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036076: GEDGE, PAULINE - The Eagle and the Raven
016003: GELFAND, MICHAEL - Medicine and Custom in Africa
031482: GELLER, JUDITH - Bodies: The Exhibition
019586: GELLER, LARRY - Apples, Walnuts and Wine A Spiritual Map of Winnipeg
026340: GEMMEL, JOHN; GEORGE SISLER; NATALIA POHORECKY; MARION FERGUSON [EDS.] - The Centennial Program: 1883 - 1983; the Manitoba College; 1883 - 1919 Becoming The Faculty of Medicine, The University of Manitoba 1919 - 1983; May 24 - May 27, 1983, Basic Medical Sciences Building
038402: GENET, JEAN - Our Lady of the Flowers
016002: GENNARI, CASIMIRO CARD. - Quistioni Liturgiche Di Materie Riguardanti Specialmente I Tempi Nostri
038972: GENOVA, LISA - Still Alice A Novel
022896: ST. GEORGE; THOMAS R. - C/O Postmaster
036072: GEORGE, ELIZABETH - Just One Evil Act A Lynley Novel
018267: GEORGE, A. ROBERT - The House of Birks A History of Henry Birks and Sons
044042: GEORGE, DEMETRA - Mysteries of the Dark Moon The Healing Power Of The Dark Goddess
035692: GEORGE, MARGARET - Elizabeth I: A Novel
038801: FRIESEN, GERALD AND RICHARD LEBRUN - St. Paul's College University of Manitoba Memories and Histories
045003: GERARD, MAX - Dali... Dali... Dali...
033063: ERNST GERBER - The Photo-Journal Guide to Marvel Comics Volumes III (A-J) and IV (K-Z)
010661: GERBRANDT, HENRY J. - En Route Hinjawaajis the Memoirs of Henry J. Gerbrandt
005576: GERHARDI, WILLIAM - Pretty Creatures
011474: GERMAN, TONY - A Character of Its Own Own: Ashbury College 1891-1991
024925: GERMAN, BILL - Under Their Thumb How a Nice Boy from Brooklyn Got Mixed Up with the "Rolling Stones" (and Lived to Tell the Tale)
045108: GERRARD, JON - Charles Broley An Extraordinary Naturalist
024880: GERRARD, JON M. - Bald Eagle Haunts and Habits of a Wilderness Monarch
041845: GFELLER, CHRISTIAN - Naked in the Gallery
013081: GHAI, DHARAM P., ED. - Portrait of a Minority: Asians in East Africa
027110: GHONIM, WAEL - Revolution 2. 0: The Power of People Is Greater Than the People in Power A Memoir
028117: GHOSH, AMITAV - The Hungry Tide
020254: GIBB, CAMILLA - The Beauty of Humanity Movement
032198: GIBB, CAMILLA - The Beauty of Humanity Movement
020252: GIBB, CAMILLA - The Petty Details of So-and-So's Life
017588: JACKSON G. GIBBARD - The Splendid Book of Boys' Indoor Games and Pastimes
045315: GIBLIN, JAMES CROSS - When Plague Strikes The Black Death, Smallpox, AIDS
042847: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Procession
044683: GIBRAN, KAHIL - A Self Portrait
044681: GIBRAN, KHALIL - The Earth Gods
042499: GIBRAN, KHALIL; ANTHONY FERRIS [TRANS.] - Thoughts and Meditations
029744: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Secrets of the Heart
044685: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Gibran Love Letters
044679: GIBRAN, KHALIL - Sand and Foam
044680: GIBRAN, KHALIL - The Voice of the Master
036332: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Dramas of Life: Lazarus and His Beloved and the Blind
031378: GIBRAN, KAHIL - Spirit Brides
044678: GIBRAN, KHALIL - The Broken Wings
033830: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - The Beloved Reflections on the Path of the Heart
039530: GIBRAN, KAHLIL; WOLF, MARTIN L. (ED.) - Tears and Laughter
032750: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Between Night and Morn
028162: GIBRAN, KHALIL - The Forerunner: His Parables and Poems
045636: GIBSON, WILLIAM - Distrust That Particular Flavor
004854: GIBSON, FREDERICK W. & ROBERTSON, BARBARA (ED., INTRO.) - Ottawa at War the Grant Dexter Memoranda, 1939-1945
013156: GIBSON, LEE - A Proud Heritage the First Hundred Years of Aikins, Macaulay and Thorvaldson
032474: GIBSON, DALE - Attorney for the Frontier: Enos Stutsman
020256: GIBSON, GRAEME - Gentleman Death
020257: GIBSON, GRAEME - Gentleman Death
020258: GIBSON, GRAEME - Perpetual Motion A Novel
035100: GIBSON, WILLIAM - Spook Country
032668: GIBSON, WILLIAM - Idoru
027369: GIBSON, GORDON - 30 Million Musketeers One Canada for All Canadians
046007: GIBSON, GRAEME - The Bedside Book of Birds An Avian Miscellany
043816: GIDDINGS, LOUIS J. - Ancient Men of the Arctic
039191: GIESLER, PATRICIA - Valour Remembered / Souvenirs de Vaillance Canada and the First World War, 1918-November 11-1978 / Participation Du Canada a La Premiere Guerre Mondiale, 1918-Le 11 November-1978
039190: GIESLER, PATRICIA - Valour Remembered / Souvenirs de Vaillance Canada and the Second World War, 1939-1945 / La participation du Canada a la Seconde Guerre mondiale, 1939-1945
032589: GIESLER, PATRICIA - Valour Remembered / Souvenirs de Vaillance Canadians in Korea / les Canadiens en Corée
