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320864: WITHER, GEORGE - Juvenilia, Poems, Part III
320865: WITHER, GEORGE - Willoby, His Avisa
320862: WITHER, GEORGE - Parallelogrammaton
320863: WITHER, GEORGE - Miscellaneous Works of George Wither, Fifth Collection
341485: WITTENBERG, ERIC J. - Little Phil: A Reassessment of the CIVIL War Leadership of Gen. Philip H. Sheridan
338666: WITTMEYER, REV. ALFRED V. - Registers of the Births, Marriages, and Death, of the "Eglise Francoise a la Nouvelle York," from 1688 to 1804
331168: VAN DE WOESTYNE, ROYAL S. - State Control of Local Finance in Massachusetts
301909: WOHLRABE, RAYKMOND A. - High Desert and Canyon Country
317517: WOIWODE, LARRY - Even Tide
341889: WOIWODE, L. (LARRY) - What I'm Going to Do, I Think
342881: WOLCOTT, ROBERT W. - A Woman in Steel--Rebecca Lukens (1794-1854)
326101: WOLCOTT, CHARLES D. - Nineteenth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior 1897-98, in Six Parts, Being Part II
326401: WOLCOTT, KATHARYN - Wind Across the Threshold
338572: BLACK WOLF, MARIO HENRY - The Trails of Makuya the Wolf" (a Native Story)
14669: WOLFAN, LUDWIG - Deutsches Echo
341016: WOLFE, THOMAS - Lot of Eight Thomas Wolfe-Related Volumes: Letters to His Mother; the Web and the Rock; You Can't Go Home Again; the Letters of Thomas Wolfe; the Story of a Novel; the Hills Beyond; of Time and the River; the Letters of Thomas Wolfe
343710: WOLFE, THOMAS; BARNES, JOHN S., ED. - A Stone, a Leaf, a Door
342200: WOLFE, THOMAS - The Party at Jack's: A Novella
340895: PENNSYLVANIA COMMISSION FOR WOMEN - Voices: African American and Latina Women Share Their Stories of Success
309655: WONG, JANET S. - A Suitcase of Seaweed, and Other Poems
338373: WOOD, CASEY - Lessons in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases
340375: WOOD, NEIL S., EDITOR - Evolution of the Pedal Car, Vol. 3
343096: WOOD, ROBERT E. - Mail Order Retailing: Pioneered in Chicago
343993: MIDDLEBROOK, DIANE WOOD AND MARILYN YALOM, EDS. - Coming to Light: American Women Poets in the Twentieth Century
343687: WOODS, JOHN - Turning to Look Back: Poems, 1955-1970
343709: WOODS, JOHN - In the Morning of Color
343707: WOODS, JOHN - Striking the Earth
343708: WOODS, JOHN - The Cutting Edge
328057: WOODWORTH, STEVEN E., ED. - The Loyal, True, and Brave: America's CIVIL War Soldiers
343056: WOODY, ROBERT H. - Southern Sketches, Number 10, First Series: Republican Newspapers of South Carolina
325559: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - La Traversee Des Apparences
331188: WOOLLEY, MARY E. - Lida Shaw King: An Appreciation
319887: WOOLRIDGE, LORI BRYANT - Read between the Lies
342828: WOOTEN, WILLIAM P. - The Improvement of the Mississippi River between St. Louis and Cairo
317617: WORLEY, JAMES - Cold Comfort
343091: WORRILOW, WILLIAM H. - James Lick (1796-1876): Pioneer and Adventurer, His Role in California History
343092: WORRILOW, WILLIAM H. - James Lick (1796-1876): Pioneer and Adventurer, His Role in California History
342916: WORTHINGTON, N.E. - Silver Coinage: Speech by Hon. N.E. Worthington of Illinois
316873: WRAY, JOHN - Canaan's Tongue
304426: WREN, LOWE W. - A Dog's Howl, and Other Poems
328691: WRIGHT, JOAN JUNE. - Bullitt County Kentucky: 1850 Census
