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282418: WARRENDER, SUSAN. - Behind the Marquee: A History of Alberta's Motion Picture Theatres.
284576: WARRIOR, ROBERT. - The People and the Word: Reading Native Nonfiction (Indigenous Americas).
284417: WASHBURN, FRED FARRINGTON. - The Collected Poems of Fred Farrington Washburn, 1889-1968.
212574: WASHBURN, A. L. ET AL. - Soil Deformation Resulting from Some Laboratory Freeze-Thaw Experiment: Final Technical Report Under Nsf Frant Opp 72-05805 A03 (3/15/73 - 8/31/76) (Periglacial Laboratory Research) and Progress Report of Continuing Program Under Nsf Grant Dpp 75-05383 A01 and Cooperative Aro Grants Da-Aro-D-31-124-73-G42 and Daag29-76-G0056.
142308: WASHINGTON, GEORGE. - Diary of George Washington, September - December 1785. Edited By Worthington Chauncey Ford. Reprinted from the Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Vol. Vii
267728: WASHINGTON, GEORGE. - Calendar of the Correspondence of George Washington. Vol. I. (Library of Congress)
280891: WASSERMAN, JEANNE L. - Daumier Sculpture: A Critical and Comparative Study.
283886: WASSON, HAIDEE. - Museum Movies: The Museum of Modern Art and the Birth of Art Cinema.
247855: WATERS, WILLARD. - Confederate Imprints in the Henry E. Huntington Library Unrecorded in Previously Published Bibliographies of Such Material.
264168: WATSON, ALAN D. - Onslow County: A Brief History.
258925: WATSON, ANDREW G. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts of Exeter College Oxford.
256788: WATSON, ALAN D. - An Index to North Carolina Newspapers, 1784-1789.
284473: WATSON, FRANCIS. - Agape, Eros, Gender: Towards a Pauline Sexual Ethic.
168678: WATSON, THOMAS L. & FRANCIS B. LANEY. - The Building and Ornamental Stones of North Carolina. N.C. Geological Survey, Bulletin No. 2.
229647: WATSON, CHARLES S. - From Nationalism to Secessionism: The Changing Fiction of William Gilmore Simms.
256755: WATT, W. N. - The Granville District.
256774: WATTERSON, JOHN SAYLE. - Thomas Burke, Restless Revolutionary.
226025: WATTS, KATHY NORCROSS. - A Simple Life: A Story of Sid Oakley.
283091: WATTS, ARTHUR. - A Painter's Anthology, Made By Arthur Watts, with Twelve Plates in Colours, Eight Plates in Black and White, and Fifty Decorations in the Text.
286589: WAY, CAMILLA. - Watching Edie.
285766: WAY, WILLIAM. - History of the New England Society of Charleston, South Carolina for One Hundred Years, 1819-1919.
216280: WEARE, WALTER B. - Black Business in the New South: A Social History of the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company.
232907: WEARMOUTH, ROBERT F. - Some Working - Class Movements of the Nineteenth Century.
208821: WEATHERLY, A. EARL. - The First Hundred Years of Historic Guilford, 1771-1871.
219641: WEAVER, MIKE. - The Photographic Art: Pictorial Traditions in Britain and America.
248853: WEAVER, DENNIS. - All the World's a Stage.
228647: WEAVER, CHARLES C. - Internal Improvements in North Carolina Previous to 1860.
281285: WEBB, M. I. - Michael Rysbrack, Sculptor.
286110: WEBB, DAVID A. - Inside the Criminal Mind: Behavioral Science Insights from the Fbi.
283177: WEBB, PHYLLIS. - Peacock Blue: The Collected Poems of Phyllis Webb.
259756: WEBER, A. PAUL. GEORG REINHARDT (EDITOR). - Das Graphische Werk: Handzeichnungen Und Lithographien, 1930 Bis 1978.
265258: AESCHYLUS; EDITED BY N. WECKLEIN. - Sieben Gegen Theben.
265257: AESCHYLUS; EDITED BY N. WECKLEIN. - Aschylos Orestie.
252957: AESCHYLUS. N. WECKLEIN (EDITOR). - Aeschyli Fabulae: Pars Iv Supplices.
