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045947: WILLIAMS, TONY - The Pox and the Covenant Mather, Franklin, and the Epidemic That Changed America's Destiny
060724: WILLIAMS, WALTER L. - The Spirit and the Flesh Sexual Diversity in American Indian Culture
029728: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS - In the American Grain
058526: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - All Hallows' Eve
057094: WILLIAMS, DONNA - Nobody Nowhere The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic
9900036156: WILLIAMS, SARAH (ED.) - Letters Written by John Chamberlain During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.
9900044862: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - The Rose Tattoo
051571: WILLIAMS, EVAN CALDER - Shard Cinema
051459: WILLIAMS, PENELOPE - Toxic Treatment: Surviving the Cancer Wars
060352: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Descent Into Hell A Novel
067768: WILLIAMS, STEPHEN GUION - In the Middle The Inuit today
069268: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND; GEOFF DYER (INTRO.) - Politics and Letters Interviews with New Left Review
065146: WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR - Captain Cook's Voyages: 1768-1779
059735: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Descent Into Hell A Novel
052388: WILLIAMS, ROBERT CHADWELL - Klaus Fuchs, Atom Spy
9900019656: WILLIAMSON, DAVID - Gladstone: The Man
035903: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS - Who Was the Man in the Iron Mask? And Other Historical Mysteries
9900043658: WILLIAMSON, DAVE - Saults & Pollard to Pollard Banknote / a Century in Print
069040: WILLIAMSON, J. A. [ED.] - The Cabot Voyages and Bristol Discovery Under Henry VII / with Cartography of the Voyages by R.A. Skelton
9900007144: WILLIAMSON, MONCRIEFF - Robert Harris / 1849-1919 / an Unconventional Biography
018595: WILLIAMSON, A.M. - Black Incense Tales of Monte Carlo
9900043993: WILLIAMSON, DAVID S. - Shandy
051109: WILLIAMSON, DAVE - Saults & Pollard to Pollard Banknote, a Century in Print
9900019771: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS - John Hampden
9900033408: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - The Village Book
9900037029: WILLICH, A. F. M., M.D. / SECOND AMERICAN EDITION, WITH ADDITIONS, BY THOMAS COOPER, ESQ. M.D. - The Domestic Encyclopedia: Or, a Dictionary of Facts and Useful Knowledge Chiefly Applicable to Rural and Domestic Economy
062424: WILLINGHAM, BILL - Fables, Vol. 3 Storybook Love
067785: WILLINGHAM, BILL; ET AL. - Fables Vol. 1 Legends in Exile (New Edition)
039765: WILLIS, JERRY; MERL MILLER, AND NANCY MORRICE - Things to Do with an Atari Computer
065388: WILLIS, JANICE DEAN (COMP.) - The Diamond Light An Introduction to Tibetan Buddhist Meditations
062509: WILLISON, NILS - Muskoka Echoes
069489: WILLOT, J. - La Philosophie de la Connaissance 
049347: [WILLS] - Wills' Cigarette Cards / Roses, Second Series: 85 Cards
048202: WILLS, GARRY - Papal Sin Structures of Deceit
070423: WILMERDING, JOHN - Andrew Wyeth The Helga Pictures
053390: WILMOT, LAURENCE; A.M.C. WATERMAN (INTRO.) - The St John's College Story: A Documentary
063580: WILNER, BURTON I. - A Classification of the Major Groups of Human and Other Animal Viruses
023613: WILSON, BARRIE - How Jesus Became Christian
042053: WILSON, COLIN - Alien Dawn: An Investigation Into the Contact Experience
061079: WILSON, SHAWN - Gwitch'in Native Elders Not Just Knowledge, But a Way of Looking at the World
9900026584: WILSON, ROMER - Latterday Symphony
042197: WILSON, COLIN - Rogue Messiahs: Tales of Self-Proclaimed Saviors
060525: WILSON, ROBERT ANTON - Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy The Universe Next Door / The Trick Top Hat / The Homing Pigeons
069963: WILSON, EDWARD OSBORNE - Consilience The Unity of Knowledge
9900036003: WILSON, KEITH - Manitoba: Profile of a Province
9900003405: WILSON, GAHAN - Playboy's Gahan Wilson
063550: WILSON, HARRY LEON - Lone Tree
067601: WILSON, ANN; NANCY WILSON, CHARLES R. CROSS - Kicking & Dreaming A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll
9900036334: WILSON, SHERI-D. - Swerve
067894: WILSON, ROBERT A. - Modern Book Collecting
9900008623: WILSON, DANIEL - The Huron Race and Its Head-Form
066584: WILSON, CARL - Let's Talk About Love Why Other People Have Such Bad Taste
045699: WILSON, E. O. - The Creation An Appeal to Save Life on Earth
046377: WILSON, IAN; SALLY WILSON - Wild and Free Living With Wildlife in Canadas North
040001: WILSON, KEITH; ANTOINE S. LUSSIER - Off and Running Horse Racing in Manitoba
025843: WILSON, DEREK - The Tower of London
064908: WILSON, HAP; STEPHANIE ACKROYD - Wilderness Rivers of Manitoba
055412: WILSON, VICKY (ED.) - Images of Woman
068439: WILSON, ETHEL - Swamp Angel
9900040379: WILSON, HAP - Grey Owl and Me Stories from the Trail and Beyond
9900039756: WILSON, KEITH - William Cyprian Pinkham / Manitobans in Profile
9900031485: WILSON, ANDREW - The Abode of Snow Observations of a Journey from Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus Through the Upper Valleys of the Himilaya
050465: WILSON, CINTRA - A Massive Swelling: Celebrity Re-Examined As a Grotesque, Crippling Disease and Other Cultural Revelations
048632: SERENA. WILSON - The Serena Technique of Belly Dancing
048713: WILSON, KEITH - Thomas Clarkson Scoble
039325: WILSON, JAMES - Rose Castle: The Residential Seat of the Bishop of Carlisle
9900025966: WILSON, KEITH - Thomas Clarkson Scoble
9900025974: WILSON, KEITH - Robert Terrill Rundle
9900025973: WILSON, KEITH - William Cyprian Pinkham
9900025888: WILSON, KEITH - Manitobans in Profile Hugh John Macdonald
9900029434: WILSON, CLIFFORD (ED.) - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, Season 1944-45.
