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49545: NG, NELLY; FAN SHI MIN - Jade: The Ultimate Treasure of Ancient China
40559: NGAOSRIVATHANA, MAYOURY & KENNON BREAZEALE - Breaking New Ground in Lao History: Essays on the Seventh to Twentieth Centuries
17586: NGUBANE, HARRIET - Zulus of Southern Africa
48443: NGUYEN, LUKE - Luke Nguyen's Greater Mekong: A Culinary Journey from China to Vietnam
34214: NHAT HANH, THICH - The Miracle of Mindfulness: A Manual on Meditation
15375: NI DHOMHNAILL, NUALA - The Water Horse
48047: NI, HUA CHING - Tao: The Subtle Universal Law and the Integral Way of Life
44178: NICHOLAS, ANNA KATHERINE - Book of the Miniature Schnauzer
27555: NICHOLAS, ANNA - Cats Cradle
33594: KATIE NICHOLL - The Making of a Royal Romance
51734: NICHOLL, CHARLES - The Lodger Shakespeare: His Life on Silver Street
43775: NICHOLL, MATTHEW & RICHARD GRUDZINSKI - Music Notation: Preparing Scores and Parts
37830: NICHOLS, ROGER L. - Indians in the United States and Canada a Comparative History
1112: BYERS & NICHOLS EDS. - The Empire Club of Canada Addresses 1988-1989
3142: NICHOLS, PETER - Voyage to the North Star
4540: NICHOLS, RUTH - The Left-Handed Spirit
49223: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY; JULIET CLUTTON-BROCK - Beverley Nichols' Cats' X y Z
32036: NICHOLS, MADALINE WALLIS - The Gaucho: Cattle Hunter, Cavalryman, Ideal of Romance
46738: NICHOLS, LOUISE - Quite a Curiosity: The Sea Letters of Grace F. Ladd
36582: NICHOLS, D. - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B. Biological Sciences, No. 693, Vol. 242: Changes in the Chalk Heart-Urchin 'Micraster' Interpreted in Relation to Living Forms.
2410: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - The Wind Singer: Book One in the Wind on Fire Trilogy
2872: NICHOLSON, GEOFF - Bedlam Burning
4236: NICHOLSON, GEORGE - Vancouver Island's West Coast, 1762-1962
48231: NICHOLSON, NICHOLAS & BUHLER VON - Little Girl in a Red Dress with Cat and Dog
43663: NICHOLSON, COLIN - Margaret Atwood Writing and Subjectivity: New Critical Essays
33940: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - Wind Singer
33941: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - Firesong
20831: NICKEL, HEINRICH L. - Medieval Architecture in Eastern Europe
24847: NICKEL, GERHARD - Papers in Contrastive Linguistics
14109: NICOD, JEAN (JOHN BELL & MICHAEL WOODS TRANS.) - Geometry and Induction: Containing Geometry in the Sensible World and the Logical Problem of Induction
14944: NICOL, JOHN; FLANNERY, TIM F. - The Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner
21402: NICOL, JOHN - The All-Red Route : From Halifax to Victoria in a 1912 Reo
24776: NICOL, JOHN - The All-Red Route : From Halifax to Victoria in a 1912 Reo
42460: NICOL, JOHN - The All-Red Route : From Halifax to Victoria in a 1912 Reo
36035: NICOL, JOHN & TIM FLANNERY - The Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner
32832: NICOL, JOHN - The All-Red Route : From Halifax to Victoria in a 1912 Reo
32546: NICOL, JOHN - The All-Red Route : From Halifax to Victoria in a 1912 Reo
36813: NICOL, ERIC - A Scar Is Born
15710: NICOLAS, VALE - The Law and Practice Relating to the Formation of Companies Under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1907, with Forms Andprecedents
54724: NICOLSON, ADAM - Restoration the Rebuilding of Windsor Castle
51193: NICOLSON, NIGEL - Virginia Woolf: A Penguin Life
20145: NICOLSON, HAROLD (NIGEL NICOLSON ED.) - Harold Nicolson: Diaries and Letters: Vol. 2, 1939 - 45
41422: NICOLSON, NIGEL - Mary Curzon
54095: NICOLSON, ADAM - Sea Room
40645: NICOLSON, ADAM - Gods Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible
36044: NICOLSON, IAN - Improve Your Own Boat/Projects and Tips for the Practical Boat Owner
32421: NICOLSON, JULIET - The Perfect Summer: England 1911, Just Before the Storm
8564: NIEBBUHR, H. RICHARD - The Kingdom of God in America
48456: NIEMANN, CHRISTOPH - Abstract City
3760: NIETZKE, ANN - Solo Spinout
25166: NIETZKE, ANN - Solo Spinout Stories and a Novella
30527: NIEZABITONSKA, M. - Remnants
16042: NIGGLI, FRIEDRICH - Lieder Aus Der Heimat: 100 Schweizer Lieder
16985: NIGHTINGALE, CARL HUSEMOLLER - On the Edge: A History of Poor Black Children and Their American Dreams
22290: NIGHTINGALE, SANDY - Witch's Spell
50657: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE - Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not
50914: NIGHTINGALE, SANDY - A Giraffe on the Moon
46468: NIGHTINGALE, MARIE - Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens
33894: NIGHTINGALE, STEVEN - The Thirteenth Daughter of the Moon
54734: NIGHTINGALE, MARIE - Marie Nightingale's Favourite Recipes
43128: NIGRO, AUGUST J. - Wolfsangel: A German City on Trial, 1945-48
25413: NIJBOER, DONALD & DAN PATTERSON - Cockpit an Illustrated History of World War LL Aircraft Interiors
40796: NIJBOER, DONALD & RON DICK & DAN PATTERSON - Cockpits of the Cold War
53961: NIKI, DALY - Ruby Sings the Blues
42048: NIKLY, MICHELLE - Perfume of Memory
44472: NILES, STEVE & R. H. STAVIS - Something Monstrous!
