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071435: Holmes, John Eric - Mahars of Pellucidar
051243: Holmes, Oliver Wendell; Arthur A. Dixon (Illus.) - The Professor at the Breakfast Table
077954: Holmes, Oliver Wendell - The Breakfast-Table Series (3 Volumes) The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table; The Professor at the Breakfast-Table; The Poet at the Breakfast-Table
052709: Holmes, Rand H. - The Collected Adventures of Harold Hedd
058276: Holt, Anne - 1222 A Hanne Wilhelmsen Novel
064344: Holt, John; Patrick Farenga - Teach Your Own The John Holt Book of Homeschooling
9900009867: HOLTER, E. S. - The a*B*C of Social Credit
082719: Homan, Theo - SkíđAríma An Inquiry into the Written and Printed Texts, References and Commentaries With an Edition and an English Translation
064940: Home, Stewart - Slow Death
053794: Home, Henry, Lord Kames; Michael Loban (Ed. & Intro.); Knud Haakonssen (Ed.) - Principles of Equity
053787: Home, Henry, Lord Kames; James A Harris (Ed. & Intro.) - Sketches of the History of Man (Three Volumes)
9900009698: [Middlechurch Home] - Our Heritage the Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg 1883-1995
051765: Homer - The Iliad
083400: [Better Homes and Gardens] - New Cook Book
077393: Homes, A. M. - This Book Will Save Your Life
046987: Homes, A. M. - May We Be Forgiven A Novel
083917: Prud'Homme, L.A. - Notes Historiques Sur la Vie de P.E. De Radisson
083331: Honeycutt, Kirk - John Hughes A Life in Film
077237: Honigmann, John J. - Social Networks in Great Whale River Notes on an Eskimo, Montagnais-Naskapi, and Euro-Canadian Community
070522: Honore, Carl - Under Pressure Putting the Child Back in Childhood
080928: Honoré, Tony - Justinian's Digest Character and Compilation
080209: Hood, Dora - The Side Door Twenty-six Years in my Book Room
077191: Hooker, Dwight (Photo.) - Playboy’S Super! Sauber! Schon Und Sexy! Von Madchen Und Fotografen. [the Playboy Photographer 2]
077188: Hooker, Dwight (Photo.) - The Playboy Photographer 2
084862: hooks, bell - Feminism Is for Everybody Passionate Politics
071353: Hoolboom, Mike (Ed.); Tom McSorley (Ed.) - Life without Death The Cinema of Frank Cole
059488: Hoolboom, Mike; Egoyan, Atom - Tales of the Bizarre and Unexplained Fringe Film in Canada
077421: Hoolboom, Mike - The Steve Machine
076938: Hooper, George - The Campaign of Sedan The Downfall of the Second Empire August - September 1870
067061: CASNP; [Joanna Hoople et al.] - And What About Canada's Native Peoples?
9900042769: HOOVER, Gerald - My Lady Nicotine
061764: Hope, Anthony - Tristram of Blent An Episode in the Story of and Ancient House
082499: Hopgood, Stephen - The Endtimes of Human Rights
9900041245: HOPKINS, J. Castell (ed.) - Canada an Encyclopaedia of the Country / Volume II
9900000641: Hopkins, J. Castell - Life and Work of Mr. Gladstone
033497: Hopkins, J. Castell - Index Topical and Personal, to Canada: An EncyclopćDia of the Country
9900041244: HOPKINS, J. Castell (ed.) - Canada an Encyclopaedia of the Country / Volume I
9900041246: HOPKINS, J. Castell (ed.) - Canada an Encyclopaedia of the Country / Volume III
061402: Hopkinson, Simon - The Vegetarian Option
012027: Robertson, Heather with Clark Hopper and Verna Neufeld - Sugar Farmers of Manitoba the Manitoba Sugar Beet Industry in Story and Picture
080235: Horace; Niall Rudd (trans.) - Satires, Epistles, Ars Poetica
052916: Horan, James D. - The Pinkertons The Detective Family that Made History
083204: Horden, John - The Book of Common Prayer And Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Church of England; Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. Translated into the Language of the Cree Indians of the Diocese of Moosonee
083986: Horden, John - A Collection of Psalms and Hymns in the Language of the Cree Indians of North-West America
084303: Horden, John - A Grammar of the Cree Language As Spoken by the Cree Indians of North America
9900037322: Horden, John; Henry Ellis [ed.] - Speculi Britanniae Pars: An Historical and Chorographical Description of the County of Essex, by John Norden, 1594.
