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9900041406: PIKE, BEV - Autobiography of an Eccentric Line
065336: PILGER, JOHN - The New Rulers of the World
042537: PILGRIM, DAVID - The Emperor's Servant Four Tales of the Napoleonic Wars
9900037729: [JOZEF PILSUDSKI] - Droga Zycia Jozefa Pelsudskiego
9900021965: PIMLOTT, DOUGLAS H.; VINCENT, KITSON M.; MCKNIGHT, CHRISTINE E. (EDS.) - Arctic Alternatives
059006: PINCHBECK, DANIEL; STING (PREFACE); RUSSELL BRAND (INTRO.) - How Soon Is Now? From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation
056758: PINCHBECK, DANIEL - Breaking Open the Head A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism
069153: PINCHBECK, DANIEL - Breaking Open the Head A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism
038093: PINDARI (PINDAR) - Carmina Quae Supereunt Cum Deperditorum Fragmentis Selectis Ex Recensione Boeckhii. Commentario Perpetuo Illustravit Ludolphus Dissenius Sect. II. Commentarius
042497: PINDER, WILHELM - Deutscher Barock: Die Grossen Baumeister Des 18. Jahrhunderts
9900017844: PINE, L. G. - Trace Your Ancestors
050083: PINEAU, JOHN - My Winnipeg
067487: PINI, WENDY, ART. KAY REYNOLDS, ED., ET AL - Elfquest Book 2
065008: PINKER, STEVEN - The Language Instinct How the Mind Creates Language
063937: PINKER, STEVEN - The Lanuage Instinct
015266: PINSON, KOPPEL S. [ED.] - Essays on Antisemitism Jewish Social Studies Publications, No. 2
9900026214: PINTER, HAROLD - The Hothouse
058683: PINTER, HAROLD - The Homecoming
070597: PINTER, HAROLD - The Caretaker and the Dumb Waiter Two Plays by Harold Pinter
9900026645: PINTER, HAROLD - Poems
056897: PIQTOUKUN, DAVID RUBEN - Between Two Worlds Sculpture by David Ruben Piqtoukun
058077: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - Pirandello's One-Act Plays
9900027353: [ARCHITECTURE - ROME] PIROLI, TOMMASO - Gli Edificj Antichi Di Roma Ricercati nelle loro piante, e restituiti alla pristina magnificenza secondo Palladio, Desgodetz, ed altri piu recenti con l'aggiunta di qualche modern fabrica as uso degli artisti, e de'viaggiatori
070449: PITMAN, BENN - The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators
067773: PITSEOLAK; [DOROTHY EBER] - Pictures out of My Life
059196: PITTARD, HANNAH - The Fates Will Find Their Way A Novel
064238: PITTS, MIKE - Digging Up Britain
9900039999: PREPARED BY R. P. C. LTD. [RESOURCE PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS] - An Historic and Present Land Use and Open Space Inventory of the Winnipeg Region
036027: PLATO - Plato's Phaedo
044260: PLATO; B. JOWETT [TRANS.] - The Republic and Other Works
041734: PLATT, COLIN - The Atlas of Medieval Man
9900028414: PLATT, D. C. M. - Latin America and British Trade 1806-1914
058092: PLAUTUS - Four Comedies The Braggart Soldier; The Brothers Menaechmus; The Haunted House; The Pot of Gold
036910: PLAUTUS, TITUS MACCIUS; WAGNER, WILHELM - T. Macci Plavti Avlvlaria With Notes Critical and Exegetical and an Introduction
036907: PLAUTUS, TITUS MACCIUS; JONES, P. THORESBY (ED.) - T. Macci Plauti: Menaechmi Edited with Introduction and Notes
032331: PLAUTUS - The Pot of Gold and Other Plays
9900029618: PLECAN, PAUL - Model Car Handbook
050737: PLEW, MARK G - Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Fishing Strategies
032110: PLOTZ, DAVID - Good Book The Bizarre, Hilarious, Disturbing, Marvelous, and Inspiring Things I Learned When I Read Every Single Word of the Bible
060619: PLOWDEN, DAVID - Heartland The Plains and the Prairie
9900044390: PLUMPTON, MARY G. - The Rambling River a History of Thurlow
9900027077: PLUMPTRE, GEORGE - Garden Ornament Five Hundred Years of Nature, Art, Ans Artifice
9900032395: PLUNKETT, THOMAS - Winnipeg Canada's Third Largest City / an Explanation of Its New Government
9900035822: PLUNKETT, THOMAS - Winnipeg Canada's Third Largest City / an Explanation of Its New Government
055669: PLUTARCH - The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives
053717: POBLETE, JOANNA - Islanders in the Empire: Filipino and Puerto Rican Laborers in Hawai'i
031359: PODNIEKS, ANDREW - Lord Stanley's Cup
066390: POE, EDGAR ALLAN; JAMES M. HUTCHISSON - Selected Poetry and Tales
064999: POE, EDGAR ALLEN - Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe
066009: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
062771: POE, EDGAR ALLAN; WILBUR S. SCOTT (INTRO.) - The Complete Tales & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
066663: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Classic Tales of Horror
058919: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
018037: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe
070337: POEHLER, AMY - Yes Please
9900027947: [FRENCH POETRY] - Contes Et Nouvelles En Vers [Tales and New Verse]
031734: POGUE, CAROLYN - Language of the Heart Rituals Stories and Information About Death
9900042369: POHL, R. W. - Einfuhrung in Die Mechanik Und Akustik (Introduction to Mechanics and Acoustics)
068054: POHL, FRANCES K. - Ben Shahn
069375: POHORECKY, ZENON - Saskatchewan Indian Heritage The First Two Hundred Centuries
9900035815: POHORILYJ, SEMEN - The Unpublished Novels of Volodymyr Vynnychenko
9900018663: POIGNANT, AXEL - Bush Walkabout
9900036345: POIRIER, THELMA - Grasslands the Private Hearings
051534: POITIER, SIDNEY - The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography
066762: POLANYI, MICHAEL - Study of Man
056263: COMMISSIONERS OF THE ROYAL NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - Law and Order Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1886 - 1887
044715: COMMISSIONERS OF THE ROYAL NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - The New West Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1888 - 1889
044717: COMMISSIONERS OF THE ROYAL NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - Opening Up the West Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1874 - 1881
056288: COMMISSIONERS OF THE ROYAL NORTH-WEST MOUNTED POLICE - Opening Up the West Being the Official Reports to Parliment of the Activities of The Royal North-West Mounted Police Force 1874 - 1881
069401: ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE - Royal Canadian Mounted Police Centennial 1873-1973
024414: ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE - Visit of Pope John Paul II: 1984, September 9-2
9900036224: POLING, JIM - Le Bison de la Riviere Des Esclaves / What Will Save a Herd?
060665: POLING, JIM SR. - Tom Thomson The Life and Mysterious Death of the Famous Canadian Painter
043767: GUAY-POLIQUIN, CHRISTIAN - Running on Fumes
068336: POLITO, ROBERT - Savage Art A Biography of Jim Thompson
058483: POLLACK, W. G. - Shegonaba A Tale of Mission Work Among the Chippewas
056725: POLLACK, NEAL - Never Mind the Pollacks A Rock and Roll Novel
066172: POLLAN, MICHAEL - Cooked A Natural History of Transformation
059993: POLLAN, MICHAEL - In Defense of Food An Eater's Manifesto
059380: POLLAN, MICHAEL - In Defense of Food
059397: POLLAN, MICHAEL - The Omnivore's Dilemma
061798: POLLARD, EDWARD A. - Southern History of the Great CIVIL War in the United States
050144: POLLITT, J.J. - The Art of Ancient Greece: Sources and Documents
049884: POLLITT, J. J. - The Art of Greece, 1400-31 B.C. Sources and Documents
062189: POLLOCK, SIR FREDERICK - The Expansion of the Common Law
9900038653: POLLOCK, A. J. - Hades and Eternal Punishment
049188: POMERANTZ, GARY M. - Wilt, 1962 The Night of 100 Points and the Dawn of a New Era
9900002160: PONENTE, NELLO - The Structures of the Modern World 1850-1900
057252: PONTIGGIA, GIUSEPPE; OONAGH STRANSKY (TRANS.) - Born Twice A Novel of Fatherhood
067265: POOR, HENRY VARNUM - An Artist Sees Alaska
9900040782: POORTENAAR, JAN - Schilders Van Het Hollandsche Landschap
9900025459: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage's Signal
054852: POPE, ALEXANDER - The Rape of the Lock
9900028385: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage's Prize
9900044723: POPE, JOSEPH - The Tour of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall & York Through the Dominion of Canada in the Year 1901
9900035176: POPE, JOSEPH F. - You Asked 'Why'?
