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KG_10_228: - The Quarterly of the Department of Antiquities in Palestine: Volume I, No. 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MA_24_39: - Mahzor im kavanat ha-paytan shel shavuot [FÜRTH MAHZOR 1791].
KG_02_159: - The Blessing of Eliyahu [Birkheta de-Eliyahu]: a Volume dedicated to the Memory of Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Munk.
Kg_04_032: - In Fulfillment of A Mission: The Life and Work of DR. Alexander Rosenfeld [SIGNED BY A. ROSENFELD] [IN HEBREW].
V_1004_131: - Schweizer Garten: April 1939; Januar 1940; Februar 1940; März 1940; April 1940; Mai 1940 [SIX VOLUMES BOUND IN ONE].
Kg_116_037: - Habimah: Hebrew Theatre of Palestine.
kg_04_053: - Antiker Schmuck: Gold und Silber.
I_029_043: - Gifts of Tamar and Teddy Kollek to the Israel Museum Jerusalem: Curator-in charge and editor: David Mevorah.
Kg_116_010: - Zweierlei Leben: Eine wahre Geschichte für alt und jung von der Verfasserin von Mathildens Genesung.
AR_308_027: - Jerusalem Crown: The Bible of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem [IN HEBREW].
SA_131: - Mind Over Matter: Symposium in Honour of Professor Bernhard Witkop held in Jerusalem on 20 May 1987.
SA_041: - Issues in Talmudic Research [IN HEBREW].
SA_042: - Studies in the History of Muslim Peoples [IN HEBREW].
V_2062_69: - 'Yad Washem' Studies (Vol I-IV) [IN HEBREW].
Kg_112_030: - Programm und Organisations-Statut der Demokratisch-Zionistischen Fraktion.: Aus dem Protokoll der Kommission der Demokratisch-zionistischen Fraktion.
D_140_013: - Yosl Bergner: Paintings 1963-68.
V_1100_15: - Ma'gal Tob Ha-Schalem.
V_1100_38: - Jerusalem 1948-1951: Trois Annees de Reconstruction.
E_02_004: - The Encyclopedia of Agriculture, Volume Four [IN HEBREW].
V_1100_90: - Beracha Meszuleszeth: t. j. Komentarz na traktat Talmudyczny Berachoth.
SH_035_021: - Notes on the Bedouins (II): Relations between Bedouins and settled populations [IN HEBREW].
AR_217_004: - Government of Palestine: Department of Commerce & Industry - Commercial Bulletin VOL. II & VOL. III [THESE VOLUMES ONLY].: [VOL.II]: No. 14-25 / [VOL.III]: No. 26-37.
D_261_022: - Panorama 68. XXe Siècle. n° 30 Juin 1968. Cahiers d'art sous la diretion de G. di San Lazzaro.: Dans les Musées de France et de l'etranger..
V_1074_65: - Kultura Ocalona: Katalog wystawy poswieconej kulturze Zydow polskich.
AR_109_011: - The Jews of Czechoslovakia: Historical Studies and Surveys - Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
SA_078: - On the Thought of Isaiah Berlin: Papers Presented in Honour of Professor Sir Isaiah Berlin on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birthday.
SA_081: - Spinoza - His Thought and Work, Entretiens in Jerusalem, 6-9 September 1977.
V_1051_116: - Dictionary of Practical Astronomy: Hebrew - English - French - German.
AR_330_009: - Die Entwicklung des jüdischen Nationalheims in Palästina: Memorandum Der Britischen Regierung im Mai 1930.
A_203_143: - Islamic Culture: An English Quarterly - Vol. XXVIII, No. 1, January 1954 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1074_15: - Treasures of the Israel Museum Jerusalem: Photographs by Pierre-Alain Ferrazzini.
V_3017_72: - Hilda's Diary 1926-1940: Hopes & Expectations realised in the Promised Land.
NG_102: - Jahrbuch der Jüdisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft (Sitz: Frankfurt a. M.): 1903-1931/1932 [COMPLETE 22 VOLUME SET]: [Jahrbuch der Juedisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft].
KG_60_172: - Juifs du Maroc : identité et dialogue. Actes du Colloque international sur la communauté juive marocaine: vie culturelle, histoire sociale et évolution, Paris, 18-21 décembre 1978.: [SERIES]: Collection la Main..
V_1100_03: - Die Welt in Wort und Bild : Amerika.
V_1052_19: - Jewish Missionary Magazine: January-December 1927. Vol. viii. No. 73-84.
AR_280_013: M.P. - Gesammelte Gedichte [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
MC_12_09: - Burma and the Insurrections.
D_72_152: - Das Blaubuch der Weltfreimaurerei Jahrband 1934.
V_1006_96: - English Translation of the Vazir of Lankuran : A play in four acts, translated from persian info urdu and edited with copious notes.
A_093_151: - The Black and Orange: Volume Twenty-Nine, 1950 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
D_155_062: - Jerusalem through The Ages: The Twenty-Fifth Archaelogical Convention, October 1967. [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES].
V_2046_25: - Salonique: Ville-Mere en israel [TEXT IN HEBREW, INTRODUCTION IN FRENCH].
AR_332_014: - Chambers of Commerce Tel Aviv & Jaffa: Annual Bulletin, 1931-1932.
v_1108_29: - Mosaic Inscription from the Synagogue of Rehov.
AR_077_023: - Folia Orientalia - Tome VI (1964).: Revue des Etudes Orientales publiee par la Commission Orientaliste, Section de Cracovie de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences..
V_3002_038: - Studies in Philology - Second Volume [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN YIDDISH WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]: [SERIES]: Publications of the Yiddish Scientific Institute, II.
AR_080_022: - Memorandum Submitted to the Palestine Royal Commission on Behalf of the Vaad Leumi, the General council of the Jewish Community of Palestine [Jewish Agency for Palestine].
A_208_131: - Highly Important Japanese Prints: From Henri Vever Collection - Final Part.
AR_301_010: - Encyclopedia Biblica. Tomus Nonus: Indices [IN HEBREW].
V_1058_004: - Report of the Broadcasting Committee, 1949: Presented by the Lord President of the Council and Postmaster General to Parliament by Command of His Majesty January 1951.
D_050_064: - Terezin [CONTAINS MUSIC RECORD].
A_077_166: - Fioretti: Raccolti da un amico della verita in un prato spirituale conosciuto da pochi e malnoto a moltissimi.
AR_094_012: - Kartuz-Breze, Our Town - Memorial Book [Byaroza; Biaroza; Beryoza; Bereza] [IN HEBREW].
AR_094_014: - The Habonim Handbook.
D_03_204: - Radoshkowitz: A Memorial To The Jewish Community [IN HEBREW].
V_1059_49: - Holland's Golden Age: Paintings - Drawings - Silver of the XVIIth Century.
D_41_023: - The Oldest Gold in the World, Varna, Bulgaria.
KG_114_055: - Zolkiew (Kirya-Nizgava) [IN HEBREW]: Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. A Memorial Library of Jewish Communities.
AR_196_005: - Kibbutz: Kultur und Wirtschaft - Aus der Tagung des Kibbuz Hameuchad in Jagur, Juli 1933.
I_038_020: - Nevek a hajdu megyebol kiuzott zsidok Nevei / Names of the Deported Jews from Hajdu County, Hungary.
AR_059_005: - Mechilta - Venice Edition, 1545 [Mekhilta; Mekilta] [LIMITED FACSIMILE EDITION OF 200 COPIES] [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: The First Editions of the Midrashim..
V_1123_08: - Omanuth: Quarterly Bulletin of the Jewish National Museum Bezalel.
