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AR_314_002: - Aki Yerushalayim: Numero 70 - Anyo 23 Novemre 2002.: Revista Kulturala Djudeo-Espanyola.
AR_196_020: - The Paul Karon Collection: of 8 Escudos and Other Classic Latin American Coinage.
V_2016_113: - Memorial: En Souvenir de nos Rabbins et Ministres Officiants Victimes de la Barbarie Nazie.
V_1047_24: - Gabriel Riesser: Eine Auswahl aus seinen Schriften und Briefen.
AR_201_011: - Magazin für die Literatur des Auslandes - 1838 : Dreizehnter Band (13), Januar bis Juni / Vierzehnte Band (14), Juli bis Dezember [TWO VOLUMES BOUND TOGETHER].
V_3030_070: - Cultural Heritages of Korea.
V_1091_86: - [Kehilat Sarny -a Memoirial Book] [IN HEBREW].
SH_053_100: - Tannaitic Symposia: Complete Collected Sayings, in Halakah and Aggadah in the Talmudic and Midrashic Literature - Vol. III [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_723_006: - Filmography: Catalogue of Jewish Films in Israel.: Abraham F. Rad Jewish Film Archives..
V_3019_61: - Jahrbuch der JÜdisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft XV.
V_3019_62: - Jahrbuch der Jüdisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft VIII.
E_34_023: - Dictionary Of Manufacturing And Operating Terms : Hebrew-Hebrew-English.
kg_54_008: - Le livre et le Liban jusqu'à 1900: Ouvrage publié sous la direction de Camille Aboussouan.
AR_421_007: - Nazir Echav: A Book of Essays and Articles in Memory of Rabbi David Cohen, The Nazir [3 VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
V_2025_81: - Touro Synagogue of Congregation Jeshuat Israel, Newport, Rhode Island.: Founded 1658. Dedicated 1763. Designated as a National Historic Site 1946..
SH_032_026: - Seventieth Anniversary Of Pardess: 1900 - 1970 [IN HEBREW].
V_1059_37: - Essays and Studies in Librarianship: Presented to Curt David Wormann, on his Seventy-Fifth Birthday.
H_032_002: - Encyclopaedia Biblica: Thesaurus rerum biblicarum alphabetico ordine digestus - Tomus Nonus Indices [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_625_009: - Manuscripts and Rare Books: An Exhibition at the Jewish National and University Library.
AR_226_001: - Betty, die Tochter des Juden.: Ein Historisch Romantisches Lebensbild aus Jüngst Vergangenen Zeiten..
V_1041_083: - Münchener Israelitischer Kalender 1930-31.: Auf das Jahr 5691. Mit den Antlichen Bekantmachungen und Gebetzeittafeln der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde.
AR_133_013: - Junsaku Koizumi Solo Exhibition 1986.
V_1093_106: - Eretz-Israel: Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies [VOLUME 25] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].: Joseph Aviram Volume.
AR_765_010: - Inaguration of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, April 1st 1925.
MA_17_08: - Sefer Hemed Elohim / Chemed Elohim [HEBREW].
V_3030_044: - Viaje por la Historia de Nuestros Caminos.
SH_015_062: - Elath: The Eighteenth Archeological Convention, October 1962 [IN HEBREW].
SH_029_037: - Types of Leadership in the Biblical Period [IN HEBREW].
V_2032_108: - Holy War and Martyrology / Town and Community [IN HEBREW]: Lectures delivered at the eleventh convention of the Historical Society of Israel - March 1966 / Lectures delivered at the twelfth convention of the Historical Society of Israel - December 1966.
V_2010_68: - Victor Hugo 1802-1885: Phatasien in Tusche.
V_3029_27: - Guia Del Palacio De Navarra.
V_1128_07: - Jerusalem - City, Holy and Eternal.
V_1128_35: - Gramatica Limbii Romane Vol. Al II-Lea.
V_1128_90: - Kibbusch Eroberung Durch Aufbau: eine Sammelschrift.
V_1129_14: - Jerusalem: Ten Years Reunited. [ENGLISH AND HEBREW]: Exhibition at The Jewish National and University Library.
V_1129_20: - Rome to Jerusalem: Four Jewish Masterpieces from the Vatican Libary.
MC_08_14: - Conditions de Paix / Conditions of Peace [TREATY OF VERSAILLES WITH MAPS].
AR_374_004: - Highly Important Japanese Prints: From Henri Vever Collection - Final Part.
SH_003_126: - Rundreisen in der Schweiz - einschliesslich des Bodensees, der oberitalienischen Seen und Mailand.: [SERIES]: Bruckmann's illustrierte ReisefÜhrer No. 54-59.
V_2031_107: - Gli Studi sul Vicino Oriente in Italia dal 1921 al 1970 [TWO VOLUME SET]: [VOL.I]: L'Oriente Preislamico. / [VOL.II]: L'Oriente Islamico..
YV_279: - Pinkas Hakehillot - Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities: Rumania - Vol. I [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1104_61: - The Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversay of the Settlement of the Jews in the United States: 1655 - 1905 / Addresses delivered at the Carnegie Hall, New York, on Thanksgiving Day MCMV / Together with other selected addresses and proceedings.
AR_063_011: - Pesi Girsch [SIGNED BY ARTIST].
ME_06_03: - Mahzor / Machzor, Metz 1817 [HEBREW] [5 VOLUMES OF 8].
ME_02_19: - Sefer Ha-Hayyim / Sefer Ha-Chayim [BOTH PARTS] [HEBREW].
MA_23_29: - Documents Relating to the Agreement Between the Government of Israel and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany: (signed on 10 september 1952, at Luxembourg).
V_1054_54: - The Commentary of Rabbi Joseph Behor Shor on the Torah (Volumes I-III): A facsimile edition based on verious editions, with a forword.
V_2069_201: - Between Rescue and Annihilation: Studies in the History of German Jewry 1932 - 1938 [IN HEBREW].
V_1117_51: - Auschwitz: faschistisches Vernichtungslager.
V_2035_117: - Gordonia: A pioneering Youth Movement [IN HEBREW].
V_2019_161: - Bobruisk Memorial Book [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH] [TWO VOLUME SET].
V_2057_38: - Jewish Framers on Russian Fields [IN HEBREW].
V_2055_14: - Espana: Desde El Techo De Espana.
AR_554_015: - Yivo Bleter: Journal of The Yivo Institute for Jewish Research - Jubilee Volume XLVI In honor of Yivo's Fiftieth Anniversary 1925-1975 [IN YIDDISH].
KG_27_175: - Stenographisches Protokoll der Verhandlungen des VI. Zionisten-Kongresses in Basel 23., 24., 25., 26., 27. und 28. August 1903.
V_1052_20: - Jewish Missionary Magazine: January-December 1924. Vol. IV No. 37-48.
MC_11_09: - Die Verfolgung der Juden in Russland [Russland] nebst Anhang:: I. Zusammenstellung sämmtlicher die Juden in Russland betreffenden Special- und Ausnahme Gesetze. / II. Das Guildhall-Meeting zu Gunsten der russischen Juden (Stenographischer Bericht.).
V_2036_23: - Riesengebrige: Isergebirge Breslau, mit 9 Karten 12 plÄten und 2 Rundsichten.
SH_042_010: - Dictionary of Anatommical Terms: Hebrew - Latin.: [SERIES]: The Academy of the Hebrew Language - Specialized Dictionaries - IV.
V_1066_104: - Catalouge 40: Fine Antique Maps Atlases: Martayan Lan.
V_1093_15: - Ecuador e Israel: unidos a traves de la cultura.
V_1062_122: - Belz: Belz Institutional Center in Israel [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]: Under the Leadership of the Grand Rabbi of Belz.
V_2067_172: - Symposium on Physiological Effects of Radiation at the Cellular Level.
I_001_014: - Laws and Customs of Israel [TWO VOLUME SET].: Compiled from the Codes Chayye Adam and Kizzur Shulchan 'Arukh.
V_1077_129: - AJS Review [Association for Jewish Studies] [SEVEN VOLUME SET].: [VOL.I]: 1976. [VOL.II]: 1977. [VOL.III]: 1978. [VOL.IV]: 1979. [VOL.V]: 1980. [VOL.VI]: 1981. [VOL.VII]: 1982-1983..
V_3010_42: - Compte Rendu de la Seconde Recontre Assyriologique Internationale: Organisee a Paris du 2 au 6 Juillet 1951 par le Groupe Francois Thureau-Dangin.
KG_33_156_: - Hamenora [ Année, No. 1-10]: Organe périodique des Béné Bérith du District d'Orient.
KG_28_066: - The History of The Goitein Family 1771-2008 [IN HEBREW].
YV_075: - The Visit of Pope John Paul II to Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. March 23, 2000.
AR_203_005: - Rumania - Vol. I [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Pinkas Hakehillot - Encyclopdedia of Jewish Communities.
AR_222_010: - Rumania - Vol. I [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Pinkas Hakehillot - Encyclopdedia of Jewish Communities.
AR_308_008: - Provisional - International Directory of Public Jewish Ethnographical Collections.
V_3022_56: - Dan Levin.
MC_02_01: - Materiaux, Documents. Publication Mensuelle 441eme Numéro.
AR_308_013: - Pavsaniae Graeciae Descriptio. Nova Editio Accvrata. Tomvs III.: In Vsvm Praelectionvm Academicarvm Et Scholarvm. E Nova Siebelisii Recensione..
V_2042_18: - Art 2000: Israeli Artists, Paintors & Sculptors.
V_2042_29_: - The 1954 Templar.
V_1048_27: - Jewish Education.
SH_069_080: - Spanish and Portuguese Jews in Morocco (1492 - 1753): Sefer Hataqanot - The book of Communal Ordinances [IN HEBREW].
V_1054_31: - Chromolux Color Accordion.
KG_41_123: - Euangelion Kadisha Caruzutha D'Mattai / Evangelium Sanctum Praedicatio Mattaii [St. Matthew Peshitta Syriac] [IN SYRIAC].
AR_132_008: - The Russian Presence in Palestine (1843-1970).: Brief Sketch About Russian Church and Political Activities in the Middle East.
AR_766_006: - Inaguration of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, April 1st 1925 [BILINGUAL ENGLISH-HEBREW EDITION].
AR_133_001: - Selected Works from The Andre Emmerich Gallery Collection.
AR_450_012: - Art Focus 4: 4.12.2003 - 3.1.2004.: [SERIES]: Art Focus - International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Jerusalem.
AR_740_004: - Toward Peace and Equity : Recommendations of the American Jewish Committee.
AR_740_005: - Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area : Cairo, May 4, 1994.
MB_02_42: - Neue Weltbühne [16 ISSUES BOUND IN 1].: Mit einem Kupfer..
ME_07_15: - Massechet Shabbat im Perush Rashi ve-Tosafot [Tractate Shabbat, Wandsbek 1742] [HEBREW].
V_2008_140: - Eitav Dictionary of Management and Administration Terms : English-Hebrew.
V_1118_042: - Der blick des Besätzer/ Le regard de l'occupant: Propagandaphotographie der Wehrmacht aus guerre allemands, 1942-1944 / Maseillle vue par des correspondants de guerre allemads, 1942-1944.
V_1119_04: - Kroniek van Kunst en Kultuur: Maandblad, 10de Jaargang Nr 12, December 1949.
V_1119_06: - Ferdinand Hodler: Sammlung Max Schmidheiny.
V_1119_07: - Histoire de Jerusalem: D'Abraham a nos Jours.
AR_292_021: - Kunstgewerbe des 16. und 18. Jahrhunderts.
V_1022_172: - Hatoren, Vol. X: No. 1-5, April -September 1923 [5 volumes bound together] [IN HEBREW].
AR_375_012: - Soviet Painting: 32 Reproductions of Paintings by Soviet Masters [PLATE 11 MISSING].
V_1123_35: - Israelitisches Gebetbuch hebrÄisch und deutsch.
AR_235_014: - The Prague Haggadah of Passover / 1526 [FACSIMILE EDITION] [IN HEBREW].
AR_235_015: - The Prague Haggadah of Passover / 1526 [IN HEBREW].
V_1123_53: - Terrakotten der Antike / RÖmische Bronzen / Attische Vasenfragmente.
V_1123_55: - Tierbilder aus vier Jahrtausenden: Antiken der Sammlung Mildenberg. Mit 23 Farb- und 271 Schwarzweiss-Abbildungen.
V_1117_56: - Hamischmar: Vom Leben der JÜngeren im Blau-Weiss.
kg_28_002: - Die Maler und das Theater im 20. Jahrhundert: Austellung vom März bis 19. Mai 1986.
AR_414_016: - Orden de la Agada de Noche: De Pascoa de Pesah - Traducida dela original Hebraica conforme la ordenaron nuefiros fabros.: Con fu bendicion de la Mefaal poftre: Con Licenza de los svperiores in Venetia.
SH_056_055: - Greek Jewry in the Holocaust: Memoirs [IN HEBREW].