9900029890: POPE, ALEXANDER - The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. / Vol. II. / Containing His Epistles and Satires.
061828: POPE, JESSIE - The Adventures of Silversuit
030508: POPE, ALEXANDER [AUBREY BEARDSLEY] - The Rape of the Lock An Heroi-Comical Poem in Five Cantos
9900030167: POPE, DUDLEY - The Black Ship
9900037209: MOLIERE [JEAN BAPTISE POQUELIN] - Oeuvres de Moliere Precedees D'Une Notice Sur Sa Vie Et Ses Ouvrages Par M. Sainte Beauve / Vignettes Par Tony Johannot
055737: MOLIERE [JEAN-BAPTISTE POQUELIN]; RICHARD WILBUR (TRANS.) - The School for Wives Comedy in Five Acts, 1662
069599: PORRITT, JONATHON - Capitalism As If the World Matters
9900008025: PORTER, JOHN C. - The Men Who Put the Show on the Road
044490: PORTER, JOHN - The Vertical Mosaic An Analysis of Social Class and Power in Canada
047642: PORTER, MICHAEL E. - Competitive Advantage
9900042376: HENRY, O. [WILLIAM S. PORTER] WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY GEOFFREY MOORE - 58 Short Stories Comprising Heart of the West / the Voice of the City / the Gentle Grafter
014582: PORTER, ENID - Cambridgeshire Customs and Folklore
047621: PORTER, M. E. - The New World's Fair Cookbook and Housekeepers' Companion
053859: PORTER, CATHERINE - Miller's Collecting Books
067008: PORTIS, CHARLES - True Grit
040036: POSPISIL, LEOPOLD - The Kapauku Papuans of West New Guinea
018126: CANADA POST - Souvenir Collection of the Postage Stamps of Canada 1979
9900033422: POST, MELVILLE DAVISON - The Revolt of the Birds
065638: POSTHUMUS, MARTIN - Impressions of Manitoba
042010: POSTMAN, NEIL - The Disappearance of Childhood
042013: POSTMAN, NEIL - Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology
049270: POTTER, BEATRIX - Story of Miss Moppet and a Fierce Bad Rabbit
058800: POTTER, RUSSELL - Pyg The Memoirs of Toby, the Learned Pig
067937: POTTER, GRACE E. - Eskimo Tales
061049: POTTER, ANDREW; DANIEL WEINSTOCK, AND PETER LOEWEN [EDITORS] - Should We Change How We Vote? Evaluating Canada's Electoral System
055270: POTTER, JONATHAN - Country Life Book of Antique Maps An Introduction to the History of Maps and How to Appreciate Them
049762: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
067304: POTTER, ELLIS - 3 Theories of Everything
9900030935: POTTER, THE REV. AUSTIN - From Wealth to Poverty; or, the Tricks of the Traffic. A Story of the Drink Curse.
9900037219: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. (ED.) - Boswell on the Grand Tour: Germany and Switzerland 1764
9900029073: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. (ED.) - Boswell in Holland 1763-1764 Including His Correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zelide)
051884: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. [EDITOR] - Boswell in Holland 1763-1764 Including His Correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zelide)
051885: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. [EDITOR] - Boswell in Holland 1763-1764 Including His Correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zelide)
065605: POTTS, ADELINE J. - Walk by the Spirit
068373: POULANTZAS, NICOS - Fascism and Dictatorship The Third International and the Problem of Fascism
061345: POULET, ROBERT - La Lanterne Magique de la Critique
011732: POULIN, GUY, COMPILED BY - Index to Township Plans of the Canadian West / Index de Plans Des Cantons de L'Ouest Canadien
053700: POULTON, J. ALEXANDER; ARPON BASU - Great Canadian Hockey (Three Volume Boxed-Set) Greatest Games of the Stanley Cup; Hockey's Hottest Players; NHL Enforcers
043418: POUND, EZRA - Selected Cantos of Ezra Pound
066694: POUND, EZRA - ABC of Reading
069604: POUND, EZRA - Selected Prose 1909-1965 (New Directions Paperbook)
067477: POVEY, ALAN; ANDY RIDLER - Arfur Tow Crate in Staffy Cher An Unusual Look at Pottery Dialect
039311: POWE, B. W. - Mystic Trudeau The Fire and the Rose
041563: POWELL, JULIE - Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously
065451: POWELL, JOSHUA L. - Inside the Nra Breaking Open the Gun Debate
9900040216: POWELL, WILLIAM S. - St. Luke's Episcopal Church 1753 - 1953
9900042389: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - 'Next to Mother's Milk... '
9900000521: POWELL, MATTHEW - God Off-Broadway the Blackfriars Theatre of New York
069925: POWELL, RICHARD J. - Going There Black Visual Satire
065902: POWELL, KERRY LEE - Willem de Kooning's Paintbrush
9900039747: POWELL, ANTON (ED.) - The Greek World
057069: POWELL, PADGETT - Edisto
052443: POWELL, JAY; VIVKIE JENSEN; VERA CRANMER; AGNES CRANMER - Yaxwatlan's: Learning Kwakwala Book 12
9900036124: POWER, LYALL - Alien Heart the Life and Work of Margaret Laurence
048844: POWER, EILEEN - Medieval People
062984: POWER, NINA - One Dimensional Woman
028122: POWERS, RON - Dangerous Water: A Biography of the Boy Who Became Mark Twain
049615: POWERS, LYALL - Alien Heart The Life and Work of Margaret Laurence
054113: POWERS, RICHARD - Gain
044335: POWERS, RICHARD - Orfeo A Novel
052637: POWERS, RICHARD - Galatea 2. 2
9900000004: POWYS, LLEWELYN - The Verdict of Bridlegoose
9900039316: POWYS, JOHN COWPER - Odes and Other Poems
054858: PRABHUPADA, HIS DIVINE GRACE A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI - Krsna: The Supreme Personality of Godhead / Volume One A Summary Study of Srila Vyasadeva's Srimad-Bhagavatam, Tenth Canto
048733: PRABHUPADA, HIS DIVINE GRACE A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI - The Science of Self-Realization Articles from Back to Godhead magazine
052473: PRACHT, KLAUS - Modern Oriels on Roofs and Facades
060656: PRATAP, VIJAYENDRA - Beginning Yoga
066633: PRATCHETT, TERRY; NEIL GAIMAN - De Bons Presages
9900027347: PRATT, E. J. - Behind the Log
9900004958: PRATT, MAJOR A. M - The Story of Manitoba's Weekly Newspapers
024053: PRATT, E.J. - Towards the Last Spike: A Verse Panaroma of the Struggle to Build the First Canadian Transcontinental from the Time of the Proposed Terms of Union with British Columbia (1870) to the Hammering of the Last Spike in the Eagle Pass (1885)
9900032685: PRATT, MAJOR A. M - The Story of Manitoba's Weekly Newspapers
9900042103: PRECIADO, A. A. - Exporting to the World a Manual of Practical Export for All Who Are Interested or Engaged in Foreign Trade
034128: PREEDY, GEORGE R. - Double Dallilay
065517: LOUIS, P. CH. A.; JAMES JACKSON (PREFACE AND APPENDIX) - Researches on the Effects of Bloodletting in Some Inflammatory Diseases, and on the Influence of Tartarized Antimony and Vestication in Pneumonitis
064891: PREFONTAINE, DARREN R. - Gabriel Dumont Li Chef Michif in Images and in Words
051442: PREISS, BYRON (ED.) - The Ultimate Frankenstein: New Stories by Some of the World's Leading Authors
032423: PRENTUN, ONNUR - Salmabok Og Helgisida-Reglur [Icelandic Hymn Book] Hins evangeliska luterska kirkjufelags Islendinga i Vesturheimi.