45382: NILSEN, ANNA; GAVIN, MARTHA - The Great Art Scandal : Solve the Crime, Save the Show!
7190: NILSSON, ULF - The Cheeky Crow
40905: NILSSON, LENNART - A Child Is Born. Fourth Edition
43675: NIN, ANAIS - Little Birds: Erotica
44294: NIN, ANAIS - Linotte: The Early Diary of Anais Nin, 1914-1920
54867: NINTENDO - Super Mario Brothers Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years. 1985-2015
30335: NISBET, E. G. - Leaving Eden to Protect and Manage the Earth
39854: NISBETT, JEAN - Big Book of the Dolls' House, the
46277: NISENSON, ERIC - The Making of Kind of Blue: Miles Davis and His Masterpiece
41581: NISSENSON, MARILYN & SUSAN JONAS - The Ubiquitous Pig
54176: NISTER, ERNEST - Ernest Nister's Book of Christmas
43528: NISTER, ERNEST - Land of Sweet Surprises: A Revolving Picture Book : A Reproduction from an Antique Book by Ernest Nister.
28547: NISTER, ERNEST - Surprising Pictures
40234: NIVEN, JENNIFER - Ada Blackjack: A True Story of Survival in the Arctic
49761: NIXON, JOAN LOWERY - The Gift
14337: NJUGUNA, PAUL KIHIU - Milele Africa: Memories of My Grandmother's World of the Spirit
14339: NJUGUNA, PAUL KIHIU - Milele Africa: Memories of My Grandmother's World of the Spirit
16256: NKOSI, LEWIS - Mating Birds
17444: NOAKES, VIVIEN - Edward Lear
54245: NOBLE, DAVID GRANT - New Light on Chaco Canyon
32313: NOBLITT, PHILIP T. - A Mansion in the Mountains: The Story of Moses and Bertha Cone and Their Blowing Rock Manor
20057: NOCK, O. S. - Scottish Railways
54600: NOCK, O. S. - The Highland Railway
26318: NOCK, ALBERT JAY; CHARLES H. HAMILTON - The State of the Union Essays in Social Criticism
17161: NODEN, MERRILL - Sports Illustrated Halls of Fame: A Tribute to Americas Sporting Shrines and the Athletes They Honor
19137: NOËL, FRANCINE - Maryse
27851: NOEL, LISE - L'Intolerance: Une Problematique Generale
46453: NOEL, OLIVER - Saint Paul Des Metis 1909-1979: A Pictorial History of St Paul and District
31087: NOEL, BERNARD - Debre
27474: NOEL, LYNN E.; NOEL, LYNN E. - Voyages Canada's Heritage Rivers
38384: NOELKER, FRANK; JANE GOODALL; NIGEL ROTHFELS - Captive Beauty. Zoo Portraits
22527: NOGUERAS, PAOLA & TERE DAVILA - Fiesta en Puerto Rico
31646: NOLAN, ALAN T. - The Iron Brigade a Military History
37402: NOLEN, JERDINE & BARRY MOSER - Christmas in the Time of Billy Lee
24761: NOLEN, STEPHANIE - Shakespeare's Face Is This the Face of a Genius?
38003: NOLEN, STEPHANIE - Shakespeare's Face
48096: NOLTE, VOLKER - Rowing Faster: Trianing / Rigging / Technique / Racing
54250: NOMACHI, KAZUYOSHI - A Photographer's Pilgrimage: Thirty Years of Great Reportage
22299: NONES, ERIC JON - Wendell
49747: NOON, MR. PATRICK - Richard Parkes Bonington: On the Pleasures of Painting
4657: NOONAN, MICHAEL - The Sun Is God (a Romantic Novel About the Double Life of the Great English Painter, J.M. W. Turner)
10115: NOONAN, PEGGY - When Character Was King : A Story of Ronald Reagan
12748: NOONAN, MICHAEL - The Patchwork Hero
12789: NOONAN, MICHAEL - Mckenzie's Boots
14158: NOONAN, MICHAEL - A Different Drummer: The Story of E.J. Banfield, the Beachcomber of Dunk Island
37569: NOONAN, PEGGY - Case Against Hillary Clinton
53475: NOPPEN, LUC - Les Eglises Du Quebec, 1600-1850
53234: NORDENSKIOLD, A. E. ; J. B. POST - Facsimile-Atlas to the Early History of Cartography with Reproductions of the Most Important Maps Printed in the XV and XVI Centuries
48081: NORDSTRÖM, CARL-OTTO. - Ravennastudien: Ideengeschichtliche Und Ikonografische Untersuchungen Uber Die Mosaiken Von Ravenna
44469: NORDSTROM, DK & JL MUNOZ - Geochemical Thermodynamics
35934: NORFLEET, BARBARA. - The Champion Pig: Great Moments in Everyday Life
49657: NORFLEET, BARBARA P. (FOREWORD BY E. O. WILSON) - The Illusion of Orderly Progress
10506: NORFOLK, LAWRENCE - In the Shape of a Boar
19649: NORGAARD, ERIK - The Book of Balloons
1666: NORMAN, JANE MARGARET - Loran Arthur Dewolfe and the Reform of Education in Nova Scotia 1891-1059
2977: NORMAN, VESEY - Arms and Armour: Pleasures and Treasures
6280: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Museum Guard
8076: NORMAN, DIANA - The Stately Ghosts of England
8207: NORMAN, JANE MARGARET - Loran Arthur Dewolfe and the Reform of Education in Nova Scotia 1891-1959
54515: GUY RAY; SELECTED BY ERIC NORMAN - This Dear and Fine Country
13853: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Bird Artist
16515: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Haunting of L.
