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10820: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - The Murder of Lidice
13415: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - The Buck in the Snow / & Other Poems
35019: DE MILLE, AGNES. (C. 1905-1993). INNOVATIVE AMERICAN CHOREOGRAPHER. - Three-Page Autograph Letter to Producer Jean Dalrymple Signed by American Choreographer Agnes de Mille.
33255: MILLER, JOAQUIN - Songs of Italy
1797: (MILLER, HENRY). NIN, ANAIS. - Preface to Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer.
2493: MILLER, HENRY - Nexus. Roman
4618: MILLER, WARREN - The Sleep of Reason: A Novel
5244: MILLER, GEORGE J.; PARKINS, ALMON E; HUDGINS, BERT - Geography of North America. Third Edition
5938: MILLER, ELIZABETH W.; COMPILER - The Negro in America: A Bibliography. With a Foreword by Thomas F. Pettigrew
7343: MILLER, MRS. E. P - Mother Truth's Melodies: Common Sense for Children. A Kindergarten
12490: (MILLER, DOROTHY C.) - Modern Masters from European and American Collections. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1940. (Catalog)
13138: MILLER, HENRY - The Rosy Crucifixion. Book One: Sexus
22971: MILLER, BILL - Alley-Strewn Phrases
15044: MILLER, HENRY - Black Spring
26610: MILLER, HENRY - Echolalia: Reproductions of Water Colors by Henry Miller
96500: MILLER, NATHAN LEWIS (1868-1953). GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK STATE. - Photographic Portrait Inscribed & Signed by New York State Governor Nathan L. Miller.
95652: (MILLER, STEPHEN FRANKS). PIERCE, E.H.; SECRETARY OF THE EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT OF GEORGIA. - Autograph Letter Signed by the Secretary of the Executive Department of Georgia E.H. Pierce to the Author, Lawyer & Journalist Stephen Franks Miller Regarding the Settlement with the Oconee Navigation Association.
96557: MILLER, ANN (1923-2004). - A Vintage Christmas Publicity Photograph by Ned Scott of the Glamorous Hollywood Actress, Dancer and Singer Ann Miller Holding a Santa Mask.
34744: MILLER, KENNETH HAYES. (1876-1952). AMERICAN ARTIST WHO EXHIBITED IN THE 1913 ARMORY SHOW. - Autograph Letter to a Collector Signed by American Artist Kenneth Hayes Miller.
31388: MILLER, THOMAS - The Picturesque and Popular History of England. (in the Original Parts Consisting of 6 Parts in 6 Volumes)
26648: MILLER, HENRY. - Titles Still Available from Henry Miller. Winter 1955. (Catalog).
30500: MILLER, ARTHUR - The Misfits
27788: MILLER, HENRY (1891-1980) - A Manuscript by Henry Miller's Japanese Language Teacher Heavily Corrected in Red Felt by Henry Miller and Signed with His Initials
25317: (MILLER, HENRY). COLWELL, LARRY (B. 1911, DETROIT - D. 1972) - A Superb Original Portrait of Henry Miller by the Photographer Larry Colwell
25225: MILLER, ARTHUR - After the Fall: A Play by Arthur Miller
35870: MILLER, DAVID. - True Points: Eight Prose Texts 1981-1987.
33302: (MILLET, JEAN-FRANCOIS). VAN RENSSELAER, MRS. SCHUYLER; KEPPEL, FREDERICK - Jean-Francois Millet: Painter-Etcher. To Which Is Appended a Sketch of the Life of Millet by Frederick Keppel
6179: MILLETT, FRED B - Contemporary British Literature: A Critical Survey and 232 Author-Bibliographies by Fred B. Millett. Third Revised and Enlarged Edition, Based on the Second Revised and Enlarged Edition by John M. Manly and Edith Rickert
6912: MILLETT, FRED B - Contemporary American Authors: A Critical Survey and 219 Bio-Bibliographies
32094: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - Little Kingdoms: Three Novellas
37274: MILLS, NICK; AND THE EDITORS OF THE BOSTON PUBLISHING COMPANY. - Combat Photographer: The Vietnam Experience.