063768: HALLWARD, JOHN. M. (PREPARED AND ED.); G. G. CHAMAILLARD AND ASSOCIES (TRANS.) - Mid-Canada Report / Rapport Sur le Canada-Median Report of the Mid-Canada Development Conference / Rapport de la conference sur la mise en valeur du Canada-median
065637: [WINNIPEG FREE PRESS] - The Way We Live in Manitoba
004425: [WINNIPEG FREE PRESS] - The Way We Live in Manitoba
070412: EDITORS OF PHAIDON PRESS - Pressplay Contemporary Artists in Conversation
064971: EDITORS OF PHAIDON PRESS - Coco 10 World-Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs
062806: [WAYNE THEBAUD]; PARASOL PRESS, LTD. - Wayne Thebaud Graphics 1964-1971
9900027305: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - The Instant It Happened
023864: PRESS AND INFORMATION OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT - The Quadripartite Agreement on Berlin
066655: CANDLEWICK PRESS; [JULES VERNE] - Oceanology The True Account of the Voyage of the Nautilus
032209: PRESTON, ALISON - Blue Vengeance
045559: PRESTON, KERRISON [ED.] - The Blake Collection of W. Graham Robertson
069790: PRESTON, DOUGLAS - The Monster of Florence
061034: PRESTON, DIANA; MICHAEL PRESTON - Taj Mahal Passion and Genius at the Heart of the Moghul Empire
041202: PRESTON, DOUGLAS J. - Dinosaurs in the Attic An Excursion into the American Museum of Natural History
9900029328: PRESTON, ANTONY - Warships Battleships / Aircraft Carriers / Submarines
053360: PRESTON, DIANA - Wilful Murder: The Sinking of the Lusitania
9900034771: PRETI, NUMA / PRINCIPAUX DEBUTS REVISES PAR D. JANOWSKI - Traite Complet Du Jeu Des Echecs / Quartieme Edition / L'ABC Des Echecs
067230: PREVOST, MEDERIC, REV.; O. M. I. [OBLATES OF MARY IMMACULATE] - Nikamo Masinaigan Ojibwa ["Chippewa"] Hymnal
061353: PREVOST, MARCEL - L'Art D'Apprendre
066007: PRICE, JOHN A - Native Studies American and Canadian Indians
9900041823: PRICE, CHARLES S. - The Great Physician
9900025232: PRICE, CHRISTINE (ILLUSTRATOR) - Widdecombe Fair an Old English Folk Song
9900028619: PRICE, RICHARD - The Wanderers
9900035291: PRICE, LIAM - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XLVI, Section C, No. 5 / 'Place-Names of the Barony of Arklow, County of Wicklow'
070512: PRICE, NEIL - Children of Ash and Elm A History of The Vikings
9900035196: PRICE, LIAM - 'THE PLACE-NAMES OF THE BARONY OF NEWCASTLE, COUNTY OF WICKLOW' - Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XLIV, Section C, No. 6
9900043926: PRICHARD, M. J., AND D. E. C. YALE (EDS.) - Hale and Fleetwood on Admiralty Jurisdiction
9900034252: PRIES, GEORGE DAVID - A Place Called Peniel Winkler Bible Institute 1925-1975
004485: PRIES, GEORGE DAVID - A Place Called Peniel Winkler Bible Institute 1925-1975
053877: PRIESS, DAVID - How to Get Rid of a President History's Guide to Removing Unpopular, Unable, or Unfit Chief Executives
9900034379: PRIESS, ANITA - Exiled to Siberia
034655: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - The Glass Cage
9900039658: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Adam in Moonshine
9900019463: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Lost Empires
9900028421: PRIESTLEY, RAYMOND E. - Antarctic Adventure: Scott's Northern Party
9900029287: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Fools and Philosophers / a Gallery of Comic Figures from English Literature
056989: PRIEUR, ANNICK - Mema's House, Mexico City On Transvestites, Queens, and Machos
9900045134: PRIME, FREDERICK - Dedication of Tablet in the State House, Philadelphia / Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
040897: PRIMER - Elson-Gray Basic Readers
9900030643: [PRIMERS] - Maple Leaf Primer for Canadian Little Folks
008338: PRINGLE, JIM - United We Stand a History of Winnipeg's CIVIC Workers
065634: PRINGLE, JIM - United We Stand A History of Winnipeg's Civic Workers
035434: PRINGLE, HEATHER - The Mummy Congress Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Dead
051042: PRINGLE, DUNCAN JOHN - Life As a Pow: What My Father Never Told Me
070411: PRIOLO, JOAN B - Ideas for Collage Little craft book series
052023: SISTERS OF ST. BENEDICT'S PRIORY - St. Benedict's Priory: Winnipeg, Manitoba 1912-1987 Jubilee Booklet 1912-1987
017724: COMMITTEE FOR THE DEFENSE OF SOVIET POLITICAL PRISONERS - Inside Soviet Prisons Documents of the Struggle for Human and National Rights in the USSR
066506: PRITCHARD, WILLIAM A. - W.A. Pritchard's Address to the Jury in The Crown Vs. Armstrong, Heaps, Bray, Ivens, Johns, Pritchard, and Queen
041165: PRITCHETT, V.S. - Lasting Impressions Essays 1961-1987
9900043767: PRITCHETT, HENRY S. - Andrew Carnegie
070322: PROBERT, HENRY - Bomber Harris His Life and Times: The Biography of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris
039775: BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM PRODUCTS - Boehringer Ingelheim Portfolio 4 Dermatology
9900042609: [THEATRE PROGRAMS] - [Rainbow Stage] the King and I / the Music Man / the Pajama Game [Programs for the 1979 and 1982 Summer Theatre Productions]
067635: PROKOFIEV, SERGEI - Sergei Prokofiev Autobiography, Articles, Reminiscences
049879: PROPERTIUS - Propertius Elegies Book III
057714: PROSE, FRANCINE - Goldengrove
063610: PROSE, FRANCINE - A Changed Man
050283: PROTHERO, STEPHEN - The American Bible How Our Words Unite, Divide, and Define a Nation
033706: PROULX, ANNIE - Brokeback Mountain
065840: PROULX, E. ANNE. - Accordion Crimes A Novel
066630: PROUST, MARCEL - Un Amour de Swann
066634: PROUST, MARCEL; BREE GERMAINE (ED.); CARLOS LYNES - Combray A La Recherche du Temps Perdu
064127: [PROVENCHER] - Bulletin de la Societe Historique de Saint-Boniface / Vol. III 1913 Lettres de Monseigneur Joseph-Norbert Provencher, premier évêque de Saint-Boniface
058404: PROVENCHER, PAUL - Provencher Last of the Coureurs de Bois
056359: PRUDEK, WOLFGANG M. - Carrying the Message An Introduction to Iroquios Stone Sculpture
9900032940: MAX GOLDIN [EDITED BY EILEEN PRUDEN AND GARFIELD MCRAE] - An Affair with My City Selected Works of Max Goldin
9900037907: PRYCE, J. HARRY - The Red Reel the Story of Canada Wire
044493: PRYDE, DUNCAN - Nunaga My Land, My Country
9900038359: PRZYBYCIEN, FRANK E. - Utica: A City Worth Saving
9900004208: ANONYMOUS [ALIQUIS - PSEUDONYM, POSS. OF RICHARD MARKS] - The Village Church Yard; (Two Volumes Bound As One) or, Reflections on Death, Past Times, and a Future State
9900044024: [AIR DATA PUBLICATIONS] - Pilot's Notes for Lancaster II Four Hercules VI or XVI Engines
063350: UNIQUE PUBLICATIONS - Bruce Lee: The Untold Story Bruce Lee's Life Story as Told by his Mother, Family and Friends
062587: WORLD FESTIVAL PUBLICITY - Expo 67 Universal and Intenational Exhibition of 1967. Montreal, Canada
9900034127: [PIETER DE HOOCH] PUBLISHED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY WILHELM R. VALENTINER - Pieter de Hooch / the Master's Paintings / in 180 Reproductions with an Appendix on the Genre Painters in the Manner of de Hooch
9900027500: [ROYAL COMMISSION ON BOOK PUBLISHING] - Canadian Publishers & Canadian Publishing
059017: SHS PUBLISHING - One Gear Converting and Maintaining Single Speed and Fixed Gear Bicycles
053796: PUFENDORF, SAMUEL; THOMAS BEHME (ED. & INTRO.); KNUD HAKKONSSEN (ED.); WILLIAM ABBOT OLDFATHER (TRANS.) - Two Books of the Elements of Universal Jurisprudence
053797: PUFENDORF, SAMUEL; IAN HUNTER (ED. & INTRO); DAVID SAUDERNS (ED., INTRO. & TRANS.); KNUD HAAKONSSEN (ED.); ANDREW TOOKE (TRANS.) - Whole Duty of Man, According to the Law of Nature
053801: PUFENDORF, SAMUEL; SIMONE ZURBUCHEN (ED. & INTRO.); KNUD HAAKONSSEN (ED.); JODOCUS CRULL (TRANS.) - Of the Nature and Qualification of Religion in Reference to CIVIL Society
053802: PUFENDORF, SAMUEL; SIMONE ZURBUCHEN (ED. & INTRO.); KNUD HAAKONSSEN (ED.); THEOPHILUS DORRINGTON (TRANS.) - The Divine Feudal Law Or, Covenants with Mankind, Represented
069989: PUGH, PETER - Rolls-Royce: The Magic of a Name The First Forty Years of Britain's Most Prestigious Company
057005: PUIG, MANUEL; JAN L. GRAYSON (TRANS.) - Blood of Requited Love
061575: PULIXI, PIERGIORGIO; CAROL PERKINS (TRANS.) - The Night of the Panthers
037676: PULLINGER, KATE - The Mistress of Nothing
062229: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The Amber Spyglass His Dark Materials; Book Three
047076: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The Shadow in the North
9900039077: [PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI] - Punch Vol. 134. January 1, 1908 to June 24, 1908.
