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AR_561_002: RAKOVER, NACHUM - The Jewish Law of Agency in Legal Proceedings [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University: Legal Studies No. 26.
SH_041_114: RAKOVER, NACHUM - A Bibliography of Jewish Law: Modern Books, Monographs and Articles [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Faculty of Law of the Tel-Aviv University Legal Studies No. 12..
AR_876_006: RAKOVER, NACHUM - The Jewish Law of Agency in Legal Proceedings [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University Legal Studies / 26.
AR_1265_013: RAKOVER, NAHUM [ED.] - Jewish Law and Current Legal Problems.
AR_930_012: RAKOVER, NAHUM [ED.] - Jewish Law and Current Legal Problems.: [SERIES]: The Library of Jewish Law..
V_2017_166: RAKOVER, NAHUM - Commerce in Jewish Law: Chapters on the Protection of the Consumer, the Merchant and the Creditor [IN HEBREW].
AR_416_014: RAKOVER, NAHUM - A Bibliography of Jewish Law: Modern Books, Monographs and Articles in Hebrew [IN HEBREW].
V_2014_189: RAKOVER, NAHUM - Modern Applications of Jewish Law : Resolution of Contemporary Problems According to Jewish Sources in Israeli Courts [TWO VOLUME SET] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_941_014: RAKVY, GIDEON - A Classification of Nuclear Interactions According to Group Theory - Thesis Presented for the Ph. D. Degree [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
SH_059_115: RAM, URI [ED.] / ZERTAL, IDITH [CURATOR] - To Save a World: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJJDC), 1914-1984.
AR_191_007: RAMAT, STEFANO ; STRAUMANN, DOMINIK [ED.] - Clinical and Basic Oculomotor Research: In Honor of David S. Zee.: [SERIES]: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences - Volume 1039..
V_2039_23: RAMATI, YOHANAN [ED.] - Economic Growth in Developing Countries - Material and Human Resources: Proceedings of the Seventh Rehovot Conference.
SH_008_091: RAMATI, YOHANAN - Fata Morgana: Poems.
AR_432_011: RAMBAN (NACHMANIDES; RABBI MOSHE BEN NAHMAN) / CHAVEL, CHARLES B. [TR.] - Commentary on the Torah: Deuteronomy.
V_1070_06: RAMBAUD, ALFRED - Russia (Two Volumes).
V_1108_125: RAMLER, KARL WILHELM / GAUL, AUGUST [ILLUS.] - Alle Tierfabeln: Aus Karl Wilhelm Ramlers Fabellese, Leipzig 1783.: Mit Steinzeichnungen von August Gaul.
SH_016_051: RAMON, ESTHER ; SHAMIR, SHMUEL ; ORNSTEIN, SHMUEL EVEN-OR [ED.] / RIGBI, RUTH [TRAN.] - Annals and Deeds in Family History: Research and Sources - No. 2 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
SH_012_085: RAMON, AMNON [ED.] - The Historic Basin: Problems and Possible Solutions - Work Group headed by Ruth Lapidoth [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].: [SERIES]: The JIIS Studies Series, No. 112.
MA_03_34: RAMÓN Y CAJAL, SANTIAGO / DE LA TORRE, JACK; GIBSON, WILLIAM C. [TRS.] - The Neuron and the Glial Cell.
MC_21_14: RAMÓN Y CAJAL, SANTIAGO / MAY, RAOUL M. [TR.] - Degeneration and Regeneration of the Nervous System by S. Ramón y Cajal [TWO VOLUME SET].: Translated and edited by Raoul M. May. [SERIES]: Classics of Neurology & Neurosurgery Library..
AR_268_014: RAN, NACHMAN [ED.] - Tracks to the Promised Land: The Land of Israel - Ancient Maps, Prints and Travelogues Through the Centuries.
SH_028_108: RANK, OTTO / TUCKER, HARRY [TRANS; ED.] - The Double : A Psychoanalytic Study.
AR_913_002: RANON, MOSHE HUGO [DRAWINGS] / ANGEL-MALAACHI, SAUL [TEXT] - They Returned to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 17,20): 25th Anniversary of the state of Israel.
AR_229_012: RAPALLO, UMBERTO - Calchi Ebraici Nelle Antiche Versioni del Levitico (Studio sui Settanta, la Vetus Latina e la Vulgata).: [SERIES]: Studi Semitici - 39.
AR_259_007: RAPANIC, ZELJKO [ED.] - Disputationes Salonitanae 1970.
AR_135_006: RAPAPORT, I. - Brave Israel Will Triumph in Spite of All her Difficulties: Seventy-Five Letters to the Editor Concerning the Endless Flood of Injustice and Terrorism Against the Jewish State.
AR_944_009: RAPAPORT, SOFIA [ED.] - Yesterdays and the Tommorows: Anthology of Testimonies and Readings for Holocaust Study through Literature, Excursions to Poland, and Holocaust Memorial Ceremonies.
AR_979_010: RAPELLI, G. [CURATOR] - Verona: Un secolo d'Immagini nell'Archivio Tommasoli.
SH_078_032: RAPHAEL HIRSCH, SAMSON - The Collected Writings : Volume II - The Jewish Year, Part Two : Elul - Adar.
SH_039_080: RAPHAEL, YITZCHAK [ED.] / BAT YEHUDA, GEULAH [ASSISTANT ED.] - Encyclopedia of Religious Zionism: Vol. IV - Personalities [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_653_005: RAPHAEL, YITZCHAK [ED.] - Sinai: A Journal for Torah and Jewish Studies- Jubilee Volume [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
SH_029_182: RAPHAEL, CHAIM - The Walls of Jerusalem: An Excursion into Jewish History: [SERIES]: Borzoi Books.
V_2013_103: RAPHAEL-LEFF, JOAN [ED.] - Between Sessions and Beyond the Couch.
AR_727_013: RAPOPORT, S. I. [SEMEN ISAAKOVICH] / SCHOLZ, AUGUST [TR.] - Die Juden in Russland - Urkunden und Zeugnisse Russischer Behörden und Authoritäten.: Aud dem Russischen übersetzt von August Scholz..
YV_052: RAPOPORT, SAFIRA / HICKMAN, PAMELA [TRANSLATION] - A Pedigreed Jew: Between There and Here - Kovno and Israel.
V_3026_22: RAPOPORT, NICOLAS - Libro del Cincuentenario: De la Ezrah y Hospital Israelita.
SH_012_002: RAPOPORT, LOUIS - Shake Heaven and Earth - Peter Bergson and the Struggle to Rescue the Jews of Europe.
AR_1215_002: RAPOPORT-ALBERT, ADA; GREENBERG, GILLIAN [EDS.] - Biblical Hebrew [Hebrews], Biblical Texts [Text] - Essays in Memory of Michael P. Weitzman edited by Ada Rapoport-Albert and Gillian Greenberg.: [SERIES]: Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, Supplement Series 333. The Hebrew Bible and its Versions 2..
