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52955: LAROUSSE - MI Primer Larousse de Monstruos y Dragones
47427: LAROUSSE, EDITIONS - Larousse on Pastry: 200 Recipes for Everyone, from Beginner to Expert
37070: LAROUSSE - Larousse Encyclopedia of Animal Life
20041: LARRABEE, EDWARD - Canadian Historic Sites No. 2: Archaelogical Investigations of the National Historic Sites Service, 1961-1965
31638: LARRACEY, E. W. - Resurgo: Volume 2 L'Histoire de Moncton de 1890 a 1990.
29713: LARRSON, BO CHRISTIAN - On and on Is How We Are
11532: LARSEN, LARRY - Mastering Largemouth Bass
40847: LARSEN, REIF - The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet
286: LARSEN, JEANNE - Bronze Mirror
39488: LARSEN, JACK LENOR - Jack Lenor Larsen: A Weaver's Memoir
30984: LARSEN, DEBORAH - The White
48150: LARSON, JONATHON - Rent: Vocal Selections
3679: LARSON, PEGGY; LARSON, LANE - The Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to the Deserts of the Southwest
39732: LARSON, ERIK - In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin
47312: LARSON, JUDY L. - American Illustration 1890-1925: Romance, Adventure & Suspense
20021: LARSSON, ANITA & VIERA - A Documentation of Twelve Tswana Dwellings Suipplement to "Traditional Tswana Housing. A Study in Four Villages in Eastern Botswana. "
35127: LASCA, N. P. AND DONAHUE, J. - Archaeological Geology of North America
22739: LASCH, CHRISTOPHER; LASCH-QUINN, ELISABETH - Women and the Common Life Love, Marriage, and Feminism
46051: LASDUN, SUSAN - Victorians at Home: The Victorian Interior
20460: LASDUN, SUSAN - Victorians at Home: The Victorian Interior
18356: LASKER, BRUNO - Deomcracy Through Discussion
31057: LASKER, JOE - Tales of a Seadog Family
24291: LASKI, MARGHANITA - From Palm to Pine
1359: LASKIN, DAVID - A Common Life: Four Generations of American Literary Friendship and Influence
10574: LASKIN, DAVID - Partisans : Marriage, Politics and Betrayal Among the New York Intellectuals
14295: LASKIN, DAVID - Partisans: Marriage, Politics, and Betrayal Among the New York Intellectuals
35631: LASKIN, DAVID - A Common Life: Four Generations of American Literary Friendship and Influence
52675: LASKY, KATHRYN - One Beetle Too Many: The Extraordinary Adventures of Charles Darwin
46528: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES - Eugene Delacroix
49491: LASSETER, JOHN & STEVE DALY - Toy Story: The Art and Making of the Animated Film
21485: LASSOVSKY-KRUK, MIROSLAWA; TROJAN, ANNA STEPANIUK TRANS - Volodymyr the Great a Historical Drama in Three Acts
22567: LASZLO, JAKAB ISTVAN; POGANY, GABOR O (INTRODUCTION) - Hol Sirjaink Domborulnak...