035185: Horenstein, Henry [Introduction by Robert Flynn Johnson] - Humans: Photographs by Henry Horenstein
078467: Horgan, John - Rational Mysticism Dispatches from the Border Between Science and Spirituality
047460: Horn, Bernd; Michel Wyczynski - Paras Versus the Reich Canada's Paratroopers at Wat, 1942-1945
045536: Hornblum, Allen M.; Judith L. Newman; Gregory J. Dober - Against Their Will The Secret Histoy of Medical Experimentation on Children in Cold War America
058340: Hornby, Nick - How to Be Good A Novel
069659: Hornby, Nick - Funny Girl
058268: Hornby, Nick [Ed.] - Speaking with the Angel Original Stories
037239: Hornby, Nick - Housekeeping Vs. The Dirt Fourteen Months of Massively Witty Adventures in Reading Chronicled by the National Book Critics Circle Finalist for Criticism
070726: Hornby, Nick - About a Boy
073951: Hornby, Nick - How to Be Good
061695: Hornby, Nick - High Fidelity
079512: Horne, Alistair - A Savage War of Peace Algeria 1954-1962
083128: Horne, Alistair - Hubris The Tragedy of War in the Twentieth Century
052357: Hornung, Rick - One Nation Under the Gun: Inside the Mohawk CIVIL War
084606: Horowitz, Alexandra - On Looking Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes
056827: Horowitz, Eli (Ed.) - The Better of Mcsweeney's Volume 1: Issues 1-10
084368: Horowitz, Anthony - The Word Is Murder
082522: Horowitz, Risa - Twitch
051995: Horrocks, Caitlin - This Is Not Your City Stories
9900044296: HORSEFIELD, Ray - The Friendly North
076468: Horton, Jillian - We Are All Perfectly Fine A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing
084348: Horton, Jillian - We Are All Perfectly Fine A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing
076331: Hosking, Geoffrey - Rulers and Victims The Russians in the Soviet Union
080280: Hoskyns, Barney - Across the Great Divide The Band and America
9900042806: HOTCHKISS, Henry T., M.D. - Practical Administration of Anesthetics [Original Article Taken from the Brooklyn Medical Jorunal, Vol. XI, No. 3, March, 1897]
059618: Hotchner, A. E. - Hemingway in Love: His Own Story A Memoir
9900027026: HOTSON, Leslie - Shakespeare Versus Shallow
076768: Houdini, Harry - The Right Way to Do Wrong A Unique Selection of Writings by History's Greatest Escape Artist
080888: Houellebecq, Michel; Frank Wynne (trans.) - The Elementary Particles
075430: Houellebecq, Michel - The Elementary Particles
057596: Hough, Emerson - The Sowing A "Yankee's View of England's Duty to Herself and to Canada
9900023617: Hough, Emerson - The Sowing
056108: [Heffel Fine Art Auction House] - Fine Canadian Art Thursday, November 7th, 1996, 7pm
068856: Novosti Press Agency Publishing House - The Soyuz Apollo Project
056109: [Heffel Fine Art Auction House] - Fine Canadian Art Thursday, November 6th, 1997, 7pm
072473: [Military Publishing House, USSR Ministry of Defense] - Whence the Threat to Peace
017584: Universalist Publishing House - The Columbian Congress of the Universalist Church Papers and Addresses at the Congress Held as a Section of the World's Congress Auxiliary of the Columbian Exposition 1893
9900037212: Housman, A. E. - Last Poems
066616: Houston, James - The White Dawn An Eskimo Saga
015378: Houston, C. Stuart, Intro. [Ernest Thompson Seton] - Ernest Thomson Seton in Manitoba 1882-1892
079069: Stuart Houston, C. - Arctic Ordeal The Journal of John Richardson, Surgeon-Naturalist With Franklin, 1820-1822
071583: Houston, John [trans.] - Pangnirtung 1988 Prints
055920: Houston, James (Saomik, the Left-Handed One) - Confessions of an Igloo Dweller The story of the man who brought Inuit art to the outside world
068759: Houston, James - Spirit Wrestler
030113: Houston, James - Tikta'Liktak: An Eskimo Legend
053025: Houston, James A., design & layout - Canadian Eskimo Art
079665: Hoving, Thomas - The Art of Dan Namingha
072948: Howard, Benjamin C. - A Report of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the Opinions of the Judges Thereof, in the Case of Dred Scott Versus John F.A. Sandford.
083230: Reich, Howard and William Gaines - Jelly's Blues The Life, Music, And Redemption Of Jelly Roll Morton
079622: Clausewitz, Carl von; Michael Howard and Peter Paret (eds. and trans.) - On War
9900030836: WHITE, Howard and Jim Spilsbury - Spilsbury's Coast Pioneer Years in the West West
9900037963: HOWARD, Warren S. - American Slavers and the Federal Law 1837-1862
083692: Howe, Gordon - Hockey... Here's Howe!