MB_02_06: RAPP, GEORG - Das Narrenspiel [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_726_016: RAPPAPORT, SOLOMON - Jew and Gentile: The Philo-Semitic Aspect [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_945_012: RAPPAPORT, URIEL [ED.] - Josephus Flavius: Historian of Eretz-Israel in the Hellenistic-Roman Period - Collected Papers [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES].
AR_775_009: RAPPAPORT, URIEL - John of Gischala : From the Mountains of Galilee to the Walls of Jerusalem [IN HEBREW].
AR_927_012: RAPPAPORT, SALOMO - Agada und Exegese bei Flavius Josephus.: [SERIES]: Veröffentlichungen der Oberrabbiner Dr. H. P. Chajes-Presstiftung an der Israelitisch-Theologischen Lehranstalt in Wien..
SH_036_135: RAPPAPORT, URIEL [ED.] - Josephus Flavius: Historian of Eretz-Israel in the Hellenistic-Roman Period [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES].: [SERIES]: The Center for the Study of Eretz Israel and Its Yishuv of Yad Izhak Ben Zvi and University of Haifa..
AR_141_009: RAPPEL, JOEL [ED.] - History of Eretz-Israel: From Prehistory up to 1882 [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_1292_022: RAPPEL, D. ; RAVITZKY, A. ; HARTMAN, D. ; SADAN, J. ; TA-SHMA, I. ; GOLOMB, J. ; LUZ, E. [WRITERS] - Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought - Volume II (3) - 1982/83 [THIS VOLUME ONLY][IN HEBREW].
AR_115_006: RAPPEL, YOEL - Holy Land's Enchantment [IN HEBREW].
H_003_032: RAPPEL, YOEL [EXPLANATORY TEXT] - Declaration of Independence : Presented by State of Israel Bonds in Recognition of Participation in the Historic International Israel 40th Anniversary Celebration Conference [18 PLATES IN CARDBOARD ENCLOSURE].
AR_889_006: RASHBA [SOLOMON BEN ABRAHAM ADRET] / HAVLIN, SHLOMO ZALMAN [INTRO.] - Teshuvot She'elot LehaRashba - Responsa of R. Solomon Ben Abraham Adret - First Edition, Rome CA. 1470 [IN HEBREW] [COPY NO. 375 OF 550 COPIES IN THIS EDITION].
V_1070_33: RASHEVSKY, NICOLAS - Some Medical Aspects of Mathematical Biology.
AR_174_023: RASHI DI TROYES / SIERRA, SERGIO J. [ED.] - Commento all'Esodo.: [SERIES]: Ascolta, Israele! - Commenti alle Scritture delle tradizioni ebraica e cristiana - 5..
AR_905_006: RASHI / FLORSHEIM, YOEL - Rashi on the Bible In his Commentary on the Talmud [IN HEBREW][THREE VOLUME SET].: [VOL. I]: Torah / [VOL. II]: Nevi'im (The Prophets) / [VOL. III]: Ketuvim (Hagiographa)..
AR_374_001: RASKIN, SAUL - Pirke Aboth in Etchings.
AR_1067_002: RASKIN, SAUL [ARTIST] / RUBIN, I. M. [TR.] - Genesis: The First Book of Moses [Bereshit, Bereishit, Bereshis, Bereishis] [BILINGUAL HEBREW-ENGLISH EDITION].: Drawings by Saul Raskin..
MC_06_25: RASKIN, RICHARD - A Child at Gunpoint - A Case Study in the Life of a Photo.
H_009_046: RASKIN, SAUL [ETCHING] / YEHOASH ; HALPER, B. [TR.] - Pirke Aboth.
H_033_096: RASKIN, SAUL [DRAWING] - Hagadah for Passover [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH].
AR_008_017: RASMUSSEN, STIG T. - Arabisk-Dansk Ordbog: Over Cairodialekten.
AR_1111_023: RASPE, R. E. [RUDOLF ERICH] / BÜRGER, G. A. [GOTTFRIED AUGUST] [TR.] - Des Freih. v. [Freiherr von] Münchhausen wunderbare Reisen und Abenteuer zu Wasser und zu Lande.
V_3016_40: RASS, REBECCA / BRAFMAN, MORRIS - From Moscow to Jerusalem: The Dramatic Story of the Jewish Liberation Movement and its Impact on Israel.
AR_1023_011: RASS, REBECCA / BAUMAN, TULY [PRINTS] - From A to Z and Word War I & Word War II: Original Silkscreens Prints [SIGNED BY THE ARTIST] [NUMBERED COPY 62/150].
SH_007_152: RATHAUS, ARIEL [ED., TR. & INTR.] - Collezione di Poesia Italiana: Futuristi e Altri Innovatori, 1910-1925 [BILINGUAL ITALIAN-HEBREW EDITION].
V_1096_40: RATHENAU, WALTER - An Deutschlands Jugend.
V_1117_55: RATHJENS, CARL - Die Juden in Abessinien.
AR_541_001: RATNER, R. - Ahawath Zion We-Jeruscholaim: Varianten und Erganzungen des Textex des Jerusalemitischen Talmuds Nach Alten Quellen und Handschriftlichen Fragmenten Ediert, mit Kritischen Noten und Erlauterungen Versehn [IN HEBREW] [9 VOLUME SET].
V_2039_86: RATOSH, JONATHAN - Love Songs [IN HEBREW]: Illustrated by Yosl Bergner.
SH_029_142: RATZABI, SHALOM [ED.] - Pe'amim: Studies in Oriental Jewry - 65 [IN HEBREW].
V_1084_66: RATZABY, YEHUDA - Migginze Shirat Hakkedem (Texts and Studies in Orient Liturgical Poetry) [IN HEBREW].
AR_146_013: RAUCHWERGER, JAN / APTER-GABRIEL, RUTH ; TAMIR, TALI [ED.] - Shades of Feelings - Jan Rauchwerger: Works from 1979 to 2003.
AR_761_023: RAUM, HERMANN / TIMNER, CARL [ARTIST] - Carl Timner - Handzeichnungen der Jahre 1947-1989.
AR_693_012: RAUMER, KARL VON - Palästina.: Zweite vermehrte und verbesserte Auflage..
AR_832_007: RAV TZAIR [TCHERNOWITZ, CHAIM] - Book of Memoirs: Portraits and Appraisals - 1. Sages of Odessa 2. Personalities and Scribes [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Collected Works of Rav Tzair.
AR_1265_015: RAV TZAIR [TCHERNOWITZ, CHAIM] - Book of Memoirs: Portraits and Appraisals - Sages og Odessa ; Personalities and Scribes [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Collected Works of Rav Tzair..
E_24_073: RAV AHAI GAON - Sheiltot de Rav Ahai [Achai] Gaon : First Edition - Venice, 1546 [IN HEBREW]: Limited Facsimile Edition of 200 Copies..