069789: WILSON, ROBERT - The Company of Strangers
065875: WILSON, RICK - Everything Trump Touches Dies A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever
9900033257: WILSON, EDMUND - The Wound and the Bow Seven Studies in Literature
052713: WILSON, FRANCES - Literary Seductions Compulsive Writers and Diverted Readers
9900041476: WIMPERIS, H. E. - Defeating the Bomber
067969: WINANT, ALICE - Sculptures
057621: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded August 27, 1883
060810: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Map That Changed the World William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology
057613: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Map That Changed the World William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology
070055: WINCHESTER, JIM - Military Aircraft of the Cold War The Aviation Factfile
042401: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Meaning of Everything The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary
039603: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Their Noble Lordships Class and Power in Modern Britain
047009: SIMON WINCHESTER - The Meaning of Everything The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary
066377: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Map That Changed the World William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology
031931: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded. August 27, 1883
019875: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Man Who Loved China The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kindgom
040174: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded August 27, 1883
061698: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Professor and the Madman A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
066376: WINCHESTER, SIMON; [JOSEPH NEEDHAM] - The Man Who Loved China The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdom
057614: WINCHESTER, SIMON - A Crack in the Edge of the World America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906
048653: WINEHOUSE, JANIS - Loving Amy A Mother's Story
069568: WINKLE, KENNETH J. - Lincoln's Citadel The Civil War in Washington, DC
034462: WINKLER, JOHN J. - The Constraints of Desire The Anthropology of Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece
030851: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - By-Laws of the City of Winnipeg: Dealt with by the Council During the Year 1946
9900039990: LAKES WINNIPEG AND MANITOBA BOARD - Report on Measures for the Control of the Waters of Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba / Supplementary Volumes I and II
003460: [THE CITY OF WINNIPEG] - On the East of the River a History of the East Kildonan - Transcona Community
9900000500: [WINNIPEG, CITY OF] - The Historic Winnipeg Restoration Area / an Illustrated Guide to Winnipeg's Historic Warehouse District
069397: [BISHOP'S COURT WINNIPEG] - St. John's College Chapel
9900030310: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - 1983 the Year Past Report of the City of Winnipeg Historical Buildings Committee
058227: [METROPOLITAN CORPORATION OF GREATER WINNIPEG] - Metropolitan Winnipeg Street Guide
9900002238: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - City of Winnipeg by-Laws
049161: WINTER, MICHAEL - Minister without Portfolio
036155: WINTER, MICHAEL - This All Happened A Fictional Memoir
063601: WINTER, KATHLEEN - Annabel
067322: WINTER, JAY; BLAINE BAGGETT - The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century
044182: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?
