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42683: PERRY, LEWIS - Boats Against the Current: American Culture between Revolution and Modernity, 1820-1860
33173: MARY KEEN; PHOTOGRAPHS BY CLAY PERRY - The Glory of the English Garden
43269: PERRY, DONALD - Life Above the Jungle Floor: A Biologist Explores a Strange and Hidden Treetop World
31121: PERRY, RALPH & IRENE PERRY MORRILL - Canoeing the Charles: Images and Field Notes from 1902-1912
44546: PERRY, MARIA - The Sisters of Henry VIII: The Tumultuous Lives of Margaret of Scotland and Mary of France
22537: PERSCHETZ, LOIS (ED. ) AND THE STAFF OF W - W: The Designing Life
28128: PERSICO, JOSEPH - Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour Armistice Day, 1918, World War I and Its Violent Climax
39361: PERSICO, JOSEPH E. - Franklin and Lucy: President Roosevelt, Mrs. Rutherfurd, and the Other Remarkable Women in His Life
47632: PERSICO, JOSEPH E. - Franklin and Lucy: President Roosevelt, Mrs. Rutherfurd, and the Other Remarkable Women in His Life
43993: PERSON, JAMES E. - Russell Kirk: A Critical Biography of a Conservative Mind
40462: PERSON, DENNIS AND CARIN ROUTLEDGE - Edmonton: Portrait of a City.
16119: PERTSCH, JR., JOHN G. - Electrical Engineering Problems. Part I: Direct-Current Circuits and Apparatus
47413: PERUNIAK, SHIRLEY F - An Illustrated History of Quetico Provincial Park
47465: PERUNOVICH, VESSNA; VIRGINIA M. EICHHORN - (W) Hole : Vessna Perunovich
31409: VAN PESCH, HENRI - De Idee Van de Menselijke Beperktheid Bij Sophocles
37101: PESSOA, FERNANDO - Poesias de Alvaro de Campos
7559: PESTON, MAURICE & BERNARD CORRY (EDS.) - Essays in Honour of Lord Robbins
38076: PETELIN, CAROL - Country Diary Book of Flowers
14512: PETER, JOHN - Masters of Modern Architecture
33410: PETER H. RUSSELL (EDITOR), LORNE SOSSIN (EDITOR) - Parliamentary Democracy in Crisis
41981: PETER, ELLIS - The Benediction of Brother Cadfael: Being the First and Second Chronicles of the Extraordinary Herbalist of the Benedictie Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul at Shrewsbury / a Morbid Taste for Bones / One Corpse Too Many
45606: PETER, JOHN - Oral History of Modern Architecture: Interviews with the Greatest Architects of the Twentieth Century. Cd Included
33648: PETER GWINN, CHARNA HALPERN (CONTRIBUTOR) - Group Improvisation: The Manual of Ensemble Improv Games
44632: PETER STANYER, TOM FLINT - Anatomy for the Artist: The Dynamics of the Human Form
34961: PETERS, CATHERINE - The King of Inventors: Life of Wilkie Collins
41839: PETERS, ELLIS - A Rare Benedictine: The Advent of Brother Cadfael
33857: PETERS, R. J - Driftwood and Other Poems
1118: S. I. BENN & R. S. PETERS - Social Principles and the Democratic State
3854: PETERS, PHILIP (ED.) - Kunst & Museumjournaal. Vol 5 No. 3 1993
22161: PETERS, ELLIS - The Hermit of Eyton Forest
22227: PETERS, ELLIS - Brother Cadfael's Penance - 20th Chronicle
48604: PETERS, LISA WESTBERG & DEBORAH DURLAND DESAIX - Meg and Dad Discover Treasure in the Air
41372: PETERS, CATHERINE - Charles Dickens
31490: PETERS, JAN & KEVIN WALLACE & RAY LEIER - Baskets Tradition & Beyond
33947: PETERS, ELLIS & ROBIN WHITEMAN - Brother Cadfael's Book of Days the Material and Spiritual Wisdom of a Medieval Crusader-Monk
3337: PETERSEN, OLIVE MACKAY - The Land of Moosoneek
45867: PETERSEN, IRENE FROM - Great Wire Jewelry: Projects & Techniques
49289: PETERSHAM, MAUD AND MISKA - The Christ Child: As Told by Matthew and Luke
38916: PETERSHAM, MAUD; PETERSHAM, MISKA - The Christ Child As Told by Matthew and Luke
41884: PETERSON, JAMES - Glorious French Food: A Fresh Approach to the Classics
7736: PETERSON, ROY; BURKE, STANLEY - The Day of the Glorious Revolution
21258: PETERSON, CHARLES E.; CARPENTERS' COMPANY OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF PHILADELPHIA - The Rules of Work of the Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia, 1786: With the Original Copper Plate Illustrations
23525: PETERSON, EUGENE H.; KENDALL, DINAH ROE - Allegories of Heaven an Artist Explores the Greatest Story Ever Told
23928: PETERSON, ROGER TORY - Penguins a Tribute from "King Penguin" in Words and Pictures, to His Favorite Family of Birds
24936: PETERSON, MICHEL - S.I. Witkiewicz la Poetique de L'Inassouvissement (Collection L'Univers Des Discours) (French Edition)