MB_02_36: RAVA, VITTORE - Gli Ebrei in Bologna.: Cenni storici dell'ingegnere Vittore Rava..
AR_687_001: RAVEN, RONALD W. [ED.] - Cancer [7 VOLUME SET].
AR_696_010: RAVID, BARUCH - Josef Tischler: Architect and Town Planner in Tel Aviv [IN HEBREW].
AR_190_007: RAVIN, YORAM - Israeli Art at the Israel Discount Bank.
V_1098_62: RAVINA, MENASHE - Organum and the Samaritans: Translation from Hebrew: Alan Marbé.
AR_571_012: RAVINS, BURTON - The Duke forgot to Duck: A Tale of the Middle East.
AR_037_012: RAVITSKY, AVIEZER [ED.] - The Land of Israel in 20th Century Jewish Thought [IN HEBREW].
SH_068_132: RAVITSKY, AVIEZER [RAVITZKY] [ED.] - The Land of Israel in Modern Jewish Thought [IN HEBREW].
E_04_57: RAVITSKY, AVIEZER [ED.] - The Land of Israel in Modern Jewish Thought [IN HEBREW].
AR_677_012: RAVITZKY, AVIEZER - La Fine Svelata e lo Stato degli Ebrei: Messianismo, Sionismo e Radicalismo Religioso in Israele.: [SERIES]: Biblioteca Ebraica - 10..
AR_1138_004: RAVITZKY, AVIEZER [ED.] - Joseph Baruch Sermoneta Memorial Volume [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACTS].: [SERIES]: Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought - Volume XIV..
SA_002: RAVITZKY, A. - Crescas' Sermon on the Passover and Studies in his Philosophy [IN HEBREW].
AR_1171_014: RAVITZKY, AVIEZER - Crescas' Sermon on the Passover and Studies in His Philosophy [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities - Section of Humanities.
AR_987_012: RAVIV, VARDA [ED.] - Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia - Volume 9 - Non-Flowering Plants [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia - 9..
AR_987_011: RAVIV, VARDA [ED.] - Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia - Volume 9 - Non-Flowering Plants [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia - 9..
AR_704_014: RAVN, O. E. [OTTO EMIL] - Om Nominernes bøjning i Babylonisk-Assyrisk (indtil c. 1100) [WITH AUTHOR'S DEDICATION].
AR_346_001: RAWICZ, M. [TRANS.] - Der Traktat Rosch ha-Schanah [THREE PARTS BOUND TOGETHER].
AR_875_007: RAWICZ, M. - Der Traktat Rosch ha-Schanah: mit Berucksichtigung der meisten Tosafot.: in's Deutsche übertragen von M. Rawicz..
AR_038_013: RAWICZ, M. - Der Traktat Sanhedrin: Nach der Wiener Ausgabe vom Jahre 1867 ed. Schlossberg.
AR_731_006: RAWIDOWICZ, SIMON [ED.] - The Chicago Pinkas: On the 25th Anniversary of the College of Jewish Studies.
AR_977_005: RAWIDOWICZ, SIMON [ED.] - Metsudah (fortress): essays and studies - Volume V-VI [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_591_009: RAWIDOWICZ, SIMON / RAVID, BENJAMIN C. I. [ED.] - Israel - The Ever Dying People and Other Essays.
AR_1335_007: RAWNITZKI, J. CH.; BIALIK, CH. N. - Di Yidishe Agodes (The Jewish Legendes) Book 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN YIDDISH].
V_1068_64: RAWNITZKI, J. CH.; BIALIK, CH. N. - Di Yidishe Agodes (The Jewish Legendes) Book 3 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_1214_020: RAYMES, FREDERICK [MANFRED MAYER] / MAYER, MENAHEM [HEINZ] - Are The Trees In Bloom Over There?: Thoughts and Memoirs of Two Brothers.
YV_062: RAYMES, FREDERICK; MAYER, MENACHEM - Menachem & Fred: Thoughts and Memories of Two Brothers.
V_3011_55_: RAYMOND - RIEC, JESTIN. - Notes de Graphie et de Phonetique Sumeriennes.: Bibliotheque De L'ecole Des Hautes Etudes..
v_1098_40: RAYMOND-FILIATRAULT, SUZANE - The Visitors: A Gripping true Story.
AR_709_010: RAYNAL, GUILLAUME THOMAS FRANCOIS - Oeuvres de M. L'Abbe Raynal: Tome Quatrieme [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_1287_016: RAZ, SIMCHA / LICHTMAN, MOSHE D. [TR.] - Angel Among Men: Impressions from the Life of Rav Avraham Yitzchak Hakohen Kook zt''l.
AR_1182_012: RAZ, SIMCHA / WENGROV, CHARLES [TR.] / HERZOG, CHAIM ; JAKOBOVITS, IMMANUEL [INTRO.] / DVORKAS, ISAIAH [ED.] - A Tzaddik in Our Time: The Life of Rabbi Aryeh Levin.
V_1022_232: RAZ, GUY [ED.] - The Story of Lake Hula: A Visual History of the Hula Valley - 1870-2010.
MC_14_08: RE'EMI, S. P. [PAUL] - Analytical Concordance to the Delitsch [Delitzsch] Hebrew Translation of the New Testament [THREE VOLUME SET].: Containing 90.000 entries from the N. T. with equivalents from the Greek original. Compiled by S. P. Re'emi..
V_1054_67: READ, HERBERT - Poetry and Anarchism.
MC_12_15: REALIS [VON COECKELBERGHE-DÜTZELE, GERHARD ROBERT WALTER; SEVERIN] - Die Juden und die Judenstadt in Wien - Fragmente.
V_3030_043: REAM, ROBERT J. - Biblical Correspondences with Nuzi Akkadian: Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
MC_26_02: REB NACHMAN OF BRASLAV [BRESLOV; BRATSLAV; BRESLOVER; FROM UMAN] / GRUNDMAN, ZVI [ARTIST] - Tale of Seven Baggars [Beggars] [LIMITED EDITION SIGNED BY ARTIST] [IN HEBREW].: Stone Lithographs and Colourful Picture by Zvi Grundman. Foreword by Yehuda Haezrahi. Dedicated to the Noble prize winner Shmuel Joseph Agnon..
AR_332_020: REBHUN, ZE'EV [ZEEV] - Autumn 1939 - Yamim Noraim: Memorial Book for East European Jews who Lived in Germany.
AR_332_019: REBHUN, ZE'EV [ZEEV] - Autumn 1939 - Yamim Noraim: Memorial Book for East European Jews who Lived in Germany.
MA_20_24: RECANATI, DAVID A. [ED.] - Zikhron Saloniki [In Memory of Thessaloniki] [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW & LADINO IN LATIN LETTERS: Grandeza i Destruyicion de Yeruchalayim del Balkan [The Greatness and the Destruction of The Jerusalem of the Balkan].
V_2060_109: RECANATI, DINA / OMER, MORDECHAI [CURATOR] - Dina Recanati: Passage.
