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14232: FERBER, MARIANNE A. - Women and Work, Paid and Unpaid: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography (Garland Reference Library of Social Science, 315)
3154: FERENC, HAVAS SZERKESZTETTE - Nyelvtipologiai Szoveggyujtemeny (Xix. Szazad) (Language Typological Text Collection)
17188: FERKISS, VICTOR C. - The Future of Technological Civilization
17005: FERRANDI, JEAN - 600 Jours Avec Salan Et L'O.A. S. (Six Hundred. . . Oas)
16882: FERRE, NELS F. S. - A Theology for Christian Education
18335: FERRIS, KEN & MARK JONES - The Reuter Guide to Official Interest Rates
10544: FESSENDEN, SETH A. (ARTHUR) - Designed for Listening: A Speaker-Listener Workbook
18461: FEUER, LEWIS S. (SAMUEL) - The Scientific Intellectual: The Psychological and Sociological Origins of Modern Science
13387: FIELD, EUGENE & HOLLY JOHNSON - Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
13659: FIELD, JAMES ALFRED - Essays on Population and Other Papers: Together with Material from His Notes and Lectures
308: FIELD, BEN - The Sculptured Courtesan (Inscribed Copy)
18081: FIELD, COLONEL C. - Old Times Afloat: A Naval Anthology
17351: FIELD, DANIEL - The End of Serfdom: Nobility and Bureaucracy in Russia, 1855-1861 (Russian Research Centre Studies 75)
16125: FIELD, DAVID DUDLEY; A. P. SPRAGUE, ED. - Speeches, Arguments, and Miscellaneous Papers of David Dudley Field, Volume I (1)
16123: FIELD, DAVID DUDLEY; A. P. SPRAGUE, ED. - Speeches, Arguments, and Miscellaneous Papers of David Dudley Field, Volume Ii (2)
18254: FIELDEN, THOMAS - The Science of Pianoforte Technique
8948: FIELDING, HENRY; EDGAR V. ROBERTS, ED. - The Grub-Street Opera
2929: FINDLAY, ALLAN M. (EDITOR); LAWLESS, RICHARD I. (EDITOR); FINDLAY, ANNE M. (EDITOR) - Morocco (World Bibliographical Series Volume 47)
13346: FINDLEY, MYRTLE B. - Real Food
18419: FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, CAMPBELL, CALIFORNIA; MARIAN BERGTHOLD, ET AL. - Favorite Recipes, First United Methodist Church, Campbell, California
16108: FISCHER, H. E., IMMANUEL KANT - Kritik Der Reinen Vernunft Von Imm. Kant, in Stilistischer, ûberarbeitung Herausgegeben Von H.E. Fischer (Immanuel)
13326: FISCHER, NORMAN - Economy and Self: Philosophy and Economics from the Mercantilists to Marx (Contributions in Economics and Economic History, Number 24)
11349: FISH, JOHN - Special Education: The Way Ahead (Children with Special Needs Series)
18286: FISHER, AILEEN LUCIA AND ALBERT JOHN PUCCI - Tail Twisters (Bowmar Nature Series)
16796: FITCH, GEORGE HAMLIN - Comfort Found in Good Old Books
17665: FITE, GILBERT C. - George N. Peck and the Fight for Farm Parity
11503: FITHIAN, JANET, ED. - Understanding the Child with a Chronic Illness in the Classroom
3983: FITZ, JOHN B. - Look Up: The Poetry of John B. Fitz, with Seven Angels: A Poem About Christmas
16479: FITZGERALD, ANNE R. - Song of the Far Stars: Words and Drawings
16582: FITZGERALD, ANNE - Comfort
16213: FITZGERALD, ANNE R. - Hope: More Reverse Prayers (God Praying to Us)
17243: FITZGERALD, LOUISE E. - Sexual Harassment in Higher Education: Concepts & Issues
18133: FITZPATRICK, BLANCHE - Women's Inferior Education: Economic Analysis (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues)
8845: FIZER, JOHN - Psychologism and Psychoaesthetics: A Historical and Critical View of Their Relations (Linguistic & Literary Studies in Eastern Europe Series, Volume 6)
18178: FLAHERTY, GLORIA - Opera in the Development of German Critical Thought
