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303404: NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. CIX, January 1955
308006: MIDDLETOWN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - An Historical Sketch of Middletown, R.I.
327429: THE CANADIAN THOROUGHBRED HORSE SOCIETY - Canadian Thoroughbreds: A Review of Their Achievements and the Extent of Their Development in 1935 and the Preceding Ten Years, Also, Supplement to the Canadian Thoroughbred Stud Book
327427: THE CANADIAN THOROUGHBRED HORSE SOCIETY - The Year Book of Canadian Thoroughbreds for 1963
327617: ILLINOIS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Papers in Illinois History and Transactions for the Year 1937
317092: SOUTHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Southern Historical Society Papers, New Series X, Volume XLVIII
331014: ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY - Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society Vol. LIV--1899-1901, with Five Appendices and General Index to Vols. XXXIX to LIV
305206: MARYLAND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Winter 1990
303418: THE OHIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - Ohio Records and Pioneer Families
303419: THE OHIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - Ohio Records and Pioneer Families
303420: THE OHIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - Ohio Records and Pioneer Families
328699: AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY - American Mathematical Society Translations, Series 2, Volume 2
330869: ILLINOIS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Papers in Illinois History and Transactions for the Year 1937
322950: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - National Geographic Index, 1947-1963
327424: THE CANADIAN THOROUGHBRED HORSE SOCIETY - The Year Book of Canadian Thoroughbreds for 1953
320510: THE AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Encyclopedia of American Biography
327426: THE CANADIAN THOROUGHBRED HORSE SOCIETY - The Year Book of Canadian Thoroughbreds for 1957
338678: SEATTLE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - New England New York Ancestors Before 1850
327425: THE CANADIAN THOROUGHBRED HORSE SOCIETY - The Year Book of Canadian Thoroughbreds for 1954
327422: THE CANADIAN THOROUGHBRED HORSE SOCIETY - The Year Book of Canadian Thoroughbreds for 1958
328802: AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY - American Mathematical Society Translations, Series 2, Volume 24
338260: THE NEBRASKA STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Transactions and Reports of the Nebraska State Historical Society, Volume II
328700: AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY - Series and Approximation
327423: THE CANADIAN THOROUGHBRED HORSE SOCIETY - The Year Book of Canadian Thoroughbreds for 1958
329987: BULLETIN OF THE BUSINESS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INCORPORATED - Bulletin of the Business Historical Society, Incorporated: Volume I, Number 1 (June, 1926); Volume I, Number 2 (September, 1926); Volume I, Number 3 (October-November, 1926); Volume I, Number 4 (December, 1926); Volume I, Number 5 (January-February, 1927); Volume I, Number 6 (March-April, 1927); Volume I, Number 7 (May-June, 1927); Volume I, Number 8 (July, 1927); Volume V, No. 1 (January, 1931); Volume II, No. 3 (April, 1929); Volume XVI, No. 4 (October, 1942); Volume XVIII, No. 4 (October, 1944); Volume XVIII, No. 5 (November, 1944); Volume XVIII, No. 6 (December, 1944); Volume XIX, No. 1 (February, 1945); Volume XIX, No. 2 (April, 1945); Volume XIX, No. 3 (June, 1945); Volume XIX, No. 6 (December, 1945); Volume, XX, No. 1 (February, 1946); Volume XX, No. 3 (June, 1946)
305752: AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETY - 97th Annual Meeting, December 2-6, 1998
308139: SOGLOW, O. - Everything's Rosy
319196: SOGNNAES, REIDAR FAUSKE - Chemistry and Prevention of Dental Caries
327486: SOKOLOVA, LYDIA; RICHARD BUCKLE, ED. - Dancing for Diaghilev: The Memoirs of Lydia Sokolova
329110: SOLEL, BARUCH - Irreducible Triangular Algebras
323029: SOLESMES, FRANCOIS - Georges de la Tour
331300: SOLEY, JAMES RUSSELL - The Blockade and the Cruisers
338570: SOLLEY, THOMAS T. - Hungarian Art: The Twentieth Century Avant-Garde
306140: SOLTIS, ANDREW - Beating the King's Indian and Benoniyes
300641: SOLTIS, ANDREW - A Black Defensive System
327411: SOMERSET - A Drag with the Old Essex
329462: SOMMERFELD, ARNOLD - Partial Differential Equations in Physics
326644: SONNECK, OSCAR GEORGE THEODORE - Report on "the Star-Spangled Banner" "Hail Columbia" "America" "Yankee Doodle
322896: GERHARD SONNERT AND GERALD HOLTON - What Happened to the Children Who Fled Nazi Persecution
329996: SONNICHSEN, C.L. - Roy Bean: Law West of the Pecos
320323: SONO, AYAKO - Watcher from the Shore
330297: HER SONS AND DAUGHTERS - Katharine Houk Talbott 1864-1935
300319: SONTAG, CONSTANCE GOLDEN - Night Song, a Selection from the Writings of Constance Golden Sontag
314580: SOREL, EDWARD - Unauthorized Portraits
302405: SORENSEN, BODIL - Gamle Mestertegninger Fra Sophus Larpents Samling
329165: SORGENFREI, THEODOR, GENERAL EDITOR - Report of the Twenty-First Session Norden (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden), Part XXV, International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Terminology
