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V_3017_133: STUPARICH, GIANI [GIANNI] - Piccolo Cabotaggio.: [SERIES]: Saggi - 14..
E_50_009: STUTCHKOFF, NAHUM - Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language [IN HEBREW].
AR_483_007: STUTCHKOFF, NAHUM / WEINREICH, MAX [ED.] - Thesaurus of the Yiddish Language (Der Oytser fun der Yidisher Shprakh) [IN YIDDISH].
AR_901_007: STUTCHKOFF, NAHUM [STUCHKOV, NACHUM] / WEINREICH, MAX [ED.] - Thesaurus of the Yiddish Language (Der Oytser fun der Yidisher Shprakh) [IN YIDDISH].
AR_949_015: STUTCHKOFF, NAHUM / SADAN, DOV [INTRO.] / INDELMAN, ELCHANAN [ED.] - Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language [IN HEBREW].
AR_515_013: STUTCHKOFF, NAHUM / SADAN, DOV [INTRO.] / INDELMAN, ELCHANAN [ED.] - Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language [IN HEBREW].
E_58_034: STUTCHKOFF, NAHUM / WEINREICH, MAX [ED.] - Thesaurus of the Yiddish Language [IN YIDDISH].
AR_625_019: STUVERAS, ROGER - Le Putto Dans L'art Romain.: [SERIES]: Collection Latomus - Volume XCIX..
V_1069_49: STÖHR, MARTIN (HRSG.) - Lernen in Jerusalem- Lernen mit Israel. Anstösse in Theologie und Kirche.
AR_571_009: SUCKEWER, A. - Fun Drai Weltn (De Tres Mundos) [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN YIDDISH].
AR_885_018: SUDJIC, DEYAN - Cult Heroes: How to be Famous for more than Fifteen Minutes [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_609_018: SUKENIK, E. L. [ELEAZAR LIPA] / MAYER, L. A. [LEO ARY] - The Third Wall of Jerusalem: An Account of Excavations.
AR_523_017: SUKENIK, E.L. - Kedem - Studies in Jewish Archaeology : Issued by the Museum of Jewish Antiquities -Vol. I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MC_12_19: SUKENIK, E. L. [ELEAZAR LIPA] - The Synagogue of Dura-Europos and its Frescoes [Dura-Europus] [IN HEBREW].
AR_265_009: SUKENIK, E. L. - Bulletin I - The Present State of Ancient Synagogue Studies / The Samaritan Synagogue at Salbit: Preliminary Report.: [SERIES]: Bulletin of the Louis M. Rabinowitz Fund for the Exploration of Ancient Synagogues..
V_1100_41: SUKENIK, E. L. AND MAYER, L. A. - The Third Wall of Jerusalem.: An Account of Excavations..
V_1070_32: SULLIVAN, NAVIN - The Message of the Genes.
MA_13_12: SULLIVAN, ED [EDWARD VINCENT] & SULLIVAN PRECHT, BETTY / ALMQUIST, DON [DRAWINGS] - Christmas with Ed Sullivan [SIGNED WITH DEDICATION BY AUTHOR + SIGNED INSCRIBED PHOTOGRAPH].: Written and compiled by Ed Sullivan with Betty Sullivan Precht. Drawings by Don Almquist.
AR_937_013: SULTAN SULEYMAN [SULEIMAN THE MAGNIFICENT] / HALMAN, TALAT S. [TR. ; INTRO.] / ATIL, ESTIN [FOREWORD] - Suleyman the Magnificent Poet: The Sultan's Selected Poems Translated with an Introductior.
AR_216_022: SULZBACH, A. [TR.&ED.] - Targum Scheni zum Buch Esther.
V_2021_112: SULZBACH, A. - Targum Scheni zum Buch Esther.: Übersetzt und mit Anmerkungen versehen..
AR_077_020: SULZBACH, A. - Das Buch Esther: Übersekt und mit Einer Finleitung nerfehen.
AR_459_022: SULZBERGER, MAYER - The Polity of the Ancient Hebrews.: [SERIES]: Reprinted from the Jewish Quarterly Review New Series - Volume III, Number I.
AR_006_009: SUPF, PETER / JOHO, VERA [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Frau Joho in Paris.
AR_817_005: SUSMAN, DVORAH A./ HERMAN, AVRAHAM [INTRO] - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
SH_057_054: SUSMANN, YAACOV; ROSENTHAL, DAVID [EDS.] - Mehqerei Talmud: Talmudic Studies Vol. I [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_545_004: SUSSMAN, AYALA [ED.] - Hadashot Arkheologiyot: Excavations and Surveys in Israel - 109 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
SH_083_007: SUSSMAN, JAACOV ; ZIV, JACOB ; NAEH, SHLOMO ; KISTER, MENAHEM ; NOAM, VERED ; SABATO, MORDECHAI ; FUCHS, UZIEL ; EMANUEL, SIMCHA - Issues in talmudic Research: Conference Commemorating the Fifth Anniversary of the Passing of Ephraim E. Urbach, 2 December 1996 [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities: Section of Humanities.
V_2071_95: SUSSMAN, AYALA; STRAUSS, DAFNAH; GREENBERG, RAFI [EDS.] - Excavations and Surveys in Israel 1991: Volume 10 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_238_002: SUSSMANN, AYALA [ED.] - Hadashot Arkheologiyot [Archaeological News]: Excavations and Surveys in Israel - 110.
AR_1161_002: SUSSMANN, AYALA [ED'] - Hadashot Arkheologiyot: Excavations and Surveys in Israel - 113 [BILINGUAL].
AR_1166_003: SUSSMANN, AYALA ; GREENBERG, R. [EDS.] / POMMERANTZ, INNA ; HUROWITZ, ANN [TR.] - Excavations and Surveys in Israel 1988/89 Volumes 7-8.: English Edition of Hadashot Arkheologiyot, Archaeological Newsletter of the Israel Antiquities Authority Numbers 92-93..
AR_898_003: SUSSMANN, AYALA [ED.] - 'Atiqot: XLI-1 and XLI-2: Survey and Excavations in the Northern Judean Desert - 1993 [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW & ENGLISH].
AR_904_013: SUSSMANN, AYALA [ED.] - 'Atiqot Volume XLII.
AR_900_020: SUTZKEVER, ABRAHAM / NOVERSHTERN, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Abraham Sutzkever: On his Seventieth Birthday [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
SH_015_104: SUZANNE DELLAL CENTER / MAOR, HADAS [CURATOR] - Suzanne Dellal : Photodance.
V_1057_13: SUZUKI, TEITARO & CARUS, PAUL - TRANSLATION - T'ai-Shang Kan-Ying P'ien: Treatise of the Exalted One on Response and Retribution.
AR_364_008: SWAMINATHAN, C. R. [ED.&TR.] / VATSYAYAN, KAPILA [GENERAL EDITOR] - Kanvasatapathabrahmanam : Vols. I-V [FIVE VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Kalamulasastra Series 12, 22, 30, 31 & 39 (General Editor - Kapila Vatsyayan). Edited and Translated by C. R. Swaminathan..
AR_1104_008: SWAN, TORIL; WESTVIK, OLAF JANSEN [EDS.] / AIJMER, KARIN; LEIRBUKT, ODDLEIF; PALMER, FRANK R.; ROSENGREN, INGER; ULVESTAD, BJARNE; ET AL. - Modality in Germanic Languages - Historical and Comparative Perspectives.: [SERIES]: Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Monographs 99.
AR_261_004: SWEET, HENRY - The Student's Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon.
V_1064_26: SWICHKOW, LOUIS J. / GARTNER, LLOYD P. - The History of the Jews of Milwaukee.
AR_760_021: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - Atlanta [Atalanta] in Calydon: A Tragedy [COPY #897 OUT OF 1,000].
V_2048_30: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER - Cross Roads to Israel: Palestine from Balfour to Bevin [In hebrew].
V_2058_15_: SYKES, C. - Orde, W. [IN HEBREW].
AR_244_019: SYNGE, JOHN L. ; GRIFFITH, BYRON A. - Principles of Mechanics.
V_3006_78: SYTOVA, ALLA [ED.] - The Lubok: Russian Folk Pictures - 17th to 19th Century.
AR_719_015: SYZK, ARTHUR / ROTH, CECIL [ED.] - The Haggadah.
AR_852_002: SZAJKOWSKI, ZOSA - Autonomy and Communal Jewish Debts During the French Revolution of 1789.
V_2013_063: SZAJKOWSKI, ZOSA - Agricultural Credit and Napoleon's Anti-Jewish Decrees.
AR_092_011: SZAJN, IZRAEL [ED.] - Bibliografia: wydawnictw zydowskich partii robotniczych w Polsce w latach 1918-1939 [IN YIDDISH].
YV_020: SZALAI, ANNA; HORVÁTH, RITA; BALÁZS, GÁBOR - Previously Unexplored Sources on the Holocaust in Hungary: A Selection from Jewish Periodicals, 1930-1944.
MA_18_02: SZALAI, ANNA [ED.] / WIESEL, ELIE [INTR.] / HARASZTI, GYÖRGY; VAGO, RAPHAEL; SPITZER, SHLOMO; KARADI, VICTOR; ET AL. - In the Land of Hagar - The Jews of Hungary: History, Society and Culture.: [SERIES]: Jewish Comminities around the World - Volume 4.
AR_029_005: SZALAI, ANNA [ED.] / WIESEL, ELIE [INTR.] / HARASZTI, GYÖRGY; VAGO, RAPHAEL; SPITZER, SHLOMO; KARADI, VICTOR ET AL. - In the Land of Hagar - The Jews of Hungary: History, Society and Culture.: [SERIES]: Jewish Comminities around the World - Volume 4..
AR_488_003: SZEINIUCH, YECHIEL - Yiddish and Hebrew Literature Under the Nazi Rule in Eastern Europe: Yitzhak Katzenelson's Last Bilingual Wrintings and the Ghetto Writings of A. Sutzkever and Y. Spiegel - VOL. II: Notes, Appendixes, Bibliography [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].: Thesis Submitted for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy.
SH_020_039: SZEINTUCH, YECHIEL - Yithzhak Katzenelson's Rescued Manuscripts From The Warsaw Ghetto And The Vittel Concentration Camp [IN HEBREW].
H_008_061: SZEINTUCH, YECHIEL / FRIEDMAN-COHEN [ED.] - Katzetnik 135633: A Series of Dialogues With Yechiel De-Nur [IN HEBREW].
AR_564_020: SZEINTUCH' YECHIEL / FRIEDMAN-COHEN, CARRIE [ED.] - Salamandra: Myth and History in Katzetnik's Writings [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
AR_120_005: SZEKELY, MARTIN - Martin Szekely: Meublier - Designer.
V_3010_26: SZEPS, ZEW - Antologia Poezji Hebrajskiej: Wyboru dokonal, przelozyl i w przypisy zaopatrzyl.
AR_988_011: SZIR (WOLMAN-SIERACZKOWA), MIRIAM; SZIR, DAWID [DAVID] - Slownik Polsko-Hebrajski: Czesc Druga (Od Nasm. do Sonom) [VOLUME II ONLY].
AR_837_017: SZNAJDERMAN, EVA - On Stage: The Art of Leon Bakst - Theatre Design and Other Works.
V_1111_97: SZNYCER, MAURICE - Les Passage Puniques en Transcription Latine: Dans le Poenulus de Plaute.
H_028_171: SZYCK, ARTHUR [ILLUSTRATIONS] / ROTH, CECIL [ED.] - The Haggadah: Executed by Arthur Szyck.
AR_855_016: SZYCK, ARTHUR [ILLUSTRATIONS] - The Book of Esther.
SH_038_153: SZYCK, ARTHUR [ILLUSTRATIONS] - The Book of Esther.
AR_196_012: SZYK, ARTHUR [ILLUSTRATIONS] - The Book of Esther.
V_1022_197: SZYK, ARTHUR / ROTH, CECIL [ED.] - The Haggadah.
E_41_030: SZYK, ARTHUR / ROTH, CECIL [ED.] - The Haggadah - Executed by Arthur Szyk [HEBREW-ENGLISH WITH ENGLISH COMMENTARY].
AR_190_003: SZYK, ARTHUR [ILLUSTRATIONS] - The Book of Esther.
AR_096_013: SZYK, ARTHUR / ROTH, CECIL [ED.] - The Haggadah.
V_3024_36: SZYSZKOWITZ, GERALD - Gerald Szyszkowitz: Israel Ägypten Steiermark.
AR_152_001: SÄTTY, WILFRED [PODRIECH] - Time Zone.
V_3022_117: SÖDERBLOM, NATHAN / STÜBE, RUDOLF [ED.] - Das Werden des Gottesglaubens: Untersuchungen über die Anfänge der Religion.
AR_165_009: SÖZEN, GÜROL - The Blue Civilization: From the Aegean to the Mediterranean.: [SERIES]: Akbank Culture and Art Publications: 60..
MA_06_17: T. CARMI [CHARNEY] / RIKMAN, TAMARA [ETCHINGS] - The Claim: A Poem by T. Carmi, Etchings by Tamara Rikman [Tvi'a; Teviʻah; shir] [IN HEBREW] [COPY #104 from LIMITED EDITION OF 318] [SIGNED BY POET AND ARTIST].
AR_347_007: T. CARMI [CHARNY, CARMI] / ARIKHA, AVIGDOR [ILLUS.] - The Brass Serpent : Poems with Drawings by Avigdor Arikha [IN HEBREW].