9900042314: [PUNCH, OR THE LONDON CHARIVARI] - Punch Volume XXXV 1858
053486: [THE EDITORS OF PUNCH] - Punch Vol XL
9900032318: [PUNCH] - The Pick of Punch an Annual Selection
065886: PUNKE, MICHAEL - The Revenant A Novel of Revenge
9900031508: PURCHAS, SAMUEL, B.D. - Hakluytus Pothumus or Purchase His Pilgrimes Contayning a History of the World in Sea Voyages and Land Travells Complete 20 volume set uniformly bound in original blue cloth
9900026628: PURDY, RALPH S. - Farmers - What Now?
041009: PURDY, AL - A Splinter in the Heart
026833: PURDY, SUSAN G. - The Family Baker 150 Never-Let-You-Down Basic Recipes
069195: PURDY, ALFRED - North of Summer Poems from Baffin Island
069779: PURNELL, SONIA - A Woman of No Importance The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II
057980: PUTNAM, HILARY - Realism and Reason Philosophical Papers, Volume 3
9900030646: PUTT, ERIC D. - Sunflower Seed Production
059473: PYE, KENNETH A. - The Use of Troops in CIVIL Disturbances in the United States A Paper Delivered at a Seminar on Canada: Centralization or Devolution
069129: PYENSON, NICK - Spying on Whales The Past, Present and Future of Earth's Most Awesome Creatures
067600: PYLE, HOWARD; TANIA ZAMORSKY - The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
022588: PYLE, ERNIE - Here Is Your War
064505: PYNCHON, THOMAS - Inherent Vice
061576: PYNCHON, THOMAS - Inherent Vice
9900012876: PYNE, STEPHEN J - The Ice: A Journey to Antarctica
059302: PYPER, ANDREW - The Homecoming
056117: MONTY PYTHON - The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok
022520: PYVES, RICHARD R. - Night Madness A Rear Gunner's Story of Love, Courage, and Hope in World War 2
048957: AL-QARADAWI, YUSUF - The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam
060572: GUO-QIANG, CIA - Transparent Monument
056373: GUO-QIANG, CAI - Cai Guo-Qiang An Arbitrary History
9900027474: QUAIN, REDMOND - Manual of Departments and Agencies of the Government of Canada
062312: QUAJAR, JEANNETTE - In Three Parallels of Grass Peguis poetry, 1
058575: QUAN, HOLLY - Native Chiefs and Famous Métis Leadership and Bravery in the Canadian West
9900039946: [BERNARD QUARITCH] WITH A PORTRAIT-STUDY OF THE FOUNDER BY HIS DAUGHTER CHARLOTTE QUARITCH WRENTMORE - A Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts Issued to Commemorate the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Firm of Bernard Quaritch
053358: QUARRINGTON, PAUL - Galveston
069693: QUEEN, ELLERY - Calamity Town
059349: QUENNEC, LINDA - Fishing for Birds
9900038970: QUICK, HERBERT - The Brown Mouse
9900030699: QUICK, HERBERT - The Real Trouble with the Farmers
059357: QUIMPER, CHARLES - In Every Wave
066403: QUINCEY, THOMAS DE - Confessions of an English Opium Eater
068646: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS - The Confessions of an English Opium Eater
057509: QUINN, DANIEL - My Ishmael A Sequel
051396: QUINN, DANIEL - Ishmael A Novel
057938: QUINN, DANIEL - Providence The Story of a Fifty-Year Vision Quest
014887: QUINTON, LESLIE - The Lucky Coin and Other Folk Tales Canadians Tell
030877: QUIRINO, RAFFAELE - Ani Difranco: Righteous Babe
9900029990: WILLIAMS, T. R. AND M. S. BEDINGER - Selected Geologic and Hydrologic Characteristics of the Basin & Range Province, Western United States Peistocene Lakes & Marshes
9900043468: PRITCHARD, REV. E. C. R. WITH FOREWORD BY RT. REV. SIR FRANCIS HEATHCOTE - The Red River Settlement a Gripping Narrative of Pioneer Days Winnipeg / Vancouver / Seattle
068766: MOLECULE-R - Molecular Gastronomy by Molecule-R An Introduction to the Science Behind 40 Spectacular Recipes
9900036941: DECKER R. AND H. TROONEN (EDS.) - Hepatitis C 1997: Essays and Experts Opinions on Its Natural History, Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Therapy
050918: KLEIMAN, KAREN R. AND VALERIE D. RASKIN - This Isn't What I Expected: Overcoming Postpartum Depression
037856: BASCOM, WILLIAN R. AND PAUL GEBAUER - Handbook of West African Art
015672: DAWSON, JOHN R. AND JOHN OVERTON, EUGENE HOUSER - Their Roles Remembered Farmer City Veterans in World War II
049109: RENTOUL, ANNIE R. AND IDA RENTOUL OUTHWAITE - The Little Green Road to Fairyland
027604: MCNORGAN, MICHAEL R. AND GORDON T. CROSSLEY - Facta Non Verba A History of the Fort Garry Horse
9900030971: RAAB, WILHELM, M.D. - Hormonal and Neurogenic Cardiovascular Disorders Endocrine and Neuro-Endocrine Factors in Pathogenesis and Treatment
053626: RAAB, GEORGE - George Raab
042794: RABAN, JONATHAN - Coasting a Private Journey
052311: RABAN, JONATHAN - Bad Land An American Romance
9900037188: RABELAIS, FRANCIS / ILLUSTRATED BY W. HEATH ROBINSON - The Works of Mr. Francis Rabelais
9900044685: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS - The Lives, Historic Deeds & Sayings of Gargantua and His Son Pantagruel
9900030837: RABINE, LESLIE W. - Reading the Romantic Heroine Text, History, Ideology
9900039414: RABINOVITCHE, ISRAEL / TRANSLATED FROM THE YIDDISH BY A. M. KLEIN - Of Jewish Music Ancient and Modern
039990: RABINOWITZ, HAROLD; ROB KAPLAN - Passion for Books A Book Lover's Treasury of Stories, Essays, Humor, Lore, and Lists on Collecting, Reading, Borrowing, Lending, Caring for, and Appreciating Books
042868: RACHMAN, TOM - The Imperfectionists
024305: RACINE, LOUIS - Life of Milton Together with Observations on Paradise Lost
046132: RACKSTRAW, LOREE - Love As Always, Kurt
067188: RADCLIFFE, ANN - The Romance of the Forest
061494: RADER, ANDREW - Beyond the Known How Exploration Created The Modern World and Will Take Us to the Stars
