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18812: CAREY, EDWARD - Alva & Irva
21449: CAREY, EDWARD - Alva and Irva
29031: CAREY, PETER - Wrong About Japan a Father's Journey with His Son
1621: CAREY, PETER - The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith
24616: CAREY, PETER - My Life As a Fake
38171: CAREY, JOHN - William Golding: The Man Who Wrote Lord of the Flies
42517: CAREY, PETER - Jack Maggs
41546: CAREY, EDWARD - Observatory Mansions
28459: CAREY, PETER - Jack Maggs
31433: CARIERE, JEAN - Theognis de Mégare. Etude Sur le Recueil Elegiaque Attribue a Ce Poete.
2836: CARILLO, CHARLES - My Ride with Gus
24680: CARISSE, JEAN-MARC - Privileged Access with Trudeau, Turner & Chretien / Moments Privilegies Avec Trudeau, Turner & Chretien
27124: CARL, BARUS - Interferometer Experiments in Acoustics and Gravitation
42349: CARLE, ERIC - Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
47029: CARLE, ERIC - Eric Carle's Animals, Animals
44242: CARLE, ERIC - The Grouchy Ladybug
44699: CARLE, ERIC - Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the Sloth
32201: CARLE, ERIC - 10 Little Rubber Ducks
42568: CARLE, ERIC - 10 Little Rubber Ducks
36528: CARLETON, WILL - Farm Festivals
11759: CARLETON, WILL - Farm Ballads
11760: CARLETON, WILL - City Ballads
45725: CARLETON, WILLIAM - Denis o'Shaughnessy Going to Maynooth & the Party Fight and Funeral
45163: CARLEY, RACHEL - Cabin Fever: Rustic Style Comes Home
3979: CARLILE, CLANCY - The Paris Pilgrims
13308: CARLSON, LORI MARIE (ED.) - Barrio Streets, Carnival Dreams: Three Generations of Latino Artistry
14090: CARLSON, LELAND H. (ED.) - The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1587-1590 (Elizabethan Noncoformist Texts )
20087: CARLSON, LORI M. (ISABEL ALLENDE INTRO) - Where Angels Glide at Dawn: New Stories from Latin America
47066: CARLSON, STEPHAN C. - Topology of Surfaces, Knots, and Manifolds: A First Undergraduate Course
23940: CARLSON, MAUREEN - How to Make Clay Characters
47228: CARLSON, EVANS F. - Twin Stars of China: A Behind-the-Scenes Story of China's Valiant Struggle for Existence by a U.S. Marine Who Lived & Moved with the People
47227: CARLSON, EVANS FORDYCE - The Chinese Army: Its Organization and Military Efficiency
34767: CARLSON, ROBERT E. - Liverpool and Manchester Railway Project, 1821-31
40977: CARLSON, LELAND H. , ED. - The Writings of John Greenwood, 1587-1590: Together with the Joint Writings of Henry Barrow and John Greenwood, 1587-1590
32333: CARLSON, LINDA - Quilting to Soothe the Soul Create Memories for Today, Tomorrow & Forever
27547: CARLSTROM, NANCY WHITE - Northern Lullaby
26167: CARLTON, CHARLES - Royal Mistresses
22897: CARLUCCIO, ANTONIO - Antonio Carluccio's Italia the Recipes and Customs of the Region
2356: CARLYLE, THOMAS (CHARLES L. HANSON ED.) - Essay on Burns
16106: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Sartor Resartus
3984: CARMAN, BLISS & LORNE PIERCE (EDS.) - Our Canadian Literature: Representative Verse English and French
38297: CARMICHAEL, AL - 106 Yards
29161: CARMICHAEL, TREVOR A - Passport to the Heart Reflections on Canada Caribbean Relations
5613: CARMICHAEL, PRUE - Windfall
29587: CARMICHAEL, TREVOR A - Passport to the Heart Reflections on Canada Caribbean Relations
43176: CARMODY, CATHY; LOUISE LE BRUN - Out of Hiding: Reclaiming My Voice and Taking My Life Back
46982: CARNABY, ANN J. - Guidebook for Creating Three Dimensional Theatre Art
34344: CARNES, MARK C. - Novel History Historians and Novelists Confront America's Past
26636: CARNEY, WILLIAM WRAY - In the News the Practice of Media Relations in Canada
39717: CARO, IAN - The Road from the Past: Traveling Through History in France
