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050058: Waldman, Carl - The Dictionary of Native American Terminology
9900043073: WALDO, Fullerton - Down the Mackenzie Through the Great Lone Land
077179: Waldram, James B. - As Long As the Rivers Run Hydroelectric Development and Native Communities in Western Canada
053257: Waldron, Ian (Ed.); Ken Roy (Series Editor) - Harcourt Shakespeare: Twelfth Night
055169: Walker, Lauren (Ed.) - Don Mccullin A Retrospective
070325: Walker, Jack - The Courts and the Winnipeg General Strike 1919-1920
070298: Walker, Jack - The Courts and the Winnipeg General Strike 1919-1920
066810: Walker, James W. St. G. - Race," Rights and the Law in the Supreme Court of Canada Historical Case Studies
082640: Walker, Matthew - Why We Sleep Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams
062316: Walker, Alice - Overcoming Speechlessness A Poet Encounters the Horror in Rwanda, Eastern Congo, and Palestine/Israel
081328: Walker, George A. - The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson
064249: Walker, Laurie; John Dickinson - Rise and Fall
9900028664: WALKER, M. I. - Amateur Photomicrography
078362: Walker, John - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language In Which Not Only the Meaning of Every Word is Clearly Explained, And the Sound of Every Syllable Distinctly Shown, But Where Words are Subject to Different Pronunciations, the authorities of our best pronouncing dictionaries are fully exhibited, the reason for each are at large displayed, and the preferable pronunciation is pointed out
074656: Walker, David C. - The Great Winnipeg Dream The Re-Development of Portage and Main
077971: Walker, Alice - The Color Purple
058257: Wall, Mick - Ac/Dc Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
080994: Wall, Gillian (Design); [Egutak, Aliknak, Emerak, Kalvak, Egutak, Nanogak, Uhoveluk, Malgoka] - Holman Island 1977 Prints
049290: Wall, Steve - Wisdom's Daughters Conversations With Women Elders of Native America
069301: Wall, Barrie; ed. - The Coupler: Remembering Vol. 29, No. 1
9900037475: WALLACE, Edgar - The Crimson Circle
070970: Wallace, Benjamin - The Billionaire's Vinegar The Mystery of the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine
9900031178: WALLACE, Edgar - The Colossus
074237: Wallace, Scott - The Unconquered In Search of the Amazon's Last Uncontacted Tribes
9900031182: WALLACE, Edgar - The Daffodil Murder
081737: Foster Wallace, David - Consider the Lobster And Other Essays
081431: Wallace, David Foster - Consider the Lobster and Other Essays
9900031183: WALLACE, Edgar - The Day of Uniting
9900031187: WALLACE, Edgar - Diana of Kara-Kara
9900031185: WALLACE, Edgar - A Debt Discharged
9900031191: WALLACE, Edgar - The Door with Seven Locks
9900030295: WALLACE, Edgar - Again the Ringer
9900031203: WALLACE, Edgar - The Face in the Night
9900031212: WALLACE, Edgar - The Forger
9900036474: WALLACE, Frederick William - The Romance of a Great Port
055163: Wallace, Carol McD. - The Penguin Classic Baby Name Book
9900041637: Wallace, Edgar - The Flying Fifty-Five
9900031406: WALLACE, Edgar - The Gunner
9900031407: WALLACE, Edgar - The Guv'Nor and Other Stories
9900031416: WALLACE, Edgar - The India-Rubber Men
9900031411: WALLACE, Edgar - Heroes All Gallant Deeds of the War
9900031419: WALLACE, Edgar - The Joker
9900031444: WALLACE, Edgar - The Mixer
9900031445: WALLACE, Edgar - More Educated Evans
9900030394: WALLACE, Edgar - The Brigand
9900030395: WALLACE, Edgar - The Calendar
9900030405: WALLACE, Edgar - The Clue of the New Pin
081508: Wallace, David Foster - A Supposedly Fun Thing I'LL Never Do Again Essays and Arguments
9900031532: WALLACE, Edgar - Red Aces Being Three Cases of Mr. Reeder
9900030291: WALLACE, Edgar - Again Sanders
