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16872: 1869-1949, ANGELL JAMES ROWLAND - Chapters from Modern Psychology
12091: - Dazzling Pulguk Temple: The Story of Kim Tae-Song (Korea for Children)
15355: - The Artistic Garden of Japan, Book Ii: Gardens of Momoyama Era (16th Century), Gardens of Edo Era (17th Century)
13173: - The Jewish Chronicle 1841-1941: A Century of Newspaper History
14038: - Proceedings Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference and Land Management Symposium No. 13 - 1973 (Number 13, March 22-23, 1973, Tallahassee, Florida)
14134: - Marx and Contemporary Scientific Thought: Marx Et la Pense Scienfifique Contemporaine (Publications of the International Social Science Council)
18707: AAGAARD, FINN & BERIT - Aagaard's African Adventures
14729: ABBOTT, ROBERT H., ET AL, EDS., WITH JOHN RIDLAND - Spectrum Xl (40), 1998
12882: ABC-CLIO; LANCE KLASS & SUSAN KINNELL, ET AL., EDS - Corporate America: A Historical Bibliography
8954: ABRAMS, ARNOLD, HARRY H. GARNER, & JAMES E. P. TOMAN, EDS. - Unfinished Tasks in the Behavioral Sciences
18159: ACKER, SANDRA & DAVID WARREN PIPER, EDS. - Is Higher Education Fair to Women?
9516: ACUFF, DANIEL S, & ROBERT H. REIHER - Kidnapped: How Irresponsible Marketers Are Stealing the Minds of Your Children
1057: ACUNA, JOSE B. - Democracy in the Scheme of Evolution (and Other Addresses of He Convention and Summer School), Olcott Series Summer, 1943
11500: ADAMS, DARIUS M. & RICHARD W. HAYNES; GREGORY N. BROWN, ET AL., EDS. - The 1980 Softwood Timber Assessment Market Model: Structure, Projections, and Policy Simulations (Forest Science Monograph 22)
13300: ADAMS, F. GERARD & BERT G. HICKMAN, EDS.; LAWRENCE R. KLEIN - Global Econometrics: Essays in Honor of Lawrence R. Klein
14279: ADAMS, ARTHUR E., JAN S. ADAMS - Men Versus Systems: Agriculture in the U.S. S.R. , Poland, & Czechoslovakia
18730: ADAMS, ANSEL AND EDWARD JOESTING - An Introduction to Hawaii
17471: ADAMS, JANE L - An Education Curriculum for the Moderately, Severely, and Profoundly Mentally Handicapped Pupil
17652: ADELMAN, IRMA - Theories of Economic Growth and Development
16759: ADKINS, DOROTHY CHRISTINA - Factor Analysis of Reasoning Tests
17462: ADLER, RICHARD & WALTER S. BAER - Aspen Notebook: Cable and Continuing Education
14454: UNITED NATIONS DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS - Labour Productivity of the Cotton Textile Industry in Five Latin-American Countries
18237: AFFLERBACH, LOIS & MARGA FRANCK, EDS.; ILSE BRY - The Emerging Field of Sociobibliography: The Collected Essays of Ilse Bry (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science Series)
6689: AGARD, WALTER R., ET AL.; L.R. LIND, INTRO. - The Humanities for Our Time: University of Kansas Lectures in the Humanities
14178: U.S. DEPT OF AGRICULTURE - Summary of the Final Environmental Impact Statement on Management for the Northern Spotted Owl in the National Forests : States of Washington, Oregon and California (Sudoc a 13. 92: N 81/6/Sum. )
14177: U.S. DEPT OF AGRICULTURE - Draft Environmental Impact Statement on Management for the Northern Spotted Owl in the National Forests : States of Washington, Oregon and California (Sudoc a 13. 92/2: N 81/2)
9140: AIHARA, HERMAN & CORNELLIA AIHARA - Soybean Diet: Diet for the Better Protein (Formerly "Miso & Tamari")
10252: ALABAMA; BILL FARRAR, ET AL. - Alabama 1983 (Tour Book, with Signed Photo)
10788: ALBRITTON, HAROLD D - Controversies in Real Property Valuation: A Commentary
2790: ALDINGTON, RICHARD; KERSHAW, ALISTER (EDITOR) - Richard Aldington : Selected Critical Writing, 1928-1960 (Crosscurrents-Modern Critiques Series)
7111: ALEXANDER, KAY - Land of the Rainbow - Hawaii
14204: ALEXANDER, LEWIS M., ED. - The Law of the Sea: Offshore Boundaries and Zones
18278: ALEXANDER, DAVID J. & ALFONSO NAVA - How What Where When and Why Bilingual Education: A Concise and Objective Guide for School District Planning
18276: ALEXANDER, DAVID J. & ALFONSO NAVA - A Public Policy Analysis of Bilingual Education in California
