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44416: SCHNEER, JONATHAN - The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
3549: SCHNEIDER, HANSPETER - Backstreets of Desire
9349: SCHNEIDER, HERMAN AND NINA - Let's Look Inside Your House
31576: SCHNEIDER, PHYLLIS WORGAN - Ferndell, Sydney, Cape Breton
56022: SCHNEIDER, ANTONIE - The Dearest Little Mouse in the World
29114: SCHNEIDER, PAUL - The Enduring Shore a History of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket
42795: SCHNEIDER, NORBERT - Vermeer: The Complete Paintings
35503: SCHNEIDER, LAURIE - Giotto in Perspective
23876: SCHNELL, RALF - Literarische Innere Emigration 1933-1945
55079: SCHNELLER, THOMAS - Guide to Poultry Identification, Fabrication and Utilization
31054: SCHNUG, HANJO. - Der Ballon: Oder Die Reise in Die Freiheit.
24505: SCHNURNBERGER, LYNN EDELMAN - Kings, Queens, Knights, & Jesters Making Medieval Costumes
35320: SCHOEMAN, KAREL - Witnesses to War: Personal Documents of the Anglo-Boer War from the Collections of the South African Library
35973: SCHOEMPERLEN, DIANE - Forms of Devotion: Stories and Pictures
25995: SCHOEMPERLEN, DIANE - At a Loss for Words a Post-Romantic Novel
26302: SCHOEMPERLEN, DIANE - Forms of Devotion Stories and Pictures
45895: SCHOENBAUM, SAMUEL - William Shakespeare: A Documentary Life
51795: SCHOENBAUM, SAMUEL - Shakespeare's Lives/30422
31756: SCHOENFELD, STUART - Bar Mitzvah
53508: SCHOESER, MARY - Sanderson: The Essence of English Decoration
41511: SCHOFER, LAWRENCE - Formation of a Modern Labor Force Upper Silesia, 1865-1914
36704: SCHOFIELD, WILLIAM HENRY - Mythical Bards and the Life of William Wallace
28784: SCHOGT, HENRY G. - Semantique Synchronique Synonymie, Homonymie, Polysemie
53349: SCHOLEM, GERSHOM; ROBERT ALTER - Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism
53876: MATTEL & RICHARD SCHOLL - Matchbox: The Official 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
9719: SCHONBORG, VIRGINIA - The Salt Marsh
54499: SCHONBRUN, MARC - Reading Music: A Step-by-Step Introduction to Understanding Music Notation and Theory
16447: SCHOOLER, LYNN - The Blue Bear: A True Story of Friendship, Tragedy, and Survival in the Alaskan Wilderness
53689: SCHOONOVER, CARL - Portraits of the Mind: Visualizing the Brain from Antiquity to the 21st Century
46340: SCHORGER, A W - The Passenger Pigeon; Its Natural History and Extinction
3224: SCHORIES, PAT - He's Your Dog
53285: SCHOTT, BEN - Schott's Original Miscellany
50013: SCHOUVALOFF, ALEXANDER - The Theatre Museum, London
29820: SCHRADER, RICHARD J. - H.L. Mencken: A Documentary Volume
32980: ORGANIZED AND CIRCULATED BY THE ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO EXTENSION SERVICES 1978-1980; EXHIBITION PRODUCED BY REISSA SCHRAGER - A Canadian Survey: Selected Works from the Collection of Imperial Oil Limited = Tour D'Horizon Canadien: Oeuvres Choisies de la Collection de la Compagnie Pétrolière Impériale Ltée
53147: SCHRAM, PENINNAH - The Hungry Clothes and Other Jewish Folktales
44063: SCHRAMA, ILSE & BIRGIT SCHRAMA - Buddhist Temple Life in Laos: Wat Lok Pa Luang
45339: SCHRAMM, RUSSELL MICHAEL - The Incredible Adventures of Medusa Blink
46948: SCHREIBER, MARION - Silent Rebels: The True Story of the Raid on the Twentieth Train to Auschwitz
4242: SCHREINER, OLIVE (RALPH IRON) - Story of an African Farm
48499: SCHREINER, OLIVE & PATRICIA O'NEILL - The Story of an African Farm
32107: SCHREINER, OLIVE & PATRICIA O'NEILL - The Story of an African Farm
47498: SCHROEDER, ROGER - How to Carve Wildfowl: 9 North American Masters Reveal the Carving and Painting Techniques That Win Them International Blue Ribbons
54795: SCHROEDER, ALAN - Minty: A Story of Harriet Tubman
8032: SCHROEDER, OTTO - Grundriss Der Griechischen Versgeschichte
15950: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS - File of Uncertainties
25686: SCHROEDER, ANDREAS - Toccata in "D" (Signed) a Micro-Novel
41970: SCHROEDER, ROGER - John Scheeler: Bird Carver
31138: SCHROEDER, ALICE - The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
41003: SCHROTENBOER, P. G. - A New Apologetics: An Analysis and Appraisal of the Eristic Theology of Emil Brunner
48052: SCHROY, ELLEN TISCHBEIN - Warman's Glass
4322: SCHUBERT, FRANZ. CHUSID, MARTIN (ED.) - Symphony in B Minor ("Unfinished) Revised.