KG_39_118: - Gordon Auction 41 [In Two Parts]: Paintings - Sculpture - Drwaings - Prints.
V_2010_70: - Renato Guttuso: Antologia di Disegni.
V_2010_73: - Angelika Kauffmann: Retrospektive.
MC_12_05: - The Jewish Expositor, and Friend of Israel - VOL. VII - 1822 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Containing Monthly Communications Respecting the Jews, and the Proceedings of the London Society. VOL.VII - 1822.
V_1070_26: - Die Beerdigung von/Funeral of P.A. Kropotkin in Moskau/Moscow 13. Februar 1921/February 13, 1921.
KG_33_157_: - Hamenora [ Année, No. 1-12]: Organe périodique des Béné Bérith du District d'Orient.
V_1066_17: - Visuele aspekten van de wetenschap.
V_1043_20: - Dalĺ joven 1918-1930 / Dali Joven 1918-1930.
V_1107_01: - Benjamin Messing.
AR_404_011: - Hever Hakvutzot: Pictures of our Settlements / Hever Hakvoutsot: Livre d'Images Nos Kvoutsot.
MC_25_02: - Tygodnik Illustrowany - Rok 1910 [Ilustrowany] [53 ISSUES FROM 1910 IN 2 VOLUMES].: [VOL.1]: pólrocze II-gie, od n-ru 1-go do 26-go. [VOL.2]: pólrocze II-gie. Od n-ru 27-go do 53-go..
V_1053_07: - Sidic: service international de documentation judeo-chretienne. Index Volumes X-XII 1977-1979.
V_1048_05: - The Story of Kibbutz Klosova.
AR_779_005: - The Hope and the Illusion: The Search for a Russian Jewish Homeland - A Remarkable Period in the History of ORT, 1921 to 1938 [CONTAIN A CD].
SH_024_050: - Choice of Illustrations from Yaakov Aviel's Collections of Holy Land.
V_1117_31: - Plantin of Antwerp: Books & Prints from the Collections of the Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp.
AR_340_002: - Der Jude - Eine Monatsschrift: Erster Jahrgang - 1916-1917.
AR_687_002: - Protokoll der Verhandlungen des XVI. Zionistenkongresses und der konstituierenden Tagung des Council der Jewish Agency für Palästina: Zürich, 28. Juli bis 14. August 1929.
V_1066_67: - El Prado: Colecciones de Pintura.
AR_102_005: - Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research - Vol. XLIX, 1982 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1096_97: - Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities [VOLUME ONE].
AR_608_014: - Kartuz-Breze Our Town : Memorial Book [IN HEBREW].
AR_205_010: - Synagogen in Berlin: Zur Geschichte einer zerstörten Architektur [2 VOLUMES SET].
AR_301_003: - The Edwards Metcalf and Buddy Ebsen Collections of Ancient, Foreign and Platinum Coins. June 1987: Superior Galleries. A Division of Superior Stamps & Coin Co..
V_1088_52: - Studies in Jewish Literature: Issued in Honor of Professor Kaufmann Kohler, Ph.D. President Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio.
V_2061_140: - Operation Sinai : A Selection of Episodes [IN HEBREW].
kg_46_021: - Biuletyn. Glownej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Polsce. XIII.
SH_022_102: - The Judean Desert Caves: Archaeological Survey 1960 [IN HEBREW].
V_1057_115: - Schmuck der Antike - GefÄsse und GerÄte aus Bronze: Sonderliste T.
V_1057_122: - Shakespeariana: Vol. V.
ME_11_01: - Hagadah shel Pessach [HEBREW HAGGADAH, 1935].
AR_483_012: - A Paris Book of Hours [FACSIMILE COPY] [CONTAINS BOOKLET].
V_1058_97: - Lettres d'humanité (Tome VIII).
V_1058_68: - The Understanding of History.: International Institute of Philosophy Entretiens in Jerusalem 4-8 April 1965..
V_1058_37: - Some Trinitarian Forgeries: Stated by a Monotheist.
Kg_25_044: - Joram Rozov, 1973-1983 [SIGNED BY THE ARTIST].
AR_090_018: - The Jewish Literary Annual.
V_1118_036: - The Sentinel's History of chicago Jewry 1911-1961.
V_1117_88: - Hommage a Abraham : Recueil Litteraire en l'Honneur de Abraham Elmaleh A l'occasion de Son 70 Anniversaire.
V_1048_42: - Markus Vallazza.
MC_05_20: - Geist Jesu, wie sich derselbe auf Erden geäussert hat, und besonders nach den interessantesten Situationen, Verhältnissen und Umständen betrachtet.
V_3024_04: - Joseph Beuys: The secret block for a secret person in Ireland [Volume 2]: anlässlich der Joseph Beuys Ausstellung im Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin (20.2-1.5.1988).
V_1057_109: - Coins and Numismatic Literature (NFA) Publication 29: Quaterly Journal.
V_1057_112: - A Private Collection of Egyptian Gold Jewellery: The Property of a Nobleman.
MA_17_28: - Aus Deutschen Urkunden 1935-1945 [RARE!].: [With additional booklet - Das Wansee-Protokol zur Endlösung der Judenfrage und einige Fragen an die, die es angeht].
AR_620_001: - Der Deutsche Rhein - Album Nr. 1.
AR_620_002: - Aus dem Tierreich.
AR_661_001: - Four Haggadot [4 Haggadahs] from the Treasures of the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem [Quatre / Cuatro Haggadot] [FACSIMILE EDITION] [IN HEBREW].
AR_202_009: - Dimitri Album.
Kg_25_003: - Sotheby's: Aboriginal Art: Melbourne, June 26 - 27, 2000.
KG_18_148: - Tel-Chaj: Sinn und Geschichte der Verteidigung.
AR_359_015: - Repertorium für Biblische und Morgenländische Literatur [VOLUME 14 - THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_359_013: - Repertorium für Biblische und Morgenländische Literatur [VOLUME 3 - THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_137_006: - World Jewish Congress: Sixth Plenary Assembly Jerusalem, February 3-10, 1975: Proceedings.
V_1061_87: - Autographen & Urkunden: 18. Jahrhundert - Lagerkatalog - Nr. 594 der Gesamtfolge.
MB_06_07: - Schenkung Nell Walden. Zur Erinnerung an Hannes Urech (1895-1963) [SIGNED BY NELL WALDEN].
AR_243_005: - The Handy Royal Atlas of Modern Geography.
V_1077_16: - Supplement no. 2 to the Palestine Gazette Extraordinart: No. 1375 of 24th November, 1944.
V_2028_22: - Eleventh world congress of jewish studies (third volume) [IN HEBREW].
AR_584_015: - Guide Book of Ethiopia.
MA_02_13: - Sifrei: First Edition - Venice, 1546 [Siphrey; Sifre debe Rab; Rabbah] [LIMITED FACSIMILE EDITION OF 200 COPIES] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: The First Editions of the Midrashim..
AR_599_006: - Studien zur Analytischen Psychologie C. G. Junges [TWO VOLUME SET].: [VOL. I]: Beiträge aus Theorie und Praxis / [VOL. II]: Beiträge zur Kulturgeschichte..
V_1101_62: - Ancient Jerusalem: Religious Tract Society, the monthly volume.
AR_395_012: - The Arlosoroff Murder Trial: Speeches and Relevant Documents.
AR_736_012: - Modern Pioneers in the World of Heavy Construction.
V_1048_50: - Sefunot: Annual for Research on the Jewish Communities in the East / Volume one.
V_2046_116: - Palnews - Palestine News Service. VOL.III: Nos.18-34 [THESE BULLETINS ONLY].
H_005_013: - Portrait of Sir Walter Scott and Five Engravings in Illustration of the Pirate.: For the Members of the Royal Association for Promotion of the Fine Arts in Scotland.
AR_461_005: - The Yom Kippur War / The Separation of Forces [2 VOLUME SET].
V_2043_30: - Bulletin of the Israel Exploration Society : Vol. XV 1-2; XVI 1-2; XVII 1-4.
NG_53_12: - Biuletyn żydowskiego instytutu historycznego [21 NONCONSECUTIVE ISSUES].
V_1107_11: - Textual Sources for the Study of Hinduism: Edited and translated by Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty.
V_1107_119: - The Exodus from Yemen.: [SERIES]: Kibbutz Galuyoth - Ingathering of Exiles.
AR_075_004: - The Haggada of Passover [Pesach Haggadah].: With Pop-Up Spreads as adapted from the Bird's Head Haggada c.1300 in the Israel Museum..
V_1096_49: - Frescoes from Florence: An exhibition organized by the Soprintendenza alle Gallerie per le provincie di Firenze e Pistoia.
V_1037_153: - A Survey of Palestine: Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: Prepared in December 1945 and January 1946 for the Information of the Anglo - American Committe of Inquiry.
AR_516_008: - Impressionist, Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Works on Paper: [SERIES]: Christie's New York..
AR_580_017: - The Blessing of Eliyahu - A volume dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Munk.
V_2017_135: - W 3-cia rocznice: Zaglady Ghetta w Krakowie: (13.III.1943 - 13.III.1946).
AR_206_007: - Images of Migraine: A Collection of Winning Artwork from the 2001 Migraine Masterpieces Art Contest.
V_1035_79: - The Story of Kibbutz-Hakshara [IN HEBREW]: kibbutz-Borocov at Lodz and its Surroundings.
V_1114_29: - Marco Polo: Feier des 700. Geburtstages 1254-1954.
AR_332_014: - Chambers of Commerce - Tel Aviv and Jaffa: Annual Bulletin, 1931-1932.
KG_39_115: - Stadtbilder: Berlin in der Malerei vom 17. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart.
AR_760_007: - Seventieth Anniversary of Pardess: 1900-1970 [IN HEBREW].
SH_063_029: - Dictionary of Artificial Intelligence Terms: English-Hebrew.
SH_063_030: - Dictionary of Diplomatic Terminology: English-Hebrew.
AR_348_005: - Nuevo Colegio Israelita I. L. Peretz: Album de Graduacion [IN YIDDISH].
V_1122_122: - Revival: Rubbings of Jewish Tombstones from the Ukraine.
V_1122_123: - Palestyna i Bliski Wschód: czasopismo poswiecone Sprawom Gospodarczym Palestyny i Bliskiego Wschodu.: Rok IV. Styczen 1935. Nr.1.
V_2013_066: - Edut Neemana - Responsa on Halachic Problems Arising out of the Defence of Shechita in Europe [IN HEBREW].
AR_034_001: - Law & Business: Volume 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW]: Radzyner School of Law, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.
NG_110: - Jiwobleter : The Monthly of the Yiddish Scientific Institute [11 VOLUME SET] [VOLUMES I-IV&VI&VIII-XIII ONLY] [IN YIDDISH].
V_1114_69: - The Days of Memory: International Conference / In Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Vilnius Ghetto. October 11-16, 1993.
AR_314_008: - Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities: Vols. One - Three [IN HEBREW].
V_1061_13: - Mordechai Gumpel: museum of modern art Haifa.
V_1072_15: - Jewish Affairs: Number 1-14.
V_1079_05: - Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der abendländischen Juden während des Mittelalters [2 Volumes in 1].
KG_26_224: - The Black and Orange: Volume Thirty-One (31) - 1952.: Seventy-Fifth Edition (75th). (Thayer Academy, Braintree Mass. Yearbook).
KG_28_074: - R. Galleria Borghese Roma: 40 Tavole (Serie No. 223).
AR_029_008: - Broadcasting Genoside: Censorship, Propaganda & State-Sponsored Violence in Rwanda 1990-1994.
V_1091_037: - Nederlandsche Zionistenbond 1899-1924 (5659-5684): Gedenkboek.
AR_339_014: - Handbook of the Scientific Instrument Manufacturers' Association of Great Britain, Ltd.
SA_038: - Revolution and Renewal: Trends in the Development of the Hebrew Language [IN HEBREW].
V_1101_40: - Palestine Exploration Fund, Quarterly Statement: Patron - The Queen.
KG_33_155_: - Hamenora [ Année, No. 1-9]: Organe périodique des Béné Bérith du District d'Orient.
AR_029_001: - Masterpieces of African Art - Tishman Collection.
Kg_90_004: - Fun Noentn Ovar - Volume 3 (Out of the Recent Past) [IN YIDDISH].
V_1114_39: - Views and Maps of Jerusalem.
V_1114_40: - Aliya '90 - The Exodus of the Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel.
AR_033_005: - The Passover Haggadah - Amsterdam 1695 [IN HEBREW]: [Seder Haggadah Shel Pesach].
AR_538_011: - The Trial of Adolf Eichmann: Record of Proceedings in the District Court of Jerusalem - VOLUME 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
SH_019_095: - Dukhan: A periodical devoted to topics of Jewish sacred music - VII [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
V_1126_171: - Klimschs Jahrbuch. Band 27.: Technische Abhandlungen und Berichte über die Neuerungen auf dem Gesamtarbeit der Graphischen Künste.