AR_426_010: TABACHNICK, STEPHEN ELY [ED.] - Through the Gate of Tears: Being the Memoirs, Hitherto Unpublished, of Francis Montagu, esq. late of Suffolk and Oxford [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_784_001: TABORY, JOSEPH [ED.] - Kenishta: Studies of the Synagogue World [FOUR VOLUME SET].
AR_196_007: TACITUS, GAIUS CORNELIUS / BÖTTICHER, WILHELM [ED.] - Des Cajus [Gaius] Cornelius Tacitus sämtliche Werke: Dritter Band - Der Historien erstes bis drittes Buch / Vierter Band - Die beiden letzten Bücher der Historien und die kleineren Schriften [TWO VOLUMES BOUND TOGETHER] [VOLUMES 3 & 4 ONLY].
AR_436_015: TADDEY, GERHARD - Kein Kleines Jerusalem: Geschichte der Juden im Landkreis Schwäbisch Hall.: [SERIES]: Forschungen aus Württembergisch Franken - 36.
SA_046: TADMOR, HAYIM - The Inscriptions of Tiglath-pileser III, King of Assyria: Critical edition with Introduction, Translations and Commentary; Second printing with Addenda et Corrigenda.
SH_039_018: TADMOR, GABRIEL [INTR. & CATALOGUE] - Self-Portrait in Israeli Art.
AR_093_015: TADMOR, HAYIM [HAIM] - Problems in Biblical Chronology: Fixed Dates in the Biblical Period.
MB_05_17: TAFFET, GERSHON / FRIEDMAN, PHILIP [INTR.] - Extermination of Polish Jews - Album of Pictures / Zaglada Zydostwa Polskiego - Album Zdjec / Unichtozhenie Evreev v Pol'she - Al'bom Snimkov / Extermination des Juifs en Pologne - Album de Photographies.
MB_07_23: TAFFET, GERSHON / FRIEDMAN, PHILIP [INTR.] - Extermination of Polish Jews - Album of Pictures / Zaglada Zydostwa Polskiego - Album Zdjec / Unichtozhenie Evreev v Pol'she - Al'bom Snimkov / Extermination des Juifs en Pologne - Album de Photographies.
V_3019_123: TAGARE, GANESH VASUDEV - Historical Grammar of Apabhramsa.
V_1117_04: TAGER, ALEXANDER B. - The Decay of Czarism the Beiliss Trial: A Contribution to the History of the Political Reaction During the Last Years of Russian Czarism.
SH_004_068: TAGGAR, DANA [ED.] - Cats: Cats, people and what lies between them.
V_1093_13: TAGGART, PAUL - The Essential Painting Guide.
V_2001_127: TAGGER, SIONAH / RUBIN, CARMELA [CURATOR] / ARNON, VALERIE [TRANS.] - Sionah Tagger: Retrospective.
MA_14_30: TAGLICHT, J. [DAVID ISRAEL] - Nachlässe der Wiener Juden 1786-1848.: Sonderabdruck aus Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Juden in Deutsch-Österreich, Band XI..
AR_1097_014: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH [THAKUR, ROBINDRONATH ; GURUDEV ; KABIGURU ; BISWAKABI] - The Religion of Man: Being the Hibbert Lectures for 1930.
MA_12_04: TAGORE, SUBHO / DEVI, NILIMA [TR.] - Rubble by Subho Tagore [SIGNED BY AUTHOR AND TRANSLATOR].: Translation made by Nilima Devi from original Bengali..
AR_451_012: TAGORE, RABINDRA NATH / KOHL, LOUIS V. [TRAN.] - Gitanjali (Sang-Ofre).
V_1105_10: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - De Brief van den Koning: ("The Post Office), Nederlandsche vertaling van Henri Borel.
AR_1097_016: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH [THAKUR, ROBINDRONATH ; GURUDEV ; KABIGURU ; BISWAKABI] / YEATS, W. B. [INTRO.] - Gitanjali (Song Offerings): A Collection of Prose Translations Made by the Author from the Original Bengali.
MA_21_39: TAHA, FARAG A. [ED.] / ABOU-EL-NEIL, MAHMOUD E.; KANDEEL, SHAKIR A.; MOHAMMED, HUSSIEN A.; ABD-EL-FATTAH, MOSTAFA K. - A Dictionary of Psychology and Psychoanalysis (Arabic-English).
MA_15_10: TAHA, FARAG A. / KANDEEL, SHAKIR A.; MOHAMMED, HUSSIEN A. [HUSSEIN]; ABD-EL-FATTAH, MOSTAFA K. - Encyclopedia of Psychology and Psychoanalysis [ENGLISH & ARABIC].
V_3016_52: TAHAWI'S KITAB AL-SHURUT AL-KABIR - The Function of Documents in Islamic Law: The Chapters on Sales.
AR_1127_001: TAHZIB, BAHIYYIH G. - Freedom of Religion or Belief: Ensuring Effective International Legal Protection.: [SERIES]: International Studies in Human Rights - Volume 44.
AR_1175_019: TAIBER, ADA - The Artist as a Character in Narrative Paintings: Self-Portraits from the 14th and 15th Centuries in Central Italy [Fourteenth; Fifteenth] [IN HEBREW].
AR_079_015: TAINE, HIPPOLYTE - Philosophie de l'Art [TWO VOLUME SET].
V_1049_44: TAINE, H. / DORE, GUSTAVE (ILLUSTR.) - Voyage aux Pyrenees.
AR_675_001: TAKKENBERG-KROHN, RENATE - Tesoros Artisticos de Toledo: Sus Templos, Monasterios, Palacios y Casas [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_293_008: TAL, T - Oranjebloesems uit de Gedenkbladen van Neerlands Israel: feestgave bij inhuldiging van H.M.Wilhelmina, Koningin der Nederlanden.
AR_1031_011: TAL, T. - Oranjebloesems, uit de Gedenkbladen van Neerlands Israel.
AR_915_008: TAL (ROSENTHAL), ABRAHAM - The Language of the Targum of the Former Prophets and its Position within the Aramaic Dialects [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Texts and studies in the Hebrew Language and Related Subjects, Volume I..
AR_367_010: TAL, URIEL - Christians and jews in the Second Reich (1870-1914): A Study in the Rise of German Totalitarianism [IN HEBREW].
H_007_054: TAL, URIEL - Christians and Jews in the 'Second Reich' (1870-1914): A Study in the Rise of German Totalitarianism [IN HEBREW].
V_2010_143: TAL, ELIYAHU - Whose Jerusalem?.
AR_402_016: TAL, DAVID - Israel's Day-To-Day Security Conception: Its Origin and Development 1949-1956 [IN HEBREW].
AR_651_018: TAL, SHLOMOH - The Persian Jewish Prayer Book: A Facsimile Edition of MS ADLER ENA 23 In the Jewish Theological Seminary Library [IN HEBREW].
AR_235_012: TAL, MIRIAM [INTRO.] - Jerusalem: 30 Artists.
AR_222_001: TAL, DUBY [PHOTOGRAPHY] / HARAMATI, MONI [PILOTING] / GIBSON, SHIMON [TEXT] - Flights into Biblical Archaeology [Archeology].
MA_02_09: TAL, MIKHAIL [TALS, MIHAILS] / ZHURAVLEV, NIKOLAY [ZHYRAVLEV, NIKOLAI] - Encyclopaedic Manual of the Game of Chess - Volume 1 [Encyclopedic] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_059_009: TAL, OREN - The Archaeology of Hellenistic Palestine Between Tradition and Renewal [IN HEBREW].
V_1128_66: TALMI, EPHRAIM & MENACHEM - Jerusalem, Anthology [IN HEBREW, DEDICATED BY THE MAYOR OF JERUSALEM]: Compiled and edited by Ephraim & Menachem Talmi.
V_3013_75: TALMON, S. [ED.] - Textus: Annual of the Hebrew University Bible Project: Volume V.
ZK_018: TALMON, S.; YADIN, Y. / QIMRON, E. [NOTES ON THE READING] / GARCIA MARTINEZ, F. [BIBLIOGRAPHY] - Masada VI - Hebrew Fragments from Masada : The Ben-Sira Scroll from Masada.
SH_054_069: TALMON-GARBER, YONINA - The Kibbutz: Sociological Studies [IN HEBREW].
AR_563_004: TALMOR, DANIELLA [ED.] - From Pollaiolo to Paladino: Italian Engraving from the Renaissance to the Present.
SH_032_033: TALMOR, DANIELLA (ED.) - Moti Mizrachi: Rwanda Casanova: Haifa Museums of Art. Exhibition's Catalogue.
H_005_012: TALPHIR, GABRIEL [INTRO.] - Israel Painters.
V_2010_124: TALPHIR, GABRIEL [INTR.] - Modern Jewish Painters [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
SH_071_014: TALPIR, GABRIEL [FOREWORD]/ROTH, LIOR - Lior Roth [L. Roth] - A Selection [ Contains 5 of 8 plates].
E_27_105: TALSHIR, DAVID - Living Names : Fauna - Places and Humans [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Asuppot, VI.
AR_758_014: TAMAR, DAVID - Essays and Criticism in Judaica.
AR_851_012: TAMAR, DAVID - Studies in the History of the Jewish People in Eretz Israel and in Italy [IN HEBREW].
AR_1145_016: TAMAR, DAVID - Studies in the History of the Jewish People in Eretz Israel and in Italy [IN HEBREW].
AR_977_002: TAMARI, MEIR - Truths desired by God: an excursion into the weekly haftarah.
V_3023_67: TAMARI, SHMUEL - Qal'at Al -Tina in Sinai: An Historical-architectural Analysis: Supplemento n. 16 agli ANNALI - vol. (1978), fasc. 3.
V_1066_135: TAMARI, MEIR - Truths Desired by God: An Excursion into the the Weekly Haftarah [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1091_002: TAMARI, MEIR - In the Marketplace: Jewish Business Ethics.
AR_140_002: TAMIR, MOSHE / DUMAN, M ; OFRATH, Y. ; REMEZ, G. [TRANS.] - Yom Kippur War - Children's and Youth Art : Story and Drawing, Poem and Painting [Kipur] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_3026_41: TAMIR, NACHMAN (ED.) - The Polish Jews before the Holocaust.
SH_008_147: TAMIR, TALI [ED. ; CURATOR] - Togetherness, The 'Group' and the Kibbutz in Collective Israeli Consciousness [IN HEBREW].
SH_055_016: TAMIR, NACHMAN - The Polish Jews Before the Holocaust.
V_2010_206: TAMMUZ, BENJAMIN [ED. & INTRO]/ LEVITE, DORITH; OFRAT, GIDEON - The Story of Art in Israel [IN HEBRW].
AR_899_002: TAN PAI, J. - Dictionnaire Francais - Hebreu [TWO VOLUME SET].: [VOLUME I]: A-K / [VOLUME II]: L-Z.
V_1072_36: TANC, M. X. - Histoire Diplomatique dela Guerre D'Orient en 1854: Son Origine et ses Causes.
MB_02_16: TANNENBAUM, M. [MOSES, MOSHEH] / NUSSBAUM, H. [NUSSBAUM, HILARY] [TR.] - Der Talmud in seiner Wichtigkeit.: Eine Beleuchtung der Schrift von A. [Abraham] Buchner der Talmud in seiner Nichtigkeit. Nach einem hebräischen Manuskript von M. Tannenbaum bearbeitet von H. Nussbaum zu Warschau..
AR_608_015: TANZER, SHIRLY BLUM - The Ratner House 1888-1988 [sIGNED BY AUTHOR].: From Bialystock, Russia/Poland to Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.
AR_049_021: TANZER, MARCIA B. - The Call of Africa is Heard in Brooklyn: A Memoir about Rabbi Avraham Chaim Tanzer.
AR_500_001: TAPIE DE CELEYRAN, MICHEL / MORLEY SACHAR, HOWARD - Castel: Plastic Arts of The Twentieth Century.
V_1128_79: TARABOULOS, JACQUES [ED]. KLAUSNER, YOSEPH. BENATAR, COHEN, ROBERT JOSEPH. BENATAR, KETTY J. - Études Juives: Sous les auspices des amis de l'université hébraique de jérusalem.
AR_1102_008: TARAGAN, HANA - Art and Patronage in the Umayyad Palace in Jericho [IN HEBREW].
E_15_029: TARAGAN, HANA - Art and Patronage in the Umayyad Palace in Jericho [IN HEBREW].
V_1101_47: TARBELL, MARTHA - In the Master's Country: A Geographical aid to the study of the Life of Christ.
V_2080_149: TARR, G. ALAN ; WILLIAMS, ROBERT F. ; MARKO, JOSEF [EDS.] - Federalism, Subnational Constitutions, and Minority Rights.
V_1085_58: TARSHISH, PEREZ / NEUHAUSEN, SIMON A. [ED.] - The Personalities and Books Referred to in Tosafot [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH PREFACE]: Being a Compilation of References to Persons and Books Mentioned throughout the Tosafot to the Entire Talmud.
V_1127_31: TARSOT, M. L. - Les Mille et une Nuits: Illustrations de A. Robaudi.
V_1084_123: TARTAKOVER, DAVID [ED.] - The International Poster Exhibition, Helena Rubinstein, Tel Aviv 1993.: Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, September 11 - November 3, 1993..
AR_979_002: TARTAKOWER, ARYE ; MINTZ, MATITIAHU ; SIMONSOHN, SHLOMO / MISHKINSKY, MOSHE [ED.] - Gal-Ed: On the History of the Jews in Poland - II [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Publications of the Diaspora Research Institute: Book 9.
