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005850: - [18th Century European Map] Intrenchment of the Army of the Allies to Cover the Siege of Douay Against the French Army, That Came to Raise It in June 1710.
004268: - Our Gold Mine at Hollyhurst: "Duke" (the Story of a Noble Dog): A Prize Story of Massachusetts.
004132: - Manual Set de Alcoholismo (Spanish Edition)
000540: - Rhodesian Numistat 1967/68 Coins of Southern Rhodesia the Federation and Rhodesia
003540: - Paroissien Romain Contenant Les Prieres Durant la Messe Les Vepres Du Dimanche. [Paroissien Romain Containing the Prayers During Mass the Vepres on Sunday]
004564: - Keuze Van Tekeningen
003146: - Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cookbook
003987: - Mauritshuis Dutch Painting of the Golden Age
005226: - Inondations de Janvier 1910. Paris Et Ses Environs. [Floods of January 1910] [Paris and Its Surroundings]
008038: -
004811: - Submission of Recorded Presidential Conversations to the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives by President Richard Nixon April 30, 1974
002264: - Swinton's Fifth Reader and Speaker
002476: - The Master Architect Series I: Selected and Current Works Vol. 7: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Vol 7
005951: - Invitation to Ireland. The Emerald Isle
007597: - Chromo Lithograph C1850's Louis Benoît Van Houtte. Hardenbergia Ovata Rosea
001599: - Chinese Fairy Tales. Newly Gathered from Many Sources
005224: - Inondations de Janvier 1910. Paris Et Ses Environs. [Floods of January 1910] [Paris and Its Surroundings]
005901: - Phoenix Arizona. Where Winter Never Comes.
006539: L'ABATE, LUCIANO - Handbook of Family Psychology and Therapy. (Two Volume Set Complete)
008262: ABBOT, A. E. - The Secret of Numbers
008936: SHAWN ACHOR - The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work
005307: [NOT ACREDITED] - Points of Interest in Boston and Environs
003392: JOHN ADAMS AND JOHN WHITEHOUSE - Model and Miniature Railways
008820: JOHN ADAMS - Hallelujah Junction: Composing an American Life
005709: ADAMS, W. H. DAVENPORT (WILLIAM HENRY DAVENPORT), 1828-1891 - Warriors of the Crescent
007698: ADAMS, KEVIN - North Carolina Waterfalls: Where to Find Them, How to Photograph Them
006263: ADAMS, ERNEST - Fundamentals of Game Design (2nd Edition)
007188: ADAMSON, JOY - Born Free: A Lioness of the Two Worlds.
007870: ADDISS, STEPHEN - 77 Dances: Japanese Calligraphy by Poets, Monks, and Scholars 1568-1868
008270: ARAVIND ADIGA - Selection Day: A Novel
008310: "ONE OF HER MAJESTY'S SUITE" [ADOLPHUS, JOHN] - Voyages and Travels of Her Majesty, Caroline, Queen of Great Britain: Including Visits to Various Parts of Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Palestine, and Comprising the Latest Description of Those Interesting Countries: With Remarks on the State of Society, Religion, Manners, Customs, Antiquities, Arts, Literature, Natural Curiosities, Particularly Such As Have Become the Present Seat of War.
004975: EDITORS: AGNER, MARTHA WITHERS, MOREHEAD, MARTHA HINES - The Heritage and History of St. John's Evangelical Luthern Church Salisbury, North Carolina Through 1983. Volume 1
006558: AGUIAR, WALTER R. - Maya Land in Color
005609: AHNERT, MARGARET - The Knock at the Door: A Mother's Survival of the Armenian Genocide
007652: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON - The Flitch of Bacon or the Custom of Dunmow
008316: AKE, ANNE - Everglades: An Ecosystem Facing Choices and Challenges
008897: AKERLOF, GEORGE A.; KRANTON, RACHEL E. - Identity Economics: How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being
003974: ALAMINO, ORTEGA - Te Basta MI Gracia
007327: BOTT. ALAN - The Londoner's England Contemporary Water-Colours and Drawings of London and the Home Counties
007252: ALBERTSON, DAVID - Mathematical Theologies: Nicholas of Cusa and the Legacy of Thierry of Chartres (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology)
002958: LOUISA M. ALCOTT - Eight Cousins
002604: LOUISA MAY ALCOTT - Eight Cousins or Aunt Hill
005123: FENDI, ANNA WITH CARLA, FRANCA, ALDA AND PAOLA [FORWARD: BOLLEA, GIOVANNI] - La Fontane Di Roma. [the Fountains of Rome]
008882: ALDEN, JOHN R. - A History of the American Revolution
003979: M. D. FRANZ ALEXANDER - Fundamentals of Psychoanalysis
008346: JOSEPH H. ALEXANDER - Utmost Savagery: The Three Days of Tarawa
007976: ALI, ARIF - Antigua and Barbuda: A Little Bit of Paradise
006510: ALLCARD, CLARE - The Intricate Art of Living Afloat
008598: ALLEN, THOMAS B. - George Washington, Spymaster: How the Americans Outspied the British and Won the Revolutionary War
003414: HERVEY ALLEN - Toward the Morning
004980: ALLEN, BRIAN - Francis Hayman
005249: ALLEN, MR. MICHAEL P.; FINCH, MICHAEL; ROBERTS, CAPRICE - Federal Courts: Context, Cases, and Problems
008583: ALLEN, CHARLES - God's Terrorists: The Wahhabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad
003769: ALLISON, DON - Betrock's Cultivated Palms of the World
007460: ALLWARD, MAURICE - An Illustrated History of Seaplanes and Flying Boats
006115: ALMAN, DAVID - The Hourglass
001338: ALSBERG, HENRY, G. - The American Guide. 4 Volumes Complete
005852: ALTHERR, ALFRED - Three Japanese Architects: Drei Japanische Architekten; Mayekawa, Tange, Sakakur
008565: ALUMIT, NOEL - Letters to Montgomery Clift
006622: AMARAL, ANTHONY - Mustang: Life and Legends of Nevada's Wild Horses
007782: AMICIS, EDMONDO DE - Spain and the Spaniards [Two Volumes Complete]
008290: AMICIS, EDMONDO DE - Holland and Its People
006139: ANATI, EMMANUEL - Palestine Before the Hebrews : A History, from the Earliest Arrival of Man to the C
008244: ANDERSON, CHRISTOPHER - Historical Sketches of the Native Irish and Their Descendants; Illustrative of Their Past and Present State with Regard to Literature, Education and Oral Instruction.
