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345764: - Memoires Lus a la Sorbonne Dans Les Seances Extraordinaires Du Comite Imperial Des Travaux Historiques Et Des Societes Savantes, Tenues Les 4, 5, 6 Avril 1866
345311: - The Way of an Eagle in Flight: The Paintings of Shlomo Katz at the United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel
342609: - The Charaka Club, Volume X
345732: - The American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year 1848
346521: - Constructed Abstract Art in England: A Neglected Avant-Garde
342736: - Instruction for Heavy Artillery; Prepared by a Board of Officers, for the Use of the Army of the United States
345769: - Torino: Immagini E Documenti Dall'Archivio Storico Del Comune
318246: - The World's Greatest Suspension Bridge, Philadelphia to Camden: The Part Played in Its Construction by the American Cable Company, Inc.
346222: - Kitaj, R.B.
345391: - Surrealisme Et Precurseurs
328322: - The History of Clark County, Ohio Containing a History of the County; Its Cities, Towns, Etc. ; General and Local Statistics; Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men; History of the Northwest Territory; History of Ohio; Map of Clark County; Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous Matters, Etc.
341171: - La Cappella Sistina, I Primi Restauri: La Scoperta Del Colore
345136: - United States Naval Observatory 11 Volumes
347037: - Brunelleschi: 36 Slides / Diapositive / Text / Testo / Masterpieces of Art / Chefs D'Oeuvre de L'Art / Capolavori Dell'Arte / Meisterwerke Der Kunst
345766: - Sittengeschichte Des Theaters. Eine Darstellung Des Theaters, Seiner Entwicklung Und Stellung in Zwei Jahrtausenden
345347: - Anna Ticho: Drawings, 1971-1980, a Selection from the Anna Ticho Bequest, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
346633: - Memory's Library: Medieval Books in Early Modern Englandsummit, Jenniferpublished by
346575: - Korff's Weltreise: 1. Band Amerika
345567: - Prix Annonces, Proposes & Distribues Dans Sa Seance Publique, Tenue January 27, 1778, Oct. 20, 1778, August 31, 1779, Feb. 15, 1780, Aug. 29, 1780, Mar. 6, 1781, Aug. 28, 1781, Nov. 1781, Feb, 19, 1782, Aug. 27, 1782, Mar. 11, 1783, Aug, 26, 1783, Mar. 2, 1784, Feb. 15, 1785, Aug. 30, 1785, Feb. 27, 1787, Aug. 28, 1787, Feb. 12, 1788 and Mar. 3, 1789.
345374: - The Chromolithograph; a Journal of Art, Decoration, and the Accomplishments with Which Is Incorporated, October 3, 1868-March 20, 1869
345240: - Journal Des Jeunes Personnes Tome VIII, 1840
345762: - A - D: An Intimate Journal for Art Directors, Production Managers, and Their Associates
346444: - Retreat from Likeness in the Theory of Painting
345979: - Early American Textbooks 1775-1900.
345960: - Kamisaka Sekka: Rimpa Master: Pioneer of Modern Design
345573: - Fragmente ăŒBer Italien Aus Dem Tagebuche Eines Jungen Deutschen
317872: - The Carrier Pigeon and Other Stories
347049: - Paris 1889: American Artists at the Universal Exposition
346578: - Le Courrier Extraordinaire Des Fouteurs Ecclesiastiques
345074: - Royal Commission on the War in South Africa, Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Royal Commission on the War in South Africa, Volume I and Volume II
346046: - A Lot of Titles from the Lakeside Press: Revolutionary Days; from the Deep Woods to Civilization; Arctic Explorations; Behind the Scenes; the Rough Riders; the Life of Olaudah Equiano; from Mexican Days to the Gold Rush; Westward Journeys; We Pointed Them North; Narrative of the Coronado Expedition: Relacion de la Jornada de Cibola
345298: - Iconographie de la FaăŻEnce. Dictionnaire
345842: - Imogen Cunningham
328674: - The Wuerttemberg Emigration Index Complete in Seven Volumes
346598: - Ernst Barlach: Selftold Lifepublished by General Pub Co Ltd (1990)
345409: - Aus Der Fă€Chersammlung Gunnar A. Kaldewey. Katalog 66: Fă€Cher Des 18. Jahrhunderts, Ausgestellt in San Francisco, International Antiquarian Book Fair 1981
324684: - Matisse Photographies: Exposition 4 Juillet- 30 Septembre 1986
343289: - A Lot of 27 of the Denver Westerners Monthly Roundup, 1969-1979
346238: - Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Royal Commission on the War in South Africa
328252: - A Genealogical and Biographical Record of Miami County Ohio
342060: - The Youth's Companion, Volume 76, 26 Issues Running Consecutively from January 2, 1902 to June 26, 1902
340618: - Peb at Keeneland
330935: - Memoirs and Journal of Hugh Judge; a Member of the Society of Friends, and Minister of the Gospel; Containing an Account of His Life, Religious Observations, and Travels in the Work of the Ministry
343018: - Salesman's Dummy: Walter Crane, "Fable Nook and Story Book"; Charlotte M. Yonge, "Happy Sundays with the Bible and the Children"; Professor Glee and Friends, "a Journey Around the World"; Household Musical Association, "International Book of Song"; William Wilfred Birdsall and Rufus M. Jones, "Beautiful Gems from American Writers and the Lives and Portraits of Our Favorite Authors
345436: - R.B. Kitaj: Lot of Artist, Exhibit and Gallery Catalogs and Ephemera
345403: - The Saga of Frankie & Johnny
330369: - The Greek Anthology (Palatine Ms): The Amatory Epigrams, Completely Rendered Into English for the First Time
346361: - Willi Baumeister: Zeichnungen, Gouachen, Collagen.