AR_229_007: - Bericht des Jüdisch Theologischen Seminars.: (Fraenckenlsche Stiftung) Hochschule Für Jüdische Theologie Für das Jahr 1935.
KG_39_086: - Mul Ha'Oyev Ha'Nazi [Face to Face with the Nazi Enemy] [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH. 3 VOLUME SET].
AR_358_005: - Jerusalem: City Holy and Eternal.
KG_21_030: - Seifer Zerubavel [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
V_1057_127: - Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs.
AR_295_009: - Tape Indicator Map of London and Visitors Guide.
AR_703_008: - Some Stirring Relics of English History.
MA_23_36: - Laws of the Congregation of the Great Synagogue, Duke's Place, London.: Revised and Enacted A. M. 5623 / 1863..
V_1123_20: - Unzer Kind Nr. 8.
V_1123_21: - Unzer Kind Nr. 5.
V_1123_22: - Unzer Kind Nr. 4.
V_1123_23: - Unzer Kind Nr. 1.
V_1066_18: - The Department of Photography, Video & Computer Imaging.
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V_1073_05: - Israel Beker - Stage of Life.
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V_1068_32: - Der Russisch-tÜrkische Krieg in Europa und Asien bis auf dengegenwÄrtigen Standpunkt: Mit einer Uebersichts- und zwei Detailkarten des Kriegsschauplatzes in Europa und Asien.
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KG_33_135: - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - College Calendar - 1930 [HEBREW. NO ENGLISH TITLE PAGE]: [HEBREW TITLE: Ha-universitah ha-ivrit be-yerushalaim - sefer ha-shanah 5690).
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AR_132_015: - Genie du Judaisme: Tresors de l'Art Juif.
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V_1100_77: - Warum gingen wir zum ersten Zionistischenkongress?: Mit Beitragen und Bildern von Alcalay, Berkowicz, Birnbaum, Bodenheimer....
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V_3012_119: - Key to Cooking in Israel.
V_1127_09: - Concert of Synagogal Art Music: XIIth - XVIIIth Centuries. Religious Poems, Cantatas and Choral Works.
V_2056_37: - The Beth Sean Valley: The 17th Archaeological Convention [IN HEBREW].
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AR_182_023: - Precis on the Ottoman Sultans and their Jewish Subjects.: Osmanli padisahları ve Musevi tebalarına iliskin kısa tarihce..
MA_24_12: - Minchat Bikkurim [IN HEBREW].
AR_086_012: - Sippurim: Sammlung Jüdischer Volkssagen, Erzählungen, Mythen, Chroniken, Denkwürdigkeiten und Biographien berühmter Juden aller Jahrhunderte, besonders des Mittelalters.
V_2051_43: - Hommage à Abraham: Recueil Littéraire en L'Honneur de Abraham Elmaleh: Citoyen de Jérusalem Ecrivain et Homme de Lettres. À L'occasion de son 70e Anniversaire 1885-1955.
AR_060_007: - Gedenkbuch der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf für ihre jüdischen Opfer der nationalsozialistischen Verfolgung und Vernichtung 1933-1945.
AR_151_005: [ANTIQUORUM] - Important Collectors' Wristwatches, Pocket Watches & Clocks.
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V_1057_136: - Report on the Administration of Palestine and Trans-Jordan For the Year 1935: By His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Council of the League of Nations.
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AR_102_003: - War of the NAtions: An Eretz Israel Diary 1914-1918 - Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW]: Library for the History of the Yishuv in Eretz Israel: Reprint of the first edition. With introduction, notes and indexes by Shimon Rubinstein..
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Kg_78_025: - The Challenge of Development: A Symposium held in Jerusalem, June 26-27, 1957.
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V_3015_32: - The Kalish Book [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH] [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_259_015: - Bibliotheca Alexandrina: Homenaje a la Memoria, Apuesta por el Futuro.
KG_39_117: - Gordon Auction 40 [In Two Parts]: Paintings - Sculpture - Drwaings - Prints.
V_1083_16: - The Story of David: Reprinted from the Authorised Version with 11 Wood-engravings By John Farleigh.
AR_780_015: - Almanach des Schocken Verlags auf das Jahr 5696 [1935 / 1936].
AR_181_005: - Dumbarton Oaks Papers: Number Fifty-One [No. 51].
SH_073_081: - Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology, Nir David, Israel.
AR_280_001: - The Bamberger Family: The Descendants of Rabbi Seligmann Bar Bamberger the Wurzburger Rav (1807-1878) [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
AR_132_003: - Impressionist and Modern Art.
ME_10_03: - Amsterdam Mahzor, 1805 [HEBREW / YIDDISH] [4 VOLUMES OF 9]: Mahzor im kavant ha-paytan le-maariv ve-yotzer le-yom kippur... mit taytsch..
AR_767_002: - The Trial of Adolf Eichmann: Record of Proceedings in the District Court of Jerusalem - VOLUME 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1076_04: - Sefarad / Ano XXXVIII / 1978 / Fasc. 2: Revista del instituto arias montano de estudios hebraicos, Sefardies y de Oriente proximo..
V_1076_05: - Sefarad / Ano XXXII / 1972 / Fasc. 1: Revista del instituto arias montano de estudios hebraicos, Sefardies y de Oriente proximo. Ano XXXII..
V_1076_06: - Sefarad / Ano XXXIII / 1973 / Fasc. 1 + 2 [2 Volumes]: Revista del instituto arias montano de estudios hebraicos, Sefardies y de Oriente proximo. Ano XXXIII..
V_1108_156: - Australian Post Office Course of Technical Instruction - Radio I.
V_1046_10: - The Holy Land in ancient maps: With reproductions of twenty seven maps and views of the country.
Kg_21_015_: - Proceedings of the Seventeenth International Congress of Orientalists.
V_1092_25: - Mémorial Portatif de Chronologie, de Biographie, D'Économie Politique, etc. [2 VOLUME SET].
KG_13_152: - Tamar Robbins: Actress - Habimah [IN HEBREW].
I_027_028: - Jahrbuch der Jüdisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft 1903 - 5664.
V_3022_34: - La guemara: le talmud de Babylone; tome 1: yoma; traduit par les Membres du Rabbinat Francais: collection dirigee par M. le Rabbin Elle Munk.
V_3022_35: - La guemara: le talmud de Babylone; sanhedrin; traduit par les Membres du Rabbinat Francais: collection dirigee par M. le Rabbin Elle Munk.
V_2056_57: - Gutman's Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv's Gutman [IN HEBREW, INT. IN ENGLISH].
AR_105_002: - Zdunska Wola [IN HEBREW].
AR_434_020: - Les Lettres de M. Émile Zola et les Poursuites / Les Débats.
V_1057_75: - Report of the Brodcasting Committee, 1949 - Appendix H Memoranda Submitted to the Committee: Presented by the Lord President of the Council and the Postmaster General to Parliament by Command of His Majesty January 1951.
V_1057_76: - Report of the Committee on Broadcasting, 1960: Presented to Parliament by the Postmaster General by Command of Her Majesty June 1962.
V_1057_79: - Report on the Administration of Palestine and Trans-Jordan For the Year 1935: By His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Council of the League of Nations.
V_2067_154: - Sefer Hayasar [Hayashar] (Libro Retto): Reproduction de l'edition de Venise (1625) [IN HEBREW with an abstract in French] [FACSIMILE EDITION].: Avec Introduction et References Scripturaires..
AR_042_009: - Kutno and Surroundings Book [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
AR_330_009: - Die Entwicklung des jüdischen Nationalheims in Palästina: Memorandum der Britischen Regierung im Mai 1930.
YV_010: - Holocaust and Rebirth: A Symposium.
SH_055_051: - Jewelry: 1900-1976.
V_3026_43: - Lord Beaconsfield's Letters 1830-1852.
AR_578_007: - Jüdisches Archiv: Mitteilungen des Komitees Jüdisches Kriegsarchiv - Nummer 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
v_1099_27: - Medieval Manuscripts: New Series: Fourth Part: Catalogue of Persian, Turkish and Arabic Manuscripts, Indian and persian Miniatures.
Kg_25_017: - Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts from Jerusalem Collections.
kg_25_020: - Herbin 1882 - 1960.
V_1046_95_00: - Four Haggadot: From the Treasures of the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem. Facsimile Edition..
AR_405_004: - Dialog im Dunkeln: Eine Ausstellung Zur Entdeckung des Unsichtbaren.
AR_247_008: - Carta's Official Guide to Israel and Complete Gazetteer to All Sites in the Holy Land.
Kg_28_005: - Shehab el-Din Mosque, Nazareth: Progress Report.
V_1108_20: - Highlights of Archaeology: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
V_1103_24: - Rythmes du Monde: Tome I.
V_1069_128: - Sefarad: Revista del Instituto Arias Montano de Estudios Hebraicos y Oriente Proximo: Ano XXVIII - Fasc. 2 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
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KG_33_134: - The Tell El-Amarna Tablets in the British Museum [AUTOTYPE FACSIMILE].
AR_478_003: - Kartuz-Breze: Our Town Memorial Book [IN HEBREW].
KG_28_065: - The History of The Goitein Family 1771-2008 [IN HEBREW].
V_2010_127: - The Jews in Poland - Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN YIDDISH].
AR_577_003: - La Recezione di Rossini Ieri e Oggi: Convegno Organizzato con la Collaborizione della Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Fondazione Gioacchino Rossini, Societa Italiana di Musicologia.: [SERIES]: Atti dei Convegni Lincei - 110..
SH_063_032: - Dictionary of Banking and Capital Market Terminology - Chapter 1: English-Hebrew [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MC_05_15: - London und Paris - Dritter Jahgang 1800 [Band 5 / Volume 5 - Stücke 1-4 / No. 1-4].: Si foret in terris, rideret Democritus. Horat. (If Democritus were on earth, he would laugh. Horace).
AR_296_013: - The New East: Hamizrah Hehadash Quarterly: The Israel Oriental Society: Volumes I-IV [IN HEBREW].
V_3027_35: - Die Jüdische Welt von Gestern: 1860-1938; Text- und Bildzeugnisse aus Mitteleuropa: mit Textbeiträgen von Schalom Ben-Chorim, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Joachim Riedl und Julius Schoeps; Bildauswahl und Gestaltung von Christian Brandstätter. Mit 425 Abbildungen in duotone.
V_3026_27: - David Meshulam: Paintings 1960-1968 [LIMITED EDITION OF 2000 COPIES].
SH_064_041: - David Ben Gurion and the Development of Science in Israel: A Symposium Commemorating the Hundredth Anniversary of Ben Gurion's Birth, Held 23 April 1987 [IN HEBREW].
AR_147_001: - La Chasseur Francais Organe Universel de Tous les Sports et de la Vie en Plein Air - All Issues Published in 1925-1926 (Issue Number 418-441).
MA_11_09: - Universal-Portrait-Gallerie berühmter Männer und Frauen des 19. Jahrhunderts - Erster Band / Zweiter Band [TWO VOLUME SET BOUND TOGETHER].
V_1049_16: - Promovido por la Federacion de Casas Regionales de Madrid y con el Patrocinio de la Asamblea de Madrid.
V_1049_13: - The Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Weissensee.
Kg_79_040: - Bijdragen en Mededeelingen Van het Genootschap voor de Joodsche Wetenschap in Nederland - volume V: Gevestigd te Amsterdam.
V_1046_93: - Rafael Alonso: Exposicion Antologica.
AR_698_009: - Judgement of the International Military Tribunal for the Trial of German Major War Criminals (With the Dissenting Opinion of the Soviet Member): Nuremberg, 30th September and 1st October, 1946.
E_07_03_: - Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavation in The Holy Land. [IN JAPANESE].
AR_740_010: - Let My People Go: Yosef Kunzkovski 1902-1970.
AR_293_005: - Jaarbericht N. 6-8: Ex Oriente Lux: van het vooraziatisch-egyptisch gezelschap. 1939 - 1942.
MA_01_04: - L'illustration - Journal Universel: Vol. 23, January - June 1854.: Tome XXIII - Janvier, Fevrier, Mars, Avril, Mai, Juin 1854.
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V_1030_190: - Revue des Etudes Juives - Tome LXXXVI, No. 171 Juillet-Septembre 1928.: Publication Trimesterielle d la societe des Etudes Juives - Tome Quatre-Vingt-Sixieme.
Kg_50_002: - Artistas Gravadores Do Brasil / Brazilian Engravers / Grafische Kuenstler Brasiliens.
AR_733_002: - Israel America Friendship League - Annual 1950 / 1951.
