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040674: Cotter, Bill - The Parallel Apartments
069996: Cottingham, Peter Layton - Once Upon a Wartime
059519: Cottrell, Edyth Young - The Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley Cookbook
079496: Quiller-Couch, Arthur (ed.) - The Oxford Book of English Verse 1250-1900
078317: Quiller-Couch, Arthur - Notes on Shakespeare's Workmanship From Lectures by sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, M.A.
9900031793: du Coudray, H. [Helene] - Another Country
9900036090: COUES, Elliott (ed.) [ALEXANDER HENRY] [DAVID THOMPSON] - New Light on the Early History of the Greater Northwest / the Manuscript Journals of Alexander Henry and of David Thompson Complete two volume facsimile edition, in publisher's slipcase.
068278: Coulson, Jessie (Ed.); H.M. Petter (Illus.); et al. - Oxford Illustrated Dictionary
9900032733: COULTER, John - The Trial of Louis Riel
079040: [Winnipeg Hadassah Council] - Winnipeg Hadassah Shopper's Guide and Cook Book 1954
067063: Nisga'a Tribal Council - Bringing Our Ancestors Home The repatriation of Nis ga'a artifacts
053048: [Winnipeg Hadassah Council] - Winnipeg Hadassah, 1964 Baaar Programme, Shopper's Guide, Recipes
069390: Countryman, Jack - Archie and His Friends Champ's Coloring Book
063028: Coupland, Douglas - Hey Nostradamus!
063843: Coupland, Douglas - Shampoo Planet
057159: Coupland, Douglas - Microserfs
060694: Coupland, Douglas - Worst. Person. Ever.
9900042668: COUPLAND, Douglas - Polaroids from the Dead
082319: Coupland, Douglas - Jpod
082320: Coupland, Douglas - Miss Wyoming
082297: Coupland, Douglas - Eleanor Rigby
052934: Coupland, Douglas - Polaroids from the Dead
059282: de Courberive, J. - Devenez Celui Que Vous Voudriez Etre Par la Psychoculture
9900035486: [Papal Court] - Sacra Congregatione Concilii Sive Rev. Mo Beniamino Cavicchioni / Januen. Crediti / Juris Ac Facti Restrictus Cum Summario Pro / ac D. Aloysio Barabino in Januensi Dioecesi Cremeni parocho / Contra / Ill.mum ac Rev.mum Gregorium Rapallum Bolzanetti, eiusdem dioecesis parochum.
9900040429: COUTTS, Wilfred L. - Prairie Pioneer Poems
013442: [Couture], Cousin Adelard, Introduction by - Notre Livre de Famille Genealogie Des Couture 1649-1972
072945: Cowan, Geoffrey - The People V. Clarence Darrow
012924: Cowan, D. A. - The New Life a Souvenir Booklet for Newly Received Members of the United Church of Canada
081807: Coward, Noel - Play Parade Hay Fever, Private Lives, Design for Living, Bitter Sweet, The Vortex, Cavalcade, Post-Mortem
050447: Coward, Noel - The Lyrics of Noel Coward
066408: Cowart, Jack; Juan Hamilton; Sarah Greenough (Comp.) - Georgia O'Keeffe Arts and letters
082563: Moss, Paul; Andrew Cowell and Alonzo Moss, Sr. (trans and ed.) - Hinono'Einoo3itoono Arapaho Historical Traditions
082564: Moss, Paul; Andrew Cowell and Alonzo Moss, Sr. (trans and ed.) - Hinono'Einoo3itoono Arapaho Historical Traditions
066946: Cowley, Charles Augustus - A General History of England; from the Descent of Julius Caesar, to the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy-Two. Including an Impartial Account of the Rise and Progress of the Unhappy Contest Between Great Britain and America
062708: Cowper, Wiliam; [John Gilpin] - The Diverting History of John Gilpin
062507: Cowper, William - The Diverting History of John Gilpin
070617: Cox, Bruce Alden - Native People, Native Lands Canadian Indians, Inuit and Metis
9900043217: Edited by the Secretary [Daniel H. Cox] - Transactions of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. XXIII 1915
9900043218: Edited by the Secretary [Daniel H. Cox] - Transactions of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Vol. XXIV 1916
080373: Cox, George H.; John W. MacLeod - Consumption It's Cause, Prevention, and Cure / Issued by the Tri-Country Anti-Tuberculosis League of Antigonish, Guysborough, and Pictou
080372: Cox, George H.; John W. MacLeod - Consumption It's Cause, Prevention, and Cure