25476: SCHUBERT, FRANZ. CHUSID, MARTIN (ED. ) - Franz Schubert: Songs Volume 1: High
45789: SCHULER, WOLFGANG - In the Holy Land: Paintings by David Roberts 1839
37392: SCHULER, STANLEY - Architectural Details from Old New England Homes
6380: SCHULL, JOSEPH - The Jinker
7863: SCHULL, JOSEPH - Laurier: The First Canadian
36747: SCHULL, JOSEPH - The Vice President
45194: SCHULL, JOSEPH - Far Distant Ships: An Official Account of Canadian Naval Operations in World War II
13476: SCHULL, JOSEPH - Edward Blake: Leader and Exile, 1881-1912
53926: SCHULMAN, JANET - The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury: Celebrated Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud
29219: SCHULMAN, JANET; SO, MEILO - Pale Male Citizen Hawk of New York City
51317: SCHULMAN, JANET - The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury: Celebrated Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud
50415: SCHULMAN, JANET - The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury! Celebrated Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud
51005: SCHULTE, JESSICA - Can You Find It Inside? Search and Discover for Young Art Lovers
51661: SCHULTZ, CHARLES - The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas: 50 Years of Holiday Comics
22134: SCHULTZ, ERIC B. & MICHAEL J. TOUGIAS & MICHAEL TOUGIAS - King Philip's War the History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict
37693: SCHULTZ, PHILIP - The Holy Worm of Praise: Poems
24783: SCHULTZ, PHILIP - The Holy Worm of Praise Poems
36730: SCHULTZ, WILLIAM EBEN - Gay's Beggar's Opera: It's Content History & Influence
45221: SCHULTZ, NANCY - Fire and Roses: The Burning of the Charlestown Convent, 1834
50504: SCHULTZ, JOHN & KIMITADA MIWA - Canada and Japan in the Twentieth Century
52053: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - A Charlie Brown Christmas
51522: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown
38571: SCHULZ M.D. PH.D., MONA LISA - Awakening Intuition: Using Your Mind-Body Network for Insight and Healing
52134: SCHULZ, CHARLES - Holidays Through the Year. Five Classic Stories
54083: SCHUMAN, SCOTT - The Sartorialist: Closer
54747: SCHUMAN, SCOTT - The Sartorialist: Closer
52417: SCHUMANN, SARAH - Rhode Island Shellfish Heritage: An Ecological History
41960: SCHUMANN, ROBERT & CLARA SCHUMANN - Piano Music of Robert Schumann, Series II
45383: SCHUMPELICK, VOLKER & ROBERT J. FITZGIBBONS - Recurrent Hernia: Prevention and Treatment
41788: SCHURZ, CARL - Carl Schurz Revolutionär U. Staatsmann : Sein Leben in Selbstzeugnissen, Bildern U. Dokumenten = Revolutionary and Statesman : His Life in Personal and Official Documents with Illustrations
30414: SCHUSTER, GERD & WILLIE SMITS & JAY ULLAL - Thinkers of the Jungle: The Orangutan Report- Pictures, Facts, Background
30413: SCHUSTER, GERD & WILLIE SMITS & JAY ULLAL - Thinkers of the Jungle: The Orangutan Report- Pictures, Facts, Background
11118: SCHUSTER, RICHARD - The Seflish and the Strong
32649: SCHUTTER, K. H. E. - Quibus Annis Comoediae Plautinae Primum Actae Sint Quaeritur.
