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020371: Stewart, C. H. [Charles Henry], comp. - The Concise Lineages of the Canadian Army 1855 to Date
057728: Stewart, Matthew - The Courtier and the Heretic
058516: Stewart, R. J. - The Mystic Life of Merlin
082129: Stewart, George R. - Storm
077251: Stewart, Gordon T. [Ed.] - Documents Relating to the Great Awakening in Nova Scotia 1760-1791
072011: Stewart, Hilary - Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
073061: Stewart, A.C. - The Beaver and Other Odds and Ends
043880: Stewart, Gordon T. - Documents Relating to the Great Awakening in Nova Scotia: 1760-1791
075471: Stewart, Rory - The Places in between
9900044426: STEWART, David A., M.D. - Glimpses at Manitoba History / an Address to the Men's Club of the First Lutheran Church, Winnipeg / November 22, 1932
045294: Stewart, Hilary - Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
060769: Stewart, Molly - The Best of Hopscotch
9900033942: STEWART, Alastair M. - The Youth Problem of Manitoba
052792: Stewart, W. Brian - The Ermatingers A 19th-century Ojibwa-Canadian Family
054824: Stewart, Sandy - From Coast to Coast A Personal History of Radio in Canada
068006: Stewart, Irene; Doris Ostrander Dawty; ed. - A Voice in Her Tribe A Navajo Woman's Own Story
057789: Stiefel, Barry L.; Hernan Tesler-Mabe (Eds.) - Neither in Dark Speeches Nor in Similitudes Reflections and Refractions Between Canadian and American Jews
079840: Stiefvater, Maggie - Shiver
079841: Stiefvater, Maggie - Linger
075502: Stifter, Adalbert; Wendell Frye (Trans.) - Indian Summer
069734: Stille, Mary Turner - Goat Care Handbook
031280: Stille, Alexander - The Future of the Past
082192: Stilwell, Bill - Manitoba, Naturally Scenic Secrets of Manitoba
064521: Stilwell, Bill - Manitoba, Naturally Scenic Secrets of Manitoba
050515: Stilwell, Bill - Scenic Secrets of Manitoba
055242: Sting - Broken Music
082516: Stinner, Lisa; Trevor Boddy - Vague Terrain
059162: Stipe, Michael - Two Times Intro On the Road with Patti Smith
061267: Stirling, A.M.W. - The Letter-Bag of Lady Elizabeth Spencer-Stanhope Compiled From the Cannon Hall Papers, 1806 - 1873
067266: Stirling, A. M. W. - Victorian Sidelights From the papers of the late Mrs. Adams-Acton
9900041089: STOESZ, A. D. - A Stoesz Genealogy
012647: Stogdale, Lea - St. Boniface and Norwood Communities Central to Winnipeg / Saint-Boniface Et Norwood Communautes Centrales de Winnipeg
066064: Stoker, Bram; John Banville (Intro.) - Dracula
079330: Stokes, Louis (Chairman) - Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations U.S. House of Representatives Ninety-Fifth Congress, Second Session: Findings and Recommendations
9900030444: STOKES, J. - The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Companion
041955: Stolp, D. - Catalog, January 1, 1915
028645: Stoltzfus, Nicholas - Unsound Doctrine Exposed: An Explanation of the Bible's Teaching on Hell, and a Refutation of the False Doctrine on This Subject Taught by the So-Called Jehovah's Witnesses
051289: Stone, Kay F. - Burning Brightly: New Light on Old Tales Told Today
076541: Stone, I.F. - The Trial of Socrates
081730: Stone, Ted - The Story Behind Manitoba Names How Cities, Towns, Villages and Whistle Stops Got Their Names
068263: Stonechild, Blair - Loss of Indigenous Eden and the Fall of Spirituality
062214: Stonor, Charles; Hunt, Sir John (Foreword) - The Sherpa and the Snowman
053501: Stopes, Dr. Marie - Enduring Passion: Further New Contributions to the Solution of Sex Difficulties Being the Continuation of Married Love
064805: Stoppard, Tom - The Real Inspector Hound And Other Plays
049974: Challenger, Robet James (Stories and Illustrations) - Salmon's Journey: And More Northwest Stories Learning From Nature and the World Around Us
051352: Storm, Hyemeyohsts - Seven Arrows
049893: Storm, Hyemeyohsts - Seven Arrows
082105: Storm, Theodor; James Wright (trans.) - The Rider on the White Horse
049652: Storr, Anthony - Solitude
076849: Stout, Rex - The Rubber Band/the Red Box 2-in-1
061799: Stout, Rex - The Doorbell Rang A Nero Wolfe Novel
047059: Stout, Harry S. - Upon the Altar of the Nation A Moral History of the Civil War
066022: Stowe, Harriet Beecher - Uncle Tom's Cabin Or, Life Among the Lowly
074790: Stowe, Harriet Beecher - Uncle Tom's Cabin
037047: Strachey, Lytton - Eminent Victorians
047769: Strachey, Lytton [Introduction by Michael Holroyd] - Eminent Victorians Cardinal Manning; Florence Nightingale; Dr. Arnold; General Gordon