V_1108_110: - L'Imitation de Jésus-Christ.: par Gonnelieu, avec pratiques et prieres.
V_1051_36: - Bulletin of the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society (pamphlets binded together): Vol. III - No. 1 October-December 1940, Vol. VIII - No. 3 Apri-June 1941, Vol. IX - No. 1 October-December 1941, Vol. IX - No. 4 September 1942, Vol. X - No. 1 October-September 1942, Vol. X - No. 2-3 January-June 1943, Vol. X - No. 4 July-Octoebr 1943.
Kg_76_029: - Lakhish: A Literary-Historical Anthology [IN HEBREW]: Dedicated to the Memory of Mordhai Guber pioner and founder.
V_3024_05: - Israeli Sculpture in Tefen: The Last Decade: The Open Museum: Industrial Park Tefen; Opening 15 October, 1994.
V_2058_23: - Haapala: Studies in the History of Illegal Immigration into Palestine 1934 - 1948. [IN HEBREW].
LA_009: - Sefer ha-Meqorot: Source Book for the Hebrew Literature of North Africa [IN HEBREW].
Kg_78_032: - Biblical Archaeology Today: Proceedings of the Inernational Congress on Biblical Archaeology Jerusalem, April 1984.
KG_69_120: - MLA style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing: Third edition.
KG_68_144_: - Jerusalem la Eterna [IN HEBREW].
AR_173_021: - The System of Education of the Jewish Community in Palestine.: Report of the Commission of Enquiry Appointed by the Secretary of State for the Colonies in 1945.
D_237_016: - Sefer Hazichronos: Memoirs of Rabbi Joseph I. Shneersohn of Sainted Memory Of Lubavitz: Voulme I: Fifth Edition.
AR_109_012: - The Jews of Czechoslovakia: Historical Studies and Surveys - Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1118_051: - Sefer Zev Vilnay [SIGNED BY ZE'EV VILNAY]: Essays on the history, archaeology and lore of the Holy Land, presented to Zev Vilnay.
V_2059_102: - Les Lettres de M. Émile Zola et les Poursuites / Les Débats.
A_100_126: - Festschrift : Dr. Jakob Freimann zum 70. Geburtstag.
V_1053_30: - Argentiner Iwo Shriftn: (Anales del instituto cientifico judio argentino) 3.
V_1053_31: - Argentiner Iwo Shriftn: Tomo II.
V_1053_29: - Argentiner Iwo Shriftn: (Anales del instituto cientifico judio argentino) 4.
D_031_004: - The Letters and Papers of Chaim Weizmann [HEBREW EDITION]: Series A - Letters - Volume 1.
I_030_012: - Government of Palestine - Department of Education: Annual Report for the Scholastic Year [1926] - 1927.
I_024_019: - The Fifth Aliyah - The 60th [Sixtieth] Anniversary of Central European Immigration.
V_1124_036_: - Claudia Busching: Catalogo.
V_2075_27: - Kobez Al Jad - Minora Manuscripta Hebraica: Tom. X (XX) [IN HEBREW].
V_3012_128: - Reiner Musterbuch - Faksimile-Ausgabe im Originalformat des Musterbuches aus Codex Vindobonensis 507 (Folio 1-13) der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek [FACSIMILE VOLUME ONLY].: Volumen LXIV der Reihe Codices Selecti..
MA_08_25: - Lehrbuch der Israelitischen Religion: zum Gebrauche der Synagogen und Israelitischen Schulen im Konigreiche Württemberg..
V_3010_39: - ErzÄhlung von Israels Auszug aus Aegypten fÜr die beiden ersten Abende des Pesach-Festes: mit einer deutschen Uebersetzung und Illustrationen..
V_2057_133: - Douzieme Volume de la Geographie Blaviane Contenant L'Amerique qui est La V. Partie de la Terra [FACSIMILE EDITION]].
ZK_002: - The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land: Volumes 1-5.
V_3030_052: - Beknopte Proef van Drukletters / Choix de Caractères Modernes.
V_3029_84: - Torah and Life in Modern Israel.
V_3029_21: - Joram Rozov / 1998.
V_3029_06: - Israel Photography Annual.
V_3023_68: - Geschichte in der Gegenwart: Ungarische Politiker, Akademiker und Schriftsteller Über Vergangenheit und Gegenwart.
AR_086_020: - Palestine: Report on Palestine Administration, 1923.
V_3020_29: - Jahresberichte des JÜdisch-Theologischen Seminars Fraenckel'scher Stiftung 1912-1920.
KG_77_020: - The Artists Colony, Safad.
Kg_77_047: - Israel Government Year-Book: 5721 (1960-61).
V_2064_17: - Zur Geschichte Der Juden In Deutschland Im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert.
V_2046_95: - The Gates are Open : Collections of Memories - Cladestine Immigration, 1945-1948 [IN HEBREW].
V_2046_01: - Arte Prehispanico De Venezuela.
V_2043_105: - Elath: The Eighteenth Archeological Convention, October 1962 [IN HEBREW].
V_2039_47: - Gefallene Deutsche Juden: Frontbriefe 1914-18: Herausgegeben vom Reichsbund Jüdischer Fronsoldaten E.V. Mit einer Zeichnung von Max Liebermann.
V_2026_29: - Hebrew Work: The disregarded Gaze in the Canon of Israeli Art.
V_1127_28: - Five Years of Collecting Egyptian Art: 1951-1956. Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the Brooklyn Museum.
V_1125_31: - Dinge der Zeit. Heft 1, erstes Jahr: Juni 1947.
V_1125_33: - Israel's Finest Day: Collector's Edition.
AR_215_009: - Yizkor in Memoriam [3 volumes IN HEBREW]: Comprising biographies and photographs of all the Fallen in the War of liberation in Israel.
V_1107_108: - The Jewish Historical Society of England - Miscellanies [6 VOLUMES].
V_1104_175: - Oczyma Dwunastoletniej Dziewczyny.
V_1103_40: - Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression: Volume II.
V_1103_41: - Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression: Volume V.
v_1099_07: - Los Templos Visigotico-Romanicos de Tarrasa: Monumento Nacional.
V_1099_12: - Transfer; Galicien - Austruen - Baskenland - Nordrhein-Westfalen: Austausch bildender Künstler und Kunst.
V_1096_41: - Hebels Werke: Erster Teil - Allermannische Gedichte [Vol. 1 ONLY].
V_1083_51: - Der Kinderfreund: Ein Wochenblatt. Ein und Zwanzigster Theil..
AR_118_004: - Blackbook [Black Book] of Localities whose Jewish Population was Exterminated by the Nazis.
V_1057_50: - Zeitgenossen von Marx und Engles: Ausgewählte Briefe aus den Jahren 1844 bis 1852.
V_1049_07: - Zum siebzigsten Geburtstage des Professor Dr. Heinrich GrÄtz: am 31. October 1887.
V_1048_68: - Dictionar ebraic - romin.
V_1043_08: - Alenza & Dibujos y estampas en el Museo Municipal: Coleccion de diez Dibujos y Dieciocho Grabados.
V_1026_113_: - Sinbad Der Seefahrer: Die Geschichte Der Prinzessin von Deryabar: Erzählungen aus den arabischen Nächten Mit Bildern von Edmund Dulac. Erstes bis Drittes Tausend.
V_1084_129: - Research Contributions to the Physical Geography of Israel: Studies in Fluvial and Coastal Geomorphology of Arid and Mediterranean Regions.
