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D_033_114: BUCKLAND, A. R. [INT] - On Sermon Preparation: Recollections and Suggestions by the Bishop of Ripon, the Dean of Norwich, the Dean of Canterbury, Archdeacon Sinclair, Canon Tristram, Prebendary Webb-Peploe, The Rev. H. C. G. Moule, the Rev. F. J. Chavasse, the Rev. W. H. M. H. Aitken, the Rev. A. J. Harrison, the Rev. H. Sutton, and the Rev. A. R. Buckland.
AR_149_006: BUDKO, JOSEPH [WOODPRINTS] / MENDELSSOHN, MOSES [TR.] - Die Psalmen.: Uebertragen von Moses Mendelssohn, mit 12 Holzschnitten von Joseph Budko..
I_040_011: BUFANO, BENIAMINO [ARTIST] / MILLER, HENRY [INTR.] - Bufano: Sculptures, Mosaics, Drawings.
V_1128_17_: BUFFE, CARL - Geschichte der Weltliteratur - Erster und zweiter Band.
V_2047_88: BUGATCH, SAMUEL - Songs of our People [In Hebrew and Yiddish]: A Collection of Hebrew and Yiddish songs.
V_3027_52: BUGLI, MARIA [ED.] - Apparecchi Fotografici Italiani 1839/1911: Firenze, Palazzo Pitti gennaio - marzo.
KG_51_048: BUHL, FRANTS - Die Socialen Verhältnisse der Israeliten.
D_39_109: BUHL, FRANTS - Die socialen (sozialen) Verhältnisse der Israeliten.
D_39_107: BUHL, D. FRANTS - Geschichte der Edomiter: Separat-Ausgabe aus dem Reformationsprogramm der Universität Leipzig 1893.
V_1068_37: BUIZOT, M. - Histoire de la Revolution d'Angleterre (Volume I+II in one): Depuis l'Avenement de Charles 1er jusq'a sa Mort.
MC_02_32: BUJAK, ADAM / GAWALEWICZ, ADOLF [INTR.] - Adam Bujak - Oswiecim-Brzezinka / Auschwitz-Birkenau.
KG_46_099: BUJNAH, MUSA / HAZAN, EPHRAIM [ED.] - The Piyyutim of Rabbi Musa Bujnah of Tripoli [IN HEBREW].
D_272_020: BUKALSKA, PATRYCJA; ARONSON, STANISLAW / BRAND, WILLIAM R. [TRANS. & ED.] - Years of Turmoil: From Early Years in Lodz Through the Ghetto, the Underground, and the Warsaw Uprising, to Israel's Wars - A Life.
V_1041_017: BUKHSH - Studies: Indian and Islamic.
AR_318_007: BULARD, MARCEL - Le Scorpion: Symbole du Peuple Juif dans l'Art Religieux des XIVe, XVe, XVIe Siecles: A Propos de Quatre Peintures Murales de la Chapelle Saint- Sebastien, a Lanslevillard (Savoie).: Avec Cinquante Planches Hors Texte Comprenant 81 Figures, dont 59 Reproduisent des Dessins de l'Auteur.
AR_335_014: BULAWKO, HENRY / KATZ, SHEMUEL [ILLUS.] - Quand Israël rit [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]: De l'humour juif à l'humour israèlien.
D_74_073: BULLOCK, MICHAEL - Sunday is A Day of Incest.
V_1004_058: BULWER, EDWARD LYTTON - Athens - Its Rise and Fall. With Views of the Literature, Philosophy and Social Life of the Athenian People.
D_42_081: BUNIM, SHMUEL / POLLACK, DORON [ED.] - Bunim the Painter.
MB_04_16: BUNIS, DAVID M. [MONSON] - Sephardic Studies - a Research Bibliography: Incorporating Judezmo (Ladino) Language, Literature and Folklore, and Historical Background. [SERIES]: Garland Reference Library of the Humanities (Vol. 174)..
AR_477_012: BUNZL, JOHN [ED.] - Islam, Judaism, and the Political Role of Religions in the Middle East.
V_3022_101: BURCHARTZ, MAX - Gestaltungslehre: Für Gestaltende und alle, die den sinn bildenden Gestaltens zu verstehen sich bemühen.
V_1103_30: BURG-SCHAUMBURG, PAUL - Minerva-Lexikon: berühmter Persönlichkeiten aller Zeitalter.
D_019_134: BURGER, H. C. [HERMAN CAREL] - Heart and Vector: Physical Basis of Electrocardiography.
SH_001_070: BURGIN, MASKIT; TAL, DAVID / KURZ, ANAT [ED.] - Islamic Terrorism and Israel: Hizballah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas [IN HEBREW].
AR_053_010: BURGOYNE, M. H. [MICHAEL HAMILTON] - Some Mameluke Doorways in the Old City of Jerusalem.: Reprinted from Levant III, 1971..
MA_06_08: BURKO, L. M. & ORI, A. [EDS.] - Internal Structure of Black Holes and Spacetime Singularities - An International Research Workshop, Haifa, June 29 - July 3, 1997..: [SERIES]: Annals of Israeli Physical Society - Volume 13..
Kg_38_104: BURLINGHAM, DOROTHY - Twins: A Study of Three Pairs of Identical Twins. With 30 Charts.
KG_40_186: BURNE, A. H. [ALFRED HIGGINS] - Mesopotamia: The Last Phase.
MC_08_05: BURNETT, JOHN - Copy of Report to the Board of Trade on the Sweating System in Leeds by the Labour Correspondent of the Board / Return To an Order of the House of Lords, dated 17th February 1888 for Copy of Report to the Board of Trade, on the Sweating System at the East End of London by the Labour Correspondent of the Board.
D_055_044: BURNEY, C. F. - Israel's Settlement in Canaan: The Biblical Tradition and its Historical Background [CONTAINS MAPS].
V_1096_12: BURNSHAW, STANLEY - Caged in an Animal's Mind [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
KG_66_198: BURRI, ALBERTO - Alberto Burri: Opere Grafiche 1959-1977.
KG_56_114: BURROUGHS, MARGARET T. G. [TAYLOR GOSS] - What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black?.
V_1050_76: BURSTEIN, DANIEL - Yen!.
D_235_130: BURSTEIN, MOSHE - Self-Government of the Jews in Palestine since 1900 [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
D_143_060: BURSTIN, AVIEZER - Hassidim dertzeiln [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN YIDDISH].
D_269_080: BURSZTYN, ISRAEL - Vollständige Grammatik der Alt- und Neuhebräischen Sprache.
V_1047_101: BURY, J. B. - A History of Greece [IN HEBREW, IN TWO VOLUMES]: To the Death of Alexander the Great.
V_1116_36: BUSCH, W. - Die kleinen Honigdiebe, Gefährliches Abenteuer mit einem Bären, Der kleine Pepi mit der neuen Hose, Die Maus.