084555: Stewart, Francie, Bob Howe and Richard Ward - A Taste of Canada
066500: Howell, Russell W. (Ed.); W. James Bradley (Ed,) - Mathematics in a Postmodern Age A Christian Perspective
9900043321: HOWGATE, Bernie - Zen and the Art of Paddling
068129: Howick, L.S. - L.S. Howick Manufacturer of Tents and Awnings, Tarpaulins, Truck Covers
068130: Howick, L.S. - L.S. Howick Manufacturer of Tents and Awnings, Tarpaulins, Truck Covers
080483: Howison, John - Sketches of Upper Canada Domestic, Local, and Characteristic
078631: Howley, James P. - The Beothucks or Red Indians the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Newfoundland
083306: Howley, James P. [Patrick] - The Beothucks or Red Indians The Aboriginal Inhabitants of Newfoundland
070685: Hoxie, Frederick E. - A Final Promise The Campaign to Assimilate the Indians, 1880-1920
061442: Hoxie, Frederick - This Indian Country American Indian Activists and the Place They Made
074672: Hoy, Benjamin - A Line of Blood and Dirt Creating the Canada-United States Border across Indigenous Lands
069852: Hryniuk, Stella - Peasants with Promise Ukrainians in Southeastern Galicia 1880-1900
077028: Hsun, Lu - The New Year’S Sacrifice
065387: Hua; Heng Yin (Trans.) - Pure Land & Ch'an Dharma Talks
056591: Huan, Zhang; Melissa Chiu (Ed.) - Altered States
056381: Huan, Zhang - Zhang Huan Drawings
049407: Huband, Mark - Warriors of the Prophet The Struggle for Islam
065569: Hubank, Roger - North
017739: Hubbard, L. Ron - La Dianetique La Puissance De La Pensee Sur Le Corps
048919: Hubbard, Phil - The City
9900030651: HUBBARD, R. H. (ed.) - The National Gallery of Canada / Paintings and Sculpture Volume I / Older Schools
063555: Hubbard, Elbert - Elbert Hubbard's Scrap Book Containing the Inspired and Inspiring Selections Gathered During a Life Time of Discriminating Reading for His Own Use
018545: Huck, Barabara - The Land Where the Sky Begins North America' s Endangered Tall Grass Prairie and Aspen Parkland
084315: Huck, Barbara - Kisiskatchewan The Great River Road
077598: Huck, Barbara; Doug Whiteway - In Search of Canada's Ancient Heartland
077606: Huck, Barbara - Exploring the Fur Trades of North America
078210: Huck, Barbara; Doug Whiteway - In Search of Canada's Ancient Heartland Discover Manitoba's Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology
075993: Huck, Barbara; Doug Whiteway - In Search of Canada's Ancient Heartland Discover Manitoba's Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology
9900040998: HUCK, Barbara (ed.) - Crossroads of the Continent a History of the Forks of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers
9900045258: Huck, Barbara - The Land Where the Sky Begins: North America's Endangered Tall Grass Prairie and Aspen Parkland
084877: Huck, Barbara - Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America Discover the Highways That Opened a Continent
9900040660: HUCK, Barbara - Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America Discover the Highways That Opened a Continent
080678: Hucker, Daniel - Public Opinion and the End of Appeasement in Britain and France
076596: Hudson, Derek - Arthur Rackham His Life and Work
036959: Hudson, Roger [Comp.] - The Jubilee Years: 1887-1897
047382: Hudson, Janet - The New Vegan Fresh, Fabulous, and Fun
037009: Hudson, Roger - London Portrait of a City
047814: Hudson, Roger [Compiled by] - London: Portrait of a City
005211: Hudson, Roger (Ed. & Intro.) - The Folio Books of Days
051729: Hudson, W. H. - Green Mansions A Romance of the Tropical Forest
027691: Hudson, Roger [Ed.] - Nelson and Emma
9900006757: HUDSON, Roger (ed.) - The Grand Tour 1592-1796
050165: Hudson, Roger [Comp.] - The Jubilee Years: 1887-1897
9900030895: HUDSON, Alfred - Lectures on the Study of Fever
9900041658: Hudson, Roger, editor - Nelson and Emma
077195: Huff, Hartmut - Playboy's Madchen, Girls Und Goren [the Pocket Playboy]
078671: Huffington, Arianna - Thrive The Third Metric To Redefining Success And Creating A Life Of Well-Being, Wisdom, And Wonder.