316665: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Clara Callan
338668: WRIGHT, JOAN JUNE - Bullitt County, Kentucky 1850 Census (Microcopy No. M432, Roll No. 193)
343999: WRIGHT, GEORGE T. - Aimless Life: Poems 1961-1995
320207: WRIGHT, THOMAS - A History of Caricature and Grotesque in Literature and Art
343178: WRIGHT, SAMUEL HART - The Illustrated Christian Almanac for the United States, for the Year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 1866, Being the Second After the Bissextile, and Until July 4th, the 90th Year of the Independence of the United States
343749: WRIGHT, FRANZ - Walking to Martha's Vineyard
341572: WRIGHT, STUART, ED. - Memoirs of Alfred Horatio Belo
341144: WRIGHT, HAROLD BELL - The Eyes of the World
324556: WRIGHT, JOHN - Red Meat
306472: WRIGHT, JOHN - A History of Libya
344160: WRIGHT, CHARLES - Black Zodiac
323691: WUNDRAM, MANFRED - Die Beruhmtesten Gemalde Der Welt
317317: WUORI, G.K. - An American Outrage: A Novel of Quillifarkeag, Maine
338656: WURTS, JOHN S. - Magna Charta, Part 1 & 2, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII
313117: WYLY, SAM - 1,000 Dollars and an Idea: Entrepreneur to Billionaire
330894: WYMAN, WALKER D. - California Emigrant Letters
342034: WYSSS, DAVID - The Swiss Family Robinson
306349: BARANDIARAN, XABIER AND KEPA KORTA - Social Capital and Values in Gipuzkoa: Assessment and Strategic Directions
325275: XURIGUERA, GERARD - Les Annees 50: Peintures, Sculptures, Temoignages (French Edition)
325283: XURIGUERA, GERARD - Regard Sur la Peinture Contemporaine: La Creation Picturale de 1945 a Nos Jours
314356: YAHDEN, EDWIN, V. - North American Gold: The Story of 50 North American Christian Conventions
318353: YARDUMIAN, RICHARD - Symphony No. 1
338686: EHSAN YARSHATER, ED. - Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume II: Anamaka--Atar Al-Wozara
343994: JOHN YAU - Radiant Silhouette: New and Selected Work, 1974-1988
303806: YEAGER, R.F. - John Gower: Recent Readings
343196: YEGEN, MRS. CHRISTIAN - Law Vs. Law
012537: YEOMANS, REV. ALFRED - Historical Sermon Preached in the Central Presbyterian Church of Orange, N.J. On the Twelfth Anniversary of Its Organization, January 19, 1879
340787: YI, SANG-GUOE€M - Hanbun No Furusato: Watakushi Ga Nihon Ni Ita Toki No Koto (Japanese Edition)
303288: YON, PAUL D. - Guide to Ohio County and Municipal Government Records for Urban Research
342156: LAW-YONE, WENDY - The Coffin Tree
327522: FIFTH AVENUE BANK OF NEW YORK - Fifth Avenue: Glances at the Vicissitudes and Romance of a World Renowned Thoroughfare, Together with Many Rare Illustrations That Bring Back an Interesting Past
340536: CHRISTIE'S OF NEW YORK - Captains and Kilns: British Ceramics, Chinese Export and Maritime Art
340547: CHRISTIE'S OF NEW YORK - The Elizabeth Parke Firestone Collection of Important Gold Boxes and Objects of Vertu
320841: SOTHEBY'S OF NEW YORK - The Americana Library of Laird U. Park, Jr. , November 29, 2000
340537: CHRISTIE'S OF NEW YORK - Japanese and Korean Art
321050: YOUNG, NILS R. BULL - An Exchange of Hostages
339448: YOUNG, THOMAS DANIEL - John Crowe Ransom: An Annotated Bibliography(Garland Bibliographies of Modern Critics and Critical Schools)
305000: YOUNG, ART - Thomas Rowlandson
338807: YOUNG, ROBERT W. - A Political History of the Navajo Tribe
