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324715: GUILLAUD, JACQUELINE AND GUILLAUD, MAURICE - Goya: The Phantasmal Vision
325509: BEAUFFET, JACQUES ET AL. - L'Art En Europe: Les Annees Decisives 1945-1954
325503: DUPONT, JACQUES AND FRANCOIS MATHEY - Caravaggio to Vermeer: The Great Centuries of Painting, XVII Century
316543: WAINER, JACQUES AND ARIADNE CARVALHO, EDS. - Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 12th Brazilian Symposium on Artificial Intelligence
309785: JAESCHKE, ERNST - Bruno Gutmann: His Life, His Thoughts, and His Work
341106: JAFFE, MICHELLE SHARON - The Story of O: Prostitutes and Other Good-for-Nothings in the Renaissance
340428: JAFFE, ALAN - J. Chein & Co. : A Collector's Guide to an American Toymaker
316876: JAFFIN, DAVID - Emptied Spaces
319681: JAGGER, MARGARET BAYLESS - Powwow on the River Bank: A True Story of the Elkhorn MILL
300290: JAINE, TOM - Petits Propos Culinaires 82, Essays and Notes of Food, Cookery, and Cookery Books
303655: JAKUBANS, ANDRIS - Vakarinis Ar Klaunu: Stasti
328863: JAMES, G.D. - Homomorphisms between Specht Modules
320227: HARSTAD, JAMES AND CHERYL A. HARSTAD - Asian-Pacific Literature, Volume Two
340971: HORROCKS, JAMES AND A.S. LEWIS, ED. - My Dear Parents: The CIVIL War Seen by an English Union Soldier
329853: JAMES, HENRY; PERCY LUBBOCK, ED. - The Letters of Henry James, Volume I, Volume II
307800: JAMES, PAUL, VASO NADARAJAH, KAREN HAIVE, AND VICTORIA STEAD - Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Development: Other Paths for Papua New Guinea
306945: BENSON, JAMES AND WILLIAM S. GREAVES, EDS. - Systemic Perspectives on Discourse, Volume 1
011566: JAMES, WARREN; INTRODUCTION BY CHRISTIAN NORBERG-SCHULZ - Kohn Pedersen Fox: Architecture and Urbanism, 1986-1992
325157: ST. JAMES, ASHLEY - Vallotton, Graveur
340199: MEASELL, JAMES AND BERRY WIGGINS - Great American Glass of the Roaring 20s and Depression Era, Book 2
326907: JAMES, EDMUND J., JOSEPH R. FULKERSON, LAFAYETTE FUNK - Fourth Report of the Illinois Highway Commission: For the Years 1910-1911-1912
010393: JAMES, HAROLD - A German Identity, 1770-1990
303070: PEOPLES, JAMES AND GARRICK BAILEY - Humanity: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Ninth Edition
323793: HALVORSON, JAMES AND CHRIS L. MOSER, EDS. - Mesoamerican Notes, Volume 6
330200: JAMES, HENRY - Richard Olney and His Public Service, with Documents Including Unpublished Diplomatic Correspondence
310593: ORTH, JANE AND RUTH CAMPBELL, EDS. - Autumn Leaves Prose and Poetry: Turner Writing Groups
308645: JANES, ARTHUR L. - Second Year Latin, for Sight Reading: Selections from Caesar and Nepos
339751: VOGEL, JANICE AND RICHARD VOGEL - Conta & Boehme Product Catalog
340235: VOGEL, JANICE AND RICHARD VOGEL - Victorian Trinket Boxes: A Handbook with Price Guide for the Collector
340123: VOGEL, JANICE AND RICHARD VOGEL - Conta & Boehme Porcelain: Identification and Value Guide
339752: VOGEL, JANICE AND RICHARD VOGEL - Conta & Boehme Porcelain, Identification and Value Guide
306949: JANKOWSKI, MARTIN SANCHEZ - City Bound: Urban Life and Political Attitudes Among Chicano Youth
330922: JANNEY, SAMUEL M. - History of the Religious Society of Friends, from Its Rise to the Year 1828, Complete in Four Volumes
330928: JANNEY, SAMUEL M. - Memoirs of Samuel M. Janney, Late of Lincoln, Loudoun County, Va. , a Minister in the Religious Society of Friends
303626: JANOVSKIS, GUNARS - Dziesma Mezam: No Marca Umura Atsatajam Piezimem
306119: JANSONS, ULAFS - Laikmeta Liecibas
323070: JANSSENS, JACQUES - James Ensor
304451: JANSSENS, A. - Stratigraphy of the Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Rocks in Ohio
327075: JANUARY, MARJORIE G., ELMER E. SIMMONS, W.P. FULLER, JR., AND MARY LOUISE O'BRIEN - Ninety Years: The Story of William Parmer Fuller
318086: HEINZE, TH. , M. JANURA AND A. KOSCHELLA, EDS. - Structure and Properties of Cellulose: Selected Contributions from the Conference in Wiesbaden (Germany) , June 26-28, 2007
324791: JARDI, ENRIC - Nonell
340475: JARGSTORF, SIBYLLE - Paperweights
008307: JARMAN, ROSEMARY HAWLEY - The King's Grey Mare
325738: JAROSLAVSKIS, M. - Leninas: Jo Gyvenimas Ir Darbai
341044: JARRELL, RANDALL - The Bat-Poet
340351: JARRETT, JACOB N. - Price Guide to Pocket Knives
328864: JATEAONKAR, A. V. - Left Principal Ideal Rings
303700: JAUNSUDRABINS, JANIS - Mana Dzive
303563: JAUNSUDRABINS, JANIS - Es Stastu Savai Sievai
339319: LUVA, JAY AND HAROLD W. NELSON, EDS. - The U.S. Army War College Guide to the Battle of Antietam: The Maryland Campaign of 1862
323332: DR. D. JAYNE - Jayne's Medical Almanac and Guide to Health, 1874
340130: D'ALBIS, JEAN AND CELESTE ROMANET - La Porcelaine de Limoges
322982: DANIELOU, JEAN AND HENRI MARROU - Nouvelle Histoire de L'Eglise, Complete in Four Volumes
325382: MILLIER, JEAN ET AL. - L'Oeil Double de Gaetan Picon, 18 Avril-18 Juin 1979
