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17814: TARASCIO, VINCENT J. - Pareto's Methodological Approach to Economics. A Study in the History of Some Scientific Aspects of Economic Thought (Studies in Economics and Business Administration)
18090: TARG, WILLIAM, ED. - Carrousel for Bibliophiles: A Treasury of Tales, Narratives, Songs, Epigrams and Sundry Curious Studies Relating to a Noble Theme
14777: TATFORD, FREDERICK A - Dead Bones Live : An Exposition of the Prophecy of Ezekiel
9652: TAX, SOL, ED.; INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF AMERICANISTS - Indian Tribes of Aboriginal America Selected Papers of the Xxixth International Congress of Americanists
17458: TAYLOR, D. GARTH - Public Opinion and Collective Action: The Boston School Desegregation Conflict
4039: TAYLOR, CACHOR - The Coppery-Tailed Trogon : Arizona's "Bird of Paradise"
10973: TAYLOR, G. M. - Among the Runes: Lyric Poems and Metric Experiments
10693: TAYLOR, UNA - Maurice Maeterlinck: A Critical Study
14024: TAYLOR, JAMES P. - Christianity Is Born: A Creative Approach to the Acts of the Apostles
18170: TAYLOR, ELIZABETH, ET AL.; AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR AIDS RESEARCH - Art Against Aids, San Francisco; a Sale Exhibition of Contemporary Works of Art at Butterfield & Butterfield Warehouse, and Art Against Aids, on the Road: A Public Art Project, May 18-June 18, 1989
18685: TAYLOR, W. BURNS, RICHARD SANTELLI, & KATHLEEN MCGARY, EDS.; ED ABBEY, ET AL. - Passing Through: An Anthology of Contemporary Southwest Literature
18440: TEGNER, HENRY; D.J. WATKINS-PITCHFORD - The White Foxes of Gorfenletch
17545: TEICHLER; ULRICH, DIRK HARTUNG, & REINHARD NUTHMANN; VERNON WARD, ED. - Higher Education and the Needs of Society
13459: TELSER, LESTER G. - Economic Theory and the Core
5387: TENERELLI, STEVE - Bovine Tales of Nonsense & Suchness
11220: TERAKOWSKA, DOROTA - Lustro Pana Grymsa
12058: O'TERO, ANA M. - Whimbley of Sackarack
3945: O'TERO, ANA M. - Whimbley of Sackarack
4630: O'TERO, ANA M. - Whimbley of Sackarack (Inscribed Copy)
17747: TERRELL, RUSSELL FRANKLIN; (HENRY W. GRADY) - A Study of the Early Journalistic Writings of Henry W. Grady (American Newspapermen, 1790-1933)
13090: TESTA, ELAINE SILVA - Our Environment: No Deposit, No Return
15625: THALHAMMER, CHRISTL - Adventures with the New Guinea Headhunters, By Christl
17766: THAYER, LEE, ED. - Communication, Theory and Research: Proceedingss of the First International Symposium
17956: THEIL, H. (HENRI) - Linear Aggregation of the Economic Relations (Contributions to Economic Analysis)
12562: THIMM, ALFRED L. - The False Promise of Codetermination: The Changing Nature of European Workers' Participation (Co-Determination)
18722: THOMAS, CAROLINE BEDELL, DONALD C. ROSS, & ELLEN S. FREED - An Index of Responses to the Group Rorschach Test: Studies on the Psychological Characteristics of Medical Students - Ii (Volume 2 in Series)
11881: THOMAS, ALICE - To You, from Me, with Love
18721: THOMAS, CAROLINE BEDELL, DONALD C. ROSS, & ELLEN S. FREED - An Index of Rorschach Responses: Studies on the Psychological Characteristics of Medical Students - I (Volume 1 in Series)
18305: THOMAS, CAROL H. AND JAMES L. THOMAS, EDS. - Meeting the Needs of the Handicapped: A Resource for Teachers and Librarians
16732: THOMAS, HARRYM AND STEVEN LAVINE, EDS. - The Hopwood Anthology: Five Decades of American Poetry
16182: THOMPSON, NOEL W. - The People's Science: The Popular Political Economy of Exploitation and Crisis 1816-34
7578: THOMPSON, JAMES - English Studies: A Guide for Librarians to the Sources and Their Organization