AR_1159_018: TASHMA, ISRAEL M. - Ritual, Custom and Reality in Franco-Germany, 1000-1350 [IN HEBREW].
MA_23_47: TASSO, TORQ. (TORQUATO) - Das befreyte Jerusalem [befreite] [TWO VOLUMES IN ONE].
MA_24_39: TASSO, TORQUATO / HOOLE, JOHN [TR.] - Jerusalem Delivered: An Heroic Poem. In Two Volumes [TWO VOLUME SET].: Translated from the Italian of Torquato Tasso by John Hoole. New Edition. With Notes..
V_1083_31: TASSO, TORQUATO - La Gerusalemme Liberata: Ad uso delle scuole con introduzione e commento di Michele Martina.
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V_1032_228: TAUBER, EZRIEL / ASTOR, YAAKOV [ADAPTATION] - Darkness Before Dawn: The Holocaust and Growth Through Suffering [WITH HEBREW SUPPLEMENT].
V_1103_12: TAUT, JAKOB - Judenfrage und Zionismus.
MC_04_05: TAVARES BASTOS, AURELIANO CANDIDO - O Valle do Amazonas [Vale].: Estudo sobre a Livre Navegação do Amazonas, Estatistica, Producções, Commercio, Questões Fiscaes do Valle do Amazonas com um prefacio contendo o decreto que abre aos navios de todas as naçoes os rios Amazonas, Tocantins e S. Francisco.
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V_1083_36: TAYLOR, HENRY - Philip van Artevelde: A Dramatic Romance. In two Parts..
MB_07_15: TAYLOR, JEREMY - The Great Exemplar of Sanctity and Holy Life according to the Christian Institution Described in the History of the Life and Death of the ever-Blessed Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World.: With Considerations and Discourses upon the several parts of the Story; And Prayers fitted to the several Mysteries. In three parts. The Fourth Edition..
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V_2039_77: TELPAZ, GIDEON - Dick Collins' Last Will [IN HEBREW, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
V_2039_78: TELPAZ, GIDEON - Fear has no Colour [IN HEBREW, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
V_2039_79: TELPAZ, GIDEON - Abshalom and the Monk [IN HEBREW, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
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MC_10_27: TEMPLER, BERNHARD - Die Unsterblichkeitslehre (Psychologie, Messianologie und Eschatologie) bei den jüdischen Philosophen des Mittelalters.: Von Dr. Bernhard Templer, Rabbiner. Nebst Einleitung über den Unsterblichkeitsglauben in Bibel und Talmud und Anhang..
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AR_1045_009: TENENBAUM, JOSEPH - Peace for the Jews.
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H_008_048: TENENBOM, TUVIA - I Sleep in Hitler's Room: An American Jew Visits Germany.
SH_087_136: TENENBOM, TUVIA - Catch the Jew.
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AR_446_026: TENSIERE, LUCIEN - Elements de Syntaxe Structurale.
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MA_12_26: TESHIMA, IKURO [ABRAHAM] - The Ancient Jewish Diaspora in Japan - The Tribe of Hada: their religious and cultural influence.
MA_14_27: TESHIMA, IKURO [ABRAHAM] - The Ancient Jewish Diaspora in Japan - The Tribe of Hada: their religious and cultural influence.
MA_21_06: TESHIMA, IKURO [ABRAHAM] - The Ancient Jewish Diaspora in Japan - The Tribe of Hada: their religious and cultural influence.
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V_3021_63: TETRY, ANDREE ET AL. (ED.) - Zoologie II: Les Arthropodes.
V_3021_64: TETRY, ANDREE (ED.) - Zoologie III: Metazoaires III.
V_3021_65: TETRY, ANDREE (ED.) - Zoologie IV: Tetrapodes Domaines Faunistiques Zoogeographie.
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V_1127_22: TEVET A. O. (EDITORIAL BOARD) - Tel Aviv's fifty Years: The Jubilee Album.
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AR_402_013: THACKERAY, HENRY ST. JOHN - A Grammar of the Old Testament in Greek - According to the Septuagint: Vol. I - Introduction, Orthography and Accidence [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [FACSIMILE EDITION].
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MC_03_16: THALER, LEOPOLD - Weiningers Weltanschauung im Lichte der Kantischen Lehre.
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AR_884_003: THE COMMITTEE OF GENERAL LITERATURE AND EDUCATION - Thirty Prints of Places Mentioned in The Holy Scriptures, Illustrative of the Fulfilment of Prophecy.
AR_1042_010: THE DICTIONARIES DEPARTMENT [ED.] - A Dictionary of Economics and Commerce: English-Arabic.
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SH_066_028: THE ACADEMY OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE - Dictionary of Medical Terms: English-Hebrew.
SH_064_061: THE ACADEMY OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE - Dictionary of Musical Terms: Hebrew-Italian-English-French-German: [SERIES]: Specialized Dictionaries - I.
H_030_112: THE ACADEMY OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE - DIctionary of Practical Astronomy : Hebrew-English-French-German.
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V_1125_37: THE WORKERS' BANK - Memorandum and Article of Association.
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SA_117: THEODOR, OSKAR - Fauna Palaestina. Insecta I - Diptera Pupipara.
V_1101_118: THEOPHRASTUS / HOWELL, FRANCIS [TR. ; ILLUS.] - The Characters of Theophrastus.: Translated from the Greek, and Illustrated by Physiognomical Sketches to which are Subjoined the Greek Text, with Notes, and Hints on the Individual Varieties of Human Nature..
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AR_855_024: THIEBERGER, FREDERIC - The Great Rabbi Loew of Prague: His Life and Work and the Legend of the Golem.: With Extracts From His Writings and a Collection of the Old Legends..
V_1042_53: THIEL, MANFRED - Die Umstilisierung der Wissenschaft und die Krise der Welt.
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V_1128_52: THILO, MARTIN - Das alte Testament ausgelegt fÜr Bibelleser. 3. Band: Die LehrbÜcher: Geschichte des Morgenlandes zur biblischen Zeit Stellenregister - Tabellen und Karten.
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AR_583_013: THOMAS, DYLAN - New Poems.
V_3018_115: THOMAS, D. BRIAN [ED.] - Viruses and the Cellular Immune Response.
V_1110_17: THOMAS, MAURICE W. - Citizens All - British Democracy at Work.
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AR_895_002: THOMPSON, PETER E. [TRANS & ED.] / LE BEL, JEAN; FROISSART, JEAN; DE MONSTRELET, ENGUERRAND - Contemporary Chronicles of The Hundred Years War.
AR_168_008: THOMPSON, NEVILLE - The Anti-Appeasers: Conservative Opposition to Appeasement in the 1930s.
V_1108_16: THOMPSON, RICHARD F. - Das Gehirn: Von Nervenzelle zur Verhaltenssteuerung.
AR_212_008: THOMSON, GARRY [ED.] - Preprints of the Contributions to the New York Conference on Conservation of Stone and Wooden Objects, 7 - 13 June 1970: Volume 2 - Conservation of Wooden Objects [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
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V_1033_227: THUMB, ALBERT - Handbuch des Sanskrit mit Texten und Glossar - eine Einführung in das sprachwissenschaftliche Studium des Altindischen. I. Teil - Grammatik [VOLUME I ONLY].: [SERIES]: Indogermanische Bibliothek..
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MC_15_04: TICHO, ANNA [ARTIST] / EISLER, MAX [INTR.] - Jerusalem - 12 Facsimile Plates from Drawings by Anna Ticho.
V_3030_014: TICHO, ANNA / FISCHER, YONA [ED.] - Anna Ticho: sketches 1918-1975.
V_3030_015: TICHO, ANNA / FISCHER, YONA [ED.] - Anna Ticho: sketches 1918-1975.
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SH_019_004: TICHO, ANNA - Anna Ticho: Sketches 1918-1975.
V_1067_041: TICHY, FRANTISEK [DRAW.] / VOLAVKA, VOJTECH [INTRO.] - Frantisek Tichy; Kresby.
V_3029_48: TICHY, HERBERT - Himalaya.
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V_1082_10: TISSOT, VICTOR - Meyer & Isaac: Moeurs Juives D'Après E. Orzeszko.
AR_157_001: TITUS FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS / MICHEL, OTTO; BAUERNFEIND, OTTO [EDS.] - De Bello Judaico / Der jüdische Krieg: griechisch und deutsch [THREE VOLUME SET].
MA_27_01: TITUS FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS [JOSEPH; YOSEF BEN MATITYAHU] / WHISTON, WILLIAM [TR.&ED.] / BURDER, SAMUEL [REVISED & ILLUSTRATED WITH NOTES] - The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus, the Jewish Historian.: Containing Twenty Books of The Jewish Antiquities, Seven Books of The Jewish War [Wars], Two Books in Answer to Apion, The Martyrdom of The MAccabees, and The Life of Josephus, written by himself. Translated from the original Greek, according to Havercamp's accurate edition..
MA_08_15: TITUS FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS [JOSEPH BEN MATITYAHU] / ANDILLY D'ARNAULD [ROBERT] [TR.] - Histoire de la Guerre des Juifs Contre les Romains / Response de Joseph a ce qu'Appion Avoit E'crit [Ecrit] contre son Histoire des Juifs touchant l'Antiquité de leur race [TWO VOLUME SET].: Ecrite par Flavius Joseph, at sa vie écrite par lui-meme. Traduite sur l'Original Grec revu sur divers Manuscrits par Monsieur Arnauld d'Andilly. Le Martyre des Machabe'es [Machabees], Avant Propos de Joseph / Relation Faite par Philon /.
AR_240_003: TITUS FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS [JOSEPH BEN MATITYAHU] / WHISTON, WILLIAM [TR.] - The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus; Translated by William Whiston - Volume IV [VOLUME 4 ONLY].: Containing The Four Last Books of the Antiquities of the Jews, with the Life of Josephus..
SH_009_091: TOAFF, A. [ARIEL] - East and Maghreb: Researches in the History of the Jews in the Orient and North Africa - V [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
AR_310_012: TOAFF, ARIEL - Gli Ebrei a Perugia.: Deputazione di Storia Patria per l'Umbria. [SERIES]: Fonti per la Storia dell'Umbria - N. 10..
SH_032_111: TOBI, YOSEF ; BARNAI, JACOB ; BAR-ASHER, SHALOM / ETTINGER, SHMUEL [ED.] - History of the Jews in the Islamic Countries: Modern Times - Until the Middle of the Nineteenth Century [IN HEBREW] [ THIS VOLUME ONLY].
SH_041_027: TOBI, YOSEF [ED.] - Legacy of the Jews of Yemen: Studies and Researches [IN HEBREW].
V_1064_117: TOBI, JACOB - West of Aden: A Survey of the Aden Jewish Community.
AR_469_008: TOBI, YOSEF ; BARNAI, YAAKOV ; BAR-ASHER, SHALOM ; ABITBUL, MICHAEL / ETTINGER, SHMUEL [ED.] - History of the Jews in the Islamic Countries [3 VOLUME SET].: [VOL.1]: Modern Times - until the Middle of the Nineteenth Century / [VOL.2]: Part Two: From the Middle of the Nineteenth to the Middle of the Twentieth Century / [VOL.3]: Part Two: From the Middle of the Nineteenth to the Middle of the Twentieth Century - Sources.
H_030_005: TOBI, YOSEF; BARNAI, YAAKOV; BAR-ASHER, SHLOMI; ABITBUL, MICHAEL / ETTINGER, SHMUEL [ED.] - History of the Jews in the Islamic Countries [THREE VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].: [VOL.I]: Modern Times - until the Middle of the Nineteenth Century; [VOL.II]: From the Middle of the Nineteenth to the Middle of the Twentieth Century; [VOL.III]: From the Middle of the Nineteenth to the Middle of the Twentieth Century - Sources.
SH_070_087: TOBI, YOSEF [ED.] - The Jews of Yemen in Modern Times: Studies and Essays [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Issues in Jewish History.
AR_987_001: TOBI, YOSEF [ED.] - The Yemenite Community of Jerusalem 1881-1921: Selected Documents from the Communal Archives [IN HEBREW].
SH_039_132: TOBI, YOSEF ; BARNAI, JACOB ; BAR-ASHER, SHALOM / ETTINGER, SHMUEL [ED.] - History of the Jews in the Islamic Countries: Modern Times - until the Middle of the Nineteenth Century [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: History of the Jews in the Islamic Countries.
AR_981_005: TOBI, JACOB / SHENKAR, BARRY [TRANS.] - West of Aden: a survey of the Aden Jewish Community.
AR_847_004: TOBI, YOSEF [ED.] - The Jews of Yemen in Modern Times: Studies and Essays [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Issues in Jewish History..
MC_20_16: TOBIN, YISHAI - Invariance, Markedness and Distinctive Feature Analysis: A Contrastive Study of Sign Systems in English and Hebrew.: [SERIES]: Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science - Series IV: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory - Volume 111..
V_1125_125: TOCQUEVILLE, ALEXIS DE / MELONIO, FRANCOISE; GUELLEC, LAURENCE - Lettres Choisies, Souvenirs: 1814-1859.
AR_007_002: TODOROV, TZVETAN / BEAT, GYGER [TR.] - Symboltheorien.: Aus dem Französischen von Beat Gyger. [SERIES]: Konzepte der Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft - 54..
AR_765_008: TOEG, ARIE - Lawgiving at Sinai [IN HEBREW].
SH_086_042: TOFFLER, ALVIN ; TOFFLER, HEIDI / GAFNI, AVNER [TR.] - War and Anti - War [IN HEBREW].
