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278665: LAMBERT, LEONARD CARSON JR. & MICHAEL LAMBERT. - Up from These Hills: Memories of a Cherokee Boyhood.
229753: LAMBERT, ANDRÉ. - L'isle Saint-Louis. Ce Qui Reste Du Vieux Paris: Une Douzaine de Croquis Avec Une Préface Illustrée.
281164: LAMBERT, COLIN R. - You Too Can Heal: Energy Key of the Future.
281577: LAMM, LEONID. - Leonid Lamm: Birth of an Image.
274076: LAMONTAGNE, JACQUES; MA YI. - Yuna, Tome 1: La Prophetie de Winog.
260357: LAMPL-DE GROOT, JEANNE. - The Development of the Mind: Psychoanalytic Papers on Clinical and Theoretical Problems.
284757: LANCASTER, GUY. - Racial Cleansing in Arkansas, 1883-1924: Politics, Land, Labor, and Criminality (New Studies in Southern History).
267967: LANCASTER, JOHN E. - Judge Harley and His Boys: The Langdale Story.
273283: LANDON, L. E. - The Complete Works of L.E. Landon . . . Two Volumes in One.
248427: LANDS, W. E. M. (EDITOR). - Biochemical Preparations: Volume 12.
217659: LANDSTAD, M. B. - Norske Folkeviser, Samlede Og Udgivne.
276264: LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR); BRANGWYN, FRANK (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Thousand and One Nights; Or Arabian Nights' Entertainment (6 Volumes).
167688: LANE, MILLS (EDITOR) . - General Oglethorpe's Georgia: Colonial Letters, 1733 - 1743. 2 Volumes.
254410: LANG, ARNOLD. G. CURTEL (TRANSLATOR). - Traite D'anatomie Comparee Et de Zoologie. 2 Vols.
264983: LANGE, WILLEM. - Tales from the Edge of the Woods.
287023: LANGE, ARMIN, ERIC M. MEYERS, BENNIE H. REYNOLDS III, RANDALL STYERS (EDITORS). - Light Against Darkness: Dualism in Ancient Mediterranean Religion and the Contemporary World (Journal of Ancient Judaism Supplements).
260526: LANGFORD, THOMAS A. AND ANN MARIE D. - The Centenary of Duke Memorial Church: A Portrait of Duke Memorial United Methodist Church 1975-1986.
268010: LANGFORD, THOMAS A. AND ANN MARIE D. - The Centenary of Duke Memorial Church: A Portrait of Duke Memorial United Methodist Church 1975-1986.
233597: PLUTARCH. JOHN LANGHORNE AND WILLIAM LANGHORNE. - Plutarch's Lives, Translated from the Original Greek: With Notes, Critical and Historical and a Life of Plutarch. New Edition, Revised and Corrected.
244877: LANGLOIS, ERNEST. - Table Des Noms Propres de Toute Nature Compris Dans Les Chansons de Geste Imprimees.
234658: LANGTON, JANE. - Paper Chains.
279262: LANSDOWNE, J. FENWICK. - Birds of the Eastern Forest: 2. Text By John A. Livingston
231850: LANTOW, DAVID AND JORDAN TRACHTENBERG. - Monster Trucks : 17 Artists + 16 Poets.
140459: LARGENT, VERA (EDITOR). - The Walter Clinton Jackson Essays in the Social Sciences. By Members of the Faculty of the Woman's College of the University of North Carolina.
219463: LARPENT, F. S. - The Private Journal of F.S. Larpent, Esq. , Vol Ii : Judge Advocate General of the British Forces in the Peninsula. Attached to the Head-Quarters of Lord Wellington During the Peninsular War, from 1812 to Its Close. Edited By George Larpent
278040: LARSON, JONATHAN L. - Critical Thinking in Slovakia After Socialism.
286905: LARSON, JENNIFER. - Understanding Walter Mosley. Understanding Contemporary American Literature
216743: LARSSON, RAYMOND EDWARD FRANCIS. - Book Like a Bow Curved.
244704: LASLEY, BOB & SALLIE HOLT. - Hometown Memories . . . Mules, Mud and Homemade Soap: Tales from Anson, Stanley, and Union Couinties.