16579: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Museum Guard
21749: NORMAN, HOWARD - In Fond Remembrance of Me: A Memoir of Myth and Uncommon Friendship in the Arctic
37097: NORMAN, PHILIP - Shout! the Beatles in Their Generation
35396: NORMAN, HOWARD & TOM POHRT - Trickster and the Fainting Birds
41670: NORMAN, HOWARD - I Hate to Leave This Beautiful Place
27522: NORMAN, VESEY - Arms and Armour
44937: NORMAN, MICHAEL & ELIZABETH M. - Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath
40784: NORMAN, HOWARD & LEO & DIANE DILLON - The Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese and Other Tales of the Far North
47636: NORMAN, HOWARD - My Famous Evening: Nova Scotia Sojourns, Diaries, and Preoccupations
48178: NORMAN, HOWARD & LEO & DIANE DILLON - The Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese and Other Tales of the Far North
37746: NORMAN, CHAD - Masstown
53674: NORMAN, DOROTHY - The Hero: Myth/ Image/ Symbol
33830: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Bird Artist a Novel
46667: NORMAND, LÉANDRE & PIERRE BRUNEAU - Glorieuse Histoire Des Canadiens
36770: NORRIE, IAN - Mumby's Publishing and Bookselling: In the Twentieth Century. Sixth Edition
53076: NORRIS, LAURIE GLENN - Haunted Girl: Esther Cox and the Great Amherst Mystery
2490: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - The Virgin of Bennington
3526: NORRIS, KEN - To Sleep, to Love
13019: NORRIS, HOKE - It's Not Far But I Don't Know the Way
13508: NORRIS, HOKE - All the Kingdoms of Earth
40540: NORRIS, LAURIE GLENN; LOWE, ANN CATHERINE - Anthony Flower : The Life and Art of a Country Painter, 1792-1875 / la Vie Et L'Oeuvre D'Un Artiste
46829: NORRIS, PAMELA - Come Live with Me and Be My Love/a Pageant of Renaissance Poetry & Painting
33893: NORRIS, FRANK - Tower in the West
2530: NORTH BRITISH SOCIETY, HALIFAX, N. S. - Annals North British Society, Halifax, N.S. 1968-1983
3335: NORTH, DARIAN - Thief of Souls
15226: NORTH, SAM - Chapel Street: A Novel
31633: NORTH, MARIANNE - A Vision of Eden the Life and Work of Marianne North
49627: LADY ROSALIND NORTHCOTE - Devon: Its Moorlands, Streams, & Coasts
13132: NORTHCOTT, CECIL - David Livingstone: His Triumph, Decline, and Fall: His Triumph, Decline, and Fall
13416: NORTHCUTT, WENDY - The Darwin Awards II: Unnatural Selection
29562: NORTHERN, REBECCA TYSON - Home Orchid Growing
54603: NORTHRUP, DAVID - The Atlantic Slave Trade
54478: NORTHRUP, MARGUERITE - The Christmas Story from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke
36653: NORTON, THOMAS ELLIOT - 100 Years of Collecting in America: The Story of Sotheby Parke Bernet
30114: NORTON, MARY BETH - In the Devil's Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692
19045: NORTON, CHARLES E. - Historical Studies of Church-Building in the Middle Ages
21846: NORTON, WILLIAM - Cultural Geography : Themes, Concepts, Analyses
33007: NORTON, MRS. - The Lady of la Garaye
28455: NORTON, TREVOR - Underwater to Get out of the Rain: A Love Affair with the Sea
51227: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - The World Atlas of Architecture
44114: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - Shakespeare's Kings: The Great Plays and the History of England in the Middle Ages: 1337-1485
45828: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - Sovereign: A Celebration of Forty Years of Service
36872: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - A Taste for Travel: An Anthology
54492: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - Sicily: An Island at the Crossroads of History
2969: NORWOOD, GILBERT - Plautus and Terence
34237: NORWOOD, CAROLINE B. - Life on Brier Island, Nova Scotia. Stories and Photos About the Place, the People, and the Boats
48838: NOSKE, FRITS & RITA BENTON - French Song from Berlioz to Duparc
34188: NOTLEP, ROBERT - The Autograph Collector: A New Guide
31674: NOTMAN, WILLIAM, & FENNINGS TAYLOR. - Portraits of British Americans by W. Notman, Photographer to Her Majesty. Volume 2
50820: NOULET, E. - Le Premier Visage de Rimbaud: Huit Poèmes de Jeunesse, Choix Et Commentaire
29186: NOURISSIER, FRANCOIS - La Fete Des Peres Roman
52957: NOUVEL, ODILE - Symbols of Power: Napoleon and the Art of the Empire Style, 1800-1815
44470: NOUVEL, ODILE - Symbols of Power: Napoleon and the Art of the Empire Style, 1800-1815
53980: NOUVIAN, CLAIRE - The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss
44019: NOUWEN, HENRI J. M. - The Wounded Healer Ministry in Contemporary Society
44278: NOUWEN, HENRI J. M. - With Burning Hearts a Meditation on the Eucharistic Life
