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22902: SMITH, DEAN - Arizona Highways Album the Road to Statehood
48680: SMITH, CHRISTIAN & PATRICIA SNELL - Souls in Transition: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults
46581: SMITH, FRANK; ROBERT N. BUCK - Legacy of Wings: The Story of Harold F. Pitcairn
49379: SMITH, FRANCES K. ; MICHAEL BELL - Andre Bieler: An Artist's Life and Times.
24507: SMITH, BRADLEY - China a History in Art
46723: SMITH, LINDA JOAN - Smith & Hawken: Garden Structures
56003: SMITH, ROBIN & TIM NEWARK - Master Modellers
36541: SMITH, E.D. - The Battles for Cassino
15611: SMITH, ZADIE - The Autograph Man
36327: SMITH, ZADIE - The Autograph Man
31358: SMITH, ZADIE - On Beauty: A Novel.
44394: SMITH, DOUGLAS N. - Canadian Rail Passenger Review - Number 1
56352: SMITH, SUSAN - The First Summer People: The Thousand Islands 1650-1910
55419: SMITH, CHARLOTTE - Dreaming of Dior: Every Dress Tells a Story
51965: SMITH, HUSTON - The Illustrated World's Religions: A Guide to Our Wisdom Traditions
25345: SMITH, PENNY PENCE - Reflections of Kauai a Celebration of the Island of Kauai
50751: SMITH, JAMES K. - Wilderness of Fortune: The Story of Western Canada
33487: APRIL SMITH, - Judas Horse: An Fbi Special Agent Ana Grey Mystery
33798: SMITH, CATHERINE PARSONS - Making Music in Los Angeles: Transforming the Popular
37568: MARTIN SEYMOUR-SMITH - Robert Graves: His Life and Work
38523: SMITH, WALDO - What Time the Tempest: An Army Chaplain's Story
49397: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - The Works of F. Hopkinson Smith: Novels Stories and Sketches. (Beacon Edition ) 23 Volumes Complete
44516: SMITH, ALEX - The Grenfell I Knew
48094: SMITH, BARBARA - Celebrating the Stitch Contemporary Embroidery of North America
45069: SMITH, JEFF - Bone #7. Ghost Circles
38987: SMITH, BRAD - One-Eyed Jacks
32028: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Dream Angus. The Celtic God of Dreams
39217: SMITH, HARVEY H. - Shelter Bay. Tales of the Quebec North Shore
47256: SMITH, DONALD - Honore Jaxon: Prairie Visionary
43106: SMITH, MARY ELIZABETH - Too Soon the Curtain Fell a History of Theatre in Saint John, 1789-1900
55418: SMITH, KEN - History of Disaster
53093: SMITH, THOMAS C. - Native Sources of Japanese Industrialization, 1750-1920
28566: SMITH, MICHAEL W. - Signs
37552: SMITH, ZADIE - The Autograph Man
51187: SMITH, DELIA - Delia's Vegetarian Collection
35038: SMITH, DANIEL - The Sherlock Holmes Companion: An Elementary Guide
26225: SMITH, ALAN GORDON RAE - The Emergence of a Nation State the Commonwealth of England, 1529-1660
47385: SMITH, KEN - History of Disaster: The Worst Storms, Accidents, and Conflagrations in Atlantic Canada
38513: SMITH, RAD; DONALD HALL (INTRO) - Distant Early Warning. Poems
48688: SMITH, KEITH - Harry Smith's Last Throw: The Eight Cape Frontier War 1850-1853
29466: SMITH, ZADIE - The Autograph Man
44662: SMITH, JOS. A. - Circus Train
39724: SMITH, MICHAEL FRENCH - Hard Times on Kairiru Island
55525: SMITH, DOUGLAS - Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy
29711: SMITH, DAN & STEVE MCDONAGH; PROFFITT, LAURIE - Talk with Your Mouth Full the Hearty Boys Cookbook
55866: SMITH, PAGE - A New Age Now Begins: A People's History of the American Revolution. Volume 1 & Volume 2
41705: SMITH, COLIN L. - The Embassy of Sir William White at Constantinople 1886-1891
21381: SMITH, VALERIE (ED) - New Essays on Song of Solomon
51775: SMITH, KIDDER G. E. - Source Book of American Architecture: 500 Notable Buildings from the 10th Century to the Present
33615: BRUCE R. SMITH - Shakespeare and Masculinity
46585: SMITH, CHARLENE - Mandela: In Celebration of a Great Life
23455: SMITH, LACEY BALDWIN - The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World
52902: SMITH, RON - Rainshadow: Stories from Vancouver Island
48058: SMITH, MAIRLYN - The Vegetarian's Complete Quinoa Cookbook: From the Ontario Home Economics Association
42649: SMITH, H. SHELTON - Horace Bushnell
40831: SMITH, DR EMMA & GARRETT A. SULLIVAN JR. - The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Tragedy
41485: SMITH, CHARLOTTE (BLANK & TODD EDS) - Desmond (Broadview Literary Texts )
41493: SMITH, PETER H. - Talons of the Eagle: Dynamics of U.S. Latin American Relations
35164: SMITH, C. - Love and Solidarity
42024: SMITH, ANN E. - Crochet for Kids Sweaters for Infants, Girls, and Boys
54481: SMITH, MATTHEW CLARK - Lighter Than Air: Sophie Blanchard, the First Woman Pilot
54029: SMITH, A.J.M. - The Classic Shade: Selected Poems
35057: SMITH, F. B. - Radical Artisan: William James Linton 1812-97.
48712: SMITH, BRUCE - Devotions
34653: SMITH, JANET ADAM - Children's Illustrated Books
46087: SMITH, DOUG - Cold Warrior : C.S. Jackson and the United Electrical Workers
39177: SMITH, PAUL J. & OLIVIER WICKER - Paul Smith: A to Z
46904: SMITH, JOHN - A Landscape of My Own: Selected Poems, 1948-82
38280: SMITH, ALAN - The International Dictionary of Clocks
38876: SMITH, GEORGE ALAN & CAROL D. SMITH - The Armchair Mountaineer. A Gathering of Wit, Wisdom & Idolatry.
48625: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - Good Husband of Zebra Drive
53292: SMITH, ANDREW & JEFF WALLACE (EDITORS) - Gothic Modernisms
54417: SMITH, RANKINE M - The History of Basketball in New Brunswick, Canada 1892-1985
55026: SMITH DOW, LESLIE; DOW, LESLIE SMITH - Adele Hugo: La Miserable
43256: SMITHERS, LEONARD C. & SIR RICHARD FRANCIS BURTON - Arabian Nights: The Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night
53319: SMOL, JOHN - Pollution of Lakes and Rivers: A Paleoenvironmental Perspective
17784: SMOLAN, RICK, DAVID COHEN (EDS.) & 200 PHOTOGRAPHERS - A Day in the Life of America
34056: SMOLEY, RICHARD - Forbidden Faith: The Gnostic Legacy from the Gospels to the Da Vinci Code
4628: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS GEORGE - The Works of Tobias Smollett in Twelve Volumes
37750: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - Humphry Clinker
49222: SMUCKER, ANNA - No Star Nights
1110: RAYMOND SMULLYAN - This Book Needs No Title: A Budget of Living Paradoxes
45612: SMULLYAN, RAYMOND - To Mock a Mockingbird and Other Logic Puzzles
47232: SMYTH, ELIZABETH & PAULA BOURNE - Women Teaching, Women Learning. Historical Perspectives
