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057223: Saul, John Ralston - The Doubter's Companion A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense
056775: Saul, John Ralston - Baraka: Or the Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor of Anthony Smith The Field Trilogy
052039: Saul, John Ralston - The Unconscious Civilization
046486: Saul, John Ralston - The Paradise Eater A Novel
082826: Saul, John Ralston - The Comeback How Aboriginals Are Reclaiming Power And Influence
053348: Saul, John Ralston - The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World
053400: Saunders, Doug - The Myth of the Muslim Tide: Do Immigrants Threaten the West?
9900032559: SAUNDERS, Thomas - A Proud Heritage a History of the St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg 1871-1982
9900036868: SAUNDERS, Thomas - A Proud Heritage a History of the St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg 1871-1982
053998: Saunders, Thomas - Horizontal World
062960: Saunders, Doug - The Myth of the Muslim Tide Do Immigrants Threaten the West?
9900040257: SAUNDERS, Thomas - A Proud Heritage a History of the St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg 1871-1982
013871: Saunders, Thomas - A Proud Heritage A HISTORY OF THE ST. ANDREW'S SOCIETY OF WINNIPEG 1871-1982
9900035040: SAUNDERSON, Hugh H. - The Saunderson Years
9900006485: Saunderson, Hugh H - The Saunderson Years
084071: Savage, Rocke - Prairie Trails A Book of Verse
060474: Savage, Candace - A Geography of Blood Unearthing Memory from a Prairie Landscape
065263: Savage, Candace Sherk - Our Nell A Scrapbook Biography of Nellie L. McClung
059460: Savard, Felix-Antoine - La Dalle-Des-Morts Drame en trois actes
081672: Brillat-Savarin, Jean Anthelme - The Physiology of Taste
071334: Saviano, Roberto - Gomorrah A Personal Journey into the Violent International Empire of Naples' Organized Crime System
083774: Savoie, Donat (ed.) - The Amerindians of the Canadian North-West in the 19th Century, As Seen by émile Petitot Volume I: The Tchiglit Eskimos
081690: Savoie, Donat (ed); [Emile Petitot] - Les Amerindiens Du Nord-Ouest Canadien Au 19e Seicle Selon Emile Petitot Volume 1: Les Equimaux Tchiglit
083773: Savoie, Donat (ed.) - The Amerindians of the Canadian North-West in the 19th Century, As Seen by émile Petitot Volume II: The Loucheux Indians, Preceded by General Observations on the Dčné-dindjié Indians
079893: Saward, Jeff - Magical Paths Labyrinths & Mazes in the 21st Century
065071: Sawchyn, Linda (Comp.); et al. - Road Runner
081206: Sawyer, Jesse (ed.) - Studies in American Indian Languages
059619: Sawyer, Charles Winthrop - Our Rifles
080937: Sax, David - The Revenge of Analog Real Things and Why They Matter
076625: Saxon, Kurt - The Poor Man's James Bond
066956: Sayers, Dorothy L. - The Mind of the Maker
065869: Sayers, Dorothy - Letters to a Diminished Church Passionate Arguments for the Relevance of Christian Doctrine
003042: Saylor, Stanley G, et al. - An Introduction to Manitoba Archaeology
045742: Saylor, Stanley - The Maskwa River Site
9900033978: SAYRE, Theodore Burt - Tom Moore an Unhistorical Romance, Founded on Certain Happenings in the Life of Ireland's Greatest Poet
059428: Scaduto, Tony - Mick Jagger Everybody's Lucifer
076182: Scagell, Robin; Wil Tirion (Maps) - Night Sky Atlas The Moon, Planets, Stars and Deep-Sky Objects
079605: Scaletti, Fabio; Marvin Kemp - Leonardo 500
078513: Scalia, Antonin - Scalia Speaks Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived
9900042875: [Ship scantlings] - Ship Building [Copper Engravings]
069379: Schaeffer, Beverley; et al. - Sobethys Important Canadian Art
057215: Schaeffer, Frank - Portofino Calvin Becker Trilogy
071033: Schaeffer, Neil - The Marquis de Sade A Life
057216: Schaeffer, Frank - Zermatt Calvin Becker Trilogy
073096: von Schaewen, Deidi - Fantasy Worlds
062580: Schafer, Reuben; Ken Borden - ... Now Show Me Your Belly-Button!
