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AR_098_020: GUNNARSSON, GUNNAR / FELTEN, WOLFGANG [ILLUST.] - Advent im Hochgebirge.
ZK_117: GUNNEWEG, J.; PERLMAN, I.; YELLIN, J. - Qedem - Volume 17: The Provenience, Typology and Chronology of Eastern Terra Sigillata.
MC_08_22: GUNZBERG, ARYEH LEIB BEN ASHER. - Sefer Shaagat Arieh [Shaagas Aryeh / Szagas Arie] [HEBREW] [JOZEFOW 1855].
V_1022_183: GUR, MOTTA (MORDECHAI) - From the North and from the West [IN HEBREW].
V_1101_104: GUR, MORDECHAI - D. Company: A Story of a Parachute Company [IN HEBREW].
AR_646_002: GUR, YONA - Of Canvas. Of Wood. Of Stone. Painting. Prints. Poems [IN HEBREW].
AR_533_005: GUR-ARIE, DRORIT [ED.] - Screem : Turn-of-the-Century Expressionist Images in Pen and Brush.
SH_045_049: GUR-ARIEH, JOSEPH - Habad Hassidism in Hebron From The Begining of Habadic Settlement in Eretz-Israel Till 1866 [IN HEBREW].
I_039_020: GUR-LAVIE (KARNI), NURIT [GUR-LAVY] - Transparent Suitcase, 1998-1999.
I_022_052: GUR-ZE'EV, ILAN [ZEEV] - Education in the Era of Postmodern Discourse [IN HEBREW].
SH_030_061: GUR-ZE'EV, ILAN - The Frankfurt school and the history of pessimism [IN HEBREW].
AR_616_002: GURALNIK, NEHAMA [CURATOR] - On The Edge: New Art From Private Collections In France.
V_1046_84: GURALNIK, NEHAMA (ED.) - Marie-Jo Lafontaine Jeder Engel ist schrecklich.
AR_432_008: GURARY, NOSON - Chasidism: Its Development, Theology, and Practice.
AR_392_003: GURGANI, FAKHR UD-DIN/ MORRISON, GEORGE [TRNS.] - Vis and Ramin: Translated from the Persian of Fakhr Ud-Din Gurgani by George Morrison.
H_011_085: GURI, YOSEF - 2000 Idiomatic Expressions in Yiddish.
KG_72_222: GURI, Y. [YOSEF] / BAT-TSVI, IRENA [ILLUSTRATIONS] - All's Well that Ends Well: A Dictionary of Proverbs - English, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew.
SH_076_086: GURI, YOSEF - On the Tip of the Tongue: 500 Yiddish Proverbs.
AR_273_013: GURI, YOSEF - On the Tip of the Tongue: 500 Yiddish Proverbs [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_207_012: GURI, YOSEF - 1000 Yiddish Idioms and their Equivalents in English, Hebrew and Russian.
SH_052_080: GURI, YOSEF - 500 Yidish Similes and Their Equivalents in English, Hebrew and Russian.
AR_599_022: GURK, PAUL - Die Sprüche des Fu-Kiang.
V_3027_57: GURRIERI, FRANCESCO; AMENDOLA, AURELIO - Il Fregio Robbiano dell'Ospedale del Ceppo a Pistoia.
I_018_027: GURVICH, JOSE / HABER, ALICIA [TEXT] - Jose Gurvich (1927-1974): El Mundo Intimo de un Artista: Dibujos, Bocetos, Escritos y Acuarelas - Exposicion Homenaje.
V_1107_27: GUSDORF, GEORGES - L'Experience Humaine du Sacrifice.
AR_609_016: GUT, E. [ED.] - Berthold Auerbach: Eine Auswahl aus seinen Schriften.
V_1129_38: GUTERMAN, ALEXANDER - The Warsaw Jewish Community Between the Two World Wars: National Autonomy Enchained by Law and Reality 1917-1939 [IN HEBREW].
SH_015_018: GUTERMAN, ALEXANDER - Chapters in the History of the Jews in Poland in the New Era [IN HEBREW WITH INTRODUCTION IN ENGLISH].
V_1039_153: GUTERMAN, ALEXANDER - The Warsaw Jewish Community Btween the Two World Wars: National Autonomy Enchained by Law and Reality 1917-1939 [IN HEBREW].
SH_015_069: GUTERMAN, ALEXANDER - From Assimilation to Nationalism: Chapters in the history of the Warsaw Great Synagogue [IN HEBREW].
SH_003_094: GUTFELD, ARNON - The Beginnings of a Nation: The Implementation of the Constitutional Idea in the United States, 1776-1800.
AR_551_001: GUTFELD, OREN ; GEVA, HILLEL [ED.] - Jewish Quarter Excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem [5 VOLUME SET] [CONTAINS SUPPLEMENT FOR VOL.V].: [VOL.I]: Architecture and Stratigraphy: Areas A, W and X-2- Final Report / [VOL.II]: The Finds from Areas A, W and X-2- Final Report / [VOL.III]: Area E and Other Studies- Final Report / [VOL.IV]: The Burnt House of Area B and Other Studies- Final Report / [VOL.V]: The Cardo (Area X) and the Nea Church (Areas D and T)- Final Report / [VOL.V SUPPLEMENT]:.
AR_238_012: GUTFELD, OREN ; MICHAL, HABER - A Guide to Beit Loya (Lehi): An Archaeological Site in the Judean Lowland.
AR_048_001: GUTFELD, OREN [ED.] - Ramla: Final Report on Excavations North of the White Mosque.: [SERIES]: Qedem Monographs of the Institute of Archaeolgy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - 51..
SH_002_095: GUTFELD, ARNON - The Road to Revolution and Independence: The Growth of the Constitutional Idea in America, 1763-1776.: [SERIES]: Aranne Series - 4..
ZK_151: GUTFELD, OREN - Qedem - Volume 51: Ramla: Final Report on Excavations North of the White Mosque.
