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5545: (Dencker, Klaus Peter; et al). Schlosser, Manfred; editor - Kunstpreis Berlin
35376: Schmalenbach, Fritz. - Oskar Kokoschka.
23459: Schmalenbach, Werner - Plastik Der Sudsee
27225: (Rautert, Timm; Baldessari, John; Schweizer, Helmut; Erben, Josef; Kuppel, Edmund; Tremlett, David). Schmalriede, Manfred; et al - Aq 15
5137: Schmid, Adolf - The Language of the Baton. Book One
35826: Schmidt, Siegfried J. - Sechs & Schatten (1981 / 82).
5467: Schmidt, Siegfried J - Visuelle Poesie: Thesen - Textzyklus "Wahr
11117: Schmidt, Hanspeter - Menu Designs
6562: Schmidt, Nancy J - Children's Books on Africa and Their Authors: An Annotated Bibliography
17171: Schmidt, Dr. Conrad - Der Naturliche Arbeitslohn
7383: Schmitz, Dennis - Double Exposures
6215: (Schmitz, Hermann) - Katalog Der Ornamentstichsammlung Der Staatlichen Kunstbibliothek Berlin. 2 Volumes in 1. (Berlin Catalogue)
24649: Schmutzler, Robert - Art Nouveau
29602: (Schnabel, Julian). Robbins, David - Julian Schnabel
36729: Schnapp, Jeffrey; editor. - Gaetano Ciocca: Costruttore, Inventore, Agricoltore, Scrittore.
23621: Schneer, Richard James - Juan de la Cuesta: The First Printer of Don Quixote de la Mancha: A Bibliographic Record of His Works 1604-1625
23057: Schneer, Richard James - Juan de la Cuesta: The First Printer of Don Quixote de la Mancha. A Bibliographic Record of His Works 1604-1625
35308: Schneider, Rolf. - Bridges and Bars.
25629: Schneider, John; and Theatre X - Scenarios for the Living / for the Dead. An Interest in Strangers: A Cabaret Show / I Used to Like This Place Before They Started Making All Those Renovations: An Exercise / Acts of Kindness: A Theatre Piece
8679: Schneider, Steven J - The International Album of Wine: Your Personal Record of Wine Labels and Tastes. Designed by Paul Bacon
36153: (Schneider, Gail). Matlin, David. - So That There Was a Time When Knocking on... .
13792: Schneider, Laurie - Biography
18872: Schneider, Frances A - Tommy Tomkins Calendar. (Cover Title). (Nineteen Hundred and Third Year / Verses by Frances Schneider)
1445: (Schnitzler, Arthur). Barker, Granville - Anatol: A Sequence of Dialogues by Arthur Schnitzler; Paraphrased for the English Stage by Granville Barker
1436: Schnitzler, Arthur - Professor Bernhardi: Komodie in Funf Acten
33847: Schnitzler, Arthur. - The Little Comedy and Other Stories.
95343: Schoder, Raymond V. - Wings over Hellas: Ancient Greece from the Air.
96905: Schoenbaum, Emmett; Haver, June; Montgomery, George; Bacon, Lloyd; et al. - A Vintage Publicity Photograph by Emmett Schoenbaum Depicting the Cameraman, Cast and Crew on the Stage Set of 20th Century Fox's "Three Little Girls in Blue" Starring June Haver and George Montgomery.
4642: (Schoenberg, Arnold; Webern, Anton; Berg, Alban). Leibowitz, Rene - Schoenberg and His School: The Contemporary Stage of the Language of Music. Translated from the French by Dika Newlin
23818: (Schoenberg, Arnold). Kallir, Jane - Arnold Schoenberg's Vienna
7456: Schoener, Allon - New York: An Illustrated History of the People
14984: Schonberg, Harold C - Chamber and Solo Instrument Music: The Guide to Long-Playing Records
96997: Von Schonthan, Franz (1849-1913). - A Kettle of Fish: A Practical Comedy in Three Acts. Adapted from the German of Franz Von Schonthan.
36748: (Western State Normal School). - Catalogue and Circular of the Western State Normal School, at Farmington, Me 1867-8.
34269: Schouler, James. - Historical Briefs. With a Biography.
14325: Schrader, Paul; editor - Cinema. Volume 8, No. 1. Issue No. 33. (Spring 1973)
8436: Schramm. Henry W.; and Roseboom, William F - Syracuse: From Salt to Satellite. A Pictorial History. Published Under the Sponsorship of the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce
95642: (Corbaz, Aloise; Darger, Henry; Wilson, Scottie; Wolfli, Adolf; et al). Schreiner, Gerard A.; Cardinal, Roger. - Outsiders: An Exhibition of Art Brut.