44987: SCHUTZ, JOHN A. - A Noble Pursuit: The Sesquicentennial History of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1845-1995
50652: SCHUYLER, GEORGE W - Saint John, Two Hundred Years Proud
30090: SCHUYT, MICHAEL & JOOST ELFFERS - Anamorphoses: Games of Perception and Illusion in Art
42438: SCHWARTZ, HOWARD & BARBARA RUSH & URI SHULEVITZ - The Diamond Tree Jewish Tales from Around the World
50218: SCHWARTZ, HILLEL - The Culture of the Copy: Striking Likenesses, Unreasonable Facsimiles
10041: SCHWARTZ, HOWARD; RUSH, BARBARA - The Wonder Child and Other Jewish Fairy Tales
11478: SCHWARTZ, GEORGE AND PHILIP W. BISHOP (EDITORS) - The Development of Modern Science, Moments of Discovery Volume 2
45227: SCHWARTZ, DAVID - Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling
31079: SCHWARTZ, DAVID M.; MEISEL, PAUL - On Beyond a Million an Amazing Math Journey
2102: SCHWARTZ, STEVEN - Therapy
42395: SCHWARTZ, SOL - Drawing Music: The Tanglewood Sketchbooks
42996: SCHWARTZ, BETTY ANN & ALIX BERENZY - My Kingdom for a Horse
44439: SCHWARTZ, DAVID B. - Meltdown: The Complete Series
8147: SCHWARZ, HERBERT T. - Tuktoyaktuk 2-3
11654: SCHWARZ, ARTURO (ET CENTRO FRANCESE DI STUDI) - Homage to (Hommage a / Omaggio a )Andre Breton
17690: SCHWARZ, HERBERT T. - Tuktoyaktuk 2-3
30194: SCHWARZ-BART, ANDRE - A Woman Named Solitude
30418: SCHWARZ, HANS-GUNTHER ET AL - Lumen: Volume/ Tome IX. 1990. Selected Proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Man and Nature
8749: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - Memoirs of Childhood and Youth
33832: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - The Psychiatric Study of Jesus: Exposition and Criticism
34186: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT; ERNEST NEWMAN - J.S. Bach: Volume One and Volume Two. (2 Volumes)
34328: SCHWIN, LAWRENCE, III - Old House Colors: An Expert's Guide to Painting Your Old (or Not So Old) House
54012: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO; JACQUES DE PRESSAC (TRANSLATION) - Le Cliquet de la Folie. Ecrivains Et Choses de Sicile.
47960: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO - Oeuvres Sciascia Tome 1 & Tome 2 a Chacun Son Du. Le Contexte. / le Conseil D'Egypte / L'Eveque, le Vice-Roi Et Les Pois Chiches
54011: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO - Fables de la Dictature. La Sicile, Son Coeur
54017: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO - La Sicile Comme Metaphore
54016: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO; TRADUIT DE L'ITALIEN PAR N. FRANCK ET C. LUCAS. - Noir Sur Noir. Journal de Dix Années.
54013: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO - Du Côté Des Infidèles
54010: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO - Mer Couleur de Vin
54014: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO - L'Affaire Moro
34820: SCICOLONE, MICHELE - Savoring Italy: Recipes and Reflections on Italian Cooking
9728: COMMITTEE ON AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES (US SENATE) - Solar Power from Satellites: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Aerospace Technology and National Needs (Committee of 94th Congress, January 19 & 21, 1976
55432: SCIESZKA, JON & SMITH, LANE - Math Curse
49908: SCIESZKA, JON & LANE SMITH - Squids Will Be Squids: Fresh Morals for Modern Fables
4708: SCIESZKA, JON - Baloney (Henry P. )
54623: SCIESZKA, JON & SMITH, LANE - Math Curse
41258: SCIESZKA, JON & DAN ADEL - The Book That Jack Wrote
46868: SCIESZKA, JON; SMITH, LANE - Squids Will Be Squids: Fresh Morals, Beastly Fables
51459: SCILLIAN, DEVIN - P Is for Passport: A World Alphabet
56264: SCILLIAN, DEVIN - One Nation: America by the Numbers
39295: SCOBEY, KATHRINE LOIS; OLIVE BROWN HORNE - Stories of Great Musicians. Stories of Great Artists. 2 Volumes
37500: SCOBEY, JOAN. - Rugs and Wall Hangings: Period Designs and Contemporary Techniques.
