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10575: LETHEM, JONATHAN - Gun with Occasional Music
44902: LETHEM, JONATHAN; KATE MILFORD - Patchwork Planet
31997: LETLEY, EMMA - From Galt to Douglas Brown Nineteenth Century Fiction and Scots Language
28963: LETSON, W. A. - Beautiful Queens
45590: LETT, GORDON - Rossano - a Valley in Flames: An Adventure of the Italian Resistance
49705: LETTS, ELIZABETH - The Perfect Horse: The Daring U.S. Mission to Rescue the Priceless Stallions Kidnapped by the Nazis
31410: LEUMANN, MANU - Homerische Worter: Schweizerische Beitrage Zur Altertumswissenschaft. In Verbindung Mit Olof Gigon, Wily Theiler, Fritz Wehrli, Herausgegeben Von Bernhard Wyss
43317: LEUNG, RAYMOND & JAMES C. RETTIE - The Nature of Alaska: An Introduction to Familiar Plants and Animals and Natural Attractions
32512: LEUZINGER, DR. ELSY - Art de L'Afrique Noire
53810: LEVALLOIS, PIERRE (EDITOR) - Decoration: Volume 1 and Volume 2
54460: LEVANT, EZRA; MARK STEYN - Shakedown: How Our Government Is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights
56228: LEVENSON, CHRISTOPHER - Half Truths
40544: LEVENSON, MICHAEL - The Cambridge Companion to Modernism
47782: LEVENSON, SAMUEL - Maud Gonne: A Biography of Yeats' Beloved
46213: LEVER, JILL & MARGARET RICHARDSON - The Architect As Artist
11754: LEVER, CHARLES - Charles o'Malley, the Irish Dragoon. Vol II
40582: LEVERICH, LYLE - Tom : The Unknown Tennessee Williams
48008: LEVERT, MIREILLE & JOSEE MASSE - The Princess Who Had Almost Everything
49537: LEVERT, MIREILLE; ELISA AMADO - Tulip and Lupin Forever
53032: LEVESQUE, BERTHE - Saint-Quentin: Deja Trois Quarts de Siecle
26022: LEVEZ, EMMA - Off the Beaten Path Discovering Powell River and the Upper Sunshine Coast
31457: LEVI, PETER - Eden Renewed: The Public and Private Life of John Milton
46004: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE. - From Honey to Ashes
19082: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - La Pensée Sauvage.
35392: LEVI, ANTHONY - Renaissance and Reformation: The Intellectual Genesis
43268: LEVI, PETER - To the Goat
25955: LEVI, PETER - Edward Lear a Biography
43391: PAUSANIUS & PETER LEVI - Guide to Greece, Volume 1 Central Greece
34061: LEVI, PRIMO - The Voice of Memory. Interviews, 1961-1987
41950: LEVI, PRIMO - The Voice of Memory. Interviews, 1961-1987
475: LEVIN, BETTY - A Griffon's Nest
1239: JONATHAN V. LEVIN - The Smiles Still Echo
52060: LEVIN, HUGH; MARINA BESSONOVA & WILLIAM JAMES WILLIAMS - Impressionism and Post-Impressionism: The Hermitage, Leningrad, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow and the National Gallery of Art, Washington
32748: TED LEVIN - Blood Brook: A Naturalist's Home Ground
44846: LEVIN, GAIL - Edward Hopper: Art and Artist
58067: LEVIN, VADIM - Silly Horse
51774: LEVIN, CAROLE - The Heart and Stomach of a King: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Sex and Power
49799: LEVIN, ALEX; SIR MATIN GILBERT (MAPS) - Under the Yellow & Red Stars
58057: LEVIN, JONATHAN - Walt Whitman
52884: LEVINE, DAVID; JOHN UPDIKE - Pens and Needles
53274: LEVINE, ALLAN - Scattered Among the Peoples: The Jewish Diaspora in Ten Portraits
44115: LEVINE, JOSHUA; PETER ACKROYD - Forgotten Voices of the Blitz and the Battle of Britain. A New History in the Words of the Men and Women on Both Sides
57867: LEVINE, ELLEN - The Tree That Would Not Die
54203: LEVINE, PHILIP - The Bread of Time: Toward an Autobiography
30512: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON; CHRISTIANA, DAVID - Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg
22180: LEVINE, DAVID (FOREWORD BY MALCOM MUGGERIDGE) - The Man from M.A. L.I. C.E. Caricature by David Levine
32393: LEVINE, DAVID PASTERNACK^ED; HIRSHEIMER, CHRISTOPHER & MARIO BATALI - The Young Man and the Sea : Recipes and Crispy Fish Tales from Esca
29573: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON - Dave at Night
46890: LEVINE, MR. NEIL - Modern Architecture: Representation and Reality
51627: LEVINE, ALLAN - King: William Lyon Mackenzie King: A Life Guided by the Hand of Destiny
28588: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON - Fairest
41889: LEVINE, ALLAN - Fugitives of the Forest: The Heroic Story of Jewish Resistance and Survival During the Second World War
51782: LEVINSON, SANFORD - An Argument Open to All: Reading "the Federalist" in the 21st Century
5493: LEVITIN, MIKHAIL; WOODSWORTH, JOHN (TRANSLATOR) - The Outcast's Sonata (No. 6)
40823: LEVITIN, DANIEL J - The Organized Mind Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload
48088: LEVITSKY, PROFESSOR STEVEN - The Resurgence of the Latin American Left
52855: LEVITTA-KOHN, RISA - Dead Sea Scrolls: Words That Changed the World
40864: LEVRON, JACQUES - Chateaux Et Vallee de la Loire Nouvelle Edition
54258: LEVY SHANKMAN, MARCY & SCOTT J. ALLEN & PAIGE HABER-CURRAN - Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Students
30730: LEVY, BERNARD HENRI - Les Derniers Jours de Charles Baudelaire. Roman
34854: LEVY, EMANUEL - Oscar Fever: The History and Politics of the Academy Awards
49901: LEVY, JUDITH - Grandmother Remembers: A Written Heirloom for My Grandchild
33286: LEVY, VIV - The Beginner's Guide to Life Drawing
606: MICHAEL LEVY - Natalie Babbitt
42757: LEVY, PAUL - Penguin Book of Food and Drink
22562: LEWCOCK, RONALD & AKHTAR BADSHAH & YUSUF MELEHI (FACULTY) - The Golden Horn: Istanbul. Design Studio - Spring 1987 Design for Islamic Societies
57335: LEWICKI, LILLIAN & JAMES - The Golden Book of Christmas Tales: Legends from Many Lands
9706: LEWIN, ROGER - Darwin's Forgotten World
10510: LEWIN, SUSAN G. - Formica & Design : From the Countertop to High Art
16709: LEWIN, ELLEN - Recognizing Ourselves: Ceremonies of Lesbian and Gay Commitment
40599: LEWIN, JULIE E. - Get Political for Animals and Win the Laws They Need
37828: LEWIS, MATTHEW; MACDONALD, DAVID LORNE; LEWIS, M. G.; SCHERF, KATHLEEN DOROTHY - The Monk: A Romance (Broadview Literary Texts )
57511: LEWIS, C. S. - The Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classics
49934: LEWIS, C. S. - The Great Divorce
54666: LEWIS, C S - The Magician's Nephew
58071: LEWIS, C S - The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe
46143: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - Dark History of the Popes: Vice, Murder and Corruption in the Vatican
25604: LEWIS, CECIL DAY - A Hope for Poetry
560: H.D.LEWIS - Morals and Revelation
2110: LEWIS, R.W.B., - The Jameses : A Family Narrative with 32 Pages of Illustrations
55791: LEWIS, DR. MARY TOMKINS - Cezanne
2699: LEWIS, MARGARET - Ngaio Marsh : A Life
7737: LEWIS, S. P. - Grace : Grace Woodsworth Macinnis: 1905-1991
10723: LEWIS, JOHN - Anatomy of Printing: The Influences of Art and History on Its Design
11273: LEWIS, JON - Whom God Wishes to Destroy: Francis Coppola and the New Hollywood
30666: LEWIS, J. PATRICK - Moonbow of Mr. B. Bones
43656: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror
39378: LEWIS, C S - The Chronicles of Narnia : The Original Seven Novels
40029: LEWIS, CECIL DAY - A Hope for Poetry
15060: LEWIS, A. W. ET AL - The Children's Book of Games, Puzzles and Pastimes