060511: Robinson, Hugh and Jancis Johnson - The World Atlas of Wine
062651: Hughes, Richard; Francine Prose (Intro.) - A High Wind in Jamaica
070296: Hughes, A. O. - Tribal Drums
9900023011: Hughes, Spencer Leigh 'Sub Rosa' - The English Character
047862: Hughes, Katherine - In the Promised Land of Alberta's North The Northern Journal of Katherine Hughes
082646: Hughes, Dorothy B.; Sarah Weinman [Intro] - Dread Journey
080894: Hughes, Langston - Not without Laughter
059809: Hughes, Holly - Clit Notes A Sapphic Sampler
084545: Hughes, Robert - The Fatal Shore The History of the Transportation of Convicts to Australia, 1787-1868
059873: Hughes, Ted; Christopher Reid (Ed.) - Letters of Ted Hughes
062050: Hughes, Monica - Sandwriter
9900031768: Hughes, Mary Jo - Hindsight: William Hind in the Canadian West / L'Ouest Canadien Selon William Hind: Un Nouveau Regard
079927: Hughes, Langston - The Ways of White Folks Stories
081164: Hughes, Richard - A High Wind in Jamaica
057323: Hughes, Richard - A High Wind in Jamaica
9900038866: Hughes, Rev. T. S. - The Works of Dr. Isaac Barrow: With Some Account of His Life, Summary of Each Discourse, Notes, &C. / Complete Seven Volume Set
083747: Hugo, Victor - Les Miserables
064387: Hugo, Victor - Notre-Dame de Paris
083875: Hugo, Victor - Les Misérables (Two Volume Set)
081223: Hukanovic, Rezak - The Tenth Circle of Hell
083276: Zeisberger, David; Archer Butler Hulbert and William Nathaniel Schwarze (ed.) - David Zeisberger's History of the Northern American Indians
083693: Hull, Bobby - Hockey Is My Game
084841: Hull, Burling - Thirty-Three Rope Ties and Chain Releases A Manual for the Profession on the Art of Rope Tying and Methods of Obtaining Releases from Ropes, Chains and Shackles, New Gut and Restored Rope Effects Including a Number of Original Ties and Releases Designed by the Author
075501: Hume, David; L.A. Selby-Biggie (Index); P.H. Nidditch (Revision, Notes) - A Treatise of Human Nature
9900028206: Hume, David - The History of England: From the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution of 1688 / Five Volume Set A New Edition. with the Author's Last Corrections and Improvements. To Which is Prefixed, a Short Account of His Life, Written by Himself.
010953: Hume, Margaret Anne, ed. - Just Mary" Reader Mary Grannan: Selected Stories
9900042027: HUME, Fergus / Illustrated by Cyril R. Hallward - When I Lived in Bohemia
053334: Humes, Lillie J. - On Pilgrim's Way
064953: Humm, Daniel; Will Guidara - Eleven Madison Park Cookbook
079045: Humphrey, [Mr. J. W., Manager] - A History of No. 35 E.F. T.S. , R.A. F. Neepawa
9900042235: HUMPHREY, John P. - The Inter-American System a Canadian View
080632: Humphreys, Helen - The Frozen Thames
9900029415: Hunchak, N. J. - Canadians of Ukrainian Origin / Series No. 1 - Population
007367: Hunt, John Dixon - The Pre-Raphaelite Imagination 1848-1900
9900019720: HUNT, leslie - Twenty-One Squadrons the History of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force 1925-1957
067657: Hunt, Leslie - 25 Kites That Fly
9900024106: HUNTER, J. H. - Saint, Seer and Scientist the Remarkable Story of George Washington Carver of Tuskegee, Alabama
082636: Hunter, James - Oo Meyo Achimoowin St. Mark. [the Gospel According to St. Mark] Translated into the Language of the Cree Indians, of the Diocese of Rupert's Land, North-West America
082714: Hunter, William S. - Hunter's Ottawa Scenery, in the Vicinity of Ottawa City, Canada
055143: Hunter, Andrew - Convergence
059019: Hunter, Jack (Ed.) - Black Leather Lucifer The Films of Kenneth Anger
008479: Hunter, Andrew - Up North a North Ontario Tragedy
052051: Hunter, Douglas - War Games: Conn Smythe & Hockey's Fighting Men
9900003494: HUNTER, W. S. - Hunter's Panoramic Guide from Niagara to Quebec
052661: Hunter, Norah T. - The Art of Floral Design
084775: Huntington, Samuel P. - The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order
032718: Hurd, Edith Thatcher; Clement Hurd, ill. - Fox in a Box
9900044148: [SALESMAN'S DUMMY] Rev. Jesse Lyman Hurlbut - Hurlbut's Story of the Bible Self-Pronouncing / Salesman's Dummy