9900044921: CRABB, Michael - An Instinct for Success Arnold Spohr and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet [Inscribed by Author and Arnold Spohr]
079465: Craft, Aimée - Breathing Life Into the Stone Fort Treaty An Anishnabe Understanding of Treaty One
080648: Craig, Gordon A. - Germany, 1866-1945
077792: Craigie, Gregor - On Borrowed Time North America's Next Big Quake
051231: Craik, Mrs. Dinah Maria; A. A. Dixon (Illus.) - John Halifax, Gentleman
9900042622: CRAM, Geo. F. (engraver) - [Map] British Columbia
9900039702: CRAN, Mrs. George - A Woman in Canada
061048: Crandall, Ralph - Shaking Your Family Tree A Basic Guide to Tracing Your Family's Genealogy
070867: Crane, Stephen; Winterich, John T. - The Red Badge of Courage
054340: Crane, Nicholas - Mercator
080472: Craton, Neil - Wisdom from the Homeless Lessons a Doctor Learned at a Homeless Shelter
066345: Craton, Neil - Wisdom from the Homeless Lessons a doctor learned at a homeless shelter
011553: Craven, Nora E. - Love, Love Including "Dog's Life" by Sara Ellen Love
082734: Crawford, James M. - Studies in Southeastern Indian Languages
080768: Crawford, Matthew B. - Shop Class As Soulcraft An Inquiry into the Value of Work
068906: Crawford, O.G.S; ed. - Ethiopian Itineraries / Circa 1400-1524 / Including Those Collected by Alessandro Zorzi at Venice in the Years 1519-24
048557: Crawford, Isabella Valancy - Winona or the Foster-Sisters
083273: Crawford, James M. - The Mobilian Trade Language
075548: [SOCIAL CREDIT] - Prepare Now! a Suggested Programme of Post-War Reconstruction Embodying the Features Essental to British Democracy
9900009932: [SOCIAL CREDIT] - The Records Tells the Story
077062: Creed, Robert [ed.] - Ecological Genetics and Evolution Essays in Honour of E.B. Ford
9900017892: CREGIER, Don M., Edgar H. B. Parkin, Geneva Smithe, Arthur R. von Wertheim - Topical Handbook No. 5
077956: Creighton, Helen - Bluenose Ghosts Maritime Tales of Mystery
082208: Crews, Harry - Body
082040: Crews, Harry; Kevin Wilson (Fwd.) - The Gospel Singer
031443: Crichton, Judy - America 1900: The Turning Point
081333: Criddle, Alma - Criddle-de-Diddle-Ensis A Biographical History of the Criddles of Aweme, Manitoba Pioneers of the 1880's
073617: Criddle, Alma - Criddle-de-Diddle-Ensis A Biographical History of the Criddles of Aweme, Manitoba Pioneers of the 1880's
081733: Crighton, Michael - Jurassic Park
069469: Cringan, Alex T.; P. George Marshall; ed. - The New Canadian Song Series Based on the Syllabus of Music for Public and Model Schools
9900020213: Crisp, A. H. - Anorexia Nervosa: Let Me Be
9900012474: CRIST, Raymond E. - Tropical Subsistence Agriculture in Latin America: Some Neglected Aspects and Implications
083160: Crites, Stephen - In the Twilight of Christendom Hegel vs. Kierkegaard on Faith and History
074200: Cronenberg, David - Consumed
079467: Anderson, Mark Cronlund and Carmen L. Robertson - Seeing Red A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers
080170: Crosbie, Sylvia K. - A Tacit Alliance France and Israel from Suez to the Sixth Day War
062883: Crosby, Theo - The Pessimist Utopia: Pentagram Papers 2
062884: Crosby, Theo - The Pessimist Utopia: Pentagram Papers 2
044446: Crosnier, Roger - Fencing with the Electric Foil: Introduction and Tactics
077831: St. John of the Cross; E. Allison Peers - Dark Night of the Soul
055805: Cross, Charles R. - Here We Are Now The Lasting Impact of Kurt Cobain
082630: Cross, Charles R. - Heavier Than Heaven A Biography of Kurt Cobain
076606: Crossick, Geoffrey [ed.] - The Artisan and the European Town, 1500-1900
9900039649: CROSSMAN, Kelly - A Study of Anglican Church Buildings in Manitoba
064656: Crossman, Richard (Ed.); Louis Fischer; Andre Gide; Arthur Koestler; Ignazio Silone; Stephen Spender; Richard Wright - The God That Failed Six Studies in Communism
059003: Crothers, Samuel McChord - The Children of Dickens
078880: Crowe, Keith J . - A History of the Original Peoples of Northern Canada
060031: Crowe, Jo-Anne - Lake Manitoba: The Third Great Lake Information Series No. 5
080094: Crowe, Keith J. - A Cultural Geography of Northern Foxe Basin, N.W. T.
