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319573: TRAVLOS, JEAN - Architecture Neoclassique En Grece
342934: TREANOR, RICHARD BRYANT - My Paintings: Creating the Good Life
306221: ARISTOTLE; HUGH TREDENNICK AND G. CYRIL ARMSTRONG, TRANSLATORS - Aristotle XVIII; Metaphysics, X-XIV; Oeconomica; Magna Moralia
317486: TREMMEL, WILLIAM CALLOLEY - Running on the Bias
325831: TREVELYAN, CHARLES PHILIPS - Letters from North America and the Pacific, 1898
342493: TRINDAL, ELIZABETH - Mary Surratt: An American Tragedy
317539: TROGDON, WENDELL - Gym Rats
341976: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Australia and New Zealand
328511: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Framley Parsonage
342033: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Three Clerks, a New Edition
341138: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Eustace Diamonds
341991: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Australia and New Zealand
339658: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Prime Minister
341127: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Last Chronicle of Barset, in Two Volumes
003506: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The West Indies and the Spanish Main
341463: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Orley Farm
342198: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An Eye for an Eye, Tauchnitz Edition, Collection of British Authors
326255: TROTT, JOSEPHINE - George Hamlin: American Singer, 1868-1923: A Resume of His Career
342820: TROTTER, WILLIAM R. - Silk Flags and Cold Steel: The CIVIL War in North Carolina - the Piedmont; Bushwhackers!: The CIVIL War in North Carolina - the Mountains; Ironclads and Columbiads: The CIVIL War in North Carolina - the Coast
342822: TROTTER, WILLIAM R. - Silk Flags and Cold Steel: The CIVIL War in North Carolina - the Piedmont; Bushwhackers!: The CIVIL War in North Carolina - the Mountains; Ironclads and Columbiads: The CIVIL War in North Carolina - the Coast
342821: TROTTER, WILLIAM R. - Silk Flags and Cold Steel: The CIVIL War in North Carolina - the Piedmont; Bushwhackers!: The CIVIL War in North Carolina - the Mountains; Ironclads and Columbiads: The CIVIL War in North Carolina - the Coast
307240: TROWBRIDGE, JOHN TOWNSEND - Father Brighthopes: A CIVIL-War Era Children's Story Demonstrating the Power of Positive Thinking
323342: TROYAT, HENRI - Alexander Ier: Le Vainqueur de Napoleon
309478: TRUDEAU, NOAH ANDRE - Voices of the 55th: Letters from the 55th Massachusetts Volunteers, 1861-1865
339348: TRUDGILL, PETER, ED. - Language in the British Isles
331167: TRUMAN, HARRY; MYRON C. TAYLOR - Correspondence between President Truman and Pope Pius XII
306851: TRUSSELL, RAY E. - Trichomonas Vaginalis and Trichomoniasis
341478: TUCKER, PHILLIP THOMAS - The Final Fury
309484: TUCKER, GLENN - Chickamauga: Bloody Battle in the West
342311: TUCKER, BEVERLY - The Partisan Leader
326264: TUCKERMAN, HENRY T. - A Memorial of Horatio Greenough
323149: TULL, CLYDE, ED. - Cornell College Verse, Volume II
317626: TUOHY, FRANK - Fingers in the Door, and Other Stories
341289: TURGENEV, IVAN; CONSTANCE GARNETT, TRANS. - The Diary of a Superfluous Man and Other Stories
341287: TURGENEV, IVAN; CONSTANCE GARNETT, TRANS. - The Torrents of Spring
341288: TURGENEV, IVAN; CONSTANCE GARNETT, TRANS. - A Lear of the Steppes and Other Stories
309759: TURGUENEV, I.S. - Tres Novelas: Asia; El Primer Amor; Aguas Primaverales
341232: TURNER, SUSAN M., AND GARETH B. MATTHEWS, EDS. - The Philosopher's Child: Critical Perspectives in the Western Tradition
341576: TURNER, CHARLES - My Dear Emma: War Letters of Col. James K. Edmondson, 1861-1865
328158: TURNER, W.J. - Variations on the Theme of Music
323056: TURPIN, GERARD - Max Jacob: Peintures
314454: TUTERS, EDVARTS - Pedas Sniega (Footprints in the Snow) - Dzejoli
342840: TUTTLE, JOSEPH F. - An Address in Behalf of the Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education at the West
327237: TYACK, JIM - A Limousine to Nowhere
319289: TYLER, ROBERT L. - The Deposition of Don Quixote, and Other Poems
325067: TYMS, JAMES D. - The Black Church As Nurturing Community, Volume !