SH_076_048: RECANATI, YITZHAK S. [ED.] / ZUCKER, YOSEF [ED., TRAN.] - A Hearing Heart: Jubilee Volume in honor of Avigdor Herzog.: [SERIES]: Duchan 16: Anthology for Jewish Music.
AR_1159_023: RECCIA, MICHAEL G. - The Joseph Communications: Trance Missions.
AR_1074_015: RECKE, WALTHER - Die polnische Frage als Problem der europäischen Politik.
AR_872_014: RECLUS, ELISEE / BENETT, J. [ILLUSARTATOR] - Histoire d'Un Ruisseau.
AR_490_011: REDHEAD, MICHAEL - Incompleteness, Nonlocality and Realism : A Prolegomenon to the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics.
AR_1008_011: REDHOUSE, JAMES / MATBAASI, AHMET SAIT [ED.] - Red Yeni Türkçe-Ingilizce Sozluk - New Redhouse Turkish-English Dictionary.
AR_524_010: REDHOUSE, JAMES W. [WILLIAM] - A Turkish and English Lexicon, shewing in English the significations of the Turkish terms; by Sir James W. Redhouse [83 PAGES MISSING].
AR_225_012: REDLICH, SHIMON - War, Holocaust and Stalinism: A Documented Study of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in the USSR.: [SERIES]: New History of Russia - Volume 1..
AR_937_007: REEB, DAVID [ARTIST] / GINTON, ELLEN [CURATOR] / FLANTZ, RICHARD ; ALJAA'FARI, KAMAL [TR.] - David Reeb: Paintings 1982-1994.
MC_24_09: REED, ROBERT R. [ED.] - Patterns of Migration in Southeast Asia [SIGNED WITH DEDICATION BY EDITOR].: [SERIES]: Occasional Paper Series, Centers for South and Southeast Asia Studies (International and Area Studies / IAS) - No. 16..
V_1068_53: REGELSON, ABRAHAM - M'lo Hatalit Alim (Shawlful of Leaves) [IN HEBREW]: Essays and Conversations.
V_2024_161: REGELSON, ABRAHAM - Sham Habdolach.
AR_188_024: REGENBOGEN, LUCIAN - Dictionary of Jewish Painters.
AR_279_012: REGENBOGEN, LUCIAN - Dictionary of Jewish Painters.
MA_05_10: REGENER, E. A. [EDGAR ALFRED] / LILIEN, E. M. [EPHRAIM MOSES] - E. M. Lilien - Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der zeichnenden Künste.
MA_13_26: REGENER, EDG. ALF. [EDGAR ALFRED] / LILIEN, E. M. [EPHRAIM MOSES] - E. M. Lilien - Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der zeichnenden Künste.
AR_308_031: REGENER, EDGAR ALFRED - Riccarda Huch - Eine Studie [Ricarda] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1096_86: REGEV, YOAV - Poriya in the Lower Galilee [IN HEBREW].
MA_08_01: REGGIO, ISAACO [TR.] - Il Libro d'Isaia.: Versione poetica, fatta sull' original testo ebraico da Isaaco Reggio..
AR_202_012: REHAV, RUBIN ; KADMON, NAFTALI ; SNYDER, JAMES S. / TISHBY, ARIEL [ED.] - Das heilige Land auf Landkarten.
H_003_018: REICH, LEAH / KATZENELSON, RIVKA [INTRO.] - Leah Reich: Paintings 12 Drawings [SIGNED BY THE ARTIST].
AR_539_013: REICH, S. - Études sur les Villages Araméens de l'Anti-Liban.: [SERIES]: Documents d'Etudes Orientales: Tome VII..
AR_220_003: REICH, ALBERT - Mit Meinem Corps durch Serbien von Albert Reich, Kriegsteilnehmer - Ein Kriegstage- und Skizzenbuch.
ZK_164: REICH, RONNY - Stone Scale-Weights of the Late Second Temple Period.
AR_135_010: REICH, ARIE [ED.] - The World Trade Organization and Israel : Law, Economics and Politics [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
AR_1086_002: REICH, MIRA - From the Dr. and Mrs. Kolb Collections at the Jewish National and University Library : a Token.
AR_808_014: REICHER, MORDECHAI - The Long Furrow: Man and Home at the Mother of Settlements [IN HEBREW].
AR_1196_002: REICHERT, BERNHARD / KUNTZ, PHILIPPE; STELZENMÜLLER, WOLFGANG [TRS.] - Anatomie in vivo [TWO VOLUME SET].: [VOL.I]: Étude et Palpation des Membres Supérieurs et Inférieurs / [VOL.II]: Étude et Palpation du Tronc et de La Tête..
AR_903_003: REICHINSTEIN, DAVID - Albert Einstein: sein Lebensbild und seine Weltanschauung.: Dritte vermehrte und verbesserte Auflage..
SH_082_031: REICHMAN, SHALOM - From Foothold to Settled Territory: The Jewish Settlement, 1918-1938. A Geographical Interperetation and Documentation [IN HEBREW].
AR_692_006: REICHMAN, RONEN [ED.] - Der Odem des Menschen ist eine Leuchte des Herrn - Aharon Agus zum Gedenken.: [SERIES]: Schriften Der Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg - Band 9..
V_2070_83: REICHMAN, SHALOM - From Foothold to Settled Territory: The Jewish Settlement, 1918-1938. A Geographical Interperetation and Documentation [IN HEBREW].
AR_754_014: REICHSENTSCHÄDIGUNGSKOMMISSION [HRSG.] - Das Französische Gesetz: Über die wiedergutmachung der kriegsschäden als Material für die Friedensverhandlungen: [SERIES]: Drucksache Nr. 25, der Geschäftsstelle für die Friedensverhandlungen (Auswärtiges Amt). Streng Geheim. Stück Nr. 817..
AR_383_003: REID MELOY, J. - The Psychopathic Mind: Origins, Dynamics, and Treatment.
AR_623_002: REID, JAMES [WOODCUTS] - The Song of Songs.
AR_316_003: REIDER, JOSEPH - Prolegomena to a Greek-Hebrew and Hebrew-Greek Index to Aquila.
V_2046_80: REIF, STEFAN C.; REIF, SHULAMIT [TR.] - The Cambridge Genizah Collections: Their Contents and Significance: [SERIES]: Cambridge university library Genizah series 1.
AR_008_006: REIF, STEFAN C. - A Jewish Archive from Old Cairo: The History of Cambridge University's Genizah Collection.
AR_066_017: REIFENBERG, A. [ADOLF] - Ancient Jewish Coins.
AR_948_023: REIFER, MANFRED - Dr. Mayer Ebner: Ein juedisches [jüdisches] Leben.
AR_123_012: REIFFENSTEIN, BRUNO - Das Schöne Wien in Photographien von Bruno Reiffenstein.
AR_051_029: REIFLER, DAVID M. - Days of Ticho: Empire, Mandate, Medicine and Art in the Holy Land.
