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49744: MILNER, FRANK - Frida Kahlo
22826: MILNER, ALFRED - England in Egypt
40718: MILNER, DENNIS - Kosmos: An Evolutionary-Wholistic Account of Creation
45125: MILNER, ROBERT - Retriever Training a Back-to-Basics Approach
37224: MILNES, GERALD C. - Granny Will Your Dog Bite?
50861: MILONA, MARIANTHI - Culinaria Greece: Greek Specialties
44218: MILORD, SUSAN - Tales Alive: Multicultural Folktales with Activities
18279: MILOSZ, O. V. L. - L'Amoureuse Initiation (Oeuvres Completes V)
29273: MILSTED, DAVID - Brewer's Anthology of England & the English
52531: MILTON, GILES. - Big Chief Elizabeth: How England's Adventurers Gambled & Won the New World.
17821: MILTON, OHMER - Alternatives to the Traditional: How Professors Teach and How Students Learn
22631: MILTON, GILES - Sumarai William the Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan
44118: MILTON, GILES - The Riddle and the Knight: In Search of Sir John Mandeville, the World's Greatest Traveller
43880: MILTON, WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM; CHEADLE, W. B. - The North-West Passage by Land: Being a Narrative of an Expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
27373: MILTON, JOYCE - The Yellow Kids Foreign Correspondents in the Heyday of Yellow Journalism
27462: MILTON, STEVE - Skate 100 Years of Figure Skating
52394: MILTON, SYBIL - In Fitting Memory: The Art and Politics of Holocaust Memorials
43769: MILWAY, KATIE SMITH & EUGENIE FERNANDES - One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference
17579: MIN, ANCHEE - Katherine
41201: MIN, ANCHEE - Katherine
50917: MINA, MICHAEL & JOANN CIANCIULLI - Michael Mina: The Cookbook
52629: MINARIK, ELSE HOLMELUND - Little Bears Friend
27324: MINATOYA, LYDIA Y - The Strangeness of Beauty a Novel
52863: MINCHIN, KEITH - Faces of New Brunswick
44159: MINDEN, ELIZA GAYNOR - The Ballet Companion: A Dancer's Guide to the Technique, Traditions, and Joys of the Ballet
14235: MINDEN, ROBERT - Separate from the World: Meetings with Doukhobor-Canadians in British Columbia
44928: MINDEN, ELIZA GAYNOR - The Ballet Companion: A Dancer's Guide to the Technique, Traditions, and Joys of the Ballet
16029: MINE, DOUGLAS - Champions of the World
4174: MINER, JACK - Jack Miner and the Birds (and Some Things I Know About Nature) Memorial Edition
46248: MING, SHI & SIAO WEIJIA & THOMAS CLEARY - Mind over Matter: Higher Martial Arts
4396: MINHINNICK, ROBERT - The Dinosaur Park
2351: MINK, JANIS - Miro
30508: MINOR, WENDELL - Grand Canyon Exploring a Natural Wonder
25521: MINOT, STEPHEN - Surviving the Flood
45661: MINSKY, MARVIN - The Society of Mind
32862: DEBBIE MINTON - Oriental Cross Stitch: 25 Exquisite Designs Inspired by the Far East
41611: MINTZ, JEROME R. - The Anarchists of Casas Viejas
16213: MIQUELON, DALE - Canadian Historic Sites No. 4: A Brief History of Lower Fort Garry
17499: MIRAK, ROBERT - Torn between Two Lands: Armenians in America, 1890 to World War I
31046: MIRANDA, ANNE; STEVENS, JANET - To Market, to Market
7523: MIRCHUK, I. (ED.) - Ukraine and Its People: A Handbook with Maps, Statistical Tables and Diagrams.
16703: MIRCHUK, I. (ED.) - Ukraine and Its People: A Handbook with Maps, Statistical Tables and Diagrams.