055238: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - The Powerbook
063171: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Sexing the Cherry
062347: WISBESKI, DOROTHY - Okee The Story of an Otter in the House
047526: WISE, VICTORIA; SUSANNA HOFFMAN - The Well-Filled Tortilla Cookbook
044994: WISEMAN, NELSON - Social Democracy in Manitoba A History of the CCF-NDP
9900039012: WISEMAN, ADELE - Crackpot
051982: WISEMAN, JACQUELINE P. - Stations of the Lost The Treatment of Skid Row Alcoholics
018989: WISSE, RUTH R. - The Modern Jewish Canon A Journey Through Language and Culture
9900037227: WISSLER, CLARK - North American Indians of the Plains
9900034187: WISTER, OWEN - When West Was West
062349: WISTER, OWEN - Padre Ignacio; Or, the Song of Temptation by Owen Wister
052143: WISTRICH, ROBERT S. - Hitler and the Holocaust
062114: WITHERSPOON, MARY ELIZABETH - The Morning Cool
043655: WITHROW, WILLIAM - Contemporary Canadian Painting
053216: WITHROW, WILLIAM J. - Bauhaus: 50 Years; German Exhibition (Including a Supplemental Volume. ) Art Gallery of Ontario in Cooperation with the National Design Council, Grange Park, Toronto 28; December 6, 1969 - Febrary 1, 1970
059606: WITTES, BENJAMIN & GABRIELLA BLUM - The Future of Violence: Robots and Germs, Hackers and Drones Confront A New Age of Threat
011434: ODYNSKY, WM. AND J. D. NEWTON - Soil Survey of the Rycroft and Watino Sheets Report No. 15 - Alberta Soil Survey
011460: ODYNSKY, WM. AND A. WYNNYK - Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the High Prairie and Mclennan Sheets Report No. 17 - Alberta Soil Survey
9900028101: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Plot That Thickened
044205: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Golf Omnibus Thirty-One Humorous Tales from the Green by the Master of Comic Fiction
070072: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Right Ho, Jeeves
066062: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Plums of P.G. Wodehouse
067551: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Intrusion of Jimmy
054392: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Lord Emsworth and Others
027713: WOHLSEN, MARCUS - Biopunk: Solving Biotech's Biggest Problems in Kitchens and Garages
9900003654: WOLCOTT, P. C. - What Is Christian Science? an Examination of the Metaphysical, the Theological, and the Therapeutic Theories of the System
030886: GRAUMAN WOLF, STEPHANIE - As Various As Their Land: The Everyday Lives of Eighteenth-Century Ameicans
062595: WOLF, NAOMI - Fire with Fire The New Female Power and How It Will Change the 21st Century
046933: WOLF, ERIKA - Aleksandr Zhitomirsky Photomantage as a weapon of World War II and the Cold War
062593: WOLF, NAOMI - Misconceptions Truth, Lies, and the Unexpected on the Journey to Motherhood
063095: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLF - Traditional Dress Knowledge and Methods of Old-Time Clothings
027520: WOLF, ADOLF HUNGRY - Good Medicine in Glacier National Park
068284: WOLF, LEONARD - A Dream of Dracula In Search of the living Dead
056924: HUNGRY WOLF, ADOLF; BEVERLY HUNGRY WOLF - Blackfoot Craftworker's Book
066003: WOLFART, H. CHRISTOPH - Plains Cree: A Grammatical Study (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society: Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge; New Series - Volume 63, Part 5)
064984: WOLFE, TOM - Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers
067966: WOLFE, TOM - Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine
069057: WOLFE, THOMAS - Look Homeward, Angel
041194: WOLFE, TOM - Hooking Up
036838: WOLFE, TOM - In Our Time
060044: WOLFE, TOM - The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby
068972: THOMAS WOLFE - The Complete Short Stories of Thomas Wolfe
023694: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Barracks Thief
9900042886: WOLFF, ALBERT - 1886 Figaro-Salon
068083: WOLFF, LEON - In Flanders Fields The 1917 Campaign
052866: MICHAEL WOLFF - Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House
060045: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Barracks Thief and Selected Stories
042985: WOLFFE, RICHARD - Renegade: The Making of a President
060620: WOLFSON, PAULA ETHEL; LLOYD WOLF - Jewish Mothers Strength, Wisdom, Compassion
048175: VAN DER WOLK, JOHANNES - Vincent Van Gogh Drawings, 1853-1890
046380: WOLMAR, CHRISTIAN - Blood, Iron & Gold How the Railways Transformed the World
024737: WOLOCH, ISSER - Napoleon and His Collaborators The Making of a Dictatorship
052524: WOLPERT, STANLEY - India
045272: WOLSELEY, GARNET; JAMES A. RAWLEY [ED. & INTRO.] - The American CIVIL War: An English View The Writings of Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley
037781: ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH WOMEN - 50 Casseroles
048775: [ADVISORY COUNCIL ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN] - The Person Papers: Rape and Sexual Assault
9900022734: [STATUS OF WOMEN] - Report of the Manitoba Volunteer Committee on the Status of Women
9900029717: [WINNIPEG - MANITOBA - WOMEN] - The Great Human Heart / a History of the Manitoba Women's Institute 1910-1980
034899: WONG, JAN - Out of the Blue A Memoir of Workplace Depression, Recovery, Redemption and, Yes, Happiness
055639: WONG, DAVID - This Book Is Full of Spiders Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It
042719: WONG, JAN - Red China Blues My Long March from Mao to Now
063351: WONNEK, SUE - Linear
9900035286: WOOD, S. ANDREW - I'LL Blackmail the World
028342: WOOD, DAVID - Time After Time