V_1084_130: - Research Contributions to the Physical Geography of Israel: Studies in Fluvial and Coastal Geomorphology of Arid and Mediterranean Regions.
MC_05_15: - London und Paris - Dritter Jahgang 1800 [Band 5 / Volume 5 - Stücke 1-4 / No. 1-4].: Si foret in terris, rideret Democritus. Horat. (If Democritus were on earth, he would laugh. Horace).
MA_02_08: - Sifra - Venice Edition, 1545 [FACSIMILE EDITION OF 200 COPIES]: [SERIES]: The First Editions of the Midrashim..
KG_92_034: - Fotografie in deutschen Zeitschriften, 1946-1984.: Ausstellungsserie Fotografie in Deutschland von 1850 bis heute..
Kg_91_10: - Kunsthaus ZÜrich - 250 Werke aus der Sammlung.
KG_78_029: - Proceedings Of The Israel Academy Of Sciences And Humanities [Vol. I].
KG_72_192: - Pinkas Hakehillot: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundation till after the Holocaust: Rumania - VOL. II [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1028_90: - Ordinances, Regulations, Rules, Orders and Notices: Annual Volume for 1943-Volume 1: Ordinances.
KG_54_021: - Handbuch der Kosmetik.
V_2067_124: - Die Päpstlichen Bullen über die Blutbeschuldigung.
AR_303_001: - Pentateuch [IN HEBREW. REPRINT EDITION - NUMBERED]: Exodus Includes The Book of Esther; Leviticus Includes The Song of Songs; Numbers Includes The Book of Ruth; Deuteronomy Includes Ecclesiastes.
ME_06_08: - Mishnayot [HEBREW MISHNAH] [2 VOLUMES OF 6] [FÜRTH 1814].
Kg_11_95: - Szeptember Vegen [SIGNED BY TRANSLATOR].
AR_154_009: [ANTIQUORUM] - Important Collectors' Wristwatches, Pocket Watches, Clocks & Horological Tools.
V_1009_046: - Toward Peace and Equity: Recommendations of the American Jewish Committee.
MC_17_20: - Salon 1977 - 1978 Marzo / Abril : Bienal de Febrero - Nuevas Tendencias (Museo de Arte Moderne).
A_216_166: - Tehilim [HEBREW PSALMS] [ISTANBUL, 1923].
I_013_006: - Quarante Tableaux D'Une Collection Privee: La Collection Privee et L'Amour des Choses par Waldemar George.
I_025_023: - Israel Defense Sales Directory - 1985.
Kg_112_011: - Festschrift zum 50jährigen Jubiläum der synagoge zu Stuttgart.
V_1099_62: - 150 Ans de Judaisme Belge.
KG_09_150: - Almanach des Schocken Verlags auf das Jahr 5696.
V_1027_113: - Le Self-Government A l'Ecole.: Publications du Bureau International d'Education No. 38.
V_1125_38: - Hovereth: Published by Executive Committee of Employees' Organisation.
V_1123_43: - The Conservation of Cultural Property: with special reference to tropical conditions.
V_1006_55: - Congress Volume, Bohn 1962: Supplements to Vetus Testamentum (series) Vol. IX.
AR_063_008: [ANONYM] - Antisemiten-Spiegel: Die Antisemiten im Lichte des Christenthums [Christentums], des Rechtes und der Wissenschaft.
MC_02_01: - Materiaux, Documents. Publication Mensuelle 441eme Numéro.
V_1107_15: - Textual Sources for the Study of Sikhism: Edited and translated by W. H. McLeod.
D_73_068: - Cruising the Century: Orpasz, Yitzhak / Tumarkin Yigal.
V_1034_76: - From the Collections of the Jewish National and University Library Jerusalem.: Facsimile reproductions chosen from the collections of the manuscripts department of the library.
KG_31_147: - Stenographisches Protokoll der Verhandlungen des XIX. Zionistenkongresses und der vierten Tagung des Council der Jewish Agency für Palästina [Übersetzung aus dem Hebräischen).
V_1075_150: - Izkor-Buj [Yizkor-Bukh]: Ratne [Ratno, Ratna] - Libro en Homenaje a Nuestros Hermanos Masacrados por la Barbarie Nazi en Nuestro Pueblo Natal [IN YIDDISH].
D_010_113: 'ALI, SAMIR AMIR; RA'FAT, RIAD - A Short History of the Saracens [IN ARABIC].
MA_13_11: 'AZIMUDDIN, AHMAD [ED.] / AL-HIMJARI [AL-HIMYARI], NASWAN B. [IBN] SA'ID - Die auf Südarabien bezüglichen Angaben Naswan's im Sams al-'Ulum.
D_173_080: 'HA-ELION, MOSHE - Las Angustias del Enferno: Las pasadias de un Djidio de Saloniki en los kampos de eksterminasion almanes Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Melk i Ebensee.
AR_046_001: 'HA-ELION, MOSHE / PEREZ, AVER [TR.] - En Tierras de Moav i Peleshet - Drama i Poema Biblikos [IN HEBREW AND LADINO].
V_1073_33: (ARCHITECTS:) KROYANKER, DAVID / PAUL, NEHEMIA - A municipal by-law for the citation of year of construction and names of architect and builder on each new Jerusalem building [SIGNED BY DAVID KROYANKER].
V_2028_31: (MARC CHAGALL) - Marc Chagall: Le Ballet L'Opera.
D_085_028: (MARC CHAGALL) - Marc Chagall et la Bible: Genéve - Musée Rath 30 juin - 26 août 1962.
D_047_027: 11TH -18TH APRIL 1968 - The Memorial Volume of The Vth International Congress of Iranian Art & Archeology: Tehran - Isfahan - Shiraz Volume 1.
ME_10_17: A. BEN A. - Hagadah shel Pessach [HEBREW NON-TRADITIONAL HAGGADAH, 1957]: Le-beit Solel Bone..
D_005_179: A. WOLF, JASNI. - Di Geshichte fun Jidn in Lodz. In di jorn fun der Deitsher Jidn-Ojsrotung. [IN YIDDISH].
D_086_127: A. PRITZ, RAY - Nazarene Jewish Christianity: From the End of the New Testament Period Until Its Disappearance in the Fourth Century.
V_2009_113: A. L. O. E. - The Life of Luther.: Taken chiefly from D'Aubigne's History of the Reformation..
MA_21_22: A. DE BELMAR [ALEJANDRO] - Voyage aux Provinces Brésiliennes du Pará et des Amazones en 1860,: précédé d'un rapide coup d'Oeil, sur le Littoral du Brésil..
V_1107_14: AALDERS, W.J./VAN DER LEEUW, G./RÜMKE, H.C. - Twijfel en Geloof.
AR_124_005: AALDERS, W. J.; VAN DER CORPUT, J. G.; KAPTEYN, J. M. N.; VAN MEURS, J. H.; POLAK, L.; SIRKS, M. J.; ZERNIKE, F. - Wegen der Wetenschap: Uitgangspunt, Richting en Doel.
D_062_049: AALTO, ALVAR - Synopsis: Painting, Architecture, Sculpture / Malerei, Architektur, Skulptur / Peinture, Architecture, Sculpture.
D_265_021: AARON AL-'AMMANI / COHEN, SARAH [ED.&INTR.] - The Poetry of Aaron Al-'Ammani [IN HEBREW].
V_1086_42: AARONSOHN, ALEXANDER - With the Turks in Palestine.
V_2052_34: AARONSOHN, RAN - Baron Rothschild and the Colonies [IN HEBREW]: The Beginings of Jewish Colonization in Eretz Israel - 1882 - 1890.
