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17880: (LUC, PIERRE) - Les Amours de Tristan Et Iseult
2654: DE LUCA, AUGUSTO - Firenze Frammenti D'Anima. Prefazione Mario Luzi. Introduzione Giorgio Albertazzi
16219: DE LUCA, FERDINANDO - Della Opportunita Speciale Dell'Istmo Di Suez Nella Quistione Del Meridiano Geografico Universale
231: LUCAS, DENNIS - Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Crow
6230: LUCAS, E. LOUISE - Art Books: A Basic Bibliography on the Fine Arts
11665: LUCAS, GEORGE A - The Diary of George A. Lucas: An American Art Agent in Paris, 1857-1909. Transcribed and with an Introduction by Lillian M.C. Randall. 2 Volumes
16569: (LUCAS, GEORGE). (PENICK, IB; WYNNE, PATRICIA; STAUB, CHARLOTTE) - Star Wars Punch-out and Make-It Book. Based on the Film by George Lucas. Designed by Ib Penick. Illustrated by Patricia Wynne. Instructional Drawings by Charlotte Staub
26848: LUCAS, RICHARD - Secrets of the Chinese Herbalists
16174: [LUCE, MORTON] - Thysia: An Elegy
6476: LUCKEY, CARL F - Official Guide to Collector Prints
35208: LUCKOW, ULRIK; AND FISKER, JORGEN; EDITORS. - Arsukfjorden: Ivigtut Gronnedal Arsuk.
27132: [LUDWIG, KAREL]. LUDWIGA, KARLA - Fotografie
28292: LUDWIG, PETER F - June 1853 Original Pen & Ink Survey Map and Manuscript Survey of 440 Acres in East Brunswick, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
24199: (LUKACS, GEORG). PARKINSON, G. H. R.; EDITOR - Georg Lukacs: The Man, His Work and His Ideas
28735: DE LUMLEY, HENRY; ET AL - Chefs-D'Ouevre Du Musee de L'Homme: Anthropologie, Prehistoire, Ethnologie. Exposition Du Cinquantenaire 1937-1987
15924: (LUMSDEN, JAMES) - A Description of Above Three Hundred Animals, Viz. Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Serpents, and Insects. With a Particular Account of the Manner of Catching Whales in Greenland. Extracted from the Best Authors, and Adapted to the Use of All Capacities. Illustrated with Copperplates. Whereon Is Curiously Engraven Every Beast, Bird, Fish, Serpent, and Insect, Described in the Whole Book
12138: LUNDE, DAVID; DISCH, TOM; SHAW, RICHARD; WALDROP, ROSMARIE; ET AL - Open Places. (a Quarterly of Poetry). Number 9. January 1971. Eleanor M. Bender, Editor
30289: (LUNDH, PETER). OLSHEDEN, JAN; OLSSON, STELLAN - Vad Gjorde Farfar I Molle? (Stamningar Kring En Liten Bit Av Verlden Aren 1886-1914 Med Bilder Ur Peter P. Lundhs Efterlamnade Arkiv)
27450: LURIE, ALISON - Love and Friendship
36093: LURIE, EDWARD. - Louis Agassiz: A Life in Science.
2842: LUTTRELL, CLAUDE - The Creation of the First Arthurian Romance: A Quest
3135: (LUTZ, JOACHIM). PASSARGE, DR. WALTER - Joachim Lutz: Zeichnungen. (Nachwort Von Dr. Walter Passarge, Mannheim)
33558: LUVASS, JAY; AND NELSON, HAROLD W.; EDITORS. - The U.S. Army War College Guide to the Battles of Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg.
32884: LUX, THOMAS - Massachusetts: Ten Poems
762: LUZI, MARIO; ET AL - Artigianato Ieri Oggi
9962: (BOLANO, ITALO). LUZI, MARIO; ET AL - Essere Isola: L'Arte Di Italo Bolano. Presentazione Di Mario Luzi
13600: LYELL, JAMES P. R - King James I and the Bodleian Library Catalogue of 1620
17061: LYMAN, HENRY - Successful Bluefishing
35753: LYNCH, HANNAH. - Dr, Vermont's Fantasy (and Other Stories).
18931: LYNCH, KENNETH - Garden Ornaments: An Encyclopedia
35289: LYNGE, HANS; LUND, LARS MOLLER; AND WESTERMANN, HANS; EDITORS. - Godthab--Nuk 1728-1978 I Tekst Og Billeder.
25642: LYONS, ELIZABETH; ET AL - Kunst Aus Thailand
15220: LYSONS, REV. SAMUEL - The Model Merchant of the Middle Ages, Exemplified in the Story of Whittington and His Cat: An Attempt to Rescue That Interesting Story from the Region of Fable, and to Place It in Its Proper Position in the Legitimate History of This Country
4108: [LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER] - Calderon, the Courtier: A Tale
12719: (BULWER-LYTTON, EDWARD) - Harold, the Last of the Saxon Kings. The Author of "Lucretia," "Rienzi," "Zanoni," "Pelham," Etc. Etc
35976: W. B. M.; EDITOR. - All for France: Extracts from the Letters of a French Artillery Officer.
13214: PIQUERAY, M. AND G. - Les Poudres Lourdes.
35372: MA, ZISHU; CHIEF EDITOR. - National Treasures: Gems of China's Cultural Relics.