26087: MILLS, ELLA - A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Mills, One of the First Settlers in Dunbarton, N. H
14584: (MILNE, DAVID). OWENS, GWENDOLYN - The Watercolors of David Milne. A Survey Exhibition Organized by Gwendolyn Owens. Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York / May 1 - June 17, 1984... . (Catalog)
26054: MILNER, EDITH. - Sunshine in the Shady Place.
19055: MILNER, JOHN - The End of Religious Controversy, in a Friendly Correspondence between a Religious Society of Protestants, and a Roman Catholic Divine. In Three Parts. Part I. On the Rule of Faith; or, the Method of Finding out the True Religion. Part II. On the Chatacteristics of the True Church. Part III. On Rectifying Mistakes Concerning the Catholic Church. By the Rt. Rev. John Milner. Addressed to the Rt. Rev. Dr. Burgess, Lord Bishop of St. David's, in Answer to His Lordship's Protestant's Catechism. To Which Is Added the Author's Postscript
18269: MILOCHE, HILDA; KANE, WILMA - Judy and Jim: A Paper Doll Story Book
33238: (COCTEAU, JEAN). MILORAD; AND JOECKER, JEAN-PIERRE - L'Album-Masques / Jean Cocteau
13599: (MILTON, JOHN). PARKER, WILLIAM RILEY - An Exhibit of Seventeenth-Century Editions of Writings by John Milton. Preface by William Riley Parker, Late Distinguished Professor of English, Indiana University. (Catalog)
36436: LOFTUS, CECILIA. (1876-1943). SCOTTISH ACTRESS, MIMIC AND MUSIC HALL PERFORMER. - Unsigned List of Performers She Can MIMIC Handwritten by Scottish Actress and Vaudevillian Cecilia Loftus for the Pond Lecture Bureau.
17794: (MINAUDO, SARA). STEINER, RAYMOND J - The Girl Who Couldn't See
36920: KUNZ, GEORGE FREDERICK. (1856-1932). AMERICAN MINERALOGIST AND VICE PRESIDENT OF TIFFANY & CO. WHERE HE SOUGHT OUT FINE GEMS FOR HIS CLIENTS. - Typed Letter Signed by Mineralogist and Vice President of Tiffany's George Frederick Kunz to James B. Pond Sorting out Details As He Will Be Serving on the Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture and May Be Bringing His Daughter.
36919: KUNZ, GEORGE FREDERICK. (1856-1932). AMERICAN MINERALOGIST AND VICE PRESIDENT OF TIFFANY & CO. WHERE HE SOUGHT OUT FINE GEMS FOR HIS CLIENTS. - Typed Letter Signed by Mineralogist and Vice President of Tiffany's George Frederick Kunz in Reply to James B. Pond's Invitation to Join His Reception Committee for Maeterlinck's First American Lecture.
36435: KUNZ, GEORGE FREDERICK. (1856-1932). AMERICAN MINERALOGIST AND VICE PRESIDENT OF TIFFANY & CO. WHERE HE SOUGHT OUT FINE GEMS FOR HIS CLIENTS - Typed Letter Signed by Mineralogist and Vice President of Tiffany's George Frederick Kunz Requesting Tickets to a Traprock Lecture.
16605: (CATHROY LARDER MINES) - Mine Workings Explained for the Investor
31409: MINES, JOHN FLAVEL - A Tour Around New York and My Summer Acre. Being the Recreations of Mr, Felix Oldboy
96444: BROWN, HUGH STOWELL (1823-1886). MANX (I.E. ISLE OF MAN) BAPTIST MINISTER AND RENOWNED PREACHER. - Autograph Close Signed by the Baptist Minister Hugh Stowell Brown, the Renowned Preacher from the Isle of Man.
33227: MINKOFF, GEORGE ROBERT - The Weight of Smoke
24002: (MINNELLI, VINCENTE). HARVEY, STEPHEN - Directed by Vincente Minnelli
26680: MINNELLI, LIZA; AND DE NIRO, ROBERT - An Original Lobby Card for the Movie "New York, New York" Starring Liza Minnelli and Robert de Niro
19352: MINOR, WENDELL. - Wendell Minor: Art for the Written Word. Twenty-Five Years of Book Cover Art. With an Introduction by David Mccullough.