47303: MIRO, JOAN - Miro a Montreal
37113: MIROLLA, MICHAEL - The Formal Logic of Emotion. Short Stories
48141: MIROW, GREGORY - Ancient Mexican Designs
21491: MIRSKY, JEANNETTE - Houses of God
29079: MISES, RICHARD VON; GEIRINGER, HILDA - Probability, Statistics and Truth
18046: MISHIMA, YUKIO - The Sound of Waves
46735: MISHIMA, YUKIO - The Sailor Who Fell from Grace
31823: MISHLER, ELLIOT G. - Storylines: Craftartists' Narratives of Identity
48624: MISHRA, PANKAJ - India in Mind
28594: MISSEN, BRENDA (EDITOR) - Collection Canada 2002
32108: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Family Matters
26769: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Family Matters
21715: MITCALFE, BARRY - Moana
30918: MITCHAM/QUIGLEY, ALLISON/THERESIA - Maritime Voices: Twentieth Century Stories by Women
5292: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Signs of the Times
10633: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Inuit Summer
13081: MITCHAM, ALISON & QUIGLEY, THERESIA (EDS.) - Maritime Voices: Twentieth Century Stories by Women
50449: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Island Keepers: Dangerous Island and Determined Men-Two Brothers and Their Lives on Scatarie and Sable Islands
16011: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Signs of the Times
46149: MITCHAM, ALLISON; MITCHAM, PETER - Paradise or Purgatory: Island Life in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
50243: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Taku: The Heart of North America's Last Great Wilderness
30779: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Signs of the Times
31613: MITCHAM, ALLISON; MITCHAM, PETER - Paradise or Purgatory: Island Life in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
29445: MITCHELL, W. O. - Ladybug, Ladybug
29446: MITCHELL, W. O. - Ladybug, Ladybug
30202: MITCHELL, ORMOND & BARBARA MITCHELL - W.O. : The Life of W.O. Mitchell: Beginnings to Who Has Seen the Wind, 1914-1947
1604: MITCHELL, JOHN HANSON - Walking Towards Walden: A Pilgrimage in Search of Place
4914: MITCHELL, MARGARET; PEACOCK, JANE B. (EDITOR) - A Dynamo Going to Waste : Letters to Allen Edee 1919-1921
2479: MITCHELL, MARGARET; ED. BY D. FREER. - Lost Laysen.
8044: MITCHELL, W. O. - Ladybug, Ladybug
8894: MITCHELL, DONALD G. - English Lands Letters and Kings : The Later Georges to Victoria
27359: MITCHELL, JARED - The Invincible
9931: MITCHELL, P. M. (INTRO.MOGENS HAUGSTED) - A History of Danish Literature.
10505: MITCHELL, MARGARET; ESKRIDGE, JANE (EDITOR) - Before Scarlett : Girlhood Writings of Margaret Mitchell
10621: MITCHELL, MARGARET; ESKRIDGE, JANE (EDITOR) - Before Scarlett : Girlhood Writings of Margaret Mitchell
51988: MITCHELL, W. O. - An Evening with W.O. Mitchell: A Collection of the Author's Best-Loved Performance Pieces
13238: MITCHELL, W. O. - According to Jake and the Kid
14227: MITCHELL, SYDNEY B. - Mitchell of California: Memoirs of Sydney Mitchell, Librarian, Teacher, Gardener
15731: MITCHELL, ADRIAN - Out Loud
15780: MITCHELL, W. O. - According to Jake and the Kid: A Collection of New Stories
18832: MITCHELL, STEPHEN - Jesus: What He Really Said and Did
22687: MITCHELL, W. O. - According to Jake and the Kid Elbow Room; Gettin' Born; Jackrabbit Baby; Jake and the Medicine Man; King of All the Country; Well Well Well; Lo the Noble Redskin; the Man Who Came to Rummy; Mind over Madam; Old Fakers Never Die; Going to a Fire