31826: Schrepfer, Frank A - Hardy Evergreens: A Practical Handbook on the Planting, Growth and Management of All Hardy Evergreens, Exclusive of the Broad-Leaved Species
30478: Schretlen, M. J - Dutch and Flemish Woodcuts of the Fifteenth Century. With a Foreword by M.J. Friedlaender
16678: Schroder, Rudolf Alexander - The Cranach Press in Weimar
32335: (Schubert, Franz). Stefan, Paul - Franz Schubert
4541: Schulberg, Budd - Swan Watch
34285: Schulberg, Budd. - Waterfront.
15322: Schuler, Sidney - The Women of Baragaon. The Status of Women in Nepal. Volume II, Part 5: Field Studies
31434: Schuller, Gunther - The Swing Era: The Deveopment of Jazz 1930-1945
34614: Schulthess, Emil. - Africa. Introduction Emil Egli. Captions Emil Birrer. Notes Emil Schulthess.
27447: Schulz, Charles M - It's a Dog's Life, Charlie Brown
34442: Schuman, William; President; et al. - Opening Week of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Philharmonic Hall. September 23-30, 1962. (Program).
26575: Schuman, William - Signature Edition / William Schuman / in Sweet Music / the Young Dead Soldiers / Time to the Old. [Rosalind Rees Sings William Schuman]
33579: Schuman, William. - In Praise of Shahn: Canticle for Orchestra.
2427: Schuster, Mel; compiler - Motion Picture Directors: A Bibliography of Magazine and Periodical Articles, 1900-1972
23547: Schuster, Meinhard - Farbe, Motiv, Funktion Zur Malerei Von Naturvolkern
10829: Schutze, Martin - Songs and Poems
31900: (Schuyler, Major General Philip; Howe, Major General Robert; Rainsford, Charles - Revolutionary Papers Vol. II. (in Collections of the New-York State Historical Society for the Year 1879)
10183: Schwab, Dr. John Christopher - Die Entwickelung Der Vermogenssteuer IM Staate New York
97964: (Schwabacher, Ethel); (Rand, Harry); Seidel, Jochen (1924-1971); Roman, Jo (1917-1979). - Jochen Seidel's Life. Notes by Jo Roman, 1974. [Together with]: Jochen Seidel. Catalog for an Exhibition at Goethe House, May 2 - May 24, 1974, with Essays by Jo Roman, Ethel Schwabacher, and Harry Rand.
34938: Schwartz, Walter. - Dansk Illustrationskunst Fra Valdemar Andersen Til Ib Andersen.
37287: (Schwartz, Amy). Hest, Amy. - Gabby Growing Up.
28696: (Schwartz, Bern). Schwartz, Ronny - British Contemporaries: Portraits by Bern Schwartz
5976: Schwartz, Jacob, Dr - 1100 Obscure Points: The Bibliographies of 25 English and 21 American Authors
5062: Schwartz, H. W - The Story of Musical Instruments / from Shepherd's Pipe to Symphony
96039: Schwarz, Heinrich; Shestack, Alan. - Davison Art Center: Selected Acquisitions 1955-1972.
12845: Schwarz, Christoph - Das(S)/Die Wort'Fetzen. Experimentelle Texte Nr. 24
5369: (Schwarzwaelder, Rosemarie; editor). - Zeichen Fluten Signale: Neukontruktiv Und Parallel... . Dauer Der Ausstellung: 12. September Bis 13. Oktober 1984. [Catalog].
6378: (Schwegmann, George A., Jr.) - Symbols Used in the N Ational Union Catalog of the Library of Congress
28871: Schweiger, Werner J. - Wiener Werkstaette: Design in Vienna 1903-1932.
35800: Schwendter, Rolf. - Die Unmoglichkeit Zu Telefonieren.
95410: Schwimmer, Rosika (1877-1948). Hungarian-born Feminist & Pacifist leader who was denied U.S. citizenship for her opposition to war. - Typed Letter, Boldly Signed by the Hungarian-Born Feminist & Pacifist Rosika Schwimmer, Making Mention of Henry Ford's 1915 Peace Ship Expedition Which She Initially Led.
98677: Scobie, Alastair. - Adventurer's Paradise.
27919: Scorta, Antonella; editor - Napoli
19410: (Government of Nova Scotia) - Nova Scotia: Canada's Ocean Playground
7191: (Scott, Sir Walter) - Scott & His Scotland: A Catalogue to Mark the Bicentenary of the Birth of Sir Walter Scott. Autumn 1971
98031: Scott, Bradford (pseudonym of A. Leslie Scott). - Gun Gamble. (Original Title: The Slick-Iron Trail).