D_030_023: BUSCH, WILHELM - Das Rabennest [ILLUSTRATED].
AR_205_004: BUSCH, WILHELM - Neues Wilhelm Busch Album: Sammlung lustiger Bildergeschichten.
AR_205_005: BUSCH, WILHELM - Wilhelm Busch-Album: Humoristischer Hausschatz.
kg_28_024: BUSCH, WILHELM - Max & Moritz: Faksimile Ausgabe.
V_1099_08: BUSCH, WILHELM - Wilhelm Busch = Album (2 BÄnde): Mit 1509 Bildern; Mit dem Portrait des Verfassers.
KG_05_140: BUSCHINI, FABRICE; KALAMPALIKIS, NIKOS [EDS.] - Penser la vie, le social, la nature: Melanges en l'honneur de Serge Moscovici.
AR_063_010: BUSH, S. F. [SYDNEY FRANK] - Honoris Causa : Laudations Spoken in Presenting Honorary Graduands in the University of Natal, 1949-1967, by the University Orator.
V_1026_184: BUSSE, ULRICH - Das Johannesevangelium Bildlichkeit, Diskurs und Ritual: [SERIES]: Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium.
I_036_030: BUSSE, HERIBERT - Die theologischen Beziehungen des Islams zu Judentum und Christentum: Grundlagen des Dialogs im Koran und die gegenwärtige Situationen.: [SERIES]: Grundzüge / 72..
AR_197_013: BUSSMANN, HADUMOND / TRAUTH, GREGORY P. ; KAZZAZI, KERSTIN [TR.&ED.] - Routledge Dictionary of Language and Linguistics.
D_037_105: BUSTIN, ROMAIN - The Ten Nequdoth of the Torah, or The Meaning and Purpose of the Extraordinary Points of the Pentateuch (Massoretic Text).
MC_14_10: BUSWELL, ROBERT E. - The Formation of Ch'an Ideology in China and Korea.: The Vajrasamadhi-Sutra, a Buddhist Apocryphon..
V_2041_61: BUSWELL, GUY THOMAS/ JUDD, CHARLES HUBBARD - Summary of Educational Investigations Relating to Arithmetic.
V_1084_104: BUTLER, J.A.V. - Modern Biology and it's Human Implications [IN HEBREW].
Kg_77_095: BUTLER, JOHN - Samuel Beckett and the Meaning of Being: A Study in Ontological Parable.
KG_96_123: BUTOR, MICHEL / BARBIER, JEAN PAUL [ED.] - Le Congres des Cuillers.
AR_151_006: BUTOR, MICHEL / BARBIER, JEAN PAUL [ED.] - Le Congres des Cuillers.
KG_19_222: BUTTON, WILFRED A. - Principles of the Law of Libel and Slander.: Second Edition..
E_45_002: BUTTRICH, GEORGE ARTHUR [ED.] - The Interpreter's Bible: The Holy Scriptures in the King James and Revised Standard Versions with General Articles and Introduction, Exegesis, Exposition for Each Book of the Bible: Volumes I-VI [SIX VOLUMES].
SH_006_048: BUTTURINI, FRANCESCO ; CHASSEUR, PIETRO / JOUVET, JEAN-PIERRE [INTR.] - Il Segno e il Tempo nella Porta Bronzea di S. Zeno di Verona.
V_1075_153: BUXTORF, JOHANNES [JOANNIS BUXTORFII P.; JOANNE BUXTORFIO FILIO; THE YOUNGER] / FISCHER, BERNARD [FISCHERUS, BERNARDUS] [ED.] - Joannis Buxtorfii P. Lexicon Chaldaicum, Talmudicum et Rabbinicum [TWO VOLUME SET]: In Quo Omnes Voces Chaldaicae Talmudicae et Rabbinicae. Opus XXX. Annorum, nunc demum post patris obitum ex ipsius autographo...a Joanne Buxtorfio Filio. Denuo Edidit et Annotatis Auxit Bernardus Fischerus..
kg_04_049: BUYSSENS, DRA. M. - TH - La Biographie D'Anne Rutzky [Signed by Author].
V_1120_84: BYBEE, JOAN; PERKINS, REVERE; PAGLIUCA, WILLIAM - The Evolution of Grammar: Tense, Aspect, and Modality in the Language of the World.
V_1006_99: BYBEE, JOAN - Phonology and Language Use.: [SERIES]: Cambridge Studies in Linguistics..
V_1125_149: BYBEE, JOAN ; FLEISCHMAN, SUZANNE [EDS.] - Modality in Grammar and Discourse.
AR_066_005: BÜCHLER, ADOLPH - Types of Jewish-Palestinian Piety: From 70 B.C.E. to 70 C.E. - The Ancient Pious Men.: [SERIES]: Jews' College Publications No. 8..
V_2080_090: BÜCHLER, ADOLF - Das Synedrion in Jerusalem und das grosse Beth-Din in der Quaderkammer des jerusalemischen Tempels.
SH_034_023: BÜCHLER, ADOLF [ADOLPH] / GINTON, NAPHTALI [TRANS.] - The Priests and Their Cult in the Last Decade of the Temple in Jerusalem [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Jacob Michael Library - Translations and Collections in Jewish Studies, 18..
MC_24_01: BÜCHLER, ADOLF / EPSTEIN, A.; DE GÜNZBURG, BARON DAVID; BACHER, WILHELM; GINZBURG, C. D.; LEMM, O.; MERX, A.; TURAYEV, B.; ET AL. - Recueil des travaux rédigés en mémoire du Jubilé Scientifique de M. Daniel Chwolson [Daniil Abramovich;Avraamovich; Chwolsohn; Khvolson]: Professeur émérite à l'Université de St. Pétersbourg 1841-1896..
SH_035_023: BÜCHLER, A. [BUECHLER, ADOLPH; ADOLF] / BEN-ZION SEGAL [TR.] - Studies in the Period of the Mishnah and Talmud [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Jacob Michael Library - Translations and Collections in Jewish Studies, 22..
KG_41_94: BÜCHLER, ADOLF - Die Priester und der Cultus im letzten Jahrzehnt des jerusalemischen Tempels.: II. Jahresbericht der israelitisch-theologischen Lehranstalt in Wien für das Schuljahr 1894/95..
AR_183_006: BÜCHLER, A. [BUECHLER, ADOLPH; ADOLF] / BEN-ZION SEGAL [TR.] - Studies in the Period of the Mishnah and Talmud [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Jakob Michael Library - Translations and Collections in Jewish Studies - 22.
V_1041_100: BÜCHLER, A. - Der galiläische 'Am Ha Ares' des Zweiten Jahrhunderts: Beiträge zur inneren Geschichte des Palästinischen Judentums in den ersten zwei Jahrhunderten: [SERIES]: XIII. Jahresbericht der Israelitisch - Theologischen Lehranstalt in Wien. für das Schuljahr 1905/1906..