44961: PETERSON, ALLAN - All the Lavish in Common
38903: PETERSON, MICHEL - S.I. Witkiewicz la Poetique de L'Inassouvissement (Collection L'Univers Des Discours) (French Edition)
11298: PETIT, CHRISTOPHER - The Psalm Killer
30298: PETRAKOS, BASIL - National Museum Sculpture-Bronzes-Vases
41596: PETRAS, JAMES F. - Critical Perspectives on Imperialism and Social Class in the Third World
24946: PETRASCHECK, W. E. - Metallogenetische Und Geochemische Provinzen = Metallogenetic and Geochemical Provinces : Symposium Leoben, Nov. 1972
14589: PETRIE, SIR CHARLES - Philip II of Spain
17864: PETRIE, DUNCAN J.; PETRIE, DUNCAN - The British Cinematographer
43893: PETRINI, CARLO & GIGI PADOVANI - Slow Food Revolution: A New Culture for Eating and Living
40675: PETROFF, ELIZABETH ALVILDA - Medieval Women's Visionary Literature
42728: PETROSKI, HENRY - The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance
40872: PETROSKI, HENRY - Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design
29579: PETROSKI, HENRY - Small Things Considered Why There Is No Perfect Design
34074: PETROSKI, HENRY - The Evolution of Useful Things
12770: PETROVICS-OFNER, LASZLO - Broken Places
45696: PETROVICS-OFNER, LASZLO - Broken Places
19639: PETRUCCIOLLI, ATTILIO (ED.) - Environmental Design, Maghreb from Colonialism to a New Identity
36152: PETSCHEK,JOYCE - Beautiful Bargello: 26 Charted Needlepoint and Bargello Designs
45202: PETSONK, JUDY - Taking Judaism Personally Creating a Meaningful Spiritual Life
16691: PETTET, GARY - Dr. Martens Air Ware
44811: PETTIGREW, JANE - A Social History of Tea
5523: PETTINGILL JR., OLIN SEWELL - The Living Bird. Third Annual of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1964
6802: PETTINGILL JR., OLIN SEWELL & LANCASTER, DOUGLAS - The Living Bird. Eleventh Annual of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1972
8332: PETTINGILL JR., OLIN SEWELL & LANCASTER, DOUGLAS - The Living Bird. Tenth Annual of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1971
18039: PETTINGILL, OLIN SEWALL JR. - Another Penguin Summer
11943: P. N. PETTIT - The Wellington Watersiders: The Story of Their Industrial Organization
41444: PETTY, RICHARD & NASCAR SCENE - Thunder and Glory: The 25 Most Memorable Races in Winston Cup History
33813: PETUSEVSKY, STEVE & INC. WHOLE FOODS - Whole Foods Market Cookbook a Guide to Natural Foods with 350 Recipes
45961: PETZKE, KARL & SARA SLAVIN - Tea Essence of the Leaf
26867: PEVITT, CHRISTINE & CHRISTINE PEVITT ALGRANT - Madame de Pompadour Mistress of France
18137: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Charles R. Mackintosh
20034: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Pioneers of Modern Design: From William Morris to Walter Gropius
45999: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Englishness of English Art
34450: PFAHL, JOHN; ESTELLE JUSSIM AND ANTHONY BANNON - Arcadia Revisited: Niagara River and Falls from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario
39587: PFEIFFER, C. BOYD - The Complete Book of Tackle Making
20948: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS - Frank Lloyd Wright: His Living Voice (with Two Audio Casettes)
22892: PFEIFFER, LEE & DAVE WORRALL - The Essential Bond the Authorized Guide to the World of 007
32159: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS; KENNETH FRAMPTON - Frank Lloyd Wright Collected Writings, Volume 4: 1939-1949
44586: PFISTER, MARCUS & J ALISON JAMES - How Leo Learned to Be King
35770: PFISTER, PATRICK - Over Sand and Sea: A Traveler's Tales
43125: PFLEIDERER, OTTO - The Early Conception of Christ: Its Significance and Value in the History of Religion
39701: PFLEIDERER, OTTO - The Development of Theology in Germany Since Kant, and Its Progress in Great Britain Since 1825
39201: PFLOOG, JAN - Animal Friends and Neighbors
31951: PFLUGER, MARSHA - Across Time & Territory a Walk Through the National Ranching Heritage Center
32665: PHAEDRUS [PHAEDRI] - Phaedri Fabularum Aesopiarum Libri Quinque Quales Omni Parte Illustratos Publicavit Joann. Gottlob. Sam. Schwabe. Accedunt Romuli Fabularum Aesopiarum Libri Quator, Quibus Novas Phaedri Fabellas Cum Notulis Variorum Et Suis Subjunxit Joann. Bapt. Gail.