12933: NOVA, CRAIG - Incandescence
46893: NOVACEK, MICHAEL - Time Traveler: In Search of Dinosaurs and Other Fossils from Montana to Mongolia
7182: NOVAK, WILLIAM - High Culture : Marijuana in the Lives of Americans
34266: NOVAK, BARBARA - Voyages of the Self: Pairs, Parallels and Patterns in American Art and Literature
15564: NOVAK, MICHAEL - Confession of a Catholic
35115: NOVAK, BARBARA - Nature and Culture: American Landscape and Painting, 1825-1875
54209: NOVESKY, AMY - Georgia in Hawaii: When Georgia o'Keeffe Painted What She Pleased
40859: NOVICK, SHELDON M. - Henry James: The Mature Master
21322: NOVICK, JACK; NOVICK, KERRY KELLY - Fearful Symmetry: The Development and Treatment of Sadomasochism
45179: NOVICK, SHELDON M. - Henry James: The Young Master
45799: NOVOGROD, NANCY - Travel + Leisure's Unexpected France
22219: NOVOTNY, FRITZ; ED. NIKOLAUS PEVSNER - Painting and Sculpture in Europe 1780-1880 [Pelican History of Art]
24702: NOVY, KAREL - The Kingfishers
45120: NOVY, KAREL - The Kingfishers
45121: NOVY, KAREL - The Kingfishers
34499: NOWELL, IRIS - Women Who Give Away Millions: Portraits of Canadian Philanthropists
22795: NOWELL, IRIS - Women Who Give Away Millions : Portraits of Canadian Philanthropists
38242: NOWELL, IRIS - Women Who Give Away Millions: Portraits of Canadian Philanthropists
49516: NOWLAN, ALDEN - The Wanton Troopers
26968: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Double Exposure
52718: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Campobello: The Outer Island
26982: NOWLAN, ALDEN; DAVID ADAMS RICHARDS - The Wanton Troopers
26997: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Campobello: The Outer Island
53332: NOWLAN, ALDEN - Miracle at Indian River
17873: NOWLAND, J. L. & J. I. MACDOUGALL - Soils of Cumberland County Nova Scotia. Report No. 17 Nova Scotia Soil Survey
13242: NOWN, GRAHAM - Elementary, My Dear Watson : Sherlock Holmes Centenary, His Life and Times
38311: NOYES, DEBORAH - One Kingdom: Our Lives with Animals. The Human-Animal Bond in Myth, History, Science, and Story
11533: NOYES, ALFRED - Walking Shadows: Sea Tales and Others
20427: NOYES, ALFRED - A Belgian Christmas
37165: NOZICK, ROBERT - The Examined Life: Philosophical Meditations
32790: NTOZAKE SHANGE, ROD BROWN (ILLUSTRATOR) - Freedom's a-Callin Me
12891: NUGENT, BETH - City of Boys: Stories
15307: NUGENT, STEVE - No Coward Soul: Jack Nalty [1902-1938]
47966: NUGENT, LADY MARIA; EDITED BY PHILIP WRIGHT - Lady Nugent's Journal of Her Residence in Jamaica from 1801 to 1805.
49658: NULAND, SHERWIN & JAMES ATLAS - Leonardo Da Vinci
15877: NULAND, SHERWIN B. M.D. - The Wisdom of the Body: Discovering the Human Spirit
51221: NULMAN, STUART - Beyond the Mountain: True Tales About Montreal
53969: NUNES, SHIHO S. & LAK-KHEE TAY-AUDOUARD - Chinese Fables the Dragon Slayer and Other Timeless Tales of Wisdom
14547: NUNEZ, ELIZABETH - Bruised Hibiscus: A Novel
31302: NUNEZ, DR. GIANNI DEVINCENTI HAYES AND ANDY - Salisbury, Maryland: Picturing the Crossroads of Delmarva
41301: NUNN, BRUCE - More History with a Twist: True Stories from Mr. Nova Scotia Know - It - All
34661: NUNN, BRUCE - More History with a Twist
38251: NUNN, BRUCE - Winter House, the and Other Christmas Stories from Atlantic Canada
41302: NUNN, BRUCE - History with a Twist: Unusual Stories from Mr. Nova Scotia Know - It - All
53826: NUNO, JUDICE - Portugal Language and Culture
13290: VAN NUTT, JULIA - Pumpkins from the Sky?: A Cobtown Story : From the Diaries of Lucky Hart
42078: VAN NUTT, JULIA & ROBERT VAN NUTT - The Mystery of Mineral Gorge
31684: NUTTING, H. C. - The Form Si Sit... . Erit
31685: NUTTING, H. C. - On the Syntax of Nitor
22426: NUTTING, WALLACE - England Beautiful
29268: NUTTING, WALLACE - Furniture of the Pilgrim Century, Vol. 1
31686: NUTTING, H. C. - On the Syntax of Fretus
36047: NUTTING, ANTHONY - I Saw for Myself: The Aftermath of the Suez
43319: NUTTING, WALLACE - Massachusetts Beautiful: Illustrated by the Author with Three Hundred and Four Pictures Coverng All the Counties of Massachusetts
31683: NUTTING, H. C. - Thought Relation and Syntax
31687: NUTTING, H. C. - The Si-Clause in Substantive Use
44191: NYCE, STEVEN A. & SYLVESTER J. SCHIEBER - The Economic Implications of Aging Societies: The Costs of Living Happily Ever After
51778: NYE, NAOMI SHIHAB - 19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East
5636: NYE, ROBERT E. & PETERSON, MEG - Teaching Music with the Autoharp
33991: NYE, NAOMI SHIHAB - Tree Is Older Than You Are. A Bilingual Gathering of Poems and Stories from Mexico with Paintings by Mexican Artists
