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AR_244_002: PACY, JAMES S. ; WERTHEIMER, ALAN P. [EDS.] - Perspectives on the Holocaust: Essays in Honor of Raul Hilberg.
AR_513_001: PAGANI, HERBERT / LEVI, PAOLO; SPIRITO, ALDO / FRESCO, PHILIPPE [PHOTOGRAPHY] - Herbert Pagani: Oeuvres: 1963 / 1986.
SA_019: PAGIS, DAN - The Poems of Levi Ibn al-Tabbān [IN HEBREW].
AR_027_005: PAGIS, DAN - A Secret Sealed: Hebrew Baroque Emblem-Riddles from Italy and Holland [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].: [SERIES]: Supplement to Tarbiz - A Quarterly for Jewish Studies..
Kg_61_109: PAGIS, D.; FLEISCHER, E. [EDS.]; DAVID, Y. [CO-EDITOR] - A Bibliography of the Writings of Prof. Jefim (Haim) Schirmann (1904 - 1981).
SH_003_038: PAGIS, DAN / FLEISCHER, EZRA [ED.] - Poetry Aptly Explained: Studies and Essays on Medieval Hebrew Poetry [IN HEBREW].
AR_736_003: PAGNINI, ANNA - Matal e Verso a Confronto: Una Questione di Poetica Araba Classica Alla Luce di un'Analisi Paremiologica.: [SERIES]: Quaderni di Semitistica - 20..
SH_014_044: PAGONIS, WILLIAM G.; CRUIKSHANK, JEFFREY L. - Moving Mountains: Lessons in Leadership and Logistics from the Gulf War [IN HEBREW].
V_2072_109: PÀIL, MEIR - The Emerge of Zahal (I.D.F) [IN HEBREW].
AR_440_007: PÁL, SZENDE - A magyar közgazdaság és az Országos Magyar Kereskedelmi Egyesülés tevékenysége, 1904-1914.
MC_12_22: PALACIO FAJARDO, MANUEL - Esquisse de la Révolution de l'Amérique Espagnole,: ou Récit l'origine, des progrès et de l'état actuel de la guerre entre l'Espagne et l'Amérique espagnole, contenant les principaux faits et les divers combats, etc.; par un citoyen de l'Amerique méridionale. Traduit de l'anglais..
V_1063_95: PALANQUE, J. R. / BARDY, G. / LABRIOLLE, P. DE - The Church in the Christian Roman Empire (Volumes I+II).
V_1070_03: PALEOLOGUE, MAURICE - An Ambassador's Memoirs: Three Volumes, Second Edition.
KG_88_150: PALETTE, JIM / COMBAS, ROBERT [PAINTINGS] - Robert Combas: Le Fan, Etc.
V_1049_37: PALLIERE, AIME - The unknown sanctuary: A Pilgrimage from Rome to Israel.
AR_396_005: PALMA, RICARDO / PALMA, EDITH [EDT] - Tradiciones Peruanas Completas.
AR_695_014: PALOMBO, DAVID - David Palombo.
AR_345_001: PALUCH, ANDRZEJ K. [ED.] - The Jews in Poland: Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_2041_10: PAMIR, HAMIT N. / ERENTÖY, CAHIT (ED.) - TÜrkiye Jeoloji Haritasi: 1:500 000 Ölcekli: Explanatory Text of the Geological Map of Turkey: ERZURUM.
KG_64_147: PANDIT A. CHINNASWAMI S'ASTRI; PANDIT PATTABHIRAMA S'ASTRY [SASTRI; SHASTRI; SASTRY; SHASTRY] [EDS.] - The Catapatha Brahmana of the White Yajurveda in the Madhyandina Recension. [Shatapatha; Satapatha]: Edited by Vedavis'arada Mimamsakesari Pandit A. Chinnaswami S'astri [Sastri] and Mimamsacharya Pandit Pattabhirama S'astry [Sastry]. [SERIES]: The Kashi Sanskrit Series (Haridas Sanskrit Granthamala) - 127 (Veda Section, No. 7)..
V_1024_198: PANDIT SITANATH TATTVABHUSHAN - Maitreyi: A Story Illustrating. The Theology and Social Life of Vedic Hindus.: Second Edition..
AR_316_019: PANITZ-COHEN, NAVA ; MAZAR, AMIHAI [EDS.] - Timnah (Tel Batash) III - The Finds from the Second Millennium BCE.: [SERIES]: Qedem: Monographs of the Institute of Archaeolgy, The Hebrew university of jerusalem, 45.
ZK_145: PANITZ-COHEN, N.; MAZAR, A. [EDS.] - Qedem - Volume 45: Timnah (Tel Batash) III: The Finds from the Second Millennium BCE.
AR_656_009: PANKHURST, RICHARD ; INGRAMS, LEILA - Ethiopia Engraved: An Illustrated Catalogue of Engravings by Foreign Travellers from 1681 to 1900.
MB_09_02: PANN, ABEL [ARTIST] / KOLLEK, TEDDY; HAZAN, RABBI A. & OFRAT, GIDEON [INTR.] / ETGAR, RAPHIE [DESIGN & PRODUCTION] / GAHNASSIA, YAEL [ED.] - The Five Books of Moses [Torah; Pentateuch] - Illustrations from the Works of Abel Pann / Les Cinq Livres de Moïse [Le Pentateuque] - Illustrations Tirées de l'Oeuvre d'Abel Pann [TRILINGUAL HEBREW, ENGLISH & FRENCH LIMITED EDITION].: Masoretic Text English and French Translation / Texte Massorétique, Traduction Anglaise et Française..
AR_477_007: PAPER, HERBERT H. - A Judeo-Persian Pentateuch: The Text of the Oldest Judeo-Persian Pentateuch Translation British Museum Ms. Or. 5446 [IN PERSIAN].
V_3017_02: PAPO, JOSEPH M. - Sephardim in Twentieth Century America - In Search of Unity.
ME_01_01: PAPO, ELIEZER. - Pele Yoetz [HEBREW] [PRESSBURG/VIENNA, 1865].
AR_320_005: PAPO, ELIEZER; ALEXANDER, TAMAR; LEHNARDT, PETER SH. [EDS.] - El-Prezente: Journal for Sephardic Studies [VOLUME 10 ONLY].
KG_56_81: PAPPALETTERA, VINCENZO - Tu Passerai per il Camino : Vita e Morte a Mauthausen: Con 64 Fotografie fuori testo e una Cartina.
AR_197_008: PAPPENHEIM, BERTHA [ED.] / ELBOGEN, I. [INTRO. - Allerlei Geschichten: Maasse-Buch - Buch der Sagen und Legenden aus Talmud und Midrasch nebst Volkserzählungen in Jüdische-Deutscher Sprache.
V_1101_38: PAQUET, ALFONS - In Palästina.
SH_022_098: PAQUET, ALFONS - In Palästina.
AR_528_008: PARAMESWARAN PILLAI, MEKKOLLA - Assissi Malayalam English Dictionary.
MA_02_26: PARDEE, DENNIS G. / COURTOIS, JACQUES-CLAUDE - Les Textes Para-Mythologiques de la 24e Campagne (1961) [Ugarit].: [SERIES]: Ras Shamra - Ougarit, IV..
V_1112_100: PARIS, GINETTE - Wisdom of the Psyche : Depth Psychology after Neuroscience.
AR_529_009: PARKER, MARY LOUISE - The Queer New Girl.
AR_631_006: PARKER, ROBERT - Athenian Religion: A History.
AR_730_008: PARKES, JAMES - The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue: A Study in the Origins of Antisemitism.
AR_204_016: PARKS, RICHARD S. - The Music of Claude Debussy.: [SERIES]: Composers of the Twentieth Century..
V_3013_49: PARPOLA, ASKO; KOSKENNIEMI, SEPPO; PARPOLA, SIMO - The Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies. Special Publications No. 2. Progress in the Decipherment of the Proto-Dravidian Indus Script.
SH_026_101: PARTON, JAMES - Caricature and Other Comic Art: In All Times and Many Lands, 203 Illustrations.
SH_081_015: PARUSH, ADI - Trends in the History of Scepticism [IN HEBREW].
V_2073_113: PARUSH, IRIS - National Ideology and Literary Canon [IN HEBREW].
V_1058_46: PASACHOFF, NAOMI / LITTMAN, ROBERT J. - Jewish History in 100 Nutshells.
AR_673_007: PASCAL, BLAISE - Lettres Écrites à un Provincial.
V_1046_26: PASCAL BOISSEL - Cafe De La Paix: Du second empire a nos jours, 130 ans de vie parisienne.
AR_395_008: PASCAL, BLAISE / HAVET, ERNEST [ED.] - Les Provinciales de Pascal: Tome Premier [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
KG_64_260: PASCHELES, JAKOB WOLF [ED.] - Sippurim: eine Sammlung jüdischer Volkssagen, Erzählungen, Mythen, Chroniken, Denkwürdigkeiten und Biographieen berühmter Juden aller Jahrhunderte, besonders des Mittelalters [VOLUMES 4 & 5 ONLY].
KG_17_090: PASIC, AMIR - Celebrating Mostar: Architectural History of the City 1452-2004.
Kg_92_002: PASQUER, PRISKA [ED.] - Sterne und Stars - Henry Freres, Constantine Brancusi, Man Ray, Umbo [SIGNED BY THE EDITOR].
AR_326_008: PASSELECQ, G. [GEORGES]; POSWICK, F. [RÉGINALD FERDINAND] - Table Pastorale de la Bible: Index Analytique et Analogique.
AR_473_001: PASSIA - 100 Years of Palestinian history : A 20th Century Chronology.
V_1031_160: PASSOW, SAMUEL; RUNNBECK, MAGNUS [ED.] - What's Next? Strategic Views on Foreign Direct Investment.
AR_075_007: PASSOW, JUDAH [PHOTOGRAPHY] / MAIL, MICHAEL [INTR..] - Scots Jews: Identity, Belonging and the Future [SIGNED].
AR_226_022: PASTEUR, VIOLET M. / GALTON, ADA [DECORATION] - Gods and Heroes of Old Japan.
V_1068_71: PASTOR, JACK; MOR, MENACHEM [EDS.] - The Beginnings of Christianity: A Collection of Articles.
AR_120_008: PASZTERNAK, SLOMO - Miskolc Es Környeke Martirkönyve: A Szent Gyülekezetek Hidasnemetitöl Mezokövesdig Es Ozdtol Szerencsig.
AR_608_012: PATAI, RAFAEL - Jewish Seafaring in Ancient Times: A Contribution to the History of Palestinian Culture [IN HEBREW].
KG_88_108: PATAI, JOZSEF - Herzl: 100 illusztracioval.
V_1114_161: PATAI, RAPHAEL - Man and Temple in Ancient Jewish Myth and Ritual.
V_1053_134: PATAI, RAPHAEL ; RIVLIN, JOSEPH J. [ED.] - Edoth (Communities) - a Quarterly for Folklore and Ethnology - Volume II [Numbers 3-4, April-July 1947] [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
V_1025_135: PATAPIEVICI, HORIA - ROMAN / ADASCALITEI, MIRELA [TR.] - Flying against the Arrow: An Intellectual in Ceausescu's Romania.: First Published in Romania as: Zbor in bataia stagetii. Eseu asupra formarii by Humanitas, 1996.
AR_022_030: PATKA, MARCUS G. - Österreichische Freimaurer im Nationalsozialismus: Treue und Verrat.
KG_117_077: PATRICH, JOSEPH; AMIT, DAVID [EDS.] - New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region: Collected Papers [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH].
AR_091_015: PATRICH, JOSEPH - The Judean Desert Monasticism in the Byzantine Period: The Institutions of Sabas and his Disciples [IN HEBREW].