AR_828_004: TOKER, ELIAHU; FINZI, PATRICIA; SCLIAR, MOACYR [EDS.] - Del Eden al Divan: Humor Judio.: 4a Edicion..
H_004_010: TOKER, ELIAHU [TR.] / GUREVICH, ESTER [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Cantar de los Cantares: Version de Eliahu Toker [PORTFOLIO WITH SIXTEEN PLATES].
MA_13_33: TOLD [FEIWEL, BERTHOLD BARUCH] / LILIEN, E. M. [EPHRAIM MOSES] [ILLUSTR.] - Die Judenmassacres in Kischinew von Told.: Mit einem Weiheblatt von E. M. Lilien und Illustrationen..
MC_24_23: TOLD [FEIWEL, BERTHOLD BARUCH] / LILIEN, E. M. [EPHRAIM MOSES] [ILLUSTR.] - Die Judenmassacres in Kischinew von Told.: Mit einem Weiheblatt von E. M. Lilien und Illustrationen..
AR_039_006: TOLEDANO, JOSEPH - Le Temps du Mellah : Une Histoire des Juifs au Maroc Recontree a Travers les Annales de la Communaute de Meknes [IN HEBREW].
AR_039_007: TOLEDANO, JOSEPH - Le Temps du Mellah : Une Histoire des Juifs au Maroc Recontree a Travers les Annales de la Communaute de Meknes [IN HEBREW].
AR_461_014: TOLEDANO, JOSEPH - Les Temps du Mellah: Une Histoire des Juifs au Maroc.
AR_1099_019: TOLEDANO, JO [CURATOR] - Les Personnalites Juives Marquantes, Originaires du Maroc, du Debut de Leur Etablissement Josqu'a nos Jours.
AR_286_015: TOLKOWSKY, S. / ABRAMOV, S. Z. / DORON, FAY [EDS.] - The Israel Yearbook 1950/51.: Incorporating The Palestine Yearbook vol. V., The Israeli Annual (previously published in the United States) and The Anglo-Palestine Yearbook (previously published in Great Britain). Israel Road-Map in Colours - Illustrations - Indexes..
AR_487_012: TOLKOWSKY, S. [SAMUEL] - The Gateway of Palestine: A History of Jaffa [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_612_010: TOLKOWSKY, S. - Citrus Fruits: Their Origin and History Throughout the World [IN HEBREW].
AR_1073_012: TOLKOWSKY, S. - Citrus Fruits: Their Origin and History Throghout the World [IN HEBREW].
V_1117_02: TOLSTOI, GRAF I. - Der Antisemitismus in Russland: Übersetzt von Dr. Arcadius Silberstein.
AR_739_026: TOLSTOY, LEO / MAUDE, L. ; MAUDE A. [TR.] - Sevastopol: Tow Hussars.
AR_059_007: TOM, JÓZEF / BIALOSTOCKI, JAN [ED.] - Józef Tom.
AR_818_007: TOMAN, ROLF [ED.] / BEDNORZ, ACHIM [FOTOGRAFIE] - L'Arte Barocca: Architettura - Scultura - Pittura.
V_2012_223: TOMASELLO, MICHAEL; MERRIMAN, WILLIAM E. [EDS.] - Beyond Names for Things: Young Children's Acquisition of Verbs.
AR_579_015: TONNIES, FERDINAND / BUBER, MARTIN [ED.] - Die Sitte.: [SERIES]: Die Gesellschaft: Sammlung Sozialpsychologischer Monographien..
AR_1088_016: TORCZYNER, HARRY [TR.] - Die Heilige Schrift [Tanakh; Tenakh; Tanach; Tenach; Mikra; Die Bibel; Buch der Bücher].: Neu ins Deutsche übertragen..
MA_02_15: TORDJMAN, ITZHAK J. [JACKY] [ARTISTS] / STEINSALTZ, ADIN [EVEN-YISRAEL; ISRAEL] [INTR.] - The Scroll of Esther - Illustrated by Itzhak Tordjman.
V_3010_19: TOREN, CHAIM (ED.) - Dabrowen Book: Memorial Candle for the first Agricultural Colony in Besarabia.
V_1052_05: TOREN, HAIM - Once there was a village a descriptive Monograph.
V_1022_179: TORNERO, ORESTES L. - Compendio de la Historia de America: Desde la Conquista Hasta Nuestros Dias: Terceda Edicion: Arreglada Conforme a las Indicaciones de la Universidad.
AR_202_011: TORY-GOLUB, AVRAHAM [ED.] - Mariampole [Marijampole]: Lithuania [SIGNED BY EDITOR].
AR_301_006: TOSI, MARIO - La Cappella di Maia.
AR_1009_001: TOTOMIANZ, V. [VAHAN FOMICH] [ED.] / SCHLOESSER, ROBERT; GIDE, CH.; HALL, F.; KREBS, W. [CO-EDS.] - Internationales Handwörterbuch des Genossenschaftswesens [IN TWO VOLUMES].
AR_231_024: TOUATI, CHARLES - La Pensee Philosophique et Theologique de Gersonide [Levi ben Gershon].
AR_923_011: TOUCHATOUT [BIENVENU, LÉON-CHARLES] / LAFOSSE, GEORGES [ILLUSTR.] - Histoire de France Tintamarresque depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à nos jours.: Illustrations par G. Lafosse, avec le concours de Draner, Gill, Hadol, Le Petit, Robida, etc..
AR_102_001: TOULET, PAUL-JEAN / BERQUE, JEAN [ILLUSTR.] - Mon Amie Nane [COPY #232 OF 500 COPIES LIMITED EDITION].: Gravures sur Cuivre de Jean Berque..
AR_842_012: TOULMIN, STEPHEN [ED.] - Physical Reality: Philosophical Essays on Twentieth-Century [20th-century] Physics.: [SERIES]: Harper Torchbooks..
V_1022_178: TOUSSAINT, C. - Les Origines de la Religion d'Israel: l'Ancien Jahvisme.
V_2036_174: TOV, EMANUEL - The Greek and Hebrew Bible - Collected Essays on the Septuagint.: [SERIES]: Supplements to Vetus Testamentum - Volume 72..
AR_864_002: TOV, EMANUEL - The Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research.: [SERIES]: Jerusalem Biblical Studies..
MA_12_29: TOV, EMANUEL; DAVIS, KIPP & DUKE, ROBERT [EDS.] - Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments in the Museum Collection.: [SERIES]: Publications of Museum of the Bible - Volume 1..
AR_321_005: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - Survey of International Affairs: 1920-1923.
AR_769_013: TRACHTENBERG, JOSHUA - The Devil and the Jews : The Medieval Conception of the Jew and its Relation to Modern Antisemitism.
AR_752_007: TRANI, JOSEPH TRANI / LEITNER, TZVI - Responsa and Decisions of Rabbi Joseph Trani (Maharit) [IN HEBREW].
SH_063_072: TRATTNER, CAROLA ; ALLOUCH, COLETTE [EDS.] - Business Dictionary Juridical and Economic: English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English.
AR_065_005: TRAUB, MICHAEL - Jüdische Wanderbewegungen vor und nach dem Weltkriege.
AR_438_002: TRAUNG, JAN-OLOF [ED.] - Fishing Boats of the World [3 VOLUME SET].
MB_06_11: TRAUTNER, EDUARD / SALTER, GEORG [COVER DESIGN] - Gott, Gegenwart und Kokain.: [SERIES]: Berichte aus der Wirklichkeit, herausgegeben von Eduard Trautner - Band 6..
AR_108_016: TRAVEN, B. - Die Troza.
AR_905_011: TRAVIS, ANTHONY S. - On Chariots with Horses of Fire and Iron: The Excursionists and the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Jaffa to Jerusalem.
AR_416_003: TRAVIS, ANTHONY S. - On Chariots with Horses of Fire and Iron: The Excursionists and the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Jaffa to Jerusalem.
AR_721_007: TRAVIS, DANIEL YAAKOV / SCHACHTER, E.; MIZRAHI, S. C. [ED.] - Priceless Integrity: Exploring the Parameters of Truth and Falsehood from a Torah Perspective.
AR_669_023: TRAVIS, DANIEL YAAKOV [ADAPTATION] / ELBINGER, N. ; JAKUBOWICZ, M. [EDS.] - A Voice in the Darkness: HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Speaks on Contemporary Issues Based on the Weekly Parshah [Parashah].
SH_041_072: TREADGOLD, WARREN - Byzantium and Its Army, 284-1081.
V_1052_27: TREAT, E. B. - The national political manual.
V_2002_177: TREBITSCH, RUDOLF - Bei den Eskimos in Westgrönland: Ergebnisse einer Sommerreise im Jahre 1906.
V_2081_043: TREININ, AVNER - Avner Treinin: Poems: 1952 - 1998 [IN HEBREW].
MA_18_07: TREITEL, LEOPOLD [JAKOB JEHUDA] / BRANN, MARCUS [MARKUS, MORDECHAI, MORDECHAJ] [ED.] - Philonische Studien von Leopold Treitel.: Herausgegeben von M. Brann..
MC_26_07: TRÉMOIS, PIERRE-YVES - Le Livre d'Eros.: 100 Gravures, Monotypes et Gouaches de P. Y. Trémois..
MA_24_49: TREVELYAN, R. C. [ROBERT CALVERLY; CALVERLEY] - The Deluge and Other Poems.
AR_444_002: TREVER, JOHN C. [PHOTOGRAPHY] / MOORE CROSS, FRANK [INTRO.] - Scrolls from Qumran Cave I: The Great Isaiah Scroll, The Order of the Community, The Pesher to Habakkuk [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_369_006: TREVES, MARCO - Conjectures sur la Bible.
AR_655_019: TREVES, BENVENUTA [ED.] - Tre Vite - Dall'ultimo '800 alla Meta del '900: Studi e Memorie di Emilio - Emanuele - Ennio Artom.
AR_1025_004: TREVOR, DAPHNE - Under the white paper: some aspects of British administration in Palestine from 1939 to 1947.
E_25_53: TREVOR-ROPER, H. T. - Hitler's War Directives 1939-1945 [IN HEBREW].
V_1033_170: TRIETSCH, DAVID - Deutschland und der Islam: Eine weltpolitische Studie.
MA_04_24: TRIETSCH, DAVID ; NOSSIG, ALFRED [EDS.] / MOTZKIN, LEO; SOSKIN, S.; SIMONSON, E.; PINKUS, L.F.; BRISCH, L.; GROTHE, H.; SOUHAMI, S.; ET AL. - Palaestina [Palästina]: Jahrgang I - 1902 / Jahrgang II - 1903, Doppelheft 1/2 [2 BOOKS IN 1].: Zeitschrift für die culturelle und wirtschaftliche Erschliessung des Landes..
AR_681_005: TRIETSCH, DAVIS - Juedische Emigration und Kolonisation [jüdische].
MC_02_25: TRIETSCH, DAVIS [HRSG.] - Volk und Land - 1919, 1. Jahrgang [VOLUME ONE ONLY - ALL PUBLISHED].: Jüdische Wochenschrift für Politik, Wirtschaft und Palästina-Arbeit [Juedische; fuer; Palaestina]. Herausgegeben von Davis Trietsch..
AR_872_022: TRIETSCH, DAVIS - Palaestina Handbuch [Palaestina; Palästina].
SH_062_121: TRIFON, ZOHAR / WIZGAN, ILAN [FORWORD] - Zohar Trifon: Drypoints Prints and Etchings 1998-99.
V_3012_91: TRISTRAM, H. B./ MOYAL, CHAIM [TRNS. AND ED.] - The Survey of Western Palestine - The Fauna and Flora of Palestine: The Fauna [IN HEBREW].
AR_160_001: TROJAN, JOHANNES [ED.] / HEY, PAUL [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Die Zwölf Handwerker.: Nach alten Volksreimen herausgegeben von Johannes Trojan in Bildern von Paul Hey..
AR_504_014: TROPPER, JOSEF - Der Ugaritische Kausativstamm und die Kausativbildungen des Semitischen: Eine Morphologisch-Semantische Untersuchung zum S-Stamm und zu den Umstrittenen Nichtsibilantischen Kausativstämmen des Ugaritischen.: [SERIES]: Abhandlungen zur Literatur Alt-Syrien-Palästinas - Band 2..
V_1049_49: TROSMAN, HARRY - Contemporary Psychoanalysis: and Masterworks of Art and Film.
V_1044_26: TROTZKI, L.D. - Wohin treibt England?: Einzige autorisierte deutsche Ausgabe.
V_1070_27: TROTZKI, LEO - Zwischen Imperialismus und Revolution: Die Grundfragen der Revolution an dem Einzelbeispiel Georgiens.
AR_1074_006: TRUGMAN, AVRAHAM ARIEH [TURGEMAN] - Return Again: The Dynamics of Reincarnation.
AR_235_004: TRUMAN, HARRY S. [INTRO.] / ANEKSTEIN, G. ; RISKIN, A. [ARCHITECTS] - The Harry S Truman Center for the Advancement of Peace: Plans of the Building.
V_3017_68: TRUMPER, VICTOR L. - Historical Sites Palestine with a short account of Napoleon's Expedition to Syria.
MA_03_23: TRUMPP, ERNEST [ERNST] - Grammar of The Pasto [Pashto; Pukhto, Pakhto; Pushto; Pushtoo; Pathani] or language of the Afghans, compared with the Iranian and North-Indian Idioms by Dr. Ernest Trumpp.