31004: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 15: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 15 Mars-15 Avril 1978, (Cover Title)
31011: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 13: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 1-15 Fevrier. (Cover Title)
31093: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 22: Arts Et Expressions Culturelles. Novembre 1978. (Cover Title)
30924: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 9: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 1-30 Novembre1977. (Cover Title)
31005: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 10: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 1-15 Decembre 1977. (Cover Title)
31017: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 12: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). Janvier 1978. (Cover Title)
31012: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 11: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 15-31 Decembre 1977. (Cover Title)
30927: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 14: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 15 Fevrier-15 Mars1978, (Cover Title)
30926: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 19: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 15-30 Juin 1978. (Cover Title)
31049: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 18: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 1-15 Juin 1978. (Cover Title)
31050: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 16: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 15 Avril-15 Mai 1978. (Cover Title)
31018: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 17: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 15-31 Mai 1978. (Cover Title)
31078: MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 20: (Journal D'Informations Culturelles). 1er Juillet-15 Septembre 1978. (Cover Title)
30925: (ROTHENBERG, JEROME; CHRISTO; BAY, DIDIER; FLUXUS; ET AL). MACAIRE, ALAIN; EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Canal 21: Jounal Mensuel D'Arts Et D'Expressions Culturelles. (Octobre 1978)
7357: MACATAMNEY, HUGH - Cradle Days of New York (1609-1825)
19387: MACAULAY, DAVID - Building the Book Cathedral
685: MACBETH, GEORGE - Typing a Novel About the War
35232: MACBETH, GEORGE. - Last Night.
14697: MACCANN, RICHARD DYER; EDITOR - Cinema Journal. Volume XI, No. 1, Fall 1971
4788: MACCRACKEN, HENRY NOBLE - Blithe Dutchess: The Flowering of an American County from 1812
7748: MACCURDY, GEORGE GRANT, PH.D - The Coming of Man: Pre-Man and Prehistoric Man
26609: MACCURDY, EDWARD - A Literary Enigma. The Canadian Boat Song: Its Authorship and Associations
31032: (MACDERMOT, GALT). GUARE, JOHN; SHAPIRO, MEL - Two Gentlemen of Verona
645: MACDONALD, MALCOLM - Borneo People
12500: MACDONALD, ROSABELL - Art As Education: The Study of Art in the Secondary Schools
12640: MACDONALD, R. ST. J.; EDITOR - The Arctic Frontier
6629: (MACDONALD, ROSS). BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J. - Ross Macdonald/Kenneth Millar: A Descriptive Bibliography.
30019: MACDONALD, ROSS - The Dark Tunnel
25305: MACDONALD, BYRON "JIM - "4•XIV•54 Dear Fridolf": An Original Signed Calligraphic Art Work by Byron Macdonald, in the Form of a Letter to Fridolf Johnson, Penned in Uncial, in a Concentric Circle Spiraling out from the Center to the Edges
32494: MACDONALD, DWIGHT - Against the American Grain
35633: MACDONELL, JAMES. (1841-1879). SCOTTISH JOURNALIST, AUTHOR OF POSTHUMOUSLY PUBLISHED "FRANCE SINCE THE FIRST EMPIRE". - Autograph Letter to Leeds Mercury Editor Thomas Wemyss Reid Signed by Scottish Journalist James Macdonell.
14142: (MACDONOUGH, CAPTAIN T.) - Letter from the Secretary of the Navy, / to the Chairman of the Naval Committee, Transmitting Sundry Documents from Captain Macdonough, Relating to the Capture of the British Fleet on Lake Champlain. A Facsimile
12578: MACDOUGALL, F. H - Thermodynamics and Chemistry. Third Edition
36026: MACE, JEAN. - Grand-Papa's Arithmetic: A Story of Two Little Apple Merchants.
24546: (MACGAREGILL, J. H.) - On February 26, 1948 the Board of Directors of Standard Oil Company of California Accepted the Resignation of J.H. Macgaregill As Director and Vice-President of the Company
6064: MACGILL, CAROLINE E. - History of Transportation in the United States Before 1860.
14446: MACGRATH, HAROLD - The Man on the Box. Illustrated by Scenes from Walter N. Lawrence's Beautiful Production of the Play As Seen for 123 Nights at the Madison Square Theatre, New York
16720: MACGREGOR, ROB - Prophecy Rock
3840: (MACH, LEE) - Collected Works of Lee Mach
28583: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO (1469-1527) - Discorsi Sopra la Prima Deca Di Tito Livio
35545: MACHLIN, MILT. - The Search for Michael Rockefeller.
11667: MACINTYRE, DONALD; AND BATHE, BASIL W - Man-of-War: A History of the Combat Vessel. Preface by Edward L. Beach
29579: (MACK, STAN). BODE, JANET - Heartbreak and Roses: Real Life Stories of Troubled Love
1691: [MACKARNES, MRS.] - A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam. By the Author of "Only," "Old Jolliffe," and "Sequel to Old Jolliffe. " Author's Edition
35204: MACKAYE, PERCY; MACKAYE, MARION MORSE. - The Meadow Lark by M.M. To P.M. & Two Sonnets by P.M. To M.M. In Remembrance / Marion Morse Mackaye / 24th February, 1872 / First of June, 1939. For the Friends of Marion & Percy Mackaye. Littleton Massachusetts, 24th of February 1942.
35202: MACKAYE, MARION MORSE; MACKAYE, PERCY. - A Prayer by M.M. M. In Remembrance / Marion Morse Mackaye / 24th February, 1972 / First of June, 1939. For the Friends of Marion & Percy Mackaye / Christmas & New Year's 1944-1945.
15944: MACKAYE, PERCY - Camerado! in Remembrance / Marion Morse Mackaye / St. Germain-En-Laye / First of June, 1939
15945: MACKAYE, PERCY - Three Statues of St. Germain. In Remembrance / Marion Morse Mackaye / St. Germain-En-Laye / First of June, 1939
35201: MACKAYE, PERCY, - Einkaufsgang IM Himmel. Aus Dem Englischen Ubertragen Von Dora Baker. In Memoriam / Marion Morse Mackaye / St. Germain-En-Laye / 1. Juni, 1939.
