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814: FRIEDLANDER, MARCUS S. - Tall Illusions
813: FRIEDLANDER, MARCUS S. - Parted Curtains
16588: FROMBERG, ROBERT - Blue Skies
17367: FROSCHL, MERLE & BARBARA SPRUNG; EDUCATIONAL EQUITY CONCEPTS - Resources for Educational Equity: A Guide for Grades Pre-Kindergarten-12 (Garland Reference Library of Social Science 444)
17156: FRYKENBERG, ROBERT ERIC., ED. - Land Tenure and Peasant in South Asia
17795: FULLER, ELIZABETH R. - Totems : Poetry Carved from the Soul
11370: FULLER, ANTHONY M. & JULIUS A. MAGE, EDS. - Part-Time Farming - Problem Or Resource in Rural Development: Proceedings of the First Rural Geography Symposium, Department of Geography, University of Guelph, June 18, 19 and 20th, 1975
17847: FULLER, JACK W. - Continuing Education and the Community College
16664: FULLER, ROY BROADBENT - Owls and Artificers: Oxford Lectures on Poetry
11217: FUMET, STANISLAS - Rimbaud: Mystique Contraire (la Reserche de L'absolu)
16740: FUNSTON, G. (GEORGE) KEITH - Wanted: More Owners of American Business
17072: FURCHTGOTT, ERNEST, ED. - Pharmacological and Biophysical Agents and Behaviour
7376: FURNEAUX, RUPERT - Famous Criminal Cases, 2
17295: FURNHAM, ADRIAN & MICHAEL ARGYLE, EDS. - The Psychology of Social Situations: Selected Readings (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Social Studies)
6864: FURRER-KRESKI, ELISABETH, ET AL.; SUKE/VSE - Handbuch Eritrea: Geschichte Und Gegenwart Eines Konflikts
1529: "GABRIEL - A Bible Glossary
16482: GABRIELSON, P. W., THOMAS B. WIDDOWSON, SANDRA C. LINDSTROM, MICHAEL W. HAWKES & ROBERT F. SCAGEL - Keys to the Benthic Marine Alge and Seagrasses of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, Washington and Oregon (Phychological Contribution Series Number 5)
17710: GADOW, KENNETH D., ED. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 5, 1986
17706: GADOW, KENNETH D. & IRV BIALER, EDS. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 1, 1982
17707: GADOW, KENNETH D. & IRV BIALER, EDS. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 2, 1983
17708: GADOW, KENNETH D., ED. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 3, 1984
17709: GADOW, KENNETH D., ED. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 4, 1985
17711: GADOW, KENNETH D. & ALAN POLING, EDS. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Supplement 1, 1986: Methodological Issues in Human Psychopharmacology
9959: GAGEY, EDMOND M. - Ballad Opera
12366: GAGNON, PAUL A. - Democracy's Half-Told Story: What American History Textbooks Should Add
11698: GAIES, STEPHEN J. - Peer Involvement in Language Learning (Language in Education: Theory and Practice)
13023: GAINES, FRANCIS PENDLETON - Southern Oratory: A Study in Idealism [Alabama College, Montevallo, Dancy Lectures]
11636: GALE, ALBERT L. & KLINE, GEORGE W. - Bryan, the Man: The Great Commoner at Close Range: An Intimate and Impartial Review of the Personal Side of His Life, Together with a History of His Public Career (an Appreciation from a Republican Viewpoint)
17601: GALSTON, WILLIAM A. - A Tough Row to Hoe: The 1985 Farm Bill and Beyond
13108: GARAMI, LOUIS - Model Motor Manual : A New Handbook on Model Engines
404: GARBUTT, BERNARD - Up Goes the Big Top
17445: EILEEN MARIE GARDNER - Moral Education for the Emotionally Disturbed Adolescent: Application of Kohlbergian Techniques and Spiritual Principles
17792: GARDNER, JONATHAN - A Modern Yogi Handbook
8950: GARFINKEL, PAUL E. & DAVID M. GARNER, EDS. - The Role of Drug Treatments for Eating Disorders
17410: GARIBALDI, ANTOINE M. - Black Colleges and Universities: Challenges for the Future
15400: GARNIER, PIERRE; DOYCE B. NUNIS, JR., ED. & INTRO.; L.JAY OLIVA, TRANS. - A Medical Journey in California By Dr. Pierre Garnier
12315: GARRETT, MIKE & JESSE MARTIN - Blastorm: Zombie Killer, #1 of 1, Dec. '01
12563: GARSON, G. DAVID, ED. - Worker Self-Management in Industry: The West European Experience
17574: GARWOOD, S. GRAY, WITH REBECCA F. DUBOSE, ALLEN A. MORI & JOHN T. NEISWORTH - Topics in Early Childhood Special Education (Tecse): Volume 1, Number 2, July 1981: Assessing the Handicapped Preschooler
16102: EUSEBIUS; EUSEBIO CESARIENSE; ALOYSIUS DE GARZONIBUS - L'historia Ecclesiastica D'eusebio Cesariense, Tradotta Dal Latino Nella Lingua Volgare.