25607: (Scott, Walter). Russell, Francis - Portraits of Sir Walter Scott: A Study of Romantic Portraiture
31737: (Scott, Sir Walter). Johnson, Edgar - Sir Walter Scott: The Great Unknown. 2 Volumes
6973: Scott, William R - Scottish Economic Literature to 1800: A List of Authorities Prepared by William R. Scott. [1911]
32142: Scott, Janet Laura - The Happy Day Begins
14788: (Scrivani, James A.; Anderson, Wendell B .; Kelly, Richard; Ristau, Harland). (De Witt, G; Jones, Edward H., Jr.; editors - Blue Guitar: The Journal of Poetics / Spring 1959 [No. ] 15. (Cover Title)
12873: Scudder, H. E - Men and Manners in America One Hundred Years Ago
11751: (Scuffi, Marcello). Marsano, Beba - Marcello Scuffi / Con Scritti Tra le Tavole Di Antonio Rimedio E Un Testo Da Canzone Di Carlo Vanoni
21009: Scully, Sean - Sean Scully: Paintings 1989-1990. Mckee Gallery... . (Catalog)
29743: Scully, Sean - Sean Scully: Paintings 1987-1988
20512: Scully, Sean - Sean Scully. Paris, Octobre , 1990. (Catalog)
908: Searight, Sarah. - The British in the Middle East.
31440: Searle, Ronald - From Frozen North to Filthy Lucre
6969: Sears, Stephen W.; editor - The American Heritage Century Collection of CIVIL War Art. Foreword / Bruce Catton
2147: Sears, Mary Hun - Hudson Crossroads: A Documentary Narrative of Three Centuries in Upper New York
1565: Seashore, Carl E - Psychology of Music
24609: Secchi, Luigi Lorenzo - Milano Dietro le Quinte a Cura Di Elisabetta Susani
5607: Secundus, Joannes; and Bonnefons, Jean - Basia. The Kisses of Joannes Secundus and Jean Bonnefons: With a Selection from the Best Ancient and Modern Authors
97423: [Sedgwick, Susan Anne Livingston Ridley (1788-1867)]. - The Young Emigrants; Madelaine Tube. The Boy and the Book. And Crystal Palace.
6541: Sedgwick, Dorothy - A Bibliography of English-Language Theatre and Drama in Canada 1800-1914
30142: See, Germain - Des Maladies Specifiques (Non Tuberculeuses) Du Poumon. Bronchites Aigues, Pneumonies Parasitaires, Gangrene Syphilis, Cancer Et Vers Hydatiques Du Poumon. Par le Professeur G. See
6135: Seebass, Adolf; editor - Alte Kinderbucher Und Jugendschriften / Livres de L'Enfance / Children's Books. Katalog 636 and Katalog 818. 2 Volumes in 1
25002: Segal, George - George Segal: Painted Sculpture and Pastels
26351: Segal, George - George Segal: Painted Sculptures and Pastels
25232: (Segal, George). Hunter, Sam; Hawthorne, Don - George Segal
25105: (Segal, George). Restany, Pierre - George Segal
25017: Segal, George - New Sculpture by George Segal
25016: Segal, George - George Segal
25015: Segal, George - New Sculpture by George Segal
25014: Segal, George - New Sculpture by George Segal
25013: Segal, George - An Exhibition of New Painted Sculpture by George Segal
25006: Segal, George - Exhibition of Recent Sculpture by George Segal
25004: Segal, George - George Segal: New Sculpture
21113: (Segal, George). Tuchman, Phyllis - George Segal
34290: (Segal, George). Hunter, Sam. - George Segal.
36292: (Segall, Lasar). Bardi, P. M. - Lasar Segall.
3940: (Duse, Eleonora). Segantini, Bianca; and von Mendelssohn, Francesco; compilers & editors - Eleonora Duse. Bildnisse Und Worte Gesammelt, Ubersetzt Und Herausgegeben Von Bianca Segantini Und Francesco Von Mendelssohn
26529: Segner, Ellen - Farm Animals: Panorama
95666: Dunoyer de Segonzac, Andre. (1884-1974). - Hommage a Dunoyer de Segonzac. Chateau de Blois / Mai-Juillet 1967. (Cover Title). (Catalog). Inscribed by Dunoyer de Segonzac. [Together with: ] Donation Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac / Musee de L'Ile de France / Chateau de Sceaux / 1965. (Catalog). [and with: ] Typed Three-Page Manuscript of Segonzac's Remarks at the Opening of the Musee de L'Ile de France Exhibition.
15987: Segy, Ladislas - African Sculpture Speaks
98695: Seidenberg, A. - Elements of the Theory of Algebraic Curves.