36450: LASZLO, ERVIN - Essential Society : An Ontological Reconstruction
39994: LATHEN, EMMA - Right on the Money. A John Putnam Thatcher Mystery
39163: DOMINIQUE SIEGLER-LATHROP - The Secrets of Needlepoint: Technique and Stitches
771: LATHROP, GILBERT A. - Mystery Rides the Rails
36843: LATOUCHE, ROBERT - Origines de L'Economie Occidentale, Ive-Xie Siecle
22654: LATREILLE, FRANCIS - Dolgans Les Derniers Nomades Des Glaces
38772: LATREILLE, FRANCIS - White Paradise: Journeys to the North Pole
40133: LATTIMORE, ELEANOR FRANCES - Little Pear and the Rabbits
39542: LAU, EVELYN - Other Women: A Novel
54511: LAU, EVELYN - Inside out: Reflections on a Life So Far
48346: LAU, JOSEPH S. M. & HOWARD GOLDBLATT - The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Literature
41544: LAU, EVELYN - Oedipal Dreams
41543: LAU, EVELYN - You Are Not Who You Claim
8181: FRANK C. LAUBACH & ROBERT S. LAUBACH - Toward World Literacy: The Each One Teach One Way
42617: LAUBACH, RENE & THEODORE ROOSEVELT IV - Audubon Guide to the National Wildlife Refuges. New England: Includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamshire
42614: LAUBACH, RENE & THEODORE ROOSEVELT IV - Audubon Guide to the National Wildlife Refuges New England: Includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamshire
20967: LAUBER, JOHN - The Inventions of Mark Twain
33990: LAUDER, EVERLYN H. - An Eye for Beauty Photographs of Evelyn Lauder
30431: LAUE, ANGELA VON & DR. THEODORE VON LAUE; BALTERMANTS, DMITRI - Faces of a Nation: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991
22664: LAUFER, JOANNA & KENNETH S. LEWIS - Inspired the Breath of God
38159: O'LAUGHLIN, MICHAEL - Henri Nouwen: His Life and Vision
48483: LAUGHLIN, JAMES & EPLER & JAVITCH - The Way It Wasn't: From the Files of James Laughlin
3234: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Heart of a Stranger
34869: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Dance on the Earth: A Memoir a Memoir
17265: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Heart of a Stranger
22455: LAURENCE, MARGARET - Heart of a Stranger
50829: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Olden Days Coat
52112: LAURENCE, MARGARET - The Olden Days Coat
37199: LAURENCE, PATRICIA - The Reading of Silence: Virginia Woolf in the English Tradition
47603: LAURENDEAU, MARC - Les Québécois Violents. ; Un Ouvrage Sur Les Causes Et la Rentabilite de la Violence D'Inspiration Politique Au Quebec
35775: LAURENS, HENRY - Money Rules: The New Politics of Finance in Britain and Japan
53113: FATHER RAYMOND DE THOMAS DE SAINT-LAURENT - Saint Therese of the Child Jesus
26509: LAURENZI, LAURIE - The Best of the Pirelli Calendar, 1964-2000
26507: LAURENZI, LAURIE - The Best of the Pirelli Calendar, 1964-2000
26508: LAURENZI, LAURIE - The Best of the Pirelli Calendar, 1964-2000
29706: LAURETTE, PATRICK CONDON - John o'Brien, 1831-1891
39794: LAUREYS, HENRY - Etudes Economiques - Theses Presentees a la "Licence en Sciences Commerciales"
10988: LAURIER, ANDREE - Mer Interieure
53200: LAURIER, SIR WILFRED; ULRIC BARTHE - Wilfred Laurier on the Platform : Collection of the Principal Speeches Made in Parliament or Before the People by the Honorable Wilfred Laurier, P.C. , Q.C. , M.P. , Member for Quebec-East in the Commons, Since His Entry Into Active Politic
43274: LAURIER; DENIS, CLOTAIRE, BOURDEL, CONSTANT; HOUNJET GAREAU - Sur Nos Baces D'Ecole : L'Education Francaise Dans la Region de Prud'Homme, Saint-Denis Et Vonda
24503: LAUSTEN, S. & ET AL - Exploring the Southern Sky
14920: LAUTER, ESTELLA - Women As Mythmakers: Poetry and Visual Art by Twentieth Century Women
18357: LAUTERBACH, ALBERT - Economic Security and Individual Freedom: Can We Have Both?
53062: LAUVRIERE, EMILE - Histoire de L'Acadie Et de la Louisiane
53047: LAUVRIÈRE, EMILE - Histoire de la Louisiane Française, 1673-1939.