9900044314: Hurley, Captain Frank - Argonauts of the South Being a narrative of voyagings and polar seas and adventures in the Antarctic with Sir Douglas Mawson and Sir Ernest Shackleton
077766: Hurston, Zora Neale - Their Eyes Were Watching God
058587: Hurtig, Mel - Pay the Rent or Feed the Kids The Tragedy and Disgrace of Poverty in Canada
083979: Husain, Salma Yusuf (trans.); Nuskha-E-Shahjahani - The Mughal Feast Recipes From the Kitchen of Emperor Shah Jahan
079302: Husain, Ed - The House of Islam A Global History
9900017712: HUSAK, Jerome (ed.) - Religion on Stamps
084598: Mahfouz, Naguib; William Maynard Hutchins and Olive K. Kenny (trans.) - Palace Walk The Cairo Trilogy, Volume 1
071476: Hutchinson, Emily - Shared Living Interior design for rented and shared spaces
078475: Hutton, Dr. S. K. - Among the Eskimos of Labrador
081148: Huxley, Aldous - The Perennial Philosophy An Interpretation of the Great Mystics, East and West
054527: Huxley, Aldous; David Bradshaw (Intro.) - Those Barren Leaves
078864: Huxley, Aldous - Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow And Other Essays
9900018038: HUXLEY, Julian - Biological Aspects of Cancer
084317: Huxley, Aldous - Brave New World
084688: Huxley, Aldous - Brave New World
065087: Huxley, Aldous - Brave New World
9900013563: Rene Huyghe; Germain Bazin; Jacques Combe; Maurice Raynal - Cent Trente Chefs-D'Oeuvre de L'Art Francais Du Moyen Age Au XXC Siecle
065136: Hyde, Edward; Roger Lockyer (Ed.) - Clarendon's History of the Great Rebellion
084330: Hyder, Alan - Vampires Overhead
069347: [Manitoba Hydro] - A History of Electric Power in Manitoba
065063: Manitoba Hydro - Powering the Province: Sixty Years of Manitoba Hydro
037980: Winnipeg Hydro - The Great Holiday Cookbook
9900040356: Manitoba Hydro - The Winnipeg River Hydro-Electric Power for a Province
073318: Hyland, Matthew (ed.) - Beyond Her Usual Limits The Film and Video Works of Deirdre Logue 1997 - 2017
052787: Hyland, M. J. - This Is How
9900036701: HYNES, Samuel - The Auden Generation Literature and Politics in England in the 1930s
084074: National Geographic; Stephen G. Hyslop and Patricia S. Daniels - Great Empires An Illustrated Atlas
9900042258: Cook, Captain James [Vols. I and II] / Captain James King [Vol. III] / [Vol. IV - plate volume] - A Voyage of Discovery to the Pacific Ocean
9900032278: MAYBA, I. I. and R. L. Cooke, Drs. - Manitoba Clinic 1946-1996
066515: Iaukea, Curtis Piehu; Lorna Kahilipuaokalani Iaukea Watson - By Royal Command
067766: Ibanez, Vicente Blasco - The Enemies of Women
039717: Ibbett, Vera - Flowers in Heraldry
076389: Ibsen, Henrik; John Knowles - Ghosts and Other Plays
081210: Ibsen, Henrik - Three Plays of Henrik Ibsen An Enemy of the Pople; The Wild Duck; Hedda Gabler
076411: Ibsen, Henrik; Peter Watts [Trans.] - A Doll's House and Other Plays
051375: Ibsen, Henrik - Hedda Gabler; the Master Builder
076384: Ibsen, Henrik - Hedda Gabler and Other Plays
081593: Ienaga, Saburo - The Pacific War World War II and the Japanese, 1931-1945
044888: Ierley, Merritt - Wondrous Contrivances Technology at the Threshold
9900034703: IGLAUER, Edith - Denison's Ice Road
072358: Iglauer, Edith - Inuit Journey The Co-operative Adventure in Canada's North
072954: Igloliorte, Heather - We Were So Far Away The Inuit Experience of Residential Schools
026901: Ignatieff, Michael - Charlie Johnson in the Flames
044533: Ignatieff, Michael - The Lesser Evil Political Ethics In An Age Of Terror
084629: Ignatieff, Michael - The Ordinary Virtues Moral Order in a Divided World
067355: Ignatieff, Michael - Scar Tissue
049432: Ignatieff, Michael - The Needs of Strangers
064697: Ignatieff, Michael - Lesser Evil: Political Ethics in an Age of Terror The Gifford Lectures
049779: Ignatieff, Michael - Fire and Ashes Success and Failure in Politics
9900042630: [Anonymous] Extracts from Vol. II, The Cornhill Magazine, 1860. - Thieves and Thieving [Together with] the Criminal Law and the Detection of Crime
065506: Iida, Shotaro - Reason and Emptiness A Study in Logic and Mysticism
082681: Rue III, Leonard Lee; John K. Terres (ed.) - The World of the White-Tailed Deer
070977: Dubus III, Andre - House of Sand and Fog
083439: Goddard III, Robert Hale Ives - Delaware Verbal Morphology A Descriptive and Comparative Study
