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17078: KOLPACOFF, VICTOR - The Prisoners of Quai Dong
18020: KOLPAN, STEVEN - A Sense of Place: An Intimate Portrait of the Niebaum-Coppola Winery and the Napa Valley
38962: KOLTUN, LILLY - Justin Wonnacott: I Remember and I Forget
1094: YOSUF KOMUNYAKAA - Ploughshares: Poems and Stories. Spring 1997
1222: HANS KONING - The Kleber Flight
11030: KONISHI, KIYOKO; KITCHENS OF KIKKOMAN STAFF - Entertaining with a Japanese Flavor (International Ser. )
26695: KONNER, MELVIN - Unsettled an Anthropology of the Jews
19725: KONNER, MELVIN - Childhood
21726: KONNER, MELVIN - Childhood
44564: KONOWITZ, BERT - Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Jazz at the Keyboard Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Jazz Now! , Book and C: Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Jazz Now! . Book Only
39031: KONSTAM, ANGUS - Hunt the Bismarck
4782: KONTOVA, HELENA & GIANCARLO POLITI (EDS.) - Flash Art: The World's Leading Art Magazine Vol XXXIV Oct 2001
4783: KONTOVA, HELENA & GIANCARLO POLITI (EDS.) - Flash Art: The World's Leading Art Magazine Vol XXXIV Sept 2001
4784: KONTOVA, HELENA & GIANCARLO POLITI (EDS.) - Flash Art: The World's Leading Art Magazine Vol XXXIV Mar-April 2001
4785: KONTOVA, HELENA & GIANCARLO POLITI (EDS.) - Flash Art: The World's Leading Art Magazine Vol XXXIV Jan-Feb 2001
4786: KONTOVA, HELENA & GIANCARLO POLITI (EDS.) - Flash Art: The World's Leading Art Magazine Vol XXXIV May-June 2001
18652: KONYA - Libraries
27832: KOOLBERGEN, JEROEN - Vivaldi 1678-1741
19367: KOOLER, DONNA - Donna Kooler's 555 Country Cross-Stitch Patterns
32889: DONNA KOOLER - Quilting for the First Time
25724: KOONS, JON; SCHINDLER, S. D. - A Confused Hanukkah an Original Story of Chelm
31912: KOONTZ, DEAN; DIXON, CHUCK & BRETT BOOTH - Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Prodigal Son
29835: KOONTZ, DEAN - Hideaway
29836: KOONTZ, DEAN R.; PARKS, PHIL - Key to Midnight
49782: KOONTZ, DEAN - Santa's Twin
35469: KOOYMAN, SUSAN & BONNIE WOELK - Glenbow Archives: A Guide to the Holdings. Volume 1 and Volume 2
19302: KOPLEWICZ, HAROLD - Childhood Revealed: Art Expressing Pain, Discovery & Hope
20047: KOPPER, PHILIP - The Wild Edge: Life and Lore of the Great Atlantic Beaches
30534: KOPPER, PHILIP; SANDVED, KJELL & CHIP CLARK - The National Museum of Natural History
38388: KORDA, MICHAEL - Country Matters: The Pleasures and Tribulations of Moving from a Big City to an Old Country Farmhouse
41397: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA - 500 Years of Korean Arts
48068: KOREN, HENRY J. - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Nature
40731: KOREN, LEONARD - Wabi-Sabi: Further Thoughts
17928: KORMAN, KEITH - Secret Dreams
4621: KORNER, STEPHAN (ED.) - Explanation: Papers and Discussions
14133: KORNER, S. ED. - Observation and Interpretation: A Symposium of Philosophers and Physicists. (Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium of the Colston Research Society, University of Bristol, April 1st - 4th, 1957)
20022: KORNER, JOSEF - Einfuhrung in Die Poetik
2304: KORNFIELD, JACK - Buddha's Little Instruction Book
35355: KORNHAUSER, SAYERS - National Gallery of Australia. New Worlds from Old: 19th Century Australian & American Landscapes
45007: KORSHUNOVA, T. T. & I. M. YASINSKAYA - Russian Tapestry: Petersbourg Tapestry Factory
38725: KORT, WESLEY A. - C.S. Lewis Then and Now
17038: KOSCIELNIAK, BRUCE - Hear, Hear, Mr. Shakespeare: Story, Illustrations, and Selections from Shakespeare's Plays