50403: SCOBIE, CHARLES H.H. & GEORGE A. RAWLYK - The Contribution of Presbyterianism to the Maritime Provinces of Canada
36259: SCOBIE, STEPHEN - Slowly Into Autumn
36884: SCOBIE, CHARLES H. H. - The United Church Home for Senior Citizens: The First Fifty Years of "the Drew"
1813: SCOFIELD, SANDRA - A Chance to See Egypt
55824: SCOFIELD, GREGORY - The Gathering: Stones for the Medicine Wheel
50228: SCOGGINS, CHAZ - Bricks and Bats. Professiona Baseball: Lowell Massachusetts
50286: SCOLLON, RON & SUZANNE WONG SCOLLON & RODNEY H. JONES - Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach
50526: SCOOT, F. G. VEN. ARCHDEACON (COL. ) - The Story of the Canadian Corps 1914-1934: A Record in Word and Picture
5940: ART GALLERY OF NOVA SCOTIA - Patterns: Applied and Implied
6013: ART GALLERY OF NOVA SCOTIA - Patterns: Applied and Implied
53411: HERITAGE TRUST OF NOVA SCOTIA - Founded Upon a Rock: Historic Buildings of Halifax and Vicinity Standing in 1967
55278: HERITAGE TRUST OF NOVA SCOTIA - Founded Upon a Rock: Historic Buildings of Halifax and Vicinity Standing in 1967
47898: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND - That Land of Exiles: Scots in Australia
55123: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; W. M. PARKER - The Bride of Lamermoor
34579: SCOTT, FREDERICK GEORGE - Frederick George Scott : Collected Poems
5525: SCOTT, J. F. ; H. W. TURNBULL (FOREWORD) - The Scientific Work of Rene Descartes (1596-1650)
10580: SCOTT, DUNCAN CAMPBELL - The Circle of Affection and Other Pieces in Prose and Verse
10675: SCOTT, LOUISE - Divining Rod
45860: SCOTT, F. R. - Signature
29588: SCOTT, JILL - The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours the Poetry of Jill Scott
15244: SCOTT, MUNROE - African Manhunt: A Layman's View of the Umbundu People of Angola
17765: SCOTT-JAMES, R. A. - Fifty Years of English Literature 1900-1950
20231: SCOTT, PETER - Observations from Wildlife
20742: SCOTT, JOHN; MARSHALL, GORDON - Dictionary of Sociology. Third Edition
26908: SCOTT, PETER MARKHAM; H. R. H DUKE OF EDINBURGH (FOREWORD) - Observations of Wildlife
26482: SCOTT, MARK; PAT CHANDOK & DAVE WOODARD - Krystonian Adventures
23712: SCOTT-CLARK, CATHY & ADRIAN LEVY - The Stone of Heaven Unearthing the Secret History of Imperial Green Jade
24401: SCOTT, FREDERICK GEORGE, - Lift Up Your Hearts
41342: SCOTT, KEITH - Don't Always Blame the Bear My Encounters with Black Bears and Grizzly Bears
41921: SCOTT, KEITH VINCENT - My Adventures with Bears
25795: SCOTT, MICHAEL - Tom Cringle's Log
38923: SCOTT, GRAHAM - Motorcycle Mania: Harley-Davidson : The Power, the Glory, the Legend Lives
34178: SCOTT, JAMES MAURICE - From Sea to Ocean
26010: SCOTT, PHILLIPPA - Gourmet Game Recipes and Anecdotes from Around the World
51161: SCOTT, CHRIS - Hitler's Bomb
45864: SCOTT, DOUGLAS D. & RICHARD A. FOX JR. PH.D & MELISSA A. CONNOR & DICK HARMON - Archaeological Perspectives on the Battle of the Little Bighorn
36057: SCOTT, F.R. - The Collected Poems of F.R. Scott
56132: SCOTT, LAURA - Sudbury: A Pictorial History
33347: SCOTT, GINI GRAHAM - The Truth About Lying
54882: SCOTT, EUGENIE C. - Evolution Vs. Creationism: An Introduction
25342: SCOTTON, ROB; SCOTTON, ROB - Russell the Sheep
50115: SCOTTUS, SEDULIUS & DENIS BREARLEY - Commentum Sedulii Scotti in Maiorem Donatum Grammaticum
36338: SCRUTON, ROGER - Spinoza
44329: SCULLY, J. - Old Orchard Beach
18777: SCULLY, ARTHUR - James Dakin, Architect, His Career in New York and the South
43310: SEABRIGHT, PAUL; DANIEL C. DENNETT - The Company of Strangers: A Natural History of Economic Life
44609: SEABURG, CARL & THOMAS DAHILL & ALAN SEABURG - The Incredible Ditch: A Bicentennial History of the Middlesex Canal
15687: SEAGER, CHARLES - The Paractice in Criminal Cases in Certiorari, Habeas Corpus, Appeals, and Proceedings Before Magistrates and Justices of the Peace.