SH_024_028: AARONSOHN, RAN - Touring the First Moshavot [IN HEBREW].
AR_125_005: AARTUN, KJELL / BERGERHOF, KURT; DIETRICH, MANFRED; LORETZ, OSWALD [EDS.] - Die Partikeln des Ugaritischen: 2. Teil [This volume only].: [SERIES]: Alter Orient und Altes Testament - Veröffentlichungen zur Kultur und Geschichte des Alten Orients und des Alten Testaments: Band 21/2.
V_2057_96: ABÁIGAR ANCÍN, TERESA - Conservación y Manejo de una especie amenazada en cautividad. Gazella dorcas neglecta. Registro internacional / Management and Conservation of an Endangered Species in Captivity. Gazella dorcas neglecta. International Studbook: Biblioteca de Ciencias, 8.
D_74_039: ABBAS, SHLOMO (ED.) / KERMAN, DANY (ILL.) - Life And Death Are In The Power Of One's Tounge: Jewish Tales [in hebrew].
SH_019_056: ABBASI, MUSTAFA - Safad [Safed] During the Mandate Period 1918-1948: Arabs and Jews in a Mixed City [IN HEBREW].
AR_236_002: ABBE GIRARD, M. - Synonymes Francois: Leurs Differentes Significations, et le Choix Qu'il en Faut Faire.: Troisieme Edition..
KG_82_105: ABBE FLEURY / CLARKE, A. [TR.] - A Short History of the Ancient Israelites: with an account of their Manners, Customs, Laws, Polity, Religion , Sects, Arts, and Trades, Division of Time, Wars, Captivities, etc. A work of the greatest Utility to all those who read the Bible and desire fully to understand the Various Customs, Manners etc. referred to in that Sacred Book.
KG_66_147: ABBELL, MORRIS / TELLER, MORRIS [TRANS.] - Sermons of Maggid.
V_1125_72: ABBOTT, E. A. - A Shakespearian Grammar: An Attempt to Illustrate some of the Differences between Elizabethan and Modern English for the Use of School.
V_3011_92: ABBOU, IS. D. - Musulmans Andalous et Judeo-Espagnols.
D_013_112: ABCARIUS, M. F. / SPEARS, E. L. [INTR.] - Palestine: Through the Fog of Propaganda.
AR_295_017: ABDUL HAK, SELIM - Die Schätze des National Museums von Damaskus: Ubersetyt aus dem Franyosischen: Dr. Kamil Ayad.
A_092_060: ABE, YUJI [ED.] - The Young Talent: Catalog No. 6 The Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
A_001_073: ABÉCASSIS, ARMAND; NATAF, GEORGES - Encyclopédie de la Mystique Juive.
SH_004_028: ABECASSIS, RAPHAEL - Ladders.
AR_192_006: ABEL, F.-M. [FÉLIX MARIE] - Une Croisiere Autour de la Mer Morte.: [SERIES]: Études palestiniennes et orientales..
AR_331_005: ABEL, F.-M. [FÉLIX MARIE] - Histoire de la Palestine depuis la conquete d'Alexandre jusqu'a l'invasion arabe par F.-M. Abel - Tome II: De la guerre Juive a l'invasion arabe [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Études Bibliques..
KG_41_119: ABEL, JOHANN JOSEPH - Historisches Gemälde der Lage und des Zustandes des weiblichen Geschlechts: unter allen Völkern der Erde von den ältesten bis auf die neusten Zeiten..
D_027_101: ABELES, OTTO; BATO, LUDWIG - Jüdischer Nationalkalender auf das Jahr 5676: 1915-1916; 1916-1917; 1917-1918; 1918-1919 [FOUR VOLUMES IN ONE BOOK].
D_161_030: ABELES, OTTO - Begegnung mit Juden.
MA_18_23: ABELES, SIEGFRIED [VERFASSER] / F. V. KOSAK [ZEICHNUNGEN] - Tams Reise durch die jüdische Märchenwelt.: Fünfundzwanzig Kindermärchen nach jüdisch-volkstümlichen Motiven von Siegfried Abeles. Illustriert von F. V. Kosak..
I_023_014: ABELSON, PAUL [ED.] - English-Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary.
V_1008_058: ABEN TIBBON, JUDAH BEN SAUL; MAIMONIDES, MOSES / EDELMAN, HIRSCH [TRANSLATION] - The Path of Good Men: A collection of parental instructions to children, by authors distinguished in Israel for wisdom and learning... also, Ancient Arabic and Greek Proverbs, Rendered into Hebrew. Edited from manuscripts in the Bodleian library, Oxford, accompanied by an English translation [HEBREW AND ENGLISH].
AR_072_009: ABER, ITA - The Art of Judaic Needlework: Traditional and Contemporary Designs.
D_082_109: ABERBACH, MOSES; GROSSFELD, BERNARD [EDS.&TR.] - Targum Onkelos to Genesis: A Critical Analysis Together with an English Translation of the Text.: Based on A. Sperber's Edition..
D_018_119: ABERBACH, MOSHE [ED.] - Aharon M. K. Rabinowicz - Jubilee Volume.
Kg_27_101: ABERCROMBIE, LESCELLES / UR, JOSEPH [TRANSLATION] - Principles of Literary Criticism [IN HEBREW].
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D_057_012: AKAVIA, A. A. - Calendar for 6000 Years [IN HEBREW]: Comparative Calendar of all chronological Tables, From the Creation until the end of the Sixth Millennium, as devised by the Late A. A. Akavia.
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MA_15_07: AL-BALADHURI, AHMAD IBN YAHYA [B. JABIR] / SCHLOESSINGER, MAX [ED.] / KISTER, M. J. [ED. & ANNOTATIONS] - The Ansab Al-Ashraf of Al-Baladhuri - Volume IV A [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Published for the first time by The School of Oriental Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem..
V_1027_100: AL-DHAMARI, ABOO MANZUR - Hebrew Selections from Aboo Manzur Al-Dhamari's Hebrew-Arabic Commentary / Arabic Selections from the Sirag Al-Akul [IN HEBREW AND JEWISH-ARABIC]: Appendix the First / Appendix the Second.
V_1104_136: AL-GAZALI / BAUER, HANS [ED.&TR.] - Über Intention, Reine Absicht und Wahrhaftigkeit: das 37. Buch von Al-Gazali's Hauptwerk: Islamische Ethik. Nach den Originalquellen Übersetzt und Erläutert. Heft I..
D_258_007: AL-GHAZALI, ABU HAMID MUHAMMAD - The Deliverer from Error [IN HEBREW].
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D_263_034_: AL-HASSAN, AHMAD Y.; HILL, DONALD R. - Islamic Technology: an Illustrated History.
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H_005_029: ALBAN, LAUREANO / FORNOFF, FREDRICK H ; KAMRAT, GUIZA ; STAWSKY, DANIEL ; NITZAN, TAL ; LEVI-GOILDBERG, JULIETTE [TR.] - Toutes les Pierres du Mur / Todas las Piedras del Muro / All the Stones of the Wall.
D_252_071: ALBECK, SHALOM - Law Courts in Talmudic Times [IN HEBREW].
D_025_144: ALBECK, CHANOCH - Untersuchungen über die Halakischen Midraschim: [SERIES]: Veröffentlichungen der Akademie für die Wissenschaft des Judentums. Talmudische Sektion. Dritter Band..
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D_40_097: ALBECK, CH. [HANOCH, CHANOCH] [ED.] - Bereschit Rabba mit Kritischem Apparat und Kommentar - Parascha LXXXVII-C [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
KG_45_122: ALBECK, SHALOM - Introduction to Jewish Law in Talmudic Times [IN HEBREW].