37408: KOSHALEK, RICHARD & ELIZABETH A.T. SMITH & CELIK ZEYNEP - At the End of the Century: One Hundred Years of Architecture
7644: KOSINSKI, JERZY - Pinball
36605: KOSINSKI, JERZY - Passing by: Selected Essays 1962-1991
1327: KOSKO, BART - Nanotime
7537: KOSOVA, MARIA - Contes Africains
699: DAVID KOSSOF - The Little Book of Sylvanus
21025: KOSTOF, SPIRO - Caves of God: The Monastic Environment of Byzantine Cappadocia
41984: KOSYDAR, RICHARD AND ELEANORE - Natural Landscapes of the Dundas Valley
17374: KOTKER, ZANE - A Certain Man
1171: STEVEN KOTLER - The Angle Quickest for Flight
7017: KOTTMAN, RICHARD N. - Reciprocity and the North Atlantic Triangle, 1932-1938
42035: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM & GLENN MURRAY & AUDREY COLEMAN - Walter the Farting Dog Trouble at the Yard Sale
30636: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM; SERVELLO, JOE - The Return of Crazy Horse
24676: KOUL, SUDHA - The Tiger Ladies a Memoir of Kashmir
39424: KOULOURIS, NIKI - The Sea with No One in It
33528: KOUZMA PETROV-VODKINE; ROUSSAKOV, YOURI & NINA BARBARANOVA - Kouzma Petrov-Vodkine. Peintures, Arts Graphiques, Scenographie. 1878-1939
49493: KOVACS, DEBORAH - Catie Copley's Great Escape
42265: KOVACS, GAB - How to Improve Your Art Success Rates: An Evidence-Based Review of Adjuncts to Ivf
42621: KOVALSKI, MARYON - Sharon Lois Bram's Mother Goose
25299: KOVALSKI, MARYANN - Take Me out to the Ballgame
29845: KOVNER, ABBA; REISINGER, DAN - Scrolls of Fire: A Nation Fighting for Its Life Fifty-Two Chapters of Jewish Martyrology
30752: KOWALKE, KIM H. - A New Orpheus: Essays on Kurt Weill
3717: KOWALKE, KIM H. (EDITOR) - A New Orpheus : Essays on Kurt Weill
39840: KOWALSKY, ANNA TOMIUK; ROXANNE DAVIES - Orchards, Crossoads & Dreams a Ukrainian Memoir
46307: KOZA, THAD - Tall Ships: The Fleet for the 21st Century
50201: KRAATZ, REBECCA - Snaps
14333: KRAF, ELAINE - The Princess of 72nd Street
33489: KRAFFT, MAURICE - Discoveries: Volcanoes
20300: KRAKAUER, JON - Under the Banner of Heaven : A Story of Violent Faith
26995: KRAKOWIE, MUSEUM NARODOWE W - The National Museum in Cracow a Historical Outline and Selected Objects
12921: KRAMARZ, JOACHIM - Stauffenberg: The Life and Death of an Officer, November 15th 1907- July 20th 1944
3145: KRAMER, JANE - Whose Art Is It? (Public Planet Bks. )
20964: KRAMER, DANIEL - Bob Dylan
23277: KRAMER, PETER D. - Against Depression
1770: KRANDIS, RITA S. - Subversive Discourse: The Cultural Production of Late Victorian Feminist Novels
29226: KRANTZ, LES - Reel Baseball Baseball's Golden Era, the Way America Witnessed It--in the Movie Newsreels
34991: KRANTZ, LES - Ali in Action the Man, the Moves, the Mouth
26194: KRANZ, RACHEL & PHILIP J. KOSLOW - The Biographical Dictionary of African Americans
17975: KRASL, FRANTISEK - Roháce V Zapadnych Tatrach
38071: KRASNER, ELLA & ANDREAS VON EINSIEDEL & JOHANNA THORNYCROFT - The Russian House: Architecture & Interiors
22147: KRASNOW, IRIS - Surrendering to Motherhood Losing Your Mind, Finding Your Soul
20219: KRAULIS, J.A. - The Canadian Landscape / le Paysage Canadien
13488: KRAUS, RENE - Young Lady Randolph: The Life and Times of Jennie Jerome, American Mother of Winston Churchill
28865: KRAUSE, JUDITH - Silk Routes of the Body
42026: KRAUSS, RUTH - A Very Special House
47802: KRAUSZ, PETER - Peter Krauxz: Anatolian Elegy
42760: KRAUZER, STEVEN - Trailside Guide Kayaking
49310: KRAVI, ANNI & ANDREW TAYLOR - Porridge: Oats + Seeds + Grains + Rice
39102: KREBS, LAURIE - We All Went on Safari. A Counting Journey Through Tanzania