AR_367_005: REIK, THEODOR - Lust und Leid im Witz: Sechs psychoanalytische Studien.
V_1110_51: REIK, THEODOR - Warum verliess Goethe Friederike ?: Eine psychoanalytische Monographie.
AR_453_010: REINER, ELCHANAN - Pilgrims and Pilgrimage to Eretz Yisrael 1099-1517: Thesis Submitted for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy [IN HEBREW].
V_1049_116: REINER, IMRE - Typo-Graphik: Studien und Versuche.
v_1050_117: REINER, IMRE - Monogramme.
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AR_986_015: REINES, CHAIM W. - Ethis and Reason: Studies in Jewish Ethics and Law [IN HEBREW].
V_2041_87: REINES, CHAIM W. - Personality & Community in Judaism: Prolegomena to a Philosophy and Sociology of Judaism [IN HEBREW].
SH_075_005: REINESS, CH. W. - B'Oholai Shem: Essays in Jewish Law and Ethics [IN HEBREW].
SH_074_031: REINHARZ, JEHUDA; SHIMONI, GIDEON; SALMON, YOSEF [ED.] - Jewish Nationalism and Politics : New Perspectives [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
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V_1114_111: REISE, KARSTEN - Tidal Flat Ecology: An Experimental Approach to Species Interactions: Ecological Studies: 54.
MC_10_11: REISINGER, DAN - Dan Reisinger - Symbols.
AR_913_007: REISMAN, ORI [ARTIST] / BAR OR, GALIA - Ori Reisman / The Red and the Green: Aspects of Ori Reisman's Art.
V_1114_112: REISS, ZEEV; HOTTINGER, LUKAS - The Gulf of Aqaba: Ecological Micropaleontology: Ecological Studies: 50.
AR_1281_009: REISS, ROBERT - The Endless Seed: Poems.
SH_038_203: REISS, TOM / JAOUEN, FRANCOISE [TRANS.] - L'Orientaliste: L'énigme résolue d'une vie étrange et dangereuse.
V_1127_14: REISS, LIONEL S. - My Models were Jews: A Painter's Pilgrimage to Many Lands.
SH_081_091: REITER, YITZHAK - Islamic Awqaf in Jerusalem 1948-1990 [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, Research Series No. 42..
H_007_007: REITER, YITZHAK - Islamic Awqaf in Jerusalem 1948-1990 [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, Research Series No. 42.
MC_06_10: REITER, YITZHAK - Islamic Institutions in Jerusalem.: Palestinian Muslim Organization under Jordanian and Israeli Rule..
YV_276: REIZER, LEIB - In the Struggle: Memoirs from Grodno and the Forests.
V_2012_172: REJAK, SEBASTIAN [ED.] / LLOYD-JONES, ANTONIA; GOLEBIOWSKA, ELZBIETA [TRANS.] - Myslenie po Zagtadzie Glosy z Polski / Thinking after the Holocaust: Voices from Poland.
AR_1017_009: REJAK, SEBASTIAN [ED.] / GOLEBIOWSKA, ELZBIETA; LLOYD-JONES, ANTONIA [TRS.] - Myslenie po Zagladzie - Glosy z Polski / Thinking after the Holocaust: Voices from Poland [IN POLISH, ENGLISH AND HEBREW].
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AR_477_013: REJWAN, NISSIM / MONTVILLE, JOSEPH V. [INTRO] - The Jews of Iraq: 3000 Years of History and Culture.
AR_317_004: REJWAN, NISSIM - The Jews of Iraq: 3000 Years of History and Culture.
AR_686_003: REJWAN, NISSIM / BEININ, JOEL [FOREWORD] - The Last Jews in Baghdad: Remembering a Lost Homeland.
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AR_445_012: REMBRANDT - Rembrandt: Tekeningen, Zeichnungen, Drawings - Dessins.
V_2024_199: RENAN, ERNEST - Histoire du Peuple d'Israel - Tome Premier [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1032_148: RENAN, ERNEST - Histoire Générale et Systéme Comparé des Langues Sémitiques.
V_2057_04: RENAN, E. / BERTHELOT, M. - Correspondance . 1847-1892.
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V_1123_56: RENAUD - La Formation Du Livre Michee.
V_1031_159: RENDALL, VERNON - The Way of a Man with a Maid: An Anthology of Courtship and Wooing.
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V_1124_052: RENNEFAHRT - Schweizerisches Obligationenrecht: Mit leichtverständlichen Anmerkungen und vielen praktischen Beispielen, unter Berücksichtigung der neuesten bundesgerichtlichen Rechtsprechung.
AR_210_007: RENOT [SCENARIO] / ERSEL [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Medee: l'Or de Byzance.
AR_994_007: REPIN, ILYA [YEFIMOVICH] / BRINTON, CHRISTIAN [INTRO&ED.] - The Ilya Repin Exhibition.
V_2040_72: RESENDE, JULIO / DE ANDRADE, EUGENIO (TEXT) - Julio Resende - Ribeira Negra Porto.
AR_1329_018: RESHEF, ESTY [ED'] - Elie Shamir, Kfar Yehoshua, Jezreel Valley: Selected Works 1980-1997 [HEBREW AND ENGLISH].
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V_1045_69: RESNICK, SALOMON - Judaica - Publicacion Mensual 1933.
V_3017_088: RESNICK, SALOMON - Raschi: rabi Salomon Isaki: Glosador dela Biblia t del Talmus 1040-1940.
V_3017_88: RESNICK, SALOMON - Raschi: rabi Salomon Isaki: Glosador dela Biblia t del Talmus 1040-1940.
AR_480_006: RESTANT, PIERRE - Dani Karavan: L'Axe Majeur De Cergy-Pontoise.
V_2037_36: RESTANY, PIERRE (INTRODUCTION) / COHEN, R. (ESSAY) - Charles Ginnever.
AR_701_017: RETI, RUDOLPH - The Thematic Process in Music.
AR_1031_015: REUBENI, MEIR [REUVENI] - Achtung! Achtung! Tel-Aviv Sendet Zionismus - Satiren [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
H_014_175: REUBENI, A. - The Antiquity of the Hebrews [IN HEBREW].
V_1088_51: REUBENI. A - Shem Ham and Japhet: The Peoples of the Bible their Racial Connections and Place in Ancient History - A Summary [TEXT IN HEBREW, INTRO. IN ENGLISH].
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AR_1335_008: REUVENI, AHARON - Jerusalem: In the Shadow of the Sword [IN YIDDISH].
AR_1192_025: REVEL, GILLES - Lili B. - Réquisitoire.
MA_07_29: REVEL, ALBERTO (DANIEL PIERRE BARTHÉLEMY ALBERT) - Storia Letteraria dell' Antico Testamento.: Libri Quattro di Alberto Revel, Prof. de Teol. della Scuola Valdese..