9227: THOMSON, J. C. - Bibliography of the Writings of Charles and Mary Lamb: A Literary History
12218: THOMSON, RICHARD M. - Freedom Is a Bullet
16639: FORREST-THOMSON, VERONICA - Poetic Artifice: A Theory of Twentieth-Century Poetry (20th)
15496: THÖNNESSEN, WERNER (THONNESSEN) - Frauenemanzipation, Politik Und Literatur Der Deutschen Sozialdemoktatie Zur Frauenbewegung 1863 - 1933
16235: THORNTON, JAMES - A Tour of the Temple Press
10126: THORPE, MARION - Peter Pears: A Tribute on His 75th Birthday
17016: THORSON, JAMES L., ED. - Yugoslav Perspectives on American Literature: An Anthology
9174: THURSTON, ROBERT H., ED. - Reports of the Commissioners of the United States to the International Exhibition Held at Vienna, 1873 ; Volume Ii (2): Science / Education
16758: THURSTONE, LOUIS LEON - Primary Mental Abilities
18193: TIBBETTS, JOHN, MERLE AKESON, AND MARVIN SILVERMAN - Teaching in Developing Nations: A Guide for Educators
14468: TIEFEL, VIRGINIA, ET AL.; ALA - Evaluating Bibliographic Instruction: A Handbook
7036: TIGARD, L. E. - Quaint Whimsies, Volume I [1 One]
8967: TILLING, ROBERT; DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR/U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Eruptions of Mount St. (Saint) Helens: Past, Present and Future
18101: TIM PETERS AND COMPANY; CIBA-GEIGY, BASEL PHARMACEUTICALS - The Patient Guide to the Human Brain: Diagnostic Procedures, #2 of a Series
16992: TIME-LIFE BOOKS EDITORS; JERRY KORN, ET AL.; CHARLES OSBORNE, JIM HICKS, ET AL. - Time-Life: The Emergence of Man, 20- Volume Set: Life Before Man, Cro-Magnon Man, Neanderthals, Missing Link, First Men, First Farmers, Empire Builders, Persians, First Horsemen, Northmen, Etruscans, Lost World of the Aegean, Israelites, Celts, Etc
12618: NAVY TIMES - They Fought Under the Sea : The Saga of the Submarine
18425: TIMMONS, JOHN FRANCIS & WILLIAM GORDON MURRAY, EDS. - Land Problems and Policies
17114: TINBERGEN, JAN; BERGSON, ABRAM; MACHLUP, FRITZ; MORGENSTERN, OSKAR - Optimum Social Welfare and Productivity: A Comparative View (the Charles C. Moskowitz Lectures, School of Commerce, New York University)
17349: TINBERGEN, J. (JAN) - Economic Policy: Principles and Design (Contributions to Economic Analysis)
18088: TIREMAN, L. S. (LOYD SPENCER) & MARY WATSON - A Community School in a Spanish-Speaking Village (the Chicano Heritage Collection)
17306: TIREMAN, L. S. - Teaching Spanish-Speaking Children (the Chicano Heritage Series)
18140: TITTLE, CAROL KEHR & ELENOR RUBIN DENKER - Returning Women Students in Higher Education: Defining Policy Issues
11381: TODD, MARK - Start Your Engines: A Countdown Book
5751: TODD, FRANCES - Teaching About Alcohol
17099: TOKEI, FERENC; WILLIAM GOTH AND BALINT SEBESTYEN, TRANS. - Essays on the Asiatic Mode of Production
18566: TOLBA, DR. M. K., YUSUF J. AHMAD, ET AL.; UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME - Choosing the Options: Alternative Lifestyles and Development Patterns (Unep Executive Series, No. 2)
5326: TOLBERT, GEORGE - Word Pictures: Poems, Prose and Photography with Short Stories
4690: MILLER, JAMES A.; BLOOM, LARY; PENNYBACKER, SUSAN D.; CONDON, TOM ET AL.; THE HARTFORD COURANT EDS. - Twain's World: Essays on Hartford's Cultural Heritage
17774: TOMKINS, SILVAN S. AND CARROLL E. IZARD - Affect, Cognition and Personality: Empirical Studies
15271: TOOKER, E. W. - Geologic Characteristics of Sediment- and Volcanic-Hosted Disseminated Gold Deposits; Search for an Occurence Model
17288: TORBERT, WILLIAM R. - Creating a Community of Inquiry: Conflict, Collaboration, Transformation (Wiley Series on Individuals, Groups & Organizations)