31658: KREBS, J. P. ; SCHMALZ, J H - Antibarbarus Der Lateinischen Sprache. Nebst Einem Kurzen Abriss Der Geschichte Der Lateinischen Sprache Und Vorbemerkungen Uber Reine Latinitat. Esther Band Und Zweiter Band
47497: KRECH III, SHEPARD - Ecological Indian: Myth and History
44194: KREH, LEFTY - Fly Casting with Lefty Kreh
21772: KREIGER, SUSAN - Family Silver, the: Essays on Relationships Among Women
43126: KREISEL, HENRY - The Betrayal
39370: KREKELBERG, WILLIAM F. - Mission San Juan Capistrano
2386: KRELL, DAVID FARRELL - Son of Spirit
33050: STEPHEN W. KRESS - National Audubon Society Birder's Handbook
48502: DE KRETSER, MICHELLE - Questions of Travel: A Novel
39741: KRICHER, JOHN - Galapagos: Discovery on Darwin's Islands
39664: KRICHER, JOHN & MARK PLOTKIN - A Neotropical Companion: An Introduction to the Animals, Plants, and Ecosystems of the New World Tropics
1266: KRICORIAN, NANCY - Zabelle
27367: KRIEGER, JOEL - The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World
20429: KRIGE, UYS, ED. - Olive Schreiner: A Selection
19881: KRINSKY, CAROL HERSELLE - The Synagogues of Europe: Architecture, History, Meaning
36820: KRISHNAMURTI, K. ; EDITED BY D. RAJAGOPAL - Commentaries on Living - First Series, Second Series, Third Series (3 Volumes) (from the Notebooks of J. Krishnamurti)
33068: KRISHNAMURTI, K. ; EDITED BY DAVID SKITT - Can Humanity Change? : J. Krishnamurti in Dialogue with Buddhists
49171: KRIST, WILLIAM - Globalization and America's Trade Agreements
25264: KRISTEVA, JULIA - Le Genie Feminin la Vie, la Folie, Les Mots : Hannah Arendt, Melanie Klein, Colette
158: AGOTA KRISTOF - The Proof
45449: AGOTA KRISTOF - The Proof
40587: KRISTOF, NICHOLAS D. & SHERYL WUDUNN - A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity
25034: KRISTOF, NICHOLAS D. & SHERYL WUDUNN - Thunder from the East (Signed) Portrait of a Rising Asia
48326: KRIVAK, ANDREW - A Long Retreat: In Search of a Religious Life
33722: GOSWAMI KRIYANANDA, - Beginner's Guide to Meditation
44842: KROEGER, ERNIE; ALBERTO MANGUEL - The Great Divide: Photographs from the Canadian Rockies
1645: KROETSCH, ROBERT - The Puppeteer
16936: KROETSCH, ROBERT - The Man from the Creeks
5199: KROETSCH, ROBERT - The Man from the Creeks
16937: KROETSCH, ROBERT - The Man from the Creeks
568: KROETSCH, ROBERT - The Puppeteer
1644: KROETSCH, ROBERT - The Puppeteer
42312: KROETSCH, ROBERT - Gone Indian
19140: KROKER, ARTHUR & MARILOUISE KROKER (EDS.) - Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory. Volume 11 Number 3, 1987 French Fantasies: Baudrillard / Foucault
49172: KROLIKOWSKI, FR. LUCJAN & DR. GOSIA BRYKCZYNSKA - A Franciscan Odyssey: Autobiography of Ww II Prisoner, Soldier, Priest and Foster Parent
42625: KROLL, STEVEN & DAN ANDREASEN - By the Dawn's Early Light
32262: KROLLER, EVA-MARIE - Canadian Travellers in Europe, 1851-1900
47953: KROLOW, KARL - Gesammelte Gedichte 1, 2, 3. (Three Volumes)
22835: KRONENWETTER, MICHAEL - The Peace Commandos Nonviolent Heroes in the Struggle Against War and Injustice
23827: KRONZEK, ALLAN ZOLA & ELIZABETH KRONZEK - The Sorcerer's Companion a Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter
10509: KROSS, JAAN - Professor Martens' Departure
46044: KRULL, KATHLEEN & KATHRYN HEWITT - Lives of the Artists: Masterpieces, Messes
22584: KRULL, KATHLEEN; HEWITT, KATHRYN - Lives of the Writers Comedies, Tragedies (and What the Neighbors Thought)
25675: KRULL, KATHLEEN & KATHRYN HEWITT - Songs of Praise
46214: KRULL, KATHLEEN & CARLYN BECCIA - Louisa May's Battle: How the CIVIL War Led to "Little Women"