008663: ANDERSON, KEVIN J. - The Ashes of Worlds (Saga of Seven Suns)
008740: ANDERSON, POUL - The High Crusade
007437: ANDERSON, NORMAN - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
008849: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD - A Story Teller's Story
008226: ANDREWS, J. R. H. - The Southern Ark: Zoological Discovery in New Zealand, 1769-1900
008869: ANDREWS, TIM G. - Raku: A Review of Contemporary Work
007284: ANGELUCCI, ENZO - World Encyclopedia of CIVIL Aircraft: From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Present
006210: SUTTON, ANN AND MYRON - Wilderness Areas of North America
008399: THE MILLS SISTERS [ANNIE & JUDY] - Twelve Walks in Cambria
004196: ANONYMOUSLY EDITED ANTHOLOGY - Stories by Foreign Authors. [8 of 10 Volumes]
007927: ANTHONY, LAWRENCE; SPENCE, GRAHAM - Babylon's Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo
000159: ANTHONY, PIERS - Virtual Mode
008558: ANTRIM, DONALD - The Verificationist
006007: APPLEGATE, DEBBY - The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher
007499: ARENDT, HANNAH - Eichmann in Jerusalem. A Report on the Banality of Evil
003225: ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH; MCGUIRE, SHEILA; - First Impressions: Early Prints by Forty-Six Contemporary Artists
005260: ARMSTRONG, MARTIN - George Borrow [the English Novelists Series]
005638: US ARMY - Us Army Machine Gun 7. 62-MM, M60 Manual.
008112: ARNADE, CHARLES W. - Siege of St. Augustine in 1702
005345: WRITTEN BY HERSELF; INTRODUCTION: ROBERT ARNOTT - Memoirs of the Comtesse Du Barry with Minute Details of Her Entire Career As Favorite of Louis XV
006047: ARTHUR, LISA - Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value
008116: ARUNDEL, LOUIS [PSEUDONYM OF GEORGE RATHBORNE] - Motor Boat Boys Among the Florida Keys or, the Struggle for the Leadership
007789: ASH, AVNER; GROSS, ROBERT - Fearless Symmetry: Exposing the Hidden Patterns of Numbers
005102: NINA ASHARINA (COMPILER), PAUL ERIC CARLSON (TRANSLATOR) - Russian Decorative Art: 12th to Early 20th Century: The Historical Museum, Moscow
003865: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "ASIA AND AFRICA IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY (1998 (EDT) - Asia and Africa in the Global Economy
008186: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Nemesis
002219: ASIMOV, ISAAC. - The Robots of Dawn
004181: ASLET, CLIVE; STERN, ROBERT A.M. - The American Houses of Robert A.M. Stern
006778: [AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION] - Road Book of England Wales with Gazetteer, Itineraries, Maps and Town Plans.
008831: AMERICAN SAILING ASSOCIATION - Cruising Fundamentals
000212: ATWOOD, MARGARET - The Robber Bride
008070: AUDUBON, JOHN J. - Audubon's Quadrupeds of North America
001126: AUEL, JEAN M. - The Plains of Passage
002199: BERTHOLD AUERBACH - Brigitta
007494: AUFFENBERG, WALTER - Gray's Monitor Lizard
004329: MICHAEL AUPING - Jess, Paste Ups and Assemblies, 1951-1983
006235: AUSTIN, MARY - The Land of Little Rain
004790: UNCREDITED AUTHOR - Summer Days and Summer Nights. A Summer City by the Sea [New York City]
004154: UNCREDITED AUTHOR - Niagara Falls in 1897
007793: [UNKNOW AUTHOR] - Outing Map of the Inyo-Sequoia Region of California
008210: [NO AUTHOR] - The Queen Returning from the House of Lords. 1821
006255: ERNEST R. MAY [AUTHOR], EDITORS: TIMOTHY NAFTALI; ERNEST MAY; PHILIP D. ZELIKOW - The Presidential Recordings: John F. Kennedy: Volumes 1-3, the Great Crises
004943: NUMNEROUS AUTHORS - Bibliographical Essays : A Tribute to Wilberforce Eames
002195: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Short Tales for Travellers American Love Tales
004271: AVALLONE, MICHAEL. - Spitting Image. A Novel of Suspense.
