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326922: NAGEL, GUNTHER W. - The Mayo Legacy
307858: NAIRN, ROB - Che Cos'e la Meditazione?: Introduzione Al Buddhismo E Alla Meditazione
319543: NAKAGAWA, ATSUO - Studies on English Haiku
319744: NALIVKIN, D.V. - Geology of the U.S. S.R.
317588: VAN NAME, ELMER GARFIELD, ED. - Gloucester County Historical Society Publications, Special Number I: Bible Records, Marriage Certicates, Indexed, Place Names, Bibliography
009988: PALDEN THONDUP NAMGYAL - Rgyan-Drug Mchog-Gnyis
328941: NAMIOKA, ISSAC - Partially Ordered Linear Topological Spaces
321590: BALTUCK, NAOMI AND DEBORAH BALTUCK - Keeper of the Crystal Spring
339204: NANCY SAKAMOTO; REIKO NAOTSUKA - Polite Fictions: Why Japanese and Americans Seem Rude to Each Other
326196: NASH, WILLIAM GILES - America: The True History of Its Discovery
302942: NASH, RODERICK - Wilderness and the American Mind
326595: NASH, WALLIS - A Lawyer's Life on Two Continents
007590: NATAN, ALEX - German Men of Letters, Volume V, Twelve Literary Essays
322871: NATHAN, TOBIE, GENERAL EDITOR - Nouvelle Revue D'Ethnopsychiatrie, Number 5: Psychotherapie Sans Frontiere (Dossier Clinique)
330766: NATHAN, ROBERT - The Darkening Meadows: Poems
326653: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN - Testament of a Critic
325951: NATHAN, ROBERT - One More Spring
331504: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN - Bottoms Up: An Application of the Slapstick to Satire
326874: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN - The Critic and the Drama
319749: NATHAN, LEONARD E. - The Tragic Drama of William Butler Yeats: Figures in a Dance
309943: NATHAN, JOAN - The Jewish Holiday Kitchen
303759: BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE - Les Catalogues Du Departement Des Manuscrits: Manuscrits Occidentaux
325091: MUSEUM NATIONAL D'HISTOIRE NATURELLE - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme
325783: NAYAR, KULDIP - Between the Lines
328943: NAZARETH, J. L. - Computer Solution of Linear Programs
329140: NAZARETH, J. L. - Computer Solution of Linear Programs
330702: SáNCHEZ, PETER M. - Priest Under Fire: Padre David RodrGuez, the Catholic Church, and El Salvador's Revolutionary Movement
005737: NEAL, SARAH - The Making of Equal Opportunities Policies in Universities
330176: NEBELTHAU, JESSIE HOWE, ED. - The Diary of a Circuit Rider
330180: NEBELTHAU, JESSIE HOWE, ED. - The Diary of a Circuit Rider
319871: NEDELKOFF, D. DAN - One-Half of a Telephone Conversation
330791: NEEDHAM, JAMES G. - About Ourselves: A Survey of Human Nature from the Zoological Viewpoint
318331: NEEDHAM, JAMES G., KENNETH J. MORTON, AND O. A. JOHANNSEN - New York State Museum Bulletin 86, Entomology 23, Third Report on Aquatic Insects: May Flies and Midges of New York
322829: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA - Journal de Voyage: Lettres a Son Mari, de la Chine a Linde Eu Passant Par le Tibet
322827: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA - Journal de Voyage: Lettres a Son Mari
318731: NEELY, B.F. - Safety First: Twelve Theological Discussions
339326: NEELY, JR., MARK E. - The Fate of Liberty: Abraham Lincoln and CIVIL Liberties
319717: NEELY, RUTH, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Women of Ohio: A Record of Their Achievements in the History of the State, Volume III
339053: NEELY, CAROL THOMAS - Distracted Subjects: Madness and Gender in Shakespeare and Early Modern Culture
339018: NEGRONI, CHRISTINE - The Crash Detectives: Investigating the World's Most Mysterious Air Disasters
325744: ADAMS, NEHEMIAH AND J.H. FAIRCHILD - Correspondence between Rev. Nehemiah Adams and Rev. J.H. Fairchild, with Notes and Comments
321739: NEHLS, EDWARD - D.H. Lawrence: A Composite Biography--Volume One, 1885-1919; Volume Two, 1919-1925; Volume Three, 1925-1930
326482: NEIHARDT, JOHN G. - Laureate Address of John G. Neihardt
323169: NEIHARDT, JOHN G. - Laureate Address of John G. Neihardt
330727: NEIHARDT, JOHN G. - Laureate Address of John G. Neihardt
326400: MACNEIL, NEIL AND HAROLD W. METZ - The Hoover Report, 1953-1955: What It Means to You As Citizen and Taxpayer
315790: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Strange Interlude
308223: NEISSER, ULRIC, ED. - Concepts and Conceptual Development: Ecological and Intellectual Factors in Categorization
306146: NEISTADT, JAKOW - Damenopfer
306235: NEISTADT, JAKOW - Schon in Der Eroffnung Gewinnen!