AR_606_002: GUTFELD, OREN / GEVA, HILLEL [ED.] - Jewish Quarter Excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem: Conducted by Nahman Avigad, 1969-1982 - Volume V: The Cardo (Area X) and the Nea Church (Areas D and T) - Final Report [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_025_020: GUTKOWSKI, J. [JACOB; YA'AKOV] / HOENIG, SIDNEY; HOENIG, JACOB [INTRO. AND SUPPLEMENTS] - The Era of the Second Temple: A New Edition of Korot Am Olam [IN HEBREW].
YV_006: GUTMAN, ISRAEL [ED.] - Emanuel Ringelblum: The Man and the Historian.
YV_022: GUTMAN, ISRAEL; ZUROFF, EFRAIM [EDS.] - Rescue Attempts During The Holocaust: Proceedings of the Second Yad Vashem International Historical Conference, 1974.
AR_141_004: GUTMAN, ISRAEL; BENDER, SARA; KRAKOWSKI, SHMUEL [EDS.] - The Encyclopedia of the Righteous Among the Nations - Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust: Poland [TWO VOLUMES].
YV_073: GUTMAN, ISRAEL; GUTTERMAN, BELLA [EDS.] - The Auschwitz Album: The Story of a Transport.
YV_017: GUTMAN, ISRAEL; HAFT, CYNTHIA J. [EDS.] - Patterns of Jewish Leadership in Nazi Europe, 1933-1945: Proceedings of the Third Yad Vashem International Historical Conference, 1977.
SH_067_048: GUTMAN, YISRAEL; GREIF, GIDEON [EDS.] - The Historiography of the Holocaust Period: Proceedings of the Fifth Yad Vashem International Historical Conference [IN HEBREW]: Jerusalem, March 1983..
SH_003_051: GUTMAN, ISRAEL - Issues in Holocaust Scholarship: Research and Reassessment. [IN HEBREW].
V_2048_155: GUTMAN, YISRAEL - The Jews of Warsaw 1939-1943: Ghetto-Underground-Uprising [IN HEBREW].
E_58_024: GUTMAN, NAHUM / OFRAT, GIDEON [ED.] / DAGON, YOAV [CURATOR] - The Magical Orchard: Erotic Imagery in Gutman's Oeuvre.
AR_182_024: GUTMAN, NACHUM / ZACH, NATAN [INTRODUCTION] - Adventures in Clay.
V_3019_86: GUTMAN, YISRAEL - The Jews in Poland After World War II [IN HEBREW]: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Studies of the Center for Research on the History and Culture of Polish Jews.
V_1105_176: GUTMAN, YISRAEL [ISRAEL]; GREIF, GIDEON [EDS.] - The Historiography of the Holocaust Period: Proceeding of the Fifth Yad Vashem International Historical Conference, March 1983.
YV_317: GUTMAN, ISRAEL [ED] - The Encyclopedia of the Righteous Among the Nations [TEN VOLUME SET]: Rescures of Jews during the Holocaust.
MC_12_01: GUTMAN, E. M. [EMMANUEL MARK] - Mechanochemistry of Solid Surfaces [SIGNED BY AUTHOR WITH DEDICATION].
AR_671_012: GUTMAN, YISRAEL; GREIF, GIDEON [EDS.] - The Historiography of the Holocaust Periiod : Proceedings of the Fifth Yad Vashem International Historical Conference [IN HEBREW].
V_2023_236: GUTMAN, YISRAEL; ROTHKIRCHEN, LIVIA [ED.] - The Holocaust: Background, History, Implication - Selected Papers.
SH_002_066: GUTMAN, ISRAEL - Issues in Holocaust Scholarship: Research and Reassessment. [IN HEBREW].
KG_39_103: GUTMANN, MOSES - Die Apokryphen des Alten Testaments,: auf's Neue aus dem griechischen Texte übersetzt und durch Einleitungen und Anmerkungen erläutert.
SH_061_058: GUTTEL, NERIA - Innovation in Tradition: The Halakhic-Philosophical Teachings of Rabbi Kook [IN HEBREW].
YV_076: GUTTERMAN, BELLA; SHALEV, AVNER [EDS.] - To Bear Witness: Holocaust Rememberance at Yad Vashem.
YV_041: GUTTERMAN, BELLA; MORGENSTERN, NAOMI [EDS.] - The Gurs Haggadah: Passover in Perdition.
YV_042: GUTTERMAN, BELLA; MORGENSTERN, NAOMI [EDS.] - The Wolfsberg Machzor 5705: Wolfsberg Labor Camp, Germany, 1944.
AR_612_005: GUTTERMAN, BELLA; MORGENSTERN, NAOMI [EDS.] - The Wolfsberg Labor Camp Machzor, 5705 (1944).
AR_680_013: GUTTERMAN, BELLA ; SHALEV, AVNER [EDS.] - To Bear Witness: Holocaust Remembrance at Yad Vashem.
SA_090: GUTTMAN, LOUIS - Louis Guttman in Memoriam; Chapters from an Unfinished Textbook on Facet Theory.
KG_32_166: GUTTMANN, JULIUS - Lectures on Philosophy of Religion [IN HEBREW].
AR_313_005: GUTTMANN, JULIUS / LEWKOWITZ, ALBERT - Religion und Wissenschaft im Mittelalterlichen und im Modernen Denken / Religiöse Denker der Gegenwart - vom Wandel der Modernen Lebensanschauung [2 BOOKS BOUND IN 1].
MC_06_02: GUTTMANN, MICHAEL [GUTTMAN, YECHIEL MICHAL HACOHEN; MIHALY] - Clavis Talmudis [3 FIRST VOLUMES OF 4] [Mafteah ha-Talmud]: Clavis Talmudi sive Encyclopaedia Rerum, quae in Mischna, utroque Talmude, Tosefta, Mechilta, Sifra, Sifre Talmudicisque Libris Occurrunt, Alphabetico Ordine Disposita. [Tomus Primus / Tomus Secundus / Tomus Tertius - Pars Prima].
KG_68_181: GUTTMANN, JACOB / GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FÖRDERUNG DER WISSENSCHAFT DES JUDENTUMS - Festschrift zum siebzigsten Geburtstage Jakob Guttmanns.: [SERIES]: Schriften herausgegeben von der Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft des Judentums..