29430: MINOT, SUSAN - Evening
7133: (THE FRANKLIN MINT) - Numismatic Issues of the Franklin Mint. 1971 Edition Covering Issues of the Year 1970. (Catalogue)
11819: MINTO, ANTONIO - IL Museo Archeologico Dell'Etruria E L'Istituto Di Studi Etruschi Ed Italici
1243: (MIRË, JOAN). PALOU, JOANA M.; ORTEGA, PILAR - Escultures de Mirˇ. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia / Direccion General de Bellas Artes, Archivos Y Bibliotecas / Ministerio de Cultura / Desembre 1990- Febrer 1991. (Catalogue)
10965: (MIRO, JOAN). SWEENEY, JAMES JOHNSON - Joan Miro. (Catalog)
27930: (MIRO, JUAN). PENROSE, ROLAND - Juan Miro
4858: MIROV, N. T - Geography of Russia
26188: MISHIMA, YUKIO - After the Banquet
21994: ARIAS-MISSION, ALAIN - The Mind Crime of August Saint
95471: POWDERMAKER, HORTENSE. (1900-1970). AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST, BEST KNOWN FOR HER ETHNOGRAPHIC STUDIES OF AFRICAN AMERICANS IN INDIANOLA, MISSISSIPPI AND OF HOLLYWOOD. - Typed Letter to Educator Harold Rugg Signed by American Anthropologist Hortense Powdermaker, Best Known for Her Ethnographic Studies of Rural African Americans and of Hollywood.
32747: MITCHARD, JACQUELYN - A Theory of Relativity
96222: MITCHELL, BURROUGHS. (D. 1979). EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AT CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS. - Supportive Typed Rejection Letter to Author John Hyde Preston Signed by Burroughs Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of Charles Scribner's Sons.
22676: MITCHELL, EHRMAN B.; GIURGOLA, ROMALDO - Mitchell/Giurgola Architects
23622: (MARK E. MITCHELL, INC.) - Original Historic Newspapers / Catalog Fourteen
16141: MITCHELL, RUTH COMFORT - The Night Court and Other Verse
22831: MITCHELL, JACK; ALBEE, EDWARD - Icons & Idols
37273: (ABBOTT, BERENICE; DOOR, NELL; ET AL). MITCHELL, MARGARETTA K. - Recollections: Ten Women of Photography.
27767: MIYAWAKI, AIKO - Utsurohi: A Moment of Movement
37327: MIZWA, STEPHEN P. - Nicholas Copernicus 1543-1943.
31776: MIZWA, STEPHEN P.; EDITOR - Frederic Chopin 1810-1849
95396: MOCH, CHERYL; GURGANUS, ALLAN. - Feels Like Home.
36090: MODELSKI, ANDREW M.; COMPILER. - Railroad Maps of the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography of Original 19th-Century Maps in the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress.
23342: (MODIGLIANI, AMADEO). SCHMALENBACH, WERNER - Modigliani: Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings
23089: (MODOTTI, TINA). CONSTANTINE, MILDRED - Tina Modotti: A Fragile Life
96297: MOFFAT, ROBERT. (1795-1883). SCOTTISH CONGREGATIONALIST MISSIONARY TO AFRICA. - Slip of Paper Signed by Scottish Congregationalist Missionary to Africa Robert Moffat.