042057: GIFFORD, BARRY; LAWRENCE LEE - Jack's Book: An Oral Biography of Jack Kerouac
046131: GIFFORD, BARRY; LAWRENCE LEE - Jack's Book An Oral Biography of Jack Kerouac
044204: GILBERT, W.S.; ARTHUR SULLIVAN - The Savoy Operas / 2 Volumes in Slipcase
045025: GILBERT, MARTIN - Winston S. Churchill [2 Volumes in Slipcase] Finest Hour, 1939-1941; Road to Victory, 1941-1945 [Vol. 6 & 7]
032744: GILBERT, HENRY - King Arthur's Knights
041743: GILBERT, W. A. - Yeomen of the Guard
044710: GILBERT, MARTIN - History of the Twentieth Century [Three Volumes] Volume One: 1900 - 1933; Volume Two: 1933 - 1951; Volume Three: 1952 - 1999
022312: GILBERT, MARTIN - Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century
022452: GILBERT, MARTIN - In Search of Churchill A Historian's Journey
035005: GILBERT, DR. GUSTAV [TRANSLATED BY E. J BROOKS, M.A. & T. NICKLIN, M.A.] - The Constitutional Antiquities of Sparta and Athens
036208: GILL, CHARLOTTE - Ladykiller
031079: GILL, JESJIT S. - [Untitled]
031080: GILL, JESJIT S. - [Untitled]
021675: GILLEN, MOLLIE - The Wheel of Things A Biography of L. M. Montgomery, Author of Anne of Green Gables
035792: GILLESPIE, ANGUS KRESS - Twin Towers The Life of New York City's World Trade Center
016959: GILLET, LOUIS - Histoire de la Nation Francaise Tome xI: Histoire Des Arts
012111: GILLETT, MARGARET - We Walked Very Warily a History of Women at Mcgill
027654: GILLIES, MARJORIE - Street of Dreams The Story of Broadway / Western Canada's First Boulevard
045386: GILLIS, SUSAN - The Rapids
022811: GILLIS, PETER, ED. - Historical Papers 1974
043122: GILLMOR, DON - I Swear by Apollo: Dr. Ewen Cameron and the Cia-Brainwashing Experiments
017748: GEORGE WOODBURY, MELVIN GILMORE AND J.T. PATTERSON - University of Texas Bulletin No. 3734: September 8, 1937
002230: GILMOUR, G. P., ED. - Canada's Tomorrow Papers and Discussion Canada's Tomorrow Conference Quebec City, November 1953
020259: GILMOUR, DAVID - The Film Club A True Story of a Father and a Son
030742: GILSON, SIMON A. - Dante and Renaissance Florence
024861: [CITY OF GIMLI] - Inside the Story: Featuring the Flying Eye
046012: GINSBERG, ALLEN - The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice First Journals and Poems 1937-1952
046114: GINSBERG, ALLEN - Collected Poems 1947-1980
040624: GINZBURG, RALPH [ED.] - Eros Spring, 1962
045880: GIONO, JEAN - The Man Who Planted Trees A Story by Jean Giorno
010973: GIORGIO, SACERD. JOAN. BAPT DE [GIOVANNI BATISTA DE] - Institutiones Philosophicae Ad Mentem Divi Thomae Tironum Usui Volume One
JA018081: GIRAUD, MARCEL - Le Metis Canadien Son role dans l'histoire des provinces de l'Ouest / 2 volumes
013811: GISCARD, GASTON - Dans la Prairie Canadienne / on the Canadian Prairie
017998: GISLASON, VILHJÁLM P. - Reykjavik Fyrr Og Nú
045417: GLADSTONE, B. JAMES - The Man Who Seduced Hollywood The Life and Loves of Greg Bautzer, Tinseltown's Most Powerful Lawyer
036891: GLADSTONE, WILLIAM EWART - Juventus Mundi: The Gods and Men of the Heroic Age
046026: GLADWELL, MALCOLM - The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
045972: GLADWELL, MALCOLM - Blink
046028: GLADWELL, MALCOLM - Outliers The Story of Success
045973: GLADWELL, MALCOLM - Outliers The Story of Success
039112: GLADWELL, MALCOLM - The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
015791: GLANVILLE, ERNEST - The Hunter A Story of Bushman Life
020470: GLASS, CHARLES - Americans in Paris Life and Death Under Nazi Occupation
040167: GLASSIE, JOHN - A Man of Misconceptions The Life of an Eccentric in an Age of Change
028243: GLAVIN, TERRY - A Death Feast in Dimlahamid
009760: GLAZEBROOK, G. P. DET. - A History of Canadian External Relations
046183: GLEB, ARTHUR - City Room
043970: GLEESON, ERIN - The Forest Feast Simple Vegetarian Recipies From My Cabin in the Woods
043835: GLEICK, JAMES - Isaac Newton
044930: GLEICK, JAMES - Genius The Life and Science of Richard Feynman
043001: GLENN, CONSTATNCE W.; CHRISTOPHER SWEET [ED.] - Jim Dine: Drawings
044048: GLENNY, MISHA - Mcmafia Crime Without Frontiers
035902: GLOVER, MICHAEL - Wellington As Military Commander
037553: GLOVER, T. R. [TERROT REAVELEY] - Springs of Hellas and Other Essays
045812: GODDARD, PETER; PHILIP KAMIN - Shakin' All over The Rock and Roll Years in Canada
036667: GODDARD, JOHN - Last Stand of the Lubicon Cree
044170: GODDEN, RUMER - The Greengage Summer
035550: GODECHOT, JACQUES; STEWART, JEAN (TRANS.) - The Taking of the Bastille July 14th, 1789
027458: GODEMENT, FRANCOIS - The New Asian Renaissance: From Colonialism to the Post-Cold War (Routledge in Asia)
020222: GODFREY, REBECCA - The Torn Skirt
043656: GODSELL, PATRICIA - Enjoying Canadian Painting