003300: AVI - Murder at Midnight
004250: AXSOM, RICHARD H. - Beyond the Plane: The Relief Paintings of Judith Rothschild
008115: GOODWIN W. B. - Spanish and English Ruins in Jamaica.
007427: BABUN, TEO A.; TRIAY, VICTOR ANDRES - The Cuban Revolution: Years of Promise
008520: BAEDEKER, KARL - Northern Italy Including Leghorn, Florence, Ravenna and Routes Through Switzerland and Austria
008521: BAEDEKER, KARL - Great Britain. Handbook for Travellers; 4th Edition
008519: BAEDEKER, KARL - Die Schweiz Nebst Den Angrenzenden Teilen Von Oberitalien, Savoyen Und Tirol
006172: BAGGS, MAE LACY - Colorado the Queen Jewel of the Rockies
004720: SIDNEY SHELDON/TILLY BAGSHAWE - Senhora Do Jogo - Mistress of the Game (Em Portugues Do Brasil)
008480: BAKER, SAMUEL WHITE - The Albert N'Yanza. Great Basin of the Nile and Explorations of the Nile Sourses. Volume 2
005651: BALDECK, ANDREA - Closely Observed
004966: BALDWIN, JAMES - The Story of Roland
001758: DIAZ BALSERA, VIVIANA; BALSERA, VIVIANA DIAZ - The Pyramid Under the Cross: Franciscan Discourses of Evangelization and the Nahua Christian Subject in Sixteenth-Century Mexico
004060: BALZAC, HONORÉ DE - Balzac's Works Six Volumes [Lacking Volume 3]
004548: BANERJEE, SUMANTA - Logic in a Popular Form: Essays on Popular Religion in Bengal
008927: BANGERT, ALBRECHT; RIEWOLDT, OTTO - Designer Hotels
005964: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - The Pursuit of the House-Boat Being Some Further Accounts of the Divers Doings of the Associated Shades Under the Leadership of Sherlock Holmes, Esq.
008403: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - The Pursuit of the House-Boat Being Some Further Accounts of the Divers Doings of the Associated Shades Under the Leadership of Sherlock Holmes, Esq.
008404: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - The Dreamers: A Club ; Being a More or Less Faithful Account of the Literary Exercises of the First Regular Meeting of That Organization
007850: BARBER, RICHARD - Edward, Prince of Wales and Aquitaine
006877: JEAN-DENIS BARBIE - ARTIST - "Carte de la Plaine de Troie Levee En 1786 Et 1787
008064: BARBIERI, GIAN PAOLO - Madagascar (Photobook)
003040: BARER, SHLOMO - The Doctors of Revolution: 19th Century Thinkers Who Changed the World
006692: BARKER, CAPT, F. C. - Lake and Forest As I Have Known Them
008301: BARLY, DAN; SALEPTER, ELIAHU - Fire in Beirut: Israel's War in Lebanon with the Palestine Liberation Organization
004161: BARNARD, F. M. - Reason and Self-Enactment in History and Politics: Themes and Voices of Modernity (Mcgill-Queen's Studies in the History of Ideas)
004313: BARNES, JAY - North Carolina's Hurricane History
008444: BARNES, IAN - Crossroads of War: A Historical Atlas of the Middle East
002700: BARR, AMELIA E. - A Song of a Single Note a Love Story
006830: BARRACLOUGH, GEOFFREY - The Crucible of Europe: The Ninth and Tenth Centuries in European History
004897: BARRATT, DAVID - C.S. Lewis and His World
008453: GEORGE BARRIS - Barris Kustom - the Complete Street Machine Library
006798: BARRUS, CLARA - Our Friend John Burroughs
008206: BARTSCH, PAUL - The Tree Snails of the Genus Cochlostyla of Mindoro Province, Philippine Islands
008201: BARTSCH, PAUL - Schistosomophora in China, with Descriptions of Two New Species and a Note on Their Philippine Relative
007270: BARTSCH, PAUL - A New Shipworm from Panama
005823: ENGRAVED BY I. BASIRE - French City of Douai, with Fortifications and Military Movements [18th Century European Map]
005583: BASS, JERRY - Katrina and the Need for Revival in the American Church
008894: BASTIANICH, JOSEPH; LYNCH, DAVID - Vino Italiano
004552: BASTIEN, JAMES W. - How to Teach Piano Successfully
008761: BATCHELOR, GERALD - Golf Stories
004201: JOSEPH D. BATES - Fishing: An Outdoor Life Book. An Encyclopedic Guide to Tackle and Tactics for Fresh and Salt Water Fishing.
003801: BATTEN, JOHN MULLIN. - To and from Rome.
004172: KURT BAUCH - Rembrandt Gemälde
006071: BAUER, EUGENE E. - Boeing: The First Century
003990: BAUER, CAROLINE FELLER; BAUER'S, CAROLINE FELLER - Caroline Feller Bauer's New Handbook for Storytellers: With Stories, Poems, Magic, and More
004288: BAUGHMAN, STEVE; MCMEEN, ELLSWORTH - Objection! Overruled! (or, Two Lawyers Have a Little Chat About God and Hell)
008875: [BAUM, FRANK L.] - Map of the Marvelous Land of Oz. Drawn by Prof. Wogglebug T.E.