14343: TORRANCE, E. PAUL. [ED] - Talent and Education. Present Status and Future Directions. Papers Presented at the 1958 Institute on Gifted Children
11664: TOWER, CHRISTOPHER - A Distant Fluting: Poems and Sonnets
17335: TOYE, JOHN - Dilemmas of Development: Reflections on the Counter-Revolution in Development Theory and Policy
4787: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J.; WINTHROP ROCKEFELLER, OPENING REMARKS - The Continuing Effect of the American Revolution: An Address By Arnold J. Toynbee on the Occasion of the Celebration of the Prelude to Indepencence, June 10, 1961
16968: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. (JOSEPH) - The German Terror in France
16757: TRAVERS, ROBERT M. W., WITH IAN E. REID AND R. KEITH VAN WAGENEN - Reinforcement: A Review of Selected Research
18526: TRAVERSI, DEREK - Shakespeare: From Richard Ii to Henry V
12849: TREBAT, THOMAS J. - Brazil's State-Owned Enterprises: A Case Study of the State As Entrepreneur
18064: TREBING, HARRY M., AND R. HAYDEN HOWARD, ED - Rate of Return Under Regulation: New Directions and Perspectives (Msu Public Utilities Studies)
12979: TRICKER, R. I., ED.; LORD ARMSTRONG, ET AL.; OXFORD CENTRE FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES - The Individual, the Enterprise, and the State: A Collection of Ideas and Insights from a Series of Seminars Held at the Oxford Centre for Management Studies, England
17876: TRIMMER, JOSEPH F. - Black American Literature: Notes on the Problem of Definition. Ball State Monograph Number Twenty-Two. Publications in English, No. 16.
10132: TRIPATHY, BIYOT KESH - Osiris N: The Victim and the American Novel
17648: TRIPP, FRANK - On the Newspaper Front with Frank Tripp
6551: TROMBLY, ALBERT EDMUND - Santa Fe Santa Fe: A Poem
15537: TRUENR, PAIGE - How to Prove Christianity Is Not True
16929: TRUNDLE, BETSY - A Gull's Eye View of Gardening (Signed)
18303: TRZYNA, THADDEUS C., WITH KIMBERLY J. MUELLER, ET AL. - Preserving Agricultural Lands: An International Annotated Bibliography (Environmental Studies Series: 7, California Institute of Public Affairs
17153: TUCCILLO, JOHN AND KEVIN VILLANI, EDS. - House Prices and Inflation
17284: TUCKER, GILBERT MILLIGAN - The Private School: Its Advantages, Its Problems, Its Financing
16261: TUCKER, ROBERT - Sasquatch Camp: A Novel
17528: TUCKMAN, BRUCE WAYNE & JOHN L. O'BRIAN, ED. - Preparing to Teach the Disadvantaged: Approaches to Teacher Education
12394: TULLEY, PAUL C. & ROBERT E. CHAVEZ - Mex Glimpse
18144: TURK, HERMAN - Organizations in Modern Life: Cites and Other Large Networks (the Jossey-Bass Behavioral Science Series)
18628: TURNER, LILIAN - Betty the Scribe
17104: TURNER, JOSEPH MALLORD WILLIAM; W.G. CONSTABLE, INTRO.; THE ART ASSOCIATION OF INDIANAPOLIS - Turner in America: Oils Water Colors Drawings and Some Engraved Works of Joseph Mallord William Turner, English, 1775-1851; November 12 to December 25, 1955
8595: TURNER, STEPHEN P. - Sociological Explanation As Translation
15998: TURNER, ALLISON, MR. DUNTSCH, ET AL., EDS.; TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL - Reflections: Trinity High School, Weaverville, California, Yearbook, 1994
17936: TUSTIN, ARNOLD - The Mechanism of Economic Systems: An Approach to the Problem of Economic Stabilisation from the Point of View of Control-System Engineering
16121: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL CLEMENS); HOWARD PYLE & WILFRED J. JONES, ILLUS. - Saint Joan of Arc By Mark Twain, with Illustrations By Howard Pyle, Decorations in Tint By Wilfred J Jones
16098: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS) ILLUSTRATIONS BY FAY AND COX - The Innocents Abroad Or the New Pilgrim's Progress