045726: WOOD, W.J. - The Terminal Woodland Period at Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba
045727: WOOD, W.J. - The Terminal Woodland Period at Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba
070619: WOOD, RUTH KEDZIE - The Tourist's Northwest With Numerous Illustrations
031932: WOOD, BRIAN; BRETT, WELDELE - Couscous Express
063009: WOOD, WILLIAM - Flag and Fleet How the British Navy Won the Freedom of the Seas
9900043034: WOOD, LAWSON & G. E. STUDDY - Jolly Rhymes
035309: WOOD, DON - Into the Volcano A Graphic Novel
022638: WOOD, JAMES N. - Democracy and the Will to Power
051310: WOOD, RALPH C. - The Gospel According to Tolkien Visions of the Kingdom in Middle-Earth
070553: WOOD, GABY - Edison's Eve A Magical History of the Quest for Mechanical Life
065868: WOOD, RALPH C. - The Gospel According to Tolkien Visions of the Kingdom in Middle-Earth
036931: WOODARD, THOMAS (ED.) - Sophocles A Collection of Critical Essays
068177: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - The Walls of India
9900037331: WOODCOCK, AUDREY M. - Cartulary of the Priory of St. Gregory, Canterbury
053340: WOODFORDE, JOHN; JAMES LAVER (FOREWORD) - The Strange Story of False Teeth
045658: WOODGATE, M.V. - Charles de Condren
063022: WOODROFFE, PATRICK - The Second Earth the Pentatench Re-Told
032499: WOODROW, MARNIE - In the Spice House
031489: WOODS, S.E., JR. - The Squirrels of Canada
9900014563: WOODS, ANNA - Freeing the Spirits
046830: WOODS, FREDERICK - Winston S. Churchill War Correspondent, 1895-1900
029227: WOODS, FREDERICK [WINSTON CHURCHILL] - Young Winston's Wars The Original Despatches of Winston S. Churchill War Correspondent, 1897-1900
039684: WOODS, PAUL A. (ED.) - Quentin Tarantino The Film Geek Files
065035: WOODS, PAUL - How to Do Great Work without Being an Asshole
040858: WOODS, PAUL - Blood Siblings: The Cinema of Joel Coen and Ethan Coen
9900033100: WOODS, SARA - Knives Have Edges
9900037823: WOODSWORTH, J. S. - My Neighbor a Study of City Conditions / a Plea for Social Service
9900032687: WOODSWORTH, J. S. - War Clippings from a War-Time Scrap-Book
045431: WOODWARD, BOB - Wired The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi
9900031828: WOODWARD, B. B. - A History and Description of Winchester
9900042589: WOODWARD, W. - Historical Survey of Hartlepool and Description of Corporation Plate, &C.
070463: WOODWARD, BOB - The Secret Man The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat
067182: WOODWARD, BOB - Fear Trump in the White House
048137: ALLENM WOODY - Side Effects
069330: WOOLARD, SAMUEL F. - Pictures of Memory
041554: WOOLCOTT, ALEXANDER - Mrs. Fiske Her Views on Actors, Acting, and the Problems of Production
057049: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Mrs. Dalloway
054401: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Years
065556: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - To the Lighthouse
068454: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Women and Writing
9900025029: WOOLF, LEONARD - Imperialism and Civilization
039988: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Jacob's Room
048846: WOOLF, VIRGINIA; NIGEL NICOLSON; JOANNE TRAUTMANN (ED.) - The Question of Things Happening The Letter of Virginia Woolf. Vol II: 1912-1922
054716: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Mrs. Dalloway
066945: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Between the Acts Penguin Modern Classics
061551: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Moments of Being
054567: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Mark on the Wall and Other Short Fiction
053267: WOOLF, VIRGINIA; JOANNE TRAUTMANN BANKS (ED.) - Congenial Spirits: The Selected Letters of Virginia Woolf
061169: WOOLLETT, LAURA ELIZABETH - Beautiful Revolutionary
9900034435: WOOLLEY, C. LEONARD; LAWRENCE, T. E. - Palestine Exploration Fund Annual, 1914-1915. Double Volume. The Wilderness of Zin (Archaeological Report) with a Chapter on the Greek Inscriptions by M. N. Tod
9900043093: RICH, E. E. (EDITOR) ASSISTED BY A. M. JOHNSON WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY J. M. WORDIE AND R. J. CYRIAX - John Rae's Correspondence with the Hudson's Bay Company on Arctic Exploration 1844-1855
064075: WORTON, ZACH - The Search for Charley Butters Charley Butters Trilogy
059188: WOSK, MIRIAM - Sequins and Skeletons: The Art of Miriam Wosk Paper - Paint - Glue - Glitter- Backroom - Stuff - Scrapbooks - Details - Process - Pictures - Inspiration
025806: WOTTON, PATRICIA - With Love, Lydia The Story of Canada's First Woman Ordained Minister
033647: WOYCENKO, OL'HA - The Ukrainians in Canada
9900020335: WOYCENKO, OL'HA - The Ukrainians in Canada
9900041728: WRAGG, DAVID - Boats of the Air an Illustrated History of Flying Boats, Seaplanes & Amphibians
9900033478: WRENCH, G. T., M.D. - Lord Lister His Life and Work
064322: WRENN, CHASE - Truth
067948: WRIGHT, H. CURTIS - Jesse Shera, Librarianship, and Information Science
024656: WRIGHT, RONALD - Stolen Continents The "New World" Through Indian Eyes
059424: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - A Testament Book One: Autobiographical and Book Two: The New Architecture in one volume
064005: WRIGHT, RITA P. (ED.) - Gender and Archaeology
064072: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - The Teacher's Daughter
062954: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - The Terror Years From al-Qaeda to the Islamic State
062569: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Final Things
068917: WRIGHT, LOUIS B.; VIRGINIA FREUND; EDS. - The Historie of Travell Into Virginia Britania (1612) / by William Strachey, Gent.