48065: PHAM, ANDREW X. - Catfish & Mandala : A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape & Memory of Vietnam
46555: PHAN, CHARLES - Vietnamese Home Cooking
36015: PHARES, WALID - The War of Ideas: Jihadism Against Democracy
25453: PHD, DR. CHRISTINE NEMACHECK - Strategic Selection Presidential Nomination of Supreme Court Justices from Herbert Hoover Through George W. Bush
29068: PHD, GERALDINE DAWSON - Autism Nature, Diagnosis, and Treatment
20274: PHELPS, ELIABETH STUART. - The Gates Ajar
45273: PHIL COUSINEAU (EDITOR) , ERIC LAWTON (PHOTOGRAPHER) - The Soul Aflame: A Modern Book of Hours
39196: PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART. TURNER, EVAN H. , DIRECTOR - Philadelphia, Three Centuries of American Art Selections from the Bicentennial Exhibition Held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, April 11 to Oct. 10 1976
44819: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL & DIANE SWARTZ - Away Off Shore Nantucket Island and Its People, 1602-1890
48365: PHILIBERT O.P. S.T.D., PAUL - Liturgy and the Arts
48533: PHILIP, A. DAVIS (EDITOR) - The Hr Diagram : Symposia of the International Astronomical Union Ser. , No. 80, Nov. 2-5, 1977, Washington Dc. The 100th Anniversary of Henry Norris Russell
20268: PHILIP, HRH THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH - Men, Machines, and Sacred Cows
43382: PHILIP, NEIL & JACQUI MAIR - I Have a News: Rhymes from the Caribbean
36586: PHILIPP, ISIDOR; MATHIAS, G. - Exercices Perparatoires. 22nd Edition
23448: PHILIPPE, ANDREE - Bonsecours
35555: PHILIPPI, DONALD - This Wine of Peace, This Wine of Laughter : A Complete Anthology of Japan's Earliest Songs
34896: PHILIPPONNAT, OLIVIER & PATRICK LIENHARDT - The Life of Irene Nemirovsky. 1903-1942
31738: PHILIPS, C HENRY - Psychology and the Choir-Trainer
12160: PHILIPS, ELIZABETH - Grain Magazine. Summer 2003 Vol. 31 No. 1
12161: PHILIPS, ELIZABETH - Grain Magazine. Fall 2003 Vol. 31 No. 2
12162: PHILIPS, ELIZABETH - Grain Magazine. Fall 2002 Vol. 30 No. 2
12163: PHILIPS, ELIZABETH - Grain Magazine. Summer 2002 Vol. 30 No. 1
12164: PHILIPS, ELIZABETH - Grain Magazine. Spring 2002 Vol. 30 No. 4
45820: PHILIPS, TERRENCE - Harvesting the Fraser a History of Early Delta
35804: PHILLIPPS-WOLLEY, CLIVE - Songs from a Young Man's Land
32426: PHILLIPS, EVERETT FRANKLIN - Beekeeping: A Discussion of the Life of the Honeybee and of the Production of Honey
32976: CHARLES PHILLIPS - The Lost History of Aztec & Maya: The History, Legend, Myth and Culture of the Ancient Native Peoples of México and Central America. Olmec, Maya, Chichimec, Hustec, Toltec, Mixtec, Totonac, Aztec
1028: E. KURZWEIL AND W. PHILLIPS EDS. - Our Country, Our Culture: The Politics of Political Correctness
1896: PHILLIPS, MAX - Snake Bite Sonnet
1897: PHILLIPS, MAX - Snake Bite Sonnet
2674: PHILLIPS-MATZ, MARY J. - Rosa Ponselle : American Diva
4166: PHILLIPS, WILLIAM R. - Night of the Silver Stars : The Battle of Lang Vei (Special Warfare Ser. )
7782: PHILLIPS, P.; PHILLIPS, E. - Women and Work : Inequality in the Canadian Labour Market
34251: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Shelter
8383: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Motherkind