43097: NYE, ROBERT - The Late Mr Shakespeare
38192: NYLAND, EDO - Odysseus and the Sea People: A Bronze Age History of Scotland
30580: NYLANDER, JANE - Our Own Snug Fireside Images of the New England Home, 1760-1860
13610: OAKES, JAMES - The Ruling Race: A History of American Slaveholders
47577: OAKES, JULIE - The Drawers - Headbones Gallery: Headbones Anthology 2006. Contemporary Sculpture and Works on Paper
54899: OAKLEY, MARK - Thieves & Kings Volume 5, the Winter Book
19505: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - My Heart Laid Bare
25346: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Uncensored Views & (Re)Views
44981: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Lost Landscape: A Writer's Coming of Age
37514: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Perfectionist and Other Plays
46146: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Unholy Loves
36841: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Uncensored Views & (Re)Views
26405: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Faithless Tales of Transgression
25077: OATLEY, KEITH - A Natural History : A Novel
26012: OBERG, LEON - Locomotives of Australia
24619: OBERLIN, LORIANN HOFF - Writing for Money
32688: OBERMAN, SHELDON - The Wind That Wanted to Rest
33904: OBRIEN, GEOFFREY - Dream Time: Chapters from the Sixties
26496: OBRIEN, EDNA - Wild Decembers
31766: OCAMPO, BROOKE DE & FLEUR COWLES & JONATHAN BECKER - Bright Young Things London
38776: OCKENGA, STARR - Eden on Their Minds. American Gardeners with Bold Visions
32165: ODDIE, BILL - Bill Oddie's Little Black Bird Book
50672: ODELL, BERNARD - The Travels of Jeremy Jukes
6142: ODGERS, W. BLAKE - The Law of Libel and Slander: The Evidence, Procedure, and Practice, Both in CIVIL and Criminal Cases and Precedents of Pleadings. Second Edition. Volume One
48362: OE, KENZABURO & PAUL ST. JOHN MACKINTOSH & MAKI SUGIYAMA - Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids
18837: OE, KENZABURO; NATHAN, JOHN - Rouse Up o Young Men of the New Age!
36317: OE, KENZABURO - Rouse Up, o Young Men of the New Age
46730: OFF, CAROL - The Ghosts of Medak Pocket: The Story of Canada's Secret War
44011: THE WAR OFFICE - Manual of Military Law. 1929
39046: OFFICER, CHARLES & JAKE PAGE - Tales of the Earth: Paroxysms and Perturbations of the Blue Planet
1377: OFFIT, SIDNEY - Memoir of the Bookie's Son
54513: OGAWA, HIROSHI - The Art of Papercraft
17277: OGILVY, C. STANLEY - Thoughts on Small Boat Racing 2nd Edition
50677: OGLANBY, ELVA - Toller
15812: OGLE, ROBERT J. - North / South Calling
17984: OGLESBY, CATHARINE - French Provincial Decorative Art
41506: OGLESBY, CARL - Ravens in the Storm: A Personal History of the 1960s Anti-War Movement
17173: OGLEY, BOB - A Man of Letters
27739: OHANNESON, JOAN - Hildegarde: Un Biographie Romancee
39200: OHASHI, HARUZO; SHIMPEI KUSANO - The Japanese Garden: Islands of Serenity
12565: OHRBACH, BARBARA MILO - Roses for the Scented Room: Beautiful Ideas for Entertaining, Gift-Giving and the Home
39287: OHSAWA, GEORGES - Cancer and the Philosophy of the Far-East
3458: OJO, BAMIDELE A. (EDITOR) - Contemporary African Politics : A Comparative Study of Political Transition to Democratic Legitimacy
46386: OKADA, HIDEKI - An Introduction to Kanji
14836: OKAKURA, K. - The Book of Tea
39180: OKAZAKI, MANAMI & GEOFFREY JOHNSON - Kicks Japan: Japanese Sneaker Culture
6676: OKIMOTO, DANIEL I. (EDITOR); SUGANO, TAKUO (EDITOR); WEINSTEIN, FRANKLIN B. (EDITOR) - Competitive Edge : The Semiconductor Industry in the U.S. And Japan (Isis Studies in International Policy)
7897: OKOCHI, KAZUO; KARSH, BERNARD ; LEVINE, SOLOMON B. (EDITORS) - Workers and Employers in Japan
1452: OKRI, BEN - Dangerous Love
2701: OKRI, BEN - Infinite Riches
2702: OKRI, BEN - Infinite Riches
16034: OKRI, BEN - Dangerous Love
52560: OKTOBER, TRICIA - Bush Party
15531: OKUDA, MICHAEL; OKUDA, DENISE; MIREK, DEBBIE - The Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Reference Guide to the Future
23110: OKUDA, - Star Trek Encyclopedia a Refernece Guide to the Future
13418: OLAFSSON, OLAF - Walking Into the Night: A Novel
48377: OLALQUIAGA, CELESTE - The Artificial Kingdom a Treasury of the Kitsch Experience
53112: OLARTE, LUCIA JARAMILLO DE - Land of Birds Colombia
38727: OLBERDING, JOHN & LISA BARNWELL WILLIAMS - Building Strong Nonprofits: New Strategies for Growth and Sustainability
51123: OLBY, ROBERT - The Origins of Mendelism
18483: OLDENBOURG, ZOE - The Cornerstone
18484: OLDENBOURG, ZOE - The Cornerstone
36486: OLDENBURG, CLAES - Proposals for Monuments and Buildings, 1965-69