18673: ALIGHIERI, DANTE; DONALD NICHOLL & COLIN HARDIE, INTRO. AND ED. - Monarchy and Three Political Letters (Library of Ideas)
14356: ALKEMA, JASON S. - Magazine Man
12237: ALLAN, NIGEL J. R., ED. - Mountains at Risk: Current Issues in Environmental Studies
17136: ALLEN, IDA C. (COGSWELL) BAILEY - Mrs. Allen's Cook Book
9121: ALLEN, DURWARD L., ED. - Pheasants in North America
11532: ALLEN, GEORGE H. - Aquatic Hoop Dreams Revisited, Volume Iii: Humboldt Bay Water Policies, Politics & People (an Archival Report)
15138: ALLEN, (CHARLES) GRANT (BLAIRFINDIE) - At Market Value: A Novel
17021: ALLEN, MICHAEL - This Time, This Place
16478: ALLEN, S. R. - Gnosis: The Emergence of Individuated Holistic Intelligence
17741: ALTBACH, PHILIP G. & DAVID H. KELLY - Higher Education in Developing Nations: A Selected Bibliography, 1969-74 (Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
18145: ALTBACH, PHILIP G., ED. - Comparative Higher Education Abroad: Bibliography and Analysis (Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
17548: ALTING VON GEUSAU, FRANS A.M. AND JACQUES PELKMANS, EDS.; GUNNAR ADLER-KARLSSON, ET AL. - National Economic Security: Perceptions, Threats, and Policies
16550: AMAYA, MARIO - Art Nouveau
17294: AMBERT, ALBA N. & SARAH E. MELENDEZ - Bilingual Education: A Sourcebook (Garland Reference Library of Social Science, Vol. 197)
16898: SOIL CONSERVATION SOCIETY OF AMERICA - National Land Use Policy: Objectives, Components, Implementation (Proceedings of a Special Conference Sponsored By the Soil Conservation Society of America, November 27-29, 1972, in Des Moines, Iowa)
17928: AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION AND THE ECONOMETRIC SOCIETY, GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATIONS; S. L. HORNER, C. F. ROOS, A. T. COURT, S M. DUBRUL, ET AL. - The Dynamics of Automobile Demand: Based Upon Papers Presented at a Joint Meeting of the American Statistical Association and the Econometric Society in Detroit, Michigan, on December 27, 1938
17051: AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION & THE ROYAL ECONOMIC SOCIETY; N. S. BUCHANAN, ET AL. - Surveys of Economic Theory. Volume I: Money, Interest and Welfare; Volume Ii: Growth and Development; Volume Iii: Resource Allocation (Set: 1, 2 & 3), Prepared for American Economic Association and the Royal Economic Society
18252: AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS; ROBERT L. LODGE, ET AL. - Readings in the Income Approach to Real Property Valuation, Volume 1 (One)
1480: UN AMONIER, ANCIEN PROFESSEUR D'HUMANITES - De la Composition Litteraire: Lecons de Litterature Specialement Redigees Pour Les Pensionnats de Demoiselles
15815: MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI - Immortal Light: Divine Mother Ammachi's Advice to Householders ("Amrita Jyoti")
2231: AMYX, DARRELL A. AND BARBARA A. FORBES EDS. - Echoes from Olympus: Reflections of Divinity in Small-Scale Classical Art
5420: ANDERSON, DANIEL W. & SIDNEY A. ENGLAND; WITH RONALD E. COLE, APPENDIX - The Biology and Natural History of California's Wild Birds
9657: ANDERSON, FRANK W. - Almighty Voice (Frontier Book No. 25)
10512: ANDERSON, PAULINE H.; THEODORE R. SIZER, INTRO. - Library Media Leadership in Academic Secondary Schools
14229: ANDERSON, HANS CHRISTIAN - Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson, with 25 Illustrations in Full Color By Children of Eighteen Nations
15419: ANDERSON, MILES HARRISON - Functional Bracing of the Upper Extremities
14352: ANDERSSON, THEODORE - Resource Guide to Bilingual Education: A Selective Bibliography of Recent Publications (Educational Bibliographies Series: 1)
13493: ANDREW, ED - Closing the Iron Cage: The Scientific Management of Work and Leisure
16228: ANDREWS, CYRIL BRUYN - The Theatre, the Cinema and Ourselves
13014: ANDREWS, ROBERT EARL (E.) - Crash: The Early Warning
11621: ANGEL, J. LAWRENCE - Early Skeletons from Tranquillity, California: Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology Volume 2, Number 1 [Tranquility]
10422: ANGELL, WARREN M. - Look Up, You Singers!