MA_05_21: - Aggadata D'Pascha (a Yemenite Haggadah) - Keminhag Kehilot haKodesh Yehudei Teiman veyeter kehilot Israel [IN HEBREW].: Facsimile of manuscript brought from Sanaa. With the following commentaries: 1) Simeon ben Zemah Duran [Rashbatz]; 2) Yefe Nof Commentary (Haim Gabriel); 3) Etz Hayim - Maharitz Commentary (Yihya Saleh; Yichyah Tzalach; Yehiya Saleh); with 4) Gadya with Yefe Nof Commentary; 5) Zevah Pesah [Zevach Pesach]; 6) Song of Songs; Solomon; Canticles. Also notes by Rabbi Yosef ben Yaakov Tsubery of the Yemenite community in Tel Aviv, Jaffa and environs..
V_1123_02: - Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land...: An exhibit to mark the Bicentennial of American Independence.
Kg_116_013: - Internationales Jahrbuch für Politik und Arbeiterbewegung: Jahrgang 1914.
AR_058_005: - Harkavy's American Letter Writer and Speller: English and Yiddish.
AR_391_007: - Jewish Villages in Israel.
SH_004_077: - Tossefoss Rid: Talmud Commentaries of Rabeinu Yeshayoh of Terani, Italy [TWO VOLUME SET][IN HEBREW].
V_1120_38: - Costumes of Iraq: 1. Sumerian costumes. 2.Babylonian costumes.
AR_664_009: - Juifs du Maroc : Identité et dialogue - Actes du Colloque international sur la communauté juive marocaine: vie culturelle, histoire sociale et évolution, Paris, 18-21 décembre 1978.: [SERIES]: Collection la Main..
AR_747_013: - La Bible de Jerusalem: La Sainte Bible.
V_1119_15: - Ten Years: 1979 - 1989.
AR_726_017: - VII Congress of the Communist International: Abridged Stenographic Report of Proceedings.
AR_562_002: - Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities - Volume Five (1971-1976).
AR_562_011: - Gestes et Paroles Dans les Diverses Familles Liturgiques: Conferences Saint-Serge XXIV Semaine D'etudes Liturgiques Paris, 28 Juin-1 Juillet 1977.: [SERIES]: Bibliotheca Ephemerides Liturgicae Subsidia - 14..
AR_554_022: - Prière Du Temps Présent: Livre Des Heures.
SH_012_016: - From the Depths of the Sea [IN HEBREW].
AR_007_018: - Jahrbuch für die Jüdischen Gemeinden Schleswig-Holsteins und der Hansestädte - No. 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MC_16_09: - The Ancient Holy Land [51 B&W ENGRAVINGS].
AR_139_007: - The Kalish Book [TWO VOLUME SET. IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
AR_627_017: - Kalender für Israeliten für das Jahr 5672(1911/12): Zugleich Führer durch die Israel. Cultusgemeinden der Öster-Ungar. Monarchie. XX Jahrgang.
H_003_024: - L'Album de la Guerre [COMPLETE 2 VOLUME SET]: Histoire Photographique et Documentaire Reconstituee Chronologiquement a L'Aide de Cliches et de Dessins Publies par L'Illustration de 1914 a 1921.
AR_404_014: - Entwicklungsstufen der jüdischen religion.: Vorträge des Institutum Judaicum: an der Universität Berlin: Erster Jahrgang 1925-1926.
V_1041_099: - Jüdischer Almanach, 5670.: Herausgegeben aus Anlass des 25 semestrigen Jubiläums von der Vereinigung Jüdischer Hochschüler aus Galizien Bar Kochba in Wein.
AR_415_020: - The Book of Life.
V_1050_11: - Herrenhausen '89: 21. Kunst & Antiquitäten Messe Hannover.
V_1070_41: - Stamps of the World.
V_1070_42: - Italian States.
V_1070_43: - Great Britain.
H_036_248: - The Book of Ruth.
AR_342_001: - Kadimah: Kalender für das Jahr 5667 (1906/07).: Herausgegeben von der Zionistischen Vereinigung für Deutschland..
V_2036_93: - Das Hohe Lied Salomonis.
V_2037_02: - Klassikerstrasse ThÜringen: Text: Heinz Stade; Fotos: Peter Kroh; Gestaltung: Juergen Seuss.
AR_097_001: - General Encyclopedia in Yiddish: Copyright by Culture Organization (Cyco).
AR_428_008: - Fioretti: Raccolti da un amico della verita in un prato spirituale conosciuto da pochi e malnoto a moltissimi.
H_004_011: - Rothschild Manuscript no. 24 [this vol. only]: Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
E_70_11: - The Collective Catalogue of Hebrew Manuscripts from the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts and the Department of Manuscripts of the Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem: User's Guide.
V_1068_46: - The Times Book of the Army: Sixteen Illustrations.
AR_026_001: - Jahrbuch der Jüdisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft XVII.
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V_1052_11: - Jewish Missionary Magazine: January -December 1936. Vol. XVI. No. 163-168.
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V_1052_12: - Jewish Missionary Magazine: January-December 1926. Vol. VI No.61-72.
SH_042_071: - Dictionary of Terms in Photography: Hebrew - English - French - German.
AR_056_007: - The Kalish Book [Kalisz] [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
KG_50_108: - Thirty Prints of Places Mentioned in The Holy Scriptures, Illustrative of the Fulfillment of Prophecy.
MC_02_08: - Album Conmemorativo del Sesquicentenario del Estado de Queretaro 1824-1974 [LIMITED EDITION] [SIGNED BY ANTONIO CALZADA URQUIZA]: Edicion preparada por los Senores Lic. Fernando Diaz Ramirez, Lic. Fernando Diaz Reyes Retana y Lic. Manuel Septien Septien..
AR_325_003: - appel.
NG_74: - Vetus Testamentum Volumes IV - XXVII (4 - 27, Years 1954 - 1977)[ VOL. ONE OF 1962 MISSING]: Quarterly Published by the International Organization of Old Testament Scholars.
V_1123_64: - Frank Meisler.
Kg_76_074: - Stork, Stork, How is Our Land: Works by Newly Arrived Ethiopian Immigrant Children: Exhibition's Catalogue No. 334.
KG_26_226: - The Black and Orange: Volume Thirty (30) - 1951.: (Thayer Academy, Braintree Mass. Yearbook).
AR_437_008: - Kurzgefasste Grammatik der arabischen Sprache: Mit besonderer Berucksichtigung des Vulgararabischen in der Levante.
AR_680_012: - Masehet Sota - Von der Ehebruchsverdächtigten.
MA_21_01: - Lehrbuch der Israelitischen Religion: zum Gebrauche der Synagogen und Israelitischen Schulen im Konigreiche Württemberg..
Kg_34_062: - Il disegno del nostro secolo: Prima parte da Klimt a Wols.
V_1046_62: - JÜdische MÜnzen: Architekturdarstellungen auf antiken Münzen und auf neuzeitlichen Medaillien.
V_1046_77: - Neihborhood rehabilitation in Israel.
AR_298_004: - New Zealand as a Tourist and Health Resort: A Handbook to the Hot Lakes District, the West Coast Road, the Southern Lakes, Mt. Cook, Sounds, etc.
Kg_78_007: - Album of Pictures for a Journey with Children in the Holy Land: Containing Forty-eight views of the Holy Places and their surroundings. Steel-engravings made after paintings by English and French artists and printed in Paris.
KG_82_169: - Dictionary of Welding Terms: Hebrew-English-French-German.
V_1114_32: - The Holy Land in ancient Maps: With eight reproductions.
V_3023_02: - The Jewish Historical Society of England: Transactions; Sessions 1902-1905.
AR_207_016: - The Canadian Jewish Herald / Le Heraut Israeelite Canadien - Fourth Year No. 1 (4).
SH_051_070: - Undique Ad Terram Sanctam: Cartographic Exhibition From the Eran Laon Collection.
V_1124_024: - Rabbi Professor Pinchas Peli Memorial Volume [IN HEBREW].
V_1048_20: - Madrid.
V_1108_136: - Light and Shadows : The Story of Iran and the Jews.
MB_02_20: - Het Nieuwe Testament ofte alle Boeken des Nieuwen Verbonts onses Heeren Jesu Christi / Het Boek der Psalmen, nevens de Gezangen / Evangelische Gezangen om nevens het Boek der Psalmen bij den openbaren Godsdienst / Catechismus, of onderwijzing in de Christelijke Leer, die in Nederlandsche Gereformeerde Kerken en Scholen geleerd wordt [4 TITLE BOUND TOGETHER].
MC_08_02: - Simplicissimus - 6. Jahrgang (April 1901 bis März 1902) [RARE!].
V_3014_15: - Stories of an Exhibition: Two Millennia of German Jewish History.
MA_14_04: - Die Jugendhilfe im Kanton Zürich.: Bericht des Kantonalen Jugendamtes und der Bezirks-Jugend-Kommissionen über das Jahr 1926..
AR_054_014: - Lea majaro-mintz: more conversation in clay [Signed by the Author].
SH_008_044: - Concepts + Information : Catalog no. 76.
V_2037_37: - El Toledo del Greco: Edita: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Toledo.
V_2037_41: - Jerusalem through the Eyes of XII. Israeli Painters.
AR_585_005: - Roma Antiqua - (Envois) degli architetti francesi (1788-1924): L'Area Archeologica Centrale.
I_038_019: - Vierter Bericht über die Lehranstalt für die Wissenschaft des Judenthums in Berlin / Siebenter Bericht über die Lehranstalt für die Wissenschaft des Judenthums in Berlin [2 BOOKS IN 1].
AR_737_015: - The Blessing of Eliyahu [Birkheta de-Eliyahu]: a Volume dedicated to the Memory of Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Munk.
AR_089_007: - Proceedings of the Fifth Congress of Jewish Studies - Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Division II: Jewish History in the Mishnah and Talmud Period, in the Middle ages and Modern Times / The Jewish Labour Movement / Contemporary Jewish History / The Holocaust.
V_1025_131: - Lyrische Dichtung deutscher Juden: Die Weltbucher.
AR_232_008: - The Encyclopaedia of Agriculture: Volume One. [IN HEBREW].
AR_209_003: - Le Fabricant de Tricots 1933-1963: 30 Anniversaire.: [Zirkel von Yiddishe Stricker - Fabrikant in Frankreich] [Cercle Amical des Fabricants de Tricots].
SA_133: - International Workshop on The Human Genome Project: Legal, Social and Ethical Implications.
V_2023_162: - Meyers ReisebÜcher: Mittelmeer.
KG_33_123: - Verzeichnis der im grossen Lesensaale aufgestellten Handbibliothek.: Vierte Ausgabe..
E_38_15: - The History of the Jewish Labor Bund [IN YIDDISH] [5 VOLUME SET].
KG_40_199: - Bilder aus Italien: Landschaft, Baukunst, Leben / Einhundertvierundsiebzig Aufnahmen deutscher Amateure.
V_1046_37: - The Myth of Canaan: The influence of the Ancient Middle East on Modern Israeli Art.
AR_067_001: - Children's Drawings From China: 1955.
SH_024_009: - Chaim Weizmann [Haim] in Memoriam.
AR_603_016: - The Philistines and the other Sea Peoples.
AR_226_016: - Bankruptcy Ordinance, 1936 (Date of operation 15th August 1936 - Notice in Gazette No. 619 of 6th August 1936) and Bankruptcy Rules, 1936 / Supplement No.2 to the Palestine Gazette Extraordinary No.622 of 15th August [2 BOOKS IN 1].: Scale of Fees and Percentage to be charged for or in respect of proceedings under the Bankruptcy Ordinance, 1936. Orders conferring jurisdiction in Summary cases on Chief Magistrates at Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa, days of sitting of Chief Magistrates Courts in bankruptcy proceedings, and as to scale for use by Courts..
AR_674_009: - Internationales Adressbuch der Antiquare - 1929/30: International Directory of Antiquarian Booksellers.
AR_088_009: - Protokoll der Verhandlungen des XVI. Zionistenkongresses und der konstituierenden Tagung des Council der Jewish Agency fur Palestina: Zurich, 28 Juli bis 14 August 1929 [FOUR VOLUMES BOUND TOGETHER].
AR_133_003: - Kunstwerke der Antike.
AR_137_019: - Siebenter Bericht über die Lehranstalt für die Wissenschaft des Judenthums in Berlin: erstattet vom Curatorium. Mit einer wissenschaftlichen Beigabe von Dr. Joel Müller.
MC_10_16: - Ha-Zman [ISSUES 1-2, BOUND TOGETHER] [HEBREW].
V_1125_147: - The Hebrew University, Jerusalem: Its History and Development.
AR_292_020: - Arabic Personal Names.
AR_384_008: - Yearbook of Official Documents 2000 (State of Israel - Ministry of Foreign Affairs) [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
kg_21_002: - Revue de la Pensée juive (n°9): Revue trimestrielle.
ME_01_20: - Gagada shel pesax, vecernija paskhal'nyja molitby [PASSOVER HAGGADAH] [HEBREW].
V_1090_127: - Mi Sevilla.
V_3006_22: - Made to Order Commercial Photography in Israel Today.
V_3006_23: - 5 X 1000 ans / 5 X 1000 Jahre Lena Cronqvist; Lenke Rothman; Channa Bankier; Margareta Renberg; Gittan Jönsson.