322335: GöTZ, NICOLA H. - Obeah - Hexerei in Der Karibik - Zwischen Macht Und Ohnmacht
305434: UBUKATA, JUNICHI, ED. - Le Beau
322897: UCKO, HENRY ZVI - The Triumph, and Other Stories, Second Edition
322898: UCKO, HENRY ZVI - The Triumph, and Other Stories
342551: UEBERWASSER, WALTER - Drawings by European Masters of the Xvth to Xviiith Centuries from the Albertina
007418: UEHLI, ERNST - Die Mosaiken Von Ravenna, Mit Siebenundvierzig Abbildungen [Mosaics of Ravenna]
325920: UHLAN, EDWARD - Dynamo Jim Styles: Pioneer of Progress
302920: UHLAND, LUDWIG - Ludwig Uhland's Gedichte
331428: ULREY, LEWIS VALENTINE - Maco Stewart: A Biography
342258: ECO, UMBERTO AND COSTANTINO MARMO, EDS. - On the Medieval Theory of Signs (Foundations of Semiotics)
308348: UMEN, SAMUEL - The World of Isaac Lamdan: Pioneer, Poet
302718: UNAMS, ZANIS - Krievu Laiki Latvija
302708: UNAMS, ZANIS - Karogs Vega: Kara Laika Atminas Divos Sejumos
342721: UNDERWOOD, RODMAN L. - Death on the Nueces: German Texans, Treue Der Union
318876: UNGER, ARTHUR W. - Lehrbuch F
321544: THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE; JANE L. FORSYTH, ED. - The Ohio Journal of Science, Volume 70, Number 4, 1970
321548: THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE; JANE L. FORSYTH, ED. - The Ohio Journal of Science, Volume 71, Number 3, 1971
321542: THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE; JANE L. FORSYTH, ED. - The Ohio Journal of Science, Volume 70, Number 1, 1970
329751: BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY - L'Agenda 1964 (Bucknell University)
321547: THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE; JANE L. FORSYTH, ED. - The Ohio Journal of Science, Volume 71, Number 4, 1971
321546: THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE; JANE L. FORSYTH, ED. - The Ohio Journal of Science, Volume 71, Number 2, 1971
329753: OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY - The Northern 1970, Volume 60
338552: FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS - Combined Talents, the Florida National 1997
322939: BALL STATE UNIVERSITY - Cultural Change in Brazil: Papers from the Midwest Association for Latin American Studies, October 30 and 31, 1969
321545: THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE; JANE L. FORSYTH, ED. - The Ohio Journal of Science, Volume 70, Number 5, 1970
321543: THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE; JANE L. FORSYTH, ED. - The Ohio Journal of Science, Volume 70, Number 2, 1970
318516: UNKNOWN - The Boy Artist: A Tale for the Young
300513: UNKNOWN - Grand Minstrel and Reception Under the Auspices of Church of Saint Charles Borromeo and United Societies [Souvenir Program]
300772: UNKNOWN - Literature in American Education: An Important Timely Statement Prepared for the Modern Language Association of America by a Special Committee of Its Commission on Trends in Education
317084: UNKNOWN - The Scott Stamp and Coin Co. , Limited: November, 1892
317952: UNKNOWN - The Crossroads of Love: Sylvia Crane's Search for Love, Nos. 10-12
13168: UNKNOWN - The Princeton University Library Chronicle, Volume VI, No. 3 April, 1945
307703: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LVII