33674: BY BARONESS KIZETTE DE LEMPICKA-FOXHALL AS TOLD TO CHARLES PHILLIPS - Passion by Design: The Art and Times of Tamara de Lempicka
48095: PHILLIPS, BARTY - Fabrics and Wallpapers: Sources, Design, and Inspiration
18608: PHILLIPS, JOHN - Yugoslav Story
21642: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - New Poems
30416: PHILLIPS, RHONDA (EDITOR) - Community Development. Journal of the Community Development Society. Vols. 37 - 40. 17 Issues
43487: PHILLIPS, ROGER & MARTYN RIX - Best Rose Guide: A Comprehensive Selection
1951: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Shelter
46205: PHILLIPS, BETTY LOU - French Impressions
44733: RONALD M. BERNDT AND E. S. PHILLIPS. (EDITORS) - The Australian Aboriginal Heritage: An Introduction Through the Arts.
46157: PHILLIPS, FRANCIS R. - Like the Whistling of the Wind
32044: PHILLIPS, KEVIN - Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich
26415: PHILLIPS, MARIE - Gods Behaving Badly
48999: PHILLIPS, STACY - The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar (No Cd)
48526: PHILLIPS, JOHN A. - The Form of Christ in the World: A Study of Bonhoeffer's Christology.
48125: PHILLIPS, ANTHONY; ISAAK GLIKMAN - Story of a Friendship: The Letters of Dimitry Shostakovich to Isaak Glikman
48097: PHILLIPS, BARTY - Fabrics and Wallpapers Sources, Design, and Inspiration
13797: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Oldest Inhabitant
29244: PHILPOT, ROBIN - Oka: Dernier Alibi Du Canada Anglais (Etudes Quebecoises) (French Edition)
41721: PHILPOT, JOHN & ROBERT EDEN - The Examinations and Writings of John Philpot, Archdeacon of Winchester, Martyr 1555 Edited for the Parker Society
32981: PHOTOGRAPHS BY VALERIE SHAFF; TEXT BY ROY BLOUNT, JR - I Am Puppy, Hear Me Yap: Ages of a Dog
14193: MAGNUM PHOTOS - Birth/Naitre/Die Geburt: Photographs of Magnum Photos/Photographies de Magnum Photos/Fotografien Von Magnum Photos
42096: MAGNUM PHOTOS - Writers / Ecrivains / Schriftsteller
621: ALLENE STUART PHY - Presenting Norma Klein
41278: PIAGET, JEAN - The Language and Thought of the Child
31928: PICARDIE, JUSTINE - Daphne
36641: PICCARD, EUGENE-FERDINAND - Suivez Lenine! Principales Manifestations de la Vie Russe Sous le Regime Sovietique. Observations Personnelles
46994: PICHETTE,ROBERT - Napoléon III Acadie Et Canada Français
27919: PICHETTE, ROBERT - Chimeres
40184: PICHETTE, ROBERT - Les Religieuses, Pionnieres en Acadie
33631: FRED PICKER - The Fine Print
37374: PICKERING, ALLISON - Ajijic: Behind the Walls, Detras de Las Paredes Mexico
34254: PICKERING, DAVID - Dictionary of Superstitions
23309: PICKLES, SHEILA - Love Penhaligon's Scented Treasury of Verse and Prose
25788: PICKLES, SHEILA - The Grand Tour
39749: PICKLES, SHEILA - A Victorian Posy: Penhaligon's Scented Photograph Album
41121: PICKLES, SHEILA - Christmas
45674: PICKTHALL, MARJORIE - Little Songs: A Book of Poems
4848: PICKTHALL, MARJORIE - The Worker in Sandal-Wood (Sandalwood)
39014: PICKTHALL, MARJORIE - Little Songs: A Book of Poems
40453: PICKTHALL, BARRY - Dinghy Sailing Start to Finish
21256: PICKTHALL, MARJORIE L.C. - The Woodcarver's Wife and Other Poems
43449: PICKVANCE, RONALD; RICHARD BRETTELL - Gauguin and the School of Pont-Aven