22801: MITCHELL, W. O. - Since Daisy Creek
49380: MITCHELL, ORMOND & BARBARA MITCHELL - Mitchell: The Life of W.O. Mitchell: The Years of Fame, 1948-1998
45063: MITCHELL, ORMOND & BARBARA MITCHELL - W.O. The Life of W.O. Mitchell: Beginnings to Who Has Seen the Wind, 1914-1947
39494: MITCHELL, STEPHEN - The Second Book of the Tao
45351: MITCHELL, ORMOND & BARBARA MITCHELL - W.O. : The Life of W.O. Mitchell: Beginnings to Who Has Seen the Wind, 1914-1947
1216: MITCHELL, JOHN HANSON - Walking Towards Walden: A Pilgrimage in Search of Place
1217: MITCHELL, JOHN HANSON - Walking Towards Walden: A Pilgrimage in Search of Place
2263: MITCHELL, JOHN D. - Staging Chekhov: Cherry Orchard. A Tribute to Yuri Zavadski Actor and Director for Stanislavski
44590: MITCHELL, STEPHEN & TOM POHRT - The Wishing Bone, and Other Poems
51311: MITCHELL, ANN - Where the Heart Is
33092: EDITED BY L. G. MITCHELL - The Purefoy Letters, 1735-1753
42693: MITCHELL, ELIZABETH B. - In Western Canada Before the War - Impressions of Early Twentieth Century Prairie Communities
39727: MITCHELL, STEPHEN - Genesis: A New Translation of the Classic Biblical Stories
44659: MITCHELL, MARGAREE KING & JAMES E. RANSOME - Uncle Jed's Barber Shop
49527: MITCHELL, ORMOND & BARBARA MITCHELL - W.O. : The Life of W.O. Mitchell: Beginnings to Who Has Seen the Wind, 1914-1947
30046: MITCHELL, ROBERT D. & PAUL A. GROVES - North America
30853: MITCHELL, MARGARET; ED. BY D. FREER. - Lost Laysen.
30855: MITCHELL, W. O. - For Art's Sake : A New Novel
30856: MITCHELL, W. O. - For Art's Sake : A New Novel
7100: MITCHELL, W. O. - For Art's Sake : A New Novel
52529: MITCHELL, MARK T. - Michael Polanyi: The Art of Knowing
52781: MITCHELL, ADRIAN & PATRICK BENSON & RUDOLF ERICH RASPE - The Baron on the Island of Cheese: More Adventures of Baron Munchausen
53002: MITCHINSON, DAVID - Celebrating Moore: Works from the Collection of the Henry Moore Foundation
47739: MITCHINSON, WENDY - Body Failure: Medical Views of Women, 1900-1950
31495: MITFORD, JESSICA - Grace Had an English Heart: The Story of Grace Darling, Heroine and Victorian Superstar
27478: MITFORD, NANCY - The Sun King
35000: MITSUKUNI, YOSHIDA; ET AL - The Hybrid Culture : What Happened When East and West Met
35210: MITTENDORF, BRADLEY C. & EDWARD L. AYERS - The Oxford Book of the American South: Testimony, Memory, and Fiction
47582: MIX, KATHERINE LYON - Max and the Americans
52489: MIYAZAKI, HAYAO - My Neighbor Totoro Picture Book
12419: MIZENER, ARTHUR - The Far Side of Paradise: A Biography of F Scott Fitzgerald
36366: MIZERAK, STEVE - Steve Mizerak's Pocket Billiards Tips and Trick Shots
22344: MODARRESSI, MITRA - The Beastly Visits
2888: MODDELMOG, DEBRA A. - Reading Desire : In Pursuit of Ernest Hemingway
52592: MODIANO, PATRICK - So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighborhood
22346: MODIGLIANI, KATHY - Opening Your Door to Children How to Start a Family Day Care Program
28180: MODJESKA, LEE - Keeper of the Night
35544: MOE, MARTIN - Offshore and Coastal Fishing: 200 Fabulous Locations in Florida Waters
50624: MOEN, ARLO M. - A Sailor's Stories
50365: MOEN, ARVE - Edvard Munch: Age and Milieu Graphic Art and Paintings
25544: MOES, ROBERT; TAY, ANNE PIKE - Mingei Japanese Folk Art from the Brooklyn Museum Collection
30688: MOFFAT, ISABEL & ROBERT STORR & PAMELA KORT & JORG IMMENDORFF - Jorg Immendorff I Wanted to Become an Artist