307690: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LIII
307689: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume XLVIII
011062: UNKNOWN - What the Trees Taught the Little Girl
011675: UNKNOWN - Erorterung Der Frage - Ob Einem Ehrlichen Mann Zum Heyrathen an-Oder Davon Abzurahten Sey
305648: UNKNOWN - Ungdomsbibelen: Uddrag Af Den Hellige Skrift
318637: UNKNOWN - That Sentimental Gentleman, Tommy Dorsey
318673: UNKNOWN - Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, in 56 Volumes
318018: UNKNOWN - Nightcaps
306927: UNKNOWN - Camp Kawahnee for Boys: A Mountain Lake Camp, February 1931
011589: UNKNOWN - The Reader's Digest, October 1935
011658: UNKNOWN - Catalogue D'Une Vente Importante de Dessins Anciens Provenant E.A. Des Collections J.P. Heseltine Et J. Paul Richter de Londres
307691: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LII
307704: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LVI
303924: UNKNOWN - Southwestern Journal of Anthropology
303935: UNKNOWN - The Battle of 1900 an Official Hand-Book for Every American Citizen (Salesman's Copy)
317453: UNKNOWN - Grandmother's Scrap-Book, or: Western Gleaner, Carefully Selected with a View to Interest and Instruct the Young Mind, and to Inculcate the Priniples of Morality
308871: UNKNOWN - Wellhagen & Klastings: Monatschefte, Jahrgang 1909/1910, 3. Band (Volume 3)
305248: UNKNOWN - Commonweal 1970-1971
307700: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LX
305247: UNKNOWN - Commonweal 1970
012250: UNKNOWN - Catalogue of Fine Firearms and Weapons, 23rd March, 1970
302860: UNKNOWN - John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Directory of Fellows 1925-1967
318329: UNKNOWN - Origin and History of the Name of Taylor, with Biographies of All the Most Noted Persons of That Name, and an Account of the Origin of Surnames and Forenames, Together with Five Hundred Christian Names of Men and Women and Their Significance
307687: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume XLVI, December, 1872, to May, 1873
317255: UNKNOWN - Agricultural Almanac
303462: UNKNOWN - Model Shipways, Booklist No. 5
317557: UNKNOWN - Holidays out of Doors
307693: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume L
307695: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LXV
305245: UNKNOWN - Commonweal 1969-1970
307714: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LXXXII
307702: UNKNOWN - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LVIII
327238: UPDEGRAFF, ALLAN - Poems and Impressions
341879: UPDIKE, JOHN - On Literary Biography
342272: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit Is Rich
342147: UPDIKE, JOHN - Self-Consciousness
325125: UPHAM, WARREN, ED. - Congregational Work of Minnesota 1832-1920
341165: URBANCIC, ANNE - Reviewing Mario Pratesi: The Critical Press and Its Influence
315165: URE, LOUISE - Forcing Amaryllis
323899: SCHUBERT, URSULA AND KURT SCHUBERT - Judische Buchkunst, Erster Teil: Buchkunst IM Wandel Der Zeiten
331581: UTLEY, FREDA - Odyssey of a Liberal: Memoirs
342163: UYEMOTO, HOLLY - Rebel without a Clue
323805: CABEZA DE VACA, ALVAR NUNEZ - Relation de Voyage 1527-1537
303680: VACZEMNIEKS, LAIMONIS - Veco Vraku Noslepums Stasts