077278: Schafhauser, Liza - The Martini A Collection
079845: Schall, James V. - Sum Total of Human Happiness
080925: Schall, James V. - A Line Through the Human Heart On Sinning and Being Forgiven
065604: Schaller, K. B. - Gray Rainbow Journey A Novel
082700: Schama, Simon - Rough Crossings Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution
073260: Schama, Simon - Citizens A Chronicle of the French Revolution
080299: Schama, Simon - Power of Art
084358: Schama, Simon - Landscape and Memory
082574: Schama, Simon - Dead Certainties (Unwarranted Speculations)
037455: Scharf, Aaron - Art and Photography
062608: Scharfe, Sharon - Complicity Human Rights and Canadian Foreign Policy: The Case of East Timor
017538: Bevers, Holm, Perter Schatborn and Barbara Welzel - Rembrandt le Maitre Et Son Atelier: Vol I: Dessins Et Gravures; Vol II: Peintures
077394: Schele, Linda; Peter Mathews - The Code of Kings The Language of Seven Sacred Maya Temples and Tombs
032973: Petersen-Schepelern, Elsa - Steaming Healthy Food from China, Japan and South East Asia
070974: Scherman, Tony; David Dalton - Pop The Genius of Andy Warhol
082423: Scheung, Ruth - Spinning a Tale Tale Spinners
047887: Schidler, Tom - Lights out
077084: Schidlof, Leo R. - The Miniature in Europe (4 Volume Set) In the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries
070671: Schiff, Zeev - A History of the Israeli Army (1870-1974)
063806: Schiffmann, Erich - Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness
082506: Schinner, Miyoko - The Homemade Vegan Pantry The Art of Making Your Own Staples
9900016276: SCHLATTER, Adolf - Erlauterungen Zum Neuen Testament / Das Evangelium Nach Matthaus
079079: Schledermann, Peter - Voices in Stone A Personal Journey into the Arctic Past
9900038334: HEMBROFF-SCHLEICHER, Edythe - Emily Carr the Untold Story
066833: Schlesinger, Philip (Trans. & Intro.); Josef Guns (Trans. & Intro.) - Die Pessagh-Haggadah
052282: Schlesinger, Stephen C. - Act of Creation The Founding of the United Nations: A Story of Superpowers, Secret Agents, Wartime Allies and Enemies, and Their Quest for a Peaceful World
084510: Schlesinger, Jr., Arthur M. - The Imperial Presidency
9900019459: Duggan, Anne Schley and Jeanette Schlottmann, Abbie Rutlege - The Teaching of Folk Dance
068832: Schlieber, Ralf - Dali The Reality Of Dreams
069876: Schlink, Bernhard - The Reader
082305: Schlink, Bernhard - Self's Deception
082738: Schmalz, Peter S. - The History of the Saugeen Indians
9900034478: SCHMIDT, Anita E. - On the Banks of the Assiniboine a History of the Parish of St. James
081904: Schnakenberg, Robert - The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray A Critical Appreciation of the World's Finest Actor
082107: Schneer, Jonathan - The Balfour Declaration The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
9900040421: SCHNEIDER, Ina - Works 1997-99
9900039703: Schneidewini, Johannis [Johann Schneidewein] - In Quator Institutionum Imperalium Justiniani, Commentarii [Commentaries Upon the Institutes (Codex) of Justinian]
075943: Schnupp, Dr. Clair E. - Flying Canada Fifty Years of Flying the Northland and Beyond
027259: Schoemperlen, Diane - Forms of Devotion Stories and Pictures
031459: Schoemperlen, Diane - Forms of Devotion
9900033377: SCHOFIELD, Frank Howard - The Story of Manitoba
075566: Schofield, Frank Howard - The Story of Manitoba / Three Volumes
049364: [Canadian Association of Rhodes Scholars] - Rhodes Scholar Directory List of Rhodes Scholars elected from Canada and Other Rhodes Scholars resident in Canada: 1904-1983
