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14340: MESIROW, LOUISE - International Approach to Learning Disabilities of Children and Youth: Selected Papers on Learning Disabilities, Third Annual International Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 3 - 5, 1966
18641: MESKIL, PAUL - Hitler's Heirs: Where Are They Now?
16952: MESSERLI, DOUGLAS - The Walls Come True: An Opera for Spoken Voices (Structure of Destruction, Part Ii)
13625: MEYERS, FREDERIC - European Coal Mining Unions: Structure and Function (Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California, Los Angeles. Monograph Series)
15287: MEYERS, JOHN & SHERYL - Appleby and Bee Bell's Curious Garden Adventure: A Novel (Signed)
14949: MIDDLETON, INGRID MARIA; ANN BEAR, INTRO. - The Secret of Healing By Touch
17394: MIDWINTER, ERIC C. - Education and the Community (Unwin Education Books, 23)
17389: MIDWINTER, ERIC - Schools in Society: The Evolution of English Education
5030: MILLAR, JOHN HEPBURN - Scottish Prose of the Seventeenth & Eightenth Centuries (Being a Course of Lectures Delivered in the University of Glasgow in 1912)
8900: MILLER, CHARLES E. - Bittersweet Wine
8958: MILLER, PAUL R., M.D. - Sense and Symbol: A Textbook of Human Behavioral Science
14544: MILLER, STEPHEN P. - An Act of God: Memories of Vietnam
11647: MILLER, STEPHEN P. - An Act of God: Memories of Vietnam
11504: MILLER, TED L. & EARL E. DAVIS, EDS. - The Mildly Handicapped Student
11492: MILLER, WILLIAM E.; EARL L. STONE, ET AL., EDS. - The European Pine Shoot Moth: Ecology and Control in the Lake States (Forest Science Monograph 14)
10567: MILLER, JANE - Many Voices: Bilingualism, Culture, and Education
12343: MILLER, JEWELL - Polonaise Militaire: The Life and Work of Frederic Chopin; a Dramatic Poem in Three Parts
14003: MILLER, PATRICIA, ED., WITH BARRY STEVENS, MARTIN BLAIR, ET AL. - Maritime Quarterly International: Vol. 1, No. I, Premier Issue
13698: MILLER, ALAN; WENDY MILLER; RONALD WILSON REAGAN - I Hope You're All Republicans! (Controversial Quotations from Ronald W. Reagan)
16967: MILLER, ELIZABETH E. - Foreign Experiences of an American Girl
17423: MILLER, LAMAR P., ED. - The Testing of Black Students: A Symposium (Prentice-Hall American Educational Research Association Series)
17546: MILLER, HARRY.L. - Social Foundations of Education: An Urban Focus
16540: MILLER, JANE - A Palace of Pearls
17338: MILLER, CHRISTOPHER & CHRISTOPHER WOOD - Planning and Pollution: An Examination of the Role of Land Use Planning in the Protection of Environmental Quality
18507: MILLER, VICTOR - Toga Party
7611: MILLIGAN, SPIKE; NORMA FARNES, ED. - More Spike Milligan Letters
15126: MILLIGAN, SEAN PAUL - Quonset Point Naval Air Station, Volume Ii (2): V-J Day to Vietnam
15166: MILLIGAN, SEAN PAUL - Quonset Point Naval Air Station: Gem of the Atlantic (Images of America)
18226: MILLS, JOHN - A Fugue in Cycles and Bels.