AR_022_012: BÜCHLER, A.; ELDAD, I. [TRANSLATION] - The Galilean Am Ha-Aretz [IN HEBREW]: Jakob Michael Library: Translations and Collections in Jewish Studies / 12.
KG_40_132: BÜCHLER, ADOLPH [BUECHLER, ADOLF] - Types of Jewish-Palestinian Piety: From 70 B.C.E. to 70 C.E.: The Ancient Pious Men.
V_1125_12: BÜCHSEL, FRIEDRICH - Jesus: Verkündigung und Geschichte.
SH_021_105: BÜHLER, GEORG [TRANS.] - The Laws of Manu.: [SERIES]: The Sacred Books of the East - Vo. XXV.
V_1079_36: BÜHLER, CHARLOTTE (ED.) - Zwei MÄdchentagebÜcher: Zweite Auflage.
MA_11_14: BÜLOW-HÜBE, VIVIANNA TORUN / WESTIN, ANN - TORUN - Samtal med Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe / Conversations with Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe.
AR_388_002: BYRES, TERENCE J. - Capitalism from Above and Capitalism from Below: An Essay in Comparative Political Economy.
MB_03_22: BÜRGER, KURT [ED.] - Mitteilungen aus dem Verein zur Abwehr des Antisemitismus - Jahrgang 1910 [52 ISSUES BOUND TOGETHER].
MB_03_23: BÜRGER, KURT [ED.] - Mitteilungen aus dem Verein zur Abwehr des Antisemitismus - Jahrgang 1912 [52 ISSUES BOUND TOGETHER].
MB_03_21: BÜRGER, KURT [ED.] - Mittheilungen aus dem Verein zur Abwehr des Antisemitismus - Jahrgang 1902 [53 ISSUES BOUND TOGETHER]: [ALT: Mitteilungen aus dem Verein zur Abwehr des Antisemitismus].
KG_09_154: BÜRGER, GOTTFRIED AUGUST / RÖSSING, KARL [WOODCUTS] - Münch-hausen [Münchhausen].: Mit 27 Holzschnitten..
V_1091_042: BYRON - The Works of the right honourable Lord Byron. Volumes III-V.
V_3012_38: BYRON [LORD GEORGE GORDON] - Kain: Ein Mysterium.
V_1104_71: BÜTTNER, HERMAN - Meister Eckeharts Schriften und Predigten [Two Volume Set]: Aus dem Mittelhochdeutschen übersetzt und herausgegeben von.
D_250_039_: BÄCK, S. - Die Geschichte des Jüdischen Volkes und seiner Litteratur: vom babylonischen Exile bis auf die Gegenwart: Mit einem Anhang: Proben der Jüdischen Litteratur vom Ubschlusse des biblischen Kanons bis auf die Gegenwart.
kg_46_045: BÄDEKER, K. - Die Schweiz: Nebst den Angrenzenden Theilen von Oberitalien, Savoyen und Tirol. Handbuch für Reisende.
AR_242_004: BÄHR, KARL CHRISTOPHER WILHELM FELIX [BAER] - Symbolik des Mosaischen Cultus - Erster Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_384_012: BÄHR, KARL CHRISTOPHER WILHELM FELIX - Symbolik des Mosaischen Cultus - Erster Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1057_52: BÖCKMANN, PAUL - Stil- und Formprobleme in der Literatur.
AR_094_022: BÖHLER, BERNHARD A. - Mit Szepter und Pilgerstab: Österreichs Präsenz im Heiligen Land seit den Tagen Kaiser Franz Josephs.
V_1047_120: BÖHLIG, ALEXANDER - Mysterion und Wahrheit: Gesammelte Beiträge zur Spätantiken Religionsgeschichte.: Institutum Iudaicum, Tübingen, Otto Michel. Arbeiten zur Geschichte des Späteren Judentums und des Urchristentums. Band VI..
V_1047_28: BÖHM, HANS (ZUSAMMENGESTELLT) - Moissi: Der Mensch und der Künstler in Worten und Bildern.
V_1022_163: BÖHM, ADOLF - Der Jüdische Nationalfonds, ein Instrument zur Abhilfe der Judennot.
V_1030_159: BÖHM, GÜNTER - Historia de los Judios en Chile Volumen I : Periodo Colonial - Judios y Judeoconversos en Chile Colonial Durante los Siglos XVI y XVII el Bachiller Francisco Maldonado de Silva: Foundation for Jewish Culture.
AR_080_011: BÖHM, LOUIS - Lieder eines fahrenden Chossid [Chassid].: Humoristische Dichtungen für Jüdisch Geselligkeit..
AR_448_012: BÖHM, ADOLF - Die Zionistische Bewegung - Eine kurze Darstellung ihrer Entwicklung - 1. Teil: Die Bewegung bis zum Tode Theodor Herzls [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_162_008: BÖHM, ADOLF - Die Zionistische Bewegung - Band II: 1918 bis 1925 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1076_45: BÖHM, GÜNTER - Manuel de Lima: Fundador de la Masoneria Chilena - 3: [SERIES]: Judaica iberoamerica.
Kg_89_093: BÖHM, ADOLF - Die zionistische Bewegung bis zum Ende des Weltkrieges [VOLUME I ONLY OUT OF TWO VOLUME SET]: Zweite erweiterte Auflage.
V_1084_17: BÖRNER, WILHELM - Allgemeine Ethik: Von Friedrich Jodl.
D_032_082: C. AG. - Unten falscher Flagge: Roman aus dem vorigen Jahrhundert.
V_1022_151: C.F. VON WEIZESÄCKER - Die Atomkerne: Grundlagen und Anwendungen ihrer Theorie.: Physik und chemie und ihre Anwendungen in Einzeldarstellungen: Band II.
AR_225_011: CABALLERO,RAMON - Diccionario de Modismos de la Lengua Castellana.
Kg_91_11: CABANNE, PIERRE (TEXT) - Guiramand.
MC_07_18: CAHEN, S. [SAMUEL] [ED.] - Archives Israélites de France. Année 1845. - TOME VI [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: Revue Mensuelle Religieuse, Historique, Biographique, Bibliographique et Littéraire, par une société d'hommes de lettres, sous la direction de S. Cahen, traducteur de la Bible..
AR_002_010: CAHEN, JOEL [ED.] - Beyond the Sambatyon: The Myth of the Ten Lost Tribes.
SH_030_091: CAHEN, RICHARD I. - Image and Sound: Art, Music and History [IN HEBREW].
MC_07_16: CAHEN, S. [SAMUEL] [ED.] - Archives Israélites de France. Année 1854. - TOME XV [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: Revue Mensuelle Religieuse, Historique, Biographique, Bibliographique et Littéraire, par une société d'hommes de lettres, sous la direction de S. Cahen, traducteur de la Bible..