16439: CAROLI, BETTY BOYD; ROBERT F. HARNEY; AND LYDIO F. TOMASI (EDS.) - The Italian Immigrant Woman in North America: Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Conference of the American Italian Historical Association, Oct. 1977
28039: CAROLI, BETTY BOYD - The Roosevelt Women
32444: CARON, PIERRE - La Naissance D'Une Nation - Coffret 3 Vol. (Emilienne / Marie / Therese )
36819: CARPENTER, CAPTAIN A. F. B. - The Blocking of Zeebrugge
2595: CARPENTER, EDWARD - Towards Democracy (1912). Complete in Four Parts)
12102: CARPENTER, RHYS - Beyond the Pillars of Heracles the Classical World Seen Through the Eyes of Its Discoverers
14207: CARPENTER, J. ESTLIN - The Johannine Writings: A Study of the Apocalypse and the Fourth Gospel
16068: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY - A Great, Silly Grin: The British Satire Boom of the 1960s
19934: CARPENTER, EDWARD - Westminster Abbey
46595: CARPENTER, RHYS - The Architects of the Parthenon
28369: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY - Spike Milligan the Biography
41208: CARPENTER, MARY GRACE & CHARLES HOPE CARPENTER - The Decorative Arts and Crafts of Nantucket
7016: CARR-SAUNDERS, A. M. - World Population: Past Growth and Present Trends
11604: CARR, HARRIETT H. - Sharon
44714: CARR, DEBORAH - Sanctuary: The Story of Naturalist Mary Majka
26576: CARR, CALEB - Killing Time: A Novel of the Future
26546: CARR, RAYMOND - Spain a History
46591: CARR, EMILY; SUSAN CREAN - Opposite Contraries: The Unknown Journals of Emily Carr and Other Writings
46333: CARRA, CARLO - Giotto. Avec 192 Reproductions Hors Texte
8704: CARRA, MASSIMO - Metaphysical Art
39815: CARRAU, BOB - Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas
31494: CARRELL, JAMES E. ; DANIEL MOTT - The Journal of Arachnology. Volume34, Nos. 1-3, 2006. Volume35, Nos. 1 & 2, 2007.
4913: CARRETTO, CARLO; WALL, BARBARA (TRANSLATOR) - Blessed Are You Who Believed
4149: CARRICK, CAROL - Whaling Days
11438: CARRICK, ALICE VAN LEER - Collector's Luck in Spain
46858: CARRIER, ROBERT - A Taste of Morocco: A Culinary Journey with Recipe
29464: CARRIER, THOMAS J. - Washington, Dc a Historic Walking Tour
1527: CARRIER, ROCH - The Lament of Charlie Longsong
2563: CARRIER, ROCH - Prayers of a Young Man
2565: CARRIER, ROCH - Prayers of a Young Man
46378: CARRIER, ROCH & SHELDON COHEN - Le Chandail de Hockey
38993: CARRIER, ROCH; SHEILA FLEISCHMAN - Heartbreaks Along the Road
40: CARRIER, ROCH (SHEILA FISCHMAN ) - The Garden of Delights
11456: CARRINGTON, GRANT - Time's Fool
17569: CARRINGTON, CHARLES - Rudyard Kipling: His Life and Work
19967: CARRINGTON, S. - The King's Singers Madrigals Vol. One: In Four Parts; Volume Two: In Five Parts (2 Volumes)
39232: CARRINGTON, CHRISTOPHER - No Place Like Home Relationships and Family Life Among Lesbians and Gay Men
20700: CARRITHERS, GALE H. - Mumford, Tate, Eiseley: Watchers in the Night
38434: CARROLL, LEWIS & MARTIN GARDNER & JOHN TENNIEL - The Annotated Alice. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
41306: CARROLL, LEWIS & SIR JOHN TENNIEL - Through the Looking-Glass
46842: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland
42462: CARROLL, COLLEEN - How Artists See the Weather
41326: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book
3155: CARROLL, COLLEEN - How Artists See Play (How Artists See Ser. )
6912: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - Sing out the Glory
34240: CARROLL, LEWIS & RICHARD KELLY - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
12297: CARROLL, BERENICE A. - Liberating Women's History: Theoretical and Critical Essays
12521: CARROLL, LEWIS (DONALD J. GRAY ED.) - Alice in Wonderland. Second Edition (Norton Critical Edition)
32645: CARROLL, WILLIAM - Corporate Power in a Globalizing World: A Study in Elite Social Organization
28556: CARROLL, LEWIS; DON HARPER - Songs from " Alice " " Alice in Wonderland " and " Alice Through the Looking Glass "