18008: MILLS, DANIEL QUINN - Industrial Relations and Manpower in Construction
4676: MILNE, EWART - Cantata Under Orion
16696: MILNE, GORDON - George William Curtis & the Genteel Tradition
16711: MINER, MADONNE - Insatiable Appetites: Twentieth-Century American Women's Bestsellers (Contributions in Women's Studies Number 48)
17639: MINER, JOHN B. - A Psychological Typology of Successful Entrepreneurs
17833: MINK, OSCAR G. & BERNARD A. KAPLAN - America's Problem Youth: Education and Guidance of the Disadvantaged
16410: MINTY, JUDITH, ADVISOR; JASON STRANGE, ET AL., EDS. - Toyon: The Literary Journal of Humboldt State University, Volume 37, 1991
16409: MINTY, JUDITH, ADVISOR; MICHAEL BOREN, ET AL., EDS. - Toyon: The Literary Journal of Humboldt State University, Volume 39 1993
16411: MINTY, JUDITH, ADVISOR; DARYL CHINN, ET AL., EDS. - Toyon: The Literary Journal of Humboldt State University, Volume 33, 1987
16854: MINTY, JUDITH, ADVISOR; KAREN ALLENDORF, ET AL., EDS. - Toyon: The Literary Journal of Humboldt State University, Volume 38, 1992
12059: MIRA, SAI - Mohana Bala Sai: The Charming Child
11495: MITCHELL, KENNETH J.; WILLIAM E. MILLER, ET AL., EDS. - Dynamics and Simulated Yield of Douglas-Fir (Forest Science Monograph 17)
5241: MITFORD, NANCY; DARIA OLIVIER TRANS. - Le Cher Ange (Originally "the Blessing")
17954: MITHAUG, DENNIS E. - Prevocational Training for Retarded Students
17959: MITRANY, DAVID; JAMES T. SHOTWELL, ED. - The Land and the Peasant in Rumania: The War and Agrarian Reform, 1917-1921 (Economic and Social History of the World War; Rumanian Series)
13839: MOEN, ERNA I. - Lotus and I: In the Temple of the Jade Mountain
17688: MOESCHLIN, O. & D. PALLASCHKE, EDS. - Game Theory and Mathematical Economics: : Proceedings of the Seminar on Game Theory and Mathematical Economics Bonn/Hagen, 7-10 October, 1980
18152: MOHRAZ, JUDY JOLLEY - The Separate Problem: Case Studies of Black Education in the North, 1900-1930 (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies, Number 42)
17863: MONKHOUSE, F. J. & A V. HARDY - The Man-Made Landscape
17694: MONSEN, R. JOSEPH, JR. - Modern American Capitalism - Ideologies and Issues
6185: MONTESSORI, RENILDE & KARIN SCHNEIDER-HENN; PAUL SCHEID, INTRO. - Uns Drückt Keine Schulbank: Montessori-Erziehung Im Bild
9220: MONTGOMERY, E. S. (EDWARD SAMUEL) - The Complete Kerry Blue Terrier
2754: MOORE, GEOFFREY - Poetry to-Day
3235: MOORE, JESSIE ELEANOR - Songs in Our Bible
1840: MOORE, STEWART - Dandelions Have Their Own Gold Standard
1839: MOORE, STEWART - Over the Hill to the Moorehouse
13526: MOORE, WILBERT E. (ELLIS) - World Modernization: The Limits of Convergence
2711: MORE, PAUL ELMER - A New England Group and Others (Shelburne Essays, Eleventh Series)
18013: MORECKI, A., G. BIANCHI A& K. KEDZIOR, EDS. - Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators: Proceedings of Romansy '84: The Fifth Cism-Iftomm Symposium [5th 1984]
16728: CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE; WARD MOREHOUSE, ED. - American Labor in a Changing World Economy [Labour]
14220: MORELL, DAVID & GRACE SINGER, EDS. - Refining the Waterfront: Alternative Energy Facility Siting Policies for Urban Coastal Areas
15451: MORELLI, VAL M. - Racing to the Moon : A Renee Romance
7032: MORELLI, VAL M. - The Gates: A Renee Romance
12756: MORELLI, VAL M. - The Gates: A Renee Romance
799: MORGAN, JEAN - High Priestess of Change (Inscribed Copy)
12222: MORGAN, THOMAS J. - Educational Mosaics: A Collection, from Many Writers (Chiefly Modern) of Thoughts Bearing on Educational Questions of the Day
18220: MORGAN, HAZEL NOHAVEC, ED.; MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFEREENCE - Music in American Education, Source Book Number Two: A Compendium of Data, Opnions and Recommendations, Compiled from the Reports of Investigations, Studies and Discussions Conducted By Music in American Education Committees of the Menc During 1951-54
18791: MORGAN, RICHARD - Sailing Away: Short Stories By Richard Morgan
17696: MORINE, HAROLD, AND GRETA MORINE - A Primer for the Inner-City School