252592: AESCHYLUS. N. WECKLEIN (EDITOR). - Aeschyli Fabulae Cum Lectionibus Et Scholiis Codicis Medicei Et in Agamemnonem Codicis Florentini Ab Hieronymo Vitelli: Pars Vii. Eumenides.
278578: AESCHYLUS. W. S. TEUFFEL. N. WECKLEIN (EDITOR). - Aschylos Perser . . . Mit Einem Kartchen Und Einer Tafel.
278583: AESCHYLUS. N. WECKLEIN (EDITOR). - Aeschyli Fabluae, Cum Lectionibus Et Scholiis Codicis Medicei Et in Agamemnonem Codicis Florentini Ab Hieronymo Vitelli, Denuo Collatis: Pars Ii. Persae.
278582: AESCHYLUS. N. WECKLEIN (EDITOR). - Aeschyli Fabluae, Cum Lectionibus Et Scholiis Codicis Medicei Et in Agamemnonem Codicis Florentini Ab Hieronymo Vitelli, Denuo Collatis: Pars Vi. Choephoroe.
278585: AESCHYLUS. N. WECKLEIN (EDITOR). - Aeschyli Fabluae, Cum Lectionibus Et Scholiis Codicis Medicei Et in Agamemnonem Codicis Florentini Ab Hieronymo Vitelli, Denuo Collatis: Pars I. Prometheus.
283696: WEDDINGTON, PATRICIA DIANE (EDITOR). - Chanticleer: Class of 1972 25th Anniversary Reunion. Commemorative Edition
287355: WEERASETHAKUL, APICHATPONG . - Apichatpong Weerasethakul: The Serenity of Madness.
234966: WEIGELT, CURT. - Sienese Painting of the Trecento.
283014: WEINBERG, HARMAN G. - Coffee, Brandy & Cigars: A Kaleidoscope of the Arts - and That Strange Thing Called Life.
282734: WEINBERGER, MARTIN. - Michelangelo: The Sculptor. Volume I: Text + Volume Ii: Plates, Index (2 Volumes).
247464: WEINSTEIN, EMILY EVE. - Saving Magic Places.
146439: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY (EDITOR). - Shaw. The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies, Volume Eight
260149: WEIR, MOLLY. - Molly Weir's Recipes: New Ideas and Old Favourites By 'aggie" of 'life with the Lyons'.
280047: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P. & LAURINDA S. DIXON (EDITORS). - The Documented Image: Visions in Art History.
268982: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P. AND PETRA TEN-DOESSCHATE CHU. - Redefining Genre: French and American Painting 1850-1900.
275429: WEISS, JEFFREY. - The Popular Culture of Modern Art: Picasso, Duchamp, and Avant-Gardism.
260127: LIVY. W. WEISSENBORN (EDITOR). - Titi Livi: Ab Urbe Condita. Libri. Neunter Band. Erstes Heft. Buch Xxxviiii Und Xxxx + Neunter Band. Zweites Heft. Buch Xxxxi Und Xxxxii.
260128: LIVY. W. WEISSENBORN (EDITOR). - Titi Livi: Ab Urbe Condita. Libri. Zehnter Band. Erstes Heft. Buch Xxxxiii. Xxxxiiii + Zehnter Band. Zweites Heft. Buch Xxxxv Und Fragmente.
260125: LIVY. W. WEISSENBORN (EDITOR). - Titi Livi: Ab Urbe Condita. Libri. Siebenter Band. Erstes Heft. Buch Xxxl. Xxxii. + Siebenter Band. Zweite Heft. Buch Xxxiii. Xxxiiii.
260124: LIVY. W. WEISSENBORN (EDITOR). - Titi Livi: Ab Urbe Condita. Libri. Sechster Band. Erstes Heft. Buch Xxvii Und Xxviii + Sechster Band. Zweites Heft. Buch Xxix Und Xxx.
260130: LIVY. W. WEISSENBORN (EDITOR). - Titi Livi: Ab Urbe Condita. Libri. Vierter Band. Erstes Heft. Buch Xxi + Vierter Band. Zweites Heft. Buch Xxii.
243218: WEISZ, GEORGE. - Medical Mandarins: The French Academy of Medicine in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries.