049365: [Canadian Association of Rhodes Scholars] - Rhodes Scholar Directory List of Rhodes Scholars elected from Canada and Other Rhodes Scholars resident in Canada: 1904 - 1974
058171: Scholinski, Daphne - The Last Time I Wore Dress A Memoir
063824: Schonbrun, Zach - The Performance Cortex How Neuroscience is Redefining Athletic Genius
065830: Students of Inuglak School - The Lonely Unukshuk
9900035555: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 24 1973-1974
9900041953: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 27 1976-1977
9900035556: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 23 1972-1973
068791: [St. John's Cathedral Boys School] - A Report
9900033497: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 34 1983-1984
9900035557: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 16 1965-1966
9900035644: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 31 1980-1981
9900035645: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 34 1983-1984
9900035663: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 14 1963-1964
9900035662: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 25 1974-1975
9900035649: [St. Johns-Ravenscourt School] - The Eagle Volume 31 1981-1982
078902: Schoolcraft, Henry R. - The American Indians, Their History, Condition and Prospects, from Original Notes and Manuscripts
073698: (Schoolmates) - Schoolmates Statuette Dolls and their Clothes
073665: Schreiber, William I. - The Fate of the Prussian Mennonites
052750: Schroder, Johan; Orm Overland (Ed., Trans., and Intro.) - Johan Schroder's Travels in Canada, 1863
066189: Schroeder, Doris - Rin Tin Tin
077143: Schroeder, Gerald - God According to God A Physicist Proves We've Been Wrong About God All Along
9900037279: Schubert, Hermann - Mathematical Essays and Recreations
033920: Schull, Joseph - Rebellion: The Rising in French Canada 1837
069891: Schulman, Michael - Her Again Becoming Meryl Streep
061037: Schulman, Audrey - Theory of Bastards
9900041459: SCHULTZ, Hon. John, M.D. - A Forgotten Northern Fortress
9900041458: SCHULTZ, Hon. John, M.D. - The Old Crow Wing Trail
077323: Schultz, James Willard (Apikuni); Eugene Lee Silliman (Ed.) - Why Gone Those Times? Blackfoot Tales
080435: Schulz, Charles M. - Home Is on Top of a Dog House
079833: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1955-1956, Vol. 3
079738: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1993-1994, Vol. 22
079739: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1989-1990, Vol. 20
079740: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1981-1982, Vol. 16
079741: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1985-1986, Vol. 18
079744: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1977-1978, Vol. 14
079746: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1979-1980, Vol. 15
079747: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1987-1988, Vol. 19
079748: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1991-1992, Vol. 21
079831: Schulz, Charles M. - The Complete Peanuts 1950-1951, Vol. 1
9900032692: SCHULZ, J. - Rise and Fall of Canadian Farm Organizations
045854: Schulz, Charles M. - You Can't Win Charlie Brown; You'Re You, Charlie Brown
045856: Schulz, Charles M. - It's a Dog's Life, Charlie Brown; You Need Help, Charlie Brown
081112: Schulze, Ingo; John E. Woods (trans.) - 33 Moments of Happiness St. Petersburg Stories
075070: Schuon, Frithjof - The Play of Masks The Library of Traditional Wisdom
9900040278: SCHUR, Danny & Rick Chafe - The Musical Strike!