207251: LASSERRE, PIERRE. - La Jeunesse D'ernest Renan; Histoire de la Crise Religieuse Au Xixe Siècle: De Tréguier à Saint-Sulpice + le Drame de la Métaphysique Chrétienne. 2 Volumes
267030: LIVY. EUGENE LASSERRE (TRANSLATOR). - Tite-Live: Histoire Romaine. Tome Sixieme.
267031: LIVY. EUGENE LASSERRE (TRANSLATOR). - Tite-Live: Histoire Romaine. Tome Quatrieme.
224109: LATHAM, JEAN LEE. - Le Vaillant Petit Tailleur (the Brave Little Tailor) + Hansel Et Gretel (Hansel and Gretel) + Jacques Et le Haricot Géant (Jack and the Beanstalk). Translated By Michèle Halverson. Illustrated By Pablo Ramirez & José Correas.
232810: LATHAM, JOHN C. ET AL. - Cotton Movement and Fluctuations, 1879 to 1884.
251319: LATIMER, ADRIAN. - Paradise Found: Travels with a Fly Rod.
288045: LATIMORE, SARAH BRIGGS AND GRACE CLARK HASKELL. - Arthur Rackham: A Bibliography.
254465: LAUFFER, SIEGFRIED (EDITOR). - Abriss Der Antiken Geschichte.
282621: LAUGRAND, FREDERIC AND JARICH OOSTEN. - Hunters, Predators and Prey: Inuit Perceptions of Animals.
282999: LAUREATI, LAURA. - Gaspar Van Wittel and Il Porto Di Ripetta.
229780: LAURENCE, RAY. - Roman Pompeii: Space and Society.
270134: LAUTERBACH, JACOB Z. - Mekilta de-Rabbi Ishmael, Vol. One-Three.
275852: LAVEISSIERE, SYLVAIN. - Pierre-Paul Prud'hon.
280176: LAVIN, IRVING ET AL. - Drawings By Gianlorenzo Bernini from the Museum Der Bildenden Kunste Leipzig, German Democratic Republic.
211279: LAW, HENRY. - A Rudimentary Treatise on Logarithms.
239862: LAWLESS, KELLIE & MAILI BROCKE. - Football Food.
257529: LAWRENCE, T. E. ETIEMBLE & YASSU GAUCLERE (TRANSLATORS). - Lettres de T.E. Lawrence. Translated By Etiemble & Yassu Gauclere
262683: LAWRENCE, LOUISE DE KIRILINE. - A Comparative Life-History Study of Four Species of Woodpeckers.
222224: LAWRENCE, CHARLES (COMPILER). - History of the Philadelphia Almshouses and Hospitals, from the Beginning of the Eighteenth to the Ending of the Nineteenth Centuries, Covering a Period of Nearly Two Hundred Years, Showing the Mode of Distributing Public Relief Through the Management of the Boards of Overseers of the Poor, Guardians of the Poor and the Directors of the Department of Charities and Correction, with an Appendix, Containing a List of Former Visiting and Resident Physicans.
274567: LAWRENCE, CHRISTOPHER AND PAUL LUCIER AND CHRISTOPHER C. BOOTH (EDITORS). - Take Time By the Forelock: Letters of Anthony Fothergill to James Woodforde, 1783-1813 (Medical History Supplement).
73533: LAWRENCE, ABBOTT. - Letters from the Hon. Abbott Lawrence to the Hon. William C. Rives of Virginia.
233296: LAWSON, HARRIET ONDERO. - Olde Flushing.
233871: LAWSON, THOMAS AND RICHARD H. COOLIDGE. - Statistical Report on the Sickness and Mortality in the Army of the United States, Compiled from the Records of the Surgeon General's Office; Embracing a Period. . . From January, 1839, to January, 1855. . . January 1855. Senate Ex. Doc. No. 96, 34th Congress, 1st Session.
265366: LEAF, MUNRO. - Let's Do Better.
257124: CHAPEL HILL SERVICE LEAGUE. - The Chapel Hill Service League's Chapel Hill Favorites: 5th Edition, 2nd Printing.
235013: THE HERMIT OF LEAVENWORTH. - An Essay of Protean Nature.
285054: LEBBON, TIM. - Fears Unnamed: 4 Novellas.