005595: BAUMGARTEN, SIEGMUND JACOB. - Karte Von Dem Eigentlichen Africa Und Von Numidien [1756 German Map of North Africa from Tunisia to Sicily. ]
005294: BAUMGARTEN, SIEGMUND JACOB - Mauretanien Gaetulien, Melanogaetulien Garamantien Und Nigritien. [1756 German Map of North Africa from Strait of Gibraltar to Niger River]
005290: [BAUMGARTEN, SIEGMUND JACOB] - Das Alte Eigenthiche Africa Und Numidienm, Ungleichen Mauretania Caesariensis, Oder Das Reich Der Massylier Und Massaesylier Anch Dem Dr. Shaw. [1756 German Map of North Africa from Strait of Gibraltar to Tunisia ]
007220: BAXTER, JAMES K. - New Zealand in Colour
003244: BAY, KENNETH E.; KESSLER, HERMANN - Salt Water Flies: Popular Patterns and How to Tie Them
008931: BAYLESS, RICK - Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen: Capturing the Vibrant Flavors of a World-Class Cuisine
005969: BEACH, REX E. - The Spoilers
008391: BEARD, PATRICIA - Newsmaker: Roy W. Howard, the Mastermind Behind the Scripps-Howard News Empire from the Gilded Age to the Atomic Age
002502: BEARD, JAMES ANDREWS - The New James Beard
004293: BEARDSLEY, LAURA - Historic Photos of Pennsylvania
003494: JOHN BEATY - Swords in the Dawn: The Story of the First Englishmen
006784: EDITOR: BECK, D. ELDEN - Utah [Ski Magazine] November 1948 Issue.
008258: A BECKETT, GILBERT ALBERT - The Comic History of Rome
008747: BECKSON, KARL - London in the 1890's: A Cultural History.
006999: BELFOURE, CHARLES - House of Thieves
006712: BELL, CHRISTINE - The Seven-Year Atomic Make-over Guide: And Other Stories
007862: BELLAMY, EDWARD; INTRODUCTION BY BROUN, HEYWOOD - Looking Backward (2000 - 1887)
003447: RY G. BENEDICT - Chicago's Rapid Transit: Volume 1: Rolling Stock 1892-1947 (Cera Bulletin 113)
004946: BENFORD, JAY R - Cruising Yachts
008049: [VARIOUS] CERF, BENNETT AND MORIARTY, HENRY C. - EDITORS - An Anthology of Famous British Stories
008841: BENNETT, PROFESSOR BETTY T.; SHELLEY, MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT - The Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley [3 Volumes Complete]
003970: BENNETT, JENNIFER - The Harrowsmith Book of Fruit Trees
006551: BENTLEY, JAMES - Languedoc
004247: BENTO, ANTONIO. - O Realismo Ecologico de Maria Campos: The Ecological Realism
000332: BERENDT, JOHN - The City of Falling Angels
007377: BERESFORD, JOHN - Gossip of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
007111: CHANCELLOR. E. BERESFORD - The Xviiith Century in London: An Account of Its Social Life and Arts.
006470: BERLITZ - Berlitz Mandarin Chinese in 30 Days (Berlitz in 30 Days) (Chinese Edition) (English and Chinese Edition)
007393: BERNARD, SID - Your Guide to New York
007435: BERNARD, JANE; BROWN, POLLY - American Route 66: Home on the Road
004955: BERNARDO, ANTONIO - Bernadette Recounts Her Apparitions
008896: BERTEAUT, SIMONE - Piaf: A Biography
004231: BERTHOUD, ROGER. - The Life of Henry Moore
008231: BERTIN, LEON - Eels. A Biological Study
006660: BETHELL, TOM - The Noblest Triumph: Property and Prosperity Through the Ages
007992: BETTS, KATE - My Paris Dream: An Education in Style, Slang, and Seduction in the Great City on the Seine
004556: COAD, BEVERLY & KNUDSEN, JEANETTE - Fire at the Mount
008398: BICKERSTETH, M. [MARY JANE] - Japan As We Saw It
003497: ALFRED H. BILL - The Red Prior's Legacy
007534: BILOUSKO, OLEKSANDR - Ukraine: Nature, Traditions, Culture
006666: BINSTOCK, JONATHAN P.; FOSTER, KATHLEEN A. - American Watercolors: At the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
006686: BIRKINSHAW, PHILIP - The Livingstone Touch
007432: BITTLESTONE, ROBERT - Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer's Ithaca
001240: BLANCHARD, ALICE - Darkness Peering
007859: BLANDING, DON - Floridays
008384: BRAD BLANTON - Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth
004738: BLAU, JUDITH R - The Blackwell Companion to Sociology
008376: BLECHMAN, ANDREW D. - Leisureville: Adventures in America's Retirement Utopias
008671: BLEDSOE, ERIK - Getting Naked with Harry Crews: Interviews
003265: BLEI, NORBERT - Door Way
008920: BLOCK, SUSAN TAYLOR - Airlie: The Garden of Wilmington
006408: BLOMBERG, CRAIG L. - Christians in an Age of Wealth: A Biblical Theology of Stewardship (Biblical Theology for Life)
003624: AUBREY LE BLOND, OTTO VIKTOR MAECKEL - The Dunkelgraf Mystery
008005: BLOOMFIELD, TANIA - African Odyssey: Travels in Tanzania
006440: BLOTNER, JOSEPH - Faulkner: A Biography (Southern Icons)
008754: BLUM, BEN - Ranger Games: A Story of Soldiers, Family and an Inexplicable Crime