MC_02_23: ALBEG, EZEKIEL H. - Asara Rishonim (First Ten) [LIMITED EDITION OF 50 COPIES]: Anthology of Verses, Poems and Lyrics by Ezekiel H. Albeg.
V_1045_186: ALBEG, EZEKIEL H. - From Babylonia to Jerusalem: Verses [IN HEBREW]: [Me-Aram/MeAram Naharaim ad Yerushalaim: Haruzim].
V_1075_49: ALBEK, CH. (ED.) - Midras Beresit Rabbati: Ex Libro R. Mosis Haddarsan Collectus E Codice Pragensi Cum Adnotationibus Et Introductione.
V_1123_38: ALBERS, D. - Uit het Land der Pyramiden.
I_029_045: ALBERT, SHEA - The Glory of the Game: Rugby and the Jewish Springbok Minyan - An Exhibition by the South African Jewish Museum.
SH_003_010: ALBERT, BATH SHEVA [BAT] - The Case of Baruch: The Earliest Report of the Trial of a Jew by the Inquisition (1320) [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
D_266_026: ALBERT, BATH SHEVA - The Case of Baruch: The Earliest Report of the Trial of a Jew by the Inquisition (1320) [IN HEBREW].
V_2079_126: ALBERT, BAT SHEVA; FRIEDMAN, YVONNE; SCHWARZFUCHS, SIMON [EDS.] - Medieval Studies In Honour of Avrom Saltman [IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH]: [SERIES]: Bar Ilan Studies in History - IV..
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I_007_007: ALBERTAZZI, LILIANA [ED.] / LANGACKER, R.; CROFT, W. & WOOD, E. J.; GEERAERTS, D.; KÖVECSES, Z.; WILDGEN, W.; MARCONI, D.; PERUZZI, A. - Meaning and Cognition : a multidisciplinary approach.: [SERIES]: Converging Evidence in Language and Communication Research [CELCR] - Volume 2..
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V_2007_122: ALBINOWSKA, JULIUSZOWA - Dom Oszczedny: Trzecie znacznie uzupelnione wydanie.
ME_01_16: ALBO, JOSEPH [JOSEF] / LIPSCHITZ, GEDALIAH [COMMENTARY] - Ygarim [Sefer Ha-Ikkarim; Ha-Iqqarim] [HEBREW].
AR_331_011: ALBO, JOSEPH / HUSIK, ISSAC [ED.] - Sefer Ha-'Ikkarim: Book of Principles [5 VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: The Schiff Library of Jewish Classics.
MA_24_14: ALBO, JOSEPH - Sefer Ikarim [ha-Ikkarim].
MA_09_10: ALBO, JOSEPH / SCHLESSINGER, W. & SCHLESINGER, LUDWIG [TRS. & EDS.] - Buch Ikkarim [Sefer Ikarim] - Grund-und Glaubenslehren der Mosaischen Religion / Historische Einleitung in R. Jos. Albo's Buche Ikkarim: nebst kritischen, vergleichenden, historischen und philosophischen Anmerkungen..
MC_17_10: ALBO, JOSEPH / SCHLESSINGER, W. & SCHLESINGER, LUDWIG (EDS.) - Buch Ikkarim [Sefer Ikarim; ha-Ikkarim].: Grund- und Glaubenslehren der Mosaischen Religion. Nach den ältesten und correctesten Ausg. in's Deutsche übertragen. II. Auflage. [SERIES]: Die religionsphilosophischen Werke des Judentums herausgegeben von Louis Lamm - Band VIII..
KG_22_039: ALBOEHER, SHLOMO - Humen Roosters, Angelic Donkeys [IN HEBREW].
SH_017_079: ALBOHER, SHLOMO - Identification, Adaptation and Reservation: The Sephardi Jews in Eretz Israel and the Zionist Movement During the Bayit Leumi (National Home), 1918-1948 [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
KG_37_209: ALBRECHT, FOLKER; GREVE, ASTRID [EDS.] - Wer diese meine Rede hört und tut sie...: Zur Verantwortung von Theologie Martin Stöhr zum 65. Geburtstag.
V_3011_35: ALBRIGHT, WILLIAM FOXWELL. - From the Stone Age to Christianity [IN HEBREW].
V_3028_45: ALBRIGHT, WILLIAM FOXWELL - Die Religion Israels im Lichte der archÄologischen Ausgrabungen: Autorisierte Übersetzung mit Nachträgen des Verfassers von Friedrich Cornelius.
SH_028_103: ALCALAY, B.-Z. / KARA, Y. - Arabic Proverbs [IN HEBREW]: A Collection of Proverbs, Saying and Idioms in Palestinian Colloquial Arabic.
V_2058_26: ALCALAY, R. - Hebrew Lexicon of Foreign words and Phrases. [IN HEBREW].
V_1028_139: ALCOFORADO, MARIANA / CAHN, ALFREDO [TR.] / LYDIS, MARIETTE [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Cartas de Amor de la Religiosa Portuguesa.: Las cartas de Marianna Alcoforado.
A_111_117: ALDERMAN, GEOFFREY - Modern British Jewry [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
AR_117_007: ALDUNATE, CARLOS; GALLARDO, FRANCISCO / PEREZ DE ARCE, JOSE [ILLUSTR.] - Rostros de Chile Precolombino.: Ilustraciones de Jose Perez de Arce..
V_1082_20: ALECHEM, SCHOLEM - Stempenju: Roman / 15. - 20. Tausend / Ostjüdische Bibliothek.
D_176_060: ALEIJADINHO [ANTONIO FRANCISCO LISBOA] / BAZIN, GERMAIN [ED.] / MURRAY, MARISA [TR.] - O Aleijadinho e a Escultura Barroca no Brasil.
V_1074_108: ALEKSEEV, ANDREY ET AL. - Asia, Ruta de las Estepas : de Alejandro Magno a Gengis Kan.
V_1069_54: D'ALEMBERT - Essai Sur Les Éléments De Philosophie: Ou Sur Les Principes Des Connaissances Humaines.
D_010_141: ALEMBILLAH AZUMAH, JOHN - The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa : A Quest for Inter-Religious Dialogue.
SH_047_023: ALEXANDER, TAMAR; WEICH-SHAHAK, SUSANA - En Este Tiempo (Esther, 4, 14): Drama Musical para Purim en Salonica.
Kg_21_038: ALEXANDER, TAMAR & NOY, DOV (ED.) - The Treasure of our Fathers: Judeo-Spanish Tales [IN HEBREW].
A_083_074: ALEXANDER, TAMAR; HASAN-ROKEM, GALIT [EDS.] - Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Folklore - IX [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
D_079_032: ALEXANDER, TAMAR; HAIM, ABRAHAM; HASAN ROKEN, GALIT; HAZAN, EPHRAIM [EDS.] - History and Creativity in the Sephardi and Oriental Jewish Communities.
V_1050_160: ALEXANDER, TAMAR; HASAN-ROKEM, GALIT [EDS.] - Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Folklore: V-VI [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
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kg_04_010: ARENSON, SARAH - The Enriched Sea [IN HEBREW]: The Mediterranean Maritime Civilization.
KG_77_163: ARÉTIN, PIERRE (L'ARÉTIN / ARETINO, PIETRO) / CHASTEL, ANDRE; BLAMOUTIER, NADINE [TRANS.] - Lettres de l'Aretin (1492-1556) [Pierre Arétin; Pietro Aretino].