303004: NEISTADT, JAKOW - Erfolgreich Angreifen: Der Damenflugel Und Das Zentrum IM Visier
339180: NELSON, CARY, ED. - Anthology of Modern American Poetry
339158: NELSON, CARY - Our Last First Poets: Vision and History in Contemporary American Poetry
339159: NELSON, CARY; HENDRICKS, JEFFERSON - Edwin Rolfe: A Biographical Essay and Guide to the Rolfe Archive at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
339156: NELSON, CARY - No University Is an Island: Saving Academic Freedom (Cultural Front)
339115: NELSON, CARY - Shouts from the Wall: Posters and Photographs Brought Home from the Spanish CIVIL War by American Volunteers
339036: NELSON, CARY - The Aura of the Cause: A Photo Album for North American Volunteers in the Spanish CIVIL War
320310: NELSON, ANTONYA - The Expendables
339162: NELSON, CARY - No University Is an Island: Saving Academic Freedom (Cultural Front)
339163: NELSON, CARY - No University Is an Island: Saving Academic Freedom (Cultural Front)
317577: NELSON, STANLEY, ED. - The Scene/1, the Scene/2, the Scene/3, the Scene/4: Plays from Off-Off-Broadway
339103: NELSON, CARY - The Aura of the Cause: A Photo Album for North American Volunteers in the Spanish CIVIL War
339122: NELSON, CARY [EDITOR] - The Oxford Handbook of Modern and Contemporary American Poetry (Oxford Handbooks)
339107: NELSON, CARY, ED. - Anthology of Modern American Poetry
339191: NELSON, CARY - The Aura of the Cause: A Photo Album for North American Volunteers in the Spanish CIVIL War
339121: NELSON, CARY, ED. - Anthology of Modern American Poetry
15113: NELSON, RICHARD - New England
329954: NELSON, LARS P. - President Wilson, the Worlds Peace-Maker
323802: NEMECEK, OTTOKAR - Die Wertschatzung Der Jungfraulichkeit: Zur Philosophie Der Geschlechtsmoral
319876: NEMEROV, HOWARD - War Stories: Poems About Long Ago and Now
325046: NEMO, PAUL - Rembrandt Drawings
325278: NERET, GILLES - L'Art Des AnnEs 30: Peinture, Sculpture, Architecture, Design, DCor, Graphisme, Photographie, CinMa
323495: SIRARPIE DER NERSESSIAN - L'Art Armenien: Orient Et Occident
316505: NERUDA, PABLO - Pjesme Ljubavi I Nade
302998: NESIS, GENNADI; N. KALINITSCHENKO - Franzosisch in Der Modernen Spielpraxis
306148: NESIS, G. - Die Kunst Der Vereinfachung, Band 3
306147: RASUWAJEW AND NESIS - Die Kunst Der Vereinfachung, Band 1
302800: NESIS, G. - Die Kunst Der Vereinfachung Band 2
309777: VAN NESS, PETER H., ED. - Spirituality and the Secular Quest
323498: NETT, EMILY - All in the Family: European Origins and the Westerkamm/Martin Link
307286: NEU, JOHN - Isis Cumulative Bibliography 1986-95, a Bibliography of the History of Science Formed from the Annual Isis Current Bibliographies
318621: NEUMAN, B[ERMAN] PAUL - Roddles
322973: NEUMANN, PETER - Abhandlungen Und Berichte Des Staatlichen Museums Fur Volkerkunde Dresden
326497: NEVILLE, J. WESLEY - Student's History of Perry County
331086: NEVINS, ALLAN, JAMES I. ROBERTSON JR., BELL I. WILEY, EDS. - CIVIL War Books: A Critical Bibliography
007091: NEVINSON, HENRY W. - A Modern Slavery
308292: NEWBERRY, ROBERT D. - Space Doctrine for the Twenty-First Century
325945: NEWBERY, J. - The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes
327051: NEWBURGER, G. F. - Ozark Anthology
326489: NEWCOMB, ETHEL - Leschetizky As I Knew Him
330165: NEWCOMBE, ALFRED W. - Alson J. Streeter--an Agrarian Liberal
325748: NEWELL, WILLIAM - A Farewell Sermon Upon Leaving the Old Meeting House of the First Parish in Cambridge, on Sunday, December 1, 1833
330728: NEWELL, ELIZABETH - Through the Years: Poems by Elizabeth Newell
339061: NEWFIELD, CHRISTOPHER - Ivy and Industry: Business and the Making of the American University, 1880–1980
338518: NEWHALL, NANCY; FAIRFIELD OSBORN; HORACE MARDEN ALBRIGHT - A Contribution to the Heritage of Every American: The Conservation Activities of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
331356: NEWHOUSE, JOHN - Philip D. Adler: A Man and a Tradition
317813: NEWLON, HOWARD, JR. - Criteria for Preservation and Adaptive Use of Historic Highway Structures, Interim Report No. 1: A Trial Rating System for Truss Bridges
316984: NEWMAN, F.W. - The Anglo-Saxon Abolition of Negro Slavery
326077: NEWMAN, ERNEST - The Unconscious Beethoven: An Essay in Musical Psychology
321452: NEWMAN, SHARAN - Heresy: A Catherine Levendeur Mystery
330162: NEWMAN, ARNOLD; HENRY GELDZAHLER, FOREWORD - Artists: Portraits from Four Decades by Arnold Newman
319868: NEWMAN, CHARLES - A Child's History of America: Some Ribs and Riffs for the Sixties
327542: NEWMAN, HENRY; GEORGE FENWICK JONES, ED. - Henry Newman's Salzburger Letterbooks
331117: NEWTON, CHARLOTTE - The Constant Flame
326735: NEWTON, R. HEBER - Parsifal: An Ethical and Spiritual Interpretation
339424: NEWTON, STEVEN H. - Joseph E. Johnston and the Defense of Richmond
318782: NEXO, MARTIN ANDERSEN - Ditte: Girl Alive! Daughter of Man. Towards the Stars.