065948: Crowe, Keith J. - A History of the Original Peoples of Northern Canada
078763: Crowley, Aleister - The Book of the Law (Liber Al Vel Legis)
078786: Crowley, Aleister - Moonchild A Prologue
081914: Crowley, Aleister - The Equinox Volume III Number I
080065: Crowley, Aleister - Diary of a Drug Fiend
9900012266: BY VARIOUS AUTHORS [George CRUIKSHANK, illustrator] - Old 'Miscellany' Days a Selection of Stories from 'Bentley's Miscellany. '
072183: Cruikshank, Julie; Angela Sidney, Kitty Smith, Annie Ned - Life Lived Like a Story Life Stories of Three Yukon Native Elders
081294: Crumb, R. - R. Crumb: The Complete Record Cover Collection
053899: Crummy, Andrew, et al. - Scottish Diaspora Tapestry: Telling Tales to Scotland / Greis-Bhrat Diaspora Na H-Alba: Ag Innse Sgeulachdan Do Dh'Alba Your Complete Official Guide with Commentaries / Ur Stiuir Iomlan Oifigeil le Beachdan
066423: Cryan, Dan; Sharron Shatil; Piero - Introducing Capitalism A Graphic Guide
079376: Crystal, David - The Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation
073459: Crystal, David - A Little Book of Language
074905: Csepregi, Gabor - In Vivo A Phenomenology Life-Defining Moments
9900038208: CUBBIN, Thomas, Master, with wood engravings by John Worsley / Introduction by H. M. Tomlinson - The Wreck of the Serica a Narrative of 1868
078127: Culin, Stewart - Games of the North American Indians
075890: Culleton, Beatrice - April Raintree
074362: Culleton, Beatrice - April Raintree
033707: Culleton, Beatrice - Spirit of the White Bison
064844: Cullum, Albert - The Geranium on the Window Sill Just Died, But Teacher You Went Right on
052334: Congress for Jewish Culture - A Decade of Destruction: Jewish Culture in the Ussr, 1948-1958
9900038062: CULVER, Roy Poems by / Prints by Louise A. Moss - Continents of Vapor A collection of twenty-one poems and eight etchings: accompanied entirely by the hand processes
051071: Culverwell, Nathaniel; Robert A. Greene (Ed.); HHugh MacCallum (Ed.) - An Elegant and Learned Discourse of the Light of Nature
9900034116: CUMMING, Roualeyn Gordon - Five Years of a Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South Africa
079717: Cumming, Donigan; Robert Graham; Martha Langford - Reality and Motive in Documentary Photography
082835: Cummings, E.E. - í Six Nonlectures
068933: Cummins, J. S. [ed.] - The Travels and Controversies of Friar Domingo Navarrete
9900030143: CUNDALL, H. M. - A History of British Water Colour Painting
081144: Cunningham, Darryl - Billionaires The Lives of the Rich and Famous
063579: Cunningham, Charles H. - A Laboratory Guide in Virology
055713: Museu Lasar Segall (Curadoria) - Lasar Segall E O Rio de Janeiro Dezembro, 1991
075601: Horowitz, Risa (Curated and Ed.) - Twitch
072862: Curatolo, Marisa; et al. - Our Jets at Home
061597: Curnonsky et J.-W. Bienstock - Le Musee Des Erreurs: Ou le Francais Tel Qu'on L'Ecrit (Two Volumes)
058119: Curnow, Allen - Look Back Harder Critical Writings, 1935-1984
079438: Curran, Andrew S. - Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely
9900037367: Curran, Beryl [ed.] - The Despatches of William Perwich English Agent in Paris 1669-1677.
080555: Curran, Andrew S. - Diderot And the Art of Thinking Freely
9900043014: CURRIE, Robert - Moving out
9900039996: CURRIE, Buzz - The Millenium in Manitoba
074877: Currie, Buzz; Carolin Vesely - The Hermetic Code Unlocking One of Manitoba's Greatest Secrets
9900036453: CURRY, Buzz - The Millennium in Manitoba
074130: Curry, Manfred; Louis Breguet (Preface) - A Travers Les Nuages
070442: Curtis, Charles P. - The Oppenheimer Case
078605: Curtis, Colonel W.P.S., comp. & ed. - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1962 Seventy Third Year
078602: Curtis, Colonel W.P.S., comp. & ed. - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1961 Seventy Second Year
055712: Stone, Jana (Ed.); Mel Curtis and Bonnie Sharpe (Photos.) - Every Part of This Earth Is Sacred Native American Voices in Praise of Nature
078604: Curtis, Colonel W.P.S., comp. & ed. - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1964 Seventy Fifth Year
9900044893: CURTIS, Benjamin Robbins - An Article on the Debts of the States, from the North American Review, for January, 1844
078603: Curtis, Colonel W.P.S., comp. & ed. - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1963 Seventy Fourth Year
081253: Curzon, Daniel - Among the Carnivores
081127: Curzon, Daniel - Something You Do in the Dark
059184: Cushway, Philip [Ed.] - Art of the Dead
074761: Cusk, Rachel - Transit
074760: Cusk, Rachel - Kudos
082102: Cusk, Rachel - Kudos
080113: Cusk, Rachel - Transit
9900038576: Cust, Lionel - Anthony Van Dyck: A Further Study with Twenty-Five Illustrations in Colour Executed Under the Supervision of the Medici Society
064674: Cuthand, Ruth; Jen Budney (Ed.) - Back Talk Works 1983 - 2009
9900043016: SCHULZ, Herbert C. / Norma B. Cuthbert and Haydee Noya - Ten Centuries of Manuscripts in the Huntington Library
051625: Cuthbert, Chris; Scott Russell - The Rink Stories from Hockey's Home Towns
065625: Cutler, Ebbitt - I Once Knew an Indian Woman
9900037352: Cuttino, G. P. [ed.] - The Gascon Calendar of 1322
9900029847: CVROIL, James - Steam Navigation and Its Relation to the Commerce of Canada and the United States
073014: Wesley-Esquimaux, Cynthia and Magdalena Smolewski - Historic Trauma and Aboriginal Healing
077929: Cyprian, Tadeusz; Jerzy Sawicki - Nazi Rule in Poland 1939-1945
080526: Cyr, Joseph (Trans.) - Aiamieu Tipatshimun Les quatre Evangiles traduit en langue montagnaise par Joseph Cyr Missionaire Oblat de Marie Immaculee
082537: Thomas, Cyrus and John R. swanton - Indian Languages of Mexico and Central America And Their Geographical Distribution
9900040046: Bennet, J. Henry, M.D. and T. Wakley, Jr., eds. - The London Lancet a Journal of British and Foreign Medicine, Physiology, Surgery, Chemistry, Criticism, Literature, and News.