065120: PLINY; BETTY RADICE, TRANS. - Pliny A Self Portrait in Letters
065051: PLINY; RADICE, BETTY - The Letters of the Younger Pliny
058091: RADICE, BETTY [EDITOR] - Selections from the Carmina Burana
057287: RADIGUET, RAYMOND - Count D'Orgel's Ball
9900042517: KOLSTER RADIO - Instructions for Installing Kolster Radio Receivers
050185: RADWANSKI, GEORGE - Trudeau
052680: RADZINSKY, EDVARD; MARIAN SCHWARTZ (TRANS.) - The Last Tsar: The Life and Death of Nicholas II
9900040183: RADZIWILL, PRINCESS CATHERINE - The Intimate Life of the Last Tzarina
048196: RAE, SIMON (ED.) - The Faber Book of Murder
054128: RAE, W. FRASER - Newfoundland to Manitoba Through Canada's Maritime, Mining and Prairie Provinces
069676: RAETSKY, A.; M. CHETVERIK - Starting out: Benoni Systems
068932: RAFFAN, JAMES - Emperor of the North Sir George Simpson and the Remarkable Story of the Hudson's Bay Company
032580: RAFFERTY, TOD - Ducati
059127: RAGNAR - Chromaphile
064949: RAICHLEN, STEVEN - Barbecue! Bible
9900030378: [UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD] - Indoor Sports and Games
048191: RAIN, MARY SUMMER - Earthway A Native American Visionary's Path to Total Mind, Body and Spirit Health
9900044504: RAINE, HERBERT - Old Montreal
9900025341: RAINE, KATHLEEN - Death-in-Life and Life-in-Death: 'Cuchulain Comforted' and 'News for the the Delphic Oracle'
018745: RAJOTTE, FREDA [ED.] - Strathcona Portrait of a Prairie Municipality
070221: RAJOTTE, FREDA - First Nations Faith and Ecology
058605: RAKHMANNY, ROMAN; STEPHEN D. OLYNYK (ED.); JOHN RICHMOND (FOREWORD) - In Defense of the Ukrainian Cause
053642: RAKOFF, DAVID - Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish A Novel
9900037946: RALEIGH, SIR WALTER - The Ocean to Cynthia His Autographic Poems
9900030093: LEWIS, RALPH AND KEITH S. GARDNER - Sir William Russell Flint R.A. , P.P. R.W. S. 1880-1969
068238: BRIAN RALPH - Daybreak
047416: RAMADAN, TARIQ - What I Believe
068637: RAMAKRISHNA, SRI - The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
065295: RAMSAY, GORDON - Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape 100 Recipes Inspired by Asia
054725: RAMSAY, GORDON - Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch 25 Simple Menus to Pamper Family and Friends
9900044581: STEVENS, G. R., WITH A FOREWORD BY THE LADY PATRICIA RAMSAY AND AN INTRODUCTION BY BRIGADIER A. HAMILTON GAULT - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 1919-1957 / Volume Three
049674: RAMSAY, GORDON - Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Appetite
9900018058: RAMSAY, DEAN - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character
064930: RAMSAY, GORDON - Gordon Ramsay's Maze
064929: RAMSAY, GORDON - Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Appetite
066479: RAMSAY, GORDON - Gordon Ramsay Three Star Chef
027271: RAMSEY, BETTY JO; FRITZ KREDEL [ILLUST.] - The Little Book of Famous Insults
019280: RAMSEY, IAN; JERRY H. GILL [ED.] - Christian Empiricism
063440: RAMSLAND, KATHERINE - The Vampire Companion The Official Guide to Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles
063869: RAND, AYN; LEONARD PEIKOFF (INTRO.) - We the Living
053731: RAND, AYN - The Art of Nonfiction A Guide for Writers and Readers
056580: RANDOLPH, VANCE; RAYNA GREEN (INTRO.) - Pissing in the Snow And Other Ozark Folktales
066524: RANDOLPH, JEANNE - Shopping Cart Pantheism Semaphore
065039: RANDOLPH, JEANNE - Shopping Cart Pantheism Semaphore
066982: RANDOLPH, JEANNE - Shopping Cart Pantheism Semaphore
059550: RANGE, PETER ROSS - 1924 The Year That Made Hitler
045123: RANKIN, IAN - The Complaints
064100: RANKIN, IAN - Standing in Another Man's Grave
066654: RANKIN, LAIRD - The Nonsuch
043006: RANKIN, IAN - Exit Music (Inspector Rebus, #17)
9900043048: RANKIN, IAN - The Resurrection Men (Audio Book on Cds)
054701: RANKIN, IAN - Mortal Causes An Inspector Rebus Novel: 6
9900044536: RANKIN, LAIRD - Open for Business a History of the Asper School of Business As It Begins Its Fourth Quarter
054702: RANKIN, IAN - A Good Hanging (And Other Stories, Featuring Inspector Rebus)
054709: RANKIN, IAN - Fleshmarket Close An Inspector Rebus Novel: 15
039512: RANKIN, IAN - The Impossible Dead
054707: RANKIN, IAN - Saints of the Shadow Bible (Inspector Rebus, #19)
018011: RANKINE, W. HENRY - A Hero of the Dark Continent Memoir of Rev. Wm. Affleck Scott
069077: RANSOM, JOHN CROWE - Selected Poems
9900041749: RANSOME, ARTHUR - Peter Duck
059586: RANSOME, ARTHUR - The Picts and the Martyrs or, Not Welcome at All
9900041745: RANSOME, ARTHUR - Great Northern
053640: RAO, RAJA - Kanthapura
019177: RAPLEY, ROBERT - Witch Hunts: From Salem to Guantanamo Bay
067019: RAPOPORT, ANATOL - The Origins of Violence Approaches to the Study of Conflict
9900001577: RASKY, FRANK - The Polar Voyagers
065494: RASMUSSEN, LINDA - A Harvest Yet to Reap a History of Prairie Women
059407: RASMUSSEN, LINDA; LORNA RASMUSSEN; CANDACE SAVAGE; ANNE WHEELER - A Harvest Yet to Reap A History of Prairie Women
9900018032: RASPAIL, JEAN - Welcome Honourable Visitors
045987: RASPE, RUDOLF ERICH - The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
049254: RATCLIFF, CARTER - Andy Warhol
9900038758: RATHBONE, R. W. - Rockdale Reflections Being a History of the Rockdale Congregational Church 1889 - 1964
048710: RATHS, DEBORAH - Register of the Frederick Philip Grove Collection
9900033609: RATZLAFF, ERIC L. (ED.) - Twenty-Five Years of Loving Care at the Tabor Home Clearbrook, B.C.