37880: MOFFATT, FREDERICK C. - Errant Bronzes: George Grey Barnard's Statues of Abraham Lincoln
48230: MOFFETT, EILEEN F. - Korean Ways
30461: MOGENSEN, JAN - The 46 Little Men
37459: MOGGRIDGE, D. E. - The Return to Gold 1925 the Formulation of Economic Policy and Its Critics
4880: MOHANTI, PRAFULLA - My Village, My Life: Portrait of an Indian Village
41504: MOHL, RAYMOND A. - Poverty in New York, 1783-1825
41519: MOHLBERG, P. KUNIBERT - Das Frankische Sacramentarium Gelasianum in Alamannischer Uberlieferung . St. Galler Sakramentar-Forschungen I. Mit 2 Tafein
19884: MOHOLY-NAGY, SIBYL - Carlos RaúL Villanueva and the Architecture of Venezuala
30344: MOHR, JAMES C. - Radical Republicans and Reform in New York During Reconstruction
51379: MOHR, NICHOLASA - Old Letivia and the Mountain of Sorrows
7135: MOIR, JAMES M. - Family Chronicle: Poems and Photographs of the Canadian West
15941: MOKLER, R. J. (RCAF) - Canada: Her History, Rsources, Growth & Potential
31559: MOLAND, LYDIA L. - Hegel on Political Identity: Patriotism, Nationality, Cosmopolitanism
37004: MOLD, ALEX & VIRGINIA BERRIDGE - Voluntary Action and Illegal Drugs: Health and Society in Britain Since the 1960s
33691: MOLINA, YURI; PEDRO SANCHEZ - Andalucia, Comunidad Canaria
33690: MOLINA, YURI; PEDRO SANCHEZ - Pais Vaisco, la Rioja, Navarra y Aragon
11942: MOLINATO, URSULE - Mirrors for Small Beasts
18722: MOLLENHOFF, DAVID V.; HAMILTON, MARY JANE - Frank Lloyd Wright's Monona Terrace: The Enduring Power of a CIVIC Vision
20569: MOLLENKOTT, VIRGINIA RAMEY - Sensuous Spirituality: Out from Fundamentalism
52997: MOLLISON, JAMES - Where Children Sleep
32468: MOLLONA, MASSIMILIANO - Made in Sheffield: An Ethnography of Industrial Work and Politics
14715: MOLLOY, SCOTT - Trolley Wars: Streetcar Workers on the Line
21418: MOLNAR, GEORGE - Statues
32539: MOLONEY, ED - A Secret History of the Ira
17098: MOLOT, MAUREEN APPEL (ED.) - Driving Continentally: National Policies and the North American Auto Industry
28703: MOLSON, KAREN - Hartland de Montarville Molson Man of Honour
42219: DORE & ELIZABETH DORE & MAXINE MOLYNEUX - Hidden Histories of Gender and the State in Latin America
26720: MOMATIUK, YVA & JOHN EASTCOTT - This Marvellous Terrible Place Images of Newfoundland and Labrador
51790: MOMATIUK, YVA; EASTCOTT, JOHN - This Marvellous Terrible Place: Images of Newfoundland and Labrador
41832: MONACO, FRANK; RON HANSEN - Brothers and Sisters: Glimpses of the Cloistered Life
32774: JOHN MONAGHAN - The Covenants with Earth and Rain: Exchange, Sacrifice, and Revelation in Mixtec Sociality
51240: MONAGHAN, JOHN & PETER JUST - Social and Cultural Anthropology
8151: MONAHAN, ETHEL COTTON - The Ethel Cotton Course in Conversation (12 Vol Set)
47892: MONCOMBLE, GRARD - The Nine Lives of the Cat
40785: MONCOMBLE, GRARD - The Nine Lives of the Cat
48587: MONCRIEFF, A. R. HOPE - Victorian & Edwardian London
48588: MONCRIEFF, A. R. HOPE - Victorian & Edwardian London
44132: MONET, CLAUDE - Monet's Years at Giverny: Beyond Impressionism
42857: MONETTE, PAUL - West of Yesterday, East of Summer New and Selected Poems
5662: MONETTE, PAUL - Sanctuary : A Tale of Life in the Woods
50083: MONETTE, PAUL - Last Watch of the Night: Essays Too Personal and Otherwise
5412: MONIE, JO - Australian Impressionists: Our Heritage in Stamps
18276: MOÑINO, ANTONIO R RODRÍGUEZ; JUAN DE MENDAÑO - Silva de Varios Romances