29143: MOFFITT, JOHN - This Narrow World
19866: (MOGGIOLI, UMBERTO; 1886-1919). BARILLI, RENATO; BELLI, GABRIELLA - Umberto Moggioli / Disegni
7368: MOHR, DR. E. C. JUL., - The Soils of Equatorial Regions / with Special Reference to the Netherlands East Indies. Amsterdam 1933-1938. Translated from the Netherlandsch by Robert L. Pendleton
10482: MOHR, FRIEDRICH - Geschichte Der Erde: Eine Geologie Auf Neuer Grundlage
13631: MOLINA, PEDRO. (1777-1854) - Escritos Del Doctor Pedro Molina. Tomo Primero Conteniendo la Reproduccion Integra de Los Escritos Del Primer Semestre Del Periodico El Editor Constitucional Del Numero 1 (28 de Julio) Al Numero 24 (11 de Diciembre de 1820). Con Un Estudio Preliminar Por El Doctor Salvador Mendieta. Volume 1 Only
13632: MOLINA, PEDRO. (1777-1854) - Escritos Del Doctor Pedro Molina. Tomo Tercero Conteniendo la Reproduccion Integra de Los Escritos Del Tercer Semestre Del Periodico El Editor Constitucional Del Numero 1 (Segundo Ano, 28 de Mayo 1821) Al Numero 13 (20 de Agosto de 1821) Y Los Textos Integros Del Periodico El Genio de la Libertad Del Numero 14 (27 Agosto) Al Numero 28 (10 de Diciembre de 1821). Volume 3 Only
5216: (MOLINARD, PATRICE). GIONO, JEAN; MARCEAU, FELICIEN; PILLEMENT, GEORGES - The Rome I Love... / Introduction by Jean Giono / Titles by Felicien Marceau / Text by Georges Pillement / Translated by Ruth Whipple Fermaud
15197: MOLNAR, AUGUSTA - The Kham Magar Women of Thabang. The Status of Women in Nepal. Volume II: Field Studies Part 2
26857: MOLTEDO, LAURA; PRESIDENT - Bottega Veneta
2451: MONACO, JAMES - American Film Now: The People, the Power, the Money, the Movies
22964: MONACO, JAMES - Who's Who in American Film Now
1998: MONAGHAN, FRANK; EDITOR - New York: The World's Fair City: A Comprehensive Collection of Brilliant Photographs of the World's Greatest City at Work and at Play, Newly Taken by Leading American Artists, Together with Official Plans and Photographs of the New York World's Fair of 1939. Introduction by the Hon. Grover a Whalen, President of the New York World's Fair, Inc
2009: MONAHAN, MICHAEL - Palms of Papyrus: Being Forthright Studies of Men and Books; with Some Pages from a Man's Inner Life
17169: MONAHAN, MICHAEL; LE GALLIENNE, RICHARD; DE MAUPASSANT, GUY; ANDREYEV, LEONID - The Phoenix: A Magazine of Individuality. Edited by Michael Monahan. (October 1914)
36794: DE MONBRISON, ALAIN; EXPERT. - Arts Primitifs: Collection de Monsieur Et Madame Solvit Et a Divers Amateurs. Vente Aux Encheres Publiques. Le Dimanche 7 Juin 1998... .
95709: MONDRIAN, PIET. - 50 Years of Mondrian. (Exhibition Opening Monday 4 to 6: 30 P.M. November 2-30 1953. Sidney Janis Gallery, 15 East 57). (Catalog).
23404: (MONDRIAN, PIET). CHAMPA, KERMIT SWILER - Mondrian Studies
23403: (MONDRIAN, PIET). BUTOR, MICHEL - Tout L'Oeuvre Peint de Piet Mondrian
30376: (MONDRIAN, PIET). COOPER, HARRY; SPRONK, RON - Mondrian: The Transatlantic Paintings
23415: MONDRIAN, PIET; HENKELS, HERBERT - Piet Mondrian de la Figuration a L'Abstraction: Oeuvres Du Haags Gemeentemuseum de la Haye
37235: {MONFILS, NADINE); D'HARVILLE, PIERRE. - Tels Quels Magazine. Numero Special: Pierre D'Harville.
6745: (LA FONTAINE). MONGREDIEN, GEORGES - Recueil Des Textes Et Des Documents Du Xviie Siecle Relatifs a la Fontaine
30669: MONOD, LUCIEN - Le Prix Des Estampes Anciennes Et Modernes: Prix Atteints Dans Les Ventes--Suites Et Etats / Biographies Et Bibliographies. Volumes 1-5 Only [Abbott-Perrin]
12233: (MONROE, JAMES) - The Contrast; or the Two Speeches. "Look Here, Upon This Picture". The One Delivered to the Representatives of the United States of America, on December 2d, 1817; "and on This". The Other Delivered to the Boroughmongers of Great Britain and Ireland, on Tuesday January 27th, 1818
20026: [MONSELL, ELINOR MARY]. (YEATS, W. B.; LADY GREGORY; ROBINSON, LENNOX) - Abbey Theatre Co. The Round Table: A Comic Tragedy in Three Acts by Lennox Robinson. The Workhouse Ward: A Comedy in One Act, by Lady Gregory. (Program)
25862: MONTAIGNE, FEN - Reeling in Russia: An Angler's Journey
6531: MONTERDE, FRANCISCO - Bibliografia Del Teatro En Mexico
95453: SEDGWICK, ELLERY. (1872-1960). EDITOR OF THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY AND PRESIDENT OF THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY COMPANY. - Typed Letter About "Mutiny on the Bounty" Author James Norman Hall Signed by Atlantic Monthly Editor Ellery Sedgwick.