35199: (MACKAYE, MARION MORSE). MACKAYE, PERCY. - To Marion / in Her Portrait at 19. (for the Friends of Marion & Percy Mackaye / Christmas & New Year's: 1947--1948).
35198: MACKAYE, MARION MORSE; MACKAYE, PERCY. - Facing Infinitude / by M.M. M. 1917. In Remembrance / Marion Morse Mackaye / St. Germain-En-Laye / First of June, 1939. Greetings to the Friends of Marion & Percy Mackaye. Littleton, Massachusetts, Christmas & New Year 1942 - 1943.
16024: MACKAYE, MARION MORSE; MACKAYE, PERCY - Joy in Love / Marion Morse 1898. In Remembrance / Marion Morse Mackaye / St. Germain-En-Laye / First of June, 1939. Greetings to Her Friends from Percy Mackaye / the Players, 16 Gramercy Park, New York, 1940-1941
16055: MACKAYE, PERCY - Some Comments by Percy Mackaye on Community Drama. Reprinted from Mr. Mackaye's Introduction to the Third and Revised Edition of "Our Poets of Today" by Howard Willard Cook
24522: MACKAYE, PERCY; MACKAYE, MARION MORSE - The Goodly Company / by M.M. M. / 1924. In Remembrance / Marion Morse Mackaye / St. Germain-En-Laye / First of June, 1939. Greetings to the Friends of Marion & Percy Mackaye. Littleton Massachusetts Christmas & New Year 1941 - 1942
15946: MACKAYE, PERCY; MACKAYE, MARION MORSE; MACKAYE NANCY. - Rememberings 1895-1945: Four Poems / Mackaye.
35203: MACKAYE, PERCY. - The Golden Wedding of Marion Morse and Percy Mackaye (1898-1948). Shirley Center, Massachusetts / First Parish Meeting House / 11 A.M. 8th of October 1948.
33209: MACKAYE, PERCY - Jeanne D'Arc
31661: (MACKENZIE, WARREN). LEWIS, DAVID - Warren Mackenzie: An American Potter
3949: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - The Trojan Horse: A Play
6719: (MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD). MULLALY, EDWARD - Archibald Macleish, a Checklist
32970: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - The Pot of Earth
16067: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - The Fall of the City: A Verse Play for Radio
31426: MACLEOD, FIONA - From the Hills of Dream: Threnodies, Songs and Other Poems
22492: (MACQUITTY, WILLIAM). HYAMS, EDWARD - Irish Gardens. With a Foreword by Daniel J. Foley, Former Editor of Horticultural Magazine
26476: MADDEN, DAVID - The Beautiful Greed
28026: MADDOW, ELLEN; MCNAMARA, BROOKS; SCHECHTER, JOEL; GORDON, MEL; ET AL. (KIRBY, MICHAEL; EDITOR) - The Drama Review. Volume 20 Number 2 (T-70) June, 1976
5217: MADDOX, JERALD C - The Pioneering Image: Celebrating 150 Years of American Photography
954: MADIGAN, MARY JEAN; AND COLGAN, SUSAN; EDITORS - Prints & Photographs: Understanding, Appreciating, Collecting
7015: MADISON, CHARLES A - Book Publishing in America
4762: MADSEN, WILLIAM - The Mexican-Americans of South Texas
28910: (MAEGHT, AIME). PRAT, JEAN-LOUIS - Collection Aime Maeght: Haute Curiosite. Vente Au Profit de la Fondation Maeght. Lundi 25 Octobre (1982)
6203: (VAN MAELE, MARTIN). (SOKOLOW, MEL L.) - The Satyrical Drawings of Martin Van Maele
33046: (MAESEN, A) - Umbangu: Art Du Congo Au Musee Royal Du Congo Belge
34094: (TIME MAGAZINE). - Time: The Weekly Magazine: Air Express Edition. Volume XXXVII, No. 18. May 5, 1941.
22743: (MAGGS) - Autograph Letters and Historical Documents (Including Some Remarkable Napoleonic Items from the Collection of the Late Earl of Rosebery). No. 593. Spring, 1934. (Catalog)
24076: (MAGRITTE, RENE). SCUTENAIRE, LOUIS - Die Truglosen Bilder -- Rene Magritte: Bioskop Und Photographie
28638: MAGRITTE, RENE - Magritte
10560: (MAGRITTE, RENE; COLINET, PAUL) - The Eight Sculptures of Magritte. Hanover Gallery 32a Saint George St London W1 June-August 1968
19787: MAGRITTE, RENE - Rene Magritte: Dessins. Galerie Schreiner. 23 November 1973 - 26 Janvier 1974. (Catalog)
27968: MAGRITTE, RENE - Le Domaine Enchante
23548: MAGRITTE, RENE - Rene Magritte
29904: (MAGYAR, VIKTOR). BASSIN, ALEKSANDER - Yugoslav Naive Art: Viktor Magyar
13276: MAHLER, GUSTAV - Symphony No. 3 / D Minor. (Hawkes Pocket Scores)
31727: BERG, ALBAN (1885-1935). AUSTRIAN COMPOSER OF 20TH CENTURY MUSIC WHOSE COMPOSITIONS WERE INFLUENCED BY THE ROMANTICISM OF GUSTAV MAHLER AND ARNOLD SCHOENBERG'S TWELVE-TONE TECHNIQUE. - Autograph Letter Signed, Addressed to the Austrian Composer and Conductor Hans Pless, Making Mention of His "Macbeth".
35680: MAHLER, GUSTAV. - Symphony No. 8. (Hawkes Pocket Scores.