058072: Schutz, Stefan - Peyote Or My Friend the Indian
072943: Schwartz, Bernard - Behind Bakke Affirmative Action and the Supreme Court
058124: Schwartz, Joseph - Cassandra's Daughter A History of Psychoanalysis
062046: Schwartz, Bryan; Edwin Kroeger & Scott Monkman (Eds.) - Underneath the Golden Boy: A Review of Recent Manitoba Laws and How They Came to Be 2005 Volume 4
082672: Schwartz, Seymour I. - The French and Indian War 1754-1763 The Imperial StruggleBook Sales for North America
079145: Schwarz, Herbert T.; Daphne Odjig (Illus.) - Tales from the Smokehouse
083700: Schwarzenegger, Arnold; Bill Dobbins - The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
9900038279: SCHWEITZER, Albert / Translated by Ernest Newman / Preface by C. M. Widor - J.S. Bach
063202: Schweizer, Peter - Throw Them All out
9900031498: Scobie, Captain I. H. Mackay - An Old Highland Fencible Corps: The History of the Reay Fencible Regiment of Foot, or Mackay's Highlanders 1794-1802 With an Account of its Services in Ireland during the Rebelioon of 1798
019819: Scoggan, H.J. - Flora of Manitoba Bulletin No. 140, Biological Series No. 47
076178: Scoggan, H.J. - Flora of Manitoba Bulletin No. 140, Biological Series No. 47
042996: Scoles, John - Housecoat Diaries: Chicken Scratch for the Soul
9900044900: SCOT, A. - Rudiments and Practical Exercises, for Learning the French Language, by an Easy Method.
9900042541: NOVA SCOTIA, Province of - A Submission of Its Claims with Respect to Maritime Disabilities in Confederation
075933: Scott, R. F. - Scott of the Antarctic the Journals of Captain Scott's Last Polar Exhibition
084128: Kafka, Franz; Douglas Scott and Chris Waller (trans.) - The Trial
068440: Scott, Duncan Campbell - In the Village of Viger
074530: Scott, Chris - Hitler's Bomb
055927: Scott, Frank R. - Essays on the Constitution Aspects of Canadian Law and Politics
038300: Scott, Sir Walter - Redgauntlet
079243: Scott, Bryan; Bartley Kives - Stuck in the Middle 2 Defining Views of Manitoba
078086: Scott, Paul; Hilary Spurling [Intro.] - The Raj Quartet The Towers of Silence and A Division of the Spoils
082966: Scott, Walter - Our People of Riding Mountain House
084834: Scott, Michael - Tom Cringle's Log
045185: Scott, Sir Walter - Kenilworth
9900030359: Scott, Captain Robert F. - The Voyage of the Discovery
083680: Scott, Ray G. - Underground Homes An Alternative Lifestyle
9900031982: SCOTT, Sir Walter - The Talisman
075599: Watson, Scott and Sheng Tian Zheng - Art of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976
082139: Scott, Walter - Quentin Durward/Ivanhoe/Kenilworth
9900037782: SCOTT, William C. - Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound
052802: Scott, Gini Graham - Shamanism for Everyone
9900041580: [JAMES BOSWELL] SCOTT, Geoffrey (ed.) - Private Papers of James Boswell / in the Isham Collection from Malahide Castle / Now First Printed
033580: Scott, Sir Walter - Guy Mannering; or the Astrologer
9900029555: BOSWELL, James [Geoffrey Scott and Frederick A. Pottle, editors] - The Journal of James Boswell 1781-1783 / Death of Lord Auchinleck 30 August 1782 / Jaunt to London, Spring, 1783
9900029724: SCOTT, Walter - Ballads and Lyrical Pieces [and Other Works]
062255: Scriver, Stephen - Under the Wings
081307: Scruton, Roger - A Short History of Modern Philosophy From Descartes to Wittgenstein
9900033221: SCUDDER, Antoinette - The Grey Studio
013352: Scudder, Samuel Hubbard [A Rochester Fellow] - The Winnipeg Country or Roughing It with an Eclipse Party
080061: Scull, Andrew - Madness in Civilization A Cultural History of Insanity, from the Bible to Freud, from the Madhouse to Modern Medicine
050103: Scullard, H.H. - From the Gracchi to Nero A History of Rome from 133 BC to AD 68
045832: Scully, Rock; David Dalton - Living with the Dead
081712: Scurr, Ruth - John Aubrey, My Own Life
084514: Sealey, Bruce (Ed.) - Stories of the Metis
080770: Sealey, D. Bruce; Verna J. Kirkness - Indians without Tipis A Resource Book by Indians and Métis