263775: WELCH, ELLEN R. - A Taste for the Foreign: Worldly Knowledge and Literary Pleasure in Early Modern French Fiction.
281677: WELLER, LANCE. - Wilderness: A Novel.
286995: WELLER, DENNIS P. - Small Treasures: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, and Their Contemporaries.
286996: WELLER, DENNIS P. - Small Treasures: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, and Their Contemporaries.
272996: WELLMAN, MAMLY WADE. - The Story of Moore County. Two Centuries of a North Carolina Region.
215666: WELLMAN, MANLY WADE & FRANCES WELLMAN. - The Rebel Songster: Songs the Confederates Sang. Commentary & Illustrations By Manly Wade Wellman. Music Scores By Frances Wellman.
214917: WELLMAN, MANLY WADE. - Harper's Ferry: Prize of War.
284421: WELLMAN, MAMLY WADE. - The Story of Moore County. Two Centuries of a North Carolina Region.
224791: WELLMAN, MANLY WADE. - Harpers Ferry: Prize of War.
278513: WELLMON, CHAD. - Becoming Human: Romantic Anthropology and the Embodiment of Freedom. Literature and Philosophy
283781: WELLS, WILLIAM. - The One Millionth Volume: The Poet and the Poem, the Printer and the Book.
274779: WELLS, KEN. - Steeple Morden Strafers (1943-45).
274794: WELLS, LAURA B. - Carrie, Her Works Praise Her.
274778: WELLS, KEN. - Village Airfield at War.
244528: L. WENNERVIRTA. - Marcus Collin: Katsaus Maalaustaiteemme Vaiheisiin Vuosina 1900-1920.
287275: WERSHLER, DARREN. - Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg (Canadian Cinema).
275841: WESCOAT, BONNA DAIX (EDITOR). - Syracuse, the Fairest Greek City: Ancient Art from the Museo Archeologico Regionale "Paolo Orsi'.
244449: WESCOTT, DUSTY & KENNETH PETERS. - Historic Photos of Raleigh and Durham.
278318: WESSENDORF, SUSANNE. - Second-Generation Transnationalism and Roots Migration: Cross-Border Lives (Studies in Migration and Diaspora).
282394: WESTBROOK, R. B. - The Eliminator, Or, Skeleton Keys to Sacerdotal Secrets.
255595: WESTENRIEDER, LORENZ VON. - Baierisch-Historischer Calender Oder Jahrbuch Der Merkwûrdigsten Baierischen Begebenheiten Alt- U. Neûer Zeiten Fûr 1788.
255596: WESTENRIEDER, LORENZ VON. - Historischer Calender Fûr 1791.
247577: DEMOSTHENES. ANTON WESTERMANN. - Ausgewahlte Reden Des Demosthenes: Erste Baendchen + Zweites Baendchen + Drittes Baendchen.
206095: WESTMORELAND, MYRTLE HOPKINS. - I Married a Funeral Director.
283579: WETTACH, ROBERT H. - A Century of Legal Education.
271983: WETTSTEIN, JANINE. - Fresques Et Peintures Des Eglises Romanes En France.
239082: WEYGANT, CHARLES H. - History of the Palatine Family of Weygandt - Weigand - Weygant - Wygant - Weyant - Weiant, in America.
266021: WHALEN-BRIDGE, JOHN (EDITOR). - Norman Mailer's Later Fictions: Ancient Evenings Through Castle in the Forest (American Literature Readings in the 21st Century).
282345: WHALEY, JOHN COREY. - Where Things Come Back.
285062: WHEELER, BRANNON M. - Applying the Canon in Islam: The Authorization and Maintenance of Interpretive Reasoning in Hanafi Scholarship (Toward a Comparative Philosophy of Religions).
225075: WHEELWRIGHT, JOHN. - Selected Poems.
263182: WHELPLEY, SAMUEL. - A Compend of History, from the Earliest Times; Comprehending a General View of the Present State of the World, with Respect to Civilization, Religion, and Government; and a Brief Dissertation of the Importance of Historical Knowledge. Eleventh Edition. Vol. I + Vol. Ii.