000633: BLUMENTHAL, WALTER HART - The Pepper Shaker
008017: BLUMENTHAL, BOB; JOHNSON, MARTIN; PREISS, CLIFF - Jazz: Photographs of the Masters
005646: CONSIDINE, BOB AND JARVIS, FRED G. - A Portrait of the Nyac the First Hundred Years and Steadfast and Changing. [Two Volumes]
008717: BOCKRIS, VICTOR - Keith Richards: The Biography
002289: BOGNAR, BOTOND - Contemporary Japanese Architecture, Its Development and Challenge
007667: BOLITHO, HECTOR - Thistledown & Thunder a Higgledy-Piggledy Diary of New Zealand, the South Seas, Australia, Port Said, Italy, Canada and New York
008416: BOND, MICHAEL - Paddington Takes the Air
006402: BOND, MICHAEL - Paddington Treasury (Paddington Bear)
005120: J. F. BONE - Confederation Matador
006883: BONE, SCOTT C. - Chechahco and Sourdough. A Story of Alaska
008704: BONINGTON, SIR CHRIS - Everest South West Face
007933: BOOKBINDER, BERNIE - Long Island: People and Places, Past and Present
008312: BOOTH, GENERAL [WILLIAM] - In Darkest England and the Way out
008602: BOROGAN, IRINA; SOLDATOV, ANDREI - The New Nobility: The Restoration of Russia's Security State and the Enduring Legacy of the Kgb
008345: BORROW, GEORGE - Wild Wales: Its People, Language, and Scenery
005037: WALTER BOSING - Hieronymus Bosch: C. 1450 - 1516 between Heaven and Hell
006602: BOTANICA - Trees & Shrubs (Botanica)
007804: BOVA, BEN; POHL, FREDERIK; POURNELLE, JERRY; SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2042- a Four-Part Invention
007809: BOVA, BEN - The Story of Light
004971: BOWEN, CATHERINE DRINKER - Frances Bacon: The Temper of a Man
001885: BOWLE, JOHN - Henry VIII a Biography
007330: BOWLES, ELLA SHANNON - Handmade Rugs
007297: BOWLING, SARAH - Heavenly Help: Experiencing the Holy Spirit in Everyday Life
003815: BOWMAN, JOAN COWEN - The Power of the Place
007861: BOWMAN, DON - Reunion in Rome
004134: J. M. MATEO BOX - Prontuario de Agricultura - Cultivos Agricolas (Spanish Edition)
006342: BOYCE, WILLIAM D. - Illustrated Australia and New Zealand
008903: BOYD, JAMES P. - Stanley in Africa. The Wonderful Discoveries and Thrilling Adventures of the Great African Explorer, and Other Travelers, Pioneers and Missionaries: Beautifully and Elaborately Illustrated with Engravings, Colored Plates and Maps
003039: BOYLE, T. C. - T.C. Boyle Stories: The Collected Stories of T. Coraghessan Boyle
004371: WALTER J. BOYNEWALTER J. BOYNE - Art in Flight: The Sculpture of John Safer
007931: BRABBS, DERRY - English Country Churches
004379: MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY - The Forest House (Avalon, Book 2)
004380: BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER - The Firebrand
005176: BRAMAH, ERNEST - Kai Lung's Golden Hours
007932: ERLANDE BRANDENBURG, ALAIN - The Chateau of Ecouen: The National Museum of the Renaissance [Château D'Ecouen]
007907: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - Memory and the Mediterranean
003853: BREASHEARS, DAVID F. - High Exposure : An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places
006030: BREASHEARS, DAVID; SALKELD, AUDREY - Last Climb: The Legendary Everest Expeditions of George Mallory
007856: BREEZE, CARLA - Pueblo Deco
007514: BREIHAN, CARL W.; ROSAMOND, CHARLES A. - The Bandit Belle
005842: BRENNAN, FREDERICK HAZLIT - We Sail Tomorrow
007103: BREUILLY, ELIZABETH; O'BRIAN, JOANNE; PALMER, MARTIN - Festivals of the World: The Illustrated Guide to Celebrations, Customs, Events & Holidays
006892: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - Blue at the Mizzen
006888: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - The Truelove
006889: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - The Wine-Dark Sea
006890: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - The Commodore
003419: BRICKHOUSE, THOMAS C. ; SMITH, NICHOLAS D. - Socrates on Trial
003418: THOMAS C. BRICKHOUSE & NICHOLAS D. SMITH - Plato's Socrates
007728: BRIDLE, BOB [EDITOR] - Mountaineers: Great Tales of Bravery and Conquest
008858: O'BRIEN, RICHARD - The Story of American Toys: From the Puritans to the Present (Studies in Social, Economic, and)
007392: BRIERLY, J. ERNEST - The Streets of Old New York
008590: PETER BRIMELOW - The Worm in the Apple: How the Teacher Unions Are Destroying American Education
007368: BROADHURST, RON - Next Houses: Architecture for the Twenty-First Century
008768: BROCKMAN, C. FRANK - The Falls of Yosemite: Famous Waterfalls of the World, Special Issue Yosemite Nature Notes
008161: BRODRICK, HAROLD J. - TEXT - A Story of the Petrified Forest. Agatized Rainbows.