329602: JEANS, J.H. - The Nebular Hypothesis & Modern Cosmogony, Being the Halley Lecture, Delivered on 23 May, 1922
320321: JEFFERSON, JOSEPH - The Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson
326466: JEFFRIES, III, THOMAS TABB - Kenton Harper of Virginia: Editor, Citizen, Soldier
306157: JELONEK, MARK P. - Toward an Air and Space Force: Naval Aviation and the Implications for Space Power
321535: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; DAVID H. JENNINGS, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 75, Number 2/3, 1966
005241: JENNINGS, ELIZABETH - Extending the Territory
331194: JENNINGS, N.A. - A Texas Ranger
326336: JENNINGS, WALTER WILSON - A Dozen Captains of American Industry
305562: KRUUSE, JENS AND OLE STORM - Halvtreds Mesterfortaellinger
305554: JENSEN, KARIN, ED. - 50 Ernes Biler: 200 Biler Fra Hele Verden
305645: JENSEN, JOHANNES V. - Udvalgte Prosastykker: Med Indledning Og Oplysninger Ved Morten Borup Og Peter Ilsoe
340291: JENYNS, R. SOAME - Chinese Art: The Minor Arts II
320033: BOURDON, JEROME AND CECILE MEADEL, EDS. - Television Audiences Across the World: Deconstructing the Ratings Machine
331100: JERROLD, DOUGLAS - Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures
307453: ZUTELL, JERRY AND SANDRA MCCORMICK, EDS. - Learner Factors/Teacher Factors: Issues in Literacy Research and Instruction--Fortieth Yearbook of the National Reading Conference
340676: BAILEY, JERRY WITH TOM PEDULLA - Against the Odds: Riding for My Life
327263: JERVIS, W.P. - The Encyclopedia of Ceramics
330692: DE JESUS, CAROLINA MARIA - Ma Vraie Maison
330735: DE JESUS, CAROLINA MARIA - Le Depotoir
327875: JEWEL, JAMES; DOSTER, GARY L., ED. [EDITOR]; ROGERS, WILLIAM WARREN SR. [FOREWORD]; - Dear Sallie... : The Letters of Confederate Private James Jewel, Echols Light Artillery, Oglethorpe County, Georgia
318427: JEWETT, SARAH ORNE - Country by-Ways
339836: JEWITT, LLEWELLYNN FREDERICK WILLIAM - The Ceramic Art of Great Britain from Pre-Historic Times Down to the Present Day: Being a History of the Ancient and Modern Pottery and Porcelain Works of the Kingdom, and of Their Productions of Every Class, Volume 2
305864: JHA, PREM SHANKAR - Managed Chaos: The Fragility of the Chinese Miracle
317036: JIANOU, IONEL - Henry Moore
338591: JILLSON, WILLARD ROUSE - Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds: A Complete Index to All of the Earliest Land Entries, Military Warrants, Deeds and Wills of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
009691: GOOTEE, JIM AND CHRISTY - Messages from the Two Hearts, to the Small Flame and the Red Rose
308849: MOREHEAD, JIM AND JIMMY CASSIN - Sentimental Me
340436: SUPICA, JIM AND RICHARD NAHAS; DAN SHIDELER, ED. - Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson
340142: HARRAN, JIM AND SUSAN HARRAN - Decorative Plates: Identification & Value Guide
304268: JIMENEZ, ANTONIO NUNEZ - Hacia Una Cultura de la Naturaleza
308626: JIMENEZ, RAMIRO - Daily Feast: La Puerta Azul Cookbook
320106: JIMENO, MYRIAM - Juan Gregorio Palechor: The Story of My Life
319850: JOCHUM, K.P.S. - W.B. Yeats: A Classified Bibliography of Criticism
324743: JOCOU, ANDRE - Jean Milo (French Edition)
340621: JODIDIO, PHILIP - A Racing and Breeding Tradition: The Horses of the Aga Khan
340461: KELLER, JOE AND MARK GIBBS - English Transferware: Popular 20th Century Patterns
302121: JOFFE, RUSSELL T.; CALABRESE, JOSEPH R. - Anticonvulsants in Mood Disorders
339230: JOHANNSEN, ROBERT W. - The Frontier, the Union, and Stephen A. Douglas
305636: BROBY-JOHANSEN, R. - Hverdagskunst-Verdenskkunst
302680: JOHANSONS, ANDREJS - Rigas Svarki Mugura
308539: POTTS, JOHN AND JOHN SCANNELL, EDS. - The Unacceptable
317658: MCBRIDE, JOHN AND PAUL VANGELISTI (EDS.) - Invisible City, Number Eleven, January, 1974
339256: FLETCHER, JOHN AND MARTIN STANTON - Jean Laplanche: Seduction, Translation, Drives
328361: JOHN, EVAN - Atlantic Impact 1861
339652: KOUMOULIDES, JOHN AND LAZAROS DERIZIOTIS - Churches of Aghia in Larissa
329760: FAIRFAX, JOHN AND SYLVIA COOK - Oars Across the Pacific
321698: MARSTON JOHNS - The Venus Venture
304548: JOHNSEN, JULIA G., COMPILER - Selected Articles on Government Ownership of Coal Mines
011808: JOHNSON, STOWERS - Gay Bulgaria
340451: JOHNSON, DONALD-BRIAN - Higgins: Adventures in Glass
305228: JOHNSON, G. WESLEY, JR. - Phoenix in the Twentieth Century: Essays in Community History
011537: JOHNSON, J.P. - The Pre-Historic Period in South Africa
338473: JOHNSON, ROSSITER - Morning Lights and Evening Shadows
338341: JOHNSON, KENNETH M. - The Life and Times of Edward Robeson Taylor, Physician, Lawyer, Poet, and Politician
318681: JOHNSON, ROSSITER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Brief Biographies of Authors, Administrators, Clergymen, Commanders, Editors, Engineers, Jurists, Merchants, Officials, Philanthropists, Scientists, Statesmen... In Ten Volumes
325084: JOHNSON, MRS. A. E. - Clarence and Corinne, or God's Way