V_1047_118: GUTTMANN, J. - Die Scholastik des Dreizehnten Jahrhunderts in ihren Beziehungen zum Judenthum und zur Jüdischen Literatur.
V_2031_91: GUTTMANN, JULIUS / ESH, SAUL [TR.] / BERGMAN, S. H. ; ROTENSTREICH, N. [EDS.] - Religion and Knowledge : Essays and Lectures [IN HEBREW].
E_58_026: GUTTMANN, JULIUS / ESH, SAUL [TRANS.] / BERGMAN, S. H. ; ROTENSTREICH, N. [ED.] - Religion and Knowledge: Essays and Lectures [IN HEBREW].
I_017_064: GUTTMANN, MICHAEL - Das Judentum und Seine Umwelt - Erster Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MC_10_08: GUY-TOUSSAINT-JULIEN CARRON (ABBÉ CARRON) - L'Art de Rendre Heureux tout ce qui nous entoure, ou Petit Traité sur le Caractère [RARE].
V_3013_63: GUYER, SAMUEL. MCCABE, JOSEPH [TR] - My Journey Down the Tigris: A raft-voyage through dead kingdoms ; illustrated.
KG_32_183: GUYON, CLAUDE-MARIE. - Histoire des empires et des republiques, depuis le deluge jusqu'a Jesus-Christ - Tome cinquième [VOLUME 5 ONLY].: Où l'on voit dans celle d'Egypte & d'Asie la liaison de l'Histoire Sainte avec la profane; * dans celle de la Gréce, le raport de la Fable avec l'Histoire. Tome Cinquième, Macedoniens. Seconde Partie..
V_1062_128: GVARJAHU-GUTSMANN, SHMUEL DOV - History of the Jews of Kezmarok (Kesmark) and Vicinity [SIGNED].
KG_72_197: GVATI, CHAIM - A Hundred Years of Settlement: The Story of Jewish Settlement in the Land of Israel.
AR_043_002: GWYNN, J. WALLACE - Great Salt Lake [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR!]: a Scientific, Historical and Economic Overview.
AR_733_013: GÜDEMANN, MORITZ - Das jüdische Unterrichtswesen während der Spanisch-Arabischen Periode.
V_2035_142: GÜDEMANN, M. [MORITZ] - Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der Juden in Deutschland während des XIV. und XV Jahrhunderts.: [SERIES]: Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der abendländischen Juden während des Mittelalters und der Neueren Zeit - III..
AR_561_006: GÜDEMANN, MORITZ - Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur [Kultur] der abendländischen Juden [THREE VOLUME SET].: [VOL.I]: Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der Juden in Frankreich und Deutschland / [VOL.II]: Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der Juden in Italien während des Mittelalters / [VOL.III]: Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der Juden in Deutschland während des XIV. und XV. Jahrhunderts..
V_2035_143: GÜDEMANN, M. [MORITZ] - Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der Juden in Frankreich und Deutschland von der Begründung der jüdischen Wissenschaft in diesen Ländern bis zur Vertreibung der Juden aus Frankreich (X.-XIV. Jahrhundert).: [SERIES]: Geschichte des Erziehungswesens und der Cultur der abendländischen Juden während des Mittelalters und der Neueren Zeit - III..
MB_05_05: GÜLER, ARA - Ara Güler - Yitirilmis Renkler.
Kg_91_14: GÜNDERRODE, KAROLINE - Dichtungen.
AR_173_015: GÜNZBURG, D.; MARKON, I. [EDS.] - Festschrift zu Ehren des Dr. A. Harkavy aus Anlass seines am 20. November 1905 vollendeten siebzigsten Lebensjahres, gewidmet von Frenden und Verehrern [IN HEBREW, GERMAN AND FRENCH].
V_1109_85: GÜNZIG, J. [ISRAEL] - Die Wundermänner im jüdischen Volke, ihr Leben und Treiben.: [FRENCH TITLE]: Vie et faits des thaumaturges du peuple juif.
AR_712_004: GÜTERBOCK, HANS G.; CARTER, CHARLES W. [EDS.] - Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazköi: Sechsundzwanzigstes Heft [26] - Vokabulare, Mythen und Kultinventare.
AR_206_013: GÜTERBOCK, HANS GUSTAV / HOFFNER, HARRY A. JR.; DIAMOND, IRVING L. [EDS.] - Perspectives on Hittite Civilization: Selected Writings of Hans Gustav Güterbock.: [SERIES]: Assyriological Studies, No. 26 [Series editors: Thomas A. Holland and Thomas G. Urban]. Editor: Harry A. Hoffner, Jr.; Asistant editor: Irving L. Diamond..
I_002_035: GÜTTLER, C. [GUETTLER, CARL] - Gesammelte Abhandlungen: Theologie / Philosophie / Zeitfragen.
AR_477_010: GÄBLER, J. - Mathematik und Leben- Ein Unterhaltsames Lehrbuch für Erwachsene: Arithmetik - Algebra - Geometrie.
V_1100_125: GÄRTNER, EUGEN - Komposition und Wortwahl des Buches der Weisheit.: [SERIES]: Schriften der Lehranstalt für die Wissenschaft des Judentums: Band II. - Heft 2-4.
AR_157_009: GÖPFERT MARCH, LOUISE [TR.] / JUNG, C. G. [COMMENTARY] / EVANS WENTZ, W. Y. [ED.] - Das Tibetanische [Tibetische] Totenbuch aus der Englischen Fassung des Lama Kazi Dawa Samdup.
AR_667_008: GÖRG, MANFRED; LANGER, MICHAEL [HRSG.] - Als Gott Weinte: Theologie nach Auschwitz.
V_1107_39: GÖRLITZ, AXEL (HRSG.) - Handlexikon zur Politikwissenschaft.
AR_197_009: GÖTZE, ALBRECHT - Hethiter, Churriter und Assyrer: Hauptlinen der Vorderasiatischen Kulturentwicklung im II. Jahrtausend V. CHR. GEB. [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Instituttet for Sammenlignende Kulturforskning - Forelesninger, XVII.
AR_388_015: GÖTZMANN, WILHELM - Die Unsterblichkeitsbeweise in der Väterzeit und Scholastik bis zum Ende des 13. Jahrhunderts.: Eine philosophie- und dogmengeschichtliche Studie..
