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V_2053_140: ROTH, LEON / ADAR, ZVI [ED.] - Religion and Human Values: Selected Essays [IN HEBREW].
V_1075_172: ROTH, CECIL - The Federation of Synagogues: a Record of Twenty-Five Years 1912 to 1937.
V_1053_56: ROTH, MARTIN - Dass zweite Buch Mose - Exodus: Dass Alte Testament Deutsch.
KG_19_262: ROTH, JOEL - The Halakhic Process: A Systemic Analysis [Systematic] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].: [SERIES]: Moreshet Series, Studies in Jewish History, Literature, and Thought - Vol. XIII..
D_036_069: ROTH, CECIL - The Historical Backgroundof the Dead Sea Scrolls [IN HEBREW].
AR_493_016: ROTH, CECIL - The Nephew of the Almighty: An Exprimental Account of the Life and Aftermath of Richard Brothers, R. N.
AR_006_005: ROTH, MAURICE / ROTH, GABRIEL [TRANS.] - L'Enfant Coq.
E_39_003: ROTH, CECIL [BEZALEL] - The Sarajevo Haggadah [FACSIMILE] [HEBREW].: [INTRODUCTORY ESSAY]: The Sarajevo Haggadah and its significance in the history of art by Cecil Roth..
SH_014_051: ROTH, CECIL [NOTES] / NACHSHEN, DONIA [DRAWINGS] - The Haggadah: A New Edition with English Translation, Introduction, and Notes.
D_269_033: ROTH, CECIL - Histoire du Peuple Juif: (des origines à la résurrection de l'Etat d'Israel).
MA_05_14: ROTH, ERNST / STRIEDL, HANS - Hebräische Handschriften, Teil 3. (Die Handschriften der Sammlung H. B. Levy ab der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg) [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland [VOHD], Band VI,3. Beschrieben von Ernst Roth und Hans Striedl. Mit 5 Farb- und 3 Schwarzweiss-Tafeln..
SH_041_058: ROTH, LEON - A Guide to the Study of Modern Philosophy [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_278_003: ROTH, CECIL - Magna Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica: A Bibliographical Guide to Anglo-Jewish History.
V_1064_53: ROTH, ERNST (ED.) - Udim XIII: Zeitschrift der Rabbinerkonferenz in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
V_3026_122: RÓTH, ERNST; BLOCH, FRITZ [ED.] - Festschrift Dr. I. E. Lichtigfeld Landesrabbiner von Hessen zum 70. Geburtstag.
D_237_039: ROTH, ERNST - Fetschrift zur Wiedereinweihung Der Alten Synagoge zu Worms: Im Auftrag der Stadt Worms und der Jüdischen Gemeinde.
SH_047_037: ROTH, CECIL [TR., INTR. & NOTES] / NACHSHEN, DONIA [DRAWINGS] - The Haggadah: A new edition with English translation, introduction, and notes [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH].
AR_506_012: ROTH, CECIL - The History of the Jews of Italy.
I_024_012: ROTH, SANFORD H. [PHOTOGRAPHS] / HUXLEY, ALDOUS [TEXT] - Mon Paris.: Photographies de Sanford H. Roth. Texte de Aldous Huxley..
I_029_041: ROTH, MAURICE / SALMON, IRIT [CURATOR] / GANS, MICHELLE; SARIG, PAZ [TRANS.] - Maurice Roth: La Lumiere captive - Exposition d'oeuvres peintes - Lavis, Encres, Fusains [SIGNED BY THE ARTIST].
SH_070_067: ROTH, LEON / UR, JOSEPH [TRANS.] - Spinoza [IN HEBREW].
D_39_101: ROTH, CECIL - History Round the Clock: The World of the Sephardim.
V_2069_147: ROTH, CECIL [ED.] - Magna Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica : A Bibliographical Guide to Anglo-Jewish History.
kg_46_031: ROTHEMBERG, MIRA - Les Verbes à la fois Transitifs et Intransitifs en Français Contemporain (Signes by Author).
AR_434_001: ROTHENBERG, BENO [ED.] / BEN-GURION, DAVID [INTRO.] - Our Finest Year.
V_1114_147: ROTHENBERG, BEN / COURTNEY, DAVID [INTRO.] - The Struggle for Jerusalem.
AR_114_010: ROTHENBERG, BEN / HEVESI, J. I. [INTRO.] - Off the Beaten Track.
AR_422_012: ROTHENBERG, BENO [ED.] / ELIAV, BINYAMIN [INTRO.] - Israel: Today and Yesterday.
V_3025_51: ROTHENBERG, SUSAN / BRUTVAN, CHARYL [TEXT] / CREELEY, ROBERT [POEM] - Susan Rothenberg: Paintings from the Nineties.
E_18_003: ROTHENBERG, BENO [ED.] - The Story of Jerusalem, A Pictorial Report: Preface by David Ben-Gurion, The Battle for the City by General Uzi Narkiss, The Story of Jerusalem by shlomo Shva.
AR_031_023: ROTHENBERG, ANNA SHOMER - Songs Heard in Palestine [Hebrew and Yiddish].
D_056_028: ROTHENSTEIN, WILLIAM - Twelve Portraits.
AR_041_018: ROTHFUSS, ULI - Erinnerungen der Söhne an Ihren Vater Hermann Hesse [SIGNED BY HEINER HESSE, HERMANN'S SECOND SON].
AR_273_003: ROTHKIRCHEN, LIVIA / STEINWEIS, ALAN A. [ED.] - The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia: Facing the Holocaust.: [SERIES]: The Comprehensive History of the Holocaust.
YV_030: ROTHKIRCHEN, LIVIA - The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia: Facing th Holocaust.
Kg_17_033: ROTHKO, MARK / WALDMAN, DIANE - Mark Rothko.
AR_212_004: ROTHMAN, MITCHELL S. - Uruk, Mesopotamia & (and) Its Neighbors [Neighbours]: Cross-Cultural Interactions in the Era of State Formation.: [SERIES]: School of American Research Advanced Seminar Series..
AR_319_005: ROTHSCHILD, F. S. [SALOMON] - Das Zentralnervensystem als Symbol des Erlebens.
V_1024_213: ROTHSCHILD, FRIEDRICH S. / HES, JOZEF PH. [TR.] - Creation and Evolution.
V_3018_164: ROTHSCHILD, FRIEDRICH S. [SALOMON] / HES, JOZEF [TR.] - Creation and Evolution.
V_1094_43: ROTKIRCHEN, LIVIA - The Destruction of Slovak Jewry: A Documentary History [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
AR_193_011: ROTKIRCHEN, LIVIA - History of the Holocaust: The Jews Bohemia and Movaria [Moravia] [IN HEBREW].
AR_359_003: ROTREKL, ZDENEK - Cestvoni Klinopis [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1091_028: ROTTENBERG, DAN - Finding Our Fathers: A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy.
V_2012_160: ROUAULT, GEORGES - Georges Rouault: Painting, Graphic Work.
AR_168_006: ROUHANA, NADIM N. - Palestinian Citizens in an Ethnic Jewish State: Identities in Conflict.
D_056_027: ROUIR, EUGENE - 150 Ans de Gravure en Belgique.
V_1004_129: ROUMANI, MAURICE M. - The Case of the Jews from Arab Countries: a Neglected Issue - Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
D_253_039: ROUSELLE, ERWIN. - Zum seelischen Führung im Taoismus - ausgewählte Aufsätze.
V_2074_108: ROUSSEAU, G. G. / ZONA, EVA OMODEO [TRANS.] / BRUNO, ANTONINO [INTRODUCTION] - Sul Contratto Sociale: O Principii di Diritto Politico.
SH_017_067: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES / UR, JOSEPH [TR.] / ROTH, LEON [ED.] - Du contrat social: Principes du Droit Politique [IN HEBREW].
MH_01_05: ROUSSEAU, JEAN BAPTISTE - Oeuvres de Jean-Baptiste Rousseau [FOUR VOLUME SET].: Nouvelle édition, revue, corrigée et augmentée sur les manuscrits de l'auteur, et conforme à l'édition in-4º. donnée par M. Seguy..