3242: ANGILLY, RICHARD (WITH NATICA) - Organic Music
17023: ANGOFF, CHARLES, ED.; (PETER SAMMARTINO) - The Humanities in the Age of Science: In Honor of Peter Sammartino
16959: ANKERBERG, JOHN, WITH JACK HARRIS, ET AL. - The Masonic Lodge: What Goes on Behind Closed Doors? (Transcripts of a Series of Televised Programs Prepared By the John Ankerberg Show)
8464: ANNO, MITSUMASA - Dr. Anno's Magical Midnight Circus
6777: ANON. - Saint Saviour in Chora
9115: ANON. - Puss in Boots (Victorian Concertinas Series)
11793: ANON., EDS. - A Biographical Dictionary of the Living Authors of Great Britain and Ireland; Comprising Literary Memoirs and Anecdotes of Their Lives and a Chronological Register of Their Publications. . .
4658: ANONYMOUS - Heroic Life; Or Pictures of Heroes, with Lessons from Their Lives
16963: ANONYMOUS (BROTHERHOOD OF ELKS) - Hello Bill! a Book of After Dinner Stories
18964: ANONYMOUS - Around the World with Santa Claus [Full-Size Facsimile]
17690: AOKI, MASANAO - Dynamic Analysis of Open Economies
18475: APPELL, CLARA AND MOREY; SUZANNE SZASZ ILLUS. - Now I Have a Daddy Haircut!
17408: APPLE, MICHAEL W. - Cultural and Economic Reproduction in Education: Essays on Class, Ideology and the State (Routledge Education Books)
18567: APPLEGATH, JOHN, ED., WITH VIVIAN APPLEGATH, MICHAEL MARIEN & JEANNE KOCSIS - Human Economy, a Bibliography: Vol. I, Books (Volume 1)
13297: AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS - Appraisal Thought: A 50-Year Beginning; a Collection of Articles from the Appraisal Journal Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers
17147: APTER, DAVID E. AND NAGAYO SAWA - Against the State: Politics and Social Protest in Japan
1781: D'ARCAIS, G. B. FLORES AND W. J. M. LEVELT - Advances in Psycholinguistics
18087: ARCHER, CLIFFORD P. [PAUL] - Elementary Education in Rural Areas
2565: ARCHER, ELIZABETH GLENN - Poems on Nature and Human Nature
16707: ARCHER, H. RICHARD, ED. - Rare Book Collections: Some Theoretical and Practical Suggestions for Use By Librarians and Students (Acrl Monograph Number 27)
14341: ARENA, JOHN I, EDITED BY - Meeting Total Needs of Learning-Disabled Children: A Forward Look
14339: ARENA, JOHN I, ED. - Management of the Child with Learning Disabilities, an Interdisciplinary Challenge: Selected Papers on Learning Disabilities, Fourth Annual International Conference, March 9-11, 1967, New York City
17887: ARENA, JOHN I, ED., WITH BONNIE HARRINGTON, ACADEMIC THERAPY PUBLICATIONS - Successful Programing [Programming]: Many Points of View (Selected Papers on Learning Disabilities; Fifth Annual International Conference of the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities, February 1-3, 1968)
18751: ARISMAN, MARSHALL; DAVE MCKEAN, INTRO. - Sacred Monkey Man (Tales from the Edge, Volume 1, No. 12, April 1998)
400: ARISS, ROBERT - Indians of Western North America (Science Series No. 19/Anthropology No. 1)
12665: ARLINGHAUS, BRUCE E., ED. - Arms for Africa: Military Assistance and Foreign Policy in the Developing World
9857: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H.; E. POWER BIGGS, INTRO. - Organs for America : The Life and Work of David Tannenberg
14905: ARNDT, HELMUT, ED. - Die Konzentration in Der Wirtschaft / on Economic Concentration: Erster Band (Schriften Des Verbeins Fur Socialpolitik) (Volume One)
14906: ARNDT, HELMUT, ED. - Die Konzentration in Der Wirtschaft / on Economic Concentration: Zweiter Band (Schriften Des Verbeins Fur Socialpolitik) (Volume Two)