051715: Searle, Ronald - Dick Deadeye
9900039024: SEARLE, Ronald & Kildare Dobbs - The Great Fur Opera: Annals of the Hudson's Bay Company 1670-1970
9900032013: SEARLE, Ronald - The King of Beasts & Other Creatures
040032: Searle, Ronald - Zoodiac
077259: Sears, Stephen W. - Landscape Turned Red The Battle of Antietam
083796: Sebald, W. G.; Michael Hulse [Trans.] - The Emigrants
074959: Sebba, Anne - Mother Teresa Beyond the Image
080651: Sebeok, Thomas A. [Ed.] - Animal Communication Techniques of Study and Results of Research
081633: Sebok, Thomas A.; Alo Raun - The First Cheremis Grammar (1775) A Facsimile Edition with Introduction and Analysis by Thomas A. Sebok and Alo Raun
063593: Sechler, E.T. - Sadie Mccoy Crank (1863-1948) Pioneer Woman Preacher in the Christian Church (Disciples)
063594: Sechler, E.T. - History of Dade County Missouri Christian Churches 1839-1958
081931: Secoy, Frank Raymond - Changing Military Patterns on the Great Plain 17th Century through Early 19th Century
069365: [Consumer Section, Marketing Service] - Wartime Canning Jams and Jellies
057748: Sedaris, David - When You Are Engulfed in Flames
057732: Sedaris, David - Naked
036126: Sedaris, David - Me Talk Pretty One Day
062642: Sedaris, David - Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk A Modest Bestiary
071441: Sedlack, Robert - The Horn of a Lamb
084056: See, Lisa - The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane A Novel
070773: Seeley, Tim; et al. - Nightwing Vol. 5: Raptor's Revenge
070774: Seeley, Tim; et al. - Nightwing Vol. 4: Blockbuster
070775: Seeley, Tim; et al. - Nightwing Vol. 3: Nightwing Must Die!
070776: Seeley, Tim; et al. - Nightwing Vol. 2: Back to Bludhaven
073618: Seerveld, Calvin G. - Redemptive Art in Society Sundry Writings and Occasional Lectures
062991: Segal, Jerome M . - Graceful Simplicity Toward a Philosophy and Politics of Simple Living
066868: Segalen, Victor - Essay on Exoticism An Aesthetics of Diversity (Post-Contemporary Interventions)
066993: Segers, Ladislaus - The Song of Hulda's Rock The Indian Legend of Pelee Island
061851: Segers, Ladislaus - The Song of Hulda's Rock
084289: Segev, Tom; Jessica Cohen [Trans.] - 1967 Israel, the War, and the Year that Transformed the Middle East
059443: Seguin, Robert-Lionel - Les Moules Du Quebec Musee national du Canada: Bulletin no. 188
076753: Seguin, Robert-Lionel - L'Esprit Revolutionnaire Dans L'Art Quebecois (Collection Du Chien D'or, No 3) De la deportation des Acadiens au premier conflit mondial
082862: Count Segur - Memoirs and Recollections of Count Louis Philippe de Segur (Three Volumes in One)
049301: Seifert, Elizabeth - Substitute Doctor
072187: Seldes, George - The Great Thoughts
023043: Heald, Tim [Selected and introduced by] - The Best After-Dinner Stories
060313: Klinge, Gunther (Selected and adapted into English by Ann Atwood) - Drifting with the Moon
9900028699: Garnett, David (selected with a Preface by) - The Essential T.E. Lawrence
065096: Latham, Robert (Selected and Ed.) - The Shorter Pepys
9900035362: THURBER, James / Selection and Introduction by Michael J. Rosen - The Genius of James Thurber
082084: Seligmann, Herbert J. - The Negro Faces America
017451: Smithsonian Institution [ed. Robert Selim] - G.A. 100 The Centenary of the Division of Graphic Arts
046674: Sellar, Walter Carruthers; Robert Julian Yeatmann - 1066 and All That A Memorable History of England
058255: Sellar, W. C.; Yeatman, R. J. - 1066 & All That A Memorable History Of England, Comprising All The Parts You Can Remember, Including 103 Good Things, 5 Bad Kings And 2 Genuine Dates
040976: Sellar, W. Y. - The Roman Poets of the Republic Re-Issue of the Third Edition
057381: Sellar, W.C.; R.J. Yeatman - 1066 and All That
082162: Sellars, Bev - They Called Me Number One Secrets and Survival at an Indian Residential School
082790: Sellens, Alvin - Stanley Folding Rules A History and Descriptive Inventory
058433: Sellyn, Nathan - Indigenous Beasts