MC_11_23: PATRICH, JOSEPH - Studies in the Archaeology and History of Caesarea Maritima.: Caput Judaeae, Metropolis Palaestinae. [SERIES]: Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity - Volume 77..
V_2013_030: PATRICH, JOSEPH - Archaeological Survey in Judea and Samaria: Map of Deir Mar Saba (109/7).
AR_660_008: PATRICH, JOSEPH - Map of Deir Mar Saba (109/7): Archaeological Survey in Judean and Samaria.
AR_382_001: PATRICH, JOSEPH - Archaeological Excavations at Caesarea Maritima: Areas CC, KK and NN – Final Reports. Volume I: The Objects [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
ZK_042: PATRICH, JOSEPH - Archaeological Excavations at Caesarea Maritima: Areas CC, KK and NN – Final Reports. Volume I: The Objects.
SH_033_055: PATRICH, JOSEPH - The Judean Desert Monasticism in the Byzantine Period: The Institutions of Sabas and his Disciples [IN HEBREW].
V_1085_79: PATRICK, DENZIL G. M. - Pascal and Kierkegaard: A Study in the Strategy of Evangelism [TWO VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Lutterworth Library, Vol XXIII..
V_1091_010: PATRICK, MARY MILLS - The Greek Sceptics.
V_1109_18: PATTERSON, DAVID - The Hebrew Novel in Czarist Russia.
SH_045_024: PAUL, SHALOM M. [INTR. & COMMENTARY] / AHITUV, SHMUEL [ED.] - Isaiah, 40-66 - Volume One: Chapters 40-48 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Mikra Leyisre'el - A Bible commentary for Israel..
V_1126_112: PAUL, LOTHAR - Geschichte der Grammatik im Grundriss: Sprachdidaktik ais angewandte Erkenntnistheorie und Wissenschaftskritik: Pragmalinguistik Band 14.
KG_92_052: PAUL, GERHARD; GOLDBERG, BETTINA - Matrosenanzug - Davidstern: Bilder Jüdischen Lebens aus der Provinz.
SH_045_025: PAUL, SHALOM M. [INTR. & COMMENTARY] / AHITUV, SHMUEL [ED.] - Isaiah 40-66: Volume Two, Chapters 49-66 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Mikra Leyisre'el - A Bible commentary for Israel..
KG_32_219: PAUL, SHALOM M. / AHITUV, SHMUEL [ED.] - Isaiah 40-66: Introduction and Commentary - Volume I: Chapters 40-48 [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Mikra Leyisra'el - A Bible Commentary for Israel..
KG_32_220: PAUL, SHALOM M. / AHITUV, SHMUEL [ED.] - Isaiah 40-66: Introduction and Commentary - Volume II: Chapters 49-66 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Mikra Leyisra'el - A Bible Commentary for Israel..
V_1059_72: PAUL, JEAN / SCHEURICH, PAUL - BILDER - Doktor Katzenbergers Badreise.
KG_69_141: PAULHAN, JEAN - Oeuvres Completes de Jean Paulhan [FIVE VOLUME SET].: [VOL. I]: Les Instants bien employes. [VOL. II]: La Marque des Letters. [VOL. III]: Le don des Langues. [VOL. IV]: Sade et Autres Primitifs. [VOL. V]: La Tache Aveugle..
AR_490_009: PAULI, WOLFGANG / ACHUTHAN, P.; VENKATESAN, K. [TRAN.] - General Principles of Quantum Mechanics.
V_1040_216: PAUPHILET, ALBERT [ED.] - Poetes et Romanciers du Moyen-age.
AR_492_003: PAVAN, ILARIA - Il Comandante: La Vita di Federico Jarach e la Memoria di un'Epoca, 1874-1951.
KG_61_171: PAVEL, AMELIA [FOREWORD, SELECTION] / LITMAN, PAULA [ED.] - Pictori Evrei Din Romania - Jewish Painters In Romania 1848-1948.
kg_46_044: PAWLEY, MARTIN - Le Corbusier.
KG_71_120: PAWLOWSKA, HARRIET M. [ED.] / GARDNER, EMELYN ELIZABETH [FORWARD] - Merrily We Sing: 105 Polish Folksongs.
V_1090_27: PAWLOWSKZ, V. / LEICH-PROST, E. / KLÖSCH, CH. - Vereine im Nationalsozialismus: Vermögensentzug durch den Stillhaltekommissar für vereine, Organisationen und Verbände und Aspekte der Restitution in Österreich nach 1945.
KG_39_116: PAX, WOLFGANG - Mit Jesus im Heiligen Land.
AR_291_003: PAYNE, DORIS L. ; BARSHI, IMMANUEL [EDS.] - External Possession.: [SERIES]: Typological Studies In Language - 39..
AR_240_012: PAYRO, JULIO E. - Veintidos [22] Pintores: Facetas del Arte Argentino.
H_034_092: PAZ, UZI / LIVNEH, YIGAL [PHOTO.] / BEN-YOSEF, REUVEN [TRANS.] - A Time to Migrate and a Time to Nest [IN HEBREW].
SH_012_091: PAZ, UZI / ESHBOL, YOSSI [PHOTOGRAPHY] - Photographic Guide To The Birds Of Israel [IN HEBREW].
AR_144_004: PAZ, UZI / ALON, AZARIA [ED.] - Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia - Volume 6: Birds [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_3027_84: PAZ, OCTAVIO - En Esto Ver Aquello Octavio Paz y el Arte.
V_1053_22: PEAKE AND FLEURE - Merchant Venturers in Bronze: The Corridors of Time - Volume VII.
V_1053_21: PEAKE AND FLEURE - Peasants & Potters: The Corridors of Time - Volume III.
V_1053_17: PEAKE AND FLEURE - Hunter & Artists: The Corridors of Time Volume II.
V_1053_18: PEAKE AND FLEURE - The Horse and the Sword: The Corridors of Time Volume VIII.
V_1053_20: PEAKE AND FLEURE - The Steppe & The Sown: The Corridors of Time - Volume V.
SH_036_033: PEARL, JOEL - A question of time: Between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis [IN HEBREW].
V_1096_35: PEARL, DAVID - A Textbook on Muslim Law.
V_1119_05: PEARLMAN, MOSHE - Die Propheten: Auf den Spuren der Rufer Gottes.
V_1049_19: PEARLMAN, MOSHE - Die Rollen vom Toten Meer im Schrein des Buches.
V_1109_57: PEARLMAN, MAURICE - Collective Adventure: An Informal Account of the Communal Settlements of Palestine.
V_1054_95: PEARLMAN, MOSHE - The Maccabees [IN HEBREW].
AR_305_002: PEARSON, DAVID P. - Handbook of Reading Research.
V_3011_24: PEARSON, J..D. - Index Islamicus 1906 - 1955.
V_1072_31: PEASE, EDWUARD R. - The History of the Fabian Society: With twelve Illustrations.
AR_021_013: PECARIC, SACHA - Hagada Pardes Lauder: i Piesn nad Piesniami.
AR_652_003: PEDAYA, HAVIVA - Name and Sanctuary in the Teaching of R. Isaacthe Blind : A Comparative Study in the Writings of the Earliest Kabbalists [IN HEBREW].
AR_664_004: PEDERSEN, JOHS. - Israel: Its Life and Culture [TWO VOLUME SET].
V_1118_050: PEDRO NEL GOMEZ. BENITEZ, OTTO MORALES [INT] - Pedro nel Gomez.
AR_494_005: PEGUY, CHARLES / PEGUY, MARCEL [ED.] / PEGUY, PIERRE [CHRONOLOGY] / PORCHE, FRANCOIS [INTRO.] - Oeuvres Completes [3 VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Bibliotheque de la Plaide. / [VOL. I]: Oeuvres Poetiques Completes / [VOL. II]: Oeuvres en Prose - 1898-1908 / [VOL. III]: Oueuvres en Prose - 1909-1914.
AR_532_009: PEIGNÉ, A. [ED.] - Harpe d'Israel ou Chants de la Bible - Tome Second [VOLUME 2 ONLY].: Traduits en Vers Francias par nos Meilleurs Poètes, avec le Texte en Regard; Recueillis et Mis en Ordre par A. Peigné..
V_1093_142: PEIGNOT, JEROME - Calligraphie: Du Trait de Plume aux Contre-Ecritures.
AR_479_010: PEISAKHOV, DMITRY B. / WIEHN, ERHARD ROY [ED.] - Jewish Life in Kiev: Pictures.
MA_13_18: PEISER, F. E. [FELIX ERNST] [ED. & COMMENTARY] - Keilschriftliche acten-stucke aus Babylonischen Städten.: Von Steinen und Tafeln des Berliner Museums in Autographie, Transscription und Übersetzungherausgegeben und commentiert von Dr. F. E. Peiser. Nebst zwei Lichtdrucktafeln..
V_1044_184: PEISER, JACOB - Die Geschichte der Synagogengemeinde zu Stettin: Eine Studie zur Geschichte des Pommerschen Judentums.: [SERIES]: Ostdeutsche Beiträge aus dem göttinger Arbeitskreis - Band XXXVII.
KG_60_144_: PEITGEN, H.-O.; RICHTER, P.H. - The Beauty of Fractals: Images of Complex Dynamical Systems.: With 184 Figures, Many in Color..
AR_713_005: PELED, MOTTI. [CURATOR] - Matsa for Public Auctions: Auction No.92 Sunday, 27 June, 1999.
E_03_029: PELED, AMMATZIA [ED.] - Haifa - Streets Guide [IN HEBREW].
V_3016_68: PELED, M. AND SHAMIR, S. - Egyptian Intellectuals on National Priorities [IN HEBREW].
V_1093_127: PELED, RAFI / POLAK, DORON [ED.] - Cross Israel.
SH_062_096: PELED, RAFI / AHRONSON, MEIR [CURATOR] - Rafi Peled: Sculpture.
KG_80_159: PELED, YUVAL / OFEK, RUTHI [CURATOR] - Links: Yuval Peled - Paintings.
AR_656_008: PELED-CARMELI, HAVIVA [TEXT] / FISCHER, YONA [ED.] / BENJAMIN, CHAYA [CURATOR] - Illustrated Haggadot of the Eighteenth Century.
SH_006_008: PELLEGRIN, PAOLO ; ANDERSON, SCOTT - Double Blind: War in Lebanon 2006.
SH_028_012: PELLI, MOSHE - Moses Mendelssohn : Bonds of Tradition.
V_2021_147: PELLI, MOSHE - The Age of Haskalah : Studies in Hebrew Literature of the Enlightenment in Germany.
SH_029_081: PELLI, MOSHE - Al De'ateft (For Drowning Others Thou Wast Drowned) [IN HEBREW]: A Novel.
AR_148_005: PELLI, MOSHE - The Gate to Haskalah: An Annotated Index to Hame'asef, the First Hebrew Journal [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
AR_476_017: PELLI, MOSHE [ED.] - The Shadow of Death: Letters in Flames [SIGNED BY EDITOR].
V_1081_15: PELLICO, SILVIO - Tragedie di Silvio Pellico: Francesca da Rimini. Eufemio da messina - Ester D'engaddi..
AR_410_005: PELLICO, SILVIO / ANDRYANE, ALEXANDRE - Les Deux Captifs du Spielberg [RARE].: Silvio Pellico et Alexandre Andryane - Leur Vie, Leurs Souvenirs..
V_1123_13: PELLOWE, WILLIAM C. S. - Mark Twain Pilgrim from Hannibal.
AR_134_019: PELTZ, TIA - Crochiuri Din Inima Mea: Cartierele Vacaresti - Dudesti.
AR_153_011: PELTZ, TIA - Crochiuri Din Inima Mea: Cartierele Vacaresti - Dudesti.
AR_293_007: PENATI, ENRICO - 1837 Luce a Gaz: una storia che cominica a torino.
