396: SILVER, NATHAN - Lost New York
12863: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Morning of Mankind: Prehistoric Man in Europe
18039: SILVERMAN, MAXWELL - Contemporary Theatre Architecture: An Illustrated Survey. A Checklist of Publications 1946-1964 by Ned A. Bowman
24496: SIMAS, JOSEPH - Entire Days (in Progress)
12834: SIMENON, GEORGES - Memoires Intimes. (Suivis Du Livre de Marie-Jo)
33793: SIMENON, GEORGES. - Maigret Hesitates.
35996: SIMIC, CHARLES. (B. 1938). SERBIAN-AMERICAN PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING POET. - Autograph Letter to the Editor of Workingman's Press Signed by Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet Charles Simic.
96743: SIMMONS, DAN. - Ilium" and "Olympos". [Each Being Number 569 of 724 Copies of These Two Science Fiction Novels Signed by Dan Simmons].
16451: SIMMONS, EARL M., M.D - Eagle Spree
95161: SIMMONS, M. L; BRICK, J. O. - The Laboratory Mouse: Selection and Management.
6992: (CURWEN PRESS). SIMON, HERBERT - Song and Words: A History of the Curwen Press
16940: SIMON, WALTER B - Integration and Apartness of Minority Groups As Reflected in Election Results. Offprint from the Sociological Quarterly, Vol. III, No. 2, April, 1962. (Cover Title)
96798: SIMONS, HARRY. - Drafting Men's and Boys' Overalls: A Complete Treatise on Drafting All Kinds of Men's and Boys' Overalls.
28597: SIMONS, HARRY - Men's, Women's and Boys' Proportions
34013: SIMPSON, LOUIS. - North of Jamaica.
4530: SIMPSON, THOMAS WILLIAM - This Way Madness Lies
12996: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Letters to Judd: An American Workingman
95209: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN. - A Yuletide Phantasmagoria: An Excellent Restorer of Hope and Confidence, Recommended As a Harmless and Beneficial Physic, Chiefly Valuable Following a Dinner on Christmas Day... .
34359: SINE, BOB [SINET, MAURICE]. - Sine Qua Non: The Collected Cartoons of Sine. A Frenchman's Irreverent Look at Life and Love.
96374: RYLEY, JOHN HANDFORD (1841-1922). ENGLISH SINGER AND ACTOR KNOWN FOR HIS PERFORMANCES IN THE SAVOY OPERAS. - Autograph Sentiment Signed by J.H. Ryley, the English-Born Singer and Actor Who Performed Gilbert & Sullivan Roles, Among Others.
96507: GABRIEL, VIRGINIA (1825-1877). ENGLISH SINGER AND COMPOSER WHO IS ALSO KNOWN AS MRS. GEORGE E. MARCH. - Autograph Note Signed by the English Singer and Composer Virginia Gabriel.
5926: SINGER, CHARLES - A Short History of Scientific Ideas to 1900
19503: SINGER, ROBERT T.; ET AL - Edo: Art in Japan 1615 -- 1868
36250: CHEATHAM, KITTY. (1864-1946). AMERICAN SINGER AND ACTRESS. - Real Photo" Postcard Inscribed, Signed and Dated by American Singer and Actress Kitty Cheatham.
34107: COOKE, THOMAS. (1782-1848). IRISH-BORN SINGER AND COMPOSER. - Autograph Note Signed by Irish Composer Thomas Cooke.
34029: WRIGHT, HUNTLEY. (1868-1941). ENGLISH STAGE ACTOR, COMEDIAN, SINGER AND DANCER. - Real Photo Postcard Signed by English Stage Actor, Comedian, Singer and Dancer Huntley Wright.
36247: SINGH, MADANJEET. - Los Tesoros Del Himalaya: Pintura Mural Y Escultura En Ladakh, Lahaul, Y Spiti, Las Cordilleras de Siwalik, Nepal, Sikkim Y Butan.
1082: SINGLETON, ESTHER - A Guide to Modern Opera: Description & Interpretation of the Words & Music of Famous Modern Operas
29867: SIP, JAROMIR - Alte Hollandische Meister Aus Der Prager Nationalgalerie
96243: SIPORIN, MITCHELL. (1910-1976). SOCIAL REALIST AMERICAN PAINTER. - Typed Letter to Educator Harold Rugg Signed by Social Realist American Painter Mitchell Siporin.
28501: SIROTO, LEON - African Spirit Images and Identities
15603: (SIRUGO, FRANCO; B. 1937). GENTILE, ERMINIA ORTONA - Franco Sirugo: (Dibujo Y Escultura). Del 11 Al 30 de Enero de 1972. Sala Internacional, Palacio de Bellas Artes. (Catalog)
29655: SISCO, ANNELIESE GRUNHALDT; SMITH, CYRIL STANLEY - Bergwerk- Und Probierbuchlein: A Translation from the German of the Bergbuchlein. A Sixteenth-Century Book on Mining Geology, by Anneliese Grunhaldt Sisco and of the Probierbuchlein, a Sixteenth-Century Work on Assaying by Anneliese Grunhaldt Sisco and Cyril Stanley Smith / with Technical Annotations and Historical Notes
95829: SISSMAN, L. E. - Hello, Darkness: The Collected Poems of L.E. Sissman.
22153: SITENSKY, LADISLAV - Praha Meho Mladi
698: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Selected Works
14262: SITWELL, EDITH - The Canticle of the Rose: Selected Poems 1920-1947
28864: SITWELL, EDITH - Five Variations on a Theme
21120: SITWELL, EDITH - Gold Coast Customs
31309: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - The Homing of the Winds / and Other Passages in Prose
18643: SITWELL, OSBERT - Winters of Content: More Discursions on Travel, Art, and Life
16549: SITWELL, EDITH. - Rustic Elegies.