V_3006_05: - Michel Haddad: Peintures - Dessins.
V_3006_06: - Zolkiew (Kirya Nizgava): Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora A Memorial Library of Jewish Communities.
AR_635_013: - The Artists Colony, Safad.
V_1117_53: - Continental Autograph Letters and Manuscripts Letters and Manuscripts with a Section by Musicians and Composers.
V_2071_158: - Vecchio Testamento secondo la Volgata - Tomo III: I Paralipomeni, Esdra, Tobia, Giuditta, Ester, e Giobbe [VOLUME 3 ONLY].: Tradutto in Lingua Italiana con Annotazioni. Prima Edizione Veneta. Tomo III che contiene I Paralipomeni, Esdra, Tobia, Giuditta, Ester, e Giobbe..
AR_671_010: - Protokoll der Verhandlungen des XV. Zionisten Kongresses: Basel, 30 August bis 11 September, 1927.
AR_648_012: - Operations des Changes des Principales Places de l'Europe [FACSIMILE EDITION].
V_3028_56: - The Annual: Published by the Senior Class of Hughes High School.
V_3022_52: - La guemara: le talmud de Babylone; meguilla; traduit par les Membres du Rabbinat Francais: collection dirigee par M. le Rabbin Elle Munk.
V_3022_54: - La michna: tome 12: pea demai; texte hebreu ponctue et vocalise traduit par les Membres du Rabbinat Francais: collection dirigee par M. le Rabbin Ernest Gugenheim.
V_3022_55: - La michna: tome 13: guittin kiddouchin; texte hebreu ponctue et vocalise traduit par les Membres du Rabbinat Francais: collection dirigee par M. le Rabbin Ernest Gugenheim.
AR_041_005: - Festschrift zum 75 jährigen Bestehen des Jüdisch-Theologischen Seminars Fraenkelscher Stiftung [2 VOLUME SET].
V_1103_53: - Lloyd Reise-FÜhrer durch Deutschland fÜr Überseeische Reisende: Zusaaengestellt mit Unterstützung der städtischen Behörden, der Verkehrsvereine und der Kur- und Badeverwaltungen.
V_1108_36: - Kurzbiographien: Von Mitgliedern der Israelisch-Deutschen Gesellschaft, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jerusalem.
V_1108_37: - Kurzbiographien: Von Mitgliedern der Israelisch-Deutschen Gesellschaft, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jerusalem.
V_3006_08: - First Ghetto to Revolt, Lachwa: Memorial Library of Jewish Communities.
V_3006_10: - Arman: Exposition organisee avec la participation de la SCALER foundation.
V_3006_12: - Ulrica Hydman - Vallien: Karlekens Labyrint.
V_3006_15: - Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture.
AR_359_011: - Repertorium für Biblische und Morgenländische Literatur [VOLUME 11 - THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_291_011: - Nunca Mas: Informe de la Comisión Nacional sobre la desaparición de personas + Anexos del Informe de la Comisión Nacional sobre la desaparición de personas [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_044_003: - Letters: from Nehemia S. Libowitz to Prof. Israel Davidson 1896-1933.
V_3009_018: - Rivista degli Studi orientali - Volume LVI (1982) [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_3013_14: - Anuario 5715 Ano Hebreo 1954/1955: Ano Segundo. Vida Comunitaria Judia.
V_3012_89: - Aspaklaria, the Digest of Good Reading - Year Nine [IN HEBREW].
V_3012_92: - Jahrbuch für die Geschichte der Juden und des Judenthums. Vierter Band. [IN GERMAN].
V_3019_63: - Jahrbuch der JÜdisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft VI.
AR_517_004: - Tribute to Julien Levy- Paris october 5-6-7 2004: Works from the Julien & Jean Levy collection.
V_3019_70: - Stenographisches Protokoll der Verhandlungen des XI. Zionisten-Kongresses in Wien, vom 2. bis 9. September 1913: Herausgegeben vom Zionistischen Aktionskommitee.
V_2051_87_: - Vierundzwanzigster Bericht der Lehranstalt für die Wissenschaft des Judentums in Berlin.
ME_11_09: - The Passover Hagadah [HAGGADAH, WARSAW 1934] [ENGLISH/YIDDISH/HEBREW].
ME_11_10: - The Passover Hagadah [HAGGADAH, WARSAW 1934] [ENGLISH/YIDDISH/HEBREW].
AR_515_012: - La Decouverte de la Polynesie: Musee de L'Homme Paris - Janvier-Juin 1972.
SH_011_034: - Guides: Field Guides in the Mirror of Contemporary Israeli Art [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH].
AR_623_011: - Das Buch Ruth / Das Buch Judith: Mit fünf Holzschnitten.: [SERIES]: Insel-Bücherei ; Nr. 121.
V_2032_164: - Palestine and Trans - Jurdan: Report for the Year 1933. Colonial No. 94 58-94.: Issued by the Colonial Office..
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V_2020_44: - The Jan Mitchell gift to the Israel Museum: Past and Present [2 VOLUMES]: I: Archeology ; II: Art.
V_2020_43: - Haggada: Ribary geza dr bevezetesevel munkacsi erno dr torteneti es muveszeti tanulmanyaval kohn zoltan dr forditasaval es magyarazataval.
V_2020_20: - Studies in Jewish Bibliography and Related Subjects in Memory of Abraham Solomon Freidus (1867-1923).
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NG_124: - Revue d'Histoire des Textes [22 VOLUMES].
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MA_15_25: - Aggadata D'Pascha (a Yemenite Haggadah) - Keminhag Kehilot haKodesh Yehudei Teiman veyeter kehilot Israel [IN HEBREW].: Facsimile of manuscript brought from Sanaa. With the following commentaries: 1) Simeon ben Zemah Duran [Rashbatz]; 2) Yefe Nof Commentary (Haim Gabriel); 3) Etz Hayim - Maharitz Commentary (Yihya Saleh; Yichyah Tzalach; Yehiya Saleh); with 4) Gadya with Yefe Nof Commentary; 5) Zevah Pesah [Zevach Pesach]; 6) Song of Songs; Solomon; Canticles. Also notes by Rabbi Yosef ben Yaakov Tsubery of the Yemenite community in Tel Aviv, Jaffa and environs..
AR_680_002: - Geschichte der Familie Cohen - Walsrode Altona.
H_004_012: - The Pessah Hagada [Haggadah of Pesach]: This Hagada - printed in Jerusalem by Hamadpis Lipbshitz Press, is a reproduction of an old Venetian edition. It contained an Italian translation, for which English has been substituted.
SH_031_018: - American Art in the Twentieth Century: The Tel-Aviv Museum Hosts the Museum of Modern Art New York [IN HEBREW].
AR_292_008: - The Pentateuch, Haphtorahs and Sabbath Morning Service [5 VOLUME SET].
V_2013_069: - The Hebrew University Jerusalem - 1929 / 1930.
V_2067_166: - Dictionary of Automobile Terms: Hebrew-English-French-German with 312 Illustrations: [SERIES]: Specialized dictionaries for technical terms.
AR_665_025: - Mane Loschon: Prayers upon the Graves of Deceased.
KG_74_120: - Furnishings for the Middle Class: Heal's Catalogues, 1853-1934 [Furnishing].
AR_338_008: - Sketches of the Life of Jewish Workers in America [IN YIDDISH].
AR_569_002: - Etnografia De Mexico: Sintesis Monograficas [LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 COPIES].: Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales..
V_1055_19: - Portraits of the American Jewish Family: "Growing up in America Gala May 23, 1990.
V_1055_20: - Jim Dine.
AR_640_002: - Jews in England: Studies and Materials, 1880-1940 [IN YIDDISH].
MB_08_01: - Nouvel Atlas des Enfans, ou Principes Clairs pour Apprendre Facilement et en Fort Peu de Tems la Géographie,: Suivi d'un Traité Méthodique de la Sphere, Qui Explique le Mouvement des Astres, le Divers Sistemes du Monde, & l'Usage des Globes; Enrichi de XXIV Cartes Enlumineés..
AR_669_010: - Das Arbeitende Erez Jisrael: Ein Sammelbuch.
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ME_10_12: - Haggada Shel Pessach [HEBREW POCKET HAGGADAH, c. 1950].
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AR_595_004: - In Commemoration of the Frankfurt Jewish Community.
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Kg_44_048: - Catalogo Nazionale Bolaffi della Grafica N.5.
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AR_444_009: - Sixth World Congress of Jewish Studies: Abstracts.
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Kg_44_030: - Sotheby's: Old Masters Paintings, Part Two.: 10 July, 2003.
Kg_44_031: - Solar 4 - Architektur und Energie, Januar-Februar 1981: Passive Solar Architecture in the U.S. and in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Kg_44_032: - Andre Verlon: Collage + Montage - Painting 1958-1983.
KG_44_034: - Silvar And Architects.
Kg_44_045: - Chinese Cultural Art Treasures: National Palace Museum Illustrated Handbook.
KG_44_046: - Selected Manuscripts and Prints - An Exhibition from the Treasures of the Jewish National and University Library.
V_2012_175: - These Will I Remember: Biographies of Leaders of religious Jewry in Europe, who perished during the Years 1939-1945 - Volume II [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1114_132: - Nahalal: The First Moshav-Ovdim [IN HEBREW].
V_1114_141: - War Studies: Essays in Memory of Col. Elazar (Lasia) Galili the Founder of Ma'arachot and its First Editor - In - Chief [IN HEBREW].
V_3029_23: - From the Lands of the Bible: Arts and Artifacts: An Archeological Exhibition in Celebration of Israel's Twentieth Anniversary under the Patronage of his Excellency Major-General Yitzhak Rabin, Ambassador of Israel to the United States..
V_3029_14: - Giotto: Frescoes: Seventeen Colour Plates, Three Illustrations in the Text: Introduction by Walter Ueberwasser.
V_3029_18: - Ladis Schwartz 1970-1985: Eine Skulpturen-Ausstellung im Foyer der Beethovenhalle, Bonn. Dezember 1985.: Die Ausstellung wird im Rahmen kultureller Förderungsmassnahmen von der Stadt Bonn unterstützt..
V_1101_52: - Bericht der Reorganisationskommission der Exekutive der Zionistischen Organisation: Über das Werk der Zionistischen Organisation in Palästina.
MA_08_18: - Computer Dictionary: English - Arabic / Arabic - English.
KG_34_145: - The Life of Morris L. Kramer: A Biographical Sketch of a Jewish Scholar and Businessman.
v_1098_54: - Concord of Harps: An Irish P.E.N. Anthlogy of Poetry.
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MB_04_37: - Geadelte jüdische Familien.: Zweite Auflage..
AR_342_003: - Companies Ordinance No. 18 of 1929 [Government of Palestine].
SH_059_005: - Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical School.
SH_059_003: - Optics: [SERIES]: Specialized Dictionaries XXIX / Dictionaries of the Central Committee for Technological Terminology XXIII / Dictionary of Physics - Part 3.
AR_634_004: - Terezin [CONTAINS MUSIC RECORD].
KG_50_031: - Pessach Haggadah: Ashkenaz, 1729 - Facsimile Edition.
V_2036_47: - Vortrag Über Israels Auszug aus Egypten fÜr die beiden ersten Abende des Pessach Festes mit Deutscher Übersetzung und Illustration: Hagadah.
AR_689_016: - XXX Biennale Internazionale d'Arte, 1960.
E_24_052: - Selected Legal Topics: Masters' Theses Submitted to the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem [IN HEBREW].
V_1092_057: - Transition and Change in Modern Jewish History: Essays Presented in Honor of Shmuel Ettinger.
V_1023_157: - Feierstunden: Ein Vortragsbüchlein: [SERIES]: Jüdische Volksbücherei, Band. 8.
Kg_116_018: - The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testament.: Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, by His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be read in Churches. Stereotype Edition.
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Kg_115_020: - Erez Israel - Mitteilungen des Hauptbüros des Jüdischen Nationalfonds: Heft 4, April 1920.
AR_266_001: - The Exodus from Yemen.: [SERIES]: Kibbutz Galuyoth - Ingathering of Exiles..
I_024_034: - Aquarelles, Drawings, Pastels, Photography, Prints, Sculpture.
AR_770_008: - Jerusalem Crown: The Bible of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem [IN HEBREW].
AR_299_002: - Ali Baba und die vierzig Rauber. Illustriert von Max Slevogt.: [SERIES]: Das Märchenbuch - Eine Folge von Märchenbüchern für Kinder und Erwachsene, Zehntes Buch.
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H_006_132: - Form of Service for the Two First Nights of the Feast of Passover [HEBREW / ENGLISH PASSOVER HAGGADAH]: With Hebrew Translation.
Kg_116_037: - Habimah: Hebrew Theatre of Palestine.
I_029_043: - Gifts of Tamar and Teddy Kollek to the Israel Museum Jerusalem: Curator-in charge and editor: David Mevorah.