056819: RAUSING, SIGRID - Everything Is Wonderful Memories of a Collective Farm in Estonia
9900036810: RAVEN, CHARLES E. - Christian Socialism 1848-1854
056200: RAVENWOLF, SILVER - To Stir a Magick Cauldron A Witch's Guide to Casting and Conjuring
063731: RAVINDRA, RAVI - The Spiritual Roots of Yoga Royal Path to Freedom
9900043888: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN - The Yearling
9900026975: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN - The Yearling
9900033189: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN - Cross Creek
036138: RAWLL, CICELY (ED.); SMITH, FRANK (ED.) - A Register of Old Wycliffians, 1882 - 1994
065495: RAWLS, JOHN; SAMUEL FREEMAN (ED.) - Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy
068492: RAWSON, PHILIP - Oriental Erotic Art
9900045091: RAWSON, ELIZABETH - Cicero a Portrait
069325: RAY, CARL; JAMES STEVENS - Sacred Legends of the Sandy Lake Cree
065167: RAY, ARTHUR J.; JIM R. MILLER; FRANK J. TOUGH - Bounty and Benevolence A History of Saskatchewan Treaties
065701: RAY, JOSEPH - Elements of Algebra For Colleges, Schools, and Private Students
9900036601: RAY, GEORGE R. - Kasba (White Partridge) a Story of Hudson Bay
9900041095: RAY, ARTHUR J. - The Canadian Fur Trade in the Industrial Age
032114: RAY, RACHAEL; CUSIMANO, JOHN - My Year in Meals / My Year in Cocktails
9900013838: RAY, ROGER B - The Indians of Maine: A Bibliographic Guide
054123: RAY, JOHN - The Second World War A Narrative History
065800: RAYBURN, ALAN - Place Names of Canada
049172: RAYBURN, ALAN - Naming Canada: Stories About Canadian Place Names
9900043558: CHANDLER, RAYMOND ET AL - The Simple Art of Murder and Seven Other Articles in the Rex Stout Mystery Quarterly Issue Number 2, May, 1946
9900045140: GREEN, RAYNA WITH MELANIE FERNANDEZ - The Encyclopaedia of the First People of North America
060963: RAYNAK, LARRY; PAT RAYNAK - Batik Leather Step by Step Instructions
9900045297: [RCAF] - The Royal Canadian Air Force: Recipe Manual 1945
069484: REACH, JAMES - Sunset Strip She Used Men as Stepping Stones to Fame
050179: READ, SIMON - Winston Churchill Reporting: Adventures of a Young War Correspondent
9900020446: READ, JANET - Ballads of Bouverie Street and Other Verses
9900037360: READ, CONYERS [ED.] - The Bardon Papers Documents Relating to the Imprisonment & Trial of Mary Queen of Scots
9900041320: READ, FREDERICK - Maclaren's Bills, Notes and Cheques Being the Bills of Exchange Act Revised Statutes of Canada 1927, Chapter 16
9900024612: READE, CHARLES - The Cloister and the Hearth a Tale of the Middle Ages
052261: READE, CHARLES - The Cloister and the Hearth: A Tale of the Middle Ages
039773: THE CANADIAN READERS - The Canadian Readers Book II
9900024675: [READERS] - The Canadian Readers V
9900042144: [READERS] - The Manitoba Readers / First Reader
9900024391: [READERS] - The Manitoba Readers V
9900029680: [READERS] - [the Victorian Readers] Third Reader
9900019568: [READERS] - The Victorian Readers Second Reader
062661: READING, MARIO - Nostradamus The Complete Prophecies for the Future
043270: REANEY, JAMES - The Donnellys
062736: REANEY, BERNICE C. - Milk and Our School Children
050755: REARDON, B. P. (ED.) - Collected Ancient Greek Novels
050425: REARDON, JOAN - Poet of the Appetites The Lives and Loves of M.F.K. Fisher
9900042978: REAUME, TOM - Manitoba's Tall Grass Prairie a Field Guide to an Endangered Space
068022: REBER, LASZLO - Hurdy-Gurdy
043512: REBICK, JUDY - Imagine Democracy
063947: RECANATI, FRANCOIS - Perspectival Thought A Plea for (Moderate) Relativism
9900041347: RECINE, BOB / ESSAY BY RENE RICARD - Alchemy of Beauty
027070: REDDAWAY, PETER [ED. & TRANS.] - Uncensored Russia Protest and Dissent In The Soviet Union
057124: REDDING, M. WOLCOTT - Antiquities of the Orient Unveiled Containing a concise description of the ruins of King Solomon's cities, together with those of forty of the most ancient and renowned cities of the east, including Babylon, Nineveh, Damascus and Shushan
9900040717: REDEKOP, BILL - Crimes of the Century Manitoba's Most Notorious True Crimes
068131: REDEKOP, BILL - Crime Stories More of Manitoba's Most Famous True Crimes
052774: REDEKOP, BILL - Made in Manitoba: Best of the Open Road Stories
068286: REDFERN, NICK - Monster Files A Look Inside Government Secrets and Classified Documents on Bizarre Creatures and Extraordinary Animals
068475: REDHILL, MICHAEL - Consolation A Novel
030616: REDHILL, MICHAEL - Consolation A Novel
059778: REDHILL, MICHAEL - Bellevue Square
052468: REDHILL, MICHAEL - Bellevue Square
9900038463: [MATTHIAS CLAUDIUS] DR. C. REDLICH - Matthias Claudius / Werke / Asmus Omnia Sua Secum Portans, Oder Samtliche Werke Des Wandsbecker Boten
9900039940: REDSTONE, VERA - Sunburn Sonnets and Other Poems
031152: REECE, GREGORY L. - Elvis Religion The Cult of the King
9900012484: REED, TALBOT BAINES - The Cockhouse at Fellsgarth
9900034224: REED, DR. HOWARD (ED.) - The Canadian Journal of Opthalmology Volume 1 Number 1 January 1966
9900037063: REED, HENRY - A Map of Verona
069667: REED, MAUREEN G. - Taking Stands Gender and the Sustainability of Rural Communities
070109: REED, C. M. - Kc-135 Stratotanker in Action Aircraft No. 118
037689: REED, ARTHUR - C-130 Hercules
042546: REED, ISHMAEL - The Free-Lance Pallbearers A Novel
069966: REED, ROLAND - Indian Art : Photographic Art Studies of the North American Indian
065700: REED, ELSE - A Man Forbid
9900029316: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - Strike from the Sea
055362: REES, RONALD - Land of Earth and Sky Landscape Painting of Western Canada
9900035626: REES, TONY - Polo the Galloping Game / an Illustrated History of Polo in the Canadian West
048168: REES, NIGEL - Not Tonight Josephine A-Z of Over 1200 Catchphrases and Their Origins
069535: REGAN, PAULETTE - Unsettling the Settler Within Indian Residential Schools, Truth Telling, and Reconciliation in Canada
037540: REGE, RON - The Awake Field
065909: REGEHR, T.D. - Mennonites in Canada 1939-1970: A People Transformed
047203: REGEHR, T.D. - Mennonites in Canada 1939-1970: A People Transformed
9900039214: REGIER, EDITH (ED.) - Passing Pictures with Prisoners
056354: REGIER, EDITH - Passing Pictures with Prisoners
9900039792: GRUNDY, D. REGINALD AND F. GORDON ROE - A Catalogue of the Pictures and Drawings in the Collection of Frederick John Nettlefold / Volume IV
063372: REGIS, EDWARD (ED.) - Extraterrestrials Science and Alien Intelligence
067749: WINNIPEG COUNCIL ON REHABILITATION AND POST-WAR RECONSTRUCTION - Rights and Privileges of the Returned Men and Women of This War
9900017533: REICHE, HANS - Constant Plate Varieties of the Canada Small Queens
9900039204: REICHERT, RABBI DR. VICTOR E. - Job Hebrew Text & English Translation with an Introduction and Commentary
049708: REICHERT, DON; ROBERT ARCHAMBEAU - Reichert and Archambeau Recent Works, February 28th - March 17th, 1983
060788: REICHERT, DON - A Life in Work
054458: REICHL, RUTH - Delicious!
034714: REICHS, KATHY - Bones of the Lost A Temperance Brennan Novel
9900002257: REID, GORDON - Notes of the North
033692: REID, LAURENS B - A Story of Saskatchewan and Other Stories
9900035628: REID, EDITH GITTINGS - The Great Physician a Short Life of Sir William Osler
063622: REID, DOROTHY M. - Tales of Nanabozho
056353: REID, MARY - Erika Lincoln The Singing Condition
9900020731: REID, EDITH GITTINGS - The Great Physician a Short Life of Sir William Osler
9900034308: REID, STUART (INTRODUCTION) - Personal Image for Social Space
9900039957: REID, EDITH GITTINGS - The Great Physician a Short Life of Sir William Osler
069399: REID, C. S. PADDY - Mansion in the Wilderness: The Archaeology of the Ermatinger House Research Report 10
069344: REID, C.S., BRUCE G. TRIGGER, PETER L. STORCK, K.C.A. DAWSON - Ontario Archaeology Publication Number 30
060649: REID, J. - A Manual of Moral Instruction A Graded Course of Lessons on Conduct Worked Out on the Concentric Plan
9900036117: REIDWEG, DORIS (ED.) - The Hospital on the Hill a History of Langley Memorial Hospital 1948-1998
067365: REIERSGORD, THOMAS E. - The Kensington Rune Stone It's Place in History
9900044474: REIKER, CLAUDE / STEFAN OBERHOLZER / URS WYSS (EDS.) - World Tribology Forum in Arthroplasty
065686: O'REILLY, TERRY - The Age of Persuasion How Marketing Ate Our Culture
9900038091: REILLY, CONOR - Metal Contamination of Food
062967: REIMER, SAM W - Gray Matter Graffitti
9900035378: DE REIMES, PHILLIPPE / EDITED FROM THE UNIQUE MS. IN THE IMPERIAL LIBRARY IN PARIS BY M. LE ROUX DE LINCY - The Romance of Blonde of Oxford and Jehan of Dammartin
069991: REINFELD, FRED - The Complete Chess Course
070383: REINFELD, FRED; AL HOROWITZ (INTRO.) - Great Games by Chess Prodigies The Outstanding Early Games of Paul Morphy, J. R. Capablanca, Sammy Reshevsky, Bobby Fischer
068728: REIS, ELIZABETH [ED.] - Spellbound Women and Witchcraft in America
9900038753: REIST, DANIEL RALPH - The Nature and Destiny of Man in the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament
053301: REITMAN, JANET - Inside Scientology
055790: REJ, BENT - The Rolling Stones In the Beginning
9900037343: RELF, FRANCES HELEN [ED.] - Notes of the Debates in the House of Lords Officially Taken by Robert Bowyer and Henry Elsing, Clerks of the Parliaments,...