040437: GODWIN, WILLIAM; ARNOLD A MARKLEY - Caleb Williams
026899: GOERTZ, R.O.W. [ED.] - Iberia Literary and Historical Issues
004281: GOERWELL, S. W. - Liberalism and the Future a Study in Opportunities
046151: GOGOL, NIKOLAI - Dead Souls
025096: GOLB, NORMAN - Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls? The Search for the Secret of Qumran
036112: GOLD, NORMAN - Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls? The Search for the Secret of Qumran
044981: GOLD, E. J. - American Book of the Dead
037110: GOLDBERG, SANDER M. - The Making of Meander's Comedy
040969: GOLDBLATT, DAVID; JOHNNY ACTON - The Soccer Book The Sport; The Teams; The Tactics; The Cups
042291: GOLDHAGEN, DANIEL JONAH - Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust
027937: GOLDHAGEN, DANIEL JONAH - Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity
021772: GOLDIE, SUE M. , ED. - Florence Nightingale Letters from the Crimea
044586: GOLDING, WILLIAM - Lord of the Flies
042926: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Pyramid
045718: GOLDING, HARRY [ED.] - The Wonder Book of the Wild
043019: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Paper Men
044115: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Inheritors
043020: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Double Tongue
045459: GOLDING, WILLIAM - To the Ends of the Earth
030170: GOLDMAN, EMMA - Living My Life: In Two Volumes Volume One
041164: GOLDMAN, ALBERT - The Lives of John Lennon
035490: GOLDMAN, EMMA - Living My Life (in Two Volumes)
042392: ARENA GOLDONI - The Mask: A Quarterly Journal of the Art of the Theatre Volume Four. Number Four.: April 1912
042393: ARENA GOLDONI - The Mask: A Quarterly Journal of the Art of the Theatre Volume Four. Number Two.: October 1911
035853: GOLDSCHNEIDER, GARY - Gary Goldschneider's Everyday Astrology How to Make Astrology Work for You
033662: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - Vicar of Wakefield
025869: GOLDSMITH, LYNN [ILLUST.] - The Police
042404: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - A History of the Earth and Animated Nature / Vol. I. Only In Two Volumes
044039: GOLDSTEIN, REBECCA NEWBERGER - Plato at the Googleplex Why Philosophy Won't Go Away
032816: GOLDSTEIN, SLAVKO - 1941 The Year That Keeps Returning
031526: GOLDSTEIN, JONATHAN - Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bible!
040159: GOLDSTEIN, JONATHAN - Lenny Bruce Is Dead
037354: GOLDSTEIN, REBECCA - Properties of Light
036782: GOLDSTICK, MILES - Woolaston People Resisting Genocide
035380: GOLIN, ED - Marshy Winter
012242: GOLLIN, ALFRED - Balfour's Burden Arthur Balfour and Imperial Preference
036666: GOLLOB, HERMAN - Me and Shakespeare Life-Changing Adventures with the Bard
040065: GOLOMBEK, HARRY - Golombek's Encyclopedia of Chess
024943: GOMBRICH, E. H - Meditations on a Hobby Horse and other essays on the theory of art
036890: GOME, A. W. - A Historical Commentary on Thucydides: The Ten Years' War / 4 Volumes Volume I: Introduction and Commentary on Book I; Volume II: Books II-III; Volume III: Books IV-V 24; Volume IV: Books V 25-VII
030185: GOMES, ROSALIE - Buried Treasures: The Black-and-White Work of Maxfield Parrish 1896-1905
037041: GONCHAROV, IVAN - The Voyage of the Frigate Pallada
046082: DE GONCOURT, EDMOND - Pages from the Goncourt Journals
013213: GONZALEZ, ELLICE B. - Changing Economic Roles for Micmac Men and Women: An Ethnohistorical Analysis
032495: GONZALEZ, JUSTO L. - Christian Thought Revisited: Three Types of Theology
032428: GOOD, MERLE - People Pieces A Collection of Mennonite and Amish stories
016291: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS; [BUZZ CURRIE, MARGO GOODHAND ET AL.] - The Greatest Manitobans They Made a Better Province and a Better World
041739: GOODMAN, PAUL; TAYLOR STOEHR [ED.] - Collected Stories [Four Volumes] Vol. I: The Break-Up of our Camp; Stories, 1932 - 1935 | Vol. II: A Ceremonial; Stories, 1936-1940 | Vol. III: The Facts of Life; Stories, 1940-1949 | Vol. IV: The Galley to Mytilene; Stories, 1949-1960
039784: GOODRICH, NORMA LORRE - The Medieval Myths
012858: GOODSPEED, D. J., ED. - The Armed Forces of Canada 1867-1967 a Century of Achievement
014817: GOODSPEED, D. J., ED. - The Armed Forces of Canada 1867-1967 a Century of Achievement
036886: GOODWIN, WILLIAM WATSON - Demosthenes: On the Crown With Critical and Explanatory Notes, an Historical Sketch, and Essays
043462: GOPNIK, ADAM - Paris to the Moon
023548: GORDIMER, NADINE - Loot and Other Stories
023691: GORDIMER, NADINE - Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black` and Other Stories
045331: GORDIMER, NADINE - July's People
039890: GORDIMER, NADINE - The Conservationist