AR_859_009: TRUSEN, J. P. - Die Sitten, Gebräuche und Krankheiten der alten Hebräer: nach der Heiligen Schrift historisch und kritisch dargestellt von J. P. Trusen.
BI_613: TRYSTER, HILLEL / PALDOR, ADA [TRANSLATION] - Israel before Israel: Silent Cinema in the Holy Land [IN HEBREW].
V_1047_69: TSACHOR, YACOV - Israel Postage Stamps 1948 - 1992.
AR_834_009: TSACHOR, YACOV [ED.] - Israel Postage Stamps 1948-1998 - Catalogue no. 13 [BILINGUAL EDITION HEBREW-ENGLISH].
SH_082_032: TSACHOR, YACOV (ED.) - Israel Postage Stamps 1948-1998: Catalogue no. 12.
AR_1164_001: TSAFRIR, YORAM - Excavations at Rehovot-in-the-Negev, Volume I: The Northern Church.: [SERIES]: Qedem - 25..
AR_397_002: TSAFRIR, YORAM; PATRICH, JOSEPH; ROSENTHAL-HEGINBOTTOM, RENATE; HERSHKOVITZ, ISRAEL; NEVO, YEHUDA D. - Excavations at Rehovot-in-the-Negev - Volume I: The Northern Church [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: [SERIES]: Qedem : Monographs of the Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - 25.
E_46_019: TSAFRIR, YORAM - Eretz Israel: From the Destruction of the Second Temple to the Muslim Conquest - Archaelogy and Art [VOL. TWO ONLY][IN HEBREW].
ZK_125: TSAFRIR, Y. - Qedem - Volume 25: Excavations at Rehovot-in-the-Negev. Part I: The Northern Church.
AR_597_012: TSAFRIR, YORAM [ED.] - Ancient Churches Revealed.
ZK_058: TSAFRIR, YORAM [ED.] - Ancient Churches Revealed.
AR_081_012: TSAFRIR, YORAM - Eretz Israel: from the Destruction of the Second Temple to the Muslim Conquest [TWO VOLUMES] [IN HEBREW].
SH_035_119: TSAFRIR, YORAM - Eretz Israel: From the Destruction of the Second Temple to the Muslim Conquest - Volume Two: Archaelogy and Art [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
V_2075_177: TSAIRI, ANAT; SHAMA, GALIT [EDS.] - Catalogue of the Recordings in the Tape-Archives - Part III [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_472_014: TSALKA, DAN - On the Road to Aleppo: A Book of Stories.
SH_068_120: TSAMRIYON, TSEMAH - The Press of the Jewish Holocaust Survivors in Germany as an Expression of their Problems [IN HEBREW].
V_2032_138: TSAMRIYON, TSEMAH - The Press of the Jewish Holocaust Survivors in Germany as an Expression of their Problems [IN HEBREW].
AR_457_015: TSANG, GERARD C. C. [CURATION] - National Treasures: Gems of China's Cultural Relics.
V_2037_118: TSCHERIKOWER, E. [TCHERIKOVER, ELIAHU] [ED.] - Historische Schriften: Band I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN YIDDISH].: [SERIES]: Schriften des Judischen Wissenschaftlichen Instituts..
MA_17_11: TSCHERNOWITZ, CH. [CHAIM; RAV ZA'IR; TZAIR; ZAIR; TZA'IR] - Die Entstehung des Schulchan-Aruch - Beitrag zur Festlegung der Halacha: von Dr. Ch. Tschernowitz..
V_1122_116: TSCHICHOLD, JAN - Geschichte der Schrift in Bildern: Mit 70 Abbildungsseiten.
AR_950_001: TSCHICHOLD, JAN [INTR.] / MASON, EUDO C. [TR.] - Chinese Color Prints from the Painting Manual of the 'Mustard Seed Garden' [Jieziyuan Huazhuan; Huapu].: With Sixteen [16] Facsimile Reproductions [Facsimiles] in the size of the originals. With an Introduction by Jan Tschichold..
AR_974_014: TSCHUDI, CLARA - Keiserinde Augusta.: Skildringer Fra Hoflivet i Berlin..
AR_771_004: TSEDAKA, BENYAMIN - Marqeh to every Reader : Observations in Tibat Marqeh [Collection of Israelite=Samaritan Homiletic Commentaries on the Pentateuch] [IN HEBREW].
E_48_84: TSEDAQA, RATSON / NOY, DOV [APPENDIX] - Samaritan Legends: Twelve Legends from Oral Tradition [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Israel Folktale Archives (IFA) - Publication Series No. 8..
V_2073_150: TSEDAQA, RATSON / NOY, DOV [ED.] - Samaritan Legends: Twelve Legenbds from Oral Tradition [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Israel Folktale Archives (IFA) Publication No. 8.
H_014_129: TSEDAQA, RATSON / NOY, DOV [ED.] - Samaritan Legends: Twelve [12] Legends from Oral Tradition [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Israel Folktale Archives (IFA) Publication Series No. 8.
AR_746_013: TSELNIK, NACHMAN HALEVI - Atsereth: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Holy Solemn Assembly Days in the Jewish Year [IN HEBREW].
V_1107_49: TSELNIK, NACHMAN HALEVI - Atsereth: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Holy "Solemn Assembly Days in the Jewish Year.
V_3011_33: TSERETELI, K.G. - The Modern Assyyrian Language.
AR_093_011: TSUK, TSVIKA - The Aqueducts to Sepphoris [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_135_014: TSUR, REUVEN; SHAVIT, UZI; LAVI, RUTH [EDS.] - Studies in Hebrew Literature [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]: [SERIES]: Te'uda - The Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies Research Series: V.
V_2011_010: TUCAZINSKY, NISSAN AHARON - The Borders of the Holy Land: Jerusalem in Pictures [IN HEBREW]: Supplement to the Book The Holy City & Temple.
MA_04_14: TUCCI CARNEIRO, MARIA LUIZA / LAFER, CELSO / SEGAL, LAZAR [ARTIST] / SEGALL, MAURIZIO [INTR.] - Judeus e Judaismo na Obra de Lasar Segall [Lazar Segal].
AR_147_012: TUCCI CARNEIRO, MARIA LUIZA - Brasil, um refugio nos Tropicos: A Trajetoria dos Refugiados do Nazi-Fascismo / Brasilien, Fluchtpunkt in den Tropen: Lebenswege der Flüchtlinge des Nazi-Faschismus.
V_2072_197: TUCH, FRIEDRICH - Commentar über die Genesis [Kommentar ueber].
AR_488_005: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World before the War 1890-1914 [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_3029_46: TUCKWOOD, JAN / KLEINBERG, ELIOT - Pioneers in Paradise: West Palm Beach The First 100 Years.
AR_932_004: TULIN, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Book of Documents - Submitted to the General Assembly of the United Nations Relating to the Establishment of the National Home for the Jewish People.
AR_030_002: TULIN, ABRAHAM (COMPLIER) - Book of Documents Submitted to the General Assembly of the United Nations.: Relating to the establishment of the national home for the jewish people.
AR_114_011: TUMARKIN, [YIGAL] - Tumarkin 1970.
AR_450_021: TUMARKIN, IGAEL [YIGAL] - Tumarkin: In the Centre [Center] of the Margins [SIGNED BY ARTIST].
AR_814_009: TUMARKIN, IGAEL / LOTAN, YAEL [TR.] - Etchings, Texts, Photos & Drawings.
AR_494_002: TUMARKIN, IGAEL / LOTAN, YAEL [TRAN.] - In the Center of the Margins.
AR_405_001: TUMARKIN, IGAEL [YIGAL] - In the Centre [Center] of the Margins.
AR_1138_016: TUMARKIN, IGAEL - Tumarkin Sculpture garden Palmahim.
V_1078_98: TUMARKIN, IGAEL / ARAD, MIRIAM [TRANS.] - Trees, Stones and Cloth in the Wind.
MB_07_26: TUMARKIN, IGAEL [YIGAL] / SANDBERG, W. [EPILOGUE] - Tumarkin by Tumarkin 1957-1970 [SIGNED BY TUMARKIN].
AR_1079_003: TUMARKIN, IGAEL / LOTAN, YAEL [TR.] - Tumarkin: Etchings, Texts and Drawings.
MA_23_28: TUNIS, ISRAEL / BROLI, HEINRICH [TR]. - Der jüdische Pionier in Erez-Israel [Eretz-Yisrael]: seine Tat und seine Wandlung.
AR_024_013: TUNKEL, YOSEF [DER TUNKELER] / SZEINTUCH, YECHIEL [ED.] - The Book of Yiddish Humoresques and Literary Parodies: A Selection of Humorous Writings on East European Jews and their Culture in Interwar Poland [IN YIDDISH WITH HEBREW INTRODUCTION].
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AR_588_011: VANDERVEKEN, DANIEL ; KUBO, SUSUMU [ED.] - Essays in Speech Act Theory.: [SERIES]: Pragmatics & Beyond: New Series.
V_1104_99: VANEL, A. - L'Iconographie du Dieu de L'orage Dans le Proche-Orient Ancien Jusqu'au VII Siecle Avant J.-C.: Cahiers de la Revue Biblique 3.
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AR_108_019: VARDI, DOV - New Hebrew Poetry.
AR_132_006: VARIOUS WRITERS - Das Steinhaus: Ausstellung im Österreichisches Museum für Angewandte Kunst.
AR_746_010: VARIOUS WRITERS - BeSoekkath dawied Enige Joods wetenschappelijke opstellen aangeboden aan David Hausdorff ter gelegenheid van zijn 50 ste verjaardag.: 20 Chesjwan 5712 / 19 November 1951.
V_1039_110: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Trade, Industry and Crafts in Ancient Palestine [IN HEBREW]: Library of Palestinology of the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society IX /X.
AR_744_012: VARIOUS WRITERS - Jüdischer Almanach, 5670.: Herausgegeben aus Anlass des 25 Semestrigen Jubiläums von der Vereinigung Jüdischer Hochschüler aus Galizien Bar Kochba in Wien..
V_2043_137_: VARIOUS WRITERS - Freeland: Monthly, For Jewish Territorial Colonisation. No. 1-2 [IN YIDDISH].
V_1082_26: VARNHAGEN, RAHEL - Rahel ein Buch des Andenkens fÜr ihre Freunde [Three Volumes]: Vorwort von K. A. Varnhagen.
AR_989_010: VARVIN, SVERRE ; VOLKAN, VAMIK D. [EDS.] - Violence or Dialogue?: Psychoanalytic Insights on Terror and Terrorism.: [SERIES]: The International Psychoanalysis Library..
V_1036_137: VASSERMAN, H. V. ; THOROV, A. - Sifreinu [IN HEBREW].
V_1070_11: VASSILI, COUNT PAUL - Behind the Veil at the Russian Court: With Twenty-Three Illustrations in Photogravure..
V_1070_23: VASSILYEV, A. T. - The Ochrana: The Russian Secret Police.
E_12_69: VATIKIOTIS, P. J. - The History of Egypt: From Muhammad Ali to Sadat [IN HEBREW].
SH_015_175: VATIKIOTIS, P.J. - The History of Egypt: From Muhammad Ali to Sadat [IN HEBREW].
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V_1057_21: VAUX, R. - L'Archeologie et les Manuscripts de la mer Morte: The Schweich Lectures of the British Academy.
H_011_002: VEGA, SIMON A. [TR.] - Bloemlezing uit de Nederlandse Dichtkunst: 1650-1990 [BILINGUAL DUTCH-HEBREW EDITION].
MB_04_04: VEGETIUS [PUBLIUS FLAVIUS RENATUS; VÉGÈCE] / CLAUDE-GUILLAUME BOURDON DE SIGRAIS [TR.] - Institutions Militaires de Végece [De Re Militari; Epitoma Rei Militaris].
AR_385_013: VEID+L, THODOR - Der musikalische Humor bei Beethoven.
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AR_1102_014: VELTMAN, FRANK - Logics for Conditionals.
AR_941_015: VENTURA, M. / WORMS, ROGER [ILLUSTRATIONS] - L'Hebreu par la Joie: Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
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AR_370_002: VERBIN, MOSHE - Wooden Synagogues of Poland in the 17 and 18 Century [17th and 18th Centuries] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
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AR_661_012: VERLAINE, PAUL / SALA, GRAU [PAINTINGS] - Paul Verlaine: Poemes Saturniens / Fetes Galantes / La Bonne Chanson / Sagesse / Jadis et Naguere / Parallelement / Romances Sans Paroles [SEVEN VOLUME SET].
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V_1126_166: VERNE, JULES / INBAR, AVITAL [TRANS.] - Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET].
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ME_06_20: VILDMAN, YEHOSHUA ALTER - Sefer da Gzerat Orayta [IN HEBREW].
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V_1106_69: VILLON - Les Oeuvres de Francoys Villon: Illustrations orginales en couleurs de Jacques Touchet.
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AR_441_001: VILNAY, ZEV - The Changing Face of Acco.
AR_983_014: VILNAY, ZEV [ZEEV, ZE'EV] - The Hebrew Mpas of the Holy Land: A Research in Hebrew Cartography [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
AR_791_009: VILNAY, ZEV - The Hebrew Maps of the Holy Land: A Research in Hebrew Cartography [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
AR_833_014: VILNAY, ZEV - Legends of the Sacred Land: Tales, Fables, Proverbs, Tradition of the Various Regions - Towns, Villages and Sites [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_010_011: VILNAY, ZEV [ZE'EV] - The Holy Land in Old Prints and Maps.
