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014817: GOODSPEED, D. J., ED. - The Armed Forces of Canada 1867-1967 a Century of Achievement
070362: GOODWIN, DORIS KEARNS - The Bully Pulpit Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism
060223: GOPNIK, ADAM - The Table Comes First Family, France and the Meaning of Food
040318: GOPNIK, ADAM - Winter Five Windows on the Season
9900039763: GORDAN, JOHN D. - William Wordsworth 1770-1850 / an Exhibition
9900006149: CARLYLE-GORDGE, CATHARINE (ED.) - Sheila Butler: Recent Paintings
023691: GORDIMER, NADINE - Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black` and Other Stories
057009: GORDIMER, NADINE - Jump and Other Stories
045304: GORDIMER, NADINE - Burger's Daughter A Novel
026425: GORDIMER, NADINE - Something out There Stories by Nadine Gordimer
026526: GORDIMER, NADINE - The House Gun
034747: GORDIMER, NADINE (ED.) - Telling Tales
035640: GORDIMER, NADINE - July's People
055255: GORDIMER, NADINE - None to Accompany Me
039890: GORDIMER, NADINE - The Conservationist
019525: GORDIMER, NADINE - Loot and Other Stories
057852: GORDIMER, NADINE - Get a Life A Novel
057142: GORDIMER, NADINE - The House Gun
023470: GORDIMER, NADINE - The Pickup
052268: GORDIMER, NADINE - A Sport of Nature
020605: GORDIN, MICHAEL D - Red Cloud at Dawn Truman, Stalin, and the End of the Atomic Monopoly
029480: GORDON, LEAH - The Book of Vodou Charms and Rituals to Empower Your Life
9900043998: GORDON, ALISON - Night Game a Kate Henry Mystery
9900035965: HARLAND, GORDON ET AL - A History of the Rural Municipality of South Norfolk 1879-1939
9900036210: GORDON, ELIZABETH M. (BETTY) - The Descendents of William Gordon ['the Gordons of Goulbourn'] ['the Lowrys of Huntley and Fitzroy']
062522: GORDON, RICHARD - The Captain's Table
045779: GORDON, KAREN ELIZABETH - The Deluxe Transitive Vampire A Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager and the Doomed
069471: GORDON, W.J. - Foundry, Forge and Factory With a Chapter on the Centenary of the Rotary Press
070117: GORDON, KEITH V. - North America Sees Our King & Queen An authoritative souvenir account of the historic tour to the Dominion of Canada and the United States of America written from first-hand accounts made at different stages of the toyr, including entirely new information not hitherto published
044862: GORDON, W. TERRENCE - Marshall Mcluhan Escape into Understanding
051089: GORDON, W. TERRENCE - Marshall Mcluhan: Escape Into Understanding A Biography
066370: DODDS, GORDON ET AL. - The World of William Notham The Nineteenth Century Through a Master Lens
058607: GORE, AL - An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power Your action handbook to learn the science, find your voice, and help solve the climate crisis
058869: GORE, ARIEL; JENNY FORRESTER [EDS.] - The People's Apocalypse
050389: GOREY, EDWARD - Amphigorey Also
058775: GORIGHTLY, ADAM - The Shadow over Santa Susana Black Magic, Mind Control, and the Manson Family Mythos
068732: GORKI, MAXIM - Through Russia A Book of Stories
9900001112: GORMAN, JACK - Pere Murray and the Hounds: The Story of Saskatchewan's Notre Dame College
062783: GORMAN, JOHN - Grimms Clowns on the Road
046472: G÷RTEMAKER, HEIKE B. - Eva Braun Life with Hitler
068838: GOSCH, C. C. A., ED. - Danish Arctic Expeditions, 1605 to 1620 /Two Volume Set/ Book I. The Danish Expeditions to Greenland in 1605, 1606, and 1607; to Which Is Added Captain James HallíS Voyage to Greenland in 1612. Book II. The Expedition of Captain Jens Munk to HudsoníS Bay in Search of a North-West Passage in 1619-20.
048812: GOSNELL, CLIFFORD; H. GILMOUR; H. HAMMOND - Echoes of the Past A History of the Rural Municipality of Louise and Its People
053538: GOSS, JOHN - The Mapping of North America Three Centuries of Map-Making, 1500-1860
018704: GOSSE, EDMUND - More Books on the Table
9900044663: GOSSE, EDMUND - Selected Essays [Two Volumes] First Series / Second Series
052415: GOSSEL, PETER; GABRIELE LEUTHAUSER - Architecture in the 20th Century (Two Volumes)
067962: GOSSIP, GILES - Coronation Anecdotes or, Select and Interesting Fragments or English Coronation Ceremonies
051462: DAS GOSWAMI, SATSVARUPA - Your Ever Well-Wisher
063722: GOSWANDI, SUNDAR SHYAM - Advanced Hatha Yoga Classic Methods of Physical Education and Concentration
063105: GOTLEIB, PHYLLIS - Within the Zodiac
034792: GOTLIEB, ALLAN - The Washington Diaries 1981-1989
061448: GOTLIEB, PHYLLIS - Why Should I Have All the Grief?