18760: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Editha Series)
32641: CARROLL, WILLIAM K. - Organizing Dissent: Contemporary Social Movements in Theory and Practice
22496: CARROLL, GORDON & FAMOUS WRITERS SCHOOL - Famous Writers Course: I & II, Principles of Good Writing & Course III & IV: Non-Fiction Writing (Four Volumes)
24601: CARROLL, AMY; DOROTHEA HALL - Needlepoint
29567: CARROLL, SUSAN J. & RICHARD L. FOX - Gender and Elections Shaping the Future of American Politics
42298: CARROLL, LEWIS; INTRODUCTION BY MARTIN GARDNER. - Alice's Adventures Under Ground. Facsimile of 1864 Ed Edition
44131: CARROLL, JOCK - Glenn Gould : Some Portraits of the Artist As a Young Man
43171: CARROLL, DAVID M. - The Year of the Turtle: A Natural History
45850: CARROLL, LEWIS & HELEN OXENBURY - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
45979: CARROLL, COLLEEN - How Artists See the Elements
39733: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland
32585: CARROLL, LEWIS; WIGGINS, MICHELLE - Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
47241: CARROLL, RORY - Comandante: Hugo Chávez's Venezuela
34622: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice in Wonderland. & Through the Looking Glass
18213: CARRUTH, J. A. - Flora Macdonald: The Highland Heroine
22092: CARRUTH, HAYDEN - Sleeping Beauty
36067: CARRUTH, HAYDEN - Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey Poems, 1991-1995
40818: CARSE, JAMES P - The Religious Case Against Belief
44995: CARSON, ANNE - Plainwater: Essays and Poetry
20478: CARSON, MARY KAY - The Wright Brothers for Kids : How They Invented the Airplane with 21 Activities Exploring the Science and History of Flight
38998: CARSON, BRUCE - 14 Days. Making the Conservative Movement in Canada
35311: CARSON, WILLIAM E. - Northcliffe: Britain's Man of Power
29527: CARSS, BOB; STEWART BIRCH - The Sas Guide to Tracking
42260: CARSTAIRS, SHARON & HIGGINS, TIM - Dancing Backwards: A Social History of Women in Canadian Politics
34522: CARSTEN, F. L - Essays in German History
25623: CARSTENS, PETER - The Queen's People: A Study of Hegemony, Coercion, and Accommodation Among the Okanagan of Canada
35669: CARSTENS, PETER - The Queen's People: A Study of Hegemony, Coercion, and Accommodation Among the Okanagan of Canada
45908: CARTER, MIRANDA - Anthony Blunt: His Lives
970: RUSSELL GORDON CARTER - 101st Field Artillery
7041: CARTER, C. F. ET AL. - Uncertainty and Business Decisions: A Symposium on the Logic, Philosophy and Psychology of Business Decision-Making Under Uncertainty 2nd Edition
14139: CARTER, C. F. ET AL. - Uncertainty and Business Decisions: A Symposium on the Logic, Philosophy and Psychology of Business Decision-Making Under Uncertainty. 2nd Revised Edition
29127: CARTER, DAVID A.; CARTER, DAVID A. - Flapdoodle Dinosaurs
43730: CARTER, THOMAS & BERNARD L. HERMAN - Persp. In Vernacular Archirecture. IV
23777: CARTER, RONALD - Keywords in Language and Literacy
24644: CARTER, RANDOLPH. - The World of Flo Ziegfeld.
45501: HARLOW & BARBARA HARLOW & MIA CARTER & BARBARA HARLOW & MIA CARTER - Archives of Empire Volume 2. The Scramble for Africa
43164: CARTER, DAVID G. (DIRECTOR) - Jean-Paul Lemieux
39336: CARTER, BRIAN - Where the Dream Begins: A Miscellany of Prose Poetry and Pictures
33351: MARTIN LEMAN; WORDS BY ANGELA CARTER - Comic & Curious Cats
23: CARTLAND, BARBARA - Apocalypse of the Heart
20218: CARTWRIGHT, A. P. - Outspan Golden Harvest: A History of the South African Citrus Industry
24343: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN - The Promise of Happiness
35202: CARTY, JAMES. - Ireland. From Grattan's Parliament to the Grear Famine. (1783 - 1850). A Documentary Record Compiled and Edited by James Carty.