AR_144_012: VILNAY, ZEV [ZE'EV] - Minorities in Israel: Moslems [Muslims], Christians, Druzes, Bahais [Baha'is].
V_3022_16: VILNAY, ZEV - Legends of Palestine.
AR_711_010: VILNAY, ZEV; BONNE, A. - Jerusalem and its Environs: Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho & the Dead Sea.: [SERIES]: Steimatzky's Guides..
SH_066_117: VILNAY, ZEV - Legends of the Sacred Land: Tales, Fables, Proverbs, Traditions of the Various Regions, Towns, Villages and Sites [HEBREW ONLY].
AR_196_008: VINCENZO, SACCO. [VINCENTIUS SACCUS] - Institutionum Juris Canonici Libri Quatuor [TWO VOLUME SET].: Ubi de Personis, Rebus, nec non Judiciis Civilibus, ac Criminalibus. Quibus praemittitur Introductio ad Studium Juris Canonici..
AR_1144_002: VINITZKY, DAVID - The Seventeen Republic of the U.S.S.R. [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
AR_006_008: VINITZKY, DAVID - The Jews in Bessarabia Between the World Wars 1914-1940 : Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_894_012: VINITZKY, DAVID - The Jews in Bessarabia Between the World Ward 1914-1940 [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET] [SINGED BY AUTHOR].
AR_989_003: VINKOVETZKY, AHARON ; KOVNER, ABBA ; LEICHTER, SINAI - Anthology of Yiddish Folksongs: Volume One [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Mount Scopus Publications..
SH_065_097: VISHNIAC, ROMAN / HESCHEL, ABRAHAM JOSHUA [INTRO.] - Polish Jews: A Pictorial Record.
AR_1130_002: VISHNIAC, ROMAN / WIESEL, ELIE [FOREWORD] - A Vanished World.
SH_055_143: VISHNIAC, ROMAN / HESCHEL, ABRAHAM JOSHUA [INTRO.] - Polish Jews: A Pictorial Record.
V_2039_18: VISKER, RUDI - Truth and Singularity: Taking Foucault into Phenomenology.
JT_017: VISOTZKY, BURTON I. - Midrash Mishle [Proverbs; IN HEBREW]: Critical Edition based on Vatican MS. Ebr. 44, with variant readings all known Manuscripts and Early Editions, and with an Introduction, References and a short Commentary.
H_032_024: VITA-FINZI, CLAUDIO / JACOBS, PHIL [ILLUSTRATIONS] - A Pop-up guide: Planet Earth - Volcanoes / Earthquakes / Mountains and the Mighty Forces that Shape Our World.
AR_320_001: VITRY, AUBERT DE ; BOISSEAU; SAINT-VINCENT, BORY DE; CHATELAIN ET AL. - Ephemerides Universelles ou Tableau Religieux, Politique, Litteraire, Scientifique et Anecdotique [13 VOLUME SET].: Presentant, pour chaque jour de l'annee, un extrait des annales de toutes les nations et de tous les siecles, depuis les temps historiques jusqu'au1er janvier 1828..
H_033_063: VITTA, JOHANAN - Johanan Vitta.
H_005_023: VITTA, JOHANAN - Johanan Vitta.
MA_03_02: VITTA, EDOARDO - The Conflict of Laws in Matters of Personal Status in Palestine.
V_2057_109: VIVANTI, DAVID ABRAHAM; TEDESCHI, ISACCO RAFFAELE - Saggio Degli Scritti Degli Eccellentissimi Rabbini David Abraham Vivanti di v. m. ed Isacco Raffaele Tedeschi di v. m.: Pubblicato a cura della Universita Israelitica D'ancona.
AR_318_019: VOGEL, DAN - Mark Twain's Jews.
AR_625_001: VOGEL, ROLF [ED.] - Der deutsch-israelische Dialog: Dokumentation eines erregenden Kapitels deutscher Aussenpolitik [VOLUME 1+2].: [VOL. I]: Teil I: Politik Band 1 / [VOL. II]: Teil I: Politik Band 2.
V_1050_38: VOGEL, DAN - Emma Lazarus.
V_2007_124: VOGELSTEIN, HERMANN; RIEGER PAUL - Geschichte der Juden in Rom [TWO VOLUME SET].
V_1079_14: VOGELSTEIN, HERMANN / RIEGER, PAUL - Geschichte der Juden in Rom - Erster Band [VOLUME 1 ONLY].
AR_423_016: VOGT, CARL - Köhlerglaube und Wissenschaft: Eine Streitschrift gegen Hofrath Rudolph Wagner in Göttingen.
AR_681_021: VOGT, FRIEDRICH; KOCH, MAX - Geschichte der deutschen Litteratur [Literatur] von den Ältesten Zeiten bis zur Gegenwart.
V_1110_104: VOIGT, WOLFGANG [ED] - XVII. deutscher Orientalistentag - vom 21. bis 27. Juli 1968 in Würzburg - Vorträge, Teil I: Sektion 1 - Ägyptologie ; Sektion 2 - Keilschriftforschung ; Sektion 3 - Altes Testament ; Zeitschrift der deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft - Supplementa I.
V_1058_93: VOLKMANN, LUDWIG - Kunstgenuss auf Reisen.
SH_064_064: VOLKOV, SHULAMIT [ED.] - Being Different: Minorities, Aliens and Outsiders in History [IN HEBREW].
MA_26_19: VOLNEY, C-F. [CONSTANTIN FRANÇOIS DE CHASSEBOEUF, COMTE DE VOLNEY] - Voyage en Syrie et en Égypte, pendant les Années 1783, 84 et 85. Troisième Edition [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_229_008: VOLOVICI, LEON - Nationalist Ideology and Antisemitism: The Case of Romanian Intellectuals in the 1930s.
AR_689_002: VOLTAIRE, A M. [FRANÇOIS-MARIE AROUET] - Lettres de Quelques Juifs - Portugais, Allemands et Polonais a M. de Voltaire.: 2. Edition.
V_3026_58: VOLTAIRE - Romans de Voltaire: Tome Troisieme.
AR_596_019: VOLTAIRE - Chef-d'Oeuvres Dramatique de Voltiare: Tome Second [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_856_020: VOLTAIRE [AROUET, FRANCOIS-MARIE] - Contes en Vers, Satires, et Poesies Melees de Voltaire.
AR_855_001: VOLTAIRE [AROUET, FRANCOIS-MARIE] - Essai sur les Moeurs et l'Esprit des Nations [FOUR VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Oeuvres Completes de Voltaire XV-XVIII..
V_3026_38: VOLTAIRE / BENGESCO, GEORGES - Oeuvres Choisies de Voltaire - Tomes I-II.
AR_1160_015: VOLTAIRE [AROUET, FRANÇOIS-MARIE] / VON HOLLANDER, ELSE [TR.] / MOREAU LE JEUNE [JEAN-MICHEL] [ILLUSTR.] - Voltaire - Die Romane und Erzählungen - Zweiter Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: Vollständige Ausgabe mit Kupferstichen von Moreau le Jeune..
AR_842_011: VOLTAIRE [AROUET, FRANCOIS-MARIE] / MOLAND, LOUIS [ED.] - Lettres choisies de Voltaire [2 VOLUME SET].: Avec la traite de la connaissance des beautes et defauts de la poesie et de l'eloquence dans la langue francaise, precedees d'une notice et accompagnees de notes explicatives sur les faits et sur les personnages du temps..
AR_594_019: VOLTAIRE - Chef-D'Oeuvres Dramatique de Voltaire: Tome Premier [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_880_016: VOLTAIRE [AROUET, FRANCOIS-MARIE] - Pieces Fugitives de Voltaire.
V_1122_126: VOLZ, BERTHOLD - Emin Paschas Entsatz und Stanleys Zug durch das dunkelste Afrika: nach Stanleys Berichten und Emins Briefen für weitere Kreise dargestellt.
V_1110_71: VOLZ, PAUL - Jüdische Eschatologie - von Daniel bis Akiba.
AR_954_013: VON FRITZ, KURT ; KIRK, G. S. ; VERDENIUS, W. J. ; SOLMSEN, FRIEDRICH ; LA PENNA, ANTONIO ; GRIMAL, PIERRE - Hesiode et son Influence : Six Exposes et Discussion.: [SERIES]: Fondation Hardt pour l'Etude de l'Antiquite Classique : Entretiens - Tome VII.
AR_702_007: VON HINÜBER, OSKAR - Studien zur Literatur des Theravada-Buddhismus [2 VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Abhandlungen der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Klasse - Jahrgang 1998/9, Nr.6 & Nr.7. / [VOL. I]: Entstehung und Aufbau der Jataka-Sammlung / [VOL. II]: Das Patimokkhasutta der Theravadin..
AR_005_016: VON HERDER, JOHANN GOTTFRIED - Johann Gottfried von Herder's Werke zur Philosophie und Geschichte: Zehnter Theil [VOLUME 10 ONLY].
AR_920_011: VON HERDER, JOHANN GOTTFRIED / MÜLLER, JOHANN GEORG [ED.] - Johann Gottfried von Herder's Sämmtliche Werke 37 & 38 - Zur Religion und Theologie: Dritter Theil / Vierter Theil [Teil] [TWO VOLUMES IN ONE].: Herausgegeben durch Müller. [DRITTER TEIL]: Geist der Ebräischen Poesie / [VIERTER TEIL]: Christliche Reden und Homilien..
MB_02_13: VON BOENIGK, OTTO FREIHERRN - Grundzüge zur Judenfrage: Soziologisch-ökonomische Studie: von Otto Freiherrn von Boenigk, Dr. der Staatswissenschaften..
V_1047_19: VON SCHILLER, FRIEDRICH - Geschichte des Abfalls der vereinigten Niederlande [NUMBERED COPY!]: von der spanischen Regierung.
MA_26_11: VON SCHROEDER, LEOPOLD [SCHRÖDER] [ED.] - Kathakam : Die Samhita der Katha-Cakha - Drittes Buch [Sakha] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Herausgegeben von Leopold von Schroeder..
AR_487_005: VON SEE, KLAUS - Barbar Germane Arier: Die Suche nach der Identität der Deutschen.
AR_659_003: VON ARNETH, FRANZ HEKTOR RITTER - Das Classische Heidenthum und die Christliche Religion: I. Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1096_45: VON HAHN, J.G. - Sagwissenschaftliche Studien.
V_1120_75: VON VEGESACK, ALEXANDER / THONET, MICHAEL - Michael Thonet : Leben und Werk.
AR_014_006: VON GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG - Faust: eine Tragödie.
AR_780_011: VON HUMBOLDT, ALEXANDER - Kosmos: Entwurf einer physischen Weltbeschreibung, Zweiter Band [VOLUME TWO ONLY].
V_1057_156: VON MÜNCHHAUSEN, BÖRRIES. BUDKO, JOSEPH. - Juda: Gesänge von Börries, Freiherrn von Münchhausen mit Buchschmuck von Joseph Budko.
AR_535_014: VON REIBNITZ, BARBARA - Ein Kommentar zu Friedrich Nietzsche, Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik (Kap. 1-12).
MC_05_21: VON PLOTHO, CARL [JOHANN JOACHIM FRIEDRICH EDLER HERR UND FREIHERR VON PLOTHO ] - Der Krieg des verbündeten Europa gegen Frankreich im Jahre 1815.: Mit 48 Beilagen..
AR_108_018: VON POSCHINGER, HEINRICH - Bismarck-Portefeuille.
V_1050_130: VON GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG. - Goethes Werke [VOLUME 5 ONLY]: Fünfter Band ; Original-Ausgabe.
AR_459_017: VON GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG / SCHOTT, ROLF [ILLU.] - Die Märchen von Goethe.
AR_359_007: VON MÜNCHHAUSEN, BÖRRIES. BUDKO, JOSEPH [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Juda.: Gesänge von Börries, Freiherrn von Münchhausen mit Buchschmuck von Joseph Budko.
AR_1028_013: VON GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG; LAVATER, JOHANN KASPAR / HIRZEL, HEINRICH [ED.] - Briefe von Goethe an Lavater aus den Jahren 1774 bis 1783.
V_2073_97: VON HARTMANN, EDUARD - Kants Erkenntnistheorie und Metaphysik: in den vier Perioden ihrer Entwicklung.
AR_984_008: VON GRUNEBAUM, GUSTAVE E. [EDMUND] - Kritik und Dichtkunst: Studien zur arabischen Literaturgeschichte.
AR_1060_016: VON DOHNANYI, KLAUS; EHRLICH, ERNST LUDWIG; JOCHMANN, WERNER; AJZENSZTEJN, DANIEL - Der Untergang der Hamburger Juden: Gedenkveranstaltung des Senats der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg, der jüdischen Gemeinde, dem europäischen B'nai B'rith sowie der Joseph-Carlebach-Loge am 2. Oktober 1983 im Haus der Patriotischen Gesellschaft.
AR_743_016: VON CRUSENSTOLPE, MAGNUS JAKOB [JACOB] - Der russische Hof von Peter I. bis auf Nicolaus I. - Dritter Band / Vierter Band [VOLUMES 3 & 4 OUT OF 9]: und einer Einleitung: Russland [Russland] vor Peter dem Ersten. Deutsche Originalausgabe [Original-Ausgabe]..
V_1081_79: VON GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG. MARMIER, M. X. [TR] - Theatre de Goethe: Traduction nouvelle, revue, corigée et augmentée de notices et d'une préface.
AR_431_007: VON SODEN, WOLFRAM - Ergänzungsheft zum Grundriss der Akkadischen Grammatik (Analecta Orientalia 33).: [SERIES]: Analecta Orientalia - 47..