95688: MONTYN, JAN. - Indochine 1974.
15090: MOODY, SUSAN - King of Hearts: A Cassie Swann Mystery
345: (ERNST, ULRICH). MOOG-GRUNEWALD, MARIA; AND WERTHEIMER, JURGEN; EDITORS - Arcadia: Zeitschrift Fur Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft. Begrundet Von Horst Rudiger. Fortgefuhrt Von Erwin Koppen. Band 27, 1992, Heft 3
15304: MOON, ARNOLD - The Building
28207: MOONEY, TED - Easy Travel to Other Planets
27296: MOORE, CHARLES HERBERT - Development & Character of Gothic Architecture
19777: MOORE, HENRY; CHILLIDA, EDUARDO; CUEVAS, JOSE LUIS - Figure / Space / Image: An Exhibition of Works by Henry Moore / Eduardo Chillida / Jose Luis Cuevas. January 5, 1985--February 23, 1985. Tasende Gallery-- la Jolla, California
29742: (MOORE, HENRY). MITCHINSON, DAVID - Moore: The New Work. Working Models, Maquettes, Reliefs, Drawings, Etchings, Lithographs
25881: MOORE, HONOR - Leaving and Coming Back
5520: MOORE, GEORGE - Peronnik the Fool
6731: (MOORE, GEORGE). GILCHER, EDWIN - A Bibliography of George Moore
6944: (MOORE, MARIANNE). ABBOTT, CRAIG S - Marianne Moore: A Descriptive Bibliography
8020: MOORE, DOUGLAS - From Madrigal to Modern Music: A Guide to Musical Styles
9458: MOORE, HENRY; AND HEDGECOE, JOHN - Henry Moore. Photographed and Edited by John Hedgecoe. Words by Henry Moore
10961: (MOORE, HENRY). (MELVILLE, ROBERT) - Henry Moore: The Complete Graphic Work 1931-1972. July-August 1973. All Works Illustrated Are for Sale. Fischer Fine Art Limited-London. (Catalog)
11100: MOORE, FRANK FRANKFORT - A Georgian Pageant
11250: (MOORE, HENRY). WILKINSON, ALAN G - Henry Moore Remembered: The Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto
11553: (MOORE, HENRY). LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM S - Henry Moore: 60 Years of His Art
25037: (MOORE, HENRY). READ, HERBERT - Henry Moore. Volume Two: Sculpture and Drawings Since 1948. (Vol. 2 Only)
19375: MOORE, MARIANNE - Tell Me, Tell Me: Granite, Steel, and Other Topics
17700: (MOORE, HENRY). GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - Henry Moore
22411: MOORE, N. HUDSON - The Old China Book, Including Staffordshire, Wedgwood, Lustre and Other English Pottery and Porcelain
19797: (MOORE, HENRY). HICKMAN, RONALD D - Henry Moore in la Jolla: Exhibitions of Drawings and Sculptures by Henry Moore. Tasende Gallery and Select Locations. The Salk Institute. Ellen Browning Scripps Park. September 25 - October 30, 1982. (Catalog)
96239: MOORE, DOUGLAS STUART (1893-1969); BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT. - A Sad Song": An Original Pencil Manuscript Score by the American Composer Douglas Moore of His Composition "a Sad Song" with Lyrics by Stephen Vincent Benet. Signed by Moore. Together with Soprano Louise Llewellyn de Jarecka's Ink Copy of the Score for Voice and Piano, and a Lithographed Copy of the Manuscript with the Lyrics Penciled in.