082073: Strachey, Dorothy - Olivia
079220: Straczynski, J. Michael - The Twelve Vol. 1 A Thrilling Novel of Tomorrow
079432: Straczynski, J. Michael - Superman: Earth One
074945: Strahan, Jonathan (Ed.) - Made to Order Robots and Revolution
056380: Strand, Charlie - Project: Iceland Music, Art, Fashion
9900034156: STRANGE, J. D. - The Master Spy
076381: Strasser, Otto - Hitler and I
068798: Straub, S.W. - The Star Singer For Singing Schools, Musical Institutes, Conventions and Societies
058643: Strauss, Neil - The Game Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists
081125: Strauss, Carolyn F. - Slow Spatial Reader Chronicles of Radical Affection
072993: Levi-Strauss, Claude - The Origin of Table Manners Introduction to a Science of Mythology: Volume 3
072992: Levi-Strauss, Claude - From Honey to Ashes Introduction to a Science of Mythology: 2
072994: Levi-Strauss, Claude - The Naked Man Introduction to a Science of Mythology: Volume 4
063203: Streissguth, Michael - Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison The Making of a Masterpiece
055778: Streissguth, Michael - Ring of Fire The Johnny Cash Reader
055818: Streissguth, Michael - Johnny Cash The Biography
041882: Strelinger, Chas A. - Wood Workers Tools: Being a Catalogue of Tools, Supplies , Machinery and Similar Goods
081136: Streller, Justus; Jean-Paul Sartre; Wade Baskin (trans.) - Jean-Paul Sartre: To Freedom Condemned A Guide to his Philosophy
080758: Holdford-Strevens, Leofranc - A Short History of Time
072168: Holford-Strevens, Leofranc - A Short History of Time
013132: Dole-Recio, Lecia; Foreword by Jeremy Strick and Brooke Hodge - Moca Focus
080220: Strickland, Samuel - Twenty-Seven Years in Canada West or the Experience of An Early Settler (Two Volumes in One)
058378: Strickland, Samuel - Twenty-Seven Years in Canada West Or, The Experience of an Early Settler
078050: Strindberg, August - Growth of a Soul
070288: Strongman, Phil; Alan Parker - John Lennon and the Fbi Files
071310: Strout, Elizabeth - My Name Is Lucy Barton
077283: Strout, Elizabeth - Olive Kitteridge Fiction
083074: The Structurist - From the Mechanical to the Organic
083073: The Structurist - Towards an Ecological Ethos in Art and Architecture
083075: The Structurist - Transparency and Reflection
061100: Struthers, Lina Rogers - The School Nurse A Survey of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Nurse in the Maintenance of the Health and Physical Perfection and the Prevention of Diseases Among School Children
076171: Stuart, Roy - Roy Stuart (Two Volumes)
9900000103: STUBBS, Roy St. George - Prairie Portraits
035610: Stubbs, Lewis St. George - A Majority of One The Life & Times of Lewis St. George Stubbs
079228: Stubbs, Roy St. George - Men in Khaki Four Regiments of Manitoba
9900002263: STUBBS, Roy St. George - Four Recorders of Rupert's Land
046286: Stubbs, Eva - Memories for the Future December 6, 1987 to January 31, 1988
061352: Stubbs, Roy St. George - Four Recorders of Rupert's Land A Brief Survey of the Hudson's Bay Company Courts of Rupert's Land
061369: Stubbs, Lewis St. George - Shoestring Glory A Prairie History of Semi-Pro Ball
048101: Belmont Secondary School Band Students - Cooking Notes
081557: [The Studio] - The Studio : An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art / Volumes 1-66 Except 44 65 hardcover volumes (1-66, missing vol. 44) plus 1 index; and 7 paperback issues from 1929
081660: Stuermer, Harry - Two War Years in Constantinople
080090: Stump, Sarain - There Is My People Sleeping
049135: Sturrock, Donald - Storyteller The Authorized Biography of Roald Dahl
083338: Thornton, Louise, Jan Sturtevant and Amber Coverdale Sumrall - Touching Fire Erotic Writings by Women
048410: Style, Lyle E. - Ain't Got No Cigarettes Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller
054605: Styron, William - Darkness Visible A Memoir of Madness
081117: Styron, William - The Confessions of Nat Turner
9900039313: SUCH, Peter (ed.) - Impulse
066862: Suchoki, Marjorie Hewitt - Fall to Violence Original Sin in Relational Theology
080408: Suckling, Nigel - Gnomes and Gardens Field Guide To The Little People
080446: Suddhasattwananda, Swami - Thus Spake Sri Krishna
068212: Sue, Eugene - The Wandering Jew
066858: Sue, Eugene; Daniel De Leon (Trans.) - The Iron Collar or Faustina and Syomara: A Tale of Slavery Under the Romans
050322: Suetonius; Donna W. Hurley (Ed.) - Divvs Clavdivs / Diuus Claudius
053843: Sugar, Andrew - Backpacking It!