49523: PIDDINGTON, HELEN - The Inlet: Memoirs of a Modern Pioneer
6384: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - The Battle for Cassino
41288: PIEL, GERARD; BRADFORD, PETER - The Age of Science What Scientists Learned in the Twentieth Century
32705: PIENKOWSKI, JAN - Easter: The King James Version
45826: PIENKOWSKI, JAN - Christmas: The King James Version, with Pictures
36525: PIERCE, TAMORA & GRACE KELLY - Melting Stones
11427: PIERCE, SALLY & TEMPLE D. SMITH - Citizens in Conflict: Prints and Photographs of the American CIVIL War. Ehibition Catalogue Dec. 1981
21263: PIERCE, LORNE - Marjorie Pickthall: A Book of Remembrance
41963: PIERCE, PATRICIA - Canada the Images of Our Heritage 1895-1924
49198: PIERCE, TODD & RYAN VAN CLEAVE - Visual Storytellling: An Illustrated Reader
48343: PIERCY, MARGE - The Art of Blessing the Day: Poems with a Jewish Theme
25975: PIERCY, MARGE - The Longings of Women
234: MARGE PIERCY - He, She and It
43850: PIERPONT, CLAUDIA ROTH - Roth Unbound: A Writer and His Books
24688: PIERRE, DBC - Ludmila's Broken English a Novel
47387: ANSELME CHIASSON; ANNIE-ROSE DEVEAU; SOCIETE SAINT-PIERRE - L'Histoire Des Tapis "Hookes" de Cheticamp Et de Leurs Artisans : Projet de la Societe Saint-Pierre
32797: PIERRE; FLORISOONE, MICHEL; HOFFMEISTER, ADOLF; TABARD, FRANCOIS VERLET ; JOBE, JOSEPH (ED) - Great Tapestries: The Web of History from the 12th to the 20th Century; in Slipcase
44515: PIERSON, MELISSA HOLBROOK - Perfect Vehicle
46081: PIERSON, MELISSA HOLBROOK - Dark Horses and Black Beauties: Animals, Women, a Passion
17126: PIESMAN, MARISSA - Alternate Sides: A Nina Fischman Mystery
22461: PIESSEL, MICHEL - The Great Himalayan Passage Adventure Extraordinary by Hovercraft
44791: PIGGOTT, STUART - The Earliest Wheeled Transport from the Atlantic Coast to the Caspian Sea
48864: PIGNATTI, TERISIO - La Scuola Veneta
46452: PIGOTT, PETER - Taming the Skies: A Celebration of Canadian Flight
13991: PIGOU, A. C. - Protective and Preferential Import Duties
36701: PIGOU, A. C. - The Economics of Stationary States.
15702: PIKE, JOHN MILTON - Canadian Municipal Law Containing the Municipal Act R.S. O C. 233 and the Amending Act of 1928
22005: PIKE, DONALD - Anasazi Ancient People of the Rock
27726: PIKE, CHRISTOPHER - Thirst No. 1 the Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice
41133: PILE, JOHN - Interior Design
39635: PILGRIM, EARL B. - The Day Grenfell Cried
3650: PILGRIM, JANE - Henry Goes Visiting: A Blackberry Farm Book
46518: PILGRIM, JANE - Sam Sparrow
35328: PILLER, ALPONSE - Monseigneur Eugène Devaud (1876-1942) Et L' Ecole Primaire Fribourgeoise.
22312: PILLEY, PHIL (ED. ) ; TONY JACKLIN (FOREWORD) - Golfing Art
44670: PILLING, ANN - The Kingfisher Children's Bible
30038: PILSWORTH, GRAHAM - Nova Scotia Drink-o-Pedia
29905: PILSWORTH, GRAHAM - Nova Scotia Drink-o-Pedia
33924: PINARD, DANIEL - Pinardises: Recettes Et Propos Culinaires
18981: PINCH, STEVEN - Cities and Services: The Geography of Collective Consumption
38127: PINCOCK, STEPHEN - Codebreaker: The History of Secret Communication
27360: PINCOMBE, ALEXANDRE & EDWARD LARRACEY - Resurgo: Volume 1 and Volume 2 L'Histoire de Moncton Depuis Les Debuts de L'Agglomeration Jusqu'a Son Accession Au Statut de Grande Ville en 1890.