42249: SEAGER, RICHARD HUGHES - Buddhism in America
40066: SEAGRAVE, BARBARA GARVEY; WESLEY THOMAS - The Songs of the Minnesingers
9690: SEAL, JEREMY - Treachery at Sharpnose Point : Unraveling the Mystery of the Caledonia's Final Voyage
2103: SEALE, PATRICK - Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire: The Secret Life of the World's Most Notorious Arab Terrorist
17751: SEALE, PATRICK - Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire: The Secret Life of the World's Most Notorious Arab Terrorist
38561: SEAMAN, RALPH - Hook, Line and Sinker
45786: SEARL, MARJORIE B. - Seeing America: Painting and Sculpture from the Collection of the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester
51833: SEARLE, JOHN R. - Mind: A Brief Introduction
19750: SEARLE, EVA - 100 Years More or Less Volume I and Volume II (2 Vols)
26639: SEARLE, G F C - Experimental Physics a Selection of Experiments
25472: SEARLE, RONALD - Searle's Zodiac
25670: SEARLE, TOM - Pokemon Unofficial Card Collectors Guide
42138: SEARLE, RONALD; KAYE WEBB - The St. Trinian's Story and the Pick of the Searle Cartoons
45147: SEARLE, JOHN R. - The Rediscovery of the Mind
50217: SEARS, STEPHEN, W. - Controversies & Commanders : Dispatches from the Army of the Potomac
52650: "HORIZON"; STEPHEN W. SEARS (EDITOR) - The Horizon History of the British Empire
51670: SEARS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR JOHN F - Sacred Places: American Tourist Attractions in the Nineteenth Century
48477: SEASHOLES, NANCY S. - Gaining Ground: A History of Landmaking in Boston
26862: SEAVER, PAUL - Wallington's World a Puritan Artisan in Seventeenth-Century London
48548: SEAY, JAMES - Let Not Your Hart
21128: SEBAG, PAUL - The Great Mosque of Kairouan.
39996: SEBALD, WINFRIED GEORG - On the Natural History of Destruction
5142: SEBASTIAN, TIM - Saviour's Gate
51192: SEBESTYEN, VICTOR - 1946: The Making of the Modern World
30207: SEBOLD, ALICE - The Almost Moon a Novel
56378: SECAKUKU, ALPH H. - Hopi Kachina Tradition: Following the Sun and Moon
40088: SECREST, MERYLE - Somewhere for Me - a Biography of Richard Rodgers
42217: SECREST, MERYLE - Somewhere for Me: A Biography of Richard Rodgers
38937: SECREST, MERYLE - Frank Lloyd Wright: A Biography
32662: CAII PLINII SECUNDI (CAIUS PLINIUS SECUNDUS) - Caii Plinii Secundi Historiae Naturalis Libri XXXVII. Complete in 10 Volumes
20705: C. PLINIUS SECUNOUS (TOTH SANOOR TRANS) - A Termeszet Historiaja - a Novenyekrol -
29324: SEDDON, S.A. & G.W. LENNOX & G. W. LENNOX & S. A. SEDDON - Trees of the Caribbean
10179: SEDGWICK, FRED - Shakespeare and Young Writer
51606: SEDGWICK, MARCUS - A Christmas Wish
52254: SEDGWICK, MARCUS - The Emperor's New Clothes
11444: SEDURO, VLADIMIR - Dostoevski's Image in Russia Today
2016: SEE, CAROLYN - Dreaming: Hard Luck and Good Times in America
31220: SEE, CAROLYN - Making a Literary Life Advice for Writers and Other Dreamers
18958: SEECH, ZACHARY - Writing Philosophy Papers. Third Edition
10519: SEEFF, NORMAN; BERRY, PAUL (EDITOR) - Sessions!