322556: LAMARCHE-VADEL, BERNARD - Hucleux: 12 Dessins Suivis Du Catalogue de L'Oeuvre (L'Autre Musee) (French Edition)
006279: VALE, CHARLES - The Spirit of St. Louis, One Hundred Poems
326785: VALENTINER, WILHELM R. - The Art of the Low Countries: Studies
306663: VALLA, LORENZO - The Profession of the Religious and the Principal Arguments from the Falsely-Believed and Forged Donation of Constantine
306992: VALLIER, IVAN, ED. - Comparative Methods in Sociology: Essays on Trends and Applications
303621: VALTERS, MIKELIS - Atminas Un Sapni
302717: VANAGA, KARLA - Bolseviku Juga
339577: VANAUKEN, SHELDON - Glittering Illusion: English Sympathy for the Southern Confederacy
326984: VANDERBILT, CORNELIUS JR. - The Living Past of America: A Pictorial Treasury of Our Historic Houses and Villages That Have Been Preserved and Restored
322642: VANDERBYLL, H.R. - Man's Mysterious Mind, and Other Cosmic Poems
331494: VANDERBYLL, H.R. - Man's Mysterious Mind, and Other Cosmic Poems
317091: VANDIVER, FRANK E., ED., FOR THE VIRGINIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Southern Historical Society Papers, New Series IX, Volume XLVII
339552: VANDIVER, FRANK E. - Blood Brothers: A Short History of the CIVIL War
340970: VANDIVER, FRANK E. - Jubal's Raid: General Early's Famous Attack on Washington in 1864
317090: VANDIVER, FRANK E., ED., FOR THE VIRGINIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Southern Historical Society Papers, New Series XII, Volume L
322311: VANSANT, JACQUELINE - Reclaiming Heimat: Trauma and Mourning in Memoirs by Jewish Austrian Reă©Migră©S
331256: VARIOUS - Butternut & Blue CIVIL War Library: 17 Volumes, Brand-New, in Shrink-Wrap
326981: VARIOUS - Tree Tributes, 1855-1930
340849: VARIOUS - Confederate Centennial Studies, Complete Set in 28 Volumes
340572: VARIOUS - Morningside Press CIVIL War Library: 16 Volumes, Brand-New, in Shrink-Wrap
301160: VARPA, IGORS - Latviesu Karavirs Zem Krievijas Imperijas Padomju Krievijas Un Psrs Karogiem, Latviesu Strelnieki Triju Vestures Laikmetu Griezos
307004: VATH, ALFONS - Die Inder
005775: VAUGHAN, B.F. - A Centennial History of the Miami Ohio Christian Conference, 1819-1919
321463: VAUGHN, L.F. - Vaughn's Parade and Float Guide
317663: VAZQIEZ, ANTONIO GARCIA-RAMOS, EDS. - Gacetilla de la Union de Bibliofilos Taurinos, a
324713: DE VECCHI, PIER LUIGI - Michel-Ange, Peintre, Sculpteur, Architecte
308051: DE VEGA, LOPE - Arte Nuevo de Hacer Comedias/la Discreta Enamorada
325642: VEGAS, LIANA CASTELFRANCHI - Flandre Et Italie: Primitifs Flamands Et Renaissance Italienne
340288: VELEANU, MIRCEA - Jade: 5000 B.C. To 1912 A.D. : A Guide for Collectors
303540: VENTERS, EGILS - Agenskalns
325788: LAOURINA, VER AND VASSILI POUCHKARIOV - Les Icones de Novgorod Xiie-Xviie Siecles
330684: VERDET, ANDRE - Entretiens: Notes En Escrits Sur la Peinture
322360: VERDET, ANDRE - Fenetres de Karel Appel
308068: VERDI, GIUSEPPE; ARRIGO BOITO - Othello, Oper in Vier Acten
308064: VERDI, GIUSEPPE - Falstaff
308495: ARNASON, ARNAR, NICOLAS ELLISON, JO VERGUNST AND ANDREW WHITEHOUSE, EDS. - Landscapes Beyond Land: Routes, Aesthetics, Narratives
322590: VERMEERSCH, VALENTIN - Bruges: Mille Ans D'Art
303954: VERNE, JULES - Oceanem Na Kre Ledove
319891: VERNON, JOHN - Lindbergh's Son