45177: LEWIS, A. DAVID & MPMANN & JENNIFER RODGERS - The Lone and Level Sands
19530: LEWIS, JAMES R.; GALE RESEARCH - The Dream Encyclopedia
22004: LEWIS, R. W. B. & NANCY LEWIS - American Characters Selections from the National Portrait Gallery, Accompanied by Literary Portraits
22212: LEWIS, PHILIP C - Trouping; How the Show Came to Town,
22386: LEWIS, CRAIG & CATHY SAVAGE - 4wd Tracks of the High Country a Touring Guide to Australia's Alpine Region
22564: LEWIS, JOHN - The 20th Century Book Its Illustration and Design
50612: LEWIS, C. S. & PAULINE BAYNES - The Magician's Nephew
48416: LEWIS, R. W. B. - Dante
39920: LEWIS, C S - Prince Caspian : Special Read-Aloud Edition
35096: LEWIS, BRENDA & RUPERT MATTHEWS - The Historical Atlas of the World at War
45102: LEWIS, C. S. - The World's Last Night and Other Essays
25294: LEWIS, PETER N; ELINOR R. CLARKE; FIONA C. GRIEVE - A Round of History at the British Golf Museum
43655: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong? the Clash between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East
26570: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
26564: LEWIS, NORMAN - A Goddess in the Stones Travels in India
25677: LEWIS, J. PATRICK; NATCHEV, ALEXI - The Night of the Goat Children
50716: LEWIS, J. R. - The Ecology of Rocky Shores
55520: LEWIS, NAOMI & SYLVIE MONTI - A Midsummer Night's Dream
48277: LEWIS, C. S. - The Chronicles of Narnia. Complete in 7 Volumes
55065: LEWIS, ROLAND - Frank Lloyd Wright in Pop-Up
39962: LEWIS, PETER S. & G.F. MARTIN - Recovery of France in the Fifteenth Century
56442: LEWIS, MAGDA GERE - Without a Word: Teaching Beyond Women's Silence
55562: LEWIS, D. SCLATER - Royal Victoria Hospital 1887-1947.
28372: LEWIS, ANN - Bruno and Minnie at the Zoo
44376: LEWIS, DONALD C - Rail Canada: Diesel Paint Schemes of the Cpr
44377: LEWIS, DONALD C - Rail Canada: Diesel Paint Schemes of the Cpr
30277: LEWIS, C. S. & TERRY L. MIETHE - C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity
1208: D. B. WYNDHAM LEWIS - Francois Villon
28361: LEWIS-STEMPEL, JOHN - Fatherhood: An Anthology
23199: LEWIS, CHARLES MINER - The Principles of English Verse
43376: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - Churchill: An Illustrated Life
56960: LEWIS, C. S. ; HIAWYN ORAM (RETOLD BY) - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Picture Book Edition
52154: LEWIS, BERNARD & BUNTZIE ELLIS CHURCHILL - Notes on a Century: Reflections of a Middle East Historian
43768: LEWIS, C.S. - Six by Lewis: The Abolition of Man, the Great Divorce, Mere Christianity, Miracles, the Problem of Pain, the Screwtape Letters
48111: LEWIS, C. S. - Mere Christianity
41552: LEWIS, BERNARD - From Babel to Dragomans: Interpreting the Middle East
38848: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Assassins: A Radical Sect in Islam
57912: LEWIS, NAOMI - Hans Christian Andersen's the Snow Queen
44612: LEWIS, C S - The Chronicles of Narnia: : the Original Seven Novels
48517: LEWIS, C. S. - Narrative Poems
43134: LEWIS, C S - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Movie Tie-in Edition
42497: LEWIS, C. DAY - Notable Images of Virtue: Emile Bronte, George Meredith, W.B. Yeats
52913: LEWIS, GWYNNE - The French Revolution: Rethinking the Debate
46271: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Middle East: A Brief History of the Last 2,000 Years
57824: LEWIS, T. PERCY AND A G BROMLEY; NICHOLAS, LODGE - The Victorian Book of Cakes: Recipes, Techniques and Decorations from the Golden Age of Cake-Making
35484: LEWIS, LENNOX - Lennox
36466: LEWIS, P. S. - Later Medieval France - the Polity