043877: Wallace, Edgar - The Nine Bears
080682: Wallace, Sir Donald Mackenzie - Our Russian Ally
079408: Wallace, David Foster - The Pale King
072981: Wallace, Ann - Arts & Crafts Textiles The Movement in America
068787: Wallace, Lew - The First Christmas
9900037474: WALLACE, Edgar - The Ringer
9900037472: WALLACE, Edgar - The Four Just Men
9900030296: WALLACE, Edgar - Again the Three Just Men
9900031553: WALLACE, Edgar - The Squeaker
076607: Baikie, Wallace with Rosemary Phillips - Strathcona a history of British Columbia's first Provincial Park
9900043789: WALLACE, Edgar - The Sinister Man
081426: Wallace, David Foster - Both Flesh and Not Essays
9900035579: WALLACE, Edgar - The Angel of Terror
082295: Wallace, David Foster - Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
9900031435: WALLACE, Edgar - The Man at the Carlton
9900029688: WALLACE, Edgar - The Arranways Mystery
077851: Wallas, James; Pamela Whitaker - Kwakiutl Legends
069004: Wallis, Helen [ed.] - Carteret's Voyage Round the World / 1766-1769 (Two Volumes)
069007: Wallis, Helen [ed.] - Missions to the Niger / the Journal of Friedrich HornemanS Travels from Cairo to Murzuk in the Years 1797-98 / the Letters of Major Alexander Gordon Laing, 1824-26 / the Bornu Mission 1822-25 / Parts I-III (Four Volumes)
068773: Walpole, Horace - The Castle of Otranto
9900034020: WALSH, J. M. [James Morgan Walsh] - Vandals of the Void
062205: Walsh, Frederick G. - The Trial of Louis Riel
9900042663: HILLARD, Charlie / Tom Poberezny / Gene Soucy [together with] Walt and Sandi Pierce - Red Devils Precision Aerobatic Team [Together with] the White Pierces [Two Autographed Brochures for These Aerobatic Acts]
073095: Walta, Akim "Zebster - Zebster aka Zeb.Roc.Ski
062243: Walter, Chris - Shouts from the Gutter
072996: Walter, Chris - East Van
075203: Walter, Chris - Shouts from the Gutter
072999: Walter, Chris - Welfare Wednesdays
073025: Walter, John - Luger
080141: Walter, Nicolas - Damned Fools in Utopia and Other Writings on Anarchism and War Resistance
072998: Walter, Chris - Shrieks from the Alley Selected Short Stories
075199: Walter, Chris - Liquor & Whores
075200: Walter, Chris - Boozecan
075202: Walter, Chris - North of Hell
075201: Walter, Chris - Punk Rules Ok
075204: Walter, Chris - Richie Dagger Life & Times
075206: Walter, Chris - Kaboom
075210: Walter, Chris - I'm on the Guest List Diary Of A Punk
075209: Walter, Chris - East Van
073000: Walter, Chris - Sins of the Poor
073001: Walter, Chris - Wrong
073002: Walter, Chris - Rock & Roll Heart
080105: Farrell, Walter and Martin J. Healy - My Way of Life Pocket Edition of St. Thomas: The Summa Simplified for Everyone
072997: Walter, Chris - Up and Down on the Downtown Eastside
9900042557: WALTER, Joan (ed.) - A Paradise for the Poor Hussar, Standard & Caroline, Alberta / Letters of Ole Nissen 1923-1937
9900029078: RALEIGH, Sir Walter [and] Antonio Galvano - The Discoverie of the Large, Riche and Beautiful Empyre of Guiana [and] the Discoveries of the World
073004: Walter, Chris - I'm on the Guest List
072995: Walter, Chris - Personality Crisis Warm Beer and Wild Times
057619: Walter, Tony - The Revival of Death
9900045383: Walters, Dorothy - Dorothy Walters' Scrapbook
055743: Walther, Ingo F. - Vincent Van Gogh, 1853-1890 Vision and Reality
053284: Walther, Ingo F.; Rainer Metzger - Chagall
9900041735: WALTON, Mrs. O. F. - A Peep Behind the Scenes
026311: Walton, Robert Cutler - Zwingli's Theocracy
080014: Walton, Izaak; Charles Cotton; Lynton Lamb (Illus.) - The Compleat Angler The Contemplative Man's Recreation
070742: Walzer, Michael - On Toleration
077374: Wandycz, Piotr Stefan - The Twilight of French Eastern Alliances, 1926-1936 French-Czechoslovak-Polish Relations from Locarno to the Remilitarization of the Rhineland