49057: LAVAISSIERE, SYLVAIN - Classicisme Francais: Masterpieces of Seventeenth Century Painting
46830: LAVITT, WENDY - Animals in American Folk Art
33074: LAVRIN, JANKO - Pushkin and Russian Literature
15689: "A BARRISTER AT LAW" - Wrongs and Rights of a Traveller: By Boat - by Stage - by Rail
22243: LAW, JANE MARIE (ED. ) - Religious Reflections on the Human Body
45776: LAW, STEPHEN - The War for Children's Minds
24204: LAWICK, HUGO VAN - Among Predators and Prey a Photographer's Reflections on African Wildlife
54349: LAWLER, JANET & YEVGENIYA YERETSKAYA - Arctic Christmas: A Very Cool Pop-Up Book
53737: LAWLOR, ALLISON - Rum-Running
45795: LAWLOR, ROBERT - Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Practice
33534: EDITED BY ALAN LAWRANCE - China Since 1919: Revolution and Reform: A Sourcebook
54808: LAWRENCE, LOUIS - The Seasons
37358: LAWRENCE, R. D. - Trail of the Wolf
1648: LAWRENCE, R. D. - Shark!: Nature's Masterpiece
2940: LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE - Next Door Neighbors
2953: LAWRENCE, LOUISE D. - To Whom the Wilderness Speaks
28021: LAWRENCE, BARBARA KENT - Bitter Ice a Memoir of Love, Food, and Obsession
10132: LAWRENCE, ARTHUR - Sir Arthur Sullivan Life Story, Letters and Reminiscences
12639: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Revolt in the Desert
14002: LAWRENCE, C.H. - St. Edmund of Abingdon: A Study in Hagioraphy and History
17213: LAWRENCE, EMERIC A. - Each Month with Christ: Insights Into the Liturgy of the Months
21210: LAWRENCE-LIGHTFOOT, SARA - I'Ve Known Rivers: Lives of Loss and Liberation
22272: LAWRENCE, D. H. ; TRILLING, DIANA (ED. ) - Portable D H Lawrence
41308: LAWRENCE, IAN - Historic Annapolis Royal
48232: LAWRENCE, CHRISTOPHER & STEVEN SHAPIN - Science Incarnate: Historical Embodiments of Natural Knowledge
15038: LAWRENCE, STARLING - Montenegro: A Novel (Special Preview Edition)
35270: LAWRENCE, BONNIE - Prairie Phoenix: The Red Lily in Saskatchewan
48353: LAWRENCE, MARTHA R. - Lightship Baskets of Nantucket
43731: LAWRENCE, MICHAEL - The Poppykettle Papers
37471: LAWRENCE, JOSEPH STAGG - Stabilization of Prices. A Critical Study of the Various Plans Proposed for Stabilization.
29437: LAWRENCE, HAL; DANIELS;, ALAN - Tales of the North Atlantic
42845: LAWRENCE, D. H. ; ROSS PARMENTER - Mornings in Mexico
49232: LAWRENCE, A. W. - Classical Sculpture: Its History from the Earliest Times to the Death of Constantine
45354: LAWRENCE, T E - Seven Pillars of Wisdom
35422: D. H. LAWRENCE (INTOR. BY DIANA TRILLING) - The Portable D.H. Lawrence
54777: LAWRENCE O'TOOLE - Heart's Longing: Newfoundland, New York and the Distance Home
39244: LAWSON, HENRY - Henry Lawson Favourites. The Best-Loved Stories
51668: LAWSON, JULIE - A Morning to Polish and Keep
10040: LAWSON, A. - Star Baby
48618: LAWSON, NIGELLA - How to Be a Domestic Goddess Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking
51267: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Forever Summer
43755: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Nigella Bites
42281: LAWSON, PATRICK - Dogs of the World
51283: LAWSON, M K - Cnut: The Danes in England in the Early Eleventh Century
29078: LAWSON, CHARLES L. & RICHARD J. HANSON - Solving Least Squares Problems
44645: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Feast: Food That Celebrates Life
33317: JESSICA LAWSON - Cozy Hotels
40806: LAWSON, TODD & TOM CONNOR - The House to Ourselves: Reinventing Home Once the Kids Are Grown
47926: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Nigella Express: Good Food Fast
33022: LAWSON, ROBERT - Rabbit Hill
43700: LAWSON, MARY - The Other Side of the Bridge
38219: LAWSON, HENRY; DEE MCKEE WRIGHT - Poetical Works of Henry Lawson
46076: LAWSON, MARY - The Other Side of the Bridge
43759: LAWSON, NIGELLA - How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking
43618: LAWSON, TODD & TOM CONNOR - The House to Ourselves: Reinventing Home Once the Kids Are Grown
31745: LAWTON, THOMAS & LINDA MERRILL - Freer: A Legacy of Art
23699: LAWTON, M. POWELL & ROBERT L. RUBINSTEIN - Interventions in Dementia Care Toward Improving Quality of Life
12211: LAXER, JAMES - Inventing Europe : The Rise of a New World Power
22083: LAXER, JAMES - The Border Canada, the U.S. And Adventures Along the 49th Parallel
23002: LAXER, JAMES - The Border Canada, the U.S. And Adventures Along the 49th Parallel
46976: LAXER, JAMES - The Acadians in Search of a Homeland
52327: LAXER, JAMES; MAURICE BASQUE - The Acadians: In Search of a Homeland
22772: LAYMAN, RICHARD & JULIE M. RIVETT; HAMMETT, DASHIELL - Selected Letters of Dashiell Hammett 1921-1960
35968: LAYTON, IRVING - The Laughing Rooster
43640: LAYTON, IRVING - Waiting for the Messiah: A Memoir
32550: LAYTON, IRVING - Unwavering Eye: 1969-1975
32574: LAYTON, IRVING - The Improved Binoculars
27681: LAYTON, IRVING; MANSBRIDGE, FRANCIS - Wild Gooseberries the Selected Letters of Irving Layton
36812: LAYTON, IRVING. - Waiting for the Messiah a Memoir.