318283: NEY, TARA, ED. - True and False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse: Assessment & Case Management
326730: NICHOLAS, J. PAUL - Assassinations Throughout History
304546: NICOLAS, F.J., COMPILER - Index to Separate Reports 1906-1910 and Summary Reports 1905-1916
320741: ARGENTI, NICOLAS AND KATHARINA SCHRAMM, EDS. - Remembering Violence: Anthropological Perspectives on Intergenerational Transmission
302961: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON, ED. - The Expositor Third Series Volume X
004067: NICOLSON, COLIN - The Making of Africa
322786: NICOLSON, JOHN, ED. - The Arizona of Joseph Pratt Allyn: Letters from a Pioneer Judge
325852: NICOLSON, NIGEL - The War Years 1939-1945: Volume II of Diaries and Letters
326811: NICOLSON, MARJORIE HOPE - Pepys' Diary and the New Science
316644: NIEDERHAUSER, HANS RUDOLF - Von Griechischen Gottern Und Helden
303611: NIEDRA, ANDRIEVS - Ka Tas Lietas Tika Daritas
305646: NIELSEN, TORBEN - Nitten Rode Roser: Tildeit Poe-Klubbens Berenicepris Som Arets Bedste Danske Kriminalroman
330497: GARWOOD, NIGEL AND RAINER VOIGT - Food Mania: An Extraordinary Visual Record of the Art of Food
300872: NIKITINS, RODIONS; YOUNG, JUDITH - Of Flight and Freedom, an Autobiography
330679: NIKKI, SARASHINA - Le Journal de Sarashina
330619: BESNIER, NIKO AND KALISSA ALEXEYEFF, EDS. - Gender on the Edge: Transgender, Gay, and Other Pacific Islanders
303724: NIKOLAICZUK, LOTHAR - Gezielte Mittelspielstrategie: 100 X Konigsindisch
306149: NIKOLAICZUK, LOTHAR - Testbuch Der Schachstrategie
011722: NIMS, JOHN FREDERICK - Knowledge of the Evening: Poems 1950-1960
313717: JOHN FREDERICK NIMS - A Fountain in Kentucky, and Other Poems
011733: NIMS, JOHN FREDERICK - Of Flesh and Bone
338987: NIN, ANAIS - The Seduction of the Minotaur
304558: NIXON, ANNE ELIZABETH, WITH RESEARCH ASSISTANTS JENNIFER BING-CANAR, JOHN BING-CANAR - The Status of Palestinian Children During the Uprising in the Occupied Territories, Complete in Three Volumes, Including the Executive Summary
324857: NIXON, OLIVER W. - How Marcus Whitman Saved Oregon: A True Romance of Patriotic Heroism, Christian Devotion and Final Martyrdom
330713: DE NOAILLES, ANNA - Choix de Poesies
339442: NOE, KENNETH W. - Southwest Virginia's Railroad: Modernization and the Sectional Crisis
308817: NOEL, BERNARD - L'Enfer, Dit-on... : Dessins, Secrets 1919-1939
330543: NOEL, MARIE - L'Oeuvre Poetique
323417: NOEL, BERNARD - Magritte
328948: NOETHER, FRITZ - Bemerkung Uber Die Losungszahl Zueinander Adjungierter Randwertaufgaben Bei Linearen Differentialgleichungen
317340: NOGARA, GINO - Cronache Degli Spettacoli Nel Teatro Olimpico Di Vicenz Dal 1585 Al 1970
310379: NOJUMI, NEAMATOLLAH - The Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan: Mass Mobilization, CIVIL War, and the Future of the Region
316540: NOKEL, K. - Temporally Distributed Symptoms in Technical Diagnosis
325068: NOLAN, WILLIAM A. - Communism Versus the Negro
326617: NOLAN, JEANNETTE COVERT - Hoosier City: The Story of Indianapolis
320164: NORKUS, ZENONAS - On Baltic Slovenia and Adriatic Lithuania: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Patterns in Post-Communist Transformation
328950: NORLUND, N. E. - Nogle Bemaerkininger Angaaende Interpolation Med Aequidistante Argumenter
325257: NORMAN-ROMAIN, ANTOINETTE LE, ANNE PINGEOT, REINHOLD HOHL, BARBARA ROSE, AND JEAN-LUC DAVAL - La Sculpture: L'Aventure de la Sculpture Moderne--Xixe Et Xxe Siecles
328327: NORMAN, W.M. - A Portion of My Life
329579: NORMAN, DOROTHY - Twice a Year: A Semi-Annual Journal of Literature, the Arts and CIVIL Liberties, Number Two, Spring-Summer, 1939
14847: NORRIS, CHARLOTTE ADAMS - Claysville, a Place to Leave
327518: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - Certain People of Importance
304458: NORRIS, STANLEY E. - Hydraulic Properties of a Limestone-Dolomite Aquifer Near Marion, North-Central Ohio
323184: NORRIS, LUTHER ("DOC") - Sourdough Tales
323185: NORRIS, LUTHER ("DOC") - Sourdough Tales
304464: NORRIS, STANLEY E. - The Water Resources of Montgomery County, Ohio
304465: NORRIS, STANLEY E. - The Water Resources of Montgomery County, Ohio
319840: NORSE, HAROLD - The Love Poems, 1940-1985
330643: DELAWARE NORTH - Pathways to Plate: Destinations and Dishes from Delaware North
306699: NORTH, CHRISTOPHER (JOHN WILSON) - Specimens of the British Critics
327576: NORTHUP, CLARK S. - Representative Phi Beta Kappa Orations, Second Series
317678: MOORE, JOHN NORTON AND ROBERT F. TURNER, EDS. - International Law Studies, 1995: Readings on International Law from the Naval War College Review, 1978-1994, Volume 68
338943: JODY NORTON - Narcissus Sous Rature
321624: NORTON, ANDRE - The Warding of Witch World (Secrets of the Witch World, Vol 3)