9900043151: CONNOR, R. D. and A. D. C. Simpson / Edited by A. D. Morrison-Low - Weights and Measures in Scotland: A European Perspective
9900040047: GARROD, Sir Alfred B., M.D., John T. Aldridge, M.D., Charters J. Symonds, M.D., Richard Davy, M.D. et al - The Lancet
9900032825: Cracknell, Ian D. and Michael G. Mead - Atlas of Minor Surgery
080354: McMillan, Alan D. and Eldon Yellowhorn - First Peoples in Canada
080075: Nichols, John D. and Earl Nyholm - A Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe
080685: McMillan, Alan D. and Denis E. St.Claire - Alberni Prehistory Archaeological and Ethnographic Investigations on Western Vancouver Island
9900028231: [DAFOE, Christoper, editor] - The Beaver Exploring Canada's History
9900029930: Dafoe, John W. [W. L. Morton, ed.] - The Voice of Dafoe a Selection of Editorials on Collective Security 1931-1944
079950: Daggy, Robert E. (ed.) - Monks Pond Thomas Merton's Little Magazine
9900038075: [Henrik Kroyer] J. Christian Bay / Svend Dahl - Til Minde Om Zoologen Henrik Kroyer Udgivet I Anledning Af J. Christian Bays Halvfjerdsa Arsdag / 12. Oktober 1941
9900038306: DAHL, Svend - J. Christian Bay
067419: Dahl, Karen; James Doran - Deuce of Hearts The Art of Karen Dahl & James Doran
083015: Dahl, Roald - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
058396: Dahl, Roald - Switch Bitch
067901: Dahl, Ludvig - We Are Here Psychic Experiences
077078: Dahl, Roald - My Uncle Oswald
077974: Dahl, Roald - Boy Tales of Childhood
076075: Dahl, Robert A. - Polyarchy Participation and Opposition
081340: Dahlstrom, Amy - Topic, Focus and Other Word Order Problems in Algonquian
079114: Dahlstrom, Amy - Topic, Focus and Other Word Order Problems in Algonquain
082897: Dahlstrom, Amy - Topic, Focus and Other Word Order Problems in Algonquian
083272: Dahlstrom, Amy (ed.) - Special Issue on Fox Contemporary Linguistics Volume 2 Spring 1996
054670: Dahwood, Mitchell (Trans., Intro., & Commentary) - Psalms I 1-50
065363: Daishonin, Nichiren - Four Gosho Selections On Lessening the Karmic Retribution; The Proof of the Lotus Sutra; Letter to Niike; Letter to Abutsu-bo
071990: Dakin, Pauline - Run, Hide, Repeat A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood
017506: Dalby, William - Lectures on the Life of Samuel Preached in the Parish of Westminster, Wilts., During Lent, A. D. 1834
061022: Dalby, Lois; Jeanette McCrie - The New Baby
061019: Dalby, Lois; Jeanette McCrie - A Little Mouse
061021: Dalby, Lois; Jeanette McCrie - The Snare
061015: Dalby, Lois; Jeanette McCrie - The Bang Book
061016: Dalby, Lois; Jeanette McCrie - Helping Mother
061017: Dalby, Lois; Jeanette McCrie - Jack and Jet
061018: Dalby, Lois; Jeanette McCrie - Grandma Knows
057939: Dalglish, Peter - The Courage of Children My Life with the World's Poorest Kids
074911: Dali, Salvador; et al. - Salvador Dali
082597: Dall, William Healey; [Smithsonian Institution-Bureau of Ethnology] - On Masks, Labrets, and Certain Aboriginal Customs with an Inquiry into the Bearing of their Geographical Distribution
058013: Dallaire, Lt. Gen. Roméo - Shake Hands with the Devil The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda
053374: Dallaire, Romeo - They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children The Global Quest to Eradicate the Use of Child Soldiers
066277: Dallaire, Romeo - They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children The Global Quest to Eradicate the Use of Child Soldiers
063871: Dallaire, Romeo; Jessica Dee Humphreys - They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children The Global Quest to Eradicate the Use of Child Soldiers
079214: Dalton, Trent - Boy Swallows Universe
062833: Daly, Maureen - Patrick Takes a Trip
076498: Damasio, Antonio - Looking for Spinoza Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain
083244: Damasio, Antonio - Looking for Spinoza Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain
080397: Armstrong, Dan and Dustin Black - The Book of Spam A Most Glorious and Definitive Compendium of the World's Favorite Canned Meat
9900041219: DANCOCKS, Daniel G. - Welcome to Flanders Fields the First Canadian Battle of the Great War: Ypres, 1915
9900036713: Dancourt, Florent Carton - Les Ouvres de Mr. Dancourt Contenant Les nouvelle Pieces de Theatre Qui se jouent a Paris, Ornees de Danses & de Musique
054524: Danesi, Marcel - Of Cigarettes, High Heels, and Other Interesting Things (Semaphores and Signs) An Introduction to Semiotics
064719: Danica, Elly - Don't A Woman's Word
