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330414: YOUNG, CLARENCE - The Motor Boys Overland, or, a Long Trip for Fun and Fortune
317612: YOUNG, JOHN - Homely Pictures in Verse, Chiefly of a Domestic Character
339130: YOUNG, ALAN - Dada and After: Extremist Modernism and English Literature
307290: YOUNG, WILLIAM J., ED. - Application of Science to the Dating of Works of Art
327730: YOUNG, JAMES WEBB - Full Corn in the Ear: Chapter V of an Ego-Biography
330410: YOUNG, CLARENCE - The Motor Boys Across the Plains, or, the Hermit of Lost Lake
327244: YOUNGER, EDWARD - John A. Kasson: Politics and Diplomacy from Lincoln to Mckinley
329056: YOUSE, BEVAN K. - Caluclus with Analytic Geometry
323532: YOYOTTE, JEAN - Treasures of the Pharaohs: The Early Period, the New Kingdom, the Late Period
341193: YOYOTTE, JEAN - Treasures of the Pharaohs: The Early Period, the New Kingdom, the Late Period
328889: KUBYSHIN, YU ET AL., EDS. - Proceedings of the Meeting New Developments in Algebraic Topology
005079: GRIGOROVICH, YURI AND VICTOR V. VANSLOW - The Official Bolshoi Ballet Book of Sleeping Beauty
339035: YUSUPOV, E. YU (EDITOR) - Miniatures Illustrations of Alisher Navoi's Works of the XV-Xixth Centuries
008326: ZAIDENBERG, ARTHUR - How to Draw Period Costumes
339190: ZALE, ERIC M. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Conference on Language and Language Behavior
341299: ZAMANSKY, M. - Linear Algebra and Analysis
301166: ZANDERS, OJARS - Vidzemes Blatajos Lielcelos
330129: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - Plaster Saints: A High Comedy in Three Movements
322651: ZARA, LOUIS - Dark Rider
314443: ZARINS, MARGERIS - Optimistiska Dzives Enciklopedija
314452: ZARINS, MARGERS - Saulrietu Violetas Ergeles: Musicali Stasti (Sunset Violetta Organ - Musical Stories)
314233: PAUL ZARZYSKI - All This Way for the Short Ride - Roughneck Sonnets 1971-1996
13450: ZAURIAN, SUZANNE - Journeyman 13
339150: ZAVARZADEH, MAS'UD - The Mythopoeic Reality: The Postwar American Nonfiction Novel
008875: ZBIERSKA, ELEONORA - Zamek W Malborku [Malbork Castle]
302720: ZEIFERTS, TEODORS - Latviesu Rakstniecibas Vesture II
318095: ZEIGLER, NORM - Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun: A Fly Fisher's European Journal
302706: ZELTINS, TEODORS, WITH FOUR CONTRIBUTORS - Dzejas Un Sejas: Latviesu Dzeja Svesuma
303669: ZELTINS, TEODORS - Fentis Amerika: Cinas Ar Sievu Un Trimdu
302707: ZELTINS, TEODORS - Prozas Profili: Latviesu Proza Svesuma
340629: VON ZEZSCHWITZ - Auktion Nr. 5: Jugendstil - Art Deco
330700: ZHENG, TIANTIAN - Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Asia
322285: ZHAO, ZHIMANG AND GANG CHEN - Anthropology
316524: DU, DING-ZHU AND XIAN-SUN ZHANG, EDS. - Algorithms and Computation, 5th International Symposium, Isaac '94
329122: ZICHICHI, A., ED. - Strong, Electromagnetic, and Weak Interactions
318146: ZIEGLER. ALAN. LARRY ZIRLIN, AND HARRY GREENBERG - Poets on Stage: The Some Symposium on Poetry Readings (Some #9)
339210: ZIGAS, VINCENT - Laughing Death: The Untold Story of Kuru
329293: ZILBER, BORIS - Uncountably Categorical Theories
319940: ZILLICH, HEINRICH - Wir Siebenburger
326406: ZIMELMAN, NATHAN - The Children Do Not Grow Old
312888: ZIMMERMAN, G.H. - Das Neunzehnte Jahrhundert, Complete in Three Volumes
329278: ZIMMERMAN, EARL G. - Karyology, Systematics and Chromosomal Evolution in the Rodent Genus, Sigmodon
308267: ZIMMERMAN, LEO M., GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 51, Number 6
317741: ZINBERG, ISRAEL - A History of Jewish Literature, Vol. 3, the Struggle of Mysticism and Tradition Against Philosophical Rationalism
316318: ZINKEWICH, MURIEL, ED. - Muse, Volume LXVI, 1957
13449: ZINNES, HARRIET - Plunge
302721: ZIRNITIS, EDMUNDS - Andrejs Eglitis
321508: BAR-ZOHAR, MICHAEL - The Third Truth
324964: ZORN, FRIEDRICH ALBERT; ALFONSO JOSEPH SHEAFE, ED. - Grammar of the Art of Dancing, Theoretical and Practical: Lessons in the Art of Dancing and Dance Writing (Choreography)
340801: ZUCCOLI, CARLO, ED. - The Fields of Triumph: Guide to the World of Racing
010114: ZUCKERMAN, ARIE J. - Human Viral Hepatitis: Hepatitis-Associated Antigen and Viruses; Completely Revised Second Edition
319855: ZUMPT, FRITZ - Insekten Als Krankheitserreger Und Krankheits Ubertrager
322988: BEN ZVI, ISAAC - Les Tribus Dispersees
305578: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Sporg Ikke
319748: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Brief Einer Unbekannten Die Hochzeit Von Lyon Der Amoklaufer
012293: ZYW, MICHAEL; MICELLI, NICOLA; HALL, DOUGLAS - Michael Zyw, Opere 1984-1994
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