MC_03_02: H. LIPS [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Taschenbuch für Damen auf das Jahr 1809.: Mit beiträgen von Goethe, Lafontaine, Pfeffel, Jean Paul Richter, Schiller und andern. Mit Kupfern.
V_1063_102: H. M. NAUTICAL ALMANAC OFFICE (ED.) - Interpolation and Allied Tables.
AR_024_014: H. EHRENTREU, CHANOCH - Talmudic Studies [IN HEBREW].
SH_041_125: H. R. HAWEIS [MARY ELIZA] - The Art of Beauty.
KG_82_143: H. N. [MAGNUS, KATIE] - Little Miriam's Bible Stories for Little Jewish Readers.
KG_74_125: HA - NASI, DAVID / BEERI, TOVA [ED.] - Le - David Mizmor: The Liturgical Poems of David Ha - Nasi Son of Hezekiah the Exilarch [IN HEBREW].
AR_193_013: HA-COHEN, MORDECAI / GOLDBERG, HARVEY [INTRO. AND NOTES] - Higgid Mordecai: Histoire de la Libye et de ses Juifs Lieux d'Habitation et Coutumes [IN HEBREW].
V_1107_53: HA-COHEN, MORDEKHAI - The Wailing Wall.
ME_01_15: HA-COHEN, ELIJAH. - Sefer Shevet Mussar [JERUSALEM 1863].
AR_152_011: HA-KOHEN, PINHAS / ELIZUR, SHULAMIT [ED.] - The Liturgical Poems of Rabbi Pinhas Ha-Kohen [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Sources for the Study of Jewish Culture - Volume VIII..
V_1050_57: HA-MEIRI, MENAHEM B. SHLOMO - Sefer Magen Avot.
V_2075_174: HA-MEIRI, MENAHEM / SCHREIBER, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Beth Ha-Behirah on the Tractate Baba Bathra [IN HEBREW].
AR_518_014: HA-RASHBA (SOLOMON BEN ADERETH) / SCHREIBER, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Hidushei Ha-Rashba on the Treatise Shebuoth [IN HEBREW].
AR_678_023: HAAGERUP, ULRIK - Constructive News: Why Negativity destroys the Media and Democracy - And How to Improve Journalism of Tomorrow.
SH_060_031: HAAS, MALKA - The Pavilion of Painting: Children express their feelings in color and line.
V_1125_156: HAAS, VOLKERT; THIEL, HANS JOCHEN ET AL. - Das Hurritologische Archiv (Corpus der hurri(ti)schen Sprachdenkmäler) des Altorientalischen Seminars der Freien Universität Berlin.
V_2041_11: HAASE, HUGO - Reichstagsreden gegen die deutsche Kriegspolitik.
I_001_019: HABE, HANS - Wie einst David: Entscheidung in Israel - Ein Erlebnisbericht [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_64_250: HABE, HANS - Im Jahre Null: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der deutschen Presse [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_2021_149: HABE, HANS - Israel und die Krise der Intellektuellen [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_2023_225: HABE, HANS - Israel und die Krise der Intellektuellen / Heimkehr nach Israel [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_64_248: HABE, HANS - Leben für den Journalismus - Band 1: Reportagen und Gespräche [VOLUME 1 ONLY] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_64_249: HABE, HANS - Ob tausend fallen: Ein Bericht [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_040_008: HABER, YAAKOV ; SEDLEY, DAVID - Sefiros: Spiritual Refinement Through Counting the Omer [Sefirot; Sephirot; Sephiroth].
KG_61_157: HABER, MERYL H. - Urinary Sediment: A Textbook Atlas.
AR_308_021: HABER, HERIBERTO - Instantaneas de la Biblia.
MC_16_18: HABER, ALICIA / GURVICH, JOSÉ [ARTIST] - José Gurvich and the Jewish Identity.
AR_520_002: HABER, ALICIA ; ARANA, MARIANO / GURVICH, MARTIN [ED.] - Jose Gurvich: Un Canto a la Vida.
SH_053_023: HABERMAN, A. M. - Athereth Renanim: Liturgical and Secular Poetry [IN HEBREW].
AR_692_004: HABERMANN, A. M. - Hadashim Gam Jeshanim - Texts: Old And New [IN HEBREW].
AR_295_001: HABERMANN, A. M. - Massecheth Sof'rim we-Sifrith. Of Authors and Literature: Biographies of Writters and Scholars, Criticism and Sketches [In Hebrew].
AR_759_012: HABERMANN, A. M. - Mipru Ha'et We-Ha'eth: Literary Works; Studies in Jewish culture and Literature [IN HEBREW].
V_2020_137: HABERMANN, A. M. [AVRAHAM MEIR] - Massecheth Sof'rim we-Sifruth [Massekhet Soferim we-Sifrut] [IN HEBREW].: Of authors and literature. Biographies of writers and scholars, criticism and sketches..
AR_752_022: HABERMANN, A. M. - Massecheth Sof'rim we-Sifruth ofAuthors and Literature, Biographies of Writers and Scholars, Criticism and Sketches [IN HEBREW].
SH_031_011: HABERMANN, A. M. [ABRAHAM MEIR] - A History of Hebrew Liturgical and Secular Poetry - Vol. I [IN HEBREW] [VOLUME ONE ONLY].
V_1074_85: HABERMANN, A. M. - Mipri Ha'et We-Ha'eth: Literary works / Studies in Jewish Culture and Literature [In Hebrew].
AR_398_010: HABERMANN, A. M. [HABERMAN, ABRAHAM MEIR] - Massecheth Sof'rim we-Sifruth: Of Authors and Literature, Biographies of Writers and Scholars, Criticism and Sketches [IN HEBREW].
SH_072_043: HABERMANN, A.M. [ED.] - 'Edah We-'Eduth: Three Scrolls from the Judaean Desert - The Legacy of a Community [IN HEBREW].
SH_073_069: HABERMANN, A.M. (ED.) - Megilloth Midbar Yehuda: The Scrolls from the Judean Desert [IN HEBREW].