2063: GAYLEY, CHAS. (CHARLES) MILLS - Idols of Education
14526: GEE, KENNETH F. - Make Your Own Model Railway Track
16718: GEFIN, LASZLO K. - Ideogram: History of a Poetic Method
17981: GEHRKE, RALPH DAVID, ED. - Planning the Service: A Workbook for Pastors, Organists, and Choirmasters (Authorized By the Commission on Worship, Liturgics, and Hymnology of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod)
17765: GELDARD, FRANK A., WITH BOUMAN, CHANDESSAIS, MYERS, SHARTLE & WILSON, ET AL., EDS. - Communication Processes: Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Washington, 1963 (Nato Conference Series, Vol. 4)
16880: THE GENERAL, SALVATION ARMY - The Salvation Army: Its Origin and Development
17327: GENESEE, FRED - Learning Through Two Languages: Studies on Immersion and Bilingual Education
11873: DE GENESTET, P. A. - Volledige Dichtwerken
10462: GENTZ, WILLIAM H. - Career Opportunities in Religion: A Guide for Lay Christians
16056: GENZOLI, ANDREW - Redwood West - the Changing Frontier: Memorable, Exciting Stories from the Big Tree Country.
4341: GOOD, GEOFF WITH BOB GRAY; BRITISH CANOE UNION - British Canoe Union Canoeing Handbook
11048: EASTHAM, GEORGE WITH KEN JONES; DAVE MACKAY, ET AL. - Soccer Science: How to Play and Win
9225: EASTHAM, GEORGE WITH KEN JONES - Soccer Science: How to Play and Win
13675: GEORGE, KENNETH D. (DESMOND) & JOHN SHOREY - The Allocation of Resources: Theory and Policy
17809: GEORGE, HENRY, JR. - The Life of Henry George (Complete Reprint Edition)
17855: GESSNER, QUENTIN H., ED.; AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EDUCATION - Handbook on Continuing Higher Education (American Council on Education Series on Higher Education)
15191: GETTINGS, JIMMY L. - Crime Wave!: The Robert Paul Taylor Story
12017: GETTYS, JOSEPH M. - How to Study Acts
17380: GEZI, KALIL I., ED. - Education in Comparative and International Perspectives
6782: GHAZALI, NORDIN BIN HAJI MOHD. - A Comparative Study of the Efficiency of the Various Height Measuring Devices in Tropical Forest Conditions - Ayer Hitam
13899: GHOSH, DWARKANATH - Pressure of Population and Economic Efficiency in India
11536: GIBBONS, DAVE R. & ERNEST O. SALO - An Annotated Bibliography of the Effects of Logging on Fish of the Western United States and Canada (Usda Forest Service General Technical Report Pnw-10)
14169: GIBBS, ADRIAN (A. J.) & BRYAN (B. D.) HARRISON - Plant Virology: The Principles
11983: GIBSON, W.L., R.J. HILDRETH, & GENE WUNDERLICH, EDS. - Methods for Land Economics Research
14008: GICK, JAMES E. - Boutique Eggs & Ornaments
17407: GIDEONSE, HARRY D. - Against the Running Tide: Essays on Education and the Free Society
15888: GILES, MARY G., ED., WITH W. JACK COOGAN, ET AL. - Studia Mystica: Volume Ii, Number 3, Fall 1979
16979: GILES, MARY G., ED., WITH W. JACK COOGAN, ET AL. - Studia Mystica: Volume I, Number 3, Fall 1978
4087: GILL, FRANK JR. AND PAUL LIVINGSTONE - Seeing America on the Cuff