20226: MOORE, HENRY - Henry Moore: Model to Monument. May 28-August 6, 1986. Introduction by David Finn. With Comments by the Artist. (Catalog)
21188: MOORE, RICHARD; CARROLL, LEWIS; ADAMS, DEREK; LIFSHIN, LYN; AGNOLONI, GIOVANNI; ET AL. JENACK, JEANPAUL - Spindrifter: The Island Literary Journal. Volume 2, Number 1. Our Fifth Issue. Spring, 2005
36850: MOORE, MARIANNE; EDITOR. - The Dial. April 1927. Volume LXXXII Number 4. (Cover Title).
29269: MOORE, SUSANNA - In the Cut
22770: (MOORE, HENRY). SPENDER, STEPHEN - In Irina's Garden / with Henry Moore's Sculpture
28740: MOORE, MELBA. - In-Person Autograph of Melba Moore. An Original Autograph by the Disco & R&B Singer.
22880: NADAL MORA, VICENTE - Manual de Arte Ornamental Americano Autoctono
9278: MORA, GILLES - L'Acte Du Photographe. (Collection Photographique Du Fonds Regional D'Art Contemporain Aquitaine)
22500: MORAES, FRANK - Report on Mao's China
37377: MORAN, BENJAMIN. - The Footpath and Highway or, Wanderings of an American in Great Britain, in 1851 and '52.
33134: MORAN, JIM - Why Men Shouldn't Marry
95641: (MORANDI, GIORGIO). RENZI, RENZO. - La Citta Di Morandi 1890-1990; Cent'Anni Di Storia Bolognese Attraverso la Vicenda Di Un Grande Pittore...
784: MORDDEN, ETHAN - A Guide to Opera Recordings
36075: MORE, LOUIS TRENCHARD. - The Life and Works of the Honourable Robert Boyle.
27147: MORE, AGUILAR; MANZANO, RAFAEL. - La Espanolada. Illustraciones de Aguilar More. Textos de Rafael Manzano.
7929: MORELL, JOHN REYNELL - Russia and England: Their Strength and Weakness
23639: MORET, ALEXANDRE - Kings and Gods of Egypt
5856: (MORGAN, EDMUND S.) - The Mirror of the Indian: An Exhibition of Books and Other Source Materials by Spanish, French, and English Historians and Colonists of North America from the 16th Throughout the 18th Century. With an Address "the American Indian: Incorrigible Individualist" by Edmund S. Morgan
18100: (MORGAN, JOHN PIERPONT; PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES) - The Pierpont Morgan Library: Review of the Growth, Development and Activities of the Library During the Period between Its Establishment As an Educational Institution in February 1924 and the Close of the Year 1929
95019: MORGAN, ELUNED. - Plant Yr Haul: Stori Incas Peru. Can Eluned.
7240: (MORGAND, DAMSCENE) - Bulletin de la Librairie Damascene Morgand. Tome Troisieme. Nos. 7881 a 11725. (Catalogue)
21813: MORISSEAU, JAMES J - The New Schools
1320: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Preface to "Bartlett
14842: (MORO, JUAN M.) - Prologo: Siete Nuevos Grabadores. Junio 1993. Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias, Palacio de Velarde
35303: MOROSOW, S.;WARTANOW, A.; ET AL; EDITORS. - Sowjetische Fotografen 1917-1940.
32172: MORRIS, WRIGHT - War Games
95569: (MORRIS, WILLIAM). SANDERSON. - Sanderson William Morris Exhibition. Catalogue [Not Illustrated].
4317: (MORRIS, WILLIAM). DUSCHNES, PHILIP C - William Morris and the Kelmscott Press. An Exhibition Held in the Library of Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, from October 9 to December 31, 1959. / to Which Is Appended an Address by Philip C. Duschnes to the Friends of the Library of Brown University, December 7, 1959
6397: (MORRIS, WILLIAM). CRANE, WALTER - William Morris. (in Scribner's Magazine Vol. XXII. No. 1, July 1897)
12364: MORRIS, SARAH P - The Black and White Style: Athens and Aigina in the Orientalizing Period
15522: (MORRIS, WILLIAM). DUNLAP, JOSEPH R - On the Heritage of William Morris: Some Considerations / Typographic & Otherwise. An Address Delivered by Joseph R. Dunlap / on the Occasion of the Annual Typophiles Christmas Luncheon / December 12, 1974
35089: (MORRIS, WILLIAM). (DOHENY, ESTELLE). - The Estelle Doheny Collection: Part VI: Printed Books and Manuscripts, Concerning William Morris and His Circle. (Catalog).