240863: LEBEAU, CAROLI. - Carmina D. Caroli Lebeau, in Collegio Olim Graffinaeo Eloquentiae Necnon in Regio Professoris, Regiae Litterarum & Inscriptionum Academiae a Secretis.
281602: LEBEDEVA, V. E. - Tatiana Nazarenko (Russian Edition).
252463: {LEBOUCHER, ODET JULIEN}. - Historia de la Ultima Guerra Entre la Inglaterra, Los Estados Unidos de America, la Francia, Espana, Y Holanda: Desde El Ano de 1775, En Que Se Principio Hasta El de 1783, En Quo Se Concluyo: Vol. I + Vol. Ii.
251751: LEDER, PRISCILLA (EDITOR). - Seeds of Change: Critical Essays on Barbara Kingsolver.
287846: LEE, SONIA SONG-HA. - Building a Latino Civil Rights Movement: Puerto Ricans, African Americans, and the Pursuit of Racial Justice in New York City (Justice, Power, and Politics).
259104: LEE, MELICENT HUMASON. LESLIE W. LEE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Indians of the Oaks.
273395: LEE, LOYD E. - The Politics of Harmony: Civil Service, Liberalism, and Social Reform in Baden, 1800-1850.
268008: LEE, JOSHUA A. - With Their Ears Pricked Forward: Tales of Mules I've Known.
278594: LEFKOWITZ, MARY R. - The Lives of the Greek Poets (Classical Life and Letters).
254823: LEGER, ALFRED. - Les Travaux Publics, Les Mines Et Al Metallurgie Aux Temps Des Romains, la Tradition Romaine Jusqu'a Nos Jours: Texte + Atlas. 2 Vols.
231765: LEGER, FERNAND. CHRISTIAN DEROUST, (EDITOR). - Fernad Leger. Lettres a Simone.
247217: LEGGE, WILLOW. - An African Folktale.
273329: LEHMANN, HARTMUT & JAMES J. SHEEHAN (EDITORS). - An Interrupted Past: German-Speaking Refugee Historians in the United States After 1933.
253274: LEHMANN, JENNIFER M. - Deconstructing Durkheim: A Post-Post-Structuralist Critique.
287796: LEICHHARDT, R. W. LUDWIG; AUROUSSEAU, M. (EDITOR). - The Letters of R.W. Ludwig Leichhardt (Volumes I, Ii, and Iii). Hakluyt Society, Series Ii, Vols Cxxxiii, Cxxxv, and Cxxxix
214923: LEIGH, EGERTON & ARTHUR LEE. - The Nature of Colony Constitutions: Two Pamphlets on the Wilkes Fund Controversy in South Carolina. Edited By Jack P. Greene.
258966: LEISIBACH, JOSEF (EDITOR). - Die Liturgischen Handschriften Der Kantons- Und Universitatsbibliothek Freiburg. Spicilegii Friburgensis Subsidia 16. Iter Helveticum Teil I
258965: LEISIBACH, JOSEF (EDITOR). - Die Liturgischen Handschriften Des Kantons Freiburg (Ohne Katonsbibliothek). Spicilegii Friburgensis Subsidia 16. Iter Helveticum Teil Ii
283050: LEITCH, THOMAS. - Perry Mason (Tv Milestones Series).
129514: LEITHAUSER, BRAD. - The Seaside Mountain; Eight Poems from Japan. Illustrated By Mark Leithauser
271842: LEMAIRE, JACQUES. - Introduction a la Codicologie.
286977: LEMAITRE, J. - Wonders Are Collectible: Taxidermy: Tranquil Beauty.
287504: LEMAN, MARC. - The Expressive Moment: How Interaction (with Music) Shapes Human Empowerment.
278740: LEMPERT, MICHAEL. - Discipline and Debate: The Language of Violence in a Tibetan Buddhist Monestary.
271466: LENCZNER, SERGE. - Jean Miotte Works of 1946-2006.
283879: LENNON, KATHLEEN. - Imagination and the Imaginary.
231748: LENTZ, TONY M. - Orality and Literacy in Hellenic Greece.
252367: LENZ, FRIEDRICH WALTER. - Aristeidesstudien. Deutsche Akademie Der Wissenschaften Zu Berlin 40
246923: LEON-GAUTHIER, PIERRE. - Le Clos Mouron.