AR_160_020: PENG, LU; OLIVA, ACHILLE BONITO - A Gift to Marco Polo: A Collateral Event of 53rd International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia.
AR_228_011: PENKOWER, MONTY NOAM - Decision on Palestine Deferred: America, Britain and Wartime Diplomacy, 1939-1945.
AR_532_001: PENN, IRVING / SZARKOWSKI, JOHN [TEXT] - Irving Penn.
Kg_79_061: PENN, ASCHER - Judaism in America: Book One: A Guide to the Religious and Cultural Life of Jews in America in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century [IN YIDDISH, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
MA_20_19: PENNANT, THOMAS - A Tour in Scotland, and Voyage to the Hebrides; MDCCLXXII (1772) [VOLUMES 1 & 2].
AR_430_002: PENRICE, JOHN - A Dictionary and Glossary of the Kor-an [Koran; Kor'an; Quran; Qur'an] - With Copious Grammatical References and Explanations of the Text: Arabic-English.: [SERIES]: Reference Dictionaries published by Librarie du Liban..
MC_25_12: PENTEADO, DARCY - 10 / Dez Desenhos de Darcy Penteado [LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 COPIES - # 458].
AR_163_007: PEPYS, SAMUEL / BRAYBROOKE, RICHARD LORD [ED.] - Memoirs of Samuel Pepys, Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II and James II [FIVE VOLUME SET].: [VOLS.I-IV]: Diary / [VOL.V]: Correspondence.
V_2035_134: PERANI, MAURO [ED.] - Una Manna Buona per Mantova - Man Tov le-Man Tovah : Studi in Onore di Vittore Colorni per il Suo 92 Compleanno.: [SERIES]: Academia Nazionale Virgilliana di Scienze Lettere e Arti : Miscellanea 14..
AR_514_008: PERCIKOWITSCH, AISIK - Al-Harizi als Übersetzer der Makamen Al-Hariris: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Literatur-Übertragungen.: Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde der hohen philosophischen Fakultät der Friedrich-Alexanders-Universität Erlangen..
AR_176_005: PEREG, NIRA - Kept Alive - Nira Pereg.
V_1127_03: PEREIRE, ANITA & VAN ZUYLEN, GABRIELLE - Gardens of France.
SH_053_025: PERELMAN, CH. - The Idea of Justice [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University Legal Studies.
AR_464_007: PEREMAN, JACOB - The Book of Assyro-Babylonian Proverbs: Cuneiform Texts with Hebrew Translation, Introduction, Notes and Vocabularies [IN HEBREW].
V_1029_182: PERETZ, Y. - The Relative Clause [IN HEBREW].
AR_376_001: PERETZ, VIVIANE - Memories in Color: Works, 2004-2009.
V_1048_36: PERETZ, Y. - The relative clause.
V_1082_02: PERETZ, J. L. / SCHOLEM ALEJCHEM / ASCH, SCHOLEM - OstjÜdische ErzÄhler: Ausgewählt und aus dem Jidischen übersetzt von Alexander Eliasberg.
MA_20_04: PEREZ, JIZCHOK LEIB [ISAAC PERETZ; YITSKHOK LEYBUSH; J. L.] / STEINHARDT, JAKOB [ARTIST] - Musikalische Novellen [FIRST EDITION].: Mit fünf Original-Litographien von Jacob Steinhardt..
MC_16_07: PEREZ, JIZCHOK LEIB [YITSKHOK LEYBUSH PERETZ, IZAAK LEJB PEREC, ISAAC] / STEINHARDT, JAKOB [LITHOGRAPHS] / ELIASBERG, ALEXANDER [TR.] - Gleichnisse.: Lithographien von Jakob Steinhardt. Deutsch von Alexander Eliasberg..
V_1082_15: PEREZ, JIZCHOK-LEJB - Adam und Eva: Novellen / Deutsch von Alexander Eliasberg.
V_1082_16: PEREZ, J. L. - Die Zeit: Novellen / Deutsch von Alexander Eliasberg.
MA_20_18: PEREZ, JIZCHOK LEIB [ISAAC PERETZ; YITSKHOK LEYBUSH; J. L.] / STEINHARDT, JAKOB [ARTIST] - Musikalische Novellen [FIRST EDITION].: Mit fünf Original-Litographien von Jacob Steinhardt..
MC_02_09: PEREZ, J. L. [ISAAC LEIB PERETZ; YITSKHOK LEYBUSH; JIZCHOK] / STEINHARDT, JACOB [JAKOB] [ILLUSTR.] - Musikalische Novellen [SIGNED BY JACOB STEINHARDT].: Mit fünf Original-Lithographien von Jacob Steinhardt..
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AR_119_010: PHARCHI / PARCHI / HAPARCHI, ISHOTRI / ESTORI. EDELMANN, HIRSCH [ED]. GROSSBERG, YERUCHAM FISHL [ED]. - Caftor wa-Pherach [ALT SPELLING: Kaftor u-Perah] [IN HEBREW]: Liber, in quo de ritibus Terram Sanctam spectantibus nec non de Geographia, Antiquitatibus, Nummis etc. eodem pertinentibus agitur. Denuo editit, textum ex codicc. manuscr. Bibl. Bodlej. emendavit, introductionem variique generis annotationes.
AR_413_014: PHEIBUSH, URI [ILLUSTRATION] / BENJAMIN, CHAYA [INTRO.] - The Copenhagen Haggadah: Altona-Hamburg, 1739 [FACSIMILE EDITION][IN HEBREW].
AR_235_013: PHEIBUSH, URI / BENJAMIN, CHAYA [INTRO.] - The Copenhagen Haggadah - Altona Hamburg, 1739 [Facsimile Edition].: The Artist: Uri Pheibush son of Isac Eisik Segal.
KG_27_142: PHILBY, HARRY [ST JOHN BRIDGER] - Das geheimnisvolle Arabien: Entdeckungen und Abenteuer [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_031_020: PHILBY, H. STJ. B. - Arabian Days.
AR_313_001: PHILIPPE ARIES / DUBY, GEORGES [ED.] - Geschichte des privaten Lebens [FOUR OUT OF FIVE VOLUMES].: [VOL.I]I: Vom Römischen Imperium zum Byzantischen Reich / [VOL.II]: Vom Feudalzeitalter zur Renaissance /[VOL.III]: Von der Renaissance zur Aufklärung / [VOL.IV]: Von Der Revolution zum Grossen Krieg.
V_3023_30: PHILIPPE, CHARLES-LOUIS - Die gute Madeleine und die arme Marie: vier Geschichten armer Liebe: mit neun Holzschnitten von Franz Masereel.
V_1126_48: PHILIPPE, CHARLES-LOUIS - Bubu de Montparnasse.
V_3023_31: PHILIPPE, CHARLES-LOUIS - Der alte Perdrix: mit zwÖlf Holzschnitten von Franz Masereel.
V_1084_35: PHILIPPSOHN, LUDWIG - The Development of the Religious Idea in Judaism, Christianity and Mahomedanism.
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MA_04_15: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG [HRSG.] - Jüdisches Volksblatt - Dritter Jahrgang / Vierter Jahrgang [Compilation of all 1855, 1856 and 1857 issues] [2 VOLUMES BOUND IN 1].: Zur Belehrung und Unterhaltung auf Jüdischem Gebiete.
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MA_04_13: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG [ED.] - Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums [Judentums] - Dritter Jahrgang [ALL 1839 ISSUES].: Ein unpartheiisches Organ für alles jüdische Interesse in Betreff von Politik, Religion, Literatur, Geschichte, Sprachkunde und Belletristik..
MA_20_11: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG; RÄBE, K. [EDS.] - Jüdisches Volksblatt - V. Jahrgang [Compilation of all 1858 issues].
AR_369_008: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG [ED.] - Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums [Compilation of all 1846 issues - 10th Jahrgang].: Ein unparteiisches Organ für alles jüdische Interesse im Betreff von Politik, Religion, Literatur, Geschichte, Sprachkunde und Belletristik..
I_036_035: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG - Neues Israelitisches Gebetbuch.: Für die Wochentage, Sabbathe und alle Sekte zum Gebrauche während des Gottesdientes und bei der häuslichen Andacht..
MB_02_05: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG [ED.] - Der Kampf der preussischen Juden für die Sache der Gewissensfreiheit.: Herausgegeben von Dr. Ludwig Philippson, Rabbiner..
AR_718_018: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG [ED.] - Jüdisches Volksblatt [Compilation of all 1861 issues - 8. Jahrgang].
V_2029_130: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG - Saron - Zweiter Theil [Teil]: Dichtungen in metrischen Form. Erster Band: Dramatisches. Das Ich, ein Lehrgedicht Anhang [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: [SERIES]: Schriften herausgegeben vom Institute zur Förderung der israelitischen Literatur..
AR_163_006: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG / BACHER, SIMON [TRANS.] - Jojachin: Trauerspiel in vier Aufzügen [IN HEBREW].
AR_192_001: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG [HRSG.] - Jüdisches Volksblatt - Vierter Jahrgang [Compilation of all 1856-57 issues]: zur Belehrung und Unterhaltung auf jüdischem Gebiete..
AR_638_011: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG - Der Rat des Heils: Eine Mitgabe für das ganze Leben an den israelitishcen Confirmanden (Bar Mizwah) und die israelitische Comfirmandin, oder beim Austritt aus der Schule.
MC_18_03: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG [ED.] - Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums [Judentums] - Erster Jahrgang [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Ein unpartheiisches Organ für alles jüdische Interesse in Betreff von Politik, Religion, Literatur, Geschichte, Sprachkunde und Belletristik...
MA_20_10: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG ; RÄBE, K. [EDS.] - Jüdisches Volksblatt - VII. Jahrgang [Compilation of all 1860 issues].
AR_196_003: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG - Die Israelitische Religionslehre - zweite und dritte Abteilung: Die Lehre von Gott. - Die Gottesverehrung [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Schriften herausgegeben vom Institute zur förderung der israelitischen Literatur..
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AR_300_008: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG [HRSG.] - Jüdisches Volksblatt - Dritter Jahrgang [Compilation of all 1855-56 issues].: Zur Belehrung und Unterhaltung auf Jüdischem Gebeite.
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MA_20_12: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG; LÜDER, J. H. [EDS.] - Jüdisches Volksblatt - IX. Jahrgang / X. Jahrgang [Compilation of all 1862 and 1863 issues].
MA_20_13: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG ; RÄBE, K. [EDS.] - Jüdisches Volksblatt - V. Jahrgang / VI. Jahrgang [Compilation of all 1858 and 1859 issues].
V_1125_39: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG - Die Israelitische Religionslehre: Dritter Band, vierte Abtheilung: Der Lebeswandel.
I_004_034: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG [ED.] - Jüdisches Volksblatt - XII. Jahrgang [Compilation of all but four 1865 issues].
KG_31_108_: PHILIPPSON, LUDWIG - Die Entwicklung [Entwickelung] der religiösen Idee im Judenthume, Christenthume und Islam und die Religion der Gesellschaft.: 2. verb. Aufl. [SERIES]: Schriften (Institut zur Förderung der Israelitischen Literatur), Jahr. 18..
V_1064_35: PHILIPSON, DAVID - Old European Jewries.
V_2003_181: PHILIPSON, DAVID [EDS.] - Hebrew Union College Jubilee Volume (1875-1925): David Philipson, H. G. Enelow, Jacob Mann, K. Kohler, Julian Morgenstern, Jacob Z. Lauterbach and William Rosenau.
V_3011_26: PHILIPSON ,DAVID - Max Lilienthal: Reprinted from Yearbook, Vol. XXV Central Conferenc of American Rabbis.
KG_72_221: PHILLIPE, BEATRICE [ED.] - Une Tragedie de La Belle Epoque: L'Affaire Dreyfus.