346236: - Report of the Committee Appointed to Consider the Education and Training of Officers of the Army; Together with Appendix
325602: - Les Royaumes de L'Himalaya: Histoire Et Civilisation, le Ladakh, le Bhoutan, le Sikkim, le Nepal
328253: - A Portrait and Biographical Record of Allen and Putnam Counties, Ohio, Containing Biographical Sketches of Many Prominent and Representative Citizens, Together with Biographies and Portraits of All the Presidents of the United States, and Biographies of the Governors of Ohio
345539: - A Letter from H- - - - G- - - - G, Esq; One of the Gentlemen of the Bed-Chamber to the Young Chevalier, and the Only Person of His Own Retinue That Attended Him from Avignon, in His Late Journey Through Germany, and Elsewhere Containing Many Remarkable and Affecting Occurrences Which Happened to P------- During the Course of His Mysterious Progress. To a Particular Friend. Victrix Fortunae Sapientia Juvenal.
346237: - Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Committee Appointed to Consider the Education and Training of Officers of the Army
318499: - The Modern Book for Boys
345775: - Le Courrier Graphique: Revue Des Arts Graphiques Et Des Industries Qui S'y Rattachent, No. 30, Mars-Avril, 1947
346385: - Paris - Moscou 1900 - 1930
346878: - Collection de L'Art Brut
342247: - The National Intelligencer, February 19, 1856, June 19, 1856
345304: - Les Noeuds Enchantă©S, Ou la Bisarrerie Des Destină©Es
346783: - Gezien Door: Paul Citroen - Paul Citroen: Gezien Door
324623: - British and Foreign State Papers: Volume 34, 1845-1846
346235: - Reports, Statistical Tables and Telegrams Received from South Africa Army (Remounts), June, 1899, to January 22nd, 1902
346603: - Japanese Decorative Style. Catalogue by Sherman E. Lee. Cleveland. The Cleveland Museum of Art. Published by New York (Harry N. Abrams)
346818: - 10 Plus 10: Contemporary Soviet and American Painters
342207: - Three Famous Stories: A Pre-School Book
345180: - Congres International D’Anthropologie & D’Archeologie Prehistoriques and L’Anthropologie Paraissant Tous Les Deux Moi
342984: - Re-Union Co. E, 1st Virginia Cavalry
341948: - Memoirs and Correspondence of Coventry Patmore, Volume I, Volume II
345489: - La Peinture Romantique. Essai Sur L'ă©Volution de la Peinture Frană§Aise de 1815 ă  1830.
344530: - The Complete Work of Michelangelo
345899: - The Printed Book in Americablumenthal, Josephpublished by / Dartmouth, Boston (1977)
345870: - Salles de Garde: Chants Traditionnels Du Quartier Latin Et de L'Internat.
346577: - Le Testament Dung Amoureux Qui Mourut Par Amour, Compose Novvellement
345778: - Living Letters / Lifandi Letur: International Exhibition of Calligraphy / Alpjooleg Syning a Skrautskrifthakonarson, Einar [Introduction by]Published by the Icelandic College of Art and Crafts, Reykjavik, 1982
327470: - The Kentucky Derby, a Set of Eight Field Guides: 110th Running, May 5, 1984; 117th Running, May 4, 1991; 106th Running, May 3, 1980; 120th, May 7, 1994; 119th Running, May 1, 1993 (Two Copies); 124th Running, May 2, 1998; 122nd Running, May 4, 1996
346692: - Virginia and Maryland, or, the Lord Baltamore's Printed Case, Uncased and Answered. Shewing the Illegality of His Patent and Usurpation of Royal Jurisdiction and Dominion There. With, the Injustice and Tyranny Practised in the Government, Against the Laws and Liberties of the English Nation, and the Just Right and Interest of the Adventurers and Planters. Also, a Short Relation of the Papists Late Rebellion Against the Government of His Highness the Lord Protector...
328264: - History of Warren County, Ohio, Containing a History of the County; Its Townships, Towns, Schools, Churches, Etc. ; General and Local Statistics; Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men; History of the Northwest Territory; History of Ohio; Map of Warren County; Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous Matters, Etc. , Etc.
327696: - Report of the Joint Special Committee to Investigate the Cause of the Outbreak of Disease Among the Cattle at the State College Farm...
330995: - Artillery Tactics United States Army, Assimilated to the Tactics of Infantry and Cavalry
345485: - The Flower-Boy of the Prairie
325475: - La Grande Histoire de la Peinture Moderne, Complete in Six Volumes
341715: - Ordnance Activities in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations: North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, Southern France
345648: - Proces Des Accuses Des 12 Et 13 Mai Devant la Cour Des Pairs: Contenat Les Faits Preliminaires, Les Debats, Les Interrogatoires, Les Depositions Des Temoins, Les Requisitoires, Les Plaidoires, Les Repliques Et L'Arret de Condamnation.