V_2051_92: HABERMANN, A. M. - Title Pages of Hebrew Books [IN HEBREW WITH INTRODUCTION IN ENGLISH].
V_2046_22: HABERMANN, A. M. (EDIT) - Megiloth Midbar Yehuda: The Scrolls From the Judean Desert [IN HEBREW, FOREWORD IN ENGLISH].
AR_137_009: HABERMANN. A. M. - 'Edah We-'Eduth: Three Scrolls from the Judean Desert the legacy of a Community [IN HEBREW].
AR_081_020: HABIBI, EMILE ; KANIUK, YORAM / GUILLAUME, JEAN-PATRICK ; SENDROWICZ, LAURENCE [TR.] - La Terre des deux Promesse.: Essai traduit de l'arabe par Jean-Patrick Guillaume et de l'hebreu par Laurance Sendrowicz..
V_2032_166: HABOT, BENI [ED.] / HARTH, ALBERT [ED.] - Clinical Geriatric Medicine [IN HEBREW]: Eshel - The Association for the Planning and Development of Services for the Aged in Israel.
V_1100_81: HACHLILI, RACHEL/ MESHORER, YAAKOV - Highlights from the Collection of the Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum.
AR_628_021: HACKENBROCH, JOHN P. - A Trip to Palestine and Syria.
SH_083_047: HACKER, JOSEPH [ED.] - Shalem: Studies in the History of the Jews in Eretz Israel - Vol I [THIS VOL. ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
SH_083_048: HACKER, JOSEPH (ED.) - Shalem: Studies in the History of the Jews in Eretz Israel - Volume II [THIS VOL. ONLY] [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Library of The History of The Yishuv in Eretz Israel.
V_1120_06: HACKER, JOSPEH (ED.) - Shalem / Volume I: Studies in the History of the Jews in Eretz-Israel.
AR_252_003: HACKER, JOSEPH [ED.] - Shalem: Studies in the History of the Jews in Eretz-Israel - Volume VIII [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACTS].
SH_015_048: HACKER, JOSEPH [ED.] - Shalem: Studies in the History of the Jews in Eretz-Israel - Volume IV [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
AR_571_007: HACKER, JOSEPH R. [ED.] - Sefunot: Studies and Sources on the History of the Jewish Communities in the East [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: New Series: Volume Three (18)..
AR_699_012: HACKER, JOSEPH R. [ED.] - Sefunot: Studies and Sources on the History of the Jewish Communities in the East - Volume Three (18) [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES].
MA_21_13: HACKER, JOSEPH [ENGLISH INTR.]; HABERMAN, ABRAHAM MEIR [HEBREW INTR.]; DAN, JOSEPH [FOREWORD]; LUNZER, JACK V. [ACKNOWLEGEMENTS] - Alphabet of ben Sira [Alpha Beta di; Alphabeta; Sirach; Alphabetum Siracidis; Othijoth ben Sira] [RARE FACSIMILE EDITION].: Facsimile of the Constantimople 1519 edition..
V_1120_07: HACKER, JOSPEH (ED.) - Shalem / Volume II: Studies in the History of the Jews in Eretz-Israel.
V_1120_08: HACKER, JOSPEH (ED.) - Shalem / Volume III: Studies in the History of the Jews in Eretz-Israel.
AR_769_014: HACKER, JOSEPH R. ; KAPLAN, YOSEF ; KEDAR, B. Z. [ED.] - From Sages to Savants : Studies Presented to Avraham Grossman [IN HEBREW].
SH_083_049: HACKER, JOSEPH (ED.) - Shalem: Studies in the History of the Jews in Eretz-Israel Vol. III [THIS VOL. ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
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KG_80_168: HAREUVENI, NOGAH / FRENKLEY, HELEN [TRANS.] - Desert and Shepherd in Our Biblical Heritage.
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KG_68_128_: HAVA, REV. J. G. - Arabic-English Dictionary for the Use of Students.
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I_003_039: HAVLIN, SHLOMO ZALMAN - Rabbi Abraham Halevi (Author of Responsa Ginath Vradim) and the Scholars of his Time and Place: A Chapter in the History of Scholars, their Works and their Place in Egyptian and Palestinian Judaism in the 17th and the 18th Centuries [PhD THESIS IN HEBREW].
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V_1072_102: HAYAM, ZEV - Between Stormy Waves [IN HEBREW].
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I_023_009: HECHT, REUBEN - The Saga of Haifa - City of Carmel.
V_2028_29: HECHTKOFP, H. - Warsaw: 24 Paintings of Warsaw Getto and its surroundings, from the Archevies of "Yad Washem Jerusalem.
Kg_76_003: HECKEL, ULRICH - Klimschs Jahrbuch des graphischen Gewerbes, 28. Band: Technische Abhandlungen und Berichte über die Neuerungen auf dem Gesamtgebiet des graphischen Gewerbes.
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AR_448_014: HEIBERG, JOHAN LUDVIG - Nye Fortaellinger af Forfatteren til En Hverdags-Historie. Forste Bind: AEgtestand / En Episode [Fortaellinger; Aegtestand] [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: Udgivne af Johan Ludvig Heiberg. Anden Udgave..
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Kg_47_024_: HEIDENHEIM, WOLF / BAMBERGER, SELIG - Gebetbuch für das Neujahrsfest: Gebetbuch für die festtage: Band V: 2.Tag des Neujahrsfestes.
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KG_60_132_: HERBEN, JEAN / BESTAUX, EUGENE [TR.] - Le Premier President de la Republique Tcheco-Slovaque [Tchecoslovaque] : T. G. Masaryk.: [SERIES]: Les Grands Tcheco-Slovaques - I..
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KG_53_90: HERSHBERG, A. S. - Pinkos Bialystok (The Chronicle of Bialystok): Basic Material for the History of the Jews in Bialystok till the Period after the First World War: Volume 1 [IN YIDDISH. THIS VOLUME ONLY]: History of the Jews in Bialystok: Book 1.