322192: VERVLIET, H.D.L. - Liber Librorum 5000 Ans D'Art Du Livre
303697: VESELIS, JANIS - Terauda Dvesele: Teiksmu Romani
314445: VESELIS, JANIS - Laimas Mirdzuma: Dzejoli, 1946-1953
303538: VESELIS, JANIS - Saules Kapseta (Solar Cemetary)
314455: VESELIS, VASELIS - Saules Kapseta (Solar Cemetery)
314453: VESELIS, JANIS - Latvju Teiksmas
302714: VETRA, MARISS - Riga Toreiz... Atminas
318667: VIAU, RAPHAEL - Les Charmes de L'Amour Conjugal; Une Femelle, Moeurs Rustiques; le Vice Feminin
340737: VICKERS, REGINALD J. - A Plea for Sanity in Thoroughbred Racing
342230: VICTOR, MRS. FRANCES FULLER - The New Penelope and Other Stories and Poems
327421: RACING VICTORIA - The Complete Guide to the 1995 Spring Racing Carnival
329938: VIELFAURE, CLAUDE - Paris Occupă©: Dessin Par Un Enfant
303478: VIESE, SAULCERITE - Muza Raksts: Krisjana Barona Dzivesstasts
302956: SCHWEIZER, VIKTOR AND PAUL ZAUNERT - Hoffmanns Werke, Volumes One, Two and Four
302646: VILLAGOMEZ, ADRIAN; DOMINGUEZ, AGUSTIN ARTEAGA - Federico Cantu: Ciclos Y Reencuentros
330313: VINCE, CHARLES - Barrie Marvell: His Dreams and Adventures
330270: VINCENT, LEON H. - The French Academy
338426: VINCENT, LEON H. - Hotel de Rambouillet and the Precieuses
329539: VIRCHOW, RUDOLF - Die Krankhaften Geschwulste, Dreissig Vorlesnungen, Erster Band
342775: GOVERNMENT OF WEST VIRGINIA - Manual of the State of West Virginia: Legislative, Executive and Judicial Departments
325460: TARENNE, VIVIANE AND INGEBOR KUHN-REGNIER - Les Dessins Autrichiens (le Carnet Des Dessins) (French Edition)
330671: VIVIER, ROBERT - Traditore... : Essai de Mise En Vers Francais de Poemes Occitans, Italiens, Espagnols, Roumains, Polonais Et Russes de Diverses Epoques. Q
329929: VIVIER, ROBERT - Folle Qui S'Ennuie...
330645: VIVIER, ROBERT - Et la Poesie Fut Langage: Turold--Villon--Racine--Verlaine--Mallarme
302729: VIZULIS, IZIDORS - Latviesu Tautas Cina Par Brivibu (1917-1992)
308916: VOELLER, BRUCE, JUNE MACHOVER REINISCH, AND MICHAEL GOTTLIEB, EDS. - Aids and Sex: An Integrated Biomedical and Biobehavioral Approach
338749: VOLKEL, LOWELL M.; TIMOTHY Q. WILSON (COMPILERS) - An Index to the 1800 Federal Census of Saint Mary's, Somerset Talbot, Washington and Worcester Counties, State of Maryland
341257: RATTEMEYER, VOLKER AND RENATE PETZINGER - Jochen Gerz: Photo/Texts and Mixed Media Photographs 1969-1999, Catalogue Raisonne Volume II
300747: VOLKMANN, HANS-ERICH - Die Deutche Baltikumpolitik Zwischen Brest-Litovsk Und Compiegne
324724: VOLLMAN, WILLIAM T. - Butterfly Stories
306635: VAN DEN VONDEL, J. - De Werken Van J. Van Den Vondel, in 11 Volumes
329626: DE VORAGINE, JACQUES - La Legende Doră©E, Complete in Two Volumes
326426: VORBERG, GASTON - Erotism in Antiquity in Small Sculptures and Ceramics
325185: VREE, FREDDY DE - Wyckaert
306813: DE VRIES, GERRIT JACOB - Bijdrage Tot de Psychologie Van Tertullianus
341779: DE VRIES, PETER - Sauce for the Goose
339908: VAN VUREN, BARBARA S. - Butter Molds & Stamps: A Guide to American Manufacturers, with Photo Identifier
316342: VUYK, TRUDEKE - Children of One Womb: Descent, Marriage and Gender in Central African Societies
339074: GRAHAM, PETER W. AND ELIZABETH SEWELL, EDS. - Fictive Ills: Literary Perspectives on Wounds and Diseases