38970: KRUPINSKI, LORETTA - A New England Scrapbook. A Journey Through Poems, Prose, and Pictures
40101: KRUPINSKI, LORETTA - Christmas in the City
31075: KRUPP, EDWIN C.; KRUPP, ROBIN RECTOR - The Comet and You
18852: KRYSTAL, ARTHUR (ED.) - A Company of Readers: Uncollected Writings of W.H. Auden, Jacques Barzun, and Lionel Trilling from the Reader's Subscription and Mid-Century Book Clubs
21378: KRYWULAK, TIM - Fuelling Progress : One Hundred Years of the Canadian Gas Association, 1907-2007
20141: KUBLER-ROSS, ELISABETH; GOLD, TODD - The Wheel of Life: A Memoir of Living and Dying
21932: KUBLER-ROSS, ELISABETH - The Wheel of Life
42881: KÜBLER-ROSS, ELISABETH & DAVID KESSLER - On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss
42366: MICHIO KUCHI ET AL - The Order of the Universe Magazine: Volume II, Compiled Edition
39520: KUCHLER, SUSANNE & GRAEME WERE - Pacific Pattern
23040: KUEHL, JOHN RICHARD - John Hawkes and the Craft of Conflict
49790: KUGEL, JAMES L. - The Great Poems of the Bible a Reader's Companion with New Translations
30884: KUGEL, JAMES L. - The Great Poems of the Bible. A Reader's Companion with New Translations
49212: KUGELMASS, PROF JACK & AUTHOR JONATHAN BOYARIN MANN PROFESSOR OF MODERN JEWISH STUDIES - From a Ruined Garden, Second Expanded Edition. The Memorial Books of Polish Jewry
15284: KUH, PATRIC - The Last Days of Haute Cuisine
44886: KUHL, NANCY - Intimate Circles: American Women in the Arts
46200: KUHL, ISABEL - Architecture: The Groundbreaking Moments
46329: KUHN, ALFRED - Peter Cornelius Und Die Geistigen Stromungen Seiner Zeit: Mit Den Briefen Des Meisters an Ludwig I. Von Bayern Und an Goethe
35044: KUHN, ANNETTE - Women's Pictures: Feminism and Cinema
9166: KUJAWA, DUANE (EDITOR) - American Labor and the Multinational Corporation (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
9966: KUKLA, JON - A Wilderness So Immense : The Louisiana Purchase and the Destiny of America
20872: KULSKI, JULIAN EUGENE - Architecture in a Revolutionary Era
19336: KULTERMANN, UDO - New Japanese Architecture, Revised Edition
32359: KUMAR, NITA - The Artisans of Banaras : Popular Culture and Identity, 1880-1986
35663: KUMIEGA, JENNIFER - The Theatre of Grotowski
868: MAXINE KUMIN - In Deep: Country Essays
20018: KUMIN, MAXINE - Quit Monks or Die
22767: KUMIN, MAXINE - The Long Marriage Poems
29568: KUMIN, MAXINE - Women, Animals, and Vegetables Essays and Stories
13212: KUMIN, MAXINE - Why Can't We Live Together Like Civilized Human Beings?
25168: KUMIN, MAXINE - Why Can't We Live Together Like Civilized Human Beings?
16873: KUNDERA, MILAN - The Art of the Novel
36654: KUNDERA, MILAN - The Art of the Novel
47297: KUNHARDT III, PHILIP B. & PETER W. KUNHARDT & PETER W. KUNHARDT JR. - Looking for Lincoln: The Making of an American Icon
45685: KUNKEL, THOMAS - Genius in Disguise : Harold Ross of the New Yorker
5328: KUNTZ, KATHLEEN - Smoke : Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes, and Other Combustibles
47851: KUNTZ, DIETER - Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race
23165: KUNZ, DIANE B. - Butter and Guns America's Cold War Economic Diplomacy
46637: KUNZ, GEORGE FREDERICK & CHARLES HUGH STEVENSON - The Book of the Pearl: The History, Art, Science, and Industry of the Queen of Gems
44498: KUNZ, RICHARD - Overhead and Underground: A Guide to Chicago's Rapid Transit
44380: KUNZ, RICHARD & MIKE SCHAFER - Chicago's Commuter Railroads: A Guide to the Metra System
47309: KUNZL, ERNST ET AL - Jahrbuch Der Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. 1993 Band 24.