026526: GORDIMER, NADINE - The House Gun
019525: GORDIMER, NADINE - Loot and Other Stories
039051: GORDIMER, NADINE - A World of Strangers
027648: GORDIMER, NADINE - Get a Life
026425: GORDIMER, NADINE - Something out There Stories by Nadine Gordimer
035640: GORDIMER, NADINE - July's People
034747: GORDIMER, NADINE (ED.) - Telling Tales
045304: GORDIMER, NADINE - Burger's Daughter A Novel
020605: GORDIN, MICHAEL D - Red Cloud at Dawn Truman, Stalin, and the End of the Atomic Monopoly
012093: GORDON, ROBERT S., DIRECTOR, AND E. GRACE MAURICE, EDITOR - Union List of Manuscrips in Canadian Repositories Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3
020262: GORDON, R. L. - The River Gets Wider
029480: GORDON, LEAH - The Book of Vodou Charms and Rituals to Empower Your Life
044862: GORDON, W. TERRENCE - Marshall Mcluhan Escape into Understanding
045779: GORDON, KAREN ELIZABETH - The Deluxe Transitive Vampire A Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager and the Doomed
045768: GOREY, EDWARD - Amphigorey Too
035289: GOREY, EDWARD - The Gashlycrumb Tinies
042229: GORKY, MAXIM [TRANSLATED BY MOURA BUDBERG] - Fragments from My Diary
042247: GORKY, M. - Literary Portraits
033939: GOSCINNY, RENE & ALBERT UDERZO - The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
018704: GOSSE, EDMUND - More Books on the Table
034792: GOTLIEB, ALLAN - The Washington Diaries 1981-1989
020263: GOTO, HIROMI - Chorus of Mushrooms
043878: GOUGH, BARRY M.; ROBERT CRAIG BROWN [ED.] - The Journal of Alexander Henry the Younger: 1799-1814 [Two Volumes]
013643: GOULD, JOHN - Kilter: 55 Fictions
027870: GOULD, TERRY - The Lifestyle: A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers
040018: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Lying Stones of Marrakech: Penulimate Reflections in Natural History
022261: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Ever Since Darwin Reflections on Natural History
032779: GOULD, TERRY - Worth Dying for Canada's Mission to Train Police in the World's Failing States
044735: GOULET, GEORGE; TERRY GOULET - The Metis Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities
006791: GOUREVITCH, PHILIP - We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families Stories from Rwanda
025187: GOURLUCK, RUSS - The Mosaic Village An Illustrated History of Winnipeg's North End
015870: GOVANI, SHINAN - Bold Face Name
JA031173: [SASKATCHEWAN MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT] - Responding to the Community: Proposals for Cultural Development, a Discussion Paper
026184: GOVIER, KATHERINE - The Truth Teller
020265: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Angel Walk
020267: GOVIER, KATHERINE - The Truth Teller
037667: GOWDER, SHILPI SOMAYA - Secret Daughter
020268: GOWDER, SHILPI SOMAYA - Secret Daughter: A Novel
023728: GOWDY, BARBARA - Helpless
020269: GOWDY, BARBARA - The Romantic A Novel
032446: GOWDY, BARBARA - Mister Sandman
016958: GOYAU, GEORGES - Histoire de la Nation Francaise Tome VI: Histoire Religieuse
045225: GOYTISOLO, JUAN [TRANSLATED BY PETER BUSH] - Exiled from Almost Everywhere (The Posthumous Life of the Monster Le Sentier)
040434: GRADY, WAYNE - Emancipation Day A Novel
012047: GRAFF, TOM - New Spitting a Conversation with Merv Griffin & Friends
022727: CHAPMAN, GRAHAM ET AL. - Monty Python's the Meaning of Life
022696: GRAHAM, COLONEL W. A. - The Custer Myth A Source Book of Custeriana
026307: GRAHAM, MABEL F. - Wednesday at 12: 15 A History of The Rotary Club in Oak Park, Illinois (1919 -1951)
044127: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
024299: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
019817: GRAMATTE, WALTER - Walter Gramatte 1897 - 1929
038603: GRAMSCI, ANTONIO - Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci
002084: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. - The Politics of Survival the Conservative Party of Canada, 1939-1945
044310: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. - Pirouette Pierre Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Policy
011396: GRANDBOIS, ALAIN; TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY EVELYN M. BROWN - Born in Quebec a Tale of Louis Jolliet
046062: GRANT, MELISSA GIRA - Playing the Whore The Work of Sex Work
037075: GRANT, FREDERICK C. (ED.) - Ancient Roman Religion
014343: GRANT, DIANE, ED. - The Annals of Silver-Grandview
044907: GRANT, AGNES - James Mckay A Metis Builder of Canada
027739: GRANT, MICHAEL - Cleopatra
039022: GRANT, JOHN WEBSTER - Moon of Wintertime: Missionaries and the Indians of Canada in Encounter Since 1534
013229: GRANT, GEORGE MUNRO, ED. - Picturesque Canada; the Country As It Was and Is.