065683: Wang, Jing (Ed.) - China's Avant-Garde Fiction An Anthology
9900042542: [Boer War] - With the Flag to Pretoria a Full and Accurate History of the Transvaal Campaign [Parts 2, 4, 8, 10, 14 and 26]
020609: Ward, Geoffrey C. - The CIVIL War An Illustrated History
9900027819: Ward, Adolphus William - A History of English Dramatic Literature to the Death of Queen Anne
075197: Ward, Aileen, ed. [John Keats] - The Poems of John Keats
054753: Ward, Mary Augusta; Beth Sutton-Ramspeck; Nicole B. Meller (Eds.) - Marcella
068051: Ward, Paul Von - Gods, Genes, and Consciousness Nonhuman Intervention in Human History
077115: Wardill, William - A Gold Cuff Link and a Red Dress
071068: Wardroper, John - Kings, Lords and Wicked Libellers Satire and Protest 1760-1857
075705: Ware, Chris - Acme Novelty Library 18
054311: Ware, Ruth - In a Dark, Dark Wood A Novel
079899: Ware, Chris; Ira Glass [Preface] ; Francoise Mouly [Intro.]; Art Spiegelman [Intro.] - Monograph
075582: Ware, Ruth - In a Dark, Dark Wood
067299: Ware, Chris; Anne Elizabeth Moore [Eds.] - The Best American Comics 2007
081680: Ware, Katherine; Manfred Heiting - Man Ray 1890-1976
066459: Ware, Chris - The Acme Novelty Datebook, Vol. 1, 1986-1995
080300: Andy Warhol - Idea Book
077608: Warkentin, John; Richard I. Ruggles - Historical Atlas of Manitoba A Selection of Facsimile Maps, Plans and Sketches from 1612 to 1969
067454: Warkentin, John - The Mennonite Settlements of Southern Manitoba
007714: Warkentin, Abe - Reflections on Our Heritage A History of Steinbach and the R.M. of Hanover from 1874
072459: Warkentin, Abe - Gaste Und Fremdlinge / Strangers and Pilgrims Hebraer 11:13 / Hebrews 11:13
069575: Warman, Cy - Weiga of Temagami and Other Indian Tales
051471: Warne, Kennedy - Let Them Eat Shrimp: The Tragic Disappearance of the Rainforests of the Sea
026673: Warne, Randi R. - Literature As Pulpit: The Christian Social Activism of Nellie L. Mcclung Dissertations SR; Volume 2
076417: Warner, Susan - A Red Wallflower
056769: Warner, Marina - Joan of Arc The Image of Female Heroism
072305: Warner, Brad - Don't Be a Jerk And Other Practical Advice from Dogen, Japan's Greatest Zen Master
075103: Warner, Marina - No Go, the Bogeyman Scaring, Lulling, and Making Mock
079881: Warnock, A. Timothy - Air Force Combat Medals, Streamers and Campaigns
080666: Warnock, Robert G.; David Gauthier; Josef Schmutz, Allen Patkau, Patrick Fargey, Michael Schellenberg - Homes on the Range Conservation in Working Prairie Landscapes
068071: Warren, Robert Penn - World Enough and Time A Romantic novel
023886: Warren, Frank [Compiled by] - Postsecret Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives
059117: Warren, Frank (Compiled by) - The Secret Lives of Men and Women A PostSecret Book
044677: Warren, Frank - A Lifetime of Secrets A PostSecret Book
9900027881: IRVING, Washington (with an Introduction by George S. Hellman) - Abu Hassan [Together with] the Wild Huntsman
080746: Wass, Albert; Elizabeth M. Wass de Czege (trans.); Leonoir Boner (ed.) - Selected Hungarian Legends
9900044124: [Rolex Watches] - Oyster Perpetual
9900044157: [Rolex Watches] - Oyster Perpetual
038492: Waterfield, Robin - Why Socrates Died Dispelling the Myths
073732: Waterhouse, Jo - Indie Craft
050756: Waters, K.H. - Herodotus the Historian: His Problems, Methods and Originality
061791: Waters, R. C. - Auto-Suggestion for Mothers
055528: Watkins, Sylvestre C.; John T. Frederick (Intro.) - Anthology of American Negro Literature
049298: Watkins, Glen - Private Performance
081646: Watson, William R. - I Give You Yesterday
042067: Watson, Robert [Walter J. Phillips, woodcuts] - Dreams of Fort Garry
9900042590: WATSON, Helen - Can You Speak in Public?