94843: MORRIS, WRIGHT. - What a Way to Go.
27972: MORRIS, WRIGHT - Love Affair -- a Venetian Journal
94705: MORRIS, MICHAEL. TRASOV, VINCENT; CRAIG, KATE; LEWIS, GLENN; METCALFE, ERIC. - Art & Correspondence from the Western Front.
94718: MORRIS, WILLIE. - The Courting of Marcus Dupree.
32201: MORRIS, WILLIE - My Dog Skip
32752: MORRIS, WRIGHT - Love Affair -- a Venetian Journal
12991: (MORRISET, GERARD) - Painting in Canada: A Selective Historical Survey. January 10th to March 10th, 1946 / Albany, New York. (Catalog)
37075: MORRISON, MARY. - Over the Threshold to Manhood.
10429: MORRISSEY, JAMES W - Noted Men and Women: A Profusely Illustrated Book / Containing the Humor, Wit, Sentiment and Diplomacy in the Social, Business and Artistic Lives of the People Set Forth Herein
1825: MORROW, BRADFORD - Giovanni's Gift
1864: MORROW, BRADFORD - The Almanac Branch
4674: (BLACK SPARROW PRESS). MORROW, BRADFORD; AND COONEY, SEAMUS - A Bibliography of the Black Sparrow Press 1966 - 1978. Foreword by Robert Kelly
6717: (LEWIS, WYNDHAM). MORROW, BRADFORD; AND LAFOURCADE, BERNARD - A Bibliography of the Writings of Wyndham Lewis. With an Introduction by Hugh Kenner
7254: (BLACK SPARROW PRESS). MORROW, BRADFORD; COONEY, SEAMUS - A Bibliography of the Black Sparrow Press 1966-1978. Foreword by Robert Kelly
10365: (MORROW, GEORGE). CHURCH, A. J., REV - The Crown of Pine: A Story of Corinth and the Isthmian Games
33336: MORROW, ELIZABETH - Quatrains for My Daughter
15625: (MORSE, WILLARD SAMUEL). WAGNER, HENRY R - Willard Samuel Morse: A Great Collector
580: MORTENSEN, WILLIAM - Flash in Modern Photography. Supplementary Notes by Don M. Paul
25513: MORTIMER, HENRY (1882-1952) - An Original Sienna-Toned Photogravure Portrait Signed by Henry Mortimer
32546: MORTIMER, PENELOPE - About Time Too. 1940-1978
32644: MORTON, FREDERIC - The Witching Ship
12914: MORTON, ELEANOR - Josiah White: Prince of Pioneers
30496: MORTON, FREDERIC - The Darkness Below
1829: MOSBY, KATHERINE - Private Altars
95345: MOSCATI, SABATINO. - Ancient Semitic Civilizations.
6362: (MOSER, BARRY) - Pennyroyal / MCMLXXX. (Catalogue)
11956: MOSER, THOMAS - Thos. Moser: Cabinetmakers. Catalog. (Cover Title)
24533: (MOSER, BARRY). TREECE, HENRY - The Magic Wood / a Poem by Henry Treece / Paintings by Barry Moser. (Page Proofs)
26672: (MOSER, BARRY; KROETZ, FRANZ XAVER). - Through the Leaves and Other Plays": The Original Poster Illustrated by Barry Moser for the Publication of the Book by Franz Xaver Kroetz.
35154: (MOSHER, THOMAS B). - The Mosher Books. (Catalogue).
16150: (MOSHER, THOMAS B.). YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - The Land of Heart's Desire
27575: (MOSKOWITZ, ROBERT). KLINE, KATY - Robert Moskowitz: Paintings and Drawings
20234: MOSKOWITZ, ROBERT - Robert Moskowitz: Paintings and Drawings. Blumhelman 20 West 57th Street, New York, New York 10019. (5 February--8 March, 1986). (Catalog)
34400: MOSORIAK, ROY. - The Curious History of Music Boxes.