26621: Seidman, Hugh - Throne / Falcon / Eye
22624: Hayashiya, Seizo and Trubner, Henry - Chinese Ceramics from Japanese Collections / T'Ang Through Ming Dynasties. Seizo Hayashiya and Henry Trubner / in Collaboration with / Gakuji Hasebe, Yoshiaki Yabe, Hiroko Nishida, William J. Rathbun, and Catherine A. Kaputa. An Exhibition of Chinese Ceramics from Public and Private Collections in Japan Organized Under the Joint Sponsorship of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the Japanese Government and the Participating Institutions in the United States. (Catalog)
96214: Selby, Emily; and Selby, Lilian. (The Misses Selby). - A Rare Photograph of a Mother Reading to Her Child by the Misses Selby.
9973: (Seliger, Paul; editor) - Der Volker Liebesgarten
35693: (Gance, Abel). Seligmann, Herbert J.; et al. - Exceptional Photoplays. Bulletin No. 6. May, 1921.
17441: Selter, Dr. Paul, [b.1866] - Die Verwertung Der Facesuntersuchung Fur Die Diagnose Und Therapie Der Sauglingsdarmkatarrhe Nach Biedert
17304: (Seltzer, Isadore). Nash, Ogden - Marriage Lines: Notes of a Student Husband
28747: Sem, Tatyana. - Shamanizm Narodov Sibiri: Etnograficheskie Materialy XVIII-XX VV. : Khrestomatiia. V
25883: Sembach, Klaus-Jurgen; Leuthauser, Gabriele; Gossel, Peter - Twentieth-Century Furniture Design
23819: Sembach, Klaus-Jurgen - Style 1930: Elegance and Sophistication in Architecture, Design, Fashion, Graphics, and Photography
98704: Semple, J.G.; Kneebone, G.T. - Algebraic Curves.
34854: Edge, Walter E. (1873-1956). Governor of New Jersey, U.S. Senator and U.S. Ambassador to France. - Magazine Portrait Inscribed and Signed by Governor of New Jersey, U.S. Senator and U.S. Ambassador to France Walter E. Edge.
34857: Fish, Hamilton. (1808-1893). U.S. Senator and Governor of New York. U.S. Secretary of State from 1869 to 1877. - Free Frank of U.S. Secretary of State Hamilton Fish on the Front Cover of an Envelope Addressed to Vermont Senator George F. Edmunds. With Wax Seal.
31239: (Sendak, Maurice). Brothers Grimm - King Grisly-Beard: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm
22738: (Sendak, Maurice). Tesnohlidek, Rudolf - The Cunning Little Vixen
3659: (Sendak, Maurice). Minarik, Else Holmelund - Little Bear
27009: Sendak, Maurice - Stories & Pictures by Maurice Sendak. (Decorative Frieze)
26254: (Sendak, Maurice). Zolotow, Charlotte - Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present
18918: (Sendak, Maurice); Stockton, Frank R - The Bee-Man of Orn
30476: (Sendak, Maurice). Yorinks, Arthur - The Miami Giant
31797: Senefelder, Alois - The Invention of Lithography. Translated from the Original German by J.W. Muller
21006: (Senn, Gabi). Eiblmayr, Silvia - Gabi Senn. Text: Silvia Eiblmayr. Kubinski, New York/Koln, 1993. (Catalog)
2419: Sennett, Ted - Warner Brothers Presents: The Most Exciting Years--from the Jazz Singer to White Heat
27068: Seraller, Francisco Calvo; Yelo, Maria Garcia; et al - El Expresionismo Abstracto Americano En Las Colecciones Espanolas
95683: (Serov, I.P.; editor). - [Titled in Cyrillic: Leningrad Artists on the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students Moscow 1957; Album Sketches].
1761: (Serraller, Francisco Calvo) - L'Imagination Nouvelle. Les Anees [Sic] 70-80. Mam -Musee D'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris / 10 Octobre-22 Novembre 1987. (Catalogue)
98373: (Delacroix, Eugene). Serullaz, Arlette; Pomarede, Vincent; Rishel, Joseph J.; Johnson, Lee; Prat, Louis-Antoine; and Liot, David. - Delacroix: The Late Work.
24050: (Air Technical Service) - Physiology of Flight: Human Factors in the Operation of Military Aircraft. Aaf Manual No. 25-2. This Manual Replaces Manual of the Same Title Published in 1942 by Aero Medical Laboraory, Engineering Division, Air Technical Service Command, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Published by Authority of Headquarters, Army Air Forces, Washington 25, D.C. (Cover Title)
35068: Somerset, Richard, 2nd Baron Raglan. (1817-1884). Officer in the diplomatic service and later in the Royal Household. - Cover Signed by British Peer Richard Somerset, 2nd Baron Raglan, and Addressed in His Hand.
22412: Service, Robert W - Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
23572: Serviez, Jacques Roergas de. (1679-1727) - The Roman Empresses or, the History of the Lives and Secret Intrigues of the Wives of the Twelve Caesars. With Historical and Critical Notes. 2 Volumes
25743: Shim Moon Seup - Shim Moon Seup
98212: (Seurat, Georges). Herbert, Robert L. - Georges Seurat 1859-1891.