059499: WRIGHT, J. V.; R. S. KIDD; ROSCOE WILMETH; RUTH GRUHN; ROBERT MCGHEE - Contributions to Anthropology VII: Archaeology and Physical Anthropology Bulletin 232
9900037491: WRIGHT, DARLENE - Out of Tradition Abraham Anghik / David Ruben Piqtoukun
043723: WRIGHT, CLIFFORD A. - A Mediterranean Feast: The Story of the Birth of the Celebrated Cuisines of the Mediterranean from the Merchants of Venice to the Barbary Corsairs, with More Than 500 Recipes
025811: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Clara Callan : A Novel
025826: WRIGHT, RONALD - A Scientific Romance
061991: WRIGHT, HELEN K. - Images
042923: RICHARD B WRIGHT - Clara Callan
062069: WRIGHT, RONALD - Short History of Progress
057584: WRIGHT, RONALD - Stolen Continents The "New World" Through Indian Eyes
008203: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Adultery
062115: WRIGHT, RICHARD BRUCE - Clara Callan A novel
037879: WRIGHT, RICHARD B . - October
9900037323: WRIGHT, THOMAS [ED.] - A Contemporary Narrative of the Proceedings Against Dame Alice Kyteler, Persecuted for Sorcery in 1324, by Richard de Ledrede. .
062288: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - The Looming Tower Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11
9900000553: WRIGHT, H. ELEANOR (MOONEY) - Joe Lake Reminiscences of an Algonquin Park Ranger's Daughter
017408: WRIGHT, REV. G. N. - Landscape-Historical Illustrations of Scotland, and the Waverly Novels
018761: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Clara Callan A Novel
9900044484: WRIGHT, J. F. - Geology and Mineral Deposits of a Part of Southeastern Manitoba
037880: WRIGHT, RICHARD B . - Adultery
051679: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - October
068915: WRIGHT, IRENE A.; TRANS., ED. - Further English Voyages to Spanish America / 1583-1594 / Documents from the Archives of the Indies at Seville Illustrating English Voyages to the Caribbean, the Spanish Main, Florida, and Virginia
048707: WRIGHT, DARE - Lona, a Fairy Tale
9900022613: WRIGHT, ESMOND (ED., INTRO.) - The Fire of Liberty
067117: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Native Son
9900029601: WRIGHT, L. R. - Kidnap
065500: WRIGHT, PAUL - The Christian's New and Complete British Family Bible Being A New, Clear, Full, and Universal Exposition and Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. Containing the Whole of the Sacred Text of the Holy Bible, as Contained in the Old and New Testaments, with the Apochrypha, at Large.
028986: WRIGHT, ESMOND, ED. - The Fire of Liberty
060790: WRIGHT, RONALD - Henderson's Spear A Novel
067502: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Native Son Perennial Classics
9900033904: WRIGHT, LAURA MOORE - The Song of Rolland the Legend That Turoldus Relates / the Oxford Version Tranlated Into Modern English Verse
056731: WRIGHT, RONALD - Cut Stones and Crossroads A Journey in the Two Worlds of Peru
052848: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Frank Lloyd Wright Decorative Design Collection
052957: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - In the Middle of a Life
053279: WRIGHT, ALLEN A. - Prelude to Bonanza The Discovery and Exploration of the Yukon
053690: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Final Things
9900039967: MIERAU, MAURICE (WRITER AND INTERVIEWER) / HANA SIMON (MANAGING EDITOR) - Voices University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine - 125th Anniversary - 1883-2008
055309: LORRAINE K. MUENSTER (LAYOUT & WRITING); KATHLEEN ATKIN (ED.) - Peter Sawatzky Bronzes 1991 - 1999
025296: WROBLEWSKI, DAVID - The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
046474: WROE, ANN - The Perfect Prince The Mystery of Perkin Warbeck and His Quest for the Throne of England
067258: WUNDRAM, MANFRED - Art of the Renaissance
067334: WUNKER, ERIN - Notes from a Feminist Killjoy Essays on Everyday Life
011435: BOWSER, W. E., R. L. ERDMAN, F. A. WYATT AND J. D. NEWTON - Soil Survey of Peace Hills Sheet Report No. 14 of the Alberta Soil Survey
062271: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM - The Country Wife and Other Plays Love in a Wood; The Gentleman Dancing-Master; The Country Wife; the Plain Dealer
029992: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM - The Country Wife
048968: WYKES, ALAN - Snake Man The Story of C. J. P. Ionides
063039: WYKES, ALAN - Hitler's Bodyguards Ss Leibstandarte
069161: WYKES, ALAN - Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century: Hitler War Leader, Book #3
9900038945: WYKOFF, GERALD L. - Beyond the Glitter Everything You Need to Know to Buy... Sell... Care for... And Wear Gems and Jewelry Wisely
9900034377: WYLLIE, J. M. - The Oxford Dictionary Slanders the Greatest Scandal in the Whole History of Scholarship
9900000826: WYMAN, MAX - The Royal Winnipeg Ballet: The First Forty Years
9900041224: WYNDHAM, HENRY PENRUDDOCKE - The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis; from March 8, 1749, to February 6, 1761.