13727: OLDHAM, TODD - Todd Oldham: Without Boundaries
45785: OLDKNOW, TINA - Chihuly Persians
20597: OLDS, GLORIA M. - Stepping Stones
37252: OLEARY, JEFF - The Centurion Principles: Battlefield Lessons for Frontline Leaders
20162: OLES, CAROLE - Night Watches: Inventions on the Life of Maria Mitchell
46068: OLESEN, PETER; PETER SHIELD - Copenhagen Interiors
20472: OLESHA, YURI - The Three Fat Men
36524: OLGUMN, FELIPE SOLMS - The Aztec Empire. Catalogue of the Exhibition
53085: OLINSKY, FRANK - Buddha Book a Meeting of Images
25762: OLIVA, PETER - Drowning in Darkness
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22539: OLSHESKI, CONSTANCE - Pantages Theatre: Rebirth of a Landmark
37933: OLSHESKI, CONSTANCE - Pantages Theatre: Rebirth of a Landmark
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43306: OMEJE, KENNETH & TRICIA REDEKER HEPNER - Conflict and Peacebuilding in the African Great Lakes Region
23727: OMIKRON, - Letters from Paulos a Leader in Wisdom to His Pupils in Korinthos
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38322: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
29571: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
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38305: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Divisadero
43705: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Divisadero
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29475: ORTNER, JON - Where Every Breath Is a Prayer a Photographic Pilgrimage in the Spiritual Heart of Asia
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53364: ORWELL, GEORGE - Nineteen Eighty-Four
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33227: [EDITED BY] CATHERINE M. OTTO - The Practice of Clinical Echocardiography
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40098: OVERSTREET, ROBERT M. - Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #43 (2013-2014)
40097: OVERSTREET, ROBERT M. - Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #43 (2013-2014)
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18490: OWNE, THOMAS - Transformational Grammar and the Teacher of English.
23920: OWRAM, DOUGLAS R. - The Formation of Alberta a Documentary History
35194: OWRAM, DOUGLAS - Promise of Eden: The Canadian Expansionist Movement and the Idea of the West, 1856-1900
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41675: OXENBURY, HELEN - The Helen Oxenbury Nursery Collection
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51416: VAN OYSTAEYEN, F. - Relative Invariants of Rings: The Commutative Theory
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46474: OZAN, OZCAN - The Sultan's Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook
54763: OZAN, OZCAN - The Sultan's Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook
11031: OZEKI, RUTH L. - All over Creation : A Novel
18927: OZEKI, RUTH L. - All over Creation : A Novel
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54136: OZICK, CYNTHIA - The Puttermesser Papers
32730: EDITED & NARRATED BY STEVEN OZMENT - Three Behaim Boys: Growing Up in Early Modern Germany: A Chronicle of Their Lives
43228: EDITED & NARRATED BY STEVEN OZMENT - Three Behaim Boys: Growing Up in Early Modern Germany: A Chronicle of Their Lives
9643: VAN PAASSEN, PIERRE - The Time Is Now
221: PACE, TOM - Afternoon of a Loser
44764: PACEY, DESMOND - The Cat, the Cow, and the Kangaroo
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29634: PACHECO, ANN - Saints & Sinners: A Guide to New Mexico's Most Popular Saints
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53790: PACHTER, CHARLES - Canada Counts: A Charles Pachter Counting Book
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33446: CHRIS PACKARD - Queer Cowboys: And Other Erotic Male Friendships in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
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22811: PADEN, WILLIAM E. - Interpreting the Sacred Ways of Viewing Religion
54628: PADEN, SHIRLEY - Knitwear Design Workshop: A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits
27064: PADFIELD, PETER - Donitz the Last Fuhrer
44030: PADFIELD, PETER - Armada
10552: PADFIELD, PETER - Armada
7864: PADGETT, WAYNE - Dog Days Poems
8597: PADGETT, ABIGAIL - Turtle Baby
53544: PADILLA, YVONNE M. - Bronze Metal Clay: Explore a New Material with 35 Projects
49695: PADOVANO, ANTHONY T. - Thomas Merton: Becoming Who We Are
30531: PAGANI, LELIO - Cities of the World: Europe, Africa, Asia. Civitates Orbis Terrarum
29200: PAGANI, DALIA - Mercy Road
42126: PAGE, MICHAEL F; INGPEN, ROBERT - Aussie Battlers