25566: KUNZRU, HARI - The Impressionist
49933: KUPER, PETER & ERIC DROOKER - Drawn to New York: An Illustrated Chronicle of Three Decades in New York City
23863: KUPER, ADAM - The Chosen Primate Human Nature and Cultural Diversity
45601: KUPER, PETER - Diario de Nueva York
41973: KUPESIC, RAJKA - The White Ballets: Swan Lake, Giselle, and la Bayadere
44584: KUPESIC, RAJKA - The White Ballets: Swan Lake, Giselle, and la Bayadere
34239: KUPIHEA, MOKE - The Seven Dawns of the Aumakua: The Ancestral Spirit Tradition of Hawaii
3077: KUPPIG, CHRISTOPHER J. (EDITOR) - 20th Century Glass : Collector's Compass (Collector's Compass Ser. )
20809: KURAN, APTULLAH - Mosque in Early Ottoman Architecture
301: KUREISHI, HANIF - Love in a Blue Time
1798: KUREISHI, HAFIF - The Black Album
1864: KUREISHI, HAFIF - Intimacy
18258: KURELEK, WILLIAM - A Prairie Child's Year
44747: KURELEK, WILLIAM - Someone with Me
37012: KURELEK, WILLIAM; JOAN MURRAY - Kurelek's Vision of Canada
43222: KURELEK, WILLIAM & ABRAHAM ARNOLD - Jewish Life in Canada
37061: KURELEK, WILLIAM - Someone with Me
33613: RICHARD KURIN, - Hope Diamond: The Legendary History of a Cursed Gem
49003: KURLANSKY, MARK & S. D. SCHINDLER - The Cod's Tale
32227: KURONEN, DARCY - Musical Instruments
46092: KUROSAWA, AKIRA - Kurosawa: A Documentary on the Accalimed Director
33295: KURT BRUNGARDT, MIKE BRUNGARDT, BRETT BRUNGARDT, - The Complete Book of Core Training : The Definitive Resource for Shaping and Strengthening the "Core" -- the Muscles of the Abdomen, Butt, Hips, and Lower Back
20016: KURTH, PETER - American Cassandra: The Life of Dorothy Thompson
19522: KURZWEIL, ARTHUR - Best Jewish Writing 2003
42331: KUSHIDA, MAGOICHI - P.I. Tchaikovsky's the Nutcracker
43399: KUSHNER, HAROLD S. - How Good Do We Have to Be? - a New Understanding of Guilt and Forgiveness
20125: KUTCHER, ARTHUR - The New Jerusalem: Planning and Politics
1538: KUUSISTO, STEPHEN - Planet of the Blind: A Memoir
1995: KUUSISTO, STEPHEN - Planet of the Blind: A Memoir
38209: KUYPERS, JOSEPH - Man's Will to Hurt: Investigating the Causes, Supports and Varieties of His Violence
36198: KUZNETSOV, Y. ; N. NIKULIN AND Y. RUSAKOV: - The Hermitage Museum
24180: KUZNIAR, ALICE - Outing Goethe & His Age
28584: KWAN, MICHAEL DAVID - Things That Must Not Be Forgotten a Childhood in Wartime China
39799: KWAN, MICHAEL DAVID - Things That Must Not Be Forgotten: A Childhood in Wartime China
38788: KWAN, MICHAEL DAVID - Things That Must Not Be Forgotten : A Childhood in Wartime China
44444: KWITNEY, ALISA - Vertigo Visions: Ten Years on the Edge
2223: KYER, C. IAN AND JEROME E. BICKENBACH - The Fiercest Debate: Cecil A. Wright, the Benchers, and Legal Education in Ontario 1923-1957
19623: KYOUNGSOO, KIM (ED) - Korean Architects No. 141 / 1996. 05
10532: KYSAR, ROBERT - New Proclamation : Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week (Series a)
29351: KYU-HEE, LEE; PARK MI-RI - Lle Frere Soleit Et Sa Soeur la Lune
40062: VAN LAAN, NANCY & VICTORIA CHESS - Teeny Tiny Tingly Tales
35415: LABAN, BRIAN - Motor Racing: The Early Years
44570: LABARGE, MARGARET WADE - Medieval Travellers: The Rich and the Restless
47942: LABE, LOUISE - Sonette and Elegien
45699: LABERGE, MARIE - Le Faucon: Theatre
21279: LABOSSIERE, CAMILLE R. - Context North America: Canadian - U.S. Literary Relations
8649: LABRUCHERIE, ROGER A. - Puerto Rico, Borinquen Querida : A Loving Portrait of an Island
25936: LABRUCHERIE, ROGER A. - Images of Bermuda
3438: LACEY, ROBERT - Aristocrats
12813: LACEY, ROBERT - Aristocrats
16679: LACEY, THERESA JENSEN - The Blackfeet
43919: LACEY, JIM - The First Clash: The Miraculous Greek Victory at Marathon and Its Impact on Western Civilization