329164: SORGENFREI, THEODOR, GENERAL EDITOR - Report of the Twenty-First Session Norden (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden), Part XXVI, Proceedings of Section 1-21, Supplementary Volume
329181: SORGENFREI, THEODOR, GENERAL EDITOR - Report of the Twenty-First Session Norden (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden), Volume of Abstracts
329166: SORGENFREI, THEODOR, GENERAL EDITOR - Report of the Twenty-First Session Norden (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden), Part XXV, International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Terminology
338585: SORLIER, CHARLES - The Lithographs of Chagall, Volume V, 1974-1979
339316: SORREL, G. MOXLEY - Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer
320465: SOTHEBY, PARKE, BERNET, INC. - Important Modern First Editions, with Autograph Letters & Manuscripts of Ernest Hemingway and Others, Complete in Three Volumes
331579: SOULIE, MAURICE - The Wolf Cub: The Great Adventure of Count Gaston de Raousset-Boulbon in California and Sonora 1850-1854
329631: SOUPAULT, PHILIPPE - PoMes RetrouvS 1918-1981: Suivis D'Un Essai Sur la PoSie
325629: SOUSTELLE, JACQUES - Colombie: Pays de L'Eldorado
321028: SOUTHERN, JOHN - Thorburn's Birds and Mammals
317238: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - New Letters of Robert Southey, Complete in Two Volumes
318287: SOUTHEY, ROBERT; SOUTHEY, CHARLES CUTHBERT - Life and Correspondence of the Late Robert Southey, 6 Vols
322694: SOUTHWORTH, JOHN R. - Santa Barbara and Montecito: Past and Present
339354: SOUTHWORTH, GEORGE - The Woodsides of Northwestern Pennsylvania: The Story of John and Mary Woodside and Their Children
330793: SOWDON, A.J.C., CHARLES L. HUTCHINS, AND ROBERT NOBLE - A Supplement to the General Register of the Society of Colonial Wars A.D. 1906
317905: SOWERS, BLAINE E. - The North American Spirit: 50 Years of Moving to the Edge of Greatness--the History of North American Van Lines
317538: SOY, TONY - Women and the Moon, a Book of Poetry
326537: SPAETH, SIGMUND - Read 'Em and Weep: The Songs You Forgot to Remember
300869: SPALDING, KEITH; BROOKE, KENNETH - An Historical Dictionary of German Figurative Usage, Fascicles 1-10, a to Dick
330908: C-SPAN - The Lincoln-Douglas Debate Re-Enactments: Photo Essay 1994
306158: SPANGLER, STANLEY E. - Force and Accommodation in World Politics
319550: SPANUTH, JURGEN - Der Rattenfanger Von Hameln
328705: ANDERSEN, ERIK SPARE AND NORGE JESSEN - Some Limit Theorems on Set-Functions
304428: SPARKS, N.R. - Theory of Mechanical Refrigeration
338817: SPARROW, WALTER SHAW - Henry Alken
330769: SPATH, LEON, BRETT SCOVILLE, AND LEE GOODEN - Untitled, Volume I, No. 1, Autumn, 2000
324633: SPEAKMAN, HAROLD - Mostly Mississippi
339416: SPEAR, ELLIS - The CIVIL War Recollections of General Ellis Spear
322602: SPEARS, MONROE P., ED. - The Sewanee Review, Winter, 1953
322601: SPEARS, MONROE P., ED. - The Sewanee Review, Autumn, 1956
331199: THE SPECTATOR - Sir Roger de Coverley, Reimprinted from the Spectator
327646: THE CHRISTIAN SPECTATOR - The Christian Spectator, Conducted by an Association of Gentlemen, for the Year 1823, Volume V
314190: SPEIDEL, BILL - Doc Maynard: The Man Who Invented Seattle
330615: SPEISER, PETER - The British Army of the Rhine: Turning Nazi Enemies Into Cold War Partners
329024: SPEISER, ANDREAS - Die Theorie Der Gruppen Von Endlicher Ordnung. Mit Anwendungen Auf Algebraische Zahlen Und Gleichungen Sowie Auf Die Krystallographie
303555: SPEKKE, ARNOLDS - Atminu Brizi: Ainas, Epizodes, Silueti
300905: SPEKKE, ARNOLDS - History of Latvia: An Outline
330492: SPENCER, HOPE JUDKINS - American Silver 1700-1850: The Mrs. John Marble Collection at the Huntington
327095: SPENCER, JAMES - CIVIL War Generals: Categorical Listings and a Biographical Directory
323195: SPENCER, ROBERT F., ED. - Migration and Anthropology: Proceedings of the 1970 Annual Spring Meeting
323196: SPENCER, ROBERT F., ED. - Learning and Culture: Proceedings of the 1972 Annual Spring Meeting
305724: SPENCER, HERBERT - The Principles of Psychology, in Two Volumes, Volume II Having Two Parts
324609: SPENDER, MICHAEL - Visions of Venice
322404: SPERBER, DAN - Le Savoir Des Anthropologues
310413: W. A. SPICER - The Spirit of Prophecy in the Advent Movement
339168: SPIEGELMAN, ART - Maus II, a Survivor's Tale: And Here My Troubles Began
304463: SPIEKER, ANDREW M. - Ground-Water Hydrology and Geology of the Lower Great Miami River Valley Ohio
302493: SPIELBERGER, CHARLES D., AND IRWIN G. SARASON, EDS. - Stress and Anxiety, Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3
338201: SPIELMANN, M.H. - Millais and His Work, with Special Reference to the Exhibition at the Royal Academy 1898, with a Chapter, "Thoughts on Our Art of to-Day
308041: SPIES, WERNER - Picasso: Pastels, Dessins, Aquarelles
308168: SPILLANE, MICKEY - Corrida Onu
312855: SPINA, TONY - Tony Spina, Chief Photographer
338917: SPINDLER, WILL H. - Centennial Prairie
309372: SPINGARN, J.E., ED. - Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century, Volume I, Volume II, Volume III
326881: SPINGARN, J.E. - Creative Criticism: Essays on the Unity of Genius and Taste
338779: SPINOZA, B. DE; CARL GEBHARDT, ED. - Theologisch- Politischer Traktat
315337: SPITZ, ELLEN HANDLER - The Brightening Glance: Imagination and Childhood
316778: SPRAGUE, ROBERT S. - Coronado's Stowaway
328678: SPRAGUE, STUART SEELY - Kentuckians in Ohio and Indiana
339404: SPRUILL, MATT [EDITOR] - Guide to the Battle of Chickamauga (U.S. Army War College Guides to CIVIL War Battles)