MA_14_17: ROUTTENBERG, ARYEH / AMICHAI, SANDY [ED.] - The Etzion Bloc in the Hills of Judea [Gush Ezion].
D_031_044: ROUX, GEORGES - La Mésopotamie - Essai d'histoire politique, économique et culturelle.
JT_027: ROVNER, JAY - The Ma'sar Kesafim Ledger of Mordecai Zeev Ehrenpreis of Lvov: With an examination of the practice, and its meaning for the donor.
SH_057_047: ROVNER, JAY - The Ma'sar Kesafim (Income Tithe) Ledger of Mordecai Zeev Ehrenpreis of Lvov - With an Examination of the Practice, and its Meaning for the Donor.
kg_46_038: ROVNER, JAY - Please help me Tithe Unto you. The Ma'sar Kesafum (Income Tithe) Ledger of Mordecai Zeev Ehrenpreis of Levov: With an Examination of the Practice, and its Meaning for the Donor.
MC_16_16: ROWE, ALAN - A catalogue of Egyptian scarabs, scaraboids, seals and amulets in the Palestine Archaeological Museum by Alan Rowe.
v_1013_015: ROWELL, MARGIT (HRSG) - Skulptur im 20. Jahrhundert: Figur - Raumkonstruktion - Prozess.
AR_081_018: ROWLEY, HAROLD HENRY [H. H.] - Sanballat and the Samaritan Temple.
V_1006_56: ROWLEY, H.H. - From Joseph to Joshua: Biblical Traditions in the Light of Archaeology.
V_2005_103: ROYDEN WINCHELL, MARK - Too Good to be True: The Life and Work of Leslie Fiedler.
D_005_104: ROZELAAR, MARC - Het Boek Job: uit het Hebreeuws in Nederlandse verzen overgebracht en an een Ineleiding, Toelichting en Verantwooding voorzien.
SH_012_099: ROZEN, MINNA - Beniamin Abendana: His Wanderings and Adventures in Italy and the Levant, as Related by Francesco de Serino. [IN HEBREW].: Charactersitics of the Iberian Peninsula Jewish Immigrants in the Mediterranean Countries in the Late 16th and Early 17th Centuries.
AR_500_003: ROZEN, MINNA - The Last Ottoman Century and Beyond: The Jews in Turkey and the Balkans, 1808-1945 [TWO VOLUME SET].: [Series]: Publications of the Chair for the History and Culture of the Jews of Salonika and Greece - Book 6 (New Series).
V_2009_127: ROZEN, MINNA [ED. & NOTES] - The Ruins of Jerusalem - A History of Jerusalem Under the Government of Muhammad ibn Farrukh: First Published Anonymously in the Year 1631 in Venice [IN HEBREW].
SH_068_012: ROZEN, MINNA [ED.] - The Ruins of Jerusalem, A history of Jerusalem under the Government of Muhammad Ibn Farrukh [IN HEBREW].
SH_036_014: ROZEN, MINNA / SIMONSOHN, SHLOMO [EDIT.] - The Jewish community of Jerusalem in the seventeenth [17th] century [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Publications of the Diaspora Research Institute - Book 52.
AR_090_005: ROZEN, MINNA - The Last Ottoman Century and Beyond: The Jews in Turkey and the Balkans 1808-1945 - Vol. II [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Publication of the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Canter - No.148 / Publication of the Chair for the History and Culture of the Jews of Salonika and Greece - Book 5 (New Series)..
KG_44_074: ROZENBERG, SILVIA [ED.] - Knights of the Holy Land: The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem.
AR_462_001: ROZENBERG, SILVIA ; MESHORER, YA'AKOV ; LAUREYS-CHACHY, RACHEL ; BAR-NATHAN, RACHEL / NETZER, EHUD [ED.] - Hasmonean and Herodian Palaces at Jericho: Final Reports of the 1973-1987 Excavations [4 VOLUME SET].: [VOL.I]: Stratigraphy and Architecture / [VOL.II]: Stratigraphy and Architecture ; The Coins / [VOL.III]: The Pottery / [VOL.IV]: The Decoration of Herod's Third Palace at Jericho.
AR_234_007: ROZENBERG, SILVIA - Enchanted Landscapes.: Wall Paintings from the Roman Era ; Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem..
ZK_028: ROZENBERG, SILVIA - Hasmonean and Herodian Palaces at Jericho, Volume IV: The Decoration of Herod’s Third Palace at Jericho: Final Reports of the 1973-1987 Excavations.
kg_56_034: ROZENBERG, SILVIA (ED) - Israel Museum Studies in Archaeology. Volume 2.
V_2031_098: ROZENBERG, JACQUES J. - Sense and Nonsense: Philosophical, Clinical and Ethical Perspectives.
V_1026_149: ROZENMAN, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Human Settlement and Regional Development: Presented to Raanan Weitz.
V_1037_177: ROZENMAN, ABRAHAM [ED.] / DEKEL, YEHUDA; RAVID, SHIMEON; ROKACH, AVSHALOM; TZABAN, CHAIM [EDITORIAL COMMITTEE] - Human Settlement and Regional Development - Presented to Raanan Weitz by his Colleagues and Disciples on the occasion of his Retirement as Head of the Settlement Department of the Jewish Agency.
Kg_56_013: ROZENMAN, ABRAHAM - Being of Service: Ruppin and Eshkol [In Hebrew].
MB_04_10: ROZENSON, MOSHEH BEN YOSEF - Shalom mashiah me-Sifre marbei Shalom.: Al shelomah shel malkhut u-mathil li-khevod Aleksander ha-sheni melekh Rusyah..
KG_32_218: ROZENSON, ISRAEL - Jerusalem is No Longer in Lithuania: On Memory and Place [IN HEBREW].
YV_035: ROZETT, ROBERT; SPECTOR, SHMUEL [EDS.] - Encyclopedia of The Holocaust.
YV_318: ROZETT, ROBERT - Conscripted Slaves: Hungarian Jewish Forced Laborers on the Eastern Front during the Second World War.
AR_212_006: ROZIK, ELYAHU - Figurative Elements in the Spanish Poetic Drama (Lope De Vega, P. Calderon, F. Garcia Lorca) [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
AR_052_003: ROZINAS, SAMUELIS - Dailes Parodos Katalogas.
V_1067_059: ROZOV, JORAM - Joram Rozozv / 1998 [SIGNED BY ARTIST].
I_004_012: ROZOV, JORAM - Joram Rozov / 1998.
V_1111_31: RUBASCHOW, SALMAN - Privatwirtschaftliche und Genossenschaftliche Kolonisation in Palästina.
V_1090_134: RUBASCHOW, SALMAN - Privatwirtschaftliche und Genossenschaftliche Kolonisation in Palästina.
AR_356_008: RUBENOVITZ, MIGNON L. - Winecup and Book: The Story of the Darmstädter Haggadah [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [COPY #38 OUT OF 500].
MB_03_03: RUBENS, ALFRED - A Jewish Iconography [LIMITED EDITION OF 650 COPIES].: Revised Edition..
V_1072_27: RUBIEN, FREDERICK W. - Report of the American Olympic Committee: Games of the XIth Olympiad; IVth Olympic Winter Games.
SH_003_113: RUBIN, CARMELA [CURATOR] - Tel-Aviv: a Salute to Tel-Aviv on the occasion of it's 80th Anniversary [IN HEBREW].
AR_329_015: RUBIN, S. [SOLOMON] - Die Mosaische Schöpfungs-Geschichte im Lichte des Evolutionismus und Monismus betrachtet.
MB_02_30: RUBIN, S. [SALOMON] - Heidenthum und Kabbala auf gemeinschaftliche Principien zurückgeführt. [Heidentum; Prinzipien] [IN HEBREW]: Von Dr. S. Rubin..
V_1029_174: RUBIN, SIMON - Das Talmudische Recht: auf den verschiedenen Stufen seiner Entwicklung mit dem römischen verglichen und dargestellt.: I. Abteilung: Personenrecht. I. Buch: Die Sklaverei. Ein Beitrag zur Lehre von den Menschenrechten im Judentume..