043330: GRANT, MICHAEL - The Classical Greeks History of Civilization
037044: GRANT, MICHAEL - Pompeii & Herculaneum Cities of Vesuvius
043641: GRANT, GEORGE M. - Ocean to Ocean: Sandford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872
040533: SKELTON-GRANT, JUDITH - Robertson Davies Man of Myth
017723: GRANT, WILLIAM LAWSON - The Tribune of Nova Scotia A Chronicle of Joseph Howe
027220: GRANT, M.D. - Some Comments on the Uniform Life Insurance Act of the Provinces of Canada
038799: GRASS, GUNTER - The Tin Drum
046121: GRASS, GUNTER - The Tin Drum
046110: GRASS, GUNTER - The Call of the Toad
044093: GRASS, GUNTER - Local Anaesthetic
042721: GRASS, GUNTER - Peeling the Onion
042716: GRASS, GUNTER - My Century
042684: GRATER, MICHAEL - Puppets, Jumping Jacks and Other Paper People
045111: GRAVES, SAMUEL R. - Witchcraft The Osirian Order
036121: GRAVES, ROBERT - Goodbye to All That
021424: GRAVES, ROBERT - The White Goddess
044144: GRAVES, ROBERT; ALAN HODGE - The Long Weekend A Social History of Great Britain, 1918-1939
043923: GRAVES, ROBERT - Count Belisarius
004450: GRAY, JAMES H. - The Roar of the Twenties
025940: GRAY, WILLIAM S.; MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT - Friends and Neighbours
045885: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Canada: A Portrait in Letters, 1800-2000
027335: GRAY, WILLIAM S.; ARBUTHNOT, MAY HILL - More Friends and Neighbours
041898: GRAY, JAMES H - The Roar of the Twenties
033070: GRAY, WILLIAM S.; MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT - Fun with Dick and Jane
044642: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Mrs. King The Life & Times of Isabel Mackenzie King
044851: GRAY, HUGH - Letters from Canada Written During a Residence There in the Years 1806, 1807, and 1808
002359: GRAY, JAMES H. - Red Lights on the Prairies
JA028613: GRAY, BETSY; RONALD GRAY - The Fifth Annual Bc Book Prizes
034026: GRAY, WILLIAM S.; MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT - More Streets and Roads
042543: GRAY, SPALDING - The Journals of Spalding Gray
040682: GRAY, WILLIAM G. - Seasonal Occult Rituals
041101: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Nellie Mcclung
035586: GRAY, JOHN - I Love Mom An Irreverent History of the Tattoo
024951: GRAY, HUGH - Letters from Canada Written During a Residence There in the Years 1806, 1807, and 1808
035542: GRAY, WILLIAM S.; MAY HILL ARBUTHNOT - Fun with Dick and Jane
036509: GRAY, THOMAS - Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
021742: GRAYLING, A.C. - The Good Book: A Humanist Bible
044661: GRAYSMITH, ROBERT - Black Fire The True Story of the Original Tom Sawyer--and of the Mysterious Fires That Baptized Gold Rush-Era San Francisco
037581: DE GRAZIA, SEBASTIAN - Of Time, Work, and Leisure
030933: GREEN, JOHN - The Fault in Our Stars
009811: GREEN, SIDNEY - Rise & Fall of a Political Animal a Memoir
045484: GREEN, PETER - The Greco-Persian Wars
007633: GREEN, SIDNEY - Rise & Fall of a Political Animal a Memoir
029485: GREEN, PHILIP - Equality and Democracy
032507: GREEN, CELIA - Lucid Dreams
016549: GREEN, ARTHUR - Tormented Master A Life of Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav
045596: GREEN, JOHN - The Fault in Our Stars
043986: GREEN, JOHN - An Abundance of Katherines
033977: GREEN, ANNA KATHARINE - The Amethyst Box
018622: GREEN, E. EVERETT - Cambria's Chieftain
043768: GREEN, JOHN - Paper Towns
037872: GREENAWAY, KATE - Under the Window
039284: MOTHER GOOSE; GREENAWAY, KATE [ILLUSTRATED BY] - Mother Goose, or the Old Nursery Rhymes
044848: GREENBLATT, STEPHEN - Will in the World How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
045886: GREENBURGH, ED - D.F. C. & Bar A son's tribute to his father
025026: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Tenth Man
004744: GREENE, MARION - Down the River Lies the World
045412: GREENE, GRAHAM - A Burnt out Case
044908: BRIAN GREENE - The Elegant Universe Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory
034475: GREENE, ELLEN - The Erotics of Domination Male Desire and the Mistress in Latin Love Poetry
043850: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Power and the Glory
039879: GREENE, GRAHAM - Loser Takes All