V_2060_34: PHILLIPS, JOHN - A Will to Survive: Israel: The Faces of the Terror 1948, The face of the Hope Today.
AR_688_012: PHILLIPS, GEORGE - The Elements of Syriac Grammar.
V_1108_119: PHILLIPS, JOHN - A Will to Survive: Israel - The Faces of Terror 1948, the Faces of Hope Today [IN HEBREW].
SH_012_029: PHILLOTT, D. C. [TR.] / SHYKH AHMUD ; LUMSDEN, THOMAS GERALD - Nafhatu 'l-Yaman - Breezes from Yemen : Part I.: Translated into English with Philological and Critical Notes by Lieut.-Colonel D. C. Phillott, Secretary to the Board of Examiners..
MA_13_06: PHILO JUDAEUS OF ALEXANDRIA [FILONE DI ALESSANDRIA; FILONE L'EBREO] / MAI, ANGELO [TR.] - Volgarizzamento del Trattato di Filone Ebreo su la Virtu e le sue Specie.: Giusta il Testo Greco recentemente, scoperto e pubblicato dal Ch. Sig. Ab. Mai.
V_2004_204: PHILO JUDAEUS; PHILO OF ALEXANDRIA [PHILONIS JUDAEI OPERA OMNIA] - Philonis Judaei Opera Omnia: Vol. VIII. Patrum Ecclesiae Graecorum. Pars II.
AR_310_001: PHILO JUDAEUS [PHILONIS JUDAEI; ALEXANDRINUS] - Philonis Judaei Opera Omnia - Vol. V [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Bibliotheca Sacra, Patrum Ecclesiae Graecorum - Pars II..
AR_308_011: PHILO JUDAEUS [ALEXANDRINUS; PHILONIS JUDAEI] - Philonis Judaei Opera Omnia - Vol. VII. [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: [SERIES]: Bibliotheca Sacra. Patrum Ecclesiae Graecorum Pars II..
AR_459_015: PHILON - Das Leben Moses.
V_2004_203: PHILONIS JUDAEI [PHILO] - Philonis Judaei Opera Omnia: Vol. VI. Patrum Ecclesiae Graecorum. Pars II.
Kg_79_031_: PHLIPPSON, LUDWIG - Neues Israelitisches Gebetbuch für die Wochentage, Sabbathe und alle feste: Schriften herausgegeben vom Institute zur Förderung der israelitischen Literatur, Neuntes Jahr: 1863-1864.
AR_138_006: PIATTELLI, ABRAMO ALBERTO [TRANS.] - Targum Shir Ha-shirim (Parafrasi aramaica del Cantico dei Cantici) [FACSIMILE EDITION] [CONTAINS SUPPLEMENTAL VOLUME WITH COMMENTARY].
AR_445_018: PIATTELLI, ANGELO M.; SERMONETA, HILLEL M. [EDS.] - Mahazor di Pesah di Rito Italiano, Secondo l'uso di Gerusalemme [IN HEBREW].
AR_205_003: PICA, AGNOLDOMENICO - Pier Luigi Nervi.: [SERIES]: Artisti Italiani Contemporanei - 5.
V_2068_07: PICARD, LEO - Structure and Evolution of Palestine.
KG_63_203: PICARD, LEO [YEHUDAH, JEHUDA] - Structure and Evolution of Palestine with Comparative Notes on Neighbouring Countries.
AR_282_005: PICARD, L.B. - Oeuvres de L. B. Picard [10 VOLUMES SET].
SA_129: PICARD, L. AND HIRSCH, F. - The Jurassic Stratigraphy in Israel and the Adjacent Countries.
I_028_035: PICARD, LEO - Pioneering Geology of Erez Israel: Benchmarks in the Exploration of Groundwater and Natural Resources [IN HEBREW].
H_003_011: PICASSO / RAMIE, SUZZABE AND GEORGES [TEXT] - Die Keramiken Picassos.
AR_513_002: PICASSO, PABLO / MCCULLY, MARILYN [ED.] - Picasso: Painter and Sculptor in Clay.
MB_03_18: PICASSO, PABLO [ARTIST] / DI SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI [ED.] / ALBERTI, RAFAEL; BRASSAÏ; MAN RAY; ELUARD, PAUL; APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME; ET AL. - Hommage a Pablo Picasso - Numéro spécial de XXe siécle [WITH ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH AND SEVEN LINOCUTS].: Avec une lithographie exécutée par l'artiste pour le no. 10 de XXe siècle (1958). 28 planches en couleurs. 150 reproductions en noir et blanc..
AR_517_002: PICASSO, PABLO / WARNCKE CARSTEN-PETER [TEXT] / WALTHER, INGO F. [ED.] - Pablo Picasso: 1881-1973 [2 VOLUME SET].: [VOL.I]: The Works 1881-1973 / [VOL.II]: The Works 1937-1973.
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SH_018_137: PORUSH, ISRAEL - The House of Israel : A Study of Sydney Jewry from its foundation (1788) and a History of the Great Synagogue of Sydney, the Mother Congregation of Australian Jewry, Compiled on the Occasion of its Centenary (1878-1978) [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
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V_1092_071: POSNER, A. B. - The Annals of the Community of Czarnikau (Czarnkow).
V_2079_92: POSNER, A. B. - The Annals of the Community of Czarnikau (Czarnkow) with a map and two pictures [IN HEBREW] [ENGLISH SUMMARY].
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MA_09_03: PRAMBHOFER, JOHANN - Ungesaltzenes und Ungeschmaltzenes [ungesalzenes und ungeschmolzenes; ungeschmalzenes], doch wolgeschmackes Kirchtag-Süppel: bestehend in vier und dreissig köstlichen Speisen...: das ist vier und dreyssig einfältige, aber mit Biblischen Concepten, sittlichen Lehren ... reich gespickte Kirchweyh-Predigen. Von Joanne Prambhofer..
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SH_084_020: PRAWER, JOSHUA [ED.] - The History of Jerusalem: The Early Islamic Period [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_700_010: PRAWER, JOSHUA [ED.] - The History of Jerusalem: The Early Islamic Period (638-1099) [IN HEBREW].
E_24_053: PREISLER, ZVU H. - The Mishneh Torah by Rabbi Moses Maimonides [IN HEBREW].
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AR_666_009: PREISWERK, S. [SAMUEL] - Das Morgenland: Altes und Neues für Freunde der heiligen Schrift - ein Monatschrift: fünfter Jahrgang [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_3015_45: PRELOG, DRAGO J. - Neue Bilder.
AR_499_006: PRELOOKER, JAAKOFF - The New Israelite; Or, Rabbi Shalom on the Shores of the Black Sea [Russian Jewry].
AR_733_020: PRELOOKER, JAAKOFF - Under the Czar and Queen Victoria: The Experiences of a Russian Reformer.
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V_2008_180_: PREYER, W. T. [WILLIAM THIERRY] - Die geistige Entwickelung: in der ersten Kindheit, nebst Anweisungen für Eltern, dieselbe zu beobachten..
MB_04_38: PRIBRAM, A. F. [ALFRED FRANCIS] - Urkunden und Akten zur Geschichte der Juden in Wien - Erste Abteilung, Allgemeiner Teil 1526-1847 (1849). Erster Band / Zweiter Band [TWO VOLUME SET]: Herausgegeben und eingeleitet von A. F. Pribram. [SERIES]: Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der Juden in Deutsch-Österreich - VIII. Herausgegeben von der historischen Kommission der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde in Wien..
V_1057_06: PRICE, DON K. - The Scientific Estate.
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AR_452_002: PRINS, LIEPMAN PHILIP / HERSKOVICS, MAYER ; BENDHEIM, ELS [ED.] - Liepman Philip Prins - His Scholarly Correspondence / Liepman Philip Prins - His Scholarly Contribution : Insights and Essays [TWO BOOKS][IN HEBREW WITH SHORT ENGLISH SECTION].
V_1100_130: PRINS, LIEPMAN PHILIP / ENDHEIM, ELS [ED.] - Liepman Philip Prins: His Scholarly Contribution - Insights and Essays [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Scholarly Correspondence and Writings of Liepman Philip Prins.
AR_396_004: PRINZ, JOACHIM / WALLENBERG, HEINZ [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Die Geschichten der Bibel.: Der Jüdischen Jugend neu erzählt von Joachim Prinz mit vielen Bildern von Heinz Wallenberg.
SH_010_015: PRINZ, JOACHIM - Wir Juden.
AR_720_009: PRINZ, ARTHUR / BARKAI, AVRAHAM [ED.] - Juden im Deutschen Wirtschaftsleben: Soziale und Wirtschaftliche Struktur im Wandel 1850-1914.
AR_071_003: PRINZ, JOACHIM - Illustrierte Jüdische Geschichte.
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V_1050_105: PRITAL, DAVID [ED.] - Jewish Intelligentsia in the Soviet Union: Volume Four [IN HEBREW]: 1970-1980: Decade of Aliya from the U.S.S.R..
V_2003_88: PRITAL, DAVID [ED.] - The Jews of the Soviet Union - 1 (7) [IN HEBREW]: Immigration and Struggle in the 1980's.
V_2003_89: PRITAL, DAVID [ED.] - The Jews of the Soviet Union - 2 (8) [IN HEBREW]: Immigration and Struggle in the 1980's.
V_2003_90: PRITAL, DAVID [ED.] - The Jews of the Soviet Union - 9 [IN HEBREW]: Immigration and Struggle in the 1980's.
V_2003_91: PRITAL, DAVID [ED.] - The Jews of the Soviet Union - 10 [IN HEBREW]: Immigration and Struggle in the 1980's.
AR_634_001: PRITCHARD, JAMES B. [ED.] - Ancient Near Eastern Texts: Relating to the Old Testament.
AR_767_008: PRITCHARD, JAMES B. [ED.] - Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament.: 3rd ed..
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AR_227_006: PROD'HOMME, J. G. - La Toilette Feminine a Travers les Ages [THESE TWO VOLUMES ONLY].: [VOL.I]: 1490-1645 / [VOL.II]: 1645-1720.
V_2037_45: PRODAN, MARIO - La Poterie T'Ang [Tang].
V_1081_094: PROF. EISENSTADT, SAMUEL - [IN HEBREW] Zion With Justice: Pamphlets On Jewish And Roman Jurisprudence.
AR_079_011: PROIX, ROBERT [ED.] / DAVIS, GREGORY H. [TRANS.] - Albert Camus and the Men of the Stone.
KG_80_120: PROKOFIEV, DMITRY - A Voice from Moscow [IN HEBREW].
AR_295_019: PROP, G. - Atlas van Europa en de Werelddelen: Voor De Lagere School.
H_029_020: PROPPER, EYAL - Panda or Dragon? Chinese foreign policy management during the reforms [IN HEBREW].
KG_57_110: PROSKAUER, WALTER - Hiob und Wir: Schicksalsfragen und Gottesantwort.
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MC_12_08: PRUGGER VON PRUGGENHEIM, KARL [ED.] - Tugendhafte Gesinnungen und Thaten von Heiden, Juden und Türken, in Erzählungen für Leser aus allen Ständen - Erstes Bändchen [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1030_138: PRY, PETER - Israel's Nuclear Arsenal.
MA_17_12: PRÄGER, M. [MOSES] - Sabbathfeier - eine Sammlung Predigten zur Befestigung des religiösen Sinnes: Erster Band, Lieferung 1-30 (Nr. 19 fehlt) [FIRST VOLUME ONLY].
AR_045_013: PRÄSIDIUM D. RABBINER-VERSAMMLUNG - Vorläufiger Bericht über die am 4. und 5. Juni 1884 in Berlin stattgefundene Versammlung deutscher Rabbiner.
Kg_91_12: PRÖLK, ROBERT - Altenglisches Theater: Erster und zweiter Band.