052084: GOTLIEB, ALLAN - The Washington Diaries, 1981-1989
053761: GOTLIEB, SONDRA - A Woman of Consequence
048478: GOTO, HIROMI - Hopeful Monsters Stories
9900031197: GOTZ, HANS - Ein Tycho Brahe Wandert Vom Oresund Nach Polen Und Via Hamburg Nach 350 Jahren Zuruck
9900015246: GOUGH, BARRY - First Across the Continent / Sir Alexander Mackenzie
061460: GOUGH, BARRY M. - Royal Navy and the Northwest Coast of North America 1810-1914 With Study of British Maritime Ascendancy
043878: GOUGH, BARRY M.; ROBERT CRAIG BROWN [ED.] - The Journal of Alexander Henry the Younger: 1799-1814 [Two Volumes]
9900028088: GOUIN, JACQUES & LUCIEN BRAULT - Legacy of Honour the Panets, Canada's Foremost Military Family
060645: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Rocks of Ages Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life
032779: GOULD, TERRY - Worth Dying for Canada's Mission to Train Police in the World's Failing States
061625: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Flamingo's Smile Reflections in Natural History
060481: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Panda's Thumb More Reflections in Natural History
060081: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Panda's Thumb More Reflections in Natural History
070238: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Mismeasure of Man
051216: GOULD, ALLAN - From Winnipeg to the World; How Sweet It Is! The Story of Earl Barish, Dickie Dee, Gat, and the IBA
056645: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Hedgehog, the Fox, and the Magister's Pox Mending the Gap Between Science and the Humanities
069653: GOULD, KEVIN - Shopping and Cooking
052054: GOULD, GLENN; ROBERTS, JOHN P. L.; GUERTIN, GHYSLAINE - Glenn Gould: Selected Letters
052314: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Eight Little Piggies: Reflections in Natural History
052928: GOULD, GLENN; JOHN P. L. ROBERTS; GHYSLAINE GUERTIN (ED.) - Glenn Gould Selected Letters
059461: GOUPIL, F. - Manuel General Du Modelage En Bas-Relief Et Ronde-Bosse, Du Moulage Et de la Sculpture ouvrage orne de planches, augmente d'un grand nombre de procedes utiles aux amateurs
062359: GOUREVITCH, PHILIP - We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families
9900030679: GENERAL BARON GOURGAUD - Napoleon and the Grand Army in Russia, or a Critical Examination of the Works of Count Ph. De Segur
062480: GOURLAY, CANDY - Bone Talk
068543: GOURLUCK, RUSS - A Store Like No Other Eaton's of Winnipeg
070144: GOURLUCK, RUSS - Picturing Manitoba Legacies of the Winnipeg Tribune
026184: GOVIER, KATHERINE - The Truth Teller
067193: GOWAN, R. L. - Inspiration from Indian Legends, Proverbs and Psalms
057152: GOWDY, BARBARA - Falling Angels
057146: GOWDY, BARBARA - Mister Sandman
032446: GOWDY, BARBARA - Mister Sandman
057148: GOWDY, BARBARA - Helpless
047517: GOWDY, BARBARA - The White Bone
056610: GOYEN, WILLIAM - Arcadio
066901: GOZLAN, LEON - Monkey Island or the Emotions of Polydore Marasquin
9900027829: [GOZZI, COUNT CARLO] SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON (TRANSLATOR) - The Memoirs of Count Carlo Gozzi Four volume set
058887: GRADDON, NIGEL - Otto Rahn and the Quest for the Grail The Amazing Life of the Real "Indiana Jones
040434: GRADY, WAYNE - Emancipation Day A Novel
055301: GRAEBER, CHARLES - The Breakthrough Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer
012047: GRAFF, TOM - New Spitting a Conversation with Merv Griffin & Friends
9900027599: GRAHAM, WILLIAM C. - Half Finished Heaven the Social Gospel in American Literature
9900036131: GRAHAM, JAMES, M.D. - Hydatid Disease in Its Clinical Aspects
061391: GRAHAM, FRANK D. - Audel's New Electric Library Volume 5: A.C. Motors, Windings, Reconnecting, Maintenance, Converters, Switches, Fuses, Circuit Breakers
067067: GRAHAM, TIM; TAMSIN BLANCHARD - Dressing Diana
026307: GRAHAM, MABEL F. - Wednesday at 12: 15 A History of The Rotary Club in Oak Park, Illinois (1919 -1951)
063326: GRAHAM, PRINCIPAL WM. C. - Without Fear for Freedom Winnipeg Free Press Pamphlet No. 40
062515: GRAHAM, FRANK D. - Audels Oil Burner Guide Installing, Servicing, Repairing
9900044501: GRAHAM, IAN - Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Volume 1 Introduction to the Corpus
069172: GRAHAM, DOMINICH - Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century: Cassino Battle, Book #16
9900032945: GRAHAM, PERCY W. - Sir Adam Beck
9900032216: GRAHAM, THOMAS J. - A Treatise on Indigestion with Observations on Some Painful Complaints Originating in Indigestion As Tic Douloreux &C.