340486: MELTON, HOWARD W. AND ROBERT E. WAGNER - Barclay Toys: Transports & Cars 1932-1971
313995: BLOOMFIELD, MORTON W. AND ROBERT C. ELLIOT, EDS. - Great Plays: Sophocles to Albee, Third Edition
326993: WAAGEN, GUSTAV - Works of Art and Artists in England, Volume I
326992: WAAGEN, GUSTAV - Works of Art and Artists in England, Volume I
321986: WADE, JOHN DONALD - Augustus Baldwin Longstreet: A Study of the Development of Culture in the South
342364: SOKOLOSKY, WADE AND MARK A. SMITH - To Prepare for Sherman's Coming: The Battle of Wise's Forks, March 1865
321985: WADE, JOHN DONALD - Augustus Baldwin Longstreet: A Study of the Development of Culture in the South
339335: WADLINGTON, WALTER, JON R. WALTZ, AND ROGER B. DWORKIN - Cases and Materials on Law and Medicine
327207: WADSWORTH, FRANK W. - The Poacher from Stratford: A Partial Account of the Controversy over the Authorship of Shakespeare's Plays
342465: WAGENER, HANS - Carl Zuckmayer Criticism: Tracing Endangered Fame
331116: WAGER, PAUL WOODFORD - County Government and Administration in North Carolina
342385: WAGNER, HERMANN - Entdeckungsreisen in Feld Und Flur. Mit Seinen Lieben Jungen Freunden Und Freundinnen Unternommen
306823: WAGNER, MARGARETE - Das Alte Nurnberg: Einblick in Vier Jahrhunderte Handwerksleben
308065: WAGNER, RICHARD; HUCKEL, OLIVER - Lohengrin, Romantic Opera in Three Acts
308069: WAGNER, RICHARD - Parcifal: Ein Buhnenweihfestspiel
322707: WAGNER, HUGO - Rene Auberjonois: Zeichnungen
323721: WAGNER, WOLF SIEGFRIED - La Famille Wagner Et Bayreuth, 1876-1976
310345: WAKOSKI, DIANE - Virtuoso Literature for Two and Four Hands
323174: WALDBERG, PATRICK - Carlo Guarienti: Le Presage Du Passe
12681: WALDO, MYRA - Myra Waldo's Travel Guide to South America
340485: WALK, JOHN - The Big Book of Fenton Glass, 1940-1970
331475: WALKER, DAVID H. - Pioneers of Prosperity
319294: WALKER, DIANE N., ED. - American Architecture: The State of the Art in the 80s
303027: WALKER, JOHN - American Masters in the National Gallery
318376: WALKER, VERNON F. "IKE - Reflections of a Hoosier Fisherman
339062: WALKER, JULIA A. - Expressionism and Modernism in the American Theatre: Bodies, Voices, Words
007305: WALKER, JAMES A. - An Integrated Approach to Education, Work, and Offender Reintegration, Final Report
316432: WALKER, GARY C. - CIVIL War Tales, Volume II
339291: WALKER, GARY G. - The War in Virginia 1861-65
328137: WALLACE, LEE A. - Contributions to a History of the Richmond Howitzer Battalion (Army of Northern Virginia)
309481: WALLACE, JR., LEE A. - Under the Stars and Bars: A History of the Surry Light Artillery
326583: WALLACE, JERRY - An Arkansas Judge: Being a Sketch of the Life and Public Service of Judge J.G. Wallace 1850-1927
330321: WALLACE, HENRY - Uncle Henry's Own Story of His Life: Personal Reminicences, Vol. I
307275: WALSER, GEROLD - Rom, Das Reich Und Die Fremden Volker in Der Geschichtsschreibung Der Fruhen Kaiserzeit
342344: WALSER, RICHARD G. - North Carolina Poetry
300613: WALSH, BARENT W.; ROSEN, PAUL M. - Self-Mutilation: Theory, Research, and Treatment
330864: LOWRIE, WALTER AND WALTER S. FRANKLIN - American State Papers. Class IV Commerce and Navigation. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the First to the Third Session of the Thirteenth Congress, Commencing March 3, 1789, and Ending March 3, 1815, Volume VII