566: CARVER, HUMPHREY - Compassionate Landscape
1141: MARCELLA M. CARVER - A Positivist Life: A Personal Memoir of My Father William Kniight (1845-1901)
7552: CARVER, RAYMOND (EDITOR) - Ploughshares Vol. 9, No. 4 : Special Fiction Issue Edited by Raymond Carver
14345: CARVER, FIELD M. - Britain's Army in the 20th Century
17099: CARVER, CAROLINE - Blood Junction
20626: CARVER, VIDA; RODDA, MICHAEL - Disability and the Environment
39240: CARVER, RAYMOND - Where I'm Calling from: New and Selected Stories
8174: JOYCE CARY - Memoir of the Bobotes
16132: CARY, JOYCE (WALTER ALLEN & A. G. BISHOP ) - Cock Jarvis
17511: CARY, LORENE - Black Ice
35310: CASANOVA, GIACOMO ; MECHEN, ARTHUR - The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt; Adventures in the South
1913: CASARES, ADOLFO BIOY - A Russian Doll: And Other Stories
41985: CASATI, GIAMPAOLO - Alexander the Great: The Conqueror
8602: CASEY, PATRICIA - Cluck, Cluck
11004: CASEY, NELL - Unholy Ghost : Writers on Depression
41919: CASEY, JOE - Life and Times of Joe Casey
45794: CASHIN, PETER J. - Peter Cashin: My Fight for Newfoundland. A Memoir
33267: EDITED BY TEMO CALLAHAN AND TOM CASHIN - Jed Johnson: Opulent Restraint Interiors
4656: CASHMAN, TONY - The Best Edmonton Stories
39412: CASHMORE, PROFESSOR ELLIS & ELLIS CASHMORE - Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations
2329: CASPE, SAUL - Creating Writing and Ideas
1466: CASPER, CLAUDIA - The Reconstruction
16603: CASS, FLORENCE A. - The Royal Commoners 1857 - 1914
32993: CAROLINE CASS - Elton John: Flower Fantasies
40402: CAROLINE CASS - Elton John: Flower Fantasies. An Intimate Tour of His House and Garden
47856: CASSATT, MARY; ROSEN, MARC; PINSKY, SUSAN & MARY CASSATT - Mary Cassatt Prints and Drawings from the Collection of Ambroise Vollard
37483: CASSEL, GUSTAV - Money and Foreign Exchange After 1914
31731: CASSELMAN, BILL - Canadian Garden Words
15686: CASSELS, ROBERT - A Digest of Cases Determined by the Supreme Court of Canada from the Organization of the Court in 1875 to May 1, 1893
26584: CASSIAN, NINA - Life Sentences Selected Poems
22300: CASSIDY, SHELLEY-MAREE; SHEEHAN, GRANT - A Moving Experience Holidays on Wheels, Wings and Water
37364: CASSON, HUGH - Hugh Casson's Oxford
5175: CASSON, HUGH - Hugh Casson's Oxford
19400: CASTANEDA, MARGARET - A Magical Journey with Carlos Castaneda
23653: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - Magical Passes the Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico
42468: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - The Teachings of Don Juan a Yaqui Way of Knowledge
35076: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - The Teachings of Don Juan / a Separate Reality / Tales of Power
41490: CASTANEDA, JORGE - Companero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara
36312: CASTEDO, LEOPOLDO. - A History of Latin American Art and Architecture from Pre-Columbian Times to the Present
40377: CASTEDO, LEOPOLDO. - The Cuzco Circle
41365: CASTEL, BORIS, EDITOR - Queen's Quarterly: A Canadian Review. 1992, Vol 99, No. 3. America & Europe: 500 Years After Columbus
41366: CASTEL, BORIS, EDITOR - Queen's Quarterly: A Canadian Review, Winter 1991, Vol 98, No. 4 the Real Value of Modern Art
12442: CASTELL, DAVID - Richard Attenborough: A Pictorial Film Biography
8386: CASTI, JOHN L. - Alternate Realities : Mathematical Models of Nature and Man
42446: CASTIGLIONE, BALDESAR & GEORGE BULL - The Book of the Courtier
16374: CASTILLO PUCHE, JOSE LUIS - Hemingway in Spain: A Personal Reminiscence of Hemingway's Years in Spain by His Friend