AR_900_019: VON HOLLANDER, ELSE [TR.] / DULAC, EDMUND [ILLUSTR.] - Der erwachte Schläfer: Die Geschichte von den drei Derwischen [LIMITED EDITION OF 150 COPIES].
MC_02_19: VON SCHULER, EINAR - Die Kaskäer [Kaschkäer; Kaska; Kasku; Gasga; Kaskaer] - Ein Beitrag zur Ethnographie des Alten Asien.: [SERIES:] Untersuchungen zur Assyrologie und Vorderasiatischen Archäologie (Ergänzungsbände zur Zeitschrift für Assyriologie und vorderasiatische Archäeologie, neue Folge) - Band 3..
MC_02_20: VON SCHULER, EINAR - Die Kaskäer [Kaschkäer; Kaska; Kasku; Gasga; Kaskaer] - Ein Beitrag zur Ethnographie des Alten Asien.: [SERIES:] Untersuchungen zur Assyrologie und Vorderasiatischen Archäologie (Ergänzungsbände zur Zeitschrift für Assyriologie und vorderasiatische Archäeologie, neue Folge) - Band 3..
AR_297_004: VON MOHL, OTTMER - Am Japanischen Hofe: Mit 50 Tafeln davon 4 in Farbendruck Titelbild in Kupferdruck auf Japanpapier.
AR_088_006: VON SAAR, FERDINAND [LUDWIG ADAM] / NOWAK, NIKOLAUS [ED.] - Ferdinand von Saar: Hymen.: [SERIES]: Kritische Texte und Deutungen, herausgegeben von Karl Konrad Polheim und Jens Stüben - Achter Band..
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MC_04_04: VON KÜGELGEN, PAUL SIEGWART / VON KÜGELGEN, CARLO [EDS.] - Kalender 1911 - Jahrbuch der St. Petersburger Zeitung: Fünfzehnter Jahrgang [RARE!].
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AR_1133_017: VON DER LÜHE, BARBARA / BUBIS, IGNATZ [FOREWORD] - Die Musik war unsere Rettung!: Die deutschsprachigen Gründungsmitglieder des Palestine Orchestra.: [SERIES]: Schriftenreihe wissenschaftlicher Abhandlungen des Leo Baeck Instituts - 58..
AR_594_018: VON ROOM; VON HZENPLIK - Lasker's Rede gegen Magener und Über das Eisenbahnkonyessionsmesen in Preussen, gehalten im Ubgeordneten Hause am 7- Februar 1873.
AR_670_005: VON OETTINGEN, W. F. - The Halogenated Aliphatic, Olefinic, Cyclic, Aromatic, and Aliphatic-Aromatic Hydrocarbons including the Halogenated Insecticides, their Toxicity and Potential Dangers.
AR_682_004: VON WISSMANN, HERMANN / HÖFNER, MARIA - Beiträge zur historischen Geographie des vorislamischen Südarabien (Abhandlungen der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Klasse, Jahrgang 1952, Nr. 4).: Mit 19 Abbildungen im Text, 12 Tafeln, einer einfarbigen und einer zweifarbigen Karte..
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V_1114_06: VOSS, JOHANN HEINRICH - Homers Odyssee: Mit 24 Originallithographien und Buchschmuck von Alois Kolb.
V_3017_96: VOYAGEUR, MANUELK DU - La suisse et les parties limitrophes de la savoie et de l'Italie, De la Savoie et du Tyrol.
V_2013_017: VOYSLAVSKI, ZVI - Zvi Voyslavski's Letters [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR][IN HEBREW]: Edited with introduction, notes and indexes by Gedalyah Elkoshi.
H_009_005: VRANESKI, ARIELLA - Conflict Management in Urban and Regional Planning: The Applicability of Alternative Dispute Resolution Approaches with Specific Reference to National Highway Planning [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]: Research Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Degree of Doctor of Science.
AR_286_017: VREDENBURG, J. [TRANS.] - De Pentateuch en de Vijf Rollen, Opnieuw in het Nederlandsch vertaald en verklaard, en de Haphtaroth en Shabbathgebeden met Nederlandsche Vertaling [5 VOLUME SET].
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AR_1091_008: VUKOSAVOVIC, FILIP [CURATOR] - Angels and Demons: Jewish Magic Through the Ages.
SH_038_150: VUKOSAVOVIC, FILIP [ED.] - Angels and Demons: Jewish Magic through the Ages.: Catalogue Book (with intorduction and forewords)..
V_2042_46: WACHS, IRIS - Kimono: A living Japanese Tradition.
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AR_666_008: WAGENAAR, L. [TR.] - Gebedenboek met Nederlandsche [Nederlandse] Vertaling [PARTS I & II BOUND TOGETHER].
AR_620_013: WAGENAAR, L. - Gebedenboek met Nederlandsche Vertaling.
AR_627_002: WAGNER, VERENA - Jüdische Lebenswelten: Zehr Linzer Biographien.
AR_067_017: WAGNER, COSIMA / GREGOR-DELLIN, MARTIN, MACK, DIETRICH [EDS.] - Cosima Wagner - die Tagebücher 2: Band II - 1878-1883 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
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MC_04_17: WAGNER-TAUBER, LINA - Jüdische Märchen und Sagen: Dem Midrasch nacherzählt [RARE!].
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AR_1046_015: WAHBA, MAGDI ; AL-MUHANDES, KAMEL - A Dictionary of Arabic Literary & Linguistic Terms.
AR_1100_010: WAHBA, MAGDI - A Dictionary of Literary Terms: English-French-Arabic with French and Arabic Indexes.
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AR_138_018: WAHL, MARGRET - Der Alte Jüdische Friedhof in Hannover.
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MC_03_30: WAHRMANN, NACHUM - Das Ermittlungsverfahren gegen eine des Ehebruchs Verdächtigte.: [SERIES]: Untersuchungen über die Stellung der Frau im Judentum im Zeitalter der Tannaiten - Heft I..
AR_098_009: WAHRMANN, NAHUM [ED.] - Moadim: Chosen Texts in Halachah, Aggadah and Prayers for the Holidays: Second Edition Revised and Extended [IN HEBREW]: Contains Bibliographical Appendix: Holidays in Hebrew Literature from the Biblical Period to the Present.
V_1040_94: WAHRMUND, ADOLF - Handwörterbuch der neu-arabischen und deutschen Sprache [2 VOLUME SET]: Dritte Ausgabe. I. Band: neu-arabisch - deutscher Teil (erste & zweite Abteilung - I.1+I.2).
AR_887_007: WAHRMUND, ADOLF - Praktisches Handbuch der neu-persischen Sprache: Praktische Grammatik / Persische Gespräche und Sammlung der zum Sprechen nötigsten Wörter.
V_1083_37: WAINWRIGHT, JOHN M. - The Medical and Surgical Knowledge of William Shakspere: With Explanatory Notes.
SH_032_023: WAISEL, YOAV; ALON, AZARIA [ED.] - Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia - Volume 8: Vegetation of Israel [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_987_010: WAISEL, YOAV [ED.] - Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia - Volume 8 - Vegetation of Israel [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia - 8..
MA_12_22: WAKELY, JOHN - The International Spirits Industry [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_2046_04: WAKS, LUKA - My Jews.
AR_751_015: WAKSTEIN, DAVID / SHAPIRA, YANIV [CURATOR] - David Wakstein Painting, 1975-2014.
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JT_042: WALD, STEPHEN G. - BT Pesahim III: Critical Edition with Comprehensive Commentary [IN HEBREW].
V_2078_62: WALD, SHALOM SALOMON - China and the Jewish People - Old Civilizations in a New Era: Strategy Paper.
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AR_599_020: WALDINGER, ERNST - Die Kuppel: Gedichte.
V_1033_188: WALDINGER, ERNST - Zwischen Hudson und Donau: Ausgewählte Gedichte [SIGNED BY POET]: [SERIES]: Neue Dichtung aus Österreich. Band 44..
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V_3002_03: WALK, JOSEPH [ED.] - Pinkas Hakehilot [Ha-kehilot]: Encyclopeadia [Encyclopedia] of Jewish Communities from their Foundation till after the Holocaust - Germany: Württemberg, Hohenzollern, Baden [IN HEBREW].
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AR_144_009: WANNER, ADRIAN - Baudelaire in Russia.
AR_118_008: WARBURG, OTTO ; VAN SOMEREN BRAND, J. E. - Kulturpflanzen der Weltwirtschaft.: Mit 653 Schwarzen und 12 Farbigen Abbildungen nach Photographien..
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AR_192_011: WARBURTON, ROBERT - Eighteen Years in the Khyber 1879-1898.
AR_632_009: WARBURTON, ELIOT. - The Crescent and the Cross- Or, Romance and Reality of Eastern Travel [TWO PARTS IN ONE VOLUME].
AR_060_028: WARD, ALEX [ED.] - Power to the People : Early Soviet Propaganda Posters in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
SH_083_072: WARD, ALEX - Dream Makers: Design Meets Technology.
AR_664_015: WARD, ALEX - Dream Makers : Design Meets Technology.
AR_1152_016: WARDAM, BATIR ; AL-ESHEIKER, YOUSIF - A Dictionary of Ecology: English-Arabic (With Arabic-English Glossary).
V_1045_78: WARDWELL, RUTH WHITMORE - Everyday Etiquette.
V_2035_161: WARHAFTIG, SHILLEM - Jewish Labour Law With Appendix : Labour Law in England and Israel - Volume One [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
V_1106_186: WARHAFTIG, SHILLEM - Jewish Labour Law with Appendix: Labour Law in England and Israel [IN HEBREW].
V_2081_125: WARHAFTIG, SHILLEM - Jewish Labour Law - With Appendix: Labour Law in England and Israel [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET]: [SERIES]: Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University Legal Studies - No. 23.
MA_12_03: WARHAFTIG, ZORACH [ZERACH] - Refugee and Survivor: Rescue Efforts During the Holocaust.
AR_753_014: WARHAFTIG, MYRA - They Laid the Foundation: Lives and Works of German-Speaking Jewish Architects in Palestine 1918-1948.
V_2030_85: WARHAFTIG, SHILLEM - Jewish Labour Law - With Appendix: Labour Law in England and Israel - Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
SH_021_014: WARHAFTIG, SHILLEM - Brokers Under Jewish Law - Including the Present Law in the State of Israel [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH PREFACE].
H_032_042: WARHOL, ANDY / ROPAC, THADDAEUS; ROSENBLUM, ROBERT; CRONE, RAINER; GRAF SCHAESBERG, PETRUS - Andy Warhol: Heads (After Picasso).: 3rd May - 14th July 1997, Paris..
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AR_319_003: WARREN, CHARLES - The Ancient Cubit and Our Weights and Measures.
AR_713_008: WARREN, CHARLES & CONDER, CLAUDE REIGNIER - The Survey of Western Palestine: Jerusalem [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_170_010: WARREN, CHARLES; CONDER, CLAUDE REIGNIER - The Survey of Western Palestine: Jerusalem.
AR_777_004: WARREN, EDWARD - The Life of John Collins Warren, M.D.: Vol. II. [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Complied Chiefly from his Autobiography and Journals..
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V_1111_08: WASSERMAN, JAKOB - Das GÄnsemÄnnchen.
V_1117_81: WASSERMANN, JAKOB / GRUBWIESER, V. [ED.] / BLEWITT, PHYLLIS; BLEWITT, TREVOR [TRANS.] - The Letters of Jakob Wassermann to Frau Julie Wassermann.: With Biographical Notes by Julie Wassermann.
AR_406_007: WASSERMANN, RUDOLF - Beruf, Konfession und Verbrechen: Eine Studie über die Kriminalität der Juden in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart.: [SERIES]: Statistische und Nationalökonomische Abhandlungen, insbesondere Arbeiten aus dem Statistischen Seminar der Universität München - Heft II..
V_3019_82: WASSERMANN, HENRY (ED.) - The German-Jewish History We Have Inherited [IN HEBREW]: Young Germans Write Jewish History.
V_3023_13: WASSERMANN, JULIUS - Zwischen den Zelten: Junge JÜdische Autoren.
V_1029_178: WASSERTRILLING, HERRMANN - Matnath Nachaliel: Enthält Produkte neuhebräischer Literatur, poetisch bearbeitete Legenden und Mythen aus Talmud und Midrasch, und Midrasch-Exegese, nach der Reihenfolge der Wochenabschnitte und Haftoroth - zweites Bändchen [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_994_004: WASSWEMANN, HENRY ; FREUNDLICH, BRACHA ; HAGAR, ESTHER [EDS.] - Pinkas Hakehillot: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities - Germany, Vol. III: Hesse, Hesse-Nassau, Frankfort [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
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V_1091_011: WATSON, GOODWIN - Experimentation and Measurement in Religious Education.
V_2067_122: WATZINGER, CARL - Denkmaler Palästinas : Eine Einführung in die Archäologie des heiligen Landes [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_161_014: WAUER, BRITTA / LOSIER, AMÉLIE - Der jüdische Friedhof Weissensee: Momente der Geschichte / The Weissensee Jewish Cemetery: Moments in History.
V_1041_015: WAY, ARTHUR - The Tragedies of Euripides [3 VOLUME SET].
V_1128_87: WEAVER, RAYMOND M.; VAN DOREN, MARK [INTRO.] - Herman Melville: Mariner and Mystic.