98213: (Seurat, Georges). Courthion, Pierre. - Georges Seurat.
98020: (De Seve, Peter; Blount, Roy Jr.); Twain, Mark. - A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage. By Mark Twain. Foreword and Afterword by Roy Blount, Jr. Illustrations by Peter de Seve.
30784: Seward, Jack - Japanese in Action: An Unorthodox Approach to the Spoken Language and the People Who Speak It
28993: Seward, William H - Speech of William H. Seward on the Resolution Against Renewing the Charter of the United States Bank, in the Senate of New-York
28357: Seward, William H - Speech of William H. Seward, on the Resolutions Concerning the Removal of the Government Deposites. In the Senate of New-York, January 1834
36050: Sewell, Brian. - Outsider II: Always Almost : Never Quite. An Autobiography.
1107: (Sewell, Helen). Rhys, Mimpsy - Mr. Hermit Crab: A Tale for Children by a Child. Introduced by Mary Elizabeth Barnicle
36824: [Sewell, George]. - The Resigners Vindicated; or, the Defection Re-Considered. In Which the Designs of All Parties Are Set in a True Light. By a Gentleman.
2188: (Seymour, Robert). Lambert, Samuel W - When Mr. Pickwick Went Fishing
24625: Sforza, Carlo - The Real Italians: A Study in European Psychology
35555: Sgarbi, Vittorio. - Carlo Guarienti. Introduzione Di Alberto Moravia.
24058: (Shaaz, Pinchas). Lazar, Moshe; van Jole, Marcel - Pinchas Shaaz
12632: Shaha, Rishikesh - Nepal and the World
1663: (Shakespeare, William). Schoenbaum, S - Shakespeare: The Globe and the World
26244: (Shakespeare, William). Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur - Paternity in Shakespeare. Annual Shakespeare Lecture. Read April 27, 1932
20491: (Vale Press). Shakespeare, William - The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
35174: (Shakespeare, William). Hill, Frank Ernest. - To Meet Will Shakespeare.
16106: Shank, Theodore; Huerta, Jorge A.; Eco, Umberto; Myrsiades, Linda Sunny; et al. Kirby, Michael; editor - The Drama Review: Theatre and Social Action Issue. Volume 21, Number 1 (T-73) March, 1977
98433: (The Cavalry Journal). Shanks, Major General David C.; Henry, Major General Guy V. - Tactics and Technique of Cavalry. Basic. A Textbook of Basic Cavalry Training (with Questions for Self-Examination). 2nd Edition.
18729: Shapiro, Karl - The Bourgeois Poet. Inscribed by Karl Shapiro
33298: Shapiro, David - A Man Holding an Acoustic Panel
98052: (Shapiro, Karl). Schwartz, Delmore; Phillips, Robert, editor. - Letters of Delmore Schwartz. Selected and Edited by Robert Phillips. Foreword by Karl Shapiro.
34399: Shapiro, Harold T; Immel, Andrea. - A Catalogue of the Cotsen Children's Libary. I: The Twentieth Century a - L. (Volume 1 Only).
36461: Shapiro, Karl. (1913-2000). American Pulitzer Prize-Winning poet. - Typed Poem "the Contraband" Signed by American Poet and Pulitzer Prize-Winner Karl Shapiro.
33616: Huxford, Sharon and Bob. - The Collectors Encyclopedia of Weller Pottery.
97443: (Sharp, William). Pinckney, Colesworth. - The Lady's Token, or Gift of Friendship. Edited by Colesworth Pinckney.
6098: Sharp, Harold S.; compiler - Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames: First Supplement. Volume 1: A-J. Volume II: K-Z. (2 Volumes)
5958: Sharp, R. Farquharson - A Dictionary of English Authors Biographical and Bibliographical
97992: (Rousseau, Henri). Shattuck, Roger; Behar, Henri; Hoog, Michel; Lanchner, Carolyn; and Rubin, William. - Henri Rousseau.