BZ_214: RUBIN, REHAV (BUNI) - Portraying the Land: Hebrew Maps of the Land of Israel from Rashi to the Early 20th Century [IN HEBREW].
KG_73_123: RUBIN, REHAV (BUNI) - The Negev as a Settled Land: Urbanization and Settlement in the Desert in the Byzantine Period [IN HEBREW].
D_058_007: RUBIN, RUTH [ED.] / POST, RUTH [PIANO SETTINGS] / ROME, T. HERZL [DRAWINGS] - A Treasury of Jewish Folksong.
V_2036_18: RUBIN, ALFRED - Der SchÖpfer: Dhantasie von Monona.
AR_402_006: RUBIN, CARMELA [CURATOR] - Rubin Museum: Catalogue of the Permanent Collection.
MA_24_03: RUBIN S. [SOLOMON; SALOMON] - Die alte und die neue Philosophie oder Dualismus und Monismus: in gegenseitige Tabellen anschaulich dargestellt von Dr. S. Rubin [IN HEBREW]..
SH_060_052: RUBIN, REUVEN / RUBIN, CARMELA [ED.] - Rubin: Paintings from Public & Private Collections in Israel & Abroad.
SH_067_079: RUBIN MUSEUM - Portraits of Rovina : Exhibition Honouring Rovina's Centenary.
AR_436_008: RUBINGER, DAVID ; CORMAN, RUTH / PERES, SHIMON [INTRO.] / FABRICANT, DAVID [ED.] - Israel Through My Lens: Sixty Years as a Photojournalist [SIGNED BY DAVID RUBINGER].
V_1016_64: RUBINGER, DAVID / KANIUK, YORAM [INTR.] - Witness to an Era [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_94_017: RUBINGER, DAVID / KANIUK, YORAM [INTR.] - Witness to an Era.
V_1057_104: RUBINGER, STEVE L. (PRESIDENT) - Antiqua - Catalogue VIII: Ancient Art & Numismatics.
I_018_007: RUBINSTEIN, GRETTY [GRETTY] - Gretty.
V_2047_137: RUBINSTEIN, AVRAHAM [ED.] - Studies in Hasidism [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Issues in Jewish History - 7.
AR_106_002: RUBINSTEIN, DAN - Genesis: Glasfenster. Stained-Glass Windows: Misgav Ladach Hospital Jerusalem [SIGNED BY DAN RUBINSTEIN].
D_019_148: RUBINSTEIN, HILARY L.; RUBINSTEIN, W.D. - The Jews in Australia: A Thematic History [TWO VOLUME SET].: [VOL. I]: 1788-1945; [VOL. II]: 1945 to Present.
AR_163_014: RUBINSTEIN, HILARY L. - Chosen: The Jews in Australia.
AR_368_021: RUBINSTEIN, SHIMON / RUBINSTEIN, GRETTY [ILLU.] - German Atrocity or British Propaganda: The Seventieth Anniversary of a Scandal: German Corpse Utilization Establishments in the First World War.
V_1084_95: RUBINSTEIN, C. A. - History of Har Sinai Congregation of the City of Baltimore.: Published in Commemoration of the Seventhy-fifth Anniversary of the Incorporation of Har Sinai Congregation.
kg_28_015: RUCKHABERLE, DIETER (DIREKTOR) - Christian Schad.
D_235_021: RUDERSHAUSEN, JUTTA - Die polnische Seehandelspolitik: Osteuropäische Forschungen: Neue Folge / Band, 21.
D_070_071: RUDHYAR, DANE - The Pulse of Life: New Dynamics in Astrology.
V_2009_187_: RUDICH, M. [MAYER] - Izkor: Poemul umbrelor funebre [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_3011_106: RUDIN-O'BRASKY, TALIA - The Patriarch in Hebron and Sodom (Genesis 18-19) : A Study of the Structure and Composition of a Biblical Story [IN HEBREW].
AR_325_007: RUDMAN, SARAH & WALDMAN, STANLEY [EDS. - The 1936 Broeklundian.
SH_055_048: RUDNITSKY, ISRAEL ; SHEIN, YAKOV [ED.] / ROSENTHALIS, MOSHE [ILLU.] - The Road to Victory: Jewish Soldiers of the 16th Lithuanian Division- 1942-1945 [SIGNED BY YAKOV SHEIN] [IN HEBREW].
V_2058_101: RUDY, ZVI - The Sociology of the Jewish People [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
AR_074_016: RUEDA, JULIO JIMENEZ - Herejias y Supersticiones en la Nueva Espana: Los Heterodoxos en Mexico.: [SERIES]: Universidad Nacional Autonoma D/de Mexico Monografias Historicas - I.
D_39_129: RUMPF, GERNOT UND BARBARA / KOHL, HELMUT [FORWARD] - Der Lowenbrunnen zu Jerusalem.
AR_408_018: RUNDT, ARTUR ; BERMANN, RICHARD A. - Palastina.
V_1101_63: RUNDT, ARTUR & BERMANN, RICHARD A. - PalÄstina : Ein Reisenbuch.
V_1098_11: RUNDT, ARTUR / BERMANN, RICHARD A. - PalÄstina: Ein Reisebuch.
KG_59_073: RUPPIN, ARTHUR [ED.] - Zeitschrift für Demographie und Statistik der Juden - I. Jahrgang [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Redaktion: Dr. Arthur Ruppin. Herausgegeben vom Bureau für Statistik der Juden: Berlin - Halensee, Georg - Wilhelmstrasse 22..
KG_59_075: RUPPIN, ARTHUR [ED.] - Zeitschrift für Demographie und Statistik der Juden - II. Jahrgang [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Redaktion: Dr. Arthur Ruppin. Herausgegeben vom Bureau für Statistik der Juden, Berlin - Halensee..
KG_116_050: RUPPIN, ARTHUR / BLAU, BRUNO [EDS.] - Zeitschrift für Demographie und Statistik der Juden - VIII. Jahrgang [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: Herausgegeben vom Bureau für Statistik der Juden, Berlin C., An der Spandauerbrücke 15. Begründet von Dr. Arthur Ruppin. Schriftleitung [Redigiert von]: Dr. Bruno Blau..
MB_02_02: RUPPIN, ARTHUR; NOSSIG, ALFRED; SEGALL, JACOB [SEGAL]; JACOBS, JOSEPH; TRAP, CORDT; ROTHOLZ, JULIUS; THON, JAKOB; BLAU, BRUNO; ET AL. - Statistik der Juden: Eine Sammelschrift.: Herausgegeben vom Bureau für Statistik der Juden..
MA_21_32: RUPPIN, ARTHUR [RUPIN, ARTUR] / DICKES, E. W. [TR.] - The Jewish Fate and Future [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
I_005_008: RUPPIN, ARTHUR - Three Decades of Palestine - Speeches and Papers on the Upbuilding of the Jewish National Home.
KG_59_076: RUPPIN, ARTHUR [ED.] - Zeitschrift für Demographie und Statistik der Juden - IV. Jahrgang [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Herausgegeben vom Bureau für Statistik der Juden: Berlin - Halensee, Johann Sigismundstr. 3. Redaktion: Dr. Arthur Ruppin..
V_1109_21: RUPPIN, ARTHUR - The Jews in the Modern World: The Jewish People: History, Religion, Literature.
D_76_053: RUPPIN, ARTHUR - Die Juden der Gegenwart: Eine Sozialwissenschaftliche Studie.
AR_318_008: RUPPIN, A. - Syrien als Wirtschaftsgebiet.
D_249_121: RUPPIN, ARTUR - Dreissig Jahre Aufbau in Palästina [CONTAINS MAP].
V_2032_167: RUPPIN, ARTHUR - Die jüdische Landwirtschaftliche Kolonisation in Russland: Separatausdruck aus der Zeitschrift "Palästina, Wien.