39991: LAYTON, IRVING - Unwavering Eye: 1969-1975
1232: LAZAR, BARRY - Tea with Mister George and Other Adventures in Montreal
26512: LAZAR, ISTVAN - An Illustrated History of Hungary
41748: LAZARE, GERALD & SETSUKO - East Meets West: The Art of Gerald & Setsuko Lazare
28816: LAZAROFF, DAVID WENTWORTH - Sabino Canyon: The Life of a Southwestern Oasis
21778: LAZARRE, JANE - Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness: Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons
27927: LAZARUS, CAROLE ; BERMAN, JENNIFER - Glorafilia: The Impressionist Collection over 20 Needlepoint Projects Inspired by Famous Paintings
21431: LAZARUS, LAWRENCE - Essentials of Geriatric Psychiatry: A Guide for Health Professionals
53074: LAZZARIN, PAOLO - One Hundred & One Beautiful Towns in Italy: Shops and Crafts
40262: LEACH, NORMAN; PAUL GROSS - Passchendaele: Canada's Triumph and Tragedy on the Fields of Flanders
50042: LEACH, ROBERT - Theatre Studies: The Basics
50283: LEACH, ROBERT - Theatre Studies: The Basics
47390: LEACH, NORMAN - Passchendaele: Canada's Triumph and Tragedy on the Fields of Flanders
51620: LEACH, BERNARD - A Potter's Work
54281: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - A Treasury of Stephen Leacock
14445: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Canada: The Foundations of Its Future
17636: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy
52615: LEACOCK, STEPHEN; GERALD LYNCH - Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town a Critical Edition
49393: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - A Treasury of Stephen Leacock Literary Lapses / Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town / Winnowed Wisdom (Complete)
53715: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Canada: The Foundations of Its Future
48203: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Canada: The Foundations of Its Future
42017: LEADER, ZACHARY - The Life of Kingsley Amis
35734: LEADER, DARIAN - The New Black
53214: LEAF, MUNRO & ROBERT LAWSON - Wee Gillis
11779: LEAMER, LAURENCE - The Kennedy Men: 1901-1963 the Laws of the Father
617: WARREN LEAMON - Harry Mathews
22136: WARREN LEAMON - Harry Mathews
45807: ROGER WILLIAMS MICHAEL LEAPMAN - Dk Eyewitness Travel Guide London
13712: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild: The Forgotten Father of the Flower Garden
31190: LEAR, EDWARD; LORD, JOHN VERNON - The Nonsense Verse of Edward Lear
20293: LEAR, EDWARD - The New Vestments
53490: LEAR, EDWARD; LADY STRACHEY; EARL OF CROMER - The Complete Nonsense Book: Containing All the Original Pictures and Verses, Together with New Material
52889: LEAR, EDWARD - A Book of Nonsense
48158: LEAR, EDWARD & P. MARK JACKSON - Edward Lear's Nonsense
53323: LEAR, EDWARD - Hilary Knight's the Owl and the Pussy-Cat Reissue
27992: LEAR, EDWARD - The Owl and the Pussycat & Other Nonsense
31070: LEAR, EDWARD - Owl and the Pussy Cat, the