330865: LOWRIE, WALTER AND MATTHEW ST. CLAIR CLARKE - American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the First to the Third Session of the Thirteenth Congress, Inclusive: Commencing March 3, 1789, and Ending March 3, 1815. Class IV Commerce and Navigation, Volume VII
330445: WALTER, KARL - Co-Operation in Changing Italy: A Survey
305220: WALTER, INGO - International Economics of Pollution
331340: LOWRIE, WALTER AND WALTER S. FRANKLIN, EDS. - American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the Fourteenth to the First Session of the Eighteenth Congress, Inclusive: Commencing December 4, 1815, and Ending May 27, 1834, Class VIII, Public Lands
330866: LOWRIE, WALTER AND WALTER S. FRANKLIN - American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Session of the Fourteenth to the Second Session of the Seventeenth Congress, Inclusive, Commencing March 3, 1815 and Ending March 3, 1823 Class IV, Commerce and Navigation Volume II
322550: PREVENIER, WALTER AND WIM BLOCKMANS - Les Pays-Bas Bourguignons
325735: BROWNE, WALTER AND E. DE ROY KOCH, EDS. - Who's Who on the Stage, 1908: Dramatic Reference Book and Biographical Dictionary of the Theatre, Containing Careers of Actors, Actresses, Managers and Playwrights of the American Stage
341466: WALTERS, JOHN; WILEY, KENNETH, ED. - Norfolk Blues: The CIVIL War Diary of the Norfolk Light Artillery Blues
342527: WALTHER, INGO F., ED. - Masterpieces of Western Art (Jumbo Series)
318519: WALTHER, C. F. W; EDITED BY CARL S. MEYER - Walther Speaks to the Church: Selected Letters
342496: WALTHER, INGO F., ED. - Impressionist Art: 1860-1920, Volume I, Volume II
339737: WALTHERS, WILLIAM K. - Walthers 2000 Ho Scale Model Railroad Reference Book
342487: WALTON, IZAAK, AND CHARLES COTTON; JOHN MAJOR, ED. - The Compleat Angler, or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation
318898: WALTON, ROGER, GENERAL EDITOR - Typographics 3: Global Vision
323920: WANGERMEE, ROBERT - La Musique Flamande Dans la Societe Des Xve Et Xvie Siecles
317844: MONTGOMERY WARD - Montgomery Ward Spring 1976 Bicentennial Edition Catalog
341702: WARD, PATRICIA SPAIN - Simon Baruch: Rebel in the Ranks of Medicine, 1840-1921
338812: WARD, LYDIA AVERY COONLEY - Chronicles of an American Home: Hillside (Wyoming, New York) and Its Family 1858-1928
005818: WARD, MRS. HUMPHREY - Eleanor, Volume II
317239: A. H. [HERBERT DICKINSON WARD] - Lauriel: The Love Letters of an American Girl
328182: EDWARDS, WARD AND J. ROBERT NEWMAN - Multiattribute Evaluation (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)
304807: PUTNAM, FREDERIC WARD AND A.L. KROEBER, EDS. - University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology, Volume 8
320437: WARFEL, STEPHEN G. - A Patch of Land Owned by the Company
302766: WARK, ROBERT R. - The Followers of William Blake
324986: WARNER, J.J., BENJAMIN HAYES, AND J.P. WIDNEY - An Historical Sketch of Los Angeles County California, from the Spanish Occupancy by the Founding of the Mission San Gabriel Archangel, September 8, 1771, to July 4, 1876
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