7153: ARNAIZ Y FREG, ARTURO ET AL. - Los Hallazgos de Ichcateopan: Actas Y Dictamenes de la Comision
10061: ARUNDELL, DENNIS DREW - Henry Purcell
16445: ASALA, JOANNE, ED. - Norwegian Proverbs: From the Tales of Peter Christian Asbjornsen and Jorgen Moe
2507: ASH, MAURICE - Journey Into the Eye of a Needle
18417: AMERICAN MINIATURE HORSE ASSOCIATION - The Horse for Everyone: The American Miniature Horse
18416: INTERNATIONAL ARABIAN HORSE ASSOCIATION - Directory of Arabian Horse Owners of United States and Canada
16704: ASTHANA, RAMA KANT - Henry James: A Study in the Aesthetics of the Novel
17881: ASTIN, HELEN S., ALEXANDER W. ASTIN, ANN S. BISCONTI, & HYMAN H. FRANKEL - Higher Education and the Disadvantaged Student
18141: ASTIN, HELEN S. AND WERNER Z. HIRSCH - Higher Education of Women: Essays in Honor of Rosemary Park
18601: ATENEUMIN TAIDEMUSEO; C. GRUNBERG, OSMO PASANEN, ET AL. - Ateneumin Taidemuseo/Konstmusseet I Ateneum/the Art Gallery of Ateneum (Helsinki, 1968): Kuvaluettelo/Bilder/Illustrations, Suomalaista Nykytaidetta/Finsk Nutidskonst/Modern Finnish Art, Kansainvalista Nykytaidetta/International Konst/International Art
10460: ATKINS, GAIUS GLENN - Religion in Our Times
18302: ATKINSON, ROSS, ED.; PATRICK WILSON, FRANCES L. HOPKINS, CONRAD H. RAWSKI, ROSS ATKINSON, AND THOMAS KIRK; AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGE AND RESEARCH LIBRARIES - Back to the Books: Bibliographic Instruction and the Theory of Information Sources; Papers Presented at the 101st Annual Conference of the American Library Association Acrl-Bibliographic Instruction Section
16186: ATTEWELL, PAUL A. - Radical Political Economy Since the Sixties: A Sociology of Knowledge Analysis
17672: AUTON, JOHN G. & PATRICK WILD - Music at the Parish Church
16908: AXEL, HELEN, ED. - A Guide to Consumer Markets 1972 / 1973
16906: AXEL, HELEN, ED. - A Guide to Consumer Markets 1977 / 1978
16907: AXEL, HELEN, ED. - A Guide to Consumer Markets 1976 / 1977
12280: AXELL, HERBERT; HRH PRINCE PHILIP, INTRO. - Minsmere: Portrait of a Bird Reserve
13507: AZEVEDO, ROSS E. - Labor Economics: A Guide to Information Sources (Volume 8 in the Economics Information Guide Series)
18340: DORF, MAXINE B. WITH BARBARA H. TATE - Instruction Manual for Braille Transcribing, Third Edition, 1984
17859: BACA, FIDEL GARCIA - Bilingual Education in Certain Southwest School Districts (a Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the University of Utah)
13874: LIVI BACCI, MASSIMO; OFFICE OF POPULATION RESEARCH - A Century of Portuguese Fertility
17650: BACH, G.L., W. LEE HANSEN, ET AL.; WILLIAM H. PETERSON, INTRO, & ED. - Economic Education: Investing in the Future (the Burkett Miller Memorial Lectures on Economic Education)
17511: BACHARACH, MICHAEL - Biproportional Matrices & Input-Output Change (University of Cambridge Department of Applied Economics Monographs, No. 16)
13911: BACKUS, EDYTHE N - Catalogue of Music in the Huntington Library Printed Before 1801
18649: BADER, CHRISTOPHER D. & JOSEPH O. BAKER - Deviance Management: Insiders, Outsiders, Hiders, and Drifters
18650: BADER, CHRISTOPHER D., JOSEPH O. BAKER, AND F. CARSON MENCKEN - Paranormal America: Ghost Encounters, Ufo Sightings, Bigfoot Hunts, and Other Curiosities in Religion and Culture (Second Edition, 2017)
7468: BAILEY, VIRGINIA LONG & HAROLD EDWARDS BAILEY; JOHN D. MIZELLE, ED. - Woody Plants of the Western National Parks, Containing Keys for the Identification of Trees and Shrubs (the American Midland Naturalist, Monograph No. 4)