12581: MORLEY, SAMUEL A. - Labor Markets and Inequitable Growth: The Case of Authoritarian Capitalism in Brazil
18075: MORPURGO, GUISEPPE, ED. - Antologia Italiana E Pagine Di Letteratura Straniera
17836: MORRILL, RICHARD L. - Teaching Values in College: Facilitating Development of Ethical, Moral and Value Awareness in Students
17209: MORRIS, KENNETH T. AND KENNETH M. CINNAMON - Controversial Issues in Human Relations Training Groups
17497: MORSE, WILLIAM C. (CHARLES) - The Education and Treatment of Socioemotionally Impaired Children and Youth
17964: MOSBY, REBA S.; TRAFFORD P. MAHER, ED. - Challenge to Society: The Education of the Culturally Disadvantaged Child, Volume Ii (2) a Seminar for Teachers of the Culturally Disadvantaged
9167: MOSER, NORM, RODGER MOODY, ALFRED GROSS, ET AL. - Other Side: An Anthology of Love, Lunacy, and Poetics
18739: MOSER, ERNST - Geistesmenschlichkeit Im Alltag
18031: MOSS, MICHAEL R., ED.; CANADIAN SOCIETY FOR LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY AND MANGAGEMENT, ET AL. - Landscape Ecology and Management: Proceedings of the First Symposium of the Canadian Society for Landscape Ecology and Mangagement, Univeristy of Guelph, May, 1987
13452: MOSS, SCOTT J. - Markets and Macroeconomics: Macroeconomic Implications of Rational Individual Behaviour
14870: MOSS, GRAHAM - Britain's Wasting Acres: Land Use in a Changing Society
17278: MOULTON, HAROLD G - The Formation of Capital
17069: MOUNT, ELLIS, ED. - Sci-Tech Libraries in Museums and Aquariums (Science and Technology Libraries Series, Vol 6, Numbers 1/2) (Science-Technical)
18559: MOYER, DOROTHY TREMBLE - Ntroduction to Music Appreciation and History
10453: MUEHL, WILLIAM - Politics for Christians
18387: MUELLER, ROBERT KIRK - The Incompleat Board: Unfolding of Corporate Governance [Incomplete]
17086: MUELLER, E.W. AND GILES C. EKOLA, EDS. - Mission in the American Outdoors: Concerns of the Church in Leisure-Recreation
18945: MULLER, ROBERT H., EDNA HANLEY BYERS; HOWARD ROVELSTAD, ED.; ACRL BUILDINGS COMMITTEE - Acrl Monographs No. 11: Third Library Building Plans Institute: Proceedings of the Meetings at University of Wi, Madison, January 30-31, 1954; Including Evaluation of Compact Book Service Systems & College & University Library Buildings Bibliographies
14276: MULLINEUX, A. W. - The Business Cycle After Keynes: A Contemporary Analysis
796: MUMFORD, EDWIN - Concerning a Cute Pooch & Other Poems
18770: MUNGUIA, RALPH VINCENT - Strange Destinies
11422: MUNROE, RUTH LEARNED - Prediction of the Adjustment and Academic Performance of College Students, By a Modification of the Rorschach Method (Applied Psychology Monographs No. 7 )
5725: MURPHY, W. H., JR. - Flowers from Gethsemane and Other Sermons
17526: MURPHY, JAMES - Church, State and Schools in Britain, 1800-1970 (Students Library of Education)
15052: MURPHY, ROBERT - The Warmhearted Polar Bear
17318: MURPHY, RAYMOND EDWARD & ANN B. DENIS - Sociological Theories of Education
15149: DAR AL-ATHAR AL-ISLAMIYYAH MUSEUM - Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah Guide
18581: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Victoria and Albert Museum: A Picture Book of English Tables
13269: MYERS, CHARLES ANDREW - The Role of the Private Sector in Manpower Development (Policy Studies in Employment & Welfare, Number 10)
13549: MYSIOR, ARNOLD - Society - a Very Large System: A Systems-Theoretic Approach to the Study of Society
12453: PENN-NABRIT, PAULA - As for Me and My House
18621: NAKAYAMA, SHOZEN;TENRIKYO CHURCH - The Doctrine of Tenrikyo (Tenrikyo Kyoten), Tenth Edition
18207: NALBACH, DANIEL - King's Theatre, 1704-1867: London's First Italian Opera House
18066: NARASIMHAIAH, C. D., ED.; SEMINAR ON INDIAN RESPONSE TO AMERICAN LITERATURE, DELHI, 1965 - Indian Response to American Literature
18833: NASRALLAH, WAHIB, ED. - United States Corporation Histories: A Bibliography, 1965-1985; 1st Edition (Garland Reference Library of Social Science) [U.S. Us]
17845: NATHENSON, MICHAEL B. & EUAN S. HENDERSON - Using Student Feedback to Improve Learning Materials