Kg_116_010: - Zweierlei Leben: Eine wahre Geschichte für alt und jung von der Verfasserin von Mathildens Genesung.
SA_131: - Mind Over Matter: Symposium in Honour of Professor Bernhard Witkop held in Jerusalem on 20 May 1987.
SA_041: - Issues in Talmudic Research [IN HEBREW].
SA_042: - Studies in the History of Muslim Peoples [IN HEBREW].
V_1100_15: - Ma'gal Tob Ha-Schalem.
V_1100_38: - Jerusalem 1948-1951: Trois Annees de Reconstruction.
V_1100_90: - Beracha Meszuleszeth: t. j. Komentarz na traktat Talmudyczny Berachoth.
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AR_109_011: - The Jews of Czechoslovakia: Historical Studies and Surveys - Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
SA_078: - On the Thought of Isaiah Berlin: Papers Presented in Honour of Professor Sir Isaiah Berlin on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birthday.
SA_081: - Spinoza - His Thought and Work, Entretiens in Jerusalem, 6-9 September 1977.
AR_613_008: - An Universal History, from the Earliest Account of Time to the Present: Vol. X [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Compiled from Original Authors and Iluustrated with Maps, Cuts, Notes, Chronological and Other Tables..
AR_613_009: - An Universal History, from the Earliest Account of Time to the Present: Vol. IV [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Compiled from Original Authors; and Iluustrated with Maps, Cuts, Notes, Chronological and Other Tables..
V_1074_15: - Treasures of the Israel Museum Jerusalem: Photographs by Pierre-Alain Ferrazzini.
V_3017_72: - Hilda's Diary 1926-1940: Hopes & Expectations realised in the Promised Land.
AR_412_002: - The Passover Haggadah [IN HEBREW].: Amsterdam 1712.
NG_102: - Jahrbuch der Jüdisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft (Sitz: Frankfurt a. M.): 1903-1931/1932 [COMPLETE 22 VOLUME SET]: [Jahrbuch der Juedisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft].
V_1100_03: - Die Welt in Wort und Bild : Amerika.
V_1052_19: - Jewish Missionary Magazine: January-December 1927. Vol. viii. No. 73-84.
SH_063_025: - Dictionary of Psychological Terminology: English-Hebrew.
AR_280_013: M.P. - Gesammelte Gedichte [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
MC_12_09: - Burma and the Insurrections.
V_2046_25: - Salonique: Ville-Mere en israel [TEXT IN HEBREW, INTRODUCTION IN FRENCH].
AR_459_012: - Samlung Jidischn Humor un Erotik - Proverbia Judaeorum Erotica et Turpia [Sammlung judischen Humor und Erotik].: Jüdische Sprichwörter: Erotischen und Rustikalen Inhalts. Als Manuscript Gedruckt..
v_1108_29: - Mosaic Inscription from the Synagogue of Rehov.
AR_077_023: - Folia Orientalia - Tome VI (1964).: Revue des Etudes Orientales publiee par la Commission Orientaliste, Section de Cracovie de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences..
V_3002_038: - Studies in Philology - Second Volume [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN YIDDISH WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]: [SERIES]: Publications of the Yiddish Scientific Institute, II.
AR_387_009: - Haeszkol: Encyklopedja Powszechna / Haëschkol: Allgemeine Encyklopädie [IN HEBREW].
AR_301_010: - Encyclopedia Biblica. Tomus Nonus: Indices [IN HEBREW].
V_1058_004: - Report of the Broadcasting Committee, 1949: Presented by the Lord President of the Council and Postmaster General to Parliament by Command of His Majesty January 1951.
AR_094_012: - Kartuz-Breze, Our Town - Memorial Book [Byaroza; Biaroza; Beryoza; Bereza] [IN HEBREW].
AR_094_014: - The Habonim Handbook.
AR_496_006: - Annual 2005 Bologna: Illustrators of Children's Books.
V_1059_49: - Holland's Golden Age: Paintings - Drawings - Silver of the XVIIth Century.
KG_114_055: - Zolkiew (Kirya-Nizgava) [IN HEBREW]: Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. A Memorial Library of Jewish Communities.
AR_196_005: - Kibbutz: Kultur und Wirtschaft - Aus der Tagung des Kibbuz Hameuchad in Jagur, Juli 1933.
I_038_020: - Nevek a hajdu megyebol kiuzott zsidok Nevei / Names of the Deported Jews from Hajdu County, Hungary.
AR_059_005: - Mechilta - Venice Edition, 1545 [Mekhilta; Mekilta] [LIMITED FACSIMILE EDITION OF 200 COPIES] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: The First Editions of the Midrashim..
V_1123_08: - Omanuth: Quarterly Bulletin of the Jewish National Museum Bezalel.
V_1108_110: - L'Imitation de Jésus-Christ.: par Gonnelieu, avec pratiques et prieres.
AR_458_005: - Selected Treasures of the Past Dynasties: The Rare Gems of the New Archaeological Discoveries in Shaanxi Province.
Kg_76_029: - Lakhish: A Literary-Historical Anthology [IN HEBREW]: Dedicated to the Memory of Mordhai Guber pioner and founder.
V_3024_05: - Israeli Sculpture in Tefen: The Last Decade: The Open Museum: Industrial Park Tefen; Opening 15 October, 1994.
V_2058_23: - Haapala: Studies in the History of Illegal Immigration into Palestine 1934 - 1948. [IN HEBREW].
LA_009: - Sefer ha-Meqorot: Source Book for the Hebrew Literature of North Africa [IN HEBREW].
Kg_78_032: - Biblical Archaeology Today: Proceedings of the Inernational Congress on Biblical Archaeology Jerusalem, April 1984.
KG_69_120: - MLA style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing: Third edition.
KG_68_144_: - Jerusalem la Eterna [IN HEBREW].
AR_173_021: - The System of Education of the Jewish Community in Palestine.: Report of the Commission of Enquiry Appointed by the Secretary of State for the Colonies in 1945.
AR_109_012: - The Jews of Czechoslovakia: Historical Studies and Surveys - Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1118_051: - Sefer Zev Vilnay [SIGNED BY ZE'EV VILNAY]: Essays on the history, archaeology and lore of the Holy Land, presented to Zev Vilnay.
V_1053_30: - Argentiner Iwo Shriftn: (Anales del instituto cientifico judio argentino) 3.
V_1053_31: - Argentiner Iwo Shriftn: Tomo II.
V_1053_29: - Argentiner Iwo Shriftn: (Anales del instituto cientifico judio argentino) 4.
I_030_012: - Government of Palestine - Department of Education: Annual Report for the Scholastic Year [1926] - 1927.
I_024_019: - The Fifth Aliyah - The 60th [Sixtieth] Anniversary of Central European Immigration.
V_1124_036_: - Claudia Busching: Catalogo.
V_2075_27: - Kobez Al Jad - Minora Manuscripta Hebraica: Tom. X (XX) [IN HEBREW].
AR_487_015: - Twenty Graphic Prints by Jewish and Arab Children [SINGED BY EDITOR] [IN HEBREW, ENGLISH, ARABIC AND GERMAN].
V_3010_39: - ErzÄhlung von Israels Auszug aus Aegypten fÜr die beiden ersten Abende des Pesach-Festes: mit einer deutschen Uebersetzung und Illustrationen..
V_2067_124: - Die Päpstlichen Bullen über die Blutbeschuldigung.
V_2057_133: - Douzieme Volume de la Geographie Blaviane Contenant L'Amerique qui est La V. Partie de la Terra [FACSIMILE EDITION]].
ZK_002: - The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land: Volumes 1-5.
V_3030_052: - Beknopte Proef van Drukletters / Choix de Caractères Modernes.
V_3029_84: - Torah and Life in Modern Israel.
V_3029_21: - Joram Rozov / 1998.
V_3029_06: - Israel Photography Annual.
V_3023_68: - Geschichte in der Gegenwart: Ungarische Politiker, Akademiker und Schriftsteller Über Vergangenheit und Gegenwart.
AR_086_020: - Palestine: Report on Palestine Administration, 1923.
V_3020_29: - Jahresberichte des JÜdisch-Theologischen Seminars Fraenckel'scher Stiftung 1912-1920.
Kg_77_047: - Israel Government Year-Book: 5721 (1960-61).
AR_402_004: - The Collection of R. B. Kitaj: Thursday 7 February 2008.
V_2046_95: - The Gates are Open : Collections of Memories - Cladestine Immigration, 1945-1948 [IN HEBREW].
V_2046_01: - Arte Prehispanico De Venezuela.
V_2043_105: - Elath: The Eighteenth Archeological Convention, October 1962 [IN HEBREW].
V_2039_47: - Gefallene Deutsche Juden: Frontbriefe 1914-18: Herausgegeben vom Reichsbund Jüdischer Fronsoldaten E.V. Mit einer Zeichnung von Max Liebermann.
V_1127_28: - Five Years of Collecting Egyptian Art: 1951-1956. Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the Brooklyn Museum.
V_1125_31: - Dinge der Zeit. Heft 1, erstes Jahr: Juni 1947.
V_1125_33: - Israel's Finest Day: Collector's Edition.
AR_215_009: - Yizkor in Memoriam [3 volumes IN HEBREW]: Comprising biographies and photographs of all the Fallen in the War of liberation in Israel.
V_1107_108: - The Jewish Historical Society of England - Miscellanies [6 VOLUMES].
V_1103_40: - Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression: Volume II.
V_1103_41: - Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression: Volume V.
v_1099_07: - Los Templos Visigotico-Romanicos de Tarrasa: Monumento Nacional.
V_1099_12: - Transfer; Galicien - Austruen - Baskenland - Nordrhein-Westfalen: Austausch bildender Künstler und Kunst.
V_1096_41: - Hebels Werke: Erster Teil - Allermannische Gedichte [Vol. 1 ONLY].
V_1083_51: - Der Kinderfreund: Ein Wochenblatt. Ein und Zwanzigster Theil..
AR_118_004: - Blackbook [Black Book] of Localities whose Jewish Population was Exterminated by the Nazis.
V_1057_50: - Zeitgenossen von Marx und Engles: Ausgewählte Briefe aus den Jahren 1844 bis 1852.
V_1049_07: - Zum siebzigsten Geburtstage des Professor Dr. Heinrich GrÄtz: am 31. October 1887.
V_1048_68: - Dictionar ebraic - romin.
V_1043_08: - Alenza & Dibujos y estampas en el Museo Municipal: Coleccion de diez Dibujos y Dieciocho Grabados.
MC_13_08: - Lehavot / Lehavoth [HEBREW] [ISSUES 1-5, BOUND TOGETHER].
V_1084_129: - Research Contributions to the Physical Geography of Israel: Studies in Fluvial and Coastal Geomorphology of Arid and Mediterranean Regions.
V_1084_130: - Research Contributions to the Physical Geography of Israel: Studies in Fluvial and Coastal Geomorphology of Arid and Mediterranean Regions.
MA_15_05: - Education in Palestine - General Survey 1936-1946 [1945] / Annual Report for the School Year 1938-1939 / 1939-1940 / 1940-1941 / 1941-1942 / 1942-1943 / 1943-1944 / 1944-1945 / 1945-46 [10 BOOKLETS BOUND TOGETHER].
MA_02_08: - Sifra - Venice Edition, 1545 [FACSIMILE EDITION OF 200 COPIES]: [SERIES]: The First Editions of the Midrashim..
MA_02_06: - Mechilta: Venice Edition, 1545 [Mekhilta; Mekilta] [LIMITED FACSIMILE EDITION OF 200 COPIES] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: The First Editions of the Midrashim..
KG_92_034: - Fotografie in deutschen Zeitschriften, 1946-1984.: Ausstellungsserie Fotografie in Deutschland von 1850 bis heute..
Kg_91_10: - Kunsthaus ZÜrich - 250 Werke aus der Sammlung.
KG_78_029: - Proceedings Of The Israel Academy Of Sciences And Humanities [Vol. I].
V_1028_90: - Ordinances, Regulations, Rules, Orders and Notices: Annual Volume for 1943-Volume 1: Ordinances.
AR_750_010: - Jahrbuch des Kaiserlich Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Band XXIX [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Mit dem Beiblatt Archäologischer Anzeiger..
KG_54_021: - Handbuch der Kosmetik.
AR_303_001: - Pentateuch [IN HEBREW. REPRINT EDITION - NUMBERED]: Exodus Includes The Book of Esther; Leviticus Includes The Song of Songs; Numbers Includes The Book of Ruth; Deuteronomy Includes Ecclesiastes.
ME_06_08: - Mishnayot [HEBREW MISHNAH] [2 VOLUMES OF 6] [FÜRTH 1814].
SH_054_045: - Emmanuel Ronkin: Paintings and drawings and Drawings.
AR_729_012: - Les six codes: Avec indication de leurs dispositions corrélatives et rapports entre eux.