17312: LEARNING, WALTER - Gifts to Last: Christmas Stories from the Maritimes and Newfoundland
52915: O'LEARY, DANIEL - Message to Erin: An Anthology of the Irish in Canada,1745-2010 
26841: LEASKA, MITCHELL - Granite and Rainbow the Hidden Life of Virginia Woolf
25847: LEASOR, JAMES - Green Beach
38313: LEAVIS, F.R. - English Literature in Our Time and the University
13733: LEAVITT, DAVID - Equal Affections/10923
30364: LEAVITT, DAVID - Arkansas: Three Novellas
33004: LEBEGUE, RAYMOND (PREFACE) ET AL. - Les Tragedies de Seneque Et le Theatre de la Renaissance
19497: LEBESQUE, MORVAN - Camus par Lui-Meme
30911: LEBLANC, RAYMOND - La Mer en Feu: Poemes, 1964-1992
7692: LEBLANC, DANIEL O. - Les Ailes de Soi (Collection Poesie)
51392: LEBO, HARLAN - Citizen Kane: The Fiftieth Anniversary Album. The Collector's Edition
14516: LEBOURDAIS, D. M. - Canada's Century
12850: LEBOWITZ, ALBERT - A Matter of Days
29832: LEBOX, ANNETTE; CHAN, HARVEY - Wild Bog Tea
54593: LEBRECHT, NORMAN - Why Mahler? How One Man and Ten Symphonies Changed Our World
4809: LEBUFFE, FRANCIS S. J. - The Hound of Heaven: An Interpretation
47813: LECHERMEIER, PHILIPPE & RÉBECCA DAUTREMER - The Secret Lives of Princesses
10237: LECKEY, ANDREW (EDITOR); SLOAN, ALLAN (EDITOR) - The Best Business Stories of the Year 2003
1626: LECKIE, ROSS - The Authority of Roses
2424: LECKIE, ROSS - The Fiddlehead: The Newfoundland Issue. Autumn 1999 No. 201
12157: LECKIE, ROSS (ED.) - The Fiddlehead: Winter 2001 No. 210
12158: LECKIE, ROSS (ED.) - The Fiddlehead: Spring 2002 No. 211
12159: LECKIE, ROSS (ED.) - The Fiddlehead: Summer 2002 No. 212
15495: LECKIE, ROSS (ED.) - The Fiddlehead: Autumn 1999, No. 201. Newfoundland Issue
17410: LECKIE, ROSS (ED.) - The Fiddlehead: Spring, 2003. No. 215
18149: LECLERC, RACHEL - Je Ne Vous Attendais Pas
42236: LECUONA, ERNESTO; JOSEF MYROW; EDDIE DELANGE - Marianne. From the Motion Picture "Uncertain Glory" with Errol Flynn
47667: LEDERACH, JOHN PAUL - The Moral Imaginationl the Art and Soul of Building Peace
38801: LEDERER, IVO J. - Yugoslavia at Paris Peace Conference
2194: LEDERHENDLER, ELI - Jewish Responses to Modernity: New Voices in America and Eastern Europe
37601: LEDEUR, JEAN-PAUL; JEAN-PIERRE CAMARD; JEAN PIERRE CABOUT - Les Annees 30 Sur Les Rives de L'Outaouais / the Thirties on the Bank of the Ottawa River. L'Ambassade de France Au Canada / the French Embassy in Canada
50212: LEDGER, PHILIP - The Oxford Book of English Madrigals
50095: LEDREDE, RICHARD; EDMUND COLLEDGE - The Latin Poems of Richard Ledrede, Ofm, Bishop of Ossory 1317-1360
31733: LEDRU, ERIC; TULARD, JEAN - Napoleon: A Visionary Conqueror
9540: LEDWELL, FRANK J. - The North Shore of Home
37010: LEE, JID - To Kill a Tiger: A Memoir of Korea
40947: LEE, LAWRENCE; GEORGE SEDDON; FRANCIS STEPHENS - Stained Glass: The First Comprehensive, Illustrated Guide to the World's Best Stained Glass.