AR_049_002: RUPPIN, ARTHUR - Soziologie der Jüden - Band Zwei: Der Kampf der Jüden um ihre Zukunft [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_510_016: RUPRECHT, THEODOR - Benjamin Franklin's Leben und Schriften.: Bildungs-Halle im Sinne und Geiste unserer Zeit für alle Stände - fünfter Band.
KG_56_083: RUSE, MICHAEL - Monad to Man: The Concept of Progress in Evolutionary Biology.
D_014_150: RUSE, CHRISTINA; REIF, JOSEPH A.; LEVY, YA'ACOV - Oxford Student's Dictionary for Hebrew Speakers [English-English-Hebrew].
V_1028_118: RUSH, RICHARD / RUSH, BENJAMIN [ED.] - The Court of London. From 1819 to 1825: with subsequent occasional productions, now first published in Europe.: With an Alphabetical Index.
V_2021_164: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence.
KG_67_214: RUSKIN, HILLEL AND SIVAN, ATARA (ED.) - Leisure Education in School Systems: Curricula, Strategies, Training Human Resources.
SH_044_047: RUSSELL, BERTRAND / STERNBERG, M. [TRANS.] / ROTH, LEON [EDIT] - The Problems of Philosophy [IN HEBREW].
V_1006_13: RUSSELL, JANE - An Autobiography.
H_28_123: RUSSOLI, FRANCO / MARTINI, ALBERTO - I Maestri Del Colore [111 VOLUMES IN 10 Portfolios].
D_273_024: RUST, JAMES H. - Nuclear Power Plant Engineering.
Kg_116_004: RUST, JOHANN NEP. [ED.] - Magazin für die gesammte Heilkunde, mit besonderer beziehung auf das allgemeine Sanitäts - Wesen im Konigl. Preussischen Staate: Ein und dreissigster Band [VOLUME 31 ONLY]: Mit dem Bildnisse des Herrn Dr. Friedrich Jäger und zwei anderen Kupfertafeln.
AR_261_016: RUTGERS, LEONARD V. [ED.] - What Athens Has to Do with Jerusalem: Essays on Classical, Jewish, and Early Christian Art and Archaeology in Honor of Gideon Foerster.: [SERIES]: Interdisciplinary Studies in Ancient Culture and Religion - 1.
AR_070_007: RUTH LITAI-JACOBY - The Synagogues of Bar'am [Baram]: Jerusalem Ossuaries.: [SERIES]: Jerusalem Index of Jewish Art - Ancient Jewish Art, Volume 10..
KG_93_63: RUTKOWSKI, ADAM / STEMPLEBERG, HERMAN [ED.] - Meczenstwo Walka, Zaglada Zydow w Polsce 1939-1945.
V_1048_72: RYCHNER, MAX - Karl Kraus.
KG_05_142: RYCHNER, MAX - Lavinia: oder die Suche nach Worten [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Kg_91_04: RÜCKERT, FRIEDRICH - Der leipziger Jahrmarkt.
D_090_078: RYCKMANS, G. / NASTER, P. - Grammaire Accadienne: Bibliotheque du Museon: Volume 6.
MC_24_31: RYCKMANS, G. [GONZAGUE] - Les Noms Propres Sud-Sémitiques par G. Ryckmans. [3 VOLUMES BOUND IN 2]: [SERIES]: Bibliotheque du Muséon - 2. [Tome I]: Répertoire Analytique. / [Tome II]: Répertoires Alphabétiques. / [Tome III]: Concordance Générale des Inscriptions Sud-Sémitiques..
Kg_79_094_: RYCZYWOL, BER - Jak Przezylem Niemiecka Okupacje [IN YIDDISH].
V_1104_62: RÜHLE-GERSTEL, ALICE - Freud und Adler: Elementare Einführung in Psychoanalyse und Individualpsychologie.
AR_393_009: RYSSEL, VICTOR / VON ORELLI, CONRAD - Die Synonyma des Wahren und Guten in den semitischen Sprachen / Der nationale Charakter der alttestamentlichen Religion [TWO BOOKS BOUND IN ONE].
AR_307_023: RÖDIGER, E. [ED.] - Wilhelm Gesenius' hebräisches Elementarbuch.
V_1101_21: RÖHR , JOHANN FRIDRICH - PalÄstina oder historisch-geographische Beschreibung des JÜdischen Landes zur Zeit Jesu.: Zur Beförderung einer anschaulichen Kenntniss der evangelischen Geschichte für christliche Religionslehrer und gebildete Bibelleser.
V_1045_70: S. J. ANDRES FERNANDEZ - El profeta Isaias Caudillo y salvador de su pueblo: Second Vol. of Florilegio Biblico.
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AR_198_004: SAMMTER, A. - Mischnaiot: Die sechs Ordnungen der Mischna. Hebräischer Text mit Punktionen - Teil I - Ordnung Seraim [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_061_011: SAMOSORN, PAIROTE - E-Sarn Mural Paintings.: The Survey and Photography of E-Sarn Murals Project..
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V_1025_115: SCHAARY, DAVID - The Cyprus Detention Campus for Jewish Illegal Immigrants to Palestine: 1946-1949 [IN HEBREW]: Series of Studies and Sources of The Institute for Zionist Research Founded in Memory of Chaim Weizmann: The Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies, Tel-Aviv University.
D_260_059_: SCHABTAI HA-SOFER / BERLINER, A. [ABRAHAM] - Abhandlung über den Siddur des Schabtai ha-Sofer [Shabbethai Ben Isaac] aus Przemysl [FACSIMILE EDITION].: Auf Grund der einzigen Handschrift in der Bibliothek des Bet ha-Midrasch in London..
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V_1059_86_: SCHACHTEL, HYMAN JUDAH. - The Life You Want to Live. First Edition.
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V_1010_028: SCHAIC-DIDOLINKO, BOZIDAR (TRANS.) - Dr. Laza K. Lazarevic's schönste Erzählungen: Der Schöpfer der serbischen zeitgenössischen Erzählung.
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D_082_055: SCHAMA, SIMON - The Rothschilds and the Land of Israel [IN HEBREW].
MB_04_17: SCHAMROTH, LEO; SEGAL, FAY - An Introduction to Congenital Heart Disease.
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KG_77_112: SCHAPIRO, ISRAEL - Die Haggadischen Elemente im erzählenden Teil des Korans - Erstes Heft: [SERIES]: Schriften, herausgegeben von der Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft des Judentums.
V_1094_57: SCHAPIRO, T.P - Meshal Ha-Kadmoni [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW]: [Serie]: From the Literary Manuscripts of T.P Schapiro - Volume One.
D_026_120: SCHAPIRO, ISRAEL - Die haggadischen Elemente im erzählenden Teil des Korans.: [SERIES]: Schriften, herausgegeben von der Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft der Judentum.
I_030_045: SCHAPIRO, MEYER [PREFACE] / AVI YONAH, MICHAEL [INTRO.] - Israel: Mosaicos Antiguos.
MB_04_39: SCHAPIRO, A. - Bibel und Natur - Betrachtungen und Deutungen von A. Schapiro.
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AR_436_005: SCHARFSTEIN, ZEVI [ED.] - Otzar Harayonoth V'Hapitgamim: Lexicon of Ideas and Epigrams Quotations from Classical and Modern Hebrew Literature [3 VOLUME SET][IN HEBREW].
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SH_029_110: SCHATZKER, CHAIM - Jewish Youth in Germany between Judaism and Germanism [IN HEBREW].: The Path of Jewish Youth from Judaism to Germanism and the Return to Judaism, Zionism and Halutziut..
V_2076_166: SCHATZKES, M. A. [MOSES AARON] - Hamafteach oder der Schlussel [IN HEBREW. RASHI SCRIPT].
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V_1090_10: SCHAUB, DANIELLE - Fictional Worlds of Disintegratio: Mavis Gallant's Short Stories.
V_3006_73: SCHAUSS, HAYYIM - The Prophets of Israel : Book One - Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
D_033_119: SCHAY, RUDOLF - Juden in der deutschen Politik: Mit 16 Bildnissen auf Tafeln.