9900036657: SUGERMAN, Shirley (ed.) - Evolution of Consciousness Studies in Polarity
056118: Sugerman, Danny; Benjamin Edmonds (Ed.); Jerry Hopkins (Foreword) - The Doors The Illustrated History
063021: Sukloff, Marie - The Life-Story of a Russian Exile
9900037737: SUKNASKI, Andrew (poems) / drawings by William Johnson - Octomi
057307: Sullivan, Rosemary - Villa Air-Bel World War II, Escape, and a House in Marseille
074469: Sullivan, Rosemary - The Red Shoes Margaret Atwood Starting Out
076898: Sullivan, Rosemary - Blue Panic
043534: Sullivan, Rosemary - Shadow Maker: The Life of Gwendolyn Macewen
077672: Sullivan, Gerard & Harvey Aronson - High Hopes The Amityville Murders
082015: Sullivan, John P.; Anthony J. Boyle - Martial in English
074983: Sullivan, Lawrence E. (Ed.) - Native American Religions: North America Selections from The Encyclopedia of Religion
9900036712: SULLY, Maximilian de Bethune, Duc de - Svitte de la Premiere Partie Des Memoires Ov Oeconomies Royals de'Estat, Domestiqves, Politqves, Et Militaires de Henry Legrand
079941: Summerhayes, V.S. - Wild Orchids of Britain
052503: Summers, Anthony; Tom Mangold - The File on the Tsar The Fate of the Romanovs - Dramatic New Evidence
9900044939: SUMMERS, Montague - The History of Witchcraft and Demonology
067423: Sundaram, Vivian - House/Boat Sculptures in Paper, Steel, Glass and Video
079604: [Sundland, Judi] - Facts and Fish Tales Rossport
082292: Sunley, Christina - The Tricking of Freya
075142: Supply and Services Canada - Commissioner of Indian Claims A Report: Statements and Submissions
079761: Surowiecki, James - The Wisdom of Crowds
066469: Davies, Robertson; Jennifer Surridge and Brenda Davies (Eds.) - Happy Alchemy: Writings on the Theatre and Other Lively Arts & the Merry Heart: Selections 1980-1995 (Two Volumes in Slipcase)
9900037193: Surtees, Robert Smith; Leech, John (Illus.) - Ask Mamma; Handley Cross; Mr. Romford's Hounds; Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour; Plain Ringlets / Five Volume Set
9900044478: Canada - Surveys and Mapping Branch - Department of Mines and Technical Surveys - Flinstone Lake Manitobe - Ontario / East of Principal Meridian
010476: Turcot, Susan and Roger Turner - Beingrich
080008: Susskind, Richard - Online Courts and the Future of Justice
068397: Sussman, Lynne - The Ceramics of Lower Fort Garry Operations 1 to 31
080820: Sutcliff, Rosemary; Julia Eccleshare (Intro.); Roman Pisarev (Illust.) - The Silver Branch
082481: Sutcliff, Rosemary; Kevin Crossley-Holland - Eagle of the Ninth
066546: Sutherland, Bert; et al. - My Grandmother's Moccasins
044791: Sutherland, John - How to Read a Novel A User's Guide
079453: Sutherland, Donna G. - Peguis A Noble Friend
082088: Sutherland, Donna G. - Peguis A Noble Friend
9900040330: SUTHREN, Victor - To Go Upon Discovery James Cook and Canada, from 1758 to 1779
9900040050: Sutton, Peter C.; Edited by Jane Iandola Watkins - Masters of Seventeenth Century Dutch Genre Painting
030404: Sutton, Rosanne; Dodds, Heather - Holiday Lights
068966: Sutton, Daud - Islamic Design A Genius for Geometry
067614: Sutton, Matthew Avery - Aimee Semple Mcpherson and the Resurrection of Christian America
074988: Northrop, Suzane with Kate McLoughlin - Seance A Guide for the Living
063396: Suzuki, David; Amanda McConnell - The Sacred Balance  Rediscovering Our Place in Nature
067513: Suzuki, David; Ian Hanington - Just Cool It! The Climate Crisis and What We Can Do - A Post-Paris Agreement Game Plan
063382: Suzuki, David; David Taylor - The Big Picture Reflections on Science, Humanity, and a Quickly Changing Planet
073024: Suzuki, David - Looking at Plants
080359: Suzuki, David - The Sacred Balance rediscovering our place in nature
031217: Suzuki, David - Metamorphosis: States in a Life
9900035013: Sveinsson, Benedikt - Sturlunga Saga
063386: Svendsen, Morgan - Close to an Eighty Year Journey
067834: Svensson, Malin - Nordic Walking Outdoor Adventures
057848: Svevo, Livia Veneziani; Isabel Quigly (Trans.); P.N. Furbank (Preface) - Memoir of Italo Svevo