37629: SEELING, CHARLOTTE - Moroccan Gardens/Garten Marokkos/Jardins Du Maroc
50014: SEELY BROWN, JOHN & PAUL DUGUID - Social Life of Information, the
35213: SEFERIS, GEORGE - On the Greek Style: Selected Essays in Poetry and Hellenism
19551: SEGAL, RONALD - The Black Diaspora
25442: SEGAL, JEROME M. - Graceful Simplicity Toward a Philosophy and Politics of Simple Living
50265: SEGAL, NANCY L. - Born Together - Reared Apart. The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study
56413: HUGH SEGAL - No Surrender: Reflections of a Happy Warrior in the Tory Crusade
39869: SEGAL, LORE - Half the Kingdom a Novel
33546: SETSUKO SEGAWA, - Progressive Quilt (Japanese Quilt Art, No 2)
33548: SETSUKO SEGAWA, - Japanese Quilt Art
45017: SEGEV, TOM - Simon Wiesenthal: The Life and Legends
31221: SEGURA, CHRIS - Marshland Trinity
18901: SEHGHOR, LEOPOLD SEDAR - Cant de la Negritudo: Chants de la Négritude
22314: SEIBEL, GEORGE A - Ontario's Niagara Parks, 100 Years a History (Signed)
45602: SEIDEL, HEINRICH - The Magic Inkstand and Other Stories
32629: SEIDLER, VICTOR J. - Young Men and Masculinities Global Cultures and Intimate Lives
30599: SEIDLER, TOR; MARCELLINO, FRED - The Wainscott Weasel
4091: SEIDMAN, ROBERT - One Smart Indian
39022: SEIDMAN, HUGH - Throne, Falcon, Eye
29407: SEIERSTAD, ASNE; CHRISTOPHERSEN, INGRID - The Bookseller of Kabul
25222: SEIFERLE, REBECCA - The Music We Dance to Poems
56361: SEIRAWAN, YASSER - Winning Chess Openings
36761: SEITZ, RON - Song for Nobody: A Memory Vision of Thomas Merton
9146: SEIXAS, PETER C. - Shifting Sands Beneath the State : Unemployment, the Labor Market, and the Local Community, 1893-1922 (Non-Profit Institutions in America Ser. )
27111: SEIZER, SUSAN - Stigmas of the Tamil Stage an Ethnography of Special Drama Artists in South India
45437: SEIZO, H. - Chanoyu: Japanese Tea Ceremony
53957: SEKAR, RADHIKA - Lord of Beginnings; Stories of the Elephant-Headed Deity: Ganesha
29117: SEKIGAWA, EIICHIRO (ED). - Aireview's German Military Aircraft in the Second World War: 2 Volumes
29357: SEKULES, KATE - The Boxer's Heart How I Fell in Love with the Ring
33632: DE SELBY - Learn to Do Ribbon Embroidery in Just One Day
36387: SELBY, NICK - Icon Critical Guides: Moby Dick
8573: SELDES, GEORGE - The Witness to a Century : Encounters with the Noted, the Notorious and the Three Sob's
27340: SELF, WILL - The Book of Dave a Novel
43571: SELF, WILL & CHARLES GLASS & WILLIAM EWING - Alison Jackson: Confidential
36659: SELIGSON, SUSAN - Going with the Grain a Wandering Bread Lover Takes a Bite out of Life
2601: SELLERS, LEONARD - For God's Sake Shoot Straight : The Court Martial and Execution of Sub Lt. Edwin Dyett
2928: SELLERS, MICHAEL - P.S. I Love You Peter Sellers 1925-1980
42132: SELLIER, MARIE & CLAUDIA Z. BEDRICK - Chagall from a to Z
42133: SELLIER, MARIE & CLAUDIA Z. BEDRICK - Bonnard from a to Z
41709: SELLS, A. LYTTON - The Paradise of Travellers : The Italian Influence on Englishmen in the 17th Century
56215: SELMAN, ROBYN - Directions to My House
46000: SELTMAN , CHARLES THEODORE - A Book of Greek Coins
43994: SELTZER, CATHERINE - Elizabeth Spencer's Complicated Cartographies: Reimagining Home, the South, and Southern Literary Production
55234: SELVIDGE, R. W. & J. M. ALLTON - Blacksmithing: A Manual for Use in School and Shop
38823: SELZ, PETER & MILDRED CONSTANTINE - Art Nouveau Art and Design at the Turn of the Century
49540: J. M. TASENDE; JOSE LUIS CUEVAS; PETER SELZ - Jose Luis Cuevas: Intolerance; Drawings 1983
43586: SEMEL, NAVA & HILLEL HALKIN - Flying Lessons
12113: SEMENICK, D.V. - New Techniques & Approaches for Wood Carving
44839: SEMENIUK, ROBERT - Among the Inuit
19757: SALZBURG SEMINAR - Preserving the Built Heritage: Tools for Implementation