32790: MAHON, DEREK - Antarctica
32379: MAHONY, BERTHA E.; AND WHITNEY, ELINOR; COMPILERS - Realms of Gold in Children's Books
6720: (MAILER, NORMAN). ADAMS, LAURA - Norman Mailer: A Comprehensive Bibliography. With an Introduction by Robert F. Lucid
32298: MAILER, NORMAN - The Prisoner of Sex. [in Harper's Magazine March 1971. Vol. 242, No. 1450]
11884: MAILER, NORMAN - The Bullfight: A Photographic Narrative with Text by Norman Mailer
33233: MAILER, NORMAN - An American Dream
15852: MAILER, NORMAN - Why Are We in Vietnam?: A Novel
16258: MAILLARD, FIRMIN - Le Gibet de Montfaucon. (Etude Sur le Vieux Paris). Gibets. Echelles. Piloris. Marques de Haute Justice. Droit D'Aisile. Les Forches Patibulaires de Montfaucon. Documents Historiques. Description. La Legende Des Supplicies. Scenes de la Derniere Heure
15078: MAINE, BASIL - Basil Maine on Music. (Introduction by Sir Adrian Boult)
34556: BURGESS, GEORGE. (1809-1866). THE FIRST EPISCOPAL BISHOP OF MAINE AND RECTOR OF THE CHURCH IN GARDINER, MAINE. - Autograph Letter Signed by George Burgess, Episcopal Bishop of Maine.
12566: MAZAR (MAISLER), BENJAMIN - Beth She'Arim: Report on the Excavations During 1936-1940. Volume I: Catacombs 1-4. (Volume I Only)
31429: (MALAMUD, BERNARD). KOSOFSKY, RITA NATHALIE - Bernard Malamud, an Annotated Checklist
30857: MALAMUD, BERNARD - The Tenants
35658: MALAMUD, BERNARD. - The Assistant: A Novel by Bernard Malamud.
31276: MALAMUD, BERNARD - Idiots First
21428: MALANGA, GERARD; EDITOR - Scopophilia: The Love of Looking. Edited & with an Afterword by Gerard Malanga. Foreword by Robert Creeley
35667: MALAURIE, JEAN; EDITOR. - Le Peuple Esquimau Audjourd'Hui Et Demain / the Eskimo People to-Day and to-Morrow. Quatrieme Congres International / Fourth International Congress / de la Fondation Francaise D'Etudes Nordiques. Rapports Scientifiques Publies Avec Une Preface Sous la Direction de / Scientific Reports Edited with a Foreword by / Jean Malaurie.
29674: (MALEVICH, KASIMIR). SHADOWA, LARISSA A - Suche Und Experiment Aus Der Geschicte Der Russischen Und Sowjetischen Kunst Zwischen 1910 Und 1930
35519: POTZL-MALIKOVA, MARIA. - Franz Xaver Messerschmidt.
7095: (DAWSONS OF PALL MALL) - S.T. C. 1502-1640 / Wing 1641-1700: A Collection of 250 Books. (Catalogue)
15261: MALLA, KAMAL P - The Road to Nowhere: A Selection of Writings 1966-1977
15359: MALLA, KAMAL P.; EDITOR - Nepal: Perspectives on Continuity and Change
1322: MALLET, THIERRY - Plain Tales of the North
35115: MALLET, CAPTAIN THIERRY. - Glimpses of the Barren Lands.
35240: MALONE, MARVIN; EDITOR; MONTGOMERY, GEORGE; GUEST EDITOR. - The Wormwood Review. Volume 9, Number 2. Issue Number 34. (Poetess Special).
9905: MALONE, DUMAS - The Story of the Declaration of Independence
10651: MALONE, RO; WARREN, LEE - What Whole Wheat Means No. 1. (Cover Title). By Ro Malone with Lee Warren
1145: (BUKOWSKI, CHARLES; PORTER, BERN; ET AL). MALONE, MARVIN; EDITOR - One's Wings on View. (the Wormwood Review, Volume 11, Number 1, Issue Forty One)
24577: (ADAMS, ANSEL; MODEL, LISETTE; HORST, H. P.; KAHAN, ROGER; ET AL). MALONEY, TOM; EDITOR - U.S. Camera Vol. VII December, 1944 No. 9
29336: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Royaume-Farfelu. Histoire
27206: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Psychologie de L'Art: La Creation Artistique
28588: (EL LISSITZKY). MALSY, VICTOR; EDITOR - El Lissitzky: Konstrukteur, Denker, Pfeifenraucher, Kommunist
24401: MALTIN, LEONARD - The Great Movie Shorts
11307: (MALTIN, LEONARD; EDITOR) - Film Fan Monthly. No. 167. May, 1975. (Cover Title)
3834: MAN, FELIX H - Man with Camera: Photographs from Seven Decades by Felix H. Man
33992: PAUL, MRS. HOWARD. (1833-1879). ENGLISH ACTRESS, ACTRESS-MANAGER AND OPERA SINGER. - Autograph Letter About Her Role As Lady Macbeth Signed by Mrs. Howard Paul.
10404: MANCINI, RENZO - San Nicola in Guglionesi: IL Ritrovamento Della Cripta E IL Restauro
33252: MANCINI, SALVATORE - Photographs & Poems
27926: MANDER, RAYMOND; AND MITCHENSON, JOE; COWARD, NOEL - Musical Comedy: A Story in Pictures
14407: MANGENOT, [CHARLES], DR - L'Inspection Hygienique Et Medicale Des Ecoles Par le Docteur Mangenot / Medicin-Inspecteur Des Etablissements Scolaires de la Ville de Paris. I. Ce Qu'Elle Est: 1e a L'Etranger; 2e En France. II. Ce Qu'Elle Doit Etre. Programme Et Organisation. Extrait de la "Revue D'Hygiene" Et de Police Sanitaire. Societe de Medecine Publique Et D'Hygiene Professionnelle
6047: MANGIONE, JERRE - The Dream and the Deal: The Federal Writers' Project, 1935-1943
33816: (MCCRACKEN, JOHN). MANGO, LORENZO; ET AL. - John Mccracken. 10 Dicembre1998 - 27 Febbraio 1999.