11112: PAGE, JAKE - The Knotted Strings
23286: PAGE, MALCOM ED. - File on Edgar (David Edgar)
23287: PAGE, MALCOM ED. - File on Edgar (David Edgar)
24227: PAGE, P. K. - Up on the Roof
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41185: PAGE, THOMSA NELSON - The Old Gentleman of Black Stock
50939: PAGE, SUSAN - Botanica's Pocket Roses
32408: PAGE, P. K. - The Hidden Room Collected Poems, Vol. 1
43209: PAGELS, ELAINE - Adam, Eve, and the Serpent: Sex and Politics in Early Christianity
34220: PAGELS, ELAINE - Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas
54640: PAGELS, ELAINE - Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas
40204: PAGELS, ELAINE - The Gnostic Gospels
41241: PAGELS, ELAINE - Beyond Belief the Secret Gospel of Thomas
43392: PAGELS, ELAINE - The Origin of Satan: How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and Heretics
41107: PAGOULATOU, REGINA - The Angels
36106: PAHER, STANLEY W. - Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps
50475: PAIKIN, STEVE - Bill Davis: Nation Builder, and Not So Bland After All
43906: PAINE, THOMAS & EDWARD LARKIN - Common Sense
21863: PAINE, ROBERT - Advocacy and Anthropology, First Encounters
36001: PAINE, JEFFERY - Father India: How Encounters with an Ancient Culture Transformed the Modern West
50880: PAINE, LINCOLN - The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World
20349: PAINTER, CHARLOTTE; VALOIS, PAMELA - Gifts of Age : A Book of Days
11426: PAINTER, CHARLOTTE; VALOIS, PAMELA - Gifts of Age: Portraits and Essays of 32 Remarkable Women
28829: PAINTER, CHARLOTTE; VALOIS, PAMELA - Gifts of Age: Portraits and Essays of 32 Remarkable Women
675: PAKENHAM, THOMAS AND VALERIE - Dublin: A Travellers' Companion
31882: PAKENHAM, THOMAS - The Mountains of Rasselass an Ethiopian Adventure
30134: PAKULA, HANNAH - The Last Empress: Madame Chiang Kai-Shek and the Birth of Modern China
29058: PAL, SANKAR K. & AMITA PAL - Pattern Recognition from Classical to Modern Approaches
38035: PALAN, RONEN P. & BARRY K. GILLS - Transcending the State-Global Divide: A Neostructuralist Agenda in International Relations.
53401: PALANGO, PAUL - Dispersing the Fog: Inside the Secret World of Ottawa and the Rcmp
4257: PALATINI, MARGIE - Ding Dong Ding Dong
52557: PALATINI, MARGIE - Three French Hens
43043: PALEY, GRACE - Later the Same Day
53761: PALFREY, G. D. - Weeds of Nova Scotia
30601: PALIN, MICHAEL - Mirrorstone Ghost Story
17010: PALIN, MICHAEL - Full Circle : Around the Pacific Rim to Canada's West Coast
40845: PALIN, MICHAEL - Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure
39158: PALIN, MICHAEL - Full Circle : Around the Pacific Rim to Canada's West Coast
25944: PALIN, MICHAEL - New Europe. Michael Palin
7676: PALIN, MICHAEL - Hemingway Adventure
48390: PALISCA, CLAUDE V. - Baroque Music
31426: PALLIS, ALEX. (ANNOTATED BY) - The Sigma Rhapsody of the Iliad.
43237: PALLOTTA, JERRY - Alphabet Books: The Underwater
47133: PALLUCCHINI, RODOLF - Tintoretto a San Rocco con Note Storiche Di Mario Brunetti
45305: PALMA, RICARDO - Peruvian Traditions
220: PALMEN, CONNIE - The Laws
43982: PALMER, DOUGLAS - A History of Earth in 100 Groundbreaking Discoveries
343: PALMER, STUART - Rook Takes Knight: A Howie Rook Mystery
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6179: PALMER, JOHN - Political and Comic Characters of Shakespeare
6194: PALMER, EVE - The Plains of Camdeboo
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42615: PALMER, WILLIAM - Audubon Guide to the National Wildlife Refuges South Central: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma
34938: PALMER, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - The Collected Arthur Machen
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18489: PALMER, HAROLD E. - The Scientific Study and Teaching of Languages
23812: PALMER, THOMAS - The Transfer
40673: PALMER, MICHAEL - Blake's Newton
31904: PALMER, ROY - Folklore of Hereford and Worcester
224: PALWICK, SUSAN - Flying in Place
51954: PAMUK, ORHAN; GOKNAR, ERDAG (TRANS.) - My Name Is Red
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47911: PAMUK, ORHAN - Other Colors: Essas and a Story
22245: PAMUK, ORHAN - Snow
40327: PAMUK, ORHAN - Istanbul: Memories and the City
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28300: PAMUK, ORHAN; FREELY, UREEN - The Museum of Innocence
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52196: PAMUK, ORHAN; FREELY, UREEN - The Museum of Innocence
19922: PANAGOPOULOS, BEATA MARIA - Cistercian and Mendicant Monasteries in Medieval Greece
473: PANATI, CHARLES - Links
54415: PANDE, DR. ALKA - Indian Erotic Art