19653: SEMMENS, P. W. B.; SEMMENS, PETER; MACHEFERT-TASSIN, YVES - Channel Tunnel Trains: Channel Tunnel Rolling Stock and the Eurotunnel System
48835: SEMON, KURT M. - A Treasury of Old Silver
45919: SEMPRUN, JORGE & LINDA COVERDALE - Literature or Life
11138: SEMPRUN, JORGE - The Second Death of Ramon Mercader
45927: SEMPRUN, JORGE & LINDA COVERDALE - Literature or Life
42295: SENDAK, MAURICE - The Sign on Rosie's Door
51101: SENDAK, MAURICE - In the Night Kitchen
2404: SENDAK, MAURICE - We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy. : Two Nursery Rhymes with Pictures
30672: SENDAK, MAURICE - In the Night Kitchen
44681: SENDAK, MAURICE - Bumble-Ardy
35846: SENDAK, PHILIP - In Grandpa's House
53304: SENDAK, MAURICE - Bumble-Ardy
44005: SENELICK, LAURENCE - The American Stage: Writing on Theater from Washington Irving to Tony Kushner
37294: SENELICK, LAURENCE - Lovesick: Modernist Plays of Same-Sex Love, 1894-1925
32670: SENEQUE - Des Bienfaits
37474: SENIOR, NASSAU W. - Three Lectures on the Value of Money Delivered Before, the University of Oxford, in 1829
8200: SENIOR, NASSAU WILLIAM - Three Lectures on the Rate of Wages (Delivered Before the University of Oxford, in Easter Term 1830 with a Preface on the Causes and Remedies of the Present Disturbances) the Second Edition.
56652: SENIOR, HEREWARD ET AL - The Loyalists of Quebec 1774-1825 a Forgotten History
25338: SENIOR, OLIVE - Discerner of Hearts and Other Stories
25339: SENIOR, OLIVE - Discerner of Hearts and Other Stories
39797: NASSAU W. SENIOR - Transmission of the Precious Metals from Country to Country and the Mercantile Theory of Wealth, the
27403: SENIOR, TIM - The Airforces Monthly Book Oif the F/ a-18 Hornet
4524: SENNETT, RICHARD - Palais-Royal
24566: SENNETT, TED - Laughing in the Dark Movie Comedy from Groucho to Woody
26573: SENNETT, DOROTHY & ANNE CZARNIECKI - Vital Signs International Short Stories on Aging
37610: SENTE, YVES - Blake Et Mortimer 17 Sarcophages Du 6e Continent 2 - 2
50019: SHIN KWANG-SEOP [ED. ] - National Folk Museum of Korea
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56176: SETH, VIKRAM - A Suitable Boy
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37026: SHAH, IDRIES & NATASHA DELMAR - The Old Woman and the Eagle
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39098: SMITH, PHYLLIS - Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley a History
40906: SMITH, P. R. AND RT. HON. R. G. MENZIES - The Story of Australia
29394: SMITH, RUSSELL - Muriella Pent
40235: SMITH, A. G. - Cut & Assemble a Totem Pole in Full Color
1098: TIM HOLMES & EBEKKA SMITH - Collecting, Restoring and Riding Classic Motorcycles
44606: JEAN & ELIZABETH SMITH - Collecting Canada's Past
1903: SMITH, CHARLIE - Cheap Ticket to Heaven
2015: SMITH, JIM - Leonel/Roque
54363: SMITH, RUSSELL (SIGNED) - How Insensitive
2879: SMITH, HELEN - Being Light
3205: SMITH, LEE - News of the Spirit : Stories
42619: SMITH, JOHN BRAGINTON; DUNCAN OLIVER - Port on the Bay: Yarmouth's Maritime History on the "North Sea" 1638 to the Present
4142: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - Colonel Carter's Christmas & the Romance of an Old-Fashioned Gentleman
50701: SMITH, LANE - Madam President
4818: SMITH, JULIE - Death Turns a Trick
4840: SMITH, JANET ADAM - Life Among the Scots (Britain in Pictures Ser. )
4889: SMITH, WILLIAM - A Smaller History of Rome from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Empire with a Continuation to A.D. 479
30229: SMITH, CHARLIE - Heroin and Other Poems
33426: LEONARD A. SMITH - Chaos: A Very Short Introduction
8604: SMITH, CAMILLE (DR. SIGMUND F. WINNICAT) - Listening to Catnip : Stories from a Catanalyst's Couch by Sigmund F. Winnicat, C.D.