038851: Selzer, Richard - The Exact Location of the Soul New and Selected Essays
054331: Semmens, Rev. John - The Field and the Work Sketches of Missionary Life in the Far North
9900035390: SEMON, Richard - In the Australian Bush and on the Coast of the Coral Sea
9900007807: Sempill, Cecilia - English Pottery and Porcelain
056980: Semprun, Jorge; Richard Seaver (Trans.) - The Long Voyage
068179: Sendak, Jack - Circus Girl
059342: Senecal, Patrick - Seven Days
9900044788: Senghoe, Leopold Sedar / Hans Erni - Terre Promise D'Afrique Symphonie en noir et or avec dix-sept lithographies originales de Hans Erni
9900034319: SENKEVITCH, Anatole - Rockville, Maryland Historic Districts Preliminary Preservation Plan
9900042803: SENN, Nicholas, M.D. - Surgical Lesions of the Brain and Its Envelopes [an Original Lecture Reprinted in the Medical News, August 28, 1886]
079483: Chief Sepass, Sophia White Street (trans.) - Sepass Poems Ancient Songs of Y-Ail-Mihth
075211: Popov. Sergei and Alexei Srebnitsky - Who Flouts the Olympic Ideals? Decision of the USSR National Olympic Committee on the impossibility of participation by Soviet athletes in the 23rd Olympic Games in Los Angeles
069880: Seripop - Monster Guarded
9900038854: Serle, Ambrose - Charis or, Reflections, Chiefly, Upon the Office of the Holy Spirit in the Salvation of Men
083047: Canadian Wildlife Service - Conservation of Canadian Prairie Grasslands A Landowner's Guide
9900035049: SERVICE, Robert W. - The Trail of '98 a Northland Romance
028324: City Hydro Home Service - 'Tis the Season
011305: Service, Robert W. - The Pretender A Story of the Latin Quarter
9900035675: SERVICE, Robert W. - The Trail of '98 a Northland Romance
080520: Service, Robert W. - Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
9900035614: SERVICE, Robert W. - Ballads of a Cheechako
9900042224: SERVICE, Robert W. - The Trail of '98 a Northland Romance
062625: Seth, Vikram - Beastly Tales From Here and There
051444: Seth, Vikram - Two Lives
084014: Seth - Clyde Fans Book 1 A Picture Novella in Two Books
081925: Seth, Vikram - Collected Poems
034030: Seth, Vikram - Golden Gate
083994: Seth - Forty Cartoon Books of Interest From the Collection of the Cartoonist "Seth
9900007818: SETON, Ernest Thompson - Rolf in the Woods
071987: Seton, Julia M. - By a Thousand Fires Nature Notes and Extracts From the Life and Unpublished Journals of Ernest Thompson Seton
9900044261: SETON, Ernest Thompson - The Arctic Prairies A Canoe Journey of 2,000 miles in Search of the Caribou
9900029194: SETON, Ernest Thompson - The Preacher of Cedar Mountain
082710: Seton, Ernest Thompson - Ernest Thompson Seton in Manitoba 1882 - 1892
081130: Seton, Ernest Thompson - The Biography of a Grizzly
073111: Seton, Ernest Thompson - Woodcraft and Indian Lore A Classic Guide from a Founding Father of the Boy Scouts of America with Over Five Hundred Drawings by the Author
062210: Seton, Ernest Thompson - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag
9900032379: SETTERFIELD, Gwenlyn - Niki Goldschmidt a Life in Canadian Music
075076: Settle, Raymond W. (Ed.) - The March of the Mounted Riflemen First United States Military Expedition to travel the full length of the Oregon Trail from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Vancouver / May to October 1849 as recorded in the journals of Major Osborne Cross and George Gibbs and the official report of Colonel Loring
049367: Settler, Faye; Winnie Tatya - Winnie Tatya: Wall Hangings Wednesday, October 6th: 5p.m. to 10 p.m. Continuing through October 23rd, 1982
046781: Dr. Seuss - The Cat in the Hat
075908: Dr. Seuss - If I Ran the Circus
083032: Sevareid, Eric - Canoeing with the Cree
065163: Severin, Tim - Sworn Brother The heroes of the north live on
9900035277: SEVERY, Melvin L. - The Darrow Engima
9900005452: SEWELL, William (translated into Dutch by Godfried Arnold) - Waare Afbeelding Der Eerste Christenen (a True Picture of the First Christians) This is volume I of a two volume set.