18951: NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CONFERENCE BOARD ECONOMIC FORUM, JULES BACKMAN, ET AL. - The Conference Board Economic Forum Presents: The Council of Economic Advisers, a Retrospect (Studies in Business Economics Number Thirty-Eight 38)
11707: NATIONAL AVIATION EDUCATION COUNCIL; EVAN EVANS, ET AL. - Helicopters (Aviation Education Booklets Series, 3)
12844: NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH, H. GREGG LEWIS, ET AL. - Aspects of Labor Economics: A Conference of the Universities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research
18288: NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION, AMES RESEARCH CENTER - Viking: America on Planet Mars (Nasa Educational Data Sheet #502)
18950: NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CONFERENCE BOARD ECONOMIC FORUM, JULES BACKMAN, ET AL. - The Conference Board Economic Forum Presents: Wage Inflation, a Discussion By the Conference Board Economic Forum and Guests (Studies in Business Economics Number Fifty-Six 56)
18353: UNITED NATIONS, CENTRE ON TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS - Survey of Research on Transnational Corporations (St/Ctc/3)
16901: UNITED NATIONS, DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS - Progress in Land Reform: Analysis of Replies By Governments to a United Nations Questionnaire
18345: UNITED NATIONS, COMMISSION OF TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS - Transnational Corporations in World Development: A Re-Examination (E/C. 10/38)
18332: LEAGUE OF NATIONS - Economic Stability in the Post-War World: The Conditions of Prosperity After the Transition from War to Peace. Report of the Delegation on Economic Depressions, Part Ii (2); Official No. : C.1. M.1. 1945. Ii. A
11345: NAYLOR, THOMAS H.; GLASS, HAROLD E.; WALL, JOHN; MILSTEIN, DAVID N. - Simplan: A Computer Based Planning System for Government
18235: NEEDHAM, CHARLES W. - Cerebral Logic: Solving the Problem of Mind and Brain
8843: NEEDLEMAN, L. - Regional Analysis: Selected Readings (Penguin Modern Economics Series)
17473: NEELY, MARGERY A., WITH ROBERT H. ZABEL, MARY KAY ZABEL, AND NORMA J. DYCK - Counseling and Guidance Practices with Special Education Students (the Dorsey Series in Psychology)
17022: NEF, JOHN, ED. - Towards World Community (World Academy of Art and Science 5)
18444: NEGIN, ELLIOTT - Celebrities Sweepsteaks [Sweepstakes]
17199: NEGISHI, TAKASHI - Economic Theories in a Non-Walrasian Tradition (Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics)
14397: NEIMAN, MAX & BARBARA J. BURT, EDS. - The Social Constraints on Energy-Policy Implementation
18455: NELSON, JOHN C. - Wintering on the Cortez
14213: NELSON, ROBERT H. - The Making of Federal Coal Policy
17205: NELSON, CHARLES A. - Developing Responsible Public Leaders: A Report on Interviews and Correspondence with 52 Leading Americans
18594: NEMETZ, GEORGE F., THEODORE R.SMITH, ET AL.; CALIFORNIA STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION - Handbook for Planning an Effective Writing Program, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve
18005: NESBITT, GEORGE L. (LYMAN) - Benthamite Reviewing: The First Twelve Years of the Westminister Review, 1824-1836 [36]
17298: NEWCOMB, ROBERT & MARG SAMMONS - Speak Up, Management! How to Communicate with Employees and Public
18083: NEWCOMB, THEODORE M., KATHRYN E. KOENIG, RICHARD FLACKS, & DONALD P. WARWICK - Persistence and Change: Bennington College and Its Students After Twenty-Five [25] Years
13994: NEWELL, TERENCE - Ten of the Best: A Life in the Company of Ten During Its First Fifty Years
11072: NEWMAN, JACQUELINE M. - Melting Pot: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Food and Nutrition Information for Ethnic Groups in America
17392: NEWMANN, FRED M. - Education for Citizen Action: Challenge for Secondary Curriculum
11617: LINN'S STAMP NEWS - S Is for Stamps: Linn's Abc Book
18579: NEWTON, P. & M. RAFIQUL HAQQ - Women in Islam (the Place of Women in Pure Islam)
17361: NICHOLS, DAVID B., DARYL R. ARSENAULT, & DONNA L. GIUFFRE - Motor Activities for the Underachiever