47082: LACEY, LAURIE - Micmac Medicines: Remedies and Recollections
28279: LACEY, ROBERT - Inside the Kingdom Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists, and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia
35697: LACEY, JOHN L. & TOM MOORE MCBRIDE & KENNETH D. MORRISON - The Audubon Book of Bird Carving
28169: LACH, WILLIAM & METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Baby Animals Little Ones at Play in 20 Works of Art
46223: LACH, WILLIAM & METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Baby Animals: Little Ones at Play in 20 Works of Art
41712: LACHAT, JEAN - La Musique Et le Cerveau: Essai Sur la Genèse de la Musique Moderne
23131: LACKEY, MERCEDES - The Eagle & the Nightingales Bardic Voices, Book III
42605: LACLOTTE, MICHEL - European Paintings in the Louvre: Artists Outside France
12055: LACON-WATSON, E.H. - Contemporary Comments: Writers of the Early Nineteenth Century As They Appeared to Each Other
35922: LACOUR-GAYET, ROBERT - Calonne: Financier, Reformateur, Contre-Revolutionnaire 1734-1802.
40219: LACOURSIERE, JACQUES - Histoire Populaire Du Quebec, T. 03
27745: LACOUTURE, JEAN - Jésuites Une Multibiographie 1. Les Conquerants
42412: LACOUTURE, JEAN - De Gaulle: 1. Le Rebelle. 1890 - 1944
42413: LACOUTURE, JEAN - De Gaulle: 2. Le Politique. 1944 - 1959
41791: LACRAMPE, CORINE - Sleep and Rest in Animals
18690: LACRETELLE, JACQUES DE (F. A. SHUFFREY, ED.) - Silbermann
37688: LACROIX, BENOIT - Orose Et Ses Idees
34688: LACY, TERRY G. - Ring of Seasons: Iceland - Its Culture and & History
39109: LACY, NORRIS J. - The Arthurian Encyclopedia
37643: LACY, NORRIS J. - The Arthurian Encyclopedia
11535: LADD, FLORENCE - Sarah's Psalm
24288: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Carnival in Romans
24852: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY (PREFACE) - Le Grand Atlas de L'Histoire Mondiale
39785: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Carnival in Romans
27618: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Montaillou the Promised Land of Error
35613: LADYBIRD - Snowman
9283: LAFARGE, OLIVER - The American Indian: Special Edition for Young Readers
17181: LAFFAL, KEN; VIVOLO, JOHN - Vivolo and His Wooden Children
27076: LAFFIN, JOHN - Scotland the Brave
45457: LAFFOLEY, PAUL; JEANNE MARIE WASILIK (EDITOR) - Paul Laffoley: The Phenomenology of Revelation
46158: LAFFOLEY, STEVEN - Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
32123: LAFFON, CAROLINE & MARTINE LAFFON - Mapping the World Stories of Geography
26673: LAFFON, MARTINE & CAROLINE LAFFON - A Home in the World Houses and Cultures
44345: LAFRAMBOISE, YVES - Villages Pittoresques Du Québec: Guide de Charmes Et D'Attraits
49090: LAFUENTE, ENRIQUE - The Paintings and Drawings of Velazquez. Complete Edition
28879: LAGASSE, EMERIL - Emeril's Tv Dinners Kickin' It Up a Notch with Recipes from Emeril Live and Essence of Emeril
44779: LAGERCRANTZ, DAVID - The Girl in the Spider's Web. A Lisbeth Salander Novel, Continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium Series
162: LAGERKVIST, PAR - Barabbas
40247: LAGNADO, LUCETTE - The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit: My Family's Exodus from Old Cairo to the New World
34752: KATHLEEN ANN LAHEY, - Kathleen Ann Lahey: Women and Employment: Removing Fiscal Barriers to Women & #39; S Labour Force Participationwomen and Employment: Removing Fiscal Barriers to Women's Labour Force Participation
29195: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - Unaccustomed Earth
28563: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - The Namesake a Novel
1545: LAHR, JOHN - Light Fantastic: Adventures in Theatre