061507: Sewid, James; James P. Spradley (ed.) - Guests Never Leave Hungry The Autobiography of James Sewid, a Kwakiutl Indian
063501: Shaara, Jeff - Gone for Soldiers A Novel of the Mexican War
083366: Shadbolt, Doris - Bill Reid
066302: Shadbolt, Doris - Bill Reid
9900014625: SHADBOLT, Doris - Bill Reid
9900042595: SHAEFFER, Glenn N. - Introductory Mechanical Drawing Problems
9900029033: SHAFFER, Ivan - The Midas Compulsion
065286: Shah, Idries - The Exploits of the Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin / the Subtleties of the Inimitable Mulla Nasrudin (Two Volumes in One)
084927: Shah, Idries - Tales of the Dervishes Teaching Stories of the Sufi Masters over the Past Thousand Years
048432: Shaheen, W. A. - Urdu Canada, Volume 2, Number 1 A Journal of Studies in Urdu Literature
079617: Shakespeare, William - Shakespeare's Poems
065182: Shakespeare, William - Midsummer Nights Dream Teacher's Edition
065072: Shakespeare, William; Peter Brook (Intro.) - As You Like It
079615: Shakespeare, William - Othello
9900041577: SHAKESPEARE, William - 'a Fascinating Relic' - a Remarkable Facsimile of the Will of William Shakespeare, As Done in His Own Hand in 1616
079614: Shakespeare, William - A Midsummer Night's Dream
083294: Shakespeare, William; J. O. Halliwell; et al. - The Complete Works of Shakspere [Shakespeare] (3 Vol. Set) Revised From the Original Editions with Historical and Analytical Introductions to Each Play also Notes Explanatory and Critical, and a Life of the Poet
067718: Shakespeare, William; H.J. Oliver, ed. - The Taming of the Shrew The Oxford Shakespeare
077560: Shakespeare, William - A Midsummer Night's Dream
079608: Shakespeare, William - All's Well That Ends Well
082554: Shakespeare, William; A. R. Braunmuller [Ed.] - The Merchant of Venice
042824: Shakespeare, William - The Merry Wives of Windsor
076555: Shakespeare, William; John Fletcher; Charles Hamilton - Cardenio, or, the Second Maiden's Tragedy
072046: Shakespeare, William - The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
064046: Shakespeare, William - Romeo and Juliet
051802: Shakespeare, William - Coriolanus
9900032763: SHAKESPEARE, William (Edited by George Long Duyckinck) - Falstaff Edition / the Works of William Shakespeare
9900031703: Shakespeare, William [Selected by Julia Louise Reynolds] - Under the Greenwood Tree
076893: Shakespeare, William - The Winter's Tale
076556: Shakespeare, William; Eric Sams [ed.] - Shakespeare's Edward III
031664: Shakespeare, William - King Henry IV [Part One]
081203: Shakespeare, William - Shakespeare: Poems
069179: Shakespeare, Nicholas - Bruce Chatwin
079610: Shakespeare, William - Twelfth Night
072233: Shalamov, Varlam - Kolyma Tales
079360: Shalamov, Varlam - Kolyma Tales
041889: Shannon, J.B. - Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Carpenters Tools
071504: Shannon, Deric; Anthony J. Nocella II, John Asimakopoulos - The Accumulation of Freedom Writings on Anarchist Economics
012966: Shannon, Marcia A., Project Co-ordinator; English Editor: James D.Georgiles; French Editor: Germaine Bundock - About Indians a Listing of Books / Les Indiens Une Liste de Livres a Leur Sujet
9900042349: SHAPIRO, Harvey - Vacation Poetry