059022: REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA; DENVER LINDLEY (TRANS.) - A Time to Love and a Time to Die
041308: REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA - All Quiet on the Western Front
066748: REMENDER, RICK; ET AL. - How to Fall Forever Black Science
067233: REMENDER, RICK; GREG TOCCHINI - The Last Days of American Crime
014820: REMIS, LEONARD, COMPILED BY - Glendale Golf and Coutry Club Anniversary Yearbook 1946 - 1996
027453: REMNICK, DAVID - Resurrection: The Struggle for a New Russia
041303: REMNICK, DAVID - The New Gilded Age: The New Yorker Looks at the Culture of Affluence
052590: REMNICK, DAVID - The Devil Problem And Other True Stories
052998: DAVID REMNICK - Resurrection: The Struggle for a New Russia
9900030824: RENDER, SHIRLEY - No Place for a Lady
061967: RENDER, SHIRLEY - Double Cross The inside story of James A. Richardson and Canadian Airways
058983: RENDON, JIM - Super-Charged How Outlaws, Hippies, and Scientists Reinvented Marijuana
059180: RENNER, ROLF GUNTER - Edward Hopper, 1882-1967 Transformation of the Real
055977: RENNIE, WILLIAM; THOMAS RENNIE - Rennie's Complete Service For the Home and Market, Garden, Farm, Golf Course and Estate
034737: REPCHECK, JACK - Copernicus' Secret How the Scientific Revolution Began
9900043469: WARREN, J. G. H. / A REPRINT WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY W. A. TUPLIN - A Century of Locomotive Building by Robert Stephenson & Co. 1823-1923
9900037614: [YIVO INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH RESEARCH] - Yivo Annual of Jewish Social Science
060986: THE MIXEDWOOD FOREST RESEARCH AND ADVISORY COMMITTEE - The Manitoba Mixedwoods A Forest In Transition
012396: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL DIVISION OF BUILDING RESEARCH - List of Publications 1947-1962 Inclusive National Research Council Division of Building Research
9900039323: RESEARCHED AND COMPILED BY THE ARBORG HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A Century Unfolds History of Arborg and District 1889-1987
049321: RESNICK, MURIEL - Girl in the Turquoise Bikini
068713: [DEPARTMENT OF RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT] - Transportation and Communications in the Northwest Territories
9900036048: FORSSELL, GOSTA, ELIS BERVEN, OLLE REUTERWALL AND ROLF SIEVERT - King Gustaf V's Stockholm Jubilee Clinic for Radiotherapy and Research in Cancer
024199: REUTH, RALF GEORG - Goebbels
9900025126: REVENS, LEE - The Graphic Works of Felicien Rops
058951: PEREZ-REVERTE, ARTURO - The Seville Communion
032681: PÉREZ-REVERTE, ARTURO - The Club Dumas A Novel
069289: [CENTENNIAL REVIEW] - Centennial Review: Kenora 1836-1936 Old Home Week, July 6th to 11th, 1936
9900041477: ROYAL AIR FORCE FLYING REVIEW - The Flight I Shall Never Forget
052560: CUYAS, ARTURO; ANTONIO LLANO (REVISED AND ENLARGED) - Nuevo Diccionario Ingles-Espanol Y Espanol-Ingles de Appleton / Appleton's New English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary
069922: REXROTH, KENNETH - The Collected Longer Poems of Kenneth Rexroth
065928: REYNAUD, STEPHANE - Pork and Sons
037899: REYNOLDS, M.E. - Memories of John Galsworthy By His Sister M.E. Reynolds
070426: REYNOLDS, E. E. - The Trial of St Thomas More
047545: REYNOLDS, LINDOR - The Green Guide to Winnipeg
9900040332: REYNOLDS, DAVID - A Century of South African Steam Tugs
9900027583: REYNOLDS, BILL - Corvette America's Most Exciting Sportscar
047694: REYNOLDS, K. D.; H. C. G MATTHEW - Charles Darwin
030475: REYNOLDS, LINDOR - The Green Guide to Winnipeg
9900017050: [REYNOLDS, FRANK, ILLUSTRATOR] - Mr. Pickwick
056960: VON REZZORI, GREGOR - The Orient-Express
9900035975: RHEAULT, ANGELA (PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR) - Rheault Family History
069615: RHYS, JEAN - Wide Sargasso Sea
066021: RHYS, JEAN - Wide Sargasso Sea
062118: RHYS, JEAN; ANGELA SMITH (ED.) - Wide Sargasso Sea
068465: JEAN RHYS - Wide Sargasso Sea
055487: RHYS, JEAN - Quartet
021096: RICARD, RENE - Francesco Clemente A Portrait
060828: RICCI, NINO - Lives of the Saints
061445: RICCI, NINO - Lives of the Saints
9900043986: RICCI, NINO - Lives of the Saints
9900043987: RICCI, NINO - In a Glass House
063442: RICE, ANNE - Taltos Lives of the Mayfair Witches
034545: RICE, ANNE - Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana A Novel
063444: RICE, ANNE - Lasher
025771: RICE, SCOTT - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night The Best from the Bulwer-Lytton Contest
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026499: RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF ROSSER - The First Hundred Years 1893 - 1993
9900044332: [RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF ROSSER, MANITOBA] - The First Hundred Years 1893-1993
9900044337: [RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF ROSSER, MANITOBA] - The First Hundred Years 1893-1993
067338: ROSSET, BARNEY (ED.) - Evergreen Review, Volume 1 Number 4
068894: ROSSET, BARNEY (ED.); ET AL. - Evergreen Review Volume 4 Number 11
038581: ROSSET, BARNEY (ED.) - Evergreen Review: Volume 13, No. 63 / February 1969 Carl Ogelsby/William Eastlake/Ingmar Bergman/John Lahr/Dotson Rader/Tuli Kupferberg/Nat Hentoff/Gert Hofmann
038584: ROSSET, BARNEY (ED.) - Evergreen Review: Volume 13, No. 67 / June 1969
038582: ROSSET, BARNEY (ED.) - Evergreen Review: Volume 13, No. 65 / April 1969 Black Anti-Semitism, the Teachers' Strike, and Jewish Racism--Julius Lester Speaks His Mind to Nat Hentoff
055459: ROSSETTI, CHRISTINA GEORGINA - The Works of Christina Rossetti
050174: ROSSETTI, WILLIAM MICHAEL; ANGELA THIRLWELL (INTRO.) - The Pre-Raphaelites and Their World A Personal View From Some Reminiscences and Other Writings of William Michael Rossetti
021994: ROSSNER, FR. JOHN - In Search Primordial Tradition & the Cosmic Christ Uniting World Religious Experience with A Lost Esoteric Christianity
044621: ROSTECKI, RANDY R.; JACKIE A. RITCHIE - St. Mary's Academy, Winnipeg
9900032681: ROSTECKI, RANDY R., JACKIE A. RITCHIE - St. Mary's Academy Winnipeg
053864: ROSWELL, GENE - The Yogi Berra Story
9900044564: ROTARIUS, FATHER THOMAS FRANCISCO - Theologia Moralis Regularium, Auctore Patre D. Thoma Francisco Rotario / Astensi, Clerico Regulari S. Pauli / Tomus Primus Continet Tres Libros
065484: ROTH, SALLY - Attracting Birds to Your Backyard 536 Ways to Create a Haven for Your Favorite Birds
9900029258: ROTH, LILLIAN - Willing Service: Stories of Ontario Mennonite Women
068104: ROTH, PHILIP - The Ghost Writer
033942: ROTH, CECIL - Iscariot
068616: ROTH, JOSEPH - Job The Story of a Simple Man
067505: ROTH, PHILIP - Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories
064317: ROTH, PHILIP - I Married a Communist
032005: ROTHBART, DAVY - Found The Best Lost, Tossed, and Forgotten Items from Around the World
051667: ROTHBERG, ABRAHAM - The Heirs of Stalin Dissidence and the Soviet Regime, 1953-1970
051139: ROTHBERG, ROBERT I. - Art and History Images and Their Meaning
024158: ROTHENBERG, JEROME (ED) - Shaking the Pumpkin Traditional Poetry of the Indian North Americas
069947: ROTHERLY, JASON PATRICK - Privilege
024772: ROTHSCHILD, MATTHEW - You Have No Rights: Stories of America in an Age of Repression
051703: ROTSTEIN, NANCY-GAY - This Horizon and Beyond Poems Selected and New
038707: FABIEN; ROUCHE, DANIEL BELLAHSEN - Meat & Poultry Dine with Europe's Master Chefs
042358: ROUNDING, VIRGINIA - Catherine the Great: Love, Sex, and Power