276214: LEONDES, C. T. (EDITOR). - Control and Dynamic Systems: Advances in Theory and Applications: Advances in Algorithms and Computational Techniques in Dynamic Systems Control: Volumes 28, 29, & 30: Parts 1, 2, & 3 (3 Vols).
234358: LEONE, EVASIO. - Elogio Primo Di S. Vincenzo de' Paoli Fondatore de'signori Della Missione.
226677: LEOPARDI, GIACOMO. - Opere Di Gicomo Leopardi: Vol. Ii.
285842: LEPRONT, CATHERINE. - Caspar David Friedrich.
277707: LESHER, JAMES ET AL. - Plato's Symposium: Issues in Interpretation and Reception (Hellenic Studies 22).
286625: LESSING, LAUREN (EDITOR). - A Useable Past: American Folk Art at the Colby College Museum of Art.
268558: LESTZ, GERALD S. - Amish Culture and Economy.
240381: LEUNG, MAI. - The New Classic Chinese Cookbook.
287966: LEVENSON, JON D. - The Love of God: Divine Gift, Human Gratitude, and Mutual Faithfulness in Judaism (Library of Jewish Ideas).
272807: LEVEY, ZACH. - Israel and the Western Powers.
283698: LEVIN, CAROLE AND JOHN WATKINS. - Shakespeare's Foreign Worlds: National and Transnational Identities in the Elizabethan Age.
282823: LEVINE, LISA & CAROL KRUCOFF. - Yoga Shalom.
277783: LEVINE, GEORGE. - The Boundaries of Fiction: Carlyle Macaulay Newman.
255560: LEWALLEN, CONSTANCE M. - Everything Matters: Paul Kos, a Retrospective.
284014: LEWIS, KEVIN. - Lonesome: The Spiritual Meanings of American Solitude.
263977: LEWIS, F. D. & S. SHARMA (EDITORS). - The Necklace of the Pleiades: Twenty-Four Essays on Persian Literature, Culture and Religion (Amsterdam University Press - Iranian Studies from Leiden University Press).
261345: LEWIS, ELIZABETH. - The Princess and the Curdie (George Macdonald Stories for Little Folks).
256710: LEWIS, WILLIAM J. (EDITOR). - The 1963 Fledgling, Published By the Students of Wilmington College.
285864: LEWIS, CHARLENE M. BOYER. - Ladies and Gentlemen on Display: Planter Society at the Virginia Springs, 1790-1860.
279725: LEWIS, D. & SHIRLEY EDWARDS. DON BECHTEL (ILLUSTRATOR). - Mud Turtle and the Lake Maker.
235648: LEWIS, JACK. - The Bay and River Delaware.
287242: LEWIS, AGNES SMITH. - The Old Syriac Gospels, Or, Evangelion de-Mepharreshe: Being the Text of the the Sinai Or Syro-Antiochene Palimpsest, Including the Latest Additions and Emendations, with the Variants of the Curetonian Text, Corroborations from Many Other Mss. And a List of Quotations from Ancient Authors.
257207: LEWTON, F. L. - Historical Notes on the Cotton Gin. From the Smithsonian Report for 1937, Pages 549-563 (with 4 Plates).
271532: LEYSER, KARL. - Communications and Power in Medieval Europe: The Carolingian and Ottonian Centuries.
278832: LI, JIE JACK. - Triumph of the Heart: The Story of Statins.
264229: LI, STAN Z. (EDITOR). - Advances in Biometric Person Authentication: 5th Chinese Conference on Biometric Recognition, Sinobiometrics 2004, Guangzhou, China, December 13-14, . . .
284835: LI, CHENYANG (EDITOR). - The Sage and the Second Sex: Confucianism, Ethics, and Gender.
226674: LIBBY, E. ROBERT (EDITOR). - Binaural Hearing and Amplification: Vol. I: Binaural Hearing + Vol. Ii: Binaural Amplification. Two Volumes.
263949: LIEBERMAN, MARION H. - Morganton on My Mind: A Love Song to a Small Town.
287979: LIEBLING, A. J. - The Sweet Science and Other Writings: The Sweet Science; the Earl of Louisiana; the Jollity Building; between Meals; the Press (the Library of America-191).