32291: MOSS, HOWARD - Minor Monuments: Selected Essays
29653: MOSS, JOSEPH WILLIAM - A Manual of Classical Bibliography / Comprising a Copious Detail of the Various Editions of the Greek and Latin Editions, and of the Critical and Philological Works Published in Illustration of Them, with an Account of the Principal Translations, Into English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Etc. Second Edition. Completed to the End of 1836, by the Addition of a Supplement, Containing a Bibliographical Index of Several Thousand Editions Which Have Appeared Either Here or Abroad Since the Original Publication of This Work in 1825; with the Prices at Which They Are at Present Sold or Imported by the London Booksellers. 2 Volumes
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31891: POPE, ALEXANDER; TRACY, CLARENCE; EDITOR. - The Rape Observ'd: An Edition of Alexander Pope's Poem the Rape of the Lock Illustrated by Means of Numerous Pictures, from Contemporary Sources, of the People, Places, and Things Mentioned, with an Introduction and Notes by Clarence Tracy.
6743: (POPE, ALEXANDER). WISE, THOMAS JAMES - A Pope Library: A Catalogue of Plays, Poems, and Prose Writings by Alexander Pope Collected by Thomas James Wise. With a New Introduction by K.I. D. Maslen
95534: (BARON OF LOBKOWICZ). POPEL, CHRISTOPH (1549-1609). CHIEF STEWARD OF BOHEMIA UNDER EMPEROR RUDOLF II. - Original Holograph Document Signed by the Chief Steward of Bohemia Christoph Popel of Lobkowicz.
95266: PORTEN, H. - The Miracle on the Wall: A Revelation of Life After Death.
35478: PORTER, ALLAN. - Josef Sudek: Photothek.
4000: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE - Flowering Judas
4232: PORTER, CHARLES W - State of Vermont. Joint Rules, Rules and Orders of the Senate and House of Representatives and of the State Library, and Legislative Directory: Biennial Session, 1884. Prepared, Pursuant to an Act of the General Assembly, by Charles W. Porter, Secretary of State
30192: PORTER, ELIOT - Monuments of Egypt
23248: (PORTER, ELIOT). LEVI, PETER - The Greek World
31746: PORTER, FAIRFIELD - Fairfield Porter: The Collected Poems with Selected Drawings
34453: PORTER, EDNA. POET, ACTIVIST & ACTRESS WHO WAS A CLOSE FRIEND OF HELEN KELLER & ANNE SULLIVAN. - Original Photograph Inscribed to Cartoonist Art Young & Signed by Helen Keller's Close Friend, the Poet, Activist & Actress Edna Porter.
37642: (MICHALS, DUANE; JENSEN, S-JENS; VOGT, CHRISTIAN; ET AL). PORTER, ALAN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. - Camera: International Magazine for Photography. 51st Year, October 1972 No. 10.
25850: (PORTER, ELIOT). POWELL, JOHN WESLEY. - Down the Colorado. John Wesley Powell: Diary of the First Trip Through the Grand Canyon.
4764: POSPISIL, LEOPOLD - The Kapauku Papuans of West New Guinea
96485: POTOFSKY, JACOB (1894-1979). UKRANIAN-AMERICAN TRADE UNIONIST WHO SERVED AS THE SECOND PRESIDENT OF THE AMALGAMATED CLOTHING WORKERS UNION OF AMERICA. - Typed Letter Signed by the President of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America Jacob Potofsky.
22828: (POTTER, BEATRIX). DURWOOD, PETER - Beatrix Potter: Creator of Peter Rabbit. Foreword by Susan Stickney-Bailey
29862: (POTTER, BEATRIX). TAYLOR, JUDY - Beatrix Potter (1866-1943). A Collection of Autograph Letters, Printed Books, an Original Copy Manuscript, an Orginal Watercolour, Two Movable Toys and a Doll. Tuesday, 28th June 1994 at 11. 00 A. M
31492: POTTER, STEPHEN. (1900-1969). BRITISH AUTHOR/HUMORIST. - Typed Letter Signed by British Author/Humorist Stephen Potter to the Saturday Evening Post Together with a Copy of the Rejection Letter.
4699: POUND, EZRA - Guide to Kulchur
8327: POUND, EZRA - Personae: The Collected Poems of Ezra Pound

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