345863: - The Antagonistic Link: Joaquin Torres-Garcia Theo Van Doesburg
346654: - Paper Cut-Outs
345911: - Houser and Haozous: A Sculptural Retrospective
346785: - Lamento Di Menica Cencia Cui Fu Ucciso IL Carissimo Gatto Per Aver Involata Una Triglia
346456: - Cobra: 1948-1951
345926: - 4. Documenta - Kassel '68. Katalog; 4. Documenta - Kassel '68. Katalog 2
347057: - Gold and Silver Treasures from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
343551: - Revue Des Deux Mondes XXXI Annee - Seconde Periode, Tome Trente-Deuxieme, 1st April, 1861
347036: - Ravenna Arte Bizantina: 36 Slides / Diapositive; Text / Testo / Masterpieces of Art / Chefs D'Oeuvre de L'Art / Capolavori Dell'Arte / Meisterwerke Der Kunst
340615: - Lot of H.H. Aga Khan Stud Books, in Nine Volumes: Haras Guanabara 1951, and Irish and French Studs 1963, 1964, 1972, 1980, 1987-88, 1989, 1992, and 2013
345770: - Festschrift Zur 200 Jahrigen Jubelfeier Der Altesten Europaischen Porzellanmanufaktur Meisser
345606: - Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence Display'd or, the Folly of Their Teaching Discover'd, from Their Books, Sermons, Prayers, &C. With Considerable Additions Taken from Scarce and Valuable Mss, & C. Dedication Signed John Crate Pseud. For Gilbert Crokatt and John Monroe.
345552: - 11 Los Angeles Artists: Altoon Bell Diebenkorn Harrison Hendler Irwin Mclaughlin Nauman Price Ruscha Wegman
345536: - La Conference Du Diable Avec Luther, Contre le Saint Sacrifice de la Messe, Avec la Refutation D'Un Ecrit Fait Part M. Ereiter, Ministre de M. L'Ambassadeur de Suede, Pour Defendre Ccette Conference
346234: - South Africa Despatches, Volume I, Volume II
319349: - Combined Atlases and Map of Fulton County, Ohio, 1858, 1875, 1888, and 1903
341172: - La Cappella Sistina, la Volta Restaurata: IL Trionfo Del Colore
341094: - The Dore Bible Gallery
346702: - Lot of Seven (7) Thomas Wolfe-Related Volumes: Letters to His Mother; the Web and the Rock; You Can't Go Home Again; the Letters of Thomas Wolfe; the Story of a Novel; the Hills Beyond; of Time and the River; the Letters of Thomas Wolfe
328266: - History of the City of Columbus, Capital of Ohio, Complete in Two Volumes
346347: - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Anglo-Jewish Art and History: In Commemoration of the Tercentenary of the Resettlement of the Jews in the British Isles
347040: - Galleria Degli Uffizi: 36 Slides / Diapositive / Text / Testo
328260: - History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio, Together with Sketches of Its Cities, Villages and Townships, Educational, Religious, CIVIL, Military, and Political History, Portraits of Prominent Persons, and Biographies of Representative Citizens
345640: - Les Aquarelles Du Prince de Joinville 1861 . 1862
309643: - The Annals of the War, Written by Leading Participants North and South
346386: - Paris - Moscou 1900 - 1930
327168: - Society of Colonial Wars: Constitution and by-Laws, Membership
329453: FORD, HENRY A. AND KATE B. FORD - History of Cincinnati, Ohio, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
346473: A., MARIO; SACHIKO HARA; MASAHIKO SHIMADA - Ma Poupă©E Japonaise
342242: DIX, JOHN A. ET AL. - The Northern Light: Devoted to Free Discussion, and to the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, Miscellaneous Literature and General Intelligence
345733: SHIELDS, SCOTT A. AND GONG YUEBIN - Gong Site 2801 at the Crocker Museum.
342071: LAWSON, LEWIS A. AND VICTOR A. KRAMER,EDS. - More Conversations with Walker Percy (Literary Conversations)
346684: AALTO, ALVAR; KARL FLEIG - Alvar Aalto, Band III: Projekte Und Letzte Bauten
345602: ABBADIE, JACQUES - L'Art Se Connoitre Soy-Meme, Ou la Recherche Des Sources de la Morale
344811: TERESA POMAR, MARIA; MATTHEW ABBATE AND ALLISON WAGNER, ED. - El Dia de Los Muertos: The Life of the Dead in Mexican Folk Art
339533: ABBOT, WILLIS, J. - Blue Jackets of '61: A History of the Navy in the War of Secession
319992: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - The Child at Home
346094: ABERT, JAMES W.; GALVIN, JOHN, ED. - Through the Country of the Comanche Indians in the Fall of the Year 1845
346408: ABRAMSON, GLENDA - Modern Hebrew Drama
346228: ACKERMAN, JAMES S. - Distance Points: Essays in Theory and Renaissance Art and Architecture
341269: ACKLEY, EDITH FLACK - Marionettes: Easy to Make! Fun to Use!