42055: SMYTH, IAIN - Mystery of the Russian Ruby
14283: SMYTHE, FRANK S. - Behold the Mountains: Climbing with a Color Camera
13720: SNAILHAM, JANE; MORRISON, ALEX; TORRISI, STEVEN A. - Eyewitnesses to Peace: Letters from Canadian Peacekeepers
27725: SNAILHAM, JANE - Eyewitnesses to Peace Letters from Canadian Peacekeepers
42305: SNAITH, JOHN G. - Ecclesiasticus or the Wisdom of Jesus, Son of Sirach
42034: SNEED, BRAD - Picture a Letter
30076: SNEIDER, LEA & FRANK B. GIBNEY - Kanban: Shop Signs of Japan
53394: SNELL, JOHN FERGUSON - Macdonald College of Mcgill University; a History from 1904 - 1955
31844: SNELL, JAMES G. - Macdonald Institute: Remembering the Past, Embracing the Future
15523: SNELL, GORDON - The Oh, Canadians! Omnibus!: Hysterically Historical Rhymes
26571: SNELL, GORDON - Oh No! More Canadians
45172: SNELSON, KENNETH & LAURANCE WIEDER - Full Circle: Panoramas of Paris, Venice, Rome, Siena and Kyoto
51592: SNICKET, LEMONY - 13 Words
3957: SNIDER, DUKE; GILBERT, BILL - The Duke of Flatbush
34426: SNIEGOSKI, TOM & JEFF SMITH - Bone Quest for the Spark Book One
47787: SNODGRASS, W.D. - Not for Specialists: New and Selected Poems
52004: SNODGRASS, W. D. - After-Images: Autobiographical Sketches
56353: SNOW, DAN & PETER - The Treasures of British History: The Nation's Story Told Through Its 50 Most Important Documents
44601: SNOW, EDWARD ROWE & JEREMY D'ENTREMONT - The Islands of Boston Harbor
13091: SNOW, C.P. - A Coat of Varnish
13107: SNOW, C. P. - Corridors of Power
13153: SNOW, C. P. - The Serach
19093: SNOW, M. GERARD - Les Droits Linguistiques Des Acadiens Du Nouveau-Brunswick
39146: SNOW, DAN - Death or Victory. The Battle of Quebec and the Birth of Empire
34893: SNOWDON, ANTONY ARMSTRONG-JONES & JOHN MORTIMER - Snowdon Sittings, 1979-1983
27932: SNOWDON, ANTONY ARMSTRONG-JONES & JOHN MORTIMER - Snowdon Sittings, 1979-1983
12937: SNYDER, DON J. - From the Point
16883: SNYDER, JOAN - Joan Snyder: Painter. 1969 to Now Exhibition Catalogue, April 15, 1994
36227: SNYDER, GARY - Myths & Texts
55890: SNYDER, DON J - Cliff Walk a Memoir of a Job Lost and a Life Found
55696: SNYDER, GARY - Regarding Wave / Earth House Hold / Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems / Turtle Island / the Back Country / Axe Handles 6 Volumes
25249: SO, CHONG-JU; DAVID R. MCCANN - Unforgettable Things Poems
49475: SO, MEILO & HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN - The Emperor and the Nightingale
11777: SOAMES, MARY - Clementine Churchill
19543: SOAMES, MARY - Speaking for Themselves : The Personal Letters Fo Winston and Clementine Churchill
52162: SOAMES, MARY - Speaking for Themselves : The Personal Letters Fo Winston and Clementine Churchill
12360: SOARES, JO; LANDERS, CLIFFORD E. - A Samba for Sherlock
44880: SOARES, JOSE EUGENIO - Twelve Fingers Biography of an Anarchist: A Novel
23424: SOBEL, DAVA - The Planets
32598: SOBEL, DAVA - Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love.
55449: SOBEL, DAVA - Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love
31516: SOBEL, DAVA - Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love.