078234: Krech III, Shepard - Native Canadian Anthropology and History: A Selected Bibliography
065317: Ikeda, Daisaku - Selected Lectures on the Gosho Vol. I
065371: Ikeda, Daisaku - The Opening of the Eyes
065392: Ikeda, Daisaku - Dialogue on Life Buddhist Perspectives on The Eternity of Life
064560: Ikeda, Miyoko - Fairy Navigator Runa Volume 2
064561: Ikeda, Miyoko - Fairy Navigator Runa Volume 1
074993: Omar, Ilhan with Rebecca Paley - This Is What America Looks Like My Journey From Refugee to Congresswoman
075156: Omar, Ilhan with Rebecca Paley - This Is What America Looks Like My Journey from Refugee to Congresswoman
080797: Editors Of Sports Illustrated - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 50 Years of Beautiful
067577: Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA), The - Les Arts Mediatiques Independants Au Canada
067231: O.M.I. [Oblates of Mary Immaculate] - Anamie Nagamonan Ojibwa [Chippewa] Hymns
076158: Impey, Chris - The Living Cosmos Our Search for Life in the Universe
055949: [Popeil Bros. Inc] - Tempting Garnishes and Salads Made with *Dial-O-Matic
069405: [Christie's Inc.] - The Gutenberg Bible The Property of the General Theological Seminary
055973: [Sideshow Inc.] - Sideshow Collectibles Volume Ten
018454: R. E. Lewis Inc. - 19th and Early 20th Century Prints R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue Febuary 1990
018455: R. E. Lewis Inc. - Recent Acquisitions R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue October 1990
018456: R. E. Lewis Inc. - Proofs and Rarities R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue September 1983
018457: R. E. Lewis Inc. - Early Lithographs: 1806 - 1835 R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue July 1991
018461: R. E. Lewis Inc. - 16th to 18th Century Prints R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue May 1987
018462: R. E. Lewis Inc. - Proofs and Rarities II R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue April 1984
018463: R. E. Lewis Inc. - 17th Century Prints R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue October 1984
018464: R. E. Lewis Inc. - Sixteenth Century Prints R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue September 1985
018465: R. E. Lewis Inc. - 17th Century Etchings & Engravings R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue June 1989
018466: R. E. Lewis Inc. - Proofs and Rarities III R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue October 1987
070378: [United Native Americans Inc.] - The Warpath / Vol. II, No. 3 United Native Americans Liberation News Service
028532: [Winnipeg Music Competition Festival Inc.] - 75th Anniversary Celebration: Winnipeg Music Competition Festival, 1919 - 1993 [Program Book]
028592: [Winnipeg Music Competition Festival Inc.] - 75th Anniversary Celebration: Winnipeg Music Competition Festival, 1919 -1993 [Program Book]
055611: Canadian Legion War Services Inc. - Courses for Service Men (Secondary Level) Pre-Aircrew English
068461: Inchbald, Elizabeth - A Simple Story
082884: Indian and Northern Affairs - The Canadian Indian Quebec and Atlantic Provinces
032461: Indian and Northern Affairs - The Canadian Indian: Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces
066828: [The Indian and Northern Curriculum Resources Centre] - A Syllabus on Indian History and Culture
052442: Indian and Northern Affairs - Central Cree and Ojibway Crafts: Food Handling- Wood
081824: Indian And Northern Affairs Canada - In All Fairness A native claims policy : comprehensive claims
032462: Indian and Northern Affairs - The Canadian Indian: Yukon and Northwest Territories
067189: [Council for Yukon Indians] - Together Today... For Our Children Tomorrow Volume II
011117: [No author indicated] - Some Guesses at Truth (Reported)
028866: [No author indicated] - British Columbia Hairdressers' Examination: Questions and Answers [Special Technical Information on Questions and Answers Regarding Beauty Culture] Compiled and Published as a Beauty Culture Guide
078232: [No Author Indicated] - Specimen of Printing Types and Ornaments, in Use at the Printing Office of Lovell & Gibson: St. Nicholas Street, Montreal