338415: JOHNSON, WALTER - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Presidents and the People, 1929-1959
308322: JOHNSON, HUGH A., GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 57, Number 5
13314: JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE - The Sorcerer's Son and Other Stories
331201: JOHNSON, STANLEY C. - A History of Emigration from the United Kingdom to North America 1763-1912
326160: JOHNSON, ROGER, ED. - The Musgrave Papers: Fourteenth Issue 2001, 'a Hound It Was... '
006313: JOHNSON, SYDNEY M. - Deterioration, Maintenance and Repair of Structures
340924: STAHL, WILLIAM HARRIS, WITH RICHARD JOHNSON AND E.L. BURGE - Martianus Capella and the Seven Liberal Arts, Volume I: The Quadrivium of Martianus Capella Latin Traditions in the Mathematical Sciences 50 B.C. -A.D. 1250
321980: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - Highways and Byways of the Mississippi Valley
339455: JOHNSON, THOMAS M.; SARGENT, CAROLYN F. - Medical Anthropology: A Handbook of Theory and Method
317939: JOHNSON, W. H. - Johnson's Gems & Jingles
325825: JOHNSON, ROSSITER - Phaeton Rogers: A Novel of Boy Life
009726: JOHNSON, GARY - Hell You Say
323194: JOHNSON, SIDONA V., COMPILER - A Short History of Oregon: Early Discoveries--the Lewis and Clark Exploration--Settlement--Government--Indian Wars--Progress
325887: JOHNSON, SEVERANCE - The Gold of Croesus or Gold and Fire, a Drama in Four Acts
005053: JOHNSON, J. GLOVER - Highroads of the Universe, an Introduction to Christian Philosophy
330053: JOHNSON, WILLIAM HENRY - French Pathfinders in North America
003176: JOHNSON, J. B. - Engineering Contracts and Specifications, Including a Brief Synopsis of the Law of Contracts and Illustrative Examples of the General and Technical Clauses of Various Kinds of Engineering Specifications
327955: JOHNSON, TYLER V. - Devotion to the Adopted Country: U.S. Immigrant Volunteers in the Mexican War
317642: JOHNSON, WILLIAM M. - The House on Corbett Street, a Novel of Negro Stirrings Amid Discontent
340310: JOHNSON, DONALD-BRIAN - Higgins: Poetry in Glass
322439: JOHNSTON, MARY - The Long Roll
328605: JOHNSTON, RICHARD B. - Proton Magnetometry and Its Application to Archaeology: An Evaluation at Angel Site.
339239: JOHNSTON, MARY - The Long Roll
328326: JOHNSTON, J. AMBLER - Echoes of 1861-1961 (CIVIL War Roundtable, Richmond)
303583: JOHYANSONS, ANDREJS - Latviesu Literatura I. Gramata
316656: GODDEN, JON AND RUMER - Shiva's Pigeons: An Experience of India
329089: JONAH, DAVID W. - Cohomology of Coalgebras
340174: JONAS, F.M. - Netsuke
322420: JONASSEN, CHRISTEN T. - Value Systems and Personality in a Western Civilization: Norwegians in Europe and America
317605: BLACK, JONATHAN ET AL., EDS. - Mediaeval Studies, Volume 63, 2001
317145: JONES, REVEREND J. WILLIAM - Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume X
329265: JONES, DAVID T. - Two Protozoans from Great Salt Lake
323720: ROBERTS-JONES, PHILIPPE - Beyond Time and Place: Non-Realist Painting in the Nineteenth Century
340763: KAVANAUGH-JONES, HELEN, ED. - Splendid Vision, Unswerving Purpose: Developing Air Power for the United States Air Force During the First Century of Powered Flight
327490: JONES, BURR W. - Reminiscences of Nine Decades
317127: JONES, REVEREND WILLIAM, ED. - Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume IV
326404: JONES, DECATUR - The Impure Hand
328354: JONES, EVAN - Citadel in the Wilderness: The Story of Fort Snelling and the Old Northwest Frontier
317128: JONES, REVEREND WILLIAM, ED. - Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume III
331111: JONES, LOUISE SEYMOUR - Have Patience Little Saint: A Gardener's Crusade
329770: JONES, DAVID C., ED. - The Chestnut Burr 1957
317967: JONES, TIMOTHY K. - Manchester College: A Century of Faith, Learning and Service, 1889-1989
339458: JONES, WILBUR DEVEREUX - The Confederate Rams at Birkenhead: A Chapter in Anglo-American Relations
321127: JONES, LLOYD - Biografi: A Traveler's Tale
328606: JONES, NEVILLE - The Archaeology of Lochard
306702: JONES, MAY F., ED. - Memoirs and Speeches of Locke Craig, Governor of North Carolina 1913-1917
340770: JONES, WILLIAM E., ED. - Nutrition for the Equine Athlete
328302: JONES, SADIE - The Outcast
317096: JONES, REV. J. WILLIAM, ED., SECRETARY OF THE SOUTHERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume XXI
308915: JONES, PETER, ED. - Proceedings of the Aids Conference 1986, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Uk
323714: ROBERTS-JONES, PHILIPPE - La Peinture Irrealiste Au Xixe Siecle
324547: ROBERTS-JONES, PHILIPPE - Magritte Poete Visible: Belgique, Art Du Temps/Etudes Et Monographies
301582: JONES, ROBERT OWEN; WILLIAMS, GLANMOR - The Celts and the Renaissance
329199: JONES, BENJAMIN - Co-Operative Production, Two Volumes in One
320699: JONES, RICHARD, ED. - Poetry East, 1980-2000; the Last Believer in Words; They Say This; Who Are the Rich and Where Do They Live?