17071: BAILEY, ROBERT L. (LESLIE), AND ANNE L. HAFNER - Minority Admissions
16223: BAILEY, FLORA L. (AUTHOR), RALPH RAY (ILLUSTRATOR) - Summer at Yellow Singer's
13667: BAIN, GEORGE SAYERS & ROBERT PRICE - Profiles of Union Growth: A Comparative Statistical Portrait of Eight Counties (Warwick Studies in Industrial Relations)
17301: BAKER, KEITH A. & ADRIANA A. DE KANTER, EDS. - Bilingual Education: A Reappraisal of Federal Policy
14710: BALABANIS, HOMER P.; WILLIAM R. TURNER, ED. - Humboldt State Reminiscences of Homer P. Balabanis
8404: BALABANIS, HOMER P. - The Classical Ideal of the Good Man
16822: BALABANIS, HOMER P. - The Classical Ideal of the Good Man
17804: BALDWIN, CHARLES C. (CRITTENTON) - The Men Who Make Our Novels
12552: BALFOUR, CAMPBELL, ED. - Participation in Industry
5112: BALLARD, J. P. - Remember Sometimes the Seekers of Dreams: Tributes to the Men and Women of Logging and Commercial Fishing
17035: BALLESTA, LAURENT AND PIERRE DESCAMP - Planet Mers: Voyage Au Coeur de la Biodiversité Marine (French Edition)
11782: BALLESTEROS, OCTAVIO A. - The Effectiveness of Public School Education for Mexican-American Students As Perceived By Principals of Elementary Schools of Predominantly Mexican-American Enrollment
17321: BALLESTEROS, OCTAVIO A. - Preparing Teachers for Bilingual Education: Basic Readings
18157: BALLESTEROS, OCTAVIO A. - Bilingual-Bicultural Education: An Annotated Bibliography 1936-1982
9364: BALLOU, ROBERT O. - The Nature of Religion (Culture & Discovery Series)
13416: BALLOU, PATRICIA K. - Women: A Bibliography of Bibliographies, 2nd Ed. (G.K. Hall Women's Studies Publications)
18565: BANAS, NORMA & I. H. WILLS - Identifying Early Learning Gaps (Ga_ps): A Guide to the Assessment of Academic Readiness
8998: BANKS, CHARLOTTE, & P. L. BROADHURST, EDS. - Studies in Psychology Presented to Cyril Burt (Stephanos)
10629: BANKS, RUSSELL & WILLIAM MATTHEWS, EDS.; W. S. MERWIN, MICHAEL BENEDIKT, ET AL. - Lillabulero / 13 (Number Thirteen), Spring 1974
13521: BANKS, J. A. - Marxist Sociology in Action: A Sociological Critique of the Marxist Approach to Industrial Relations
18200: BANKS, W. H., ED.; SAMUEL COZZENS, ET AL. - Paper in the Printing Process: Proceedings of the Eigth International Conference of Printing Research Institutes Held at Aulanko, Finland, 1965 (Advances in Printing Science and Technology Series, Volume 4)
1726: BANNON, LAURA - The Best House in the World
12874: BANSIL, P. C. - Agricultural Planning for 700 Millions: A Perspective Study
17463: G. H. BANTOCK - Parochialism of the Present: Contemporary Issues in Education (Routledge Education Books)
15622: BARAGAS, RAFAEL; EL FISGON Y JOSE HERNANDEZ - La Canallada Del Desafuero Para Principiantes
9198: BARANCHIKOV, YURI N., WITH WILLIAM J. MATTISON, FRED P. HAIN, & THOMAS L. PAYNE, EDS.; NORTHEASTERN FOREST EXPERIMENT STATION - Forest Insect Guilds: Patterns of Interaction with Host Trees (General Technical Report Ne-153)
16722: TUGAN-BARANOWSKY, DR. M. - Modern Socialism in Its Historical Development
17945: BARANZINI, MAURO L., ED. - Advances in Economic Theory
17558: BARATZ, JOAN C. & ROGER W. SHUY, EDS. - Teaching Black Children to Read
18232: BARBER, RED - Show Me the Way to Go Home
14492: BARBOUR, KENNETH - Essays on African Population
15117: BARKER, BRITT - Letters Home
18898: BARKER, JUNE - Decorative Braiding and Weaving
14201: PUGWASH; C. F. BARNABY, ED. - Preventing the Spread of Nuclear Weapons: Pugwash Monograph 1