069382: [Manitoba Department of Industry and Commerce] - This Is Manitoba
9900008572: [MANITOBA - DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE] - The Story of Manitoba's Legislative Building
073619: Northwest Territories Department of Information - Northwest Territories Community Data 1974
079244: Ingham, Rev. Bishop; Rev. Clement L. Burrows. - Sketches in Western Canada
064467: Ingle, Lorne - Meech Lake Reconsidered
9900007402: Ingoldsby, Thomas - The Jackdaw of Rheims
082495: Ingram, David - Habermas Introduction and Analysis (Cornell Paperbacks)
074203: Ingram, Jay - Fatal Flaws How a Misfolded Protein Baffled Scientists and Changed the Way We Look at the Brain
9900034453: The Lord Bishop of London (Arthur Winnington-Ingram) - Holiday Recollections of a World Tour
075746: Ingram, Jay - Fatal Flaws How a Misfolded Protein Baffled Scientists and Changed the Way We Look at the Brain
080927: Rowland, Ingrid and Noah Charney - The Collector of Lives Giorgio Vasari and the Invention of Art
074825: Inoue, Yasushi; Jean Oda Moy (Trans.) - Tun-Huang
9900042166: THE COMMISSION OF INQUIRY, THE INTERCHURCH WORLD MOVEMENT - Report on the Steel Strike of 1919
078935: Arni Magnusson Institute - New Lands New Faith/Ny Lönd Og Nyr Sidur Christianity and the Vinland Voyages in Medieval Icelandic Manuscripts
9900032480: [CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL GRAINS INSTITUTE] - Grains & Oilseeds Handling, Marketing, Processing
9900040034: SALT INSTITUTE - Salt for Ice and Snow Removal the Facts About Public Safety and Automotive Corrosion
024534: [The History Committee] Isabella Women's Institute - Rural Reflections: 1879 - 1962
056880: [Russell Women's Institute] - Banner County: History of Russell & District 1879-1967
9900044361: GROSSE ISLE WOMEN'S INSTITUTE - The Grosse Isle Story
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074611: King, Jason - The Cannabible 2
9900028994: [CANADA] [PARLIAMENT] [HOUSE OF COMMONS] [W. L. MacKENZIE KING] - Speech of Rt. Hon. W.L. Mackenzie King, M.P. Prime Minister of Canada on the Defence of Canada
081764: King, Stephen - Gerald's Game
073858: King, W. Ross - The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada
047702: King, Horatio Nelson - The Empire: Its Cities, Palaces and Buildings Wesminster Abbey
081735: King, C. Daly; Terry Winter Owens [Intro.] - The Butterfly A Symbol of Conscious Evolution
077789: King, Thomas - Sufferance
083339: King, Stephen - Under the Dome
059337: King, Ross - Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling
043035: King, James - The Life of Margaret Laurence
083949: King, Thomas - The Inconvenient Indian A Curious Account of Native People in North America
079762: King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Walter Dean Myers [Intro.] - A Time to Break Silence The Essential Works of Martin Luther King, Jr., for Students
078781: King, J. C. H.; Hentietta Lidchi - Imaging the Arctic
074928: King, Serge Kahili - Earth Energies A Quest for the Hidden Power of the Planet
9900042703: KING, Larry - Cnn [Transcript of 'Perot Debates Vice President Gore on Nafta' on 'a Larry King Special' Air Date: November 9, 1993]
9900042701: KING, Larry - Cnn [Transcript of Interview of Gov. Mario Cuomo by Larry King, June 3, 1985]
074946: King, John - Human Punk
067602: King, Martin Luther; James M. Washington [Ed.] - I Have a Dream Writings and Speeches that Changed the World
051249: Kinglake, Alexander William - Eothen
9900041831: Kinglake, A. W. - The Invasion of the Crimea: Its Origin, and an Account of Its Progress Down to the Death of Lord Raglan. Complete eight volume set
068075: Kingsley, Charles - Westward Ho!
038168: Kingsley, Charles - Westward Ho!
9900039424: KINGSLEY, Charles - Westward Ho!
9900042237: Kingsley, Charles - The Saint's Tragedy; or, the True Story of Elizabeth of Hungary, Landgravine of Thuringia, Saint of the Romish Calendar.
045183: Kingsley, Charles - Alton Locke
9900042239: Kingsley, Charles - Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet. / an Autobiography. / in Two Volumes
9900044590: KINGSLEY, Rev. Charles - Phaethon; or, Loose Thoughts for Loose Thinkers.