9900043318: Watson, Robert; Phillips, Walter J. (Illus.) - Dreams of Fort Garry An epic poem on the life and times of the early settlers of Western Canada, complete with glossary and historical notes
069270: Watson, Peter - The Modern Mind
061662: Watson, Pearl (Harrison) / Compiled by - Harrison History 1844-1977
083115: Watson, Robert - When Christmas Came to Fort Garry A Romance of Early Red River Days
061796: Watson, Robert [Walter J. Phillips, woodcuts] - Dreams of Fort Garry
082953: Watson, Robert [Walter J. Phillips, woodcuts] - Dreams of Fort Garry
9900045168: [Franklin Watts] - The Lord's Prayer
9900032659: WATTS, Rev. Dr. A. M. - A Collection of Hymns for the People Called Methodists 1780-1980
056191: Watts, Niki (Ed.) - The Oxford Paperback Greek Dictionary
072028: Waugh, Evelyn - The Loved One An Anglo-American Tragedy
072027: Waugh, Evelyn - Put out More Flags
067850: Waugh, Rev. Benjamin, ed. - The Sunday Magazine
078897: Waugh, Evelyn - Penguin Classics Waugh (24 Volume Set)
063677: Waugh, Evelyn - Officers and Gentlemen
080423: Waxman, Martin - Everything in Winnipeg Begins in a Car Stories
079915: Way, Gerard; Gabriel Ba - Umbrella Academy Volume 1 Apocalypse Suite
9900002035: WAYCE AND LAYAMON / With an Introduction by Lucy Allen Paton - Arthurian Chronicles
9900033119: [IVAN EYRE] Wayne and Brenda Eyre (co-editors) - Ivan Eyre / the 100 Drawings the Art Gallery of Peterborough April 11 - May 19, 2003
063312: Weatherford, Jack - Indian Givers How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World
069224: Weatherhead, Peter A.B. - Vintage Canada Volume 1, No. 1.
075693: Weaver, Denis - On Hitler's Doorstep
060533: Weaver, Robert (Ed.) - The Tamarack Review 44
069193: Weaver, Robert; ed. - The Tamarack Review No. 55
078271: Webb, Haraldine; Diana Vodden [Eds.] - In Rhythm with Our Roots A History of Manitou & Area
9900031310: WEBB, D. (ed.) - Who's Who in Alberta a Biographical Directory
079661: Webb, Karen - The Enneagram
9900034676: WEBB, Calvin - The Impacts of Linear Developments, Resource Extraction, and Industry on the Agricultural Land Base
052574: Webb, Michael; Marisa Bartolucci + Raul Cabra (Eds.) - Richard Sapper (Compact Design Portfolio)
067951: Webb, Maureen; Cory Doctorow (Fwd.) - Coding Democracy How Hackers Are Disrupting Power, Surveillance, and Authoritarianism
082421: City Council [Mayor Ralph H. Webb] - Finances of the City of Winnipeg Comptroller's Annual Report for the Fiscal Year Ending 31st December 1926
9900034886: WEBB, The Rev. John (ed.) - A Roll of the Household Expenses of Richard de Swinfield, Bishop of Hereford, During Part of the Years 1289 and 1290.