052236: WYNN, KENNETH G. - Men of the Battle of Britain: Supplementary Volume A Who was Who of the Pilots and Aircrew, British, Commonwealth and Allied, who flew with the Royal Air Force Fighter Command, July 10 to October 31, 1941
011432: ODYNSKY, WM., A. WYNNYK AND J. D. NEWTON - Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the Grande Prairie and Sturgeon Lake Sheets Report No. 18 - Alberta Soil Survey
066613: COMRADE X, [KEN ANDERSON] - My 3 Years Inside Russia
050543: XENOPHON - A History of My Times
043335: XIANLIANG, ZHANG - Getting Used to Dying
054615: XIAOLONG, QIU - Loyal Character Dancer
044728: XINGJIAN, GAO - One Man's Bible
065480: YABLONKA, HANNA; ORA CUMMINGS - The State of Israel Vs. Adolf Eichmann
9900040406: YACOWAR, MAURICE - No Use Shutting the Door
030229: YADIN, YIGAEL - The Message of the Scrolls
064553: YAGAMI, CHITOSE - Fall in Love Like a Comic, Vol. 2
069930: YAGER, DAVID - From Miracle to Menace Alberta, A Carbon Story
9900033577: YALLOP, DAVID - In God's Name an Investigation Into the Murder of Pope John Paul I
9900032545: YALLOP, DAVID - In God's Name
056552: YALOM, IRVIN D. - When Nietzsche Wept A Novel of Obsession
9900042561: YANCHYSHYN, ANNE CAROLINE - Come Walk with Me... I'LL Tell You a Story
055413: YANEFF, CHRIS (CUR.) - Exhibition: Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Academy House, 8 Adelaide St. East. Oct. 16 to Dec. 30, 1987
068992: YANG, BELLE - Forget Sorrow An Ancestral Tale
039685: YARMOLINSKY, AVRAHM - Dostoevsky: Works and Days
040428: YATCHEW, ADONIS - Semiparametric Regression for the Applied Econometrician
042367: YATES, SARAH - The Manitoba Society of Artists: A History
059217: YATES, RICHARD - Revolutionary Road
9900033073: YEAGER, DORR G. - Bob Flame Among the Navajo
042408: YEATS, W. B.; FRAYNE, JOHN P (ED.) - Uncollected Prose / 2 Volumes
069331: YEATS, W.B. - Dramatis Personae 1896-1902 Estrangement, The Death of Synge, The Bounty of Sweden
9900034063: YEATS, W. B. - Stories of Red Hanrahan. The Secret Rose. Rosa Alchemica.
063408: YEATS, W. B. - The Collected Poems
065832: YEE, RODNEY - Yoga
9900040592: YEE, CHEN MAY - The Royal Selangor Story Born and Bred in Pewter Dust
9900032822: YELLOWLEES, HENRY - The Human Approach a Book for Medical Students
070094: YENNE, BILL - The World's Worst Aircraft
062030: YESIL, BILGE - Media in New Turkey The Origins of an Authoritarian Neoliberal State
053930: YEW, WEI (ED.) - Gotcha Twice! The Art of the Billboard 2
067027: YI, AISIN-GIORO PU - From Emperor to Citizen / Two Volumes The Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi
066822: YODER, JOHN H. - Peace without Eschatology
018170: YODER, SANFORD CALVIN - For Conscience Sake A Study of Mennonite Migrations Resulting from the World War
069511: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - Man's Eternal Quest
9900032133: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - Love and Life an Old Story in Eighteenth Century Costume
057950: YORK, ALISSA - Fauna A Novel
056788: YORK, GEOFFREY - The Dispossessed Life and Death in Native Canada
049836: YORK, GEOFFREY & LOREEN PINDERA; DAN DAVID (FOREWORD) - People of the Pines: The Warriors and the Legacy of Oka
035593: YORK, ALISSA - Effigy
045963: YORK, ALISSA - The Naturalist
047005: YORK, SARAH KATHRYN - The Anatomy of Edouard Beaupre
021596: YORK, ALISSA - Mercy
051795: YORK, GEOFFREY - Dispossesed
061883: YORK, ALISSA - Mercy
063078: YORK, GEOFFREY - The Dispossessed Life and Death in Native Canada
051519: YORK, ALISSA - Effigy
065414: YORK, GEOFFREY - The Dispossessed Life and Death in Native Canada
023919: YORK, ALISSA - Mercy
053124: YORK, ALISSA - Fauna
070530: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Goodbye Tsugumi
057631: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Goodbye Tsugumi
070528: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Hardboiled and Hard Luck
070529: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Lizard
064780: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Lizard
058874: YOUNG, ASTRID - Being Young Scott, Neil and Me
058685: YOUNG, EGERTON RYERSON - Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Camp-Fires
065603: YOUNG, T. KUE - Health Care and Cultural Change The Indian Experience in the Central Subarctic
036720: YOUNG, BARBARA - This Man from Lebanon A Study of Kahlil Gibran
062565: YOUNG, EGERTON RYERSON - Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires
9900044687: YOUNG, LYMAN - The 'Pop-Up' Tim Tyler in the Jungle With Three Pop-up Pictures
045628: YOUNG, PATRICIA - Geologic Time: 7 New Poems 2nd prize, 4th Annual Poetry Chapbook Contest
046460: YOUNG, IAN - The Private Life of Islam
038885: YOUNG, IRENE - Nena
9900003538: YOUNG, EGERTON R - Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires
048218: YOUNG, ROBERT J. - Premonitions of War The Winnipeg Free Press in the Hitler Years
9900031362: YOUNG, EDWARD, CHIEF OF THE BUREAU - Quarterly Reports of the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics; Showing the Imports and Exports of the United States
9900017839: YOUNG, SCOTT - Neil and Me
031047: YOUNG, T. KUE - The Health of Native Americans Towards a Biocultural Epidemiology
000790: YOUNG, DAVID E. - Health Care Issues in the Canadian North
9900042547: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie Fun for All!