19563: CASTILLO BUENO, MARIA DE LOS REYES; RUBIERA CASTILLO, DAISY - Reyita: The Life of a Black Cuban Woman in the Twentieth Century
1167: ANA CASTILLO - Peel My Love Like an Onion
40808: CASTILLO, ENCARNA - MXM: Maximalist Interiors
12724: CASTILLOU, HENRY - Cortiz S'Est Révolté
14490: CASTLEBURY, JOHN (ED.) (ANNE SIMPSON) - Windhorse Reader : Choice Poems of '93
28957: CASTLEDEN, RODNEY - Atlantis Destroyed
42702: CASTORIADIS, CORNELIUS - Political and Social Writings: Volume 1, 1946-1955: From the Critique of Bureaucracy to the Positive Content of Socialism; Volume 2, 1955-1960: From the Workers' Struggle Against Bureaucracy to Revolution in the Age of Capitalism
45323: PAUL-EMILE VICTOR; ISAK HEILMANN; PERE CASTORIMIT - Aputsiaq "Nittaalannguaq" : Eskimuunik Oqaluttuaq Oqaluttuarlunilu Titartaasoq
30526: CASTRO, JAN GARDEN - The Art and Life of Georgia o'Keeffe
30631: CASTRO, JAN GARDEN - The Art and Life of Georgia o'Keeffe
45440: CASWELL, EDWARD - Canadian Singers & Their Songs a Collection of Portraits, Autograph Poems & Brief Biographies
9877: AUCTION CATALOGUE - Important Eighteenth Century French Furniture & Works of Art: Property of the Late Madame Lucienne Fribourg
10358: CATANEO, DAVID - Hornsby Hit One over My Head : A Fan's Oral History of Baseball
13761: CATFORD, E. F. - Edinburgh: The Story of a City
8392: CATHER, WILLA - Shadows on the Rock
24531: CATHER, WILLA - O Pioneers!
38768: CATHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Churchill: The Treasures of Winston Churchill, the Greatest Briton.
40429: CATRON, INGRID ROPER & JESSICA HISCHE - City Walks with Kids: Washington D.C. : 50 Adventures on Foot
39606: CATTA, ETIENNE - Le Frere Andre (1845-1937) Et L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph Du Mont-Royal.
43215: CATTON, ELEANOR - The Luminaries. A Novel
41795: CAUDWELL, SARAH - The Sibyl in Her Grave
30683: CAUJOLLE, CHRISTIAN - Joan Fontcuberta (Phaidon 55s) (Phaidon 55s)
31449: CAULFEILD, SOPHIA FRANCES ANNE & BLANCHE C. SAWARD - Dictionary of Needlework
37011: CAUTE, DAVID - Joseph Losey: A Revenge on Life
39961: CAUTE, DAVID - The Left in Europe Since 1789
21398: CAVANAUGH, TOM R.; THOMAS, PAYNE E. - Bannerstone House : A Frank Lloyd Wright House, Springfield, Illinois
13285: CAVE, JANET P.; BRITTEN, LORETTA Y. - African Americans: Voices of Triumph Perserverance
11454: CAVELL, STANLEY - Themes out of School: Effects and Causes
34385: CAVELL, EDWARD - When Winter Was King: The Image of Winter in 19th Century Canada
43996: CAVES, ROGER W. - Encyclopedia of the City
43995: CAVES, ROGER W. - Encyclopedia of the City
1163: DAVID CAVITCH - D.H. Lawrence & the New World
30260: CAWELTI, JOHN G. - Apostles of the Self-Made Man
39371: CAWLEY - Everyman and Medieval Miricale Plays
27082: CAWLEY, RICHARD - The Artful Cook Secrets of a Shoestring Gourmet
23295: CAWTHORN, JAMES & MICHAEL MOORCOCK - Fantasy the 100 Best Books
42935: CAWTHORNE, NIGEL - The Life and Times of an Electric Messiah
26604: CAWTHORNE, NIGEL - Art of the Icon
44853: CAWTHORNE, NIGEL - Art of India
16248: CAXTON, WILLIAM (MODERN RENDERING BY MARIE COLLINS) - Caxton: The Description of Britain
39392: CAXTON, WILLIAM & MARIE COLLINS - The Description of Britain: A Modern Rendering
9531: CAYA, MARCEL - Canadian Archives in 1992
47282: CAZORT, MIMI (CURATOR OF PRINTS) - Master Drawings from the National Gallery of Canada
41575: CEASER, JAMES W. - Liberal Democracy and Political Science
5239: CECALA, KATHY - Secret Vow
31719: CECELSKI, DAVID - A Historian's Coast Adventures Into the Tidewater Past
33833: CECIL, DAVID - A Portrait of Charles Lamb
34500: CECIL, DAVID, LORD, - The Cecils of Hatfield House, an English Ruling Family.