I_036_039: SCHECHET, NITA - Disenthralling Ourselves [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].: Rethoric of Revenge and Reconciliation in Contemporary Israel..
MC_24_10: SCHECHTER, SOLOMON [SHNEUR ZALMAN]; POZNANSKI, SAMUEL / YAARI, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Solomon Schechter's Letters to Samuel Poznanski [IN HEBREW].: [Igrot Shneur Zalman Shechter el Shmuel Avraham Poznanski].
V_2058_41: SCHECHTER, S. (ED.) - Talmudic Fragments in the Bodleian Library: I. Fragment of the Talmud Babli, Tractate Kerithoth of the zear 1123, the oldest dated MS. of this talmud. II. Fragment of the Talmud Jerushalmi, Tractate Berachoth.
KG_06_190: SCHECHTMAN, JOSEPH B. - The Vladimir Jabotinsky Story [TWO VOLUME SET].: [VOL.I]: Rebel and Statesman - The Early Years, 1880-1923 / [VOL.II]: Fighter and Prophet - The Last Years, 1923-1940..
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AR_308_005: SCHEFER, LEOPOLD - Laienbrevier.
V_1110_69: SCHEFFLER, KARL - Max Liebermann: Mit einem Porträt nach einer Photographischen Aufnahme und Vierzig Tafeln mit Abbildungen nach Gemälden, Zeichnungen und Radierungen.
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AR_102_011: SCHEFTELOWITZ, ELCHANAN ERWIN - The Family Law and its Jurisdiction of the Jews in Israel [IN HEBREW].
V_2007_160: SCHEFTELOWITZ, ERWIN ELCHANAN - The Jewish Law of Family and Inheritance and its Application in Palestine.
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AR_479_001: SCHÖNHAK, JOSEPH ; LINDERMAN, S.B. ; FULD, AARON - Sefer Ha-Miluim Le-Aruch / Sefer Sarid Ba-Arachin / Sefer Ha-Mashbir / Sefer Hagahot He-Aruch [FIVE VOLUME SET][IN HEBREW].: [VOL. I]: Sefer Ha-Miluim Le-Aruch: A Dictionary to the Talmud and Midrashim / [VOL. II]: Sefer Sarid Ba-Arachin: Explanations, Emendations and Corrections to the Aruch / [VOL. III+IV]: Sefer Ha-Mashbir: A Dictionary to the Talmud and Midrashim / [VOL. V]: Sefer Hagahot He-Aruch and with it Kuntres Moreh Be-Ezba.
D_236_080: SCHÖNHAK, I. B. - Hamiluim oder Masbir Hachadasch: Aramäisch - Rabinisch [Rabbinisch] - Deutsches Wörterbuch. Ergenzung zu dem Hamasbir oder Aruch. [IN HEBREW].
MB_02_24: SCHÖNHAK, I. B. - Hamasbir oder Aruch Hachadasch / Hamiluim oder Masbir Hachadasch [2 VOLUME SET].: Aramäisch - Rabinisch [Rabbinisch] - Deutsches Wörterbuch. Ergenzung zu dem Hamasbir oder Aruch von I. B. Schönhak..
V_2070_86: SCHÖPPNER, A. - Sagenbuch der Bayerischen Lande - aus dem Munde des Volkes, der Chronik und der Dichter - Neuer Volks-Ausgabe in 3 Bänden - III. Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1125_43: SCHÖTZ, DIONYS - Erstes und zweites Buch der MakkabÄer: Das Alte Testament, herausgegeben von Friedrich Nötscher.
KG_52_144: SCIAKY, I. - Philosophic Thought in its Historicak Development - Vol. II: From Early Christianity to Machiavelli [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
D_260_014: SCOTT, WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
V_1107_105: SCOTT, ROBERT LEE JR. - Flying Tiger: Chennault of China [IN HEBREW].
V_1074_89: SCOTT, ROBERT LEE JR. - Flying Tiger: Chennault of China [IN HEBREW].
H56_07: SCOTT, JOHN - Paris Revisited in 1815 by way of Brussels: Including a Walk over the Field of Battle.
V_1084_12: SCUDDER, VIDA DUTTON - The Franciscan Adventure: A Study in the First Hundred Years of the Order of St. Francis of Assisi.
V_1068_43: SCUDDER, JARED W. - Sallust's Catiline: With Parallel Passages from Cicero's Orations against Catiline.
V_2007_107: SEBAAGH, SIMON - Louanges et Prieres (Tehila Utefila): Psaumes Choisis [IN HEBREW].
V_1050_145: SECRET, FRANCOIS / ZOCCATELLI, PIERLUIGI [TR.] - I Cabbalisti Cristiani del Rinascimento.
I_035_027: SED RAJNA, GABRIELLE / NARKISS, BEZALEL [INTRO.] - Ancient Jewish Art - East and West.
MB_03_11: SED-RAJNA, GABRIELLE [INTR.] - Lisbon Bible: 1482 [FACSIMILE EDITION].: British Library Or. 2626..
V_3006_72: SED-RAJNA, GABRIELLE [INTR.] - Lisbon Bible 1482 - British Library Or. 2626 [FACSIMILE EDITION].
SH_022_045: SED-RAJNA, GABRIELLE / BACON, JOSEPHINE [TR.] - The Hebraic Bible In Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts.: With 180 Illustrations in Color..
AR_304_001: SED-RAJNA, GABRIELLE [INTR.] - Lisbon Bible, 1482: British Library Or. 2626.
V_1051_091: SEDILLOT, L. A. - Histoire des Arabes.
AR_108_008: SEE, GENEVIEVE ; BAUX, JEAN-PIERRE - Naissance de l'Urbanisme dans la Vallée du Nil.: [Series]: La Route Millenaire.
I_013_015: SEEBASS, ADOLF / TSCHICHOLD, JAN - Andreas Vesalius' De Humani Corporis Fabrica.
SH_067_060: SEELIGMANN, I. L - Studies in Biblical Literature.
V_1081_118: SEELIGMANN, ISAC LEO / SMEND, RUDOLF / BLUM, ERHARD [ED.] - Gesammelte Studien zur Hebräischen Bibel.: [SERIES]: Forschungen zum alten Testament 41 [FAT]..
I_011_045: SEFFER, GABRIEL [ED.] - The Struggle for the State [IN HEBREW].
V_1014_012: SEGAL, JEHOSHUA - Jehoshua Segal: Sculptures: 50 Years of Creating.
YV_319: SEGAL, RAZ / GREENWOOD, NAFTALI [TRANS] - Days of Ruin: The Jews of Munkacs During the Holocaust.
V_1079_02: SEGAL, BINJAMIN - Die Polnische Judenfrage.
AR_244_018: SEGAL, BEN-ZION [ED.] - The Ten Commandments: As Reflected in Tradition and Literature Throughout the Ages [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Publications of the Perry Foundation for Biblical Research in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem..
SH_028_014: SEGAL, ARTHUR [ED.] - Aspects of Theatre and Culture in the Graeco-Roman World [Greco-Roman] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
SH_071_010: SEGAL, URI PHEIBUSH SON OF ISAC EISIK - The Copenhagen Haggadah: Altona-Hamburg, 1739 [FACSIMILE EDITION] [IN SLIP CASE][IN HEBREW].
D_005_157: SEGAL, ELIEZER - From Sermon to Commentary: Expounding the Bible in Talmudic Babylonia.: [SERIES]: Studies in Christianity and Judaism / Etudes sur le christianisme et le judaisme - 17.
D_142_131: SEGAL, M. ; DAGUT, M. B. [EDS.] - English - Hebrew / Hebrew - English Dictionary of Contemporary Israeli Hebrew.
V_2030_87: SEGAL, LESTER A. - Historical Consciousness and Religious Tradition in Azariah de' Rossi's Me'or 'Einayim.
D_244_066: SEGAL, ZEEV - Standing Before the Supreme Court Sitting as a High Court of Justice [HEBREW].
V_1057_134: SEGAL, M. H. - The Pentateuch: its composition and its authorship and other biblical studies.