AR_112_006: CAHN, M. [MICHAEL] - Die religiösen Strömungen in der zeitgenössischen Judenheit.
V_1022_142: CAHUN, LÉON / PHILIPPOTEAUX, P. [ILLUSTRATIOPNS] - Les Aventures du Capitaine Magon: ou Une Exploration Phénicienne Mille ans avant l'Ére Chrétienne.: Ouvrage illustré de 72 gravures dessinées sur bois.
D_142_052: CAILLET, MAURICE [CONSERVATEUR EN CHEF] - Les Richesses de la Bibliotheque Municipale de Toulouse.
D_033_070: CAILLOT, A. - Beautés du Christianisme, ou Recueil de Belles Actions: Inspirées par Cette Religion.
V_1047_01: CAINE, T. HALL - Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
I_002_067: CAIRD, JANET - A Distant Urn [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1122_166: CAIRNS, ALEXANDER - Eversley's Law of the Domestic Relations.: Husband and wife, parent and child, guardian and ward, infants, master and servant.
V_3030_051: CALABRESE, OMAR - Italia Moderna 1900-1939 [VOLUME 2 ONLY]: Dall' espansione alla seconda guerra mondiale.
D_063_059: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, PEDRO / GRIES, J. D. [TR.] - Schauspiele - Zweiter Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_128_021: CALDUCH-BENAGES, N.; VERMEYLEN, J. [EDS.] - Treasures of Wisdom: Studies in Ben Sira and the Book of Wisdom - Festschrift M. Gilbert.: [SERIES]: Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium - 143..
V_1096_75: CALLATAY, FRANCOIS DE / GITLER, HAIM - The Coin of Coins: A World Premiere.
E_60_021: CALLE, SOPHIE / GURALNIK, NEHAMA / OMER, MORDECHAI - True Stories : Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, February 22 - May 7, 1996. [Sophie Calle Exhibition].
AR_443_016: CALLE, SOPHIE - eruv.
AR_268_013: CALLEBAUT, PAUL-JACQUES - Du Sinai a l'Euphrate: Samaritains, Assyriens, Druzes, Derviches, Hassidim.
V_1102_18: CALLENBERG, JOHANN HEINRICH; CHRYSANDER, WILHELM CHRISTIAN JUST / ALTHAUS, HANS PETER [ED.] - Schriften zur Jiddischen Sprache: Faksimiledruck nach den Ausgaben von 1733, 1736 und 1750.
H_003_013: CALMET, ANTOINE AUGUSTIN / FOLARD, JEAN CHARLES; D'OLY, SAMUEL; COLSON, JOHN [TRANSLATORS] - An Historical, Critical, Geographical, Chronological, and Etymological Dictionary of the Holy Bible [FIRST ENGLISH EDITION] [PART OF VOLUME 3 ONLY].
D_142_067: CALONNE, M. DE - De L'état de la France, présent et a venir.: Prix. 4 liv. 4 fols broché. A Londres..
V_2074_128: CALVARY, MOSES - Das Neue Judentum: fünf Aufsätze.: [SERIES]: Bücherei des Schocken Verlags - 72.
KG_48_107: CALVARY, MOSES - Das Neue Judentum: Fünf Aufsätze: [SERIES]: Bücherei des Schocken Verlags - 72.
AR_495_019: CALVARY, MOSES [INTO.] - Palästina: Bilder von Land und Leben.
D_017_053: CALVERT, ALFRED - Shipping Office Organisation - Management and Accounts: A Comprehensive Guide to the Innumerable Details Connected with the Shipping Trade ; With Numerous Forms and Facsimiles of Shipping Documents.
V_2019_197: CAMACHO, JORGE - Camacho.
D_027_029: CAMERINI, DONATO - Doveri Della Vita Ebraica.
V_3020_58: CAMERON, D. A. - Egypt in the nineteenth Century: or Mehemet Ali and his Successors until the British Occupation in 1882.
V_1013_039: CAMFIELD, WILIAM / DUCHAMP, MARCEL [PREFACE] - Francis Picabia.
KG_28_060: CAMPANA, DOUGLAS V. [ED.] - Before Farming: Hunter-Gatherer Society and Subsistence.
D_067_070: CAMPANINI, G.; CARBONI, G. - Vocabolario Latino-Italiano, Italiano-Latino.
AR_464_010: CAMPANINI, GIUSEPPE; CARBONI, GIUSEPPE / ANDREOZZI, STEFANIA [ED.] - Nuovo Campanini Carboni Vocabolario: Latino-Italiano, Italiano-Latino. Con Appendice Suddivisa in 11 Glossari / Sentenze, Motti, Proverbi Latini: Brevemente Illustrati [TWO VOLUME SET].
V_1123_62: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH AND ROBINSON, HENRY MORTON - A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake.
V_2021_183: CAMPBELL, DUGALD - On the Trail of the Veiled Tuareg : An Account of these Mysterious Nomadic Warriors whose Home is the Trackless Desert & whose History Fades into the Far Past.: With Illustrations & Map..
V_1036_207: CAMPBELL, GEORGE - The Philosophy of Rhetoric.
V_1114_168: CAMPE, PETRA - Case, Semantic Roles, and Grammatical Relations: A Comprehensive Bibliography.: [SERIES]: Case and Grammatical Relations Across Languages, Volume 1..
V_1066_59: CAMPONY; AGUILAR AND OTHERS. - Ciudades Patrimonio de la Humanidad de Espana.
MA_02_23: CAMPOREALE, GIOVANNANGELO - La Collezione C.A. : Impasti e Buccheri - I (Tavole).: [SERIES]: Archaeologica..
AR_463_008: CAMPOS, LEA ; SI SEGNI, RICCARDO - Haggadah di Pesach: Ricordare per Essere Liberi.
D_246_088: CAMPOS, AURELIO - Um Alerta as Nacoes Livres [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1062_53: CAMUS, M. - Lettres Sur La Profession D'Avocat [Volume 1]: Et Bibliothèque Choisie / Tome Premier.
KG_45_101: CANETTI, ELIAS - Das Augenspiel: Lebensgeschichte 1931-1937 [IN HEBREW].
V_1109_17: CANNAN, GILBERT - Heinrich Heine's Memoires: From his Works, Letters, and Conversations.
MB_06_09: CANNING, STRATFORD. STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN - The Eastern Question.: By the late Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, being a selection from his writings during the last five years of his life..
AR_092_007: CANO, ANGEL ; NAVARRETE, JUAN PABLO ; SEADE, JOSE - Complex Kleinian Groups.: [SERIES]: Progress in Mathematics : Volume 303..
AR_518_010: CANTINEAU, J. [JEAN] - Grammaire du Palmyrénien Épigraphique.: [SERIES]: Publication de l'Institut d'Études Orientales de la Facult des Lettres d'Alger - IV..
MC_03_15: CANTU', CESARE [CANTÙ] / HUGO, VICTOR MARIE. - Di Vittore Hugo e del Romanticismo in Francia - Giudizi ed Esempi.