47213: LEWIS, H. B. - Winnie Mae
46598: LEWIS, MATTHEW; MACDONALD, DAVID LORNE; LEWIS, M. G.; SCHERF, KATHLEEN DOROTHY - The Monk: A Romance (Broadview Literary Texts )
52161: LEWIS, C S - Boxen Stories
57805: LEWIS, ROSE A. - I Love You Like Crazy Cakes
18286: LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - The Case of Mr. Crump
46325: LEWISON, JEREMY - Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Sculptor, 1891-1915
53507: LEWY, PROFESSOR EMERITUS OF POLITICAL SCIENCE GUENTER - Harmful and Undesirable: Book Censorship in Nazi Germany
41262: LEXAU, JOAN - Olaf Reads
29677: LEY, GRAHAM - A Short Introduction to the Ancient Greek Theater Revised Edition
49813: LEYBURN, JAMES G. - The Scotch-Irish: A Social History
36870: LEYTON, ELLIOTT - Men of Blood: Murder in Everyday Life
50560: EMILE A. E. HUBLARD; J. D. LHONEUX - A Glimpse of the Historical Town of Mons
47613: LI, PETER S - The Chinese in Canada
9527: LI, WENG (EDITOR) - Hutongs of Beijing
47224: LI, LINCOLN - Student Nationalism in China
35951: LI, HUI LIN - Origin and Cultivation of Shade and Ornamental Trees
53044: LI, DUN JEN - The Essence of Chinese Civilization
47511: LI, LINCOLN - Japanese Army in North China, 1937-1941. Problems of Political and Economic Control
51628: LI-QIONG, YU - A New Year's Reunion: A Chinese Story
52760: RABBI SCHNEUR ZALMAN OF LIADI - Siddur Annotated English Standard
49985: LIAO, JIMMY - Stories Go Round on the Merry Go Round
29814: LIAPUNOVA, R.G. - Essays on the Ethnology of the Aleuts. Rasmuson Volume IX
29968: LIBERTHSON, LEO - If There Are Pits As Deep, and Other Sonnets and Poems
15397: LIBHART, WAYNE P. - The Jury Is out
55189: LIBRARY, BOSTON PUBLIC - Boston & Beyond: A Bird's Eye View of New England: An Exhibit from the Collections of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston
19904: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS; FERN, ALAN MAXWELL; KAPLAN, MILTON - Viewpoints a Selection from the Pictorial Collections of the Library of Congress
25758: BROWN UNIVERSITY LIBRARY - A Contribution to a Union Catalog of Sixteenth Century Imprints in Certain New England Libraries
56626: LIBRARY, BRITISH - Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic
25305: LIBRARY, SINGER SEWING REFERENCE - Decorative Machine Stitching
53432: FRATELLI LICHINO - Camposanto Di Genova 62 Vedute
20006: LICKLIDER, HEATH - Architectural Scale
35586: LIDA, ROSE FYLEMAN - Martin the Kingfisher. No. 7 of Pere Castor's Wild Animal Books.
35587: LIDA, ROSE FYLEMAN - Cuckoo: No. 8 of Pere Castor's Wild Animal Books.
50512: LIDDLE, PETER - The Poppy and the Owl the Journal of the Friends of the Liddle Collection. No. 20, October 1996 the Somme Eighty Years on
49160: LIDWELL, WILLIAM & GERRY MANACSA - Deconstructing Product Design: Exploring the Form, Function, Usability, Sustainability, and Commercial Success of 100 Amazing Products
1535: LIEBERMAN, HERBERT - The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes
37386: LIEBS, CHESTER H. - Main Street to Miracle Mile
43609: LIES, BRIAN - Bats at the Beach
32035: LIEUWEN, EDWIN - Mexican Militarism. The Political Rise and Fall of the Revolutionary Army, 1910-1940.
41426: LIEVSAY, JOHN L. - Venetian Phoenix: Paolo Sarpi and Some of His English Friends, 1606-1700
36775: LIEVSAY, JOHN L. - The Englishman's Italian Books, 1550-1770
11277: LIFTON, ROBERT JAY & NICHOLAS HUMPHREY (EDS.) - In a Dark Time: Images for Survival
41102: LIFTON, BETTY JEAN - Joji and the Amanojaku
35885: LIGABUE, GIANCARLO - Storia Delle Forniture Navali E Dell'Alimentazione Di Bordo.