AR_364_006: HERSHBERG, A. S. - Pinkos Bialystok (The Chronicle of Bialystok): Basic Material for the History of the Jews in Bialystok till the Period after the First World War [IN YIDDISH] [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_072_023: HERSHLER, MOSHE [ED.] - Halakha and Medicine: A Symposium [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION] [VOLUMES 1 & 3 ONLY].: Research Articles Relating to the Application of Halakhic Principles to Medicine: The Physican, The Hospital, The Medical School, Patients, and the Care of Children.
AR_604_012: HERSHMAN, DEBBY [CURATOR] - Local Goddesses From Ancient Deities to Mythical Women of Today [IN HEBREW].
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V_2082_025: HERTZ, JOSPEH HERMAN [ED.] - Pentateuch und Haftaroth: Dritter Band - Leviticus [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: Hebräischer Text und deutsche Übersetzung..
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AR_508_007: HERTZ, J. S. [ED.] - The Jewish Labor Bund: A Pictorial History 1897-1957.
AR_488_013: HERTZ J.H. [COMMENTS] - Mozes Ot Konyve es a Haftarak Heber Szoveg, Magyar Forditas es Kommentar Szerkesztete Hertz J.H. [FIVE VOLUME SET] [TORAH IN HEBREW].
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V_1025_158: HERZFELD, L. - Zwei Vorträge über die Kunstleistungen der Hebräer und alten Juden. Gehalten im Kunst Club zu Braunschweig: [SERIES]: Schriften herausgegeben vom Institute zur Förderung der Israelitischen Literatur. Neuntes Jahr 1863-1864..
MB_02_11: HERZFELD, L. [LEVI] - Drei Abhandelungen zur Synagogengeschichte [Abhandlungen].: 1) Ueber einige biblische Bücher: über Kohelet, die Chronik, den Psalter, Sirach und das Buch der Weisheit. / 2) Ueber die Enstehung der Quadratschrift. Mit einer paläographischen Tafel. / 3) Ueber die Enstehung des biblischen Kanons. Von Dr. L. Herzfeld, Braunschweigischem Landesrabbiner..
MC_06_01: HERZL, THEODOR - Das Neue Ghetto [SECOND EDITION].: Schauspiel in 4 Acten von Theodor Herzl..
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V_2016_82: HERZL, THEODOR - Theodor Herzl: Gesammelte Zionistische Werke [FOUR OUT OF FIVE VOLUMES]: Band I: Zionistische Schriften. Band II: Tagebücher I. Band III: Tagebücher II. Band IV: Tagebücher III..
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MH_01_01: HERZL ,THEODOR [BENJAMIN ZE'EV; BINYAMIN ZEEV] - Theodor Herzls Tagebücher 1895-1904: Drei Bände [3 VOLUME SET] [RARE LIMITED EDITION OF 150 COPIES - #127].
MA_07_21: HERZL, TIVADAR [DR. THEODORE; ZEEV; BENJAMIN ZE'EV] / ALADAR, MÁRKUS [TR.] - Osujország (Altneuland) [Ösujország; Ősújország] : Regény ha Akarjátok nem Mese...: Forditotta: Márkus Aladar. VI. Kiadás..
AR_544_003: HERZL, THEODOR - Theodor Herzl - Gesammelte zionistische Werke in fünf Bänden [FIVE VOLUME SET].: [VOL.I]: Zionistische Schriften / [VOL.II]: Tagebücher I. / [VOL.III]: Tagebücher II. / [VOL.IV]: Tagebücher III. / [VOL.V]: Das neue Ghetto; Altneuland; Aus dem Nachlass..
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I_002_047: HERZL, THEODOR - Tagebuecher [Tagebücher]: Zweiter Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Gesammelte zionistische Werke in fünf Bänden..
I_002_048: HERZL, THEODOR - Tagebuecher [Tagebücher]: Erster Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
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V_1052_160: HIBBERT, NEMBHARD W. - Jurisprudence.
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KG_20_181: HILDESHEIMER, HIRSCH - Das Schächten: Eine vorläufige Auseinandersetzung.
I_038_031: HILDESHEIMER, EZRIEL - Sefer Halakhot Gedolot: Ad Fidem Codicum Edidit Prolegminis et Notis Instruxit: Tom. I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_052_002: HILL, PETER - Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring.
AR_553_011: HILL, A.V. - Chemical Wave Transmission in Nerve: Based on the Liversidge Lecture Delivered at Cambridge on May 1932.
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AR_706_013: HILPRECHT, H. V. - Series D: Researches and Treatises - The Earliest Version of the Babylonian Deluge Story and The Temple Library of Nippur.: The Babylonian Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania..
AR_279_003: HINCKLEY, F. LEWIS - Metropolitan Furniture of the Georgian Years: With 322 Documentary Examples.
V_1117_18: HINL, EDWARD - Flashes of Light: Being the second part to Twenty-seven Identifications of the English Nation with lost House of Israel.
V_2032_157: HINOJOSA MONTALVO, JOSE - The Jews of the Kingdom of Valencia - from Persecution to Expulsion, 1391-1492.: [SERIES]: Hispania Judaica - 9..
MA_12_19: HINUMA, YORIO [ED.] - Adult T-Cell Leukemia Virus [THREE VOLUME SET].
I_027_066: HINZE, J. O. - Turbulence: An Introduction to Its Mechanisms and Theory.
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KG_41_065: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL - Der Pentateuch [COMPLETE 5 VOLUME SET]: Fünfte Auflage. Erster Teil: Die Genesis / Zweiter Teil: Exodus / Dritter Teil: Leviticus / Vierter Teil: Numeri / Fünfter Teil: Deuteronomium.
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NG_161: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL [TR. & COMMENTARY] - Der Pentateuch, übersetzt und erläutert von Samson Raphael Hirsch [HEBREW & GERMAN] [FIVE VOLUME SET].
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V_3026_130: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL - Jewish Symbolism. The Collected Writings - Volume III [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_006_006: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL - The Nineteen Letters on Judaism [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Jakob Michael Library: Translations and Collections in Jewish Studies / 7..
AR_733_019: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL - Versuche Über Jissroels Pflichten in der Zerstreuung.