V_1079_31: CAPART, JEAN / DRAWSON, WARREN R. (TRANS.) - Egyptian Art: Introductory Studies.
KG_06_171_: CAPEK, KAREL / PICK, OTTO; SCHWARZ, VINCY [TR.] - Daschenka oder das Leben eines jungen Hundes.
D_262_079: CAPEK, KAREL - Masaryk ve Fotografii: 8. Vydani, 118 Obrazu.
MC_21_09: CARACCIOLO, BEATRICE [ARTIST] / DE LUCA, ERRI; TAZI, NADIA; HEIDSIECK, NATHALIE, DE ROTHSCHILD [TEXTS] - Beatrice Caracciolo - Attraversare il Fuoco : 06.09.13, galerie Almine Rech, Paris.
D_237_123: CARAM, MARINA - Marina Caram.
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V_1068_48: D'ISRAELI (DISRAELI) - David Alroy: Frei Nach dem Englischen: Schriften: Herausgegeben vom Institute zur Förderung der israelitischen Literatur.
AR_383_011: D'OLIVET, ANTOINE FABRE - La Langue Hebraique Restituee, et le Veritable Sens des Mots Hebreux Retabli et Prouve par leur Analyse Radicale [TWO VOLUMES BOUND TOGETHER].: Tome Premier / Tome Second.
MA_08_16: D'OLIVET, ANTOINE FABRE - La Langue Hebraique Restituée, et le Veritable Sens des Mots Hebreux Rétabli et Prouvé par leur Analyse Radicale [TWO VOLUME SET].: Troisiéme Édition..
V_2015_124: D'UCEL, JEANNE - Berber Art - an Introduction.
AR_148_003: D. LEATHERMAN, KENTON ; A. DICKSON - The Management of Spinal Deformities.
AR_493_002: D. LABDOVSI / SADAN, DOV [FOREWARD]] - Shalom-Aleichem and his heroes.
KG_13_147: DA COSTA, ISAAK / MANN, K. - Israel und die Völker: Erstes und zweites Buch [BOUND TOGETHER]: Eine Ubersicht der Geschichte der Juden bis auf unsere Zeit.
MC_03_01: DA GAMA, JOSÉ BASÍLIO / DE SANTA RITA DURÃO, JOSÉ. DE VARNHAGEN, F. A. [ED] - Epicos Brasileiros - O Uruguay ; O Caramurú.
MA_13_28: DA COSTA, A. J. MENDES - Feestelijke Herdenking van het 250-Jarig Bestaan van de Synagoge der Portugeesch-Israëlietische Gemeente te Amsterdam: Op Vrijdag 10 Menachem 5685 / 31 Juli 1925 des namiddags te 3 uur..
V_1051_102: DA COSTA, M. B. MENDES / RENKEMA, E. H. - Beknopt leerboek der latijnse Spraakkunst [2 PARTS IN 1]: Eerste deel: latijnse vormleer ; Deel II: Latijnse syntaxis.
AR_147_007: DA SILVA, JOSE ANTONIO / TAVARES DE ARAJUO, OLIVIO [ED.] - Silva: Pinturas 1947 / 1995.
D_236_068: DA MODENA, LEON [LEONE] / BATH HILLEL [TR.] - Eldad und Medad. Oder der Bekehrte Spieler.: [SERIES]: Jüdische Bücherei. Band 1..
D_234_032: DA FONSECA, JOÃO SEVERIANO. DE ALMEIDA, JOSÉ RICARDO PIRES. - Voyage Autour du Brésil: Edition pour les Américanistes.
V_1098_124: DABROWSKA, DANUTA / DOBROSZYCKI, LUCJAN [EDS.] - Kronika Getta Lodzkiego [TWO VOLUME SET] [SIGNED by Lucjan Dobroszycki].: [VOL.I]: Styczen 1941 - Maj 1942 / [VOL.II]: Czerwiec - Grudzien 1942..
AR_286_002: DABROWSKA, DANUTA; WEIN, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Poland - Vol. I: The Communities of Lodz and its Region [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Pinkas Hakehillot - Encyclopdedia of Jewish Communities.
V_3003_02: DABROWSKA, DANUTA & WEIN, ABRAHAM (EDS.) - Pinkas HaKehillot - Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities - Poland Vol.1 [IN HEBREW]: The Communities of Lodz and its Region.
AR_122_007: DABROWSKA, DANUTA / DOBROSZYCKI, LUCJAN [EDS.] - Kronika Getta Lodzkiego [TWO VOLUME SET] [FIRST EDITION] [SIGNED COPY]: [VOL.I]: Styczen 1941 - Maj 1942 / [VOL.II]: Czerwiec - Grudzien 1942..
MC_15_08: DAFFORNE, JAMES - The Albert Memorial, Hyde Park: Its History and Description.: With Numerous Illustrations Engraved on Steel..
V_1129_87: DAGAN, PERETZ ; SHARAGA, AMIEL [ED.] - Who's Who Israel 1955.
KG_19_209: DAGAN, YEHUDA - Archaeological Survey of Israel: Map of Lakhish (98) [CONTAINS MAP].
AR_188_014: DAGAN, PERETZ [ED.] - Who's Who Israel 1960.
SH_066_071: DAGAN, PERETZ; SHARAGA, AMIEL [EDS.] - Who's Who Israel: 1955.
I_16_035: DAGAN, HANOCH; LIFSHITZ, SHAHAR; STERN, YEDIDIA Z. [EDS.] - Judaism, Sovereignty and Human Rights - Volume 1 - December 2015 [IN HEBREW].
D_237_109: DAGAN, GEULA - Geula Dagan: Paintings - From the 50s to the 80s [SIGNED BY ARTIST].
AR_085_003: DAGAN, AVIGDOR - Der Hahnenruf [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_151_015: DAGON, YOAV [CURATOR] - Origins of Eretz-Israeli Sculpture 1906-1939.
D_059_025: DAHKMANN, F. C. - Geschichte der Französischen Revolution: Bis auf die Stiftung der Republik.
V_2007_179: DAICHES, SAMUEL - The Jews in Babylonia in the Time of Ezra and Nehemiah According to Babylonian Inscriptions.
V_1110_64: DAIVS, MOSHE / RATNER, VICTOR - The Birthday of the World: Etchings by Marc Chagall.
D_268_093: DALBY, LIZA CRIHFIELD - Kimono : Fashioning Culture.
v_1030_90: DALGLISH, EDWARD R. - Psalm Fifty-One in the Light of Ancient Near Eastern Patternism.
kg_17_025: DALI, SALVADOR - Dali: Gemälde Zeichnungen Objekte Schmuck.
KG_10_168: DALMAN, GUSTAF H. - Aramäisch-neuhebräisches Handwörterbuch zu Targum, Talmud und Midrasch.: Mit Lexikon der Abbreviaturen von G. H. Händler und einem Verzeichnis des Mischna-Abschnitte..