33370: Shaw, Irwin - Sons and Soldiers: A Play in Three Acts
3796: (Shaw, George Bernard). Hartnoll, Phyllis - Who's Who in Shaw
2545: (Shaw, Bernard). (Leighton, Douglas; organizer) - Bernard Shaw: Catalogue of an Exhibition at 7 Albermarle St, London to Celebrate His Ninetieth Birthday. July 26 to August 24, 1946
32850: Shaw, Christopher - Sacred Monkey River: A Canoe Trip with the Gods
30611: Shaw, G. Bernard - An Essay on Going to Church. From the Savoy
7036: (Shaw, George Bernard). Partington, Wilfred; editor - The Bookman's Journal, Incorporating the Print Collector. Third Series. Vol. XVI, No. 7, 1928
7037: (Shaw, George Bernard). Partington, Wilfred; editor - The Bookman's Journal, Incorporating the Print Collector. Third Series. Vol. XVI, No. 9, 1929
22752: (Wegman, William; Oppenheim, Dennis; Wilson, Donald Roller; et al). Shaw, Reesey; Kelly, Jeff - Wildlife. October 1 Through December 31, 1994. California Center for the Arts Museum. Essays by Reesey Shaw, Jeff Kelly. (Catalog)
11120: Shaw, George Bernard - The Quintessence of Ibsenism
15308: Shaw, Margaret Fay - Gaelic Folksongs from South Uist. Separatum E Libro Memoriali Cui Titulus "Studia Memoriae Belae Bartok Sacra". (Cover Title)
95785: Shaw, George Bernard; Clynes, The Rt. Hon. J. R. ; Lloyd, J. Henry; Scouller, R. E. - Trade Unionism for Clerks.
6818: (Shaw, Bernard) - First Editions and Autograph Letters by George Bernard Shaw. The Property of Dr. Archibald Henderson, Chapel Hill, N.C. Sold by His Order. (Catalogue)
29400: Shaw, Irwin - The Gentle People: A Brooklyn Fable
11047: (Shaw, Bernard). Winsten, Stephen - Days with Bernard Shaw
5929: Shaw, W. A.; editor - A Bibliography of the Historical Works of Dr. Creighton, Dr. Stubbs, Dr. S.R. Gardiner and the Late Lord Acton
14431: (Shaw, George Bernard). Shaw, Charles MacMahon - Bernard's Brethren. With Comments by Bernard Shaw
15454: Shaw, George Bernard - The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza. By Bernard Shaw
30556: Shaw, Irwin - In the Company of Dolphins
11477: Shawe, Wilfred H. Scott - Sea of Seas: Cruising the Western Mediterranean. (Edited by Eugene V. Connett)
96587: Shawlee, Joan Fulton (1926-1987). - A Vintage Publicity Photograph of the Hollywood Movie Actress & Showgirl Joan Fulton (Aka Joan Shawlee) with a Line of Chorus Girls in "the Michigan Kid".
32746: (Shays, Daniel). Genega, Paul - Shays' Rebellion
94916: Sheed, Wilfrid. - The Morning After: Selected Essays and Reviews.
14251: Sheehan, J. M.; editor - The 1962 Original Baseball Facts
31461: Sheeler, Charles (1883-1965) - The Open Door: A Superb Rich Poster Illustrated with Charles Sheeler's Drawing
251: Shein, Keith. - An Intimate Distant.
249: Shein, Keith. - Pictures Words Threes & Other Numbers.
98674: Sheldrick, Daphne. - The Tsavo Story.
31360: Shelley, Percy Bysshe - The Dramatic Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley
6760: (Shelley, Percy Bysshe). Forman, H. Buxton - The Shelley Library: An Essay in Bibliography. I: Shelley's Own Books, Pamphlets & Broadsides, Posthumous Separate Issues and Posthumous Books Wholly or Mainly by Him
30471: Shengjie, Liu; Ng, Francis; Editors-in-Chief - Historical Treasures of China: A Collection of Rare Manuscripts from the Archives of Hebei Province
95526: Shepard, Jim. - Batting Against Castro: Stories by Jim Shepard.
31987: (Shepard, Ernest H.). Grahame, Kenneth. - Dream Days.
95983: (Shepard, Sam). - Operation Sidewinder. (Program).
1365: (Shepard, Ernest H.). Grahame, Kenneth - Bertie's Escapade
12835: Shepard, Odell; and Shepard, Willard - Holdfast Gaines
14562: (Shepherd, Jessie; McCullough, William A.). Brown, John, M.D - Rab and His Friends and Other Papers
25632: (Whittet & Shepperson) - Christmas Greeting Card
4087: (Sheridan, Richard Brinsley). Sichel, Walter - Sheridan. From New and Original Material; Including a Manuscript Diary by Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire. 2 Volumes
2425: (Boetticher, Budd; Fuller, Samuel; et al). Sherman, Eric; and Rubin, Martin - The Director's Event: Interviews with Five American Film-Makers. Budd Boetticher / Peter Bogdanovich / Samuel Fuller / Arthur Penn / Abraham Polonsky
97422: (Young Folks Library). (Sherwood, Mrs Mary Martha [1775-1851]; Edgeworth, Maria [1768-1849]). - Stories About Henry and Frank.
956: Sherwood, Margaret - The Upper Slopes
97224: Sherwood, Mary Martha (1775-1851). - The Orphans of Normandy, or, Florentin and Lucie. By Mrs. Sherwood... . First American Edition.