6753: TWYFORD, I. T. & A. C. S. WRIGHT - The Soil Resources of the Fiji Islands: Volume 1
14407: TYLER, GILLIAN (ENGRAVINGS) - Directions for a Kitchin Garden: Every Month in the Year [Kitchen]
18117: TYNDALL, ROBERT E. - Musical Form
18274: TYSON, ALAN, EDITOR - Beethoven Studies (1)
16924: UCSC LITERATURE DEPARTMENT; YNEZ BARBER, ET AL., EDS.; JACQUELINE GROHS, ET AL., CONTRIBUTORS - Chinquapin Literary Magazine, Number Thirty-Six (36, 2015)
17089: UDEN, A. VAN - World of Language for Deaf Children: Pt. 1, Basic Principles - a Maternal Reflective Method (Modern Approaches to the Diagnosis and Instruction of Multi-Handicapped Children Series, # 4)
12666: ULLMANN, JOHN E., WITH WILLIAM K. BRADSHAW, ET AL. - The Anatomy of Industrial Decline: Productivity, Investment, and Location in U.S. Manufacturing
16001: ULMER, LYNNE, SHERI WATSON, AND ROBERT W. CAMPBELL, EDS.; SOUTHERN OREGON STATE COLLEGE - The Raider 1967, Southern Oregon College, Ashland, Oregon, Yearbook
18657: JACK UNDANK - Diderot: Inside, Outside, and in-between
17892: UNESCO; IRAIDA ALECHINA, ET AL. - Different Theories and Practices of Development
17896: UNESCO - Case Studies in Special Education: Cuba, Japan, Kenya, Sweden
17858: UNESCO - The Present Situation and Trends of Research in the Field of Special Education, Four Studies: Sweden and Other Scandinavian Countries, U.S. S.R. , United States of America, Uruguay
12971: UNICEF - Atlas of South Asian Children and Women
18398: UNITED NATIONS, DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS; CELSO FURTADO, ET AL. - Planning for Economic Development, Volume Ii: Studies of National Planning Experience; Part 1, Private Enterprise and Mixed Economies, and Part 2, Centrally Planned Economies (Two Volumes)
16892: UNITED NATIONS CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL INFORMATION; PHILIPPE DE SEYNES, INTRO. - The Case for Development: Six Studies (Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
17348: UNIVERSITIES-NATIONAL BUREAU COMMITTEE FOR ECONOMIC RESEARCH; HERBERT STEIN, ET AL. - Policies to Combat Depression: A Conference of the Universities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research
16900: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY - Proceedings of Land Use Symposium, Summer Meeting, American Association for the Advancement of Science at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, Tuesday, June 21, 1932
2713: UNWIN, RAYNER - The Rural Muse: Studies in the Peasant Poetry of England
18761: UPTON, WILLIAM B. (BAYLY), JR. - Landforms and Topographic Maps: Illustrating Land Forms of the Continental United States
1234: VACHEK, JOSEF ED. - Travaux Linguistiques de Prague, Volume 2: Les Problemes Du Centre Et de la Peripherie Du Systeme de la Langue
9874: VAIL, CHRISTINA - Porcelain Dolls Don't Bleed
18199: VALDES, MARIO - Shadows in the Cave: A Phenomenological Approach to Criticism Based on Hispanic Texts (University of Toronto Romance Series 44)
4181: VARADARAJAN V. S. ED., ET AL. - Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 197 No 1, January 2001
17732: VARDYS, V. STANLEY - The Catholic Church, Dissent, and Nationality in Soviet Lithuania
2766: VARGA, LASZLO - A Contrastive Analysis of English and Hungarian Sentence Prosody
18143: VARTULI, SUE, ED. - The Ph. D. Experience: A Woman's Point of View (Phd)
16533: VASQUEZ, ARTURO MUNOZ & SONYA FE - A Storyteller's Nightmare / la Pesadilla de Un Cuentero
16534: VASQUEZ, ARTURO MUNOZ & SONYA FE - A Storyteller's Nightmare / la Pesadilla de Un Cuentero
17328: VASQUEZ, JAMES A. - Factors That Affect Learning Among Minority Youth: A Partial Bibliography
8246: VASSE, LIONEL; ALFONSO REYES, INTRO. - Andanzas Mexicanas