22187: MONK, PHILIP - Struggles with the Image Essays in Art Criticism
29098: MONK, LORRAINE - Image 2. Canada 1967
40067: MONKMAN, BETTY C. & BRUCE M. WHITE - The White House: Its Historic Furnishings and First Families
3345: MONMONIER, MARK - Air Apparent : How Meteorologists Learned to Map, Predict, & Dramatize Weather
38697: MONROE, DAN L. & RICHARD W. HILL & RICHARD CONN - Gifts of the Spirit: Works by Nineteenth-Century & Contemporary Native American Artists
1883: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Story of Esther Costello
21942: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - Book 2, Darken Ship.
19596: MONTAGU, JEAN-YVES - Western America
34558: MONTAGUE, SUSAN - A Pictorial History of the University of New Brunswick
39617: MONTAGUE, SUSAN; JAMES DOWNEY (FOREWORD) - A Pictorial History of the University of New Brunswick
25278: MONTAGUE-SMITH, PATRICK W - The Country Life Book of the Royal Silver Jubilee
50461: MONTAGUE, C. E. - Notes from Calais Base and Pictures of Its Many Activities
15448: MONTAIGNE, FEN - Reeling in Russia
24474: MONTALBAN, M. VAZQUEZ; PLAISTER, ELISABETH - Gauguin & M. Vazquez Montalban
47989: MONTALE, EUGENIO - Les Occasions (Poesies II) / Satura (Poesies IV) (2 Volumes) Edition Bilingue
47957: MONTALE, EUGENIO & JONATHAN GALASSI - Collected Poems 1920-1954. Bilingual Edition
47990: MONTALE, EUGENIO - The Bones of Cuttlefish / Selected Poems / It Depends: A Poet's Notebook (3 Volumes)
37216: DE MONTALVO, SOLEDAD - Women, Food and Sex in History. Volumes 1-3.
40876: MONTEATH, COLIN - Climb Every Mountain: A Journey to the Earth's Most Spectacular High Altitude Locations
48249: MONTEATH, COLIN - Climb Every Mountain a Journey to the Earth's Most Spectacular High Altitude Locations
41840: MONTEIRO, GEORGE & ROBERT HENRY MOSER & ANTONIO LUCIANO DE ANDRADE TOSTA - Luso-American Literature: Writings by Portuguese-Speaking Authors in North America
41268: MONTENEGRO, LAURA NYMAN - One Stuck Drawer
34046: MONTERIORE, SIMON - Young Stalin
13710: MONTERO, MAYRA; GROSSMAN, EDITH - The Red of His Shadow: A Novel
45693: MAYRA MONTERO - In the Palm of Darkness
33291: MONTFORD, SELMA - The Landscape Book of Brighton Prints
50127: MONTFORT, NICK - Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities
45269: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Anne's House of Dreams
40932: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Anne of Green Gables / Anne of the Island / Anne of Windy Poplars / Anne of Ingleside. 4 Volumes
1934: MONTGOMERY, SY - Spell of the Tiger: The Man-Eaters of Sundarbans
6024: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD - Emily's Quest; Emily Climbs; Anne's House of Dreams; Anne of the Island; Rilla of Ingleside; the Blue Castle 7 Volumes
12352: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of Green Gables
32191: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - After Many Days. Tales of Time Passed (in Newly Discovered Stories)
14340: MONTGOMERY, SY - Search for the Golden Moon Bear: Science and Adventure in Southeast Asia
16534: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery
22226: MONTGOMERY, BRIAN - A Field-Marshal in the Family
44163: MONTGOMERY, SY & NIC BISHOP - Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World's Strangest Parrot
30725: MONTGOMERY, L. M.; RUBIO, MARY & ELIZABETH WATERSTON - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Vol. 1 1889-1910