AR_072_022: SEGAL, ARTHUR - The Planning of the Cities Along the Via Traiana Nova in the Roman Period.: Thesis submitted for the degree Doctor of Philosophy..
SH_016_001: SEGAL, ARTHUR - Shivta: Plan and Architecture of a Byzantine Town in the Negev [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1108_109: SEGAL, BINJAMIN - Der Weltkrieg und das Schicksal des jüdischen Volkes: Stimme eines galizischen Juden an seine Glaubensgenossen in den neutralen Ländern insbesondere in Amerika.
AR_480_004: SEGAL, ZEEV - Standing Before the Supreme Court Sitting as a High Court of Justice [IN HEBREW].
AR_329_013: SEGAL, D.; MOSKOVICH, W.; TAUBE, M. [EDS.] - Slavica Hierosolymitana - Slavic Studies of the Hebrew University: Volume VII [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
KG_50_043: SEGAL, BATYA / BARSKY, VIVIANNE - The Printer's Imprint: Twenty Years of the Jerusalem Print Workshop.
I_027_022: SEGAL, ZELIG / FISHOF, IRIS; ZALMONA, YIGAL [CURATORS] - In a Single Statement: Works by Zelig Segal.
V_1057_42: SEGAL, M. H. - The Pentateuch: its composition and its authorship and other biblical studies.
V_1059_88: SEGALOWICZ, Z. - Itzter - Now. [IN YIDDISH].
kg_47_007: SEGALOWITSCH, BORIS - Benjamin Disraelis Orientalismus.
kg_47_008: SEGALOWITSCH, BORIS - Benjamin Disraelis Orientalismus.
kg_47_005: SEGALOWITSCH, BORIS - Benjamin Disraelis Orientalismus.
kg_47_006: SEGALOWITSCH, BORIS - Benjamin Disraelis Orientalismus.
ME_02_10: SEGEL, ZVI HIRSCH. ZWEIFEL, LAZAR. TIRNA, ISAAC. IBN SHAPRT, SHEM TOV. - Four 19th Century Hebrew Books [OMNIBUS]: Haggadah Shel Pessach / Likute Zvi / Sefer Ha-Minhagim / Sefer Pardes Rimonim.
AR_119_017: SEGER, JOE D. - Tomb Offerings from Gezer.
KG_49_120: SEGER, JOE. D. [ED.] - Retrieving the Past : Essays on Archaeological Research and Methodology in Honor of Gus W. Van Beek.
V_1116_82: SEGER, J. D. / ROSENBAUM, J. - Climbing the steps of time.
ZK_035: SEGER, J.D. - Gezer V: The Field I Caves: Gezer Excavation Reports.
V_2050_169_: SEGEV, TOM / WERCHOWSKI, KATHERINE [TR.] - Simon Wiesenthal : L'Homme qui Refusait D'Oublier.
D_033_080: SEGHERS, ANNA - The Seventh Cross [IN HEBREW].
ME_06_21: SEGHROUN, MARDOUCHEE - Sefer Ma'amar Mordechai: Part I [DJERBA, 1948].
SH_061_024: SEGRE, RENATA [ED.] - The Jews in Piedmont [IN ENGLISH AND ITALIAN] [THREE VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: A Documentary History of the Jews of Italy. [VOL.I]: 1297-1582 / [VOL.II]: 1582-1723 / [VOL.III]: 1724-1798 and Index..
AR_403_011: SEGRE, RENATA ; SIMONSOHN, SHLOMO [ED.] - The Jews in Piedmont - Volume One 1297-1582 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: A Documentary History of the Jews of Italy.
SA_056: SEGRE, RENATA - The Jews in Piedmont, Volume Two: 1582-1723.
SA_057: SEGRE, RENATA - The Jews in Piedmont, Volume Three: 1724-1798 and Index.
SA_055: SEGRE, RENATA - The Jews in Piedmont, Volume One: 1297-1582.
SH_061_025: SEGRE, RENATA [ED.] - The Jews in Piedmont [THREE VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: A Documentary History of the Jews of Italy. [VOL.I]: 1297-1582 / [VOL.II]: 1582-1723 / [VOL.III]: 1724-1798 and Index..
D_024_147: SEGRE, RENATA [ED.] - The Jews in Piedmont Vol. I - 1582-1297 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: A Documentary History of the Jews of Italy.
D_73_057: SEHAYIK, SHAUL - In the Path of Fulfillment: Integration of Iraqi Zionist Pioneering Youth Into Eretz-Yisrael Settlement [in Hebrew].
SH_077_007: SEHAYIK, SHAUL - Women Comrades in the Underground: The Integration of Young Women in the Hehalutz Underground Movement in Iraq [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Studies in the History and Culture of Babylonian Jewry: 12.
D_017_059: SEIBERT, ILSE - Hirt - Herde - König - zur Herausbildung des Königstums in Mesopotamien: Mit 64 Strichzeichnungen und 5 Photographien.
V_1092_076: SEIDEL, MOSES - Hikre Lashon (Linguistic Studies) [IN HEBREW].
V_3012_05: SEIDL, E./ KOROSEC, V./ PRITSCH, E./ SPIES, O. - Hanbuch der Orientalistik Erste Abteilung Erganzungsband III: Orientalisches Recht.
D_034_120: SEIDMAN, NAOMI - A Marriage Made in Heaven: The Sexual Politics of Hebrew and Yiddish.
V_1063_81: SEIDMAN, AARON, BEAR - Numbered Days: Poems by Rabbi Aaron Bear Seidman.
D_082_116: SEIDMANN, LUDWIG ELIAS - Pascal und das Alte Testament [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_2058_08: SEINGUERLET, E. - L'Alsace Francaise: Strasbourg pendant La Revolution.
V_1117_47: SEITZ, WILLIAM C. - Hans Hofmann: With Selected Writings by the Artist.
D_143_042: SELA, AVRAHAM - The Palestinian Ba'ath: The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party in the West Bank Under Jordan (1948-1967) [IN HEBREW]: The Harry S. Truman Research Institute of the Advancement of Peace.
AR_479_005: SELA-SALDINGER, ELIAHU - A Torn Chord Trembling in the Dark [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH WITH ENGLISH SYNOPSIS] [TWO VOLUME SET].: [VOL. I]: A Study of Yaakov Friedman's Literary Works (1927-1939) / [VOL. II]: Yaakov Friedman's Forgotten Literary Works (1927-1937). With Parallel Hebrew Translation..
AR_523_010: SELA-SALDINGER, ELIAHU - A Torn Chord Trembling in the Dark- Volume 1: A Study of Yaakov Friedman's Literary Works (1927-1928) [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
MC_22_05: SELECT COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS ON THE SWEATING SYSTEM - Third Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the Sweating System; with the Minutes of Evidence and Appendix.: Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be Printed, 24 May 1889..
MC_22_01: SELECT COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS ON THE SWEATING SYSTEM - Fourth Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on the Sweating System; with the Minutes of Evidence and Appendix.: Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be Printed, 17 August 1889..
MA_20_26: SELER, EDUARD - Comentarios al Codice Borgia [TWO VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Seccion de Obras de Antropologia..
V_1116_12: SELIGER, PAUL (HRSG.) - Darwin: Auswahl aus seinen Schriften.
Kg_89_035: SELIGMAN, N./ ROSENSAFT, Z./ TADMOR, N./ KATZENELSON, J./ NAVEH, Z. - Natural Pasture of Israel - Vegetation, Carrying Capacity and Improvement [IN HEBREW].
I_017_062: SELIGMANN, CAESAR - Geschichte der Jüdischen Reformbewegung von Mendelssohn bis zur Gegenwart.
AR_362_004: SELIGMANN, C. - Hagadah.: Liturgie für die häusliche Feier der Sederabende in deutscher Sprache ; mit Bildern aus einer handschriftlichen Amsterdamer Hagada vom Jahre 1738 im Besitz des Herrn Dr. Linel in Frankfurt a. M..
Kg_90_071: SELIGSBERG, M. H. - Moralische Vorlesungen: Über die 5 Bücher Mosis.
AR_319_004: SELIKOVITSCH, G. [TRANS.] - Memorial Prayers and Meditations.