346700: PETERSEN, AD AND PIETER BRATTINGA - Sandberg Een Documentaire a Documentary
345385: ADAMS, I. WILLIAM - Shibusawa or the Passing of Old Japan
347068: ADAMS, ANSEL; NEWHALL, NANCY - This Is the American Earth
320140: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - Dictionary of American History, Second, Revised Edition, Complete in Six Volumes
346627: ADDISS, STEPHEN, ED. - Tokaido on the Road: Pilgrimage, Travel and Culture
345937: ADDISS, STEPHEN - 77 Dances: Japanese Calligraphy by Poets, Monks, and Scholars, 1568-1868
338619: WEIS, FREDERICK LEWIS; WITH ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS BY WALTER LEE SHEPPARD, JR. - Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England between 1623 and 1650: The Lineage of Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Malcolm of Scotland, Robert the Strong, and Some of Their Descendants, Fifth Edition
346162: ADELSON, CANDACE J. - European Tapestry: In the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
346816: ADKINS, HELEN - Erwin Blumenfeld: Dada Montages 1916-1933
346624: ADLER, MICHAEL W., ED. - Diseases in the Homosexual Male
346995: ADRIAN, DENNIS - Chicago Imagism: A 25 Year Surveydenis Adrian
345748: TERENTIUS PUBLIUS AFER - Publii Terentii Afri Comoediae
346850: DRAKE, CHRISTOPHER; THOS. AGNEW AND SONS, LTD. - Ambroise Vollard, Editeur: Les Peintres-Graveurs 1895-1913
346622: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND COMMERCE - Japan in the Beginning of the Twentieth Cnetury
346080: AIKEMA, BERNARD - Jacopo Bassano and His Public: Moralizing Pictures in an Age of Reform, Ca. 1535-1600
346115: AIKEN, CONRAD - Thee
345152: WILLIAM BURKHARDT BARKER; WILLIAM FRANCIS AINSWORTH, ED. - Lares and Penates; or, Cilicia and Its Governors; Being a Short Historical Account of That Province from the Earliest Times to the Present Day; Together with a Description of Some Household Gods of the Ancient Cilicians, Broken Up by Them
346443: AKERMAN, JAMES R. - Cartographies of Travel and Navigation
346619: AKHMATOVA, ANNA - A Lot of Three (3) Anna Akhmatova Volumes: Anna Akhmatova, My Half-Century: Selected Prose; Anna Akhmatova: Poet and Prophet; Remembering Anna Akhmatova
343306: AKIN, DAVID W. - Colonialism, Maasina Rule, and the Origins of Malaitan Kastom (Pacific Islands Monograph Series)
346519: GRANBY, ALAN AND JANICE HYLAND, EDS. - Maritime Maverick: The Collection of William I. Koch
345747: ALAUX, JEAN-PAUL - Academie de France a Rome, Ses Directuers Ses Pensionnaires, Tome I, Tome II
345588: CHATELET, ALBERT AND JACQUES THUILLIER - French Painting from Fouquet to Poussin
345177: ALECHINSKY, PIERRE - Pierre Alechinsky, Paintings and Writings
344885: ALECHINSKY, PIERRE - Pierre Alechinsky, Paintings and Writings
346076: JOURDAN, ALETH ET AL. - Frederic Bazille: Prophet of Impressionism
345807: WARD ALEX, ED. - Power to the People: Early Soviet Propaganda Posters in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
309467: ALEXANDER, E.P. - Military Memoirs of a Confederate: A Critical Narrative
346013: STILLE, ALEXANDER ET AL. - Letizia Battaglia: Passion, Justice, Freedom--Photographs of Sicily
345370: WIECZOREK, ALFRIED AND CLAUDE W. SUI, EDS. - Helmut Gernsheim: Pionier Der Fotogeschicthe / Pioneer of Photo History
345676: ALIGHIERI, DANTE - La Vita Nova
345995: ALLEN, GWEN - Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art
309449: ALLIBONE, S. AUSTIN - A Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors, Living and Deceased, Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III
345946: ALLMANN, GEORGE JAMES - A Monograph of the Fresh-Water Polyzoa, Including All the Known Species, Both British and Foreign
346959: ALTER, ROBERT - The Invention of Hebrew Prose: Modern Fiction and the Language of Realism
346753: ALTICK, RICHARD D. - The Shows of London: A Panoramic History of Exhibitions, 1600-1862
346752: ALTICK, RICHARD D. - The Shows of London: A Panoramic History of Exhibitions, 1600-1862
340369: AMBROSE, PAUL V. - Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trains, 1945-1969; Volume 1: Motive Power & Rolling Stock - Centennial Edition
345535: ROLLAND, AMEDEE AND J. DUBOYS - Toucher de la Merde C'Est Signe D'Argent!: Vaudeville En Trois Actes
345104: AMIRSADEGHI, HOSSEIN, ED.; PROJECT MANAGER BERNA TUGLULAR. - Unleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey
344919: AMSDEN, DORA, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF JOHN STEWART HAPP - The Heritage of Hiroshige: A Glimpse at Japanese Landscape Artpublished by Paul Elder and Company, 1912
346507: AMYX, D. A. - Corinthian Vase-Painting of the Archaic Period, Volume III: Indexes, Concordances, and Plates
346506: AMYX, D. A. - Corinthian Vase-Painting of the Archaic Period, Volume II: Commentary: The Study of Corinthian Vases
347076: ANDEL, JAROSLAV - The New Vision for the New Architecture: Czechoslovakia 1918-1938
345380: ANDEL, JAROSLAV - Avant-Garde Page Design 1900-1950
320318: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Eventyr, Complete in 16 Volumes
342626: ANDERSON, JAMES BLYTHE - The Nameless Hero and Other Poems
345857: ANDERSON, WAYNE - American Sculpture in Process, 1930-1970
345707: ANDERSON, MAXWELL - The Star-Wagon: A Play in Three Acts
323535: CASTELOT, ANDRE AND ALAIN DECAUX - Histoire de la France Et Des Francais, Complete in Seven Volumes
319635: COUSIN ANGIE - Worth, Not Wealth, and Other Tales
347017: ANIKST, MIKHAIL, ED. - Soviet Commercial Design of the Twenties
345699: ANKER, PETER, WITH A CONTRIBUTION BY ARON ANDERSSON - The Art of Scandinavia, Complete in Two Volumes
345843: MCADAMS, DONA ANN AND C. CARR - Caught in the Act: A Look at Contemporary Multimedia Performance
346958: ANONYME - L'Imitation de Notre-Seigneur Jă©Sus-Christ, Traduction de Lamennais Ornă©E de Quarante-Quatre Gouaches de Jean Hugo
347061: ANONYME - Salles de Garde: Chants Traditionnels Du Quartier Latin Et de L'Internat.