47677: LEE, DENNIS & FRANK NEWFELD - Garbage Delight
46964: LEE, LEONARD G. - Overshot Water Wheels for Small Streams
47680: LEE, DENNIS - Nicholas Knock and Other People
28570: LEE, PHILIP - Frank: La Vie Et la Politique de Frank Mckenna
44428: LEE, DENNIS & MARYANN KOVALSKI - Garbage Delight: Another Helping
5052: LEE, JOHN B. - The Art of Walking Backwards
6735: LEE, BETTY - The City-on-the-Water
7158: LEE, JOHN B. - Rediscovered Sheep
7547: LEE, DON & THOMAS LUX (EDS.) - Ploughshares: Poems and Stories. Vol 24 No. 4 Winter, 1998 - 1999
7548: LEE, DON & MARGOT LIVESEY (EDS.) - Ploughshares: Poems and Stories. Vol 28 Nos. 2&3 Fall, 2002
43908: LEE, LINDA - Sewing Edges and Corners: Decorative Techniques for Your Home and Wardrobe
11821: LEE, GUS - Tiger's Tail
47532: LEE, CHAE-JIN & ARTHUR ROSENBAUM - State and Society in China: The Consequences of Reform
14068: LEE, DON - Yellow : Stories
14258: LEE, MARJORIE LEDERER - The Lion House
14740: LEE, MILLY - Earthquake
16662: LEE, DENNIS; JOHN NEWLOVE ET AL - Gorillas on the Dance Floor and Other Poems from the First 100 Pgis Penned by the Petro-Canada Poet Laureates of the Peter Gzowski Invitational Golf Tournaments for Literacy
16956: LEE, DENNIS - Difficulty of Living on Other Planets
18026: LEE, CHANG-RAE - A Gesture Life
52461: LEE, STEPHEN J. - The Reign of Elizabeth I 1558–1603
18996: LEE, JOHN B. - When Shaving Seems Like Suicide
21481: LEE, RENSSELAER WRIGHT - Names on Trees: Ariosto Into Art
22369: LEE, SYDNEY - Stratford-on-Avon: From the Earliest Times to the Death of Shakespeare
22661: LEE, DANIEL SHELDON & DANIEL LEE SHELDON - Buzzards Bay a Journey of Discovery
24568: LEE, LAWRENCE & BARRY GIFFORD - Jack's Book an Oral Biography of Jack Kerouac
42651: LEE, LAWRENCE; GEORGE SEDDON; FRANCIS STEPHENS - Stained Glass: The First Comprehensive, Illustrated Guide to the World's Best Stained Glass.
46871: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - The Killing of Cinderella: A Bath Detective Mystery
51006: LEE, SUZY - Wave
25528: LEE, DENNIS - Lizzy's Lion
53366: LEE, HARPER - Go Set a Watchman
32651: LEE, SUK-TAE ET AL - State Violence and Human Rights in Asia: The May 18 Memorial Foundation
42666: LEE, RUTH WEBB - Sandwich Glass the History of the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company.
45651: LEE, DENNIS & FRANK NEWFELD - Garbage Delight
26027: LEE, STEPHEN J. - The European Dictatorships 1918-1945
34123: LEE, JUDITH YAROSS - Defining New Yorker Humor
43082: LEE, PHILIP - Frank: The Life and Politics of Frank Mckenna
33473: LEE, DON - Yellow: Stories
35340: LEE, EMANOEL - To the Bitter End: A Photographic History of the Boer War 1899-1902
36581: LEE, PHILIP - Frank: The Life and Politics of Frank Mckenna
40798: LEE, VINNY & RAY MAIN - Coming Home Spiritual Interiors
27894: LEE, HYUN YOUNG; LEE, HYUN YOUNG - Something for School
43733: LEE, KATIE - A Visit to Galapagos
27994: LEE, DENNIS - The Cat and the Wizard
36149: LEE, VINNY - Mood Indigo: Decorating with Rich Dark Colours
47039: LEE, JEANNE M. - I Once Was a Monkey: Stories Buddha Told
32861: JODIE DAVIS; TIM LEE - A Year of Cross-Stitch: Patterns for Every Season (Jodie Davis Needle Arts School)
33851: LEE, JOSEPH - Play in Education
47693: LEE, SHERMAN - Chinese Landscape Painting
39090: LEE, KYONG-HEE - Korean Culture, Legacies and Lore
47032: LEE, JEANNE M. - Silent Lotus
47033: LEE, JEANNE M. - Bitter Dumplings
50484: LEE, HARPER - Go Set a Watchman
42224: LEEBAERT, DEREK - To Dare and to Conquer: Special Operations and the Destiny of Nations, from Achilles to Al Qaeda
5410: LEECH, JOHN - Pictures of Life and Character
45813: LEECHMAN, DOUGLAS - Vanta Kutchin
39584: LEEK, MICHAEL E. - The Art of Nautical Illustration: A Visual Tribute to the Achievements of the Classic Marine Illustrators [2002]
14018: LEEMAN, A. D. - A Systematical Bibliography of Sallust (1879-1950).