339476: JONES, VIRGIL CARRINGTON - Eight Hours Before Richmond
339459: JORDAN, WEYMOUTH T. - Rebels in the Making: Planters' Conventions and Southern Propaganda
340128: JORDAN, DEREK H. - Victorian China Fairings
317880: JORDAN, JIM - Red Sky and Blue Airplane: Poems
317259: JORDAN, ELIZABETH - Young Mr. X
331316: JORDAN, DE ESTA - Letters
338657: JORDAN, JOHN W. - A History of Delaware County Pennsylvania and Its People, Volume I and Volume II
340240: JOSEPH, ADRIAN M., HUGH M. MOSS, AND S.J. FLEMING - Chinese Pottery Burial Objects of the Sui and T'Ang Dynasties
317601: JOSEPH, ALLISON - In Every Seam
317420: MURPHEY, JOSEPH AND DALE PRENTISS - Architectural Inventory and Assessment of Arsenal Acres (Originally Officer Housing of the U.S. Naval Ordnance Plant) [Draft Copy]
328865: JOUBERT, G.P., R.P. LOUSSU, AND R.H. ROUSSARIE, EDS. - Differential Topology and Geometry
329897: JOUFFROY, ALAIN - La Vie Rã©Inventã©E: L'Explosion Des Annã©E 20 ã  Paris
330688: JOUHANDEAU, MARCEL - Prudence Hautechaume
330689: JOUHANDEAU, MARCEL - Opales
309049: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2002
340076: MILLER JR., EDWARD A. - Lincoln's Abolitionist General: The Biography of David Hunter
317418: ALGER, HORATIO, JR. AND O. AUGUSTA CHENEY - Seeking His Fortune, and Other Dialogues
309119: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2002
340859: STILL JR., WILLIAM N. - Confederate Shipbuilding
309120: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2002
309048: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2000
340879: HALL JR., SIDNEY - Fumbling in the Light
309052: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 1999
309123: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2006
317171: GLINES, CARROLL V., JR. AND WENDELL F. MOSELEY - Grand Old Lady: Story of the Dc-3
306161: SHULTZ, RICHARD H., JR. AND ROBERT L. PFALTZGRAFF, JR. - The Future of Air Power in the Aftermath of the Gulf War
319029: WINGARD, ROBERT C., JR. ET AL. - Soil Survey of Orange County, Indiana
339328: NATHANIEL CHEAIRS HUGHES JR.; ROY P. STONESIFER JR. - The Life and Wars of Gideon J. Pillow
309050: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2003
309047: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2000
309121: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2001
309122: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2001
309051: CLANCY, JOE, JR. AND WILLIAM GALLO, JR., EDS. - American Steeplechasing 2004
305782: CAREY, DAVID, JR. & ROBERT ATKINSON, EDS. - Latino Voices in New England
325359: PERUCHO, JUAN AND LEOPOLDO POMES - Gaudi: Una Arquitectura de Anticipacion
338143: FARQUHAR, JUDITH AND MARTA HANSON - Positions, Volume 6, Number 3, Winter 1998
328866: JUEL, C. - Uber Flachen Von Maximalindex
323340: JUIN, HUBERT - Victor Hugo, 1802-1843; Victor Hugo, 1844-1870
340594: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: Important Toy, Doll & Advertising Auction at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
340609: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: Important Lamp and Glass Auction at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
340597: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: The Lamp & Glass Event of the Year! at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
340608: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: Important Lamp and Glass Auction at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
340607: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: Important Lamp and Glass Auction at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
340606: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: Important Lamp and Glass Auction at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
340605: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: Important Lamp and Glass Auction at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
340596: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: Important Toy, Doll & Advertising Auction at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
340610: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: Important Lamp and Glass Auction at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
340595: JAMES D. JULIA, INC. - James D. Julia, Inc. Presents: Important Toy, Doll & Advertising Auction at Our Fairfield, Maine Facility
316640: JULICH, HERMANN - Arlesheim Und Odilie: Historie Und Legende Eines Dorfes Und Seines Guten Geistes
004924: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, E. (EDITOR) - The Life of Shakespeare and an Analysis of His Plays
329305: SUZUKI, JUN AND MASAO MINATO - On the Existence of Pebbles of Crystalline Schist in the Palaeozoics of the Kitakami Mountainhead, Japan
330579: STARR, JUNE AND JANE F. COLLIER, EDS. - History and Power in the Study of Law: New Directions in Legal Anthropology (Anthropology of Contemporary Issues)
330851: JUNG, C.G. - The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature
314438: JUREVICS, PAULS - Kulturas Sejas, Esejas (Planting - Essays)
324866: GLAESEMER, JURGEN AND MARILYN MCCULLY - Der Junge Picasso: Fruhwerk Und Blaue Periode
009517: MEYER-KORTE, JURGEN AND ROLF METZING - Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Picture and Development of a City
306217: JURGENS, PANJA - Wings of Peace
319686: JUSUPOV, ARTUR - C43: Ruska Odbrana (Petroff's Defence)