16564: NICHOLSON, UPASIKA TERRI, ET AL. - The Buddha Speaks: The Sutra About the Deep Kindness of Parents and the Difficulty in Repaying It
4899: NICKERSON, KATE - Street of the Blues
7007: NIELSEN, EDMUND B., JAMES CHILLMAN, ET AL. - Waning Moon Rising Sun: A Study in Converging Forces; Japanese Arts and Crafts, October 16 Through November 22, 1959
3985: NIETZSCHE, FREIDRICH; TAGE THIEL , BERTIL KUMLIEN & JOHN LANDQUIST ED./TRANS - Sa Talade Zarathustra : En Bok for Alla Och Ingen (Jubileumsupplaga)
10326: VAN NIEUWENHUIJZE, C. A. O. - Cross-Cultural Studies (Publications of the Institute of Social Studies)
18172: NIMAC, NATIONAL INTERSCHOLASTIC MUSIC ACTIVITIES COMMISSION, MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE - Nimac Manual: The Organization and Management of Interscholastic Music Activities
3181: NIVETTE, JOS - Principes de Grammaire Generative (Langues Et Culture Series, 5)
17424: NOBLE, JEANNE L. - The Negro Woman's College Education
17564: NOBLIT, GEORGE W. & BILL JOHNSTON, EDS. - School Principal and School Desegregation
18517: NOREEN, ERIK & GUSTAV WARBERG, WITH EVA KLEIN - Främmande Ord I Svenskan - Med Växtnamn På Fem Språk (Natur Och Kultur Lexikon) [Foreign Words in Swedish, with Plant Names in Five Languages]
17948: NORIEGA, JOSE S. - Desconcertantes Panoramas de Mexico (Problemas de Mexico Vistos Por Un Viejo), Poblacion Clima Problema Agrario Comunicacion Interoceanica
3418: NORMINGTON, JIM - Radioactive Knives
16826: NORTH, ROBERT G. (GRADY), S.J. - The General Who Rebuilt the Jesuits
18661: NORTON, CAROL - Seven Sleuth's Club (the Girls' Detective Series)
17812: NORTON, HUGH S. (STANTON) - The World of the Economist
11610: NORVELLE, LEE - The Will to Speak Effectively
18636: NOYES, PIERREPONT B. - The Pallid Giant: A Tale of Yesterday and Tomorrow
18065: THE THOMAS JEFFERSON CENTER FOUNDATION; G. WARREN NUTTER - Ideas, Their Origins, and Their Consequences: Lectures to Commemorate the Life and Work of G. Warren Nutter (the G. Warren Nutter Lectures in Political Economy)
15987: NUZUM, SCOTT, JENNIFER THOMPSON, ET AL., EDS.; MILLS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL - 1984 Mustang (Mustang Memories, Eighty-Four), Mills Junior High School, Rancho Cordova, California
17396: NYBERG, DAVID AND KIERAN EGAN - The Erosion of Education: Socialization and the Schools
14277: OAKEY, RAYMOND - High Technology Small Firms: Regional Development in Britain and the United States
16143: OBERMIRE, ROBERT F - Selected Examples from the Plant Kingdom
17977: OCHBERG, RICHARD L. - Middle-Aged Sons and the Meaning of Work (Research in Clinical Psychology)
14539: ODENS, PETER R. - Pioneerland Below the Sea
9052: OEHLMANN, WERNER - Reclams Liedführer [Liedfuhrer]
14290: OEY, HONG LEE - Indonesian Government and Press During Guided Democracy
12547: OFER, GUR - The Service Sector in Soviet Economic Growth: A Comparative Study
3171: OFFEIO, P. FRANCESCO DA - Grammatica Della Lingua Tigrai
13281: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Systems of Social Security: United States
13282: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Systems of Social Security: Great Britain
10309: OGILVIE, ERIC - Gifted Children in Primary Schools: The Report of the Schools Council Enquiry Into the Teaching of Gifted Children of Primary Age, 1970-1971 (Schools Council Research Studies)
17064: OGLE, MARBURY BLADEN, JR. - Public Opinion and Political Dynamics
16754: OHADIKE, PATRICK O. - Development of and Factors in the Employment of African Migrants in the Copper Mines of Zambia 1940-66 (Zambian Papers No. 4)
17756: OHLIN, BERTIL - The Problem of Employment Stabilization
2052: OKAMURA, TAMIKO - The Quest for the Biblical Confrontation
17955: OKUN, ARTHUR M.; JOSEPH A. PECHMAN, ED. - Economics for Policymaking: Selected Essays of Arthur M. Okun
16888: OLDMAN, OLIVER; HENRY J. AARON, RICHARD M. BIRD, STEHEN L. KASS - Financing Urban Development in Mexico City. A Case Study of Property Tax, Land Use, Housing, and Urban Planning
17512: OLGAARD, ANDERS - Growth, Productivity and Relative Prices. (Research Study of the Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen, No. 10).