026832: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Tenth Man
045013: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Confidential Agent An Entertainment
026163: GREENE, GRAHAM - Ways of Escape
043544: GREENE, JEROME A. - Beyond Bear's Paw: The Nez Perce Indians in Canada
040610: GREENE, GRAHAM - Travels with My Aunt A Novel by Graham Greene
037029: GREENE, GRAHAM - Travels with My Aunt
041220: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Captain and the Enemy
044418: GREENE, GRAHAM - British Dramatists
043215: GREENE, GRAHAM - Ways of Escape
043577: GREENE, GRAHAM - Monsignor Quixote
043428: GREENE, GRAHAM - England Made Me
007923: GREENFIELD, NATHAN M. - The Battle of the St. Lawrence the Second World War in Canada
044883: GREENFIELD, NATHAN M. - The Damned: The Canadians at the Battle of Hong Kong and the Pow Experience, 1941-45
042781: GREENHILL, BASIL; SAM MANNING [ILLUST.] - The Evolution of the Wooden Ship
045782: GREENHOUS, BRERETON - The Making of Billy Bishop The First World War Exploits of Billy Bishop, VC
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032539: HARDMAN, ROBERT - Our Queen
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041830: [RICHARDS & CONOVER HARDWARE] - Richards & Conover Hardware Company Catalog
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011184: HARRISON, PHYLLIS, ED. - The Home Children Their Personal Stories
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028157: HART, GEORGE - The Pharaohs / 2 Volumes in Slipcase
015495: HART, HENRY H. - Sea Road to the Indies An Account of the Voyages and Exploits of the Portuguese Navigators, Together With the Life and Times of Dom Vasco Da Gama, Capitao-Mor, Viceroy of India and Count of Vidigueira
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011313: HARVEY, CAMERON, ED. - Chief Justice Samuel Freedman: A Great Canadian Judge
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019294: HARVEY, ANDREW - Son of Man
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039541: HASEK, JAROSLAV - Osudy Dobreho Vojaka Svejka [4 Parts in 2 Volumes]
032210: HASIUK, BRENDA - Boys Lost in Wild
024154: HASKELL, JOHN - I Am Not Jackson Pollock Stories
023123: HASSON, JULIE - 125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes
011199: HASTINGS, MARGARET LANG - Along the Way...
022864: HATCH, ROBERT MCCONNELL - Thrust for Canada The American Attempt on Quebec in 1775-1776
045028: HATHAWAY, NANCY - The Unicorn
039390: HATJUN, J. [TRANSLATED BY RÓBERT EJURI] - Selected Chess Games of Mikhail Tal
028259: HATZFELD, JEAN - Machete Season: The Killers in Rwanda Speak
043695: HAUF, TIM - Little Trees, Big Sky Portrait of a Northern Wilderness
045736: HAUG, JAMES K. - Analysis of a Paleo-Indian Occupation Floor at the Duck River Site
039754: HAUGAN, RANDOLPH E. - Christmas (Volume 30) An American Annual of Christmas Literature and Art
020891: GILLES HAVARD - The Great Peace of Montreal of 1701 French-Native Diplomacy in the Seventeenth Century
034783: HAWES, JAMES - Why You Should Read Kafka Before You Waste Your Life
026946: HAWKES, JOHN - Second Skin
043981: HAWKING, STEPHEN; CARL SAGAN [INTRO.]; RON MILLER [ILLUST.] - A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes
044495: HAWKING, STEPHEN - God Created the Integers The Mathematical Breakthroughs That Changed History
044029: HAWKINS, DAVID R. - Truth Vs. Falsehood How to Tell the Difference
044030: HAWKINS, DAVID R. - I Reality and Subjectivity
041760: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Scarlet Letter
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045327: HAY, ELIZABETH - Late Nights on Air
008287: HAYDEN, MICHAEL - Seeking a Balance University of Saskatchewan, 1907-1982
012696: HAYDON, ANDREW - Mackenzie King and the Liberal Party
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044568: HAYEK, F. A. - The Road to Serfdom Text and Documents
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040231: HAYES, MICHAEL - Irish Travellers Representations and Realities
019021: HAYNES, ALAN - The Gunpowder Plot
012035: HAYWARD, VICTORIA - Romantic Canada
018845: HAZEL, JOHN - Who's Who in the Classical World / 2 Volumes Vol. 1 The Roman World; Vol. 2 The Greek World