048743: YOUNG, ROBERT J. - Premontions of War The Winnipeg Free Press in the Hitler Years
051286: YOUNG, NEIL - Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars
050693: YOUNG, SETH - A Choice of Passions
049958: YOUNG, DAVID; GRANT INGRAM, AND LISE SWARTZ - Cry of the Eagle: Encounters with a Cree Healer
9900037095: YOUNG, EGERTON R. - Stories from Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires
9900031234: YOUNG, EDWARD, CHIEF OF THE BUREAU - Quarterly Reports of the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics; Showing the Imports and Exports of the United States
056929: YOUNG, STELLA - Ne Nanowawen Cree Sayings and Phrases in Roman Orthography and Syllabics
9900030683: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie #1
067876: YOUNG, ROBERT J.C. - Postcolonialism A Very Short Introduction
056930: YOUNG, STELLA - Ne Nanowawen 1000 Cree Words in Roman Orthography and Syllabics
053553: YOUNG, ANDREW MCLAREN; ARCHIBALD M. DOAK (ED.) - Architectural Jottings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh
9900011840: YOUNG, ROBERT - Analytical Concordance to the Holy Bible
053925: YOUNG, ED - Lon Po Po A Red-Riding Hood Story From China
052471: YOUNGE, GARY - Another Day in the Death of America: A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives
054682: YOUNGHUSBAND, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR GEORGE; DONALD MAXWELL (ILLUS.) - A Short History of the Tower of London
060347: YOUNGING, GREGORY; JONATHAN DEWAR; MIKE DEGAGNE - Response, Responsibility, and Renewal Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Journey
061859: YOUSAFZAI, MALALA - I Am Malala The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
035087: YOUSAFZAI, MALALA; CHRISTINA LAMB - I Am Malala The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot By the Taliban
041802: YU, SU-MEI - Asian Grilling 85 Satay, Kebabs, Skewers and Other Asian-Inspired Recipes for Your Barbecue
041992: YU, SU-MEI - The Elements of Life A Contemporary Guide to Thai Recipes and Traditions for Healthier Living
050271: YUAN, TIAN - Chinese Fold Toys and Ornaments
007192: YUZUK, PAUL, DOUGLAS KEMP - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III, Numbers 11, 12, 14, 16, 17 & 18, and 19
056397: YUZYK, PAUL - Ukranian Canadians Their Place and Role in Canadian Life
9900034322: ZABORSKI, BOGDAN - Atlas of Landscapes and Settlements of Eastern Canada
065218: ZACHARIAS, PETER D. - Reinland An Experience in Community
068289: ZACKS, RICHARD - The Pirate Coast Thomas Jefferson, the First Marines, and the Secret Mission of 1805
028482: ZACKS, RICHARD - An Underground Education The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew About Art, Sex, Business, Crime, Science, Medicine, and Other Fields of Human Knowledge
062837: ZAGOORY, JAC; HILDA CHAN - A Time to Watch The Wrist Watch As Art : Classic, Rare, Extraordinary
042630: DIDRIKSON ZAHARIAS, MILDRED - Championship Golf
050296: ZAIDMAN, LOUISE BRUIT; PAULINE SCHMITT PANTEL - Religion in the Ancient Greek City
044601: ZAKARIA, FAREED - The Future of Freedom Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad
070605: ZAPFFE, CARL A. - The Man Who Lived in 3 Centuries A Biographic Reconstruction of the Life of Kahbe Nagwi Wens, a Native Minnesotan
062717: ZARASKA, MARTA - Meathooked The History and Science of Our 2.5-Million-Year Obsession with Meat
9900032734: ZARN, GEORGE - Prairie Boys Afloat
034094: ZBITNEW, GREGORY - Generator - Eternal Golden Light
042419: ZEIDMAN, IRVING - The Amereican Burlesque Show
063823: ZEIGER, JOANNA - The Champion Mindset An Athlete's Guide to Mental Toughness
057176: ZELDIN, THEODORE - The French
052587: ZELDIN, THEODORE - Intimate History of Humanity
068634: ZELLER, BERNHARD - Hermann Hesse An Illustrated Biography
044408: ZEMAN, BRENDA - To Run with Longboat Twelve Stories of Indian Athletes in Canada
9900044777: ZENTNER, L. (ENGRAVER) - A Select Collection of Landscapes from the Best Old Masters / Une Collection Choisie de Paysages Engraved by L. Zentner, after Drawings made by him from original Pictures, in different cabinets, during his residence in Germany, France, Holland, &c. to which are added, Portraits of the Artists, and Short Biographical Accounts of each.