37019: LAIDLAW, ALEXANDER F. (ED. ) - The Man from Margaree: Writings and Speeches of M.M. Coady, Educator/Reformer/Priest
42754: LAIDLAW, ALEXANDER F. (ED. ) - The Man from Margaree: Writings and Speeches of M.M. Coady, Educator/Reformer/Priest
22450: LAING, ALEXANDER - The Sea Witch a Narrative of the Experiences of Capt. Roger Murray and Others in an American Clipper Ship During the Years 1846 to 1856
47918: LAING, OLIVIA - The Trip to Echo Spring: On Writers and Drinking
48949: LAING, OLIVIA - The Trip to Echo Spring: On Writers and Drinking
48464: LAIRD, CAROBETH - Encounter with an Angry God: Recollections of My Life with John Peabody Harrington
25414: LAKE, JON - The Battle of Britain
48939: LAKE, HAROLD L. - Perhaps They Left Us Up There
25369: LAKEY, ANDY & PAUL ROBERT WALKER - Andy Lakey Art, Angels, and Miracles
41297: JUAN LALAGUNA - A Traveller's History of Spain
19126: LALLEMAND, ROGER ET AL - Alphabet Des Lettres Belges de Langues Française.
27730: LALLY, RICHARD - Bombers an Oral History of the New York Yankees
15475: LALOR, GEORGE - The Foot of the River
44398: LAM, VINCENT - The Headmaster's Wager
14351: LAMACCHIA, JOHN A. - X-Mas Trees
47466: LAMB, W. KAYE - Empress to the Orient
36136: LAMB, CHARLES AND GANT, ROLAND (INTRODUCTION ) - Beauty and the Beast
46844: LAMB, MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
46845: LAMB, MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
8890: LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
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1233: BARRY LAZAR - Tea with Mister George and Other Adventures in Montreal
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42416: LEVIN, ADAM - The Instructions
44115: LEVINE, JOSHUA; PETER ACKROYD - Forgotten Voices of the Blitz and the Battle of Britain. A New History in the Words of the Men and Women on Both Sides
30512: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON; CHRISTIANA, DAVID - Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg
22180: LEVINE, DAVID (FOREWORD BY MALCOM MUGGERIDGE) - The Man from M.A. L.I. C.E. Caricature by David Levine
22470: LEVINE, MIRIAM - A Guide to Writers Homes in New England
32393: LEVINE, DAVID PASTERNACK^ED; HIRSHEIMER, CHRISTOPHER & MARIO BATALI - The Young Man and the Sea : Recipes and Crispy Fish Tales from Esca
30511: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON; CHRISTIANA, DAVID - Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand
29573: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON - Dave at Night
18499: LEVINE, ALLAN GERALD - The Exchange: 100 Years of Trading Grain in Winnipeg
46890: LEVINE, MR. NEIL - Modern Architecture: Representation and Reality
28588: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON - Fairest
46376: LEVINE, GAIL CARSON & DAVID CHRISTIANA - Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg
41889: LEVINE, ALLAN - Fugitives of the Forest: The Heroic Story of Jewish Resistance and Survival During the Second World War
5493: LEVITIN, MIKHAIL; WOODSWORTH, JOHN (TRANSLATOR) - The Outcast's Sonata (No. 6)
40823: LEVITIN, DANIEL J - The Organized Mind Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload
48088: LEVITSKY, PROFESSOR STEVEN - The Resurgence of the Latin American Left
40864: LEVRON, JACQUES - Chateaux Et Vallee de la Loire Nouvelle Edition
30730: LEVY, BERNARD HENRI - Les Derniers Jours de Charles Baudelaire. Roman
34854: LEVY, EMANUEL - Oscar Fever: The History and Politics of the Academy Awards
49901: LEVY, JUDITH - Grandmother Remembers: A Written Heirloom for My Grandchild
34072: LEVY, DAVID - Skywatching
33286: LEVY, VIV - The Beginner's Guide to Life Drawing
606: MICHAEL LEVY - Natalie Babbitt