14313: FLAXMAN, ERWIN, ED. - Educating the Disadvantaged, 1972-1973: An Ams Anthology
17498: FLEXNER, KURT F. - The Enlightened Society: The Economy with a Human Face
11788: FLORES, ZELLA K. JORDAN - The Relation of Language Difficulty to Intelligence and School Retardation in a Group of Spanish-Speaking Children: A Dissertation
18308: FLORES D' ARCAIS. GIOVANNI B. AND WILLEM J. M. LEVELT, EDS. - Advances in Psycholinguistics: Research Papers Presented at the Bressanone Conference on Psycholinguistics, Summer Courses of the University of Padova, July 1969
14587: FOBES, JAMES L. & JAMES E. KING, EDS. - Primate Behavior (Communication and Behavior Series)
11445: FODOR, EUGENE MICHAEL - The Effect of the Systematic Reading of Stories on the Language Development of Culturally Deprived Children
18382: FOERSTER, NORMAN, ED. - The Reinterpretation of American Literature: Some Contributions Toward the Understanding of Its Historical Development
12997: FOGLESONG, RICHARD E. & JOEL D. WOLFE, EDS. - The Politics of Economic Adjustment: Pluralism, Corporatism, and Privatization
14469: FOLEY, DOUGLAS E. - Philippine Rural Education: An Anthropological Perspective (Special Report / Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University)
16966: FOLEY, JAMES W. - Hello
17388: FONER, NANCY - Status and Power in Rural Jamaica: A Study of Educational and Political Change (Publications of the Center for Education in Latin America)
17901: FOOTE I. P. & R. M. DAVIDSON; DENNIS WARD, ED. - Studies in the Modern Russian Language: Study 1. Verbs of Motion, & Study 2. The Use of the Genitive in Negative Constructions (Volume 1 in Series)
18132: FOOTE, ESTELLE J. - Six Children
16612: FORD, FORD MADOX - Henry James: A Critical Study
18424: FORD, THOMAS R. - Man and Land in Peru
1872: FORD, MICHAEL C.; MIRIAM PATCHEN INTRO. - The World Is a Suburb of Los Angeles
18598: FORD, BUD AND DONNA FORD - Mel Bay Presents. . . The Cripple Creek Dulcimer Book: An Instruction Manual and Song Collection
18493: FORD, COREY AND ERIC GURNEY - And How Do We Feel This Morning?
4379: FOREMAN, PAUL ED. - Hyperion: A Poetry Journal, Volume Iii, No. 3, Issue 10, Fall 1973 (a Special Issue to Remember Ezra Pound, Who Died a Year Ago)
7148: FORMAN, MAURICE BUXTON - Bibliography of Writings in Prose and Verse of George Meredith, Volume One
13277: FORTMAN, BASTIAAN DE GAAY - Theory of Competition Policy: A Confrontation of Economic, Political and Legal Principles
16590: FORTUNA WRITERS' NETWORK; NETA MELTON, ET AL. - Separate Beams of Light
17344: FOSH, PATRICIA - Active Trade Unionist: A Study of Motivation and Participation at Branch Level (Department of Applied Economics Papers in Industrial Relations and Labour 6)
8953: FOSS, BRIAN M. - Psychology Survey, No. 1
13443: FOSSATI, ERALDO; G. L. S. SHACKLE - The Theory of General Static Equilibrium
16646: SMITH FOSTER, FRANCES - Witnessing Slavery: The Development of Ante-Bellum Slave Narratives (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
15123: FOSTER, W., ILLUS. - Something Nice to Look at: A Volume of Pictures and Stories
11984: FOUND, WILLIAM C. - A Theoretical Approach to Rural Land-Use Patterns
18613: FOUT, JOHN C., MICHELE D. DOMINY, ET AL., EDS.; BARD COLLEGE; BRUCE THOMAS BOEHRER, ET AL. - Journal of the History of Sexuality: Volume 1, Number 2, October 1990
18612: FOUT, JOHN C., MICHELE D. DOMINY, ET AL., EDS.; BARD COLLEGE; RUTH MAZO KARRAS, ET AL. - Journal of the History of Sexuality: Volume 1, Number I, July 1990