7199: GILLIATT, MARY - Lighting Your Home : A Practical Guide
11472: GILLIES, JAMES, LELAND S. BURNS, ET AL. - Essays in Urban Land Economics : In Honor of the Sixty Fifth Birthday of Leo Grebler
4466: GILLIS, CURTIS EUGENE - Stories from Life
2475: GILLIS, CURTIS EUGENE - Stories from Life
3845: GILLSÄTER, SVEN [ GILLSATER ] - Wings over the Kattegatt: A Swedish Coastline, Caught By the Camera of Sven Gillsäter
16532: GILROY, MAX - The Old Dropout
14466: GINGERICH, WALLACE JAMES - Labeling Discrepancies and Children's Antisocial Behavior
16287: GINGRICH, NEWT - To Renew America
17436: GINSBURG, DOUGLAS H. AND WILLIAM J. ABERNATHY, EDS. - Government, Technology and the Future of the Automobile (Regulation of American Business and Industry Series)
11590: GINSBURG, G. P., MARYLIN BRENNER, & M. VON CRANACH, EDS. - Discovery Strategies in the Psychology of Action (European Monographs in Social Psychology 35)
12090: GINSBURG, ARLIN I., ED. - A Documentary History of the United States, 1765-1877
14026: DI GIOVANNI, CARMELO - Light from Behind the Bars - Letters from the Red Brigades and Other Former Italian Terrorists: True Stories of Terror, Agony and Hope
17075: GIRVETZ, HARRY K. - From Wealth to Welfare: The Evolution of Liberalism
17702: GITTELL, MARILYN, ED. - Educating an Urban Population
17888: GITTINGER, J. PRICE - The Literature of Agricultural Planning (Center for Development Planning, Planning Methods Series No. 4)
12570: GITTUS, ELIZABETH - Flats, Families and the Under-Fives (International Library of Social Policy)
17139: GLASS, PHILIP; DAVID HENRY HWANG; JEROME SIRLIN - 1000 Airplanes on the Roof: A Science Fiction Music Drama
17603: GLASS, J. C. & W. JOHNSON - Economics: Progression, Stagnation, Or Degeneration?
10602: GLASSER, ROBERT, JOSEPH ZUBIN, DONALD B. LINDSLEY, ET AL. - Current Trends in the Description and Analysis of Behavior: Nine Lectures, 1956
10384: GLENWICK, DAVID & LEONARD JASON, EDS. - Behavioral Community Psychology: Progress and Prospects [Behavioural]
17230: GLOVER, JOHN DESMOND - The Revolutionary Corporations: Engines of Plenty, Engines of Growth, Engines of Change
17440: GLOVER, ROBERT W. - Minority Enterprise in Construction (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues)
3156: SLI (SOCIETA DI LINGUISTICA ITALIANA); ROBERT GODEL ET AL. - La Sintassi (Atti Del Iii Convegno Internazionale Di Studi, Roma, 17-18 Maggio 1969)
1862: GOLDEN, MORRIS - Fielding's Moral Psychology (Inscribed Copy)
17670: GOLDEN, LARRY B. & DAVE CAPUZZI - Helping Families Help Children: Family Interventions with School-Related Problems
17879: GOLDENBERG, E. PAUL - Special Technology for Special Children: Computers to Serve Communication and Autonomy in the Education of Handicapped Children
17454: GOLDHABER, STANLEY, CHANDRA K. JHA AND MANUEL C. MACEDO, JR. - Construction Management: Principles and Practices (Construction Management and Engineering)
4106: GOLDING, LOUIS - Those Ancient Lands, Being a Journey to Palestine