44535: MONTGOMERY, L. M; CATHERINE MCLAY - The Doctor's Sweetheart and Other Stories
48414: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of Green Gables:
41285: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD - The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career
51758: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Anne of the Island
51759: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Chronicles of Avonlea
48450: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD - Anne of Green Gables
33361: GLADYS MONTGOMERY, - Mountain & High Desert Hideaways
33037: MONTGOMERY, GENERAL SIR BERNARD - Poems from the Desert: Verses by Members of the Eighth Army
52633: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD - Box Set of 3 "Anne" Novels: Anne of Green Gables / Anne of Avonlea / Anne of the Island
45259: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Emily's Quest
44537: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD; WILMSHURST, REA (EDITOR) - At the Altar : Matrimonial Tales
44538: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Anne of the Island
38722: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Anne's House of Dreams
44518: MONTGOMERY, L. M. ; REA WILMSHURST - Akin to Anne: Tales of Other Orphans
4271: MONTHERLANT, HENRY DE - Le Treizieme Cesart
18283: MONTHERLANT, HENRY DE - Le Maître de Santiago
12818: MONTI, FRANCO - Les Arts Primitifs
52155: MONTIAS, JOHN MICHAEL - Vermeer and His Milieu: A Web of Social History
49864: MONTILEAUX, DONALD F. - Tatanka and the Lakota People a Creation Story
16781: LES SOEURS DE LA CONTREGATION DE NOTRE-DAME DE MONTREAL - L'Oeuvre D'Un Grand Educateur: Le Chanoine Alphonse Beaudet. Tome II
998: DAVID MONTROSS - Troika
46549: MONTUPET, JANINE - Lace: The Elegant Web
14373: MONTY PYTHON (COMEDY TROUPE); CHAPMAN, GRAHAM - Monty Python's the Meaning of Life
17492: MONYPENNY, WILLIAM FLAVELLE - The Life of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield. Volume 2, 1837-1846
4603: MOODEY. EDGAR, C. - The Fraser-Hickson Library: An Informal History
32429: MOODY, BARRY - Give Us an a: An Acadia Album, 1838-1988
11262: MOODY, SUSAN - Doubled in Spades
40654: MOODY, RICK - The Black Veil a Memoir
48817: MOODY-ADAMS, MICHELE M. - Fieldwork in Familiar Places: Morality, Culture, and Philosophy
25672: MOODY, RICHARD - The Fossil World
31924: MOODY, MARY - Long Table: My Love Affair with Food
5492: MOOERS, VERNON - Gypsy Hymns
41495: MOOERS, COLIN PETER - The Making of Bourgeois Europe: Absolutism, Revolution, and the Rise of Capitalism in England, France and Germany
22764: MOON, ROSEMARY - Classic Vegetarian Cuisine
22791: MOON, R. O (TRANSLATOR) - Jung Stilling His Biography
1388: MOONEY, TED - Traffic and Laughter
38519: MOONEY, PATRICK H. AND THEO J. MAJKA - Farmers' and Farm Workers' Movements
46270: MOONEY, ROBERT F. & ELIZABETH OLDHAM & RICHARD F. MILLER - The CIVIL War: The Nantucket Experience, Including the Memoirs of Joesph Fitch Murphey
41352: MOOORE, GEORGE - The Brook Kerith: A Syrian Story
45533: MOORAT, JOSEPH - Thirty Old-Time Nursery Songs
27254: MOORE, LUCY - Liberty the Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France
44460: MOORE, STEVE - Hercules: The Thracian Wars Volume 1
39259: MOORE, BRIAN - No Other Life
52280: MOORE, ETHEL (ED) - Letters from 31 Artists to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Gallery Notes. Vol. XXXI-XXXII, No. 2.