40613: LIGHT, KEN - Witness in Our Time, Second Edition. Working Lives of Documentary Photographers
17824: LIGHTFOOT, SARA L. - Balm in Gilead: Journey of a Healer
53086: LIGHTFOOT, GORDON - Canadian Railroad Trilogy
57972: LIGHTMAN, SARAH - The Book of Sarah
57276: LIGON, BERT - Comprehensive Technique for Jazz Musicians for All Instruments
57277: LIGON, BERT - Jazz Theory Resources Tonal, Harmonic, Melodic, & Rhythmic Organization of Jazz
31883: LIITTSCHWAGER, DAVID; MIDDLETON, SUSAN & E. O. WILSON - Witness Endangered Species of North America
36283: LILAR, SUZANNE (TRANS. BY JONATHAN GRIFFIN) - Aspects of Love in Western Society
2010: LILBURN, TOM - To the River: Poems
44378: LILJESTRAND, ROBERT A. ; SWEETLAND, DAVID R. - Nyc Electric Locomotives and Mu Cars
43732: LILLARD, CHARLES; MICHAEL GREGSON - Land of Destiny: The Golden Age of British Columbia
56881: LILLEY, EDWARD R. - The Business of Studio Photography: How to Start and Run a Successful Photography Studio
17384: LILLIE, PATRICIA - One Very, Very Quiet Afternoon
37687: LILLO, GASTON / JOSE LEANDRO URBINA (EDITORES) - De Independencias y Revoluciones. Avatares de la Modernidad en América Latina
32896: KENNETH LILLY - The Animal Atlas: A Pictorial Atlas of World Wildlife
33264: SUNAMITA LIM - Japanese Style
55389: LIM, JOHN - Merchants of the Mysterious East
13030: DE LIMA, CLARA ROSA - Tomorrow Will Always Come
54076: LIMA, PATRICK - The Harrowsmith Illustrated Book of Herbs
49486: LIMITED-CDN, FRANCES LINCOLN - Hark the Herald Angels Sing
42109: KEY PORTER BOOKS LIMITED - The Best of Times: Fifty Years of Canadian Sport
28782: ALUMINUM LABORATORIES LIMITED - Methods of Analysis. Three Volumes
47206: LIN, PAUL; EILEEN CHEN LIN - In the Eye of the China Storm: A Life between East and West
47844: LIN, GRACE & VARIOUS - Robert's Snowflakes
9248: LINCOLN, JOESPH C. - Cape Cod Yesterdays
11414: LINCOLN, W. BRUCE - Passage Through Armageddon: The Russians in War and Revolution 1914-1918
56392: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM; GARRY WILLS - The Gettysburg Address
32362: LIND, MICHEAL - The Alamo
10911: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (ED.) - The Georgia Review. Vol. XXXIV, Winter 1980.
10918: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (ED.) - The Georgia Review. Vol. XXXVII Spring / Summer/ Fall / Winter 4 Issues
10921: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (ED.) - The Georgia Review. Vol. XXXVIII Summer 1984
10912: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (ED.) (WALKER PERCY) - The Georgia Review. Vol. XXXV, Spring / Summer/ Fall/ Winter. 4 Issues
43293: LINDBORG, KRISTINA - A Natural History of Boston's North Shore
16987: LINDEN, EUGENE - Octopus and the Orangutan: More True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity
40993: LINDEN, IAN; LINDEN, JANE - Catholics, Peasants and Chewa Resistance in Nyasaland, 1889-1939
56664: LINDGREN, ASTRID - The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking Pippi Longstocking / Pippi Goes on Board / Pippi in the South Seas
54594: LINDGREN, ASTRID - Dragon with Red Eyes
55482: LINDGREN, ASTRID - Alla Mina Barn
38718: LINDLEY, LESLIE; ARON, JON - Nantucket Style
27218: LINDMAN, MAJ - Dear Little Deer
2486: LINDSAY, JOHN - Palaces of the Night: Canada's Grand Theatres
8702: LINDSAY, A.D. (CHR.) - The Christian College in India: The Report of the Commission on Christian Higher Education in India.