11653: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER & THOMAS PARNELL - Poems By Goldsmith and Parnell
16552: GOLDSTEIN, RICHARD, ED. - The Paperback Magazine #3, the Roots of Underground Culture: Us
17800: GOLLA, VICTOR AND RAY BALDY, EDS.; HOOPA VALLEY TRIBAL CONCIL - Hupa Language Dictionary, Na: Tinixwe Mixine: Whe' (Hoopa)
17145: LOPEZ-GONZAGA, VIOLETA - Peasants in the Hills: A Study of the Dynamics of Social Change Among the Buhid Swidden Cultivators in the Philippines
11781: GONZALEZ, CARLOS - An Overview of the Mestizo Heritage: Implications for Teachers of Mexican-American Children
17522: GOODHARTZ, ABRAHAM S., ED.; FRANCES S. CHILDS, ET AL. - A Commitment to Youth: The Brooklyn College Student Personnel Program
11126: GOODMAN, MICHAEL F. - First Logic
15194: GOONETILLEKE, D. C., ED. - The Penguin New Writing in Sri Lanka
16610: GORAK, JAN - God the Artist: American Novelists in a Post-Realist Age
7201: GORDON, FIA N. & GEORGE GORDON - Lichenmount, U.S. A. : Vignettes of a People and a Town on Highway 1 (U.S. A. )
2729: GORDON, GEORGE - The Discipline of Letters
17026: GORE, DANIEL; SPYERS-DURAN, PETER; KIMBROUGH, JOSEPH - Requiem for the Card Catalog: Management Issues in Automated Cataloging (New Directions in Librarianship Number 2)
16408: GOTERA, VINCE, ADVISOR; ELISSA FISHER, ET AL., EDS. - Toyon: The Literary Journal of Humboldt State University, Volume 40, 1994
11100: GOTSCHLICH, HELGA - Reifezeugnis Fur Den Krieg: Abiturienten Des Jahrgangs 39 Erinnern Sich
9968: GOTTCENT, JOHN H. - The Bible As Literature: A Selective Bibliography
11420: GOTTLIEB, JAY, ED. - Educating Mentally Retarded Persons in the Mainstream (Perspectives on Handicapping Conditions Series)
18002: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS A. & SIDNEY MERLIS, EDS. - Pharmacokinetics of Psychoactive Drugs: Blood Levels and Clinical Response
17257: GOULD, WESLEY L. & MICHAEL BARKUN - Social Science Literature: A Bibliography for International Law
945: GOULDING, DOROTHY JANE - The Master Cat and Other Plays
17605: GOUX, JEAN-JOSEPH; JENNIFER CURTISS GAGE, TRANS. - Symbolic Economies: After Marx and Freud
16954: GPAA, GOLD PROSPECTORS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA - 1998 Gpaa Annual Mining and Treasure Hunter's Guide: : the Complete Guide for Gold, Gem and Treasure Hunters
16436: GRABILL, JAMES - October Wind
16110: GRABMANN, MARTIN; VIRGIL MICHEL, TRANS. - Thomas Aquinas: His Personality and Thought
16819: GRAHAM, SHIRLEY - Jean Baptiste Pointe Desable: Founder of Chicago
9508: GRAHAM, FLOYD FREEMAN - Public Relations in Music Education: A Study
17476: GRAHAM, GRACE - The Public School in the New Society: The Social Foundations of Education
14223: GRANICK, DAVID - Soviet Metal-Fabricating and Economic Development: Practice Versus Policy
16875: GRANNIS, CHANDLER B., ED. DR. ROBERT L. LESLIE, DIRECTOR - Heritage of the Graphic Arts: A Selection of Lectures Delivered at Gallery 303, New York City Under the Direction of Dr. Robert L. Leslie.