075499: Vatsyayana; Danielou, Alain (Trans.) - The Complete Kama Sutra The First Unabridged Modern Translation of the Classic Indian Text
9900036236: DANIELS, Bruce C. - The Connecticut Town Growth and Development, 1635-1790
9900026424: DANIELS, Bruce C. - Town & Country Essays on the Structure of Local Government in the American Colonies
069148: Daniels, Carol - Bearskin Diary
068435: Daniken, Erich Von - Gold of the Gods
068516: von Daniken, Erich - Signs of the Gods?
068517: von Daniken, Erich - Pathways to the Gods The Stones of Kiribati
082698: Däniken, Erich von; Michael Heron (trans.) - Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past
080834: Daninos, Pierre - Major Thompson Lives in France and Major Thompson and I
059504: Pierre Dansereau - Contradictions & Biculture communications 1955-1961
079277: Danziger, Jr, Edmund Jefferson - The Chippewas of Lake Superior
079662: Darbois, Dominique - Indian and Eskimo Art of Canada
074250: Darby, Roy; Phillips, John (Illus.) - Oomah
070413: Darling, Michael; et al. - Sam Durant
066146: Darveau, Adrien; et al. - 52 Years with the Cree and Dene of Keewatin-the Pas
066127: Darveau, Adrien; et al. - 52 Years with the Cree and Dene of Keewatin-the Pas
067350: Darwin, Charles - Fertilization of Orchids by Insects [On the Various Contrivances by Which British and Foreign Orchids are Fertilised by Insects and on the Good Effects of Intercrossing]
082584: Darwin, Charles - From So Simple a Beginning Darwin's Four Great Books (Voyage of the Beagle, The Origin of Species, The Descent of Man, The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals)
050470: Darwin, Charles; Paul Ekman (Intro.) - The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
077633: Das, Lama Surya - Awakening the Buddha Within Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World
081250: Daschuk, James - Clearing the Plains Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life
064354: Datlow, Ellen - Alien Sex 19 Tales by the Masters of Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy
062438: Dau, Stephen - The Book of Jonas
080459: Daudet, Alphonse; Jacques LeClercq [Trans.] - Tartarin of Tarascon (2 Volumes)
080124: Daugherty, Tracy - The Last Love Song A Biography of Joan Didion
9900030425: BELBECK, Dave and Alice (eds.) - Golden Furrows an Historical Chronicle of Swift Current
081067: Davenport, John - Aphrodisiacs and Anti-Aphrodisiacs: Three Essays on the Powers of Reproduction; with Some Account of the Judicial "Congress" As Practised in France During the Seventeenth Century
047034: Davenport, Guy - Objects on a Table: Harmonious Disarray in Art and Literature
081617: Daviault, Diane - L'Algonquin Au Xviie Siecle Une edition critique, analysee et commentee de la grammaire algonquine
062497: Daviault, Pierre; et al. - La Nouvelle Revue Canadienne (Vol II. No. 1-5)
062499: Daviault, Pierre; et al. - La Nouvelle Revue Canadienne (Vol III. No. 1-5)
065635: Arnason, David and Vincent Arnason, eds. - The New Icelanders A North American Community
079905: Shields, David and Shane Salerno - Salinger
079565: David, Peter; Jorge Lucas - House of M The Incredible Hulk
050025: David, Jay (Ed.) - The American Indian: The First Victim
080677: Bailey, David and George Hughes - Begin with Bailey
060489: Suzuki, David and Holly Dressel - From Naked Ape to Superspecies A Personal Perspective on Humanity and the Global Eco-Crisis
062222: David, L. O. - Monseigneur Joseph-Octave Plessis Premier Archeveque de Quebec
067978: Davids, Kenneth - Espresso Ultimate Coffee
067975: Davids, Kenneth - Coffee A Guide To Buying, Brewing & Enjoying
078219: Davidson, Connie (Compiler) - Gnawing at the Past: Lyleton 1869-1969 (Manitoba)
071445: [Howard Davidson, ed.] - The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons Volume 2, Number 2, Spring, 1990
074645: Davidson, C. B. - Employment in Manitoba
027999: Davidson, Paul - Antique Collector's Directory of Period Detail: How to Identify the Key Characteristics, Shapes, and Forms of Period Styles
074633: Davidson, C. B.; H. C. Grant; F. Shefrin - The Population of Manitoba
075925: Davidson, Gustav - A Dictionary of Angels including the fallen angels
074361: Davies, Robertson - The Lyre of Orpheus
082410: Davies, J. F.; B. B. Bannatyne; G. S. Barry; H. R. McCabe - Geology and Mineral Resources of Manitoba
9900036164: DAVIES, Robert (ed.) - The Life of Marmaduke Rawdon of York, or, Marmaduke Rawdon / the Second of That Name Now First Printed from the Original Ms.