KG_45_150: DALMAN, GUSTAF - Grammatik des Jüdisch-Palästinischen Aramäisch: Nach den Idiomen des Palästinischen Talmud und Midrasch, des Onkelostargum (Cod. Socini 84) und der Jerusalemischen Targume zum Pentateuch.
KG_27_125: DAMBACH, CHARLES F. - Exhaust the Limits: The Life and Times of a Global Peacebuilder [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_311_001: DAMEROW, PETER / EDELSTEIN, WOLFGANG ; LEFEVRE, WOLFGANG [INTRO.] / HANAUER, RENATE [TRANS.] - Abstraction and Representation: Essays on the Cultural Evolution of Thinking.: [SERIES]: Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Volume 175..
AR_442_012: DAMM, ANNETTE [ED.] - Vikings and Gods in European Art.
V_1062_148: DAMOURRETTE, JACQUES ; PICHON, EDOUARD - Des Mots a La Pensee : Essai de Grammaire de la Langue Francaise 1911-1927 / -1930 / -1934 / -1936 / -1940 [SEVEN VOLUMES].
D_239_132: DAN, JOSEPH - On Sanctity: Religion, Ethics and Mysticism in Judaism and Other Religions [IN HEBREW].
SH_029_080: DAN, JOSEPH [ED.] - Culture and History - Ino Sciaky Memorial Volume [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES].
I_026_040: DAN, JOSEPH - On Sanctity: Religion, Ethics and Mysticism in Judaism and Other Religions [IN HEBREW].
MA_02_16: DAN, HAIM; KARIV, YOSEF; BERGER, ZVI; VERED, MALKA; ZAKAI, NOAM; ZIMMERMAN, SHLOMO; CHUMESH, SARAH; TEHORI, DAVID; MITAVSKY, RACHEL; ET AL. - Horchiv Memorial Book [Horokhiv; Horochow; Horokhov; Horokhiv; Gorokhov].: Collected and arranged by Haim Dan. Edited by Yosef Kariv..
V_2060_114: DAN, JOSEPH - On Sanctity: Religion, Ethics and Mysticism in Judaism and Other Religions [IN HEBREW].
KG_56_006: DAN, J. - The Hasidic Story - Its History and Development [IN HEBREW].
V_1034_143: DAN, YARON - The City in Eretz- Israel During The Late-Roman & Byzantine Periods [IN HEBREW].
KG_12_129: DANA, NISSIM - The Druze in the Middle East: Their Faith, Leadership, Identity and Status.
D_235_090: DANA, JOSEPH - Qamus: Hebrew Arabic Dictionary for Arabic as spoken and broadcast [IN HEBREW].
V_1057_10: DANBY, HERBERT - The Jew and Christianity: Some Phases, Ancient and Modern, of the Jewish Attitude towards Christianity.
V_1011_020: DANBY, JOHN F. - Poets on Fortune's Hill: Studies in Sidney, Shakespeare, Beaumont & Fletcher.
V_1063_88: DANBY, HERBERT - Tractate Sanhedrin: Mishnah and Tosefta.: The Judicial Procedure of the Jews as Codified Towards the End of the Second Century A. D..
AR_369_005: DANBY, HERBERT [TRANS.] - The Mishnah.: Translated from the Hebrew with Introduction and Brief Explanatory Notes..
AR_232_014: DANBY, HERBERT [INTR., TR. & NOTES] - The Mishnah: Translated from the Hebrew with Introduction and Brief Explanatory Notes.
AR_110_016: DANDEKAR, R. N. [ED.] - Summaries of Papers - 26th International Congress of Orientalists.
V_3022_44: DANET, BRENDA - Pulling Strings: Biculturalism in Israeli Bureaucracy.
V_1045_23: DANI KARAVAN - Dani Karavan Winter 97 Ramat Gan Israel.
Kg_44_023: DANI KARAVAN / BARZEL, AMNON / LAMBERTINI, LUIGI /RESTANY, PIERRE - Dani Karavan - Un Ambiente per la Pace - Environment for Peace [SIGNED BY THE ARTIST]: Biennale di Venezia B76.
D_050_020: DANI KARAVAN - Dani Karavan - Modelle und Projekte.
D_050_021: DANI KARAVAN - Dani Karavan - Reflexion / Reflection.
KG_70_198: DANIEL NATAF, SUZANNE [ED.] - Philo of Alexandria: Writings - VOL. III: Exposition of the Law, Part Two [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_476_019: DANIELI, YAEL ; BROM, DANNY ; SILLS, JOE [ED.] - The Trauma of Terrorism: Sharing Knowledge and Shared Care, An International Handbook.
AR_430_005: DANIN, AVINOAM - Distribution Atlas of Plants in the Flora Palaestina Area.: [SERIES]: Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities: Section of Sciences.
AR_033_016: DANIN, EZRA; SHIMONI, YA'ACOV [YAACOV] - Documents and Portraits from the Arab Gangs Archives in the Arab Revolt in Palestine 1936-1939 [IN HEBREW].
SA_106: DANIN, AVINOAM - Distribution Atlas of Plants in the Flora Palaestina Area.
AR_430_004: DANIN, AVINOAM - Distribution Atlas of Plants in the Flora Palaestina Area.: [SERIES]: Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities: Section of Sciences.
I_038_021: DANIN, AVINOAM - Desert Vegetation of Israel and Sinai.
AR_377_001: DANJON, ANDRE - Astronomie Generale: Astronomie spherique et Elements de Mecanique Celeste.
SH_016_024: DANKNER, AMNON; TARTAKOVER, DAVID - Where We Were and What We Did: An Israeli Lexicon of the Fifties and Sixties [IN HEBREW].
V_1117_49: DANTE ALIGHIERI - Dante's Purgatory: Translated with Notes and Commentary by Mark Musa.
V_1099_53: DANTE / PLUMPTRE, E. H. (TRANS.) - The Divina Commedia and Canzoniere - Vol. III Paradise: with notes, studies and estimates.
V_1099_52: DANTE - The Divina Commedia and Canzoniere - Vol. II Purgatory: with notes, studies and estimates.
MA_24_32: DANTE ALIGHIERI / OLSVANGER, IMMANUEL [TR.] - La Vita Nuova di Dante [IN HEBREW].: Traduzione Ebraica di Immanuel Olsvanger..
MC_26_04: DANTE ALIGHIERI / DA CORTONA, GIUSEPPE LANDO PASSERINI [INTR.&COMM.] / D'ANNUNZIO, GABRIELE [INTR.] - La Comedia del divino Dante Alighieri da Firenze con la esposizione di Giuseppe Lando Passerini da Cortona [Comoedia Dantis] [LIMITED EDITION OF 306 COPIES].