31419: PINDAR; DRACHMANN, A. B. - Scholia Vetera in Pindari Carmina. Volumes I-III: I. Scholia in Olympionicas. II. Scholia in Pythionicas. III. Scholia in Nemeonicas Et Isthmionicas Epimetrum. Indices
27348: PINDELL, TERRY; LOURDES RAMIREZ MALLIS - Yesterday's Train a Rail Odyssey Through Mexico
42430: PINEL, JOHN P.J. & MAGGIE E. EDWARDS - A Colorful Introduction to the Anatomy of the Human Brain a Brain and Psychology Coloring Book
11153: PINET, HELENE; PALMER, CAROLINE (TRANSLATOR) - Rodin : The Hand of Genius (Discoveries Ser. )
18274: PINGET, ROBERT - L'Apocryphe
46985: PINKER, STEVEN - How the Mind Works
26543: PINKER, STEVEN - How the Mind Works
6853: PINNER, DAVID - There'LL Always Be an England
18759: PINNEY, NORMAN & JUAN BARCELO - The Practical Spanish Teacher or a New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the Spanish Language in a Series of Lessons
31027: PINNINGTON, ANDREA & DAVE KING AND MIKE DUNNING - My First Green Book: A Life-Size Guide to Caring for Our Environment.
38676: PINO, LUONGO; PULINI, MARTA; FRIEDMAN, ANDREW - La Mia Cucina Toscana: A Tuscan Cooks in America
39756: PINO, LUONGO; PULINI, MARTA; FRIEDMAN, ANDREW - La Mia Cucina Toscana: A Tuscan Cooks in America
15463: PINO, LUONGO; PULINI, MARTA; FRIEDMAN, ANDREW - La Mia Cucina Toscana: A Tuscan Cooks in America
38892: PINSENT, GORDON - The Rowdyman
46834: PINSKER, SHARON - Figure: How to Draw and Paint the Figure with Impact
44985: PINSKY, ROBERT - Jersey Rain
21065: PINSKY, ROBERT - The Life of David
12641: PINSON, JACQUES - Compte Avec Nous, Mais Attention à Tes Doigts!
29298: PINTABONA, DON & JUDITH CHOATE; POOL, STEVE - The Shared Table Cooking with Spirit for Family and Friends
43709: PINTER, ANNAMARIA - Children Learning Second Languages
39008: PIOTROWSKI, CHRISTINE M. - Becoming an Interior Designer
534: PIPER, LEONARD - Murder by Gaslight
46362: PIPER, REINHARD - Michelangelo Zeichnungen
11795: PIPHER, MARY BRAY; PIPHER, MARY - Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders
7071: PIRANELLO, LUIGI - Theatre I: Wetir Ceux Qui Sont Nus Comme Avant, Mieux Qu'Avant Je Revais (Peut-Etre... ) - Cece la Fleur a la Bouche - a la Sortie
46873: PIRAS, CLAUDIA & RUPRECHT STEMPELL - Culinaria Italy Pasta / Pesto / Passion
18412: PIRECE, FRANK. DON ALONSO DE ERCILLA - The Historie of Aravcana
33242: FERNANDO TASSO FRACOSO PIRES - Fazendas: The Great Houses and Plantations of Brazil
19138: PIRET, PIERRE - Fernand Crommelynck: Une Dramaturgie de L'Inauthentique
34843: PIROVANO, CARLO (ED) - Marco Polo. Venezia E L'Oriente
40805: PIROZZOLO, DICK & LINDA CORZINE - Timberframe Interiors
32438: PISANI, MARIO - Sasaki: Designing the Continuum
3903: PISANO, BEVERLY - Chow Chows
29990: PITCHER, WALLACE S. & ANTHONY R. BERGER - Geology of Donegal a Study of Granite Emplacement and Unroofing
41244: PITMAN-GELLES, BONNIE - 150 Years of Art in Manitoba; : A Struggle Towards a Visual Civilization. A Winnipeg Art Gallery Exhibition Commemorating Manitoba's Centennial, May 1-August 31, 1970
26185: PITMAN, JOANNA - The Dragon's Trail the Biography of Raphael's Masterpiece
7790: PITRE, MARTIN - La Morsure Du Desir
28080: PITT, DAVID G. - E.J. Pratt: The Truant Years, 1882-1927. & the Master Years 1927-1964. 2 Vols.