069900: Davies, David Stuart - The Scroll of the Dead A Sherlock Holmes Adventure
9900037355: DAVIES, C. Collin [ed.] - The Private Correspondence of Lord Macartney Governor of Madras (1781-85)
058188: Davies, Robertson - The Manticore
9900029738: DAVIES, Robertson - The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks
9900032595: DAVIES, David Stuart - The Annals of Skelington Bones - Spook Detective Number Five: The Final Spooking
9900026393: Davies, Robertson; Stewart, Clair (Illus.) - The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks
080160: Davies, Robertson - The Rebel Angels
9900036200: DAVIES, Robertson - Murther & Walking Spirits
9900037364: Davies, G. [ed.] - Autobiography of Thomas Raymond and Memoirs of the Family of Guise of Elmore, Gloucestershire
043154: Davies, Peter - Dangerous Liaisons: Collaboration and World War Two
9900029077: [VARIOUS AUTHORS] DAVIES, Owen L. (ed.) - The Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments
055937: Colin Davies; Keith Wilson (Series Ed.) - Louis Riel and the New Nation (We Built Canada)
074494: Davies, Robertson; Rosemary Sullivan (Intro.) - What's Bred in the Bone
039032: Davies, Robertson - The Cunning Man
056072: Davies, Alan - Rave
072240: Thomas, Dylan; Owen Sheers, intro.; Walford Davies and Ralph Maud, eds. - Selected Poems
072332: Davies, Paul - The Eerie Silence Renewing Our Search for Alien Intelligence
078633: Davies, Charles - Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry Translated from the french of A. M. Legendre by David Brewster, LL. D.
077512: Davies, Robertson - A Voice from the Attic
9900037082: Davies, Alan; C. Riper; A. P. R. Howatt (Eds.) - Interlanguage
9900032244: [ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE] David Stuart Davies and Kathryn White [co-editors] - The Musgrave Papers / Tenth Issue 1997 / the Northern Musgraves Sherlock Holmes Society
9900022386: Davies, Charles - Bread Men How the Westons Built an International Empire
068027: Davies, Robertson - World of Wonders
076416: Davin, Nicholas Flood - The Irishman in Canada
077622: Davin, Nicholas Flood - A Speech Delivered in the House of Commons of Canada on the 30th of April, 1890
081423: Davis, Wade - One River Explorations and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest
063591: Davis, Ann - A Distant Harmony Comparisons In the Painting of Canada and The United States of America
069465: Davis, Robert P. - The Triumph of Man
9900037356: Davis, R. H. C. [ed.] - The Kalendar of Abbot Samson of Bury St. Edmunds and Related Documents
016750: Davis, Jonathan - There Are Angels in Madrid A Novel Based on the Life of Francisco Goya
070104: Davis, Larry - P-51d Mustang Walk Around No. 7
081324: Davis, Margaret Leslie - The Lost Gutenberg The Astounding Story of One Book's Five-Hundred-Year Odyssey
059309: Davis, Lauren B. - The Grimoire of Kensington Market
9900027827: DAVIS, Harold L. - Honey in the Horn
058156: Davis, John Paul - Robin Hood The Unknown Templar
076240: Davis, Angela E. - The Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop Printing, People and History
079511: Davis, Philip - Reading for Life
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9900039352: BOULGER, Demetrius Charles / edited and introduced by Adrian Johnson - Life of Sir Stamford Raffles
9900034666: [JONATHAN SWIFT] Heath-Stubbs, John (edited with an Introduction by) - A Selection of Poems by Jonathan Swift
9900035725: LINDSAY, Debra (Edited and Introduced by) - The Modern Beginnings of Subarctic Ornithology: Correspondence to the Smithsonian Institution 1856-1868
9900041214: LONDON, Jack / Edited and Introduced by I. O. Evans - The Cruise of the 'Dazzler'
9900034373: AYRTON, Michael (editoed and introduced by). Notes on the Plates by Bernard Denvir - Hogarth's Drawings
9900043117: RICH, E. E. (editor) with an Introduction by W. Kaye Lamb - The Letters of John Mcloughlin from Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee Third Series, 1844-46
9900043120: RICH, E. E. (editor) with an Introduction by W. Kaye Lamb - The Letters of John Mcloughlin from Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee Second Series, 1839-44
9900028979: SQUIRE, J. C. (editor) and Edward Shanks (Assistant-Editor) - The London Mercury
9900022078: [Hudson's Bay Record Society] Hartwell Bowsfield (editor) - The Letters of Charles John Brydges 1883-1889 Hudson's Bay Company Land Commissioner