35163: LINDSAY, CHARLES; T. M. HAMILTON AND BRUCE W. FRY - Canadian Historic Sites No. 12: Contributions from the Fortress of Louisbourg -No. 2
20049: LINDSEY, KAREN - Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: A Feminist Reinterpretation of the Wives of Henry VIII
14031: LINE, JOHN - Inspiration and Modern Criticism : A Reconsideration of the Inspiration of the New Testament in the Light of Modern Criticism
26640: LINE, MAURICE B. - A Bibliography of Russian Literature in English Translation to 1900
22036: LINE, LES - The Audubon Society Book of Trees
24201: LINE, LES - The Audubon Society Book of Wild Cats
51835: LINEHAN, DON - The Mystery of Things
12093: LINGUISTIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA; CHAFE, WALLACE L. - American Indian Languages and American Linguistics: Papers of the Second Golden Anniversary Symposium of the Linguistic Society of America, Held at the University of California, Berkeley, on November 8 and 9, 1974
37792: LINGUISTICA, GARZANTI - Dizionario Di Inglese. Inglese-Italiano, Italiano-Inglese
45429: LINKLATER, KRISTIN - Freeing Shakespeare's Voice the Actor's Guide to Talking the Text
28745: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Voyage of the 'Challenger'
38814: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Northern Garrisons
14961: LINKROUM, RICHARD - One Before Bedtime: A Novel
38750: LINLEY, DAVID & CHARLES CATOR & HELEN CHISLETT - Star Pieces: The Enduring Beauty of Spectacular Furniture
46626: LINLEY, DAVID - Classical Furniture
6074: LINN, ED - Hitter : The Life and Turmoils of Ted Williams
2787: LINS, OSMAN; FRIZZI, ADRIA (TRANSLATOR) - The Queen of the Prisons of Greece
49714: LINWOOD SNOW, RALPH - A Shipyard in Maine: Percy and Small and the Great Schooners
57911: LIONNI, LEO; ERIC CARLE - Frederick and His Friends: Four Favorite Fables
42070: LIPCHITZ, JACQUES - Modigliani (1884-1920)
38717: LIPKIN, JONATHAN - Photography Reborn: Image Making in the Digital Era
26282: LIPKING, LAWRENCE - High Romantic Argument Essays for M.H. Abrams
24496: LIPMAN, JEAN - American Folk Decoration with Practical Instruction by Eve Meulendyke
43776: LIPMAN, JEAN & EVE MEULENDYKE - Techniques in American Folk Decoration
26744: LIPSETT, KATHERINE (CURATOR) - Redefined: The Quilt As Art
48212: LIPSEY, ROGER - An Art of Our Own: The Spiritual in Twentieth Century Art
31217: LIPSKY, DAVID - Absolutely American: Four Years at West Point
32840: LISA LOVATT-SMITH, ANGELIKA MUTHESIUS (EDITOR) - Provence Interiors/Interieurs de Provence
28638: LISEE, JEAN-FRANCOIS - Le Tricheur Robert Bourassa Et Les Quebecois 1990-1991
1366: LISHMAN, WALTER - Father Goose: The Adventures of a Wildlife Hero
39507: LISHMAN, WALTER - Father Goose: The Adventures of a Wildlife Hero
39560: LISS, DAVID - A Spectacle of Corruption. A Novel
47562: LISTER, RUTH - Citizenship: Feminist Perspectives
16715: LISTER, RAYMOND - Victorian Narrative Paintings
35551: LISTER, RAYMOND - Antique Maps and Their Cartographers
30493: LISTER, ROBERT H. & FLORENCE C. LISTER - Chaco Canyon Archaeology and Archaeologists
43547: LISTER, ROBIN & ALAN BAKER - The Odyssey
44962: LITCHFIELD, MICHAEL W. & R. HAUSHERR - Salvaged Treasures: Designing and Building with Architectural Salvage
39063: LITHGOW, JOHN & BORIS KULIKOV - Carnival of the Animals
45373: LITHGOW, JOHN - The Remarkable Farkle Mcbride
49779: LITOFF, JUDY BARRETT - Bryant College Goes to War 1863-2013
35258: LITT, PAUL & RONALD E. WILLIAMSON & JOSEPH W.A. WHITEHORNE - Death at Snake Hill: Secrets from a War of 1812 Cemetery
28685: LITTELJOHN, BRUCE - The Gulf of St. Lawrence a Sea Within
41182: LITTELL, JOSEPH F. - A Lifetime in Every Moment: A Memoir
17152: LITTLE, FRANCES - The Lady of the Decoration
28152: LITTLE, DARAN - Coronation Street Celebrating Thirty-Five Years of the Street
1380: LITTLE, GEORGE - The Many Deaths of George Robertson
20638: LITTLE, BENILDE - The Itch: A Novel
56139: LITTLE, LINDA - Grist
22351: LITTLE, WILLIAM T - The Tom Thomson Mystery (Signed)
39184: LITTLE, CARL & ARNOLD SKOLNICK - The Art of Maine in Winter