AR_1309_006: REVENTLOW, HENNING GRAF ; HOFFMAN, YAIR [EDS.] - Justice and Righteousness: Biblical Themes and their Influence.: [SERIES]: Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series / 137..
V_3022_118: REVERS, W. J. [WILHELM JOSEF] / - Der Thematische Apperzeptionstest [Tat]: Handbuch zur Verwendung des Tat in der Psychologischen Persönlichkeitsdiagnostik: [SERIES]: Enzyklopedie der Psychologie in Einzeldarstellungen - Band 2.
AR_1260_012: REVIV, HANOCH / PLITMANN, LUCY [TR.] - The Elders in Ancient Israel: A Study of a Biblical Institution.
SH_032_133: REVIV, HANOCH - From Clan to Monarchy: Israel in the Biblical Period [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Maslul Series - Studies Textbook Projects / 2..
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V_1070_09: REYNOLDS, ROTHAY - My Russian Year: with Twenty-Eight Illustrations.
AR_811_020: REYNOLDS, FRANK E.; LUDWIG, THEODORE M. [EDS.] - Transitions and Transformations in the History of Religions.: [SERIES]: Studies in the History of Religions (Supplement to NUMEN) - XXXIX..
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AR_116_005: RIBAK, ZVI / RIBAK CHAIM - Zvi Ribak: a Jewish Artist.
AR_011_007: RIBALOW, MENACHEM [ED.] - Sefer Hashanah: The American Hebrew Year Book - Volume VIII-IX [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_637_006: RIBOT, TH. - La Psychologie Anglaise Contemporaine: Ecole Experimentale.
AR_133_012: RICCI, ANDREA [ED.] - Funding in Action: Reportage on the EU's Instrument for Stability.
H_33_96: RICCI, FRANCO MARIA [ED.] - ART FMR: Les Annales de l'Art de Franco Maria Ricci [18 VOLUME SET].
AR_199_006: RICCI, ANDREA [ED.] - Making the Difference?: What works in Response to Crises and Security Threats - The Debate Continues.
AR_199_005: RICCI, ANDREA [ED.] - Making the Difference: Reportage on the EU's Instrument for Stability - Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_923_018: RICCIOTTI, GIUSEPPE - Il Cantico dei Cantici: Versione Critica dal Testo Ebraico con Introduzione e Commento.
AR_667_023: RICCIOTTI, GIUSEPPE - Dalla Bibbia: Antologia Letteraria - Versioni Critiche dai Testi Ebraici, Aramaici e Greci con Introduzione e Note.
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MC_11_22: RICH, YISRAEL [ISRAEL]; ROSENAK, MICHAEL [EDS.] - Abiding Challenges - Research Perspectives on Jewish Education.: Studies in Memory of Mordechai Bar-Lev. Edited by Yisrael Rich and Michael Rosenak..
V_2041_12: RICH, NORMAN - Friedrich von Holstein: Politics and Diplomacy in the Era of Bismarck and Wilhelm II [2 Volume Set].
AR_973_005: RICHARDSON, JIM / WOODS, ARIK [PHOTO.] - Sinsemilla: Marijuana Flowers.
AR_666_003: RICHARZ, MONIKA [ED.] - Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland [3 VOLUME SET].: [VOL. I]: Selbstzeugnisse zur Sozialgeschichte 1780 - 1871 / [VOL. II]: Selbstzeugnisse zur Sozialgeschichte im Kaiserreich / [VOL. III]: Selbstzeugnisse zur Sozialgeschichte 1918-1945..
AR_726_010: RICHARZ, MONIKA / LESCHNITZER, ADOLF [FOREWORD] - Der Eintritt der Juden in die Akademischen Berufe: Jüdische Studenten und Akademiker in Deutschland 1678-1848.: [SERIES]: Schriftenreihe Wissenschaftlicher Abhandlungen des Leo Baeck Instituts - 28..
AR_921_002: RICHLER, BINYAMIN / BRODY, ROBERT / SHOSHANA, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Hebrew Manuscripts: A Treasured Legacy.: With a chapter on the Cairo Genizah by Robert Brody..
SA_141: RICHLER, BENJAMIN - Guide to Hebrew Manuscript Collections.
V_2010_156: RICHMAN, HARRY - Billericay and its High Street.
V_3027_59: RICHMAN, CHAIM - The Light of the Temple: Art, History, Service.
AR_1094_001: RICHMOND, HERBERT - Statesmen and Sea Power: Based on The Ford Lectures Delivered in The University of Oxford in the Michaelmas Term, 1943.
AR_193_028: RICHTER, HANS [ED.&INTR.] - Dada 1916-1966.
V_1054_35: RICHTER, MELVIN - Political Theory and Political Education.
MA_17_28: RICHTER, DANIEL S. - Cosmopolis: Imagining Community in Late Classical Athens and the Early Roman Empire [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1093_10: RICHTER, JEAN PAUL FR. - Dr. Katzenbergers Badreise: Neu herausgegeben von Victor Goldschmidt.
V_3023_70: RICHTER, WERNER - Historische Entwicklung und junger Wandel der Agrarlandschaft Israels, dargestellt insbesondere am Beispiel NordgalilÄas [incl. maps]: mit 65 Karten und 28 Abbildungen (english summary).
AR_1214_010: RICHTER, ALAN - Dictionary of Sexual Slang: Words, Phrases and Idioms from AC/DC to Zig-zag [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_869_017: RICHTER, ROSE [ED.] - The Durban United Hebrew Congregation Centenary 1884-1984: 100 Years.
V_2061_137: RICKAYZEN, G. [GERALD] - Theory of Superconductivity.: [SERIES]: Interscience Monographs and Texts in Physics and Astronomy..
V_1059_55: RIDEAL, E. K. - Fourier Technique in X-Ray Organic Structure Analysis: the cambridge series of physical chemistry.
AR_795_015: RIDEAU, FRANCOIS - Exercices de Calcul Differentiel.
AR_1126_008: RIEBEL, JIM / TERHUNE, MARYANNE ; MCGUIRE, ANNE [ED.] - Sanfords Guide to Nicodemus: His Pottery and His Art.: [SERIES]: Sanfords Guides..
V_1058_18: RIEDEL, HANS - Die WÖlfe vom Haselberg: Eine Erzählung für die Jugend.
AR_940_020: RIEGER, PAUL - Zur Jahrhundertfeier des Juden-edikts vom 11 März 1812.: Ein Rückblick auf dem Kampf der preussischen Juden um die Gleichberechtigung..
AR_724_018: RIEMANN, BERNHARD / WEBER, HEINRICH; DEDEKIND, RICHARD; NOETHER, M.; WIRTINGER, W. [EDS.] - Bernhard Riemann's Gesammelte Mathematische Werke und Wissenschaftlicher Nachlass.: [SERIES]: The Collected Works of Bernhard Riemann..
V_1129_42: RIEMER, YEHUDA - An Embattled Outpost in the Golden Land: Hehalutz in North America, 1933-1953 [IN HEBREW].