315422: NORTON, WESLEY - Religious Newspapers in the Old Northwest to 1861: A History, Bibliography, and Record of Opinion
318325: NORTON, BETTINA A. - Edwin Whitefield: Nineteenth-Century North American Scenery
329205: NORTON, HENRY KITTREDGE - Back of War
325083: NOTHSTEIN, IRA OLIVER, ED. - My Church, an Illustrated Lutheran Manual, Volume VI, VII, VIII, and IX
320306: NOTLEP, ROBERT - The Autograph Collector: A New Guide
331281: NOURSE, HON. C.C. - Iowa and the Centennial: The State Address Delivered by Hon. C.C. Nourse, at Philadelphia, Thursday, September 7, 1876
328818: NOVAK, J., Z. FROLIK, M. KATETOV, AND V. PTAK - General Topology and Its Relations to Modern Analysis and Algebra: Proceedings of the Symposium Held in Prague in September, 1961
317886: NOVAK, ROBERT, ED. - The Windless Orchard, Issues 1-10, February 1970-Summer 1972, Bound in One Volume
327151: NOVAK, ROBERT, ED. - The Windless Orchard, #5, 6, 7, 8, 23, 26, 27, 28, 40, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 52, 55, 56, 57, 59, 61, 62
319961: NOVAK, ROBERT - Disappearing Like a Snowman
319962: NOVAK, ROBERT - The Hemingway Poems
317882: NOVAK, ROBERT - Machines for Loving
317881: NOVAK, ROBERT - Shoes: Poems by Robert Novak: Photographs Also by R. Novak
319946: NOVAK, ROBERT - The Woman in the Skirt: Poems
328951: NOVAK, JOSEF - General Topology and Its Relations to Modern Analysis and Algebra
319960: NOVAK, ROBERT - At the Splinter House
319959: NOVAK, ROBERT - King Tut in America
319796: NOVAK, ROBERT - Sleeping with Sylvia Plath
318147: NOVAK, ROBERT, ED. - Windless Orchard No. 1
318148: NOVAK, ROBERT, ED. - Windless Orchard No. 2
327172: NOVAK, ROBERT, ED. - Haiku from the Windless Orchard
302853: NOWICKI, KRZYSZTOF - Audiencja Audience
338282: NOYES, ALEXANDER DANA - Financial Chapters of the War
303240: NUKUNYA, G. K. - Kinship and Marriage Among the Anlo Ewe
306835: NUNEZ, ZULMA - Mientras Viva
326494: NUNIS, JR., DOYCE B., ED. - Journey of James H. Bull: Baja California, October 1843 to January 1844
006562: NUWER, HANK - Wrongs of Passage: Fraternities, Sororities, Hazing, and Binge Drinking
320689: NUXHALL, PHIL - Phil Nuxhall's Stories in the Grove
12673: EXPRESSIONS OF CULTURE-NY, INC. - The Sixth Annual International Exposition of Sculpture Objects and Functional Art, May 29-June 1, 2003
331107: NYE, BILL - Baled Hay: A Drier Book Than Walt Whitman's "Leaves O' Grass
338247: NYE, GEORGE - The Jolly Raftsman on the Wisconsin, the Knapsack Edition, June 1928 to June 1929
306854: NYGAARD, JACOB BECH - Guds Blinde Oje
324786: NYSSEN, HUBERT - Carlos Nadal
329448: KRAEMER, A.O. AND G.A. KRAEMER - Kraemer's Picturesque Cincinnati
321225: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Time Traveler: Poems by Joyce Carol Oates
328100: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Miracle Play
319046: OBADIAH, BROTHER [O. H. KING] - The Word of the Cross: Some Things Seen at Calvary: A Love Offering to the Lord Jesus Christ
306682: OBANK, MARGARET - Banipal: The Magazine of Modern Arab Literature, Autumn/Winter
331539: OBER, FREDERICK A. - Crusoe's Island: A Bird-Hunter's Story
308599: JOHNSON, ODAI AND WILLIAM J. BURLING - The Colonial American Stage, 1665-1774: A Documentary Calendar
319626: ODLE, DON J. - Basketball Basics
302108: OESTERLEY, W. O. E. - A History of Israel, Volume II, from the Fall of Jerusalem, 586 B.C. To the Bar-Kokhba Revolt, A.D. 135
338555: HOME OFFICE - Report of the Departmental Committee on Detective Work and Procedure Volume V, Chapters VII and VIII
338554: HOME OFFICE - Report of the Departmental Committee on Detective Work and Procedure Volume I, Chapters I to III
317151: SOUTHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OFFICES, CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL INSTITUTE - Southern Historical Society Papers, New Series--Number XI, Whole Number XLIX
317126: SOUTHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OFFICES, CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL INSTITUTE - Southern Historical Society Papers, New Series--Number III, Whole Number--XLI
317122: SOUTHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OFFICES, CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL INSTITUTE - Southern Historical Society Papers, New Series--Number X, Whole Number--XLVIII
321979: OGAN, LEW - History of Vinton County, Ohio: Wonderland of Ohio
304328: OGDEN, JOHN C., ED. - Transactions of the North American Osprey Research Conference, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia 10-12 February 1972
328614: ADJUTANT GENERAL OF OHIO - Roster of Ohio Soldiers of the War of 1812
316542: OHLBACH, HANS JURGEN, ED. - Gwai-92: Advances in Artificial Intelligence
329221: OKIMOTO, DANIEL I. - American in Disguise
309985: OKPAKU, JOSEPH, ED. - New African Literature and the Arts, Volume 2