53843: PANDERMALIS, D. (GENERAL EDITOR) - Makedonia: The Historical Profile of Northern Greece
8744: PANDOLFINI, BRUCE - The ABC's of Chess
29759: PANICH, PAULA - Desert Southwest Gardens. American Design
40356: PANICH, PAULA - Desert Southwest Gardens. American Design
46916: SMITA & AMARTYA K. SEN & PRASHANT PANJIAR - Locked Homes, Empty Schools: The Impact of Distress Seasonal Migration on the Rural Poor
21007: PANNY, JUDITH DELL - I Have What I Gave: The Fiction of Janet Frame
34485: PANT, JITENDRA - Buddha Birth to Nirvana
34486: PANT, JITENDRA - The Dalai Lamas
53967: DE PAOLA, TOMIE - Strega Nona Meets Her Match
49993: DE PAOLA, TOMIE - Tomie de Paola's Book of Bible Stories
32903: DE PAOLA, TOMIE - Tomie de Paola's Book of Bible Stories: New International Version
43477: PAOLINI, CHRISTOPHER - Eldest/Eragon Boxed Set
19310: PAPADAKES, A. - British Architecture, 1984
19923: PAPADAKI, STAMO (LUCIO COSTA FOREWORD) - The Work of Oscar Niemeyer
19588: PAPADAKIS, DR. A. C. (ED.) - James Stirling: (A.D. ) Architectural Design 7/8 - 1980
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22553: PAPADAKIS, DR. A. C. (ED.) - British Architects: (A.D. ) Architectural Design 3/4 - 1981
21578: PAPADAKIS, A. C. - Architectural Design 3/4 - 1980 Fiftieth Anniversary Issue. Ad Profile 27: Viollet-le-Duc
20851: PAPAGEORGIOU-VENETAS, ALEXANDER - Continuity and Change: Preservation in City Planning: Preservation in City Planning
8808: PAPAGIANNIS, MICHAEL - Strategies for the Search for Life in the Universe (Astrophysics and Space Science Library)
30804: ZEESE PAPANIKOLAS - American Silence
53831: PAPANTONIOU, IOANNA - Greek Costumes
13288: PAPI, LIZA - Carnavalia!: African-Brazilian Folklore and Crafts
13650: PAPI, LIZA - Carnavalia!: African-Brazilian Folklore and Crafts
53959: PAQUET, MARCEL - Magritte
32200: PARADIS, ANDREE (AVANT--PROPOS) - 16 Peintres Du Québec Dans Leur Milieu
47936: PARAIN, BRICE - Untersuchungen ûber Natur Und Funktion Der Sprache.
32939: PARAKILAS, JAMES - Piano Roles: Three Hundred Years of Life with the Piano
43622: PARAKILAS, JAMES - Piano Roles: Three Hundred Years of Life with the Piano
1819: PARAL, VLADIMIR - The Four Sonyas
33911: PARASKEVAS, BETTY - Junior Kroll
9315: PARATTE, HENRI-DOMINIQUE (ED.) - Poesie Acadienne Contemporaine. Acadian Poetry Now.
46425: PARCHMENT, JOURNALS - Flower Notebook: An Illustrated Journal with Spaces for Notes
42230: PAREJA, JESUS BERMUDEZ - La Alhambra Generalife y Torres: Alcazaba y Medina
21454: PAREKH, SAMEER - Stealing the Ambassador: A Novel
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43132: PENNER, PETER - The Chignecto "Connexion": The History of Sackville Methodist / United Church. 1772 - 1990.
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54161: PEPPER, TERENCE & MARINA WARNER - Man Ray: Portraits
30271: PEPPERBERG, IRENE M. - Alex & Me How a Scientist and a Parrot Uncovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence--and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process
45633: PEPPERS, TODD C. & ARTEMUS WARD - In Chambers: Stories of Supreme Court Law Clerks and Their Justices
36173: PEPYS, SAMUEL; PARKER, WILLIS L. (EDITOR) - Samuel Pepys' Diary
49362: PEPYS, SAMUEL - Everybody`S Pepys. The Diary of Samuel Pepys 1600-1669.
48525: PEPYS, SAMUEL - Everybody`S Pepys. The Diary of Samuel Pepys 1600-1669.
14400: PERCIVAL, ROBERT - Frank D. Allison: Forty Watercolours
43307: PERCIVAL, W. P. - The Lure of Montreal
21888: PERCIVAL, ROBERT - Ukiyoe : Art for the People: With Illustrations of Japanese Prints from the New Brunswick Museum
230: PERCY, H. R. - An Innocent Bystander
320: PERCY, H. R. - The Timeless Island and Other Stories
50140: PERCY, WALKER - Lancelot
18073: PERCY, WALKER - The Last Gentleman
22792: PERCY, WALKER - Sign-Posts in a Strange Land
1445: PERCY, H. R. (INTRO. AL PURDY ) - The Mother Tongue
1371: PERCY, H. R. (INTRO. AL PURDY ) - The Mother Tongue
24916: PERCY, H. R - Flotsam
16036: PERCY, H. R. (INTRO. AL PURDY ) - The Mother Tongue
54128: PERCY, WALKER - Love in the Ruins: The Adventures of a Bad Catholic at a Time Near the End of the World.
15713: PERDUE, W. E. & T. T. ROLPHE - Reports of Cases Decided in Common Law Chambers, Chancery Chambers, and the Master's Office. Vol VIII
32268: PEREBOOM, DERK - Living without Free Will
28640: PEREC, GEORGES; WHITE, CUCHI - L'Eil Ebloui
1338: HELEN PEREIRA - Wild Cotton
25937: PEREIRA, SANDRINE - Graffiti
4757: PERELMAN, S. J. - Listen to the Mockingbird
10012: PERERA, VICTOR - Rites : A Guatemalan Boyhood

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