059304: ZENTNER, ALEXI - Copperhead
062904: ZERBE, GORDON MARK - Citizenship Paul on Peace and Politics
070255: ZERZAN, JOHN - A People's History of Civilization
051189: THE MARQUESS OF ZETLAND - Lord Cromer Being the Authorized Life of Evelyn Barin, First Earl of Cromer
032136: ZETTWOCH, DAN; KEVIN HUIZENGA - Amazing Facts & Beyond! with Leon Beyond [2008-2012]
069818: ZEUSCHNER, ROBERT B. - Edgar Rice Burroughs The Exhaustive Scholar's and Collector's Descriptive Bibliography of American Periodical, Hardcover, Paperback, and Reprint Editions
069823: ZEUSCHNER, ROBERT B. - Edgar Rice Burroughs The Exhaustive Scholar's and Collector's Descriptive Bibliography of American Periodical, Hardcover, Paperback and Reprint Editions
061905: ZHENG, WANG - Women in the Chinese Enlightenment Oral and Textual Histories
038292: ZIEGER, ROBERT H. - American Workers, American Unions, 1920--1985
036248: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - Mountbatten
9900031011: ZIEGLER, ROBERT F., M.D. - Electrocardiographic Studies in Normal Infants and Children
041405: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - Soldiers Fighting Men's Lives, 1901-2001
052773: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - King Edward VIII: A Biography
068867: ZILBOORG, ANNA; ALEXIS XENAKIS (PHOTOS.) - Magnificent Mittens & Socks The Beauty of Warm Hands and Feet
9900035738: VAN ZILE, EDWARD S. - Perkins the Fakeer a Travesty on Reincarnation
063739: ZIMBARDO, PHILIP - The Lucifer Effect Understanding How Good People Turn Evil
060890: ZIMMER, DAVE (ED.) - 4 Way Street The Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Reader
061123: ZIMMERMAN, PAUL D.; BURT GOLDBLATT - The Marx Brothers at the Movies with more than 200 movie stills and extensive excerpts from dialogue!
9900036404: ZIMMERMAN, MAJOR OLIVER B. - Internal Combustion Engines and Tractors Their Development, Design, Construction, Function and Maintenance
060832: ZIMNIK, REINER - The Crane
015155: ZINBERG, ISRAEL - A History of Jewish Literature / the German-Polish Cultural Centre Volume VI, Part Seven
052477: ZINDEL, PAUL - My Darling, My Hamburger
063468: ZINK, NELL - Nicotine A Novel
047848: ZINKEWYCH, OSYP - Ukrainian Olympic Champions
058846: ZINN, HOWARD; MATTHEW ROTHSCHILD (INTRO.) - The Historic Unfulfilled Promise
065642: KABAT-ZINN, JON - Meditation Is Not What You Think (Book One) Mindfulness and Why It Is So Important
062990: ZINN, HOWARD - Terrorism and War
057535: ZINN, HOWARD; DAVID BARSAMIAN - The Future of History Interviews with David Barsamian
058847: ZINN, HOWARD; ANTHONY ARNOVE (ED.) - Howard Zinn Speaks Collected Speeches 1963-2009
033737: ZINN, HOWARD - Voices of a People's History of the United States
065631: ZIPES, JACK - Don't Bet on the Prince Contemporary Feminist Fairy Tales in North America and England
068486: ZISKIN, DR. JAY; DR. MAE ZISKIN - The Extra-Marital Arrangement
015865: ZITELLI, ZEPHYRINO - Apparatus Iuris Ecclesiastici /Together with/ de Dispensationibus Matrimonialibus
064116: ZITS, PAUL WILLIAM - Massacre Street
065539: ZLOTKIN, NORMAN K - Unfinished Business Aboriginal Peoples and the 1983 Constitutional Conference
027833: ZOBEL, HILLER B. - The Boston Massacre
057239: ZOHAR, DANAH; I. N. MARSHALL - The Quantum Self Human Nature and Consciousness Defined by the New Physics
067983: ZOLA, EMILE - Germinal
9900032024: ZOLA, EMILE - Shell-Fish
9900022333: [ZOLA, EMILE] (LEDERER, ALISON M., TRANSL.) - For a Night the Maid of the Dawber Complements
067681: ZOLA, EMILE - Germinal
012802: ZOLF, FALK; TRANSLATED BY MARTIN GREEN - On Foreign Soil Volume 1: 1900-1917 [Oyf Fremder Erd]
9900035174: ZOLF, FALK - Oif Fremder Erd / on Foreign Soil
053932: ZOLF, RACHEL - Masque
9900035180: ZOLF, FALK - The Last of a Generation
064004: ZOLL, AMY - Gladiatrix True Story of History's Unknown Woman Warrior
068111: ZOLLNER, FRANK - Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings, Sketches and Drawings
046418: ZONIA, DHIMITRI - Arise My Love Song of Solomon
9900038015: ZORIAN, PAUL - Master Memory
9900041837: KHASEVYCH, NIL - ╠BEY-ZOT╬ AND HIS DISCIPLES - Ukrainian Underground Art: Album of the Woodcuts Made in Ukraine, in 1947-1950
066268: ZRALY, KEVIN - Windows on the World Complete Wine Course
9900025778: ZUCKERMAN, ALBERT - Tiger Kittens
049134: ZUEHLKE, MARK - The Cinderella Campaign First Canadian Army and the Battles for the Channel Ports
067824: ZUK, BILL - The Avro Arrow Story The Revolutionary Airplane and its Courageous Test Pilots
069518: ZUKAV, GARY - The Dancing Wu LI Masters An Overview of the New Physics
063621: ZUNTZ, GUNTHER - Opuscula Selecta Classica, Hellenistica, Christiana
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