AR_397_009: PTASHNE, MARK ; GANN, ALEXANDER - Genes & signals.
V_2020_89: PUECH, HENRI-CHARLES - En Quete de la Gnose I : La Gnose et le temps et Autres Essais [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Bibliotheque des Sciences Humaines..
V_1127_27: PUGACHEVA, EMMA NIKOLAEVNA - Mikhail Savitski / Michail Sawizki / Mijail Savitski.
V_1043_14: PUIGDEVALL, PEDERICO - Los Grandes Maestros del Museo del Prado: Las Colecciones de Pintura Extranjera + Espanola Vol. I+II.
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V_1078_80: PUSCH, G. - Lehrbuch der allgemeinen Tierzucht: Zweite umgearbeitete und vermehrte Auflage / Mit 219 Abbildungen.
AR_007_003: PUSTET, REGINA - Diskursprominenz und Rollensemantik: eine funktionale Typologie von Partizipationssystem.
V_3027_33: PUSZKIN, ALEXANDER - Eugeniusz Oniegin: Przetozyt: Adam Wazyk; Ilustrowat: J.M. Szancer.
AR_096_016: PUTZGER, FRIEDRICH WILHELM / BALDAMUS, ALFRED; SCHWABE, ERNST; KOCH, JULIUS [EDS.] - Historischer Schul-Atlas zur Alten, Mittleren und Neuen Geschichte in 324 Haupt- und Nebenkarten.
Kg_21_033: PÖNITZ, ARTHUR - Byron und die Bibel: Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde der Hohen philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Leipzig.
V_2021_152: Q. HORATIUS FLACCUS [QUINTUS] / GILULA, DWORA [TR.] - Ars Poetica [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Philosophical Classics (56).
AR_514_009: QARAGADAGI, MUHAEMMAED GAEFAER / WAHRMUND, ADOLF [ED.] - Monsieur Jourdan, der Pariser Botaniker, im Qarabag.: [SERIES]: Neupersische Schauspiele von Muhaemmaed Gae'faer Qaragadagi, im Persischen Texte. Mit wörtlicher deutscher Übersetzung, Anmerkungen und vollständigem Wörterverzeichniss - Heft I..
AR_427_005: QILLAR, EL'AZAR / ALIZUR, SHULAMIT - The Piyyutim of Rabbi El'azar Birabbi Qillar [IN HEBREW].
MA_20_05: QIMCHI, DAVID [KIMHI; KIMCHI; RADAK] - Commentary on the Psalms - Facsimile of the 1477 Printing [HEBREW].
V_1128_103: QIMRON, ELISHA - A Grammer of the Hebrew Language of the Dead Sea Scrolls - Thesis Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy - Submitted to the Senate of the Hebrew University [IN HEBREW].
ZK_061: QIMRON, E. / GARCIA MARTINEZ, F. [BIBLIOGRAPHY] - The Temple Scroll: A Critical Edition with Extensive Reconstruction.
V_1127_87: QIU ZHIJIE; YE NAN; LIU TIAN [CURATORS] - New Folk Movement - The Reconstruct of the Commonality Living: Contemporary Art Exhibition [IN CHINESE WITH ENGLISH PREFACE].
AR_022_027: QUANDT, WILLIAM B. - Camp David [IN HEBREW].
MC_08_12: QUARESMIO, FR. FRANCISCO [QUARESMIUS, FRANCISCUS] - Historica theologica et moralis Terrae Sanctae Elucidatio [2 PARTS IN 4 VOLUMES - VOLUME ONE AND HALF OF VOLUME TWO - PAGES XXVI+368 ONLY].: In qua pleraque ad veterem et praesentem ejusdem terrae statum spectantia accurate explicantur varii errores refelluntur veritas fideliter exacteque discutitur et comprobatur. Opus non tantum ad terram sanctam proficiscentibus sed etiam sacrae scripturae studiosis et divini verbi praeconibus utilissimum..
V_1066_62: QUESADA, LUIS - Luz y Lumbre en la Pintura Espanola.
V_1099_42: QUETEL, CLAUDE - A memorial for peace.
V_1022_127: QUILLER-COUCH, A. T. - The Roll Call of Honour: A New Book of Golden Deeds.
V_1090_35: QUINE, WILLARD VAN ORMAN - From a Logical Point of View: 9 Logico-Philosophical Essays.
V_3020_45: QUINT, EMANUEL - A Restatement of Rabbinic Civil Law [Volume 9]: Volume IX: Laws of the Paid Bailee; Laws of the Lessee; Laws Regarding Labor; Laws Regarding Borrowing of Objects; Laws Regarding Stealing; Laws Regarding Robbery.
V_2013_003: QUINT, EMANUEL B. [ED.] - Annual volume of the council of young Israel Rabbis in Israel [Volume I].
KG_72_207: QUINTANA, ALDINA; IBANEZ- SPERBER, RAQUEL; BEN-SHALOM, RAM [ED.] - Between Edom and Kedar: Studies in Memory of Yom Tov Assis - Part 2 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Hispania Judaica Bulletin - Articles, Reviews, Bibliography and Manuscripts on Sefarad: VOL. 11.
AR_396_015: QUINTUS CURTIUS RUFUS / FREINSHEIM, JOHANN [FRENSHEMIUS, JOHANNES] [SUPPLEMENTS] - De rebus gestis Alexandri Magni libri - Volumen Secundum (Libri VI-X) [Historiae] [VOLUME TWO ONLY].: Cum supplementis Io. Freinshemii, praemittitur notitia literaria, accedit index, studiis societatis bipontinae..
MA_03_10: R. ISAAC ISRAELI [BEN JOSEPH; YITZHAK BEN YOSEF; THE YOUNGER] - Liber Jesod Olam seu Fundamentum Mundi [2 VOLUMES IN 1].: Opus Astronomicum Celeberrimum, ex codice manuscripto denuo ediderunt, rextum emendarunt, notas adjecerunt, nec non versionem epiromariam vernacuam addendam curaverunt B. Goldberg & L. Rosenkranz, Poloni. Sectio Prior & Sectio Altera..
BI_636: R. MOSHE CORDOVERO / SACK, BRACHA - From the Fountains of Sefer Elimah by R. Moshe Cordovero and Studies in his Kabbalah [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: The Goldstein-Goren Library of Jewish Thought - Publication no. 18..
MB_02_34: R. ABRAHAM IBN ESRA [RABBI ABRAHAM BEN MEIR IBN EZRA] / CREIZENACH, M. [MICHAEL] [ED.] - Jesod Mora [Seger Yesod Mora Vesod Hatorah] : Grundlage der Gottesverehrung, oder Untersuchungen uber das mosaische Gesetz und die Grundprinzipien der israelitischen Religion von R. Abraham ibn Esra [ben Meir; Ezra].
AR_096_014: R. SHLOMO YITZHAKI [RASHI; YITZCHAKI; SALOMON ISSACIDES] / LEHMANN, MANFRED R. [ED.] - The Commentary of Rashi on the Pentateuch by R. Shlomo Yitzhaki [Yitzchaki] [Peirushei Rashi al haTorah] [IN HEBREW].: Critical Edition based on a Yemenite Manuscript written in c.1440 and medieval fragments from Germany, Spain, Provence and Italy. Comparisons and listings of variants, fully annotated, Based on the first printed edition (Reggio de Calabria, 1475), Berliner's Edition and Sefer Ha-Zikkaron. [SERIES]: The Manfred and Anne Lehmann Foundation Series - 2..
SH_009_001: R. JEHUDA BEN BARSILAI AUS BARCELONA [RABBI JUDAH B. BARZILLAI ALBARGELONI] / HALBERSTAM, S. J. [COMMENTS] - Sepher Haschetaroth - Dokumentenbuch von R. Jehuda ben Barsilai aus Barcelona [IN HEBREW] [FACSIMILE EDITION].: Nach der einzigen Handschrift in Oxford (Cat. Neubauer No. 890)..
KG_38_225: RA'AD, BASEM L. - Hidden Histories: Palestinians and the Eastern Mediterranean.
AR_484_021: RAABE, PAUL ; WIEDER, JOACHIM ; COHEN-MUSHLIN, ALIZA ; SOLF, SABINE ; VON KATTE, MARIA ; BOGHARDT, MARTIN ; M. FOOT, MIRJAM - Treasures of the Herzog August Library: Rare Books and Manuscripts.
AR_672_014: RABA, YOEL - Between Remembrance and Denial: The fate of the Jews in the wars of the Polish Commonwealth during the mid-seventeenth century as shown in contemporary writings and historical research [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Publications of the Diaspora Research Institute - 98..
MA_12_03: RABAN, ZEEV (ZE'EV) [ILLUSTR.] - The Book of Esther.: Illustrated by Zeev Raban, Bezalel, Jerusalem.
MC_11_11: RABAN, ZEEV [ILLUSTR.] / FRIEDLANDER, M. [ED.] - The Book of Job - Hebrew and English. with 12 Coloured Pictures by Zeev Raban, Bezalel Jerusalem.: Revised M. Friedlander..
SH_046_023: RABAN, ZE'EV [ZEEV] [ARTIST] / GOLDMAN IDA, BATSHEVA [CURATOR] - Ze'ev Raban: A Hebrew Symbolist [IN HEBREW].
AR_321_008: RABAN, AVNER / OLESON, JOHN PETER [ED.] - The Harbours of Caesarea Maritima: Volume I - The Site and the Excavations. Part 1 & Part 2 [TWO VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Results of the Caesarea Ancient Harbour Excavation Project, 1980 - 1985..
E_71_20: RABAN, ZEEV - [Eretz Israel - 10 Pictures by Zeev Raban - Betzalel - Jerusalem] (Erez Israel - 10 Tmunot) [4 PLATES ONLY OF 10].
AR_764_016: RABAN, ZEEV / GAHNASSIA, YAEL [CURATOR] - Zeev Raban 1890-1970.
AR_305_004: RABAN, ZEEV [ILLUSTRATIONS] / GUENS, JOSEPH; LOEWY, JOSEPH [TRANS.] - Service for the First Nights of Passover: with Forty Illustrations by Zeev Raban.
AR_695_010: RABAN, AVNER - Archaeological Survey of Israel / Nahalal Map (28) 16-23 [IN HEBREW].
MA_18_10: RABBEINU TAM. COHEN / KATZ, NAPHTALI. KARLBURG, JEHUDA LEIB. NACHMANIDES. DANZIG, ABRAHAM. - Omnibus volume of five Hebrew books from the years 1762-1859.: Sefer Ha-Yashar / Tzavaot / Divre Evel / Alim Le-Trufa / Beit Avraham.
E_026_037: RABBI MEIR / KONOVITZ, ISRAEL [ED.] - Rabbi Meir: Collected Sayings, in Halakah and Aggadah in the Talmudic and Midrashic Literature [IN HEBREW].
MC_20_13: RABBI BENJAMIN BEN MATTITHIA OF ARTA [BINYAMIN BAR MATITYA; MATTATHIAS] / MEIR BENAYAHU - Sefer Binyamin Zeev [Responsa; Sepher; Ze'eb] [RARE LIMITED EDITION OF 300 COPIES] / Prolegomenon to the Responsa Benjamin Ze'ev Venice 5299/1539 by Meir Benayahu [TWO BOOKS].
SH_038_018: RABBI SAMUEL BEN MEIR (RASHBAM) [SHMUEL] / JAPHET, SARA ; SALTERS, ROBERT B. - The Commentary of R. Samuel ben Meir Rashbam on Qoheleth [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Publications of the Perry Foundation for Biblical Research in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
MA_23_03: RABBI MOSCHE BEN MAIMON [MOSES MAIMONIDES; MOSHE] - Auszüge aus dem Buche Jad-Haghasakkah, die starke Hand, Handbuch der Religion.: Auszüge aus dem Maimonides - Vierter Theil [VOLUME 4 ONLY]..