10561: (VON MANGOLDT, RENATE). HOLLERER, WALTER - Ausserhalb Der Saison: Hopfengarten in Drei Gedichten Und Neunzehn Fotos
22121: MANHART, MARCIA; AND MANHART, TOM; EDITORS - The Eloquent Object: The Evolution of American Art in Craft Media Since 1945
9407: MANKOWITZ, WOLF - Wedgwood
33000: MANN, WILLIAM PICKARD - Disestablishment and Confiscation. A Letter to the Right Hon. Gathorne Hardy, M.P. For the University of Oxford and Secretary of State for the Home Department. By W.P. Mann
30667: MANN, THOMAS - An Exchange of Letters. Translated from the German by H. Lowe-Porter
28165: MANN, THOMAS - Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man (the Early Years)
3013: MANN, THOMAS - The Tables of the Law. Translated by H.T. Lowe-Porter
3844: MANN, THOMAS - This Peace
7148: MANN, SYLVIA - Collecting Playing Cards
14430: MANN, ARTHUR - How to Play Winning Baseball
33206: MANN, THOMAS - Buddenbrooks. (2 Volumes)
33174: MANN, THOMAS - The Black Swan
24374: (MANNING, MAXWELL & MOORE) - Ashcroft Aircraft Instruments Catalog
34639: DE LA MANO. - Prof. De la Mano / Has Arrived, and Will Positively Appear / As Advertised. / We Would Most Respectfully Call the / Attention of the Public to Our / Inimitable Programme... .
35171: (MANSFIELD, EDGAR). - Modern Design in Bookbinding : The Work of Edgar Mansfield.
19623: (MANSFIELD, KATHERINE). MANTZ, RUTH ELVISH - The Critical Bibliography of Katherine Mansfield. With an Introductory Note by John Middleton Murry
27385: MANSON, OTIS FREDERICK, M.D - A Treatise on the Physiological and Therapeutic Action of the Sulphate of Quinine
34015: (MANSON, CHARLES). SANDERS, ED. - The Family: The Story of Charles Manson's Dune Buggy Attack Battalion.
34648: MANTELL, ROBERT B. (1854-1928). AMERICAN ACTOR KNOWN FOR HIS PERFORMANCE AS LEAR. ACTED IN SILENT FILM FROM 1915. - Autograph Sentiment Signed by American Actor Robert B. Mantell.
2284: MANVELL, ROGER, DR.; GENERAL EDITOR - The International Encyclopedia of Film
2448: MANVELL, ROGER - New Cinema in Europe
3960: (ROTHA, PAUL; ET AL). MANVELL, ROGER; EDITOR - The Year's Work in the Film / 1949
31632: (MANVILLE, TOMMY). MANVILLE, ANITA - The Lives and Wives of Tommy Manville
30683: MANZALAOUI, MAHMOUD; EDITOR - Arabic Writing Today: The Short Story
30650: MANZONI, ALESSANDRO. - I Promessi Sposi: Storia Milanese Del Secolo XVII / Scoperta E Rifatta Da Alessandro Manzoni. (Volumes 2 and 3 Only).
24329: (MANZONI, PIERO; 1933-1963). BAJ, ENRICO; GOOKIN, KIRBY; COLUMBO, PAOLO - Piero Manzoni
15898: MAPSON, JO-ANN - Loving Chloe
17266: SAINT-MARC, JEAN PAUL ANDRE DE RAZINS, MARQUIS DE. (1728-1818) - Oeuvres de Monsieur de Saint-Marc, de L'Academie de Bordeaux. Troisieme Edition, Dediee Au Roi Du Suede. (2 Volumes)
16756: (WINNER, MICHAEL; DELON, ALAIN; BELMONDO, JEAN-PAUL; ET AL). MARCEAU, MARCEL; RAYET, JACQUELINE; JUVET, PATRICK; ET AL - Had / Hier Aujourd'Hui Demain (Cinema, Theatre, Danse, Varietes). No. 8. Redacteur En Chef: Didier Chereau
34116: (MARCELLINI, CARLO; 1643-1713). VISONA, MARA. - Carlo Marcellini: Accademico "Spiantato" Nella Cultura Fiorentina Tardo-Barocca.
30620: MARCELLINO, FRED - Original Color Illustrated Poster for Fred Marcellino's "I, Crocodile", Signed by the Artist
14995: MARCH, IVAN; EDITOR - The Great Records / Chosen by Michael Cox, John Freestone, Charles Fox, Edward Greenfield, Philip Hope-Wallace, Robert Layton, William Mann, Ivan March, Alec Robertson
28699: MARCH, JOSEPH MONCURE - The Wild Party
29231: (MARCHAND, J. N.). THOMAS, AUGUSTUS; BRADY, CYRUS TOWNSEND - Arizona: A Romance of the Great Southwest
3387: MARCOSSON, ISAAC F.; AND FROHMAN, DANIEL - Charles Frohman: Manager and Man. With an Appreciation by James M. Barrie
1917: MARCUS, STANLEY - His & Hers: The Fantasy World of the Neiman-Marcus Catalogue
22197: MARCUS, LEONARD S - 75 Years of Children's Book Week Posters
32942: MARDIKIAN, GEORGE - Dinner at Omar Khayyam's
33072: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Songs of Childhood. By Walter de la Mare (Walter Ramal). With Illustrations by Estella Canziani. New Edition
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26672: (MOSER, BARRY; KROETZ, FRANZ XAVER). - Through the Leaves and Other Plays": The Original Poster Illustrated by Barry Moser for the Publication of the Book by Franz Xaver Kroetz.