234456: LIEBOVITZ, DAVID. - Chronicle of an Infamous Woman.
280798: LIEDTKE, WALTER. - The Royal Horse and Rider: Painting, Sculpture, and Horsemanship 1500-1800.
273870: LIGETI, GYORGY & MICHAEL MESCHKE. - Le Grand Macabre: Opera in Four Scenes to a Libretto By Michael Meschke and Gyorgy Ligeti, Freely Adapted from Michel de Ghelderode's Play la Balade Du Grande Macabre.
272375: LIGHT, MICHAEL. - Michael Light: La Day/la Night.
262127: LILLICH, MEREDITH PARSONS. - The Stained Glass of Saint-Pere de Chartres.
275455: LINDAY, LIONEL. - A.J. Munnings, R.A. : Pictures of Horses and English Life.
270467: LINDENBERG, PAUL (EDITOR). - Hindenburg-Denkmal Fur Das Deutsche Volk.
257701: ISIDORE: W. M. LINDSAY (EDITOR). - Isidori Hispalensis Episcopi Etymologiarum Sive Originum: Libri Xx: Tomus Ii, Libros Xi-Xx Continens.
262560: LINDSEY, SUE & BILL NEELY (EDITORS). - The 1952 Yackety Yack.
265773: LINDSEY, SUE & BILL NEELY (EDITORS). - The 1952 Yackety Yack.
246755: LINTON, JOAN PONG. - The Romance of the New World: Gender and the Literary Formations of English Colonialism.
279572: LINTON, JOAN PONG. - The Romance of the New World: Gender and the Literary Formations of English Colonialism.
240407: LIPMAN, ALAN. - Architecture on My Mind: Critical Readings in Design [Paperback].
177625: LIPPY, CHARLES H. - Bibliography of Religion in the South.
246835: LIPSCOMB, TERRY W. (EDITOR). - The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly: November 20, 1755-July 6, 1757.
247141: LIPSCOMB, TERRY W. AND OLSBERG, R. NICHOLAS. - The Colonial Records of South Carolina : The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly (Series I) November 14, 1751 - October 7, 1752.
247142: LIPSCOMB, TERRY W. - The Colonial Records of South Carolina : The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly (Series I) November 21, 1752 - September 6, 1754.
262176: HUNG LIU. - Hung Liu: A Ten-Year Survey, 1988-1998. An Exhibition Organized By the College of Wooster Art Museum.
259494: LIVERSIDGE, MICHAEL & CATHARINE EDWARDS (EDITORS). - Imagining Rome: British Artists and Rome in the Nineteenth Century.
233295: LIVIGNSTON, NOEL. - Sketch Pedigrees of Some of the Early Settlers in Jamaica.
285151: LIVINGSTON, EDWARD. - A System of Penal Law, for the State of Louisiana.
234767: LIVINGSTON, RUTH. - Verse Tales. Child Life Adventures. Series One, Books One - Six. Six Volumes.
287684: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID N. - Putting Science in Its Place: Geographies of Scientific Knowledge.
113638: LIVY. - Titi Livii: Historiarum Romanarum, Libri Qui Supersunt; Vol. I, Part I + Pars Ii. 2 Vols. Ex Recensione Io. Nic. Madvigii. Ediderunt Io. Nic. Madvigius Et Io. L. Ussingius.
274100: LOCKE, JOHN. - Two Treatises of Government (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought).
251493: LOCKE-ELLIOTT, SUMNER. - Interval.
288044: LOEWENTHEIL, STEPHAN AND THOMAS EDSALL. - The Poe Catalogue: A Descriptive Catalouge of the Stephen Loewentheil Collection of Edgar Allan Poe Material.
267958: LOFTON, JOHN. - Denmark Vesey's Revolt: The Slave Plot That Lit a Fuse to Fort Sumter.
251478: LOHMAN, JON. MORGAN MILLER (PHOTOGRAPHS). - In Good Keeping: Virginia's Folklife Apprenticeships.
278144: LOISELLE, KENNETH. - Brotherly Love: Freemasonry and Male Friendship in Enlightenment France.
251860: LOISY, ALFRED. - L'evangile Selon Marc.