18614: FOUT, JOHN C., MICHELE D. DOMINY, ET AL., EDS.; BARD COLLEGE; DANIEL BOYARIN, ET AL. - Journal of the History of Sexuality: Volume 1, Number 4, April 1991
18617: FOUT, JOHN C., MICHELE D. DOMINY, ET AL., EDS.; BARD COLLEGE; LISA M. BITEL, ET AL. - Journal of the History of Sexuality: Volume 3, Number 2, October 1992
18615: FOUT, JOHN C., MICHELE D. DOMINY, ET AL., EDS.; BARD COLLEGE; ROBYN COOPER, ET AL. - Journal of the History of Sexuality: Volume 2, Number 3, January 1992 (Special Issue, Part 2: The State, Society, and the Regulation of Sexuality in Modern Europe)
18616: FOUT, JOHN C., MICHELE D. DOMINY, ET AL., EDS.; BARD COLLEGE; LAWRENCE STONE, ET AL. - Journal of the History of Sexuality: Volume 2, Number 4, April 1992
17891: FOX, KARL A. (AUGUST), VERNON W. RUTTAN, & LAWRENCE W. (WILLIAM) WITT - Farming, Farmers, and Markets for Farm Goods: Essays on the Problems and Potentials of American Agriculture
13691: FOX, K.A. - Economic Models, Estimation and Risk Programming: Essays in Honor of Gerhard Tintner (Lecture Notes in Operations Research and Mathematical Economics, No. 15)
13780: FOX, KARL AUGUST - Econometric Analysis for Public Policy
14647: VINCE DI FRANCESCA - Pigskin Tactics
10566: CORDASCO, FRANCESCO WITH GEORGE BERNSTEIN - Bilingual Education in American Schools: A Guide to Information Sources (Education Information Guide Series, Volume 3)
13598: FRANCIS, ARTHUR - New Technology at Work
16521: FRANK, JEFF - The New Keynesian Economics: Unemployment, Search and Contracting
17776: FRANKEL, EDITH ROGOVIN - Novy Mir: A Case Study in the Politics of Literature 1952-1958 (Cambridge Studies in Russian Literature)
17492: FRANKENSTEIN, CARL - They Think Again: Restoring Cognitive Abilities Through Teaching
9470: FRANKLIN, BEN - The Wise Words and Sassy Sayings of Ben Franklin
12371: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - My Dear Girl Ii (Printing Week Library of Benjamin Franklin)
17972: FRANKLIN, BURT AND G. LEGMAN - David Ricardo and Ricardian Theory: A Bibliographical Checklist
16836: FRANTZ, WILLIAM F, III - Writings from a Nam Mind: Poems
8766: FRASER, ANDREW A. (ALASTAIR) - Essays on Music (Essay Index Reprint Series)
16569: FREEDMAN, MAURICE - Chinese Lineage and Society: Fukien and Kwangtung
18330: FREELAND, GEORGE EARL & JAMES TRUSLOW ADAMS, ED. - America's Progress in Civilization: The New Frontier Social Science Series (California State Series)
18630: FREEMAN, FRANK N., GRACE E. STORM, ELEANOR M. JOHNSON, AND W. C. FRENCH - Jack and Jane (Child-Story Readers)
11989: FREEMAN, ORVILLE L. - The Multinational Company: Instrument for World Growth
15427: FREEMAN, TOM - The Dog: Poetry By Tom Freeman
13886: FREEMAN, T. W., WITH CATHERINE P. SNODGRASS - The Conurbations of Great Britain, with a Chapter on the Scottish Conurbations
18244: GABRIEL-FREEMAN, HUGO - Gedichte
13048: FREESTON, CHARLES L. - The Cream of Europe for the Motorist: How to Make an Eclectic Continental Tour
13426: FRERE, W. H. - English Church Ways: Described to Russian Friends in Four Lectures Delivered at St Petersburg in March, 1914
13654: FRIEDLAND, WILLIAM H. - Vuta Kamba: The Development of Trade Unions in Tanganyika
814: FRIEDLANDER, MARCUS S. - Tall Illusions
813: FRIEDLANDER, MARCUS S. - Parted Curtains
18119: FRIESS, HORACE L. (LELAND); FANNIA WEINGARTNER, ED. - Felix Adler and Ethical Culture: Memories and Studies
18301: FRITSCH, ALBERT J. - Green Space: A Citizen's Guide to Proper Land Use (Volume One, 1982)