17058: VAUGHAN, F. AND M. CLIFFORD - Glossary of Economics: Including Soviet Terminology
12118: VAZ, GIL NUNO - Historia Da Musica Independente (Tudo E Historia 124)
12250: VENTTSEL', E. S. - An Introduction to the Theory of Games (Topics in Mathematics)
10449: VEON, DOROTHY HELENE - The Relationship of Learning Factors Found in Certain Modern Foreign-Language Aptitude Tests to the Prediction of Shorthand Achievement in College
17729: VEPA, RAM K. - Small Industry: The Challenge of the Eighties
8866: VERNON, M. D. - Backwardness in Reading: A Study of Its Nature and Origin
17207: VERNY, THOMAS R - Inside Groups: A Practical Guide to Encounter Groups and Group Therapy
13781: VICKERS, DOUGLAS - Economics and the Antagonism of Time: Time, Uncertainty, and Choice in Economic Theory
15034: VIELBERTH, JOHANN - The Kod System: Current Stage of Development
11893: VIERECK, LESLIE A. & ELBERT L. LITTLE - Guide to Alaska Trees (Agriculture Handbook No. 472)
16622: VIERECK, LESLIE A & ELBERT L. LITTLE, JR. - Guide to Alaska Trees (Agriculture Handbook No. 472)
18148: VINCENT, FRANKLIN P. - Education of Black Philadelphia: Social and Educational History of a Minority Community, 1900-1950
17231: LE VINE, VICTOR T. - Political Leadership in Africa; Post-Independence Generational Conflict in Upper Volta, Senegal, Niger, Dahomey, and the Central African Republic
15983: VIRGINIA MOORE, BARBARA KIEFER, AND STOUGHTON RICHMOND, EDS.; KANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE - The Sunflower '49 (1949), Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Yearbook
9211: VIRREIRA, WALTER HERMOSA - Los Pueblos Guarayos: Una Tribu Del Oriente Boliviano
13473: VITERITTI, JOSEPH - Across the River: Politics and Education in the City
13998: VITTACHI, VARINDRA TARZIE - Special Assignment: A Subud Trilogy (Comprising a Reporter in Subud, Assignment Subud, a Memoir of Subud
10615: VIVONA, CHARLES M. [VI VONA], ED. - The Meanings of Deviance
3943: VIZZINI, ANDREA; LEONARDO SCIASCIA, ENZO DI MARTINO, ERICH STEINGRABER, ALBERTO FIZ - Andrea Vizzini : Subliminale, Works Reflected As If Into a Mirror (Prigioni Vecchie - Palazzo Ducale, Venezi, August 19th-September 25th 1988)
12172: VLAVIANOS-ARVANITIS, AGNI & ALEXANDER OLESKIN - Biopolitics, the Bio-Environment: Bio-Syllabus
14934: VODGES, ANTHONY W. & FRED BOUGHTON WEEKS - A Bibliography Relating to the Geology, Paleontology, and Mineral Resources of California and North American Geologic Formation Names: Bibliography, Synonymy and Distribution
15328: VOELCKER, DR. H. (HEINRICH), ED. - Die Stadt Goethes: Frankfurt Am Main Im Xviii. Jahrhundert
11529: VOGEL, WILLIS G. - A Guide for Revegetating Coal Minesoils in Th Eastern United States: General Technical Report Ne-68 [Mine Soils]
17266: VOGELY, WILLIAM A., ED. - Mineral Material Modeling: A State-of-the-Art Review (Report of a Resources for the Future Study to the Science Adviser to the President; Rff Working Paper En-5)
16606: VOGT, P. K. AND H. KOPROWSKI, EDS. - Retroviruses 1 (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 103)
14060: VOIGT, MELVIN J. - Scientist's Approaches to Information, Acrl Monograph Number 24
18158: VONTRESS, CLEMMONT E. - Counseling Negroes (Guidance Monograph Series, Vi (6): Minority Groups and Guidance)
7317: VOS, VALMAI - Timely Teachings: With Love from the Holy Spirit
5491: VOS, VALMAI - Timely Teachings: With Love from the Holy Spirit
14644: DE VREE, JOHAN K. - Political Integration: The Formation of Theory and Its Problems (New Babylon, Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, 10)
5562: VRENDENBURG, EDRIC & EDITH TAYLOR - Who's There? (Why Santa Claus with His Christmas Fare!)