060632: Carstairs, Sharon and Tim Higgins; Susan Thompson (Foreword) - Dancing Backwards A Social History of Women in Canadian Politics
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083373: Stevens, F.G. - English-Cree Primer and Vocabulary
044061: Stevens, Paul; John T. Saywell [Ed. & Intro.] - Lord Minto's Canadian Papers [Two Volumes] A Selection of the Public and Private Papers of the Fourth Earl of Minto: 1898-1904
083985: Stevens, F.G. - The United Church of Canada Cree Hymn Book
033027: Holford-Stevens, Leofranc - A Short History of Time
063706: Holford-Stevens, Leofranc - A Short History of Time
047205: Stevenson, R.L. - Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes
9900041370: STEVENSON, Robert Louis / Edited by Sidney Colvin - The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson / Valima Edition / Volume 20 / Letters Volume I 1868-1880
9900041369: STEVENSON, Robert Louis / Edited by Sidney Colvin - The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson / Valima Edition / Volume 23 / Letters Volume IV 1891-1894
063258: Stevenson, R.L. - Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes
9900041374: STEVENSON, Robert Louis - The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson / Valima Edition / Volume 19 / St. Ives
9900035278: STEVENSON, D. E. - A World in Spell ["The Empty World"]
047335: Stevenson, Robert Louis - Virginibus Puerisque
045107: Stevenson, Robert Louis; G.B. Stern [Intro.]; Lyn Ward [Illust.] - The Master of Ballantrae
080102: Stevenson, Robert Louis - The Amateur Emigrant & the Silverado Squatters
084558: Stevenson, Robert Louis - In the South Seas Being an Account of Experiences and Observations in the Marquesas, Paumotus and Gilbert Islands in the Course of Two Cruises, on the Yacht 'Casco' (1888) and the Schooner 'Equator' (1889)
084203: Stevenson, Robert Louis - The Master of Ballantrae A Winter's Tale
084414: Stevenson, Robert Louis - Treasure Island
9900041368: STEVENSON, Robert Louis / Edited by Sidney Colvin - The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson / Valima Edition / Volume 21 / Letters Volume II 1880-1887
070084: Stewart, Greig - Shutting Down the National Dream A.V. Roe and the Tragedy of the Avro Arrow
047667: Stewart, Anita - Anita Stewart's Canada The Food, The Recipies, The Stories
020371: Stewart, C. H. [Charles Henry], comp. - The Concise Lineages of the Canadian Army 1855 to Date
057728: Stewart, Matthew - The Courtier and the Heretic
058516: Stewart, R. J. - The Mystic Life of Merlin
082129: Stewart, George R. - Storm
077251: Stewart, Gordon T. [Ed.] - Documents Relating to the Great Awakening in Nova Scotia 1760-1791
072011: Stewart, Hilary - Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
073061: Stewart, A.C. - The Beaver and Other Odds and Ends
043880: Stewart, Gordon T. - Documents Relating to the Great Awakening in Nova Scotia: 1760-1791
075471: Stewart, Rory - The Places in between
9900044426: STEWART, David A., M.D. - Glimpses at Manitoba History / an Address to the Men's Club of the First Lutheran Church, Winnipeg / November 22, 1932
045294: Stewart, Hilary - Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
060769: Stewart, Molly - The Best of Hopscotch

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