032848: Burnett Swam, Thomas - Queens Walk in the Dusk
063477: Swan, Annie S. - Freedom's Sword A Tale of the Days of Wallace & Bruce
066532: Swann, Brian - I Tell You Now Autobiographical Essays by Native American Writers
051529: Zimdars-Swartz, Sandra L. - Encountering Mary: From la Salette to Medjugorje
065428: Swearer, Donald K. (Ed.) - Secrets of the Lotus Studies in Buddhist Meditation
054986: Swedenborg, Emanuel; William Friedric Wunsch (Trans.); Walter M. Horton (Intro.) - Angelic Wisdom About Divine Providence
076296: Swedenborg, Emanuel - The Apocalypse Revealed; Wherein Are Disclosed the Arcana There Foretold, Which Have Hitherto Remained Concealed
076006: Sweeney, Robert J. - Portraits of Winnipeg The River City in Pen and Ink
077125: Sweeney, Robert J. - Portraits of Winnipeg The River City in Pen and Ink
9900035542: SWEENY, Robert - A Guide to the History and Records of Selected Montreal Businesses Before 1947
9900042186: SWEET, C. - Principal Varieties of Garden Vegetables Approved for Registration
081857: Swift, Graham; Tim Binding [Intro] - Waterland
074738: Swift, Jonathan - Gulliver's Travels
080441: Swinburne, Algernon Charles; Edmund Gosse - The Springtide of Life Poems of Childhood
9900040444: RICHARD, AP / With Appendices by Prof. David Swing and others. - Marriage and Divorce: An Inquiry Into the Moral, the Practical, the Political, and the Religious Aspects of the Question.
079897: Swinton, George - Sculpture of the Inuit
063000: Swinton, George - Sculpture of the Inuit
063067: Swinton, George [Tiktak] - Tiktak Sculptor from Rankin Inlet, NWT
047805: Swinton, George - Sculpture of the Eskimo
9900029644: SWINTON, George - Eskimo Sculpture
9900037732: SWINTON, George - Almost Poems
9900041918: SWINTON, George - Sculpture of the Eskimo
063156: Swofford, Anthony - Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War
9900042211: TODASCHUK, Sylvia and Stephen Walter Mical - Winnipeg's Folklorama Canada's Cultural Celebration
9900039724: SYMINGTON, Johnson, M.D., and J. C. Rankin, M.D. - An Atlas of Skiagrams Illustrating the Development of the Teeth with Explanatory Text
057666: Symmes, Patrick - Chasing Che A Motorcycle Journey in Search of the Guevara Legend
9900035380: SYMONDS, Richard / Edited by Charles Edward Long - Diary of the Marches of the Royal Army During the Great CIVIL War Now First Published from the Original Ms.
073686: Crowley, Aleister [John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, eds.] - Magick
9900029978: SYMONS, R. D. - Still the Wind Blows a Historical Novel of the Canadian Northwest 1860-1916
067049: Symons, A.J.A.; A. S. Byatt (Intro.) - The Quest for Corvo An Experiment in Biography
035934: A Royal Field Leech [F A Symons] - The Tale of a Casualty Clearing Station
040218: Symons, Thomas H.B. [Ed.]; Stephen Alsford; Chris Kitzan - Meta Incognita: A Discourse of Discovery Martin Frobisher's Arctic Expeditions, 1576-1578
068742: [Shaarey Zedek Synagogue] - Book of Remembrance
069003: [Shaarey Zedek Synagogue] - Shaarey Zedek Synagogue 70 Years of Service, 1889-1959
057997: Szczypiorski, Andrzej; Bill Johnston (Trans.) - Self-Portrait with Woman A Novel
022899: Szulc, Tad - Fidel A Critical Portrait
076900: Szumigalski, Anne - Rapture of the Deep
9900036294: SZUMIGALSKI, Anne / Terrence Heath - Journey/Journee
9900037547: SZYK, Arthur / Edited by Cecil Roth - The Haggadah
083125: Waterman, T.T. and A.L. Kroeber - Yurok Marriages/Yurok and Neighboring Kin Term Systems
045643: Taber, George M. - Judgment of Paris: California Vs. France and the Historic 1976 Paris Tasting That Revolutionized Wine
077734: Tabouis, Genevieve - Blackmail or War
054912: Tache, Mgr [Alexandre Antonin] - Esquisse Sur le Nord-Ouest de L'Amerique
074841: Tache, Alexandre A. - Memoire de Monseigneur Tache Sur la Question Des Ecoles, En Reponse Au Rapport Du Comite de L'Honorable Conseil Prive Du Canada
9900042922: TACHE, Mons. Alex. - Vingt Annees de Missions Dans le Nord-Quest de L'Amerique
079230: Tacitus; Michael Grant (trans.) - The Annals of Imperial Rome
068705: Tacium, David - Taking Down the Golden Boy