29692: SOBOLEV, V. S. - The Facies of Metamorphism
54309: SOBRINO, MIGUEL - Catedrales: Las Biografías Desconocidas de Los Grandes Templos de España / Unknown Biographies of the Great Temples of Spain
48726: SOCIETY, THE LOMOGRAPHIC - Diana -- True Tales & Short Stories
44174: THE AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY - The Life of Christ: Rediscovering How His Life, Death, and Resurrection Changed the World
39113: THE BLOMIDON NATURALISTS SOCIETY - A Natural History of Kings County
39913: THE AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY - The Life of Christ: Rediscovering How His Life, Death, and Resurrection Changed the World
34913: TRURO PRESBYTERY HISTORY SOCIETY - A Tale of Two Centuries : Truro Presbytery - Oldest in Canada Stories, Poems, Humor, and Art
43296: AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY - A Society's Chief Joys: An Exhibition from the Collections of the American Antiquarian Society
48432: SOCIETY, ATLANTIC GEOSCIENCE - The Last Billion Years: A Geological History of the Maritime Provinces of Canada
24842: SOCIETY, CANADIAN MATHEMATICAL - Canadian Mathematical Society / Societe Mathematique Du Canada 1945 - 1995 Volume / Tome I Mathematics in Canada / Les Mathematiques Au Canada
49102: ORIENTAL CERAAMIC SOCIETY - The Ceramic Art of China ( Exhibition Catalogue)
42950: SOCIETY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - Historical Atlas of the United States. Centennial Edition
54305: JEWISH PUBLICATION SOCIETY - Tanakh: Hebrew and English Authorized Version
52137: NORTHERN CULTURAL EXPRESSIONS SOCIETY - Awakening Spirits: Echoes of Ancient Yukon Traditions
52729: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY (U. S. ) - Historical Atlas of the United States
43148: LUNENBURG HERITAGE SOCIETY - A Walk Through Old Lunenburg
56617: SOCIETY, ATLANTIC GEOSCIENCE - The Last Billion Years: A Geological History of the Maritime Provinces of Canada
54840: THE ROYAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY; - Everest: Summit of Achievement
37093: THE LUNENBURG HERITAGE SOCIETY - A Walk Through Old Lunenburg
48180: SOCKABASIN, ALLEN & REBEKAH RAYE - Thanks to the Animals
31994: SOCTOMAH, DONALD & JEAN FLAHIVE; OWENS, MARY BETH - Remember Me: Tomah Joseph's Gift to Franklin Roosevelt
3797: SOESTMEYER, AXEL - Rush of Wings
49340: SOFIANOS, D. Z. - Meteora : Itinerary (Holy Monastery of Transfiguration)
25501: SOHN, DAVID A. & RICHARD TYRE - Frost: The Poet and His Poetry
35941: SOKUROV, ALEXANDER. - Cokypob
49241: SOLE, ROBERT; JOHN BROWNJOHN - The Alexandria Semaphore
48489: CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - Toruk: Le Premier Envol/the First Flight
52586: MARYANN F. KOHL/KIM SOLGA - Great American Artists for Kids
40416: SOLIS, GABRIEL - Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall
19110: SOLLERS, PHILIPPE - Le Coeur Absolu: Roman
28137: SOLLERS, PHILLIPE; JULIA KRISTEVEA, DONALD M. LOWE; JEAN LOUIS SCHEFER - Tel Quel: Litterature / Philosophie / Science / Politique. Hiver 1973. No. 56
37826: SOLNIT, REBECCA - Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas
47307: SOLODKOFF, ALEXANDER VON - Masterpieces from the House of Fabergé
49597: SOLOMON, CHARMAINE - Charmaine Solomon's Encyclopedia of Asian Food
43169: SOLOMON, JAY - A Taste of the Tropics Traditional and Innovative Cooking from the Pacific and Caribbean
4941: SOLOMON, FREDERICK - Critique of Modern Art
44389: SOLOMON, BRIAN; MIKE SCHAFER - New York Central Railroad
44387: SOLOMON, BRIAN - Union Pacific Railroad
4795: SOLOMON, RICHARD, H. - A Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party: A Feast of Images of the Maoist Transformation of China