18547: PITT, DAVID G. - E.J. Pratt, the Truant Years, 1882-1927
19503: PITT, DAVID G. - E.J. Pratt: The Master Years, 1927-1964
38573: PITT, DAVID G. - E.J. Pratt: The Master Years, 1927-1964
4602: PITTMAN, AL (EDITOR); FOWLER, ADRIAN (EDITOR) - 31 Newfoundland Poets
6928: PITTMAN, JOSIAH - The Prima Donna's Album: A Collection of 41 Celebrated Cavatinas and Arias (in Their Original Keys) (Italian and Enlgish Words) Vol. 1
49094: PITTMAN, ANN TAYLOR & HUGH ACHESON - Everyday Whole Grains: 175 New Recipes from Amaranth to Wild Rice, Includes Every Ancient Grain
34546: PITTOCK - The Myth of the Jacobite Clans
26551: PJILLIPS, LILA - Murder a Crafty Business
14106: PLAIDY, JEAN (ELEANOR ALICE HIBBERT) - The End of the Spanish Inquisition
40449: PLAMONDON, BOB; CONRAD BLACK (INTRODUCTION) - Blue Thunder: The Truth About Conservatives from Macdonald to Harper
44798: PLANET, LONELY - Lonely Planet Great Adventures: Experience the World at Its Breathtaking Best
48754: PLANET, LONELY - Lonely Planet: The Africa Book a Journey Through Every Country in the Continent
8415: PLANTE, ROBERT - Ti-Blanc: Mouton Noir
23741: PLASA, CARL - Toni Morrison Beloved
20560: PLASKOW, JUDITH - Weaving the Visions: New Patterns in Feminist Spirituality
45433: PLATH, IONA - The Decorative Arts of Sweden
37585: PLATH, SYLVIA - The Bell Jar a Novel
45665: PLATH, IONA - The Decorative Arts of Sweden
34185: PLATH, SYLVIA; HUGHES, TED - The Journals of Sylvia Plath
31166: PLATO, - The Republic of Plato
45453: PLATOW, RAPHAELA - Dreamingnow
21994: PLATT, COLIN - Medieval England a Social History and Archaeology from the Conquest to 1600 A. D
7009: PLATTARD, JEAN - Francois Rabelais
25711: PLATTS, MITCHELL - Illustrated History of Golf
42743: PLAXTON, ELMER H. - North American Terrestrial Orchids. Symposium II Proceedings
11403: PLAYFAIR, G. - Kean
21509: PLECNIK, JOZE; CENTRE DE CREATION INDUSTRIELLE - Joze Plecnik, Architecte, 1872-1957: Ouvrage Publie a L'Occasion de L'Exposition Joze Plecnik, Architecte Produite par le Centre de Creation Industrielle Et Presentee de Mars a Mai 1986 Dans la Galerie Du CCI Au Centre National D'Ar
44246: PLEDGER, MAURICE - Nature Trails: In the Woods
19304: PLESUMS, GUNTIS - Townframe: Environments for Adaptive Housing
21134: PLICKA, KARL ; ZDENEK WIRTH - Prague. In Photographs
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16267: RANKIN, LAIRD - The Nonsuch
42960: RANKIN, IAN - The Beat Goes on: The Complete Rebus Stories
26581: RANKIN, IAN - A Question of Blood
40314: RANKIN, IAN - Saints of the Shadow Bible. Rebus: Saint or Sinner?
49368: RANKIN, IAN - Ian Rankin the Complete Short Stories
46915: RANTANEN, PAAVO UND A. LANGFORS - Olavi Pajulahti - Waxtempera Paintings . Vahatemperamaalauksia.
20789: RAO, NINA. & K. STORM, JR., & J. VAN GRUISEN - Ladakh
40661: RAPAPORT, DIANE - Naked Quaker: True Crimes and Controversies from the Courts of Colonial New England.
30687: RAPAPORT, BROOKE KAMIN - Vital Forms: American Art and Design in the Atomic Age, 1940-1960
2975: RAPER, JOHN W. - What This World Needs
10458: RAPHAEL, D. D. - Problems of Political Philosophy
40385: RAPHAEL, ELAINE & DON BOLOGNESE - Drawing History: Ancient Greece
37749: RAPHAEL, JORDAN & TOM SPURGEON - Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book
26143: RAPHAEL, FREDERIC - A Double Life
38067: RAPHAELIAN, HARRY M. - Signs of Life : A Pictorial Dictionary of Symbols. Religion, Art, Sex.