325883: SPRY, IRENE M. - The Palliser Expedition, an Account of John Palliser's British North American Expedition 1857-1860
319909: SPULER, BERTOLD - Gegenwartslage Der Ostkirchen in Ihrer Nationalen Und Staatlichen Umwelt, Second Edition
319937: SPURGEON, WILLIAM A. - The Conquering Christ: An Interpretation of the Revelation
329511: SQUIRE, HON. WATSON C. - Speeches of the Hon. Watson C. Squire of Washington, in the Senate of the United States
339435: SQUIRE, CORINNE, ED. - Culture in Psychology
329333: SQUIRES, DONALD F. - Relative Durations of the Tertiary Series and Stages in New Zealand
319300: SQUIRES, OLIVER P.M. - Captain Squires' Commonoddities
323288: SROLE, LEO, THOMAS S. LANGNER, STANLEY T. MICHAEL, MARVIN K. OPLER, THOMAS A.C. RENNIE, EDS. - Mental Health in the Metropolis, the Midtown Manhattan Study, Volume 1
322155: SRONKOVA, OLGA - Fashions Through the Centuries: Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo
330932: STABLER, WILLIAM - A Memoir of the Life of Edward Stabler, Late of Alexandria in the District of Columbia; with a Collection of His Letters, with a Collection of His Letters
302870: STABLER, WILLIAM - A Memoir of the Life of Edward Stabler
329028: STACKEL, PAUL - Aquivalenzprobleme Aus Der Dynamik Gebundener Punktbewegungen
329026: STACKEL, PAUL - Die Begleitenden Grenzkugeln Krummer Flachen
331227: STACKPOLE, E.J. - Behind the Scenes with a Newspaper Man: Fifty Years in the Life of an Editor
300399: STAFF, AVIATION NEWS - U.S. Naval Air Reserves, Volume Three of a Commemorative Collection, Diamond Anniversary Year of Naval Aviation
315618: STAFF - The Echo - a Book of Creative Work with Contributions Selected and Submitted by the President's Council
330075: STAFFORD, J.K. - Cheating Justice (Magnet Detective Library No. 453)
326195: STAHL, JOHN M. - Growing with the West: The Story of a Busy, Quiet Life
012057: MADAME GERMAINE DE STAHL - Corinne, or Italy
318448: STAHL, LE ROY - The Five Star Minstrel Book: Suggestions and Material for Staging a Complete Minstrel Show
305227: STAKE, ROBERT, LIORA BRESLER, AND LINDA MABRY - Custom and Cherishing: The Arts in Elementary Schools
329029: STAKGOLD, IVAR, ED. - Nonlinear Problems in the Physical Sciences and Biology
316669: STALEY, JOHN - Mouth 2 # 3
309476: AUSTRALIAN REGISTER OF THOROUGHBRED STALLIONS - Register of Thoroughbred Stallions of New Zealand, Volume II: 1967
327369: STALLMAN, ROBERT WOOSTER, ED. - The Critic's Notebook
307742: YORKE, THOMAS H., JOHN K. STAMER AND GARY L. PEDERSON - Effects of Low-Level Dams on the Distribution of Sediment, Trace Metals, and Organic Substances in the Lowery Schuylkill River Basin, Pennsylvania
339362: STAMPP, KENNETH M. - Indiana Politics During the CIVIL War
330969: STANARD, MARY NEWTON - The Story of Bacon's Rebellion
318109: STANDISH, BURT L. - Covering the Look-in Corner
008395: STANFORD, ALFRED - Flag in the Wind
318333: PENCZEK, STANISLAW AND STANISLAW SLOMKOWSKI, EDS. - (Bio)Degradable Polymers from Renewable Resources
329989: STANLEY, F. - Fort Bascom Comanche-Kiowa Barrier
317431: STAPLES, SUZANNE FISHER - Dangerous Skies
306776: STARK, SEYMOUR - Men in Blackface: True Stories of the Minstrel Show
317551: STARK, MICHAEL (LAWRENCE LARIAR) - Run for Your Life!
301500: STARKER, STEVEN - Fantastic Thought: All About Dreams, Daydreams, Hallucination and Hypnosis
325534: STAROBINSKY, JEAN - The Invention of Liberty 1700-1789
328526: STARR, MORTIMER P., ED. - Global Impacts of Applied Microbiology
331317: JORDAN, DAVID STARR AND VERNON L. KELLOGG - The Scientific Aspects of Luther Burbank's Work
328096: STARR, STEPHEN Z. - Colonel Grenfell's Wars: The Life of a Soldier of Fortune
315039: STASHEFF, CHRISTOPHER - The Oathbound Wizard
338651: THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES - Message from the President of the United States, Transmitting a Report of the Secretary of War, in Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate...
331558: THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES - Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Andrew Johnson, (a Senator from Tennessee,) Delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives, January 12, 1876
309958: THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES - Causes of the Reduction of American Tonnage and the Decline of Navigation Interests, Being the Report of a Select Committee
339303: STAUNTON, HOWARD - The Complete Illustrated Shakespeare
311718: STAVRIANOS, L.S. [LEFTEN STAVROS] - The World Since 1500: A Global History
322274: STEADMAN, RALPH - Sigmund Freud Par Ralph Steadman
325135: STEBBINS, WILIAM - The Journal of William Stebbins, Stratford to Washington in 1810
304775: BETHLEHEM STEEL - Modern Steels and Their Properties: Carbon and Alloy Steel Bars, Handbook 268-a
326233: STEEN, HERMAN - The O.W. Fisher Heritage
319560: STEEN, HERMAN - Cooperative Marketing: The Golden Rule in Agriculture
15019: STEENSEN, R. STEEN - Vore Krydsere
326498: JAMES G. GORDON STEESE - The Howitzer: Of 1907, Volume VIII, Being a Record of the Year at the United States Military Academy
320179: CLAIN-STEFANELLI, ELVIRA - Select Numismatic Bibliography
311787: STEFFENS, LINCOLN - The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens, Volume II: Muckraking/Revolution/Seeing America Last
301397: STEGER, WILL; BOWERMASTER, JON - Crossing Antarctica
331482: STEHMAN, J. WARREN - The Financial History of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company
330375: STEHR, CARL - Fran Flydda Tider...