AR_118_006: ARGAN, G. C.; KOCHNITZKY, LEON; FITZSIMMONS, JAMES; ET AL. - Quadrum 4 [IV].: Revue Internationale d'Art Moderne/ International Magazine of Modern Art/ Rivista Internazionale d'Arte Moderna/ Internationale Zeitschrift fur Moderne Kunst..
MA_23_02: ARGENTI, PHILIP P. - The Religious Minorities of Chios - Jews and Roman Catholics.
kg_56_056: ARIAN, ASHER - Politics and Government in Israel [IN HEBREW].
V_1050_20: ARICHA, AMOS - A Sense of Place.
D_058_004: ARICHA, AMOS - Aricha - drawings [DEDICATED BY AMOS ARICHA].
D_014_003: ARIE, RACHEL. - Miniatures Hispano - Musulmanes: Recherches sur un Manuscrit Arabe Illustre de l'Escurial. With XLVII Plates.
SH_020_031: ARIEL (LEIBOWITZ), DOV / LASKOV, SHULAMIT [ED.] - The Moshava of Gedera: Its Development and History from its Foundation Till Today From A.M. Luncz, LUAH ERETZ ISRAEL, 1901 [IN HEBREW].
I_026_035: ARIEL, JACOB V. - Plays for All the Year Round - Volume I: A Vision for Every Season [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
ZK_141: ARIEL, DONALD T. [ED.] - Qedem - Volume 41: Excavations in the City of David 1978-1985 Directed by Yigal Shiloh, Vol. VI: Inscriptions.
D_269_098: ARIEL, DONALD T. - Excavations at the City of David 1978-1985: Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: [SERIES]: Qedem Monographs of the Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - 30.
V_3006_45: ARIEL, ISRAEL - The Temple Haggadah: The Passover Haggadah.
AR_044_009: ARIEL, DONALD T. [ED.] - Excavations in the City of David 1978-1985, Directed by Yigal Shiloh - Volume V: Extramural Areas [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Qedem Monographs of the Institute of Archaeolgy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - 40..
ZK_130: ARIEL, D.T. - Qedem - Volume 30: Excavations at the City of David 1978-1985 Directed by Yigal Shiloh. II. Imported Stamped Amphora Handles, Coins, Worked Bone and Ivory, and Glass.
V_1073_90: ARIEL, YISRAEL / RICHMAN, CHAIM [TR.] - The Odyssey of the Third Temple.
ZK_140: ARIEL, DONALD T. [ED.] - Qedem - Volume 40: Excavations in the City of David 1978-1985 Directed by Yigal Shiloh, Vol. V: Extramural Areas.
D_151_081: ARIEL, DAVID S. - The Mystic Quest: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism.
Kg_10_105: ARIELI, AMNON - A Captive Child [IN HEBREW].
D_245_038: ARIES, PHILIPPE; DUBY, GEORGES [EDS.] / CREMADES, JOSE LUIS CHECA [TR.] - Historia de la vida privada [TEN VOLUME SET].
D_261_018: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR / PERRY-LEHMANN, MEIRA ; FISCHER, YONA [CURATORS] - Avigdor Arikha : Selected Paintings 1953-1997.
A_203_051: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Avigdor Arikha: Works 1992 - 93.: 6 May - 4 June 1994.
A_203_047: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Arikha: Paintings, Pastels and Drawings: 1999-2000.: 27 September - 28 October 2000.
A_203_048: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Avigdor Arikha: Pinturas, pasteles, dibujos 1969-1999.: 26 Octubre - 27 Noviembre, 1999.
A_203_049: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Avigdor Arikha: Twenty-two Paintings 1974-1978.: June 15 - August 26, 1979.
AR_133_011: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR / OMER, MORDECHAI [ED.] - Avigdor Arikha: Self-Portraits.
AR_103_002: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR [ARTIST] / PERRY-LEHMANN, MEIRA ; FISCHER, YONA [CURATORS] - Avigdor Arikha: Selected Paintings 1953-1997.: Catalogue no. 412.
V_3015_80: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Avigdor Arikha: Selected Paintings 1953-1997.
V_1009_027: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Avigdor Arikha: 14 March - 14 April 1990.
V_1009_028: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Avigdor Arikha: Recent Paintings.
H_013_049: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Avigdor Arikha: Drawings.
D_013_207: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR [ARICHA] - Avigdor Arikha: Dessins 1965-1970 [SIGNED BY ARTIST].: [SERIES]: Archives de l'Art Contemporain - 14 ..
V_1009_026: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Arikha: 15 May - 13 June 1998.
KG_09_148: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR / YESHAYAHU, YARIV; BREUER, SHLOMIT [CURATORS] - Avigdor Arikha: The Hunger in the Eye - On the First Anniversary of his Death.
AR_148_001: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR [ARTIST]/ OMER, MORDECHAI - Avigdor Arikha: Prints 1950-1985.
MC_03_13: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO / HOOLE, JOHN [TR.] - Orlando Furioso: The Orlando of Ariosto.: Reduced to Twenty-Four Books; the narrative connected, and the stories disposed in a regular series..
KG_82_200: ARIOSTO, LODOVICO (LUDOVICO) / AVESANI, GIOACHINO [ED.] - l'Orlando Furioso di Lodovico Ariosto [COMPLETE 4 VOLUME SET].: Conservato nella sua epica integritá e recato ad uso della studiosa gioventü dall' Abate Gioachino Avesani, con annotazioni..
D_156_068: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO. HOOLE, JOHN [ED] - The Orlando of Ariosto [VOLUME 2 OUT OF 2 ONLY]: Reduced to XXIV books, the narrative connected, and the stories disposed in a regular series.
D_024_064: ARISTOTELES / GOHLKE, PAUL [ED. & TRANS.] - Grosse Ethik.
V_2078_159: ARISTOTLE / ROTH, LEON [TRANS.] - Aristotle's Metaphysics - Book XI [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Philosophical Classics - XI..
H_019_024: ARISTOTLE / ROTH, LEON [TR.] - Aristotle's Metaphysics: Book XI [IN HEBREW].
H_028_075: ARISTOTLE / ROTH, LEON [TRANS.] - Aristotle's Politics: Books I-II [ONE VOLUME. THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Philosophical Classics (18)..
D_030_111: ARKAVI, S.M. - Masaot - Reflexions.
V_1073_96: ARKIN, YIGAL - Banknotes & Coins of Israel 1927-1998.
A_107_008: ARKIN, YIGAL - Banknotes & Coins of Israel.
V_1075_179: ARKIN, YIGAL - People and Places on Banknotes of Israel.
V_1044_58: ARLOSOROFF, CHAJIM - Die Kolonisationsfinanzen der Jewish Agency.
V_1068_31: ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH - Robert Estienne Royal Printer: An historical study of the Elder Stephanus..
KG_08_116: ARMSTRONG, H. C. - Gray Wolf: The Life of Kemal Ataturk.
D_272_010: ARNDT, ERNST MORITZ - Geist der Zeit [3 VOLUME SET]: Zweite veränderte Auflage / Dritte Auflage.
V_1008_045_: ARNOLD, IPOLYI - Magyar Mythologia: a hasonmas kiadas fuggelekei.
V_1096_52: ARNOLD E. - Illustrirte Deutsche Literaturgeschichte.
AR_179_003: ARNOLD, HERMANN - Juden in der Pfalz: vom Leben pfälzischer Juden.
MA_17_07: ARNOLDT, RICHARD [ED.] / HÖRICH, LUDWIG; RAETTIG, BRUNO; WOLFFGRAMM, FRIEDRICH; SCHAEFFER, WILHELM. - Geschichte des Gymnasiums zu Prenzlau von 1543-1893.: Festschrift zur Feier des 350jährigen Bestehens der Anstalt.