54775: SOLOMONOV, MICHAEL & STEVEN COOK - Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking
7518: SOLOTAROFF, THEODORE - The Red Hot Vacuum & Other Pieces on the Writing of the Sixties
624: ROBERT SOLOTAROFF - Robert Stone
51704: SOLOTAROFF, TED - First Loves. A Memoir
49979: SOLT, ANDREW & SAM EGAN & YOKO ONO & DAVID WOLPER - Imagine: John Lennon
28049: SOLTES, ORI Z. - Fixing the World Jewish American Painters in the Twentieth Century
43482: SOLWAY, DAVID - Saracen Island: The Poems of Andreas Karavis
49599: SOMAIAH, ROSEMARIE & RANJAN SOMAIAH - Indian Children's Favorite Stories
44977: SOMAINI, ANTONIO & CLAUDIO SINIGAGLIAI & CLAUDIO SINIGAGLIA - Thinking Art the Game of Rules with Joseph Kosuth, Jean Baudrillard, Paolo Fabbri
18257: SOMERS, SUZANNE - Suzanne Somers' Eat Great, Lose Weight
49447: SOMERSET-WARD, RICHARD - An American Theatre: The Story of Westport Country Playhouse, 1931-2005
28035: SOMERVILLE, MARGARET A. - The Ethical Canary Science, Society and the Human Spirit
22854: SOMERVILLE, MARGARET A. - The Ethical Canary Science, Society and the Human Spirit
36242: SOMERVILLE, MARGARET - The Ethical Imagination Cbc Massey Lectures
45288: SOMIN, ILYA - The Grasping Hand: "Kelo V. City of New London" and the Limits of Eminent Domain
39209: SOMMER, RICHARD - Shadow Sonnets, the
25928: SOMMER, ROBIN LANGLEY - The Old Church Book
28132: SOMMERS, PAM - Bringing Up Baby
21959: SONNTAG, LINDA - Seduction Through the Ages
49058: AGNEW AND SONS - Agnew's 150th Anniversary Loan Exhibition of Paintings and Watercolours by J.M. W. Turner, R.A.
13401: SONTAG, SUSAN - The Volcano Lover: A Romance
26190: SONTAG, SUSAN - In America
54302: SHIN IHN SOOK - Shin Ihn Sook: Exposition D'Art Textile. Nature & Ville Natale Urbaine
33191: SOPER, TONY - A Companion to the British Countryside
33765: SOPHIE CRUMB, A. CRUMB (EDITOR), R. CRUMB (EDITOR) - Sophie Crumb Evolution of a Crazy Artist
49143: SOPTA, MARIN & SCARDELLATO, GABRIELE - Unknown Journey: A History of Croatians in Canada
47172: SORA, STEVEN - Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar
19239: SORBETS, CLAUDE; AUGUSTIN, JEAN-PIERRE - Valeurs de Sociétés: Preferences Politiques Et References Culturelles Au Canada
1600: SOREL-CAMERON, JAMES - A Generation of the Dark Heart
4761: SOREL, EDWARD - Unauthorized Portraits
53373: SOREL, EDWARD - Zillionaire's Daughter
52286: SORENSEN, SUE - West of Eden: Essays on Canadian Prairie Literature
46698: LEAGUE OF CANADIAN POETS & GLEN SORESTAD - Measures of Astonishment Poets on Poetry
55990: SORIA, MARTIN S. - The Paintings of Zurbaran Complete Edition.
15855: SORIANO, OSVALDO - Shadows
30059: SORIN, PROFESSOR GERALD - A Time for Building: The Third Migration, 1880-1920
21009: SORKIN, MICHAEL - Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer
45549: SOROS, GEORGE - Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism Reconsidered
31835: SORRENTINO, RICHARD M. & CHRISTOPHER J.R. RONEY - The Uncertain Mind: Individual Differences in Facing the Unknown
41347: SORSBY, ARNOLD - Tenements of Clay: An Anthology of Medical Biographical Essays
9185: SOSNOWSKI, KIRYL - The Tragedy of Children Under Nazi Rule
38475: SOTHEBY'S - Carpets & Textiles from Distinguished Collections New York. January 31, December 2014
18650: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Important Veteran, Vintage and Spotring Motor Vehicles (Auction Catalogue Perth and Sydney April 1989)
38473: SOTHEBY'S - Highlights from the Mendham Collections: The Property of the Law Society of England and Wales. London 5 June 2013.