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16150: (MOSHER, THOMAS B.). YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - The Land of Heart's Desire
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20234: MOSKOWITZ, ROBERT - Robert Moskowitz: Paintings and Drawings. Blumhelman 20 West 57th Street, New York, New York 10019. (5 February--8 March, 1986). (Catalog)
34400: MOSORIAK, ROY. - The Curious History of Music Boxes.
32291: MOSS, HOWARD - Minor Monuments: Selected Essays
29653: MOSS, JOSEPH WILLIAM - A Manual of Classical Bibliography / Comprising a Copious Detail of the Various Editions of the Greek and Latin Editions, and of the Critical and Philological Works Published in Illustration of Them, with an Account of the Principal Translations, Into English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Etc. Second Edition. Completed to the End of 1836, by the Addition of a Supplement, Containing a Bibliographical Index of Several Thousand Editions Which Have Appeared Either Here or Abroad Since the Original Publication of This Work in 1825; with the Prices at Which They Are at Present Sold or Imported by the London Booksellers. 2 Volumes
32875: MOSSMAN, DOW - The Stones of Summer: A Yeoman's Notes 1942-1969
25745: (MOTHERWELL, ROBERT). LONG, STEPHEN - The Prints of Robert Motherwell: A Retrospective
26780: MOTHERWELL, ROBERT - Robert Motherwell: New Collages
28952: MOTHERWELL, ROBERT - Robert Motherwell: Etchings, Lithographs, Livres Illustres 1986-1989
26481: MOTLEY, WILLARD - Let Noon Be Fair
23762: (GENERAL MOTORS) - '63 Oldsmobile: Ninety-Eight, Super 88, Dymanic 88, Starfire, F-85, Jetfire. Sales Catalog
15678: MOULIN, JEAN (MAX) - Premier Combat (Journal Posthume). Preface de General de Gaulle
28375: (H. R. MOULTON) - Palaeography Geneaology and Topography. (Catalogue)
28376: (H. R. MOULTON) - Palaeography Genealogy and Topography. (Catalogue)
20212: MOUNT, MARSHALL W - African Art from New Jersey Collections. African Art: Subjects and Representational Modes by Marshall W. Mount, Ph. D. Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, New Jersey. January 30-April 10, 1983. (Catalog)
35613: BANERJI, SASIPADA (1840-1924). INDIAN CHAMPION OF WOMEN'S RIGHTS & EDUCATION, HE FOUNDED SEVERAL GIRL'S SCHOOLS. A LEADER OF INDIA'S TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT AND OF WORKERS' RIGHTS. - Autograph Letter Signed by the Indian Champion of Women's Rights & Education, Sasipada Banerji Expressing His Pleasure at Being Appointed to the Office of a Corresponding Secretary by the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science.
34846: BONDFIELD, MARGARET. (1873-1953). BRITISH WOMAN PROMINENT IN THE LABOR MOVEMENT AND A FIGHTER FOR WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE. - Newspaper Portrait, After a Drawing, Signed by British Labor Leader and Suffragist Margaret Bondfield.
18739: MOYERS, BILL - Listening to America. A Traveler Rediscovers His Country. By Bill Moyers
28964: MOYNIHAN, A. W - The Old Fifth Street School and the Association Which Bears Its Name
1568: (MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS). HIGGINS, JOHN - The Making of an Opera: Don Giovanni at Glyndebourne
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22486: MRAZKOVA, DANIELA - Masters of Photography
3868: MUDD, HARVEY - A European Education
20155: MUEHLIG, LINDA - Undomesticated Interiors / October 17, 2003 - January 18, 2004 / Photographing Undomesticated Interiors / October 31, 2003 - January 4, 2004. (Catalog)
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12438: (MUGGIASCA, GIOVANNI). CAVALLARIN, MARTINA; EDITOR - Giovanni Muggiasca: Opere Dal 1994 Al 1998. (Lugano, Galleria Folini & de Giorgi / 27 Febbraio - Marzo 1999). (Catalog)
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6191: MUIR, PERCY - English Children's Books 1600 to 1900
24714: (MUIR, JOHN) - Illuminated Broadside of John Muir's Poem "Climb the Mountains and Get Their Good Tidings" [Published As the Frontispiece in Impressions Quarterly. No. 2 (Vol. 3). June, 1904]
35282: (MUJEZINOVIC, ISMET). KRZOVIC, IBRAHIM. - Ismet Mujezinovic.
25857: MUKODA, NAOKI - Jazzical Moods: Artwork of Excellent Jazz Labels
28788: MULLER, EIDEN - Fem Aar Under Union Jack: Faeroerne 1940-1945 / Atlanterhavsoerne Under Den Britiske Okkupation
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1730: (MULLICAN, MATT). (COTTER, HOLLAND) - Matt Mullican: Banners, Monuments, and the City. An Exhibition of Work for Public Spaces. September 11-October 18, 1987. Goldie Paley Gallery / Moore College of Art
31328: MULLINS, M - Perfect: An Original Poster Illustrated by M. Mullins Celebrating the New York Yankees Three Most Remarkable "Perfect Games
33671: MUMEY, NOLIE. - Changing Sky Line and Other Poems.
33668: MUMEY, NOLIE. - Driftwood and Other Poems.
33669: MUMEY, NOLIE. - Two Broken Glasses and Other Poems.