340516: JUTHEAU, VIVIANE - Fine Chinese Snuff Bottles, Dating from the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries
328814: FLORET, K. AND J. WLOKA - Einfuhrung in Die Theorie Der Lokalkonvexen Raume
307029: KINZER, CHARLES K. AND DONALD LEU, EDS. - Literacy Research, Theory, and Practice, Forty-First Yearbook of the National Reading Conference
303058: DIEM, K. AND C. LENTNER, EDS. - Scientific Tables
309829: KAEGI, ADOLF - Kurzgefasste Griechische Schulgrammatik
306733: KAGAN, SHARON LYNN, ED. - The Care and Education of America's Young Children: Ninetieth Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Part 1
315779: KAGAN, NORMAN - The Cinema of Oliver Stone
340920: KAHANE, HOWARD - Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric: The Use of Reason in Everyday Life
338342: KAHN, OTTO H. - Of Many Things, Being Reflections and Impressions on International Affairs, Domestic Topics and the Arts
318529: KAHN, ELEANOR WOLF: EDITED BY JENNIFER RAE DEAM - The Rooms of Our House, and Other Stories
308864: KAIHAN, MAEWA, CLEMENT SCOTT, AND DOROTHY STEWART - Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song)
010466: KALB, BERNARD; KALB, MARVIN - The Last Ambassador
321255: KALDA, OZEF - Diary of One Who Vanished: A Song Cycle by Leos Janacek of Poems by Ozef Kalda
303596: KALDUPE, SKAIDRITE - Padebesu Kalns
011931: KALINSKI, TODD - Septic Stick
324762: KALITINIA, NINA - Claude Monet: Paintings in Soviet Museums
301594: KALNINS, ROBERTS (SELPILIETIS) - Baltu Sencu: Vissenakas Un Velakas Dzives Vietas
310592: KAMIEN, MAX - The Dark People of Bourke: A Study of Planned Social Change
328868: KAMPASKY, IRVING, MARSHALL HALL, JR., EDWIN HEWITT, AND ROBERT FORTET - Some Aspects of Analysis and Probability, IV
306134: KAN, I. - La Defence Dans la Partie D' Echecs
327775: KANAZAWICH, MICHAEL - Remarkable Stories of the Lincoln Assassination
317459: KANDASAMY, W.B. VASANTHA - Smarandache Semigroups
317458: KANDASAMY, W. B. VASANTHA - Groupoids and Smarandache Groupoids
328870: KANE, RICHARD M., ET AL., EDS. - Current Trends in Algebraic Topology
005365: KANGA, FIRDAUS - Heaven on Wheels
320282: KAPLAN, FRED - Dickens and Mesmerism: The Hidden Springs of Fiction
341104: KAPOSI, MORIZ - Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of the Skin for Practitioners and Students
011038: KARANOWSKI, STANLEY M. - The German Army and Nato Strategy (National Security Affairs Monograph Series No. 82-2
308342: KARAPETOFF, VLADIMIR - Rhythmical Tales of Stormy Years: A Collection of Poems by Vladimir Karapetoff
322883: VAN ISACKER, KAREL AND RAYMOND VAN UYTVEN - Anvers: Douze Siecles D'Art Et D'Histoire
325373: CLAUS, HUGO, WITH APPEL, KAREL AND SAUL ALECHINSKY - Appel & Alechinsky, Encres a Deux Pinceaux (French Edition)
340514: HORMAN, KAREN AND POLLY MINICK - Sand Pail Encyclopedia: A Complete Value Guide for Tin-Litho Sand Toys
329605: CALLISEN, KAREN AND HANS PAULY - The Aarhus Meteorites
328871: KARKKAINEN, TOMMI - Error Estimates for Distributed Parameter Identification Problems
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330581: WRIGHT, ANGUS LINDSAY AND WENDY WOLFORD - To Inherit the Earth: The Landless Movement and the Struggle for a New Brazil
330298: LINDSAY, VACHEL - The Golden Book of Springfield: Being the Review of a Book That Will Appear in the Autumn of the Year 2018, and an Extended Description of Springfield, Illinois, in That Year
319719: LINDSAY, MR., THOMAS EDWARD BATEMAN, AND JOHN P. MAYNARD - Biographical Directory General Assembly Ohio 1929-1930
338118: LINDSEY, BESSIE M. - Lore of Our Land Picture in Glass, Volume II: Historical Association Adds Distinction to Glassware
320178: LINDSEY, BESSIE M. - American Historical Glass
328656: LINDSTROM, JOYCE, COMPILER - Bullitt, County Kentucky Marriages 1797-1876
306784: LINGENBERG, JORG - Das Fernsehspiel in Der Ddr
339398: LINK, WILLIAM A. - Roots of Secession: Slavery and Politics in Antebellum Virginia
328074: LINN, JOHN B., & WILLIAM H. EGLE, EDS. - Pennsylvania Archives (Second Series) Volume XIII
323503: LINN, DON - Harrier in Action - Aircraft Number 58
305489: LINNEMANN, WILLY-AUGUST - Doden Ma Have En Arsag
306762: LINSKIE, ROSELLA - The Learning Process: Theory and Practice
309714: LIPCHITZ, JACQUES, WITH H.H. ARNASON - My Life in Sculpture
325311: LIPMAN, JEAN - Art in America, Volume Fifty-One, Number One, 1963
325308: LIPMAN, JEAN - Art in America, Volume Fifty-One, Number Five, 1963
325314: LIPMAN, JEAN - Art in America, Volume Fifty-Two, Number Two, 1964
325312: LIPMAN, JEAN - Art in America, Volume Fifty-Two, Number Three, 1964
325271: LIPMAN, JEAN - Art in American, Number Five, 1963
325309: LIPMAN, JEAN - Art in America, Volume Fifty-One, Number Four, 1963
325313: LIPMAN, JEAN - Art in America, Volume Fifty-One, Number Six, 1963
317490: LIPMAN, JEAN - Nevelson's World
325310: LIPMAN, JEAN - Art in America, Volume Fifty-One, Number Two, 1963
316938: LIPOWSKI, ROBERT DE, ED. - Annuaire Des Steeple-Chases 1953
316940: LIPOWSKI, ROBERT DE, ED. - Annuaire Des Steeple-Chases 1956
316941: LIPOWSKI, ROBERT DE, ED. - Annuaire Des Steeple-Chases 1957
316942: LIPOWSKI, ROBERT DE, ED. - Annuaire Des Steeple-Chases 1958
316943: LIPOWSKI, ROBERT DE, ED. - Annuaire Des Steeple-Chases 1959
316944: LIPOWSKI, ROBERT DE, ED. - Annuaire Des Steeple-Chases 1968
316949: LIPOWSKI, ROBERT DE, ED. - Annuaire Des Steeple-Chases 1954