008343: BRODSKY, JOSEPH - Nativity Poems
006700: BROIDO, LUCY - The Posters of Jules Cheret: 46 Full Color Plates and an Illustrated Catalogue Raisonne
003849: BROOK, ELAINE ; DONNELLY, JULIE - The Windhorse
008672: BROOKS, TERRY - The Elf Queen of Shannara (the Heritage of Shannara #3)
007306: BROOKS, MICK - Faith Hope Love and Everything in between
002130: VAN WYCK BROOKS - New England Summer 1865 - 1915
007811: BROWN, DAVID - Tchaikovsky: The Early Years 1840 - 1874
005891: BROWN, HENRY COLLINS - The Lordly Hudson
006814: BROWN, LOREN G. - Totch: A Life in the Everglades
008776: BROWN, DICK - Fly Fishing for Bonefish
005537: BROWNELL, W. C. - French Traits an Essay in Comparative Criticism
007748: BRUNIER, SERGE - The Great Atlas of the Stars
004705: BRYAN, WILLIE V. - Multicultural Aspects of Disabilities: A Guide to Understanding and Assisting Minorities in the Rehabilitation Process
007052: O'BRYAN, JOHN - A History of Weapons: Crossbows, Caltrops, Catapults & Lots of Other Things That Can Seriously Mess You Up
007477: BRYSON, BILL - Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe
007942: BRYSON, BILL - The Road to Little Dribbling
006952: BUCEK, JAY (EXECUTIVE EDITOR) - Somethin's Cookin' in the Mountains
007671: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Last Secrets: The Final Mysteries of Exploration
007249: BUELL, LAWRENCE - The Dream of the Great American Novel
008272: ROBERT BUETTNER - The Golden Gate
008499: MICHAEL BUGEJA - The Art and Craft of Poetry
006391: BUKER, GEORGE E - Jacksonville, Riverport-Seaport (Studies in Maritime History)
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003492: PHYLLIS F. FENNER - Time to Laugh: Funny Tales from Here and There
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006485: GARCIA, CHARLES P. - A Message from Garcia: Yes, You Can Succeed
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004529: GARLAND, HAMLIN. - Back-Trailers from the Middle Border
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004225: ALAN GELLER - Scary Diagnosis - How I Took Charge of My Health and Life and How You Can Take Charge of Yours
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008239: GILES, HENRY - Lectures and Essays on Irish Other Subjects
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007993: GLAZEBROOK, PHILIP - Journey to Khiva. A Writer's Search for Central Asia
004383: GLAZIER, CAPTAIN WILLARD. - Headwaters of the Mississippi: Comprising Biographical Sketches of Early and Recent Explorers of the Great River, and a Full Account of the Discovery and Location of Its True Source in a Lake Beyond Itasca.
007655: GLEIG, G. R. [GEORGE ROBERT] - The Life of Arthur Duke of Wellington
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006476: GOERLITZ, WALTER - History of the German General Staff
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006414: GOGOL, NIKOLAI - The Night Before Christmas (Penguin Christmas Classics)
008572: STERN; ROBERT A.M.; GOLDBERGER, PAUL - Robert A.M. Stern: Buildings & Projects 2004-2009
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002950: OLIVER GOLDSMITH - The Vicar of Wakefield and Other Works
006811: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - She Stoops to Conquer or the Mistakes of a Night
002193: OLIVER GOLDSMITH - Oliver Goldsmith: A Selection from His Works
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008780: GOLDSTON, ROBERT C - The Legend of the Cid
008788: GOLL, JAMES W. - The Lifestyle of a Watchman: A 21-Day Journey to Becoming a Guardian in Prayer
008790: GOLL, JAMES W. - Hearing God's Voice Today: Practical Help for Listening to Him and Recognizing His Voice
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007923: GOODMAN, RUTH - How to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life
007554: GORDIMER, NADINE - My Son's Story
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008908: GOSS, THOMAS JOSEPH - The War Within the Union High Command: Politics and Generalship During the CIVIL War (Modern War Studies) (Modern War Studies (Hardcover))
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008575: GOURLEY, CATHERINE - Welcome to Felicity's World, 1774 (American Girl)
004514: U.S. GOVERNMENT - U.S. S.R. Labor Camps Hearing Before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws
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001997: GRAFTON, SUE - P Is for Peril
008864: FREDERIK J.; GRAIF, LINDA L. DUPARC - Italian Recollections : Dutch Painters of the Golden Age
007515: GRANT, FRANCIS J. - The Manual of Heraldry : A Concise Description of the Several Terms Used, and Containing a Dictionary of Every Designation in the Science
008468: MARK C. BORTON; ELLSWORTH S. GRANT - Embassy's Complete Boating Guide to Long Island Sound
006301: GRANT, JIM - Complete Canvas Worker's Guide: How to Outfit Your Boat Using Natural or Synthetic Cloth
005406: GRANT, REV. GEORGE M. INTRODUCTION BY WILLIAM GRANT - Ocean to Ocean Sandford Flemings Expedition Through Canada in 1872
008218: GRATTAN, THOMAS COLLEY - Holland. The History of the Netherlands
003980: GRAY, CECIL CONTEEN - Afrocentric Thought and Praxis: An Intellectual History
006180: GREELY, ADOLPHUS W. - Handbook of Alaska: Its Resources, Products and Attractions in 1924
008155: GREELY, MAJOR GENERAL A. W. - The Polar Regions in the Twentieth Century
006309: GREEN, MICHAEL - Evangelism Through the Local Church
008095: GREENE, GRAHAM - Getting to Know the General, the Story of Involvement.