7838: SOTO, GARY (EDITOR) - Ploughshares Spring, 1995 : Everyday Seductions: Stories and Poems (Ploughshares Ser. )
31063: SOUCI, ROBERT D. SAN - The Red Heels
49727: SOUCOUP, DAN - Know New Brunswick
55311: SOUCOUP, DAN - Mccully's New Brunswick: Historic Aerial Photographs, 1931-1939
41805: SOUCOUP, DAN - Know New Brunswick: The Essential History
42218: SOUCOUP, DAN - Looking Back
55152: SOUCOUP, DAN - Winter: Atlantic Canadian Stories
44923: SOUCOUP, DAN - Edwardian Halifax: Postcard Glimpses of and Era 1900-1920
52246: SOUCOUP, DAN - Mccully's New Brunswick: Photographs from the Air, 1931-1939
51199: SOUCOUP, DAN - The Christmas Secret: An Atlantic Canada Christmas Reader
53102: SOUHAMI, DIANA - Selkirk's Island
9504: SOUHAMI, DIANA - Gertrude and Alice
15615: SOUHAMI, DIANA - Gertrude and Alice
22376: SOUHAMI, DIANA - Trials of Radclyffe Hall
49022: SOUHAMI, DIANA - The Trials of Radclyffe Hall
11197: SOUHAMI, DIANA - Mrs Keppel and Her Daughter
35228: SOUHAMI, DIANA - Gertrude and Alice
36371: SOUHAMI, DIANA - The Trials of Radclyffe Hall
26251: SOUHAMI, DIANA - Mrs Keppel and Her Daughter
30840: SOUHAMI, DIANA - Mrs Keppel and Her Daughter
47379: SOUHAMI, DIANA - Greta and Cecil
41322: SOULE, LAURENCE. - The Eye of the Cedar
26728: SOURCEBOOKS, INC. & RAY BRADBURY & BEN BOVA - The War of the Worlds with Audio Cd Mars' Invasion of Earth, Inciting Panic and Inspiring Terror from H.G. Wells to Orson Welles and Beyond
52892: SOUSA, WILLY - México Hombre y Naturaleza (Mexico Man and Nature)
53776: SOUSTELLE, JACQUES - Daily Life of the Aztecs
7131: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Double-Header: As Is/Lost & Found
18086: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - On Target: A Novel
31797: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Collected Poems of Raymond Souster 1962-74
37980: SOUSTER, RAYMOND - Hanging in: New Poems
34933: SOUTHAM, NANCY - Pierre: Colleagues and Friends Talk About the Trudeau They Knew
29137: SOUTHGATE, M. THERESE - The Art of Jama II : Covers and Essays from the Journal of the American Medical Association
40163: SOUTHWELL, DAVID - The Kennedy Assassination: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy That Killed the President
42389: SOUTHWICK, ALBERT B. - Once-Told Tales of Worcester County
39354: SOUTHWORTH, JOHN - Shakespeare the Player: A Life in the Theatre
10691: D'SOUZA, DINESH - The Virtue of Prosperity : Finding Values in an Age of Techno-Affluence
16084: D'SOUZA, DINESH - Letters to a Young Conservative
42245: SOWARD, F. H. - Twenty-Five Troubled Years: 1918-1943
21129: SOWDEN, HARRY - Towards an Australian Architecture
44254: GARRY SOWERBY - Sowerby's Road: Adventures of a Driven Mind
40167: SOWERBY, ROBIN - The Greeks: An Introduction to Their Culture. 2nd Edition
33660: GARRY SOWERBY - Sowerby's Road: Adventures of a Driven Mind
53355: SOWERBY, ROBIN - The Greeks an Introduction to Their Culture
23224: SOWERBY, GITHA - Poems of Childhood
56001: SOYER, RAPHAEL - Raphael Soyer: Self-Revealment, a Memoir
3194: SOYINKA, WOLE - Ake : The Years of Childhood (the Library of Contemporary World Literature)
52020: SPACKS, BARRY - Spacks Street: New & Selected Poems
41633: SPAIN, SAHARA SUNDAY; GLORIA STEINEM - If There Would Be No Light: Poems from My Heart
1815: SPALDING, FRANCES - Stevie Smith
17930: SPALDING, FRANCES - Stevie Smith: A Biography
23258: SPALDING, KAREN - Huarochiri an Andean Society Under Inca and Spanish Rule
49256: SPALDING, FRANCES - Landscape in Britain 1850-1950