33677: MUMEY, NOLIE. - The Land of the West and Other Poems.
33676: MUMEY, NOLIE. - Historic Trails and Other Poems.
33675: MUMEY, NOLIE. - Mountain Reverence and Other Poems.
33674: MUMEY, NOLIE. - Life's Road and Other Poems.
33673: MUMEY, NOLIE. - The Pot Shop and Other Poems.
33670: MUMEY, NOLIE. - Candlelight Memories and Other Poems.
23199: MUMFORD, LEWIS - Architecture As a Home for Man
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23259: (MUNDAY AND SLATTER) - The Oxford University and City Guide, on a New Plan; Containing a Full Description of the Colleges, Halls, Public Buildings, Libraries, Gardens, Walks, Pictures, and Statues, in Oxford: With an Account of the Dresses, Examinations, Degrees, Distinctive Ranks, Manners, Customs, &C. Of the Members of the University; to Which Is Added a Guide to Blenheim, Nuneham, the Newly-Discovered Roman Villa, Near Northleigh, &C. A New Edition, Corrected and Considerably Enlarged
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22161: (PRETORIA MUNICIPALITY) - The City of Pretoria and Districts. An Official Handbook Describing the Social, Official, Farming, Mining, and General Progress and Possibilities of the Administrative Capital and Surrounding Districts. Issued Under the Joint Auspices of the Pretoria Municipality and the General Manager, South African Railways
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13740: (MUNK, ERIKA; EDITOR) - Scripts. Volume I Number 1 November 1971
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16839: (MUNSELL, JOEL). HOLMES, EDWIN - A Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of the Rev. Peter S. Wynkoop, Pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church of Bloomingrove, Who Died at Hudson, Nov. 1, 1848, Preached in the Reformed Dutch Church of Hudson, November 3, 1848. By Edwin Holmes, Pastor of Reformed Dutch Church of Nassau
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9518: MUNSEY, CECIL - The Illustrated Guide to the Collectibles of Coca-Cola
4159: MUNSHOWER, SUZANNE - The John Travolta Scrapbook: An Illustrated Biography. Adapted from the Book Meet John Travolta
32138: MURAKAMI, RYU - Post
27679: MURDOCH, IRIS - Henry and Cato
25710: MURDOCK, GEORGE PETER; O'LEARY, TIMOTHY J - Ethnographic Bibliography of North America. Volume 2: Arctic and Subarctic
14979: MURLIN, EDGAR L - The New York Ballot Reform Law / and the City and Rural Registry Law; Also Other New Election Laws, with Suggestions to Political Committees and Election Officers
19242: MURPHY, YVONNE; LEONARD, ALLAN; AND BROWN, KRIS; EDITORS - Troubled Images: Posters and Images of the Northern Ireland Conflict from the Linen Hall Library, Belfast. Essay by Belinda Loftus. Notes by John Gray
8109: MURPHY, ROBERT - Wild Sanctuaries: Our National Wildlife Refuges -- a Heritage Restored. Foreword by Stewart L. Udall, Secretary of the Interior
11650: MURPHY, ARTHUR - The Grecian Daughter. A Tragedy, Written by Arthur Murphy, Esq. Marked with the Variations in the Manager's Book, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
15648: [MURPHY, ARTHUR, (1727-1805)] - Three Weeks After Marriage; a Comedy in Two Acts, As Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
17192: MURPHY, HENRY CRUSE; ET AL - Proceedings at the Dinner Given by the Citizens of Brooklyn at the Mansion House on the 5th of August, 1857, to the Hon. Henry C. Murphy, Previously to His Departure on the Mission As Minister to the Netherlands
33623: MURPHY, TOM. - Silence & Solitude: Yellowstone's Winter Wilderness.
34636: (MURPHY, CHARLES R.). ABEEL, SAMANTHA. - What Once Was White.
15983: MURRAY, S. BUTLER, JR - Hellenistic Architecture in Syria: A Dissertation Presented to the Faculty of Princeton University in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
35788: MURRAY, GILBERT. - Hamlet and Orestes: A Study in Traditional Types. First Edition.
32945: EURIPIDES; MURRAY, GILBERT; TRANSLATOR - The Rhesus of Euripides
30631: MURRAY, W. H. H - The Adirondack Tales. Vol. I. The Story of the Man Who Didn't Know Much
22795: MURRELL, WILLIAM - Peggy Bacon
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14998: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON; PLOWMAN, MAX; ORWELL, GEORGE; ET AL - The Adelphi. January, 1939. Vol. 15. No. 4. Edited by Max Plowman. (Cover Title)
22402: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - Wrap Me Up in My Aubusson Carpet
8309: MUSCARELLA, OSCAR WHITE - Ancient Art: The Norbert Schimmel Collection
5471: (NORDISKA MUSEET) - Gustaviansk Stil: I Dess Tidigare Form. Ett Urval Av Foremal Fran Nordiska Museets Avdelning for de Hogre Standen
30514: (STAFF MEMBERS OF THE TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM; EDITORS - Pageant of Japanese Art. Volume IV: Ceramics and Metalwork
22248: (BISHOP MUSEUM) - Occasional Papers of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History. Vol. IV. - No. 3. Director's Report for 1908
22246: (BISHOP MUSEUM) - Occasional Papers of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History. Vol. VI - No. I. Director's Report for 1913
28410: MUSGRAVE, VICTOR; CARDINAL, ROGER - Outsiders: An Art without Precedent or Tradition
34456: PALMER, ROBERT. [D. 1997]. MUSICIAN AND MUSIC CRITIC COVERING ROCK AND BLUES. - Finally! Debra Rae Cohen & Robert Palmer Are Getting Married (But Not Changing Their Bylines) on October 2, 1983... .