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AR_422_014: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL - Gesammelte Schriften von Rabbiner Samson Raphael Hirsch - Band I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_024_002: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL / GRUNFELD, DAYAN [TRA., INTR. & ANNOTATIONS] - Judaism Eternal: Selected Essays from the Writings of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_077_027: HIRSCH, JULIUS - Das Buch Jesaia: nach dem Forschungssystem Rabbiner Samson Raphael Hirschs.: Uebersetzt [Übersetzt] und erläutert von Julius Hirsch..
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AR_280_011: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL - Erste und Zweite Mitteilungen aus einem Briefwechsel.
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AR_699_014: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL [TR. & ED.] - Israels Gebete: übersetzt und erläutert.
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AR_382_013: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL / HIRSCH, NAPHTALI [ED.] - Gesammelte Schriften von Rabbiner Samson Raphael Hirsch: Dritter Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
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AR_392_006: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL - Erste und zweite Mitteilung aus einem Briefwechsel.
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V_1068_68: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL / PARITZKY-JOSHUA, KARIN [TRANS.] - From the Wisdom of Mishle.
I_039_023: HIRSCH, RICHARD G. - For the Sake of Zion [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].: Reform Zionism: A Personal Mission..
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V_2072_195: HIRSCH, S. R. [SAMSON RAPHAEL] / PARITZKY, KARIN [TR.] ; ELIAS, JOSEPH [COMMENTARY] - The Nineteen [19] Letters About Judaism.
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V_1034_114: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL / GRUNFELD, DAYAN I. [TR.] - Horeb - A Philosophy of Jewish Laws and Observances - Vol. I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1034_137: HIRSCH, SAMSON RAPHAEL - The Collected Writings: Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: The Jewish Year: Part One, Nissan-Av.
SH_009_016: HIRSCHBERG, H. Z. [HAIM ZEEV; HIRSHBERG, JOACHIM WILHELM] [ED.] - Yoseph Y. Rivlin (1906-1963): Memorial Volume [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES]: [Yad Yosef Yizhaq Rivlin : Sefer Zikaron].
Kg_80_049_: HIRSCHBERG, ELIYAHU - The Nominalistic Principle: A Legal Approach to Inflation, Deflation, Devaluation and Revaluation.
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SH_025_045: HIRSCHBERG, A. S. - In Oriental Lands: Photocopy of the Vilna Edition, 1910 with Indices [IN HEBREW].
V_2013_095: HIRSCHENSOHN, CHAYIM [CHAIM] - Biblical Covenants: Their Terms and Their Force in the Religious, Moral, Legal and Historical Aspects. [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].: [VOL.I]: Volume 1 - From God's Covenant with Noah to the Covenant Between Jacob and Laban. [VOL.II]: Volume 2 - From God's Covenant with Israel in Egypt to His Covenant in Moab. Volume 3 - From the Appointment of Joshua ot the Covenant in the Days of Ezra and Nehemiah..
AR_310_006: HIRSCHENSOHN, CHAYIM - Malki Bakodesh: A Discussion of Questions Regarding the Conduct of a Jewish Government in Palestine from the Standpoint of the Halacha [IN HEBREW. INCLUDES SEPARATE SIGNED PAGE].
JT_055: HIRSCHENSOHN, CHAYIM [HAIM] - Malki Bakodesh: A Discussion of Questions Regarding the Conduct of a Jewish government in Palestine from the Standpoint of the Halacha [VOLUME I ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
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AR_299_008: HIRSCHFELD, YIZHAR - Ramat Hanadiv Excavations: Final Report of the 1984-1998 Seasons.
ZK_010: HIRSCHFELD, YIZHAR - Ramat Hanadiv Excavations.
ZK_009: HIRSCHFELD, YITZCHAK - The Roman Baths of Hammat Gader: Final Report.
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ZK_148: HIRSCHFELD, YIZHAR; GUTFELD, OREN - Qedem - Volume 48: Tiberias: Excavations in the House of the Bronzes, Final Report, Volume I: Architecture, Stratigraphy and Small Finds.
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AR_023_014: HIRSHBERG, JEHOASH - Paul Ben-Haim: His Life and Works.
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V_3025_57: HUBERMAN, IDA / SHAMIR, ILANA [ED.] / SHLESINGER, MIRIAM [TRANSLATION] - Living Symbols: Symbols in Jewish Art and Tradition.
AR_094_023: HUC, M. - Souvenirs d'un Voyage dans La Tartarie, Le Thibet et la Chine Pendant les Annees 1844, 1845 et 1846 [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_762_011: HUDSON, GUILLERMO ENRIQUE [WILLIAM HENRY] / GUIDO, ALFREDO [ILLUSTRATIONS] - El Ombú y otros Cuentos [rioplatenses] [COPY #4686 from LIMITED EDITION OF 5200].: [SERIES]: Coleccion Tradicionalista - Vol. 2..
v_1054_119: HUGO, VICTOR - Châtiments.
AR_474_007: HUGO, VICTOR - Les Miserables [COMPLETE FIVE VOLUME SET, containing a total of 10 parts].
AR_007_013: HUGO, VICTOR - Les Contemplations [2 VOLUME SET]: [VOL.1]: Autrefois, 1830-1343 / [VOL.2]: Aujourd'hui, 1843-1856. Seconde Edition.
AR_716_002: HUGO, VICTOR - Oeuvre Poetique de Victor Hugo [5 PARTS BOUND IN 1].: La legende des siecles / Les rayons et les ombres / Les contemplations / Les chansons des rues et des bois / Les chantiments..
Kg_17_002: HUGUENIN, ELISABETH / FERRIÉRE, D'AD. (FOREWORD) - Paul Geheeb et la Libre Communauté Scolaire de l'Odenwald: une Experience Moderne d'Éducation [FIRST EDITION].
AR_156_011: HULLI, YAAKOV / PEREZ, AVNER [ED.] - Daat le-Navon: Seleksion de Tekstos del Meam Loez Bereshit [IN LADINO AND HEBREW].
V_1066_07: HUMBERT, CLAUDE (ED.) - Ornamental Design: A Source Book with 1000 Illustrations Chosen and Introduced by Claude Humbert.
AR_728_006: HUMBERT, CLAUDE - Islamic Ornamental Design : 1001 Ornamental Motifs.