050822: Weber, Louis (Ed.) - The Vegan Bible
076497: Weber, Max - Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism
054879: Weber, Carl J. - Hardy's Love Poems Edited with Notes and an Introduction on Hardy's Cornish Romance
063928: Webster, Dave (Ed.); et al. - Inuktitut Inuktitut Magazine
076391: Webster, John - Three Plays The White Devil; The Duchess of Malfi; The Devil's Law-Case (Penguin English Library)
050468: Webster, T. B. L. - An Introduction to Menander
071417: Wedderburn, Andrew - The Crash Palace
083310: Wedekind, Beate; Angelika Taschen (ed.) - New York Interiors
058084: Wedgwood, C.V. - The Trial of Charles I
062500: Wedgwood, C. V., et al. - Mosaic: Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1967 A Journal for the Comparitive Study of Literature and Ideas
083031: Weekes, Mary - Round the Council Fires
040293: Weeks, Kent R. - The Lost Tomb
082899: Weer, Paul - Preliminary Notes on the Caddoan Family
082900: Weer, Paul - Preliminary Notes on the Muskhogean Family
081816: Weibe, Rudy; Yvonne Johnson - Stolen Life
076191: Weibe, Rudy; Yvonne Johnson - Stolen Life
9900030795: WEIDER, Ben - The Strongest Man in History Louis Cyr 'Amazing Canadian'
082542: Weier, John - Marshwalker Naturalist Memoirs
051733: Weightman, Gavin - Signor Marconi's Magic Box The Most Remarkable Invention Of The 19th Century & The Amateur Inventor Whose Genius Sparked A Revolution
078207: Weil, Simon; Arthur Wills trans. - The Need for Roots Prelude To A Declaration Of Duties Toward Mankind
040191: Weil, Andrew - Eight Weeks to Optimum Health A Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural Healing Power
9900040117: WEINBERG, Julie - Carlos Ferreyra
015612: Carmilly-Weinberger, Moshe - Censorship and Freedom of Expression in Jewish History
077835: Weiner, Tim - Enemies A History of the FBI
078020: Weiner, Anna - Uncanny Valley
071158: Weinreivh, Regina - The Spontaneous Poetics of Jack Kerouac A Study of the Fiction
9900042395: WEINSTEIN, Jerome E. (editor-in-chief) - Patterns Vol. 2 No. 1
072950: Weinstein, Allen - Perjury The Hiss-Chambers Case
9900043583: Weintraub, Sally / Prologo de Ernesto B. Rodriguez / Poema de Francisco Tomat-Guido - Cartas de Piel Xilografias de Sally Weintraub
082168: Weir, Thomas R., ed. - Atlas of Manitoba
9900043354: WEIR, Arthur - A Canuck Down South
080162: Weir, Alison - The Princes in the Tower
082167: Weir, Thomas R., ed. - Atlas of Manitoba
050287: Weir, Jean B.; Carol Doyon; Lorne Falk - Restless Legacies Contemporary Craft Practice in Canada
053181: Weisberg, Richard H. - Vichy Law and the Holocaust in France
080243: Weisbrot, Robert - Father Divine
057814: Weitzer, Ronald - Legalizing Prostitution From Illicit Vice to Lawful Business
076894: Welch, James - Winter in the Blood
063484: Welch, Sharon D. - Feminist Ethic of Risk
056885: Welch, James - The Death of Jim Loney
033806: Welch, Wendy - The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap
9900042950: MARTINEZ-WELGAN, Isabel / Ron Larche - Woodland Caribou and Transmission Line Rights-of-Way in Manitoba / Work in Progress Report
077895: Well, H. G. - A Quarttete of Comedies
081047: Weller, George; Anthony Weller (Ed.) - First Into Nagasaki The Censored Eyewitness Dispatches on Post-Atomic Japan and Its Prisoners of War
074332: Welles, Orson - Les Bravades A Portfolio of Pictures Made for Rebecca Welles by Her Father
075743: Wells, H.G. [Nicholas Ruddick, ed] - The Time Machine
051233: Wells, H. G.; Robb (Illus.) - The History of Mr. Polly
051234: Wells, H. G. - The History of Mr. Polly
051445: Wells, H. G. - Tono-Bungay
080690: Wells, H. G. - Classics of Science Fiction: The Invisible Man; the Time Machine; the Island of Dr. Moreau / 3 Volumes in Slipcase
9900028167: WELLS, Eric - Winnipeg / Where the New West Begins / an Illustrated History
9900004084: WELLS, Eric (editor) - Red River Reflections
9900034215: Wells, William V. - Explorations and Adventures in Honduras, Comprising Sketches of Travel in the Gold Regions of Olancho...