17124: GRASSL, WOLFGANG AND BARRY SMITH, EDS. - Austrian Economics: Historical and Philosophical Background
15830: GRATTON, STEVEN - A Small Piece of Chalk: Haiku Poems
16453: GRAVENEY, TOM AND BRIAN STATHAM - Instructions to Young Cricketers
12277: GRAVES, CHARLES - The Story of St. Thomas's 1106-1947
14379: GRAY, GEORGE HERBERT - Housing and Citizenship: A Study of Low-Cost Housing
17534: GRAY, EILEEN - Everywoman's Guide to College
11802: GRAYSLAKE COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL, ELIZABETH MCDONALD, ET AL., EDS. - Grayslake Community High School: Alumni Directory, 2001 (Illinois)
10428: GRAZIANO, EUGENE E. - Language-Operational-Gestalt Awareness: A Radically Empirical and Pragmatical Phenomenology of the Processes and Systems of Library Experience
17441: GREBLER, LEO AND BLANK, DAVID M., AND WINNICK, LOUIS - Capital Formation in Residential Real Estate Trends and Prospects
17562: GREBLER, LEO - Production of New Housing: A Research Monograph on Efficiency in Production
17610: GRECO, ALBERT N. - Business Journalism: Management Cases and Notes (New York University Business Magazine Publishing Series)
511: GREEN, BENJAMIN - Field Notes of a Madman: Encounters with Reality
3209: GREEN, WALT - Poems
3063: GREEN, BENNY ED. - The Lord's Companion
17827: GREEN, MARGUERITE - National Civic Federation and the American Labor (Labour) Movement, 1900-25 (1925): A Dissertation
11962: GREENBAUM, HOWARD H., ED. - Management Auditing As a Regulatory Tool: The New York State Experience
13296: GREENBERG, EDWARD - Advanced Econometrics: A Bridge to the Current Literature (Wiley Series in Probability & Mathematical Statistics)
16573: GREENBERG, CHARLOTTE - Head Magazine Vol. 2, No. 9. April 1978
17239: GREENE, RICHARD - Forgotten Children: Techniques in Teaching the Mentally Retarded
17637: GREENFIELD, SIDNEY M., ARNOLD STRICKON & ROBERT T. AUBEY, EDS. - Entrepreneurs in Cultural Context (School of American Research, Advanced Seminar Series)
3820: GRESSLEY, GENE & SOCOLOFSKY, HOMER EDS.; JOHN A. BROPHY ET AL. - The Great Plains Experience: The Land and the People
16050: GRIESER, DIETMAR - Stifters Rosenhaus Und Kafkas Schloss: Reisebilder Eines Literaturtouristen (Schloß)
3288: GRIFFIN, J. H. - Teamwork between the Coach and the School Administrator
15192: GRIFFIN, SAMUEL FRANKLIN - Fruits of a Vagabond and Other Poems
16748: GRIFFITH, BARBARA S. - The Crisis of American Labor: Operation Dixie and the Defeat of the Cio
17849: GRIGGS, CLIVE - Private Education in Britain
17452: GRILICHES, Z. (ZVI) AND V. RINGSTAD - Economies of Scale and the Form of the Production Function: An Econometric Study of Norwegian Manufacturing Establishment Data (Contributions to Economic Analysis 72)
16870: GRINGS, WILLIAM W. - Laboratory Instrumentation in Psychology
13193: GRISCOM, JOHN H. - The Sanitary Condition of the Laboring Class [Population] of New York, with Suggestions for Its Improvement (American Environmental Studies Series)
17387: GRONLUND, NORMAN E. - Sociometry in the Classroom (Education for Living Series)
10313: GROSENICK, JUDITH K. & MAYNARD C. REYNOLDS, EDS. - Teacher Education: Renegotiating Roles for Mainstreaming
17383: GROSS, CARL H., STANLEY P. WRONSKI, & JOHN W. HANSON - School and Society: Readings in the Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
11437: GROTELUESCHEN, ARDEN D., DENNIS D. GOOLER & ALAN B. KNOX - Evaluation in Adult Basic Education: How and Why
7285: FALUN GONG HUMAN RIGHTS WORKING GROUP - Falun Gong Report 2003: The Chinese Government's State Terrorism Against Women and Children
11976: STRATOS GROUP - Age of Wonders: Player's Manual
16973: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - Settlers of the Marsh
12040: GROVER, VERINDER, ED.; VINOBA BHAVE, ET AL. - Vinoba Bhave: Political Thinkers of Modern India, No. 27
16767: GRUE, LEE MEITZEN - In the Sweet Balance of the Flesh (Signed)
17172: GRUNEWALD, DONALD AND HENRY L. BASS - Public Policy and the Modern Corporation: Selected Readings
11569: GRZYNKOWICZ, WINEVA MONTOOTH, WITH DIANE SPURGEON WIRTZ, REBECCA CATION, & BARBARA BULLOCK - Meeting the Needs of Learning Disabled Children in the Regular Class
17475: GRZYNKOWICZ. WINEVA MONTOOTH, WITH DIANE SPURGEON WIRTZ AND FRANCES MARLING - Basic Education for Children with Learning Disabilities
14970: GUENTHER, HERBERT V. - The Life and Teaching of Naropa : Translated from the Original Tibetan with Philosophical Commentary Based on the Oral Transmission
10826: LE GUILLOU, LOUIS - L'evolution de la Pensee Religieuse Felicite Lamennais
16890: GUITAR, MARY ANNE. - Property Power: How to Keep the Bull-Dozer, the Power Line, and the Highwaymen Away from Your Door.