MC_24_29: DANTE ALIGHIERI / OLSVANGER, IMMANUEL [TR.] - La Divina Commedia di Dante: Inferno / Il Purgatorio / Paradiso [THREE VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].: Traduzione Ebraica di Immanuel Olsvanger..
MB_06_13: DANTZIG [DANZIG], MOSHE. - Nitee Naamanim [HEBREW]: t. e. Prijamnyja racmenija. Sobranie ctixotverenij na drevne-evrejskom jazyke.
D_030_038: DANYEL, THEODOR-WILHELM - Magie und Geheimwissenschaft: In Ihrer Bedeutung Für Kultur Und Kulturgeschichte.
JT_033: DANZIG, NEIL - A Catalogue of Fragments of Halakhah and from The Cairo Genizah [IN HEBREW].
JT_015: DANZIG, NEIL - Introduction to Halakhot Pesuqot [IN HEBREW]: Second Edition Revised and Augmented.
ME_01_13: DANZIG, ABRAHAM B. JEHIEL MICHAEL. - Sefer Chayey Adam / Hayyey Adam [HEBREW].
SH_054_039: DANZIGER, ITZHAK - Makom.
AR_307_024: DANZIGER, ITZHAK / OMER, MORDECHAI [INTR.&ED.] / TUVIN, ISHAI [TRANS.] - Itzhak Danziger - Makom.: Planned and Edited 1973-1977 by Itzhak Danziger & Rina Valero..
AR_266_007: DANZIGER, ITZHAK [ARTIST] / OMER, MORDECHAI - Itzhak Danziger.
AR_239_004: DAR, SHIMON [SHIM'ON] - Settlements and Cult Sites on Mount Hermon, Israel: Ituraean Culture in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods [Iturean] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].: [SERIES]: BAR [British Archaeopress Reports] International Series - 589..
SH_020_017: DAR, SHIMON - The History of Hermon: Settlements and Temples of the Itureans [IN HEBREW].
AR_068_009: DAR, SHIMON - Ancient Settlements in Emeq Hepher: The Sites of Tell Nurit, Nahal alexander and the Rockcut Tombs of Maabarot [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
I_019_005: DAR, SHIMON; SAFRAI, ZEEV [ED.] - The Village in Ancient Israel [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Ereztz - Geographic Research and Publications.
AR_492_006: DARBOUX, GASTON [JEAN] - Leçons sur la théorie générale des surfaces et les applications géométriques du calcul infinitésimal, par Gaston Darboux [Jean] [REPRINT EDITION] [FOUR VOLUME SET].
V_1063_33: DARK, SIDNEY - The Jew To-Day.
D_026_115: DARK, SIDNEY; SIDEBOTHAM, HERBERT - The Folly of Anti-Semitism.
V_1045_100: DARMSTETER, JAMES - Essais de Litterature Anglaise.
SH_032_021: DAROM, DAVID - Wildflower [IN HEBREW].
MA_27_04: DARTON, LAWRENCE - An Account of the Work of the Friends Committee for Refugees and Aliens, First Known as the Germany Emergency Committee of the Society of Friends [Quakers] 1933-1950: by Lawrence Darton..
D_019_136: DARWIN, CHARLES / CARUS, J. VICTOR [TR.] - Die Abstammung des Menschen und die Geschlechtliche Zuchtwahl [VOLS. I & II BOUND TOGETHER].
KG_67_197: DARWIN, CHARLES / SEMON, MARIA [TR.] - Die Fundamente zur Entstehung der Arten.
KG_10_190: DARWIN, CHARLES / GÄRTNER, GEORG [TRANS.] - Die Entstehung der Arten durch natürliche Zuchtwahl: oder die Erhaltung der bevorzugten Rassen im Kampfe ums Dasein.
V_3012_133: DARWIN, JOHN - Britain and Decolonization: the Retreat from Empire in the Post-War World.: [SERIES]: The Making of the Twentieth Century..
AR_363_002: DASBERG, LEA - An Intimate History of Jewish Childhood in the Western World 1723-1933 According to Autobiographies.
AR_327_001: DASBERG, I. [TR.] / VORST, I. [ED.] - 'Atirat Jitschak: Het Smeken van Jitschak / Rosj Hasjana Gedachten voor Sjoel en Thuis [BILINGUAL HEBREW-DUTCH EDITION].
D_257_148: DASBERG, HAIM; ITZIGSOHN, JOSE A.; SHEFLER, GABY [ED.] - Brief Psychotherapy: Background, Techniques and Application.
D_017_147: DASBERG, LEA - An Intimate History of Jewish Childhood in the Western World 1723-1933 According to Autobiographies.
D_017_144: DASBERG, I. [TRANS.] - 'Atirat Jitschak - Het Smeken van Jitschak: Vertaling en Bewerking in het Nederlands van het Machzor van Rosj Hasjana / 'Atirat Jitschak - Het Smeken van Jitschak: Vertaling en Bewerking in het Nederlands van het Machzor van Jom Kippoer [THREE VOLUME SET] [THESE VOLUMES ONLY] [BILINGUAL EDITION].
D_090_006: DASBERG, LENA. - Untersuchungen über die Entwertung des Judenstatus im 11. Jahrhundert: Academisch Proefscrhift..
AR_274_010: DASBERG, LEA ; COHEN, JONATHAN N. [ED.] - Neveh Ya'akov: Jubilee Volume Presented to Dr. Jaap Meijer on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday.
D_020_187: DASCAL, MARCELO; PARUSH, ADI [EDS.] - The Rational and the Irrational: A Collection of Papers [IN HEBREW].
kg_46_022: DATNER, SZYMON/ GUMKOWSKI, JANUSZ / LEZCZYNSKI, KAZIMIERZ - Biuletyn. Glownej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Polsce. XIII.
kg_46_023: DATNER, SZYMON/ GUMKOWSKI, JANUSZ / LEZCZYNSKI, KAZIMIERZ - Biuletyn. Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego. Nr 40.
kg_46_017: DATNER, SZYMON - Biuletyn. Glownej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Polsce. XI.
kg_46_018: DATNER, SZYMON - Biuletyn. Glownej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Polsce. XI.
kg_46_020: DATNER, SZYMON/ GUMKOWSKI, JANUSZ / LEZCZYNSKI, KAZIMIERZ - Biuletyn. Glownej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Polsce. XIII.
KG_19_220: DAUDET, ALPHONSE / MALCLÈS, JEAN-DENIS [LITHOGRAPHS] - Lettres de Mon Moulin [RARE LIMITED EDITION].: Lithographies originales de Jean-Denis Malclès..
V_1111_26: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Die wunderbaren Abenteuer des Tartarin von Tarascon: Deutsch von A. Gerstmann / Mit 45 Zeichnungen von Emil Preetorius.
V_1074_28: DAULTE, HUISMAN - French Watercolours (of the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries).