084647: Kingsolver, Barbara - The Poisonwood Bible
082628: Kingsolver, Barbara - Unsheltered
057028: Kingsolver, Barbara - The Bean Trees
057029: Kingsolver, Barbara - High Tide in Tucson Essays from Now or Never
073941: Kingsolver, Barbara - Prodigal Summer
061103: Kingston, William H. G. - The Cruise of the Frolic A Sea Story
067552: Kingstone, Peter; Gerald Hannon (Ed.) - Bedtime Stories
068089: Kingwell, Mark; Christopher Moore; Sara Borins - Canada: Our Century 500 Visions, 100 Voices
039515: Kingwell, Mark - Nothing for Granted Tales of War, Philosophy, and Why the Right was Mostly Wrong
073852: Kingwell, Mark - The World We Want Virtue, Vice, and the Good Citizen
068058: Kinley, Ethel A. (Compiled) - The Manitoba School Song Book (Melody Edition)
061592: Kinley, Ethel A. (Compiled) - The Manitoba School Song Books (Melody Edition)
9900007032: KINNEAR, Mary - Margaret Williams an Interwar Feminist
007425: Kinnear, Mary - In Subordination Professional Women, 1870-1970
081896: Kinnear, Mary - 1st Days, Fighting Days Women in Manitoba History (Canadian Plains Proceedings, Vol 18)
9900042347: KINNELL, Galway - Little Children's Prayer
053180: Kinney, Brandon G. - The Mormon War Zion and the Missouri Extermination Order of 1838
083645: Kinnicutt, Lincoln Newton - Indian Names Of Places in Plymouth, Middleborough, Lakeville and Carver, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, With Interpretations of Some of Them
068556: Kinsella, W. P. - The Moccasin Telegraph and Other Indian Tales
067715: Kinsella, Warren - Web of Hate Inside Canada's Far Right Network
9900026544: KINSELLA, W. P. - The Miss Hobbema Pageant
9900026547: KINSELLA, W. P. - Born Indian
074249: Kinsella, W. P. - Scars
070311: Kipling, Rudyard - The Jungle Book Sterling Illustrated Classics
082585: Kipling, Rudyard - The Second Jungle Book
080463: Kipling, Rudyard - The Dead King
9900028063: Kipling, Rudyard - Captains Courageous / a Story of the Grand Banks
069424: Kipling, Rudyard - The Man Who Would Be King And Other Stories
070111: Kipling, Rudyard - Thy Servant a Dog Told by Boots
9900038236: KIPLING, Rudyard - Sea Warfare
059330: Kipling, Rudyard - Just So Stories
082068: Kipling, Rudyard - Actions and Reactions
072121: Kipling, Rudyard - The Complete Stalky and Co. Oxford World's Classics
9900029378: Kipling, Rudyard - The Fringes of the Fleet
081879: Kipnis, Laura - Against Love A Polemic
064519: Kirbyson, Geoff; Glen Sather (Foreword) - The Hot Line How the Legendary Trio of Hull, Hedberg and Nilsson Transformed Hockey and Led the Winnipeg Jets to Greatness
040543: Kirk, James T.; Goodman, David A. - The Autobiography of James T. Kirk The Story of Starfleet's Greatest Captain
072054: Kirkby, Mary-Ann - Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen Unveiling The Rituals Traditions And Food Of The Hutterite Culture
066501: Kirkby, Mary-Ann - I Am Hutterite The Fascinating true story of a young woman's journey to reclaim her heritage
047379: Kirkby, Mary-Ann - I Am Hutterite
082848: Kirkconnel, Watson - The North American Book of Icelandic Verse
055874: Kirkconnell, Watson - Titus the Toad
9900008263: KIRKCONNELL, Watson - The Eternal Quest
9900040081: KIRKLAND, S. J. T. - The Geology of the Brabant Lake Area / Saskatchewan / Report No. 33
074160: Kirkman, Robert; Charlie Adlard; Cliff Rathburn - The Walking Dead, Vol. 4 the Heart's Desire
079183: Kirkman, Robert; Jay Bonansinga - The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor
066741: Kirkman, Robert; et al. - The Walking Dead Volume 28: A Certain Doom
066740: Kirkman, Robert; et al. - The Walking Dead Volume 27: The Whisperer War
078673: Kirkman, Robert; Jay Bonansinga - The Walking Dead The Fall of the Governor: Part Two
075923: Kirkman, Robert; Jason Howard - The Astounding Wolf-Man, Volume 1 The Astounding Wolf-Man #1
074156: Kirkman, Robert - The Walking Dead, Vol. 7 the Calm Before

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