17805: OLGIN, MOISSAYE J. - A Guide to Russian Literature (1820-1917)
16637: OLIPHANT, DAVE - On a High Horse: Views Mostly of Latin American and Texan Poetry
18629: OLIPHANT, MRS. (MARGARET) - Adam Graeme of Mossgray
18974: OLIVER, EDITH - Dwarf's Blood
8666: OLLESON, EDWARD - Modern Musical Scholarship
13087: OLSEN, VIOLET A. - Myths of Love and Friendship
17152: OLSON, GARY L. - U.S. (United States) Foreign Policy and the Third World Peasant: Land Reform in Asia and Latin America (Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
16769: OMAN, P. W.; CUSHMAN, ARTHUR D.; AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION - Collection and Preservation of Insects (Miscellaneous Publication No. 601)
9288: OOSTEN, JOHN VAN - Life History of the Lake Herring (Leucichthys Artedi le Sueur) of Lake Huron As Revealed By Its Scales, with a Critique of the Scale Method (Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries, Volume Xliv, 1928, Document No. 1053)
17978: VAN ORDEN, PHYLLIS J. - The Collection Program in High Schools: Concepts, Practices, and Information Sources (Library Science Text Series)
10765: ORLANDI, ENZO, GIOVANNI MELADA, ET AL., EDS. - Pro E Contro 14: M. Luther (L. ) King; I Dossier Mondadori (Il Dramma Nero Dell'america)
17363: ORLANS, HAROLD - The Effects of Federal Programs on Higher Education: A Study of 36 Universities and Colleges
17742: ORNE, JERROLD, ED. - Research Librarianship: Essays in Honour of Robert B. Downs
17894: ORNSTEIN, ALLAN C., ED.; ANTHONY T. SOARES, ET AL. - Educating the Disadvantaged: School Year 1968-1969, Volume I, Part I (Socio-Psychological Factors Affecting the Disadvantaged & Perspective for Teaching the Disadvantaged)
17439: ORNSTEIN, ALLAN C. - Race and Politics in School-Community Organizations (Goodyear Education Series)
17830: ORNSTEIN, ALLAN C., ED., WITH RUSSELL C. DOLL, NANCY L. ARNEZ, AND MAZINE HAWKINS - Educating the Disadvantaged: School Year 1969/1970; Volume Ii, Parts 1 & 2: Who Are the Disadvantaged?; Class, Race and Psychology; Problems and Prospects
18427: ORR, LARRY L. - Income, Employment and Urban Residential Location (Monograph Series - Institute for Research on Poverty)
17167: WHYTE ROBERT ORR (R.O.) - Land and Land Appraisal
11600: ORSBORN, PEGGY ADAMS; DAVID P. ROSS, JR., ED. - The Meeting: A One-Act Play, Based on Our National Heritage
18218: ORTON, RICHARD, ED. - Electronic Music for Schools (Resources of Music)
18245: ORTY, AMELIE OKSENBERG - Mind in Action: Essays in the Philosophy of Mind
18084: O'STEEN, NEAL - Making Heroes of Scholars: The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, 1971-1983
18680: DE OTEIZA, JORGE; RICHAD SERRA, MAGIT ROWELL, & JOSEBA ZULAIKA - Jorge Oteiza March 27-May 31, 2003, Haim Chanin Fine Arts
18666: OTTLEY, REGINALD - Jim Grey of Moonbah
5273: OUTLAW, CAVE - Wind in the Bell Tower: Fifty Poems By Cave Outlaw
18418: OWEN, SUSANNE, HERSHEL TOOMIM, AND LYN PAUL TAYLOR - Biofeedback in Neuromuscular Re-Education: History, Uses, Procedures
17374: OWEN, JACQUELYN ANN - Classroom Activities for Motivating Underachieving Children (Classroom Activities for Helping Children with Special Needs Series)