D_46_020: DAUMAS, GENERAL E. - Moeurs et coutumes de l'Algerie: Tell - Kabylie - Sahara.
AR_209_008: DAVAR - DAVAR (Parola): Rassegna Mensile Israelitica Illustrata di Cultura, Arte ed Attualita [Anno V - N. 1-12, Gennaio 1936-XIV - Dicembre 1936-XV].
AR_029_017: DAVAR, FIROZE COWASJI - Iran and its Culture.
V_3012_132: DAVENPORT-HINES, R. P. T. ; JONES, GEOFFREY [EDS.] - British Business in Asia Since 1860.
D_053_017: DAVENSON, HENRI - Le Livre des Chansons.
AR_205_007: DAVEY, NEIL / SHANN, AKEMI / YIP, SUZANNAH - Sotheby's - Collection Huguette Beres: Estampes, Dessins et Livres Illustrés Japonais.: Paris, mercredi 27 novembre 2002..
KG_33_160: DAVID, YONAH - Moses Hayyim Luzzatto's Rhetoric and Poetics : A Comparative Study [IN HEBREW].
MA_23_05: DAVID, VILLIERS [JACOB PEVERIL] / LANCASTER, OSBERT [ILLUSTRATIONS] - A Winter Firework by Villiers David [RARE LIMITED EDITION OF 150 COPIES].: With decorations by Osbert Lancaster..
V_1058_63_: DAVID, ELI. - Medicine for Everyman: Prevention and Prognosis. [IN HEBREW].
SH_002_106: DAVID, YONAH - Lexicon of Epithets in Hebrew Liturgical Poetry [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH PREFACE].
V_1106_119: DAVID, YONA - Songs of Lovelessness [IN HEBREW. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
KG_78_089: DAVID, ABRAHAM - The Immigration and Settlement in th Land of Israel in the 16th Century [IN HEBREW].
AR_356_013: DAVID, HERMINE [ILLUSTRATIONS] / JONQUIERES, HENRI [ED.] - La Fleur des Rondeaux de Charles d'Orleans [LIMITED EDITION OF 568 COPIES].
SH_066_049: DAVID, A. [ED] - A Hebrew Cronicle From Prague (c. 1615) [Signed bt the editor].
V_2076_187: DAVID, ELIZABETH - Elizabeth David Classics: Mediterranean Food / French Country Cooking / Summer Cooking.
AR_261_005: DAVID, MARTIN - Die Adoption im altbabylonischen Recht.: [SERIES]: Leipziger rechtswissenschaftliche Studien, herausgegeben von der Leipziger Juristen-Fakultät, Heft 23..
D_237_069: DAVID, A. [INTRO.] - Two Chronicles from the Generation of the Spanish Exile [IN HEBREW]: Kuntresim - Texts and Studies 52.
MA_20_25: DAVID BEN ABRAHAM AL-FASI / SKOSS, SOLOMON L. [LEON; ZALMAN LEIB] [ED.] - The Hebrew-Arabic Dictionary of the Bible known as Kitab Jami Al-Alfaz (Agron) of David ben Abraham Al-Fasi the Karaite (Tenth Cent.) [TWO VOLUME SET].: Edited from Manuscripts in the State Public Library in Leningrad and in the Bodleian Library in Oxford by Solomon L. Skoss, Professor of Arabic in The Dropsie College. [SERIES]: Yale Oriental Series, Researches - Volume XX / Volume XXI..
D_005_169: DAVID BEN-GOURION, KATZENELSON, BERL; SCHAPIRO, JOSEPH; BEN-NAHOUM, O.; ET AL. / MERKAZ-HEHALOUTZ / BULAWKO, HENRY [TR.] - Le Mouvement Ouvrier Juif en Israel: ses principes et ses realisations colonisatrices.
V_3028_67: DAVID, YONAH - The Poems of Joseph Ibn Zaddik: Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary [HEBREW].
AR_431_006: DAVID, YASHA & MOREL, JEAN PIERRE - Le Siecle de Kafka.
E_05_27: DAVID, ABRAHAM - A Jewish Mediterranean Society in the Late Middle Ages as Reflected from Cairo Genizah Documents [IN HEBREW].
KG_90_148: DAVID, ISMAR - Reflections: Six Drawings of Themes from the Holy Scriptures.
AR_390_011: DAVID, NURIT - Nurit David: I was Born Chinese - Paintings, 1980-2007.
V_3018_166: DAVID, YONAH - The Poems of Zebadiah - Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary [IN HEBREW].
AR_328_023: DAVID, ITZHAC - The History of the Caucasian Jews in Palestine [IN HEBREW].
D_239_077: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA - Vom Leiden zur Erlösung - Sinn und Lehre des Buddhismus.
KG_10_220: DAVIDI, YAIR [DAVIDY; DAVIDIY] - Joseph: The Israelite Destiny of America.
KG_10_222: DAVIDI, YAIR [DAVIDY; DAVIDIY] - Joseph: The Israelite Destiny of America.
V_1078_78: DAVIDIAN, ZAVEN N. - Iran in the Service of World Peace: On the Occasion of the 2500th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the Iranian Empire.
AR_106_004: DAVIDOVITCH, DAVID - The Ketuba: Jewish Marriage Contracts through the Ages.
AR_272_011: DAVIDOVITS, MNASHE S. [ED.] / BARABAS, GEORGE [TRANS.] - Memorial Book of the Jewish community in Satoraljaujhely [SIGNED BY EDITOR].
V_1010_039: DAVIDS, RHYS - Psalms of the Early Buddhists: I.-Psalms of the Sisters.
MC_11_24: DAVIDSE, KRISTIN & LAMIROY, BÉATRICE [EDS.] / HERSLUND, M.; MELIS, L.; DELBECQUE, N.; DRAYE, L.; KALETA, Z.; CASAD, E.; TRASK, L.; - The Nominative & Accusative and their counterparts.: [SERIES]: Case and Grammatical Relations Across Languages, Volume 4..
AR_464_009: DAVIDSOHN, LUDWIG - Beiträge zur Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte der Berliner Juden vor der Emanzipation.
ME_07_08: DAVIDSON, ISRAEL [ED]. BEN YERUHIM, SALMON. - The Book of the Wars of the Lord [Sefer Milhamot Ha-Shem]: Containing the Polemics of the Karaite Salmon ben Yeruhim against Saadia Gaon.
AR_359_002: DAVIDSON, M. J. - Glass and Glazing.
V_1091_031: DAVIDSON, A. B. - An Introductory Hebrew Grammar: With Progressive Exercises in Reading and Writing: Seventeenth Edition.
D_036_095: DAVIDSON, ISRAEL; GINZBERG, LOUIS [ED. & INTR.] - Mahzor Yannai: A Liturgical Work of the VIIth Ceuntury - Edited from Genizah Fragments [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION]: [SERIES]: Texts and Studies of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America - Volume VI.

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