323770: OLBRECHTS, FRANS M. - Some Masterpieces of African Art from the Collections of the Royal Museum of Belgian Congo Tervuren
330146: OLCOTT, FRANCES JENKINS - Story-Telling Ballads
338566: OLDS, EVELYN FOSTER - An Exhibition of Painted Trays and Tole Objects and Old Colored Prints Depicting Early American Naval Scenes and Portraits
317600: OLIPHANT, JOHN - Brother Twelve, the Incredible Story of Canada's False Prophet
331259: OLIPHANT, LAURENCE - Memoir of the Life of Laurence Oliphant and of Alice Oliphant, His Wife, Complete in Two Volumes
338752: DE OLIVARES, JOSE; WILLIAM S. BRYAN, ED. - Our Islands and Their People As Seen with Camera and Pencil, Volume I, Volume II
320037: CORREA DE OLIVEIRA, PLINIO - Nobility and Analogous Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII: A Theme Illuminating American Social History
330099: OLIVER, WILLIAM - Eight Months in Illinois, with Information to Immigrants
338189: OLIVER, EGBERT S., ED. - The Tarbells of Yankton: A Family and a Community 1891-1932, Presented in Letters
326474: OLIVER, WILLIAM - Eight Months in Illinois: With Information to Immigrants
309810: OLSON, HOWARD S. - Jifunze Kiyunani: Cha Agano Gipya
307150: OLSON, TED, ED. - Crossroads: A Southern Culture Annual, 2006
328546: OLSON, WAYNE P., ED. - Automated Microbial Identification and Quantitation: Technologies for the 2000s
011728: OLSON, TOBY - City
305320: OMVEDT, GAIL - Reinventing: New Social Movements and the Socialist Tradition in India
322497: OPLER, MARVIN K. - Culture & Social Psychiatry
338073: OPLER, MORRIS E., ED. - Grenville Goodwin Among the Western Apache: Letters from the Field
326345: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Quest for Winter Sunshine
317866: OPPENHEIM, JAMES - Songs for the New Age
317537: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - Gangsters' Glory
338278: OPPENHEIM, JAMES - Golden Bird
304233: OPPENHEIMER, JAMES - The Sea
309468: ORAM, W., MANAGING EDITOR - Stallions of New Zealand 1987
309469: ORAM, W. J., ED. - Register of Thoroughbred Stallions of New Zealand, Volume XV: 1988
309470: ORAM, W. J., ED. - Register of Thoroughbred Stallions of New Zealand, Volume XV: 1988
310412: ORANGE, VINCENT, DAVID R. METS, DANIEL R. MORTENSEN, AND DAVID SPIRES - Airpower and Ground Armies: Essays on the Evolution of Anglo-American Air Doctrine 1940-1943
303003: ORBAN, LASZLO - Schach Als Denkspiel: Eine Hilfe Fur Den Fortgescrittenen Anfanger
326985: ORCUTT, WILLIAM DANA - Robert Cavelier: The Romance of the Sieur de la Salle and His Discovery of the Mississippi River
300830: ORCUTT, TED L.; PRELL, JAN R. - Integrative Paradigms of Psychotherapy
308225: ORD, JOHN E. - Elementary School Social Studies for Today's Children
321633: ORE, REBECCA - Gaia's Toys
319442: OREM, PRESTON WARE - American Indian Rhapsody on Themes Recorded and Suggested by Thurlow Lieurance
305301: RANUM, OREST AND PATRICIA RANUM, ED. - The Century of Louis XIV
323346: ORIEUX, JEAN - Voltaire
323348: ORIEUX, JEAN - La Fontaine: Ou la Vie Est Un Conte
323347: ORIEUX, JEAN - Bussy-Rabutin: Le Libertin Galant Homme
326770: ORION - Book of Mormon Talks, Birth Offering Series, No. 4
309555: ORLEN, STEVE - The Bridge of Sighs
003351: ORTEGA, JOSHUA - Frequencies
327588: ORTENBURGER, LEIGH - A Climber's Guide to the Teton Range
322862: ORTIZ, RENATO - La Mort Blanche Du Sorcier Noir: Umbanda, Integration D'Une Religion Dans Une Societe Des Classes
317724: ORTIZ, SERGIO ELIAS - Estudios Sobre Linguistica Aborigen de Colombia
318985: ORTWEIN, TERRENCE - And Flights of Angels: An Adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet
323231: OSBOURNE, KATHARINE D. - Robert Louis Stevenson in California
329144: OSHER, STANLEY J. - Two Papers on Similarity of Certain Volterra Integral Operators
329294: OSMOLOVSKII, V.G. - Linear and Nonlinear Perturbations of the Operator Div
325329: D'OSTA, JEAN - Bruxelles Bonheur
325409: OSTERMANN, G. - Les Erotiques de Rembrandt: Gravures Et Dessins
310433: DORIS B. OSTERWALD - Cinders & Smoke: A Mile by Mile Guide for the Durango to Silverton Narrow Gauge Trip
307323: OTERO, ROSALIE C., A. GABRIEL MELENDEZ, AND ENRIQUE R. LAMADRID, EDS. - Santa Fe Nativa: A Collection of Nuevomexicano Writing
318336: SHEIBAT-OTHMAN, NIDA, ED. - Modelling, Monitoring, and Control of Polymer Properties
306187: OTT, SANDRA, ED. - War, Exile, Justice, and Everyday Life, 1936-1946
317767: OTTERSON, SCHUYLER F., ED. - Indiana's Economic Resources and Potential, in Three Volumes
012235: OTTLEY, ALLAN R. - A Few Favorite California Books
325261: DEMUS, OTTO AND MAX HIRMER - La Peinture Murale Romane
331078: OUDARD, GEORGES - Four Cents an Acre: The Story of Louisiana Under the French
306975: DEN OUDEN, BERNARD D. - Language and Creativity: An Interdiscplinary Essay in Chomskyan Humanism