067599: GRAHAME, KENNETH; MARTIN WOODSIDE - The Wind in the Willows
068092: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Wind in the Willows
024299: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
068293: GRAHAME, KENNETH; ERNEST H. SHEPARD (ILLUS.) - The Wind in the Willows
063772: GRAMATTE, WALTER; SONIA FRIDMAN-GRAMATTE; CARLA SCHULZ-HOFFMANN - Der Traumende Knabe (Ziganka) Symphonische Pantomime von Sonia Fridman-Gramatte inszeniert von Walter Gramatte
069644: GRAMATTE, WALTER - Walter Gramatte
051671: GRANATSTEIN, J.L; PETER NEARY - The Good Fight Canadians and World War II
051977: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. - A Man of Influence Norman A. Robertson and Canadian Statecraft, 1929-68
046977: GRAND, DAVID - Mount Terminus
067956: GRANDIN, TEMPLE; CATHERINE JOHNSON - Animals Make Us Human
061285: GRANDIN, VITAL; P.E. BRETON (ED.); DANIEL-ROPS (PREFACE) - La Merveilleuse Aventure de "L'Eveque Sauvage" Des Prairies Et Du Grand Nord
051171: GRANDIN, GREG - Fordlandia The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford's Forgotten Jungle City
056401: GRANDIN, TEMPLE; CATHERINE JOHNSON - Animals in Translation Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior
9900031260: GRANDJEAN, BREDO L., HELGE CHRISTOFFERSEN, JOHANNES HEDEGAARD - To Billedhuggere I Den Keramiske Kunsts Tjeneste
059464: DES GRANGES, CH.-M. - Pages de Litterature Francaise (1800-1920)
065433: WIJAYARATNA, MOHAN; CLAUDE GRANGIER AND STEVEN COLLINS (TRANS.); STEVE COLLINS (INTRO.) - Buddhist Monastic Life according to the texts of the Theravada tradition
9900028079: GRANJON, R., P. ROSEMBERG, A. DESGRANGES - Practical Oxy-Acetylene Welding
065335: GRANT, GEORGE - Lament for a Nation The Defeat of Canadian Nationalism
055652: GRANT, GEORGE M. - Ocean to Ocean Sandford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872
9900030993: GRANT, DAVID R., WILLIAM J. WALL, M.DS. - First Canadian Symposium on Multi-Organ Transplantation
014343: GRANT, DIANE, ED. - The Annals of Silver-Grandview
070256: GRANT, MICHAEL - Cleopatra
017723: GRANT, WILLIAM LAWSON - The Tribune of Nova Scotia A Chronicle of Joseph Howe
9900029269: GRANT, GEORGE MONRO - Picturesque Canada; the Country As It Was and Is.
058456: GRANT, JOHN FRANCIS - A Son of the Fur Trade The Memoirs of Johnny Grant
062125: GRANT, SHELAGH D. - Arctic Justice On Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet, 1923
070097: GRANT, R. G. - Flight
027739: GRANT, MICHAEL - Cleopatra
027220: GRANT, M.D. - Some Comments on the Uniform Life Insurance Act of the Provinces of Canada
070389: GRANT, AGNES - No End of Grief Indian Residential Schools in Canada
9900035689: GRANT, THE REV. GEORGE M. - Ocean to Ocean Sanford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872
9900027108: GRANT, A. R. C., EDITOR, WITH CAROLINE COMBE - Lord Rosebery's North American Journal-1873
044907: GRANT, AGNES - James Mckay A Metis Builder of Canada
9900040377: EDITED BY PRINCIPAL GRANT [GRANT, GEORGE MONRO] - Picturesque Canada
9900040378: EDITED BY PRINCIPAL GRANT [GRANT, GEORGE MONRO] - Picturesque Canada
060073: GRANT, DIANE - What Glorious Times They Had - Nellie Mcclung
9900029517: GRANT, SHELAGH D. - Arctic Justice / on Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet, 1923
9900035530: GRANT, GEORGE M - Ocean to Ocean Sanford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872
9900040735: GRANT, CHARLES - The X-Files / Whirlwind
9900028769: GRANT, JUDITH SKELTON - Robertson Davies the Well-Tempered Critic: One Man's View of the Theatre and Letters in Canada
9900033721: GRANT, THE REV. GEORGE M. - Ocean to Ocean Sanford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872
051980: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Founders of the Western World
061273: GRASS, GUNTER - Local Anaesthetic
066754: GRASS, GUNTER - The Call of the Toad
066963: GRASS, GUNTER - Local Anaesthetic
042721: GRASS, GUNTER - Peeling the Onion
042716: GRASS, GUNTER - My Century
9900026659: GRASS, GUNTER - Aus Dem Tagebuch Einer Schnecke
059745: GRASS, GUNTER - My Century
066964: GRASS, GUNTER - Crabwalk
068170: GRASSE, P.P. - Larousse Animal Portraits
048418: GRASSIE, SEAN - Kings of the Rings 125 Years of the World's Biggest Bonspiel
047996: GRATTON, GILLES; GREG OLIVER - Gratoony the Loony The Wild, Unpredictable Life of Gilles Gratton
063214: GRAVES, ROBERT - I, Claudius /and/ Claudius the God [Two volumes]
9900031752: GRAVES, CHARLES L. - Mr. Punch's History of Modern England
044144: GRAVES, ROBERT; ALAN HODGE - The Long Weekend A Social History of Great Britain, 1918-1939
063672: GRAVES, ROBERT - Count Belisarius
069562: GRAVES, ROBERT; ALAN HODGE - Long Weekend a Social History of Great Britain 1918-1939
049210: GRAVES, RICHARD PERCEVAL - Robert Graves The Assault Heroic 1895-1926
026053: GRAVES, ROBERT; GRAHAME BAKER [ILLUST.] - The Siege and Fall of Troy
9900030531: GRAVES, ROBERT - Lawrence and the Arabian Adventure
068226: GRAVES, DONALD E. [ED.] - Fighting for Canada Seven Battles, 1758-1945
9900026213: GRAY, FRANCINE DU PLESSIX - Rage and Fire a Life of Louise Colet Pioneer Feminist, Literary Star, Flaubert's Muse
065000: GRAY, HENRY - Gray's Anatomy The Classic Collector's Edition
068551: GRAY, JOHN MORGAN - Lord Selkirk of Red River
044642: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Mrs. King The Life & Times of Isabel Mackenzie King
9900042131: GRAY, HUGH - Letters from Canada, Written During a Residence There in the Years 1806, 1807, and 1808; Shewing the Present State of Canada, Its Production-Trade-Commercial Importance and Political Relations. Illustrative of the Laws, the Manners of the People, and the Peculiarities of the Country and Climate. Exhibiting Also the Commercial Importance of Nova-Scotia, New Brunswick, & Cape-Breton; And Their Increasing Ability in Conjunction With Canada, to Furnish the Necessary Supplies of Lumber and Provisions to Our West-India Islands.