063921: Tactitus, P. Cornelius - The Annals of Imperial Rome
081659: Tadic, Branko; Goran Arsovic - Encyclopedia of Chess Miniatures
076491: Tagaq, Tanya - Split Tooth
070819: Tagore, Rabindranath - A Tagore Reader
078001: Tagore, Rabindranath - Fireflies
080572: Taibbi, Matt - Hate, Inc. Why Today's Media Makes Us Despise One Another
9900034675: TAIT, Janice J. - Some Ways of Thinking About the Future a Resume of Methods Used in Forecasting, Long-Range Planning and Future Studies
063425: Takano, Ichigo - Dreamin' Sun Volume 1
064549: Takuma, Tomomasa - Kurogane Communication Volume 1
067055: Talbot, Robert J. - Negotiating the Numbered Treaties An Intellectual and Political Biography of Alexander Morris
068996: Talese, Nan A.; ed. - The Book Group Companion to Margaret Atwood's the Robber Bride
066815: Tallosi, Jim - The Trapped and the Fur-Faced Spirits
082678: Tallosi, Jim - The Trapper and the Fur-Faced Spirits
075650: Tamaoki, Benkyo - Megamanga Volume 11: Sex Philes 3
075656: Tamaoki, Benkyo - The Sex-Philes Volume 2: Mega Manga #7 Sex Philes #2
083152: Tan, Shaun - Arrival
074162: Tanaka, Shelley; Ken Marschall (Paintings) - On Board the Titantic What It Was Like When the Great Titanic Liner Sank
064554: Tanemura, Arina - The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
064496: Tanemura, Arina - The Gentlemen's Alliance -Cross-, Vol. 1
069546: Tanenbaum, Roy D. - Prisoner 88 The Man in Stripes
9900029593: Tangerman, E. J. - The Modern Book of Whittling and Woodcarving
081262: Tanner, Adrian - Bringing Home Animals Religious Ideology and mode of Production of Mistassini Cree Hunters
078927: Tanner, Helen Hornbeck - The Ojibwas A Critical Bibliography
049471: Tanner, James Newland - Tar and Feathers Tragedy in the Oil Sands
9900045135: TAPPAN, Mason W. - Closing Argument of Hon. Mason W. Tappan, Counsel for Defendant, Delivered Before the Board of Trustees at Concord, Nh
051423: Taraborrelli, J. Randy - Michael Jackson The Magic And The Madness
075190: Tarasoff, Koozma, J. - A Pictorial History of the Doukhobors
083162: Tarasoff, Koozma J. - Persistent Ceremonialism The Plains Cree and Saulteaux
082053: Tarchetti, Iginio Ugo; Lawrence Venuti (Trans.) - Fantastic Tales
081215: Tarkington, Booth - The Magnificent Ambersons
078333: Tarsis, Valeriy - Ward 7
075427: Tascona, Tony (Illus.); J. R. Leveille - Tascona Leveille Dess(e)ins II/ Drawing(s) II
072428: Tascona, Bruce; Dale M. Watts - United in Effort Manitoba Combat Service Support History 1870 to 2015
073144: Tascona, Bruce - Little Black Devils A History of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles
055374: [Tony Tascona] - Tony Tascona : Encapsulating Rhythms (Signed); Christmas Card (Signed); "the Foundation Three items
9900042515: Tasso, Torquato; John Joshua, Earl of Carysfort, K.P. (Trans.) - Jerusalem Delivered (Volume I Only)
059414: Bailey, Julia Tatiana and Catherine Grenier (Eds.) - Alberto Giacometti Exhibition Guide
072013: Tator, Carol; Frances Henry - Racial Profiling in Canada Challenging the Myth of 'A Few Bad Apples'
077972: Taubed, Susan; David Rieff (Intro.) - Divorcing
081145: Cook, Haruko Taya and Theodor F. Cook - Japan at War an Oral History
067989: Taylor, C.J. - Spirits, Fairies, and Merpeople Native Stories of Other Worlds
078501: Taylor, Charles - Sources of the Self The Making of the Modern Identity
080388: Taylor, Robert R. - The Edge of the Arctic Churchill and the Hudson Bay Region
082375: Taylor, Robert R. - The Edge of the Arctic Churchill and the Hudson By Lowlands
066896: Taylor, William - A Complete System of Practical Arithmetic With Various Branches in the Mathematics
081302: Taylor, J. Garth - Canoe Construction in a Cree Cultural Tradition
079448: Taylor, Elizabeth - A Game of Hide and Seek
083235: Taylor, Peter [ed.], Brad Carey, et al. - The Birds of Manitoba Manitoba Avian Research Committee
081006: Taylor, A.J.P. - The Origins of the Second World War
9900023803: TAYLOR, Robert - Manitoba
020166: Taylor-Taylor, Courtney - One Model Nation