18071: FROEBEL, FRIEDRICH; BLOW, SUSAN E. AND HENRIETTA ELIOT, TRANS & ED. - The Mottoes and Commentaries of Friedrich Froebel's Mother Play
16588: FROMBERG, ROBERT - Blue Skies
17367: FROSCHL, MERLE & BARBARA SPRUNG; EDUCATIONAL EQUITY CONCEPTS - Resources for Educational Equity: A Guide for Grades Pre-Kindergarten-12 (Garland Reference Library of Social Science 444)
17156: FRYKENBERG, ROBERT ERIC., ED. - Land Tenure and Peasant in South Asia
17795: FULLER, ELIZABETH R. - Totems : Poetry Carved from the Soul
11370: FULLER, ANTHONY M. & JULIUS A. MAGE, EDS. - Part-Time Farming - Problem Or Resource in Rural Development: Proceedings of the First Rural Geography Symposium, Department of Geography, University of Guelph, June 18, 19 and 20th, 1975
17847: FULLER, JACK W. - Continuing Education and the Community College
16664: FULLER, ROY BROADBENT - Owls and Artificers: Oxford Lectures on Poetry
18384: FULMER, WILLIAM E. - Union Organizing: Management and Labor Conflict
11217: FUMET, STANISLAS - Rimbaud: Mystique Contraire (la Reserche de L'absolu)
16740: FUNSTON, G. (GEORGE) KEITH - Wanted: More Owners of American Business
17072: FURCHTGOTT, ERNEST, ED. - Pharmacological and Biophysical Agents and Behaviour
7376: FURNEAUX, RUPERT - Famous Criminal Cases, 2
17295: FURNHAM, ADRIAN & MICHAEL ARGYLE, EDS. - The Psychology of Social Situations: Selected Readings (Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Social Studies)
6864: FURRER-KRESKI, ELISABETH, ET AL.; SUKE/VSE - Handbuch Eritrea: Geschichte Und Gegenwart Eines Konflikts
18563: CLAWSON MARION & CHARLES L. STEWART; RESOURCES FOR THE FUTURE - Land Use Information (Resources for the Future)
1529: "GABRIEL - A Bible Glossary
16482: GABRIELSON, P. W., THOMAS B. WIDDOWSON, SANDRA C. LINDSTROM, MICHAEL W. HAWKES & ROBERT F. SCAGEL - Keys to the Benthic Marine Alge and Seagrasses of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, Washington and Oregon (Phychological Contribution Series Number 5)
17710: GADOW, KENNETH D., ED. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 5, 1986
17706: GADOW, KENNETH D. & IRV BIALER, EDS. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 1, 1982
17707: GADOW, KENNETH D. & IRV BIALER, EDS. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 2, 1983
17708: GADOW, KENNETH D., ED. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 3, 1984
17709: GADOW, KENNETH D., ED. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Volume 4, 1985
17711: GADOW, KENNETH D. & ALAN POLING, EDS. - Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: A Research Annual. Supplement 1, 1986: Methodological Issues in Human Psychopharmacology
9959: GAGEY, EDMOND M. - Ballad Opera
12366: GAGNON, PAUL A. - Democracy's Half-Told Story: What American History Textbooks Should Add
11698: GAIES, STEPHEN J. - Peer Involvement in Language Learning (Language in Education: Theory and Practice)
13023: GAINES, FRANCIS PENDLETON - Southern Oratory: A Study in Idealism [Alabama College, Montevallo, Dancy Lectures]
11636: GALE, ALBERT L. & KLINE, GEORGE W. - Bryan, the Man: The Great Commoner at Close Range: An Intimate and Impartial Review of the Personal Side of His Life, Together with a History of His Public Career (an Appreciation from a Republican Viewpoint)
17601: GALSTON, WILLIAM A. - A Tough Row to Hoe: The 1985 Farm Bill and Beyond
13108: GARAMI, LOUIS - Model Motor Manual : A New Handbook on Model Engines
404: GARBUTT, BERNARD - Up Goes the Big Top
17445: EILEEN MARIE GARDNER - Moral Education for the Emotionally Disturbed Adolescent: Application of Kohlbergian Techniques and Spiritual Principles