30196: MOORE, ERIN P. - Gender, Law, and Resistance in India
48281: MOORE, THOMAS - The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life As an Act of Love
763: BRIAN MOORE - The Temptation of Eileen Hughes
48605: MOORE, THOMAS - Soul Mates: Honoring the Mysteries of Love and Relationship
1824: MOORE, BRIAN - No Other Life
1905: MOORE, BRIAN - The Statement
2370: MOORE, THOMAS R. - A Thick and Darksome Veil: The Rhetoric of Hawthorne's Sketches, Prefaces, and Essays
43912: MOORE, ALAN & DAVID LLOYD - V for Vendetta
6725: MOORE, WILLIAM HENRY - By Their Fruits
34241: MOORE, LUCY - Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France
34227: MOORE, CHARLES W. & MICHAEL S. DURHAM & CHARLES MOORE - Powerful Days: The CIVIL Rights Photography of Charles Moore
9455: MOORE, RICHARD - Bottom Is Back
48391: MOORE, GERALD - Am I Too Loud? the Memoirs of a Piano Accompanist
10773: MOORE, THOMAS - Meditations : On the Monk Who Dwells in Daily Life
12269: MOORE, N. HUDSON - The Old Clock Book
48550: MOORE, S. J. (PRESIDENT) - The Bank of Nova Scotia: One Hundredth Anniversary
13595: MOORE, REAVIS - Native Artists of Africa
14880: MOORE, JUDITH; MOORE, JUDITH, 1940 - Never Eat Your Heart out
15148: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - Louisbourg Portraits: Life in an Eighteenth-Century Garrison Town
15559: MOORE, JOANNE RONAN - Nahanni Trailhead: A Year in the Northern Wilderness
15864: MOORE, BRIAN - Lies of Silence
18023: MOORE, CLEMENT C. - The Night Before Christmas
18697: MOORE, GEORGE - Lewis Seymour and Some Women
46957: MOORE, CONNIE A & HARRY L RINKER - Boules de Neige
19357: MOORE, WENDY & R. IAN LLOYD - The Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri
19418: MOORE, CHARLES HERBERT - Development & Character of Gothic Architecture. Second Edition
22474: MOORE, BRIAN - Fergus, a Novel
49051: MOORE, THOMAS STURGE - Armour for Aphrodite
42653: MOORE, ROBERT J. - Timeless Wonders a Fantastic Journey Through the World's Natural Beauties
36695: MOORE, WILLIAM H. - Grey Days
25088: MOORE, JEFFREY S. - The Memory Artists
42257: MOORE, TOM - The Plains of Madness
39235: MOORE, GERALD ARTHUR - The Winter Croquet & Cocktail Society
52637: MOORE, ROBERT I. - The First European Revolution: 970-1215
34764: MOORE, W. G. - Racine: Britannicus
50407: MOORE, ANDREW W. - John Sell Cotman, 1782-1842
50786: MOORE, MICHAEL SCOTT - Sweetness and Blood: How Surfing Spread from Hawaii and California to the Rest of the World, with Some Unexpected Results
46011: MOORE, GEORGE - Aphrodite in Aulus
30236: MOORE, LUCY - Con Men and Cutpurses
48728: MOORE, HENRIETTA L. & TODD SANDERS - Anthropology in Theory: Issues in Epistemology
33466: MICHAEL MOORE, - Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life
51343: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - From Then to Now: A Short History of the World
29902: MOORE, RICHARD G. & ANNE GARLAND - Cognitive Therapy for Chronic and Persistent Depression
40899: MOORE, TERENCE - The Captured Harvest: Creating Exquisite Objects from Nature
42143: MOORE, ELAINE T. - Winning Your Spurs
35976: MOORE, HONOR - The White Blackbird: A Life of the Painter Margarett Sargent by Her Granddaughter
37035: MOORE, THOMAS - The Education of the Heart: Readings and Sources for Care of the Soul, Soul Mates, and the Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life
24922: MOORE, RAYMOND C. - Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology Part G: Bryozoa