SH_016_060: RABBI NEHORAI GARMON / SARAF, MICHAL [ED.] - Nehorai : Rabbi Nehorai Garmon of Tunisia and his Poetry (18th Century) [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH PREFACE].õ.
V_2080_146: RABBI SAMUEL BEN MEIR [RASHBAM; SHMUEL] / JAPHET, SARAH ; SALTERS, ROBERT B. [EDS. & TRANS.] - The Commentary of R. Samuel ben Meir Rashbam on Qoheleth: [SERIES]: Publications of the Perry Foundation for Biblical Research in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem..
V_1039_204: RABBI YEHUDA LEOVE BEN BEZALEL [THE MAHARAL OF PRAGUE, JUDAH LOEW] / MALLIN, SHLOMO [ED.&TR.] - The Book of Divine Power: On the Conception, Birth and Liberation of the Nation of Yisrael [Israel] - Part One [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_152_012: RABBI PINHAS HA-KOHEN / ELIZUR, SHULAMIT [ED.] - The Liturgical Poems of Rabbi Pinhas Ha-Kohen [IN HEBREW].
MA_24_43: RABBI TOBIA BEN ELIESER [TUVIA; TOBIAH] / BAMBERGER, SECKEL [COMMENTARY] - Lekach Tob (Pesikta Sutrata) : Ein agadischer Kommentar zu Megillat Ruth von Rabbi Tobia ben Elieser. I. [VOLUME 1]: Zum ersten Male herausgegeben nach einer Handschrift der Münchener Hof- und Staatbibliothek, mit Vergleichung der betr. Handschriften aus der Bibliotheken in Oxford, London (Cod. Harlien), Cambridge, Wien (Cod. Jellineck), Petersburg, Parma und Rom (Cod. Cosanata und Angelica). Mit Commentar versehen Seckel Bamberger..
AR_216_021: RABBINER, ZEMACH - The Mourning and Consolatory Discourses in The Bible, Talmud and Midrash [IN HEBREW].
AR_511_012: RABBINER, JACOBSON B.S. [ISSACHAR] - Volk und Tora: Erste Vollständige Ausgabe des 1936 Verfassten Werkes mit Genehmitung von Frau Jacobson - Band I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1088_94: RABELAIS, FRANÇOIS. DELIUS, ANNA [TR&ED] - Gargantua [CHILDRENS EDITION]: Höchst merkwürdige Geschichte eines Riesen.
V_1040_212: RABELLO, ALFREDO M.; BASSI, SHAUL [EDS.] - La Tora' ed i Problemi Sociali.
V_1048_35: RABI, YAAKOV - Talks on Hebrew: [in hebrew].
SH_045_007: RABIN, HAIM - Linguistic Studies: Collected Papers in Hebrew and Semitic Languages [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Sources and Studies, V - A New Series..
AR_218_006: RABIN, YITZHAK - Address By Major-General Yitzhak Rabin Chief of Staff Israel Defence Forces.
V_2015_164: RABIN, C. [ED.] - Textus : Annual of the Hebrew University Bible Project : Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_203_004: RABIN, CHAIM; RADAY,ZVI [EDS.] - Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language in Dictionary Form [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION] [TWO VOLUME SET].
V_1109_56: RABIN, YITZHAK - Adress by Major-General Yitzhak Rabin, Chief of Staff, Israel Defence Forces: Delivered at a ceremony held in the Amphitheatre of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Mount Scopus on Wednesday, 28th June, 1967, at which the title of Honorary Doctor of Philosophy was coferred on him by the Hebrew University ; Second Edition.
AR_613_004: RABIN, CHAIM ; RADAY, ZVI [ED.] - Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language in Dictionary Form [THREE VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
AR_763_003: RABIN, CHAIM; YADIN, YADIN; LICHT JACOB [ED.] - Essays on the Dead Sea Scrolls: In Memory of E. L. Sukenik.
AR_451_014: RABIN, CHAIM ; RADAY, ZVI [ED.] - Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language in Dictionary Form [IN HEBREW].
SH_069_074: RABIN, C. ; YADIN, Y. [ED.] - Essays on the Dead Sea Scrolls : In Memory of E. L. Sukenik [IN HEBREW].
AR_602_004: RABIN, CHAIM ; RADAY, ZVI [ED.] - Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language in Dictionary Form [II VOL. SET] [IN HEBREW].
AR_139_014: RABIN, CHAIM (ED.) - Textus: Annual of the Hebrew University Bible Project [Vol. II Only].
KG_13_106: RABINOVICH, ITAMAR - Syria under the Ba'th 1963-66, the Army-Party Symbiosis [Ba'ath; Bath].
AR_173_006: RABINOVICH, ABRAHAM HIRSCH - Yalkut Hamoadim: Antologia - Recopilacion de Fragmentos y Monografias acerca de las Festividades y tradiciones Hebraicas - [TOMO II] [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
KG_80_165: RABINOVICH, NOAM / LEVIN, DALIA [CURATOR] - Prevailing Winds.
AR_510_012: RABINOVICH, ITAMAR - Syria Under the Ba'th 1963-66: The Army-Party symbiosis.: [SERIES]: The Shiloah Centre for Middle Eastern and African Studies / The Monograph Series..
V_1032_176: RABINOVITCH, ISRAEL - Jewish Music and Other Essays on Musical Topics [IN YIDDISH] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
MA_21_28: RABINOVITSCH, LEON [RABINOWITZ] [ED.] - Gagan / Ha-Gan / HaGan [IN HEBREW].: Sbornik literaturnykh i nauchnykh statej..
AR_464_012: RABINOVITZ, ZVI MEIR - Ginze Midrash: The Oldest Forms of Rabbinic Midrashim According to Geniza Manuscripts [IH HEBREW].
AR_704_007: RABINOVITZ, ZVI MEIR - Ginze Midrash: The Oldest Forms of Rabbinic Midrashim According to Geniza Manuscripts [IN HEBREW].
AR_015_013: RABINOVITZ-TEOMIM, BINYAMIN [ED.] - Hukat Mishpat: A Systematized Presentation of the Jewish Law of Sale [IN HEBREW].
AR_659_017: RABINOWICZ, OSKAR K. - Herzl - Architect of the Balfour Declaration.
AR_545_008: RABINOWITSCH, WOLF ZEEV / TAMIR (MIRSKI), N. - Pinsk: The Story of the Jews of Pinsk 1506 - 1942 [3 VOLUME SET.].
KG_35_146: RABINOWITSCH, WOLF ZEEV - Pinsk - First Volume [PART II] : The Story of the Jews of Pinsk 1942-1506 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_225_015: RABINOWITSCH, WOLF ZEEV [RABINOVICH; RABINOVITCH; RABINOWITZ; RABINOWICZ] - Lithuanian Hasidism: From Its Beginnings to the Present Day.
AR_706_012: RABINOWITZ, SAMUEL - Ozar Hadrush V'Hahatapha: An Encyclopedia of Jewish Homiletics - No. 21-27 [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
SH_075_022: RABINOWITZ, A.H. - One World: A New Look at Judaism and Science [IN HEBREW].
AR_350_010: RABINOWITZ, LOUIS - Torah and Flora.
SH_012_081: RABINOWITZ, Z. M. [ED.] - Midrash Haggadol on the Pentateuch: Numbers [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
SH_004_044: RABINOWITZ, H. R. - Portraits of Jewish Preachers [IN HEBREW].
V_1106_101_: RABINOWITZ, SAMUEL. - Ozar Hadarush V'hahatapha: An Encyclopedia of Jewish Homiletics. [IN YIDDISH]: No. 21-27..
V_1122_184: RABINOWITZ, LOUIS - The Herem Hayyishub: A Contibution to the Medieval Economic History of the Jews.
V_1109_26: RABINOWITZ, L. - The Social Life of the Jews of Northen France: In the XII-XIV Centuries, as Reflected in the Rabbinical Literature of the Period.
AR_602_003: RABINOWITZ, E. N. - Midrash Haggado : Being A Compilation of Halakic and Haggadic Passages to the Pentatuch Taken from Ancient and Mediaeval Rabbinic Sources - Leviticus [THIS VOL. ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
V_1059_169: RABINOWITZ, Z.W. / MELAMED, E.Z. [ED.] - Sha'are Torath Babel : Notes and Comments on the Babylonian Talmud [IN HEBREW].
V_1050_51: RABINOWITZ, LOUIS I. - Sabbath Light: Sermons on the Sabbath Evening Service.
V_1061_100: RABINOWITZ, MARIAN - The Six Ages of Man [IN HEBREW].
I_011_062: RABINOWITZ, H. R. - Men of Understanding [IN HEBREW].
V_1100_121: RABINOWITZ, Z. W. / MELAMED, E. Z. [ED.] - Sha'are Torath Babel: Notes and Comments on the Babylonian Talmud [IN HEBREW].
KG_33_159_: RACAH, GIULIO - Group Theory and Spectroscopy.: Reprint of Lectures delivered at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, in Spring 1951..
AR_569_014: RACCAH-DJIVRE, DAISY ; SARFATI, RACHEL [CURATORS] - Rome to Jerusalem: Four Jewish Masterpieces from the Vatican Libaryõ.
AR_084_003: RACHEL, HEUBERGER - Rabbiner Nehemias Anton Nobel: Die jüdische Renaissance in Frankfurt am Main.
AR_765_002: RACHEL [BLUWSTEIN SELA] / PATER, ELIAS [TRANS.] - Selected Poems of Rachel.
AR_550_003: RACHEL ; BAR-NATHAN, RACHEL / NETZER, EHUD [ED.] - Hasmonean and Herodian Palaces at Jericho: Final Reports of the 1973-1987 Excavations- Volume 3: The Pottery [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
kg_117_002: RACHILDE (MARGUERITE VALLETTE-EYMERY) - Portraits D'Hommes bois de Boullaire [NUMBERED COPY].
AR_527_001: RACHUM, STEPAHNIE [ED.] - The Sam Spiegel Collection.
KG_41_103: RACHUM, STEPHANIE [CURATOR] - Buky Schwartz Videotapes 1978-80.
KG_44_053: RACHUM, STEPHANIE - The Sam Spiegel Collection [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
SH_066_031: RACHUM, ILAN [ED.] / DAIAN, YOSEF [TRANS.] - Simon Bolivar: Seleccion De Escritos.
AR_613_003: RACHUM, STEPHNIE [CURATOR] / GINGOLD, BARBARA [ED.] - David Bomberg in Palestine 1923-1927.
I_007_012: RACHUM, ILAN - Revolution: The Entrance of a New Word into Western Political Discourse.
V_3028_90: RACINE, J. [JEAN] - Oeuvres Completes De J. Racine [VOLUME 3 ONLY OF 6].
V_1081_14: RACINE, J. - Theatre complet de J. Racine [VOL 1 ONLY]: Precede des cinq derniers Mois de la vie de Racine par Sainte-Beuve, C.-A..
V_2009_118: RACINE, LOUIS / JOHN, KATHERINE [TRANSLATION, INTRODUCTION] - Life of Milton together with Observations on Paradise Lost.
V_2030_141: RACKMAN, DAVID / RUBINSTEIN, YEHUDA [ED.] - Kiryat Chana David [IN HEBREW].
I_023_022: RACZ, ISTVAN / ANKER, PETER [INTR. & NOTES] - Medieval Norwegian Art.
AR_689_010: RADACSY, LASZLO / TAMAS, RAJ [INTRO.] - Heber-Magyar Nagyszotar.
V_1027_58: RADDATZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH - Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR!].
V_1057_89: RADFORD, ANDREW - Transformational Syntax: A Student's Guide to Chomsky's extended standard Theory.
V_3026_119: RADO, SANDOR - Die Kastrationsangst des Weibes.