345835: ADAMS, ANSEL AND NANCY NEWHALL - The Tetons and the Yellowstone
345439: ANTHONIOZ, BERNARD, JEAN LEYMARIE, - Hommage a Teriade
346658: ANTHONY, JOSEPH - Casanova Jones
345917: BLISS, ANTHONY AND MARGARETTA M. LOVELL - William Morris: The Sanford and Helen Berger Collection
325498: ANTONOVA, I. - Le Musee de Moscou: Les Grands Maitres de la Peinture Au Musee de Moscou
345494: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - Le Bestiaire Ou Cortege D'Orphee
346615: APONTE, PAUL, ED. - Escritores Del Nuevo Sol (Writers of the New Sun): Anthology
346346: ARIELLI - Drawings by Pascin
346875: ARKUS, LEON ANTHONY - Hicks, Kane, Pippin: 3 Self-Taught Pennsylvania Artists
346232: ARMS, DOROTHY NOYES - Churches of France
341741: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H. - Sounder
345741: ARNAULD, ANTOINE - Deffense de Mr. Arnauld Docteur de Sorbonne, Contre la Response Au Livre Des Vrayes Et Des Fausse Idees
345798: ARNING, BILL - (T)Here
345219: ARNOUX, FRANCOIS - Merveilles de L'Autre Monde, Contenant Les Horribles Tourmens de L'Enfer; Les Admirables Ioyes Du Paradis; Auec le Moyen D'Euiter L'Un, & Acquerir L'Autre
345724: THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, NEW YORK - The Museum of Modern Art, New York: The History and the Collection
345070: THE FREER GALLERY OF ART - Ars Orientalis, Volume XI, 1979, the Arts of Islam and the East
346804: ANNELY JUDA FINE ART - Dada Constructivism: The Janus Face of the Twenties
345072: THE FREER GALLERY OF ART - Ars Orientalis, the Arts of Islam and the East, Volume VII, 1968
346861: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART - Odilon Redon 1840-1916: Pastels and Drawings
346481: THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART - The 25th Biennial Exhibition 1957
346477: MARLBOROUGH FINE ART, LTD. - David Bomberg (1890-1957)
347010: THE SOLOMON GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM OF ART - American Abstract, Expressionists and Imagists
347003: THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, ED. - The Museum of Modern Art at Mid-Century: At Home and Abroad
346482: THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART - The 25th Biennial Exhibition 1959
346356: PENNSYLVANIA MUSEUM OF ART - Degas: 1834-1917
345073: THE FREER GALLERY OF ART - Ars Orientalis, the Arts of Islam and the East, Volume VI, 1966
345071: THE FREER GALLERY OF ART - Ars Orientalis, the Arts of Islam and the East, Volume VIII, 1970
345882: FRANKS, KENNY ARTHUR AND PAUL F. LAMBERT - Early California Oil: A Photographic History, 1865-1940
345998: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS - The Artist & the Book 1860-1960 in Western Europe and the United States
345794: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS - The Artist & the Book 1860-1960 in Western Europe and the United States
346565: PALAIS DES BEAUX-ARTS - Le Mouvement Symboliste. Exposition Organisee Dans le Cadre de L'Accord Culturel Franco - Belge. Janvier - Mars 1957
346103: ASBURY, HERBERT - Ye Olde Fire Laddies
346750: DICKINS, ASBURY AND JOHN W. FORNEY - American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the Second Session of the Nineteenth to the Second Session of the Twenty-First Congress, Commencing January 12, 1827, and Ending March 1, 1824-1827, Class VI, Volumes II and III, Naval Affairs
346717: DICKINS, ASBURY AND JOHN W. FORNEY - American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the Second Session of the Nineteenth to the Second Session of the Twenty-First Congress, Commencing January 12, 1827, and Ending March 1, 1824-1827, Class VI, Volumes II and III, Naval Affairs
346857: D'ASSAILLY, GISELE - Ages of Elegance: Five Thousand Years of Fashion and Frivolity
327388: KEENELAND RACING ASSOCIATION - The Sporting Art Auction: Fine Sporting Art, American Paintings and Sculpture, Sale No. 3
340729: THE SPORTING ART AUCTION - The Sporting Art Auction: Sale No. 5
340728: THE SPORTING ART AUCTION - The Sporting Art Auction: Sale No. 4
345107: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES; BEN FORKNER, ED. - The John James Audubon Portfolio: A Selection of the Original Drawings and Watercolors Used in the Making of Birds of America; Accompanied by a Choice of Audubon’S Writings
345118: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES - Audubon: Early Drawings
345106: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES - Audubon: Early Drawings
346205: AUSTIN, ALFRED - The Door of Humility
345705: AYNSLEY, JEREMY - Graphic Design in Germany: 1890-1945
343005: AYRES, ELSIE JOHNSON - The Hills of Highland
346007: AZOULAY, ARIELLA - Death's Showcase: The Power of Image in Contemporary Democracy
345936: HIESINGER, KATHRYN B. AND FELICE FISCHER, EDS. - Japanese Design: A Survey Since 1950
347048: BACKHOUSE, JANET - The Lindisfarne Gospels
345527: BACON, FRANCIS - Fr. Baconis de Verulam. Angliae Cancellarii de Augmentis Scientarum. Lib. IX.