042405: HEAD, RICHARD; KIRKMAN, FRANCIS - The English Rogue Described in the Life of Meriton Latroon: A Witty Vagrant
038091: HEADY, KATY - Literature and Censorship in Restoration Germany Repression and Rhetoric
046142: HEANEY, SEAMUS - New Selected Poems, 1966-1987
014608: HEAPS, GORDON - The New Grower's Guide to Orchids
040883: HEARN, LIAN - The Harsh Cry of the Heron The Last Tale of the Otori
043303: HEATH, TERRANCE - Joe Fafard
043918: HEATH, JOSEPH - Enlightenment 2. 0 Restoring Sanity to Our Politics, Our Economy, and Our Lives
039804: BLAKE HEATHCOTE - Testaments of Honour Personal Histories of Canada's War Veterans
045940: HEATHERWICK, THOMAS - Making
023687: HEBERT, ANNE - Anne Hébert Collected Later Novels
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042029: HEIJENOORT, JEAN VAN - From Frege to Godel A Source Book in Mathematical Logic 1879-1931
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026848: HEINIMANN, DAVID - We Die Alone
035590: HEINRICHS, MARJ; HIEBERT, DIANNE - Johann R. Reimer: A Family History
044228: HELLER, JOSEPH - Closing Time
040112: HELLER, STEVEN; GAIL ANDERSON - New Modernist Type
042283: HELMS, RANDEL - Tolkien's World
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031121: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Old Man and the Sea
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022426: HEMON, ALEKSANDAR - Love and Obstacles Stories
043621: HEMPEL, CARL G. - The Philosophy of Carl G. Hempel: Studies in Science, Explanation, and Rationality
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026533: HENDRIE, ANDREW - Canadian Squadrons in Coastal Command
043016: HENDRIX, GRADY - Horrorstör A Novel
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042478: O. HENRY - Options
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017235: HIGGINS, TIM - Bears on Broadway A Love Affair in Concrete
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034611: HORNBY, NICK - About a Boy
043214: HORNBY, NICK - The Polysyllabic Spree A Hilarious and True Account of One Man's Struggle With the Monthly Tide of the Books He's Bought and the Books He's Been Meaning to Read
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046119: HRABAL, BOHUMIL - The Little Town Where Time Stood Still
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044457: HUNT, JONATHAN - Illuminations
035572: HUNT, JOHN DIXON - Garden and Grove The Italian Renaissance Garden in the English Imagination: 1600-1750
036294: HUNTER, JAMES, TRANS., AND MRS. (JEAN ROSS) HUNTER - Oo Meyo Achimoowin St. John / the Gospel According to St. John (with) Nistum Oo Mamowe Mussinahumakawin John / the First Epistle General of John Translated into the Language of the Cree Indians, of the Diocese of Rupert's Land, North-West America
008479: HUNTER, ANDREW - Up North a North Ontario Tragedy
029339: HUNTER, SEB - Rock Me Amadeus When Ignorance Meets High Art, Things Can Get Messy
035149: HUNTER, VIRGINIA J. - Policing Athens Social Control in the Attic Lawsuits, 420-320 B. C.
036929: HUNTER, R. L. - The New Comedy of Greece and Rome
038602: HUNTFORD, ROLAND; KRAKAUER, JON (SERIES EDITOR) - The Last Place on Earth Scott and Amundsen's Race to the South Pole
010442: HURD, DAVID - Kidnap at Kiunga
015868: HURTER, S.J. - Theologiae Dogmaticae Compendium in Usum Studiosorum Theologiae Theologia Generalis Complectens Tractus Quatuor; Theologia Specialis Pars Altera Complectens Tractus Tres De Deo Uno et Trino, De Deo Creatore et de Verbo Incarnato; Theologiae Specialis Pars Altera Complectens Tractatus Tres De Gratia, De Sacramentis et Deo Omnium Consummatore
021312: HURTIG, MEL - Pay the Rent or Feed the Kids The Tragedy and Disgrace of Poverty in Canada
017581: HUSAINI, S.A.Q. - The Pantheistic Monism of Ibn Al-'Arabi
024537: BENCH HISTORY HUSTLERS - Rippling Memories
028875: HUSTVEDT, SIRI - The Sorrows of an American
041523: HUSTVEDT, SIRI - The Blazing World A Novel
040337: HUSTVEDT, SIRI - What I Loved
046081: HUTCHINS, MAUDE - Victorine
044623: HUTCHINSON, W.M.L.; DUGALD STEWART WALKER - Orpheus with His Flute: Stories of the World's Springtime
042644: HUTCHINSON, HORACE G. - The Golfing Pilgrim on Many Links
016056: HUTCHISON, FRANK ED. - New South Wales The Mother Colony of the Australias.