9133: GULETZ, SOUTH SEA SCOTTY, WITH MANY KAMAAINAS! - Hawaiian Party Book: How to Enterain Hawaiian Way
9031: GULLAHORN, JEANNE E.; SIEGFRIED STREUFERT & PETER SUEDFELD, SERIES EDS. - Psychology and Women: In Transition (Scripta Series in Personality and Social Psychology)
15971: DIETZ, GUNDI; WITH ALFRED SCHMID, ED. + ARTES - Gundi Dietz: Porzellan
11668: GUNKEL, CARROLL R. - The Unlikely Bride: Sermons on the Old Testament Apocrypha
5171: GUTERMAN, STANLEY S. - Black Psyche: Modal Personality Patterns of Black Americans
6720: HILLIARD F. H. - Christianity in Education: The Hibbert Lectures 1965, Delivered in the Universities of London King's College and Nottingham
14072: HAFTER, RUTH - Academic Librarians and Cataloging Networks: Visibility, Quality Control and Professional Status (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science, Number 57)
17542: HAGEN, EVERETT E., ED.; CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDIES MIT - Planning Economic Development: A Study from the Center for International Studies, Messachusetts Institute of Technology.
8783: HAGGIN, B. (BERNARD) H. - Music and Ballet, 1973-1983
10858: HAGUE, DOUGLAS (D. C.), ED.; INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION - Stability and Progress in the World Economy (the First Congress of the International Economic Association)
17599: HAHN, FRANK - The Economics of Missing Markets, Information, and Games
11579: HAIKALIS, PETER D. & JEAN K. FREEMAN, EDS. - Real Estate: A Bibliography of the Monographic Literature
6748: HAKULINEN, AULI - Reports on Text Linguistics: Suomen Kielen Generatiivista Lauseoppia 2 (Meddelanden Fran Stiftelsens for Abo Akademi Forskningsinstitut, Nr. 7)
14579: HALAT, A. - Maxims of Ali: Translated Into Persian and English and Persian Quatrains
8842: HALBACH, KURT HERBERT - Walther Von Der Vogelweide (Realienbucher Fur Germanisten)
11576: HALCROW, HAROLD G., ED. - Contemporary Readings in Agricultural Economics
9326: HALE, FAY - Ringroad [Ring Road]
16130: HALE, EDWARD EVERETT - Memories of a Hundred Years: Volume I and Volume Ii (Set, 1 &2)
14580: HALE, EDWARD EVERETT - Crusoe in New York and Other Tales: The American Short Story Series Volume, 19
17444: HALL, ROBERT T. AND JOHN U. DAVIS - Moral Education in Theory and Practice
5280: FIELDING-HALL, H. - The World Soul
14671: HALL, NELSON - Stage Tricks and Hollywood Exercises How to Develop Skill in Suppleness and Acrobatics
17544: HALL, CLYDE W. - Black Vocational Technical and Industrial Arts Education: Development and History
16653: HALL, TREVOR H. - The Medium and the Scientist: The Story of Florence Cook and William Crookes (A.K. A. , the Spiritualists)
17197: HALL, PETER A., ED. - The Political Power of Economic Ideas: Keynesianism Across Nations
13884: HALLI, SHIVALINGAPPA S. - How Minority Status Affects Fertility: Asian Groups in Canada (Contributions in Ethnic Studies Number 18)
17251: HALLWAS, JOHN E., ED. - The Poems of H. , the Lost Poet of Lincoln's Springfield
9017: HALMOS, PAUL & ALAN ILIFFE - Readings in General Psychology
17382: HALSEY, A. H., A. F. HEATH & J. M. RIDGE - Origins and Destination: Family, Class and Education in Modern Britain
17433: KELLY HAMILTON - Goals and Plans of Black Women: A Sociological Study (an Exposition-University Book)
3312: HAMILTON, COUNT ANTHONY; GORDON GOODWIN ED. - Memoirs of Count Grammont, Set in Two Volumes
11443: HAMLIN, RUTH, ROSE MUKERJI & MARGARET YONEMURA - Schools for Young Disadvantaged Children
6745: HAMMANN, LOUIS J. - The Puzzle of Religion: The Parts and the Whole
14913: HAMMOND, PHILIP - Archaeological Techniques for Amateurs.