282260: WHIGHAM, THOMAS. - The Politics of River Trade: Tradition and Development in the Upper Plata, 1780 - 1870.
256997: WHITAKER, THOMAS. - The Neo-Platonists; a Study in the History of Hellenism.
285605: WHITE, LIONEL. - The Killing.
225050: WHITE, HENRY ALEXANDER. - The Origin of the Pentateuch in the Light of the Ancient Moderns.
276816: WHITE, EDWARD. - The Tastemaker: Carl Van Vechten and the Birth of Modern America.
284287: WHITE, RANDY WAYNE. - Black Widow.
283317: WHITEHORNE, JOHN. - Cleopatras.
284735: WHITESIDE, JAMES. - Old Blue's Road: A Historian's Motorcycle Journeys in the American West.
98107: WHITFIELD, CLARENCE E. - The Distinguished Professorships of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
269174: WHITLEY, EDWARD. - American Bards: Walt Whitman and Other Unlikely Candidates for National Poet.
270224: WHITMAN, T. STEPHEN. - Antietam 1862: Gateway to Emancipation.
259263: WHITNEY, HELEN HAY. - Herbs and Apples.
123900: WHITNEY, CARRIE WESTLAKE. - Kansas City, Missouri: Its History and Its People 1800-1908, Volume Iii.
280509: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF. - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier.
274074: WHITTINGTON, THELMA CLINTON. - Our Family: Clinton, Mckinney, Moxley, Neel, Towery, Towry, Crider.
285562: WICKER, ELMUS . - The Banking Panics of the Great Depression.
277993: WIENER, MEYER (EDITOR). - Opthamology in the War Years: Volume Ii: (1944-June, 1946).
287512: WIER, ALBERT J. (EDITOR). - The Symphonies of Haydn, Schubert and Mozart in Score (the Miniature Score Series).
283555: WIJAYARATNA, MOHAN. - Buddhist Monastic Life, According to the Texts of the Theravada Tradition.
287464: WIKBORG, TONE. - Gustav Vigeland: Woodcuts.
266272: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER. - Poems of Pleasure and Passion.
244598: WILDREIDGE, T. TINDALL. - The Misereres of Beverley Minster: A Complete Series of Drawings of the Seat Carvings in the Choir of St. John's, Beverley, Yorkshire.
210348: WILDRICK, MEADE (COMPILER). - Gunnery for Heavy Artillery.
285129: WILEY, CALVIN H. - A New and Practical Form Book: Containing All Those Legal Instruments Important to Be Known By the People of North Carolina, and Designed, Also, for the Use of Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs, Clerks, Constables, Coroners &C, &C.
226550: WILEY, BELL IRVIN. - The Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy.
280908: WILKES, MRS. L. H. - Famous Recipes from Mrs. Wilke's Boarding House in Historic Savannah.
285514: WILKIE, LAURIE A. AND PAUL FARNSWORTH. - Sampling Many Pots: An Archaeology of Memory and Tradition at a Bahamian Plantation.
254738: WILKINS, ELIZA GREGORY. - "Know Thyself" in Greek and Latin Literature.
270593: WILKINSON, F. - Badges of the British Army, 1820-1960: An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors.
287788: WILKINSON, JOHN; HILL, JOYCE; RYAN, W. F. (EDITORS). - Jerusalem Pilgrimage 1099-1185. Hakluyt Society, Second Series, No. 167
287035: WILKINSON, JAY AND GRETCHEN HIRSCH. - Bud Wilkinson: An Intimate Portrait of an American Legend.
250117: WILLARD, SAMUEL. - A Sermon, Preached at Northampton, October 7, 1808, at the Opening of Northampton Bridge.
272853: WILLIAM I; PERRIN, MARSHALL LIVINGSTON AND GAMALIEL BRADFORD JR. (TRANSLATORS). - The Founding of the German Empire (5 Volumes of 7).
232493: WILLIAMS, WAYNE C. - Pcmh a Tradition of Excellence. Pitt County Memorial Hospital's First Fifty Years.
280828: WILLIAMS, F. D. G. - Slam: The Influence of S.L. A. Marshall on the United States Army. Tradoc Historical Monography Series
262719: WILLIAMS, CORDELIA. - The Extraordinary Adventure of Camilla and the Fairy Cat.