12215: CECIL, DAVID - The Cecils of Hatfield House: An English Ruling Family
22070: CECIL, DAVID - Cecils of Hatfield House
31865: CECIL, DAVID - A Portrait of Jane Austen
44710: CECILIA W., FRANCIS - Gabrielle Roy Autobiographe Subjectivité, Passions Et Discours
46513: CELANDER, CHARLES - Chicago's South Shore Neighborhood
20955: CELLINI, BENVENUTO (ABRIDGED BY CHARLES HOPE ) - The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
21577: CENICACELAYA, JAVIER; RAMON ESPARZA; CHRISTIAN CAUGOLLE - Ría de Hierro / Burdinezko Itsas-Adarra / Iron River: Exhibition Organized by Bilbao Metropoli: 30 December 1993 - January 1994 .
20778: CENIVAL, JEAN-LOUIS DE (PREFACE, MARCEL BREUER ) - Living Architecture: Egyptian
36864: INTERNATIONAL P.E.N. CANADIAN CENTRE - Writing Away: The Pen Canada Travel Anthology
31250: CERDA, CARLOS; LABINGER, ANDREA G. - An Empty House
29528: CERF, BENNETT - At Random: The Reminiscences of Bennett Cerf
2466: CERONETTI, GUIDO - The Silence of the Body: Materials for the Study of Medicine
42174: CERONETTI, GUIDO - The Silence of the Body: Materials for the Study of Medicine
44404: CERUTI, MAURO - Constraints and Possibilities: The Evolution of Knowledge and Knowledge of Evolution
43444: CERUZZI, PAUL E. - Computing: A Concise History
47468: CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE; GUSTAVE DORE; HEINRICH HEINE - Don Quichotte: 120 Illustrations de Gustave Doré Avec Des Extraits de Texte Choisis Dans L'Oeuvre de Miguel de Cervantès Saavedra
18604: CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE - Exemplary Novels of Cervantes: The Jealous Lover / the Little Gipsy / the Jealous Estramaduran
34098: CERWINSKE, LAURA - Miami: Hot and Cool
38510: CESATI, FRANCO - Medici: Story of a European Dynasty
39963: CESBRON, GILBERT - Avoir Ete
37190: CESCINSKY, HERBERT & M.R. WEBSTER - English Domestic Clocks
27736: NEWMAN RENEE; DANIELLE CHABOT - Voir Clair Dans Les Diamants Un Guide D'Achat
42629: CHACE, SUSAN - Intimacy
29540: CHACON, JUSTIN AKERS & MIKE DAVIS - No One Is Illegal Fighting Racism and State Violence on the U.S. -Mexico Border
39065: CHADDERTON, H. CLIFFORD - Excuse Us! Herr Schicklgruber: A Memoir of an Officer Who Commanded an Infantry Company of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles (Canadian Army) in Normandy
40221: CHADWICK, JOHN - The Mycenaean World
12633: CHADWICK, DOUGLAS - The Fate of the Elephant
16445: CHADWICK, ELIZABETH - The Love Knot
28845: CHADWICK, WHITNEY; COURTIVRON, ISABELLE DE - Significant Others Creativity and Intimate Partnership
25922: CHADWICK, DOUGLAS H. & JOEL SARTORE & NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY (U. S.) - The Company We Keep America's Endangered Species
45208: CHADWICK, WHITNEY - Women Art and Society
42834: CHAFER, DENISE - Italy Architecture and Antiquity. Bookseller's Catalogue No. 40
33257: FRANCOIS CHAILLE - Cartier: Innovation Through the 20th Century
23814: CHALFOUN, MICHELLE - The Width of the Sea
27885: CHALKIAS, LAKES - 2500 Chronia Hellenike Mousike
41915: CHALLET, JEAN-PIERRE - Marmite a la Francaise
2934: CHALMERS, LEONA W. - Woman's Personal Hygiene
38672: CHALMERS, JOHN WEST - Navigator Brothers: The Story of Two Brothers in the Rcaf: One Flew, One Fell
44290: CHALMERS, THOMAS - Prelections on Butler's Analogy, Paley's Evidences of Christianity, and Hill's Lectures in Divinity
8620: CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL AND NARCISSA - Southern Interiors of Charleston, South Carolina
10837: CHAMBERLAIN, DIANE - Brass Ring
17338: CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL - Gloucester and Cape Ann: A Camera Impression
19213: CHAMBERLAND, PAUL - Terre Souveraine
3190: CHAMBERLIN, J. EDWARD - Come Back to Me My Language : Poetry & the West Indies
12574: CHAMBERLIN, E.R. - Cesare Borgia (International Profiles Ser. )
26849: CHAMBERLIN, J. EDWARD - Horse How the Horse Has Shaped Civilization
46689: CHAMBERLIN, J. EDWARD - If This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories? Finding Common Ground
32634: CHAMBERS, GEORGE F. - Tourist's Guide to the County of Sussex
43471: CHAMBERS, JUDIETH - What Women These Christians Have!