14887: (SIVACK, DENIS; EDDINS, DWIGHT; HEYNEN, JAMES; ET AL - Long Island Review / of Poetry, Fiction, and Criticism. No. 1, Spring 1973
95648: DE SIVRY, SOPHIE; AND MEYER, PHILIPPE. - L'Art & la Folie.
96826: SIXX, NIKKI; AND GIFFINS, IAN. - The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star.
2390: SJOMAN, VILGOT - I Am Curious (Blue): A Film by Vilgot Sjoman. Translated from the Swedish by Martin Minow and Jenny Bohman
2391: SJOMAN, VILGOT - I Am Curious (Yellow): A Film by Vilgot Sjoman. Translated from the Swedish by Martin Minow and Jenny Bohman
27692: SKAL, DAVID J.; EDITOR - Graphic Communications for the Performing Arts
33926: SKIPITARES, THEODORA; MORROW, CHARLIE; SUBLETTE, NED; ESS, BARBARA; LISS, CARLA; MAC LOW, JACKSON; ET AL. - Public Arts International/Free Speech Presents a Performance Festival, May 15-19, 1979: Catalogue. (Cover Title).
7123: (SKRZYPEK, ZOFIA) - Racwicz '86": XI Ogolnopolska Pokonkursowa Systawa Ekslibrisow
7138: (SKRZYPEK, ZOFIA) - Racwicz '87": XII Ogolnopolska Pokonkursowa Wystawa Ekslibrisow
36905: GILBERT, CASS (1859-1934). PROMINENT AMERICAN ARCHITECT WHO WAS AN EARLY PROPONENT OF SKYSCRAPERS AND DESIGNED THE WOOLWORTH BUILDING, WHICH HAD THE DISTINCTION OF BEING THE TALLEST BUILDING AT THE TIME. - Typed Letter Signed by the Prominent American Architect Cass Gilbert, Designer of the Woolworth Building, in Reply to an Invitation by James B. Pond to Join His Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
36906: GILBERT, CASS (1859-1934). PROMINENT AMERICAN ARCHITECT WHO WAS AN EARLY PROPONENT OF SKYSCRAPERS AND DESIGNED THE WOOLWORTH BUILDING, WHICH HAD THE DISTINCTION OF BEING THE TALLEST BUILDING AT THE TIME. - Typed Letter Signed by the Prominent American Architect Cass Gilbert, Designer of the Woolworth Building, Accepting James B. Pond's Invitation to Join His Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture and to Meet Maeterlinck in the Green Room Prior to the Lecture.
36697: SLACK, MARY SINGLETON. - Causes That Led to the War between the States in 1860. A Paper Read Before the Albert Sidney Johnston Chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy, Louisville, Ky. , March 16, 1904.
35173: SLAFTER, EDMUND F. - The Discovery of America by the Northmen. 985 -- 1015. Original Edition.
16197: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G - Sword and Scalpel
22399: SLAUGHTER, JEAN - Horses Round the World
37129: COLLYER, ROBERT. (1823-1912). ENGLISH-BORN AMERICAN UNITARIAN CLERGYMAN WHO SUPPORTED THE ABOLITION OF SLAVERY AND WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE. - Slip of Paper Inscribed with a Quotation and Signed by Unitarian Pastor Robert Collyer Who Supported the Abolition of Slavery and Women's Suffrage.
22060: SLAVIN, NEAL - Britons
6437: SLOAN, HELEN FARR; EDITOR - American Art Nouveau: The Poster Period of John Sloan. A Selection of Hitherto Unpublished Prints and Autobiographical Recollections by the Artist
32615: SLOAN, DONNA; AND WHYTE, MAL - The Love Bug: Coloring & Limerick Book. Pictures by Donna Sloan. Limericks by Mal Whyte
14841: (SLOAN, JOHN; SCHNEIDERMAN, RICHARD S.). - John Sloan (1871-1951): Etchings. Exhibition December 8, 1974 - January 11th, 1975. (Catalog).
14068: SLOANE, ERIC - Eric Sloane's Americana: American Barns and Covered Bridges. Our Vanishing Landscape. American Yesterday. 3 Books Boxed Together
28281: SLONIMSKY, NICHOLAS - Development of Soviet Music. (in Research Bulletin on the Soviet Union. Vol. II, No. 4, April 30, 1937)
13431: SLOSSON, ANNIE TRUMBULL - Fishin' Jimmy
37134: (SMELTZER, RONALD K.). - Four Centuries of Graphic Design for Science from the Collection of Ronald K. Smeltzer.
24509: SMILEY, JANE - Duplicate Keys: A Novel by Jane Smiley
18830: SMILEY, JANE - At Paradise Gate: A Novel by Jane Smiley
33764: SMILEY, JANE. - A Thousand Acres.
96231: SMILEY, DANIEL; AND EGLER, FRANK E. - The Natural History of Undercliff Road: Seventeen Ecosystem Experiences of the Geology, Flora and Fauna.
37405: SMITH, THOMAS P. - An Account of a Kettle for Boiling Inflammable Fluids. In a Letter from Thomas P. Smith, to Robert Patterson. [from the "Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Volume IV"].
96873: SMITH, WALLACE H. - Drake's Drum Presented by the Triangle Club of Princeton University. [Original Program].
30181: (SMITH, MATTHEW). HENDY, PHILIP - Matthew Smith
94838: SMITH, GEORGE. - Autograph Document Penned on Vellum & Signed by George Smith, Outlining "the Schedule" Which Is Referred to in His "Letters Patent" for "His Improvement in Medicine Entitled 'Anti-Dyspeptic Pills'.

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