058041: ROUPENIAN, KRISTEN - You Know You Want This Cat Person" and Other Stories
9900029106: ROUSMANIERE, JOHN - Fastnet Force 10
055359: DE ROUSSAN, JACQUES - C. Langevin Ombres et Lumieres (Shadow and Light)
055396: DE ROUSSAN, JAQUES; JANE FRYDENLUND (TRANS.) - G. Rebry Nature's Mystique
070278: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - The Social Contract
049360: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES - The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau
069393: MARY-ROUSSELIERE, GUY - Beyond the High Hills A Book of Eskimo Poems
045286: ROUSSOPOULOS, DIMITRIOS; DIMITRIOS FOUSSOPOULOS - Dissidence: Essays Against the Mainstream
032374: ROUTERY, MICHAEL - From the Prow of Myth
063085: ROUX, CATHERINE - Red Triangle
9900003523: ROWAN, JOHN J. - The Emigrant Sportsman in Canada
9900034543: ROWAN, JOHN J. - The Emigrant Sportsman in Canada: Some Experiences of an Old Country Settler with Sketches of Canadian Life, Sporting, Adventures, and Observations on the Firests and Fauna
9900038829: ROWELL, GEOFFREY - Hell and the Victorians a Study of the 19th-Century Theological Controversies Concerning Eternal Punishment and the Future Life
051602: ROWLAND, INGRID D. - The Scarith of Scornello: A Tale of Renaissance Forgery
043234: ROWLING, J. K. - Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
043233: ROWLING, J. K. - Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
070460: ROWLING, J. K. - The Tales of Beedle the Bard (U.K. 1st printing)
066319: ROWLING, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
064613: ROWLING, J. K. - Quidditch Through the Ages
070320: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
064517: ROWLING, J. K. - Very Good Lives The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination
068117: ROWLING, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
056413: ROWLING, J.K. - The Casual Vacancy
066113: ROWSE, A.L.; ALAN STEWART (INTRO.) - The Elizabethan Age (Four Volumes in Slipcase) The England of Elizabeth; The Expansion of Elizabethan England; The Elizabethan Renaissance: The Life of the Society; The Elizabethan Renaissance: The Cultural Achievement
065159: ROWSE, A. L. (SEL., ED., AND INTRO.); THOMAS MORE - A Man of Singular Virtue being A Life of Sir Thomas More by his son-in-law William Roper and a selection of More's Letters
9900015665: ROY, GABRIELLE - Letters to Bernadette
057624: LAMSON, ROY AND HALLETT SMITH [EDITORS] - The Golden Hind An Anthology Of Elizabethan Prose And Poetry
9900031951: ROY, CAMILLE - French Canadian Literature
9900037731: ROY, GABRIELLE - La Montagne Secrete
057532: ROY, ARUNDHATI - The Cost of Living
068253: ROY, WENDY - The Next Installment Serials, Sequels and Adaptations of Nellie L. McClung, L.M. Montgomery, and Mazo de la Roche
014506: ROY, CLAUDE - Balthus
9900023665: ROY, CAMILLE - French Canadian Literature
029226: ROY, GABRIELLE - Letters to Bernadette
056089: ROY, GABRIELLE - La Petite Poule D'Eau
061590: ROY, PIERRE-GEORGES - Les Petites Choses de Notre Histoire Cinquieme serie
9900018831: ROY, RANJAN (ED) - Chronic Pain in Old Age an Integrated Biopsychosocial Perspective
9900033653: ROY, MARCEL, M.P. (CHAIRMAN) - Report on Violence in the Family / Wife Battering / Standing Committee on Health, Welfare and Social Affairs
068647: ROY, GABRIELLE - Where Nests Water the Hen
9900033392: ROY, MARIE-ANNA-A. - La Montagne Pembina Au Temps Des Colous
035591: ROYTE, ELIZABETH - Garbage Land On the Secret Trail of Trash
043365: ROZYCKI, TOMASZ - Twelve Stations
9900012472: P. VIRGILII MARONIS [VIRGIL] / CAROLUS RUAEUS, SOC. JESU. (ED.) - Opera. Interpretatione Et Notis Illustravit / Jussu Christianissimi Regis, Ad Usum Serenissimi Delphini
043565: RUBENS, MICHAEL - The Sheriff of Yrnameer
064220: RUBIN, JAMES; SCOTT ROWAN - The Urban Cyclist's Survival Guide
069222: RUBIN, WILLIAM - Pablo Picasso A Retrospective
062864: RUBINSTEIN, DAN - Born to Walk The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act
9900044363: RUBIO, MARY & ELIZABETH WATERSTON (EDS.) - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery Volume IV: 1929-1935
058543: RUBY, ROBERT - Unknown Shore The Lost History of England's Arctic Colony
066784: RUCKA, GREG; ET AL. - Lazarus Volume 1
050525: RUCKER, RUDY - Infinity and the Mind The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite
9900033573: RUD, ANTHONY - The Rose Bath Riddle
069919: RUDD, NIALL (TRANS.) - The Satires of Horace and Persius
058974: RUDNICKI, KELLY - Vegan Baking Classics Delicious, Easy-to-Make Traditional Favorites
047793: RUDNYCKYJ, J. B. - Manitoba Mosaic of Place Names
010380: RUDNYCKYJ, J. B. - Manitoba Mosaic of Place Names
9900028449: RUDNYCKYJ, J. B. - Manitoba Mosaic of Place Names
054191: RUDORFF, RAYMOND - The Dracula Archives
057861: WIEBE, RUDY AND YVONNE JOHNSON - Stolen Life The Journey of A Cree Woman
9900001211: DE LA RUE, E. AUBERT - Nominingue and Sicotte Map-Areas Labelle and Gatineau Counties / Geological Report 23 / Prov. Of Quebec / Department of Mines
029111: RUEBSAAT, GISELA - The First Freedom: Freedom of Conscience and Religion in Canada Consicentious Objection for Taxpayers
066877: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD - New Woman, New Earth Sexist Ideologies and Human Liberation
067360: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD - The Radical Kingdom The Western Experience of Messianic Hope
067367: RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD; HERMAN J. RUETHER - The Wrath of Jonah The Crisis of Religious Nationalism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
034732: RUFFO, ARMAND GARNET - Grey Owl The Mystery of Archie Belaney
055799: RUHLMANN, WILLIAM - The Rolling Stones
068641: RUIZ, DON MIGUEL - The Four Agreements A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)
057675: RULAND, RICHARD [EDITOR] - Twentieth Century Interpretations of Walden
070514: RUMI - Poems Selected and Edited by Peter Washington
9900040642: RUNES, DAGOBERT D. - The War Against the Jew
9900013387: RUNES, DAGOBERT D - The Hebrew Impact on Western Civilization
058833: RUNNELLS, RORY (ED.); DOUGLAS ARRELL (INTRO.) - On the Map: Scenes from Plays Workshopped Through the Playwrights Development Program of the Manitoba Association of Playwrights Scenes Workshopped by the Manitoba Playwrights Development Program 1982-1987
060027: RUSCH, D. H. - The Wildlife Cycle in Manitoba Information Series No. 11
068537: RUSH, NORMAN - Mating A Novel
050312: RUSH, ANNE KENT - The Back Rub Book: How to Give and Receive Great Back Rubs
067332: RUSH, NORMAN - Subtle Bodies
044929: RUSHBY, CHRIS - Bob Dylan The Illustrated Biography
066278: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Satanic Verses
057949: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Imaginary Homelands Essays and Criticism, 1981-91
067840: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh
058682: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Imaginary Homelands Essays and Criticism 1981-1991
025075: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Joseph Anton A Memoir
031856: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh
031912: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh
021434: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Joseph Anton: A Memoir
062604: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Satanic Verses
022242: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh

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