9900027519: GRAY, JOHN - Lectures on the Nature and Use of Money
9900041001: GRAY, JAMES H. - The Roar of the Twenties
068507: GRAY, JAMES H. - The Roar of the Twenties
067253: GRAY, JOHN - Black Mass Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia
045885: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Canada: A Portrait in Letters, 1800-2000
044851: GRAY, HUGH - Letters from Canada Written During a Residence There in the Years 1806, 1807, and 1808
047591: GRAY, AMELIA - Threats
9900033956: GRAY, JOHN MORGAN - Lord Selkirk of Red River
9900003481: GRAY, HUGH - Letters from Canada Written During a Residence There in the Years 1806, 1807, and 1808
064186: GRAY, JOHN S.; ROBERT M. UTLEY (FOREWORD) - Custer's Last Campaign Mitch Boyer and the Little Bighorn Reconstructed
9900040618: GRAY, ALAN - The Gentle Persuasion Sketches of Scottish Life
9900041886: GRAY, ALASDAIR - A History Maker
9900041887: GRAY, ALASDAIR - A History Maker
063025: GRAY, KELLY; CARLY WALSH (ED.) - Mac's - the First 50 Years 1962-2012
051728: GRAY, TONY - Psalms and Slaughter A Study in Bigotry
9900031343: GRAY, ALAN - The Gentle Persuasion Sketches of Scottish Life
048842: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - The Museum Called Canada 25 Rooms of Wonder
034026: GRAY, WILLIAM S.; MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT - More Streets and Roads
9900028944: GRAY, LESLIE R. (EDITOR) - From Fairfield to Schonbrun - 1798
053342: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Flint and Feather: The Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson, Tekahionwake
053450: GRAY, CAROLYN - Dean Gunnarson: The Making of an Escape Artist
060799: GRAYLING, A. C. - Towards the Light The Story of the Struggles for Liberty and Rights That Made the Modern West
065292: GRAYLING, A.C. - The God Argument The Case against Religion and for Humanism
062579: GRAYLING, A. C. - The Age of Genius The Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern Mind
070266: GRAYLING, A. C. - Ideas That Made the Modern World The Britannica Guide to the Ideas That Made the Modern World (Britannica Guides): The People, Philosophy, And History of the Enlightenment
044661: GRAYSMITH, ROBERT - Black Fire The True Story of the Original Tom Sawyer--and of the Mysterious Fires That Baptized Gold Rush-Era San Francisco
053714: GRAZIANO, FRANK - Undocumented Dominican Migration
9900041249: GREANEY, F. J. - Smut Control in Barley
057815: GREAVES, ADRIAN - Lawrence of Arabia Mirage of a Desert War
9900036253: [CANADIAN FORCES] MAJ. G.E.I. GREAVETTE - Portage la Prairie Fifty Years of Flying Training: 1940-1990
007633: GREEN, SIDNEY - Rise & Fall of a Political Animal a Memoir
009811: GREEN, SIDNEY - Rise & Fall of a Political Animal a Memoir
048702: GREEN, DAVID - Sir Winston Churchill at Blenhein Palace
054825: GREEN, PATRICIA; CAROLYN HEMMING - Quinoa 365 The Everyday Superfood
043986: GREEN, JOHN - An Abundance of Katherines
016549: GREEN, ARTHUR - Tormented Master A Life of Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav
064840: GREEN, MATTHEW - Spells Spellcraft to bring magic to your life and reality to your desires
050607: GREEN, IAN - The House of All Desires
049812: GREEN, ROSS GORDON - Justice in Aboriginal Communities: Sentencing Alternatives
066857: GREEN, ANDREW; ET AL. - A Globally Integrated Climate Policy for Canada
9900031675: GREEN, F. L. - Julius Penton
069654: GREEN, JOHN - The Fault in Our Stars
066947: GREEN, THOMAS HILL - Lectures on the Principles of Political Obligation
029485: GREEN, PHILIP - Equality and Democracy
059556: GREEN, JOHN - The Fault in Our Stars
9900034883: GREEN, MARY ANNE EVERETT (ED.) - Diary of John Rous, Incumbent of Santon Downham, Suffolk, from 1625 to 1642.