5694: BARNES, WALT - The Wine Country's Great Grape Cook Book
16706: BARNUM, H.N. AND R.H. SABOT; ORGANIZATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT - Migration, Education and Urban Surplus Labour: The Case of Tanzania (Development Centre Studies, Employment Series, No. 13)
11423: BARON, JONATHON - Rationality and Intelligence
18261: BARRIE, J. M. - The Works of J.M. Barrie, the Kirriemuir Edition: Tommy and Grizel
18264: BARRIE, J. M. - The Works of J.M. Barrie, the Kirriemuir Edition: When a Man's Single: A Tale of Literary Life
18975: BARRINGTON, E. - The Divine Lady: A Romance of Nelson and Emma Hamilton
7906: BARRY, PATRICIA S.; DR. JAMES HOGG & ERWIN A. STURZL, EDS. - The King in Tudor Drama (Salzburg Studies in English Literature, Elizabethan & Renaissance Studies Series)
18667: BARSON, LESLIE SAFRAN; ROBERT BELL INTRO - Learner-Managed Learning and Home Education: A European Perspective
5486: BARTEMEIER, LEO H. - A Physician in the General Practice of Psychiatry: The Selected Papers of Leo H. Bartemeier, M.D.
17339: BARTLETT, RANDALL - Economics and Power: An Inquiry Into Human Relations and Markets
18025: BARTLETT, ROLAND W. (WILLEY) - The Milk Industry : A Comprehensive Survey of Production, Distribution, and Economic Importance
11487: BASKERVILLE, G. L.; EARL L. STONE, ET AL., EDS. - Dry-Matter Production in Immature Balsam Fir Stands (Forest Science Monograph 9)
18138: BASS, GEORGE M. - The Renewal of Liturgical Preaching.
6393: BATES, BILL - Caribbean Trans-Canal Sketchbook
12098: BATES, JAMES L., ET AL., LAND CLASSIFICATION COMMITTEE OF THE DETROIT METROPOLITAN AREA; DENNIS O'HARROW, INTRO. - Land Use Classification Manual: Developed By the Land Classification Committee of the Detroit Metropolitan Area
17340: BATSON, HAROLD E., WITH LIONEL ROBBINS INTRO. - A Select Bibliography of Modern Economic Theory, 1870-1929
13276: BATSTONE, ERIC, ANTHONY FERNER & MICHAEL TERRY - Unions on the Board: An Experiment in Industrial Democracy (Warwick Studies in Industrial Relations)
13603: BATSTONE, ERIC & STEPHEN GOURLAY, WITH HUGO LEVIE & ROY MOORE - Unions, Unemployment and Innovation
14262: BATSTONE, ERIC, STEPHEN GOURLAY, HUGO LEVIE & ROY MOORE - New Technology and the Process of Labour Regulation [Labor]
16681: BATTEAU, ALLEN, ED. - Appalachia and America: Autonomy and Regional Dependence
10335: BATY, ROGER M. - Reeducating Teachers for Cultural Awareness: Preparation for Educating Mexican-American Children in Northern California (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic and Social Development) [Re-Educating]
8542: BAUER, HANNA - Learning to Be: The Psychoeducational Management of Severely Dysfunctional Children
13116: BAUMGARTNER, THOMAS & ATLE MIDTTUN, EDS. - The Politics of Energy Forecasting: A Comparative Study of Energy Forecasting in Western Europe and North America
17496: WILLIAM J. BAUMOL - Microtheory: Applications and Origins
18659: BAYNE, S. G. (SAMUEL GAMBLE) - On an Irish Jaunting-Car Through Donegal and Connemara
10500: BAYOL, THERESE BONVOULOI - House Not for Sale
10329: BEARDSLEY, PHILIP L., DAVID M. KOVENOCK & WILLIAM C. REYNOLDS - Measuring Public Opinion on National Priorities: A Report on a Pilot Study
17868: BEASLEY, MAURICE H. & RICHARD R. HARLOW, EDS. - Voices of Change: Southern Pulitzer Winners
18243: BEATTY, JACKSON & HEINER LEGEWIE, EDS.; NATO CONFERENCE - Biofeedback and Behavior (Nato Conference Series Iii (3), Human Factors Vol. 2)
16308: BEATTY, AL AND GRETCHEN - Innovative Flies Andtechniques