39838: LITTLE, NINA FLETCHER - Little by Little: Six Decades of Collecting American Decorative Arts
46724: LITTLE, JEAN & WERNER ZIMMERMANN - Listen, Said the Donkey Tales of the First Christmas
42584: LITTLE, CARL - Paintings of New England
7661: LITTLEDALE, FREYA - The Magic Plum Tree : Based on a Tale from the Jataka
15345: LITVAK, JOSEPH - Strange Gourmets: Sophistication, Theory, and the Novel
46906: LITVAK, MARILYN M. - Edward James Lennox: "Builder of Toronto"
38333: LIU, XUN A. - New Practical Chinese Reader Workbook 1
53025: LIU, JAMES TZU-CHIEN - Reform in Sung China: Wang an-Shih (1021-1086) and His New Policies
19756: LIU, A. ANDREW (NEIL DENARI, ADVISOR) - House Parts, or, Ruminations on Elements of the Domestic
10054: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Cleopatra's Sister : A Novel
13639: LIVELY, ADAM - Blue Fruit
20267: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Spiderweb
48153: LIVELY, PENELOPE - A House Unlocked
27029: LIVELY, PENELOPE - The Photograph
11843: LORD RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL - Henry of Navarre, Henry IV of France
22634: LIVERSAY, DOROTHY - Journey with My Selves a Memoir 1909 1963
16052: LIVESARY, DOROTHY (ED.) - Woman's Eye: Air, 19 20 21: 12 B.C. Poets
45913: LIVESAY, DOROTHY; DESMOND PACEY - Selected Poems (1926-1956)
1229: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - The Husband
17260: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Plainsongs
31586: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Right Hand Left Hand: A True Life of the Thirties: Paris, Toronto, Montreal, the West and Vancouver. Love, Politics, the Depression and Feminism.
9082: LIVESEY, MARGOT - The Missing World
15389: LIVICK, STEPHEN - Metaphorical Transformations
43337: LIVING, COUNTRY - Country Living: The Scandinavian Look
5351: LIVINGSTON, MYRA C. - Climb Into the Bell Tower : Essays on Poetry
9554: LIVINGSTON, JOHN AND LISTER SINCLAIR - Darwin and the Galapagos
48531: LIVINGSTON, MYRA COHN - Come Away
42114: LIVINGSTON, JOHN AND LISTER SINCLAIR - Darwin and the Galapagos
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34337: LOPATE, PHILLIP - Being with Children
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22598: LUKOWICH, ED; RAMSFJELL, EIGIL; SOMERVILLE, BUD - The Joy of Curling - a Celebration
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27266: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship a Square Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail
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39648: MACNEIL, RITA & ANNE SIMPSON - On a Personal Note
55610: MACNUTT, JAMES W - The Historical Atlas of Prince Edward Island. The Ways We Saw Ourselves
6284: MACNUTT, W. STEWART - Days of Lorne: Impressions of a Governor-General (from Theprivate Papers of the Marquis of Lorne 1878-1883 in the Procession of the Duke of Argull at Inveraray Castle, Scotland)
35487: MACNUTT, ALLAN - Biography of Carl F. Burke
6551: MACOUN, JOHN - Catalogue of Canadian Birds. Part 3: Sparrows, Swallows, Vireos, Warblers, Wrens, Titmice and Thrushes, Including the Order: Passeres After the Icteridae
6552: MACOUN, JOHN - Catalogue of Canadian Birds. Part 1: Water Birds, Gallinaceous Birds, and Pigeons Including the Flllowing Orders: Pygopodes, Longipennes, Tubinares, Steganopodes, Amseres, Herodiones, Paludicolae, Limicolae, Gallinae, and Columbae.
47835: MACPHAIL, ELIZABETH C. - Story of New San Diego and of Its Founder, Alonzo
17168: MACPHERSON, MALCOLM COOK - In Cahoots: A Novel of Southern California, 1953
29938: MACQUADE, ROBERT AND MARGARET - Debits and Credits : The Life Journey of Robert and Margaret Macquade
32501: MACQUEEN, ANGUS JAMES - Memory Is My Diary Volume 1: The First Thirty 1912-1942
38878: MACRAE, DONALD. G - Ideology and Society: Papers in Sociology and Politics.
40584: MACRAE-GIBSON, GAVIN - The Secret Life of Buildings : An American Mythology for Modern Architecture
57069: MACRONE, MICHAEL - Naughty Shakespeare
18235: MACRONE, MICHAEL - Brush Up Your Bible!