9900012043: GREEN, JOHN RICHARD - A Short History of the English People
054270: GREEN, WILSON F. - Red River Revelations A Chronological Account of Early Events Leading to the Discovery, Occupation, and Development of the Red River Settlement
050383: GREENAWAY, KATE - Under the Window Pictures & Rhymes for Children
055775: GREENBERG, KEITH ELLIOT - December 8, 1980 The Day John Lennon Died
051221: GREENBERG, ANNALEE - The Sharon Home: Building on a Tradition of Caring
063721: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN - Hamlet in Purgatory
053946: GREENBURG, JAN; SANDRA JORDAN; BRIAN FLOCA (ILLUST.) - Ballet for Martha Making Appalachian Spring
045886: GREENBURGH, ED - D.F. C. & Bar A son's tribute to his father
9900043719: GREENBURGH, ED - D.F. C. & Bar a Son's Tribute to His Father.
048006: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Honorary Consul
065822: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Comedians
065695: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Heart of the Matter
060717: GREENE, JEROME A. - Stricken Field The Little Bighorn Since 1876
9900040102: [FARMING - AGRICULTURE] J.J.GREENE. - Canada Agriculture / the First Hundred Years
044418: GREENE, GRAHAM - British Dramatists
067665: GREENE, BRIAN - The Fabric of the Cosmos Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality
043544: GREENE, JEROME A. - Beyond Bear's Paw: The Nez Perce Indians in Canada
068234: GREENE, GRAHAM - Travels with My Aunt
055305: GREENE, GRAHAM - In Search of a Character Two African Journals
9900044011: GREENE, RICHARD - Boxing the Compass
070653: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Complete Entertainments (6 Volumes in Slipcase) The Ministry of Fear; The Third Man; Our Man in Havana; A Gun for Sale; The Confidential Agent; Stamboul Train
051343: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Third Man
048556: GREENE, GRAHAM - A World of My Own A Dream Diary
039879: GREENE, GRAHAM - Loser Takes All
034475: GREENE, ELLEN - The Erotics of Domination Male Desire and the Mistress in Latin Love Poetry
055852: GREENE, GRAHAM - The End of the Affair
004744: GREENE, MARION - Down the River Lies the World
065468: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Heart of the Matter
064197: GREENE, GRAHAM; MICHAEL GORRA, INTRO. - The End of the Affair
9900033186: GREENE, GRAHAM - British Dramatists
064355: GREENE, GRAHAM - A Gun for Sale An Entertainment
063742: GREENE, JOSHUA - Moral Tribes Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them
067825: GREENFIELD, ADAM - Radical Technologies
053451: GREENFIELD, ROBERT - Timothy Leary: A Biography
069479: GREENHILL, RALPH - Early Photography in Canada
9900041232: GREENHILL, PAULINE - Make the Night Hideous Four English-Canadian Charivaris, 1881-1940
045782: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - The Making of Billy Bishop The First World War Exploits of Billy Bishop, VC
066921: GREENIDGE, KAITLYN - We Love You, Charlie Freeman A Novel
9900030599: GREENSLET, FERRIS - Walter Pater
067736: GREENWALD, GLENN - No Place to Hide Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State
9900040096: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - Greenwood's Guide to Great Lakes Shipping
044250: GREER, GERMAINE - Shakespeare's Wife
065950: GREER, ALLAN - Mohawk Saint Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits
070577: GREER, ANDREW SEAN - Less
031641: GREER, GERMAINE - The Obstacle Race: The Fortunes of Women Painters and Their Work
070397: GREER, ALLAN - Mohawk Saint Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits
046393: GREER, GERMAINE - The Obstacle Race The Fortunes of Women Painters and their Work
067059: GREER, JOHN MICHAEL - The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Hidden History The Ultimate A-Z of Ancient Mysteries, Lost Civilizations and Forgotten Wisdom
050829: GREGGSON, DALE - The Golden Groove
063015: GREGORY, DANNY - Change Your Underwear Twice a Week Lessons from the Golden Age of Classroom Filmstrips
9900002333: GREGORY, ALYSE - Wheels on Gravel
051623: GREGORY, ANDREW - Harvey's Heart The Discovery of Blood Circulation
9900024271: PERILLO, GREGORY AND STEPHEN DILAURO - Perillo Artist of the American West
9900034025: GREGORY, JACKSON - The Girl at the Crossroads
052246: GREGORY, PHILIPPA - The White Queen The Cousins' War: Book One
060949: GREIF, MARTIN - The Gay Book of Days An Evocatively Illustrated Who's Who of Who Is, Was, May Have Been, Probably Was, and Almost Certainly Seems to Have Been Gay During the Past 5,000 Years
018537: GRENADE, LOUIS DE - La Guide Des Pecheurs (2 Volumes) Composse en Espagnol
051688: GRENFELL, SIR WILFRED THOMASON - A Labrador Doctor
9900018055: GRENFELL, SIR WILFRED - A Labrador Doctor the Autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell M.D. (Oxon. ), C.M. G.