330412: YOUNG, CLARENCE - The Motor Boys over the Rockies, or, a Mystery of the Air
343981: YOUNG, NOEL - The Capra Chapbook Anthology
317612: YOUNG, JOHN - Homely Pictures in Verse, Chiefly of a Domestic Character
339130: YOUNG, ALAN - Dada and After: Extremist Modernism and English Literature
307290: YOUNG, WILLIAM J., ED. - Application of Science to the Dating of Works of Art
344192: YOUNG, DAVID - Earthshine
327244: YOUNGER, EDWARD - John A. Kasson: Politics and Diplomacy from Lincoln to Mckinley
341193: YOYOTTE, JEAN - Treasures of the Pharaohs: The Early Period, the New Kingdom, the Late Period
005079: GRIGOROVICH, YURI AND VICTOR V. VANSLOW - The Official Bolshoi Ballet Book of Sleeping Beauty
339190: ZALE, ERIC M. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Conference on Language and Language Behavior
330129: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - Plaster Saints: A High Comedy in Three Movements
314452: ZARINS, MARGERS - Saulrietu Violetas Ergeles: Musicali Stasti (Sunset Violetta Organ - Musical Stories)
314443: ZARINS, MARGERIS - Optimistiska Dzives Enciklopedija
339150: ZAVARZADEH, MAS'UD - The Mythopoeic Reality: The Postwar American Nonfiction Novel
344187: ZAVRIAN, SUZANNE OSTRO - Demolition Zone
302720: ZEIFERTS, TEODORS - Latviesu Rakstniecibas Vesture II
318095: ZEIGLER, NORM - Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun: A Fly Fisher's European Journal
302706: ZELTINS, TEODORS, ET AL - Dzejas Un Sejas: Latviesu Dzeja Svesuma
302707: ZELTINS, TEODORS - Prozas Profili: Latviesu Proza Svesuma
303669: ZELTINS, TEODORS - Fentis Amerika: Cinas Ar Sievu Un Trimdu
340629: VON ZEZSCHWITZ - Auktion Nr. 5: Jugendstil - Art Deco
330700: ZHENG, TIANTIAN - Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Asia
322285: ZHAO, ZHIMANG AND GANG CHEN - Anthropology
318146: ZIEGLER. ALAN, LARRY ZIRLIN, AND HARRY GREENBERG, EDS. - Poets on Stage: The Some Symposium on Poetry Readings (Some #9)
339210: ZIGAS, VINCENT - Laughing Death: The Untold Story of Kuru
319940: ZILLICH, HEINRICH - Wir Siebenburger
326406: ZIMELMAN, NATHAN - The Children Do Not Grow Old
344190: ZIMMER, PAUL - The Zimmer Poems
344185: ZIMMER, PAUL - The Ribs of Death
312888: ZIMMERMAN, G.H. - Das Neunzehnte Jahrhundert, Complete in Three Volumes
317741: ZINBERG, ISRAEL - A History of Jewish Literature, Vol. 3, the Struggle of Mysticism and Tradition Against Philosophical Rationalism
316318: ZINKEWICH, MURIEL, ED. - Muse, Volume LXVI, 1957
13449: ZINNES, HARRIET - Plunge
344145: ZINNES, HARRIET - I Wanted to See Something Flying: Poems
344188: ZINNES, HARRIET - Book of Twenty Poems
343757: ZIPPER, GERALD - Wounded Hopes: Selections from the Poetry of Gerald Zipper
344189: ZIRLIN, LARRY - Awake for No Reason
302721: ZIRNITIS, EDMUNDS - Andrejs Eglitis
324964: ZORN, FRIEDRICH ALBERT; ALFONSO JOSEPH SHEAFE, ED. - Grammar of the Art of Dancing, Theoretical and Practical: Lessons in the Art of Dancing and Dance Writing (Choreography)
319855: ZUMPT, FRITZ - Insekten Als Krankheitserreger Und Krankheits Ubertrager
344186: ZWEIG, PAUL - The Dark Side of the Earth
319748: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Brief Einer Unbekannten Die Hochzeit Von Lyon Der Amoklaufer
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