11818: WACHTEL, WILLIAM WENDELL - The Anatomy of a Hidden Persuader
17001: JUNIUS (PHILIP FRANCIS ?); JOHN WADE, ED. - Junius: Including Letters By the Same Writer Under Other Signatures, to Which Are Added His Confidential Correspondance with Mr. Wilkes and His Private Letters to Mr. H.S. Woodfall; Two-Volume Set
17895: WADE, THEODORE E., WITH DOROTHY N. MOORE & RICHARD A.BUMSTEAD - School at Home: How Parents Can Teach Their Own Children
17373: WADE, LARRY L. & ROBERT L. CURRY - A Logic of Public Policy: Aspects of Political Economy
11485: WAGAR, J. ALAN; JOHN W. DUFFIELD, ET AL., EDS. - The Carrying Capacity of Wild Lands for Recreation (Forest Science Monograph 7)
11079: WAGENKNECHT, EDWARD - Gamaliel Bradford (Twayne's United States Authors Series 422)
17781: WAGNER, LINDA W. (WELSHIMER) - American Modern: Essays in Fiction and Poetry (National University Oublications)
18760: WAGNER, JEARNINE, & KITTY BAKER; FOREWORD BY PAUL BAKER - A Place for Ideas: Our Theater (Paul Baker Studies in Theater, No. 1)
5537: WAKEFIELD, DONAM HAHN - Journey Into the Void: Meeting of Buddhist and Christian
8293: WAKEFIELD, ELANOR ELY - Folk Dancing in America
16176: WAKEMAN, GEOFFREY - Victorian Book Illustration: The Technical Revolution
16645: WALKER, ROBERT H. - Sodoms in Eden: The City in American Fiction Before 1860 (Contributions in American Studies)
10616: WALKER, NIGEL - Behavior and Misbehavior: Explanations and Non-Explanations
18186: WALKER, GREGORY - Soviet Book Publishing Policy (Cambridge Soviet and East European Studies Series)
16735: WALLACE, RONALD - Henry James and the Comic Form
18059: WALLACE, EDWIN R. IV - Historiography and Causation in Psychoanalysis: An Essay on Psychoanalytic and Historical Epistemology
16783: WALLACE, ROBERT C. - Aye Cruithne (Mons Graupius Series)
17472: WALLAT, CYNTHIA AND RICHARD GOLDMAN - Home, School, Community Interaction: What We Know and Why We Don't Know More [Home/School/Community]
9567: WALLWORK, J. F. - Language and Linguistics: An Introduction to the Study of Language
11785: WALSH, SISTER MARIE ANDRE - The Development of a Rationale for a Program to Prepare Teachers for Spanish-Speaking Children in the Bilingual-Bicultural Elementary School
15404: WALSH, JAMES P. - San Jose State University: An Interpretive History 1950-2000
17890: WALSTAD, WILLIAM B. & JOHN C. SOPER - Effective Economic Education in the Schools (Reference & Resource Series)
7005: HEIL, WALTER ET AL. - Exhibition of Contemporary Religious Art By California Artists, October-November 1952
16766: WALTER, ERICH A., ED.; IVAN SANDERSON, ET AL. - 1938 Essay Annual: A Yearly Collection of Significant Essays, Personal, Critical, Controversial, and Humorous
11882: WALTON, J. - The Benko Gambit
15252: WALTON, L.B. - The Living Thoughts of Cervantes
14799: WANG, J. Y. - Agricultural Meteorology, Third Edition
17324: WARD, WANDA E. & MARY M. CROSS - Key Issues in Minority Education: Research Directions and Practical Implications
5178: WARD, DAVID - The Shortest Route to Paradise: The Story of the Master Criminal Charles Peace
17185: WARD, BARBARA - Towards a World of Plenty?: The Sir Robert Falconer Lectures, University of Toronto, 1963
16946: WARD, BRIAN AND TONY BADGER, EDS. - The Making of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement
12565: WATANABE, SUSUMU - Microelectronics, Automation and Employment in the Automobile Industry
18736: PAUL BARRON WATSON - Some Women of France (Essay Index Reprint Series)