052203: GRENVILLE, KATE - The Idea of Perfection
067669: GRENZ, STANLEY J. - A Primer on Postmodernism
9900041408: GREUEL, MORNA - Spell
039786: GREY, ZANE - Wild Horse Mesa
9900021251: GREY, ZANE - Betty Zane
019814: GREY, ZANE - Raiders of Spanish Peaks
9900031506: GREY, ZANE - Tales of Southern Rivers
068829: GREY, ALEX - Sacred Mirrors Cards
029042: GRIBBIN, JOHN R. - Schrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality Solving the Quantum Mysteries
045862: GRIBBIN, JOHN - Fitzroy
069342: GRIERSON, H.J.C.; G. BULLOUGH; EDS. - The Oxford Book of Seventeenth Century Verse
9900009512: GRIERSON, SIR HERBERT - The English Bible
047825: GRIFFEY, ERIN - On Display Henrietta Maria and the Materials of Magnificence at the Stuart Court
9900013304: GRIFFIN, PETER - Along with Youth Hemingway, the Early Years
055751: GRIFFIN, ROGER - David Bowie The Golden Years
9900045129: GRIFFIN, G. N. - Learning Correct English Through Play for Grades III, IV, V and VI
9900042575: GRIFFITH, FREDERIC, M.D. - The Consideration of General Anesthesia with a Presentation of Instruments [Original Article from American Medicine]
064323: GRIFFITH, MARY - The Homeschooling Handbook From Preschool to High School, A Parent's Guide (Prima Home Learning Library)
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052187: HADFIELD, CHRIS - An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth
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9900040192: HALLETT, MARY & MARILYN DAVIS - Firing the Heather
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057946: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
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060666: HAROLD, HUGHINA - Totem Poles and Tea
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066436: HAWKING, STEPHEN W. - Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays
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063111: [HEALTH AND WELFARE CANADA] - A Parents Guide to Drug Abuse / Guide Des Parents Sue L'Abus Des Drogues
052905: [DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL HEALTH AND WELFARE] - Emergency War Surgery Nato Handbook
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047123: HEDDINGS, KATE - Best of the Best: Cookbook Recipes The Best Recipes from the 25 best cookbooks of the year
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069421: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - For Whom the Bell Tolls
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043621: HEMPEL, CARL G. - The Philosophy of Carl G. Hempel: Studies in Science, Explanation, and Rationality
055389: HENDERSON, LEE; SEEMA GOEL - Any Sharp Knife Will Do
016147: HENDERSON, IAN - Power without Glory A Study in Ecumenical Politics
9900043004: HENDERSON, J. F. - Preliminary Map Gordon Lake, Northwest Territories / Geological Survey Paper 40-9
050231: HENDERSON, DAWN (ED.) - Le Cordon Bleu: Wine Essentials Professional Secrets to Buying, Storing, Serving, and Drinking Wine
067670: HENDERSON, HAZEL - The Politics of the Solar Age Alternatives to Economics
056000: HENDERSON, BRUCE - Sons and Soldiers The Untold Story of the Jews Who Escaped the Nazis and Returned with the U.S. Army to Fight Hitler
9900038916: UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA / ROSS HENDERSON, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Brown and Gold 1949 Volume 29
052423: HENDERSON, JUNIUS; JOHN PEABODY HARRINGTON - Ethnozoology of the Tewa Indians
9900039041: SHALIMAR [F. C. HENDRY] - Deep Seas and Shoal Rivers
043458: HENIGHAN, TOM - Ideas of North: A Guide to Canadian Arts and Culture
9900002913: HENNELL, THOMAS - British Craftsmen
066612: HENNEPIN, LOUIS; REUBEN GOLD THWAITES - A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America Volumes 1&2 Combined
9900032500: HENRIKSEN, GEORG - Hunters in the Barrens the Naskapi on the Edge of the White Man's World
9900042178: FIELDING, HENRY / WITH A MEMOIR OF THE AUTHOR BY THOMAS ROSCOE, ESQ. - The History of Tom Jones a Foundling.