316939: LIPOWSKI, ROBERT DE, ED. - Annuaire Des Steeple-Chases 1955
319996: LIPPMANN, JULIE P. - Sweet P's
005271: LIPTZIN, SOL - The Maturing of Yiddish Literature
339039: LISTER, ENRIQUE - Basta!: Una Aportacion a la Lucha Por la Recuperacion Del Partido (Spanish Edition)
341059: BARON LISTER, JOSEPH - The Collected Papers of Joseph, Baron Lister, in Two Volumes
305281: SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE - Semeia: An Experimental Journal for Biblical Criticism, Volume 5
305283: SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE - Semeia: An Experimental Journal for Biblical Criticism, Volume 6
331310: LITTLE, DAVID MASON - Pineapples of Finest Flavour, or a Selection of Sundry Unpublished Letters of the English Roscius, David Garrick
309340: LITZ, A. WALTON - Wallace Stevens: The Poetry of Earth
329607: LIVADEAS, THEM. - Philosophical Discussions, Comprising Articles Concerning the New Philosophy & Philosophical Sciences of Apostolos Makrakis and the Philosophy of Spinoza and Its Pernicious Errors
339775: LIVERANI, GIUSEPPE - Five Centuries of Italian Majolica
306797: LIVERMORE, GEORGE ROBERTSON - Gonorrhea and Kindred Affections: Gonorrhea in the Male, Chancroid and Verruca Acuminata
339706: LIVINGSTON, W. ROSS - Responsible Government in Nova Scotia: A Study of the Constitutional Beginnings of the British Commonwealth (University of Iowa Studies)
324860: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID; HOLMES, TIMOTHY, ED. - Letters and Documents, 1841-1872
323478: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - R.B. Kitaj
303692: LIVS, EGONS - Slieksnis
340196: LLADRO - The Lladro Authorized Reference Guide
330553: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - L'Orgie Perpetuelle (Flaubert Et Madame Bovary)
330736: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - Pantaleon Et Les Visiteuses
329640: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - La Guerre de la Fin Du Monde
330678: LLOSA, MARIO VARGAS - La Demoiselle de Tacna: Piece En Deux Actes
338626: LLOYD, HOWARD WILLIAMS - Lloyd Manuscripts, Genealogies of the Families of Awbrey-Vaughan, Blunston, Burbeck, Garrett, Gibbons, Heacock, Hodge, Houlston, Howard, Hunt, Jarman, Jenkin-Griffith, Jones, Knight, Knowles, Lloyd, Newman, Pascahll, Paul, Pearson, Pennell, Pott, Pyle, Reed, Sellers, Smith, Thomas, Till, Williams, Wood: Welsh Records from the Collection of the Late Howard Williams Lloyd
327052: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Stringtown on the Pike: A Tale of Northern Kentucky
315766: LO, FULANG - Morning Breeze: A True Story of China's Cultural Revolution
313569: LOBDELL, HELEN - Thread of Victory: A Story of Reform in Britain's Cotton Mills
338899: LOCKE, EDWARD - Collected Poems, Volume One
304344: LOCKE, WALTER - John Halcyon's Father
303726: LOCKE, WALTER - This World, My Home
338438: LOCKE, DAVID ROSS - Hannah Jane
308350: LOCKE, WENDE - Split Hairs
327231: LOCKER, FREDERICK - The Poems of Frederick Locker
326786: LOCKMILLER, DAVID A. - Enoch H. Crowder: Soldier, Lawyer, and Statesman 1859-1932
306397: LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM G., ED. - Beyond Ethnic Boundaries: New Approaches in the Anthropology of Ethnicity
010016: LOCSEI, B. - Molten Silicates and Their Properties
007304: LODZINSKI, JACEK - Malarstwo Katarsyny Gawlowej
306862: LOEARNARD, WILLIAM ELLERY - A Son of Earth: Collected Poems by William Ellery Leonard
318641: LOESSER, FRANK, WORDS; MUSIC BY MATT MALNECK - Fidgety Joe: As Sung by Betty Grable and Phil Harris with Matt Malneck's Band in the Paramount Picture "Man About Town" Starring Jack Benny
328910: LOEWY, ALFRED - Uber Lineare Homogene Differentialsysteme Und Ihre Sequenten
328911: LOEWY, ALFRED - Zur Theorie Und Anwendung Der Intensitaten in Der Versicherungsmathemnatik
328913: LOEWY, A., ED. - Beitrage Zur Algebra, Parts 5-13, 18, 19
13455: LOFTHOUSE, W.F. - The Prophet of Reconstruction (Ezekiel): A Patriot's Ideal for a New Age
339740: LOFTUS, SIMON - Puligny-Montrachet: Journal of a Village in Burgundy
010460: LOGAN, JOHN - Poem in Progress
306562: ASKEW, MARC, WILLIAM S. LOGAN AND COLIN LONG - Vientiane: Transformations of a Lao Landscape
317498: LOGAN, JOHN - The Zig Zag Walk, Poems: 1963-1968
340744: LOHMAN, JACK - How to Make Money Investing in Thoroughbreds
331450: LOHMANN, KARL B. - Cities and Towns of Illinois: A Handbook of Community Facts
331372: LOKKEN, ROSCOE L. - Iowa Public Land Disposal
339918: HIGBY, LOLA AND WAYNE HIGBY - Bryce, Higbee and J.B. Higbee Glass
319009: LOLO, EDUARDO - Lo Que Queda de Aldea: Mas Sobre Jose Marti
331248: LOMAX, JOHN A. - Will Hogg, Texan
340693: SOTHEBY'S OF LONDON - Masterpieces of European Glass 1500-1900: A Selection from the Hida Takayama Museum of Art
340692: SOTHEBY'S OF LONDON - Important Robots and Antique Toys from the Estate of F.H. Griffith
340696: SOTHEBY'S OF LONDON - An Important Private Collection of Ming and Qing Porcelain
340695: SOTHEBY'S OF LONDON - Antiquities
340691: SOTHEBY'S OF LONDON - The Albert E. Wade Collection Part II
340694: SOTHEBY'S OF LONDON - Chinese Ceramic Sculpture from the Collection of Lillian Schloss
010747: LONG, REV. S.P. - The Way Made Plain: A Few Plain Sermons to Busy Adults Who Think They Have Not the Time to Make a Thorough Course of Catechetical Instructions
306782: LONG, MARK - The People Show