000909: GREENSPAN, SOPHIE - Westward with Fremont: The Story of Solomon Carvalho.
002957: ZANE GREY - The Spirit of the Border
007465: GRIFFIN, FARAH JASMINE - Harlem Nocturne: Women Artists and Progressive Politics During World War II
008110: GRIFFIN, JOHN W.; GRIFFIN, PATRICIA C. - Archaeology of the Everglades (Florida Museum of Natural History: Ripley P. Bullen Series)
003963: GRIGSON, LIONEL - Wonders of the World
007369: GRIMBLE, AUGUSTUS - The Salmon Rivers of England and Wales
008764: GRIMSLEY, WILL - Golf Its History, People & Events.
000835: GRIPPANDO, JAMES - Need You Now
008164: GRISWOLD, OLIVER - The Florida Keys and the Coral Reef; Authentic History of the Romantic Southernmost United States from Earliest Indians to the Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park,
008006: GROSS, KIM JOHNSON - Women's Wardrobe (Chic Simple)
007945: GROSSMANN, ATINA - Reforming Sex: The German Movement for Birth Control and Abortion Reform, 1920-1950
005255: GROVE, JACK; LAVENBERG, ROBERT - The Fishes of the Galapagos Islands
008221: GRUNCHEC, PHILIPPE - Les Concours Des Prix de Rome 1797 1863 : Tome 1, Catalogue (la Peinture à L'école Des Beaux-Arts)
008222: GRUNCHEC, PHILIPPE - Les Concours D'Esquisses Peintes : 1816-1863, Tomes 1 Et 2
007717: GUEDALLA, PHILIP - Mr. Churchill. A Portrait.
008867: GUERNICA, ENEIDA B. - The Cuban Children in Exile and Their Families: In and out of Cuba--
005933: GUERNSEY, LISA - Into the Minds of Babes: How Screen Time Affects Children from Birth to Age Five
004337: GUEST, EDGAR A. - Just Folks
004166: GUINNESS, DESMOND; RYAN, WILLIAM - Irish Houses & Castles
008892: GURALNICK, PETER - Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley
008890: GURALNICK, PETER - Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley
002956: DAVID BEN GURION - Rebirth and Destiny of Israel
001534: GUTERSON, DAVID - Snow Falling on Cedars
005293: GUYOT, A. - Map: Us New England States by A. Guyot 1871 from Guyot's Geographical Series
005291: GUYOT, A. - Map: Australia Physical and Political by A. Guyot 1871
006557: HAAS, ROBERT B. - Ten Days on the Chobe: A Photographic Journey at the Crossroads of History
006734: HADFIELD, MILES - Pioneers in Gardening
005526: HALE, EDWARD EVERETT - Tarry at Home Travels
008289: HALE, SUSAN - A Family Flight Through Spain
008233: HALL, MRS. S. C. [ANNA MARIA FIELDING] - Sketches of Irish Character
004412: HALL, JAMES W. - Tropical Freeze
005444: HALL, MAURICE - Window on Goa: A History and Guide
000864: HALL, JAMES W. - Rough Draft
008475: HALLINE, ALLAN G. - INTRODUCTION - Six Modern American Plays
008413: HALPERN, BARUCH - The First Historians: The Hebrew Bible and History
006651: HALSEY, FRANCIS W (EDITOR) - Seeing Europe with Famous Authors [10 Volumes - Complete Set]
004006: HAMERTON, PHILIP GILBERT. - The Intellectual Life.