346647: BACON, LEONARD - Animula Vagula
345963: BAER, NANCY VAN NORMAN, ED. - Theatre in Revolution: Russian Avant-Garde Stage Design, 1913-1935
345811: BAER, NANCY VAN NORMAN ED. - Theatre in Revolution: Russian Avant-Garde Stage Design, 1913-1935
328124: BAILEY, JACK; DARY, DAVID, ED. - A Texas Cowboy's Journal: Up the Trail to Kansas in 1868
344858: BAINES, ANTHONY - Bagpipes
346158: BAKER, PATRICIA L. - Islamic Textiles
346685: BALL, JOHN - Pennine Alps, Including Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa, New Edition
342321: BALLARD, JOHN MILTON - Dayton Police Department, with Complete Biographical Sketches of Each Member
346003: BALSAMO, LUIGI - Bibliography: History of a Tradition
345182: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Paris Marie: Philosophie de la Vie Conjugale
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345082: DEFOE, DANIEL - Roxana, the Unfortunate Mistress, or a History of the Life and Vast Variety of Fortunes of Mademoiselle de Beleau, Afterwards Called the Countess de Winstelheim in Germany Being the Person Known by the Name of Lady Roxana in the Time of Charles II
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346625: DICKSON, SAMUEL - San Francisco Kaleidoscope
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319629: DILTS, JEROME JAY - Twins of the Loblolly
329774: DINE, JIM - Jim Dine
346618: DINESEN, ISAK - Daguerreotypes and Other Essays
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343325: DUNN, JACOB PIATT - Slavery Petitions and Papers
346510: DUPIN, JACQUES - Miro
346701: DURANT, WILL - The Mansions of Philosophy: A Survey of Human Life and Destiny
345822: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Two Excursions Into Reality: Zero and Asylum in the Snow
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341464: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - About Zionism: Speeches and Letters by Albert Einstein
345418: EISENSTEIN, SERGEI - The Soviet Screen
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341256: ELIOT, SAMUEL - History of Liberty, Part II - the Early Christians, in Two Volumes
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345779: ELLIS, RICHARD WILLIAMSON - Book Illustration: A Survey of Its History & Development Shown by the Work of Various Artists, Together with Critical Comments
341151: ELMER, ROBERT P. - Archery
345534: CORBETT, JOHN, ANTHONY ELMS AND TERRI KAPSALIS, EDS. - Traveling the Spaceways: Sun-Ra, the Astro Black and Other Solar Myths
345419: ELUARD, PAUL - A Toute Epreuve
347058: ELVILLE, E.M. - The Collector's Dictionary of Glass
342714: EMBICK, MILTON A. - History of the Third Division, Ninth Corps, Army of the Potomac
341441: EMERSON, ALICE B. - Ruth Fielding of the Red MILL
318819: EMERY, ANN - The Sky Is Falling
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345736: ENGLEHARDT, ZEPHYRIN - San Francisco or Mission Dolores
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346072: EVANS, TERRY - Disarming the Prairie
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342397: FARRELL, JAMES T. - A World I Never Made
328148: FAVILL, JOSIAH - The Diary of a Young Army Officer
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341265: FELKIN, WILLIAM - A History of the Machine-Wrought Hosiery and Lace Manufacturers
345068: FERGUSON, RUSSELL - In Memory of My Feelings: Frank O'Hara and American Art
344799: FERGUSON, RUSSELL - In Memory of My Feelings: Frank O'Hara and American Art
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302815: FERREIROS, AQUILINO IGLESIA - Initium: Revista Catalana D'Historia Del Dret, Volume II
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338999: FIEDLER, LESLIE A. - Cross the Border--Close the Gap
346539: FIELD, EUGENE - Second Book of Verse
322539: FIELD, M.J. - Search for Security: An Ethno-Psychiatric Study of Rural Ghana
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344722: FINNEGAN, ROBERT - Many a Monster
346240: FISKE, ELIZABETH FRENCH - I Lived Among the Apaches: An Appreciation of the Virtues and Emotions of the Indian American
346975: FLANNER, HILDEGARDE - X (December 24th): A Christmas Keepsake
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345312: FLORES, CHARLES - Correspondence
318083: FLORES, CARLOS - Arquitectura Popular Espa
342735: FLOYD, DAVID BITTLE - History of the Seventy-Fifth Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers, Its Organization, Campaigns, and Battles (1862-65)
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330982: FOOTE, HENRY S. - Casket of Reminiscences
319059: FORBUSH, WILLIAM BYRON - The Broadening Path, in Two Volumes: A Treasure Book for Boys and Girls, Together with Firelight and Children's Faces: Book of Help for Fathers and Mothers
346743: FORCE, PETER - American Archives: Fourth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America, from the King's Message to Parliament, of March 7, 1774 to the Declaration of Independence by the United States. (Volume V).
346744: FORCE, PETER - American Archives: Fourth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America, from the King's Message to Parliament, of March 7, 1774 to the Declaration of Independence by the United States. Volume IV
346714: FORCE, PETER - American Archives: Fourth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America, from the King's Message to Parliament, of March 7, 1774, to the Declaration of Independence by the United States. Volume II
346748: FORCE, PETER - American Archives: Fourth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America, from the King's Message to Parliament, of March 7, 1774 to the Declaration of Independence by the United States. Volume VI
346715: FORCE, PETER - American Archives: Fourth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America, from the King's Message to Parliament, of March 7, 1774 to the Declaration of Independence by the United States. (Volume I).
346720: FORCE, PETER - American Archives: Fourth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America, from the King's Message to Parliament, of March 7, 1774 to the Declaration of Independence by the United States. (Volume VI).