263934: LONDON, JACK. - The Adventures of Captain Grief.
257080: LONDON, H. M. (EDITOR). - North Carolina Manual 1937.
279808: LONDON, H. M. (EDITOR). - North Carolina Manual, 1931.
273020: LONDON, LAWRENCE FOUSHEE. - Bishop Joseph Blount Cheshire: His Life and Work.
277945: LONDON, LAWRENCE FOUSHEE. - Bishop Joseph Blount Cheshire: His Life and Work.
287524: LONG, STEPHEN. - Thirty-Eight: The Hurricane That Transformed New England.
285912: LONG, JOHN S. AND JENNIFER S.H. BROWN (EDITORS). - Together We Survive: Ethnographic Intuituions, Friendships, and Coversations (Mcgill-Queen's Native and Northern Series, #79).
282493: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Poems. The 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature, Limited Edition
262156: LONGINUS, DIONYSIUS. ARTURUS OCTAVIUS PRICKARD (EDITOR). - Libellus de Suvlimitate Dionysio Longino Fere Adscriptus. Accedunt Excerpta Quaedam E Cassii Lonfini Operibus.
246673: LONGLEY, JUDY. - Rowing Past Eden.
282313: LONGLEY, MAX. - For the Union and the Catholic Church: Four Converts in the Civil War.
246925: LONGNON, JEAN. - La Nouvelle Helene.
204910: LONGSTREET, AUGUSTUS. - An Oration Delivered in the City of Augusta, on the Centennial Birth-Day of George Washington.
244885: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN. - A Few Painted Feathers.
217354: LOPES, DAVID. - Expansão Da Lígua Portuguesa No Oriente Durante Os Séculos Xvi, Svii E Xviii. Edited & Annotated By Luís de Matos.
281720: LOPEZ, MARIA GIANNATIEMPO. - I Bronzi Lauretani Di Eta' Sistina: Storia E Restauro.
278657: LOPEZ, LUIS. - Indefinite Objects: Scrambling, Choice Functions, and Differential Marking. Linguistic Inquiry Monograph 63
69875: LOPP, LUCILLE. - The Doctor Abel Anderson Family.
253727: LORD, GEORGE. - Homeric Renaissance: The Odyssey of George Chapman.
285511: LOREN, DIANA DIPAOLO. - The Archaeology of Clothing and Bodily Adornment in Colonial America (the American Experience in Archaeological Perspective).
284243: LORENZEN, DAVID N. - The Kapalikas and Kalamukhas: Two Lost Saivite Sects.
270804: HEIMAT- UND KULTURVEREIN LORSCH (EDITOR). - Beitrage Zur Geschichte Des Klosters Lorsch.
284565: LOTZ, CHRISTIAN. - From Affectivity to Subjectivity.
286375: LOUD, PATRICIA CUMMINGS. - The Art Museums of Louis I. Kahn.
275639: LOUNSBURY, CARL ET AL. - An Architectural Analysis of the Charleston County Courthouse.
259643: LOURIA, MARGOT. - Triumph and Downfall: America's Pursuit of Peace and Prosperity, 1921-1933.
287534: LOUTH, ANDREW. - Greek East and Latin West: The Church Ad 681-1071 (the Church in History Vol. Iii).
253866: LOUYS, PIERRE. - The Adventures of King Pausole.
286703: LOUYS, PIERRE. - The Adventures of King Pausole.
277484: LOVANO, MICHAEL. - All Things Julius Caesar: An Encyclopedia of Caesar's World and Legacy: Vol. I + Vol. Ii (2 Volumes).
255646: LOVATO, LEO. - Elvis Romero and Fiesta de Santa Fe Featuring Zozobra's Great Escape.
288068: LOVETT, CHARLES C. & STEPHANIE B. LOVETT. - Lewis Carroll's Alice: An Annotated Checklist of the Lovett Collection.
284666: LOVETT, CHARLIE. - First Impressions: A Novel of Old Books, Unexpected Love, and Jane Austen.
247723: LOVOLL, ODD SVERRE. - The Promise of America: A History of the Norwegian-American People.
283102: LOW, RACHEL. - Film Making in 1930's Britain (the History of British Film 1929 - 1939).
275303: LOWE, EDITH. FRANCES ECKART (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Little Bear Who Wanted Friends.