007970: HAMILTON, JAMES - A Life of Discovery: Michael Faraday, Giant of the Scientific Revolution
008833: ADAM HAMILTON - The Call: The Life and Message of the Apostle Paul
007378: HAMMERTON, J. A. : EDITOR - Mr. Punch's Life in London
008182: HAMON, MAURICE - From Sun to Earth 1665-1999, a History of Saint-Gobain (and Pont-a-Mousson)
006652: SIDES, HAMPTON & ARMOUR, PHILIP : EDITOR - Working America
006371: HANLEY, HOPE - Needlepoint
008120: HANN, JOHN H. - Missions to the Calusa (Florida Museum of Natural History: Ripley P. Bullen Series)
008417: JIM COLLINS; MORTEN T. HANSEN - Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck--Why Some Thrive Despite Them All
006579: HANSON, MANDA - Calligraphy Workstation
007982: HANSON, VICTOR - Ripples of Battle: How Wars of the Past Still Determine How We Fight, How We Live, and How We Think
008100: O'HARA, JOHN - Appointment in Samarra
001016: O'HARA, JOHN - Lovey Childs a Philadelphian's Story
003910: HARDY, ARTHUR SHERBURNE - But Yet a Woman
008466: HARE, AUGUSTUS J.C. - Walks in London
008906: HARGRAVE, TERRY D. - The Essential Humility of Marriage : Honoring the Third Identity in Couple Therapy
006544: HARKHAM, SAMMY - Kramer's Ergot 5
008817: EVANS. HAROLD - My Paper Chase: True Stories of Vanished Times
006819: HARPER, HENRY HOWARD - The Unexpected Hodgkins, a Novel
007222: HARPER, CHARLES G. - A Literary Man's London
003236: HARRINGTON, PHILIP S. - The Space Shuttle: A Photographic History
008361: HARRIS, ALICE - The White T
000535: HARRIS, ROBERT P. - A Guide Book of Modern Latin American Coins
006782: HARRIS, DAVID - Wreck and Resurrection: How I Made $60,000 Repairing My Sailboat
003578: HARRISON, C. J. O. - EDIROR - Bird Families of the World
006369: HARROWER, DOROTHY - Decoupage: A Limitless World in Decoration
006460: HART, ERIN - Lake of Sorrows: A Novel
007571: HART, DONN V. - Riddles in Filipino Folklore. An Anthropological Analysis
005965: NEW HAMPSHIRE HOTEL ASSOCIATION; HART, BEN J. SECRETARY - State Highway Map of Picturesque New Hampshire
003606: HARTE, BRET - The Luck of Roaring Camp
007210: HARTE, BRET - The Works of Bret Harte
001540: HARTE, BRET - Colonel Starbottle's Client and Some Other People
006896: HARVEY, JOHN - Dublin ; a Study in Environment.
008821: MOLLY HASKELL - Frankly, My Dear: "Gone with the Wind" Revisited (Icons of America)
004965: HASKIN, FREDERIC J. - The Panama Canal
007308: HASLAM, GREG - Moving in the Prophetic: A Biblical Guide to Effective Prophetic Ministry Today
006691: HATCHER, GEORGE: EDITOR; [VARIOUS AUTHORS] - Georgia Rivers. Articles from the Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine
008534: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Marble Faun, the or the Romance of Monte Beni
006863: HAWTHORNE, HILDEGARDE - Romantic Cities of California
003965: NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE - Twice-Told Tales
008220: HAWTHORNE, JULIAN - Spanish America from the Earlist Period to the Present Time.
006381: HAYES, STEPHEN - Ninja Volume 2: Warrior Ways of Enlightenment
006382: HAYES, STEPHEN - Ninja Volume 3: Warrior Path of Togakure
002937: JOHN RUSSELL HAYES - The Old-Fashioned Garden and Other Verses
006383: HAYES, STEPHEN - Ninja Volume 4: Legacy of the Night Warrior
006380: HAYES, STEPHEN - Ninja Volume 1: Spirit of the Shadow Warrior
001582: HAYTER, SPARKLE - The Chelsea Girl Murders: A Robin Hudson Mystery
007903: HAZARD, SAMUEL - Cuba with Pen and Pencil
006848: HARVARD UNIVERSITY; INTRODUCTION BY SEAMUS HEANEY - Explore Harvard: The Yard and Beyond
008470: HEBNER, LOGAN - Southern Paiute: A Portrait
006278: HEGARTY, JOHN - Hegarty on Advertising
006059: HEGI, URSULA - Stones from the River
007675: HEILBRON, J. L. - The Sun in the Church: Cathedrals As Solar Observatories
007757: HEINLEIN, ROBERT - Off the Main Sequence: The Other Science Fiction Stories of Robert A. Heinlein
005173: HEISENFELT, KATHRYN - John Payne and the Menace at Hawk's Nest
008476: HELLMAN, LILLIAN - Six Plays by Lillian Hellman
008766: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
008527: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Across the River and Into the Trees
007561: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST; JAMSUN, KNUT; HESSE HERMANN - Nobel Prize Library: Hemmingway, Hamsun, Hesse
004200: HENDERSON, RICHARD - Sea Sense
008538: HENDERSON, BERNARD R. - Pollard: The Spy's Story
008495: MUSIC AND WORDS BY B G DE SYLVA; LEW BROWN; RAY HENDERSON - MIX the Lot --- What Have You Got? Magnolia [Includes Ukulele Arrangement. ]
006072: HENDERSON, ALICE PALMER - The Rainbow's End: Alaska
001239: HENDRICKSON, PAUL - The Living and the Dead: Robert Mcnamara and Five Lives of a Lost War
006407: HENRY, CARL F. H. - Wycliffe Dictionary of Christian Ethics
008662: HERBERT, BRIAN ; ANDERSON, KEVIN J. - The Battle of Corrin (Legends of Dune, Book 3)
008551: HERBERT, FRANK - Dune
006178: HERD, DAVID [EDITOR] - Ancient and Modern Scottish Songs, Heroic Ballads, Etc. Collected by David Herd, Reprinted from the Edition of 1776, with an Appendix, Containing the Pieces Substituted in the Edition of 1791 for Omissions from That of 1776.
003727: DE HERIZ, ENRIQUE - El Dia Menos Pensado
006088: HERMAN, SARAH - A Million Little Bricks: The Unofficial Illustrated History of the Lego Phenomenon
007424: HERNANDEZ, RAFAEL - Looking at Cuba: Essays on Culture and CIVIL Society
008818: HERRIOT, JAMES - The Lord God Made Them All
008541: HERRNSTEIN, RICHARD J. ; MURRAY, CHARLES - Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (a Free Press Paperbacks Book)

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