10815: LEEMING, GLENDA - Who's Who in Jane Austen and the Brontes (Who's Who in Literature Ser. )
4820: LEES-MILNE, JAMES (ED.) (TREVELYAN, INTRO.) - Britain's Heritage: A Record of the National Trust
10419: LEES, GENE - Musical Worlds of Lerner and Loewe, the
17637: LEES, SIR JOHN - The Guide to Pony Club Tests: Horsemastership for Beginners
30247: LEES-MILNE, & ROSEMARY VEREY - The Englishman's Garden
48366: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Tudor Renaissance
36692: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - William Beckford
49060: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Saint Peter's : The Story of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome
36459: LEES, FREDERIC RICHARD - The Text-Book of Temperance in Relation to Morals, Science, Criticism and History.
19305: LEEUWEN, THOMAS A.P. VAN; SEARING, HELEN - The Springboard in the Pond: An Intimate History of the Swimming Pool
38451: LEFANU, REV. PHILIP (TRANS) - Letters of Certain Jews to Monsieur Voltaire, Containing an Apology for Their Own People, and for the Old Testament. Two Volumes in One
11387: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Thomas Hardy's World: The Life, Times and Works of the Great Novelist and Poet
30917: LEFEBVRE, GILLES - Terre Des Jeunes: Le Premier Demi-Siecle Des Jeunesses Musicales Du Canada Et Du Centre D'Arts Orford
32536: LEFEBVRE, GILLES - Terre Des Jeunes: Le Premier Demi-Siecle Des Jeunesses Musicales Du Canada Et Du Centre D'Arts Orford
15899: LEFER, DIANE - The Circles I Move in: Short Stories
20756: LEFKOWITZ, MARY R. - Women's Life in Greece and Rome: A Source Book in Translation
36589: LEFKOWITZ, MARY - Not out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth As History
11653: LEFRANC, ABEL (DE L'INSTITUT) - Rabelais: Etudes Sur Gargantua, Pantagruel, le Tiers Livre
12897: LEGATE, DAVID M. - Stephen Leacock
46314: LEGATES, RICHARD & FREDERIC STOUT - The City Reader. 4th Edition
38887: LEGAULT, ALBERT; ARCHIBALD DAY - Deterrence and the Atlantic Alliance
3042: LEGER, MARIE (EDITOR) - Aboriginal Peoples : Toward Self-Government
28013: LEGER, LAURAINE - Les Sanctions Populaires en Acadie Region Du Comte de Kent
24094: LEGER, LAURAINE - Les Sanctions Populaires en Acadie Region Du Comte de Kent
27854: LEGER, LAURAINE - Les Sanctions Populaires en Acadie Region Du Comte de Kent
27833: LEGER, REV. MAURICE A. ; REV. OSCAR BOURQUE - Souvenir of the 50th Anniversary of the Archdiocese of Moncton
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19018: LOTZ, JIM - Green Horizons : Forests and Foresters of Nova Scotia
46094: LOTZ, JIM - Canada's Forgotten Arctic Hero: George Rice and the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition 1881-1884
44944: NOVA SCOTIA INTERNATIONAL TATTOO SOCIETY & JIM LOTZ - A Century of Service: Canada's Armed Forces from the Boer War to East Timor
43221: LOTZ, PAT AND JIM - Cape Breton Island
48072: HERITAGE TRUST OF NOVA SCOTIA & PAT LOTZ - Affairs with Old Houses
37028: LOUDEN, RUTH; WILLIAMS SCOTT - Muskoka Originals: Artistry and Inspiration on the Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour
38494: LOUDON, MARY - Relative Stranger. A Life After Death
2239: LOUGHMAN, MICHAEL - Learning to Rock Climb
54274: LOUIE, ELAINE & THE EDITORS OF HOUSE BEAUTIFUL MAGAZINE - House Beautiful Collections on Display: Decorating with Your Favorite Objects
14840: LOUIS, LAURA GLEN - Talking in the Dark: Stories
49034: LOUIS, FIDEL & ERIKA DESIMONE - Voices Beyond Bondage: An Anthology of Verse by African Americans of the 19th Century