49213: SPALDING, DAVID A.E. - Whales of the West Coast
51059: SPALDING, DAVID - Into the Dinosaurs' Graveyard: Canadian Digs and Discoveries
47735: SPALDING, ROGER & CHRISTOPHER PARKER - Historiography: An Introduction
1613: SPALL, BOB - Backlines
39377: SPANER, DAVID - Dreaming in the Rain: How Vancouver Became Hollywood North by Northwest
29416: SPARK, MURIEL - Aiding and Abetting
11406: SPARK, MURIEL - The Stories of Muriel Spark
12971: SPARK, MURIEL - Symposium
15914: SPARK, MURIEL - Symposium
40053: SPARK, MURIEL & CANDIA MCWILLIAM & A RAMANUJAN - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
47912: SPARKMAN, RICK - Woodlands Canoeing: Pleasure Paddling on Woodland Waterways
3169: SPARKS, DREW; KELLMAN, SALLY - A Salon at Larkmead : A Charmed Life in the Napa Valley
23462: SPARKS, JOHN - Realms of the Russian Bear a Natural History of Russia and the Central Asian Republics
43452: SPARKS, ALLISTER; MPHO A. TUTU; FOREWORD BY HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA; BONO - Tutu: The Authorised Portrait of Desmond Tutu
29336: SPARLING, SHARON - Glass Mountain
24081: SPARLING, SHARON - Glass Mountain
18439: SPASOWSKI, ROMUALD - The Liberation of One
29194: SPATT, LESLIE E. - Behind the Scenes at the Ballet : Rehearsing and Performing the Sleeping Beauty
44854: SPAULDING, JIM - Rebuilding the Rose: The Tale of an Atkins Packet Sloop
35751: ROBERT SPEAIGHT - Georges Bernanos
35878: SPEAK, DOROTHY - The Wife Tree
25273: SPEAR, ROBERTA - Silks Poems
29274: SPEARE, ELIZABETH GEORGE; MOSER, BARRY - The Witch of Blackbird Pond
3091: SPEARS, HEATHER - Poems Selected & New
46073: SPEARS, MONROE K. - Auden: A Collection of Critical Essays
3244: SPECK, W. A. - Stability & Strife : England 1714-1760 (New History of England Ser. )
46316: SPECK, FRANK G - The Double-Curve Motif in Northeastern Algonkian Art. Memoir 42
29864: SPECTER, MICHAEL - Denialism How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives
46925: SPECTRE, PETER & BUCKLEY SMITH - Expectant Father's Cradle Boat Book
56063: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - The Search for Modern China
36226: SPENCE, BASIL - Phoenix at Coventry
1967: SPENCE, LEWIS - Atlantis Discovered
52268: SPENCE, LOUISE & VINICIUS NAVARRO - Crafting Truth: Documentary Form and Meaning
21159: SPENCE, BASIL & HENRY SNOEK - Out of the Ashes, a Progress Through Coventry Cathedral
30973: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - God's Chinese Son the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan
25331: SPENCE, SHEILA; ROYAL WINNEPEG BALLET - Visages de la Danse / the Faces of Dance (Signed)
54547: SPENCE, JONATHAN - Mao Zedong
53090: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - Emperor of China Self-Portrait of K'Ang-Hsi
28464: SPENCE, CAMERON - Sabre Squadron
15334: SPENCE, BASIL - Phoenix at Coventry: The Building of a Cathedral
51895: SPENCE, JONATHAN D. - Ts'Ao Yin and K'Ang-Hsi Emperor: Bondservant and Master
45213: SPENCE, JONATHAN - Mao Zedong
46492: SPENCER, CHARLES - The World of Serge Diaghilev
40322: SPENCER-CHURCHILL, HENRIETTA - Blenheim and the Churchill Family a Personal Portrait
3741: SPENCER, ELIZABETH - The Night Travellers
3965: SPENCER, ELIZABETH - Knights & Dragons
4865: SPENCER, DICK - Trumpets and Drums : John Diefenbaker on the Campaign Trail
55117: SPENCER, EMILY - Grass Roots: Perspectives of Senior Non-Commissioned Officers on Operations
41069: SPENCER, CHARLES - Cecil Beaton: Stage and Film Designs
15383: SPENCER, COLIN - The Heretic's Feast: A History of Vegetarianism