KG_61_135: SELMANOVITZ, ABRAHAM YIZHAK / SELMANOVITZ, ESTHER [ED.] - Zekher Abraham Yizhak: A Treatise of Torah Lectures and Responsa Written by the Late Rabbi Abraham Yizhak Selmanovitz.: Served as a Rosh Yeshivah at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University, and Was the Spiritual Leader of Congregations Talmud Torah Anshei Emeth and Beth Aaron Anshei Sfard of Williamsburg, Brooklyn..
AR_511_022: SELTZER, THOMAS / CARCO, FRANCIS - The First Five Years / The Hounded Man.
V_1048_98: SELVIN, DAVID F. - A Terrtible Anger: The 1934 Waterfront and General Strikes in San Francisco.
Kg_76_016: SEM - La Ronde de Nuit: 120 Dessins de Sem - Gravure de L. André / Ouvrage Inédit.
AR_027_003: SEMPRUN, JORGE / COVERDALE, LINDA [TR.] - Literature or Life [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_19_197: SENECAE, L. ANNAEI / KAMINKA, A. [TRANS.] - Naturalium quaestionum: libri VII Ad Polybium De Consolatione [IN HEBREW].
D_085_096: SENGER, VALENTIN - Kaiserhofstrasse 12 [IN HEBREW].
AR_392_012: SEPHIHA, HAIM VIDAL [ED.] - Mélanges Offerts a Charles Vincent Aubrun : Tome I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1039_189: SEPTIMUS, BERNARD - Hispano-Jewish Culture in Transition: The Career and Controversies of Ramah: [SERIES]: Harvard Judaic Monographs - 4..
AR_507_013: SEPTIMUS, BERNARD - Hispano-Jewish Culture in Transition: The Career and Controversies of Ramah [Meir ben Todros HaLevi Abulafia].: [SERIES]: Harvard Judaic Monographs - 4..
V_1117_52: SERGEANT, ELIZABETH SHEPLEY - Short as Any Dream.
D_060_009: SERGEANT, PHILIP W. - The Empress Josephine: Napoleon's Enchantress: Vol.II [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: With 34 Illustrations.
D_259_002: SERI, SHALOM [ED.] - Se'i Yona: Yemenite Jews in Israel [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY HAIM HERZOG].
AR_275_002: SERI, SHALOM [ED.] - Se'i Yona: Yemenite Jews in Israel [IN HEBREW WITH ABSTRACT].
D_245_045_: SERIFOGLU, ÖMER FARUK / ALI RIZA, HOCA - Hoca Ali Riza 1858 - 1930.
Kg_47_061: SERMOND, H. (ZUSAMMENGESTELLT) - Sammlung beliebter deutscher Volkslieder: für Schule, Haus und Leben. I Heft - Zunächst für Unter- und Mittelklassen der Elementarschulen.
AR_288_021: SERMONETA, G. ; BONFIL, R. [ED.] - Italia: Studi e Ricerche Sulla Storia, la Cultura e la Letteratura Degli Ebrei d'Italia / Periodical for Research in the History, Culture and Literature of the Jews of Italy - Volume IV no. 2 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1036_146: SERMONETA, GIUSEPPE - Centro Ricerche e Studi delle Testimonianze Medievali e Moderne del Giudaismo Italiano.
V_1112_22: SEROUYA, HENRI - La Kabbale: Ses Origines, sa Psychologie Mystique, sa Metaphysique.
D_237_063: SERRANO Y SANZ, M. - Autobiografias y Memorias.: [SERIES]: Nueva Biblioteca de Autores Espanoles bajo la Direccion del Marcelino Menendes y Pelayo.
KG_40_215: SERRANO, MIGUEL - La Serpiente del Paraiso.
AR_086_005: SERRANO, LUCIANO - Los Conversos D. Pablo de Santa Maria y D. Alfonso de Cartagena.: Obispos de Burgos, Gobernantes, Diplomaticos y Escritores.
AR_467_002: SERVICE GEOGRAPHIQUE DE L'ARMEE - Nouvelles Tables De Logarithmes: A Cinq Decimales Pour Les Lignes Trigonometriques Dans Les Deux Systemes de la Division Centesimale et de la Division Sexagesimale du Quadrant Et Pour Les Nombres de 1 A 12000 Suivies Des Memes Tables a Quarte Decimales et de Diverses Tables et Formules Usuelles.
V_1003_039: SERVOTTE, J. V. - Duits Woordenboek: Nederlands-Duits / Duits-Nederlands.
I_038_002: SETER, MORDECAI - Sabbath Cantata for Soloists, Mixed Choir & String Orchestra.
AR_153_014: SEUPHOR, MICHEL - Piet Mondrian: Leben und Werk.
SH_064_055: SEVENIER-GABRIEL, NERI / TESSLER, DALIA ; MALKIEL, BRENDA ; HARRIS, ASHER [ ED.] / LEVITAS, ALEXANDER [ILLU.] - Thesaurus of Idioms and Phrases: English-Hebrew-English.
MA_03_17: SEVERINO, MARCO AURELIO [ALT.: SEVERINUS, MARCUS AURELIUS] - Marci Aurelii Severini... de Abscessuum Recondita Natura, Libri VIII.: Editio novissima, multis Iconibus aere incisis ornata ac locupletiori rerum, verborum & historiarum, indice donata. Accedunt & Clarissimorum Virorum judicia super hunc de recondita Abscessuum natura Tractatum..
V_1128_13: SEYDEWITZ, RUTH A. MAX - Das Dresdener Galerie Buch: vierhundert Jahre dresdener Gemäldegalerie.
D_034_055: SEYDEWITZ, RUTH. SEYDEWITZ, MAX - Anti-Semitism in West Germany.
V_1026_140: SEYMOUR SIEGEL; ELLIOT GERTEL [ED.] - God in the Teachings of Conservative Judaism: Emet Ve'emunah: Studies in Conservative Jewish Thought: Vol. III.
MA_06_22: SEZGIN, FUAT - Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums - Band IV : Alchimie-Chemie, Botanik-Agrikultur bis ca. 430 H. von Fuat Sezgin. [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_2051_164: SFORNO, OBADIAH / PELCOVITZ, RAPHAEL [TR.] - Sforno - Commentary on the Torah - Bereishis, Shmo's [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
D_059_028: SHABATH, SARAH - Vi A Feder in Vinth: Poems [IN YIDDISH].
D_004_136: SHABATH, SARAH / JARDEN, DOV [TRANS.] - From Home to Home (From Neswezh to Beth Alpha): Poems [IN HEBREW].
SH_038_019: SHABBETAI, ZEKHARYA [SHABTAI, ZECHARYA; ZECHARIAH; ZACHARIAH] - Jewish Merchants and Craftsmen in the Old City of Jerusalem in the Past: Personalities, Characters and Sites [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
ME_11_26: SHABBETHAI BEN ISAAC HA-SOPHER [SCHABTAI HA-SOFER] / BERLINER, A. [ABRAHAM, ADOLF] [INTR.] - Abhandlung über den Siddur des Schabtai ha-Sofer [Shabbethai Ben Isaac] aus Przemysl [FIRST PRINTED EDITION]: Auf Grund der einzigen Handschrift in der Bibliothek des Bet ha-Midrasch in London..
MA_15_16: SHABBETHAI BEN ISAAC HA-SOPHER [SCHABTAI HA-SOFER] / BERLINER, A. [ABRAHAM, ADOLF] [INTR.] - Abhandlung über den Siddur des Schabtai ha-Sofer [Shabbethai Ben Isaac] aus Przemysl [FIRST PRINTED EDITION]: Auf Grund der einzigen Handschrift in der Bibliothek des Bet ha-Midrasch in London.
KG_117_003: SHACHAK, CHAIM - English-Hebrew International Trade Lexicon: Terms, Abbreviations, Glossaries and Definitions.
AR_442_013: SHACHAN, AVIGDOR - In the Footsteps of the Lost Ten Tribes.