17310: WATSON, BERNARD C - In Spite of the System;: The Individual and Educational Reform
8916: WATSON, ROBERT I. - The History of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences: A Bibliographic Guide
4464: WATT, JAMES - Everything I Know About Taking Care of the Environment
18298: WATTS, TIM J. - American Indian Tribal Autonomy and American Society in the 1980s: A Bibliography (Public Administration Series, # P 2554)
11787: WAY, ROBERT VES (V.) - Adapting the Curriculum of an Elementary School to Serve the Language Needs of Spanish Speaking Children: A Thesis
7253: WAYMAN, JOE - Breaking Language Barriers
14503: WEALES, GERALD - Tennessee Williams (Pamphlets on American Writers, No. 53)
11441: WEATHERLEY, RICHARD A. - Reforming Special Education: Policy Implementation from State Level to Street Level (Mit Studies in American Politics and Public Policy, 5)
18477: WEAVER, HARRIETT E. - Frosty : A Raccoon to Remember (Signed Copy)
18004: WEBER, RONALD - Seeing Earth: Literary Responses to Space Exploration
1755: WECK, THOMAS L. - Back-Back and the Lima Bear
17470: WEDELL, K. - Learning and Perceptuo-Motor Disabilities in Children
11616: WEDGEWORTH, ROBERT, DONALD E. STEWART, ET AL., EDS.; AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - Ala Yearbook 1977 : A Review of Library Events 1976 (Volume 2 of Series, American Library Association)
11615: WEDGEWORTH, ROBERT, DONALD E. STEWART, ET AL., EDS.; AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - Ala Yearbook 1978: A Review of Library Events 1977, Volume 3 (1978) (American Library Association)
11613: WEDGEWORTH, ROBERT, DONALD E. STEWART, ET AL., EDS.; AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - Ala Yearbook 1980: A Review of Library Events 1979, Volume 5 (1980)
11612: WEDGEWORTH, ROBERT, DONALD E. STEWART, ET AL., EDS.; AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - Ala Yearbook 1981: A Review of Library Events 1980, Volume 6 (1981)
18607: WEDGEWORTH, ROBERT, RICHARD DELL, ET AL., EDS.; ALLIE BETH MARTIN; AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - Ala Yearbook 1976 : A Review of Library Events 1975 (Volume 1 of Series, American Library Association)
6124: WEDIN, WARREN, ED. - The Best: Fiction and Poetry from Csun, 1962-1988
2611: WEEKS, DOROTHY - The Jar Garden: Making Delicious Sprouts: A How-to Book for Boys and Girls
10337: WEHMEYER, LILLIAN BIERMANN - The School Librarian As Educator, 2nd Ed.
15484: WEIDLEIN, MARIANNE - Warm Liquid Life: Memories, Dreams, and Inspirations
7107: WEIL (MARX), LISL - Eyes So-O Big
12735: WEINMAN, STEVE - A Rock with a View: Hiking, Biking and Skiing the Shawangunk Mountains
17459: WEIS, LOIS, ELEANOR FARRAR, & HUGH G. PETRIE, EDS. - Dropouts from School: Issues, Dilemmas, and Solutions (Suny Series Frontiers in Education)
14259: WEISS, MIKE, DAVID B. BRUNO - Prostitution Usa
11577: WEITZ, RAANAN; M. J. ROSSANT, INTRO. - New Roads to Development: A Twentieth Century Fund Essay (Contributions in Economics & Economic History Number 64)
14550: WELCH, ALMA EDITH M. - Always a Mimi: A True Poodle Story
18181: WELLESZ, EGON; COLIN MASON, ED. - Fux (Oxford Studies of Composers, 1)
17174: WELLS, HENRY A. - Monopoly and Social Control
11489: WELLS, OSBORN O. & PHILIP C. WAKELEY; EARL L. STONE, ET AL., EDS. - Geographic Variation in Survival, Growth, and Fusiform-Rust Infection of Planted Loblolly Pine (Forest Science Monograph 11)
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