338933: STEIN, GERTRUDE; ROBERT BARTLETT HAAS, ED. - Reflections on the Atomic Bomb: Volume I of the Previously Uncollected Writings of Gertrude Stein
330188: STEIN, SIR AUREL, WITH MANIFOLD ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORS - Innermost Asia, Detailed Report of Explorations in Central Asia, Kan-Su and Eastern Iran: Carried out and Described Under the Orders of H.M. Indian Government, Vol. I Text; Vol. II Text; Vol. III Plates and Plans
339009: STEIN, GERTRUDE; ROBERT BARTLETT HAAS [EDITOR] - Reflection on the Atomic Bomb (the Previously Uncollected Writings of Gertrude Stein, Volume I)
324788: STEIN, GERTRUDE - Picasso
323009: STEIN, WILLIAM W. - Hualcan: Life in the Highlands of Peru
338909: STEIN, FRED - Mehr Licht: Fotokarikaturen Von Fred Stein
317897: STEINBECK, JOHN (SUTAINBEKKU, JYON) - The Complete Works of John Steinbeck, Vol. 8 (Sustainbekku Zenshu 8)
007293: STEINBERG, ALFRED - John Marshall
316626: STEINER, RUDOLF - Uber Die Mysteriendramen: Die Pforte Der Einweihung Und Die Prufung Der Seele
316627: STEINER, RUDOLF - Grundlinien Einer Erkenntnistheorie Der Goetheschen Weltanschauung, Mit Besonderer Rucksicht Auf Schiller
316628: STEINER, RUDOLF - Anweisungen Fur Eine Esoterische Schulung
316618: STEINER, RUDOLF - Goethe: Das Marchen
316619: STEINER, RUDOLF - Metamorphosen Des Seelenlebens
338230: STEINER, EDWARD A. - The Mediator: A Tale of the Old World and the New
316685: STEINER, RUDOLF - Beitrage Zur Rudolf Steiner Gesamtausgabe
316641: STEINER, RUDOLF - Metamorphosen Des Seelenlebens
326871: STELLMAN, LOUIS J. - Sam Brannan: Builder of San Francisco
330216: STELZLE, CHARLES - A Son of the Bowery: The Life Story of an East Side American
323085: STENDHAL, AUGUSTE - Les Cenci
325338: STENGERS, JEAN, ED. - Bruxelles: Croissance D'Une Capitale
339302: RUNCIMAN, STEPHEN AND JEREMY MAAS - Edward Lear 1812-1888
322904: STEPHEN, MICHELE - A'Aisa's Gifts: A Study of Magic and the Self
309944: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN AND ETHEL - The Joys of Jewish Cooking
325935: STEPHENS, JAMES - On Prose and Verse
317738: STEPHENS, ALAN - In Plain Air: Poems 1958-1980
331452: STEPHENS, R. ALLAN - Annual Report of the Illinois State Bar Association 1930
320447: STEPHENS, ALAN - White River Poems
327850: STEPHENSON, PHILIP DAINGERFIELD; NATHANIEL CHEAIRS HUGHES, JR., ED. - The CIVIL War Memoir of Philip Daingerfield Stephenson, D.D. : Private, Company K, 13th Arkansas Volunteer Infantry and Loader, Piece No. 4, 5th Company, Washington Artillery, Army of Tennessee, Csa
317926: STERLING, TAMAR WRIGHT - Miss Carrie Peter and Trophies in India
327197: STERN, LEOPOLD - Easy Marks
322777: STERN, BERNARD - The Scented Garden: Anthropology of the Sex Life in the Levant
305155: STERNA, THOMAS - Videoinstallaionen Und Performances
002456: STERNBERG, FRITZ - The Military and Industrial Revolution of Our Time
310416: STERNBURG, JANET - Optic Nerve
320521: STERNE, LAURENCE - Tristram Shandy
319522: STERNE, LAURENCE - Tristram Shandy
314953: STETINA, TROY - Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar: Mastering Lead Guitar Technique
329352: STEVENS, G.R. - Hutt Valley Artesian System
329355: STEVENS, N.C. - Triassic Volcanic Rocks of Agnes Water, Queensland
328430: STEVENS, WALTER B. - Robert H. Stockton
330164: STEVENS, GEORGE A. - New York Typographical Union No. 6: Study of a Modern Trade Union and Its Predecessors
331191: STEVENS, GEORGE A. - New York Typographical Union N. 6: Study of a Modern Trade Union and Its Predescessors
339268: STEVENS, MARYANNE - Emile Bernard 1868-1941: A Pioneer of Modern Art
325836: STEVENSON, BURTON EGBERT, ED. - The Home Book of Verse for Young Folks
327224: STEVENSON, ANDREW - Chicago: Pre-Eminently a Presbyterian City
302949: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Story of a Lie and Other Tales
13645: STEVENSON, SARA - A Face for Any Occasion: Some Aspects of Portrait Engraving:
338207: STEVENSON, ELIZABETH - Park Maker: A Life of Frederick Law Olmsted
317955: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Vailima Letters, Being Correspondence Addressed by Robert Louis Stevenson to Sydney Colvin, November, 1890--October, 1894, in Two Volumes
328066: STEWARD, JULIAN H., ED. - Handbook of South American Indians, Complete in Seven Volumes, Volume 1-6, Plus Volume 7, Index
318513: STEWART, FRED MUSTARD - The Mephisto Waltz
338885: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series I, Volume 11 Operations
338888: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series I, Volume 21 Operations
338889: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series I, Volume 22 Operations
338892: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series II, Volume 2
321509: BRENDA STEWART - Power in the Blood