073236: Wells, Peter S. - The Battle That Stopped Rome Emperor Augustus, Arminius, and the Slaughter of the Legions in the Teutoburg Forest
9900042540: WELLS, Sedley A. S. [T. E. LAWRENCE] - Biographical and Bibliographical Notes, Correspondence and Photocopies Relating to T.E. Lawrence
9900041354: Wells, Edward - The Young Gentleman's Trigonometry, Mechanicks, and Opticks; Together with the Young Gentleman's Course of Mathematicks
9900008570: WELLS, Eric - editor - The Nor'-Wester
055485: Wells, H. G. - The Bulpington of Blup Adventures, Poses, Stresses, Conflicts, and Disaster in a Contemporary Brain
080710: Welsh, Irvine - The Blade Artist
063638: Welsh, Irvine - Porno
082314: Welsh, Irvine - Marabou Stork Nightmares
082296: Welsh, Irvine - Ecstasy Three Tales of Chemical Romance
053112: Welsh, Irvine - Crime
053067: Welsh, Irvine - If You Liked School, You'LL Love Work
063774: Welsted, John; John Everitt; Christoph Stadel (Eds.) - The Geography of Manitoba Its Land and Its People
063023: Welsted, John - The Geography of Manitoba Its Land and Its People
009116: Welsted, John, John Everitt, and Christoph Stadel, eds. - Brandon Geographical Perspectives on the Wheat City
070436: Werner, M. R.; John Starr - Teapot Dome
035325: Werner, Hans - Living between Worlds A History of Winkler
058946: Werner, Clint - Marijuana Gateway to Health How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease
9900043420: WERNER, Hans - Living between Two Worlds a History of Winkler
058165: Wertheim, Maurits - The Last of the Levanos
073574: Weschler, Lawrence - Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder
078926: Weslager, C.A. - The Delawares A Critical Bibliography
069554: West, Shearer - Chagall
076241: West, Guida; Rhoda Lois Blumberg - Women and Social Protest
064638: West, Jerry; Helen S. Hamilton - The Happy Hollisters and the Secret of the Lucky Coins
064526: West, Jerry - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Totem Faces
049467: West, Nathanael - A Cool Million and the Dream Life of Balso Snell Two Novels
056782: West, Rebecca - The Judge
057064: West, Paul - Love's Mansion
9900042463: WESTBRIDGE, Anthony R. (ed.) - Canadian Art Sales Index 1977-80, 1982 to 1994
052190: Westbrook, Robert - Intimate Lies: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sheilah Graham Her Son's Story
071220: Westergard, Jim - Mother Goose Eggs Sunnyside Up
9900032311: Hall, Roger, William Westfall and Laurel Sefton MacDowell, eds. - Patterns of the Past Interpreting Ontario's History
073279: Westover, Tara - Educated
078436: Westover, Tara - Educated
070007: Wex, Michael - The Frumkiss Family Business A Megilla in 14 Chapters
068830: Weyers, Frank - Salvador Dali Life and Work
064596: Weyers, Frank - Salvador Dali Life and Work
080507: Weyler, Rex - Blood of the Land The Government and Corporate War Against the American Indian Movement
082488: Wharton, Edith; Cynthia Wolff - The House of Mirth
068467: Wharton, Edith - Ethan Frome
081566: Wharton, Edith - The House of Mirth
025452: Wharton, Edith; R.W.B. Lewis [Ed.] - The Selected Short Stories of Edith Wharton
9900037392: WHARTON, Edith - Ethan Frome
070620: Whedon, Joss; et al. - Runaways Vol. 8: Dead End Kids
039539: Wheeler, Harold (Editor) - The Waverley Pictorial Dictionary / 8 Volumes
079457: Wheelwright, Julie - Esther The Remarkable True Story of Esther Wheelright Puritan Child, Native Daughter, Mother Superior
9900045118: WHEELWRIGHT, Edward - Memoir of Francis Parkman Reprinted from the Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts Vol. I
067523: Whelan, Michael; Isaac Asimov (Fwd); Donald Munson (Intro.) - Michael Whelan's Works of Wonder A DelRey Book
081251: Whipple, Dorothy Dora - Chi-Mewinzha Ojibwe Stories from Leech Lake
053104: Whistler, James McNeill - The Gentle Art of Making Enemies As pleasingly exemplified in many instances wherein the serious ones of this earth carefully exasperated have been prettily spurred on to unseemliness and indiscretion while overcome by an undue sense of right.