279704: LOWE, GEORGE & HUW LEWIS-JONES. - The Crossing of Antarctica: Original Photographs from the Epic Journey That Fulfilled Shackleton's Dream.
235374: LOWE, EDITH. - Friendly Farm. Illustrated By "Margie".
247465: LOWI, THEODORE J. - At the Pleasure of the Mayor: Patronage and Power in New York City, 1898-1958.
286389: LOWRY, BILL. - The Antechamber of Heaven: A History of Lake Junaluska Assembly.
232804: LOWTH, B. ROBERT AND CALVIN E. STOWE. - Lectures on the Sacred Poetry of the Hebrews. A New Edition with Notes By Calvin E. Stowe.
278072: LOZNY, LUDOMIR R. (EDITOR). - Continuity and Change in Cultural Adaptation to Mountain Environments: From Prehistory to Contemporary Threats.
275958: LUBLING, YORAM. - Twice-Dead: Moshe Y. Lubling, the Ethics of Memory, and the Treblinka Revolt.
274220: LUCAS, F. L. - The Woman Clothed with the Sun and Other Stories.
234718: LUCAS, RICHARD. - Religious Perfection: Or, a Third Part of the Enquiry After Happiness.
274611: LUCCHI, GABRIELE. - Crema Sacra.
226339: LUCCIONI, MASSIMO. - French Defence: Tarrasch Variation - 3 . . . A6 (C03).
282919: LUCHINAT, CRISTINA ACINDINI. - Grandi Restauri a Firenzze: L'attivita Dell'opificio Delle Pietre Dure, 1975-2000.
266614: LUCHINAT, CRISTINA ACIDINI & ENRICA NERI LUSANNA (EDITORS). - Maso Di Banco. La Cappella Di San Silvestro.
253416: LUCIAN. - Luciani: Samosatensis Opera, Vol. Iii.
271302: LUDWIG, PETER (EDITOR). - Aachener Kunstblatter (Band 38/1969).
247348: LUMIANSKY, R. M. & DAVID MILLS. - Chester Mystery Cycle: Essays and Documents.
274823: LUPICA, MIKE. - The Underdogs.
261184: VON LUPKE, GESEKO. - Altes Wissen Fûr Eine Neue Zeit: Gespräche Mit Heilern Und Schamanen Des 21. Jahrhunderts.
254847: LUPPRIAN, HILDEGARD. - The Story Book of the Calico Pup and Ducky Drake.
281243: LUSANNA, ENRICA NERI (EDITOR). - Arnolfo Alle Origini Del Rinascimento Fiorentino.
287916: LVCANI, M. ANNAEI. - De Bello Civili: Liber Vii (Pit Press Series).
264643: LYCAN, WILLIAM G. - Real Conditionals.
265376: LYNCH, IDA PHILLIPS. - The Duke Forest at 75: A Resource for All Seasons.
283026: LYONS, BRIDGET GELLERT. - Chimes at Midnight: Orson Welles, Director (Rutgers Films in Print).
217818: LYU, CLAIRE CHI-AH. - A Sun Within a Sun: The Power and Elegance of Poetry.
273906: G. F. MA (CHU YING-TSU). - His Excellency Chu Cheng: A History for the Family.
287724: MABRY, CLARENCE T. - The Mountains Creature of the Appalachians.
278736: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON. - An Ethnography of England in the Year 1685: Being the Celebrated Third Chapter of Thomas Babington Macaulay's History of England.
267063: MACAULAY, G.C. (EDITOR). - Herodotus: Book Iii (Classical Series).
278242: MACCLANCY, JEREMY. - Anthropology in the Public Arena: Historical and Contemporary Contexts.
234951: MACCORD, CHARLES WILLIAM. - Practical Hints for Draughtsmen.
283815: MACDONALD, ALISTAIR J. - Border Bloodshed: Scotland, England, and the French Connection, 1369-1403.
281227: MACDONALD, KEVIN. - Emeric Pressburger: The Life and Death of a Screenwriter.
259897: MACDONOGH, GILES. - The Great Battles.
233291: MACDUFF, DAVID. - Murder Strikes Three.
274179: MACELWANE, JAMES B. - When the Earth Quakes.
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