055618: Edmonds, Walter D - In the Hands of the Senecas
062023: Edmonds, David & John Eidinow - Bobby Fischer Goes to War
060819: Edmonds, Sarah (Ed.) - D'or Notes on Collaboration
019608: Edmunds, L. Francis - Quest for Meaning
070182: Edmundson, Grier - The Text Is Plural
9900008032: BRIGHT & SON (eds.) - Bright & Sons / 'a B C' / Descriptive Priced Catalogue / of the / Stamps of the / British Empire
053525: G Educators - Smoking and Cancer
080259: Edugyan, Esi - Washington Black
071320: Edugyan, Esi - The Second Life of Samuel Tyne
058009: Edwards, Caterina - Finding Rosa A Mother with Alzheimer's, a Daughter in Search of the Past
056598: Edwards, Kim - The Secrets of a Fire King Stories
043129: Edwards, William G. - Stony: A History of Manitoba Penitentiary (Stony Mountain Institution)
082767: Edwards, Mary - An Intensive Language Course in Cree
017430: Edwards, Charles, ed. - Payne's Universum, or Pictorial World / 3 Volumes Being a Collection of Engravings of Views in all Countries...
9900031872: [COLLODI, Carlo] Edwards, Cliff (narrator, and the voice of Jiminy Cricket) - Walt Disney's Pinocchio
080880: Edwards, Mary - Cree An Intensive Language Course
058039: Eggers, Dave - Mcsweeney's at War for the Foreseeable Future and He's Never Been So Scared (Quarterly Concern Issue 14)
058725: Eggers, Dave - You Shall Know Our Velocity
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071049: Eggers, Dave - Mcsweeney's 23 Still Going Strong Like Castro
077290: Eggers, Dave - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
057147: Eggers, Dave - The Wild Things
060399: Eggers, Dave - The Circle A Novel
081559: Eggers, Dave - Your Fathers, Where Are They? and the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?
031823: Eggers, Dave - A Hologram for the King
057948: Eggers, Dave [Editor] - The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2003
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057835: Ehrenreich, Barbara - Bait and Switch The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream
074009: Ehrenreich, Barbara - Natural Causes An Epidemic of Wellness, The Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer
082145: Ehrlich, Amy; Bob Carrau; George Lucas - The Ewoks and the Lost Children
9900042438: EHRMAN, Mary B. / Illustrated by Dixie Selden - The Child's Song Treasury
078434: Eidse, Leonore (Ed.) - Furrows in the Valley: A Centennial Project of the Rural Municipality of Morris, 1880-1980 A History of the Municipality And Its People
064654: Eig, Jonathan - The Birth of the Pill How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution
064881: Eigenbrod, Renate - Travelling Knowledges Positioning the Im/Migrant Reader of Aboriginal Literatures in Canada
067924: Einarson, John; Randy Bachman - Randy Bachman Takin' Care of Business
080271: Einarsson, Helgi; George Houser (trans.) - A Manitoba Fisherman
080088: Einarsson, Stefán - Icelandic Grammar, Texts, Glossary
082715: Einarsson, Stefán - Icelandic Grammar, Texts, Glossary
048666: Einarsson, Guomundur Oskar; Sigursteinn Einarsson - Braga Blys Fra Oxara
9900022152: EINARSSON, Sigfus - Salmasongsbok Med Fjorum Roddum
9900031888: EINHORN, Max, M.D. - Diagnosis and Treatment of Stenosis of the Pylorus
075641: Einstein, Albert; Alan Harris [Trans.] - The World As I See It
072308: Eiseley, Loren - Star Thrower
9900044449: EISENBACH, Artur / Edited by Antony Polonsky / Translated by Janina Dorosz - The Emancipation of the Jews in Poland, 1780-1870
077300: Eisenhower, Dwight D. - Crusade in Europe
056420: Eisenman, Robert; Michael Wise - The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered The First Complete Translation and Interpretation of 50 Key Documents Withheld for over 35 Years
070649: Eisler, Kim Isaac - Revenge of the Pequots   How a Small Native American Tribe Created the World's Most Profitable Casino
081396: Žižek, Slavoj - Pandemic! COVID-19 Shakes the World
077840: Eksteins, Modris - Solar Dance Genius, Forgery and the Crisis of Truth in the Modern Age
082427: Eksteins, Modris - Rites of Spring The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age
058701: Eldon, Dan - The Journey Is the Destination The Journals of Dan Eldon
066726: Elger, Dietmar - Dadaism Taschen Basic Art
082379: Elias, Peter Douglas - The Dakota of the Canadian Northwest Lessons for Survival