322926: OURSEL, RAYMOND - Itineraires Romans En Bourgogne
323514: OURSEL, RAYMOND - Evocation de la Chretiente Romane
323520: OURSEL, RAYMOND - Invention de L'Architecture
330537: OURSEL, RAYMOND - Le Proces de Condamnation Et le Proces de Rehabilitation de Jeanne D'Arc
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327390: PLATTNER, ANDREW - Kentucky Derby Vault: A History of the Run for the Roses
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316908: THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA RACE TRACK INDUSTRY PROGRAM - Race Track Industry Program Seminar 1985
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316909: THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA RACE TRACK INDUSTRY PROGRAM - The 1992 University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program Symposium on Racing
316910: THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA RACE TRACK INDUSTRY PROGRAM - The 1992 University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program Symposium on Racing
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316787: PUTNEY, DIANE T. - Airpower Advantage Planning the Gulf War Air Campaign 1989-1991
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011302: RANDALL, MARGARET - 25 Stages of My Spine
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321555: RANDISI, ROBERT J. - Separate Cases
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325972: RAO, K. V. NARAYANA - The Emergence of Andhra Pradesh
339249: RAPHAEL, MORRIS - A Gunboat Named Diana... And Other Exciting Stories of CIVIL War Battles Which Raged in the Bayou Country of Louisiana
327523: RAPP, S.S. - A Complete Digest of Laws in Relation to Bounty, Together with Proclamations by the President, General Orders and Circulars of the War Department, Opinions of the Attorney General, Annotations, Decisions by the Accounting Officer, and Forms and Instructions
320669: RAPPAPORT, DOREEN - The Sacco-Vanzetti Trial: Be the Judge, Be the Jury
307302: RASCH, RUDOLF A. - Iohannes de Garlandia: En de Ontwikkeling Van de Voor--Franconische Notatie
339026: RASCOE, JESSE - Southern California Treasures
328990: RASHEVSKIY, P. K. - Geometricheskaya Teoriya Uravneniy S Chastnymi Proizvodnimi. [Geometrical Theory of Partial Differential Equations]
320373: RASKIN, SAUL - Hagadah for Passover
305631: RASMUSSEN, STEEN EILER - Byer Og Bygninger: Skildret I Tegninger Og Ord
330768: RATH, SARA LINDSAY - Dancing with a Cowboy
326028: RATHBONE, PERRY T. - Westward the Way: Pioneering the Louisiana Territory
308078: RATHBUN, F.G. - A May Day
329236: RATHMELL, GEORGE - Realms of Gold: The Colorful Writers of San Francisco, 1850-1950
005530: RATNER, INGEBORG - Nature Walks at Stanford
338417: RAU, SANTHA RAMA - Gifts of Passage
320630: RAU, ZBIGNIEW, ED. - The Reemergence of CIVIL Society in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
307024: RAU, DIANTHA CHRISTINE - Dear Angels
302563: RAUCH, GEORG VON - Der Deutsche Orden Und de Einheir Des Baltischen Landes
14295: RAWLINGS, JOHN D.R. - Profile 227, the Airspeed Oxford
323207: RAY, VERNE F., ED. - Intermediate Societies, Social Mobility, and Communication: Proceedings of the 1959 Annual Spring Meeting
323203: RAY, VERN F., ED. - Cultural Stability and Cultural Change: Proceedings of the 1957 Annual Spring Meeting
323204: RAY, VERN F., ED. - Systems of Political Control and Bureaucracy in Human Societies: Proceedings of the 1958 Annual Spring Meeting
317504: RAY, DAVID - Gathering Firewood, New Poems and Selected
317506: RAY, DAVID - The Tramp's Cup
322510: RAY, VERNE F. - Primitive Pragmatists: The Modoc Indians of Northern California
308860: RAY, JOHNNIE - The Little White Cloud That Cried
304540: NICHOLS, EGBERT RAY AND JOSEPH H. BACCUS, COMPILERS - Selected Articles on Minimum Wages and Maximum Hours
306051: RAY, WILLIAM S. - The Science of Psychology: An Introduction
322743: BLOCH, RAYMOND AND JEAN COUSIN - Rome Et Son Destin ("Destins Du Monde")
325505: RAYNAL, MAURICE - Goya to Gauguin: The Great Centuries of Painting, XIX Century
338252: READ, OPIE - Len Gansett
327732: READ, OPIE - Judge Elbridge
301875: READ, PIERS PAUL - Alive, the Story of the Andes Survivors
318358: READ, GARDNER - Pennsylvania Suite Op. 67 for Orchestra: Dunlap's Creek, I 'm a Beggar, John Riley: Study Score
006689: READE, CHARLES - It Is Never Too Late to Mend, a Matter-of-Fact Romance
305947: REAGIN, NANCY R. - Sweeping the German Nation: Domesticity and National Identity in Germany, 1870-1945
326367: REARDON, JAMES MICHAEL - The Catholic Church in the Diocese of St. Paul, from Earliest Origin to Centennial Achievement
329118: REAY, JOHN R. - Generalizations of a Theorem of Caratheodory
323674: RECOLLECTIONS - Childs, George W.