070404: Taylor, Hon. Joseph D. - Speech of Hon. Joseph D. Taylor, of Ohio, in the House of Representatives, Saturday, February 14, 1891 The Indian Problem -- The Cause of Indian Wars and the Remedy
076315: Taylor, T. M. C. - The Rose Family of British Columbia / Handbook No. 30
079044: Taylor, Al; Sue Roy; Christopher Lee [Intro.] - Making a Monster The Creation of Screen Characters by the Great Makeup Artists
012542: Taylor, Dr. F., Preface by - The Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain Research Register List No. 5, Autumn 1980
059356: Taylor, Susie - Even Weirder Than Before
043496: Taylor, G. P - Shadowmancer
9900027999: TAYLOR, Ina - The Art of Kate Greenaway a Nostalgic Portrait of Childhood
9900033612: TAYLOR, Robert (photographs by) - Manitoba
073135: Taylor, Scott - Unembedded Two Decades of Maverick War Reporting
053957: Taylor, Fennings - The Hon. Thos. D'Arcy [Etienne Grace Hughes] Mcgee A Sketch of his Life and Death
080702: Taylor, Charles - The Malaise of Modernity
012523: Taylor, A. J. P. - Politics in the First World War the Raleigh Lecture on History
068909: Taylor, E.G.R.; ed. - The Troublesome Voyage of Captain Edward Fenton / 1582-1583 / Narratives and Documents
043843: Taylor, Elizabeth - Elizabeth Taylor's Nibbles and Me
081316: Taylor, Charles - The Language Animal The Full Shape of the Human Linguistic Capacity
069023: Taylor, E. G. R. [ed.] - A Regiment for the Sea / and Other Writings on Navigation / by William Bourne of Gravesend, a Gunner (C. 1535-1582)
073107: Taylor, Neil - Document and Eyewitness An Intimate History of Rough Trade
056248: Taylor, Drew Hayden - Motorcycles & Sweetgrass
069782: Iamblichus [Taylor, Thomas, trans.] - Iamblichus on the Mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians
080442: Pitt-Taylor, Nora - Pixie Brown
054145: Taylor, Scott; Kris Row (Stats.); Ed Sweeney (Research); Sarah Broadfoot (Ed.). - The Winnipeg Jets A Celebration of Professional Hockey in Winnipeg
061475: Taylor, Alan - The Internal Enemy Slavery and War in Virginia, 1772-1832
055881: Tchehov, Anton - The Duel And Other Stories
081256: Tcherevkoff, Michel; Ferruccio Ferragamo (Preface); Diane Von Furstenberg (Intro.) - Shoe Fleur a Footwear Fantasy
060067: Tec, Nechama - Resistance Jews and Christians Who Defied the Nazi Terror
077483: Binnema, Ted and Gerhard J. Ens (Ed., Intro. and Commentaries) - Hudson's Bay Company Edmonton House Journals: Including the Peigan Post,1826 -1834
077487: Binnema, Ted and Gerhard J. Ens (Ed. and Intro.) - The Hudson’S Bay Company Edmonton House Journals, Correspondence, and Reports, 1806-1821
077481: Binnema, Ted and Gerhard J. Ens (Ed., Intro. and Commentaries) - Hudson's Bay Company Edmonton House Journals: Reports from the Saskatchewan District Including the Bow River Expedition, 1821-1826
068403: Tedlock, Dennis (Trans.) - Popol Vuh The Definitive Edition of the Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life and the Glories of Gods and Kings
060726: Tedlock, Barbara - The Woman in the Shaman's Body Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine
049839: Teevee, Ningeokuluk - Alego
066520: Teitelbaum, Matthew; Peter White; [Joe Fafard] - Joe Fafard Cows and Other Luminaries, 1977-1987
062805: Teitz, Richard Stuart (Director); Leon Shulman (Associate Curator of Contemporary Art) - Marisol September 23 through November 14, 1971
078732: Temkin, Moshik - The Sacco-Vanzetti Affair America on Trial
083206: Temple, Richard Carnac (ed.); Sir Francis Drake - The World Encompassed And Analogous Contemporary Documents Concerning Sir Francis Drake's Circumnavigation of the WorldHes & De Graff Pub B V
9900035182: Templeman, Jack - From Force to Service A Pictorial History of the Winnipeg Police Department / 125th. Anniversary Edition
075965: Templesmith, Ben - Conluvio
082409: Tenenbaum, Joan M. (Comp.) - Dena'Ina Sukdu'a Traditional Stories of the Tanaina Athabaskans
070682: Tennant, Paul - Aboriginal Peoples and Politics The Indian Land Question in British Columbia, 1849-1989
046904: Tennant, Bugler Joseph F. - Rough Times 1870-1920