KG_53_147: HUMBERT-DROZ, JULES - Mon Evolution du Tolstoisme au Communisme, 1891-1921: Memoires de Jules Humbert-Droz [THREE VOLUME SET].
Kg_79_034_: HUMBOLDT, ALEXANDER - Kosmos: Entwurf einer physischen Weltbeschreibung, Vierter Band.
H_007_065: HUME, DAVID / UR, JOSEF [TR.] - A Treatise of Human Nature [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Philosophical Classics..
H_031_007: HUME, DAVID / UR, JOSEF [TR.] - A Treatise of Human Nature: Of The Understanding - Book I [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Philosophical Classics..
H_029_140: HUME, DAVID / UR, JOSEPH [TRANS.] - A Treatise of Human Nature: Book I - Of the Understanding [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_345_006: HUMPHREY, JOHN H. [ED.] - Journal of Roman Archeology - Volume 20 2007: Articles. Archeological Reports and Notes.
KG_33_138: HUND, FRIEDRICH - Linienspektren und periodisches System der Elemente.: [SERIES]: Struktur der Materie - IV..
MC_18_22: HUNDERTWASSER, FRIEDENSREICH REGENTAG DUNKELBUNT - Hundertwasser [SIGNED BY ARTIST].: Vollständiger Oeuvre-Katalog mit 100 farbigen Reproduktionen. Publiziert aus Anlass der 100. Ausstellung der Kestner-Gesellschaft seit ihrer Wiedereröffnung nach dem Kriege..
AR_654_022: HUNDERTWASSER, FRIEDENSREICH - Hundertwasser Friedenreichs Regentag.
AR_460_014: HUNDSNURSCHER, FRANZ; TADDEY, GERHARD - Die Jüdischen Gemeinden in Baden: Denkmale, Geschichte, Schicksale.
MB_03_35: HURET, JULES - Sarah Bernhardt [FIRST EDITION].: Préface de Edmond Rostand. [SERIES]: Acteurs et Actrices d'aujourd'hui..
MC_23_10: HURLBURT, LAURANCE P. / SCOTT, DAVID W. [INTR.] - Los Muralistas Mexicanos en Estados Unidos - José Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros.
AR_458_002: HURRY, JAMIESON B. - Imhotep: The Vizier and Physician of King Zoser and afterwards the Egyptian God of Medicine.
V_2007_158: HURST, JOHN F. - Bibliotheca Theologica: A Select and Classified Bibliography of Theology and General Religious Literature.
AR_021_019: HURVITZ, AVI - Wisdom Language in Biblical Psalmody [IN HEBREW].
AR_032_011: HURVITZ, ELAZAR; HALLAMISH, MOSHE; YEIVIN, ISRAEL / LEHMANN, MANFRED R. [INTRO.] - Ohel Hayim: A Catalogue of Hebrew Manuscripts of the Manfred and Anne Lehmann Family [TWO VOLUME SET. IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].: Volume I: Kabbalistic Manuscripts; Volume II: Biblical Manuscripts..
V_1106_01: HURWICH, LOUIS - Zichronot Mehanech Ivri : Memoirs of a Jewish Educator [3 Vol. IN HEBREW Signed by Author].
V_1052_154: HURWITZ, S.S. - Von Jerusalem Nach Babylon [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]: Historisches Poema in fünf Gesängen. Gegründet auf der Biblischen Geschichte, historischen Legenden im Talmud und Midrasch..
V_1072_269: HURWITZ, S. [ED.] - Machsor Vitry mach der Oxforder Handschrift (Cod. No. 1100) [IN HEBREW].
AR_564_005: HURWITZ, H. ; BEN-AHARON, Y. ; ACHIMEIR, Y. [ED.] - For the Sake of Zion Vision and Faith: Adresses and Speeches of Yitzhak Shamir.
V_1114_58: HURWITZ, S. S. - Aphorismen: für's praktische Leben. Geist und Herz.
AR_022_003: HURWITZ, HENRY [ED.] - The Menorah Journal: Vol. XX [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [Number 1]: April - June, 1932 / [Number 2]: July - September, 1932.
AR_288_001: HURWITZ, S. / BERLINER, A. [ABRAHAM, ADOLF] - Einleitung und Register zum Machsor Vitry von Rabbiner S. Hurwitz mit Beiträgen von Dr. A. Berliner [Mafteach u-Mebo] [IN HEBREW].: [Mafteach u mavo leMahzor Vitri].
MC_03_18: HURWITZ, HYMAN - Elements of the Hebrew Language in Two Parts. Part I - Orthography [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [FIRST EDITION].: illustrated by a Variety of Interesting Notes, with the addition of an Extensive Vocabulary, designed for the use of schools, as well as beginners in general. By Hyman Hurwitz, Master of the Jewish Academy, Highgate..
SH_066_078: HUSS, BOAZ - Sockets of Fine Gold : The Kabbalah of Rabbi Shim'on Ibn Lavi [IN HEBREW].
V_2079_120: HUSS, BOAZ - Sockets of Fine Gold: The Kabbalah of Rabbi Shim'on Ibn Lavi [IN HEBREW].
KG_53_107: HUSS [HUSS], WERNER - Ägypten in hellenistischer Zeit: 332-30 v. Chr.
V_1032_143: HUSSEIN, JOSEPH; SCIAD, FÉLIX; GOSSELIN, NOEL [TRANS.] - Firmans Ottomans Émanés pour les Lieux-Saints de la Palestine [3 VOLUMES BOUND TOGETHER]: Tome I: 1521-1644; Tome II: 1649-1729; Tome III: 1731-1902.
V_2011_012: HUSSERL, EDMUND / BAR-ON, A. Z. [TRANSLATION AND INTRODUCTION] - Cartesian Meditaations [IN HEBREW]: Reprint, 1991.
H_029_180: HUSSERL, EDMUND / BERGMAN, HUGO; ROTENSTREICH, NATHAN; GOLOMB, JACOB [ED.] - Selection of Articles [IN HEBREW]: [Series]: Philosophical Classics (29).
V_1073_09: HUTCHINSON, WALTER (ED.) - Hutchinson's Pictorial Encyclopaedia (Volumes I - VI): Complete in Six Volumes / Illustrated throughout.

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