MA_10_04: - Letem Ceskym Svetem [Flight over the Czech world] - Dil Prvni & Dil Druhi [TWO VOLUME SET].: Pul Tisice Fotograf [500 photographs]. Pohledu z Cech, Moravy, Slezska a Slovenska [Views from Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia]..
I_013_006: - Quarante Tableaux D'Une Collection Privee: La Collection Privee et L'Amour des Choses par Waldemar George.
I_025_023: - Israel Defense Sales Directory - 1985.
V_1099_62: - 150 Ans de Judaisme Belge.
AR_781_019: - Pictorial Sketches from Bible Lands: Views of some of the most beautiful, famous and historical places in the Bible, with racy and interesting descriptions of the same.
V_1027_113: - Le Self-Government A l'Ecole.: Publications du Bureau International d'Education No. 38.
V_1125_38: - Hovereth: Published by Executive Committee of Employees' Organisation.
V_1045_49: - Esther Peretz-Arad Collages & Drawings.
V_1123_43: - The Conservation of Cultural Property: with special reference to tropical conditions.
AR_471_006: - Festschrift Dr. Jakob Freimann zum 70. Geburtstag: gewidmet von der Jüdischen Gemeinde zu Berlin und dem Rabbinerseminar zu Berlin sowie einem Kreise seiner Freunde und Verehrer.
AR_063_008: [ANONYM] - Antisemiten-Spiegel: Die Antisemiten im Lichte des Christenthums [Christentums], des Rechtes und der Wissenschaft.
V_1107_15: - Textual Sources for the Study of Sikhism: Edited and translated by W. H. McLeod.
AR_408_015: - Bokhara: Goldman-Schwartz Hall, Winter 1967-68.
V_1034_76: - From the Collections of the Jewish National and University Library Jerusalem.: Facsimile reproductions chosen from the collections of the manuscripts department of the library.
KG_31_147: - Stenographisches Protokoll der Verhandlungen des XIX. Zionistenkongresses und der vierten Tagung des Council der Jewish Agency für Palästina [Übersetzung aus dem Hebräischen).
V_1075_150: - Izkor-Buj [Yizkor-Bukh]: Ratne [Ratno, Ratna] - Libro en Homenaje a Nuestros Hermanos Masacrados por la Barbarie Nazi en Nuestro Pueblo Natal [IN YIDDISH].
MA_13_11: 'AZIMUDDIN, AHMAD [ED.] / AL-HIMJARI [AL-HIMYARI], NASWAN B. [IBN] SA'ID - Die auf Südarabien bezüglichen Angaben Naswan's im Sams al-'Ulum.
SH_062_075: 'HA-ELION, MOSHE / PEREZ, AVNER [TRAN.] / MIRIAM, RIVKA [ILLU.] - En los Kampos de la Muerte.: [SERIES]: El Trezoro de la Poezia i del Teatro Djudeo-espanyol: Primera publikasion.
V_1073_33: (ARCHITECTS:) KROYANKER, DAVID / PAUL, NEHEMIA - A municipal by-law for the citation of year of construction and names of architect and builder on each new Jerusalem building [SIGNED BY DAVID KROYANKER].
V_2028_31: (MARC CHAGALL) - Marc Chagall: Le Ballet L'Opera.
MA_21_22: A. DE BELMAR [ALEJANDRO] - Voyage aux Provinces Brésiliennes du Pará et des Amazones en 1860,: précédé d'un rapide coup d'Oeil, sur le Littoral du Brésil..
ME_10_17: A. BEN A. - Hagadah shel Pessach [HEBREW NON-TRADITIONAL HAGGADAH, 1957]: Le-beit Solel Bone..
V_2009_113: A. L. O. E. - The Life of Luther.: Taken chiefly from D'Aubigne's History of the Reformation..
SH_038_114: A. F. PRIKOV - Album of Pictures : for a Journey with Children in the Holy Land.
V_1107_14: AALDERS, W.J./VAN DER LEEUW, G./RÜMKE, H.C. - Twijfel en Geloof.
AR_124_005: AALDERS, W. J.; VAN DER CORPUT, J. G.; KAPTEYN, J. M. N.; VAN MEURS, J. H.; POLAK, L.; SIRKS, M. J.; ZERNIKE, F. - Wegen der Wetenschap: Uitgangspunt, Richting en Doel.
AR_538_001: AARON AL-'AMMANI / COHEN, SARAH [ED.&INTR.] - The Poetry of Aaron Al-'Ammani [SIGNED BY EDITOR] [IN HEBREW].
SH_024_028: AARONSOHN, RAN - Touring the First Moshavot [IN HEBREW].
SH_065_018: AARONSOHN, RAN - Baron Rothschild and the Colonies: The Begining of Jewish Colonization in Eretz Israel- 1882-1890.
AR_125_005: AARTUN, KJELL / BERGERHOF, KURT; DIETRICH, MANFRED; LORETZ, OSWALD [EDS.] - Die Partikeln des Ugaritischen: 2. Teil [This volume only].: [SERIES]: Alter Orient und Altes Testament - Veröffentlichungen zur Kultur und Geschichte des Alten Orients und des Alten Testaments: Band 21/2.
V_2057_96: ABÁIGAR ANCÍN, TERESA - Conservación y Manejo de una especie amenazada en cautividad. Gazella dorcas neglecta. Registro internacional / Management and Conservation of an Endangered Species in Captivity. Gazella dorcas neglecta. International Studbook: Biblioteca de Ciencias, 8.
AR_449_010: ABBA, IRIT - Wheel. Period.
AR_236_002: ABBE GIRARD, M. - Synonymes Francois: Leurs Differentes Significations, et le Choix Qu'il en Faut Faire.: Troisieme Edition..
AR_330_011: ABBÉ J. GARNIER [THÉODORE] - Grammaire Hebraique et Chaldaique suivie du Premier Chapitre de Ruth Explique par deux Traductions Francaises: expliqué par deux traductions françaises, ... avec une analyse é.
KG_82_105: ABBE FLEURY / CLARKE, A. [TR.] - A Short History of the Ancient Israelites: with an account of their Manners, Customs, Laws, Polity, Religion , Sects, Arts, and Trades, Division of Time, Wars, Captivities, etc. A work of the greatest Utility to all those who read the Bible and desire fully to understand the Various Customs, Manners etc. referred to in that Sacred Book.
KG_66_147: ABBELL, MORRIS / TELLER, MORRIS [TRANS.] - Sermons of Maggid.
V_1125_72: ABBOTT, E. A. - A Shakespearian Grammar: An Attempt to Illustrate some of the Differences between Elizabethan and Modern English for the Use of School.
V_3011_92: ABBOU, IS. D. - Musulmans Andalous et Judeo-Espagnols.
MA_06_02: ABD EL-LATIF IBRAHIM, MOHAMMAD [ABDEL; MOHAMMED; MUHAMMAD; MUHAMMAD] - Dictionary of Medical Terminology [Terms] (Abd El-Latif / Abdel Latif): ENGLISH - ARABIC.
MA_18_11: ABD EL FATTAH MOURAD [ABDEL FATAH MURAD; ELFATTAH; ELFATAH] [COUNSELLOR] - Encyclopedia of Computer and Internet Terms: English-Arabic: A Comparative Analytical and Etymological Study of the Terminology of the Computer Science and Internet..
MC_18_19: ABDER-RAHMAN, AFIF [ABD AL-RAHMAN; ABD AR-RAHMAN; ABDUL RAHMAN; ABDURRAHMAN] - Dictionary of Classical Arabic Proverbs: Arabic-Arabic.: [Qamus al-amthal al-'Arabiyah al-turathiyah: 'Arabi-'Arabi]..
AR_295_017: ABDUL HAK, SELIM - Die Schätze des National Museums von Damaskus: Ubersetyt aus dem Franyosischen: Dr. Kamil Ayad.
AR_383_008: ABE, YUJI [ED.] - The Young Talent: Catalog No. 6 The Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
AR_473_002: ABÉCASSIS, ARMAND; NATAF, GEORGES - Encyclopédie de la Mystique Juive.
AR_591_003: ABECASSIS, RAPHAEL - Ladders.
AR_192_006: ABEL, F.-M. [FÉLIX MARIE] - Une Croisiere Autour de la Mer Morte.: [SERIES]: Études palestiniennes et orientales..
KG_41_119: ABEL, JOHANN JOSEPH - Historisches Gemälde der Lage und des Zustandes des weiblichen Geschlechts: unter allen Völkern der Erde von den ältesten bis auf die neusten Zeiten..
MA_18_13: ABELES, SIEGFRIED [VERFASSER] / F. V. KOSAK [ZEICHNUNGEN] - Tams Reise durch die jüdische Märchenwelt.: Fünfundzwanzig Kindermärchen nach jüdisch-volkstümlichen Motiven von Siegfried Abeles. Illustriert von F. V. Kosak..
MA_13_20: ABELSON, NATHAN - Problems of the Ages [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH].: Lectures and Commentaries on the Bible and Talmud by Nathan Abelson..
I_023_014: ABELSON, PAUL [ED.] - English-Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary.
AR_072_009: ABER, ITA - The Art of Judaic Needlework: Traditional and Contemporary Designs.
E_56_16: ABERBACH, MOSHE [ED.] - Aharon M.K. Rabinowicz : Jubilee Volume.
Kg_27_101: ABERCROMBIE, LESCELLES / UR, JOSEPH [TRANSLATION] - Principles of Literary Criticism [IN HEBREW].
MA_16_36: ABERDAM; ADLEN; BORVINE-FRENKEL; KOLNIK [EDS.] ; PISSARRO, CAMILLE; LIPCHITZ, JACQUES; LAZAR, MEYER; PASCIN, JULES; NIKEL, LEA; ET AL. - Nos Artistes - Publication de l'Association des Artistes, Peintres et Sculpteurs Juifs de France - No. 2, Avril 1958 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_2076_151: ABIGAIL PAZ-YESHAYAHU, YOSEF GORNY. (ED.) - A Historical Achievement And Its Evolution. The Kibbutz and Moshav Settlement, 1910-1990. [IN HEBREW].
AR_326_007: ABITBOL, MICHEL; ASSIS, YOM-TOM; HASAN-ROKEM, GALIT [HAZAN] [EDS.] - Hispano-Jewish Civilization after 1492.
MC_11_07: ABOAB, ISAAC / FRANKFURT, MOSES [TR.] - Sefer Menoras Hamoer [Sefer Menorat Ha-Maor] [2 PARTS IN 1] [HEBREW / YIDDISH].
v_1098_70: ABOU RABIA, KHALIL & DOGARU, ION - Romanian, European, Bedouin Arab and Muslim legal Systems.
SH_036_002: ABRAHAM IBN EZRA [AVRAHAM BEN MEIR; ABENEZRA; ABEN EZRA] / LEVIN, ISRAEL [ED.] - The Religious Poems of Abraham ibn Ezra: Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary - Volume One [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
V_1094_05: ABRAHAM, M. / ROTHSCHILD, TH. - WÖrterbuch zu AusgewÄhlte StÜcke - der hebrÄischen Bibel.
V_1094_28: ABRAHAM, MICHAEL - HebrÄische Sprachlehre.
V_1077_35: ABRAHAM, HILDA C. AND FREUND, ERNST L. (ED.) - A Psycho-Analytic Dialogue: The Letters of Sigmund Freud and Karl Abraham 1907-1926.
V_1068_55: ABRAHAM, M.; LEVY, J.B. - Schaare Zedek: Neubearbeitung von Tefilla kezara und Schaare Thora. erster Teil. Neue, Gekürzte Ausgabe [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: Eine Methodische Einführung in die Sprache der Bibel und des Gebetbuches.
KG_19_239: ABRAHAM ABEN [IBN] EZRA / ZEDNER, JOSEPH [ED.] - Abraham Aben [Ibn] Ezra's Commentary on the Book of Esther [IN HEBREW].
SH_036_001: ABRAHAM IBN EZRA [AVRAHAM BEN MEIR; ABENEZRA; ABEN EZRA] / LEVIN, ISRAEL [ED.] - The Religious Poems of Abraham ibn Ezra: Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary - Volume Two [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
SH_034_082: ABRAHAM BEN DAVID OF POSQUIERES / BERGMAN, BERNARD [ED., COMMENTARIES AND INTRODUCTION] - Katuv Sham: The Ra-bad's Critical Commentary on the Baal Ha-maor [IN HEBREW].: Edited from Manuscripts with Critical Notes Commentaries and Introduction.
KG_41_110: ABRAHAM, MICHAEL - Tefilla Kezara: Hebräische Gebete für die israelitische Jugend.: Zum ersten Unterricht im Übersetzen mit Vokabularium, Grammatik, Ubersetzungenssatzen und alphabetischem Worterverzeichnis..
KG_56_113: ABRAHAM, MICHAEL - Hebräische Lesefibel: zugleich eine Vorstufe zur Tefilla Kezara [IN HEBREW].