057615: Tenner, Edward - Our Own Devices How Technology Remakes Humanity
9900033795: TENNYSON, Alfred - The Last Tournament
056448: Tennyson, Alfred Lord - A Dream of Fair Women & Other Poems
055876: Toone, John; Nathan Terin and Michael Sanders (Eds.) - Call Response: Present, Past and Beyond Volume One
036229: Plautus & Terrence - Five Comedies Miles Gloriosus, Menaechmi, Bacchides, Hecyra and Adelphoe
080456: Goldie, Terry and Daniel David Moses (eds.) - An Anthology of Canadian Literature in English
9900045195: Tesauro, Gaspare Antonio [Antonij Gasparis Thesauri] - Quaestionum Forensium [4 Vol's + Index] /with/ Tractatus de Augumento Monetarum Para Prima Ad Lectorem Bound together in one volume
083369: Baal-Teshuva, Jacob - Marc Chagall 1887-1985
074127: Tesnohlidek, Rudolf; Maurice Sendak (Pictures) - The Cunning Little Vixen
9900043496: TESSIER, Abbe Albert - La Patrie C'Est Ca
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047760: Vilborg, Lillian - Hardfiskur & Skyr: Memories and Stories of an Amma and Editor from the pages of Lögberg-Heimskringla
083207: Stefansson, Vilhjalmur and Eloise McCaskill (eds.); Martin Frobisher - The Three Voyages of Martin Frobisher (Volumes I and II) In Search of a Passage to Cathay and India by the North-West, A.D. 1576-8. From the Original 1578 Text of George Best Together with Numerous Other Versions, Additions, Etc.
9900034130: VILLARS, P. [translated by Henry Frith] - The English Provinces A Picturesque Survey of the English and Welsh Counties
075132: Villiers, Alan - Grain Race
071036: Villoldo, Alberto; Erik Jendresen - Dance of the Four Winds Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel
069472: Vilnay, Zev; A. Bonne - Steimatzky's Palestine Guide General Survey by Dr. A. Bonne
076867: Vincent, Isabel - Dinner with Edward A Story of a Remarkable Friendship
074996: Vincent, Norah - Voluntary Madness
055896: Vinge, Joan D. - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi The Storybook Based on the Movie
065931: Viola, Bill; Robert Violette (Ed.); Jean- Cristophe Ammann (Intro.) - Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House Writings 1973-1994
075063: Violette, John R. - Extra-Dimensional Universe Where The Paranormal Becomes Normal
052161: Vipond, Dorothy - Proudly We Speak: The History of Woodworth Municipality; 1878-1967
073248: Virette, Jean - Intérieurs Modernes Et Rustiques
081202: Virgil; J.W. Mackail (trans.) - The Aeneid
065011: Virgil - The Essential Aeneid
064695: Virilio, Paul - Strategy of Deception
071404: Virtue, Doreen - Messages from Your Angels What Your Angels Want You to Know
073137: Virtue, Doreen - Assertiveness for Earth Angels How to Be Loving Instead of "Too Nice
071403: Virtue, Doreen - Angel Medicine
9900003522: MILTON, Viscount and W.B. Cheadle - The North-West Passage by Land
037890: Visser, Margaret - The Rituals of Dinner The Origins, Evolution, Eccentricities, and Meaning of Table Manners
077556: Visser, Margaret - Beyond Fate
078093: Vivekananda, Swami - Jnana-Yoga
078092: Vivekananda, Swami - Bhakti-Yoga The Yoga of Love and Devotion
077118: Vogel, Virgil J. - American Indian Medicine
055660: Vogel, Ezra F. - Living with China U.S./China Relations in the Twenty-First Century
076444: Vogelfanger, Isaac J. - Red Tempest The Life of a Surgeon in the Gulag
079796: Vogelin, C. F. - Shawnee Stems and the Jacob P. Dunn Miami Dictionary Prehistory Research Series Part V: Stems in w- and h- vowel / With Index, Parts I-V / Number 10
079797: Vogelin, C. F.; B. L. Whorf - Shawnee Stems and the Jacob P. Dunn Miami Dictionary Part IV: Stems in l-, m-, and n- / With Appendix Gestalt Technique of Stem Composition in Shawnee by B. L. Whorf
070558: van Vogt, A. E. - Slan
043821: Volkogonov, Dmitri - Lenin: A New Biography
078703: Vollmann, William T. - Europe Central
080824: Vollmann, William T. - Europe Central
9900037995: Volney, M. C-F. - Travels Through Syria and Egypt, in the Years 1783, 1784 & 1785 / Complete 2 Volume Set
083084: Voltaire - Mélanges
083085: Voltaire - Correspondance / 13 Volumes, Complete
082447: Voltaire, Francois - The Portable Voltaire