48121: LOUPY, CHRISTOPHE & EVE THARLET - Hugs and Kisses
53193: LOURIE, RICHARD - A Hatred for Tulips
36107: LOUVIERE, PAT - Louisiana Backroads and Bayous
50139: LOUVISH, SIMON - The Days of Miracles and Wonders: A Novel of East and West
29758: LOVE, STEVE - The Holden Arboretum
32500: LOVELL, GEORGE - A Beauty That Hurts Life and Death in Guatemala, 2nd Edition - Revised and Expanded
24767: LOVELL, JULIA - The Great Wall China Against the World: 1000bc - Ad2000
31575: LOVELL, JULIA - Great Wall of China
40017: LOVELL, MARY S - The Churchills in Love and War
44096: LOVELL, JULIA - The Great Wall: China Against the World, 1000 Bc - 2000 Ad
23586: LOVETT, GABRIEL H. - Napoleon and the Birth of Modern Spain Vol 1: The Challenge to the Old Order; Volume 2: The Struggle without and Within
18801: LOVRIC, MICHELLE; BALIA, MIMMA - Ruskin's Rose: A Venetian Love Story
26147: LOVRIC, MICHELLE - Oriental Love Poems
32979: MICHELLE LOVRIC, - Love Letters: An Anthology of Passion
36180: LOW, ROSEMARY - The Parrot Companion Caring for Parrots, Macaws, Budgies, Cockatiels and More
47139: LOW, JACQUELINE - The Chicago School Diaspora: Epistemology and Substance
32125: LOW, ROSEMARY - The Parrot Companion Caring for Parrots, Macaws, Budgies, Cockatiels and More
12786: LOWDEN, LEONE - Proving Ground: A Novel of CIVIL War Days in the West
3413: LOWE, C. J. - Salisbury and the Mediterranean. 1886-1896
53904: LOWE, SARAH - Tina Modotti: Photographs
35863: LOWELL, MARIA WHITE; HOPE JILLSON VERNON; S. FOSTER DAMON - The Poems of Maria Lowell: With Unpublished Letters and a Biography
11752: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - Among My Books. Second Series
15047: LOWELL, EDWARD J. - The Hessians : The Other German Auxilaries of Great Britain in the Revolutionary War
15653: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Vision of Sir Launfal
46170: LOWELL, SUSAN & JIM HARRIS - The Three Little Javelinas
39246: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - Lowell's Poetical Works Vol IV: War Poems, Heartsense and Rue, Etc.
39249: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - Lowell's Poetical Works Vol III: A Fable for Critics / Under the Willow, Etc.
27207: LOWENSTEIN, TOM - Treasures of the Buddha the Glories of Sacred Asia
26331: LOWENTHAL, MARK M. - Intelligence from Secrets to Policy
13626: LOWER, ARTHUR R. M. - My First Seveny-Five Years
18014: LOWNDES, NATALYA - Chekago
36212: LOWRIE, WALTER - Art in the Early Church
6010: LOWRY, MALCOLM (DAY & LOWRY M. EDS.) - Dark As the Grave Wherein My Friend Is Laid
39275: LOWRY, LOIS & DIANE DE GROAT - Anastasia Krupnik
21471: LOWY, JONATHAN - The Temple of Music : A Novel
50896: LOXLEY, JOHN & SALIM LOXLEY - Public Service, Private Profits: The Political Economy of Public-Private Partnerships in Canada
37504: LOYD, SAM - Sam Loyd's Picture Puzzles with Answers
53069: LOYER, FRANÇOIS - Art Nouveau in Catalonia
13354: LOYN, H. R. - The Norman Conquest. Second Edition
8085: LOZANO, JOYCE - The Power of Happiness
39026: LTAIF, NADINE - Les Metamorphoses D'Ishtar. Poesie
34234: LU, HENRY C. - The Chinese System of Food Cures: Prevention and Remedies
30618: LU, PU - China's Folk Toys
50298: LU, MARIE - Champion: A Legend Novel
20525: LUBBERS, DAVID - Persistence of Vision
49166: LUBBOCK, TOM & JAMIE MCKENDRICK - English Graphic
37246: LUBECK, AARON - Green Restorations: Sustainable Building and Historic Homes
3950: LUBECKER, PIERRE (ED.) - Catalogue of Louisiana: Collection of Contemporary Art and Handicraft

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