44461: CHAMBERS, PAUL - Murder Most Foul: The Road Hill House Mystery of 1860
14100: WILLIAM CHAMBERS - Memoir of Robert Chambers with Autobiographical Reminiscences of William Chambers
18922: CHAMBERS, E. K. - English Literature at the Close of the Middle Ages (Oxford History of English Literature Vol II Part Two)
20841: CHAMBERS, WILLIAM - A Treatise on the Decorative Part of CIVIL Architecture
22705: CHAMBERS, ROBERT - Traditions of Edinburgh
45763: CHAMBERS, ROBERT - Cartoons by Chambers '67 from the Chronicle-Herald and the Mail Star, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
39223: CHAMBERS, ROBERT - Cartoons by Chambers '66
37853: CHAMBERS, DEBORAH - A Sociology of Family Life
34436: CHAMBERS, CAPT. ERNEST J. - The Royal North-West Mounted Police: A Corps History 1906
27615: CHAMBERS, AIDAN - This Is All the Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn
34620: CHAMBERS, DOUGLAS - Stony Ground the Making of a Canadian Garden
8782: PLUTARCH. FLACELIERE & CHAMBRY (ETABLI ET TRADUIT) - Plutarque: Vies Tome VI: Pyrrhos-Marious - Lysandre-Sylla
45464: CHAMLEY, CHRISTOPHE P. - Rational Herds: Economic Models of Social Learning
16907: CHANCELLOR, JOHN - Peril and Promise: A Commentary on America
25367: CHAND, MEIRA - A Far Horizon a Novel
36236: CHANDLER, DAVID - Classic Military History Marlborough As Military Commander
18456: CHANDLER, DAVID - Battle on Land
18789: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Raymond Chandler Papers: Selected Letters and Nonfiction, 1909-1959
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40111: JANE CHRISTMAS - Incontinent on the Continent: My Mother, Her Walker, and Our Grand Tour of Italy
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30480: CIUCCI, GIORGIO ET AL - The American City
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30622: CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION - Treasures: The Canadian Museum of Civilization
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33165: CLARK, NICK; ERIC CARLE - Artist to Artist: 23 Major Illustrators Talk to Children About Their Art
36323: CLARK, DANIEL - Selections from Scottish Canadian Poets : Being a Collection of the Best Poetry Written by Scotsmen and Their Descendants in the Dominion of Canada, with an Introduction by Daniel Clark ; Including Numerous Biographical Sketches and Portraits of the Authors
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43070: CLARKE, GEORGE FREDERICK - The Song of the Reel
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37041: COLORS - 1000 Extra/Ordinary Objects
5020: COLTRANE, JAMES - Good Day to Die : A Novel
7108: COLUMBO, JOHN ROBERT (WILLIAM KILBOURN, ESSAY) - John Toronto: New Poems by Dr. Strachan
47020: COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER & J. M. COHEN - The Four Voyages: Being His Own Log-Book, Letters and Dispatches with Connecting Narratives. .
43131: COLVILLE, ALEX - Alex Colville: Selected Drawings.
19417: COLVIN, H. M - A Biographical Dictionary of English Architects 1660-1840
42908: COLVIN, IAN - The Life of General Dyer.