083082: Voltaire - Romans Et Contes
083083: Voltaire - Oeuvres Historiques
079141: Vonnegut, Kurt - Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons (Opinions)
081638: Vonnegut, Kurt - Bagombo Snuff Box Uncollected Short Fiction
081081: Vonnegut, Kurt - God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian
080771: Vonnegut, Kurt - Look at the Birdie
066273: Vonnegut, Kurt - Palm Sunday
073499: Vonnegut, Kurt Jr. - Player Piano
083168: Voorhis, Paul H. - Kickapoo Vocabulary
083156: Voorhis, Paul H. - Kickapoo Vocabulary
082851: Voorhis, Paul H. - Introduction to the Kickapoo Language
081546: Nabokov, Vladimir; Olga Voronina and Brian Boyd (ed. and trans.) - Letters to Véra
057251: Vowell, Sarah - Take the Cannoli Stories From the New World
080404: Voyageur, Cora J. - Firekeepers of the Twenty-First Century First Nations Women Chiefs
059881: Vronsky, Peter - Ridgeway The American Fenian Invasion and the 1866 Battle that Made Canada
082441: Vuong, Ocean - On Earth We’Re Briefly Gorgeous
079455: Corrigan, Samuel W. and Lawrence J. Barkwell, eds.; Manitoba Metis Federation - The Struggle for Recognition Canadian Justice and the Metis Nation
9900028254: GILLAM, Cornelius W. and William Zelermyer (eds.) - American Business Law Association Bulletin Volume 1, Number 1, March, 1956
080676: Davis, Philip W. and Ross Saunders - Bella Coola Texts Eighteen Narratives in Bella Coola with Grammatical Analyses, Glossary, and English Translation
9900030722: HEDLEY, R. W. and G. F. Manning - Elementary Art Grades I and II
9900030723: HEDLEY, R. W. and G. F. Manning - Elementary Art Grades III and IV
083263: Stewart, Kenneth W. and Douglas A. Watkinson - Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba
9900030725: HEDLEY, R. W. and G. F. Manning - Elementary Art Grades VII and VIII
9900030724: HEDLEY, R. W. and G. F. Manning - Elementary Art Grades V and VI
9900045069: FORSTER, William W. and Robert C. Weinberg / Foreword by Sir Raymond Unwin - Werner Hegemann / City Planning Housing / Volume III / a Graphic Review of CIVIC Art / 1922 - 1937
077054: Nagorsen, David W. and R. Mark Brigham - The Bats of British Columbia
9900036077: STEWART, Kenneth W. and Douglas A. Watkinson - The Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba
024492: Wach, A; P. Danyliuk; R. Romanovych; D. Yaremchuk - 75 Kalyna; Historial Outline: 1930 - 2005
063557: Waddington, Miriam - Mister Never
9900033621: WADE, G. Woosung - The Book of Genesis Edited, with an Introduction, Critical Analysis, and Notes
9900030440: WADE, Mason - The French Canadians 1760 - 1967
079842: Wagamese, Richard - One Drum Stories and Ceremonies for a Planet
080732: Wagamese,Richard - Indian Horse
081297: Waggoner, Lynda(Ed.); Christopher Little (Photos.) - Falling Water
9900043066: WAGNER, Henry R. - Peter Pond Fur Trader & Explorer
073684: Wagner, Margaret E. - Maxfield Parrish & the Illustrators of the Golden Age
080086: Wagner, Frances E. - Eighty Years of Grace
030760: Wagner, Mitchell - Some People Some Time Ago
061145: Wagner, Richard - My Life (Two Volumes)
079563: Waid, Mark; Tom Peyer; Salvador Larroca; Danny Miki - House of M Spider-Man
079708: de Sade, Marquis; Austryn Wainhouse and Richard Seaver (trans.) - The 120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings
079472: Waiser, Bill - In Search of Almighty Voice Resistance and Reconciliation
069905: Wajcman, Judy - Feminism Confronts Technology
062289: Wajnryb, Ruth - Expletive Deleted A Good Look at Bad Language
082382: Jennifer; Wakeham, Pauline Henderson - Reconciling Canada Critical Perspectives on the Culture of Redress
077253: Walbran, Captain John T. - British Colombia Coast Names 1592-1906
059431: Walcott, Derek - Hostina Zivota / Feast
070954: Walcott, Derek - Collected Poems 1948-1984
061790: Waldenfels, Bernhard - Das Zwischenreich Des Dialogs Sozialphilosophische Untersuchungen in Anschluss an Edmund Husserl
063918: Waldman, Anne (Ed.); Allen Ginsberg (Foreword) - Beat Book Writings from the Beat Generation

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