H_025_138: RIEMER, YEHUDA / MAGGEN, AMNON - Your Children - Your Builders: Then Habonim Movement in North America, 1932-1952 [IN HEBREW].
V_1123_70: RIEMERMANN, J. - Strafen oder heilen ?: Psychopädagogischer Beitrag zur zeitgenössischen Amoralität.
AR_1209_003: RIEMSCHNEIDER, MARGARETE / BOSSERT, HELMUTH TH. [INTR.] / DAUSSY, HENRI [TR.] - Le Monde des Hittites.: [SERIES]: Grandes Civilisations de l'Antiquite..
MA_23_25: RIES, M. - Ein Schidduch aus Hass - Humoreske aus dem jüdischen Volksleben [Shidduch].
V_1082_54: RIES, M. - Ein Schidduch aus Liebe.: (Eine Liebesheirath) Humoreske aus dem Juedischen Volksleben.
V_2047_89: RIES, C. E. - Märchen für Kinder im alter von -14 Jahren.
V_2040_107: RIESSER, GABRIEL. ISLER, M. [ED.] - Gabriel Riesser's Gesammelte Schriften [4 VOLUMES]: Herausgegeben im Auftrag des Comité der Riesser-Stiftung..
AR_959_001: RIESSER, GABRIEL / ISLER, M. [MEYER] [ED.] - Gabriel Riesser's Gesammelte Schriften - Zweiter Band (Volume II) [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MC_05_13: RIGAUD, MILO / MENNESSON-RIGAUD, ODETTE [PHOTOGRAPHIES] - La Tradition Voudoo et Le Voudoo Haitien - Son Temple, Ses Mysteres, Sa Magie.: Photographies de Odette Mennesson-Rigaud..
AR_943_003: RIGG, BRYAN MARK / JÄCKEL, EBERHARD [FOREWORD] / NICOLAI, KARL [TR.] - Hitlers jüdische Soldaten.
V_3010_88: RIGG, J. M. [ED.] - Select Pleas, Starrs, and Other Records from the Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews A.D 1220-1284.
AR_1137_005: RIGG, J. M. [ED'] - Calender of the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews: Preseved in the Public Record Office, VOL. II, Edward I. 1273-1275 [THIS VOL. ONLY].
AR_707_012: RIGG, J. M. [ED.] - Calendar of the Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews: Preserved in the Public Record Office - Vol. I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_975_001: RIGO, FRANCO [ED.] / PESCAROLLO, FRANCESCO / GRANZO, MICHELE / TREVISIAN, GIANNI E TONI / GAMBETTA, GABRIELLA [TR.] / BASSANO, R. B. - Venezia e le provincie venete 1797-1805 / Venise et les provinces Venitiennes 1797-1805.: Venezia le vie della posta / Venise et les voies postales..
V_1052_51: RIGTER, G. H. - First Explorations in English Syntax: a course book with exercises. Part I: A reasoned surface analysis of some frequent English sentence patterns.
V_1024_197: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Erste Gedichte.
AR_292_018: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Neue Gedichte.: von Rainer Maria Rilke. Die dritte Auflage (5. und 6. Tausend).
MB_07_03: RILKE, RAINER MARIA / SHENHAR, ITZCHAK [TR.] / ARIKHA, AVIGDOR [ARICHA] [ILLUSTRATOR] - Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke [RARE BIBLIOPHILE EDITION OF 1250 COPIES]: With a series of drawings by Avigdor Arikha..
MB_05_24: RILKE, RAINER MARIA / SHENHAR, ITZCHAK [TR.] / ARIKHA, AVIGDOR [ARICHA] [ILLUSTRATOR] - Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke [RARE BIBLIOPHILE EDITION OF 1250 COPIES].: With a series of drawings by Avigdor Arikha..
AR_1317_019: RILKE, RAINER MARIA / SHAHN, BEN [LITHOGRAPHS ; AFTERWORD] - For the Sake of a Single Verse: From the Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge.
V_3026_111: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Auguste Rodin. Mit 96 Vollbildern.
MB_07_10: RILKE, RAINER MARIA / SHENHAR, ITZCHAK [TR.] / ARIKHA [ARICHA], AVIGDOR [ILLUSTRATOR] - Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke [RARE BIBLIOPHILE EDITION OF 1250 COPIES].: With a series of drawings by Avigdor Arikha..
V_1036_121: RILKE, RAINER MARIA / DEUTSCH, BABETTE [TR.] - Poems from the Book of Hours: The German Text with an English Translation.
AR_1260_006: RILKE, R. M. [RAINER MARIA] / LEISHMAN, J. B. [TR.] - Selected Poems - R. M. Rilke [Rainer Maria].: [SERIES]: The New Hogarth Library / Vol. III..
MC_25_07: RIMBAUD, ARTHUR / MORETTI, RAYMOND [ILLUSTRATIONS] / SOLLERS, PHILIPPE [INTR.] - Les Illuminations illustrées par Raymond Moretti [LIMITED EDITION] [ALL 15 LITHOGRAPHS SIGNED BY MORETTI].: Introduction de Philippe Sollers..
V_2028_08: RIMON, DANIEL - Cotton growing - principles and practices [In hebrew].
V_2078_107: RIMRICH, ANTON [ED.] - Wiener Theateralmanach [Theater Almanach], 1901. III Jahrgang.
AR_927_004: RIN, SVI; RIN, SHIFRA - The Third Column of Acts of the Gods: A Hebrew Paraphrase of the Ugaritic Epic Poetry [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHORS].
AR_094_006: RINGEL, JOSEPH - Marine Motifs on Ancient Coins at the National Maritime Museum Haifa.
V_2028_64: RINGEL, JOSEPH [ED.] - Sefunim [BULLETIN VII]: The National Maritime Museum Haifa.
MA_20_06: RINGEL, A. M. [ED.] / BERGER, JACOB SOLOMON [TR.] - The Rawa-Ruska Memorial Book [Rava; Rouska; Russkaja; Rus'ka; Rave].: [Sefer Zikaron LeKehilat Rawa-Ruska vehasviva / Ravah-Ruskah].
MA_11_23: RINGEL, A. M. [ED.] / BERGER, JACOB SOLOMON [TR.] - The Rawa-Ruska Memorial Book [Rava; Rouska; Russkaja; Rus'ka; Rave].: [Sefer Zikaron LeKehilat Rawa-Ruska vehasviva / Ravah-Ruskah].
SH_009_140: RINGELBLUM, EMMANUEL / KERMISH, JOSEPH [ED. ; INTRO.] / KRAKOWSKI, SHMUEL [ED.] / ALLON, DAFNA ; DABROWSKA, DANUTA ; KEREN, DANA [TR.] - Polish-Jewish Relations During the Second World War.
V_2021_161: RINGER-NENNER, BRIGITTE - The Angel of Poetry: A Poetic Perspective on Living Through the Holocaust.