017676: BARONESS VON HUTTEN - Eddy and Edouard
039456: HUTTER, ERNEST M. (ED.) - Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Volume 16 No. 10 October 1971 NEW stories presented by the master of SUSPENSE
002356: HUTTON, MAURICE - All the Rivers Run Into the Sea
042470: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Proper Studies
013987: [HUXLEY, T. H.]; EDITED FROM THE UNPUBLISHED MS. BY JULIAN HUXLEY - T.H. Huxley's Diary of the Voyage of H.M. S. Rattlesnake
043905: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Devils of Loudun
042469: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Do What You Will
046031: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Brave New World & Brave New World Revisited
019569: HUXLEY, THOMAS H. - Lessons in Elementary Physiology
042467: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Jesting Pilate
042212: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Devils of Loudun The Psychology of Power Politics and Mystical Religion in the France of Cardinal Richelieu
040309: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Brave New World Revisited
041454: HVISTENDAHL, MARA - Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men
045511: HWANG, SU-KYOUNG - Korea's Grievous War
040891: HWANG, SUN-MI - The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly A Novel
027263: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Solitary in the Ranks Lawrence of Arabia as Airman and Private Soldier
037980: WINNIPEG HYDRO - The Great Holiday Cookbook
031196: [MANITOBA HYDRO] - A History of Electric Power in Manitoba
045648: JOHN H. HYLTON - Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada Current Trends and Issues
039165: HYLTON, WIL S. - Vanished The Sixty-Year Search for the Missing Men of World War II
023835: HYNES, JOEL THOMAS - Right Away Monday
014053: IANNUZZI, D. C. - City of Sinners
039717: IBBETT, VERA - Flowers in Hearaldry
045533: IDOL, JENNIFER - An American Immersion How the First Woman to Dive all 50 States Was Transformed by Her Quest.
044888: IERLEY, MERRITT - Wondrous Contrivances Technology at the Threshold
029597: IGGULDEN, CONN - Lords of the Bow The Epic Story of the Great Conqueror
032917: IGGULDEN, CONN - Emperor: The Gates of Rome A Novel of Julius Caesar
029596: IGGULDEN, CONN - Bones of the Hills The Epic Story of the Great Conqueror
019551: IGGULDEN, CONN - Tollins Explosive Tales for Children
029598: IGGULDEN, CONN - Wolf of the Plains The Epic Story of the Great Conqueror
044533: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - The Lesser Evil Political Ethics In An Age Of Terror
026901: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Charlie Johnson in the Flames
023903: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Scar Tissue
023833: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Charlie Johnson in the Flames: A Novel
021878: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - The Warrior's Honor Ethnic War and the Modern Conscience
040921: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - Scar Tissue
028965: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL - The Lesser Evil Political Ethics In An Age Of Terror
042189: KRECH III, SHEPARD - Native Canadian Anthropology and History A Selected Bibliography
031825: DUBUS III, ANDRE - The Garden of Last Days
021779: MARSHALL IIL, JOSEPH M. - Winter of the Holy Iron
044805: BUSSIDOR, ILA AND ÜSTÜN BILGEN-REINART - Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene
024491: ILARION, METROPOLITAN; FR. STEPHAN JARMUS [ED.]; ORYSIA FERBEY [TRANS.] - The Ukrainian Church Outlines of History of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (In Two Volumes)
039021: ILLICH, IVAN - Gender
038870: ILLICH, IVAN - Celebration of Awareness
017647: WILHELM KAUFMANN [ILLUSTRATOR] - City of the Rivers
018457: R. E. LEWIS INC. - Early Lithographs: 1806 - 1835 R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue July 1991
018466: R. E. LEWIS INC. - Proofs and Rarities III R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue October 1987
045525: CANADA DRY MOTTS INC. - Caesars The Essential Guide to Your Favourite Cocktail
018463: R. E. LEWIS INC. - 17th Century Prints R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue October 1984
018454: R. E. LEWIS INC. - 19th and Early 20th Century Prints R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue Febuary 1990
018461: R. E. LEWIS INC. - 16th to 18th Century Prints R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue May 1987
028532: [WINNIPEG MUSIC COMPETITION FESTIVAL INC.] - 75th Anniversary Celebration: Winnipeg Music Competition Festival, 1919 - 1993 [Program Book]
018464: R. E. LEWIS INC. - Sixteenth Century Prints R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue September 1985
018465: R. E. LEWIS INC. - 17th Century Etchings & Engravings R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue June 1989
028592: [WINNIPEG MUSIC COMPETITION FESTIVAL INC.] - 75th Anniversary Celebration: Winnipeg Music Competition Festival, 1919 -1993 [Program Book]
018455: R. E. LEWIS INC. - Recent Acquisitions R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue October 1990
018456: R. E. LEWIS INC. - Proofs and Rarities R. E. Lewis Inc. Catalogue September 1983
028793: [PION-ERA INCORPORATED] - Pion-Era: 1958 Souvenir Program Theme: Westward Ho-The Steel! [Price 25 Cents]
032462: INDIAN AND NORTHERN AFFAIRS - The Canadian Indian: Yukon and Northwest Territories
032461: INDIAN AND NORTHERN AFFAIRS - The Canadian Indian: Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces
JA028629: [NO AUTHOR INDICATE] - Standard Textbook of Cosmetology: A Practical Course on the Scientific Fundementals of Beauty Culture for Students and Practicing Cosmetologists
JA028618: [NO AUTHOR INDICATED] - Vancouver, B.C.
028866: [NO AUTHOR INDICATED] - British Columbia Hairdressers' Examination: Questions and Answers [Special Technical Information on Questions and Answers Regarding Beauty Culture] Compiled and Published as a Beauty Culture Guide
011117: [NO AUTHOR INDICATED] - Some Guesses at Truth (Reported)
JA028625: [NO AUTHOR INDICATED] - Vancouver Island, British Columbia [Greetings from Comox District to You at Home]

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