17792: GARDNER, JONATHAN - A Modern Yogi Handbook
18558: GARDNER, DAVID C. & SUE ALLEN WARREN - Careers and Disabilities: A Career Education Approach
8950: GARFINKEL, PAUL E. & DAVID M. GARNER, EDS. - The Role of Drug Treatments for Eating Disorders
15400: GARNIER, PIERRE; DOYCE B. NUNIS, JR., ED. & INTRO.; L.JAY OLIVA, TRANS. - A Medical Journey in California By Dr. Pierre Garnier
12315: GARRETT, MIKE & JESSE MARTIN - Blastorm: Zombie Killer, #1 of 1, Dec. '01
12563: GARSON, G. DAVID, ED. - Worker Self-Management in Industry: The West European Experience
18627: GARVER, WILL L. (WILLIAM LINCOLN) - Brother of the Third Degree
17574: GARWOOD, S. GRAY, WITH REBECCA F. DUBOSE, ALLEN A. MORI & JOHN T. NEISWORTH - Topics in Early Childhood Special Education (Tecse): Volume 1, Number 2, July 1981: Assessing the Handicapped Preschooler
16102: EUSEBIUS; EUSEBIO CESARIENSE; ALOYSIUS DE GARZONIBUS - L'historia Ecclesiastica D'eusebio Cesariense, Tradotta Dal Latino Nella Lingua Volgare.
2063: GAYLEY, CHAS. (CHARLES) MILLS - Idols of Education
14526: GEE, KENNETH F. - Make Your Own Model Railway Track
16718: GEFIN, LASZLO K. - Ideogram: History of a Poetic Method
18635: GEISTER, EDNA - Ice Breakers; Games and Stunts for Large and Small Groups
17765: GELDARD, FRANK A., WITH BOUMAN, CHANDESSAIS, MYERS, SHARTLE & WILSON, ET AL., EDS. - Communication Processes: Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Washington, 1963 (Nato Conference Series, Vol. 4)
18030: GELINAS, R., D. BOND, & B. SMIT, EDS. - Perspectives on Land Modelling: Workshop Proceedings, Toronto, Ontario, November 17-20, 1986 [Modeling]
17327: GENESEE, FRED - Learning Through Two Languages: Studies on Immersion and Bilingual Education
11873: DE GENESTET, P. A. - Volledige Dichtwerken
18647: "A GENTLEMAN," ATTRIBUTED TO SAMUEL MCCORMICK (?) - The American Military and the Far East: Proceedings of the Ninth Military History Symposium, United States Air Force Academy, 1-3 October 1980
10462: GENTZ, WILLIAM H. - Career Opportunities in Religion: A Guide for Lay Christians
16056: GENZOLI, ANDREW - Redwood West - the Changing Frontier: Memorable, Exciting Stories from the Big Tree Country.
11048: EASTHAM, GEORGE WITH KEN JONES; DAVE MACKAY, ET AL. - Soccer Science: How to Play and Win
9225: EASTHAM, GEORGE WITH KEN JONES - Soccer Science: How to Play and Win
13675: GEORGE, KENNETH D. (DESMOND) & JOHN SHOREY - The Allocation of Resources: Theory and Policy
17809: GEORGE, HENRY, JR. - The Life of Henry George (Complete Reprint Edition)
17855: GESSNER, QUENTIN H., ED.; AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EDUCATION - Handbook on Continuing Higher Education (American Council on Education Series on Higher Education)
17380: GEZI, KALIL I., ED. - Education in Comparative and International Perspectives
6782: GHAZALI, NORDIN BIN HAJI MOHD. - A Comparative Study of the Efficiency of the Various Height Measuring Devices in Tropical Forest Conditions - Ayer Hitam
18571: GHISI, FEDERICO - I Canti Carnascialeschi Nelle Fonti Musicali Del Xv E Xvi Secolo (Carnival Songs in the Musical Sources of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries)
13899: GHOSH, DWARKANATH - Pressure of Population and Economic Efficiency in India
11536: GIBBONS, DAVE R. & ERNEST O. SALO - An Annotated Bibliography of the Effects of Logging on Fish of the Western United States and Canada (Usda Forest Service General Technical Report Pnw-10)
14169: GIBBS, ADRIAN (A. J.) & BRYAN (B. D.) HARRISON - Plant Virology: The Principles