338893: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series II, Volume 3
320302: LEITH, MURRAY STEWART AND DUNCAN SIM, EDS. - The Modern Scottish Diaspora: Contemporary Debates and Perspectives
338890: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series I, Volume 26
338887: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series I, Volume 17 Operations
339378: BENNET, STEWART AND BARBARA TILLERY, EDS. - The Struggle for the Life of the Republic: A CIVIL War Narrative by Brevet Major Charles Dana Miller, 76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
338886: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series I, Volume 13 Operations
338891: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series II, Volume I Parts 1 to 4
338884: STEWART, CHARLES W. - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Series I, Volume 2
323880: STIERLIN, HENRI - Le Livre de Feu: L'Apocalypse Et L'Art Mozarabe
325636: STIERLIN, HENRI - L'Art Inca Et Ses Origines
319620: DANNER-STIFTUNG - Das Schone, Das Nutzliche Und Die Kunst/Beauty, Function and Art
315931: STILES, JOSEPH C. - Modern Reform Examined or the Union of North and South on the Subject of Slavery
303776: STILLER, NIKKI - The Figure of Cressida in British and American Literature: Transformation of a Literary Type
327501: STILLMAN, WILLIAM JAMES - The Autobiography of a Journalist: In Two Volumes, Volume II
331072: STILLMAN, J.D.B.; RON TYLER, ED. - Wanderings in the Southwest in 1855
338848: STILLWELL, JOHN E. - Historical and Genealogical Miscellany: Data Relating to the Settlement and Settlers of New York and New Jersey, Volumes I-V
326703: STIMSON, FREDERIC JESUP - The American Constitution: The National Powers, the Rights of the States, the Liberties of the People
322755: STIMSON, H.A. - Depot Days
316174: STINE, PETER - Witness, Volume One, Number One--the Holocaust
327123: STIPP, JOHN L., ED. - Devil's Diary: The Record of Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression
331524: STOCKLEY, CYNTHIA - Tagati
331500: STOCKLEY, CYNTHIA - Three Farms: A Story of South Africa
326715: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - The Clocks of Rondaine and Other Stories
324975: STOCKTON, FRANK R. - Kate Bonnet: The Romance of a Pirate's Daughter
327706: STODDARD, WILLIAM O. - The Windfall
338323: STODDARD, WILLIAM OSBORN - The Royal Decrees of Scanderoon
338776: STODDARD, CHARLES AUGUSTUS - Cruising Among the Caribees: Summer Days in Winter Months, Revised and Enlarged Edition
329142: STOGRIN, M.I. - Regular Dirichlet-Voronoi Partitions for the Second Triclinic Group
14302: STOKES, RICHARD L. - Benedict Arnold, a Drama in Heroic Couplets
305186: STOKKE, OLAV - Reporting Africa in African and International Mass Media
320857: STOLBA, K. MARIE - The Development of Western Music: A History
306377: STOLJAR, E.; P. KONDRATJEW - Alt-Benoni-Verteidigung
305015: STOLL, ELMER EDGAR - John Webster: The Periods of His Work As Determined by His Relations to the Drama of His Day
327503: STONE, CHARLES F., ASSISTED BY LEE FURMAN - The Story of Dixisteel: The First Fifty Years 1901-1951, Atlanta Steel Hoop Company, Atlanta Steel Company, Atlantic Steel Company
318723: STONE, IRVING; EDITED BY JEAN STONE - The Origin: A Biographical Novel of Charles Darwin
315042: STONE, LAWRENCE - Road to Divorce: England, 1530-1987
329887: STONE, RUFUS BARRETT - Mckean: The Governor's Country
327189: STONE, EDWARD NOBLE, TRANSLATOR - The Song of William
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008811: VOLNEY, CONSTANTIN-FRANCOIS - Les Ruines, Ou Meditation Sur Les Revolutions Des Empires, on Y a Joint la Loi Naturelle
306635: VAN DEN VONDEL, J. - De Werken Van J. Van Den Vondel, in 11 Volumes
324579: VOORHIS, JERRY - Poems
329626: DE VORAGINE, JACQUES - La Legende DorE, Complete in Two Volumes
326426: VORBERG, GASTON - Erotism in Antiquity in Small Sculptures and Ceramics
323900: DE VOS, DIRK - Musee Groeninge, Bruges: La Collection Complete
317469: VOTAW, CLARENCE E. - Jasper Hunnicutt of Jimpsonhurst
323405: VOUGA, DANIEL - Oudot, Roland
325185: VREE, FREDDY DE - Wyckaert
306813: DE VRIES, GERRIT JACOB - Bijdrage Tot de Psychologie Van Tertullianus
316342: VUYK, TRUDEKE - Children of One Womb: Descent, Marriage and Gender in Central African Societies
308266: BURK, MARTYN W. AND DONALD L. MORTON, GUEST EDITORS - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 61, Number 6
339074: GRAHAM, PETER W. AND ELIZABETH SEWELL, EDS. - Fictive Ills: Literary Perspectives on Wounds and Diseases
328873: KAUCHER, EDGAR W. AND WILLARD L. MIRANKER - Self-Validating Numerics for Function Space Problems: Computation with Guarantees for Differential and Integral Equations
307022: KARGER, DELMAR W. AND FRANKLIN H. BAYHA - Engineered Work Measurement, Revised and Enlarged Second Edition