264021: WILLIAMS, BRIAN. - Landscape Far and Near: Brian's Eye.
258660: WILLIAMS, STANLEY T. - The Spanish Background of American Literature: Vol. I + Vol. Ii. 2 Vols.
249143: WILLIAMS, ANN. - Your Affectionate Daughter, Isabella.
248108: WILLIAMS, JOHN GRIFFITH. - Cases in Equity During the Time of the Late Lord Chancellor Talbot: With Tables of the Names of Cases and Principal Matters. The Third Ediition, with References to the Proceedings in the Court, and to Later Cases.
268701: WILLIAMS, THOMAS. - Old Master Drawings: Autumn 1995.
276274: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM H. - America's First Hospital: The Pennsylvania Hospital, 1751-1841.
270190: WILLIAMS, FRANK (TRANSLATOR). - The Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis: Book I (Sects 1-46) + Books Ii and Iii (Sects 47-80, de Fide).
245034: WILLIAMS, IOLO A. - Early English Watercolours and Some Cognate Drawings By Artists Born Not Later Than 1785.
282320: WILLIAMS, GREGORY W. & ALLEN S. JOHNSON. - Tar Heel Maps; Colony and State 1590-1995: A Catalogue of Maps of North Carolina on Exhibit at North Carolina Wesleyan College . . .
273877: PAUL. A. LUKYN WILLIAMS (EDITOR). - The Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians (Cambridge Greek Testament).
221858: WILLIAMS, THOMAS (EDITOR). - The Bicentennial Book: A Greenville Album.
273120: WILLIAMS, CAROLINE. - Cincinnati: Steeples, Streets, and Steps.
56776: WILLIAMS, SAMUEL COLE. - Beginnings of West Tennessee: In the Land of the Chickasaws, 1541-1841.
275355: WILLIAMSON, THAMES. - D Is for Dutch: A Last Regional Novel.
282731: WILLIAMSON, PAUL. - Netherlandish Sculpture 1450-1550.
241700: WILLIAMSON, SAMUAL J. - Advances in Biomagnetism.
263371: WILLS, DAVID. - Prothèse, Tome 1: Hamilton, 1970- Berchtesgaden, 1929.
263369: WILLS, DAVID. - Prothèse, Tome 2 : Paris, 1976 - Genève, 1978.
256196: CITIZENS OF WILMINGTON. - A Pageant of the Lower Cape Fear. Written in Collaboration By . . . With the Supervision of Frederick Henry Koch.
220213: WILSON, ELEANORE HUBBARD. - The Secret Three. Illustrations By the Author.
264068: WILSON, W. S. (EDITOR). - North Carolina Blue Book.
159345: WILSON, SAMUEL TYNDALE. - Isaac Anderson: Founder and First President of Maryville College: A Memorial Sketch.
261763: WILSON, ANDREW (EDITOR). - Mary Mackillop: A Tribute.
261197: WILSON, GEORGE. - Reports of the Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Court of Common Pleas, &C. : Part the Second . . . Fourth Edition.
256896: JUVENAL. HARRY LANGFORD WILSON (EDITOR). - D. Iuni Iuvenalis Saturarum: Libri V.
257921: WILSON, EUNICE. - Dangerous Sky: A Resource Guide to the Battle of Britain (Bibliographies of Battles and Leaders).
277598: WILSON, RICHARD GUY ET AL. - The Machine Age in America, 1918-1941.
258329: WILSON, DEDE. - Eliza: The New Orleans Years.
273715: WILSON, WOODROW. - The Messages and Papers of Woodrow Wilson . . . In Two Volumes: Vol. I + Vol. Ii. (2 Vols)
223246: WILSON, WILLIAM F. - Bibliography of North Carolina Geology, 1910-1960. Nc Dept. Of Natural & Economic Resources, Div. Of Resource Planning & Evaluation, Mineral Resources Section, Bulletin 82.
245948: WILSON, LOUIS ROUND; TAUBER, MAURICE F. AND JERROLD ORNE (EDITORS). - Education and Libraries: Selected Papers By Louis Round Wilson.