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342819: FORNSHELL, MARVIN E. - The Historical and Illustrated Ohio Penitentiary: A Complete Work on the Big Prison--All Departments, the Manufacturing Industries, Escapes, Famous Prisoners, Executions by Hanging and Electrocution, Punishments, Rules, Etc. , Fully Described
345753: FORSSELL, C.; J.G. SANDBERG, BESKRIFNE; A. GRAFSTROM, OCH - Ett Ar I Sverge [a Year in Sweden]: Taflor Af Svenska Almogen's Klă€Dedră€Gt, Lefnassă€Tt Och Hemseder, Samt de Fă¶R Landet Historia Mă€Rkadlig Orter
345570: DE FORTENGUEULE, PSEUDONYM OF CAILLEAU, ANDRE-CHARLES (1731-1798) - Le Poissardiana, Ou Les Amours de Royal Vilain Et de Mamzelle Javotte la D'Echanchee, Dedie a Monseigneur le Mardi-Gras
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345684: FOSTER, KATHLEEN A. - Thomas Eakins Rediscovered: Charles Bregler's Thomas Eakins Collection at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
346820: SU HO MEMORIAL PAPER CULTURE FOUNDATION - Taiwan Pith Paper: An Uncommon Paper in Paper History
346821: MUSEE-DES-ARTS-DECORATIFS-FRANCE - Cristina Merchan: Ceramiste Venezuelienne
318429: FRANCKE, HERMANN - Aufgabensammlung F
341361: DENIS-FRANCOIS - Contes de Grimm (Grimm's Tales)
345092: GENTLEIN, FRANK & DOROTHY - Georges Rouault's Miserere
347011: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED, CURATED BY - The Reality of Appearance: The Trompe L'Oeil Tradition in American Painting
345996: FRANKLIN, COLIN - The Private Presses
346946: FREELY, JOHN - The Lost Messiah: In Search of the Mystical Rabbi Sabbatai Sevi
346052: FREEMAN, JUDI - Picasso and the Weeping Women: The Years of Marie-Therese Walter & Dora Maar
346302: FREIDENREICH, HARRIET PASS - Jewish Politics in Vienna, 1918-1938
344845: FREMONT, JESSIE BENTON - The Story of the Guard: A Chronicle of the War
344846: FREMONT, JOHN CHARLES - Narrative of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, in the Year 1842; and to Oregon and North Carolina, in the Years 1843-44, Published in Syracuse by L.W. Hall, 1846
341207: FRENCH, HARRY W. - The Lance of Kanana: A Story of Arabia
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345756: FREUD, SIGMUND - Zur Psychopathologie Des Alltagslebens (Uber Vergessen, Versprechen, Vergreifen, Aberglaube Und Irrtum)
345831: FRIEBE, WOLFGANG - Buildings of the World
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346419: FROSTIC, GWEN - A Walk with Me
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346066: FULTON, MARIANNE, ED. - Pictorialism Into Modernism: The Clarence H. White School of Photography
345556: HENDERSON, HAROLD G.; AND LEDOUX, LOUIS V. - The Surviving Works of Sharaku
346844: D'HARCOURT, RAOUL; DENNY, GRACE G. AND CAROLYN M. OSBORNE, EDS. - Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques
346001: GABLER, JAMES M. - Wine Into Words: A History and Bibliography of Wine Books in the English Language
346675: GABO, NAUM - Of Divers Arts
347078: LEVIN, GAIL AND MARIANNE LORENZ - Theme and Improvisation: Kandinsky and the American Avant-Garde, 1912-1950
341271: DEL GAIZO, VITTORIO, ED. - Grande Enciclopedia Antiquariato E Arredamento, in Five Volumes
339957: EDMONDSON, BELLE; LORETTA GALBRAITH AND WILLIAM GALBRAITH, EDS. - A Lost Heroine of the Confederacy: The Diaries and Letters of Belle Edmondson
346581: GALE, BENJAMIN - Observations on a Pamphlet Entitled Remarks on Dr. Gale's Letter to J.W. Esq. , Signed E.D. : Of Which the Hon. Eliphalet Dyer Is the Reputed Author: Shewing, from the Matters Therein Contained, That Such an Imputation Is Highly Injurious to the Character of That Worthy Patriot
346666: HASAN-ROKEM, GALIT AND ALAN DUNDES, EDS. - The Wandering Jew: Essays in the Interpretation of a Christian Legend
345309: AMERICAN ART GALLERIES - De Luxe Illustrated Catalogue of the Notable Art Treasures Collected by the Late Henry Graves
345823: JOHN BERGGRUEN GALLERY - Large Scale Works on Paper
345582: SIDNEY JANIS GALLERY - A Lot of 18 Sidney Janis Gallery Exhibit Catalogs
345658: MARLBOROUGH-GERSON GALLERY, INC. - Artist and Maecenas: A Tribute to Curt Valentin
346042: DE SAISSET ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM - German Expressionist Woodcuts from the Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation
345566: WIEGAND GALLERY - Seven Contemporary Korean-American Visual Artists
346793: SIDNEY JANIS GALLERY - 25 Years of Janis, Part 2: From Pollock to Pop. Op and Sharp-Focus Realism. 25th Anniversary Exhibition
346677: MARILYN PEARL GALLERY - Clinton Hill: Paintings, Paperworks, Construction
346682: THE GAGOSIAN GALLERY - Malevich and the American Legacy
346495: WILLIAM H. SCHAB GALLERY - Catalogue Forty-Three: Modern Masters
346829: MAXWELL DAVIDSON GALLERY - Matta: The Early Years, a Selection of Paintings and Drawings from the Years 1937-1947
346591: E.B. CROCKER ART GALLERY - Sacramento Sampler II
345669: E.B. CROCKER ART GALLERY - Recent Works by Wayne Thiebaud
345797: THE NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY - John Muir, 1838-1914
345065: ANTHONY D'OFFAY GALLERY - Richard Hamilton
345554: ALLAN STONE GALLERY - Wayne Thiebaud: The Figure
346805: GALLWITZ, KLAUS - Dada in Europa. Werke Und Dokumente.