079298: Whiston, William (trans.) - Josephus Complete Works
081678: Whitaker, Reginald - Government Party Organizing and Financing the Liberal Party of Canada, 1930-58 (Canadian government series)
052982: Whitaker, Muriel - Stories from the Canadian North
078678: White, Richard - Railroaded
076561: White, David J.; Karen L. Johnson - The Rare Vascular Plants of Manitoba
082083: White, E.G. - Vegurinn Til Krists
053783: White, E. B.; Dorothy Lobrano Guth (Ed.) - Letters of E.B. White
053782: White, E. B.; Dorothy Lobrano Guth (Ed.) - Letters of E B White
080224: White, James (Fwd.); [Geographic Board, Canada] - Handbook of Indians of Canada
035373: Appian [Horace White, trans.] - Appian's Roman History / Volume III
035410: Appian [Horace White, trans.] - Appian's Roman History / Volume IV
9900038426: WHITE, Gilbert - The Natural History of Selborne
072980: White, Evelyn C. - Alice Walker A Life
051705: White, T. H. - The Book of Merlyn The Unpublished Conclusion to the Once and Future King
062930: White, Damian F.; Chris Wilbert - Technonatures Environments, Technologies, Spaces, and Places in the Twenty-first Century
065518: White, Paul Dudley - Heart Disease
011137: White, Isaac S. - Manitoba Muses or Gentle Joseph and Other Poems Composed in the S Olitude of the Backwoods of Manitoba
075194: White, Theodore H. - America in Search of Itself The Making Of A President 1956-1980
9900042657: White, Patrick - Happy Valley
027435: White, T.H.; Reay Tannahill [ntro.] - The Age of Scandal: An Excursion Through a Minor Period
080097: White, T.H. - The Age of Scandal An Excursion Through a Minor Period
039023: White, Minor - Octave of Prayer An Exhibition on a Theme Compiled with text by Minor White
9900033775: WHITE, Stewart Edward - Gold
078293: White, Edmund - The Unpunished Vice A Life of Reading
073526: White, Patrick - Riders in the Chariot
076600: White, Timothy; Susan Sarandon; Christian Louboutin; Chrisopher Napolitano - Hollywood Pinups
078291: White, Edmund; David Bergman (Ed.) - The Burning Library Essays
9900044894: WHITE, Andrew Dickson - Dangerous Politics the Appeals to Passion and Their Possible Results / a Thoughtful Discussion of the Methods of Bryan and His Associates
083050: Philips, Donna, Robert Troff, Harvey Whitecalf et al (eds.) - Saskatchewan Indian Elders Kataayuk
082754: Whitecalf, Sarah; H. C. Wolfart: Freda Ahenakew - The Cree Language Is Our Identity Kinehiyawiwininaw Nehiyawewin / The La Ronge Lectures of Sarah Whitecalf
082331: Whitecalf, Sarah - Cree Is Who I Truly Am -Me, I am a truly Cree Woman [mitoni niya nehiyaw nehiyaw-iskwew mitoni niya]
040173: [Whitefield and Breezelawn History Committee] - Whitefield and Breezelawn
081394: Whitehead, Alfred North - Science and the Modern World
024171: [Rural Municipalty of Whitehead] - Whitehead Wanderings: 1883 - 1983 The Rural Minicipality of Whitehead
062200: Whitehouse, R. H.; A. J. Grove - The Dissection of the Rabbit
061604: Whitehouse, R. H.; A. J. Grove - The Dissection of the Dogfish
049832: Whitewolf, Jim; Charles S. Brant (Ed.) - Jim Whitewolf: The Life of a Kiowa Apache Indian
078724: Whitfield, Stephen J. - Into the Dark Hannah Arendt and Totalitarianism
9900044654: [Marilyn Monroe] Ellis Whitfield - [Three 1950s Magazines Containing Illustrated Articles on Marilyn Monroe] Candid / Why / People
9900044653: [Marilyn Monroe] Ellis Whitfield - Sex Symbolism & Marilyn Monroe [an Illustrated Article in the June, 1953, Issue of Why 'the Magazine of Popular Psychology']
077196: Whitford, H. N.; Roland D. Craig - Forests of British Columbia
078980: Whitman, Walt - City of Orgies & Other Poems
080122: Whitman, Walt; Harold Bloom - Walt Whitman Selected Poems
050285: Whitman, Walt - Voyages: Poems
066804: Whitney, William Dwight - Sanskrit Grammar Including both the Classical Language and the Older Dialects
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