7569: HAMP, ERIC P. (EDITOR); HOUSEHOLDER, FRED W. (EDITOR); AUSTERLITZ, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Readings in Linguistics Ii [2 / Two]
16760: HAMPSHIRE, STUART - Feeling and Expression: An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at University College London 25 October 1960
5736: HANN, PAUL - An Incredible Pilgrimage: Another Paul's Life-Story
17366: HANNA, JUDITH LYNNE - Disruptive School Behavior: Class, Race, and Culture
9204: HANNEMA, DR. D. - Meesterwerken Uit de Verzameling D.G. Van Beuningen
17555: HANSEN, BENT - Lectures in Economic Theory (I): General Equilibrium Theory
17556: HANSEN, BENT - Lectures in Economic Theory 2 (Ii): The Theory of Economic Policy and Planning
17300: HANUSHEK, ERIC ALAN - Education and Race;: An Analysis of the Educational Production Process
17146: HARDING, SUSAN FRIEND - Remaking Ibieca: Rural Life in Aragon Under Franco
16980: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
17844: HARDY, WILLIAM G. - Communication and the Disadvantaged Child
15808: HARFOUCHE, CHRISTIE - Living Single & Loving It
6541: HARGER, WILLIAM (BILL) - It's Easy to Be Loved (All You Have to Be Is Lovable): Poems
14957: HARGEST, GEORGE E. - History of Letter Post Communication between the United States and Europe, 1845-1875. Smithsonian Studies in History and Tech. Number 6.
17566: HARGREAVES, DAVID H; HESTER, STEPHEN K., & MELLOR, FRANK J. - Deviance in Classrooms
16746: HARING, JOSEPH E. AND JOSEPH F. HUMPHREY, EDS. - Utility Regulation During Inflation
17385: HARNER, NEVIN C. - Religion's Place in General Education
17906: HARO, CARLOS MANUEL - Mexicano/Chicano Concerns and School Desegregation in Los Angeles (Monograph Series No. 9)
9686: HARRAN, MARILYN J. - Luther on Conversion: The Early Years
14197: HARRELSON, MAX - Fires All Around the Horizon: The U.N. 's Uphill Battle to Preserve the Peace
13351: HARRINGTON, PAUL - The Edgewise Word (Edge-Wise)
16818: HARRINGTON, ROBERT F. - To Heal the Earth: The Case for an Earth Ethic
2980: HARRIS, FRANK - Undream'd of Shores
6467: HARRIS, HERBERT E. - Teamwork: Pertinent and Impertinent Parables
17129: MARVIN HARRIS - Good to Eat
6735: HARRISON, G. B. - England in Shakespeare's Day
7010: HARRISON, GAIL - The Russian Revolution in Art: March 10 to April 7, 1979; an Exhibition Organized By Rosa Esman Gallery in Collaboration with Adler/Castillo, New York
17903: HARRISON, W. & J. MULLEN; DENNIS WARD, ED. - Studies in the Modern Russian Language: Study 4. The Expression of the Passive Voice, and Study 5. Agreement of the Verb-Predicate with a Collective Subject (Volume 3 in Series)
10611: HARROWER, MOLLY - Personality Change and Development, As Measured By the Projective Techniques
17770: HARROWER, M. R. & M. E. STEINER, WITH FLOYD O. DUE, BEATRICE A. AND M. ERIK WRIGHT - Large Scale Rorschach Techniques: A Manual for the Group Rorschach and Multiple Choice Tests, 2nd Ed.
17134: HARTLEY, L. P.; LORD DAVID CECIL, INTRO. - The Complete Short Stories of L.P. Hartley
16667: HARTMAN, JOHN GEOFFREY - The Development of American Social Comedy from 1787 to 1936
10353: HARVEY, O. J.; DARREL K. ADAMS, ET AL. - Experience, Structure & Adaptability
16887: HARWOOD, CORBIN CREWS - Using Land to Save Energy
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