17347: OWEN, LAUNCELOT A.; SIR BERNARD PARES, INTRO. - The Russian Peasant Movement, 1906-1917
18740: OLINER, SAMUEL P. WITH PEARL OLINER, CAROL WHITEHURST, ET AL., EDS. - Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, a National Social Science Journal; Volume 10 Number 2, Spring/Summer 1983; Women's Issue, Special Issue: The Study of Women : New Challenges, New Directions
17097: PACK, SPENCER J. - Reconstructing Marxian Economics: Marx Based Upon a Sraffian Commodity Theory of Value
18852: PAGLIARO, HAROLD E., ED.; RICHARD MORTON, ET AL.; AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY STUDIES - Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, Volume 4 [18th, Four]
17995: PAGLIARO, HAROLD E., ED.; JAMES L. CLIFFORD, ET AL.; AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY CULTURE STUDIES - Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture: Volume 3. Racism in the 18th Century [Three]
019006: PAINE, THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Paine; Vol. Iii (of Three Volumes), Comprising "the Crisis" and "the Age of Reason"
12062: PALA, GODAVARI - Sri Sathya Sai Baba Says, "Nature Is the Best Teacher"
18094: PALADE, GEORGE E., ED., WITH BRUCE M. ALBERTS & JAMES A SPUDICH; RICHARD G. W. ANDERSON, ET AL. - Annual Review of Cell Biology: Volume 1, 1985
1786: PALAY, SIMIN - Tros Causits de Prose E de Poesie
14915: PALMER, HELEN MAR - Spilled out of the Jar of Memory, Poems -- Signed Copy
14916: PALMER, HELEN MAR - Jigsaw Puzzle: Poems
6476: PALMGREN, ALICE MILLER - The Seventh Child
9435: PANIKKAR, RAYMOND; HANS-WERNER BARTSCH & BETTINA BAUMER, EDS. - Kerygma Und Indien: Zur Heilsgeschichtlichen Problematik Der Christlichen Begegnung Mit Indien (Kerygma Und Mythos V, Ergänzungsband Iii)
12170: PARIN, PAUL - Es Ist Krieg Und Wir Gehen Hin, Bei Den Jugoslawischen Partisanen
16101: PARISH, JOHN C., ET AL., EDS. - The Pacific Historical Review: Issued Quarterly By the Pacific Branch of the American Historical Association. Volume I, Number 1, March, 1932
18163: PARK, DÉSIRÉE - Persons: Theories and Perceptions
14293: PARKER, ELLIOTT S. & EMELIA M. PARKER - Asian Journalism: A Selected Bibliography of Sources on Journalism in China and Southeast Asia
18139: PARKER, FRANKLIN & BETTY JUNE PARKER, EDS. - Women's Education - a World View: Annotated Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations (Volume 1) [Worldview]
17488: PARKINSON, NANCY - Educational Aid and the National Development
18733: PARKMAN, MARY ROSETTA - Heroines of Service: Mary Lyon, Alice Freeman Palmer, Clara Barton, Frances Willard, Julia Ward Howe, Anna Shaw, Mary Antin, Alice C. Fletcher, Mary Slessor of Calabar, Madame Curie, Jane Adams (Essay Index Reprint Series)
16751: PARPART, JANE L. - Labor and Capital on the African Copperbelt (Class and Culture Series)
12852: PARRIS, HENRY; PESTIEAU, PIERRE; SAYNOR, PETER - Public Enterprise in Western Europe
18514: PARRISH, RANDALL - Bob Hampton of Placer
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