322344: CERRONI-LONG, E.L., ED. - Insider Anthropology, Napa Bulletin #16
328178: LONG, J. SCOTT - Confirmatory Factor Analysis: A Preface to Lisrel
305190: LONGACRE, LINDSAY - Amos, Prophet of a New Order
305074: LONGACRE, J.J. - The Collected Works, Volume I
318764: LONGACRE, ROBERT E. - Discourse, Paragraph, and Sentence Structure in Selected Philippine Languages
340878: WILSON, MARY ELIZABETH; CAROL STEWART LONGENECKER AND ELLEN D. SWAIN, EDS. - Growing Up with Bakers Corner: Mary Elizabeth Wilson, a Hamilton County Indiana Life
340334: LONGEST, DAVID - Collector's Toy Yearbook: 100 Years of Great Toys; Identification and Values
301305: LONGFELLOW - Familiar Jingles (Linen) 772
315572: LONGMATE, NORMAN - The Breadstealers: The Fight Against the Corn Laws, 1838-1846
328332: LONGSTREET, HELEN D. - Lee and Longstreet at High Tide: Gettysburg in the Light of the Official Records
339257: MYERS, LONNY AND HUNTER LEGGITT - Adultery & Other Private Matters: Your Right to Personal Freedom in Marriage
011286: LONSINGER, NANCY - Around the Stove in Roscoe's General Store, 1866
308070: LOOMIS, SABRA - The Ship
325841: VAN LOON, HENDRIK WILLEM - The Golden Book of the Dutch Navigators
006210: LOPATE, PHILLIP - The Rug Merchant
340989: LOPERFIDO, CHRISTOPHER - Death, Disease, and Life at War: The CIVIL War Letters of Surgeon James D. Benton, 111th and 98th New York Infantry Regiments, 1862-1865
341048: LOPERFIDO, CHRISTOPHER - Death, Disease, and Life at War: The CIVIL War Letters of Surgeon James D. Benton, 111th and 98th New York Infantry Regiments, 1862-1865
13989: LOPETRONE, PASQUALE - La Chiesa Abbaziale Florense Di San Giovanni in Fiore
324966: WYMAN, LORAINE AND HOWARD BROCKWAY - Lonesome Tunes: Folk Songs from the Kentucky Mountains
330716: GARCIA LORCA, FEDERICO - Chanson Gitanes Et Poemes (Romancero Gitan Et Poemes)
339337: GARCIA LORCA, FEDERICO; ARTURO DEL HOYA (EDITOR) - Obras Completas, Edicion Del Cincuentenaro
339040: GARCIA LORCA, FEDERICO; ARTURO DEL HOYA (EDITOR) - Obras Completas III: Prosa-Dibujos (Edicion Del Cincuentenaro)
327735: LORD, ELIOT, JOHN J.D. TRENOR, AND SAMUEL J. BARROWS - The Italian in America
307807: LORD, JOHN - Beacon Lights of History, 10-Volume Set
323027: LOREAU, MAX - Jean Dubuffet: Delits, Deportements, Lieux de Haut Jeu
328707: ARGABRIGHT, LOREN AND JUSUS GIL DE LAMADRID. - Foruier Analysis of Unbounded Measures on Locally Compact Abelian Groups
317441: LORENZ, EDMUND S. - Der Jugend-Chor. : Eine Sammlung Von Sehr Leichten Chorliedern F
008438: LORENZ, ELLEN JANE - The Amateur Organist's Manual
316533: DONATIELLO, LORENZO AND RANDOLPH NELSON, EDS. - Performance Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems
306343: BALDASSAR, LORETTA AND DONNA R. GABACCIA, EDS. - Intimacy and Italian Migration: Gender and Domestic Lives in a Mobile World
318262: LORING, LAURIE - A Queer Carriage, and Other Stories
339917: LORING, JOHN - Tiffany Flora: Tiffany Fauna
339003: FALK, LORNE AND BARBARA FISCHER, EDS. - The Event Horizon: Essays on Hope, Sexuality, Social Space & Media(Tion) in Art
323534: LOTHROP, S.K. - Treasures of Ancient America: The Arts of the Pre-Columbian Civilizations from Mexico to Peru
329940: LOTTMAN, HERBERT R. - Albert Camus
339173: LOUGHRAN, TRISH - The Republic in Print: Print Culture in the Age of U.S. Nation Building, 1770-1870
322427: ARAGON, LOUIS AND JEAN COCTEAU - Entretiens Sur le Musee de Dresde
12999: LOURIE, DICK - Stumbling
12866: LOURIE, DICK - The Dream Telephone
303112: LOURIE, DICK - Lies
327489: LOVE, ADELAIDE - The Star and the Leaf
326429: LOVELACE, LOUIS - In Medias Res
307966: LOVERIDGE, ARTHUR N. - A Man Who Knew How to Live Among His Fellow Men: A Graphic Life Story of Chester T. French
327070: LOW, BENJAMIN R.C. - The Sailor Who Has Sailed, and Other Poems
326008: D.A. LOW, J.C. ILTIS, & M.D. WAINWRIGHT, EDS. - Government Archives in South Asia: A Guide to National and State Archives in Ceylon, India, and Pakistan
301872: LOWE, WILLIAM C. - Roswell Feels the Fire, the Impact of Federal Policies During Sherman's Atlanta Campaign in July, 1864. The Papers of the Blue and Gray Education Society Number 16, Summer 2004
320008: LOWELL, AMY - Tendencies in Modern American Poetry
339012: LOWNEY, JOHN - The American Avant-Garde Tradition: William Carlos Williams, Postmodern Poetry, and the Politics of Cultural Memory
338134: LOWRIE, SARAH DICKSON - Strawberry Mansion, First Known As Somerton: The House of Many Masters
340977: LOWRY, THOMAS P. - The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell: Sex in the CIVIL War
326446: LOWRY, THOMAS P. - Tarnished Eagles: The Courts-Martial of Fifty Union Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels
323447: PIERRE LOZE - Paul de Gobert
340712: L.H. SELMAN LTD. - Fall 2006 Paperweight Price Guide & Auction
340719: L.H. SELMAN LTD. - Summer 2007 Paperweight Price Guide & Auction
325952: LUBKE, WILHELM - Die Kunst Der Barockzeit Und Des Rokoko
326186: DE LUCA, ANGELO - The Poet's Midnight Serenade: Presenting a Fragmentary Collection of the Only Version of the Song She Heard Through Her Open Bedroom Window
326588: LUCAS, GOVERNOR ROBERT - Executive Journal of Iowa 1838-1841
331192: LUCAS, E.V. - Down the Sky: An Entertainment
323838: FABRE-LUCE, ALFRED - Journal de la France, 1939-1944, Volume I, Volume II, Edition Definitive
328914: LUE, A.S.-T. - Basic Pure Mathematics II.