14472: COLWELL, EILEEN - Storytelling
45566: COLWELL-CHANTHAPHONH, CHIP; ET AL - Informationethics in Action: Case Studies in Archaeological Dilemmas
28553: COM, GUILD - Beautiful Things Original Art from the Artists of Guild. Com
13996: COMAN, KATHERINE - Economic Beginnings of the Far West: How We Won the Land Beyond the Mississippi Two (2) Volumes
17116: COMAY, JOAN - The Diaspora Story: The Epic of the Jewish People Among the Nations
39585: COMBS, TREY - Bluewater Fly Fishing
37590: COMBS-SCHILLING, M. - Sacred Performances: Islam Sexuality and Sacrifice
7789: COMEAU, FREDRIC G. - Ravages : Poise
7607: COMFORT, ALEX - Poems for Jane
16471: COMFORT, JUDITH (CYNTHIA WINE ) - Some Good!: Treasured Secrets from Nova Scotia's Favourite Country Restaurants
29378: COMFORT, CHARLES FRASER - Artist at War
37524: COMICS, MARVEL - Marvel Zombies Fantastic Four
18216: COMMAGER, LISA - Tales from the Arabian Nights
38956: COMMENT, BERNARD - The Painted Panorama
46855: COMPANY, FORD MOTOR - Model "T" Ford Service Bulletin Essentials
40846: THE RUG COMPANY - The Rug Company
36247: COMPANY, MATSUYA - Japanese Design Motifs: 4,260 Illustrations of Japanese Crests
43830: SCOTT FORESMAN AND COMPANY - The World of Dick and Jane and Friends
23320: COMPTON, ANNE - Meetings with Maritime Poets Interviews
39536: COMPTON, ANNE - Meetings with Maritime Poets. Interviews
37672: COMPTON, ANNE - Meetings with Maritime Poets. Interviews
36937: COMRIE, BERNARD - The World's Major Languages
9307: COMSTOCK, HELEN - 100 Most Beautiful Rooms in America. Revised Edition.
18189: CONACHER, J.B. - Waterloo to the Common Market: 1815-the Present
35333: CONACHER, J. B. - The Aberdeen Coalition, 1852-1855: A Study in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Party Politics
6025: CONANT, JAMES BRYANT - The Revolutionary Transformation of the American High School: The Inglis Lecture 1959
19408: CONANT, KENNETH J. - University Prints Series Gm: Modern Architecture
45505: CONANT, JENNET - A Covert Affair: Julia Child and Paul Child in the Oss
46780: CONANT, JENNET - The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington
41975: CONAWAY, JAMES - The Smithsonian: 150 Years of Adventure, Discovery, and Wonder
45068: CONCA, KEN - Governing Water: Contentious Transnational Politics and Global Institution Building
8267: DE CONDE, ALEXANDER (EDITOR) - Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy (3 Volume Set)
15313: CONDE, MARYSE - Heremakhonon
19290: CONDIT, CARL W. - The Chicago School of Architecture: A History of Commercial and Public Building in the Chicago Area, 1875-1925
26435: CONEFREY, MICK - A Teacup in a Storm an Explorer's Guide to Life
47676: CONFORTINI, CATIA CECILIA - Intelligent Compassion: The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and Feminist Peace
15694: CONGDON, FRED T. - Digest of the Nova Scotia Common Law, Equity, Vice-Admiralty and Election Reports: Wiith Notes...
18776: CONGDON, LEE - Exile and Social Thought: Hungarian Intellectuals in Germany and Austria, 1919-1933
2741: CONGER, JEAN - The Velvet Paw: A History of Cats in Life, Art and Mythology
19701: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - Women Who Dared: Postcard Book
11766: CONGREVE, WILLIAM (INTRO. LOUIS KRONENBERGER ) - The Way of the World: Comedy in Five Acts
34160: CONGREVE, WILLIAM - The Way of the World
12536: CONIL, JEAN - Haute Cuisine: A Gastronomic Guide to Classical Menus and Dishes, with Digressions on Regional Specialities, Oriental Cookery, and the Joys and Responsibilities of Connoisseurship and Epicureanism
17660: CONKLIN, LES - Betting Horses to Win
39278: CONKLING, GRACE HAZARD - Flying Fish: A Book of Songs and Sonnets
30420: CONKLING, PHILIP W. - From Cape Cod to the Bay of Fundy an Environmental Atlas of the Gulf of Maine
12452: CONKLING, PHILIP W. ED. - Island Journal : The Annual Publication of the Island Institute : Volume Six
12453: CONKLING, PHILIP W. ED. - Island Journal : The Annual Publication of the Island Institute : Volume Seven
12454: CONKLING, PHILIP W. ED. - Island Journal : The Annual Publication of the Island Institute : Volume Nine
29426: CONLEY, CRAIG - One-Letter Words: A Dictionary
10467: CONLEY, PATRICK T.; CAMPBELL, PAUL - Providence : A Pictorial History
22095: CONLEY, KEVIN - Stud Adventures in Breeding

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