31314: Sherwood, Robert E - There Shall Be No Night
98335: Shevchenko, Taras; Lermontov, Mikhail; Voynich, Ethel Lilian. - Six Lyrics from the Ruthenian of Taras Shevchenko Also the Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov from the Russian of Mikhail Lermontov. Rendered Into English Verse with a Biographical Sketch by E.L. Voynich.
36683: Shlepjanov, A. I; et al; editors - Muutoksen Aika / Time of Change 1905-1930: Russian Avant-Garde from Private Soviet Collections.
31616: (Shochat, Israel). (Persoff, Nick) - Narratives by Israel Shochat and Others Involved in the Bar Giora Organization [Later Called Hashomer] from the Early Part of the 20th Century, As Translated by Nick Persoff for the Famed Hollywood Scriptwriter Ben Hecht
96230: (Shochet, Jerome). - Signed Historical Photographs from the Jerome Shochet Collection. Public Auction Sale 2202. Thursday, February 11, 2010... .
96283: (Shoenfeld, Mayer). - The Clothing Trade: Industrial Political Views. September, 1919.
26479: Shone, Richard - The Century of Change: British Painting Since 1900
37382: Goodspeed's Book Shop. - Rare Americana. Catalog 321.
22376: (Dawsons Book Shop) - Californiana. Catalogue 139. Nineteen-Forty. (Cover Title)
36640: Shore, Jane. - The Minute Hand.
11178: Short, Nicholas M.; Lowman, Paul D., Jr.; Freden, Stanley C.; and Finch, William A., Jr - Mission to Earth: Landsat Views of the World
13423: (Shostakovich, Dimitri). Martynov, Ivan - Shostakovich: The Man and His Work. Translated from the Russian by T. Guralsky
25411: Shostakovich, Dmitri - A Significant Photograph Inscribed & Signed by Dmitri Shostakovich. A Most Famous Photograph of This Important Gathering of Russian Artists, Each of Whom Contributed to the Play "the Bedbug", Inscribed and Signed by the Great Modern Russian Composer
98564: (Shostakovich, Dmitri). Fay, Laurel E. - Shostakovich and His World. Edited by Laurel E. Fay.
15885: (Shostakovich, Dmitri). Rabinovich, D - Dmitry Shostakovich / Composer. (Translated from the Russian by George Hanna)
993: Shulevitz, Uri - Rain Rain Rivers
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27271: Tremblay, Bill - Duhamel: Ideas of Order in Little Canada. A Sequence of Poems by Bill Tremblay
33250: Trevor, William - Felicia's Journey
5459: Trewartha, Glenn Thomas - A Reconnaissance Geography of Japan. (University of Wisconsin Studies in the Social Sciences and History Number 22)
36235: Moore, John Bassett. ( 1860-1947). An authority on international law who was a member of the Hague Tribunal and served on the Permanent Court of International Justice. - Magazine Portrait Inscribed and Signed by Authority on International Law and Member of the Hague Tribunal John Bassett Moore.
97260: Trien, Jay Garfield (publisher); and Levenson, Gabriel (editor-in-chief). - Official Guide to Fire Island. 100 Real Estate Listings - Houses for Rent and for Sale / How to Get There, Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to Do / Ferry Schedules and Maps... Everything You Want to Know.
1827: Trillin, Calvin - If You Can't Say Something Nice
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34734: Trotin, Christine. - Key to Musicianship: A Clear and Interesting Explanation of All the Fundamental Rules of Music. Dedicated to the Adult American Student.
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32054: Trudeau, Gary B. - Doonesbury Twenty-Five: What a Long, Strange Strip It's Been.
17544: Truffaut, Francois; and Gruault, Jean - Jules and Jim / a Film by Francois Truffaut / Translated from the French by Nicholas Fry
37088: Truman, Harry S.; Eisenhower, Dwight D.; Goldwater, Barry; Nixon, Richard M.; Agnew, Spiro T.; and Kennedy, John F. - 8 Original Photographs of American Presidents, Vice Presidents & Presidential Candidates, Mostly Pictured Attending Circus Saints and Sinners Club Events.
34148: Truman, Harry. - Presidential First Day Cover Commemorating the Equatorial Crossing of the U.S. S. Missouri During the Presidential Cruise, Signed by President Harry Truman, Bess and Margaret Truman and Captain Robert L. Dennison.
18299: Trumbo, Dalton - Washington Jitters
36653: Trumbull, J. Hammond. - The First Essays at Banking and the First Paper-Money in New-England. From the Report of the Council of the American Antiquarian Society, Presented at the Annual Meeting Held in Worcester, October 21, 1884.
2946: (Trumbull, John). - The Colonnade. Volume XIV 1919-1922. Part I: Contributions to Scholarship and Belles-Lettres. Part II: The Poetical Works of John Trumbull, LL. D. Reprinted from the Original Edition of 1820.