MA_14_01: RADT, JENNY - Die Juden in Polen.: [SERIES]: Jüdische Lesehefte - Nr. 9, Zur Kunde der jüdischen Gegenwart / Herausgegeben von A. Leschnitzer..
V_1054_53: RADWANSKI, PIERRE A. - Man, the Known.
V_1123_36: RAEDER, JOACHIM - Die byzantischen MÜnzen im Kestner-Museum Hannover.
AR_692_005: RAFAELI, ESTHER - Rabbi Aisel Harif: His Life and His Sayings - A Family Memoir [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_429_003: RAFAELI, ESTHER - The Modest Genius: Reb Aisel Harif [Rabbi Yehoshua Aisek ben Yehiel Shapira; Sharp Intellect].
KG_17_017: RAFFALOVICH, I. - Palästina und die Jüdischen Colonien.
I_015_039: RAFFALOVICH, I. [ISAIAH] - Palästina und die Jüdischen Colonien.
MA_08_23: RAFFY [ED.] / ARIE, M. [ILLUSTRATOR] - A Trip Through the Holyland [Holy Land] [RARE].
AR_301_008: RAHAMIMOFF, JONI [ED.] / DYER, DOROTHY - Arie Rahamimoff: Architect and Urbanist.
Kg_28_004: RAHAMIMOFF, JONI (ED.) / DYER, DOROTHY (TEXTS) - Arie Rahamimoff: Architect and Urbanist.
E_38_17: RAHLFS, ALFRED [ED.] - Septuaginta- Id est Vetus Testamentum Graece Iuxta LXX Interpretes [2 VOLUME SET].
MA_07_27: RAHLWES, F. [ED.] / LILIEN, E. M. [ILLUSTRATOR] / REUSS, ÉDOUARD GUILLAUME EUGÈNE [TR.] - Überlieferung und Gesetz: Das Fünfbuch Mose und das Buch Josua nach der Übersetzung von Reuss.: [SERIES]: Die Bücher der Bibel. Herausgegeben von F. Rahlwes. Zeichnungen von E. M. Lilien..
MA_07_01: RAHLWES, F. [FERDINAND] [ED.] / LILIEN, E. M. [ILLUSTRATOR] / REUSS, ÉDOUARD GUILLAUME EUGÈNE [TR.] - Die Lehrdichtung : Die Sprüche, Hiob, Der Prediger, Ruth, Jona, Esther, Daniel - nach der Übersetzung von Reuss.: [SERIES]: Die Bücher der Bibel. Herausgegeben von F. Rahlwes. Zeichnungen von E. M. Lilien..
AR_162_015: RAHMAN, FAZLUR - The Philosophy of Mulla Sadra (Sadr al-Din al-Shirazi) [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]: [SERIES]: Studies in Islamic Philosophy and Science..
AR_261_019: RAHMANI, L. Y. - A Catalogue of Roman and Byzantine Lead Coffins from Israel.
SA_082: RAHMANI, L. Y. - A Catalogue of Jewish Ossuaries in the Collections of the State of Israel.
MC_04_03: RAHMER, M. [MORITZ] - Israelitisches Predigt-Magazin - Erster Jahrgang (October 1874 - September 1875) [Predigtmagazin] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Homiletische Monatsschrift in Verbindung mit namhaften Predigern..
AR_081_008: RAHMER, M. [MORITZ] - Israelitisches Predigt-Magazin: Erster Jahrgang (Oktober 1874 - September 1875) [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [FEW PAGES MISSING].: Homiletische Zeitschrift in Verbindung mit namhaften Predigern..
AR_562_007: RAHMER, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Ein lateinischer Commentar [Kommentar] aus dem IX. Jahrhundert zu den Büchern der Chronik, kritisch verglichen mit den judischen Quellen - Erster Theil. [FACSIMILE EDITION].
AR_772_010: RAHMER, MORITZ [RABBINER DR.] [HRSG.] - Die Israelitische Wochenschrift für die religiösen und socialen Interessen des Judentums und jüdisches Familienblatt zur Unterhaltung und Belehrung der israelitischen Jugend - Fünfzehnter Jahrgang, 1884 / Jüdisches Literaturblatt: Wissenschaftliche Beilage zur Israelitischen Wochenschrift - Dreizehnter Jahrgang, 1884 [THREE BOOKS BOUND IN ONE]: Die Israelitische Wochenschrift für die religiösen und socialen Interessen des Judentums und jüdisches Familienblatt zur Unterhaltung und Belehrung der israelitischen Jugend /.
I_024_011: RAHMER, MORITZ [ED.] - Das Jüdische Literaturblatt. Wissenschaftliche Beilage zur Israelitischen Wochenschrift [10th Year]: Herausgegeben von Rabbiner Dr. M. Rahmer in Madgeburg. Zehnter Jahrgang. 1881..
AR_692_017: RAHMER, MORITZ [ED.] - Jüdisches Litteratur-Blatt : Jahrgang XIV [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_692_018: RAHMER, MORITZ [ED.] - Jüdisches Litteratur-Blatt : Jahrgang XII [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1091_089: RAICHER, ROSA PERLA [REICHER] - Uruguay, la comunidad israelita y el pueblo judio.
AR_283_004: RAIMONDI ,MARCANTONIO [ARTIST] / SHOEMAKER, INNIS H. ; BROUN, ELIZABETH - The Engravings of Marcantonio Raimondi.
AR_284_005: RAINEY, ANSON F. - Canaanite in the Amarna Tablets: A Linguistic Analysis of the Mixed Dialect Used by the Scribes from Canaan [4 VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Handbuch der Orientalistik: Erste Abteilung - Der Nahe und Mittlere Osten..
AR_688_001: RAIZMAN, ITZHAK Z. - Jewish Creativity: In Portuguese Speaking Countries - Portugal and Brazil [IN YIDDISH].
AR_179_011: RAJA, C. KUNHAN - Poet-Philosophers of the Rgveda [Rigveda]: Vedic and Pre-Vedic.
AR_396_009: RAKEFFET-ROTHKOFF, AARON - The Silver Era in American Jewish Orthodoxy: Rabbi Eliezer Silver and his generation [RARE!].
AR_178_014: RAKEFFET-ROTHKOFF, AHARON - The Silver Era in American Jewish Orthodoxy: Rabbi Eliezer Silver and his generation [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1074_112: RAKIA, DAVID ; MENDELSON, MARCEL L. - David Rakia.
E_24_043: RAKICM KOSTA [ED.] / PHILLIP-TOMASEVIC, MADGE; RADOVANOVIC, KARIN [TRAN.] - Treasures of Yugoslavia: An Encyclopedic Touring Guide.
I_011_028: RAKOVER, NACHUM - The Jewish Law of Agency in Legal Proceedings [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University Legal Studies - No. 26.
AR_561_002: RAKOVER, NACHUM - The Jewish Law of Agency in Legal Proceedings [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University: Legal Studies No. 26.
SH_041_114: RAKOVER, NACHUM - A Bibliography of Jewish Law: Modern Books, Monographs and Articles [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Faculty of Law of the Tel-Aviv University Legal Studies No. 12..
V_2017_166: RAKOVER, NAHUM - Commerce in Jewish Law: Chapters on the Protection of the Consumer, the Merchant and the Creditor [IN HEBREW].
AR_416_014: RAKOVER, NAHUM - A Bibliography of Jewish Law: Modern Books, Monographs and Articles in Hebrew [IN HEBREW].
V_2014_189: RAKOVER, NAHUM - Modern Applications of Jewish Law : Resolution of Contemporary Problems According to Jewish Sources in Israeli Courts [TWO VOLUME SET] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_33_163: RAKVY, GIDEON - A Classification of Nuclear Interactions According to Group Theory - Thesis Presented for the Ph. D. Degree.
I_017_047: RAM, URI [ED.] / ZERTAL, IDITH [CURATOR] - To Save a World: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJJDC), 1914-1984.
AR_191_007: RAMAT, STEFANO ; STRAUMANN, DOMINIK [ED.] - Clinical and Basic Oculomotor Research: In Honor of David S. Zee.: [SERIES]: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences - Volume 1039..
V_2039_23: RAMATI, YOHANAN [ED.] - Economic Growth in Developing Countries - Material and Human Resources: Proceedings of the Seventh Rehovot Conference.
I_036_020: RAMATI, YOHANAN - Fata Morgana: Poems.
AR_526_005: RAMBAN / CHAVEL, CHARLES B. [TR. AND ED.] - Ramban (Nachmanides): Commentary on the Torah [FIVE VOLUME SET].: [VOL. I]: Genesis / [VOL. II]: Exodus / [VOL. III]: Leviticus / [VOL. IV]: Numbers / [VOL. V]: Deuteronomy..
AR_526_004: RAMBAN / CHAVEL, CHARLES B. [TR. AND ED.] - Ramban (Nachmanides): Writings & Discourses [TWO VOLUME SET].
AR_432_011: RAMBAN (NACHMANIDES; RABBI MOSHE BEN NAHMAN) / CHAVEL, CHARLES B. [TR.] - Commentary on the Torah: Deuteronomy.
V_1070_06: RAMBAUD, ALFRED - Russia (Two Volumes).
V_1108_125: RAMLER, KARL WILHELM / GAUL, AUGUST [ILLUS.] - Alle Tierfabeln: Aus Karl Wilhelm Ramlers Fabellese, Leipzig 1783.: Mit Steinzeichnungen von August Gaul.
SH_016_051: RAMON, ESTHER ; SHAMIR, SHMUEL ; ORNSTEIN, SHMUEL EVEN-OR [ED.] / RIGBI, RUTH [TRAN.] - Annals and Deeds in Family History: Research and Sources - No. 2 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
SH_012_085: RAMON, AMNON [ED.] - The Historic Basin: Problems and Possible Solutions - Work Group headed by Ruth Lapidoth [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].: [SERIES]: The JIIS Studies Series, No. 112.
AR_268_014: RAN, NACHMAN [ED.] - Tracks to the Promised Land: The Land of Israel - Ancient Maps, Prints and Travelogues Through the Centuries.
SH_028_108: RANK, OTTO / TUCKER, HARRY [TRANS; ED.] - The Double : A Psychoanalytic Study.
I_030_031: RANON, MOSHE HUGO (DRAWINGS)/ANGEL-MALAACHI, SAUL (TEXT) - They Returned to Jerusalem: 2 Samuel 17,20: 25th Anniversary of the State of Israel.
AR_229_012: RAPALLO, UMBERTO - Calchi Ebraici Nelle Antiche Versioni del Levitico (Studio sui Settanta, la Vetus Latina e la Vulgata).: [SERIES]: Studi Semitici - 39.
AR_259_007: RAPANIC, ZELJKO [ED.] - Disputationes Salonitanae 1970.
AR_651_013: RAPAPORT, URIEL - Jewish Religious Propaganda and Proselytism in the Period of the Second Commonwealth: Thesis Submitted for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy by Rapaport Uriel [IN HEBREW].
AR_135_006: RAPAPORT, I. - Brave Israel Will Triumph in Spite of All her Difficulties: Seventy-Five Letters to the Editor Concerning the Endless Flood of Injustice and Terrorism Against the Jewish State.
SH_079_039: RAPELLI, G. [CURATOR] - Verona: Un secolo d'Immagini nell'Archivio Tommasoli.
SH_078_032: RAPHAEL HIRSCH, SAMSON - The Collected Writings : Volume II - The Jewish Year, Part Two : Elul - Adar.
AR_653_005: RAPHAEL, YITZCHAK [ED.] - Sinai: A Journal for Torah and Jewish Studies- Jubilee Volume [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
KG_68_147_: RAPHAEL, YITZCHAK [ED.] - Encyclopedia of Religious Zionism: Vol. IV - Personalities [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
V_2013_103: RAPHAEL-LEFF, JOAN [ED.] - Between Sessions and Beyond the Couch.