23591: RAPLEY, ROBERT - A Case of Witchcraft the Trial of Urbain Grandier
15419: RAPOPORT, JANIS - After Paradise
16674: RAPOPORT, ROGER - After the Death of a Salesman: Business Trips to Hell
45340: RAPPAPORT, DOREEN & BRYAN COLLIER - John's Secret Dreams: The Life of John Lennon
48947: RAPPORT, RICHARD - Nerve Endings: The Discovery of the Synapse. The Quest to Find How Brain Cells Communicate
27722: RASCHKA, CHRIS; RASCHKA, CHRIS - New York Is English, Chattanooga Is Creek
42578: RASCHKA, CHRIS - A Ball for Daisy
24088: RASHID, NASSER IBRAHIM & ESBER I. SHAHEEN - Saudi Arabia and the Gulf War
15187: RASKIN, A. - Lomonosov Town
31197: RASKIN, JONAH; FONER, ERIC - For the Hell of It: The Life and Times of Abbie Hoffman
38570: RASKY, FRANK - The Polar Voyagers: Explorers of the North
31660: RASMUSSEN, R. KENT - Mark Twain a-Z. The Essential Reference to His Life and Writings
21275: RASMUSSEN, DAVID, M. - The Handbook of Critical Theory
37046: RATCLIFFE, SUSAN - People on People the Oxford Dictionary of Biographical Quotations
32415: M.D., JOHN J. RATEY - Shadow Syndromes Recognizing and Coping with the Hidden Psychological Disorders That Can Influence Your Behavior and Silently Determine the Course of Your Life
33067: SARA RATH - About Cows
41837: RATHBONE, PERRY T. & NASLI HEERAMANECK - The Arts of India and Nepal: The Nasli and Alice Heeramaneck Collection
8679: RATHBONE, JULIAN - Kings of Albion
45929: RATHBONE, JULIAN - Wellington's War: Or 'Atty, the Long-Nosed Bugger That Licks the French'
22872: RATIGAN, WILLIAM - Great Lakes Shipwrecks & Survivals
43876: RATTENBURY, ARNOLD - Second Causes
44794: RATTENBURY, JOHN - A Living Architecture : Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin Architects
40763: RAU, MARGARET - The Wells Fargo Book of the Gold Rush
15992: RAUB, ALBERT N. - Normal Fifth Reader
14054: RAUX, H.F. - Repertoire de la Presse Et Des Publications Periodiques Francaise. Third Edition
19507: RAVEN, ARLENE; LANGER, CASSANDRA L. - Feminist Art Criticism: An Anthology
35412: RAVEN, MARGOT THEIS & JEANNIE BRETT - M Is for Mayflower a Massachusetts Alphabet
29960: RAVEN, CHARLES E. - Christian Socialism: 1848-1854
20230: RAVENSWAAY, CHARLES VAN (INTRO) - The Compleat Farme: A Compendium of Do-It-Yourself, Tried and True Practices for the Farm, Garden & Household
26209: RAVIER, ANDRE - Bernadette
10583: RAVINDRA, RAVI - Krishnamurti : Two Birds on One Tree
17234: RAVINDRA, RAVI - Whispers from the Other Shore: A Spiritual Search-East and West
32041: RAVINDRA, RAVI - Whispers from the Other Shore. A Spiritual Search-East and West
36624: RAVIV, DAN & YOSSI MELMAN - Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel's Intelligence Community
1765: RAVVIN, NORMAN - Cafe de Westens
25240: RAWLINSON, H. GRAHAM; GRANATSTEIN, J. L. - The Canadian 100 the 100 Most Influential Canadians of the Twentieth Century
39607: RAWLYK, GEORGE A - Yankees at Louisbourg : The Story of the First Seige, 1745
9294: RAY, DOROTHY J. - The Legacy of Arctic Art
46927: RAY, MARY LYN & JEAN COLQUHOUS - Angel Baskets: A Little Story About the Shakers
26839: RAY, JOHN - The Second World War a Narrative History
9005: RAY, MARY - The Eastern Beacon
11396: RAY, DEBORAH KOGAN - My Daddy Was a Soldier
14972: RAY, GORDON NORTON - H.G. Wells & Rebecca West
16168: RAY, GORDON N. - The Letters and Private Papers of William Makepeace Thackeray. Volume 3: 18 52-1856
34705: RAY, ARTHUR J - I Have Lived Here Since the World Began an Illustrated History of Canada's Native People

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