18916: Trumbull, Benjamin. - An Appeal to the Public, Relative to the Unlawfulness of Marrying a Wife's Sister. By Benjamin Trumbull, D.D. , Pastor of the Church in North-Haven. (Part 1).
14915: Trussell, Jake - After Hours Poetry. (Cover Title)
95133: (W.A.A. Board of Trustees). - Woodstock Artists Association 1920-1972. (Cover Title).
32223: Tubbs, Frank H - Science and Art of Breathing
95517: [Tucker, Gideon J. (Served as New York's Secretary of State from January 1858 through December 1859)]. - Manual for the Use of the Legislature of the State of New-York, for the Year 1858. Prepared Pursuant to a Resolution of the Senate and Assembly of 1840, by the Secretary of State.
30473: (Tucker, Richard). Drake, James A - Richard Tucker: A Biography. Foreword by Luciano Pavarotti. Afterword by George Jellinek. Discography by Patricia Ann Kiser
16140: Tucker, St. George; Butterfield, L. H - A Letter from St. George Tucker, Esq. Professor of Law in the College of William and Mary, to the Reverend Jedidiah Morse, Author of the American Universal Geography (Written May 28th, 1795). Originally Printed in Richmond in 1795 and Now Reprinted by the William Byrd Press for the Institute of Early American History and Culture at Williamsburg, Viriginia
97979: (Brassai). Tucker, Anne Wilkes. - Brassai: The Eye of Paris by Anne Wilkes Tucker with Richard Howard and Avis Berman.
3480: Tuckerman, Henry T - Essays, Biographical and Critical; or, Studies of Character
35608: Tumova, Jirina; editor. - Literatures of the Near East in Czechoslovakia 1945-March 1963 .
37082: Herrick, Robert (1868-1938). American realist author whose novels addressed the turbulence and turmoil of industrialized society. He briefly served as acting Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands. - Autograph, Signed & Dated by the American Novelist Robert Herrick While in Mexico.
26246: Turco, Lewis - Pocoangelini: A Fantography / and Other Poems
29930: (Turner, J. M. W.). Butlin, Martin - Turner: Watercolours
98660: (Turner, J.M.W.). Moore, Thomas. - The Epicurean, a Tale. With Vignette Illustrations by J.M. W. Turner, Esq. R.A. And Alciphron. A Poem.
13416: Turner, W. J - The Man Who Ate the Popomack: A Tragi-Comedy of Love in Four Acts
31052: (Turner, Benjamin Brecknell). Barnes, Martin - Benjamin Brecknell Turner: Rural England Through a Victorian Lens
35828: Parker, Frank. (1903-1999). Popular radio singer who later appeared on TV and in film. - Signature on a Card of American Singer and Radio and Tv Personality Frank Parker.
8678: (Twain, Mark). Howells, W. D - My Mark Twain: Reminiscences and Criticisms
97760: Twain, Mark. - To the Person Sitting in Darkness and Concerning the Rev. Mr. Ament by Mark Twain. [Limited Edition].
6781: (Twain, Mark). Adams, Lucille - Huckleberry Finn: A Descriptive Bibliography of the Huckleberry Finn Collection at the Buffalo Public Library
98011: Twain, Mark. - The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories.
98010: Twain, Mark. - Christian Science. With Notes Containing Corrections to Date.
31428: Tyler, Parker - Sex Psyche Etcetera in the Film
665: Tyler, Anne. - The Accidental Tourist.
26444: Tyler, Anne - A Patchwork Planet
2416: Tyler, Parker - Underground Film: A Critical History
96309: Tyler, Parker. - Three Choruses. (in Pavement: A Quarterly of Poetry. Summer Issue, 1952).
31297: Nash, John Henry. (1871-1947).Canadian-born printer, typographer and designer. - Typed Letter Signed from John Henry Nash to Harold Hugo of the Meriden Gravure Company.
19633: (Tyson, Mike; D'Amato, Cus) - Kodak Black-and-White Papers, Films, and Chemicals. (Cover Title)
24009: Ujvary, Liesl - Sicher & Gut. Was Die Welt Zusammenhalt / Spuren Sie Nichts? Gedichte Uber Gedichte / Romane Uber Romane / Ich/ Autobiographie Mit Anleitung
3615: Ulich, Robert - Conditions of Civilized Living
4013: Ulich, Robert - The Education of Nations: A Comparison in Historical Perspective
3931: (Ulich, Robert). Bereday, George Z. F.; editor - Liberal Traditions in Education: Essays in Honor of Robert Ulich by His Students
35309: Ullmann, Gerhard. - Industriebrachen; Bizarre Phantasien Des Verfalls.

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