8719: SMITH, DINITIA - Remember This
41175: SMITH, HUSTON - The Soul of Christianity Restoring the Great Tradition
11510: SMITH, C. - Love and Solidarity
3733: SMITH, J. - Your Operation : Knee Replacement
12487: SMITH, SANDE - The Life and Philosophy of Malcom X
3712: SMITH, JEAN - I Can Hear Me Fine
3642: SMITH, KEN - Homegrown Heroes: The Bathurst Sports Hall of Fame
14590: SMITH, CHARLES - Fifty Years with Mountbatten: A Personal Memoir by His Valet and Butler
14592: SMITH, C. V. - From N to Z: A Humorous Survey of New Zealand
14594: SMITH, ALISON - Name All the Animals: A Memoir
14947: SMITH, DOUG - Bless 'Em All...
15212: SMITH, JAMES STEEL - A Critical Approach to Children's Literature
15457: SMITH, VIAN - Horses in the Green Valley: A Horseman Shares His Knowledge and Love from a Lifetime with Horses
15813: SMITH, BEVERLEY - Talking Figure Skating: Behind the Scenes in the World's Most Glamorous Sport
16026: SMITH, JANET L. - Practice to Deceive
16766: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Stallion Gate
16979: SMITH, WILSON - Double Vision
17031: SMITH, WILBUR - Rage / Monsoon / When the Lion Feeds / a Falconer Flies / the Power of the Sword / Birds of Prey / a Sparrow Flies / a Time to Die. Eight (8) Volumes
35063: SMITH, TONY - A Pact with the Devil Washington's Bid for World Supremacy and the Betrayal of the American Promise
17736: SMITH, NANCY RUZICKA - A Garden Full of Flowers
17910: SMITH, DENNIS - The Final Fire
18125: SMITH, F. SEYMOUR - What Shall I Read Next?: A Personal Selection of Twentieth Century English Books.
18700: SMITH, PRESERVED - Erasmus: A Study of His Life Ideals and Place in History
19026: SMITH, JULIE - Louisiana Hotshot
53157: SMITH, ARTHUR BRITTON; DAN SCOVILLE; JIM KENNARD; JOHN W. MCKAY - Legend of the Lake: The 22-Gun Brig-Sloop Ontario 1780
19759: SMITH, GRANT F. O. - The Man Robert Burns
19760: SMITH, NOWELL CHARLES - Notes on the Testament of Beauty (Robert Bridges)
19888: SMITH, G. E. KIDDER - The New Churches of Europe / Las Nuevas Iglesias de Europa
19892: SMITH, JACK E. - Proceedings of the Anasazi Symposium 1981
20829: SMITH, GRAHAM - The Casino of Pius IV
20869: SMITH, JOHN - Of the Swimmer Among the Coral and of the Monk in the Mountains: An Anthology for the Stars
26680: SMITH, JEFFERY - Where the Roots Reach for Water a Personal & Natural History of Melancholia
21845: SMITH, DONALD B.; JONES, RICHARD; FRANCIS, R. D. - Origins : Canadian History to Confederation. Fourth Edition
42825: SMITH, LANE - Big Pets
22746: SMITH, C.T. - An Historical Geography of Western Europe Before 1800

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