AR_442_009: SHACHAN, AVIGDOR - In the Footsteps of the Lost Ten Tribes [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_491_009: SHACHAR, ISAIAH / GRAFMAN, R. [TRAN.] - Jewish Tradition in Art: The Feuchtwanger Collection of Judaica.
AR_290_001: SHACHAR, ISAIAH / GRAFMAN, R. [TRANS.] - Jewish Tradition in Art: The Feuchtwanger Collection of Judaica.
V_2040_122: SHACHTER, H. ; MERHAVIA, H. [ED.] - Dictionary of English Idioms.
D_051_046: SHACHTER, JACOB ; FREEDMAN, H. [TRANS.] / EPSTEIN, I. [ED.] - Tractate Sanhedrin.: Hebrew-English Edition of the Babylonian Talmud.
AR_296_008: SHACHTER, MELECH - The Babylonian and Jerusalem Mishnah: Texually Compared [IN HEBREW. SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
AR_232_013: SHACHTER, JACOB - The Book of Proverbs in Talmudic Literature [IN HEBREW].
V_1077_78: SHADMI, MENACHEM - Chapters of Study, as Stepping Stones of Philosophical and Critical Thinking [IN HEBREW].
KG_117_070: SHAH, IKBAL ALI - Kamal: Maker of Modern Turkey.
V_2023_156: SHAHAM, NATHAN - Utopia- Sixty Years Later[IN HEBREW].
KG_44_002: SHAHAM, DAVID [ED.] - Jewish Ghettos in Italy: Venice - Rome.
MC_22_02: SHAHAR, ARIEH / PARAN, UZI / BITTAN, ARIEH - The Geographical-Statistical Division of the Urban Settlements In Israel. [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION]: Population And Housing Census 1961, Publication no. 1.
V_2064_212: SHAHAR, DAVID / BILU, DALYA [TR.] - News From Jerusalem: Stories By David Shahar [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
D_243_077: SHAHAR, DAVID - Day of the Ghosts [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1021_241: SHAHAR, DAVID / BILU, DALYA [TR.] - News From Jerusalem: Stories by David Shahar [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_186_014: SHAHN, BEN [ILLUSTRATION] / ROTH, CECIL [TR., ED. & INTR.] - Haggadah for Passover.
V_1036_201: SHAIN, MARK - Res Ipsa Loquitur : Presumptions and Burden of Proof.
KG_06_158: SHAKED, SHAUL; SHULMAN, DAVID DEAN; STROUMSA, GEDALIAHU GUY [EDS.] - Gilgul - Essays on Transformations, Revolution and Permanence in the History of Religions Dedicated to R. J. Zwi Werblowsky: [SERIES]: Studies in the History of Religions - Supplements to Numen, L (50)..
SA_075: SHAKED, SHAUL [ED.] - Genesis and Regeneration: Essays on Conceptions of Origins.
AR_448_010: SHAKED, SHAUL - Esoteric Trends in Zoroastrianism.: [SERIES]: Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 3 - No. 7..
V_1105_71: SHAKED, SHLOMIT - Suspicious Symptoms - Avraham Eilat : Drawing between Line and Stain 1974-2004.
D_021_033: SHAKED, G. / WEISER, R. [ED.] - S.Y. Agnon: Studies and Documents [IN HEBREW].
SH_051_030: SHAKED, SHAUL ; NETZER, AMNON [ED.] - Irano-Judaica II: Studies Relating to Jewish Contacts with Persian Culture Throughout the Ages [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_2035_195: SHAKED, SHAUL [ED.] - Genesis and Regeneration: Essays on Conceptions of Origins.
SH_066_041: SHAKED, SHAUL [ED.] - Genesis and Regeneration: Essays on Conceptions of Origins.
D_242_029: SHAKED, S. [SHAUL], SHULMAN, D. [DAVID DEAN], STROUMSA, G. G. [GUY GEDALIAHU] [EDS.] - Gilgul: Essays on Transformation, Revolution, and Performance in the History of Religions, dedicated to R.J. Zwi Werblowsky.: [SERIES]: Studies in the History of Religions - Supplements to Numen, L (50)..
D_236_035: SHAKED, S. / HACKER, J. (EDS.) - Sefunot: Studies and sources of the jewish communities in the East. NEW SERIES Volume 1 (16).
H_004_014: SHAKED, S. - Itri Heights - Jerusalem.
KG_06_160: SHAKED, SHAUL; SHULMAN, DAVID DEAN; STROUMSA, GEDALIAHU GUY [EDS.] - Gilgul - Essays on Transformations, Revolution and Permanence in the History of Religions Dedicated to R. J. Zwi Werblowsky: [SERIES]: Studies in the History of Religions - Supplements to Numen, L (50)..
V_2074_162: SHAKESPEARE, [WILLIAM] - Romeo et Juliette : Drame en Cinq Actes / Le Songe d'une Nuit d'Ete : Comedie-Feerie en Cinq Actes.
AR_078_002: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM / MASSON, ANDRE [DRAWINGS] - The Master Mistris: XIX Sonnets by William Shakespeare.
AR_275_004: SHAKESPEARE, [WILLIAM] / GILL, ERIC [ILLUS.] - All the Love Poems of Shakespeare [COPY #961 OUT OF 1499].
V_3025_72: SHAKESPEARE / SCHLEGEL; BUDENSTEDT; DELIUS A. O. - Shakespeare's sämmtliche Werke: Dritter Band [VOLUME 3 ONLY]: Illustrirt von John Gilbert.
D_032_094: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. SCHLEGEL, AUGUST WILHELM [TR]. TIECK, LUDWIG [ED]. - Shakspeare's dramatische Werke [VOLUMES 1-4; 6-9 OF 9]: Uebersetzt von August Wilhelm von Schlegel; ergänzt und erläutert von Ludwig Tieck..
V_1083_04: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Comedy of As You Like It.
V_1062_12: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeares Werke [6 VOLUME SET] [ENGLISH - GERMAN]: Band 1-6.
MC_25_04: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM / DELACROIX, EUGENE [FERDINAND VICTOR] [ILLUSTR.] - Hamlet, Prinz von Daenemark [Dänemark] [LIMITED EDITION].: Mit 16 Lichtdrucktafeln nach den Lithographieen von Eugene Delacroix..
MC_02_18: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM / ROBINSON, WILLIAM HEATH [ILLUSTR.] - Shakespeare's Comedy of a Midsummer-Night's Dream.: With Illustrations by W. Heath Robinson..
AR_228_006: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM / GILL, ERIC [ENGRAVINGS] - All the Love Poems of Shakespeare.
V_1047_146: SHAKI, MANSOUR - Principles of Persian Bound Phraseology.
D_082_027: SHAKI, AVNER [ED]. - Selected Legal Topics: Masters' Theses Submitted to the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
D_273_010: SHAKI, AVNER H. - Legal Aspects of Age: With Special Reference to Private International Law [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_314_010: SHAKSPEAR, W. - Shakspear's Dramatische Werke [SEVEN OUT OF EIGHT VOLUMES - VOL.I MISSING].
V_1022_144: SHAKSPEARE [SHAKESPEARE], WILLIAM / VOSS, JOHANN HEINRICH; VOSS HEINRICH; VOSS ABRAHAM [TR.] - Shakspeare's Schauspiele: Zweiter Band [VOLUME II ONLY]: Mit Erläuterungen.
Kg_112_025: SHAKSPERE [SHAKESPEARE], WILLIAM / MARSH, JOHN B. [COMPILED BY] - The Reference Shakspere [Shakespeare]: A Memorial Edition of Shakspere's Plays, Containing Eleven Thousand Six Hundred References.
V_3025_75: SHAKSPERE [SHAKESPEARE], WILLIAM / CORNWALL, BARRY [ED.] - The Complete Works of Shakspere [Shakespeare] ; Revised from the Original Editions, Volumes I-III [THESE VOLUMES ONLY].: [VOL.I]: Histories [VOL.II]: Tragedies. [VOL.III]: Comedies.
D_73_021: SHALEM, NATHAN / BENVENISTE, DAVID - The desert of Juda.

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