319807: ENGINEERING NEWS-RECORD, PUBLISHER - The Practical Pocket Guide for Field and Office
305222: GERSH, HARRY, IN COOPERATION WITH NATIONAL RECREATION AND PARK ASSOCIATION, WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Animals Next Door: A Guide to Zoos and Aquariums of the Americasn
325931: REDFERN, PERCY - The Story of the C.W. S. : The Jubilee History of the Co-Operative Wholesale Society Limited 1863-1913
320880: BELLOC, HILAIRE, REDISCOVERED AND ILLUSTRATED BY EDWARD GOREY - Cautionary Tales for Children, Uncorrected Proof
316979: REDMOND, BRIAN G. - The Archaeology of the Clampitt Site (12 Lr 329), an Oliver Phase Village in Lawrence County, Indiana
328335: REED, T.J., W. ANDREW MCKAY, ANTHONY R. WADE - Untying the Political Knot: Delaware During the War between the States
339359: REED, T.J., W. ANDREW MCKAY, ANTHONY R. WADE - Untying the Political Knot: Delaware During the War between the States
007925: REED, WILLIAM - De Grazia, the Irreverent Angel
318042: REED, LUTHER D. - Portions of "the Lutheran Liturgy: A Study of the Common Service of the Lutheran Church in America
326986: REED, SETH - The Story of My Life
328144: REESE, TIMOTHY J. - High-Water Mark: The 1862 Maryland Campaign in Strategic Perspective
317208: REESE, ALGERNON B. - Tumors of the Eye: Second Edition
314701: REEVES, DOUGLAS B. PH.D. - 20 Minute Learning Connection
327136: REEVES, JESSE S. - American Diplomacy Under Tyler and Polk
322123: REGENSTEINER, THEODORE - My First Seventy-Five Years, Two Parts, Published As One
326330: REGISTER, EVELYN D - Murl Redus Coggin: A Biographical Sketch and Remembrances of Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, Employees
306693: REHM, WALTER - Jacob Burckhardt Und Eichendorff
320365: REID, COLIN - Colin Reid--an Introduction
008967: REID, LIONEL/HOLT, MARION - Oliver and Hugo/Willie Woodchuck Builds and Back Door, a Double Story Book
310469: REID, KATHRYN GOERING; KEN HAWKLEY - Children Together: Teaching Girls and Boys to Value Themselves and Each Other
338745: REID, WHITELAW - Ohio in the War: Her Statesmen, Her Generals, and Soldiers, in Two Volumes, Volume II Only: The History of Her Regiments, and Other Military Organizations
321119: REIKEN, FREDERICK - The Odd Sea
326631: REILLY, SIDNEY; MRS. SIDNEY REILLY, ED. - Britain's Master Spy: The Adventures of Sidney Reilly
306806: MILLER, KEIKO; MAREN REILLY AND JEFFREY H. KAIMOWITZ, EDS. - Indices to Ornithology Books in the Library of Trinity College--Hartford, Including the Library of Ostrom Enders (1983)
328031: REILLY, ROBIN - The British at the Gates: The New Orleans Campaign in the War of 1812
321632: REIMANN, KATYA - A Tremor in the Bitter Earth (Book 2 of the Tielmaran Chronicles)
317729: BONACK, REINER AND ANGELIKA - Haiku Von Angelika U. Reiner Bonack, Aquerelle Liselotte Klose
317322: LULLIES, REINHARD AND MAX HIRMER - Griechische Plastik Von Den Anfangen Bis Zum Ausgang Des Hellenismus
319910: REINHART, C.S. - Meh Lady: A Story of the War
305266: AMERICAN ACADEMY OF RELIGION - Journal of the American Academy of Religion, XLIII(3) 1975
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305271: AMERICAN ACADEMY OF RELIGION - Journal of the American Academy of Religion, XLIII(2), June 1975
325813: DON'T YOU REMEMBER? - Mccabe, Lida Rose
315037: REMINGTON, CAROLYN LYON - Vibrant Silence: A Biography of Edmund Lyon and Carolyn Hamilton Talcott
325571: REMY, MYLENE - Provence
331160: RENAN, ERNEST - Recollections of My Youth
303906: BLUMENFELD-KOSINSKI, RENATE AND TIMEA SZELL, EDS. - Images of Sainthood in Medieval Europe
329802: LASNE, RENE AND GEORG RABUSE, EDS. - Anthologie de la Poesie Allemande: Des Origines a Nos Jours
307312: LABANDE, EDMOND-RENE AND BERNADETTE LEPLANT - Repertoire International Des Medievistes
330337: RENNE, LOUIS OBED - Lincoln and the Land of the Sangamon
325328: RENOY, GEORGES - Le Sablon: Bruxelles Vegu
318101: RENTON, R. N. - Telecommunications Principles
322693: REPPLIER, AGNES - Junipero Serra: Pioneer Colonist of California
301613: REPSE, GUNDEGA - Barenu Nams
327641: PREPARED BY REQUEST - Biographical Sketch of Louisa J. Roberts: Extracts from Her Journal and Selections from Her Writings
331042: RERICK, ROWLAND H.; HENRY HOLCOMB BENNETT, ED. - State Centennial History of Ohio Covering the Periods of Indian, French and British Dominion, the Territory Northwest, and the Hundred Years of Statehood; the County of Ross, a History of Ross County, Ohio, from the Earliest Days, with Special Chapters on the Bench and Bar, Medical Profession, Educational Development, Industry and Agriculture and Biographical Sketches
321631: RESNICK, MIKE - Starship: Pirate: Book Two