49737: MOORE, R. LAURENCE - European Socialists and the American Promised Land
30994: MOORE, JEFFREY - The Memory Artists
34628: MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - The Loyalists: Revolution, Exile, Settlement
36255: MOORE, JOHN H. - The Cheyenne
36681: MOORE, JEFFREY M. - Spies for Nimitz: Joint Military Intelligence in the Pacific War
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46931: NCCER - Maritime Pipefitting Level 2 Trainee Guide
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45183: NELSON, RALPH - Popol Vuh: The Great Mythological Book of the Ancient Maya
43087: NELSON, ARTY - Technicolor Pulp a Novel
51742: NELSON, THOMAS - Nkjv, Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible
51766: NELSON, BRUCHAC - Crazy Horse's Vision
52465: NELSON, CARY - Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture
30642: NELSON, CYRIL I. & CARTER HOUCK - The Quilt Engagement Calendar Treasury, Including Complete Patterns and Instructions for Making Your Own Quilts
38782: NELSON, CARY & STEPHEN WATT - Academic Keywords: A Devil's Dictionary for Higher Education
25274: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE; SMITH, SANDRA - Fire in the Blood
49127: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE; SANDRA SMITH - The Dogs and the Wolves
33988: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE - Fire in the Blood
33180: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE; SMITH, SANDRA - Suite Française
30862: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE; SMITH, SANDRA - Suite Française
24287: NEPOMUK, GEORGE - Hell's Mouth Confessions of Count Nepomuk
32668: NEPOS, CORNELIUS; J. B. F. DESCURET & J. V. LE CLERC (EDS) - Cornelius Nepos. Ex Libris Scriptis Editisque Recensitus Selectis Interpretum Commentariis Novisque Auctus Curante J.B. F. Descuret
25467: NER-DAVID, HAVIVA - Life on the Fringes a Feminist Journey Towards Traditional Rabbinic Ordination
38272: NERET, GILLES & FRANCE - Description de L' Egypte. Edition Complete
41665: NERICCIO, CAROLENA - The Art of Belly Dance: A Fun and Fabulous Way to Get Fit. Includes Dvd and Cd.
27876: NERONE, JOHN - Violence Against the Press Policing the Public Sphere in U.S. History
35871: NERSOYAN, H. J. - Andre Gide: The Theism of an Atheist
52215: NERUDA, PABLO & DONALD D. WALSH; JIM HARRISON - Residence on Earth
32175: NERUDA, PABLO & RICHARD SCHAAF; LAMB, LEONARD - Spain in the Heart Hymn to the Glories of the People at War
43645: NERUDA, PABLO; M. S. MERWIN - 20th Century Twenty Love Poems
36125: NERUDA, PABLO - The Yellow Heart
36126: NERUDA, PABLO - The Sea and the Bells
31762: NESBIT, E.; ZELINSKY, PAUL O. - Five Children and It
35070: NESBIT, EDITH & DINAH DRYHURST - The Railway Children
43172: NESBIT, EDITH & DINAH DRYHURST - The Railway Children
11408: NESBITT, CATHLEEN - A Little Love and Good Company
47644: NETTL, BRUNO; GERARD BEHAGUE - Folk and Traditional Music of the Western Continents. Third Edition
32924: BRUNO NETTL - The Study of Ethnomusicology: Twenty-Nine Issues and Concepts
19355: NETTLEFORD, REX (ED) - Rose Hall, Jamaica Story of a People, a Legend, and a Legacy
30133: NETTLESHIP, DAVID N. & J. BURGER & M. GOCHFELD - Seabirds on Islands: Threats, Case Studies and Action Plans
15594: NETTO, HERMINIO F. (TRANS.: W. G. BINNS ) - Hot Ashes
11325: NEUBAUER, PETER B. - Children in Collectives: Child-Rearing Aims and Practices in the Kibbutz
50435: NEUBAUER, HENDRIK - Curious Moments: Archive of the Century

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