11983: GIBSON, W.L., R.J. HILDRETH, & GENE WUNDERLICH, EDS. - Methods for Land Economics Research
14008: GICK, JAMES E. - Boutique Eggs & Ornaments
17407: GIDEONSE, HARRY D. - Against the Running Tide: Essays on Education and the Free Society
18611: GILES, MARY G., ED., WITH W. JACK COOGAN, ET AL. - Studia Mystica: Volume I (1), Number 4, Winter 1978
15888: GILES, MARY G., ED., WITH W. JACK COOGAN, ET AL. - Studia Mystica: Volume Ii (2), Number 3, Fall 1979
16979: GILES, MARY G., ED., WITH W. JACK COOGAN, ET AL. - Studia Mystica: Volume I (1), Number 3, Fall 1978
7199: GILLIATT, MARY - Lighting Your Home : A Practical Guide
4466: GILLIS, CURTIS EUGENE - Stories from Life
16532: GILROY, MAX - The Old Dropout
14466: GINGERICH, WALLACE JAMES - Labeling Discrepancies and Children's Antisocial Behavior
16287: GINGRICH, NEWT - To Renew America
17436: GINSBURG, DOUGLAS H. AND WILLIAM J. ABERNATHY, EDS. - Government, Technology and the Future of the Automobile (Regulation of American Business and Industry Series)
11590: GINSBURG, G. P., MARYLIN BRENNER, & M. VON CRANACH, EDS. - Discovery Strategies in the Psychology of Action (European Monographs in Social Psychology 35)
12090: GINSBURG, ARLIN I., ED. - A Documentary History of the United States, 1765-1877
14026: DI GIOVANNI, CARMELO - Light from Behind the Bars - Letters from the Red Brigades and Other Former Italian Terrorists: True Stories of Terror, Agony and Hope
17075: GIRVETZ, HARRY K. - From Wealth to Welfare: The Evolution of Liberalism
17702: GITTELL, MARILYN, ED. - Educating an Urban Population
17888: GITTINGER, J. PRICE - The Literature of Agricultural Planning (Center for Development Planning, Planning Methods Series No. 4)
12570: GITTUS, ELIZABETH - Flats, Families and the Under-Fives (International Library of Social Policy)
17139: GLASS, PHILIP; DAVID HENRY HWANG; JEROME SIRLIN - 1000 Airplanes on the Roof: A Science Fiction Music Drama
17603: GLASS, J. C. & W. JOHNSON - Economics: Progression, Stagnation, Or Degeneration?
10602: GLASSER, ROBERT, JOSEPH ZUBIN, DONALD B. LINDSLEY, ET AL. - Current Trends in the Description and Analysis of Behavior: Nine Lectures, 1956
10384: GLENWICK, DAVID & LEONARD JASON, EDS. - Behavioral Community Psychology: Progress and Prospects [Behavioural]
17230: GLOVER, JOHN DESMOND - The Revolutionary Corporations: Engines of Plenty, Engines of Growth, Engines of Change
18357: GLOVER, JOHN A. & ALBERT L. GARY - Mainstreaming Exceptional Children: How to Make It Work
17440: GLOVER, ROBERT W. - Minority Enterprise in Construction (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues)
18600: GNAGY, JON; DON HIRST, INTRO. - You Are an Artist: Drawing Lessons for the Beginner
3156: SLI (SOCIETA DI LINGUISTICA ITALIANA); ROBERT GODEL ET AL. - La Sintassi (Atti Del Iii Convegno Internazionale Di Studi, Roma, 17-18 Maggio 1969)
18253: GOETSCHIUS, PERCY - The Material Used in Musical Composition: A System of Harmony Designed Originally for Use in the English Harmony Classes of the Conservatory of Music at Stuttgart (21st Edition, Being the 8th Printing Ed. , New 14th Ed. , Completely Remodeled & Rewritten
18453: GOETTING, ANN AND SARA FENSTERMAKER, EDS. JANE E. PRATHER, ET AL. - Individual Voices, Collective Visions: Fifty Years of Women in Sociology (Women in the Political Economy Series)
18360: GOETZE, ROLF - Rescuing the American Dream: Public Policy and the Crisis in Housing
18385: GOLD, MARK S. - Marijuana (Drugs of Abuse, Volume 1: A Comprehensive Series for Clinicians)