082407: Elias, Peter Douglas - The Dakota of the Canadian Northwest Lessons for Survival (Manitoba Studies in Native History, 5)
074186: Eliot, George - The Complete Works of George Eliot: Life and Letters
9900029946: ELIOT, George - Romola
077475: Eliot, T.S. - The Dry Salvages
051237: Eliot, George - Silas Marner
9900039885: ELIOT, George - Novels of George Eliot / Vol. I / Adam Bede / with Illustrations
042552: Eliot, T. S. - The Letters of T.S. Eliot Volume 1: 1898-1922
9900040857: Eliot, George - George Eliot's Works / Complete Ten Volume Set
074187: Eliot, George - The Complete Works of George Eliot: Clerical Life / Theophrastus Such
074191: Eliot, George - The Complete Works of George Eliot: Daniel Deronda
074184: Eliot, George - The Complete Works of George Eliot: Romola
074182: Eliot, George - The Complete Works of George Eliot: Poems
074190: Eliot, George - The Complete Works of George Eliot: Felix Holt
040097: Eliot, T. S. - The Family Reunion
074677: Shefrin, Sima Elizabeth and Bernadine Fox - Heroes Twenty artists from across Canada explore the meaning of “heroism” from a disability perspective
080497: Black Elk, Wallace; William S. Lyon - Black Elk The Sacred Ways of a Lakota
082963: Elkhorn and District Historical Society - Steel and Grass Roots
038237: Ellerby, Jonathan H. - Return to the Sacred Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening
051091: Elliot, Rose - Rose Elliot's Complete Vegetarian Cookbook Over 1,000 Delicious Recipes For Any Occasion
078733: Elliot, Gil - Twentieth Century Book of the Dead
017072: Elliott, George - The Life of the Most Noble Arthur Duke of Wellington, From the Period of His First Achievements in India, Down to his Invasion of France and the Peace of Paris in 1814. Comprehending Not Only the Personal Memoirs of the Illustrious Hero, but including, likewise, An Historical View of the Origin, Progress, and Termination of the Penninsular War, Also, the Civil and Military Transactions in Spain and Portugal, etc.
066860: Leyton, Elliott (Et al.) - Violence and Public Anxiety A Canadian case (Social and economic studies)
082896: Ellis, C. Douglas - Now Then, Still Another Story- Literature of the Western James Bay Cree Content and Structure
9900035260: ELLIS, Sir Henry (ed.) - The Obituary of Richard Smyth, Secondary of the Poultry Compter London: Being a Catalogue of All Such Persons As He Knew...
078070: Ellis, C. Douglas - Spoken Cree Level III
079998: Ellis, C. Douglas - Spoken Cree Glossary West Coast of James Bay
042482: Ellis, Deborah - Looks Like Daylight
065882: Ellis, C. Douglas - Spoken Cree West Coast of James Bay Part 1
078941: Ellis, C. Douglas - Spoken Cree West Coast of James Bay Revised Edition
9900028348: ELLIS, Frank H. - Canada's Flying Heritage
9900028486: ELLIS, J. H. - The Ministry of Agriculture in Manitoba 1870 - 1970
082365: Ellis, C. Douglas - Spoken Cree (2 Vol. Set) Level I and Level II
079113: Ellis, C. Douglas - Now Then, Still Another Story- Literature of the Western James Bay Cree Content and Structure
061047: Ellis, Geoffrey James - The Napoleonic Empire
052714: Ellis, Ian C. - Book Finds How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books
076770: Ellis, Richard - The Search for the Giant Squid
082751: Ellison, Harlan; Robert Bloch; Ben Bova; Algis Budrys; Avram Davidson; Samuel R. Delany; Joe L. Hensley; Keith Laumer; William Rotsler; Robert Sheckley; Robert Silverberg; Henry Slesar; Theodore Sturgeon; A. E. Van Vogt; Roger Zelazny - Partners in Wonder
082930: Ellison, Harlan - Spider Kiss
082959: Ellison, Harlan; Andrew Porter [ed] - The Book of Ellison
082960: Ellison, Harlan - The Fantasies of Harlan Ellison
082624: Ellison, Ralph - Invisible Man
081840: Ellison, Ralph - The Collected Essays of Ralph Ellison Modern Library Classics
079733: Ellison, Nancy - Wagner's Eternal Ring The Complete Production at the Metropolitan Opera
082947: Ellison, Harlan - No Doors, No Windows
082946: Ellison, Harlan - Slippage Precariously Poised, Previously Uncollected Stories
082983: Ellison, Harlan - Harlan Ellison's Movie/the Harlan Ellison Hornbook (Two Volume Set)
066930: Ellroy, James - L.A. Confidential
039974: Ellroy, James - My Dark Places An L.A. Crime Memoir
061438: Ellroy, James - Destination: Morgue! L.A. Tales
9900035011: ELSEN, Albert - Seymour Lipton

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