9900025944: HENRY, O. - The Four Million
042478: O. HENRY - Options
9900013184: HENRY, JOHN FRAZIER - Early Maritime Artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast: 1741-1841
064342: HENRY, SHARI - Homeschooling The Middle Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 8- to 12-Year-Old Child (Prima Home Learning Library)
050742: HENRY, MARTIN - Memoirs of a Well Spent Youth
9900030996: BLACKBURN, HENRY AND JENNIFER WILLIS - The Minnesota Symposium on Prevention in Cardiology Reducing the Risk of Coronary and Hypertensive Disease
040901: DRUMMOND WILLIAM HENRY - The Great Fight Poems and Sketches
9900044510: HENRY, AVRIL (ED.) - The Mirour of Mans Saluacioune a Middle English Translation of Speculum Humanae Salvationis
036620: WERSHLER-HENRY, DARREN - The Iron Whim A Fragmented History of Typewriting
061406: HENRY, RUDY - War in the West Voices of the 1885 Rebellion
034331: HENSLER, CHRISTY ANN - Guide to Indian Quillworking
050836: HENSLER, ROBERT J. - Mantee
043826: HENTLY, G. A. - A Final Reckoning: A Tale of Bush Life in Australia
043756: HENTY, G. A. - The Young Midshipman
9900035383: HENTY, G. A. - The G.A. Henty Omnibus Book / on the Irrawaddy / by Sheer Pluck / Captain Bayley's Heir
9900032301: HENTY, G. A. - Out with Garibaldi A Story of the Liberation of Italy
9900025950: HENTY, G. A. - By Conduct and Courage a Story of the Days of Nelson
9900043053: HENTY, G. A. - True to the Old Flag a Tale of the American War of Independence
9900017639: HENTY, G. A. - With Kitchener in the Soudan
9900032165: HENTY, G. A. - With the Allies to Pekin a Tale of the Relief of the Legations
9900038500: HENTY, G. A. - With the Allies to Pekin a Tale of the Relief of the Legations
9900031796: HENTY, G. A. - Held Fast for England a Tale of the Siege of Gibralter (1779-83)
9900032440: HENTY, G. A. (GEORGE ALFRED) - The Lost Heir
9900038932: HENTY, G. A. - The Cornet of Horse a Tale of Marlborough's Wars
9900038937: HENTY, G. A. - The Bravest of the Brave or, with Peterborough in Spain
9900038954: HENTY, G. A. - The Bravest of the Brave or, with Peterborough in Spain
9900039184: HENTY, G. A. - The Young Carthaginian a Story of the the Times of Hannibal
9900040625: HENTY, G. A. - Through Three Campaigns a Story of Chitral, Tirah, and Ashantee
9900040840: HENTY, G. A. - Through Russian Snows a Story of Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow
9900040841: HENTY, G. A. - The Bravest of the Brave or, with Peterborough in Spain
9900040843: HENTY, G. A. - Bonnie Prince Charlie a Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden
9900041103: HENTY, G. A. - [Various Titles] Fifty-Six Different Titles by G.A. Henty, Published in Soft Cover As Facsimiles of the Originals
9900042676: HENTY, G. A. - Jack Archer a Tale of the Crimea
9900033694: HENTY, G. A. - Among Malay Pirates. A Tale of Adventure and Peril.
9900031964: HENTY, G. A. - Through Three Campaigns a Story of Chitral, Tirah, and Ashanti
9900032441: HENTY, G. A. - Sturdy and Strong or How George Andrews Made His Way
9900018946: HENTY, G. A. - The Tiger of Mysore a Story of the War with the Tippoo Saib
9900032177: HENTY, G. A. - With Clive in India: Or the Beginnings of an Empire
9900032180: HENTY, G. A. - When London Burned a Story of Restoration Times and the Great Fire
9900032182: HENTY, G. A. - Under Wellington's Command a Tale of the Peninsular War
9900033693: HENTY, G. A. - The Cornet of the Horse A Tale of Marlborough's Wars
9900032194: HENTY, G. A. - In Greek Waters a Story of the Greek War of Independence (1821-1827)
053402: HENTY, G. A. - Through Russian Snows
053403: HENTY, G. A. - Under Drake's Flag A specially abridged edition
053500: HENTY, G. A. - The Dragon and the Raven
9900010683: HENTY, G. A. - The Fall of Sebastopol: Or, Jack Archer in the Crimea.
9900012385: HENTY, G. A. - At Agincourt a Tale of the White Hoods of Paris
054254: HENTY, G. A. - The Young Franc-Tireurs; the Young Buglers And Their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War; A Tale of Peninsular War
054299: HENTY, G. A.; JOHN SCHONBERG (ILLUS.) - The Lion of the North A Tale of the Times of Gustavus Aldolphus and the Wars of Religion
9900031973: HEPPLE, ANNE - The Untempered Wind
048092: HEPPNER, JACK - Search for Renewal The Story of the Rudnerweider/Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference 1937-1987
9900033363: HEPPNER, ART (CHAIRMAN, SOUVENIR BOOKLET COMMITTEE) - Morden Souvenir Booklet / Centennial 1882 1982 / Souvenir Booklet and Program July 5-11th
048709: HERBER, KEITH - Return to Dunwich Unearthing Ancient Horrors in Rural New England
9900030042: HALPERT, HERBERT AND RICHARD E. BUEHLER (EDS.) - Abstract of Folklore Studies
9900016175: HERBERT, A. P. - Holy Deadlock
066799: HERBST, RON - The New Wine Lover's Companion
066798: SHARON TYLER HERBST - Food Lover's Companion more than 6,700 A-to-Z entries describe foods, cooking techniques, herbs, spices, desserts, wines, and the ingredients for pleasurable dining
052808: HERBST, SHARON TYLER - Food Lover's Companion
060582: HERDEG, WALKER (ED.) - Graphis Poster 85 The International Annual of Poster Art
068595: HERGE - The Adventures of Tintin: The Blue Lotus
062435: HERGE - The Adventures of Tintin: Explorers on the Moon
068593: HERGE - The Adventures of Tintin: Cigars of the Pharaoh
068594: HERGE - The Adventures of Tintin: Tintin in America
068897: HERIE, EUCLID - Journey to Independence Blindness - The Canadian Story
065622: VAN HERIK, JUDITH - Freud on Femininity and Faith
066610: HERIOT, GEORGE - Travels Through the Canadas (2 Volumes) Containing a Description of the picturesque scenery on some of the rivers and lakes; with an account of the productions, commerce, and inhabitants of those provinces
9900026543: HERIOT, GEORGE - Travels Through the Canadas Containing a Description of the Picturesque Scenery of Some of the Rivers and Lakes...