104321: WILSON, JOHN. - Learning to Love.
229449: WILSON, DEANNA (DESIGNER). - Ancient Helmets.
283730: WILSON, LOUIS R. - Harry Woodburn Chase: President of the University of North Carolina, 1919-1930, President of the University of Illinois, 1930-1933, Chancellor of New York University, 1933-1951.
265737: WILTON, ANDREW AND ROBERT UPSTONE (EDITORS). - The Age of Rossetti, Burne-Jones and Watts: Symbolism in Britain 1860-1910.
273233: WIND, GERALDINE DUNPHY. - Correggio: L'eroe Della Cupola: Hero of the Dome (Quaderni Dell Fondazione 'il Correggio)'.
275390: WINES, ABIJAH. - An Inquiry Into the Nature of the Sinners Inability to Make a New Heart, Or to Become Holy.
278619: WINGO, CAMILLE. - Pictures Making Beliefs: A Cognitive Technological Model for Ritual Efficacy. Carolina Academic Press Ritual Studies Monograph
279495: WINGO, JOSETTE DERMODY. - Mother Was a Gunner's Mate: World War Ii in the Waves.
277374: WINN, JOSHUA NICHOLAS III. - Muscle Shoals Canal. . . Life with the Canalers.
252964: WINSOR, ELEANOR J. - A Study in the Sources and Rhetoric of Chaucer's "Legend of Good Women" and Ovid's "Heroides"
287363: WINSPEAR, JACQUELINE. - Journey to Munich: A Novel.
272183: WINSTEAD, NASH NICKS. - Tales of Leasburg North Carolina.
232425: WINSTON, ROBERT W. - Andrew Johnson: Plebian and Patriot.
232814: WINSTON, ROBERT W. - Talks About the Law Wherein Such Legal Principles As Touch the Daily Business of the People Are Treated in a Manner Within the Reach of the Average Mind.
284761: WINTERS, LISA ZE. - The Mulatta Concubine: Terror, Intimacy, Freedom, and Desire in the Black Transatlantic (Race in the Atlantic World, 1700-1900).
259062: WISWE, HANS. - Kulturgeschichte Der Kochkunst: Kochbucher Und Rezepte Aus Zwei Jahrtausenden Mit Einem Lexikalischen Anhang Zur Fachsprache Von Eva Hepp.
149779: WITHERSPOON, DAVID H. - With a Song in His Heart: The Story of Grass Roots Opera.
284136: WITHEY, ALUN . - Physick and the Family: Health, Medicine and Care in Wales, 1600 - 1750.
276939: WITTFOGEL, KARL A. AND FENG CHIA-SHENG. - History of Chinese Society: Liao (907-1125).
257702: POLYBIUS. TH. BUETTNER-WOBST (EDITOR). - Polybius Historiae: Vol. V: Appendix: Indices Et Historiarum Conspectus.
284630: WODENING, JANE (BRAKHAGE). - Brakhage's Childhood.
284520: WOLD, STACY. - A Problem Like Maria: Gender and Sexuality in the American Musical.
263724: WOLF, JOHANNES. - Handbuch Der Notationskunde Ii. Teil: Tonschriften Der Neuzeit Tabulaturen, Partitur, Generalbaß Und Reformaversuch.
252461: WOLFE, HONORA LEE & ROSE CRESCENZ. - Highlights of Ancient Acupuncture Prescriptions.
258833: WOLFF, JULIAN. - A Ramble in Bohemia.
222397: WOMACK, THOMAS B., NEEDHAM Y, GULLEY, WILLIAM B. RODMAN. - A Revisal of 1905 of North Carolina, Volume Two.
249343: WONG, F. MICHAEL (EDITOR). - Judicial Administration and Space Management: A Guide for Architects, Court Administrators, and Planners.
258842: WOOD, MARGARET E. - Thirteenth-Century Domestic Architecture in England (the Archaeological Journal, Vol. Cv, Supplement).
284099: WOOD, ROBIN. - The Apu Trilogy.
284101: WOOD, ROBIN. - Ingmar Bergman.
270331: WOOD, DAVE. - The Painted Word: Inspirational Caligraphy.