18762: BECK, SAMUEL J.; H. HERMANN RORSCHACH - Rorschach's Test: Volume I, Basic Processes; Vol. Ii, a Variety of Personality Pictures; V. Iii, Advances in Interpretation (Three-Volume Set)
18021: BECK, PAUL, SAMUEL I. DOCTORS, & PAUL Y. HAMMOND - Individual Energy Conservation Behaviours
18550: BECKER, HOWARD & HARRY ELMER BARNES, WITH EMILE BENOIT-SMULLYAN, ET AL. - Social Thought from Lore to Science: Volume Two (2)
17503: BECKWITH, BURNHAM P. - The Economic Theory of a Socialist Economy
17878: BEDER, HAL, ED; GORDON G. DARKENWALD SERIES EDITOR - Marketing Continuing Education (New Directions for Adult & Continuing Education, Number 31, Fall 1986)
216: BEDFORD, F. D. - A Book of Nursery Rhymes
17487: BEEBY, C. E. - The Quality of Education in Developing Countries
18672: BEEDY, EDWARD C.; YOLO AUDOBON SOCIETY - Checklist of the Birds of Yolo County (Revised March 1993)
16903: BEEK, K. J. - Land Evaluation for Agricultural Development. Some Explorations of Land-Use Systems Analysis with Particular Reference to Latin America (Iilri Publication 23)
17703: BEERS, HENRY A. (AUGUST) - Points at Issue and Some Other Points
18696: BEETON, SAMUEL ORCHART - Beeton's Gardening Book: A Complete Exposition of Every Thing That Pertains to the Garden and Its Culture (Beeton's Shilling Gardening)
17719: BEGIEBING, ROBERT J. - Toward a New Synthesis: John Fowles, John Gardner, Norman Mailer (Challenging the Literary Canon)
18527: BEHANNA, GERTRUDE FLORENCE (INGRAM), AKA, ELIZABETH BURNS - The Late Liz: The Autobiography of an Ex-Pagan, By Elizabeth Burns
12881: BEHRMAN, JERE R. - Supply Response in Underdeveloped Agriculture: A Case Study of Four Major Annual Crops in Thailand, 1937-1963 (Contributions to Economic Analysis 55)
14194: BEKER, AVI - Disarmament without Order: The Politics of Disarmament at the United Nations (Contributions in Political Science Number 118)
7236: BELL, D. J.; SIR F. G. HOPKINS, INTRO. - Introduction to Carbohydrate Biochemistry
8955: BELL, ROBERT W., JOHN H. HARVEY, ET AL., EDS. - Developmental Psychobiology and Clinical Neuropsychology (Interfaces in Psychology, No. 1, September 1984)
18591: BELL, MARION V. AND JEAN C. BACON, WITH JOHN C. HEPLER - Poole's Index Date and Volume Key, Including Muted Voices from the Past (Acrl Monographs Number 19
13188: BELLAS, CARL J. - Industrial Democracy and the Worker Owned Firm: A Study of Twenty-One Plywood Companies in the Pacific Northwest
14537: BELLASIS, EDWARD - Cherubini; Memorials Illustrative of His Life and Work
17848: LA BELLE (LABELLE), THOMAS J. - Nonformal Education in Latin America and the Caribbean: Stability, Reform, Or Revolution?
9201: BELLERMANN, HEINRICH; HEINRICH HUSMANN, ED. - Die Mensuralnoten Und Taktzeichen Des 15. Und 16. Jahrhunderts
10759: BELLESILES, MICHAEL A. - Weighed in an Even Balance (Michael Bellesiles, the Author of Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture, Responds to His Critics)
16914: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Places
17510: BENAVIE, ARTHUR - Mathematical Techniques for Economic Analysis (Prentice-Hall Series in Mathematical Economics)
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12258: CHRISTIAN, ELAINE ET AL. EDS - Ink Wells and School Bells: A Collection of Stories Written By Students About Humboldt County's Schools
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308: FIELD, BEN - The Sculptured Courtesan (Inscribed Copy)

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