V_3013_43: WEBER, PROF. DR. OTTO - Der Alte Orient. Gemeinverständliche Darstellungen. 17. und 18. Jahrgang.: Altorientalische Siegesbilder. 1. Band: Text; 2. Band: Abbildungen..
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AR_142_008: WEBER, J.-B. / KEMPSTER W. - La Situation des Juifs en Russie: Rapport Adresse au Gouvernement des Etats-Unis.
AR_692_009: WEBER, MAX - Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Religionssoziologie [3 VOLUME SET].: [VOL. I]: Konfuzianismus und Taoismus / [VOL. II]: Hinduismus und Buddhismus / [VOL. III]: Das antike Judentum..
AR_702_010: WEBER, F. U. - Handwörterbuch der Deutschen Sprache.: Nebst den gebräuchlichsten Fremdwörtern, Ungabe der Betonung und Aussprache und einem Verzeichnisse der unregelmässigen Zeitwörter..
SH_012_105: WEBSTER, CHARLES KINGSLEY - The Founder of the National Home: The Chaim Weizmann Memorial Lecture - (Humanities) 1955.
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AR_700_005: WECHSSLER, EDUARD - Das Kulturproblem des Minnesangs: Band 1 - Minnesang und Christentum [REPRINT EDITION].: Studien zur Vorgeschichte der Reneissance von Eduard Wechssler..
MA_16_08: WECHSSLER, EDUARD - Giebt es Lautgesetze? [Gibt es Lautgesetze?].
V_1036_184: WECKBECKER, ARNO - Die Judenverfolgung in Heidelberg 1933-1945.
AR_180_003: WEEKS, THEODORE R. - From Assimilation to Antisemitism: The Jewish Question in Poland, 1850-1914.
AR_1003_016: WEEKS, THEODORE R. - Nation and State in Late Imperial Russia - Nationalism and Russification on the Western Frontier, 1863-1914.
AR_446_016: WEHR, HANS - Arabisches Wörterbuch für die Schriftsprache der Gegenwart [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_635_006: WEHR, HANS / COWAN, J MILTON [ED.] - A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic.: [SERIES]: Spoken Language Series.
AR_1044_016: WEHR, HANS & KROPFITSCH, LORENZ [EDS.] - Arabisches Wörterbuch für die Schriftsprache der Gegenwart: Arabisch-Deutsch.: 5. Auflage..
AR_522_005: WEHR, HANS - Arabisches Wörterbuch: Für Die Schriftsprache Der Gegenwart.
V_1057_46: WEHR, GERHARD / DEGHAYE, PIERRE - Cahiers de l'Hermetisme Jacob BÖhme.
V_1117_45: WEHRENALP, ERWIN BARTH VON - Krieg gegen Bazillen und Menschen: Zur Geschichte der Rotlauf-Impfung.
AR_151_013: WEI, QU ; SHUXIAO, LI [EDS.] - The Jews in Harbin.
V_1088_132: WEICH SHAHAK, SUSANA - Musica y Tradiciones Sefardies.
V_2031_141: WEIGERT, GIDEON - Days and Nights in the Old CIty: Sketches of Arab Life in Jerusalem.
V_1036_112: WEIGERT, GIDEON - Days and Nights in the Old City: Sketches of Arab Life in Jerusalem.
MA_22_18: WEIGNER, KAREL [ED.] / MALY, JIRI; MATIEGKA, JINDRICH; PELC, HYNEK J.; BROZEK, ARTUR; RUZICKA, V. - Die Gleichwertigkeit der europäischen Rassen und die Wege zu ihrer Vervollkommnung.
V_1059_126: WEIHS, THOMAS J - Embryogenesis in Myth and Science.
V_1045_104: WEIJEL, J. A. - De Vernietiging van de Joden in Polen.
AR_1025_003: WEIL, SHRAGA [ILLU.] - Ecclesiastes, l'Ecclesiaste, Eclesiastes [IN ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, YIDDISH AND HEBREW].
SH_008_143: WEIL, SHRAGA [DRAW.] - The Song of Solomon [IN HEBREW].
AR_734_009: WEIL, ASHER [EDITOR AND PUBLISHER] / KLEIMAN, SHELLEY [TEXT] - In Pursuit of Excellence: The Story of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
V_1068_28: WEIL, BRUNO - Der Geiselmord von Lampsakos: Frei gestaltet nach Ciceros erster Rede gegen Verres.
V_3017_83: WEIL, G. - Die KÖnigslose. J.G. Wetysteins Freie Nachdichtung eines Arabischen Losbuches.
AR_159_016: WEIL, SHALVA [ED.] - Roots and Routes: Ethnicity and Migration in Global Perspective.: [SERIES]: New Vistas in Education and Society Series..
ME_01_12: WEIL, NETHANEEL [NETANEL]. WEI, SIMON HIRSCH [ED] - Torat Netan'el / Torath Nethanel [HEBREW] [FÜRTH 1795].
V_3018_14: WEILERSTEIN, SADIE ROSE - K'tonton on an island in the sea: A hitherto unreported episode in the life of the Jewish thumbling, K'tonton ben Baruch Reuben, with an introduction and notes by his biographer Sadie Rose Weilerstein.
V_3018_15: WEILERSTEIN, SADIE ROSE - K'tonton in Israel.
AR_076_011: WEILL, D. DAVID - Orfévrerie XIIe au XIXe Siécle - Collection D. David-Weill.
AR_910_011: WEILL, JOSEPH - Contribution a l'Histoire des Camps d'Internement dans l'Anti-France.: [SERIES]: Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine [CDJC] - Série Etudes et Monographies, No. 5..
V_1123_63: WEILL, ALEXANDER - La Parole Nouvelle.
AR_927_015: WEILL, ALEXANDER - Moise et le Talmud.: [SERIES]: Les Livres de Dieu..
V_1027_155: WEILL, ERNEST - Choul'hane Aroukh Abrégé.
AR_463_002: WEIN, BEREL - Echoes of Glory: The Story of the Jews in the Classical Era 350 BCE-750 CE / Herald of Destiny: The Story of the Jews in the Medieval Era 750-1650 / Triumph of Survival: The Story of the Jews in the Modern Era 1650-1990 [THREE VOLUME SET].
AR_994_001: WEIN, ABRAHAM ; FREUNDLICH, BRACHA ; ORBACH, WILA [EDS.] - Pinkas Hakehillot: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities - Poland, Vol. VII: Districts Lublin, Kielce [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_994_002: WEIN, ABRAHAM ; WEISS, AHARON [EDS.] - Pinkas Hakehillot: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities - Poland, Vol. III: Western Galicia & Silesia [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_1134_001: WEIN, A. [ED.] - Pinkas Hakehillot: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities - Poland. Vol.IV - Warsaw and Its Region [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_992_008: WEIN, ABRAHAM ; GROSSBAUM-PASTERNAK, RACHEL [EDS.] - Pinkas Hakehillot: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities - Poland, Vol. VI: Districts Poznan and Pomerania, Gdansk [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_434_009: WEINBACH, MENDEL - The Weekly Daf: Insights and Lessons on Daf Yomi Selections.
SH_030_150: WEINBACH, LIORA ; LAUDEN, EDNA - Multi Dictionary: Bilingual Learners Dictionary Hebrew-Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew.
AR_227_012: WEINBAUM, LAURENCE - A Marriage of Convenience: The New Zionist Organization and the Polish Government 1936-1939.
SH_087_091: WEINBERG, WERNER - The Orthographic reform of Hebrew: The Problem and the Attempts to solve it [IN HEBREW].
V_1058_36: WEINBERG, S. D. - Jewish Social Services of Detroit: A History of its Welfare Institutions, Agencies and Activities.
AR_265_007: WEINBERG, MAX - Aus dem Spruchborn der Weisen: Spruchpoesie des Talmud und der Rabbinischen Literatur nebst Fabeln, Parabeln und Sagen.
AR_167_008: WEINBERG, L. [JEHUDA LOUIS] - Das jüdische Palästina.
V_1066_134: WEINBERGER, NAFTALI; WEINBERGER, NAOMI; INDIG, NINA - Rebbetzin Kanievsky: A Legendary Mother to All.: [SERIES]: The Artscroll Series..
AR_131_003: WEINBERGER, MOSHE / KOOK, RAV AVRAHAM YITZCHAK HAKOHEN [ABRAHAM HACOHEN] - Song of Teshuvah: A Commentary on Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook's Oros HaTeshuvah.: [SERIES]: Oros HaTeshuvah: Vol. II, Ch. VIII-X..
V_1050_102: WEINER, HANNAH - Youth in Ferment within a Complacent Community [VOLUME I] [HEBREW]: Zionist Youth Movements and Hechalutz in Germany.
V_2081_169: WEINFELD, MOSHE [ED.] - Shnaton: An Annual for biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES] VOL. II [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
E_49_72: WEINFELD, MOSHE [ED.] - Shnaton: An Anual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies - X [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW (With English Summaries)].
V_2078_146: WEINFELD, MOSHE [ED.] - Shnaton: An Annual for biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies [IN HEBREW] VOL. XI [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1028_226: WEINFELD, MOSHE - The Organizational Pattern and the Penal Code of the Qumran Sect: A Comparison with Guilds and Religious Associations of the Hellenistic-Roman Period [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].: [SERIES]: Novum Testamentum et Orbis Antiquus 2..
AR_760_002: WEINFELD, M. [ED., INTRO.] - Likkutei Tarbiz [1]: A Biblical Studies Reader [Selected from Tarbiz - a quarterly for Jewish Studies][ [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Maslul Series: Student Textbook Publishing Project ; 3.
V_2078_136: WEINFELD, MOSHE [ED.] - Shnaton: An Annual for biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies [IN HEBREW] VOL. III [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_332_013: WEINPER, Z. - Poemen Vegen die Neviyim (Poems about the Prophets) [IN YIDDISH] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_247_009: WEINREB, FRIEDRICH - Die Rolle Esther - Das Buch Esther nach der ältesten jüdischen Überlieferung.: 2. Auflage. Übersetzer: Frau Eining Düssel. [SERIES]: Lehre und Symbol, Band 20..
LA_028: WEINREICH, U. - Ashkenazic Hebrew and the Hebrew Component in Yiddish: Their Geographic Aspect [IN HEBREW].
SH_060_125: WEINRYB, B. - In the Beginning of Jewish Socialism: A.S. Liebermann, His Time and Contemporaries [IN HEBREW].
AR_888_017: WEINSTEIN, N. I. [NACHMAN IZAAK; NAHMAN ISAAK] - Zur Genesis der Agada - Beitrag zur Entstehungs- und Entwickelungsgeschichte des talmudischen Schriftthums: II. Theil - Die alexandrinische Agada [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_380_001: WEINSTEIN, EDDIE / LASMAN NOAH [ED.] - 17 Days in Treblinka: Daring to Resist, Refusing to Die.
AR_677_013: WEINSTEIN, N. I. - Zur Genesis der Agada: Beitrag zur Entwickelungs - Geschichte des Talmudischen Schriftthums - 2 Theil: Die Alexandrinische Agada.
YV_049: WEINSTEIN, EDDIE - 17 Days in Treblinka: Daring to Resist, and Refusing to Die.
AR_500_018: WEINSTEIN, N. I. - Zur Genesis der Agada - Zweiter Theil: Die Alexandrinische Agada.: Beitrag zur Entstehungs- und Entwickelungs-Geschichte des Talmudischen Schriftthums..
AR_888_008: WEINSTOCK, ISRAEL [ED.] - Temirin: Texts and Studies in Kabbala and Hasidism - Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Publications of the Institute for Kabbala and Hasidism.
AR_050_001: WEINTRAUB, SARAH [REBBETZIN] - Kol Sarah: Collection of Torah Thoughts on the Sedrah of the Week.
MA_21_30: WEIR, CECIL J. MULLO [JAMES] - A Lexicon of Accadian Prayers in the Rituals of Expiation.
V_1114_119: WEISBERG, CHANA - Expecting Miracles: Finding Meaning and Spirituality in Pregnancy Through Judaism [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
V_1114_118: WEISBERG, CHANA (JENNY) - One Baby Step at a Time: Seven Secrets of Jewish Motherhood.
AR_232_001: WEISBERGER, R. WILLIAM ; MCLEOD, WALLACE ; MORRIS, S. BRENT [ED.] - Freemasonry on Both Sides of the Atlantic: Essays Concerning the Craft in the British Isles, Europe, the United States, and Mexico.
AR_900_015: WEISER, RAPHAEL ; KAPLAN, JOSEPH [ED.] / PLOTKIN, MICHAEL [TR.] - Treasures from the Library Ets Haim / Livraria Montezinos of the Portugees Israelietis Seminarium Ets Haim, Amsterdam.
AR_050_017: WEISER, BENNO - Visitenkarte: Gedichte.
AR_147_013: WEISER, RAFAEL [ED.] - Books from Sefarad.
AR_845_021: WEISER, CHAIM M. - Frumspeak: The First Dictionary of Yeshivish.
AR_885_021: WEISER, RAFAEL ; NADAV, MORDEKHAI [EDS.] - Selected Manuscripts and Prints: An Exhibition from the Treasures of the Jewish National and University Library [HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM 60TH JUBILEE YEAR].
AR_846_002: WEISER, RAFAEL ; NADAV, MORDEKHAI [EDS.] - Selected Manuscripts and Prints: An Exhibition from the Treasures of the Jewish National and University Library.
V_1126_38: WEISFLOG, R. - Handelspolitik: Dünnhaupts Grundrisse, herausgegeben von Friedrich Matthaesius. Band 6.

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