18551: GOLDBERG, S. L. - The Classical Temper: A Study of James Joyce's Ulysses
1862: GOLDEN, MORRIS - Fielding's Moral Psychology (Inscribed Copy)
17670: GOLDEN, LARRY B. & DAVE CAPUZZI - Helping Families Help Children: Family Interventions with School-Related Problems
17879: GOLDENBERG, E. PAUL - Special Technology for Special Children: Computers to Serve Communication and Autonomy in the Education of Handicapped Children
17454: GOLDHABER, STANLEY, CHANDRA K. JHA AND MANUEL C. MACEDO, JR. - Construction Management: Principles and Practices (Construction Management and Engineering)
11653: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER & THOMAS PARNELL - Poems By Goldsmith and Parnell
16552: GOLDSTEIN, RICHARD, ED. - The Paperback Magazine #3, the Roots of Underground Culture: Us
17800: GOLLA, VICTOR AND RAY BALDY, EDS.; HOOPA VALLEY TRIBAL CONCIL - Hupa Language Dictionary, Na: Tinixwe Mixine: Whe' (Hoopa)
18608: GOMES, STEVEN W., ED. - Viet Nam Generation, 1994-1995 (Catalog of Titles)
17145: LOPEZ-GONZAGA, VIOLETA - Peasants in the Hills: A Study of the Dynamics of Social Change Among the Buhid Swidden Cultivators in the Philippines
11781: GONZALEZ, CARLOS - An Overview of the Mestizo Heritage: Implications for Teachers of Mexican-American Children
17522: GOODHARTZ, ABRAHAM S., ED.; FRANCES S. CHILDS, ET AL. - A Commitment to Youth: The Brooklyn College Student Personnel Program
11126: GOODMAN, MICHAEL F. - First Logic
15194: GOONETILLEKE, D. C., ED. - The Penguin New Writing in Sri Lanka
16610: GORAK, JAN - God the Artist: American Novelists in a Post-Realist Age
18258: LA GORCE, JOHN OLIVER AND MELVILLE BELL GROSVENOR, ET AL., EDS.; NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - The National Geographic Magazine, Vol. Cix (109): January-June 1956 (Six-Issue Volume Set)
18257: LA GORCE, JOHN OLIVER AND MELVILLE BELL GROSVENOR, ET AL., EDS.; NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - The National Geographic Magazine, Vol. Cx (110): July-December 1956 (Six-Issue Volume Set)
18259: LA GORCE, JOHN OLIVER AND MELVILLE BELL GROSVENOR, ET AL., EDS.; NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - Full Year, the National Geographic Magazine, January - December 1956, Vols. Cix & Cx (109, 110), Twelve-Issue Year Set
7201: GORDON, FIA N. & GEORGE GORDON - Lichenmount, U.S. A. : Vignettes of a People and a Town on Highway 1 (U.S. A. )
2729: GORDON, GEORGE - The Discipline of Letters
17026: GORE, DANIEL; SPYERS-DURAN, PETER; KIMBROUGH, JOSEPH - Requiem for the Card Catalog: Management Issues in Automated Cataloging (New Directions in Librarianship Number 2)
16408: GOTERA, VINCE, ADVISOR; ELISSA FISHER, ET AL., EDS. - Toyon: The Literary Journal of Humboldt State University, Volume 40, 1994
11100: GOTSCHLICH, HELGA - Reifezeugnis Fur Den Krieg: Abiturienten Des Jahrgangs 39 Erinnern Sich
9968: GOTTCENT, JOHN H. - The Bible As Literature: A Selective Bibliography
11420: GOTTLIEB, JAY, ED. - Educating Mentally Retarded Persons in the Mainstream (Perspectives on Handicapping Conditions Series)
18002: GOTTSCHALK, LOUIS A. & SIDNEY MERLIS, EDS. - Pharmacokinetics of Psychoactive Drugs: Blood Levels and Clinical Response
17257: GOULD, WESLEY L. & MICHAEL BARKUN - Social Science Literature: A Bibliography for International Law
945: GOULDING, DOROTHY JANE - The Master Cat and Other Plays
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16436: GRABILL, JAMES - October Wind
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