068000: [MANITOBA CULTURE, HERITAGE AND CITIZENSHIP] - The Fur Trade in the Scratching River Region/ la Traite Des Fourrures Dans la Region de la Riviere Aux Gratias
068745: [MANITOBA CULTURE, HERITAGE AND RECREATION] - Dauphin An Architectural Walking Tour
042186: MANITOBA CULTURE, HERITAGE AND RECREATION - The Oldtimers First Peoples on the Land of the North Wind
055909: HERITAGE AND CITIZENSHIP, HISTORIC RESOURCES BRANCH MANITOBA CULTURE - The Settlement of New Iceland / la Colonisation de la Nouvelle-Islande
063273: MANITOBA CULTURE, HERITAGE AND CITIZENSHIP - The Arctic Small Tool Tradition in Manitoba
063274: MANITOBA CULTURE, HERITAGE AND CITIZENSHIP - The Fur Trade in the Scratching River Region
063276: MANITOBA CULTURE, HERITAGE AND CITIZENSHIP - First Farmers in the Red River Valley
9900035438: HERKLOTS, H. G. G. - Paper Aeroplanes a Book of Essays
059239: HERNANDEZ, JAIME - God and Science Return of the Ti-Girls
059028: HERNANDEZ, GILBERT - Love from the Shadows
9900043825: HERNANDO, MATTHEW J. - Greene County History, 1830-1880: An Economic and Demographic Analysis
054326: HERNDON, WM. LEWIS; LARDNER GIBBON - Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon, Made Under Direction of the Navy Department (Four Volumes) Part I by Herndon; Part II by Gibbon; plus two map volumes
037519: HERODOTOS; E.S. SHUCKBURGH [INTRO] - Herodotos IX (Kalliope)
068228: HERODOTUS - The Histories New Translation, Selections, Backgrounds, Commentaries
062559: HERRESHOFF, FRANCIS L. - Capt. Nat Herreshoff the Wizard of Bristol The life and achievemtns of Nathanial Greene Herreshoff, together with an account of some of the yachts he designed
9900036248: HERRINGTON, CLYDE - Atlas of the Canadian Arctic Islands
046569: HERRIOT, JAMES - The Best of James Herriot The Favorite Memories of One of the Most Beloved Writers of Our Time
047678: HERRIOT, JAMES - Every Living Thing
063497: HERRIOT, JAMES - The Lord God Made Them All
070005: HERRON, SHAUN - The Bird in Last Year's Nest
070470: HERRUP, CYNTHIA B. - A House in Gross Disorder Sex, Law, and the 2nd Earl of Castlehaven
059522: HERTEL, FRANCOIS - Nous Ferons L'Avenir
048502: HERVERY, WILLIAM - Robert Burns As a Freemason
016249: HERVEY, REV. MR - Eleven Letters from the Late Rev. Mr. Hervey, to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley; Containing an Answer to the Gentleman's Remarks on Theron and Aspasio Published from the Author's Manuscript. Left in the Possession of his Brother W. Hervey. With a Preface Shewing the Reason of their being now printed
9900044184: HERWER, CHRIS - Dwellers in the Temple of Mondama
9900027916: HERZOG, MARGARET GUION - Two's Company
9900031346: HESLOP, G. H. - Demosthenis Orationes Publicae / the Philippics
069176: HESS, NINA - A Practical Guide to Monsters
045964: HESSE, KAREN - Out of the Dust
064645: HESSE, HERMANN - Gertrude
9900041251: HESSEL, PETER D. - From Ottawa with Love Glimpses of Canada's Capital Through Early Picture Postcards
067125: HESTER, GEORGE M. - The Classic Nude
068198: HETI, SHEILA - Motherhood
025109: HETI, SHEILA - Ticknor
060928: HETI, SHEILA - The Middle Stories
9900038870: HEUMANN, WILLIAM L. - Industrial Air Pollution Control Systems
069889: HEUSER, KEN - The Whitetail Deer Guide A Complete, Practical Guide to Hunting America's Number One Big-Game Animal
068214: HEUVELMANS, BERNARD; RICHARD GARNETT; TRANS. - In the Wake of the Sea-Serpents
9900042999: HEWLETT, WILLIAM - Uncle's Advice a Novel in Letters
069846: VON DER HEYDTE, BARON - Daedalus Returned Crete 1941
069838: VON DER HEYDTE, BARON - Daedalus Returned Crete 1941
039699: HEYERDAHL, THOR - The Tigris Expedition: In Search of Our Beginnings
068401: HEYERDAHL, THOR - Early Man and the Ocean A Search for the Beginnings of Navigation and Seaborne Civilizations
068402: HEYERDAHL, THOR - The Tigris Expedition In Search of Our Beginnings
050969: HEYLIN, CLINTON - All Yesterdays' Parties The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971
035360: HEYWOOD, COLIN - Growing Up in France From the Ancien Regime to the Third Republic
9900044313: HIBBARD, MARK G. - The Spirit & the Sword a Biography of Rear Admiral James Calcutt Hibbard Dsc, Cd, Rcn (Ret'd)

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