17753: MACRORY, PATRICK A. - The Fierce Pawns
22081: MACSKIMMING, ROY - Gordie a Hockey Legend
48370: MACSKIMMING, ROY - The Perilous Trade Publishing Canada's Writers
41941: MACTAVISH, NEWTON; ROBERT MCMICHAEL - The Fine Arts in Canada
31782: MACWILLIAM, DAVID - David Macwilliam: Paintings and Drawings 1985 - 1987
11925: DE MADARIAGA, ISABEL - Catherine the Great: A Short History
36289: DE MADARIAGA, ISABEL - Catherine the Great a Short History; Second Edition
28609: MADDEN, KYLA - Forkhill Protestants and Forkhill Catholics, 1787-1858
20830: MADDEN, BETTY I. - Art, Crafts, and Architecture in Early Illinois
11062: MADDEN, DAVID (ED) - Rediscoveries: Informal Essays in Which Well-Known Novelists Rediscover Neglected Works of Fiction by One of Their Favorite Authors
40803: MADDEN, CHRIS CASSON - Bedrooms: Creating the Stylish, Comfortable Room of Your Dreams
47451: MADDEN, CHRIS CASSON & SARAH ELIZABETH PALOMBA - Chris Madden the Soul of a House: Decorating with Warmth, Style, and Comfort
37537: MADDEN, CHRIS CASSON - A Room of Her Own: Women's Personal Spaces
36007: MADDOCKS, RICK - Sputnik Diner
11399: MADDOX, BRENDA - Nora : The Real Life of Molly Bloom
44722: MADILL, SHIRLEY - Trevor Gould: Posing for the Public: The World As Exhibition / Poser Pour le Public: Le Monde Comme Exposition
42380: MADISON, DEBORAH - Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen
17274: MADISON, JAMES H. - The Indiana Way: A State History
43305: MADLEY, LEWIS G. - James Bay Athletic Association: The First 100 Years, 1886-1986
32300: MADONNA - The Adventures of Abdi
44579: MADONNA, & GENNADII SPIRIN - Yakov and the Seven Thieves
46718: MADONNA - Lotsa de Casha
27995: MADONNA, & GENNADII SPIRIN - Yakov and the Seven Thieves
42749: MADORE, NELSON - Voyages: A Maine Franco-American Reader
29490: MADSEN, AXEL - Gloria and Joe: The Star-Crossed Love Affair of Gloria Swanson and Joe Kennedy
52661: MADSEN, MARK S. - The Dynamic Cosmos: : Exploring the Physical Evolution of the Universe
12648: MAERTENS, DOM THIERRY - C'Est Fete en L'Honneur de Yahve
56924: MAES, FRANCIS - A History of Russian Music: From Kamarinskaya to Babi Yar
33024: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - Our Friend the Dogretold for Children by John Martin
41656: MAGAZINE, RUG HOOKING - A Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs XVII
21809: EDITORS OF BICYCLING MAGAZINE - Bicycling Magazine's Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance and Repair
24210: EDITORS OF SAVEUR MAGAZINE - Saveur Cooks Authentic French Rediscovering the Recipes, Traditions, and Flavors of the World's Greatest Cuisine
41999: MAGAZINE, NEW YORKER - The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons
41657: MARTHA STEWART LIVING MAGAZINE - The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook
43960: MARTHA STEWART LIVING MAGAZINE - Classic Crafts and Recipes for the Holidays
53598: MAGAZINE, POPULAR WOODWORKING - Authentic Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects
34631: MAGAZINE, WOODCARVING - Understanding Woodcarving: The Best from Woodcarving Magazine
52397: MARTHA STEWART LIVING MAGAZINE - The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook: The New Classics
41850: BRYAN MAGEE BRYAN MAGEE - The Story of Philosophy
55786: MAGEE, JUDITH; TOMMASO, LISA D; ANDREA HART ET AL - Rare Treasures from the Library of the Natural History Museum
42512: MAGEE, ROSEMARY M. & FLANNERY O'CONNOR - Conversations with Flannery o'Connor
48883: MAGGI, MARIA ELENA - The Great Canoe: A Karina Legend
21146: MAGIS, MARTHA (DIRECTORA) - Revista Summa+ 17 Feb-Mar 1996
48634: MAGNANI, DENISE - The Winterthur Garden: Henry Francis Du Pont's Romance with the Land
23835: MAGNANI, ROMOLO - La Ceramica Ferrarese Tra Medioevo E Rinascimento. Vol. I.
49292: MAGNANI, DENISE & CAROL BETSCH - The Winterthur Garden: Henry Francis Du Pont's Romance with the Land
21745: MAGNAY, SIR WILLIA, BART. - The Red Chancellor

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