42757: LEVY, PAUL - Penguin Book of Food and Drink
22562: LEWCOCK, RONALD & AKHTAR BADSHAH & YUSUF MELEHI (FACULTY) - The Golden Horn: Istanbul. Design Studio - Spring 1987 Design for Islamic Societies
9706: LEWIN, ROGER - Darwin's Forgotten World
10510: LEWIN, SUSAN G. - Formica & Design : From the Countertop to High Art
16709: LEWIN, ELLEN - Recognizing Ourselves: Ceremonies of Lesbian and Gay Commitment
40599: LEWIN, JULIE E. - Get Political for Animals and Win the Laws They Need
37828: LEWIS, MATTHEW; MACDONALD, DAVID LORNE; LEWIS, M. G.; SCHERF, KATHLEEN DOROTHY - The Monk: A Romance (Broadview Literary Texts )
49934: LEWIS, C. S. - The Great Divorce
41833: LEWIS, C.S. - Perelandra
42385: LEWIS, C S - An Experiment in Criticism
46143: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - Dark History of the Popes: Vice, Murder and Corruption in the Vatican
25604: LEWIS, CECIL DAY - A Hope for Poetry
560: H.D.LEWIS - Morals and Revelation
2110: LEWIS, R.W.B., - The Jameses : A Family Narrative with 32 Pages of Illustrations
2699: LEWIS, MARGARET - Ngaio Marsh : A Life
7737: LEWIS, S. P. - Grace : Grace Woodsworth Macinnis: 1905-1991
9964: LEWIS, RICHARD - Living by Wonder : The Imaginative Life of Childhood
10723: LEWIS, JOHN - Anatomy of Printing: The Influences of Art and History on Its Design
11273: LEWIS, JON - Whom God Wishes to Destroy: Francis Coppola and the New Hollywood
30666: LEWIS, J. PATRICK - Moonbow of Mr. B. Bones
43656: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror
39378: LEWIS, C S - The Chronicles of Narnia : The Original Seven Novels
40029: LEWIS, CECIL DAY - A Hope for Poetry
15060: LEWIS, A. W. ET AL - The Children's Book of Games, Puzzles and Pastimes
16552: LEWIS, DAVID E. - A Lover Needs a Guitar and Other Stories
16916: LEWIS, AMANDA - Rosie Backstage
45177: LEWIS, A. DAVID & MPMANN & JENNIFER RODGERS - The Lone and Level Sands
50138: LEWIS, ROBIN COSTE - Voyage of the Sable Venus and Other Poems
19530: LEWIS, JAMES R.; GALE RESEARCH - The Dream Encyclopedia
20261: LEWIS, JAMES R.; GALE RESEARCH - The Dream Encyclopedia
20834: LEWIS, JAMES R.; GALE RESEARCH - The Dream Encyclopedia
22004: LEWIS, R. W. B. & NANCY LEWIS - American Characters Selections from the National Portrait Gallery, Accompanied by Literary Portraits
22212: LEWIS, PHILIP C - Trouping; How the Show Came to Town,
22386: LEWIS, CRAIG & CATHY SAVAGE - 4wd Tracks of the High Country a Touring Guide to Australia's Alpine Region
22564: LEWIS, JOHN - The 20th Century Book Its Illustration and Design
24565: LEWIS, FELICITY - Needlepoint Samplers
48416: LEWIS, R. W. B. - Dante
40292: LEWIS, C S - The Return to Narnia: The Rescue of Prince Caspian
40898: LEWIS, LAPHAM - 30 Satires
39920: LEWIS, C S - Prince Caspian : Special Read-Aloud Edition
35096: LEWIS, BRENDA & RUPERT MATTHEWS - The Historical Atlas of the World at War
45102: LEWIS, C. S. - The World's Last Night and Other Essays
25294: LEWIS, PETER N; ELINOR R. CLARKE; FIONA C. GRIEVE - A Round of History at the British Golf Museum
43655: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong? the Clash between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East
25452: LEWIS, MICHAEL - Panic the Story of Modern Financial Insanity
26570: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
26564: LEWIS, NORMAN - A Goddess in the Stones Travels in India
25677: LEWIS, J. PATRICK; NATCHEV, ALEXI - The Night of the Goat Children
35137: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - God's Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570-1215
48277: LEWIS, C. S. - The Chronicles of Narnia. Complete in 7 Volumes

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