329159: BARTH, TOM F.W. AND HENNING SORENSEN, EDS.; SORGENFREI, THEODOR, GENERAL EDITOR - Report of the Twenty-First Session Norden (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden), Proceedings of the International Association of Sedimentology, Part XIV, the Granite-Gneiss Problem
306731: MCLAUGHLIN, MILBREY W. AND D.C. PHILLIPS, EDS. - Evaluation and Education: Ninetieth Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Part II
328534: ASHCROFT, NEIL W. AND N. DAVID MERMIN - Solid State Physics
308296: GLENN, WILLIAM W. AND ARTHUR E. BAUE, GUEST EDITORS - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 60, Number 5
300209: ALBRECHT, CARL W.; AND REED A. WATKINS - A Cross-Reference to Names of Ohio Skippers and Butterflies (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Hesperiodidea and Papilionoidea)
328830: GRAY, J.W. ET AL., EDS. - Reports of the Midwest Category Seminar V
308290: BURK, MARTYN W. AND DONALD MORTON, GUEST EDITORS - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 61, Number 6
339412: EVANS, NELSON W. AND EMMONS B. STIVERS - A History of Adams County, Ohio from Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time
319197: WOLSTENHOLME, G.E.W. AND CECILIA M. O'CONNOR, EDS. - Ciba Foundation Symposium on Bone Structure and Metabolism
313995: BLOOMFIELD, MORTON W. AND ROBERT C. ELLIOT, EDS. - Great Plays: Sophocles to Albee, Third Edition
307744: PRESLEY, MARK W. AND KATHY A. MCGILLIS - Coastal Evaporate and Tidal-Flat Sediments of the Upper Clear Fork and Glorieta Formations, Texas Panhandle
316519: BIBEL, W. AND R. KOWALSKI - 5th Conference on Automated Deduction
326993: WAAGEN, GUSTAV - Works of Art and Artists in England, Volume I
326992: WAAGEN, GUSTAV - Works of Art and Artists in England, Volume I
301482: WACHS, PAUL - Shower of Stars, Pluie D'Etoiles, Caprice for the Pianoforte
321986: WADE, JOHN DONALD - Augustus Baldwin Longstreet: A Study of the Development of Culture in the South
300639: WADE, BOB; GKOUNTINTAS, ANTONIAS - Trends in Advance French, Volume 2
317932: WADE, LINDA R., ED. - Memories of the Northeast Indiana District Campground
321985: WADE, JOHN DONALD - Augustus Baldwin Longstreet: A Study of the Development of Culture in the South
329212: WADE, MARIAH F. - Missions, Missionaries, and Native Americans: Long-Term Processes and Daily Practices
339335: WADLINGTON, WALTER, JON R. WALTZ, AND ROGER B. DWORKIN - Cases and Materials on Law and Medicine
327207: WADSWORTH, FRANK W. - The Poacher from Stratford: A Partial Account of the Controversy over the Authorship of Shakespeare's Plays
331116: WAGER, PAUL WOODFORD - County Government and Administration in North Carolina
306823: WAGNER, MARGARETE - Das Alte Nurnberg: Einblick in Vier Jahrhunderte Handwerksleben
331098: WAGNER, HENRY R. - Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta
308065: WAGNER, RICHARD; HUCKEL, OLIVER - Lohengrin, Romantic Opera in Three Acts
308069: WAGNER, RICHARD - Parcifal: Ein Buhnenweihfestspiel
322707: WAGNER, HUGO - Rene Auberjonois: Zeichnungen
301511: WAGNER, GORM;KAPLAN, HELEN SINGER - The New Injection Treatment for Impotence, Medical and Psychological Aspects
300670: WAGNER, EDWIN E.; WAGNER, CAROL F. - The Interpretation of Projective Test Data, Theoretical and Practical Guidelines
323721: WAGNER, WOLF SIEGFRIED - La Famille Wagner Et Bayreuth, 1876-1976
339069: WAILOO, KEITH - Dying in the City of the Blues: Sickle Cell Anemia and the Politics of Race and Health
327059: WAINWRIGHT, JOHN W. - The Medical and Surgical Knowledge of William Shakspere
316314: WAKOSKI, DIANE - The Magician's Feastletters
303115: WAKOSKI, DIANE - Spending Christmas with the Man from Receiving at Sears
310345: WAKOSKI, DIANE - Virtuoso Literature for Two and Four Hands
309729: WALD, ALAN M. - James T. Farrell: The Revolutionary Socialist Years
323174: WALDBERG, PATRICK - Carlo Guarienti: Le Presage Du Passe
338521: ADAM WALDIE - The Select Circulating Library, Containing the Best Popular Literature, Including Memoirs, Biography, Novels, Tales, Travels, Voyages, &C. , Part II. --1835
12681: WALDO, MYRA - Myra Waldo's Travel Guide to South America
327414: WALKER, FRANK X. - Isaac Murphy: I Dedicate This Ride
323021: WALKER, ANTHONY, ED. - Mvuh Hpa MI Hpa (Creating Heaven, Creating Earth: An Epic Myth of the Lahu People in Yunnan)
319294: WALKER, DIANE N., ED. - American Architecture: The State of the Art in the 80s
303027: WALKER, JOHN - American Masters in the National Gallery
317167: WALKER, A. EARL - Posttraumatic Epilepsy
318376: WALKER, VERNON F. "IKE - Reflections of a Hoosier Fisherman
338382: WALKER, CHARLES M. - History of Athens County, Ohio and Incidentally of the Ohio Land Company and the First Settlement of the State at Marietta, with Personal and Biographical Sketches of the Early Settlers, Narratives of Pioneer Adventures, Etc.