26718: SPENCER, FREDERIC (ED) - Chapters on the Aims and Practices of Teaching
28498: SPENCER, CHARLOTTE - Seven Boats for a Summer Island
11059: SPENCER, LOUISE REID - Guerrilla Wife
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12132: SULLOWAY, FRANK J. - Born to Rebel: Birth Order, Family Dynamics, and Creative Lives
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17082: SUMMERS, HOLLIS SPURGEON - Start from Home
24224: SUMMERS, JOSEPH H. - The Heirs of Donne and Jonson
53889: SUMMERS, JUDITH - Empress of Pleasure: The Life and Adventures of Teresa Cornelys - Quenn of Masquerades and Casanova's Lover
38161: SUMMERS, JULIE - A Stranger in the House: Women's Stories of Men Returning from the Second World War
42699: SUMMERS, MARTIN - Manliness and Its Discontents: The Black Middle Class and the Transformation of Masculinity, 1900-1930
55461: SUMMERS, SUSAN - The Greatest Gift the Story of the Other Wise Man
46619: SUMMERSON, JOHN - Inigo Jones
18393: SUMNER, CLAUED; MIA ET KLAUS MATTHES - Ciels de Saint Jean
42221: SUNDERLAND, TERRY - Still Standing: Cape Breton Buildings from Days Gone by
42033: SUNDGAARD, ARNOLD; CARLE, ERIC - The Lamb and the Butterfly
50216: VENERABLE POMNYUN SUNIM - True Happiness: Here and Now.
56496: SUNSTEIN, CASS R. - How Change Happens
27303: SUPER, R. H. - The Chronicler of Barsetshire a Life of Anthony Trollope
25276: SURGUY, PHIL - Images of Canada
22144: SURI, MANIL - The Death of Vishnu a Novel
45056: SUROWIECKI, JAMES - The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations
53813: SURR, ELIZABETH - Sea-Birds: And the Lessons of Their Lives
46905: SURTEES, R. S. - Hunting with Mr Jorrocks (from Hadley Cross)
43139: SURYANI, LUH KETUT & GORDON D. JENSEN - Trance and Possession in Bali: A Window on Western Multiple Personality, Possession Disorder, and Suicide
55439: SUSANKA, SARAH - The Not So Big House Book: Includes "the Not So Big House" and "Creating the Not So Big House"
49899: SUSANKA, SARAH - The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live
48063: SUSANKA, SARAH & GREY CRAWFORD - Creating the Not So Big House: Insights and Ideas for the New American Home
42189: SUSKIN, STEVEN - A Must See! Brilliant Broadway Artwork
31236: SUSKIN, STEVEN - Show Tunes the Songs, Shows, and Careers of Broadway's Major Composers
17800: SUSKIND, PATRICK - The Pigeon
16757: SUSSMAN, HENRY - The Trial: Kafka's Unholy Trinity
19851: SUTCLIFFE, ANTHONY, ED - Metropolis, 1890-1940
49898: SUTCLIFFE, JOHN - Traditional Decorating
54259: SUTCLIFFE, ANTHONY - Paris: An Architectural History
1759: SUTHERLAND, FRASER - The Monthly Epic: A History of Canadian Magazines
4569: SUTHERLAND, NEIL - Children in English-Canadian Society 1880-1920 : Framing the 20th-Century Consensus
22462: SUTHERLAND, RONALD - Lark Des Neiges
37564: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS - English Gentleman's Child
40417: SUTHERLAND, DANIEL E. - The Confederate Carpetbaggers
52772: SUTHERLAND, STEVE; LYNDEN MACINTYRE - Getting It Done: Conversations with Cape Breton Leaders
28718: SUTHERLAND, JAMES - On English Prose: The Alexander Lectures
47239: SUTHREN, VICTOR - The Sea Has No End the Life of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville
37674: SUTIN, JACK & ROCHELLE SUTIN & LAWRENCE SUTIN - Jack and Rochelle: A Holocaust Story of Love and Resistance
16060: SUTTON, HENRY - The Exhibitionist
50155: SUTTON, MATTHEW AVERY - American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism

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