D_243_096: ARNON, ZE'EV SHLOMO - The Revolt of the Pedestrians: The Jews in Rumania During the 19th. Century and the Beginning of the 20th. Century [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
V_2041_80: ARNON, JOSEF - The Educational System of Janusz Korczak [IN HEBREW].
D_036_155: ARNON-OHANA, YUVAL - The Internal Struggle Within the Palestinian Movement 1929-1939 [IN HEBREW].
A_203_150: ARNOVITZ, ANDI - Tear / Repair.
KG_93_68: ARNSBERG, PAUL - Die jüdischen Gemeinden in Hessen: Bilder, Dokumente.
KG_10_165: ARNSBERG, PAUL - Die jüdischen Gemeinden in Hessen: Anfang, Untergang, Neubeginn [TWO VOLUME SET].
KG_39_097: ARNSTEIN, FLORA J. - Time Out of Mind [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1032_146: ARON, ROBERT; ZAOUI, ANDRÉ [EDS.] - Revue de la Pensée Juive - Revue Trimestrielle: No. 1, Octobre 1949.
D_081_091: ARON, ARNAUD ; ENNERY, MARCHAND [INTRO.] - Prières d'un Coeur Israèlite: Livre d'Offices et Recueil de Prières et de Méditations pour toutes les Circonstances de la Vie.: Deuxieme Edition..
V_2026_61: ARONSOHN, L. - Ein neues Licht über Zion: Ein Appell an die Lauen in Israel zur Erweckung ihrer Herzen für Zion.
V_2039_125: ARONSON, SHLOMO - David Ben-Gurion: The Renaissance Leader and the Waning of an Age [IN HEBREW].
A_230_199: ARONSON, SHLOMO - The Beginnings of the Gestapo System: The Bavarian Model in 1933.
V_2059_83_: ARONSON, B. - Marc Chagall: Aus dem Russischen übersetzt von Reinhold von Walter.
A_107_088: ARSEVEN, CELAL ESAD. - L'art Turc: Depuis son origine jusqu'a nos jours.
D_054_016: ART ET STYLE - L'Art Sculptural Negre. I et II (Art et Style 62/63).
D_145_089: ARTOM, ELIAS S.; HUMBERTUS M. D. CASSUTO - Statuta Iudaeorum Candiae: Eorumque Memorabilia - Tomus I [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
D_027_027: ARTOM, ELIA S. - Storia d'Israele: Volume secondo - Il Medio Evo + Volume Terzo - L'età Moderna [TWO VOLUMES].
V_3022_103: ARTOM, GILULIA CASSUTO - Primavera Ebraica.
KG_57_139: ARTOM, MENACHEM EMANUELE - Vocabolario Italiano-Ebraico [THREE VOLUME SET].
V_2079_102: ARTSI, ISRAEL / HANEGBY, Y. [TRANS.] - Way of Life: Selected Thoughts of the Wisdom of Israel.
D_005_138: ARTZI, PINHAS [ED.] - Confrontation and Coexistance.: Bar-Ilan Studies in History II.
AR_289_008: ARYANPOUR, AMIR ASHRAF - Deutsch-Persisches Wörterbuch.
D_03_108: AS-SAMAU'AL IBN ADIJA [SAMAW'AL IBN 'ADIYA] / HIRSCHBERG, JOACHIM W. - Der Diwan des As-Samau'al Ibn Adija, und die unter seinem Namen überlieferten Gedichtfragmente übersetzt und erläutert: [SERIES]: Polska Akademja Umiejetnosci. Dywan Poetry Arabsko-Zydowskiego As-Samau'al Ibn Adija: Przeklad i Komentarz.
AR_195_003: ASARIA, ZVI - Die Juden in Niedersachsen: Von den ältesten Zeiten bis zur Gegenwart.
D_234_063: ASARIA, ZVI - Die Juden in Köln: von den ältesten zeiten bis zur gegenwart: Mit Einem Farbbild und 124 Abbildungen.
AR_312_006: ASCASUBI, HILARIO / CAPURRO,K CASTELL [ILLUSTR.] - Santos Vega o Los Mellizos de la Flor [LIMITED EDITION].: Rasgos Dramaticos de la Vida del Gaucho en las Campanas y Praderas de la Republica Argentina (1778 a 1808).
V_1125_08: ASCH, SHOLEM - The Nazarene: Translated from the Yiddish by Maurice Samuel.
KG_95_12: ASCH, SHOLEM - Moses.
V_1040_171: ASCH, SHOLEM - Moshe (Moses) [IN YIDDISH].
D_173_077: ASCH, SCHALOM - Im Lande der Vaeter [Väter]: Bilder und Dichtungen aus Palästina.: [SERIES]: Vom alten Stamm - Eine Sammlung jüdischer Bücher..
H_11_45: ASCH, SCHALOM - Kleine Geschichten aus der Bibel.
V_1059_80: ASCH, SHOLOM - Kiddush Ha-Shem.
V_3021_80: ASCH, SHOLEM - A Passage in the Night [IN HEBREW].
kg_78_094: ASCH, SHOLEM / KRAUCH, ELSA [TRANS] - Song of the Valley.
V_3013_81: ASCHER, M. - Landwirtschaft und Thora.
D_168_222: ASCHER, M. [MAURICE] - Familie Königtreu und der Krieg.
D_158_089: ASCHER, B. H. [ED. & TR.] - The Book of Life and Expression of the Tongue : The First Being a Complete Formula of the Service and Family Devotion.: The Latter Being Prayers and Supplications to be Said on Visiting the Burial Ground..
I_002_038: ASCHER, M. - In den Schlachten der Erkenntnis.
ME_06_16: ASEVILLI, YOM TOV / RICCI, EMANUEL HAI B. ABRAHAM. - Ritbo Rosz Haszana / Masse Chojschajw [HEBREW]: [ALT: Chidushe Ritva al Masechet Rosh Ha-Shanah / Sefer Maase Hoshev].
D_036_117: ASH, SHOLOM - Mottke the Vagabond (Mottke Ganef).
A_101_180: ASHBEL, DOV; EVIATAR, E.; DORON, E.; GANOR, E. - Solar Radiation in Different Latitudes [IN HEBREW].
D_41_021: ASHBEL, RIVKA - As Much as We Could Do: The Contribution made by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jewish Doctors and Scientists from Palestine during and after World War II.
D_050_057: ASHBEL, D. - Solar Radiation and Soil Temperature [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
SA_135: ASHER, I. / KEYNAN, A. / ZADOK, M. (ED.) - Strategies for the National Support of Basic Research: An International Comparison: Proceedings of an International Conference, Jerusalem, October 23-26, 1994.
V_2071_165: ASHER, IRVIN; ZADOK, MEIR [EDS.] - Promoting Science, Education and Society: The Academy-Government Challenge - Proceedings of an International Workshop Sponsored by the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities, Jerusalem, May 17-18, 2004.: [SERIES]: Issues in Science Policy..
D_070_098: ASHER, DAVID - Selichoth, With a New English Translation: Propitiatory and Penitential Days, and For the Minor Fasts.
SA_132: ASHER, IRVIN / KEYNAN, ALEX / ZADOK, MEIR [ED.] - The Future of the Research University: Proceedings of an International Workshop Sponsored by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Gifher Education, Jerusalem, June 1-3, 1999.
SA_134: ASHER, IRVIN / ZADOK, MEIR [ED.] - Promoting Science, Education and Society: The Academy-Government Challenge: Proceedings of an International Workshop sponsored by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem, May 17-18, 2004.