Kg_25_005: ABRAHAMI, ELIE - Elie Abrahami - Aquarelles: Du Réalisme à l'abstraction.
AR_237_004: ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL ; STOKES, H. P. ; LOEWE, HERBERT - Starrs and Jewish Charters Preserved in the British Museum [THREE VOLUME SET].: [VOL.I]: Starrs and Jewish Charters in the British Museum / [VOL.II]: Supplementary Notes / [VOL.III]: Indexes..
AR_021_004: ABRAHAMS, I. ; MONTEFIORE, C. G. [EDS.] - The Jewish Quarterly Review : The Original Series As Published In England - Volume XVII 1905 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [REPRINT EDITION].
AR_445_006: ABRAHAMS, I. ; MONTEFIORE, C. G. [EDS.] - The Jewish Quarterly Review : The Original Series As Published In England - Volume XV 1903 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
NG_113: ABRAHAMS, I.; MONTEFIORE, C. G. [EDS.] - Jewish Quarterly Review: Vol. I[a/b], II[b/b], VI[a/b], VI[b/b], VII[b/b], VIII[a/b], VIII[b/b], X[b/b] [8 VARIOUS VOLUMES AS DESCRIBED].
AR_720_011: ABRAHAMS, HENRY [ED.] - Sabbath and Festival Prayers, According to the Custom of the German and Polish Jews, with Explanatory Rules and Directions in English - Vol. II [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_2076_134: ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL; KELLERMANN, BENZION; WIENER, MAX; BÜCHLER, ADOLF; CASSUTO, UMBERTO; GUTTMANN, JULIUS; ELBOGEN, ISMAR; MUNK, L.; ET AL. - Judaica - Festschrift zu Hermann Cohens siebzigstem Geburtstage.
AR_502_004: ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL - Pathways in Judaism.
SH_069_061: ABRAMOV / S. ZALMAN - A Party that Failed - Its Idea Prevailed [IN HEBREW].
V_1091_029: ABRAMOWITZ, LEAH - Tales of Nehama: Impressions of the life and teachings of Nehama Leibowitz [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
V_3019_16: ABRAMOWITZ, CHAIM YITZHAK (ED.) - The Fifth Commandment: an anthology on filial piety with a special chapter on the kaddish: gleaned from the Bible, the Talmud and other Rabbinical Literature.
V_2041_109: ABRAMS, DANIEL; ELQAYAM, AVRAHAM [EDS.] - Kabbalah: Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Text - Volume Five [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_127_012: ABRAMS, DANIEL [ED.] - R. Asher ben David: His Complete Works and Studies in his Kabbalistic Thought Including The Commentaries to the Account of Creation by the Kabbalists of Provence and Girona [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Sources and Studies in the Literature of Jewish Mysticism - 2.
I_16_004: ABRAMS, DANIEL; ELQAYAM, AVRAHAM [EDS.] - Kabbalah: Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Text - Volume Six [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
KG_74_129: ABRAMS, DANIEL ; ELQAYAM, AVRAHAM - Kabbalah: Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Text - Volume Four [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
KG_74_103: ABRAMS, DANIEL ; ELQAYAM, AVRAHAM - Kabbalah: Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts - Volume Three [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_679_011: ABRAMSKI-BLIGH, IRIT [ED.] - Pinkas Hakehillot: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundation till after the Holocaust - Libya, Tunisia [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_381_007: ABRAMSKY, HENIA / GROSMAN, DAN [CRUATOR] / PERLTEIN-DVIR, ROEY [TRANS.] - Henia Abramsky: Sculpture.
I_019_024: ABRAMSON, LARRY / MANOR - FRIEDMAN, TAMAR [CURATOR] - Larry Abramson: The Rose of Jericho.
V_1098_87: ABRAMSON, SHRAGA (ED.) / MIRSKY, AARON (ED.) - Hayyim (Jefim) Schirmann: Jubilee Volume [IN HEBREW].
I_009_062: ABRAMSON, SHRAGA; MIRSKY, AARON [EDS.] - Hayyim (Jefim) Schirmann: Jubilee Volume [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AARON MIRSKY].
I_023_031: ABRAMSON, LARRY / GINTON, ELLEN [CURATOR] - Larry Abramson: Coincidences.
Kg_54_023: ABRAMSON, SHRAGA [ED.] / MIRSKY, AARON [ED.] - Hayyim (Jefim) Schirmann: Jubilee Volume [IN HEBREW].
AR_495_007: ABRAVANEL, ISAAC / KELLNER, MARC MENACHEM [ED.; TRANS.] - Principles of Faith (Rosh Amanah).: [SERIES]: The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization.
AR_779_007: ABU SHAKRA, FARID [CURATOR&ED.] / HADAR, IRITH [CURATOR] / STERN, LILLI [ED.] - Walid Abu Shakra - Mintarat Al-Batten.
MC_11_17: ABU BAKR MUHAMMAD B. AHMAD AL-WASITI [IBN] / HASSON, ISAAC [ED.&INTR.] - Fada'il al-Bayt al-Muqaddas d'Abu Bakr Muhammad b. Ahmad al-Wasiti [ibn].: [SERIES]: The Max Schloessinger Memorial Series - Texts 3..
MC_11_20: ABU ZAKARIYYA YAHYA IBN DAWUD [JUDAH BEN DAVID HAYYUJ; YEHUDA; HAYYUG ] / JASTROW, MORRIS [JR.] [ED.] - The Weak and Geminative Verbs in Hebrew by Abu Zakariyya Yahya ibn Dawud of Fez known as Hayyug.: The Arabic text now published for the first time by Morris Jastrow Jr..
V_1100_138: ABU OMAR, ABED EL-SAMIH - Traditional Palestinian Embroidery and Jewelry.
V_1100_137: ABU OMAR, ABED EL-SAMIH - Traditional Palestinian Embroidery and Jewelry.
AR_426_002: ABU-GHAZALEH, TALAL - The Abu-Ghazaleh English-Arabic Dictionary of Accountancy.
AR_096_003: ABU-L-HASAN JEHUDA HALLEWI [JEHUDA HA-LEVI; JUDAH] / HIRSCHFELD, HARTWIG [TR.] - Das Buch Al-Chazari Aus dem Arabischen des Abu-L-Hasan Jehuda Hallewi übersetzt von Dr. Hartwig Hirschfeld.
AR_505_005: ABU-ODEH, ADNAN - Jordanians, Palestinians & the Hashemite Kingdom in the Middle East Peace Process.
ME_02_03: ABUDIRHAM, DAVID. - Abudirham [PRAGUE 1784].
V_3016_09: ABUDRAHAM, DAVID / EHRENREICH, CH. L. (HRSG.) - Sefer Abudarham: [bound together with Sefer Divrei Yaacob).
AR_677_015: ABUDRAHAM [ABUDIRHAM], DAVID / EHRENREICH, CH. L. [ED.] - Sefer Abudarham [Abudirham] [IN HEBREW].
MA_12_08: ABUHAB, ISAAC [ABOAB; RABBI ISAAK] / - Menorath hammaor. Licht verbreitender Leuchter [Menorat ha-Maor or Menoras HaMaor] [COMPLETE THREE VOLUME SET].: Eine moralisch-religiöse und erbauliche Lektüre für Jung und Alt. Hebräsch verfasst von dem berühmten spanischen Rabbiner Isaac Abuhab und ubs Deutsche übersetzt von R. J. Fürstenthal und B. Behrend..
KG_31_117: ABULWALID MERWAN IBN GANAH (R. JONA) / JEHUDA IBN TIBBON [TR.] / BACHER, WILHELM [ED.] - Sepher Haschoraschim : Wurzelworterbuch der Hebraischen Sprache [FACSIMILE EDITION] [IN HEBREW].
AR_087_016: ACADEMIA NACIONAL DE LA HISTORIA (VENEZUELA) - El Pensamiento Constitucional de Latinoamerica 1810-1830: Tomo V [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Biblioteca de la Academia Nacional de la Historia (Caracas) - 51..
V_3019_40: ACHAD HA-AM/MARX, CARL/TCHERNOWITZ, C./HUSIK I. - Maimondes Octocentennial Series: I: The Supremacy of Reason; II: Moses Maimonides; III: Maimonides as Codifier; IV: The Philosophy of Maimonides.
AR_080_002: ACHAD HA-AM [AHAD HAAM; ASHER ZVI HIRSCH GINSBERG] / SIMON, LEON [TRANS.] - The Supremacy of Reason: To The Memory of Maimonides.: [SERIES]: Zionist Pamphlets, No. 2..
V_1114_114: ACHAD-HAAM, CH.N. BIALIK, TH. HERZL, SCHOLEM ALEICHEM, J.L. PEREZ, S. FRUG, M.J. BERDYCZEWSKI, L. KELLNER, S. ZWEIG, I. ZANGWILL ETC. - Juedischer Almanach: Teilweise Veraenderte, Neuausgabe.
V_1105_116: ACHAD-HAAM, CH.N. BIALIK, TH. HERZL, SCHOLEM ALEICHEM, J.L. PEREZ, S. FRUG, M.J. BERDYCZEWSKI, L. KELLNER, S. ZWEIG, I. ZANGWILL ETC. - Juedischer Almanach: Teilweise Veraenderte, Neuausgabe.
V_1069_98: ACHESON, JAMES ; ARTHUR, KATERYNA [EDS.] - Beckett's Later Fiction and Drama - Texts for Company.
AR_202_014: ACHIAM / FLAMENT, ANDRE (PREF.) - Achiam: Grand Prix des Beaux-Arts de la ville de Paris 1965 - Sculptures et Poemes.
H_027_009: ACHIASAF, ODED (ED.) - Praktisches Taschenwörterbuch: Hebräisch - Deutsch / Deutsch - Hebräisch: Mit vollständiger Transliteration in neuer Rechtschreibung.
SH_026_092: ACHITUV, RONEN - A Window of Words: Modern Midrash on Parshat HaShavua [IN HEBREW].
AR_516_006: ACUN, HAKKI - Manisa'da turk Devri Yapilari.
V_2081_127: ADAIR, JAMES R. - An Inductive Method for Reconstructing the Biblical Text Illustrated by an Analysis of 1 Samuel 3.: [SERIES]: Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages, Monograph Series.
AR_296_003: ADAM, ALFRED - Die Psalmen des Thomas und des Perlenlied als Zeugnisse vorchristlicher Gnosis.: [SERIES]: Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft: 24.
AR_756_005: ADAM SMITH, GEORGE - The Historical Geography of the Holy Land.
AR_047_013: ADAN-BAYEWITZ, DAVID - Common Pottery in Roman Galilee: A Study of Local Trade [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].: [SERIES]: Bar-Ilan Studies in Eastern Languages and Cultures..
SH_017_073: ADAR, Z. [ED.] - The Old Testament Conception of God, Man and the World [IN HEBREW].: A Selection of Essays by Old Testament Scholars in Europe and the United States in the Twentieth [20th] Century..
AR_649_007: ADCOCK, FRANK ; MOSLEY, D. J. - Diplomacy in Ancient Greece.: [SERIES]: Aspects of Greek and Roman Life..
V_1046_17: ADDA, GILBERT (PHOTOGRAPHIES) - The Walls of Jerusalem.
MB_06_27: ADDISON, JOSEPH. - Remarks on Several Parts of Italy, &c.: In the Years 1701, 1702, 1703..
AR_007_009: ADELMAN, SAMUEL - Sing, My Soul.
AR_206_015: ADER, ETIENNE ; VINCHON, M. JEAN - Collection de Cachets et Cylindres Orientaux, Intailles Bijoux en or Monnaies.: Grecques, Romaines, Byzantines, Francaises - Etrangeres.
SH_030_138: ADERET, AVRAHAM - From Destruction to Restoration: The Mode of Yavneh in Re-Establishment of the Jewish People [IN HEBREW].
MA_17_18: ADI SHANKARA [SHANKARACHARYA; BHAGAVATPADA] / HARI RAGHUNATH BHAGAVAT [ED.] - The Upanishadbhashya, i.e., the principal ten Upanishads wih Shankara's commentary.: [SERIES]: Works of Shankaracharya in original Sanskrit - Vol. II, Part I. Edited by Hari Raghunath Bhagavat. 2nd Edition..
V_1052_158: ADINOLFI, MARCO - Il Femminismo della Bibbia.: [SERIES]: Spicilegium Pontificii Athenaei Antoniani :22..
V_1027_111: ADLER, FELIX - Creed and Deed: A Series of Discourses.
AR_397_016: ADLER, SAUL / KATZIR, EPHRAIM [INTRO.] - Pioneer of tropical medicine.
MA_07_07: ADLER, ISRAEL / SHALEM, LEA [ASSISTANCE] - Hebrew Notated Manuscript Sources up to circa 1840 - A Descriptive and Thematic Catalogue with a Checklist of printed Sources [TWO VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Répertoire international des sources musicales - Internationales Quellenlexikon der Musik - International Inventory of Musical Sources: B IX, 1..

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