342265: GALWORTHY, JOHN - The Dark Flower
328138: GAMBONE, A. M - Lee at Gettysburg... Commentary on Defeat: The Death of a Myth
328139: GAMBONE, A. M - Enigmatic Valor: Major General Darius Nash Couch
326427: GAMBONE, A. M. - Hancock at Gettysburg... And Beyond: And Beyond (Army of the Potomac Series, V. 18)
341467: GAMBONE, A. M. - The Life of Adam Jacoby Slemmer: One Strong Voice of Defiance
328049: GAMBONE, A.M. - Hancock at Gettysburg... And Beyond
339034: GANJEVI, NIZAMI - Khamsa Miniatures
344915: GANS, MOZES HEIMAN - Memorboek: Platenatlas Van Het Leven Der Joden in Nederland Van de Middeleeuwen Tot 1940, Seventh Editiongans, Mozes Heiman. Published by Baarn, Bosch & Keuning, 1972
346498: GANZ, PAUL - Hans Holbein D.J. : Des Meisters Gemalde
326914: GARDNER, RALPH D. - Horatio Alger, or the American Hero Era
341507: GARLAND, HAMLIN - Back-Trailers from the Middle Border
342384: GARLAND, HAMLIN - A Little Norsk, or, Ol' Pap's Flaxen
345830: GARNER, PHILIPPE, ED. - The Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts 1890-1940
345703: GARNER, PHILIPPE - Eileen Gray: Designer and Architect
345663: GARRETT, JOHN - Classical Dictionary of India Illustrative of the Mythology, Philosophy. Literature, Antiquities, Arts, Manners, Customs & C. Of the Hindus. With the Supplement.
321404: GARRETT, FRANKLIN M. - Yesterday's Atlanta
346670: GARROULD, ANN - Henry Moore: Drawings
324738: GASSIER, PIERRE - Les Dessins de Goya, Tome II: Dessins Pour Peintures--Dessins Pour Les Cartons de Tapisserie--Dessins Pour Grafvures--Dessins Pour Les Gravures D'Apres Velasquez...
324744: GASSIER, PIERRE - Les Dessins de Goya: Les Albums
346604: PETIT, GASTON AND AMADIO ARBOLEDA - Evolving Techniques in Japanese Woodblock Prints
342224: GATEAU, JEAN-CHARLES - Paul Eluard Et la Peinture Surrealiste
344717: GATES, BETSEY, COMPILER - The Colton Letters: CIVIL War Period 1861-1865
345874: GAUGHAN, MARTIN IGNATIUS, ED. - Dada New York: New World for Old
345750: MONSIEUR LE PROCUREUR GENERAL GAULOT, ASSISTE DE MONSIEUR DE LAGREVOL - Affaire de Saint-Cyr. Assassinats 1. De Jeanne Robier, Veuve Desfarges, Agee de 72 Ans; 2. De Jeanne-Marie Desfarges, Veuve Gayet, Agee de 38 Ans; 3. De Pierrette Gayet,Agee de 13 Ans. Viols - Vols - Recel Cinq Accuses
345537: ANONYME [GAUTHIER, FRANçOIS-LOUIS, 1696-1780] - Traită© Contre Les Danses Et Les Mauvaises Chansons - Dans Lequel le Danger Et le Mal Qui Y Sont Renfermă©S Sont Dă©Montră©S Par Les Tă©Moignages Multipliă©S Des Saintes Ecritures, Des Saints PăšRes, Des Conciles, de Plusieurs EvăȘQues Du SiăšCle Passă© Et Du NăŽTre, D'Un Nombre de Thă©Ologiens, de Casuistes, de Jurisconsultes, de Plusieurs Ministres Protestans, Et Enfin Des PaăŻEns MăȘMe
345531: GAUTIER, THEOPHILE - Les Beaux Arts En Europe 1855
346093: GAY, JOHN - The Beggar's Opera
345666: GAY, JULES - Analectes de Bibliophile, Tome I, Tome II Et Tome III
345601: GEDDES, MICHAEL - The Council of Trent Plainly Discover'd Not to Have Been a Free Assembly by a Collection of Letters and Papers of the Learned Dr. Vargas and Other Great Ministers, Who Assisted at the Said Synod in Considerable Posts.
339114: GEIST, ANTHONY I. - Otra Cara de America: Los Brigadistas Y Su Legado de Esperanza/Passing the Torch: The Abraham Lincolm Brigade and Its Legacy of Hope
346145: GEIST, SIDNEY - Interpreting Cezanne
345709: BURGESS, GELETT; WITH COMMENTARIES BY JOSEPH M. BACKUS - Behind the Scenes: Glimpses of Fin de Siecle San Francisco
346244: MADAME DE GENLIS - Histoire Des Femmes Francaises Les Plus Celebres; Et de Leur Influence Sur la Litterature Francaise Comme Protectrices Des Lettres, Complete in Two Volumes
345199: GENTENAAR, PETER, ED. - Tijdloos Papier = Timeless Paper
344916: GENTLES, MARGARET O., CURATOR - Japanese Prints, Volume II: The Clarence Buckingham Collection--Harunobu, Koryusai, Shigemasa, Their Followers and Contemporaries

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