318518: LUECKE, DAVID S. - Apostolic Style and Lutheran Substance
324682: TONINELLI, LUIGI AND CARLI, ENZO - Marino Marini: Acquaforte 1914-1970
319738: LUISE, HERZOGIN VIKTORIA - Deutschlands Letzte Kaiserin
308053: LUKE, PETER - Hadrian the Seventh
306233: LUKOV, IGM VALENTIN; WIENIGK - System-Theorie Aus Aller Welt (Band 1)
328608: LUMHOLTZ, CARL; ALES HRDLICKA. - Trephining in Mexico
338070: LUMSDEN, JAMES - Through Canada in Harvest Time: A Study of Life and Labour in the Golden West
305635: LUNDBO, ORLA - Det Bedste de Skrev: Hojdepunkter I Vor Tids Danske Litteratur
325876: LUNDH, CHRISTER, SATOMI KUROSU, ET AL. - Similarity in Difference: Marriage in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900
330534: LUNDKVIST, ARTUR - Femmes Et Oiseaux
330821: LUNDSGAARDE, HENRY P., ED. - Land Tenure in Oceania
324549: LUPERTZ, MARKUS - Markus Lupertz: Belebte Formen Und Kalte Malerei, Gemalde Und Skulpturen
321215: LURIE, ALISON - The Truth About Lorin Jones
317376: LUSTER, HELEN - The Book of Tre
317364: LUSTER, HELEN - In Pisces
321700: LINK, LUTHER AND DONALD HORWITZ - Crickets Friction and Other Poems
317924: LINK, LUTHER AND DONALD HORWITZ - Crickets Fiction and Other Poems, by Luther Link, and Recitative and Aria, by Donald Horwitz (Two Titles Bound Together)
306899: LUTZ, JERRY - Pitchman's Melody: Shaw About "Shakespear
329925: LYMAN, EDWARD LEO - Political Deliverance
330016: LYNCH, JERIMIAH - A Senator of the Fifties: David C. Broderick of California
318231: LYNCH, KELLY, EDITOR/PUBLISHER - The Mccoy Lovers Newsletter, Vol. 5 No. 5 Through Volume 6 Number 5 (October/November 1992 Through October/November 1993), 7 Issues Total
328915: LYNCH, FREDERICK, D. - Pattern-Word List, Volume 1
317718: LYNCH, DAN - Dirty Little Secrets: Cartoons and Essays from the Previous Millennium and Beyond
339766: LYNDHURST, JOE - Military Collectibles: An International Directory of 20th Century Militaria
313363: LYNN, ANDREA - Shadow Lovers: The Last Affairs of H.G. Wells
330222: LYON, LEVERETT S., PAUL T. HOMAN, LEWIS L. LORWIN, GEORGE TERBORGH, CHARLES L. DEARING, AND LEON C. MARSHALL - The National Recovery Administration: An Analysis and Appraisal
339544: LYONS, JOHN - Semantics, Volume I, Volume II
319516: LYONS, KENNEDY; ILLUSTRATIONS BY CHARLES H. TOWNE - West Pointers on the Gridiron
340981: LYTLE, ANDREW NELSON - Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company
306769: TARPY, ROGER M. AND RICHARD E. MAYER - Readings in Learning and Memory
326612: CLARK, HUGH M. AND THERESA M. CLARK, EDS. - Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue: The Americas and the British Commonwealth of Nations, One Hundred and First Edition
338510: HOCHSTEIN, JOSEPH M. AND MURRAY S. GREENFIELD - The Jews' Secret Fleet: The Untold Story of North American Volunteers Who Smashed the British Blockade
340035: RUSSELL, RAY M. AND RONNY J. COLEMAN - Fire Truck Toys for Men and Boys: Volume II
327632: VLEKKE, BERNARD H.M. AND HENRY BEETS - Hollanders Who Helped Build America
327917: COSKI, JOHN M. AND DANIEL F. JASMAN, JR., EDS. - CIVIL War Regiments: A Journal of the American CIVIL War, Volume Five, No. 1--Treasures from the Archives: Select Holdings from the Museum of the Confederacy
328869: KANE, RICHARD M. ET AL., EDS. - Current Trends in Algebraic Topology
307741: THORNE, H.M. AND A.J. KRAEMER - Oil Shale in Spain
320905: SCHUELLER, HERBERT M. AND ROBERT L. PETERS, EDS. - The Letters of John Addington Symonds, Complete in Three Volumes
305882: FISHMAN, ROBERT M & ANTHONY M MESSINA - The Year of the Euro: The Cultural, Socia, and Political Import of Europe's Common Currency
323894: MELOT M. - L'Illustration

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