339291: WALKER, GARY G. - The War in Virginia 1861-65
339062: WALKER, JULIA A. - Expressionism and Modernism in the American Theatre: Bodies, Voices, Words
330004: WALKER, FRANCIS - Letters of a Baritone
331475: WALKER, DAVID H. - Pioneers of Prosperity
325840: WALKER, DAVID H. - Pioneers of Prosperity
007305: WALKER, JAMES A. - An Integrated Approach to Education, Work, and Offender Reintegration, Final Report
327389: WALKER, FRANK X. - Isaac Murphy: I Dedicate This Ride
316432: WALKER, GARY C. - CIVIL War Tales, Volume II
339439: WALKERDINE, VALERIE - The Mastery of Reason: Cognitive Development and the Production of Rationality (Critical Psychology Series)
330321: WALLACE, HENRY - Uncle Henry's Own Story of His Life: Personal Reminicences, Vol. I
005102: WALLACE, DEMILLE L - Perennial Breakthrough, the Conquest of Inner Space
326583: WALLACE, JERRY - An Arkansas Judge: Being a Sketch of the Life and Public Service of Judge J.G. Wallace 1850-1927
307823: WALLACE, ANTHONY F. C. - St. Clair: A Nineteenth-Century Coal Town's Experience with a Disaster-Prone Industry
309481: WALLACE, JR., LEE A. - Under the Stars and Bars: A History of the Surry Light Artillery
331172: KAUFMAN, WALLACE AND ORRIN PILKEY - Beaches Are Moving: The Drowning of America's Shoreline
322842: WALLACE, ANTHONY F.C. - Prelude to Disaster: The Course of Indian-White Relations Which Led to the Black Hawk War of 1832
328137: WALLACE, LEE A. - Contributions to a History of the Richmond Howitzer Battalion (Army of Northern Virginia)
322322: WALLARD, DANIEL - Aragon: Un Portrait (French Edition)
005648: WALLER, DOUGLAS C.; BRUCE, JAMES T. III; COOK, DOUGLAS M. - The Strategic Defense Initiative: Progress and Challenges, a Guide to Issues and References
319806: WALLING, R.A.J. - The Corpse with the Red-Headed Friend
307275: WALSER, GEROLD - Rom, Das Reich Und Die Fremden Volker in Der Geschichtsschreibung Der Fruhen Kaiserzeit
009443: WALSER, RICHARD, ED. - North Carolina Poetry
300613: WALSH, BARENT W.; ROSEN, PAUL M. - Self-Mutilation: Theory, Research, and Treatment
313785: WALTER, CHIP - Thumbs, Toes, and Tears: And Other Traits That Make Us Human
330867: LOWRIE, WALTER AND MATTHEW ST. CLAIR CLARKE - American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the First to the Third Session of the Thirteenth Congress, Inclusive: Commencing March 3, 1789, and Ending March 3, 1815
330866: LOWRIE, WALTER AND WALTER S. FRANKLIN - American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the Fourteenth to the Second Session of the Seventeenth Congress, Inclusive, Commencing March 3, 1815 and Ending March 3, 1823 Class IV, Commerce and Navigation Volume II
305220: WALTER, INGO - International Economics of Pollution
330865: LOWRIE, WALTER AND MATTHEW ST. CLAIR CLARKE - American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the First to the Third Session of the Thirteenth Congress, Inclusive: Commencing March 3, 1789, and Ending March 3, 1815. Class IV Commerce and Navigation, Volume VII
322550: PREVENIER, WALTER AND WIM BLOCKMANS - Les Pays-Bas Bourguignons
330864: LOWRIE, WALTER AND WALTER S. FRANKLIN - American State Papers. Class IV Commerce and Navigation. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the First to the Third Session of the Thirteenth Congress, Commencing March 3, 1789, and Ending March 3, 1815, Volume VII
319022: WALTER, JAMES - Memorials of Washington, and of Mary, His Mother, and Martha, His Wife, from Letters and Papers of Robert Cary and James Sharples
325735: BROWNE, WALTER AND E. DE ROY KOCH, EDS. - Who's Who on the Stage, 1908: Dramatic Reference Book and Biographical Dictionary of the Theatre, Containing Careers of Actors, Actresses, Managers and Playwrights of the American Stage
331340: LOWRIE, WALTER AND WALTER S. FRANKLIN, EDS. - American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the Fourteenth to the First Session of the Eighteenth Congress, Inclusive: Commencing December 4, 1815, and Ending May 27, 1834, Class VIII, Public Lands
329085: STRODT, WALTER AND ROBERT K. WRIGHT - Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions and Adjunction Fields for Nonlinear First Order Differential Equations
330445: WALTER, KARL - Co-Operation in Changing Italy: A Survey
318519: WALTHER, C. F. W; EDITED BY CARL S. MEYER - Walther Speaks to the Church: Selected Letters
318308: WALTHER, WILLIAM K. - Nineteenth Annual Catalog and Reference Manual for Ho Model Railroaders
322162: WALTON, LEE BARKER - The Shorter Scientific Papers of Lee Barker Walton
318898: WALTON, ROGER, GENERAL EDITOR - Typographics 3: Global Vision
323920: WANGERMEE, ROBERT - La Musique Flamande Dans la Societe Des Xve Et Xvie Siecles
317844: MONTGOMERY WARD - Montgomery Ward Spring 1976 Bicentennial Edition Catalog
331564: WARD, ARTEMUS - Artemus Ward, His Travels, Part I. --Miscellaneous. Part II. --Among the Mormons
317287: WARD, NATHANIEL - The Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America
338811: WARD, LYDIA AVERY COONLEY - Chronicles of an American Home: Hillside (Wyoming, New York) and Its Family 1858-1928
322759: WARD, MARGARET - Cousins by the Dozens
005818: WARD, MRS. HUMPHREY - Eleanor, Volume II
317239: A. H. [HERBERT DICKINSON WARD] - Lauriel: The Love Letters of an American Girl
338536: WARD, C.H. - Better Sentences
338812: WARD, LYDIA AVERY COONLEY - Chronicles of an American Home: Hillside (Wyoming, New York) and Its Family 1858-1928