I_003_037: ASHER, S.; GARTENZAUM, GY. [ED.] - Orokmecses.: Sahy-Ipoolysag es Kornyeke.
KG_04_023: ASHERI, DAVID [ED.] - Greek Historians and Greek Historiography [IN HEBREW].
I_015_025: ASHEVAK, KENOJUAK - Eskimo Graphic Art / L'Art graphique des Esquimaux.
V_1092_075: ASHKENAZI, TOUVIA - The Bedouins : Manners and Customs [IN HEBREW].
SH_025_031: ASHKENAZI, SHMUEL ; JARDEN, DOV - Ozar Rashe Tevot : Thesaurus of Hebrew Abbreviations [IN HEBREW].
SH_034_031: ASHKENAZI, SHMUEL ; JARDEN, DOV - Ozar Rashe Tevot: Thesaurus of Hebrew Abbreviations [IN HEBREW].
V_2061_111: ASHKENAZI, JACOB - The 'Mother of All Churches': The Church of Palestine from its Foundation to the Arab Conquest [IN HEBREW].
V_2030_159: ASHKENAZY, SHLOMO - Ages in Judaism : Each Age and its Sages [IN HEBREW].
V_2035_101: ASHKENAZY, SHLOMO - Generations and Their Customs [IN HEBREW].
D_069_020: ASHMAN, CHARLES ; WAGMAN, ROBERT J. - The Nazi Hunters [IN HEBREW].
D_250_042_: ASHWORTH, JOHN - Back from Canaan: A Sequel to Walks in Canaan: Second Edition.
SH_021_083: ASIA, ILAN - The Core of the Conflict: The Struggle for the Negev in 1947-1956 [IN HEBREW].
D_078_016: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Intelligent Man's Guide to Science: Vol. I: The Physical Sciences, Vol.II: The Biological Sciences.
V_2029_145: ASKENAZI, ISAAC DABBAH - Esperanza y Realidad: Raices de la Comunidad Judia de Alepo de Mexico - Fundacion de la Sociedad de Beneficencia Sedaka y Marpe.
V_1126_122: ASKENAZY, SZYMON - Rosya - Polska, 1815-1830.
V_2072_182: ASRAR, GHASSEM R.; HURRELL, JAMES W. [EDS.] - Climate Science for Serving Society: Research, Modeling and Prediction Priorities.
V_1059_16: ASSAF, MICHAEL - History of the Arabs in Palestine (Two Volumes): I: The History of Arab Rule in Palestine / II: The Arabs under the Crusaders the Mamluks and the Turks.
MC_03_32: ASSAF, MICHAEL - Die arabische nationale Bewegung in Palästina - Ursprung und Gestaltung.: [SERIES]: Kleine zionistische Bücherei, Heft XV..
SH_015_066: ASSAF, MICHAEL - The History of Arab Rule in Palestine [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: History of the Arabs in Palestine..
AR_135_002: ASSAF, DAVID/ BARTAL, ISRAEL/ FEINER, SHMUEL/ FRIEDLANDER, YEHUDA/ TURNIANSKY, CHAVA [ED.] - Studies In East European Jewish History And Culture In Honor Of Professor Shmuel Werses [IN HEBREW].
SH_037_056: ASSAF, DAVID - The Regal Way: The Life and Times of R. Israel of Ruzhin [IN HEBREW].
SH_014_118: ASSAF, MICHAEL - The Arabs under the Crusaders, the Mamluks and the Turks [IN HEBREW][SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].: [SERIES]: History of the Arabs in Palestine - II.
SH_021_017: ASSAF, SIMHA - Beoholei Ya'akov: Essays on the cultural life of the Jews in the middle ages [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Jakob Michael Library: Translation and Collections in Jewish Studies / 16.
JT_021: ASSAF, SIMCHA / GLICK, SHMUEL [ED.] - Mekorot le-Toldot ha-Hinukh be-Yisrael [Volumes 1-5; IN HEBREW].
MC_17_04: ASSAF, SIMHA [ED.] - Gaonica: Gaonica Responsa and Fragments of Halachic Literature from the Geniza and other Sources [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Rabbinic Texts and Documents - I. Edited for the First Time with Introduction and Notes by Assaf Simha..
V_1103_92: ASSAF, DAVID ; BARTAL, ISRAEL ; FEINER, SHMUEL ET. AL. [ED.] - Studies in East European Jewish History and Culture : In Honour of Professor Shmuel Werses [IN HEBREW].
V_2048_153: ASSARAF, ROBERT - Une Certaine Histoire des Juifs du Maroc 1860-1999.
D_034_126: ASSARAF, ROBERT - Une Certaine Histoire des Juifs du Maroc 1860-1999.
A_230_196: ASSIS, YOM TOV; IBANES-SPERBER, RAQUEL [ED.] - Hispania Judaica Bulletin: Articles, Reviews, Bibliography and Manuscripts on Sefarad.: [SERIES]: Hispania Judaica Bulletin 6..
KG_55_148: ASSIS, YOM TOV ; FRENKEL, MIRIAM ; HAREL, YARON [ED.] - Aleppo Studies - The Jews of Aleppo : Their History and Culture - Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
V_2033_98: ASSIS, YOM TOV - The Jews of Santa Coloma De Queralt: An Economic and Demographic Case Study of a Community at the End of the Thirteenth Century: Hispania Judaica *6: Series Edited by Haim Beinart.
AR_109_010: ASSIS, YOM TOV - The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt: An Economic and Demographic Case Study of a Community at the End of the Thirteenth Century.: [SERIES]: Hispania Judaica - 6.
I_007_051: ASSMANN, JAN - Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism.
AR_336_003: ASSMANN, JAN ; BOMMAS, MARTIN - Altägyptische Totenliturgien: Band 1- Totenliturgien in den Sargtexten des Mittleren Reiches [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Supplemente zu den Schriften der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften: Philosophisch-historiche Klasse - Band 14.
AR_175_002: ASSOULINE, H. [INTR.] - A Census of the Jews of Eretz Israel (1839) (MS. Montefiore 528) [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Kuntresim - Texts and Studies - Series C / 7..
MA_16_23: ASTARITA, G. / MARRUCCI, G. - Principles of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics.
MC_17_02: ASTRUC, JEAN [JOANNE] - De Morbis Venereis: Libri sex.... in quibus disseritur tum de origine. Propagatione & Contagione horumce affectuum in genere: tum de singulorum Natura, Aetiologia & Therapia, cum brevi Analysi & Epicrisi Operum plerorumque quae de eodem argumento scripta sunt. Editiona Prima Veneta..
D_005_166: ATAMUKAS, SOLOMONAS - Lietuvos zydu kelias: Nuo XIV amziaus iki XX a. pabaigos.
D_161_052: ATER, MOSHE - An onomatopoetic theory of Language [IN HEBREW].
V_1054_133: ATIYA, AZIZ SURYAL - The Crusade in the Later Middle Ages: With 2 Coloured and 8 Monotone Plates and 4 Maps.
A_101_079: ATKINS, A.G. [TRANS.] - The Ramayana of Tulsidas [THREE VOLUME SET].: [VOL.I]: Childhood and Youth; [VOL.II]: Events in Avadh. In The Forest; [VOL.III]: The Monkey Kingdom. The Beautiful. In Lanka. The Finale..
KG_09_143: ATKINS, WILLIAM - The Moor: Lives Landscape Literature.
AR_038_007: ATLASZ, ROBERT - Barkochba: Makkabi-Deutschland, 1898-1938.

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