316496: RESTANY, PIERRE - Cesar
318939: REU, DR. M. - Luther and the Scriptures
317196: REUL, MYRTLE R. - Where Hannibal Led Us
305207: BOOKS OF REVELATION - The Camel's Pack
321180: PEREZ-REVERTE, ARTURO - The Seville Communion
318475: HARBIN, E. O. , REVISED AND UPDATED BY BOB SESSOMS - The New Fun Encyclopedia, in Five Volumes
316875: IOWA SOCIETY DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patriots Buried in Iowa
322619: CALIFORNIA STATE SOCIETY SONS OF THE REVOLUTION - The Bulletin: California State Society Sons of the Revolution, Volume 1, Number 1-6; Volume II, Number 1-6; Volume III, Number 1-6; Volume IV, Number 1-6; Volume V, Number 1-6; Volume VI, Number 1-6,
325357: ROBERT, PAUL; ALAIN REY AND JOSETTE REY-DEBOVE, EDS. - Dictionnaire Universel Des Noms Propres: Alphabetique Et Analogique, Complete in Four Volumes
303860: REYES, JESUS L. SERRANO - Didactismo Y Moralismo En Geoffrey Chaucer Y Don Juan Manuel: Un Estudio Comparativo Textual
325966: REYNOLDS, HELEN BAKER - Gold, Rawhide and Iron: The Biography of Dorsey Syng Baker
319882: REYNOLDS, MICHAEL - Desperate Acts
306164: REYNOLDS, RICHARD T. - Heart of the Storm: The Genesis of the Air Campaign Against Iraq
318279: REYNOLDS, ELSBERY W. - Harold Bell Wright: A Biography, Intimate and Authoritative
327067: REYNOLDS, A.R. - The Daniel Shaw Lumber Company: A Case Study of the Wisconsin Lumbering Frontier
326249: REYNOLDS, JAMES - Baroque Splendour
306269: REYNOLDS, CHRIS - Memories of May '68: France's Convenient Consensus
318145: REYNOLDS, LARRY T. - Interactionism: Exposition and Critique, Third Edition
339318: RHEA, GORDON C. - To the North Anna River: Grant and Lee, May 13--25, 1864
323619: RHEIMS, MAURICE - Musees de France
309325: RHOADS, CARLOS SILVA, CONCEPCION MARIA DEL CARMEN HERNANDEZ - Estudios de Patron de Asentamiento En Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo
325942: RHODES, HARRISON - A Gift Book for My Mother
321678: RHODES, JENNA - The Four Forges (the Elven Ways: Book 1)
311559: DAN RHODES - Timoleon Vieta Come Home: A Sentimental Journey
330431: RHODES, FREDERICK LELAND - John J. Carty: An Appreciation
338496: RHYS, ERNEST - Wales England Wed: An Autobiography by Ernest Rhys
302098: RIBLI, ZOLTAN - D16-19 1. D4 D5 2. C4 C6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 Dc4 5. A4 Slav Defence
327461: RICARDO, DAVID - The First Six Chapters of the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation of David Ricardo 1817
309326: RICE, DON STEPHEN - The Archaeology of British Honduras; a Review and Synthesis
327638: RICE, WALLACE, COMPILER - The Franklin Year Book: Maxims and Morals from the Great Philosopher
312785: RICH, ELAINE SOMMERS (EDITOR) - Walking Together in Faith - the Central District Conference of the General Conference Mennonite Church 1957-1990
319768: RICH, O. - Bibliotheca Americana Nova, Volume One, Volume Two
307954: RICH, GRANT JEWELL, ED. - Anthropology of Consciousness
307951: RICH, GRANT JEWELL, ED. - Anthropology of Consciousness
307953: RICH, GRANT JEWELL, ED. - Anthropology of Consciousness
339128: RICH, ADRIENNE - Arts of the Possible: Essays and Conversations
307955: RICH, GRANT JEWELL, ED. - Anthropology of Consciousness
307950: RICH, GRANT JEWELL, ED. - Anthropology of Consciousness
307949: RICH, GRANT JEWELL, ED. - Anthropology of Consciousness
307952: RICH, GRANT JEWELL, ED. - Anthropology of Consciousness
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307239: O'CONNOR, RICHARD AND DALE L. WALKER - The Lost Revolutionary: A Biography of John Reed
316251: JONES, RICHARD AND KATE DANIELS, EDS. - Poetry East, Number Twenty-Six, Fall 1988: The Poetry of Gerald Stern
328001: RICHARD, PATRICIA - Busy Hands: Images of the Family in the Northern CIVIL War Effort
330741: RICHARDS, BENJAMIN B., ED. - California Gold Rush Merchant: The Journal of Stephen Chapin Davis
326042: MARK V. RICHARDS, ED. - The Sesquicentennial of the Battle of Minisink: A Story of the Commemoration Held on the Battlefield at Minisink Ford, Sullivan County, N.Y. , July 22, 1929
315912: RICHARDS, LEYTON - Realistic Pacifism: The Ethics of War and the Politics of Peace
327700: RICHARDS, MARY L. - Selected Travel Letters of Mary L. Richards
338663: RICHARDS, JOSEPHINE ELLIS - Honor Roll of Litchfield County [Connecticut] Revolutionary Soldiers
15012: RICHARDSON, JAMES D. - A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, 1789-1908, Volume IX (Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland)
330104: RICHBERG, DONALD R. - Labor Union Monopoly: A Clear and Present Danger

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