33504: MUSIL, ROBERT - Young Torless
3854: MUSSA, ITALO - In/Visibile
4537: MUSTO, MICHAEL - Manhattan on the Rocks
35907: NAPIER, ROBERT, 1ST BARON NAPIER OF MAGDALA. (1810-1890). INDIAN ARMY OFFICER WHO SAW ACTION DURING THE INDIAN MUTINY AND DURING THE SECOND RELIEF OF LUCKNOW IN 1858. - Slip of Paper Inscribed and Signed by Indian Army Officer Robert Napier, 1st Baron Napier of Magdala.
19362: MUYBRIDGE, EADWEARD - Animals in Motion. Edited by Lewis S. Brown
7381: MYERS, GUSTAVUS - History of Canadian Wealth. Vol. I
21401: MYERS, P. V. N - Remains of Lost Empires: Sketches of the Ruins of Palmyra, Nineveh, Babylon, and Persepolis, with Some Notes on India and the Cashmerian Himalayas
2204: MYERSON, MICHAEL - Memories of Underdevelopment: The Revolutionary Films of Cuba
21810: MYKLE, AGNAR - Lasso Kring Fru Luna
21809: MYKLE, AGNAR - Sangen Om Den Roda Rubinen
23035: (MYKLE, AGNAR). HOUM, PHILIP - Ask Burlefot Og VI: Dikterens Ansvar Og Vart
34886: LINCOLN, NATALIE SUMNER. (1881-1935). AMERICAN AUTHOR KNOWN FOR HER MYSTERY AND CRIME NOVELS. - Autograph Letter Signed by American Mystery and Crime Novelist Natalie Sumner Lincoln, Enclosing a Newspaper Portrait Which Is Also Signed.
6313: R. L. N - The Book and Its Story: A Narrative for the Young
35356: (MARKS, GOLDA N. AND MEYER B.). - Cobra Celebration: New York-Fort Lauderdale. Collaboration Paintings: Christian Dotremont and Mogens Balle. Paintings, Prints and Sculpture: Asger Jorn.
34945: (NABOKOV, VLADIMIR). BARABTARLO, GENNADI. - Phantom of Fact: A Guide to Nabokov's Pnin.
669: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle
6708: (NABOKOV, V). FIELD, ANDREW - Nabokov, a Bibliography
28355: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Nabokov's Dozen: A Collection of Thirteen Stories
30576: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - King, Queen, Knave: A Novel
27324: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - The Enchanter
27949: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Laughter in the Dark
33391: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - The Waltz Invention: A Play in Three Acts
28677: (BRETON, ANDRE; ERNST, MAX; ARP, JEAN; DALI, SALVADOR; ET AL). NACENTA, RAYMOND; WALDBERG, PATRICK - Le Surrealisme: Sources -- Histoire -- Affinites
19969: NADELMAN, ELIE - The Sculpture and Drawings of Elie Nadelman 1882-1946. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York / September 23-November 30, 1975. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden / Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. / December 18-February 15, 1976. An Exhibition Organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art. (Catalog)
22934: NADOLNY, STEN - The God of Impertinence
25096: NADTOCHY, VU. S - Tobolskij Muzej-Zapovednik / Tobolsk Museum-Reserve
14658: (NAGARE, MASAYUKI). WASHBURN, GORDON BAILEY - Recent Sculpture of Nagare Masayuki. November 9 to December 4, 1965. (Catalog)
29736: NAGEL, ANDRES - Public Sculptures: An Exhibition of 14 Maquettes by Andres Nagel
666: (NAGEL, FREDDY). CUNO, RUDOLF - Frankfurts Frohe Farben. Weihnachten in Der Uralten Stadt Von Rudolf Cuno Mit Original-Naturaufnahmen Von Freddy Nagel
25043: (NAGEL, ANDRES). KUSPIT, DONALD; KNAUB, DONALD - Andres Nagel: "an Irreverent Approach
23938: NAKAHARA, YUSUKE - [Roshia Avan Gyarudo Geijutsu]: 1910-1932 Art and Revolution
9065: (NAKIAN, REUBEN). O'HARA, FRANK - Nakian. (Catalog)
31934: NAMATH, JOE WILLIE - I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow... 'Cause I Get Better-Looking Every Day
35732: NAMUR, IRENE CASE; COMPILER. - Scientific Health Menus and Recipes: Containing Balanced Menus for Winter and Summer, Meat and Fish Recipes, Together with Suggestions for Gaining Weight, Blood Building, Reducing, Reducing Menus and Determining Chemical Needs in Diet with the Effective Chemical Elements in Food.
33284: (COOPER, H. D.; ET AL). NAPIER, CHARLES OTTLEY GROOM - Tommy Try, and What He Did in Science
28785: NAPRAVNIK, MILAN - Dech Noci Noc Duchu Duch Noci Noc Dechu: Fotograficke Basne
28759: NARASIMHAIAH, B. [BARKUR] - Angkor Vat [Angkor Wat]: India's Contribution in Conservation 1986-1993
33132: NARAYAN, R. K - The Man-Eater of Malgudi
7962: NARAZAKI, MUNESHIGE - The Japanese Print: Its Evolution and Essence. English Adaptation by C.H. Mitchell
3740: (NASH, JOHN) - Grandsar Wanted to Be a Printer. Printed for Grig and John Nash to Celebrate a Seventy-Fifth Anniversary That Occured on July 30, 1941
7197: NASH, RAY; SILVER, ROLLO G.; AND STINEHOUR, RODERICK D - Notes on Printing & Graphic Arts. Volume I, Number 1 - Volume IV, Number 1. (13 Issues)

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