AR_727_013: RAPOPORT, S. I. [SEMEN ISAAKOVICH] / SCHOLZ, AUGUST [TR.] - Die Juden in Russland - Urkunden und Zeugnisse Russischer Behörden und Authoritäten.: Aud dem Russischen übersetzt von August Scholz..
YV_052: RAPOPORT, SAFIRA / HICKMAN, PAMELA [TRANSLATION] - A Pedigreed Jew: Between There and Here - Kovno and Israel.
V_3026_22: RAPOPORT, NICOLAS - Libro del Cincuentenario: De la Ezrah y Hospital Israelita.
SH_012_002: RAPOPORT, LOUIS - Shake Heaven and Earth - Peter Bergson and the Struggle to Rescue the Jews of Europe.
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AR_672_005: RAPOPORT-ALBERT, ADA [ED.] - Hasidism Reappraised.
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ZK_164: REICH, RONNY - Stone Scale-Weights of the Late Second Temple Period.
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KG_59_118_: REICHINSTEIN, DAVID - Albert Einstein : sein Lebensbild und seine Weltanschauung.: Dritte vermehrte und verbesserte Auflage..
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v_1050_117: REINER, IMRE - Monogramme.
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MC_10_11: REISINGER, DAN - Dan Reisinger - Symbols.
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V_1127_14: REISS, LIONEL S. - My Models were Jews: A Painter's Pilgrimage to Many Lands.
MC_06_10: REITER, YITZHAK - Islamic Institutions in Jerusalem.: Palestinian Muslim Organization under Jordanian and Israeli Rule..
H_007_007: REITER, YITZHAK - Islamic Awqaf in Jerusalem 1948-1990 [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, Research Series No. 42.
Kg_91_101: REITER, YITZHAK - Islamic Awkaf in Jerusalem 1948-1990 [IN HEBREW].
SH_052_030: REITER, YITZHAK - From Jerusalem to Mecca and Back: The Islamic Consolidation of Jerusalem [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: The JIIS Studies Series, No. 105.
AR_783_010: REITLINGER, GERALD - The Final Solution: The Attempt to Exterminate the Jews of Europe 1939-1945.
YV_276: REIZER, LEIB - In the Struggle: Memoirs from Grodno and the Forests.
V_2012_172: REJAK, SEBASTIAN [ED.] / LLOYD-JONES, ANTONIA; GOLEBIOWSKA, ELZBIETA [TRANS.] - Myslenie po Zagtadzie Glosy z Polski / Thinking after the Holocaust: Voices from Poland.
I_031_027: REJWAN, NISSIM - Outsider in the Promised Land: An Iraqi Jew in Israel.
AR_470_006: REJWAN, NISSIM / BEININ, JOEL [INTRO.] - The Last Jews in Baghdad: Remembering a Lost Homeland.
AR_477_013: REJWAN, NISSIM / MONTVILLE, JOSEPH V. [INTRO] - The Jews of Iraq: 3000 Years of History and Culture.
AR_317_004: REJWAN, NISSIM - The Jews of Iraq: 3000 Years of History and Culture.
AR_686_003: REJWAN, NISSIM / BEININ, JOEL [FOREWORD] - The Last Jews in Baghdad: Remembering a Lost Homeland.
AR_011_008: REMBA, AIZIK; HALEVY, BENJAMIN [EDS.] - Kolno Memorial Book [IN HEBREW].
AR_445_012: REMBRANDT - Rembrandt: Tekeningen, Zeichnungen, Drawings - Dessins.
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Kg_79_019_: RENAN, ERNEST - Geschichte des Volkes Israel, Band I+II: Übersetzt von E. Schaelsky.
Kg_79_020: RENAN, ERNEST - Geschichte des Volkes Israel, Band IV.
V_2024_199: RENAN, ERNEST - Histoire du Peuple d'Israel - Tome Premier [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1032_148: RENAN, ERNEST - Histoire Générale et Systéme Comparé des Langues Sémitiques.
kg_54_017: RENAN, ERNEST - Histoire du peuele d'Israël (tome II).
kg_54_019: RENAN, ERNEST - Histoire du peuple d'Israël (tome V).
V_2057_04: RENAN, E. / BERTHELOT, M. - Correspondance . 1847-1892.
kg_54_020: RENAN, ERNEST - Histoire du peuple d'Israël (tome III).
V_1123_56: RENAUD - La Formation Du Livre Michee.
V_1031_159: RENDALL, VERNON - The Way of a Man with a Maid: An Anthology of Courtship and Wooing.
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V_1124_052: RENNEFAHRT - Schweizerisches Obligationenrecht: Mit leichtverständlichen Anmerkungen und vielen praktischen Beispielen, unter Berücksichtigung der neuesten bundesgerichtlichen Rechtsprechung.
AR_210_007: RENOT [SCENARIO] / ERSEL [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Medee: l'Or de Byzance.
V_2040_72: RESENDE, JULIO / DE ANDRADE, EUGENIO (TEXT) - Julio Resende - Ribeira Negra Porto.
Kg_35_038: RESHEF, SHIMON - Progressive Education in Eretz-Israel (Palestine) [in Hebrew]: 1915-1929.
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V_1045_69: RESNICK, SALOMON - Judaica - Publicacion Mensual 1933.
V_3017_088: RESNICK, SALOMON - Raschi: rabi Salomon Isaki: Glosador dela Biblia t del Talmus 1040-1940.
V_3017_88: RESNICK, SALOMON - Raschi: rabi Salomon Isaki: Glosador dela Biblia t del Talmus 1040-1940.
AR_480_006: RESTANT, PIERRE - Dani Karavan: L'Axe Majeur De Cergy-Pontoise.
V_2037_36: RESTANY, PIERRE (INTRODUCTION) / COHEN, R. (ESSAY) - Charles Ginnever.
AR_701_017: RETI, RUDOLPH - The Thematic Process in Music.
SH_030_026: REUBENI, A. - The Peoples of the Ancient Near East: I: Sem, Ham and Jepheth / II: Oriental Problems [IN HEBREW].
V_1088_51: REUBENI. A - Shem Ham and Japhet: The Peoples of the Bible their Racial Connections and Place in Ancient History - A Summary [TEXT IN HEBREW, INTRO. IN ENGLISH].
AR_694_013: REUPKE, HANS - Das Wirtschaftssystem des Faschismus.: Die faschistische Wirtschaft: Ein Experiment der Planwirtschaft auf privatkapitalistischer Grundlage..
AR_724_007: REUSE, FRANCOISE A. - Électrodynamique.: [SERIES]: Traite de Physique..
KG_88_218: REUTER, EVELYN - Les Representations de la Musique dans la Sculpture Romane en France.: [SERIES]: Forme et Style - Essais et Memoires d'Art et d'Archeologie..
MA_07_29: REVEL, ALBERTO (DANIEL PIERRE BARTHÉLEMY ALBERT) - Storia Letteraria dell' Antico Testamento.: Libri Quattro di Alberto Revel, Prof. de Teol. della Scuola Valdese..
V_3022_118: REVERS, W. J. [WILHELM JOSEF] / - Der Thematische Apperzeptionstest [Tat]: Handbuch zur Verwendung des Tat in der Psychologischen Persönlichkeitsdiagnostik: [SERIES]: Enzyklopedie der Psychologie in Einzeldarstellungen - Band 2.
KG_60_123_: REVUSKY, ABRAHAM - Les Juifs en Palestine.: Avec une Carte..
KG_61_110: REYBAUD, M. LOUIS - Études sur les Réformateurs ou Socialistes Modernes [TWO VOLUME SET]: Vol. I: Saint-Simon, Charles Fourier, Robert Owen / Vol. II: La Société et le Socialisme, Les Communistes, Les Chartistes, Les Utilitaires, Les Humanitaires.
V_2029_146: REYNOLDS THOMPSON, ALAN / BEN-MICHAEL, SIMON [TR.] - The Anatomy of Drama [IN HEBREW].
AR_471_008: REYNOLDS, FRANK E. ; WAUGH, EARLE H. [ED.] - Religious Encounters with Death: Insights from the History and Anthropology of Religions.
V_1070_09: REYNOLDS, ROTHAY - My Russian Year: with Twenty-Eight Illustrations.
KG_61_150: REYNOLDS, OSBORNE - On an Inversion of Ideas as to the Structure of the Universe (The Rede Lecture, June 10, 1902).
AR_596_009: REZNIKOFF, CHARLES ; ENGELMAN, URIAH Z. - The Jews of Charleston: A History of an American Jewish Community.
AR_116_005: RIBAK, ZVI / RIBAK CHAIM - Zvi Ribak: a Jewish Artist.
AR_011_007: RIBALOW, MENACHEM [ED.] - Sefer Hashanah: The American Hebrew Year Book - Volume VIII-IX [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
AR_637_006: RIBOT, TH. - La Psychologie Anglaise Contemporaine: Ecole Experimentale.
AR_133_012: RICCI, ANDREA [ED.] - Funding in Action: Reportage on the EU's Instrument for Stability.
H_33_96: RICCI, FRANCO MARIA [ED.] - ART FMR: Les Annales de l'Art de Franco Maria Ricci [18 VOLUME SET].
AR_199_006: RICCI, ANDREA [ED.] - Making the Difference?: What works in Response to Crises and Security Threats - The Debate Continues.
AR_199_005: RICCI, ANDREA [ED.] - Making the Difference: Reportage on the EU's Instrument for Stability - Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_667_023: RICCIOTTI, GIUSEPPE - Dalla Bibbia: Antologia Letteraria - Versioni Critiche dai Testi Ebraici, Aramaici e Greci con Introduzione e Note.
kg_47_053: RICCIOTTI, GIUSEPPE - Il Cantico Dei Cantici: Versione Critica Dal Testo Erabico con Introduzione E Commento.
MA_04_20: RICE, STUART A. [ED.] / KROEBER, A.L.; LOWIE, ROBERT H.; PIRENNE, HENRI; OGBURN, WILLIAM F.; LANGER, WILLIAM L.; CURTI, MERLE E.; ET AL. - Methods in Social Science - a Case Book.: Compiled under the direction of the Committee on Scientific Method in the Social Sciences of the Social Science Research Council. (Second Impression of the 1931 edition)..
MC_11_22: RICH, YISRAEL [ISRAEL]; ROSENAK, MICHAEL [EDS.] - Abiding Challenges - Research Perspectives on Jewish Education.: Studies in Memory of Mordechai Bar-Lev. Edited by Yisrael Rich and Michael Rosenak..
V_2041_12: RICH, NORMAN - Friedrich von Holstein: Politics and Diplomacy in the Era of Bismarck and Wilhelm II [2 Volume Set].
V_2043_24: RICH, MARC - Liber Amicorum.
AR_666_003: RICHARZ, MONIKA [ED.] - Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland [3 VOLUME SET].: [VOL. I]: Selbstzeugnisse zur Sozialgeschichte 1780 - 1871 / [VOL. II]: Selbstzeugnisse zur Sozialgeschichte im Kaiserreich / [VOL. III]: Selbstzeugnisse zur Sozialgeschichte 1918-1945..
AR_726_010: RICHARZ, MONIKA / LESCHNITZER, ADOLF [FOREWORD] - Der Eintritt der Juden in die Akademischen Berufe: Jüdische Studenten und Akademiker in Deutschland 1678-1848.: [SERIES]: Schriftenreihe Wissenschaftlicher Abhandlungen des Leo Baeck Instituts - 28..
SA_141: RICHLER, BENJAMIN - Guide to Hebrew Manuscript Collections.
V_2010_156: RICHMAN, HARRY - Billericay and its High Street.
V_3027_59: RICHMAN, CHAIM - The Light of the Temple: Art, History, Service.

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