V_1107_12: RINGGREN, HELMER (ED.) - Fatalistic Beliefs: In Religions, Folklore and Literature.
V_1109_05: RINGGREN, HELMER AND STRÖM, AKE V. - Religions of Mankind: Today and Yesterday.
V_1108_05: RINGS, WERNER - Die Entzauberung der Politik.
H_030_022: RINPOCHE, SOGYAL / GAFFNEY, PATRICK ; HARVEY, ANDREW [ED.] - The Tibetan book of living and dying.
AR_379_013: RIOUSSE, ANDRE - Petits Jardins d'Aujourd'hui.
AR_587_006: RISKIN, SHLOMO - Torah Lights: Genesis Confronts Life, Love and Family [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1125_114: RISNER, ROBINSON - The Passing of the Night: My Seven Years as a Prisoner of the North-Vietnamese [IN HEBREW].
AR_1040_016: RISSET, JACQUELINE - L'amour de loin.: [SERIES]: Poésie, 50..
AR_1235_015: RITSOS, YANNIS / PIERRAT, GÉRARD [TR.] - La Sonate au Clair de Lune et autres poemes, 1956-1963: suivis d'une chronologie et de textes critiques..
AR_371_005: RITTER, JOACHIM - Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie. Unrter Mitwirkung von mehr als 700 Fachgelehrten [VOLUMES 1-7 ONLY].
V_2011_085: RITTERBAND, PAUL [ED.] - Modern Jewish fertility.: [SERIES]: Studies in Judaism in Modern Times: Volume One.
AR_446_010: RITTERBAND, OLLY / MARTIN, SEAN [TR.] - Will to Survive.
V_2024_155: RITVAS, G - Un Juif dans un Uniforme Nazi (IN YIDDISH)[Very Rare].
AR_518_007: RIVERA, DIEGO - The Frescoes of Diego Rivera [CONTAINS PLATES, IN PORTFOLIO].
AR_718_017: RIVERA, DIEGO - Diego Rivera - I: Pintura de Caballete y Dibujos [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_948_019: RIVKIN, ELLIS - Leon da Modena and the Kol Sakhal [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1076_08: RIVKIND, ISAAC - Jewish Money / Yidishe Gelt: in folkways cultural history and folklore / In Lebensshteyger Kultur-Geshichte un Folklor.
V_2068_148: RIVKIND, ISAAC - The Fight against Gambling among Jews: A Study of Five Centuries of Jewish Poetry and Cultural History [IN YIDDISH].
AR_510_003: RIVLIN, JOSEPH JOEL ; RIVLIN, BENJAMIN [EDS.] - Letters of the Pekidim and Amarcalim of Amsterdam [IN HEBREW] [VOLUMES I AND II ONLY].: [VOL. I]: 5586 - 5587 / [VOL. II]: 5588.
AR_375_008: RIVLIN, BRACHA [ED.] - Greece [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].: [SERIES]: Pinkas Hakehillot - Encyclopdedia of Jewish Communities.
E_69_37: RIVLIN, BRACHA (ARDOS) - Mutual Responsibilty in the Italian Ghetto: Holy Societies 1516-1789[IN HEBREW].
AR_563_006: RIVLIN, B. [ED.] - Letters of the Pekidim and Amarcalim of Amsterdam: 5589 (1828/29) [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
AR_1273_002: RO'I, YAACOV [ED.] - Jews and Jewish Life in Russia and the Soviet Union: [SERIES]: The Cummings Center Series.
AR_1163_025: ROADS, MICHAEL J. - Through the Eyes of Love: Journeying with Pan [TWO VOLUME SET] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_697_016: ROBERT DE CLARI; GEOFFREY OF VILLEHARDOUIN; JEAN DE JOINVILLE; FROISSART, JEAN; PHILIPPE DE COMMYNES / PAUPHILET, ALBERT [ED.] - Historiens et Chroniqueurs du Moyen Age: Robert de Clari, Villehardouin, Joinville, Froissart, Commynes.
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AR_091_001: ROLLAND, JACQUES - Parcours de l'autrement: Lecture d'Emmanuel Levinas.: [SERIES]: Epimethee - Essais Philosophiques..
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ME_01_06: SASSON, MORDECHAI MOSES. - Sefer Kol Sasson [HEBREW] [LIVORNO 1859].
V_3018_119: SASSON, ALBERT - Biotechnologies in Developing Countries: Present and Future: Volume 1: Regional and national survey [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]: Future-oriented studies.
AR_776_007: SASSOON, DAVID SOLOMON - Important Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts: From the Collection formed by the Late David Solomon Sassonn.
V_1043_10: SATO, YASUNORI - Japan best House Collection 1987.
V_1127_29: SAUBIDET, TITO - Vocabulario y refranero criollo.
AR_352_017: SAUER, PAUL - Die jüdischen Gemeinden in Württemberg und Hohenzollern: Denkmale, Geschichte, Shicksale.: [SERIES]: Veröffentlichungen der staatlichen Archivverwaltung BadenssWürttemberg.
AR_287_003: SAUER, PAUL - Die Schicksale der Jüdischen Bürger Baden-Württenbergs während der nationalsozialistischen Verfolgungszeit 1933-1945.
V_1034_150: SAVORY, ROGER M. / AGIUS, DIONISIUS A. [ED.] - Logos Islamikos: Studia Islamica in honorem Georgii Michaelis Wickens: [SERIES]: Papers in Mediaeval Studies 6..
AR_1100_022: SAYCE, A. H. [ARCHIBALD HENRY] ; PINCHES, THEOPHILUS G. [GOLDRIDGE] - The Tablet from Yuzgat in the Liverpool Institute of Archaeology.: [SERIES]: Asiatic Society Monographs - Vol. 11..
MC_26_05: SAYCE, A. H. [ARCHIBALD HENRY] / COWLEY, A. E. [SIR ARTHUR ERNEST] - Aramaic Papyri discovered at Assuan (Syene, Aswan, Souan).: Edited by A. H. Sayce with the assistance of A. E. Cowley and with appendices W. Spiegelberg and Seymour de Ricci..
MA_04_16: SAYRE, ELEANOR / GOYA, FRANCISCO JOSÉ - Late Caprichos of Goya - Fragments from a Series [LIMITED EDITION OF 150 COPIES].: Commentary and Notes by Eleanor Sayre..
V_3027_34: SAYSSE-TOBICZYK, KAZIMIERZ - Pod Wierchami Tatr.
AR_728_008: SCAFIDI, NICOLA / MOTTA, FEDERICO [ED.] - Nicola Scafidi : Fotografie.
AR_1052_006: SCARPA, CARLO / LOS, SERGIO [TEXT] / FRAHM, LLAUS [PHOTO.] - Carlo Scarpa.
V_2025_97: SCARPETT, GUY / PUTMAN (PREFACE) / VISTEL, JACQUES - Le Festival D'Automne de Michel Guy.

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