284100: WOOD, ROBIN & MICHAEL WALKER. - Claude Chabrol.
278773: WOOD, W. RAYMOND. - A White-Bearded Plainsman: The Memoirs of Archaeologist W. Raymond Wood.
287569: WOODARD, ROGER D. - Myth, Ritual, and the Warrior in Roman and Indo-European Antiquity.
283673: WOODBURY, GEORGE. - The Story of a Stanley Steamer.
284979: WOOLF, VIRGINIA. - To the Lighthouse (Everyman's Library 30).
263658: WORRINGER, W. - Form Problems of the Gothic.
264680: WORTH, JONATHAN. - The Correspondence of Jonathan Worth: Volume I. Edited By J.G. De Roulhac Hamilton. Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission. 2 Volumes.
260191: WORTH, THOMAS. - Plutarch Restored: An Anachronatic Metempsychosis, Illustrating the Illustrious of Greece and Rome.
234842: WRIGHT, ALEC AND JOHN MAWER (EDITORS). - Stokesley Selection.
288039: WRIGHT, REV. JOHN. - Early Bibles of America; Being a Descriptive Account of Bibles Published in the United States, Mexico and Canada.
260496: WRIGHT, GENERAL MARCUS J. - General Scott. Great Commanders
269416: WRIGHT, STUART. - Randall Jarrell: A Descriptive Bibliography, 1929-1983.
271099: WRIGHT, F. EDWARD. - Colonial Families of Delaware: Vol. 3.
204641: WRIGHT, LOUISE (EDITOR). - Journeying with Methodist Women, 1966 to 1986.
253767: WRIGHT, A. J. (COMPILER). - Criminal Activity in the Deep South, 1700-1930: An Annotated Bibliography.
285152: WRIGHT, THOMAS (EDITOR). - The Roll of Arms of the Princes, Barons, and Knights Who Attended King Edward I. To the Siege of Caerlaverock, in 1300.
282783: WRIGHT, ARTHUR F. - Studies in Chinese Buddhism.
231310: WROTH, LAWRENCE C. - Parson Weems: A Biographical and Critical Study.
283956: WUJASTYK, DAGMAR & FREDERICK M. SMITH (EDITORS). - Modern and Global Ayurveda; Pluralism and Paradigms.
264294: WYATT, WILLIAM F. - The Greek Prothetic Vowel (Philological Monographs of the American Philological Association, Number 31).
272821: WYLIE, PHILIP. - Ten Thousand Blunt Instruments, and Other Tales of Mystery.
282619: KOLAS ASHILD AND YUANYUAN XIE (EDITORS). - Reclaiming the Forest: The Ewenki Reindeer Herders of Aoluguya.
150529: XIRAU, RAMON. - L'espill Soterrat.
277952: XUL SOLAR, ALEJANDRO. - Xul Solar: The Architectures.
278088: XYGALATAS, DIMITRIS. - The Burning Saints: Cognition and Culture in the Fire-Walking Rituals of the Anastenaria (Religion, Cognition and Culture).
234363: YAMBO. ( ENRICO NOVELLI ). - Il Diavolo Nella Cupola.
281667: YARBROUGH, STEVE. - End of California.
256365: YATES, KEITH D. - The Complete Book of Taekwon Do Forms.
264114: YEAGER, R. F. & BRIAN W. GASTLE. - Approaches to Teaching the Poetry of John Gower.
279465: YELVERTON, MILDRED GRIFFIN. - They Also Served: Twenty-Five Remarkable Alabama Women.
273371: YOOD, JAMES. - The Story of a Glass Sculpture.
241701: YORK, J. RONALD M. - Nudes & Nonsense.
229885: YORK, BRANTLEY. - The Autobiography of Brantley York. The John Lawson Monographs of the Trinity College Historical Society, Vol. I.
266993: YOSEF, OVADYA. YISRAEL BITAN (EDITOR). MOHE MIZRAHI (TRANSLATOR). - Yalkut Yosef: The Saka Edition. Hilkhot Pesah, with Appendixes: The Pesah Kitchen, When Shabbat Is the Day Preceding Pesah.
285018: YOSHIMOTO, MIDORI. - Into Performance: Japanese Women Artists in New York.
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