328182: EDWARDS, WARD AND J. ROBERT NEWMAN - Multiattribute Evaluation (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)
330386: WARD, C.J. - World's Fair, Jamaica at Chicago: An Account Descriptive of the Colony of Jamaica, with Historical and Other Appendices
304807: PUTNAM, FREDERIC WARD AND A.L. KROEBER, EDS. - University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology, Volume 8
320437: WARFEL, STEPHEN G. - A Patch of Land Owned by the Company
302766: WARK, ROBERT R. - The Followers of William Blake
324986: WARNER, J.J., BENJAMIN HAYES, AND J.P. WIDNEY - An Historical Sketch of Los Angeles County California, from the Spanish Occupancy by the Founding of the Mission San Gabriel Archangel, September 8, 1771, to July 4, 1876
331540: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY - On Horseback: A Tour in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee; with Notes of Travel in Mexico and California
325627: WARNOD, JEANINE - Le Bateau-Lavoir, 1892-1914
323411: WARNOD, JEANINE - Suzanne Valadon
002253: WARR, PETER B. (EDITOR) - Thought and Personality
320348: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - You, Emperors, and Others: Poems 1957-1960
326880: WARREN, KITTRELL J.; FLOYD C. WATKINS, ED. - Life and Public Services of an Army Straggler
330240: WARRUM, SR., NOBLE - Forced Landings: Metrical Markers Indicating Depressions Made in the Familiar Earth After Attempts to Ride Pegasus Through the Starlit Skies of Poesy
303703: WARZECHA, HELMUT - Reti-Eroffnung 1. Sf3 Seltene Systeme Bis Konigs-Indischer Angriff
338173: WASHBURN, HENRY T. - Genealogy and Other Writings of Henry T. Washburn
331166: WASHBURN, CEPHAS - Reminiscences of the Indians
308728: WASHBURN, SHERWOOD L., ED. - Classification and Human Evolution
308709: WASHBURN, SHERWOOD L., ED. - Social Life of Early Man
329274: WASHINGTON, HENRY S. - Dahllite from St. Paul's Rocks (Atlantic)
323242: WASHINGTON, GEORGE - The Journal of Major George Washington of His Journey to the French Forces on Ohio
312729: WASKOWSKY, NICOLAUS, ED. - Practices of the Wind - Combined Issue for 1981, 1982 & 1983
325616: KANDINSKY, WASSILY AND FRANZ MARC - L'Almanach Du Blaue Reiter (le Cavalier Blue)
325970: WATERHOUSE, CARMACK - Supplement to Certain Topics on the Ingham, Waterhouse, and Allied Families
338853: WATERMAN, THOMAS TILESTON - The Mansions of Virginia 1706-1776
309656: WATERS, MARY ANN - The Exact Place
309661: WATKINS, MABLE G. - Over the Years: The Complete Works of Mable G. Watkins
338897: WATKINS, PAUL - The Promise of Light
339241: WATKINS, SAM R. - Co. Aytch" Maury Grays First Tennessee Regiment, or, a Side Show of the Big Show
338638: WATSON, WALTER A.; MRS. WALTER A. WATSON, ED. - Notes on Southside Virginia
328043: WATSON, ALAN D. - Onslow County: A Brief History
008462: WATSON, PHILIP - Egyptian Pyramids and Mastaba Tombs
326162: KENT, HENRY WATSON AND FLORENCE N. LEVY - The Hudson-Fulton Celebration: Catalogue of an Exhibition Held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Volume II, Catalogue of an Exhibition of American Paintings, Furniture, Silver and Other Objects of Art, Mdcxxv--Mdcccxxv
319034: WATSON, ELMO SCOTT - A History of Newspaper Syndicates in the United States 1865-1935
318980: WATSON, SAMUEL - The Religion of Spiritualism: Its Phenomena and Philosophy
14650: WATSON, GEORGE D. - Cbel: The Making of the Cambridge Bibliography
325003: WATTERS, MARY - Illinois in the Second World War, Volume I, Operation Home Front; Volume II, the Production Front
325044: WATTERSON, HENRY - History of the Spanish-American War, Embracing a Complete Review of Our Relations with Spain, Illustrated
330889: WATTLES, WILLARD, ED. - Sunflowers a Book of Kansas Poems
304531: WATTS, ELIZABETH, FRANCIS E. JOHNSTON, GABRIEL W. LASKER, EDS. - Biosocial Interrelations in Population Adaptation
309311: WAUCHOPE, ROBERT - Zacualpa, El Quiche, Guatemala: An Ancient Provincial Center of the Highland Maya
305586: WAUGH, HILLARY - Sa Ung - Sa Dod
300275: WAUGH, HARRY - Harry Waugh's Wine Diary, 1982-1986
322499: WAX, MURRAY L. - Western Rationality and the Angel of Dreams: Self, Psyche, Dreaming
320878: WEARY, OGDRED (EDWARD GOREY) - The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary
320877: WEARY, OGDRED (EDWARD GOREY) - The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary
320058: WEAVER, JOHN C. - Sorrows of a Century: Interpreting Suicide in New Zealand
304345: WEAVER, KENNETH - Maryland Geological Survey
004883: WEAVER, GEORGE RUSSELL - The Enrichment of Life: Fourteen Keys That Reveal Some Secrets of Sports, Health, Sex, Mental Development, the Enjoyment of Art, and a Liberal Self-E
315702: WEBB, MARTHA G. - Darling Corey's Dead
330350: WEBB, A.P. - A Bibliography of the Works of Thomas Hardy 1865-1915
316534: WEBER, MATTHIAS, MARTIN SIMONS, AND CHRISTINE LAFONTAINE, EDS. - The Generic Development Language Deva: Presentation and Case Studies
329073: WEBER, DAVID - Mission of Honor
329047: WEBER, GOTTHELF - Algebra Zur Selbstbelehrung Mit Beispielen Und Aufgaben
329068: WEBER, DAVID - The Excalibur Alternative
325593: WECHSLER, HERMAN J. - La Gravure Art Majeur: Des Maitres Inconnus a Picasso--Guide Pratique de L'Amateur D'Estampes
326289: WEE, M.O., O.M. NORLIE, R.J. MELAND, A.G. QUAMMEN, J.E. LOBECK, EDS. - Fra Pioner-Presternes Saga
339254: WEEGEE (ARTHUR FELLIG) - Naked City
306811: VAN WEEGEN, ANTON J.H. - Preek En Dictaat Bij Sint Augustinus

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